Is SCOAN a cult?

“Cult: an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader”

On this site we have shown many of the controversial and worrying aspects of TB Joshua’s church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). It is clear that TB Joshua is a charismatic and powerful leader who has a great number of devoted disciples as well as his numerous detractors. It is also clear that the church has a number of strange and unorthodox practices. But is it fair to suggest that SCOAN is a dangerous and extreme religious sect? Is TB Joshua a cult leader?

The International Cultic Studies Association (website) are a worldwide authority on cults. They have drawn up a checklist of 14 criteria to help identify a cult.  In this post, using testimonies from ex-disciples and relatives of current disciples, we show that SCOAN fulfills the vast majority of these criteria.

NOTE: Not everyone who attends SCOAN or admires TB Joshua is a cult member. There are thousands of people who follow the teaching of TB Joshua without being exposed to all of the cult-like aspects of SCOAN. This article primarily refers to the most dedicated followers of TB Joshua, most of whom live periodically within the SCOAN compound in Lagos.

Our main testimonies are from Giles and Madelaine. Giles was a disciple of TB Joshua from 2005 to 2006. His written accounts of being a disciple (which you can read here) echo many existing accounts online. Madelaine has also been directly impacted by SCOAN; her close family have devoted the last ten years of their lives to TB Joshua, taking their children out of education and moving to Lagos to serve as disciples. Her name has been changed to protect her identity and that of her family. Remember, there are numerous independent accounts that back up the testimonies on this page; many can be found linked here and here.

1)      The group is focused on a living leader to whom members seem to display excessively zealous, unquestioning commitment.

Madelaine: “Conversations I’ve had with family members (on the very rare occasions that they occur) have been peppered with the phrases “the prophet says” or “our father in the lord””

Claire:   “One of my friends died of cancer after being ‘healed’ by TB Joshua. At her funeral her son declared her as his ‘sister’ (what happened to honour your mother and father?) and TB Joshua as his father.” (from the comments section on this post)

Giles:  “I have seen him (TB Joshua) in a fit of rage hit a woman, hard on the face. It wasn’t a fist, it was open handed. But it was really hard, and I remember looking around at everyone’s reaction. I was pretty shaken by that, but one of the disciples explained it with me afterwards- the need for discipline, how he does this cos he loves us, etc. That’s what they do. They defend him. They explain things. They protect him.” (see original article)

2)      The group is preoccupied with bringing in new members.

Madelaine: “My family have never tried to recruit me because I think they know that I am a lost cause. But they have put huge amounts of effort into publicising SCOAN”

3)     The group is preoccupied with making money.

Madelaine:  “Members of my family no longer own property in England . Property sales information is in the public domain so I know the amounts involved. I do not know what they have done with the money, but I suspect that it has been given to SCOAN.”

Giles:   “When tithes are collected, the person collecting tithes would put a tick next to your name to show you have payed your tithe, appropriate to the salary you are marked as earning. Everything is recorded. So a good member would have an unbroken string of ticks beside your name to show you’re a good tithe-paying citizen of heaven. One of the benefits of this is getting considered to have a Prayer Mountain pass and be allowed onto Prayer Mountain at certain times… (to be a member of Emmanuel TV) you needed to make a contribution of at least $50 … and in return, you get the pass, and certain nights of the week would be for that group.” (see original article)

4)      Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or even punished.

Madelaine:   “I remember being told “doubt your doubts and not your faith” which made no sense to me as my faith has strengthened because I have examined doubts. But that argumentwas met with no response.”

Giles: (describing a minor incident which led to his leaving)   “I was ostracized by the foreign disciples, and banned from the dining room. A few of the newer disciples obviously sympathised with me, and secretly told me how they were made to gather downstairs against my mother, even though they wanted no part of it. Apart from that, the message was clear. They wanted me to leave.” (read the full story)

5)      Mind-numbing techniques (such as meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, denunciation sessions, debilitating work routines) are used to suppress doubts about the group and its leader(s).

Giles:   “One of the things you would notice in the (dorm) room was that the lights were always on. White light would be on during the day, and darkened blue lights would come on at night. They never switched them off, even when most people were sleeping. I guess it would contribute to the general tiredness I always felt when I lived there.” (see original article)

Madelaine:  “When members of my family were first involved they talked a bit more about the place. I was told that they had disciples meetings in the middle of the night. At the time I did not challenge them so did not ask the question ‘Why?’. But I thought it.”

Giles:  “Reporting each other’s wrongdoings is a way disciples will tell you of correcting each other. “Receiving correction” is what they call it…  However, the more I noticed how the disciples don’t love each other, the more I began to question their motives for ganging up on an individual and reporting them. The problem is that people report each other for things that have nothing to do with sinning, and everything to do with not conforming to SCOAN, like not calling females Sister so-and-so.” (See original article)

Madelaine: “I visited Lagos and hoped that I would have an opportunity to spend some time with a member of my family who was there as a disciple, but they were always so busy and had no time to stop. On the very few occasions that I have met my family members the brief time that we have had together has been interrupted by mobile phone calls which clearly have complete priority over anything else. I once asked a question about whether they took a Sabbath but the question was not answered.”

6)     The leadership dictates sometimes in great detail how members should think, act, and feel (for example: members must get permission from leaders to date, change jobs, get married; leaders may prescribe what types of clothes to wear, where to live, how to discipline children, and so forth).

