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This man is TB Joshua, Nigerian mega-preacher and international celebrity. Supporters say he is a great prophet, humanitarian and Man of God. Others have claimed he is a cult leader, sex criminal and fraud. The purpose of this website is to critically examine his ministry and attempt to separate truth from lies. This first post will attempt to explain what this is all about. Bear with us, it’s a bit of a long story.

Who is TB Joshua?

The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is a vast church based in Lagos and is led by the self-described prophet TB Joshua. Over the last fifteen years his ministry has gained a reputation for healing, particularly grave illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. He has international reach; there have been healing services all around Africa and Asia. Many people, often poor and in desperate circumstances, spend thousands of dollars in order to receive healing at the church.

Scores of Christians from Europe and Africa have been attracted by the drama of SCOAN. They come to live as disciples in a complex inside the Lagos church and every aspect of their life is controlled by the ‘Prophet’. Over the last decade, TB Joshua has provoked controversy and debate following former disciples’ allegations of sexual and psychological abuse. Many claim that SCOAN has all the hallmarks of a cult.

Why is this website necessary?

Not enough people know about the abusive aspects of SCOAN, and despite allegations going back ten years, the internet is still dominated by pro-TB Joshua propaganda. There is a good reason for this- TB Joshua is a multimillion dollar brand and he is savvy enough to understand the importance of PR. Ex-disciples have claimed that he has a team dedicated to providing false testimonies and positive comments online. TB Joshua’s wikipedia page certainly backs up these claims; genuinely fair-minded editors seem to have long since given up on it.

(update: I put a line about abuse in this week and it seems to be holding, so perhaps TB’s team are slacking)

You can find critical coverage of TB Joshua online, but it doesn’t come across as authoritative or credible. Much is couched in over-the-top religious language: he is the antichrist, he is a satanist and he practices witchcraft. But looking past the hyperbole, many of the allegations of abuse are consistent with each other and match first-hand accounts that we have heard.

This website will compile and review existing articles and media concerning TB Joshua, providing context where necessary. It will also present some first-hand accounts of ex-supporters who have left the church.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos

Who runs this website? Why are you so worked up about TB Joshua?

TB Joshua came to our attention in around 2000 when several members of our church went out to witness the miracles that apparently took place in his church in Lagos.  When two members of our congregation were diagnosed with cancer, they went to Lagos to receive healing from TB Joshua. They were assured by TB Joshua that they were healed and told to stop taking medication or receiving medical treatment. One woman cancelled a mastectomy that could have saved her. Despite this, they both died after many months of physical agony, not to mention spiritual and psychological torment. It is likely that this is a story familiar to hundreds of others, if not thousands.

So to sum up, this church was torn apart by the teaching and influence of TB Joshua. Several families were traumatized by his false promises and healing theology, other families have lost members to his cult. Several of our old church friends, people we grew up with and worshipped with, are still in Lagos and their lives and minds are completely controlled by TB Joshua. There’s a very good chance that some are being sexually abused by him. And still, very few people seem to be speaking out against him.

So it’s fair to say that we have an agenda. But beyond our personal TB Joshua baggage, are there any other reasons we are concerned about this guy? Well, the suffering that our own friends and acquaintances have experienced due to TB Joshua is just the tip of a vast iceberg. Literally thousands of people come for healing every week, the vast majority poor, many travelling from other countries in Africa. The ‘healing’ of AIDS is a particular cause for concern. Videos show people paraded with sandwich boards claiming they have been healed of AIDS, brandishing doctors’ certificates that apparently prove it. If this is a fraud, imagine the devastation it could cause in the communities they return to. And imagine this happening week in, week out, for the last decade.

We don’t believe that TB Joshua is the antichrist. We don’t even rule out the possibility that good things have happened in his church. But we believe TB Joshua is a fallible man who holds a position of great power and influence, and he must be held to account. This website is our own small attempt to spread awareness and to make sense of the information that surrounds him.

If you’ve been affected either directly or indirectly by TB Joshua, feel free to get in touch. It would be great to hear from you, and we’d welcome contributions from others.

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  1. Leading pentecostal churches in Nigeria have explained why TB Joshua cannot be granted permission to join their fold, The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN).

