Why do critics of SCOAN want to remain anonymous?

Most contributors to this blog have asked to remain anonymous. Why? There have been various reasons given. Things like: “I’m starting a new life. I don’t want my name to be forever google-linked to a Nigerian cult racked by sexual abuse scandals”. Fair enough. There is also the concern that it will jeopardize relationships with family members who are still involved. But the most common reason is that people are scared.
What are people scared of? Most of the fears that have been expressed fall into one of two categories:
1) Violence/physical threats
Writing this blog from the not-so-mean streets of leafy England, it is easy to overlook TB Joshua’s capacity for violence. But in Nigeria, and even as far afield as South Africa, TB Joshua is a Big Man. $10-15 million can buy you any number of thugs who will happily teach your critics a lesson or make them disappear. Several people have told us stories of mysterious disappearances, and of people being forced to flee Nigeria with their lives because they had been targeted by TB Joshua. One former SCOAN insider has said he wants to speak out against TB Joshua but fears for his family in Nigeria. We would emphasize that not all ex-disciples have mentioned this as a concern. But the recent documentary ‘Nigeria’s Millionaire Preachers’ by Seyi Rhodes  show that other churches in Lagos do not hesitate to use physical force to discourage scrutiny or criticism. Does TB Joshua hold himself to higher standards than other Nigerian megapastors? Unfortunately, he has not given us much reason to think so.
2) Verbal intimidation and smear campaigns.

We can only speculate on TB Joshua’s capacity for violence. But we can be sure of this. If you are thinking about publicly criticising TB Joshua, there is a high likelihood you will be called one or more of the following names:
“uncircumsized baboon” (I didn’t even realise there were circumsized baboons- you learn something new every day)
“mentally unstable”

These are all quotes from a blog called Watch Prophet TB Joshua, and its sister blog Watch TB Joshua, which started at the same time and often repeats exactly the same posts. Reading these blogs has been alternately upsetting and reassuring.

It is upsetting because people we know and respect have been attacked in the most vile way. We have been shocked at just how nasty and low the response has been. Frustratingly, though not surprisingly, it is not the writers, administrators and main contributors of this blog who have been targets for personal attack. Instead, a young woman who briefly commented on the blog earlier in the year (as well as her husband to a lesser extent, who has contributed two guest posts) has been repeatedly and viciously insulted.  We know this couple and we know how little they have had to do with this blog. We believe that even SCOAN know that they are not behind it (in this early post, the authors of the blog argued that this blog was unreliable because we had never been to SCOAN!) but have chosen to smear them anyway because they have spoken out about SCOAN in the past, in a letter to fellow SCOAN  members on leaving.

However, it is also reassuring to read these blogs. They are so ridiculous and incompetently thrown together that only blind supporters of SCOAN would be convinced by their posts- and nothing would convince those people otherwise anyway. Identical posts have appear on three different websites  including the “TBJ Fans” blog which is written by SCOAN London insiders and allows you to register for the prayer line there. The writer of these blogs does not even try to hide the fact that they are a SCOAN insider.

It will be very clear to any readers that these blogs are the work of fanatical disciples who have a lot of time on their hands and are very good at copy-pasting and following orders, but not a lot else. The sheer vindictiveness and unchristian sentiment expressed in these blogs will be enough to put a lot of people off SCOAN. This is a good thing. (You will notice that our blog never attacks individuals in such a way)

(Incidentally, there are many other blogs thrown together by SCOAN insiders in a desperate attempt to ‘drown out’ criticism of TB Joshua with sheer volume of identical positive testimonies and ‘Emmanuel TV’ clips. Here’s a few more: http://tbjwatch.wordpress.com, http://tbjoshuatestimonies.wordpress.com/, http://tbjfansuk.wordpress.com/, http://watchprophettbjoshua.com/ (they actually paid for the .com address!) If we were competing on quantity of posts, we could never keep up, since we have jobs and families and TB Joshua is thankfully not the main focus of our lives. But we are confident that people will see through these transparent and futile attempts by TB Joshua to control his reputation on the internet).

