The story of “Cautious”: Why did he leave SCOAN? Part 1

“Cautious”, who got in touch with us recently, has been heavily involved with SCOAN for several years. He says that he has benefited hugely from some of TB Joshua’s teaching. He also insists that some people at SCOAN are true believers who do not equate TB Joshua with Christ. However, he has left SCOAN because of a growing number of things that made him question what happened there. In the next three posts, he explains what made him leave.

This is my first comment ever. I did not want to comment at first cause no matter what anyone says, someone will just again have something else to say to try to contradict the other one or try to proof the other one wrong. Honestly, pointless in my opinion. Although I don’t rule out that here and there, there might be certain valid points for people to consider. However, I recently read such disturbing and offensive material on a blog written by SCOAN workers, that I just could not help myself but to write this post.

First of all, I am neither for Scoan, nor against Scoan. I am for Jesus and Jesus alone. I believe in loving people around me with the love of Jesus Christ, regardless of colour or race. The family of Christ all belong to the same body and are those that are obedient to Jesus Christ, who serve Christ and whether you are part of this family does not depend on whether you are part of the ministry of Scoan or any other God fearing ministry. What makes us family is our faith in Christ and besides faith in Christ and obedience to Christ there are no other criteria to consider.

I have spent many years in the SCOAN ministry and I have learned many valuable things while being in the ministry. I honestly believe that there are God fearing people attending SCOAN and that they are searching for a living relationship with Jesus Christ and not with TB Joshua. However I am sure there are people in SCOAN that does perceive TB Joshua to be equal to God, to be infallible and this might even be subconsciously taking place without them even realising it. (What I mean is when you listen to their conversation it might e.g. just be about TB Joshua all the time and never about Jesus Christ at all). Yes, of course just like Paul from the Bible, a great man of God, we would and probably should admire him for the example he is setting and acknowledge that, but we need to be so careful that we don’t make that person out to be God as this person is just used by God and within himself is powerless, just a man, used by God.

I myself found that I had to be very careful of it and I made sure that in my conversations with visitors etc. I would always mention the name of Jesus Christ in my conversations and stay away from mentioning the name TB Joshua too often, if even at all.

Now while I was part of the ministry I picked up that certain people were treating TB Joshua as if though he is God, but I realised that you would always find that happening e.g in Acts 14. “When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they thought that Paul and Barnabas were gods. They cried out, “The gods have come down to us in human form.” They called Barnabas ‘Zeus’ and Paul they called ‘Hermes.’ They intended to offer sacrifice to them. The apostles Barnabas and Paul tore their garments when they heard this and rushed out into the crowd, shouting, “Why are you doing this? We are of the same nature as you, human beings. We proclaim to you good news that you should turn from these false idols to the living God.”

This is not right, but also does not mean that TB Joshua is necessarily to blame for people behaving this way, although some might reason that he might not be doing enough to keep people from behaving in such a fashion, which is probably debatable.

So far so good. I must say when in Lagos however I found it quite strange that he would sell his own photo frame to people for quite a lot of money and in return he would administer the anointing water personally to those that bought the photo frame after the service. I was thinking afterwards, imagine any other pastor was selling his own photo frame to the public, wouldn’t we think it to be strange? Is this not idolatry encouraging people to hang your photo frame in their houses, in their businesses etc? This is just a question and my way of thinking about it really – I am not saying that I believe it is a fact that TB Joshua is guilty of idolising himself, but I am just saying that this is something I personally found to be strange and not 100% convinced that I feel comfortable with the idea. I know people commented and said it is all to do with the scripture and not his picture as such, but why the picture then in the first place? Surely you could have something else on the background, like the ocean perhaps etc., if it is only the scripture that matters. I am not going to make too big a deal out of it, I am just trying to lift out the positives and negatives as I perceive it knowing well that there is no perfect church out there anyways.

