How to get your hands on TB Joshua’s anointed water

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Many people want to get hold of SCOAN’s anointed water, which according to TB Joshua has healing powers. SCOAN supporters often insist that it is given away free. However, ex-disciple Gareth says that this is plainly untrue. Although SCOAN makes a point of not directly charging for the water, it is only given free of charge to foreign VIPs and people who already contribute a lot of money to the SCOAN ministry. Below is a summary of this discussion.

Anointed water- have you got the latest version?

SCOAN supporter Soe starts by insisting that the anointed water is free:

The anointed water is FREE. Those who say it’s for sale should tell me how much is charged for it. It’s just that most times people don’t value what is freely given to them and would often abuse it by collecting more than is expected often to go and sell.

Commenter Someone Somewhere mentions a rumour that you have to pay indirectly for the water:

I heard you get some of the water after buying a nice little framed photo of TB Joshua to properly worship/idolize the chap. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

Ex-disciple Gareth confirms that anointed water is given only if you buy a large framed picture of TB Joshua, unless you are a VIP or a fee-paying partner of Emmanuel TV.

Hi, yep I confirm that’s how they do it with the anointing water. It’s different depending on your nationality (so much for no favouritism in the church – James 2).

Nigerian members have to buy a large photo frame which a picture of TB Joshua and a “Quotable quote”. Its classic TB Joshua. He says its all about the words, it’s not about me, well why the picture then??? If it really is about the words on the frame then why on earth have a picture of him? I think it cost members N2000 ($13) or so. If you buy a frame then you wait after the church service and TB Joshua comes round and gives you the water (or this was how it happened about a year ago).

Foreign visitors may get the water for free, again it depends on their status and which country they come from. Some foreign visitors will only receive if they are partners of Emmanuel TV (minimum commitment £30 a month). Also, please note that foreign visitors pay $300 or so to stay at the church so they are also not receiving it “freely”. I know that $300 is a lot less than hotels in Lagos, but SCOAN’s costs for hosting visitors are well below that. Accommodation is mainly in dormitories and TB Joshua has a willing workforce to serve the visitors food, show them around etc, who get paid nothing. I’d estimate that the actual costs of hosting visitors would be well below $100 a head.

Oh and there was a service on Emmanuel TV not long before I left where pretty much the whole church had pictures of TB Joshua and were waving them in the air singing a song about him. It was as clear cut idolatry. Even if TB Joshua then says, thank you thank you, it’s all about Jesus. That doesn’t stop it being idolatry.

Ex-disciple Giles asks a current disciple (going under the name of Radicalised) if it’s true that you can get different types of anointed water:

@Radicalised: You know those bottles of anointed water? Someone told me that there’s now more than one kind- like there’s one for e.g. leg problem, another for, say, your stomach, etc. Is this true? I was hoping you could set the record straight about that.

Radicalised replied:

Hi Giles, No that is not true, there is only one anointing water being used.

basically every week, it is being ministered in the branches, in london, accra, cape town and athens as well as in the headquarters in lagos.

But this denial was challenged by Gareth:

Contrary to Radicalised’s answer there have been many types of anointing water.
At one point I believe there were 3:
1. Fruit of the womb (healing from barrenness);
2. General healing
3. General blessing and breakthrough.

Also every now and then a new version of the water is released. So everyone has to queue up to get the more powerful stuff.

All of this cannot be denied, TB Joshua has openly talked about this on ETV. Maybe now they’ve gone back down to one, I don’t know.

Giles then finds a video to back up this point:

@Radicalised: er….why lie? This brand of “anointing water” even has a different label with picture of the man and woman, called “fruit of the womb”.

Why did you tell us that there’s only one kind?

So despite the apparent dishonesty of some TB Joshua supporters, we have gained some understanding of how TB Joshua profits from his ‘anointed’ h2O. In a further post we’ll explore how this bottling and selling of TB Joshua’s ‘blessing’ is clearly unbiblical.

38 thoughts on “How to get your hands on TB Joshua’s anointed water

  1. does that label on the box of water on the top really say “for healing, etc……and for the salvation of your soul”?!

    I dont know what to say.

  2. Yes, it does…but it’s written in a water-y kind of way so you don’t see it at first…!

    This all reminds me of that Blackadder episode where they’re selling holy relics..!

    • + 1. Blackadder is great… 🙂

      But seriously… “for salvation of the soul”. I cannot see how anyone can argue this organization is a Christian church.

      • PS. The different types of water for different ailments sounds like different potions (with different spells). Looks more and more like nicely packaged witchcraft!

    • This is my favourite TB Joshua indulgence:

      The man of God raised people’s spirits when he talked about the new Anointing Wristband and its audio devices that will caution wearers about their behaviour and movements. According to him, the wristband is devised to remind you about your prayers, to ask you to check your tyres or to stop because of armed robbers.

