Hattie’s story, part 2. Returning to the UK

This is part 2 of Hattie’s story. Follow the link to read Part 1 “Visiting SCOAN, first impressions

When I came back to the UK I was excited about it and told everyone about it. I was more evangelistic than I had ever been before. I had more courage to pray for people and I thought I had the magic formula now. Funnily enough, I never saw any results and when talking about it, TB Joshua and Jesus usually occupied the same sentence. I know now that my faith was in what I had seen in Lagos and not in God. I hardly ever read my Bible and preferred to watch TB Joshua videos. They seemed more exciting to me. 

Deep down I thought I was inadequate and that I was too sinful and too much of a failure to be of any use to God.

If anyone spoke against TB Joshua, I would however become quite angry and defensive. I would think to myself “who are you to say that? You are not much of a Christian! Who are you to judge? At least I am accepting God’s prophet and can recognise a move of God when I see one!”  If pastors questioned it then I would think to myself “You are just scared that you are getting it wrong and you don’t want to be confronted by that. It is because you feel threatened by it and that it might undermine you that you won’t accept it/visit Lagos”

I had developed an incredible spiritual pride and was very judgmental about others depending on whether or not they “recognised TB Joshua”. This was the same for the others I knew that were involved.  Yet I now realise that my own spiritual walk was faltering hugely…I was feeling incredibly spiritually undermined, hugely inadequate and that I was a nobody in God’s kingdom…I have since likened it to a spiritual bone marrow transplant. My very lifeblood  (Christian faith) was being suppressed and then replaced with something different (doctrine of SCOAN and TB Joshua).

I really believed that you had to go to Lagos and meet TB Joshua to have any basis for criticism and this is an argument that is used frequently by those in SCOAN. But I now realise that to put yourself in that position is to subject yourself to an environment where you are programmed to believe. You are subject to a profound deception on both a psychological and a spiritual level.

Part 3 of Hattie’s story “Thought process” will be posted on Wednesday 2nd November

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  2. hi Hattie
    My attitude was the same. My family can all testify that I was a differnt person when I was involved with SCOAN – basically above everyone else, unapproachable when it came to “spiritual matters”, highly defensive of TB Joshua.

  3. Thank you, Hattie, for this beautiful observation. All of us were tainted by this evil maniac who parades himself as an angel of light but is actually an agent of Satan. Many of us defended him in the past because of our ignorance of scripture, but I believe God has a beautiful plan to expose this great deceiver of our generation sooner or later. Very early in the war for Libya, NATO tried unsuccessfully to eliminate Gadaffi, but God postponed judgement until Gadaffi and his henchmen left Tripoli for Sirte and Ben Walid six months later, so many sympathizers of the regime could be wiped out. Joshua’s demise is surely coming in God’s own time. One thing is certain, this illiterate is so stupid to think he could go on deceiving people forever.

  4. Hi Terrific,
    if i may put something right here.
    You,Hattie and others weren’t ignorant of the scriptures before you all went to Scoan.you actually saw everything in the scriptures being fufilled and you believed.
    If am not Honest let Hattie tell me what contrary treatment she expected to receive.
    The problem you guys have is lack of independent mind, Self confidence.
    You allowed what you read and heard to dominate you heart. Instead of standing for what you believed.

    Now your excuse is you were ignorant of the scripture.no one is ignorant of it.
    Even sinners drunks, thieves have good knowledge of scripture let alone you!
    You only allowed yourselves to be deceived by what others told you.
    Let me advice you.
    Holdfast to what’s true.phi 4:8.
    If you aren’t convince then go to God and not humans.psalm 12:2.for thats why we are children of God.
    if we say we are waiting for the time Tb Joshua would be exposed i think we’ll be in our graves still expecting cos He’s genuine.ACT 5:38.

    • Doi…”even drunks and thieves have a good knowledge of the scripture”…
      What?! Where do you get this stuff? 😉

      • Doi, is just like those of us who defended this crook in our ignorance and stupidity ! Joshua is all the while fornicating and committing adultery shamelessly while asking others to come forward to make confessions ! This man, Joshua, is real nasty and is a fulfillment of Matthew 7:21-23 !

    • T.B.Joshua is being exposed already ! And what better way than from the inside, from those who know him better, from the inner circle ? Acts 5:38 is still relevant, like every scripture, it’s just a matter of time when this whole sham and pack of lies and deceit totally crumbles. Remember, Satan is still at work even though he’s been defeated at the cross ! That doesn’t make Satan’s kingdom the kingdom of God. For heaven’s sake, why would Joshua fake miracles ? That makes him a false prophet already, among many other factors. You can defend this charlatan all you want; we all did at some point. And, for the records, Agomoh is not the first one ” ordained ” by Joshua. There was Taiye, at the time Joshua only preached in Yoruba and couldn’t express himself in English. Anyway, he’s come a long way since then.