Madelaine: “I heard that a member of my family was getting married to another disciple and when they came to visit England I was contacted to meet with them. That was different as contact of any sort generally came from my initiative. I thought at the time “I wonder if someone has commented that it seems odd that the disciples do not get married, and the ‘prophet’ has responded by arranging some weddings”. I later discovered that the marriage had been ordered by the prophet.”

7)     The group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and members (for example: the leader is considered the Messiah or an avatar; the group and/or the leader has a special mission to save humanity).

Madelaine:  “I was told that this was “A superior form of Christianity””

Giles: “(After leaving SCOAN) I was still brainwashed in thinking that TB Joshua’s sermons were unique and no one else’s preaching would do. I have never, not once, heard anything positive about a single other ministry from disciples. When I finally went to another church, I got a bit of a pleasant surprise. The sermons weren’t all that bad, in fact some of the messages taught the same things that TB Joshua’s messages did. It went a long way to show that TB Joshua wasn’t as unique as I had been taught. Disciples depend on TB Joshua’s message, and I’ve been told by a few that their personal fear in leaving was that they wouldn’t get such quality stuff anymore, that they’ll “shrivel up and die” spiritually. It’s just not true.”

8)     The group has a polarized us-versus-them mentality, which causes conflict with the wider society.

Giles:   ““Blasphemers” is the term given to people against SCOAN and TB Joshua. Prominent supporters are known as “friends of the ministry”. I don’t know of any other church that categorises people like this. I guess now I’m a blasphemer” (see original post)

This collection of SCOAN-produced videos denouncing ‘blasphemers’ who have spoken against the church (Beware of Blasphemers) shows that this kind of knee-jerk slandering of critics is integral to SCOAN.

9)     The group’s leader is not accountable to any authorities (as are, for example, military commanders and ministers, priests, monks, and rabbis of mainstream denominations).

The standard response to criticism of TB Joshua is that “what people don’t understand, they attack” and that “All men of God face false accusations” (this post talks about how misguided this argument is). This goes some way towards showing how unaccountable TB Joshua is within SCOAN.

Madelaine:   “All information about TB Joshua that I have read from the Internet indicates that he is not accountable. I have also met a Nigerian church leader visiting England who has said exactly the same.”

10)  The group teaches or implies that its supposedly exalted ends justify means that members would have considered unethical before joining the group (for example: collecting money for bogus charities).

Giles:     “I was never as fanatical about TB Joshua as other disciples. Not by half. But when I was confronted with a straight question and had to give a yes/no answer, I chose to lie. I have no doubt that the same thing happens all the time.”

11)  The leadership induces guilt feelings in members in order to control them.

We are confident that this is an important factor within SCOAN; guilt is certainly essential for keeping sexual abuse victims quiet. If any ex-disciples have anything to say about guilt, comments are welcome.

12)  Members’ subservience to the group causes them to cut ties with family and friends, and to give up personal goals and activities that were of interest before joining the group.

Madelaine:    “I have had no contact with some members of my family for many years. I have sent Christmas and Birthday cards and never received any acknowledgement that they have been received.”

Giles:   “Families are seen by disciples as a hinderance. When you go there as a disciple, you are strongly encouraged to cut all links with your family and friends. They will tell you that you are here in the first place shows that your family was unable to help you in what you are looking for, and that maintaining contact with family would only hinder you and make you lose your focus.”

Madelaine:   ” I know of a number of young people who have given up on their education to become disciples. Some from only 16. This is in contrast with the daughter of “the prophet” being educated at The London School of Economics.”

13)  Members are expected to devote inordinate amounts of time to the group.

Madelaine:   “Many members of my family have given their every moment of their time for nearly 10 years.”

14)  Members are encouraged or required to live and/or socialize only with other group members

Madelaine:    “A disciple who has recently been in London has contacted an old school friend and they met up. However,  on meeting her, the old friend realised that it was only to try and persuade her to come to the SCOAN Church in London. Since they were at school together, the disciple had been in Lagos and the friend had completed A Levels, and a Degree and is now working. They had not been in contact once for all of that time.”

Familes are seen by disciples as a hinderance. When you go there as a disciple, you are strongly encouraged to cut all links with your family and friends. They will tell you that you are here in the first place shows that your family was unable to help you in what you are looking for. “Your family cannot help you”, and that maintaing contact with family would only hinder you and make you lose your focus. I managed to get away with emailing about once a week or two, but alot of people – especially the female disciples“Families are seen by disciples as a hinderance. When you go there as a disciple, you are strongly encouraged to cut all links with your family and friends. They will tell you that you are here in the first place shows that your family was unable to help you in what you are looking for, and that maintaining contact with family would only hinder you and make you lose your focus.”

76 thoughts on “Is SCOAN a cult?

  1. James 4: 11 Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister[d] or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?

    Let us not judge. To the authors of this website, have you possibly considered the fact that TB Joshua could be a real man of God and the points laid out in this website are false? As Christians, we are not meant to slander our fellow Christians but to build each other up. Just a word of caution, just think of all the time and effort you have put into speaking negatively on this site. You could have equally used that time and effort to speak positively into people’s lives and encourage them in their faith. We have only been given one life to live. Let us live it wisely and leave the judgement for God.

    • For over 10 years, out of consideration of the fact TBJ might be a man of God (albeit an unconventional one!) we kept silent about the concerns we had about him and his ministry. But in that time, the devastation we have seen inflicted of people we know personally has become too much, it is time to speak out. We have seen broken families, 3 people dead (having been told by TBJ to stop their life preserving medication), and women driven to despair thanks to the abuse they claim to have suffered at his hands. Even more stories have come to our attention since starting this site.