      I’m not even joking.

      • Wow Ian, well done for finding that snippet from the aptly named “TB Joshua Fan Club”. Come on any SCOAN members or disciples reading this. Isn’t there just a chance that you’ve made a mistake…. I did, but thankfully I’ve been able to admit it and move on. Please don’t waste your time, energy and money on a man. All the miracles in the world don’t make idolatry ok.

  3. Oh and there was a service on Emmanuel TV not long before I left where pretty much the whole church had pictures of TBJ and were waving them in the air singing a song about him. It was as clear cut idolatry. Even if TBJ then says, thank you thank you, it’s all about Jesus. That doesn’t stop it being idolatry.

    A more appropriate response from TB Joshua would be found in Acts 14:14-15 when the crowd started worshipping Paul and Barnabus:

    But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of this, they tore their clothes and rushed out into the crowd, shouting: “Men, why are you doing this? We too are only men, human like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made heaven and earth and sea and everything in them.

    “Thankyou, thankyou, it’s all about Jesus” in the face of this idolatry just doesn’t quite cut it.

  4. I get the feeling that even disciples are embarrassed by the whole water thing. Hence Radicalised’s denial that they came in different varieties. There’s no way of spinning it that doesn’t sound completely crazy. Being a disciple must be a thankless job sometimes.

    • sorry that the impression was given that i was lying. i was merely confirming that there is only one anointing water now.
      last year, there was anointing water for healing, prosperity and also fruit of the womb and many testimonies followed as a result of using it in faith
      (Go to-, -,

      • hi, sorry – i asked this in that other latest post before I saw your above reply in this one.

        Im afraid it still doesnt do anything to answer my question. I know there are/were different types. My question is why? Its bizarre. Different types of annointing for different types of problems?

        And how come that was only for last year but now its back to one? I dont think God made a mistake….

  5. giles permalink
    July 8, 2011 7:12 am
    does that label on the box of water on the top really say “for healing, etc……and for the salvation of your soul”?!
    I dont know what to say.

    With regards to the above,
    I did not comment earlier cos i saw an understanding problem.which ‘ll be tasking to resolve but let me give a bit of explanation in this way

    the mystery of the anointed water is just like the pool of bethesda which some don’t understand.
    the prophet made it clear that it is not the water that heals,delivers or saves but God Himself. The bible explains
    “Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sickperson well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven.” (James 5:14-15).
    Remember even when Jesus sent his disciples with power to heal and deliver it records that “They drove out many demons and anointed MANY sick people with OIL and healed them.” (Mark 6:13).

    The use of anointing oil even from the days of old testament was to set the person apart for GOD’S SPECIAL ATTENTION- for healing,deliverance and even salvation through the forgiveness of sins
    as it says
    “to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins,” (Luke 1:77).
    In other words-when we are forgiven-we are healed and being healed in the physical sense makes way for also being saved in the spiritual sense.

    However, “for the Salvation of your soul” written on the anointed water is NOT to say that salvation Is in the water. But to indicate that the healing &deliverance we’ll receive from God on ministering it is to remove the hinderance which demons and their sicknesses constitute to us in pursuing the course of salvation.knowing the fact that an unhealthy and demon possesed body can hardly pursue the course of salvation.So the anointing in it works “FOR” the salvation of souls and not AGAINST it”. Jesus said whoever is not against us is for us. So whatever does not work against your salvation is for it.(ie in support of it) thanks to God for modern Tech. there are many christain books and tapes and videos existing now that weren’t present in the Bible days that are also “FOR the salvation of your soul” because they aid you in your walk of faith.i liken them all to the “anointed word repackaged” in form of books,tapes &videos just as the anointed water too is being repackaged” -to be convinient to carry &come out even as sprays”.but all for the salvation of our souls.

    • Hi Soe, sure God can heal or work miracles in whichever way he chooses. But please address the issue of payment. Also all the different types and mass production just doesn’t cut it.

      Reading your comment again, well done for quoting TBJ so accurately. Lets look at his dodgy theology:

      “In other words-when we are forgiven-we are healed and being healed in the physical sense makes way for also being saved in the spiritual sense.”

      No, this is absurd. This statement implies that those who aren’t healed are not saved. Jesus directly contradicts this Pharisaical assumption in John 9:3. Yes some sicknesses may be caused by sin, and yes sometimes Jesus forgave sins before healing, but this does not mean that healing makes way for spiritual salvation!

      Also anointing oil for anointing is old testament! In the new covenant the Holy Spirit is the anointing that we receive (1 John 2:20-28).

      You mentioned James 5 and Mark 6, however there are a few issues.
      1. Anointing water is not anointing oil
      2. Anointing oil was not sold or given to people who had purchased something
      3. There is debate as to whether the use of anointing oil in James was for medicinal use or for cleanliness.
      4. Why so many different versions of the anointing water?