  5. Thanks Visser.
    Mr Terrific though out of Topic but let me ask you.what proofs do you have about these miracles being fake? Whatever proof there is. i know its not concrete and have once been tackled here.I like dealing on concrete proofs.now back to the topic.
    If no one can tell me the treatment Hattie should have received i would advice we don’t talk of this again. And the part three will make no meaning.

    • Doi. Nobody is saying that the way she was treated was wrong in and of itself, it’s what her treatment represented that was wrong (breaking down any barriers to enable her indoctrination). Your argument is absurd. It’s like saying to a victim of spousal abuse that their case has no credibility because they admit that their abuser was really kind to them when they first got to know them. It is also a red herring, designed to divert attention away from the more significant issues Hattie raises. Classic SCOAN tactics.

    • Agomoh bought wheel chairs for fake miracles of healing the lame. Then there’s the fake miracle of raising a dead man, recounted by Bisola. Now I believe many of the testimonies and miracles are orchestrated ! Joshua would bribe anyone and do anything for fame, money and what have you. Here, in the United States, Tony Alamo’s cult was only exposed 2 years ago, after being around since the sixties, and Tony is now serving jail for life. So, no matter what happens, all the dirty deals will come to light, and this is just the beginning !

    • If these are not proof enough for you, for me, they’re more than enough ! I was both an outsider and insider and have seen astounding miracles at SCOAN, but orchestrating miracles is another matter altogether. Now you guys don’t know history ! TAIYE was the first “associate prophet ” who worked side by side Joshua. He interpreted into English as Joshua preached in Yoruba. He left one day in circumstances not yet revealed, like many of us.

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    • I refer you to Matthew 7:21-23. Miracles and signs and wonders DO NOT validate any ministry, nor do the lack of them authenticate any one. The fruit borne at SCOAN shows the kind of person you so much admire.You see, Visser, I was like you, defending Joshua out of ignorance but now I know better. Why did he sleep with Kayode’s wife ? Why is he sleeping with the girls shamelessly and asking others to come and make confessions ? Joshua is the biggest hypocrite of this generation. This really is the house of BELIAL, not God’s !

  7. Ok Ian.thank God you now admit the treatment was right.
    Now according to the implication of love bombing. how did the treatment become Love bombing? I mean How did it become a conditional one. Because Hattie never said she was forced to believe whats wrong.did she? So What made you all believe it was a love Bomb?
    I’m just trying to tell you there’s no reason to question this Love.its a love Of God.

    And Mr Terrific. Agomoh buying wheel chairs is the most nonsential point Agomoh made throughout his video.and this have also been tackled here.you can go find out in the previous posts.
    Even the Maxuel Ijeh who Agomoh claimed he bought wheelchair for, came to Scoan to testify and said what Agomoh said was nothing but blatant lies.
    Speaking of Taiye i could remember when He left Tb Joshua.he left for reasons known to Him and never engaged himself in condemnation.like Bisola and co.

    • Not everyone has the courage to speak, and for some, it’s just a matter of time. And for Ijeh’s testimony, I have my doubts. You see, Joshua is a professional at bribing anybody for anything if he could find a willing accomplice, and he gives promotions to those who are liars and “reporters,” bearing false witness against others.Many of you bootlickers are specialists at reporting, and in this regard, I remember Kayode in Ghana, who’s champion of all reporters. He became head of SCOAN Ghana, for “reporting to God” This is a house of BELIAL !!!! A house full of hatred, suspicion, strife, envy, but this is exactly where Temitope is thriving.

    • You’re missing the point of “love bombing” again Doi. Nobody has said anything about anyone being “forced to do stuff”. That would be far too obvious. What Hattie is describing is manipulation and deceit. People being persuaded to do or believe something wrong while believing they are doing or believing something right. That is not force. Love bombing was a tiny aspect of this multi part article, hence me calling it a red herring.

  8. Mr. Terrific.
    You are just one sided.’why did he sleep with this and that’.why this that. then you come to conclusion.
    forgeting there are two sides to everything.just as there are two sides to a coin.
    If i may ask. have you once lived with Tb Joshua?or did you only visit him?

    • doi, everyone knows by now there is not a single bit of evidence or testimony you would accept anyway. even if we were to show you video evidence of tb joshua sleeping with women, you would only say they were faked. so asking mr terrific if he lived with tbj is pointless..