I was extremely committed to SCOAN and took my relationship with Jesus Christ very seriously when I was there – not that I am not now. In SCOAN there was always room for correction, but if such correction were to take place it should however always be in love. Haha well if this was always done in love is debatable, but once again you can’t fully control it because we are dealing with people and we could not expect everyone to understand it from the very start – it takes time if you know what I mean. I personally felt that I have learnt a lot from the correction that took place as sometimes people don’t always realise that what they are doing is not for the glory of God (I am talking about small things here, not obvious stuff). Only when people point it out to you, can you do something about it and change it for the glory of God.

So if everything or most things sounds so positive, what made me to leave the ministry after serving in it for so many years?

1) The allegations: they can’t be verified, but they can’t be ruled out either.

I realised over the years that loads of allegations were made against TB Joshua, but it did not bother me too much. This is because I believed that everything that is of Jesus Christ will receive attack, and if it doesn’t it means that satan and his kingdom is not really concerned about that ministry as it is not really making an impact on the kingdom of darkness.

I pretty much believed it when TB Joshua implied that he does not have to answer to his accusers, cause God is fighting for Him, so why waste your time on your accusers, after all satan is the accuser and it is not worth wasting your time defending false accusations. I hope I am making sense here.

However, I became very familiar now with the people involved in SCOAN in many different countries as a result of me being in the ministry for such a long time. I have come to know the very character of many of these people committed to SCOAN, including highly trusted disciples – highly trusted by TB Joshua. As many of these disciples has now become personal friends of mine I became the more and more aware of when they are being send on assignments and the more people I got to know internationally the more I became aware of when someone has gone missing. What I mean by going missing is e.g. people that were e.g. T.B Joshua’s personal assistant at the Australia for Christ Crusade, The Korea for Christ Crusade etc. that just basically disappeared off the scene and no one would tell you where they are or what happened to them or will say things like they were sent on an assignment or something like that, which I would then find afterwards not to be true.

I am now not talking about an isolated couple of people. I am talking about quite a number of people that disappeared off the scene – that were in very prominent positions at SCOAN. I made it my mission to find out what happened to these people and why they would leave the ministry after being in such prominent positions at SCOAN. I spoke to these people that left in person, I did not hear it from any second hand source and the reasons they gave me did not match the reasons that were given to me at the time by some other disciples.

I started to realise that here are some funny business going on – some kind of secretive business. Now you won’t pick it up that easily – only if you become very familiar with the ministry and the people involved that there are certain information that’s being kept from you e.g. when you start asking the reasons why so and so has left the ministry.

When disciples which I knew had a very close relationship with Jesus Christ and were role models in every sense of the word started to make allegations strikingly similar to previous allegations, I was forced to start asking questions.

Now am I saying that these allegations are true? No, how can I, I was not there. Do I believe in the possibility that it might be true? Yes, you can’t rule it out.

Why can’t I rule it out? Once again like I said before, this is not based on the allegations made by an isolated couple of people, but the whole picture now coming together.

You have to consider this question: Why would two successful ministers of a growing church and a committed team of workers sacrifice 10 years of their lives serving in the ministry, being in a very prominent position and seeming privileged position sacrifice it all? Why? No-one in their right mind would do that. Having a little baby girl to provide for and still making the decision to abandon it all. No money for accommodation, no money for food, no job and no qualifications to get a proper job.

Am I now making the assumption that I believe the allegations? Well, like I said before, No, because what if I am wrong. Am I considering it a possibility to be true? Yes, definitely.

Cautious” will give further reasons for leaving SCOAN in the next post, published shortly.

14 thoughts on “The story of “Cautious”: Why did he leave SCOAN? Part 1

  1. Interesting ! Cautious is really very cautious about calling a spade a spade. Anyway, let’s hear the whole story so I can dissect it through and through !

  2. Thanks Cautious for telling your story, I agree with Mr Terrific that Cautious does seem an apt name! However, the fact this site publishes accounts like yours with some positive things to say about SCOAN is testament to its credibility, unlike certain other blogs!