      I wouldn’t buy any book that had on its cover “for the salvation of your soul”. We are saved through grace by faith alone. Quite a few of the members of TBJ’s church in Lagos are illiterate or semi-literate (no fault of their own, its not easy in Nigeria). Will they take your nuanced answer that this water can be a symbolic help for them. Or will they take it at face value – let me drink this for the salvation of my soul….

  6. thanks for your comment. I do however think that they should remove that phrase. I mean, where on the bottle were they planning to put the above explanation?

    Could you please shed some light on the different brands of annointing water for different problems?

  7. Hello everyone,

    I want to draw some attention to the former bottle boxes and bottles. In the middle of the box and bottle there is a strange drawing made. I have no idea who made the drawing, but if you watch the Movie Outlander, you will see that there is a medallion that the tribe leader is wearing, also in the end of the movie you will see this medallion being revealed again by the lady of the story while standing on a high mountain before she says goodbye to Jim Caviezel (The one that played Jesus in the Mel Gibson of Christ). This is in the last bit of the movie.

    If you super impose this over this drawing of the bottle you see that there are parts which are exactly the same. Also this particular sign you will see in the Hindu religion, which represents this in Shiva and the Elephant god Ganesha. How is it possible that this has found it’s way upon a “Christian medium” that is used for deliverance, healing, etc. in T. B. Joshua Church and the branches ?

    The question is now, who designed the bottle and box, who approved that design of the bottle and box.

    You can see this symbol also on the bottle in the “Read Us Newspaper” on page 37. What am I referring to, you may ask, well, exactly in the middle there is a funny sign that looks like the Triquetra. A Celtic Symbol. You can find this here: Please investigate for yourself what the meaning is of a Triquetra.

    What is the coincidence of using this symbolic design on the water bottle for ????

  8. hi Nanardi
    Yeah, I have seen that film (by the way, those glow in the dark aliens were so cool).
    I know about those symbols your on about. They are also around the casettes and some videos, but very subtle. They’re around the titles, in the background. TB Joshua writes in this language, whatever it is. Ive seen him do it many times, writing strange scrawls on bits of paper. He gave me two pieces one time, with a word on each but I didnt recognise any letters and it didnt look like any language either. He said one meant blessing, the other meant favour. Disciples say this is “writing in the spirit”, or something like that.
    Cant comment anymore, thats all I know

  9. Hey Guys, im not a desciple but what Radicalised said is true.
    they had these ones in the past
    1. Fruit of the womb (healing from barrenness);
    2. General healing
    3. General blessing and breakthrough.
    But now its one bottle. and this New annointing water covers all the problems above and many more.
    i visited the SCOAN in lagos just last month and the annointing water is indeed free.
    do not forget those that give testimony are a mixture of both people that got their heeling in the past and recently.

    P.S. the reason why they stopped producing the old anointing water is because some fraudsters were producing and selling fake annointing water( produced by fraudsters in nigeria) in the name of tb Joshua. The new one is of a higher standard in terms of the packaging and its really annointed because ive got my healing from it. and its FREE. i didnt have to buy it.

  10. Hi seli.
    No one is debating if its free for visitors. I got mine free too. However, my fees as a visitor for a weekend were $300 (july 2009).
    Those are not lagos prices, those are more london prices. Is the water free, or a freebee? 😉

    the money debate is mainly for nigerian members, as gareth mentioned visitors get a different deal. But thanks for confirming that.

  11. Hey Giles,
    For nigerians, its like a package. You have to buy his sermon DVD for 5000 naira to get a free anointing water and the anoiting sticker.

    The whole thing is actually confusing because I was told,the DVD is meant to lift people’s faith before they use the water. And they added if you go to the market you will realise that the price of DVD is same as the SCOAN dvd and he’s therefore not selling the water and sticker.

    My worry is the poor who cannot afford the DVD. I wonder how they will get the water and they are the one’s that need it most.

    • Hi Seli. That’s really interesting to hear further clarification on how the anointing water is sold/distributed. For those interested, 5000 naira = £20 or $32.

  12. Acts 8:20-23
    20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

  13. I also wonder what the markup on this is? It can’t cost more than a £1 or so to produce one DVD… So they must be raking in the money!

    Seli – welcome to the discussion? I was wondering why you’ve started following this site? Do you have any concerns about TB Joshua yourself?

  14. Hey Giles and someone… The 5000 naira is for the DVD. When u buy it u get free anointing water and sticker. The DVD is to help people build their faith in Jesus Christ before using the water.
    I believe TB Joshua has a good reason for this and I personally dnt have anything against him. He’s been helping a lot of poor people,Orphans and a lot more and I believe that’s where the money they earn goes towards. I followed it just because of the anointing water. After getting my healing, I started looking for what people think about it on google and I came across this blog.