    • I know more than you can imagine. Like I said earlier on this site, my story is yet to be told and when it does, it would blow your mind. And yes, I lived in the commune for a while, and am an eye witness to many things, both from the inside and outside. And, I’m not one sided, but agree with the other side, and not with Joshua. It’s all just confirmation ! Joshua is a real mother *****r, and that’s what he is. If I were to believe anything, I’d rather believe the ex disciples who are now singing than Joshua. I tell you, there’s no truth in that man’s mouth. Remember this ex boot lickers were more devoted than yourself. They were all collaborators with Temitope until now.

  9. I can clearly understand now why TBJ made Nigeria his headquarters ! These nefarious atrocities can only thrive in Nigeria where almost anybody can be bought off and silenced. Besides, he needs his bootlickers around to do his bidding in such a lawless society. If Joshua slaps anyone, one should be bold to punch his face and beat him up ! This is just a petty ignorant fool parading as a man of God and deceiving the ignorant fools like himself, but the handwriting is already on the wall !

  10. Terrific.don’t you think there’s an extent to which someone can be bribed to telling lies?
    Considering maxuel’s testimony, he adviced people like you to go find out yourself from people he works with.at least if he was lying then they all cannot lie.

    Living in the commune. peharps your story will be similar to Hattie’s. ‘Promoting Scoan’.
    After much love shown to Hattie don’t you think our readers will certainly love to pay Scoan a visit?
    So as to experience such love which Hattie misinterpreted?
    At least it wasn’t hatred and there were no strings tied to it.

    • There are always strings Doi. I mentioned this when writing about my experience. During one of my mother’s last visit, she got caught up in some drama going on among us disciples. She was taken from the visitor’s dining while she was still eating and led into a room to face around 20 angry disciples and questioned about something she had nothing to do with. She was confused and also angry why this was being done to her, and she said “you wouldn’t interrupt the Man of God during his dinner to interrogate him, so why me?”.
      At that, they all began yelling at her (well, actually, at us, cos i was standing next to her). For the rest of her time as a visitor, no one would speak to her.

      • Let no one call this petty crook, a ” man of God”, but son of a b****h and son of Belial ! Lord Jesus, please forgive me for supporting this son of Belial. I did it in my ignorance. Now I know your word has already warned me about these false prophets arising in these last days. Readers, could you believe that at one time I thought Joshua was Jesus ? O what an ignorant fool I was then. But thank you,Lord, now I know better.

    • Doi, first of all there’s nothing like love at SCOAN ! You people have no idea what love is. Jesus is love and he prayed for the disciples to love one another but Joshua breeds strife, envy, bitterness, hatred and division. He sets people at cross purposes, dividing and ruling, using and dumping but let me assure you, his time is up ! Joshua is now slapping and striking people, has become even more arrogant, graduating from deceiving ignorant black folk to white folks. Even Jesus did not strike Judas who betrayed Him, but this 419 you call “prophet” will do anything and everything to protect his reputation, to enhance his name and use you people to prop him up. He uses people to say what he wants them to say. He did it to me and others and now I know that many of the so called “testimonies” are fabrications. Joshua is a liar, son of a b****h and son of Belial.Now he tells people to say he is brother of Jesus. Joshua is fulfilment of Matt 24:24. Jesus has already warned us and we had better heed his warning. I, too, was deceived by the miracles but now I know the truth.

      • Mr Terrific, please, language! lets keep it clean.

        I agree that alot of disciples are “boot-lickers”, but again, lets not group them all that way. There definately are disciples- females especially – that would do almost anything to get closer to Daddy, but they’re not all like that. I was fully aware that an unspoken rat-race among disciples goes on at scoan to become noticed by TBJ which I delibaerately chose not to bother with, and I know that there were a few of my friends who thought the same. You would know this by living in that commune. Its usually the new guys who have not been there so long.

        But whether they are “boot-lickers” or new people – lets not forget that they also believe in Jesus Christ, just like you and I. They’re just wasting their life cooped up in that commune (and never getting a good night’s sleep with the lights out either!) in their attempt to foster a relationship (the ratrace) with TB Joshua, when it should be Christ alone.

    Terrific! After all these insult,condemnation What if on the last day you realise you were wrong. will there be a second chance for you to repent?

    Giles was your mum part of the discussion? Cos you said she was cut up in an arguement amoung urselves.
    How did it become a string to pull her away from God?

