The multimillionaire pastor TB Joshua- how did he make his fortune?

TB Joshua has a personal wealth of $10-15 million, says a BBC news report published last week, based on an article by a Forbes journalist.

To put this in perspective, 64% of the Nigerian population live below the international poverty line (earning $1.25 per day or less). An average Nigerian earning $1.25 a day would have to work for over two thousand years to earn what TB Joshua owns right now. Not bad for a humble country boy.

Here’s how SCOAN responded to the story:

We cannot be categorized among the wealthiest in Nigeria because what money we receive is not accumulated but rather given out to those who need it most. There is not enough to keep for tomorrow. As it comes, we give it for the needy.

This is blatantly untrue. Right, like thousands of ministries around the world, SCOAN runs charitable projects. Providing these projects are run accountably, this should be applauded. But the original article made clear the amount SCOAN spends on charitable work; the $10-15 million figure is purely TB Joshua’s personal wealth. Everything he has kept for himself. In addition, the author is a respected financial journalist whose estimate was backed up by TB Joshua’s own representatives. As he writes: “I contacted representatives for all of the pastors and all except Matthew Ashimolowo’s representative confirmed ownership of the assets I list .”

Mr Joshua owns over $10 million in a country of vast inequality and endemic corruption. He attracts thousands of visitors every week; often poor and desperate people who can barely afford the trip. Countless people, like commenter Mz Mwa and his companions (see comments on this post), return broke and decidedly unhealed. Is it not reasonable to ask questions about how he makes his money and how his church is kept financially accountable?

So, where did TB Joshua get his $10 million from? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I don’t want to say much in the reply as I am shocked by the sentiment coming accross in this post. It was right for the scoan to respond as they did I think because it is difficult to imagine where the nigerian blogger could have got the figure from, as it is true that in the synagogue, what comes in, truly does go out. That is why you see every week cases of grants being given for scholarships, widows being given financial support, etc. it is not an occasional thing but a weekly occurence. And as for your comment “Everything he has kept for himself”, you might be interested to know that he does not have his own house, but rather stays in the church, he does not have his own car (all vehicles belong to the ministry), part of money that does come in is used to pay satellite and streaming costs, which is aired freely for people to watch without subscribing to anything, and in crusades that have been held worldwide, offerings have not been taken up. Please tone down your judgements and seek to find out the truth. What if you discovered that this man was truly a man of God and the things you are so proudly proclaiming as true are false and/or grossly exaggerated?

    Throughout this blog, I have noticed that some of the posts (particularly this one) and many of the comments are laced with sarcasm. For goodness’ sake, if you have a point, make it, soberly and humbly (as of course, the issues being raised here are serious and not joking matters). I don’t really think Jesus would really appreciate this kind of sarcasm.

    • Hi Radicalised,

      First, sorry you found the tone unpleasant, and I have toned down the language a bit, though not the message. You’re right that it’s absolutely no laughing matter. But I’ll be honest, SCOAN press releases and comments from supporters can at times be so cliched and repetitive, and so transparently and clumsily misleading that if i didn’t chuckle at the absurdity of it all I think I would break down and cry.

      Thanks for the clarification about Emmanuel TV- it’s good to know. My question about where he gets his money from is a genuine one. I don’t know the answer and any information you have about what TBJ does and doesn’t make money from is welcome.

      As for the Forbes article, are you saying that you have personal knowledge of TBJ’s finances that contradicts Mr Nsehe’s own investigation? Are you saying that a journalist for a renowned international finance and business magazine came up with the figure out of thin air? And that one of TB Joshua’s representatives lied in confirming his assets for the journalist?