In conclusion, that’s why ex-disciples might want to stay anonymous. As for the TB Joshua Watch team, SCOAN don’t have so much on us, since we haven’t been disciples. So they certainly don’t have a video of, say, me as an 18 year old confessing all my intimate and embarrassing sins that they can use to blackmail me into silence (that might sound pathetic, but it’s something they’ve used to try to blackmail ex-disciples very recently). But seeing the reactions of SCOAN to our blog (which are quite flattering in a way, but still pretty unpleasant), the decision to stay anonymous was probably a wise one.

54 thoughts on “Why do critics of SCOAN want to remain anonymous?

  1. It is honestly hilarious how you guys rate your own articles 5 stars. I see however that Fabricated stories and account of the ‘gang’ TB Joshua Watch only got a one star rating.

    Perhaps it is because some disciples admitted eventually that I actually do exist and am not a fabrication as your title suggests.

    I am afraid your article on how Raphael transformed into a detective becoming a disciple of the so called gang is not any more convincing.

  2. Watch prophet TB Joshua blogers this is comment for you.

    Just think of it. I read that you accused some of the people on this blog to be Phariesees.

    But when you use such words on your blog like:

    “uncircumsized baboon” (I didn’t even realise there were circumsized baboons- you learn something new every day)
    “mentally unstable”

    it is Phariesees language indeed. Be carefull SCOAN people what kind of language you use. It is not the Holy Spirit language.

  3. I am not proscoaner or antiscoaner.

    Why I prefer to be anonymous ? It is beecause I fear to experience bad feelings from SCOAN people. What is giving me bad feelings ? What gave me bad feelings when I was in Lagos?

    Written in questions:

    1. Cold treatment ?
    2. Not answering ?
    3. Leaving without explanation ?
    4. Silence ?
    5. Perfunctoriness ?
    8. Hot reactions insted of mature respond ?

    I would like to asure you that I walk by faith in my life, but things above gave me bad feelings in my faith towards SCOAN.

    Why I can say it ? Because Jesus will not condemn me because of my feelings.

  4. Hi Giles,

    Couple of years ago. Harry and Daniel and Racine where not Wise Man yet.

    Everything in SCOAN is recordered. This church is special in this matter. What I noticed that apart from recording healings, testimonies, preaching, prophesies which is ok for me, SCOAN TV has also a very very very big important discipline role. It is very very very big instrument to discipline people that are in. Do you notice that, If SCOAN workers are not good enough they have to be because of the camera eye are nearlly everywhere. Look if you are recorded, you have to control what you are going to say and how you act in SCOAN. Everyone has to say something not about Jesus but about TBJ and It was really stange for me. Does it look like TBJ needs approval all the time.? The best approval is in Jesus himself. Good that there are also prophets in Western Christian country, so I can have a balance and distance and I can be free from obsession with one man.

  5. I had contact only with coordinators at SCOAN time visit. One of them was from South Africa and second from Mexico city. Both of them where nice and kind. Disciples did not speak with me. Racine was nice. Harry was with my group in the prayer mountain one time but he was silent and busy with himself. The wife of TBJ was kind, she came to shake hand with me in canteen. All of them where very sensitive to what I do and what I speak. I know today that anyone who is arrogant, selfish and not humble is wasting time visit in SCOAN. They used to keep far away from such people and probably are not going to allow them for second visit. For me I sense that they all act according to SCOAN teaching about Canaan woman. You have to be humble and bold in faith to recive anything from SCOAN. But it also do not give you guaranty . According to them everything was under the control of the Holy Spirit in SCOAN. I really regret one thing that it was not easy to have relationship with them during and after my SCOAN visit. It make me sad that they are not answering emials. About my feelings I wrote above.

    • @ Visser and all,

      Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, not from SCOAN, and certainly not from T B Joshua. James 1:17. Jesus says we can do greater works and we need to look up to Him alone and not to anyone. John 14:12.