  12. Terrific.thats why i say you’re one sided.where and who did Tb Joshua tell he is the brother of Jesus?
    You just take a part about what’s said and come to conclusion.
    Without questioning.
    Plzzzz…..TB JOSHUA didnot tell anyone he is Jesus’ brother.

    • We heard about all those stupid dreams which the deceived love to hear so much. Now, I don’t believe anything I hear from SCOAN, because I know Temitope is a manipulator and a fabricator, and in spite of all your efforts to prop him up, he would not hesitate to kick you out in a second if you don’t dance to his tune. He has so many poor, helpless and ignorant people depending on him who would do anything to get his favor. In fact, to get along with TBJ, you need to be a hypocrite of the highest order. Doi, I pray that you see the light sooner than later.You see, I was once in your position and so were many others before you.
      Joshua is making a very pitiful attempt to counterfeit my LORD JESUS. You see, one can fake things, but one cannot fake love or truth and Joshua has no love or truth in him. He is of his father the Devil and not of God. Even Kayode, who was made leader in Ghana, for being “chief reporter or tale-bearer” calls his master a false prophet and denies he was “ordained” by Joshua. Now he doesn’t want any part of the false prophet but Kayode too is already tainted by Joshua. And so is Chris Oyakhilome. Anyway, Doi, I just want you to know I love you. I really feel for you and all the others who are trapped in this cult thinking you’re serving God. This is the kind of person Jesus warned us about in Matt 24:24 and if you don’t heed His warning then you have yourself to blame. And, on the last day, Joshua and other lawless workers will be the first to be condemned for destroying so many lives and leading others astray.
      Like I said before, I’m yet to tell my story. All these is just commentary ! But I’m waiting on the Lord to fulfill things He has revealed to me about Joshua. It’s all a matter of time.

    • I have seen that famous King Kamala video where the demon is supposed to have told the congregation that in the spirit world, TB Joshua is known as “junior brother to Jesus” (the congregation went wild, TBJ forbade the demon to speak, saying he doesnt want him to praise him) – commendable.
      BUT. They made sure each and every visitor saw that video, particularly the bit about what TBJ being Jesus’ brother. It was enough.

      Its like the scene in a typical date movie where the guy is trying to sublty impress a girl at a dinner table, so he secretly pays his friend to stumble across them, pretend to recognise him and make out like he is someone famous, begging for an autograph- while the guy pretends to be highly embarrassed. And afterwards, he would say to the girl, “Im sorry about that, you werent supposed to see that, I dont really want people to know who I am.”

      • EXACTLY, Giles ! It’s all a pack of lies and fabrications. Joshua is a pathetic counterfeit of ” a brother of Jesus”. His egotism has led him into all kinds of delusions and fabrications, but the pity of it all is that many are so blind to see it.

      • Well, like I mentioned before – im sure its a spiritual thing, like a spiritual blindness, maybe like the scales falling from Paul’s eyes. I arrive at this conclusion because its the only way I can explain how two years ago it was so obvious to me that TB Joshua was the number one God’s servant – and now it became so obvious that its all a cult.

      • Thank you, my beloved brother, Giles, for putting it so succinctly ! It sure is a real spiritual blindness that takes the grace of God to remove. It’s a big struggle between the forces of evil that try to keep us continuously blind and the enlightenment that comes from the word of God. But God is able ! If He’s delivered us, He will deliver others. Certainly, they need to be shocked to the bone, like it did Kayode, Agomoh, Bisola and others, for the scales to fall off !

  13. Some may say that instead of dwindling, SCOAN is “increasing”. True, Temitope has grown from an illiterate and poor Yoruba village guy from Arigidi in Ondo State of Nigeria to become a false prophet who has deceived and is still deceiving many, both local and international, but this is no proof it’s of God. Satan is still ruling; he’s the god of this world and the prince of this world, though he’s been defeated over 2000 years ago. Tony Alamo started deceiving people long before even Joshua was born but was only jailed two years ago, in 2009, for life. God has His way and time for judgement, and judgement is coming and has come for Temitope Balogun Joshua. What the Lord revealed to me last week was baffling ! But wait till the appointed time ! To those who want to go to SCOAN, in spite of all these, let them go ! They may or may not receive any miracle. And they should insist on keeping their passports and getting out anytime they choose to. They should not take for granted that this charlatan is a man of God but should be bold to ask pointed questions without fear. They should be able to point Joshua to scripture and tell him where he is wrong. They should ask him why he doesn’t obey the Lord’s command to baptize in water and to observe the Lord’s supper. They should ask him any question that bothers their mind.They should tell him he’s a sinner just like all of us and we all need to break away from sin. He’s not infallible but a wretched sinner like any criminal !