  2. Finances. I dont know how much he makes or how much he has, but again I will stick to what I know.
    When I was once a visitor I was chatting with another visitor, a Nigerian businessman who wasnt there for healing or prayer or anything, but to arrange to give a large sum of money to the ministry. I cant remember how much but it was in dollars, and in the hundreds of thousands reagion. I’ve given embarrassing amounts as well. Theres nothing really wrong with this, but its just an indication that rich people out there do give alot of money. (by the way, I wasnt referring to me being rich, lol. the businessman…)

    I also know for a fact that each member is divided into groups, and each group has a book with a nominal role. When tithes are collected, they’re not done so in good faith like other churches. You’re name is ticked off, and the amount you gave is recorded so as to make sure you’ve given 10% of your salary. The reason they give for this is if you ever have financial difficulty, they can check your tithe records to see if God isnt blessing you because you have not been honest with tithing.
    This is also a fact – I witnessed this: there was a time when members would come forward one at a time to meet with the disciples assigned to their group, to discuss how much they were giving to the church, so their names could be entered in the said book. They had to say how much money they earnt and therefore what their tithe could be. I was the new guy, so at the time I was just watching and learning. The disciple then kept badgering the woman, saying she should give more, and the woman kept saying she could not afford to give more, bills, expenses, etc. The disciple kept talking about giving, receiving, blessing, etc. This went on for about 4-5 minutes. I cant remember how it ended.

    One of the things I really liked about SCOAN when i first went there was the fact that yes, TB Joshua does give, and in secret. Just like how Jesus said, left not knowing what right is doing. He gave me $600 when I left as a visitor, and he gave my mom $1000 to help her in the work she was doing with poor people in Botswana. So thumbs up, seriously.
    Having said that, it all changed around the time their EmTv took off. The first signs were when I saw them giving away money on TV. 10 poor people, standing behind sacks of money with the amount stencilled on each bag for all to see. Clutching their token Bible. N50,000. To be honest, I was very very sad when I saw that, even though I was still loyal to the ministry. (again, I kept it to myself cos you cant ever say anything negative). It was no different to Oprah. Just like the Beware of Blasphemer videos is exactly how Jesus said NOT to treat your enemies, this public displays of generosity is exactly how Jesus said NOT to give.

    Radicalised, you mentioned how TBJ owns basically nothing of his own, but everything belongs to the ministry. That sounds good enough for fans who have never been there, or even vistors who have. But you and I both know he owns the ministry. Its a ridiculous thing to say. You’re expoliting their ignorance by saying that.

  3. (sorry, my laptop was playing up). I wanted to conclude – lets not blame TB Joshua for everything. Its a fact, he does give to the needy. How much? I dont know. Is it a significant portion of church funds, or just the tip of the iceberg? I dont know. What I do know is he had a bunch of TVs tuned into different channels in his office, where right over the wall of the church, people were living in poverty.

    I also know that one of his daughters is going to uni in the UK, in London -one of the most expensive cities in the world. Alot of people here struggle to pay those fees. Wheres that money coming from?

  4. I was at the botswana for christ crusade in 2005. There was an offering.

    Also to become an emmanuel tv partner you have to pay a minimum of £30. I realise there are expenses in all this, theres no shame in admitting it.its true that ppl can see emtv online for free, but your comments give the impresion no money is involved, which isnt accurate.

  5. If SCOAN has nothing to hide… show us the books for the last 10 years or so. Let it be audited independently by a company like KPMG for instance.

    As long as that does not happen they can say that all the money that comes in goes out, but it is just their word.

  6. Sorry – my last sentence does not make sense.

    SCOAN says “We cannot be categorized among the wealthiest in Nigeria because what money we receive is not accumulated but rather given out to those who need it most. There is not enough to keep for tomorrow. As it comes, we give it for the needy.”

    But if I say that I lived on the moon for 7 years nobody would believe me without proof.

    The proof I’m looking for is cold, hard facts – data.

  7. LORD HAVE MERCY! What’s this world turning into? Should we measure men of God by money or by the grace of God in their lives? are they businessmen? Why so much emphasis on money which must not be glorified? Hence scoan’s response.Pagans too can boast of riches beyond this…that report was a huge mistake,but what else can we expect from a faithless generation.

    • Soe – “that report was a huge mistake”. Where is your proof?