    Regarding the Paul and Barnabus account, I agree this story shows that people can very quickly idolise men operating in the Spirit of God, but looking at Paul and Barnabus’ reaction is important. They were horrified with the response. TB Joshua on the other hand encourages it with the framed idols and his face and quotes plastered all over the websites, his fanclub etc…. I’ve not seen him tearing up his suit (maybe because it’s worth too much money? 😉 ). Anyway, look forward to reading the rest of your story, thanks for telling it.

  3. Well I chose this name because I have a lot of loved ones still in SCOAN and I am careful to offend. Although I usually like to call a spade a spade I will just tell the honest truth here about the facts, about what I know and then leave it to people to make up their own minds. I will however ask hard hitting questions which I would expect SCOAN to answer, questions in regards to baptism, communion etc. which I know was already asked on a previous post, but no response. I am after the truth and I believe it is fair to ask questions with substance behind it and ask them to answer without necessarily having to point a finger. Their response, or lack of response will reveal the truth.

    Yes, I would wait for the rest of the story, I think it will become quite interesting. Giles mentioned something interesting on a previous post which I was aware of and we are not the only ones. Ian, I am referring to your referral of TB Joshua’s quotes being plastered all over the websites. In regards to the quotes, Giles made this comment:

    “Well, a lot of people dont realise it, but he copies from other theologians who lived hundreds of years ago. An example of this is the quotable quote:Work as if everything depends on you, pray as if everything depends on God.TB Joshua, right? wrong. St Augustine.”

    I am also aware that some of the teaching are taken from the bible scholar, Matthew Henry and my assumption will be many more. It does leave me with the question of how many of these quotes are really his own? Even if it is just one or two quotes he copied from someone else, I believe it is still not right to claim ownership for it. It is dishonest and it is these kind of questions that is fair questions to ask, as it is fact, and SCOAN should come forward and address these questions. The reason why I am repeating it here is because they have not addressed this question in a previous post.

    • @ Caution,

      I have said before that this man is a liar and there’s no truth in his mouth, nor does he have any love in his heart. He’s desperately trying to make himself look great and doesn’t mind stealing from other people’s work and claim them as his own. If you foreigners had not come in, we Africans might not have known about this deceit. The reason this charlatan has gotten so far is because many of us who were ignorant of scripture, supported him and many still do. With his approval and recognition by Chris Oyakhilome, who was hungry for power, Joshua obtained the necessary break he needed to go international and now has deceived and continues to deceive many more people. 2 John 9-10, among other scriptures, exposes Joshua as a false prophet for transgressing and not abiding in the doctrine of Christ. And, like I said, even if he begins to abide by these things, he is already a false prophet, according to scripture, and according to his fruit. Matt 7: 21-23. Please you need to tell your loved ones at SCOAN to come out of this darkness where they’re under the delusion that they’re serving God.

  4. Candidly speaking, what is all these about anyway, are what you people (both sides) justifiable before GOD? Are you not tearing the Ministry of CHRIST apart? We need to examine ourselves well, are these things for salvation sake??????????????Enough is enough, I think you people should engage meaningfully in promoting the Gospel rather than tear it apart !!!!!!!!!!!

    • @ Hope,
      Where are Doi and Visser hiding ? And why can’t your fake prophet give answers to simple biblical doctrines ? People need to read and be informed about what the Bible says, and not what your false prophet says.

    • hi Hope….I agree with you, if we were speaking with a ministry that has a few minor things wrong with it. Afterall, no church is perfect.
      But a “church” that does not practise baptism of the Holy Spirit (among members), water baptism, holy communion, as well as selling pictures of the pastor, not answering sexual allegations and that only TB Joshua is baptised, and that baptism is the same as salvation,
      I think this is something totally different. The more exposure, the better.

    • tearing apart SCOAN is the same as tearing apart the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Hope, are you actually thinking before you type? im not sure you even read the post since you have not adressed a single point he made.
      its just another plea to “dont judge!” “leave this man alone!”