    • Hi Mr Terrific. I am interested to hear your story. it sounds as if you were once part of SCOAN and I would like to hear how it became clear to you that it was not a place of love but of deception.

  14. Hey Mr.Terrific let me put this clear.
    You weren’t once like me. If you were like me you wouldn’t allow such naked words to come out of your mouth. Except you aren’t a christian.don’t you ever think of this; you may likely be wrong then you’ll be classified as a pharisee of our time. Matt 23:4. You only lay heavy burden on mens shoulder and you’ll not move it with one of your finger.Always out to question the genuiness of a prophet.
    If you say he’s not of God.try doing one hundred of what he’s doing and tell me if they can all be of the devil.

    You are doing more harm than good to yourself.
    We shall all find out soon. Are you forgeting Tb Joshua has millions of people praying for Him everyday? Do you think God would want his children to suffer?
    You’re getting this all wrong.

    And About baptism and co. there’re two types water (John’s baptism) and Holy spirit(Jesus christ).that Tb joshua concentrate on that of the Holy spirit more than water does not make him evil.

    • Water baptism and the Lord’s supper were commanded by the Lord Jesus and Joshua can’t put himself above the commandments of the Lord Jesus who bought the church with His own blood. Joshua is a nobody who wants to put himself in the class of the apostles or even Jesus. Ask him why he disobeys the Lord’s commands ? Jesus Himself submitted to water baptism and who is this charlatan you call prophet ? To obey is better than sacrifice and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. 1 Samuel 15:23 Joshua disobeys my Lord’s command and is in rebellion which is witchcraft. In other words, the word of God says Joshua is practicing witchcraft for being in rebellion to my Lord’s express commands..” Do this in remembrance of me,” 1 Cor 11;24. Does Joshua remember this ? No, he does not obey these two essential commands, because he is of his father the Devil.

    • For those of you complaining about Mr Terrific’s language, I would agree some of the words he used were inappropriate, however I do remember a SCOAN disciple I once spoke to proudly telling me of the fact that TB Joshua was so down to earth and un religious that he’d use words us uptight brits would find offensive (e.g. s**t and f**k). I assume you’ve had words with TB Joshua about the “naked words coming out of his mouth” too?

      • There you are, Ian ! The hypocrisy of T B Joshua has been revealed and nothing can deliver him from judgement. Mr Terrific here does not mince words and likes to say it like it is, but for the sake of some sensitive ears, I’ve decided to mellow down. But this monster called T B Joshua does not deserve our respect. He is just an ordinary criminal who is riding on the backs of the ignorance of the Lord’s people. He is no ” Daddy” and no ” Papa”. Scripture forbids us to call anyone father. Matt 23:9. You see, many of us believers are so ignorant and so very stupid, and this has been made worse by the many false prophets parading as “men of God”.

      • thats a good point ian. visser is not going to like this story but one time tbj was going on about all the wild rumours going on about himself- things he didnt eat…” zhey say the mab of God does not eat fish…but i do. in fact, i eat ALL kinds of food. but i dont eat sh*t”
        at that all the disciples burst out lauhhing that he used a swear word.

      • Hi Mr Terrific,
        Yes I am glad you pointed that scripture out about not calling anyone Father in the way that disciples call TB Joshua Daddy, or Baba…Doi, do you have any comment on this? I would be interested in what you have to say.

        But Terrific, I do disagree about the bit about nothing can deliver TBJ from judgement. I’m no fan of him either, BUT – the Bible makes it clear that anyone can be saved if they repent, and that applies to TBJ too. Jesus’ sacrifice was for ALL our sins, as long as we repent, and I would not exclude him from that 😉

  15. Madelaine.
    Is there any penalty for loving someone? Even if the person is evil?
    I’m on the safer side.:-)

  16. Mr Teriffic

    Do not you think that you should change your nick name from Mr Teriffic to Spitvenom?
    Where did you drink this acid?

    • Visser, no, this is no venom or vendetta, not at all. My heart is grieved at the multitudes who don’t know scripture and are being deceived by this false Christ. Matt 24:24. I’m here to enlighten the deceived with scripture to correct my own mistakes of supporting this charlatan in the past. And to you, Doe, you still have not learnt that miracles, signs and wonders DO NOT validate any ministry nor do the lack of them authenticate one. John the baptist was a true prophet but did not perform any miracle ! John 10:41. And, Doe, when I said I was like you I meant I was also deceived like you are now.