    One of them, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, voted one of Newsweeks 50 Most Powerful People in the World went further to say that he will not even worship in Joshua’s Church.

    Asked whether he could worship in Joshua’s church, Adeboye retorted,“No! Definitely not!

    For the full article go to-

  2. My mother was a big supporter of TB Joshua. She had visted the church numerous times since 2002 and had given alot of money. She was diagnosed with cancer but during a visit, TB Joshua told her that “the medical report that would lead to your death has been cancelled”. Because she was such a strong believer, she refused chemotherapy during the time when treatment would have been succesful. The cancer spread from her breast to her liver, and she died Nov 2009. During the last few weeks of her life, SCOAN cut themselves off from her. Every time we called, they just hung up. When TB Joshua asked on the phone later how my mother was doing and I told him she had died, he also hung up.

    former disciple, 2005-2006

  3. Even in the bible Jesus said a prophet is not known in his town so Nigerians will not know the value of what they have until Gnd took him from us. I am not his member but l believe that he is from God Almighty

  4. the bible says (the ways of God are not the ways f man this implies that you shouldnt judge your brother in other not to be judged.Our GOD is geat. i say it again God is great.

  5. whoever came up with this site has no love of God in him & needs to be saved properly.U rather open a site that gets people saved than to get busy puting down other people.Jesus is a God of love & doesnt support such things.Whether TB Joshua is a man of God or not,who are we to judge him,let God himself see to it.The man has done a lot of good things for people around the world but people try to dig up the negative that never existed.ive been to his church & ive felt the presence of God,he is a true prophet & man of God.People will always criticise an uncommon blessing & a higher class than them.I pray that God will have mercy on u,and give u better things to do,amen.

    • hi washy dc,
      i’d much rather be learning to salsa dance or baking cookies than writing a website about a Nigerian preacher, believe me.. But I’ve personally known many people hurt by TB Joshua’s deception- people who have died having been told to stop taking their medication, people abused for years and driven to the brink of suicide.

      here’s a question for you. Do you believe TB joshua is human? Do you believe he is capable of sinning? I do, and for this reason I think the many allegations about him should be investigated, not ignored.

      And your line “people will always criticise an uncommon blessing’ is NOT a reason to ignore allegations. Please read this post: Every man of God faces false accusations.

  6. No, on the contrary, I’m glad theres a website like this. If I had read a more clear headed alternative to all the hype about TB Joshua, I would have never gone there.

  7. i respect d grace of god upon your life and i value you so much sir.may d lord continue to strengthen you d more sir in jesus name,i believe in your ministry sir&more greese to your elbow.stay bless

  8. Your concern may be genuine but it stems from lack of spiritual perception. The only way you can know God is thru the Bible. Don’t waste your time talking more about TB Joshua than you talk about Jesus. Why didn’t you open a blog about the reality of Jesus if you yourselves are indeed of God becoz the Bible tells us to preach Jesus. It is u being deceived and as many as believe your unbiblical gospel. Does God consult NPF about who to use?
    Mike. Goronga

  9. i pray that may God have mercy on everyone who doubt his holy spirit, it is clear that everyone who is name calling and wrongly accuse the prophet of God does not have the holy spirit…. Jesus said that “i will give give you another counselor, the holy spirit and he will guide you into all the truth and he also said in John’s gospel “who ever hears the truth, hears my voice”…remember that he said that the holy spirit will not be known to the world but will only be known to saints… i truly believe that everyone who is not born of God does not have the holy spirit and if you don’t know him, how can you know people that have him?…prophet T.B Joshua is truly a man of God….pray that you do not get into temptation, the Devil will use every thing in his power to deceive the elect but i pray for you in Jesus name:by the time you read this above comments let the holy spirit talk to you, do not be conformed of this world, Greater is he that lives in you than the one that lives in the world..AMEN

  10. he is realy a man of GOD,he is my best teacher,caoch in life,example,christ”s umbrella in the world,he is my mentor, i LOVE HIM SO MUCH and he has changed so many peoples lives, why do u only see the bad side ? he has so much on the GOOD SIDE,” “JESUS SAID .if people praise and love u all, the u are not mine, but if they hate and persacute u then uare mine'” those are the xracters i see in the MAN OF GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA,.we love soo BIG PAPA HERE IN KAMPALA UGANDA.

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