  6. Instead of giving answers to pertinent issues, TBJ is more interested in seeking the identities of those on the blog to see how he could ” silence ” them, so they could not expose him any further. He’s tried so hard to “project” his “image” and would do anything to “protect” it, but can mortal man fight against God ? Like Agomoh said, TBJ would even hire thugs to go after his perceived enemies who are trying to “destroy” the kingdom he’d tried so hard to build, but this kingdom would come crashing before his face, in a moment, and he won’t even know what hit him. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. Daniel 5:24-27.
    I love Agomoh. He’s the boldest person to have come forward to EXPOSE his former master. My heart also goes out to Bisola, who was used and dumped by TBJ in his sinister fashion. She was a beautiful lady when she first came to SCOAN, but left as a caricature of herself. I pray she recovers quickly from her trauma. Such a sad thing for someone converting from Islam to Christianity, only to fall into the hands of a false prophet called T B. Joshua.

  7. Another “like” for this blog. I, like other commenters on this blog, have no direct link with SCOAN so they have nothing on me. Hence me using my real name and quite often my wordpress ID (I sometimes post as Kate, sometimes as katese11…largely depending on whether I’m on my laptop or phone) – my wordpress ID is linked to my blog, which if they so wanted could pretty much bring the likes of Soe or Doi to my door. They’d certainly know where I hung out and what my son looked like.

    But I have no reason to fear TBJ as – Hallelujah – he has no hold over me. I TOTALLY understand why anyone who has been involved in SCOAN would want to remain anonymous.

    Personally, I think the writers of the other blogs need more in their lives to occupy them.Like a job or something??

    • @katese11,

      As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone fears TBJ, notwithstanding his hired thugs and lawlessness in Nigeria. People use aliases for many reasons and not only on this blog but many other sites as well.The writers of the other blogs are on TBJ’s pay roll and that’s all the work they do, trying to prop up a Satanic kingdom in their ignorance of scripture and greed, but they have all failed. Judgement has already come upon their benefactor. TBJ has no power over anyone or he won’t resort to thugs. He could only strike people under his control in the safety of SCOAN, and no where else.

  8. @everyone – I will finish all the conversations about the questions that I have asked about baptism etc. and then don’t wish to comment any longer on any of the sites. The reason is that I realise that these conversations are just going in circles really and besides that, the way SCOAN continues to put themselves in a bad light with the kind of language they use is honestly disgusting. If this is how they represent Christ, I have lost all interest really and no longer need to search for the truth. I agree that there were also people on the other side of the fence that made unnecessary strong comments that I would also not attribute to the character of Christ , (referring to using bad language etc.) as I don’t believe that bad language should come from the mouth of believers. (James 3:9) Not claiming that such are not in relationship with Christ, who am I to state such a thing, just saying not the character of Christ in this particular behaviour in my opinion.

    It seems like SCOAN is more interested in character assassination and to know who is behind TBjoshuawatch then they are interested in answering questions about the Christian faith. That was my understanding of what these blogs were about, establishing the truth, not character assassination. This was my reason for being fair and being open to correction as this is what happens when people start throwing stones. Many start to loose the plot completely and lose complete focus of what these blogs are trying to accomplish. When questions are asked which they find difficult to answer, it seems like it is interpreted to be an attack on the ministry (used as a mechanism of defence) to distract the attention from the actual questions asked.

    I am astounded that they don’t see rejection of family, friends, loved ones as a concern and they don’t deny that e.g. when you join SCOAN as a disciple that you are encouraged to cut ties with your family, friends etc., instead they are trying to defend it. They see this as a service unto God and family is being perceived as a distraction. I and others mentioned that our desire is to mend broken relationships with family and friends and yet this is perceived as a negative. They seem not to be able to fathom a relationship with family and friends outside the walls of SCOAN, which is of grave concern as this seems to support the believe of certain workers/disciples that there are no salvation outside the walls of SCOAN, hence the comment that if so and so decides to return they will be warmly welcomed – in other words only if they are part of SCOAN can any family relationship or friendship be considered.

