The story of “Cautious”: Why did he leave SCOAN? Part 2

This is the second part of a testimony from ‘Cautious’, in which he gives the reasons for his difficult decision to leave SCOAN after years of involvement. 

2) Treatment of ex-disciples

Another reason for me leaving was the way that ex-disciples were treated.  For those that don’t know – one of these former disciples that used to pastor the church were completely cut off from his family when he made the decision to leave SCOAN as his whole family is involved in SCOAN and don’t want anything to do with him or his wife whatsoever – we are talking blood family here.

Now my question is as a dad or a mother, how can you reject your own son? I mean, you don’t always have to agree on all things, but to cut off your own flesh and blood? Does the Bible not tell us to give even your enemy something to eat, to give them something to drink? If SCOAN then believes that they are now in the darkness what are they doing to bring them back to the light? Did Christ ever reject anyone? If my son decides to worship satan, am I going to reject him or am I going to show him the love of Jesus Christ? If I choose to reject him, how would that help the situation?

This is not meant to judge at all, no one is perfect and I admit that I am far from perfect and if I am not correct in my reasoning then please feel free to correct me. I am honestly open for correction, but I need to say that this was one of the biggest reasons I chose to leave the ministry cause for me this is not Christ-like behaviour and once again not judging, just saying that this is not how I believe Christ would have handled the situation.

3) No accountability!

After all of these allegations, you would expect that an independent investigation would have been welcomed. If there is nothing to hide then why not welcome the investigation and get it done and over with? This will stop all speculation and associated accusations/nonsense (if considered as nonsense ) dead in its tracks.

 4) Cutting myself off from friends

I was told to cut myself off from those that were not going to SCOAN anymore as they would influence me in a negative way. We are talking about people I have known for years – good friends. The bottom line here is that those that left SCOAN left because of Christ and some that decided to stay probably stayed because of Christ. What I mean is that many left because they were not satisfied with how the situation was handled, the fact that there is no accountability and that these issues has not been dealt with which creates great suspicion that there might be truth in these allegations.

Others have stayed because they might have believed that the allegations are not true or maybe because they feel that their relationship with Christ is only between them and God and that in the end they will be accountable to God for their deeds regardless where they choose to worship and perhaps they would feel that God has not instructed them to go anywhere else. That’s what I meant by everyone made their decisions because of Christ anyways – or at least that’s what I think.

5) Salvation through SCOAN alone

At number 1 I mentioned what I believe the requirements are for being part of the body of Christ. That is faith in Christ and obedience to Christ. Being in relationship with Christ – not got anything to do with belonging to a specific group, church or organisation. I got the impression, and I am not the only one, that either you are for SCOAN or against SCOAN, either you are in or you are out. A previous member that decided to leave the church was send a letter that stated that if she ever decides to come back to SCOAN to reclaim her salvation she would not be scorned, but welcomed. Salvation? Huh? Who is this person to decide who is saved and not?

For clarity this was send by some of the workers from SCOAN after many of the original workers has left. I will come up for SCOAN here as I believe that these couple of loose cannons does not represent the general views of SCOAN or I honestly hope not. It is crazy comments like these that also helped me in my decision to close the chapter and to move on. I mean I might be interpreting it incorrectly but the way I interpret this business of reclaiming your salvation when returning to SCOAN it almost now sounds as if SCOAN is the only place where you can find your salvation.

If I would ever send comments like that to anyone while being a worker at SCOAN, I would have been corrected like big time in a workers meeting and I would have not been able to serve as a worker for an extensive period of time. Well, these workers that send this letter just continued to serve as if they never send it in the first place. I was surprised that the new leadership of SCOAN tolerated this kind of behaviour as I thought it to be incredibly damaging for SCOAN’S reputation.

 6) An independent mind? Not at SCOAN.

At SCOAN you are taught that you should have an independent mind. Well, to me it became quite obvious that in fact they don’t have an independent mind as far as I can see. Once again correct me if I am wrong. Everything is controlled by TB Joshua because he is the infallible man of God and when he commands it is as if it is the Holy Spirit himself that instructs. Disciples end up just following the instructions of TB Joshua most of the time and don’t have any freedom to think independently – to have an independent mind.

The final part of this testimony will be published shortly.

