TB Joshua Abuse Allegations #1

TB Joshua has been followed by allegations of abuse for many years. However, as far as we know, nothing has been taken to a court of law, though we understand that abuse has been reported to the UK police at the very least. No allegations have been made in major media outlets. However, from conversations with various ex-followers and relatives of current followers, we understand that there is a sizable number of female foreign disciples, from the UK and South Africa at least, who left after claiming to have suffered sexual abuse.

While we trust these sources and see no reason for them to be dishonest, no-one has gone public yet, for a number of  reasons (two very persuasive reasons for not going public are outlined in this post, and this post looks at the psychological obstacles to admitting abuse). However, there are plenty of accounts of abuse on the internet. Many of them will be familiar to those who have heard about abuse from ex-disciples. So in the absence of rock-solid sources, we will compile and summarize the existing articles that allege abuse. There is no guarantee that they are reliable sources, but we present them to give an idea of what is out there. Second, we’ll look at something just as important as the allegations themselves: the context. For someone to get away with abuse, there must also be grooming and preparation; a process of psychological abuse. There must also be a physical environment that facilitates abuse. We believe there are many psychological and environmental aspects of life in SCOAN that could help facilitate abuse. These are well-documented and will be explored.

So lets start with some accounts of abuse. Be warned, it gets unpleasant. This documentary, Deception of the Age, contains a thorough first-hand account of abuse from ex-disciple Bisola Johnson. It is also summarized on the following dubious Nigerian gossip site. It gives details that correspond with the allegations we have heard from ex-disciples:

Obligatory recorded confession of sins on arrival in church: “Later I got to know that doing that is a way of having a record on you, so that whatever happens in the future it can be used against you or as a way of tying you down

Initiation and abuse of disciples: When she arrived in TB’s quarters, TB Joshua is said to have asked the woman to inform on the activities of other disciples, saying “be free… coming to him at anytime because he was a father to her, and he told her he had liked her from the first time he saw her”.

-After allegedly abusing the woman, TB Joshua said that “all this he was doing so she won’t be scared of him”.

Abuse of foreign disciples: Mentions by name two foreign disciples who were allegedly abused.

The documentary goes a lot further, alleging that TB Joshua abused girls as young as 14. It also mentions brutal physical abuse towards disciples. It shows disturbing early videos of SCOAN with women thrashing wildly while grabbing their genitals.

This site seems to be a personal blog and again, there’s no guarantee of reliability. But if it is true it raises several questions. It mentions three female foreign disciples who were allegedly abused- one South African, one British and the other Austrian.

A white lady, South African, left there because of sexual exploitation. Her father started Synagogue Church in South Africa. I asked her on phone why she left and she told me the whole story. She said T.B Joshua was sleeping with her in her father’s house in South Africa, when he came to South Africa. The lady said she realized what was happening when T.B Joshua slept with her friend from England. So, both of them now said they were not coming back to the church. They reported these to the authorities of their countries. Presently, T.B Joshua cannot go to South Africa and enter Cape Town. There is an order waiting for him. So also Austria, a lady from Austria, Tamara, was in the church and saw what was happening. He slept with the girl too.”

After asking some ex-disciples about the Austrian girl mentioned in this article, we discovered that she apparently died of malaria. According to their account she contracted it while in Nigeria, and by the time she was able to leave to receive medical attention in Austria, it was too late. She apparently died shortly after returning. This is even more worrying in light of the numerous accounts suggesting that visitors have their passports confiscated and are only allowed out with the permission of the prophet.

Finally, several years ago an English ex-disciple call Anneka alleged that she was abused by TB Joshua. This is a review of a documentary film from 2003 on Revelation TV, a UK-based Christian satellite channel, in which the allegations were made. It is unfortunate there seems to be no other review of the film since the writing is absurdly overblown and not a very helpful review. But he suggests that Anneka’s allegations were very similar to Bisola and Emma’s story on this blog.