    • Visser, you see, it’s hard for people to think that someone they so revere as a “man of God ” could be so evil ! But, Jesus, who is the Author and Finisher of our faith, has already warned us about wolves in sheep’s clothing. We also read about false apostles and deceitful workers who transform themselves into angels of light. 2 Cor 11: 13-15. They appear to be nice, humble, holy, righteous, good, generous, loving, but inwardly, they are ravening wolves and such is the clown T B Joshua ! When I first met him, I thought he was the holiest and humblest man on earth, until the scales began to fall……! Readers, honestly, as pointed out previously, it was a battle for me, but God delivered me. And, mind you, TBJ is not the only one. Like Agomoh said, there are many, many of them. Did not Jesus say there shall be MANY FALSE PROPHETS WHO WILL DECEIVE MANY, EVEN THE VERY ELECT ? Matt 24:11, 24. I rest my case.

    • @ T B Joshua,via Visser and Doe,

      Water baptism and the Lord’s supper

      Up till now, your deceived disciples have not answered my questions regarding water baptism and my Lord’s supper, and so I’m putting the question to you and commanding you in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, to answer without any further ado. Or are you thinking of what to say so that you’d not be seen as a false prophet ? I tell you, even if you start to obey these commands today, you are still a false prophet and a son of Belial, unless you repent and turn to the Lord ! The Son of God was obedient even to death and submitted to water baptism, and commanded all believers to be baptized and to observe His Supper, but you have flagrantly violated this command of the Lord and have put yourself above the word of God, which is rebellion, and is tantamount to witchcraft. Jesus came to fulfill the word, but who are you to put the word aside ? Obedience is better than sacrifice, you son of Belial ! 1 Samuel 15:22-23.

      You have an obligation to answer these basic questions, and I command you to do so in the name of the Lord.

      • mr t
        think you are wasting your time about water baptism and comminion. these are issues that scoanites have never answered.

        visser, is there any explanation you might have that we are not considering? why dont scoan baptise christians in water? why dont they practise communion?

      • @ All lovers of truth,

        ” Though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel than what we preached to you, let him be accursed……if anyone preach any other gospel, let him be accursed.” Gal 1:8-9. Two times, through the Holy Spirit, Paul pronounces curses on those who preach another gospel and pervert the gospel of Jesus Christ. And, ” whoever commits sin and abides not in the doctrine of Christ, does not have God; if there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine,receive him not into your house…..” 2 John 9. The doctrine of Christ contains the essential elements of baptism and the Lord’s supper, among many others, and T B Joshua does not abide in the doctrine of Christ and does not have God, but perverts the gospel. T.B. Joshua is already cursed for perverting the gospel, though outwardly he appears to “prosper”. Any genuine man of God would uphold the doctrine of Christ but not pervert it, and Joshua is already accursed ! Those who think they’re following a man of God are under strong delusion and need to wake up. This man is a son of BELIAL !
        The late prophet Adewole of the Celestial church of Nigeria made predictions that tend to support Joshua, but both of these men are false prophets from Satan. We’re not to accept the word of any prophet if it does not line up with the word of God.
        @ Madelaine, please would you tell your loved ones at SCOAN to read the scripture for themselves and come out of this satanic kingdom called SCOAN ?

  17. Doi, with reference to your mention of tbj “focussing more on spirit baptism than water baptism”

    How many people have been baptised in water at scoan?
    How many people have been baptised in the Holy Spirit at scoan?

    • You see, Giles, Doe doesn’t even know the difference between John’s baptism and Jesus baptism, because their fake prophet Joshua does not even understand and is just practicing witchcraft, according to 1 Samuel 15:23. Joshua is just an ignorant fool deceiving ignorant people like himself. At SCOAN, they claim to believe in Holy Spirit baptism but NONE has been baptized in the Holy Spirit because there’s no Holy Spirit there, NEVER ! Joshua has ” another spirit, preaches another gospel and proclaims another Jesus”. 2 Cor 11:4. He works with the power of BELIAL, pure and simple ! And even now, BELIAL has failed him, as demons are wont to do, because he now has to orchestrate miracles ! SHAME on you, T B Joshua ! If anyone out there wants to train for ministry, they should find a better place, but certainly not SCOAN. All those “ordained” by Joshua have received demons ! And, I’m glad I never got to that point ! While I was there, another story making the rounds was that Joshua is ” the carrier of the Holy Spirit”, which is pure balderdash.!

      • I do agree that disciples receive demons – that explains why one of the junior prophets (cannot mention her name on this site) began manifesting in the prayerline and was not allowed to pray for anyone anymore. This incident was never shown again on their TV show, and no one has ever commented on it.
        It also explains why the disciples are so hard in their hearts. It also explained why I myself changed so much when I was a disciple.