      “but what else can we expect from a faithless generation.” Coming from you who said so many times we should not judge.

      All the contradiction!?!?

    • Pagans too can boast of riches beyond this…

      There is a difference between someone getting very rich through legitimate business and someone getting very rich through running a ministry or charity. Are you saying you have no problem with Pastors having luxury cars, private jets and suits worth more than a poor nigerian family would spend on food in a year? Nothing seems wrong about that to you? Even when you consider that their money comes from the poor parishioners?

      This report was far from a big mistake, it was a vital wake-up call.

  8. “The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat, so practice and observe whatever they tell you— but not what they do. For they preach, but do not practice. – Matthew 23.

    TBJ says many good things about giving and generosity. He also uses Emmanuel TV to create an impression of being charitable.

    The question though is what goes on behind the scenes.

    As Giles has alluded to SCOAN collects money via the following 3 methods:
    1. Wealthy Nigerian and International donors who offer payment for healing and prophecies they receive

    2. Church members who are forced to tithe. Far from being between the person and God, SCOAN members are removed from their groups if they don’t give tithes and various other offerings

    3. Emmanuel TV partners – all newcomers and visitors to the church are strongly encouraged to sign up to be Emmanuel TV partners. Anyone who has been to the church in the last 3 years can testify to this. Being an ETV partner is supposed to bring blessing, healing and if you pay enough, an audience with TBJ.

    There is no proper accounting of all this money. The idea of “restricted funds” i.e. money given to help widows only being used to help widows, would be farcical to TBJ.

    TBJ has had quite a collection of fancy cars in his time. He has hundreds of expensive suits, shirts and shoes.

    Yes he is not as extravagant with his wealth as many other Nigerian pastors, but they are hardly a good standard to measure against.

  9. So we’ve now moved from deceiver,brainwashing,dictator,sexual abuse,dubious miracles,fake prophecy to how he got his money&how he spends it. Only God knows whats next on your list of charges against this man-your post seems to use even his most noble acts to overule his good intentions-implying that there’s nothing good in this man.Regarding The above post for instance-whilst a pastor raises alarm for not making the richest pastors list saying he’s a billionaire-another wants his name on that list retracted…which of these two actions is worthy of a pastor? -isnt that a noble act in itself worthy of a true pastor whose treasure is not on earth? Yet You may not see it that way, so,…in the end we’re all entitlled to our opinion.but one TRUTH remains…
    I may defend TBJ all i want but that does not make him TRUE &you may criticize him all you want-that also doesn’t make him FALSE…He is Whom he is whether true or false irrespective of our arguments.Still In the end one ULTIMATE TEST OF LEGITIMACY REMAINS which all and sundry should look foward to and here it is taken straight from scripture:

    “Then he addressed them: “Men of Israel, consider carefully what you intend to do to these men. Some time ago Theudas appeared, claiming to be somebody, and about four hundred men rallied to him. He was killed, all his followers were dispersed, and it all came to nothing.”after him, Judas the Galilean appeared in the days of the census and led a band of people in revolt.He Too was killed and all his followers were scattered”Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will FAIL.” “But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God”., His speech persuaded them… (Acts 5:35-40).

    …Glad we might nt need to wait till judgdement day.

  10. Well Soe,

    Now, Now, Now, That is a bit stark to use these scriptures as defense. It might be for that time so when Jesus said it, but how many satanic, demonic, witchcraft rooted organisations are going rampant in this world ? I can just look at one example for you to look at yourself, The Harry Potter saga. Are you saying that Mrs. J. K. Rowling is a god send for this earth for kids and grownups to live by learning how to do Hollywood Witchcraft and other superstitious fantasy beliefs and “followers” that flow out of it ? Not even to mention Hollywood it-selves with all their cult films. Has Bhuddism crumbled, has Hinduism crumbled, has Islam crumbled ? Maybe some day it will, but for the time being there are more added to Muslims, Hindus and Bhuddism a day than christians are. Are you saying that that scripture is also applicable to that, while it is possible even likely these religions are older than christianity it-selves is ?