      Believe us when we say there are many things we would prefer to be doing than running this site – but if it can help save just a few people from the pain that we’ve seen others go through, it is more than enough reason to do it. This is not about theological or methodological differences, it is about exposing the truth. If you care about the truth, I suggest you investigate the claims you read on this site, and put them to the test – don’t just write them off as lies and slander. Have you considered the fact that perhaps they could be true?

    • The positive input that I hope for is that people who are part of SCOAN or affected by it, experience the truth and love and freedom that can be found in Jesus. Not in any other man.
      The points that I have contributed to this website are not false they are what I have experienced. It is this experience that matches the descriptions of cult like characteristics.

  2. I wish I had a site like this to read before I went to Lagos. All the research I did was either very posative, or crazy negative, i.e. he is the devil, the anti christ, etc.
    I wrote about my experiences on this site so that other people wont make the mistake I made. In my case, Im never getting any of that money or time back, and its too late for my mother.

    Im all for the idea of living your life for God, but I also dont want any other Christians to go down this route. You’ll just find out the hard way before you realise what I’m trying to warn people about – this TB Joshua guy is really not what he seems.

  3. i have never seen or heard of a BIG pastor,prophet,evangelist etc, who’s never critisised. It seems there are people whom the devil use to accomplish his mission. Even Jesus was never accepted, so why should we christians be surprised when Good Pastors are ridiculed. Jesus himself was ridiculed by his own people. It is human nature to spend too much time doing worthless things. No one on earth will live forever, so if people die, instead of us looking for whom to blame, let us search the scriptures, what does it say? Are we going to live forever? Don’ worry about the flesh, worry about ur soul. Judge not, lest you be judged! If you know of any well known pastor who is not fake, devil, cult and all this evil names, pls let me know.

    • Hi Johnny….well first of all, TBJ is well known, but he is not THAT well known. Most christians i have met have not heard of him. Only one has.

      It is true, Jesus experienced rejection, but he never rejected anyone. Can you name a single ministry that SCOAN accepts as being as good as theirs? A single minister that disciples say is as annointed as TB Joshua?

      SCOAN will say that a true sign of a Man of God would be division among the people, like Jesus. It is true, Jesus did cause division among unsaved people, but never among the church. Quite the opposite, Jesus is what unites Christians from all ends of the earth.
      TB Joshua causes division alright, but not among unsaved people. SCOAN causes division among Christians – even splitting apart Christian families causing parents to disown their own children.

      • It is true, Jesus experienced rejection, but he never rejected anyone.

        It is true, Jesus did cause division among unsaved people, but never among the church.

        Very, very good points!

      • Surely no matter how much you people can talk against TBJ he will still remain a prophet man of God because he has made many people grow heath spiritual and he is still making as to even grow more day by day.
        No man is 100% but God is, so To me TBJ is at 99.99999%
        Thuto Mooketsi @ BOS AFR

      • Thuto, if the reason why he is “at 99.99999%” because “he has led many people to grow spiritually, etc” – then cant you say the same about all other pastors…or even normal serious Christians?

        You are really okay with saying that the only difference between God and TB Joshua is just 0.000001%?
        That makes me so uncomfortable.

      • Giles, u never write back, why? You said tbj is well known but he is not well known, did you know that during the ministerial work of jesus not all that even heard about him?, that is why we have dicisples and apostle even up till this day, so you see, you are a loser, take time out to preach christ with every medium within you, like this site and stop criticizing someone who has took time out to do so. You said only one christian know him among all that you have met, I think that one is you, cos you know him adding to that one if not you is now two, so how many christians are in the world and how many did you meet? Mr blasphemer? Brrrrrr!

  4. by what you are doing now people will call you evil just as you call tbj evil. Remember that even some children don’t like there father bcos he is harsh on them. I think if you want to proof your case, since he is not more than God pray for God to really expose him, he has being there for so many years now. Instead of nailing him. Thank you.

  5. I’m very grateful to have found this site. I personally have been affected by TB Joshua and the SCOAN in a most negative way. I’m eternally grateful to Jesus for giving me a second chance when I was so deeply deceived. Since leaving SCOAN I have discovered a completely different side to God – an intimate relationship with Him with no human mediator, and total forgiveness without your past mistakes being used to break you down.

    I plan on sharing my 10 year experience of being a disciple in increments as I have the strength to do so. I prefer to do it anonymously for my own safety and that of my family. I left about a year ago and am still coming to grips with the reality that SCOAN was a cult. It was a big shock when I realised that what I’d given my life to and built my future upon is nothing but a cult. I was horrified to find that the isolated communal lifestyle, denial of privacy, late night meetings, sleep deprivation, reporting, character breaking disciple meetings and so on, occur in most cults and have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit’s leading of TB Joshua as I once believed. I read about cults like Mormonism, Jehovah’s witness, Scientology, The twelve tribes, Indian guru cults, etc and saw striking similarities. They also record your confession and use it to silence you should you later leave like what happened to Bisola Johnson in Beware of Blasphemers. They also encourage that you sell your possessions and give it to their leaders, live in community and give all decision making authority to the leader. They also have meetings of character assassination, ie, monitoring, reporting and correction as SCOAN calls it. They also live in “compounds”, communal living where access to information is controlled, the leader’s videos / teachings are continually played to you and a false reality “euphoria” is created with no opportunity to question.