    • @ Cautious,
      Yes, we as believers need to guard our thoughts, hearts, and mouths and not say things like unbelievers do. Indeed, I’m guilty in this regard, for using curse words at some points, out of anger at the dastardly things happening at SCOAN. I regret my outbursts and I promise this will not happen again. We’re to keep this blog clean and to do our EXPOSES with diligence, without malice, hatred, fear or favor, in order to help those who are still seeking for the truth about SCOAN. This is our service to God and to believers.
      I’d like for you to please share with us some of the things you wanted confirmations about in a previous post, and let’s get to the bottom of these issues once and for all. As for SCOAN, we all know their position on vital biblical doctrines and we need not press any further, as they’re not forthcoming.

      • @Terrific – Agreed that we should keep it clean. All good mate – none of us are perfect – like I mentioned before, I am far from perfect. You know what is fantastic for me though – when one can acknowledge your wrongdoing and then move on and that is the beauty of Jesus Christ – his forgiveness and His grace. Where would we be without Jesus, without His love, without His grace. It takes a certain humility to admit that we are sinners and in need of salvation and the grace of God. This is like you say indeed a grievance when there are claims of infallibility, which is quite an arrogant statement to say the least and when someone claims to be without sin, insinuates to be without sin or allow others to elevate you to that position of God, it is of course right to challenge such believes and like you say, indeed a responsibility.

        I will still communicate what I wanted to at some point of time, but at the moment I am still waiting for some of my posts to be moderated by the moderator. I don’t want to cover too many things at a time. I am still busy commenting on baptism and baptism in the Holy Spirit also, so just need to slow down a bit for now.

    • I was a disciple in 2001.
      Ask me anything you wish (in private if you want to) … but from what I’ve heard, and what I’ve experienced (which was NO less confusing than those who claimed to be there) … I will answer fairly. I too was ostracised … and ignored … I was also subject to what you regard as “character assassination” … but HOW do I blame TB Joshua for MY misgivings?

  9. @everyone – apologies for more posts but I want to close the chapter now, but still have a couple of things I would like to mention.

    @everyone – go to the about page of Watch Prophet TB Joshua site and read first post by Francis Abayie, October 12, 2011. Now go to “Inner circle member of TB Joshua Watch speaks #1” and read Stanley’s comment on this article. Exactly the same post, but under two different names? Any explanation?

    Is it not so that if the authorities found out that SCOAN was harbouring illegal immigrants that they could have been held accountable for doing so? I don’t know the law that well, so correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that SCOAN could have been closed down should that have been discovered. Does the Word of God not tell us to submit to authority? How then is this a racist attack if this was instructed by God himself to submit to authority?

    Romans 13:1
    Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

    Again I am astounded at such comments from those representing SCOAN trying to justify that what is against the law.

    Also in this post we read about how racist this former women pastor was, according to these commenter’s. Strange how this women served under a black man in a predominantly black Nigerian church for a period of 10 years, taking orders from a black man and still being called racist. I will admit that I am not a mind reader and I don’t know for sure if she is or not, I am just saying under the above comment it does not make sense that she is.

    Taken from “Inner circle member of TB Joshua Watch speaks #2”

    “We had a good member s of the choir but they were all removed because of their race and skin colour, and replaced by people who were their puppets and cohorts. It became ’white only’ and South African choir. I tried to find out why others who wanted to join were not given the chance, but was told it was because of their ‘accent’.”

    This is not true that it was an all South African choir. There were also a lady from Germany and a British lady involved. The British lady later stepped down to concentrate on the children’s ministry. There was also a black lady at the time that was in training and was just about to join when everything collapsed. Well, SCOAN at the time was not a very big church at all – still growing. There were not a lot of people who could play instruments at the church and it was just co-incidence that most of the worship team at the time happened to be white South African. SCOAN always had an open policy and was pretty much open to whoever could offer their support in whatever department.

    • NM and I both commented on aspects of this on watchtbjoshua – the identical comments under different names and the weird assumption that not harbouring illegals = rascism. Can’t remember if any of the comments got published now but isn’t it strange how people seem to be fixated on this South African choir. Aren’t there bigger issues at hand?