  11. that verse is quickly becoming the most-used scripture to defend TB Joshua. Theres just one major flaw, so sit down before you read-

    Gamaliel was just a man! He was not God. It was his opinion, he could get things wrong. His advice was based on historic observations about other movements. His words were recorded as part of early church history cos thats how the story went. Job’s three friends had some advice too. Its in the Bible. It doesnt make it correct, but its included cos its also just part of a story.

    Gamaliel’s words at the time seemed right cos of those two other uprisings that ultimately failed. But history has shown that his words cant be applied to every single movement to determine if they were from God or not. Here are some other guys who got themselves a following:

    Karl Marx
    Charles Darwin
    Adolf Hitler
    Muhattma Ghandi
    Joseph Stalin
    Osama bin Laden
    Prophet Muhammed
    George W. Bush (may cacti grow out of his armpits, mwooo ha ha ha ha)
    Gautama Buddah
    the Dalai Lama
    The Ayatollah Khomenei (leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979)

    these leaders attracted followers, one way or another for religious or political reasons. You cant keep quoting Gamaliel for each one of these people.

  12. I gave a question b4 the verse&need an answer as 4 ur examples…Great examples there but u’r missin my whole point-in MATT 7:24-27,the man who built his house on the sand&the one who build on the rock both built a house.but the foundation of each man’s house was shown when the STORM came.anyone can make up an organisation but NO organisation CAN SURVIVE CONCERTED ATTACKS,PERSECUTION,BLACKMAIL, WITHOUT GOD’S BACKING. how many of these movements u mentioned survived and thrived in the face of concerted efforts to stop them? How many people today still hold on to the erroneous beliefs of the philosophers you listed. How many of them would gain an increasing number of followers daily in the face of propaganda,blackmail,namecallings,&persecution? … Today there’s religious freedom&freedom of association so we have many religions&many schools of thoughts existing(though obscure) -subject a religion or association to concerted attacks and it wld take only the grace of God to keep standing talk more of greatly increasing.those who have been followin Tbj’s ministry from the onset’ll appreciate the level of persecution TBJ Faced at the inception of his ministry. So much that he was tagged the most persecuted minister of the 21st century. But today the ministry draws thousands from far&near.NIGERIA Has now become another JERUSALEM, A Tourist Haven! We are talking of virtually the whole world going over to one Man HERE (if not in the church at least through emmanuel tv) For a man to overcome such trials and today majority of members in scoan today are those who once swore never to visit Him shows God is with Him. Or by what other means can a man overcome trials&difficulty of such magnitude? Anyone?

    • Your question must have been quite buried, as it took me a while to find it. Is it “which act is noble of a pastor, the billionairre trying to get on the list or TBJ wanting to get off it”? If so, the answer is neither. The case of the billionaire who is fed up he was overlooked sickens me, but with TBJ it’s a case of saving face. If he really wanted to take the high road he would release audited accounts to back up his claims, otherwise it’s just the word of a respected financial journalist writing for the world’s foremost business publication (who claims that his figures were confirmed by SCOAN) versus Nigeria’s most controversial televangelist. Who’s word carries most authority? Until he does something to back up his words, all this looks like is a face saving exercise.

      With regards to no organisation surviving concerted efforts to stop them, I suggest your knowledge of history is rather lacking! Using a few of Giles’ examples – Prophet Mohammed/Islam – ever heard of the crusades (the Popes or Bush’s!)? Darwin hardly had an easy ride gaining acceptance of his theories. The Dalai Lama fled Tibet fearing for his life. I do think that ultimately there is truth to the Gamaliel quote you use, in the fullness of time things that are of God will stand, and things not of God will fall – but I also agree with Giles that this verse is not there to teach us how to (or rather not to) judge uprisings, sects or movements – it’s there as part of the narrative. If you read it as you do, then you put yourself in a position where you can’t judge anything, no matter how damaging or evil it may be, just in case it is from God and you didn’t know it!