    The hardest thing for me to come to terms with is the fact that I may never see my loved ones (brothers and sisters as they’re called in SCOAN) again. I sometimes feel guilty as I “move on with my life”, that I’m leaving so many sincere, but sincerely deceived people behind and it seems as if there is not much I can do to open their eyes. Since I had completely cut off from my family and friends – it now seems very strange to reconnect with them after 10 long years. So many things have changed but in some ways, I am exactly where I started before I joined SCOAN – I have no qualifications, no job reference, no proof of what I’ve done with my life. I’m only beginning to see the affects of many years of sexual and emotional abuse I received from TB Joshua. But I am determined more than ever to trust in God alone, deal with my past in His strength and become what He made me to be.

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  7. Hi unknown – yeah I hear you about coming out of scoan and being faced with the realisation that you have no money, no work references, no qualifications, no credit history or bank account and a pretty sad looking CV. I didnt even have a driver’s licence!
    But what I can say is- in the words of TB Joshua – Jesus does not disconnect Himself from those who made mistakes with their lives. Im married to a lovely woman, have a house, have a good military record to show future employers, have savings in the bank. We go to a small low key church where we sing songs and read the bible – just the way we like it. No TV channel. No international crusades.
    I’d say the same thing to ppl secretly thinking about leaving – there IS LIFE AFTER SCOAN.

  8. the confussion is not in SCOAN but within us Christians. If i can recal my bible says God is everywhere just as the devil is looking for people who can not wait upon the Lord to play with. Anywhere you are in this world, if only you have faith and believe in God’s word, all things. Healings etc wil be wel with you. I’m not in support of both side, but thank God you are save. Pray at all times so you dont fal into the hands of the enemy. God bless you all.

    • My advice is to get your husband to read the above article and others on this site, and try to convince him not to go.

  9. Hi very
    well my advice would be to have nothing to do with them…but i dont think your hubbie would be convinced with that. All i can ask is that if he does go, ask if tb joshua sins…make sure he gets a straight yes or no. No explanations, no theological discussions, no quotable quotes. Just yes or no.

  10. Thank you Ian and Giles, When I read this site I kept thinking, Oh, that is why he said this & that. It also confirmed why I reacted so strongly negatively to what I was seeing & overhearing when he watches & listens(every possible moment) to the SCOAN site. He always read the Bible & prayed very much. I keep asking God to give him discernment. He was so totally “putting on the whole armor of God”, I thought nothing would thwart him. He dismisses any criticism (from many here) of it & says he needs proof. He says he will not renouce his faith, so he now equates his faith in God with it & we (pastor, family, friends) who criticize it are filled with demonic spirits. Big thanks to everyone who has contributed warnings here. Another question to anyone that can offer advice: What should I do about our joint 1)property, 2)bank account, and 3)credit card? Thank you. I am so afraid for him and sick at heart. Very

    • Dear Very. Your comment really saddens me. I saw several good friends get caught up in this cult (and I have no qualms calling it that now), most are still involved but a couple have come out and their stories are devastating. The scary thing about SCOAN is that it masquerades as a radical, miracle working Christian church. People who get involved are committed, zealous Christians, hungry for a more real experience of God and willing to put anything on the line for Him. You can’t fault this desire, but this makes it all the more devastating when you realise that what they are putting their faith, zeal, time, money, family, careers on the line for is a hideous distortion of the Christian gospel.

      As for his demand for proof, what proof do you think he’d accept? Or is this just a way to try and ignore the issues? In my mind, it is him who is devoting so much time and energy to a group that those who love him most have major concerns about. I would say the burden of proof lay with him. What assures him that this is genuine? My suspicion is that his answer would either appeal to the miracles as proof, or he would say that he had discerned in his spirit that it was from God (or something along those lines), or both! The miracles as evidence is clearly a flawed premise. First of all, as this site (and others) have shown, there is a lot of stage management in the presentation of the miracles so it’s not all as it seems. Secondly Mark 13:22 tells us clearly that “false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order to lead astray, if possible, the elect.” I firmly believe that TB Joshua is both a false christ (there are many comments on this site which show that to his followers he is the mediator between them and God) and a false prophet. Giles has pointed out previously that his “prophecies”, whilst they sometimes seem accurate have more in common with divination than the Christian spiritual gift of prophecy. If he appeals to his “discernment” as evidence, what gives him the right to rank his gift of discernment over yours? Or your Pastors?

      As for your question about joint assets, I wouldn’t really want to offer you advice on such a serious issue, but it’s good you’re considering things like that, as they are important questions to ask. Maybe you’d be better seeking advice on this from your Pastor, or family members? You should know my wife and I have been praying for your situation and will continue to do so. If you get in contact with the site email address (on the contact page), it is possible they could put you in contact privately with some ex disciples who may be able to understand your Husband’s position more than you and I could.

    • Another thing, I would get in touch with a cult awareness/support group. They will be able to give you specialised advice, and perhaps help you deal with the financial issues too. I couldn’t recommend any, but if you let the site know where you’re based they may be able to help. Or your pastor may know of some.