        However, I would not go so far as to say that the Holy Spirit is not there at all. Christians who go there are very sincere in their motives of getting closer to the Lord – that was my motive, and I dont believe that the Holy Spirit’s presence is “stopped” once you enter the gates. 😉

      • No, nobody can stop the Spirit of the Lord anywhere. What I’m saying is that Joshua claims to work by the Holy Spirit, but what is evident is the manifestation of ” Another spirit.” 2 Cor 11:4. Joshua has no Holy Spirit and CANNOT give Holy Spirit to anyone ! The ”hardness” in the hearts of these deceived people is clear evidence of ” Another spirit ” at work at SCOAN. It is not the Holy Spirit but BELIAL ! Yes, many Christians are very sincere, but we can be sincerely wrong and sincerely deceived. Let us pray that this deception is totally broken sooner than later. God is able !

      • Hi Mr T. There are people that I care about involved with SCOAN and I am not comfortable that they are being called ignorant. The more accurate description is that they are decieved. I understand that you would have described yourself in that way once as well.
        The way that I see it is that the love demonstrated to us by Jesus can enable us to speak more graciously about people and not fire names at them. This man will face the judgement of God on the last day. For now lets pray that the deception is broken and the people held by it are free.

      • You’re right, Madelaine, and your point is well taken. For some, it’s deception; for most, it’s both ignorance and deception.

  18. @ Giles,
    Yes, everyone can be forgiven when one repents, and that includes Joshua, for the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1: 8-10. But would Joshua confess his sins of lies, deceit, adultery, fabrication, manipulation, causing division and hatred, coveting other men’s wives, destroying families, false prophesies, false claims of servant of God, and all the other secret sins, and would he do it publicly, like he demands from others ? And, Giles, what I’m saying is that even if he did all these, judgement has already been pronounced. Remember, even after David confessed his sins (psalm 53) and was forgiven, the sword did not depart from his house ! We must not deceive ourselves, God is not mocked, and we reap what we sow. Galatians 6:7. The Lord has already shown us the demise of this charlatan who has destroyed the faith of many people ! And this is what I mean by saying nothing can deliver him from judgement.


    Let me sound this warning to all those women who think that sleeping with Joshua, and, for that matter, any one who claims to be a man of God, that it doesn’t make adultery or fornication acceptable to God, but abominable to Him. It doesn’t make any woman holy or acceptable before God, but the fiery indignation of the Lord would come upon her and that so called servant who takes the name of the Lord in vain. Such copulation is just like with any man and has no divine blessing but cursing. Lastly, the only power that can be transferred this way is demonic power, sickness and death, but not the Holy Spirit !

    • Hi mr T
      Have you heard of women who believe this? YOu also mentioned that you also actually believed that TB Joshua was Jesus. Did others also believe this?

      • There are some women who think that way and it’s more common than you can imagine. As a matter of fact, some ” men of God” use this tactics to lure the gullible. Like I said, Joshua made many claims to divinity, the miracles and all such crap and many thought Jesus had returned.There were even books written by a Nigerian prophet of the Celestial church claiming Jesus had come back as a black man….a whole lot of balderdash…..!

    • My understanding is that one of the ways in which people in a position of power get those who revere them, to do sexual acts is to persuade them that they are actually doing the will of God. It is likely that a woman has always been taught that sex outside of marriage is not the will of God, but they are then told by the person who sets themselves up as a representation of God that it is not wrong. Apart from whatever happens physically to women this is why it is so damaging, because all of their beliefs about right and wrong are deliberately messed around with. If they have no other reference but a powerful man saying that this is right but they have an internal sense that it is wrong. Another aspect of the abuse of power of this sort is for the woman to be given the instruction that this must all be kept secret. That if she says anything no-one will believe her, or they will blame her and not the man who is actually the culprit. I am not just talking about TB Joshua but from what I have heard he certainly fits this pattern of behaviour.
      Where people have been abused in this way the power of the Cross of Jesus is stronger than any other spiritual consequences, and with wisdom, acceptance, compassion and spiritual insight there is healing in the name of Jesus for damage that has been done

      • @ Madelaine,
        I’m glad you’re aware of this heinous crime against women, and yes, such women can be restored, if they seek help and confess. TBJ has a dirty track record in this category perfectly ! I personally know of many cases involving other ministers, but for TBJ, Agomoh has already confirmed it to you.

  20. Mr Terrific,

    You go beyond reason, that everybody who reads you post knows that you are pulling our legs.