      In response to your comment about the whole world going over to Nigeria because of TBJ, I think you rather overstate TBJ’s fame, most people (even in the church) have never heard of him! He may be a big deal in african, pentecostal Christianity – but I can assure you that in the west he’s barely even on the radar.

  13. I get the feeling you dont know who alot of those people were.

    Ghandi, persecuted by the British Empire, and won. Another religious leader who still has a large following to whom people make pilgramages, is the Dalai Lama. He’s being persecuted by China and banished from Tibet. (Thats like TBJ being banished from Lagos)

    Ayatollah Khomenei, exiled to France. Result? Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Hitler, was just a cpl in the German Army. He also spent time in prison, where he wrote Mein Kampf (My War, or My Struggle). Result? War in Europe, holocaust.

    Another former ranker, Napoleon, eventually became Emperor of France after getting that nation to fall in love with him. Result? Napoleonic Wars for the next 20 years.

    Muhammed didnt get on to a great start – at first few believed him and they were all persecuted by the other Arabs. They raised the food prices so high for the first muslims that they were all bankrupted and forced into the desert for a year – known as The Year of Hunger. Muhammed was also once poisoned by others trying to stop him. Result? Islam.

    Lenin, overcame the Russian Empire in the Russian Revolution. Result? Communist Russia

    Ho Chi Minh, took on first the French and later the American and South Vietnamese forces.Result? Communist Vietnam.

    The point is, all these religious or political leaders faced “storms” in one form or another, yet still succeeded in gaining massive support. It doesnt prove they were from God. Gamaliel might have been a wise man during his time, but that verse is only his opinion.

    Youre using capital letters for “Him” when referring to TB Joshua? You realise people can actually read this?!

  14. Oh yes, it’s God through the congregation in the vast majority of cases that makes the preachers rich – Apostle paul emphatically stated that “the LORD has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel” 1 Cor 9:14.(TBJ inclusive) or Where else do you expect the pastor’s money to come from if he has no separate job? But a true man of God does not necessarily need to depend on his members alone for a living-as GOD may even use non- members to meet his needs as a man of God.I appreciate the enormous task and efforts Pastors do put into making our lives better,so even if they expect something back from us-its fair. But then, the real question should be what the man of God does with the abundance of wealth he possesses., Which as far as i know TBJ is taking the Lead in contributing back to society.., According to the same Forbes report:

    his Estimated net worth:$10 million – $15 million.

    But also: …In the past three years, he has given OVER $20 million to causes in education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs for former Niger Delta militants.

    I hardly see any of the listed pastors becoming this charitable even in years to come(not that its impossible though).

    So,assuming the worst case scenario Even if he has kept the 10 to 15 million for himself as Giles stated,the forbes report shows that he has spent considerably more on others and we know fully well that thousands of widows,dwarves,physically challenged,aged. etc are still dependent on him daily for upkeep, while thousands of orphans are still under his scholarship scheme just as many are joining the scheme. No offence intended, but i would want giles to explain what he meant by “Kept for himself” considering all these people.

    Certainly, this is beyond trying to create an impression of been charitable as some have stated above-even if that were his real motive he’s created more than an “impression”if not to you&I but to millions around the world
    The rest is history.
    In TBJ’S Own words …he says we should stop only TELLING people to give.., but SHOW them HOW to give. A little example can have a big influence.cheers*

  15. once again, you mis-represent me. I did not say he has kept 10-15 million for himself. I have no idea how much he has. This has become a constant trend in your arguements. You keep mis-representing people.

  16. Sorry giles, i didn’t know you didn’t author that article-perhaps i have the wrong notion that you author all the articles on this site.pls don’t take it personal because i took the words

    “the $10-15 million figure ispurely TB Joshua’s personal wealth . Everything he has kept for himself.”

    straight from article that opened the “millionaire” topic-anyone can see that. so please the authors of these articles will do well to at least tell us their names and who they are so that we can appropriately channel our questions.