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  7. You claim to be not critisizing what is happenning at scoan but deep down in your heart you know it too well that you are critisizing. If you are led by the Holy spirit and Jesus Christ you would not have even written what your assumption are about the scoan. The jesus christ you claim to be serving would reveal to you the honest truth about scoan. It is obvious you are just another person with contrary spirit that led your craft writting in a sheep”s cloth. Do not confuse people let your believe be your believe and let those who believe that God is working at scoan continue believing God.

    God will separate evil from light. If scoan is full of darkness God will expose it, if you the author of this you are darkness God will expose you too.

  8. @ David – You are so wrong and very judgemental to say the least. Do you know me? Do you know my intentions? Don’t you think it is a bit far fetched and arrogant to claim that someone you don’t even know has a contrary spirit? Why are you enticing me to become judgemental towards TB Joshua, to take a stand whether I am for TB Joshua or against him? You lack understanding here. For me it is not about the person and I have no interest in attacking anyone’s personality. I am interested in making sure that the Word of God comes to it’s right, and if anyone twists it, regardless of whom it may be, then I’ve got every right to ask why the Word of God is not coming to it’s right.

    It is not my place to judge anyone, my role is to follow The Bible’s instruction to examine everything in the light of God’s Word and David if you are not doing so, you better start doing so, because what will you do when Matthew 24:24 comes into fulfilment? Are you going to follow the miracles? (“For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Matthew 24:24). If this is what we are instructed to do in God’s Word, why therefore are you judging me?

    The questions I am asking are questions I am asking in the light of God’s Word and I am ready to defend anything I have said up to now with the Word of God. Now David I have dedicated seven years of my life in the ministry and SCOAN was all my life revolved around for seven years. Don’t you think I have come to love the ministry? Do you think it was easy for me to leave? Do you think I just suddenly left because many others were making the decision to leave? No, I will tell you why I left.

    I left because I am still waiting for people like Doi, Soe etc. to tell me how it is possible that disciples believe that TB Joshua does not commit sin like everyone else? I mean the Bible is very clear that if we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. (1 John 1:8). To claim that someone does not sin is to claim that person to be infallible, which SCOAN denies in one of their posts, although no one will admit that TB Joshua sins, which then confirms that they believe he is infallible. This is to declare a man God and is blasphemy and idolatry in the highest degree. You don’t believe me? Go read back and see how many times this question was asked if TB Joshua sins. They refuse to answer this question. Do you think in all my years of involvement in SCOAN I don’t know the answer to this question? Now be sure that I did not say that TB Joshua declares himself infallible, but I told you the believe of many of TB Joshua’s disciples, although I do wonder where this believe have it’s origin. What does Romans 3:23 say: It says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Emphasis on all.

  9. You want more confirmation? Did you see what SOE said, he even claims that TB Joshua’s words are equal to Scripture.

    Now this is only one example, the list continues. I am not discrediting what TB Joshua is doing and I am not going to come to the conclusion that he is not a man of God, but there are great concerns like the above mentioned and I need to examine it in the light of God’s Word and I have to demand an answer to these practices or beliefs as some of it without a doubt does not line up with scripture. Unless you want to prove to me that the above does?

    Like I said, the list continues. There are also other reasons that had nothing to do with TB Joshua personally – not going to elaborate here – post becoming too long now. So therefore no, you are wrong. Like I said I have no intentions to attack anyone. I am just examining everything in the light of God’s Word and if I can find satisfactory answers to the concerns I have, then problem solved. So, you are wrong that I have come to a conclusion about TB Joshua already in my heart, I have not. But yes, there are great concerns which needs to be answered.

    If I have come to a conclusion already I would not have been wasting my time here and if my intention was to bring down the ministry I would have definitely chosen to take a stand by now and would have started throwing stones long time ago.

    Conclusion: Think before you speak please, cause it is obvious that you know nothing about me. If you are an outsider that does not know much about SCOAN teaching then I apologise if some of the things I have said does not make sense to you. (Does not mean this in a disrespectful way at all, but I know if you are a disciple what I spoke about would be common knowledge to you, but if an outsider you might not be aware of what I am talking about when it comes to some of the teachings or beliefs).

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