  11. hi very
    Take heart! Your situation sounds exactly like my family sitution two years ago. You are my whole family, and your hubbie is me. Your husband’s behaviour is spot on what I was like. I never listened to Joyce Myers, Benny Hinn or…anyone else even though my family would try to get me to watch a dvd or listen to a sermon. Inwardly I believed that TB Joshua’s message was superior, almost “pure-er”, and had this lousy attitude that I actually could teach them a thing or two because I read TB Joshua’s notes as much as I read my Bible. I never really understood exactly how much of an negative impact I was having on my family until I finally did leave SCOAN – thats when they told me how worried they had all been about the changes they had seen in my life during my TB Joshua years.
    I firmly believe its a spiritual thing. Once you’re involved, once you’re committed, no amount of persuading, no amount of reason or logic can make you see otherwise. Even when I saw for myself him hitting a woman, I was still loyal. Families have split because of this man, with parents turning against children. Thats the kind of power he has.
    When I did come out of SCOAN, it was pretty sudden. Within a few days I went from being an 8 year pro-scoanite…to join the ranks of blasphemers. A bit like those scales falling from Paul’s eyes, and suddenly he’s now a Christian – completely the opposite. Or a bit like so many Christian testimonies like my wife, who never got Jesus all her life until one day, just like that, she suddenly gets everything.
    Even now, Im amazed at how I just didnt see it.
    TB Joshua pictures everywhere
    TB JOshua fan site
    TB Joshua’s birth being prophecied
    “TB Joshua is 1% man and 99% spirit”
    3 types of annointing water (?!) which you get for free…as long as you first buy a picture of TB Joshua.
    SCOAN’s Cold War with other ministries.
    Christians, who love and worship Jesus, but fall out over TB Joshua
    “We know him as the junior brother to Jesus”
    Disciples kneeling at his feet when speaking to him in the office.
    No communion
    No baptisms
    No reading any other preaching of other ministers apart from TB Joshua.
    TB Joshua
    TB Joshua

    But relax, just keep praying for him and trust the Lord. Look at me, I’m out of it, and I was once a disciple! Gareth and Emma were disciples. Loads of disciples have left over the years.

    • i concur with you willy GILES must consider reading 1CORINTHIANS 4;5,I suggest instead of judging let look at twhat the word of God is saying, i personally believe PROPHET TBJ is sent by God thats why the Gospel he is teaching is reaching the 4 corners of the world.MAY THE GOOD LORD CONTINUALLY GIVE HIM MORE ANOINTING AND REVEAL MORE OF HIS GLORY TO HIM.BE BLESED PROPHET TBJ.GOD TOUCH HIM NW IN JESUS NAME. a true man of God is seen by the result of his work.AMEN.

      • and….Muhammed? So if I start my own religion, all I need to do is quote that scripture and get people like you to join me 😉

        Muhammed has led billions of people throughout history to hell, because he claimed he was a prophet from God and people believed him.

  12. yes, thankyou willy.
    The Prophet Muhammed claimed he was from God. He appealed to the Jews and Christians of his time, thinking they would accept him. They of course didnt, because they held him to be a false prophet.

    If Muhammed knew his Bible well enough, he could have quoted that back at his Christian skeptics.

  13. Now Giles you see that! some of them did’nt but some did. if you today going to tell muslims that mohammed is a false prophet i hope you know what next. the only thing i can tell Every one that come to this site is that THE THRUTH WILL REMAIN BE THE TRUTH THE FALSE WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE TO BE TRUE. Love everybody but trust only GOD, If we begin to judge the servants of of the most high God to day some people will come to say PASTOR CHRIS is not Man of God, some will say BEN HINN is not man of God, not only those, there are so many other servants of God people will criticise with negative impact, this is why JESUS delays his coming because there is no harmony, no love, among his so calling themselves children of God, Christians, Lets pray for unit and love among us all. what are you saying Giles? sorry for my broken english.

  14. You did not tell the world u were going to the scoan, so it will be ridiculous when u start telling the world that u left. A prophet can never ever be accepted in his home. We love TB Joshua because he is leading us to christ not to himself.

      • Giles, why u did you say you don’t understand what Willy is saying? You never publish the good things you saw at your 8yrs @ SCOAN, you can not go to a muslim country to say blasphemy things against Muhammad, I pray if you will come back with your head on your neck. And about struggling to get the anointed water, remember the woman with the issue of blood and how she fought her way to touch the helm of Jesus garment, what about the lame man that was drop through the roof top, remember that the church is not count in their hundred but thousands, “for as many that believe, they shall see prove” and about the prophet being angry, even our lord saviour was, at the sinagore and peter chop of someone ear when jesus was taking away to be crucified. So please stop discouraging ppl to go and experience the goodness of God in their life. You said you have seen someone died after being heal, did you not read your bible when 10 leper were heal and only one came to testify? Did you not recall what happened to the other 9? What about if the person has return to the root curse of his or her problem (sin). Remember judgment is of God so don’t judge. You also said you heard him criticize other men of God, but I see other pastors coming to him for counseling and he prayed with them and they return to their churches, I do not see him talking members out of their church, if it where to be old times, maybe fire would have come from heaven to consume all those that speak evil about the man of God as in the time of Elisha and the prophet of BAAL. Do you know of anyway a real man of God can be I dentify? If yes tell me. Mind your mouth oooo and wait for God

    • yes Kelly, that illustrates the problem pretty well. Everyone is in love with TB Joshua for leading them closer to Christ.

      If Jesus is the mediator between you and the Father, TB JOshua is the mediator between you and Jesus.

      If any of you have a major problem, and I gave you unlimited money, I guarantee you will all fly to Lagos.
      You will all beg to see TB Joshua for him to pray for you.
      You will all want to touch him, or shake his hand.
      You will all ask for this annointing water.

