From the comments: a message to SCOAN disciples.

This conversation from the comments section brought up a really important point. Milly left the following comment on the page “Have you been personally affected by SCOAN?”:

“I’m really pleased to see this website up and running though I find it really hard to read as like many I have been affected by SCOAN and by TBJ. I by no means have experienced what some of my dear friends have experienced but still the affects of SCOAN linger in my mind…

SCOAN has contributed to myself and others losing the better part of ten years with dear friends and unfortunately to have lost all contact with others. So many of my friends and family have felt disillusioned by finding out the truth about SCOAN and TBJ. TBJ is not a man of God and I wholeheartedly support this website and I hope that more people will come out into the open about their bad experiences and will not be ashamed.”

Madeleine, who contributed to this post, replied:

“Thanks for your comments here, Milly. You mention losing time with friends and I wanted to say that I also have lost precious time with family members. If by grace there are people in SCOAN who read this BE ASSURED that there are family and loyal loving friends who are regularly praying for a restoration of relationships and even after ten years there are people who will welcome you with open arms and are longing to rebuild friendships.”

Well said, Madeleine. We second that. There are many people waiting to rekindle old friendships, as well as a growing number of ex-disciples who have made the transition to life after SCOAN. You will not be alone.

6 thoughts on “From the comments: a message to SCOAN disciples.

  1. My message to SCOAN DISCIPLES is a this-please, the WAY many of you became disciples is what is causing a lot of NOISE-you left ALL for scoan knowing dt your families are NOT in support of your action- your hands and legs are not tied-if you know that you haven’t SETTLED your decsion with your family&its causing them to cast aspertions on TBJ.plz LEAVE the place&make sure you bring them to AGREE with you-afterall those who are still there were born by humans too not animals.&for those who believe they are called of God to be mentored by T.BJoshua-SOLDIER ON! “Don’t 4get that there are PAINS involved in building a disciple”

    • Hi Soe
      1) Surely it should Jesus who is the reason why people “left all”?

      2) Yes I agree with you. Please SCOAN disciples return to talk with your families. Demonstrate that your hands and legs are not tied.

      3) I don’t understand your reference to humans and not animals – I don’t think that any animals will be reading your posts.

    • Hi Soe

      Your post suggests that the reason disciples are not longer in touch with their families is because their families never supported them in going to Lagos – “you left ALL for scoan knowing dt your families are NOT in support of your action”. I suspect this is not true. I suspect that most disciples come from christian families and have attended evangelical, dynamic churches. Their families were probably happy enough for them to go to Lagos and “catch the fire” there ( a very 90s phrase there…sorry!) but became unhappy once they’d seen the side of TBJ’s ministry that we’re discussing on this site (as Gareth’s mother did in his post). Months or years of no contact is when families become suspicious and unsupportive. Knowing that their daughter/son/sister/father/niece etc is involved in something that seems cultish is when families become unsupportive. Seeing their family members take on that “zombified” disciple look is when families become unsupportive. Not at the start when it seemed like studying under TBJ could genuinely be a good thing.

      I could be wrong. Madeline, what’s your opinion?

  2. Hi Kate.
    My own experience has been as you have described. The people in my family were all completely set giving their lives and their time for Jesus. I would not be against that. As they got more involved with SCOAN I did become more uneasy but accepted their choices. That is until I talked with a former disciple and realised from the first hand description that SCOAN bears all the hallmarks of an Extreme Religious Cult. That evidence was then corroborated by other first hand accounts and those have now been backed up by the evidence presented on this site. I do think that they assumed that I had always been against SCOAN but they never asked me so how could they know. So maybe they are told repeatedly that their families will not support them.
    The one thing that I was against was the fact that they walked away from responsibilities without any acknowledgement that this is what they were doing. That really did not seem a Christ like action to take.
    On the one occasion that I have been able to say something of what I now know about SCOAN I was told that a work of God will always have people speaking against it. This indicated that though they knew about the allegations of being sexually abused that had been made by disciples of TB Joshua they had not considered to contact family members to say “Don’t worry if you hear these allegations.”
    I have said this in another place on this blog. From my initial place of thinking that the power of God was at work in SCOAN I have had to face the fact that the fruit that I have experienced from SCOAN is a lack of compassion, and latterly I have seen the fruit of damaged lives. I would rejoice to see all the people that I hold dear following their passion to serve Jesus but I weep to think of them in a place that is as fearful and enclosed as SCOAN seems to be.

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