An ex-disciple speaks #4: Junior Prophets

Another instalment from ex-disciple Giles:

You may have seen other people on Emmanuel TV praying for people besides TB Joshua. These are known as Junior Prophets. Junior Prophets are people chosen by God to have the annointing, just as Jesus picked out a handful of people to have anointing to go and pray for sick people, cast out demons, etc. They tended to be disciples who had been there a while, although its not necessarily about how long you have been there. Only they are allowed to pray for other people. If you have a headache or are sick, then you have to call one of them to come and pray for you. This always made me feel very insecure as a Christian about praying for people, even after I left I felt powerless about praying. I felt that God wouldnt hear me cos, well, i wasnt a junior prophet. It’s not that I even believed that junior prophets prayer’s were always answered. I came to this conclusion when I was used to get the occasional head ache. After I while I noticed that the headache would still be there whether they prayed for me or not, so I got hold of some headache tablets. This was one day discovered when a female disciple found them in my rucksack and confronted me about having any form of medication.

Medication in Scoan seems to be a bit of a grey area. This disciple was telling me I should just have faith, and that they dont use medecine there. I should have asked a junior prophet, like herself to pray for me, and the fact that I wasnt being healed was because I had no faith. I pointed out that there was a medical centre at the church, hence the grey area. I can’t remember how she explained that bit though, I never did get a straight answer.

Despite this, the concept of junior prophets played with my mind for a long time afterwards. I mean, they did seem to have a point – there were only a few people “authorised” to pray when Jesus was around. It took a long time to believe that I too could pray to God about specific things.

2 thoughts on “An ex-disciple speaks #4: Junior Prophets

  1. I am really proud of brother Joshua, honestly speaking he is a man of GOD those who are evil doers will never acknowledge the good work except criticizing . Why should you worry they are from the devil s’side and the spiritual warfare is endless even Lord Jesus suffered persecutions from the people he healed and they nailed him on the cross for us christians the war is not yet over from our Lord Jesus evil doers hate the holy spirit because it exposes them if you abide with the 10 commandments who are you to judge this man of God , first remove the ashes in your eye for you to have spiritually eyes. Some of us we believe whole heartedly in the Holy Ghost and even Lord Jesus said i am going but i will send the holy spirit which will send demons rolling and reveal everything that is evil . If you are not a real son of God please stop saying bad words about this Man of God .Some of you do not understand the Holy Spirit because you are from the devil. How can Satan and the disciples of Jesus make a compromise . Get behind us Satan and remain in your world of doom . If you believe whole heartedly you will understand brother T.B. Joshua and the way he was brought up some of you you do not understand that there are pregnancies which are above 9 months and i have a son whom i conceived in the same way as brother T.B. Joshua and he can prophesy and tell you exactly what will happen and you can tell that there is something strange about this child the way he preaches to you is unbelievable GUYS PLEASE STOP THIS nonsense of insulting the Holy Spirit you will be cased .

  2. Ratidzai I understand your passion but not your vitriol. You admonish others not to judge and yet you go on to judge. What a jinx. How did you come to the conclusion those whose views are divergent to yours are from the devil? Is one evil in trying to dxo what the bible does encourage and that is to test the spirits? this on its own indicates that there is a plethora of spirits that can operate { read the story of Mosezs and the egyptian magicians}. Your name makes me realize you are from Zimbabwe { we normaly are civil people so what has gotten into you}. I do not neccesarily share all the sentiments espoused by the other contributors nor yours. My point is let’s have an engagement of ideas from a scriptural satndpoint not an emotional fight.

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