9 thoughts on “The story of “Cautious”: Why did he leave SCOAN? Part 2

  1. Thanks Cautious for your considered and measured account. I find it sobering to hear yet again of the experience of someone who was part of SCOAN. Adding more and more to the evidence of behaviour from SCOAN that does not demonstrate the love of Jesus.
    There are members of my family who have not made any contact in many years. In fact in over a decade I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have been contacted by some.

  2. @ Cautious,
    I already pointed out that those at SCOAN are controlled by this Nigerian 419er, who is nothing but a false prophet, transforming himself as ” an angel of light.” 2 Cor 11:13-15. And, let me assure you, my brother, it’s not wrong to judge anything or anyone, by the word of God. Many have been taught that we should not judge anyone, citing Matt 7:1, but they ignore Matt 7:2. This is a false doctrine ! Believers are to judge between right and wrong, good and bad, light and darkness, by the word of God. 2 Tim 3:16. We’re to avoid hypocritical judgement but to judge righteously. John 7:24. In future, we shall even judge angels. 1 Cor 6:3. So feel free, and say it like it is, and don’t be bogged down by this false doctrine of demons that we should not judge anyone. How do we determine between right and wrong if we don’t judge ?
    It’s very evident that those at SCOAN don’t demonstrate Christ-like behavior because the man at the helm of affairs is the son of BELIAL and has no Christ-likeness in him, and this permeates from the very top to the very bottom ! And there’s no accountability whatsoever, Joshua controls everything and everybody, and the only way to have your sanity back is to come out from among them ! Cutting off friends and family is one of the marks of any cult. They don’t want any outside influence to rock the boat, period !
    Where was T B Joshua when Jesus went to the cross ? Anytime you hear someone say they’re the only way to salvation,or that when you leave, then you lose your salvation, then know that you’re in a cult. There’s no salvation in any church, organization or anyone but through Jesus alone. Acts 4:12, Eph 2:8-9, Romans 10:9-10.
    T.B. Joshua is a false prophet, a liar, fornicator, adulterer, deceiver and 419 !

    • Yeah, Mr T brought up a good point thats becoming an issue on this blog. Pro-Scoan people keep using “dont judge!” as their defence, but its not what the Bible teaches. We’re not to point the fingers at people who are not part of the church, non christians. Jesus will one day do that.
      But if eg a Christian were to be sleeping around all the time and remains unrepentant, then what does the Bible say we should do? You cant keep saying dont judge, dont judge. Its unbiblical and leaves the church powerless and vulnerable to all sorts.

  3. Thanks Cautious, you raise some really important points – I hope people take note. One thing that seems slightly contradictory is that you blame some of the bad behaviour against people leaving SCOAN on “loose cannons”, but then say there’s no place for an independent mind. Doesn’t this suggest that these “loose cannons” actually do represent the wider attitudes of SCOAN? Maybe you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt?

  4. Ian when I refer to loose cannons I refer to a couple of individuals that did things out of even SCOAN character, without permission, following their own heads and would have been seriously corrected when the former pastors were still present when they would act out of character. There was for example an incident where the then pastors gave a visitor their word that her confession will stay between the four walls of the church and everyone in church was asked to keep it between the four walls of the church and it was declared that her past is over and will not ever be mentioned again.

    One of the loose cannons I refer to put this ladies whole confession on a blog for all the world to see. This lady was shocked to have found that her privacy was violated and she was angry and did not want anything to do with SCOAN because of what has happened. This was at first, I am not sure if she later returned after the pastors apologised to her for what has happened. This could have had serous implications for the ministry as legal action was definitely a possibility.

    Yes, I know that so many confessions that takes place in Nigeria is aired on television, on youtube etc., but this is not Nigeria, this is the UK we are talking about and here are things like privacy laws. I am not an expert in this area, so please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe I am correct here.

    Well, even though the person mentioned violated a direct instruction of the pastors, I will give the person the benefit of the doubt as he might have thought that they do it in that fashion in Nigeria all the time, so what is wrong with that.

    It was clearly explained to the person why this could have had serious implications for the ministry, but he did not admit at the time any wrongdoing and was then banned as a worker until he admitted his mistake, which as far as I know, never happened.

    When the then pastors left, he was immediately reinstated without any explanation to any of the workers or in a workers meeting. From here onwards I have found myself dumbstruck as such would never happen unless explained to the workers why the person has been reinstated.The same person was also involved in the writing of the above letter that was addressed to one of the former disciples of SCOAN, the one about if you decide to come back to SCOAN to reclaim your salvation, you will not be scorned, but welcomed. I am aware that one of the new pastors of SCOAN phoned the ex disciple to apologise on their behalf.

