Did TB Joshua predict Steve Jobs’ death?

TB Joshua is up to his usual tricks, releasing a video claiming that he predicted the death of a famous person, this time former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Of course, all he actually predicted (on an unspecified date that could have been months or even years ago) was that a famous American will die after having a serious ailment. Excuse us if we are not impressed. These were his words (broken English left uncorrected):

The giant nation should pray for one of its hero.
He has been wrestling for some time.
It’s left to him and his family and God.
But the vision I have three days ago
A hero in the United States
That when he pass on, people crying, shouting
‘this is not the right time for such a hero to go’

Pray for the protection for this hero… we pray to see whether it is changeable. We are still praying for God to protect this hero. He is wrestling, wrestling. There is an ailment that will take his life. This is affliction. Prayer.

As we have mentioned before, these vague prophecies are win-win for TB Joshua. If happens, it proves his prophetic powers, but if it doesn’t it was because his followers prayed against it happening. This post explores in more detail what is so problematic about TB Joshua’s so-called prophecies.

Of course, the main purpose of this soothsaying is to allow TB Joshua to jump on the bandwagon of a popular news story. Does it glorify God? Does it support and encourage?  No. It is a cheap and blatant attempt to glorify TB Joshua. Let’s hope that most people have the wisdom to see through it.

21 thoughts on “Did TB Joshua predict Steve Jobs’ death?

  1. Also – ETV are very quick to assume TBJ’s prediction relates to Steve Jobs… what if some other American Hero dies next month because they got the wrong guy and stopped praying?
    Or did TB get an off-screen revelation after SJ’s death to confirm his prediction?

  2. Jesus changed the world. Steve Jobs (a buddhist) has changed the world. TB Joshua has not changed the world.

  3. One will think that God would have beeen specific about the person so prayer could be directed at the person and not just generalise. How does Scoan know that tbj meant Steve Jobs and not someone else.Cheap divination

  4. How do any of you know that it was not meant for Steve Jobs? TBJ has explained many times that one can’t reveal everything… there are some things one just can’t mention.

    Take Michael Jackson’s prophesy for instance… Did he mention the name or anything? no. But he did know it was MJ… he just couldn’t mention it. Why I say this is because he invited MJ to come and asked his brother to send him to the church… he wanted to stop his sudden death.

    Imagine if TBJ should mention the name of the person and say that the person will die? People would try all they can to stop it… but using the power of man and that could make things worse.

    TBJ also mentioned that one of the reasons the prayer against something does not work is because sometimes it requires the whole world to stand together and pray. Like saying there’s more power when two or more agree.

    @Giles… TBJ did mean it’s too early and a few specifics too. It may be many other famous people too yes… But what if he actually were referring to Steve Jobs?

    Jenson… 🙂

    • what specifics? mebtioning that ppl will say its too early is also pretty predictable. the world said the same with micharl jackson, heath ledger, brittbey murphey, princess diana, marylin munro, etc.

      TB Joshua tried using “power of man” by contacting michael jacksons friend to warn him. youre right about the jackso case by the way, at least there was some kind of evidence.
      but those words could be anyone. when did he day this anyway?

  5. y’know having watched that video, I couldn’t help thinking that if I was standing in that crowd at SCOAN, I might have got swept along with it all… TBJ pronouncing the prophecy in an apparently concerned and caring way, and the big crowd of people whispering enthusiastic prayers all around me, I would have been concerned for this hero, I would have felt like I also ought to be praying — implicitly I would taking TBJ’s prophecy as trustworthy. Would my mind have been 100% switched on, checking everything with a healthy level of scepticism (“test everything” – 1 Thessalonians 5)? I fear probably not.

    But reading the words of that prophecy in the cold light of day… it’s so vague it’s incredulous – it could, as others have said, apply to ANY American hero, and at any time in the future…just wait long enough at it will become true.

    TBJ is a master of deception. As others have said elsewhere, “what does a wolf in sheeps clothing look like? it looks like a sheep”.

  6. If you don’t have anything good to say about Prophet TB Joshua rather keep quite. Its so clear you don’t know who he is coz if you knew you wouldn’t be writting such pieces about him but again its publicity for him. Keep on spreading the name TB Joshua so people can google it up and find out for themselves who he is.

    Love you!

    • Sorry, but TBJ “prophesising” the death of Steve Jobs is just insulting. Personally, I’m a PC, and so obviously hate Mac. However, Emmanual TV claiming that TJB’s words relate directly to SJ’s death here is clearly opportunistic profiteering and nothing else. And he/they CANNOT prove otherwise, or else they would have included it in their video. Therefore, as TBJ has nothing to say about Steve Jobs, then it is he that should be keeping quiet. Again, I can only hope that Appple/SJ’s estate pursues legal action againt ETV.

  7. I’m not sure what law Apple could use against SCOAN here, but CNN may be unimpressed about SCOAN using their clips? Copyright infringement?

  8. Oh, I reckon apple could get them on copyright infringement too. They’re very protective of their brand and here it’s being used for self-promotion…

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  11. To whomever is running this website, is your ministry failling coz of TBJ’s popularity? You are bound to fail in whatever you are advocating for. You are fighting God.

  12. Tezah, we are not your enemies. We are Christians, just like you. We’re just trying to warn people that this TB Joshua guy is not what he seems.
    (None of us has a ministry by the way)

    • why do u feel its ur duty to warn people?? We are not stupid we can see things for ourselves or are u trying to convince people against the prophet? U hev lost already… No weapon fashioned against TB Joshua shal prosper. seeing is believing, i hev seen enough on scoan tv en moreover, been married since 2000 en culd not get pregnant. My husband went there 4 prayers august 2010 we also got annointing water en used it. praise b to God im pregnant now, Praise d Lord. D bible says no generation will b left wthout a prophet, God will always giv us a prophet but wil not force us to bliv in him. Even Jesus was doubted in his time, he culd not heal some pple bcoz of unblief. so nothing is new. I pray 4 God to open ur eyes soon en 4giv

  13. hello felo
    I believe I have stated several times on this site why I bother contributing 😉
    Happy you have a baby though, congradulations!

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