TB Joshua’s SCOAN London church on Sky news

For those finding this site for the first time having read the Sky news story, we recommend you read “A beginners guide to SCOAN and TB Joshua“, a roundup of our on going investigation into this group.

Today Sky news released the fruit of an ongoing undercover report they had done into SCOAN London (thanks to the many readers who sent us the tip). The question it set out to answer was “does SCOAN tell AIDS patients to quit their medication?”. The answer, sadly, but not surprisingly, was yes. Let us pray for those who have been deceived by this church, those whose loved ones have died as a result of this deadly advice and for the freedom of friends and family we have lost to this terrible deception.


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  1. @ All,
    Why do some still wonder whether T B Joshua is a false prophet and not a man of God, as he claims ? Did anyone ever hear of someone claiming to be a false prophet ? No, everyone wants to be seen as true, but we have God’s word to guide us into all truth, doctrine and practice. 2 Tim 3:16. When God pronounces people healed, they are healed, and that’s it ! But these people at SCOAN are not speaking by the mouth of the Lord, but by demons, who are deceitful spirits of the Devil, the father of lies. John 8:44. They claim people are healed, when the mouth of the Lord has not spoken. They are lying, deceitful workers, parading as ” angels of light.” 2 Cor 11:13-15.

  2. Note the quote from SCOAN at the end of the Sky News report:
    “That is why, if anybody comes in the name of God, we pray for them. The outcome of the prayer will determine if they come genuinely or not.”

    We saw two of our friends die after being told by SCOAN that they were healed. Their deaths were painful for their family and friends to watch but by far the biggest tragedy was seeing these people (who loved God dearly and served Him faithfully) being led to conclude that their faith was not sufficient and it was their own fault they were not healed. This is cruel emotional abuse of people at their most vulnerable and wounds family and friends as well.

  3. we know what SCOAN believes about faith healing… it would be interesting to know what the owners of this site believe about it (I mean, about God healing people today)…

  4. I greed you all in the name of jesus. I’M SOSO Sorry for the lose of your dear ones.All i can say is that the word of God is faithful and just. When you read Jeremiah 1:9-10 says God has given every childre of himselves powers and authority. So you know very well that what ever you speak with your mouth you prophesy.
    Now my dear african brothers start to read the word of GOD you will have your answers. TBJ can not kill or murder anyone. God’s time is the best. When you visit scoan does not mean you are definetly going to be curerable or healed but through your faith and the grace of the living God everything is possible.
    My feloow AFRICANS please stop undermining your brother, he got that power and authoriety annointed by God. in every situation learn to give thanks to GOD.HE IS ALFA HE IS OMEGA, not TBJ.May your pain and sorrow be healed in Jsus name. Remember better is not good enough,but very soon God will whipe away your tears.MAY OUR ALMIGHTY,MOST DIVINE POWERFUL JEHOVA bring comfort in your heart and thou should not sin no more.AMEN

  5. am sorry to anounce to the whole wide world that there is NO prophet but TB Joshua please worry not your selves but give thanks to God for him in our time with accurate and supper nuturarl prophecies pls which only demons can oppose

  6. Please can I ask you to clarify what you have just said Abriga?
    Are you stating that you believe that in the whole wide world there is no one else other than this man who has been given a prophetic gifiting by God. Please can you confirm if this is what you intended to say in your post. Thanks.

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  9. Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel. God is with us.

    I have been a live witness of scoan prayer line and deliverance.
    My wife had Lumbar Spondolysis. We were told to go for a medical analysis from our choice Lab. We came back and gave the team the medical report.

    My wife was then put on prayerline and on Sunday, Sept 25 she was prayed for by Wiseman Racine and she receive her healing.

    We went back for another medical lab analysis but alas no more Lumbar Spondylosis.

    Thank you Jesus for Healing my wife.

    Since then she has been walking fine and this is about 3 months ago.