      • I think these are perfect examples of the red herring fallacy. Helps keep peoples eyes diverted from the more significant issues.

      • Come to think of it, it’s exactly the same tactic they used on bisola. Avoid the issues but try and discredit the critic. Quite pitiful really, especially when done by a group claiming to be a Christian church.

  10. Note from the moderator: I have removed the full bible passages from this comment to get it down to an acceptable length. People can look up the references you leave if they wish to.

    SCOAN and TB Joshua type of phenomenon is not new nor difficult to the Scriptural believer.

    TB Joshua was doing miracles by demonic sorcery before he knew about Christ. Even now he has known about Christ he has not repented and given up those soothsaying and sorcery powers. Instead he has transformed them into syncretistic use to serve his own purpose.

    But the degenerate unbiblical “Church” and “Christians” of today cannot recognize Satan disguised as Angel of light (2Cor 11:14).

    Apostle Peter and the True Church would have rebuked him as he did to miracle working sorcerer called Simon the Great One of Samaria (Act 8:20-23).

    Apostle Paul and and the True Church would have been troubled in the spirit to rebuke him as he did to the demon possed soothsaying slave girl of Philippi in Macedonia (Act 16:18)

    • What? YOU REMOVED THE POWERFUL BIBLE PASSAGES AND LEFT MY FRAIL WORDS! Nobody looks up anything from the Bible if it is not there on the screen. I’m sure you don’t do so often. That is why TB Joshua and his likes are in business. Whatever TB Joshua Watch or anyone does with stories and arguments is frail. Only what is express presentation of God’s Word has any power. Hope you understand me.

      Please, it is better to let God speak, than man. I’ll recommend that you kindly reinsert the biblical texts since they speak very expressly and people are too distracted to crosscheck any biblical references.

      Thanks anyway for publishing my comments. God’s blessings.

      Moderator: I agree with you on the power of scripture, but with all that included it was far longer than we allow for comments, so it was a choice between removing the scriptures or not approving the comment. Try to keep it shorter in the future, and also try and engage in the discussion rather than writing people off as degenerate Christians.

      • Thanks for your kind moderating response. But you see the probllem of not letting the Svriptures speak. I am now the one accused of calling people “degenerate Christians”. I can appologise for what I say that’s not acceptable but what about what the Scripture says?

        Did you notice The Scripture I quoted and you editted out did not even call them Christians but “God-deluded” and “Satan-deceived” and “Lie-believers” and “Perishing towards Condemnation” and “Truth non-believers” because they are manipulsted by th “Mystery of iniquity”. It’s frightening; isn’t it? Now what advice would you give to the Scripture? Ok let’s see:

        2Th 2:7-12 (KJV2000)
        (7) For the MYSTERY OF INIQUITY does already work: only he who now restrains will do so, until he be taken out of the way.
        (8) And then shall that Wicked One be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the breath of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
        (10) And with all DECEPTION of unrighteousness in them that PERISH; because they RECEIVED NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved.
        (12) That THEY ALL MIGHT BE CONDEMNED WHO BELIEVED NOT THE TRUTH, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

        God bless you for your kind sensitivity.

  11. @everyone – my final conclusions and farewell unless of course urged to respond.

    @Ralph, Nametelkam and Paul – Have you ever considered how silly you would look and how much credibility you would lose should these people that you so boldly identified to be the so called “gang” behind the tbjoshua watch website have nothing to do with running the website at all? Just something to think about. I can understand why you are making these assumptions, but it is still assumptions and I think you should stop with the assumptions now for your own sake as you assumed in your previous post that I was a fabrication by the so called gang – only later to acknowledge that I am far from just a fabricated story – a so called non – existent character made up by the gang. This already cost you a lot of credibility indeed and no I am not attacking the ministry here – I am stating a fact that you got it wrong – made assumptions without any proof and stated that as fact in your articles.