In the next post we’ll look a little bit closer at the context of abuse, and some of the factors in SCOAN that could help facilitate it.

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  1. We are a group of seminary students who came across this website while executing a search for ‘prophets of our days’. We carried out a thorough evaluation of the site, along with reviews of the internal links and outside sources, such as Emmanuel TV and The SCOAN websites. Below is the conclusion of our investigation:

    It is very important that you mentor someone – train them – teach them what you know. This takes time. It takes energy. It takes great patience. This was the aim of Jesus Christ, who mentored 12 disciples to carry the Gospel to the four corners of the world. But we are taught in the very same Gospel that we should not waste time and energy on those who are not genuine. In Acts 16:16-24, an agent of darkness tried to transform herself as an angel of light, as the evil spirit in her kept crying around Apostle Paul, saying, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved”. The evil spirit was not trying to draw people to God but to cause confusion. She just wanted to worm herself into Paul’s mind in order to distract him from his cause. She knew where she belonged – a candidate for hell – but she just wanted to reduce Paul to the same social and religious fate. Little did she know that Paul was a citizen of Heaven who could not be cheaply influenced nor easily destroyed, stained or tarnished.
    Paul looked back – the Bible says he was grieved – and commanded the spirit to get out of her. And she was delivered. That is our principle; that is our philosophy in the Scriptures. We don’t fight by blackmail, false accusations or campaigns of calumny – we deliver people. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual entities that cause tension and crisis in our lives and community. The children of God are genuine and by their fruit, their character, their attitude to life, they are known.
    The authors of this website are not genuine. The women among them are out to tempt the Prophet and the ministry, as the demon possessed slave girl did to Paul. They are among those who subtract from and divide communities, ministries and lives. We write this only as a warning to those who would unfortunately find themselves on this site: Jesus Christ taught us not to waste our time on those who are not genuine – silence is the best answer for a fool.
    During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ was constantly misjudged by His people (“Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary, and aren’t his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas? Aren’t all his sisters with us? Where then did this man get all these things?” And they took offense at him” Matthew 13: 55-57 ). The Pharisees accused Him of being possessed by evil spirits – even some of His disciples tried to destroy Him, e.g. Judas (“From then on Judas watched for an opportunity to hand him over” Matthew 26:16.).
    Every extraordinary achiever has been misjudged. This is an extraordinary prophet. We must expect ordinary and extraordinary accusations, lies and fabrications. But remember, your success is on the other side of scorn and false accusations.

    • It really fascinates me how Voiceout calls the author of this site FALSE, but yet TB Joshua a true man of God. Couldn’t the author have a level of truth in his story?
      Furthermore, the best answer for a fool is not always silence. Did Jesus keep quiet? Did he not rebuke demons and cast them out?
      Oh, and you said – the young ladies between 14-21 were there to tempt TB Joshua? That rather sounds like the SCOAN occult strategy of turning the tables around to make the victims look like the guilty party.


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  5. The comment from voiceout is very amusing. It seems to me that it is from TB Joshua’s organisation. What disturbs me is that they mask themselves as seminary students. What a strange and deceptive organisation

  6. I think Vengi is right, maybe you need to visit SCOAN yourselves and have first hand experience and again I fully agree with Voiceout and believe that they are who they say they are. Read what the Lord, Jesus Christ is saying in John 16 and check if you don’t identify with the people the Lord was talking about, the persecutors.

    This site can acuse a lot of damage to Christians who are not strong enough. Just be careful and have the fear of God in your hearts.

    • Just to fill you in, we know for a fact that Voiceout are NOT who they say they are. This site tells us the IP addresses of the commenters and Voiceout’s comment comes from the same computer as Radicalised, a UK based SCOAN disciple. He/she has also commented under about 5 different names. You may want to ask yourself why SCOAN supporters feel the need to lie and mislead others in order to defend their leader TB Joshua.