    • mr visser…i thought you were supposed to be unbiased, yet i notice how you only commebt negatively on comment like mr t. im sure you read kamelas comment in the other post by now about scoan telling sick people to stop taking their meds..but you havent said anything. im interested in you opinion on that.

      • @ Glies,
        @ Visser,

        Visser has no opinion of his own, and so are all those bootlickers. You see, you can’t work with that man if you don’t want to do his bidding. You must lick the boots or you get out ! He tells you what to say and what to think, and the moment you express an independent thought, you’re out. You must be able to tow the line, and wait for him to tell you what to say. You cannot speak on the authority of the Bible, but on the authority of the son of Belial !

    • @Visser,
      No, I’m not pulling your legs. Please answer the questions on water baptism, the Lord’s supper and AJOKE. And do you know what bastard means ? It means anyone born out of wedlock. TB Joshua is creating a lot of bastards out of his harem, taking the name of the Lord in vain !

  21. @Giles,

    These deluded sycophants called disciples cannot answer the questions without approval from Joshua who has now turned the word of God upside down, and is preaching ” Another Jesus and another gospel with another spirit,” that’s not of God but BELIAL ! 2 Cor 11:4. What are all those “enlightened” people working with this fake prophet Joshua saying about his silence on these basic doctrines of the Christian faith ?

  22. @ All lovers of truth,

    The ” evangelical classes ” at SCOAN are nothing but a way for Joshua to demonstrate he is someone “great”, a ” man of God”. They have no content, and certainly, very little biblical doctrines. Of course, there’re many quotations from the Bible, but Satan is also able to quote the Bible ! I can’t even remember anything of value that I learnt in those classes, except ” notes” and ramblings about Joshua’s ignorance and egotism. Now I’ve destroyed everything I got from SCOAN, stickers, calendars, newspapers, magazines and the photos of that charlatan. Lord Jesus, please make haste to deliver your people from this charlatan, even as you delivered me and many others !

    • well alot of people dont realise it, but he copies from other theologians who.lived hundreds of years ago. an example of this is the quotable quote:
      work as if everythong depends on you, pray as if everything depends on God.
      TB Joshua, right?
      wrong. st augustine.

      • @ Giles,

        You got it, smart guy ! I didn’t even know know that ! This charlatan is also guilty of plagiarism ! You see, he has nothing of his own, let alone giving Holy Spirit to people. This man must be locked up in jail like his ilk !

      • @ Giles,

        Again, Giles, you see, most of the people going there don’t know scripture, like I did then. Those who know a little scripture, like Chris Oyakhilome, are greedy for “power”, and instead of seeking God for His Spirit, which He gives to everyone who asks, they want an easier way but they receive demons. I watched a man on CNN healing people through the ancient Chinese art of Quigong, and it’s no different from the way Joshua manouvers with his hands, legs and feet, while adding the name of ” Jesus” to taste ! The word says that his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6.

      • Now, Joshua is not coming up with any answers to these vital doctrines of baptism and the Lord’s supper. Remember, we’re only talking about water baptism and not even Holy Spirit baptism. Joshua doesn’t have answers to water baptism nor does he know anything about Holy Spirit baptism, for that matter. Both Visser and Doi have been silenced and can’t even defend their master. Please, let’s all pray for the Lord to remove this cloak of deception called T B Joshua quickly. Let’s also pray that those under his delusion would see the truth and come out of the kingdom of darkness into His marvelous light. This is truly the Synagogue of Satan ! Revelation 2:9.
        Without any malice, envy or hatred, we have demonstrated , by the word of the Lord and by many testimonies , that T B Joshua is a false prophet who is leading many astray. It’s up to these people to search the scripture for themselves and not listen to an ignorant and lying son of Belial.

  23. I have been to scoan 5 times and what i can say is that many times and i am one of those who defend de ministry when people talks bad about it. First time i went dere i said dis is my last bustop when i cameback home i became addicted to de channel, i went again within six months for a holiday,3rd time around i lost trust in ever pastor on earth after coming back because i was just not getting my deliverance after that, then i sad to myself i will never go there again since it takes lot of money to go there from south africa , then in feb this yr i decided to giv it a try wen i was on monday service i was prophecied by wiseman christopher to date the prophecy has not come to pass and it has been bothering me but now i made peace with it and told myself that not evryone who goes there receives a miracle.after all i hav lost my faith and i am trying to be prayful but it is jus so hard, now i dont trust any pastor’s words including the prophet himself because he never gives you chance to talk to him, when you get to his office they give you 20 seconds and den you are out.shame to the visitors

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