    Also what if e.g. TBjoshuawatch is only run by one person and you create stories like that of Greg. If this was the case, there would be no inner circle – so you do realise what that means? I am not claiming this to be the case, I am just creating a scenario, a possibility you need to consider, so I would advise you in the light of the above to think carefully before you state assumptions as facts.

    Final Conclusion

    @everyone – In the end, the only thing that matters is our relationship with Jesus Christ. I agree with Doi that salvation is indeed personal and on the last day each of us will be accountable to God for our actions. Nothing else will matter and neither TB Joshua or any other minister, family member or friend will be there to represent our case. It will only be you and God. I am still of the believe that their are genuine believers attending SCOAN that are in a living relationship with Jesus Christ and not with TB Joshua. I also believe that God always look at the heart and I am sure if you have a genuine willingness to please Him he would not disappoint you and He would surely not leave you in bondage if you would find yourself in such a position.

    The reason for my participation was that I realised that there were things mentioned here that was simply not true and that had to be addressed. I also believed that there were serious questions that needed answers, but these were all addressed in my posts and I won’t repeat it here. (Some still pending answers).

    I will continue to pray that God will reveal the Truth and that His Truth will prevail and will set us free. For me personally to know whether SCOAN is of God or not of God is honestly not going to make a difference in my personal relationship with Christ, so I would not make such judgement here. I would rather now spend time with Him than spending my time posting here, this in itself can become a distraction. I will keep on praying for everyone, for those in SCOAN, for those that are posting here and for those that can’t be bothered to post. Stay blessed everyone in Jesus Name.

  12. Ifey Ibeme,

    You go to the extreme. I think such post like yours do not bulid. It is using Bible in wrong spirit and wasting room here.

    • Visser,
      Did you read the Bible portions before responding?
      What proper situations would they apply if not such as SCOAN and TB Joshua?

      • @ Ifey,
        I think you made very good points with the scripture you quoted, which aptly describe the work at SCOAN. Many believers are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge of scripture. Hosea 4:6. It’s time we go back to the Bible to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:10-11. This way, we’d be able to spot false prophets and false Christs wherever they appear, and won’t give them Godspeed. 2 John 9.

  13. Cautious. There’s certainly salvation outside Scoan. A father will always welcome the son he hasn’t seen for long. Wether or not the son finds salvation. And like i once mentioned i don’t believe they were rejected. That they weren’t able to communicate does not mean they were rejected. you of all people should understand the life of disciples. They are so occupied with activities that most times using of mobile phones becomes difficult. Except the person in question comes out plain to tell us this was how he was rejected by his family. Not just assume he has been rejected.

    • Cautious said that one of the reasons for leaving SCOAN was to do with the way that a family had treated one of their members, saying “Now my question is as a dad or a mother, how can you reject your own son? I mean, you don’t always have to agree on all things, but to cut off your own flesh and blood?”
      Doi – you are saying that you do not believe that what happened to these ex-disciples was “rejection” and you are asking for some evidence of how family members are treated by SCOAN.
      I can give you evidence of the absence of relationship with my family since they have been part of SCOAN. I have no children of my own but I am part of a large family. Since many of them became involved with SCOAN there has been no contact. Over the years I have sent cards and letters but I have no idea if they have been received and I have had no replies. The excuse that it may be difficult to make phone calls could be relevant for something like a short mission trip but is ridiculous for over a decade. All the evidence is there that I have been cut off by these people. I used to arrive at their house and they were excited to see me, they would want to sit next to me at the dinner table and now – nothing no contact,no relating, no sharing anything. I long to be connected with them again even if it we have to acknowledge some different beliefs. I regularly pray for them and would welcome them in my home.

      • @ Madelaine,
        I do empathize with you, and, like I said before, there’s no love at SCOAN, and so don’t find it strange if your family behave that way. The man called T B Joshua has no love in his heart nor does he understand what love is. Once you get around him, you begin to learn how to hate and not to love and how to cause division between people. This is basic T B Joshua tactics with which he infects almost everyone who comes under him. It is the spirit of Satan working through him and affecting all around him,and it works very well among his so called disciples.
        I suggest you move from just praying for your family and enter into spiritual warfare on their behalf, taking authority in the name of Jesus and breaking the bonds of blindness and deception over them. You may also need to fast and be persistent in prayer till they’re delivered. You may contact me through the moderators, if you want to.