    My request for an explangtion of the words “kept for himself” herewith goes to the author of the “millionare” post. Sorry once again giles-it wasnt intended.

    • I’m not the author either, but the post makes it quite clear that it is the journalist who came to these figures, and confirmed them with SCOAN before publication. The figures are for TB Joshua’s personal wealth, not the income of the ministry, so “kept for himself” seems an apt enough statement. As reported by ex-disciples on this blog, TBJ owns fancy cars, expensive suits, funds disciples going on spending sprees, and as Giles pointed out – SCOAN basically belongs to TBJ, there is no committee or board – it is him! So really you could could all of SCOAN assets as his if you wanted to be uncharitable.

      As for your comment about preachers earning a living from the people they are ministering to, you are right, although in the context of the verse you quote Paul says that despite it being his right, he did not claim anything. He made tents in order to earn a living. Nobody is saying that it is wrong to make any money off your congregation, but for a pastor to be a millionaire through enforced tithes of poor people, something has to be wrong no?

      His philanthropy should be commended, but that doesn’t right every wrong. It is common for business men to have charitable concerns, it produces good will towards them. In TBJ’s case (you could probably say the same for anyone else on the list), the charitable work may not be as innocent as it sounds if the forced tithing is true. Every person he helps is another potential tither – you could think of the giving as operating costs of the business. I know I’m being very cynical here, and I do genuinely commend humble and secret giving to those in need (which it sounds like TBJ does, as well as the stuff he trumpets from the rooftops!), but there is a complex web of operations happening in a place like SCOAN, you can’t take everything at face value.

      Here’s a question to keep the discussion moving: If the forced tithing reported by both Giles and Gareth is true, what would you say to that?

  17. Thats ok. For the record for others-my last post was an ex disciple speaks- life after scoan.

  18. Now,now,now just a lil clarification beforehand, i think the term “FORCED tithing” used by giles&gareth is a bit of a stretch because force takes away the power of choice! (Eg forced prostitution) tithing is really what confirms your committment to a church not necessarily attendance(which also counts) even if the person in charge shouts in rebuke of those refusin to tithe-you can still refuse outrightly! -but then it wouldn’t be fair to give you a seat in the church while those who tithe faithfully to the church have no place to sit judging by the thousands clamoring for a seat in the church beyond its sitting capacity. (excepting the newcomers&visitors) Now i’ve seen countless cases where TBJ gives to people from other churches&instructs that they shouldn’t leave their church but return there to worship… thats for those who say “every person he gives to is a potential tither to his ministry” now i’ve also seen a case where a man TBJ helped with #300,000.due to his physical challenge&poverty.This man then went to his church to tithe the money and TBJ had to refund the tithe (he didnt collect) back to the man saying he wasn’t yet strong financially-(doesn’t sound like one who wld force tithes from the poor even though tithing does not exclude the poor) when watching the live broadcasts i don’t hear him talk asking people to thithe,pay money or contributions-neither do we see account numbers running accross the screen solicitin for funds.except for people to drop their thanksgiven towards the close of service&occasionaly he requests that those who want to be partners should wait at the end of service (doesn’t sound like force to me) for you then to decide you want to partner-you must know your strength. So i’m not saying the actions of all the workers are credible but we must look at the entire picture&the reasons behind some actions&not just make assumptions on the surface.

    • Soe, what you’ve done there is your typical misrepresenting of anothers point, this makes it very hard to dialogue. Gareth said people were forced to tithe, and explained clearly what that meant. You disregard this point by making out that “forced to tithe” must be done at gun point or something which of course is really easy to disregard! Classic strawman argument! Actually, psychological means to “force” the tithing is arguably a lot more effective, not to mention manipulative. Removing people from support groups they have come to rely on, making them believe they will loose their healing and their poverty will increase if they don’t tithe – these are powerful incentives.