    Like I mentioned however, these workers just continued to serve as if they have never send this letter in the first place. Like I mentioned, the way I know SCOAN, I would have been seriously corrected in a workers meeting and I would not have been able to serve as a worker for an extensive period of time if I was to behave in this way.

    I am talking about extreme comments like calling people uncircumcised baboons, lunatics, prostitutes, referring to the then pastors as that ‘sick couple’ etc. I am not sure if these are the general views of SCOAN – I see these comments and also the racist comments (including the reference to others being racist) that runs through almost each and everyone of their articles on prophet Tb Joshua watch as the contribution of a couple of loose cannons. Just to make sure it makes sense, yes I believe that it is one of the loose cannons running the watch prophet TB Joshua website. At this point of time I just want to make it clear that I am not trying to point finger here to anyone or the loose cannons as such, but I am trying to explain that I am not sure that their views are indeed the general views of SCOAN.

    But at the same time Ian I don’t see SCOAN distancing themselves from such comments, so you might be right that these are actually the views of SCOAN. This is however not the way I came to know SCOAN and that is the reason why I am awe struck that they are allowing this kind of behaviour – referring to the comments allowed as well as no correction for behaviour that brings the ministry in my opinion in serious disrepute. In the next post to come I do mention that if SCOAN continues to allow some of their workers to run wild and don’t do anything about it then the general public might start to believe that the loose cannons I am referring to does in fact represent the views of SCOAN.

    If this is the case there is nothing more that I can do to protect the ministry or perhaps I should rather say, to give them the benefit of the doubt. I am honestly trying to be fair to both sides here, Ian. I am looking for the truth, that’s all and I am questioning actions and practices in the light of God’s Word and I am yet to get a response on all the points I mentioned. I think each and everyone of the points I raised is valid questions.

    • hi cautious.
      from what you described about those peolle not being held to account, i think an explanation would be because at the time enough people were leaving the church anyway and they did not want to turn more people away. i mean, i was getting emails when i was in the middle of a war explaining why i should stay true to scoan, lol. i think its fair to say that correcting their own members on something else was the last thing on their minds.
      by the way, youre right about it being illegal to do that type of thng in the uk. its called slander, and you can end up before the judge for it.

    • Thanks for the reply Cautious. I appreciate your attempts to be fair and balanced. Very interesting what you say about the “loose cannon” who released that confession video. If I understand you correctly, the ex-pastors dealt with this guy and stripped him of responsibility, then as soon as they left he was renistated? This suggests to me that it was the ex-pastors who were out of step with SCOAN culture, and this loose cannon who was actually towing the line.

      • @ Ian,

        EXACTLY ! The ” loose cannon ” was singing his master’s voice, the voice of this charlatan and criminal, T B Joshua ! I tell you, Joshua is the one behind all these criminal, nefarious and demonic activities at SCOAN. He hides behind these people and uses them to do his bidding, while keeping an ” innocent ” look. I know this man more than he knows himself. Looking back now, I realize God allowed some of us to have a brush with SCOAN so we’d tell the world the truth and the inside workings of SCOAN, to EXPOSE this great deception of our time.

  5. @Giles Yes I agree that they could not afford at the time to point anyone away, is sort of understandable, but still it does not make it in my opinion acceptable as this kind of behaviour does more damage than good and if such behaviour is not dealt with, what kind of message does it communicate. It communicates that it is acceptable behaviour and that it carries the approval of SCOAN, which so by the way is part of the reason I decided to leave as I did not want to associate myself with such behaviour that brings the ministry in disrepute. I mean we need to remember that the workers are representing the church and if you are not representing it well or bringing it in disrepute you should maybe step down until you have learned to be a good representative of such.

    @Ian For the sake of keeping things accurate I would not necessarily say that it was a video that was aired on the Tbjoshuafanclub. I did not check it myself as I was never interested in the TBjoshuafanclub for obvious reasons. I was always a fan of Jesus, yes and I had a lot of respect for TB Joshua at the time, but definitely not a TB Joshua fan – sounds too much as if I am idolising a man. The site always made my eyebrows raise a little bit when I heard the title, but that’s just me personally. I am not saying there is anything wrong with the site, I have not spent much time on it, but it was communicated that sensitive information as already described were aired on this site whether it was in writing or in the form of a video or both. And Yes, Ian, you understood what I said.

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