      • @Madelaine – Thanks. Your comment really helped to bring the point across that what I am saying was not based on assumptions. This is common practice. Also, thank you for your lovely attitude and this is what we are all saying, that we don’t ask them to agree with us on everything – we love these loved ones of ours for who they are, regardless of what they belief and this will even be true for loved ones that don’t belief at all. Like you mentioned, your loved ones would always be welcome in your home.

  14. Doi,

    It would be great if communication with SCOAN will be improoved. Answerering for emails improoved. No silent any more. No cold treatment any more. Not leaving without explanation enymore. No hot reaction anymore but mature respond. No more negligence.

    Finally Doi if prodigal sons would come back to the home we are hitting the sky. Am I right ? How many words it is needed to speak here for hearts to be melted ? Aaaaaaaa?

  15. Of course that I read Bible,

    The spirit from that we speak from it matters. Can Satan use Bible in excelent way? Of course. But we sense hatred from it. Words speaking without love is for vain. Anyway nice picture.

  16. Doi, thanks for your reply. So Doi you are saying that the father would be happy to see his son? And I already told you that the son is longing to meet up with his father and the rest of his family. This is great to hear, but I am not convinced until what you say has been put into practice, I believe it has been almost two years now and my understanding was that he wanted to meet up on several occasions, but the family was not willing to. Does this sound like an assumption to you? If it is as you say then let’s all stop making excuses and let’s allow families to come together.

    I will not mention the above again, enough said here and in previous posts by myself and others. If the point I was trying to make did not hit home by now, it probably never will.

    • @ Cautious,

      I’d like to caution you not to trust these people at SCOAN, but to treat whatever they say with a pinch of salt. Do you ever imagine that you can trust Satan ? There is no truth in him and he is a murderer from the beginning. John 8:44. I rest my case. However if your family at SCOAN really want to meet you, you are free to go, sit with them as family and talk with them as family and don’t allow Satan or any of his agents to come between you and your loved ones. And be ready to stand up and speak without fear……!

  17. Comment quoted from Doi on their site:

    “cautious was calling on scoan to call its supporters to order, But lets also remember Jesus Himself could not control everyone around him.we know He was the Son of God but still with a human flesh. If he could i don’t think that ear would be on the ground before he said ‘put that sword back’…..”

    Nooo Doi, that is not what I said. I said call your workers to order, not supporters. There is a big difference here. My previous posts are very clear with very clear examples and I have also stated that part of the reason I don’t want to be associated with SCOAN anymore is that I don’t want to be associated with workers that bring the ministry in disrepute while the leadership turns a blind eye. I did mention to you that while I was still actively involved we did not tolerate such behaviour, as these workers know that they represent the ministry through their actions and if their actions damage the reputation of SCOAN it is better for them to step down until they are ready to be good representatives of the ministry.

    • @ Caution,

      If you know the ways of SCOAN like I do, you can be sure that everything is engineered and controlled by T B Joshua. He may blame some stuff on the workers, but in reality, he is the one who tells them to behave the way they do. I learnt from experience and I don’t trust T B Joshua one little bit, nor do I trust his workers. The whole set-up is a sham !

  18. Oh and Doi since when am I deleting your posts? Am I the moderator now. Last I checked I urged the moderator to make sure there is equality. Clear explanations were given by the moderator why posts are deleted. If you claim you have abided by the rules then your quarrel is with the moderator, not me.