      I totally agree with you about looking at the entire picture and looking below the surface, ironically this is the only place on the internet (that I am aware of) actively doing that! Everything you report is from Emmanuel TV, the very definition of an incomplete or superficial picture of what goes on – the same could be said of any TV program incidentally, this isn’t a direct dig at EmTV, it’s the nature of the medium. Hearing the reports of those like Giles and Gareth who have actually lived there and witnessed what goes on is exactly what you are asking for!

  19. i give up. Im only gonna respond to comments from others. No offence soe, but debating with you just goes round and round and round and round.

  20. Giles alluded that scoan collects money through

    … Wealthy Nigerian and International donors who offer payment for healing and prophecies they receive…

    Giles how true is this? Please this statement is a very serious one-i want you to say if you ever witnessed even one of this case.never have i seen or heard this in all my years in scoan.many people have been prayed for&received prophecies even amongst my family and never once,have i even heard the above statement from anyone just as thousands who have been there can testify.even the ardent critic pastors of scoan have not even hinted this? its a fact that many visitors come to scoan at a point where their lives are at a standstill,healthwise,financially and so on.forget the fact that many look so nice&rich-they may as well have taken loans to travel down. So giles or gareth speak up how much does scoan charge for healings&prophecies?

    As regards
    …Church members SCOAN members are removed from their groups if they don’t give tithes and various other offerings…

    This would be clearly understood by anyone.refusing to tithe to your church is refusal of membership.we’re nt talking of the size of ur tithe here,but your faithfulness&consistency.

    ..and lastly Giles, you may have been a disciple for a year,but i have been a scoan member for 14 years.and i think i stand a better chance of explaining certain things to even you.

  21. Hi Soe,

    I was the one who mentioned the fact that wealthy people offer payment in exchange for the healing / prophecies they receive.

    I can stand by this statement in front of any court. And I think you’ll find that anyone associated with any Nigerian healing ministry (and even a lot of non-nigerian ones) would agree with the statement in general.

    Of course I am not saying that people have to pay a large sum of money to buy a ticket to be prayed for. No, again its more subtle, but just as effective. For the sake of brevity, I think the best way to describe this culture of financial gifts in exchange for prayer is to explain one particular incident.

    It was at the Singapore Crusade. A very wealthy Indonesian businessman had met TB Joshua for a private consultation the night before (the only reason this was possible was because we heard he was very wealthy – if you don’t have money or connections you wouldn’t be able to see TB Joshua privately at a crusade). TB Joshua spent quite a bit of time with him and apparently told him the date of his birthday and some other things. I was one of the co-ordinators and was liaising between the Indoesnian business man and TB Joshua. The man clearly explained to myself and TB Joshua that he was flying back to Singapore the next morning. TB Joshua wanted another meeting with him to discuss “how the man can help the ministry”. The problem was that TB Joshua expects people to wait for him, and this man wasn’t prepared to wait for TB Joshua. He left on the plane the next morning. I’d tried to wake TB Joshua to inform him that the man was leaving, but TB Joshua was fast asleep. When TB Joshua woke up and found out the man had gone he was livid! He’d given to the man, but hadn’t had the meeting to discuss how the man could give to the ministry! I got into a lot of trouble. And 2 disciples were promptly flown to Indonesia to meet with the man and persuade him to come back to Singapore. It worked and a few days later the man flew back and had his meeting with TB Joshua where TB Joshua explained the “needs” of the ministry. Later the same man transferred in the region of $250,000 to the SCOAN bank account.

    On another trip to Indonesia I met the man again. He complained a lot about TB Joshua and said he preferred to give finances to CFAN (Reinhard Bonke) because the accounts are properly audited and you know that all the money you give is going to a good cause.

    Now SCOAN supporters may say: “If the man was grateful was what God had done for him, then what is wrong with him expressing his gratitude to God through financial gifts to the ministry that God used to bless him.”

    My problem is that this type of exchange is assumed, expected and even taught as a Biblical principle.

  22. “My problem is that this type of exchange is assumed, expected and even taught as a Biblical principle”


    • yet again you make a big deal about a trivial point whilst ignoring a really significant one!