  15. I will be going to scoan tomorrow and if all you have said about the man of God is true i will know and if it is lies i will still know. what i know is that i am going for help and ie i got the heilp i desire i dont care what any bager says.

    • Hi igwe. Feel free to report back to this site what you find. Also, if you get a chance, try asking a disciple if TB Joshua sins, or ask what they’ve done to address the numerous sexual abuse allegations.

      • It’s Been Very Unpleasant to know that you Giles and Ian 100% assured that you are paid to do this but soon you will face the consequence of lying against a man of God like T.B Joshua..

        The question is what do you gain from doing this??
        Is this the way the bible tells us to promote or preach the Gospel??
        The ”Gospel” i believe and know 100% is a message of love so why calling another man names??

        You guys should be ready for the wrought of God. There are sins that can be forgiven just by kneeling down in your home and confessing it and there are some that you must go down to the place to make a public announcement.

        What if you don’t have the time to ask for forgiveness and die like this??

        How much were you paid to talk ruthlessly to another man without considering the contexts?

        Think about this and believe me or not the time has come that you must confess and if you don’t then you will have God to face you with his wrought.

        I pray you see the other side of the ruthless and Mischievous life you are living right now as all those who wrote against him here are neither been there or those that stole or behave ungodly when they were in the Synagogue.

        I have been there and now am not there but that man of God ” T.B Joshua is a man of God.

      • Gabrielle Lebi
        Yes, again my question! WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? For what? Did i just wake up one day and decide not to be a disciple of TB Joshua anymore?

        You are 100% certain I have been paid, yet I can tell you now, you dont know what colour my eyes are, how tall I am, where I live or how I have my coffee.
        So….how does that work?

        I have a question for you: Why does it bother you so much what people think about TB Joshua? Its what I noticed about disciples. They can tolerate blasphemy against Jesus from unbelievers, no problem.
        But speak against TB Joshua, and watch what happens.

      • Ian, I asked you many questions but you only answer one, why? And as for the sexual asault, why is that common with you ppl, most expecially if the person in question is a black man, too bad. Has benny hinn ever say I like you to any lady? Why hasn’t there be any sexual acusation, you guys did it to late jackson, and as for the frame you said is idolatory, have you seen jesus, but don’t you buy poster of the man we all call jesus? Tbj never asked anyone who buy the frame to bow to it, they are sold for the building of the ministry to keep it growing. Know what you say and I want you to read all I say to you and give me reply, (the $50, the fight to see tbj, and getting the anointed water). If tbj was to be a white man will you ppl criticize him?

  16. Its nice reading this article, though it’s nothing new to me, but i still have somewhat to say. We need to be very careful and know who will follow. Bible said, test all things and know what is good. And this scares me so much…”Even the very elect will be deceived”(Matthew 24:24). So , we shouldn’t be deceived by miracles or anything done by many pastors and so called prophets. But always test all things, even prophecy. As a Journalist, I have examine the video called’ about blasphemy of SCOAN, and there’s a lot. As a minister of the gospel, i don’t spend time over these things. But, i think we should help people in our christian life, by helping others to know the truth. “Things being done in most churches with their pastors and prophet” i ask myself, would Christ do the same, if he was the one?. Well, i will not say much….But the end justifies the means…” When Christ, will come, then we know if these people are true disciples of Christ. If we study, Matthew 7:23, Christ made these comment to some group of people who believe that whatever miracle their doing comes from God. For they said’ Christ we use your name to heal the sick, etc. These will be some people whom we see as being more righteous than us. I said again, the end shall justify the means.

  17. you people are just haters.what humans dont understand they criticise it.Heling is faith and if you dont have faith you will die even if jesus prays for you.If not for anything he has helped the homeless,the poor and people who are really in need what have you people done to help someone or even an ant.All you can do is to criticise for you cant spoil it.Go to hell you haters.You did not tell the world u were going to the scoan, so it will be ridiculous when u start telling the world that u left. A prophet can never ever be accepted in his home. We love TB Joshua because he is leading us to christ not to himself.I have been to scoan and and all am reading here is opposite.AGAIN IF FRO NOTHING AT ALL THANK HIM FOR HIS GENEROSITY AND FOR NOT BUYING A PRIVATE JET.HE IS SIMPLE ,SPENDS MORE ON THERS EVEN IF ALL THEY DO THERE IS CONCENTRATE ON MONEY AS YOU FALSELY WANT US TO BELEIEVE.SENIOR PROPHET GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU,YOU HAVE BROUGHT ME CLOSER TO CHRIST.THANK GOD HATERS ARE NOT GOD THANK GOD YOU GUYS AT THIS WATCH WAT WAT WAT ARE NOT GOD.WHY BE HERE AND BE JUDGING .MOST PASTORS DONT DO HAVE OF HIS CHARITY WORKS.TB JOSHAU IS NOT GOD OR JESUS CHRIST AND HE NEVER SAID AND WILL NEVER SAY SO.HE IS A PROPHET OF GOD LIKE ANY PROPHET IN THE BIBLE .YOU GUYS CAN HANG YOURSELVES

    • Not everything is oposit. We are not hateres.

      Paul Apostle said:

      We, however, will not boast beyond proper limits, but will confine our boasting to the field God has assigned to us, a field that reaches even to you. 2 Corinthians 10:13

      Proper limits.

      What is proper limit ? Archives of sins disciples confessions used in defence films in the past? Questionable. I hope it is changed now in SCOAN.