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  22. How can two walk together unless they agree? TBJoshua is in the spiritual and you are in the natural; how can both of you behold the same? Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, did he not die again? I would advice whoever has received anything from God for our good while here on earth to kindly give it to us. Shun criticism if you have nothing to offer. We must start somewere and even if we make mistakes, God does not. He alone knows what we are unable to understand, please ask Him to reveal to you what you need to know. May God help us to love one another fervently at these evil times to bring hope to this world. The devil and all his works must give way to the complee works of Jesus! May God help all those like TBJoshua have braved to come out and fulfill the great commission! Bravo TBJoshua! Hold on! God is with you and us too! We are the majority! Kitaeleweka!
    Cathy and Jane -Tanzania

  23. I love this! It precisely marks a clear end to a dispesation to another. Most of us fear change and believe that the word that God has given to us is for our head knowledge. No! The word is for life and now God has civen us the grace which was not revealed earlier to understand and live by the spoken word of God again. This was given to the early church but so that the gospel would reach to those far off God led the way he led and here we are beholding greater grace again. Should we retreat to religious teachings and arguments or go ahead and embrace the word by faith so that we may live? Do you know why they killed Jesus or Stephen? But even more see that when our forefathers did not receive the word by faith, it condemned them and they all never entered God’s rest by died in the desert. Hebrews 4:1-4. Rejoice TBJoshua and all who find themselves in such criticism. Many had it tough and became tougher! Believers, learn from the 1st. church. We are there again! We love you all believers or nonbelievers! But Jesus loves the nnbeliever more because only He can intervene in His people’s lives. We give you Jesus!
    Cathy and Jane – Tanzania.

  24. The issue is thay TB Joshua has always done miracles before he began to pretend or claim to be a Christian. He has no history of genuine coversion to Christ. He only started the SCOAN to simply “make it”. He did not receive his powers because he was born again.

  25. I am a former disciple of TB Joshua.
    My name is Hugh Termorshuizen.
    His critics – and especially those who claim to be ex disciples – give “elements” of a reality that don’t ring true. Yes – it was as hard as all hell … and though Papa gave me NO authority to speak on his behalf, I do feel the need to contest many of the claims – like Gareth who claimed to be there in 2001. I was there in 2001, and there was NO English disciple. Most of us were South African and Nigerian (in fact I can’t recall any other nation represented). And “he” (whoever he may be) had no family there at the time. He claims to be one of the first foreign disciples, but I have friends who were there 7 (roughly) odd years before.
    We were often told on our return that we were “zombies” because of our tiredness… and the “character assassinations must NEVER be confused with character building.
    I left because it was so hard. REALLY hard … I failed him … but the “evil” that he is accused of doing holds NO truth at all.

    I don’t claim to be a christian, but challenge those cowards to reveal their identities. Come out, cowards. I’l show you character assassination. You are wannabe christians who criticise everything you don’t understand. More the pity that their comments are closed for debate … I’d do so there myself.

      • Chaplain ,,,

        I did watch the video. But in all honesty, were THOSE two (Theresa and Paul), NOT the ones who tormented us during our stay there?

        I wouldn’t trust the testimonies of those two under ANY conditions, and UNTIL a disciple tells me (personally or in public) that they were sexually abused, I would never rely on the testimonies given as undisclosed identities.

        So – where I truly contest the authority of TB Joshua based on MY personal experience, I think that any other claims of sexual abuse and hit squads should never be considered wihout validation.

      • Jesus never hid His identity when hit squads were out to get Him.

        “I AM!” he replied to the question of His identity in Gethsemane, when a legion came after Him. If you are assuming that I am “still there,” then you have never read my personal and vindictive assault on a man who I once defended wholeheartedly.

        But questions were raised whilst there, and on my return, because it was ONLY after watching Jonesville that I saw elemnts of Jim Jones in his disciples. Where was the peace? The tranquility that comes with Holy Spirit? Why did we go there expecting Holy Spirit fire and Baptism, when all we felt was condemnation and fear? Did Jesus not Baptise? Did Paul not either?
        But I DO agree with TB Joshua that mainstream churches “tell Bible stories” …

        But I DO believe in Holy Spirit … but was never baptised, and couldn[‘t IMAGINE why it took so long to wait upon something that was available “NOW”.

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