    • Hi Soe,

      Just quickly here are a couple of TBJ statements talking about this kind of exchange:

      • Your strength might be in the area of money, while mine is in the area of divine knowledge; yet another’s may be in the area of wisdom, counselling, healing and craftsmanship.
      • Whichever area you are strong in, you are expected to use it generously to strengthen your fellow brother.
      • This is the true meaning of true friendship.

  23. These are interesting and sometimes painful discussions, and it is no doubt important that these things be discussed, but it seems to me that the heart of the Gospel is in danger of getting lost. When Jesus died on the cross for our salvation the veil in the temple was torn in two. There is a message here. No longer do people need priests or rituals to have access to God: close, personal, loving access. From now on the Spirit will lead God’s people in the way of truth. In the world wide church are many spiritually gifted people, but they are given to the church to strengthern our relationships with the Living God. If we put anyone between us and God we are idolising that person. If we put an organisation between us and God we are idolising that organisation. Do we not trust the Holy Spirit to lead us into truth, so that we have to have others over us, telling us what to give, or who we may be in contact with, or where we may go?

    We have been given so much – forgiveness, love, hope and a future. The freedom God gives us is amazing, He seems to trust us far more than we dare trust each other. He wants us to be more than His servants, but His friends. What are we doing, any of us, if we choose to subject ourselves to another Human Being, to give away the life that Jesus died to give to us?

    Even as I write this, I can almost hear the answers, some maybe vitriolic, some maybe nit-picking, that will come up on this blogg in answer to what I have written. I do not want to get into arguments with God’s people. He loved me, He saved me and I want to live for Him. I do not want the people I love to be governed in their spiritual lives by other humans, I want them to listen to the Spirit and follow Him.

    I am praying, in love, for the people of the Synagogue Church, so that you can be freed to follow and serve God as He chooses that you should. Nor am I alone. I don’t know how many people in the UK or world wide are praying together or individually, but I pray with others here, all praying in love. May God bless you and may His Spirit lead you into all truth.

  24. I didnt hav time to go thru all d comments posted here. I want 2 ask d writers of dis negativ comments how many of their own pastors/prophets has ever given huge sums of money to d poor to uplift their way of life. One particular writer even said that $600 was given to him while $1000 was given to his mother to assist her in Botswana. It brings me to my 2nd question of who nd who in d wretched country of Botswana has ever given out close to $2000 before? I am not a member of SCOAN but when we see something good, lets commend it. D writer portrays a picture of an ingrate who bit d finger that fed him…. I rest my case for now!

    • Don’t forget that TB Joshua’s personal wealth is estimated at $10 – 15 million. This is a figure the journalist claims to have confirmed with SCOAN, and not one they’ve disputed since. Considering TB Joshua teaches tithing (very strongly), you would expect him to have given away at $1.5 million before you could even count it as “giving”. With these figures in mind, the ones you quote are small change. Don’t forget, while generosity should be commended, it does not equal godliness. If it did Bill Gates would be a far more godly man than TB Joshua.

    • Have you ever heard of “Bribe Money”? 😉

      1) Botswana is a lovely country
      2) $1600 does equal “nearly $2000”
      3) You honestly believe that no one has donated $2000 before?!

      I think you need to travel.

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  27. TB Joshua run one of the best scam in the world! They make a $Million and give away a $100! Has anyone ever been to his apartment above the Church??? I have a company have no cars but the company has 5 cars that I use at any time. The house I leave in belongs to the company! I have pity on those who take their hard earned money and go an through it away to a man who clearly does not believe in God! He is well vesred in the bible, he is well versed in business and well versed in psychology!

  28. my two cents…the dubious and unrighteous have money, how much more the child of God…Abraham become so rich because of blessing…joseph was too blessed also, who else??? one soul you bring at the foot of the cross, is not easy. fishing a soul is not easy, why HE not give blessing to TBJ too…he is humble, loving and truly a man of God…

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