What’s your experience of SCOAN?

One reader, Giles, has left a fascinating account of his own experience as a disciple, with a great insight into the nature of ‘SCOANese’. He also told the tragic story of his mother’s death (see comments on the first and second posts). Thanks, Giles, for your contribution and I am very sorry for your loss. It is important that these stories are heard.

Do you have first-hand experience of SCOAN that you would like to share? You may have been a disciple, or just a follower from a distance. You may have relatives or friends that have been affected. In any case, we would appreciate your contributions. Each story can be a great support to those damaged by SCOAN and could even help current disciples who have doubt and concerns. Please leave a comment or send an email to the TB Joshua Watch email address. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “What’s your experience of SCOAN?

  1. I have been a follwer of the Emmanuel Tv for almost three years now and have never seen a man so mightly used by God. You think he is fake, how do you explain his TRUE prophesy, the women who give birth live on TV a few seconds after his declared them free and already stated the gender of the child. Just like in Jesus time very many doubted him but indeed he was the Son of God. TB Joshua has no control over individuals behaviour (those who assist him to do the work of God). Judas was a disciple of Jesus but he betrayed the Son of God.

    Please do not blasphemy over the power of God by uneccessarily condeming Men of God.

    • A week before the Boxing Day Tsunami in SE Asia, a shahman of a remote tribe told his people to pack up and move to higher ground cos there would be a big wave coming.

      You think God’s people are the only ones to tell the future?

  2. No, ofcourse not. Demons influence and give people visions aswell. Thats why shamans, psychics, astrologists and all the likes are able to do so. The only difference, the BIG difference is: prophecy from God is ALWAYS accurate and true. And prophecy from any other source is designed spessificly to make doubt and break down the kingdom of God.

  3. How was this shahman warning his people about the tsunami breaking down the kingdom of God?

    Dont get me wrong though – essentially I agree, though just saying that “un-Godly” prophecy isnt always directed against us, as in the above example. That was also pretty accurate.

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