    • Hi Willy, welcome to the discussion. I think you’ll find that the people who comment on this site are quite willing to hear your experiences (good or bad) with TB Joshua, however drive by comments like the one above don’t really add much to the conversation! Do you think it’s ok to totally ignore the serious allegations of abuse?

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  9. This TB Joshua is Human too. So it is possible that He may have sinned just like all of us , And asked for Forgiveness from God just like all of us. I think he has a good mission and vision for the gospel. Have you listened to His sermons lately and those of his so called wise men. They are enriching. Also it will take a great deal of discipline (good or bad since he is human ), effort and rules to keep that many people around(not church members but those working to run the ministry) all the time. I think he has a larger positive goal. At his level ,there is surely so much temptation, and also , i don’t think Satan will allow another agent of his to embarrass him all the time like TB Joshua does. So God will use people as He will ,they might do this that and the other as human beings, but when they repent He lets them continue His work as if nothing happened.

  10. Tb joshua has always remained an anti christ,but due to the orientation we nigerians have about our religion.we want to attend a church that signs and wonders are visibly performed.such is tb joshua.hez a demon sent frm the pit of hell n hez sent to bring many to hell.all those signs n wonders are frm hell.hez a fake

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  12. I am very dissapointed at the way you defame other people’s characters. Are you speaking from God’s point of view? I think it is important to seek God’s intervention before posting such ridiculous accusations. You are just being unfair to Prophet T.B. jJoshua. There is need for us to be compassionate and emphathetic. Imagine such accusations of sexual abuse are leveled against you, how would you feel in the society? I pray to God that what ever spirits that make us accuse others falsely be destroyed in Jesus name, and God find a place in his heart and forgive us of our sins.

    • I pray to God that what ever spirits that make us accuse others falsely be destroyed in Jesus name

      How can you be so sure the accusations are false? Only God, TB Joshua and the accusers know that for sure. It would be just as serious a miscarriage of justice to be blindly supporting this man if the allegations were true.

  13. I find it strange that so many people are talking about these accusations levelled against TB Joshua, but there are no facts. The topics on this site are deceiving because they are crafted in a way that makes you believe that you will get information about incidents of abuse (what happened, to whom, when, for how long and how), but all you get is ramblings, talking in circles, and theories about abuse. Where are the facts people? This is quite strange for people who claim that they want members of society to judge for themselves. We are open minded, give us the facts so that we form our own opinion!! Sarah

    • Actually, if you browse this site more thoroughly you will find it does examine various allegations. It also has some articles exploring how the claims can be verified and why it takes so long for them to come out. Read this post and the ones it links to: https://tbjoshuawatch.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/why-do-the-accusers-of-tb-joshua-take-so-long-to-tell-their-stories/

      Comments like yours are reasonably enough, but they ignore the fact that sexual abuse in a massive, controlling religious organisation is incredibly complex. It’s not possible to discredit the allegations just because charges were never brought, or because it took so long for the “victims” to speak out. This isn’t comparable to a simple crime like your handbag being stolen (in which case no charges being brought, or claims being made years from the incident would discredit them), if the allegations are true, I’m sure you can understand there would be many complex emotional and psychological issues at play.

      It’s also important to note that SCOAN have never addressed these issues. Even in their beware of blasphemers video, they didn’t deny the claims, they just tried to smear the character of the accuser. This is why I believe this site is so important, it gives a voice to those who SCOAN appear to want to silence.

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  15. 1. What YOU are doing is not biblical, this is not the way that the Word instructs us to behave.

    2. You don’t actually have any proof, no one has actually come forward and said anything that is based on fact.

    3. The enemy uses people to slander and destroy God’s people.

    4. Do you realise that you are slandering T B Joshua? The Word clearly says that God will cut off slanderers and that gossip is totally unacceptable in God’s eyes.

    5. If you really think T B Joshua is so wrong, you should act according to the Word and go and speak to him yourself about these claims.

    Sitting on your behind at a computer desk running a site to put other people down is neither Christ like or honourable.

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