      These are not things we should simply copy.

      More and more biger pictures of SCOAN external, better suits, better shoes, better callars of shirts, big pictures of TBJ polished by photoshop, while we should keep picture of Jesus in our heart looking into what is unseen, where is our inheritence. Simple

      Humility, humility is needed always, not boasting. It keeps us into the field God has assigned tu us in order people may reach Jesus even in such places like SCOAN.

    • brother you are right, the man has no time to discus others but work, infact he brings those who want to draw closer to God, near.

      may the Lord raise just 2 more like him in the world. the world is never the same with him! when they are helped and delivered, they want him to live for them, we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

      • “may the Lord raise just 2 more like him in the world. the world is never the same with him!”
        -another TB Joshua supporter.

        The world needs more of JESUS. May we all be raised up to be like JESUS. JESUS is the One who draws us nearer to the Father.

        TB Joshua has become Jesus to you.

    • Thank you Gabriel for telling Giles what he need to know, you said if you speak evil about the man of God in front of his disciple they are likely to fight you, YES, why did peter chop of someone’s ear? Was it not becos of the love he has for Christ? I pray you have a chance to go and confess to him, do not let pride send you to early grave make sure you go and confess so he (TBJ) and God can forgive you so you can live a forfeit life on earth before what was paid to you will end and you suffer like judas. The bible that say fake men shall araise to do miracles in my name also said’ I shall go and the holy ghost will fall on you and you shall do MIGHTY THINGS, and for the money the church gets, do you see the charitarial work he does? Have you taken out of that your so call savings to help any soul? Just to condemn and deprive ppl for receiving their blessings. You and TBJ who is the devil?

    -Latest TB Joshua supporter.

    “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.”
    – Jesus.

    • I was not suprise if you guys don’t write back, I mean ian and giles. I think its best you read matt. 7:1-5. First remove the beam in your own eyes before thinking of removing the moth in someone else’s eye

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  20. anonyms 2
    After carefully going ‘thru ‘ all written ,as true christians we should be careful about our opinion ‘cos’ the bible says touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm ….what if our opinion is not correct,what if tbj is a true man of God,the bible says we should work out our salvation with trembling and fear, that means we have enough to worry about all we need is to pray for is spirit of discernment which i have honestly been praying for concerning the issue of this particular ministry(SCOAN)cos the bible says we should test all spirit,but the most amazing thing in my journey with God is that He(God) has always made it clear to me that He (God and His word) is ALL I need
    even Jesus said a house that divide within itself cannot stand….matt.12 vs 22 to 29,
    Jesus warns about division within families and friends when you decide to follow God forsaking all you have Luke 12 vs 49 to 53,
    ,Jesus talked about the sacrifice of discipleship….you must hate everyone else ‘BY COMPARISON’ even your own life…… Luke 14 vs 25 to 34
    .Jesus teaches about judging others Matt.7vs 1 to 5,
    Let’s be careful about being judgemental again cos the bible says we shall be judged by the standard by we judge other s
    I can go on and on but i leave the main work for the Holy Spirit our teacher to teach us

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  22. Giles, I think you have understood what Willy said, but you are trying to sidestep the truth. Get real and stop blaspheming TBJ and his Ministry.

    • Well, would you mind please making it clearer?

      You completely ignored the “go hang yourself comment”.
      Interesting 😉

  23. Lets all stop all form of critics and and start keeping him(TBJ) IN PRAYER bcs only God knows his own people,We are all jst human being but at right time God exposes the right and the false prophets lets stop passing judgement on people and let God do it. We have experience a lot of false prophets in Nigeria in the past and none of them escaped God’s punishment. Eddie nawgu; Emeka king; jesus of oyinbo; many of let every one shout up and Pray. if you talking is real keep on doing good and wait upon thy God judgement . Man of God

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  25. It is alright to criticise him, same thing happened to christ when he was on earth, prophet TB joshua is a man of God and who so ever God has bless no man can cause, this the worst any of you can do. You all are just like dogz no point given holy thingz to dogs. If he is a cult leader of which he is not, then am proud to b a cult member, if it pain you, go and make a greater cult as u called it but if not you all should short up and get your selves a job and not gossip.

  26. becca…first of all calm down. i dont know what the job reference is all about, but i already have a job thankyou. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, so whether you like it or not, that makes me your brother in Christ. But if I were to find out that SCOAN is a cult, I would leave in a heartbeat (i kind of already did). For you to admit that you would stay is extremely worrying.
    It suggests that you are more loyal to TB Joshua than to Jesus.

  27. All you trying to suck the blood of the man of God are sons of the devil. Continue doing the good work of making him and the works of God faomous.Watch your toungues you sons of belieli. Who are you to judge?

  28. Giles… u said your point so what! why do you want to proove wrong and comment on each an every comment. I thought your purpose was to worn them not to convince them. You sound desperate to be believed. Its not up to you to expose Prophet TB Joshua if he is false God will, after all people are of God and is only him who will take care of them.

    To my suprise every man of God who perform miracles is laled to be fall. Please tell me one greate man of God who perform miracle is not lable to be false. I notice the problem is with the cretisisers because they dont believe in miracle. Jesus said they will do greater miracles than the ones he did. So Gile and your friends shut up and let God be the judge.

    • Hi Abigail
      Youre wrong there about criticisers not believing in miracles. I am againast TBJ, but my sister was healed by the Holy Spirit of throat and lung cancer (at another church, not scoan). Miracles happen all the time.