    So it is not possible for scoan to tell a HIV patient to stop medication without checking back the status of his ailment. It is never done in scoan. You are telling lie to the World.
    It is also stupid of the patient not to go back and do another test after a healing miracle.

    They always have the before and after medical report in scoan.

    God will deliver you people talking lie about scoan from spirit of lie in Jesus Name. Amen

    • That’s good news about your wife, I’m very happy for you. However, we must remember the bible tells us that not only God’s people can perform miracles, in fact it specifically warns us of false prophets who perform miracles. Just because we see evidence of genuine healing through TB Joshua does not validate that he is a genuine Christian minister. We must look at the whole picture.

      • It is very clear that you are already bias about TB Joshua. But if you keep an open mind, the spirit of God will open your eyes to the anointing that TB Joshua has from God. By their fruit we shall know them. The fruit is Love and Share what you have. TB Joshua loves and share all he has with the less privilege in society and for that single reason God is using him for God’s glory.

        Ask God for gift of discerning spirit and you will see the glory of God. Jesus Christ was accused of using bezebub to heal the sick. Watch Emmanuel TV and your ignorance will disappear.

        You can not talk about what you are ignorant about. Even the devil can quote the Bible just like you are quoting now but it does not mean that you are saved.

        So you need holy spirit to assist you understand God.

        TB Josua is a major prophet of God for this generation. God can use any medium even the camel of Balam spoke for God.

      • What do you mean “already biased”? Do you realise it took me 10 years to come to the conclusions I now have? I certainly did not start from a position of skepticism, but I did start from a position of biblical discernment, and that is what eventually led me to the conclusions I have now.

        If we’re talking about open minds, is your mind open enough to consider the fact that perhaps what this site says about TB Joshua is true? Or are you just using this accusation against those who disagree with you?

      • Ian, it could take you 10. Years to come to christ but that does not make you a born again christian until you recive the baptism of Holy spirit. If you don’t show your good deeds to the world, how under the heaven would anybody use you as good example to follow.

        A house built on the tower can not been hidden.

        Your good deeds should be shown to bring people to christ through you.

        I read bible for 15 years from Genesis to Revelation 15 times but that never brought me to christ until the holy spirit visited me and I was saved. Thank Jesus for my salvation at his expense.

        If your good deeds is between you and God then let it be between TB Josua and God about his ministry and the genuiness of his christian ministership.

      • My good deeds are known to those they are directed towards. Nobody else needs to know them. Read Matthew 6 (all of it, but particularly verse 3 and 4) “But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”

      • Ian, I want to know how many less privilege, orphan ,d down troden people have you helped as a genuine christian.

        God is Love, love is about giving even what your life depended on as God gave his son, Jesus for our salvation. Love express itself in Giving.

      • That is between me and God. As the bible instructs us, I do not broadcast my good deeds for others to see.

      • Solomon, I am not sure why you want to know what works Ian has done – that is not the point of discussion here. You have accused Ian of being biased because he has concerns about TBJ – Ian asked whether you had a fully open mind to the possibility that what has been stated in this site is true. That has nothing to do with what Ian does.

      • Whether you like it or not claire and ian we are so impressed about what Prophet is telecasting about his work. That is what everybody need to know so that people who are biase like you should start to reliase how great is somebody linkend with GOD.
        IF God has given someone power & authority it is very nice or say good to reveal that to GOD nations so that every person who does not know that GOD is alive should see & know that indeed GOD hear our prayers and to realise that there are people GOD has touch to make wonders to the people.I sometimes wonder if realy you were born from this world. Do you know that to my view you were given biological birth at the same area TBJ was born and you did not expect him to be chosen by GOD and to be his vesel. Dont you know that God chose the person that he has already scrutunised.For your information if you wish you were the one chosen GOD will never appoint you because you have a cruel heart, just watch and see what GOD is planing about TBJ#.So much is still to come i mean miracles , people healed and receive even you too are going to change just let GOD take control with your minds and you will witness the good wonders GOD is going to perform with this man

      • You say TB Joshua was chosen by God to be his vessel. The “vessel” verse you are presumably referring to must be 2 Cor 4:7 “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves;” You do realise that verse is talking about ALL christians? It would be a total misapplication of that verse to apply it to one man, or even a few people. ALL Christians are chosen by God to be his vessel, ALL Christians are men (or women) of God, ALL Christians are anointed by God.

