Have you been personally affected by TB Joshua and SCOAN?

If you are a supporter or former supporter of SCOAN, or have family or friends that are involved, these links may be helpful.

Sexual abuse

Being abused is an awful experience under any circumstances. Being abused within an extremist religious organization can be absolutely devastating. Victims have spoken of being consumed by a crippling guilt and self-hatred. Some suffer severe depression and feel suicidal. Many feel isolated and find it hard to open up to anyone.

If this describes your experience in any way, it might be worth seeking help. We’ve been in contact with Lifecentre, a UK based service providing counselling for those who have suffered sexual abuse. They run a free telephone helpline staffed by accredited counsellors, and are a Christian service but give support regardless of denomination/sexuality/whatever:


Adult Helpline: 0844 847 7879

(open 7.30 – 10pm Sun, Mon,Tues & Thurs)

Psychological Abuse

Of course, sexual abuse isn’t the only kind of abuse that goes on in extremist religious organizations. The very nature of these groups means that members are psychologically abused. It takes a long time to change thinking patterns, to redefine your place in the world, spiritual outlook and worldview.

An organization that understands this process is Dialog Centre UK. From their website: The DialogCentre UK exists to offer help to the members and ex-members of groups that we describe as “extremist authoritarian sects“. We also seek to help their families and friends.” They are very responsive to phone and email and have already helped out recovering SCOAN followers.


Moving Forward?

Something that may be helpful (and may well be happening already informally) is some kind of support network of ex-supporters. It seems like there may be isolated individuals dotted around who are going through very similar processes. Any ex-SCOAN supporters, is this something that could work? We’d welcome any feedback about this.

13 thoughts on “Have you been personally affected by TB Joshua and SCOAN?

  1. All this is nonsense. I happen to be a female member of SCOAN who sees TB Joshua’s busy daily schedule and the man just about makes time for his wife much less any other female. It’s ridiculous all these claims. People should not believe on on account of a few ex-disciples whose intention is to bring a man of God down. It was their bad behaviour that expelled them from the SCOAN in the first place. They should ask for forgiveness and stop allowing the devil to use them.

    • Dear Lorraine,

      It’s good to hear from a current member with some daily insight into SCOAN. You say that TB Joshua has a busy daily schedule. I believe that. You say he barely has time to see his wife. This is also extremely plausible. However, this doesn’t seem to disprove or even contradict any testimonies of ex-disciples here or elsewhere.

      The only feedback we have heard from SCOAN disciples says “ex disciples are traitors, TB Joshua is a Man of God”. In light of the testimonies on this site claiming a vast range of abuses and manipulation, this is simply not enough. Could you address some specific points that we make, refute specific allegations? On this page we discuss many troubling cult-like aspects of SCOAN. It would be very interesting to hear your view on this. Likewise on this page we hear about media manipulation in healing services. Could you respond to this?

      We are very open to dialogue and presenting two sides to the story. However, all feedback from SCOAN so far has been name-calling and blanket dismissal. We’d welcome more detailed feedback.

  2. I am not in Nigeria. I have not met TB Joshua. I wish I could. But I see pregnant women with complications deliver live on TV in the Power of the Holy Spirit. If this is manipulation then it is of the highest order. I just want to be like that blind man Jesus healed. Whatever they said about Jesus all he remarked was, “I once was blind but now I can see”. That is all that matters to me.

    • Thanks for your comment, Joel. On this site we’re in no position to explain what’s behind all of the occurences at TB Joshua’s church. But we have seen clearly that there is systematic deceit at the church, and that Emmanuel TV presents a limited and extremely misleading view of what goes on at SCOAN. Please read this article- a doctor and an ex-disciple talk in more details about the reality ‘behind the scenes’ at SCOAN healing services:

  3. Hi, I wanted to leave my thoughts about this website. I’m really pleased to see it up and running though I find it really hard to read as like many I have been affected by SCOAN and by TBJ. I by no means have experienced what some of my dear friends have experienced but still the affects of SCOAN linger in my mind.

    We all have to weigh up how we feel about any large following- however ever excited people get. But when myself and my church first heard all about SCOAN it was exciting and new and seems to bare so many fruits.

    I’m a sceptic and never liked to follow the crowd so when some of my close friends followed TBJ and left their lives in the UK behind I felt worried for them and for the hype that they were walking into. But I also craved guidance and longed to know where I might find God.I was invited by my friends who were disciples of TBJ to come and see what was going on in Nigeria and if I may want to join them there.

    I kept a journal whilst I was there and reading it is really telling, seeing little hints of something strange but at the same time also hints of good things and things that looked like healings. I amongst many was asked to stay and become a disciple at the SCOAN and I almost stayed. But I had a dream in the night of an earthquake and was woken up by it. I knew this was God telling me to leave. When I left I was asked by TBJ if I was ‘ready to take up my cross’. I can see how people have been deceived by him, he has an alluring way and he is able to spot the vulnerable people. TBJ gave me a piece of tissue wrapped up, inside it was a few hundred dollars.

    SCOAN has contributed to myself and others losing the better part of ten years with dear friends and unfortunately to have lost all contact with others. So many of my friends and family have felt disillusioned by finding out the truth about SCOAN and TBJ. TBJ is not a man of God and I wholeheartedly support this website and I hope that more people will come out into the open about their bad experiences and will not be ashamed.

    • Thanks for your comment, Milly. We realise that coming to terms with the reality of SCOAN is a painful process for many people- so wrapped up in faith and friendships and deep loss. We’re all still hoping to see old friends return.. Thanks a lot for sharing your own experience.

    • Thank you, Milly ! God really loves you and wanted you out, hence the dream ! God Himself has chosen some of us for His work and have allowed us to have a brush with TBJ so we can seek the truth !

  4. Thanks for your comments here Milly.
    You mention losing time with friends
    and I wanted to say that I also have lost precious time with family members
    If by grace there are people in SCOAN
    who read this BE ASSURED that there are family
    and loyal loving friends
    who are regularly praying for a restoration of relationships
    and even after ten years there are people
    who will welcome you with open arms and
    are longing to rebuild friendships.

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  6. Am affected by the man of God in a positive way big time. How can one start to see the wrong in someone so selfless, someone who offers help in this fashion.
    I believe if TB Joshua was not a man o God he was not going to groom such powerful wise man.
    Oh help me Lord I wish I could get income afford to go to Nigeria. God bless him through his church I have grown and believe that Jesus was on earth performed miracles died for my sins. Forgive those that criticize the man of God because they don’t know what are they doing

  7. You have to realise that the TBJ practices are a money making business and he is not the first to do that and he will not be the last- WAKE UP AND STOP LIVING IN DREAMLAND. We have seen people like Alice Lakwena who called heself a prophetess and displayed even far more deception than that of TBJ and yet she claimed to be from God; Joseph Kony who refers to himself as a prophet and has performed even greater deception than TBJ; Severino Lukoya of Meltar Jerusalem Tebernacle in North Uganda is doing the same things TBJ is engaged in- but all this is deception

  8. You say “keep the comment, relevant, CIVIL and not too long” Yet you use the word “affected” to refer to Pastor T.B. Joshua. You can insult him but you do not want to be insulted. ” Do to others what you would want others do to you” Your question is loaded and baised. In future when asking any question about him could you try and be civil, polite and intelligent. Common logic has no place in things of the spirit. Instead it exposes one one as inept and half-baked in Christ

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