      By the way, see how I’m about to answer your comment – the next person is going to say how I comment on every comment.
      This is sort of a forum…its where people, er, talk!
      By the way, please dont tell people to shut up on this site. Theres no need for that.

  29. There is no doubt in my mind that TB Joshua is assigned a special mission by our Lord Jesus Christ to destroy the works of the Devil using his name especially in a country where Voodoos, human rituals, witchcraft practices, and demonic possessions are on the rise geometrically. Our lord Jesus Christ, told his disciples who tried to stop certain group of individuals using his name to cast out Devils. Mathew 12:29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house. Mark 9:40 for whoever is not against us is for us. Luke 9:50 “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.” Luke 11:23 “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters. TB Joshua has exemplified himself in spiritual war with the devil. If TB Joshua is of the devil, it means Lucifer will be stupid to raise up a man to destroy his own kingdom by using the name of Jesus Christ in healing diseases , marriages, deliverance from occult, witchcraft, and yet giving all the credit to the Lord Jesus Christ. That cannot happen and TB Joshua has distinguished himself from all other money hungry pastors whose entire messages are on prosperity. They display their wealth and yet there is no substance in their messages. As these Churches grow in numbers, yet there is no evidence of spiritual sanctity in the society; Public fund embezzlement, kidnappings, armed robbery, human rituals are uncontrollable. They dine with the public enemies, the politicians for sake of money. TB Joshua with his humility has devoted himself in helping those that come to him, with food, money, and encouraging them to stay away from sinful lives. I warn everyone to stop accusing this man unnecessarily or may find themselves on the wrong side of eternity. A sin against the Holy Spirit does not have forgiveness. You should be intelligent enough to shut your mouth rather than speaking negative comment against the source of power, you do not understand.

    • The devil is a deceiver, do you expect him to appear as the devil? No, he disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). Of course a false prophet like this would appear to many to be genuine, he wouldn’t be a very good false prophet otherwise! As for giving credit to the Lord Jesus Christ, I don’t think he’d want the credit for deaths caused by fake healings, people mysteriously disappearing, marriages breaking down, families torn apart, young girls alleging sexual abuse, successful people being brought down to nothing. What you see is just glossy propaganda. How can you call someone humble who has choirs of kids at his church worshiping him? Who teaches that his words are equal to scripture? Who sells framed pictures of himself? If that’s humility in your eyes, you’re not using any recognisable definition of humility.

      • Ian why are you so concern about the selling of the frame and the $50 contribution as being an Emmanuel Tv partner? Have you come to see the building of the church? Do you by chance see the charity work he does and the scholarship he give? Where do you think these money come from? And for the buying of the frame to get the anointed water, he also give it free at the monday live prophetic service, so don’t judge the book by the back. And for the $50, its not a tithe you pay is a committed fee for being a partner of the charity organization call Emmanuel Tv, your tithe are being paid inside the church as well as offering. So know the cause of something before you say it mr. Ian

  30. All criteria you give are silly and simple,shame on you,prophets were there in the olden times,why not even this time,are we different from those who lived before us,why comform to silly rules or in the name of being orthodox,it’s crazy!you still sleeping,better wake up,it’s a shame.

      • Mr Ian, is this so call cultic studies association organised by men? If yes, where they called by God as prophet, ministers and pastors? Remember those who wrote the bible were inspired men of God, but today, you and I can write the book but not its Holiness, so wake up and stop living in the dark, there is diffrent between God and sciences ookkkk!

  31. As an atheist any threats regarding going to hell etc, do not concern me. I am free from fear and live a happy and good life. My brother was involved in a different cult and our family are still battling to get him completely recovered. In my opinion it is very brave and generous of the owner of the site to warn people that they are in danger from a cult leader like tb joshua when all he gets back is ridicule and threats from cult members with something to prove or they wouldn’t bother getting so irate. One day when you have left the cult of tbj and you realise you have nothing left in you, I wonder how many of you would give their free time and money to help others not suffer as you had. I think God is a crutch for sad and empty people, I am full with the greatness of humanity, the beauty and ugliness of people and the love and creativity they are capable of. Open your own eyes to see how awesome and grusome the world is. Beware of looking through someone else’s eyes they will skew your vision.

  32. Cult: an unorthodox, extremist, or false religion or sect who often live outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader
    So funny! Sound exactly like the curch of Jesus Christ was caracterized in that times:
    – live outside of conventional society
    – under the direction of a charismatic leader

    Pardon mi English

    • vali do you thinkyou could find comparisons with all the other criteria instead of narrowing it down to just those two?

      • The large story is a diferent one, but i was refering just to the definition.
        And i find a third one inside: false religion – that was what people were thinking about this new christian thing at that times.
        Perheaps even extremist and unortodox to, if we push a little bit more.

  33. I believe you are working against God’s will for your own hidden issues.God would not let HIMSELF and HIS prophets to be mocked.Becareful what you say and do. Surely God will not let you go unpurnished. The devil’s fate and judgement has been already determined. It’s not my wish that you perish,but to be there written in the book of life.I know that you are quite aware of hte prescription to salvation. Take it whilst you still can.Don’t let your hate for TB Joshua make the people of God to miss heaven.

    • the prescription for heaven rests on Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with our opinion of Tb joshua. The more i read comments like this the more obvious it is that Tb joshua has indeed replaced Jesus.
      You will not go to hell if you reject tbjoshua, lol

      You will go to hell if you reject Jesus.

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