        By the way, if you knew me – I don’t think you’d describe me as having a cruel heart.

      • My good deeds are known to those they are directed towards. Nobody else needs to know them. Read Matthew 6 (all of it, but particularly verse 3 and 4) “But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”


        Even the devil can quote the Bible. But when God gave his only son to the world, he did not give us in secret in order to reward us in public. God is Love and Love express itself in giving.

        You are only vast in Bible verses. You are just a student of Bible but You really need Holy Spirit annointing. You just talk like some Jehovah Witness people.

        To know the Bible verse by verse does not mean you know God’s @ower and Authority.

        TB Josua is Gods vessel. All chrisians don’t have the same level of annointing. So TB Josua is highly annointed christian God vessel.
        Ian, there is nothing you can do about that TB Josua because God does not need your approval to annooint him.

        Even Paul Apostle was more annointed than some of the other Disciples of our Lord Jesus christ. It all depends on your faithfulness to God and his Son Jesus Christ.

      • I believe realy you are not prepared to see what other eyes see in this man, but let me advice you seek first the KINGDOM OF GOD OTHERS WILL FOLLOW.I FEEL SO SAD ABOUT YOU.I wish some one can just call you out where you are HIDEN and come out, it seems you are somewhere hole like very deep that you can not even hear when people shouting the NAME ABOVE ALL JESUSSSSSSSSSSSS, do you hear that, say it along then you can reach other christians or should i say shout we will hear you. You realy are at the darkness side of the world and remember JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU and he want you to say something you feel about him. TELL THE WORLD HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT JESUS CHRIST.

      • “By the way, if you knew me – I don’t think you’d describe me as having a cruel heart”. Ian

        Ian, am sorry, unfortunately we don’t know you but the whole world know TB Josua.

        By their fruits we shall know them. A good christian is known by his Love.

        If your fruit is Love like TB Joshua we would have known you in the whole world by now.

      • the whole world know TB Josua.

        Maybe most people in Nigeria know about him, but in much of the rest of the world, especially outside of Africa, I can assure you he is a very small fish in a very big pond. If you polled the average Christian in the UK, less than 1% would have heard of TB Joshua, I’d be willing to put money on that – and that’s talking about Christians!

        If your fruit is Love like TB Joshua we would have known you in the whole world by now.

        Sorry, but that is such a ridiculous statement, it’s not even worth responding to!

      • Yes, am aware that UK has no Prophet and I can now see why you are Bias because TB Josua is an African..

        Only very old and aged people go to church in Europe and UK. I was in UK for 7 years and you are a Racist.

        In UK your God is your Government and Social security.

      • ian, how many born again christians do you have in the UK. You only have traditional orthodox christians. Mostly christian by names. The church of England is the biggest assembly and it is a Protestant movement.

        That is one reason the miracles and healing you see in synagogue church is alien to you understanding


      • I don’t watch Emmanuel TV, and have no intention of wasting my time with it. I don’t need it for my salvation, but thanks for your concern.

      • Ian,

        I want to let you know that God is raising a generation of spiritual worshipers all over the world. God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in truth and in spirit.

        I prayed that the spirit of God will locate you and as God met Saul on the way to Damascus when he was persecuting the men of God and changed his name to Paul.

        God will visit you.

        Amen in Jesus Name.

  10. Why moderating our comment if you want the truth.

    You put our comments under censorship. You pulish only what you consider to be truth in your own opinion. You are BIAS. Simple.

    You site should be shut down.

    From the moderator: Constantly posting 1200 word comments copied and pasted from another site won’t be published no matter what opinion they are expressing.

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