  15. hi Seli
    Cant Nigerians get it just for free, without first having to buy that DVD? £20 is alot of money, even for us brits (its also more than the price of the average DVD in a typical shop like HMV).
    YOu said you believe they have a good reason for doing this…money is a pretty good reason, yes.
    Why dont they give out the water for free?

  16. Why do u call your blog tbjoshuawatch yet it is clear that u are not watching anything (in the spirit i mean) i see someone here talking of a sign frm a movie which i assume to be satanic judging frm wat he is sayin regards to the medallion. Now u that watches such things u come out to judge TB coz u say parts of the movies medallion looks ‘like’ wat you saw on the annointing water package is that how u discern, so the next time a preacher puts on an all black garment he wil be in trouble with u people coz u wil associate the colour of his clothes with darkness. Why is it wen a person is used to perform mighty miracles the source of his power must b questionable bt if he cant pray for the sick to b healed then he is frm God. What kind of God do we think God is, small? If u want to be a true Tbjoshua watcher at least start by watching Emanuel TV coz its obvious most here dnt coz u r not even aware that there is now only one annointing water which is aired a plethora times on the chanell
    Will i b wrong to think that this site out to destroy the man of God even without facts. He wil not be the 1st one to suffer percecution even they did it his master Jesus who is he to think he can escape.
    Im writing you frm Zimbabwe

    • @ Cornelius,

      Satanic signs are Satanic signs, they don’t belong on Christian packages, do they ? The same sign is used with the TV series Charmed. Which is totally about witchcraft. Are you saying T.B. Joshua designers look at the world and the Satanic covens to make their designs and then hide them in a print on a “anointed water bottle” ? How crazy this is to compare to dark clothes. It’s not about clothes, its about making signs that belong to Satanists and Witches. Which gives the impression you belong to Satanists and Witches. That is the point here.

  17. Hi cornelius. We know that there is now only one annointed water. The wierd thing is there were once three.
    Why three?
    Why did it change to one?

    No pro scoan had ever attempted this one. Would appreciate some explanation.

  18. Man of GOD i would to get the anoiting water,would someone tell me how can i get this anointed water, i have high blood since from 1999 and now i now i feel tired of drinking pills for the rest of my life. I strongly believe that the anointing water will do miracles in body and finally i would do away with pills.

    South Africa

    • Hi Collison,
      I am really sorry you have been so unwell for so long.
      Trust in the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross for your healing.
      I will pray with you.
      God bless!

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  20. Pls this comment is ment for prophet t b joshua. People in my area believe ur not of God. But I kenneth have seen, pornderd so hard over the event of some organisations churches and government and ask God were are we heading to. beggars at the gate of churches begging for arms but they can’t get any. Sick people die cause there is no money to get medical attention and these people are members of some churches. No healing No treatment No love by the society and churches and the only person that do all these with the inspiration of God ,they say is not of God. Pls man of God, I love u. Pls help me to be like you.

  21. I am pleased to testify that TB Joshua is a true prophet. I received my healing through the anointed water but I never set foot in Nigeria. I had vitiligo and got my healing, I believed as I prayed and applied the water in the name of Jesus. I don’t know why people are so confused that they can not dishtngish light from darkness! Believe me, I once thought that what is happening in the SCOAN and other similar churches such as Christ Embassy was fake just like you and many others. Its only Jesus who can make us see, hear and understand the truth by his Word through his Spirit. Today I thank God that I Am free from the veil. Why don’t u allow the Holy Spirit of God to take control so that u also may realise that all the negative criticism against any man of God is not worth it. Who does not gather with us is against us, similary who does not have the Spirit of Christ is not of Christ. TB Joshua is an anointed servant of God and many people want to understand what is Spirit with their natural minds from a carnal point of view, that is why you will not see nor understand the devine ministry of Senior Prophet TB Joshua. May the mercy of God speak for us, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • ♫♫ We have heard the joyful sound: TB Joshua saves! TB Joshua saves!
      Spread the tidings all around: TB Joshua saves! TB Joshua saves!
      Bear the news to every land, climb the mountains, cross the waves;
      Onward! ’tis our Lord’s command; TB Joshua saves! TB Joshua saves! ♫♫

  22. emmanuel ! Pray for me on my set backs rejection and all sorts of problems that has really pulled me down in my marriage ,my business and friendship . I have lost everything now i am in the life of lost .i need derliverance thru u . Had a problem of bleeding through the nose since child hood . I was derlivered when i prayed on emmanuel tv with prophert T. B . Joshua sometime in june i have never had the bleeding again. So i belive i can come out of ths cage thru ur prayer. Deliver me please. God bless you . Lungu sylvester . From zambia.

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