TB Joshua responds to the Sky News report

We will address SCOAN’s response to the Sky News report shortly. But in the meantime, have a look at this video of TB Joshua talking about the issue in a church service in Lagos. What is wrong with him?

It is quite bizarre to watch. The way he slurs and trips over his words, the long awkward silences before people realise that he is expecting applause. He just about manages to roll out a couple of quotable quotes: ‘persecution is a tonic’, ‘when people say hurtful things about you, God wants you to respond by blessing them’. But the rest of the time, he has real difficult forming sentences.

We don’t know if he was drunk, or ill, or was just having an off day. But the one thing that seems clear is that he is out of touch with reality, and unequipped for dealing with any kind of scrutiny or difficult questions.

66 thoughts on “TB Joshua responds to the Sky News report

  1. Every new post the moderator starts from superior position to TBJ. I am thinking who gave you such superior position ? Are you trying to be superior by yourself ? Do you usurp it ? Maybe it is your unfulfilled desire to be superior over one ? Maybe it is hidden motivation that drags you to do it, because you have very low estimation?

    • Interesting, I have never considered whether I am superior or inferior to TB Joshua. We’re both human, and we’re both sinners, that’s for sure. He’s higher up the Forbes rich list than I am, and he is a lot more charismatic (on a good day) than me. But then I have not falsely told AIDS and cancer victims they are healed, and am not dogged by allegations of sexual abuse so I guess it about evens out.

      But seriously, Visser, have you seen the video? Would you not expect a more coherent response from a world renowned figure like TBJ to such a serious story?

      • What do you expect TB Joshua to do with this unnecessary half bake comment by sky News, to spend all day addressing and shaping his image..no.there are more things to be discussed at scoan.Some will be healed,some will die, some will live with sickness but the most important things is having Jesus as your lord and savour

  2. This is so funny.. when he doesnt respond to critics u talk about it, when he does you talk about it.. in fact no matter what he say or do u will always find something to say about it.. i guess its human nature.. smh.. this man is busy doing his job and u lot are here stalking and discussing what he’s up to lol. and its really appauling that u only look for the negative things to talk about .. just remember the TB Joshua fans and not TB joshua himself and taking their comments out of context to judge him isnt right.why do u guys hate him so much, and why do u spend ur time looking for negative stories about him? what points are you really trying to put accross?

    • This is the thing, he is not RESPONDING to critics. As always, he is dismissing criticism by regurgitating a few ready made slogans he prepared earlier. He did not address any of the very real and serious issues that the report brought up. This is why we are commenting on it.

    • Seli, heresy hunters have been at it for centuries. This is nothing new. Just look at Christian history. Mention Irvington or Kuhlman, for example, and all cessationists and anti-charismatics will come out of the woodwork with nooses and stakes.

      • Nobody on here would describe themselves as a ‘heresy hunter’. You can choose to gloss over or ignore the scriptures about false christs and false prophets but please, please please don’t start with this cessationist garbage. As was previously posted on this site… most people on here would believe that God still works in the same way as in the New Testament. You absolutely don’t know anyone on here from a bar of soap and yet you are very confident in your judgement.
        Your comments are at best ill informed.

  3. English is not his native language, so it is understandable that Joshua should slur and trip over words when he speaks. He does this often. Long awkward periods of silence is also typical of him. We cannot jump to conclusions. But I agree with what Joshua says in this video. The Devil roars when Jesus takes victims away from his foothold.

  4. Some people are still very deluded over anyone called, “man of God” and are bound in shackles that need to be broken if they are to view things from a scriptural perspective. Regrettably, most people like to look at the “man” instead of scripture……T B Joshua is not superior to anyone unless one chooses to make oneself inferior to him. As far as scripture is concerned TBJ is just another false prophet among many, except that he’s trying desperately to make himself equal to Jesus Christ, by his claims that he has both divine and human natures, among many other claims.
    Anyway, like you pointed out, this false prophet Joshua cannot stand any scrutiny, and that’s why he is more comfortable among his servants at SCOAN. He does not have answers to many pressing issues and from the video I can see he’s under real torment, trying to find an excuse for his failures. He avoids answering the question directly, and this is typical TB Joshua duplicity.

    • Mr Terrific.. How do u know hes a false prophet? and did her tell u personally that hes both devine and human? u cant just take what ppl say and draw conclusion.

      • @ Seli,
        The Bible is our guide to judge every messenger, message and method and if you know your Bible, it is easy to identify a false prophet. And, I repeat, Doe is just saying what his master wants him to say,that T B Joshua has both divine and human natures. We know the charlatan better than you people do. We have been there before and we know better. Now we understand why God allowed us there, so we can testify to this great deception. We, too, were also deceived, all the way from the old site which you now call ” mountain”.

    • By biblical standard who is a false prophet, does Tb Joshua claim to Jesus christ ?or God?,does he has any divine power?, who is the source of his powers,why can’t christians pray to change his prophecies when he says them.

  5. Mr. Terrific, what makes a false prophet according to the New Testament? Remember, Old Testament prophets as unto Moses, Samuel or Elijah ceased with the death of John the Baptist.

    • @ Ironclad,
      The same standard applies to both old and new testament prophets. “If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20. It is because they are false prophets ! And, whoever told you that God’s prophets have ceased with the death of John the Baptist ? Are you also a cessationist ?
      Whether or not the Nigerian president and others attend SCOAN is beside the issue. T B Joshua was going to Abuja to meet with Abacha, the late president, yet Abacha died suddenly, and nothing could save him.

      • Mr. Terrific, how could you say the membership of a Nigerian president or any other important, high profile government official is beside the issue? It is very part of the issue! If crimes are being committed, even insinuated, it would implicate the elected official, since as President, he is the highest representative of the law and has sworn an oath to uphold it. Allegations of sexual abuse and coercion would only harm his political viability.

      • Whether TBJ has done something or not has absolutely nothing to do with the president of Nigeria. The allegations are against TBJ and TBJ alone and he is the one who 1) refuses to answer them in a forthright manner or 2) ignores the allegations or 3) make slanderous (theologically unsound) videos about the ones who dare confront him. Your comment just distracts from this and does not address the issues at all.
        I have a very, very big problem with your comments in general. If you are not a SCOAN supporter I would 1) expect you to educate yourself before commenting on this site further and 2) think hard before you make callous remarks. There are people on this site who lost loved ones or have very deep psychological trauma due to what they have been put through by this organisation. Please don’t assume they are all liars because you don’t agree, but show some respect!
        What is your agenda?

  6. Just take a look at all your blogs and comments .. do u think what u guys are busy talking about is worth it? why dnt u put the energy u put on here to actually preach the word of God for people to read instead of talking and concentrating on TB Joshua. i saw the sky news video thing and u do realise they edited it to show viewers what they want to see.. no one knows whats behind all these except God and drawing conclusion that SCOAN is a cult and they giving false prophecies is really a wrong move.. know one knows except God. He responded in a way he felt comfortable with and he did bless Sky news in the name of Jesus, what more did u want him to say? cos no matter what he say u guys will still look for a negative thing to blog about.

    • Part of preaching the Word of God is exposing false prophets and prophecies, because, you see, ALL Scripture is given by inspiration from God.
      Also, why do you assume that people here do not preach the Word of God because they are engaged in this blog? Its not as if they live on the internet.

  7. As I’ve written in my other posting, coercion, through the use of psychological manipulation, is indeed a criminal offense, and moreso when it leads to death. If the alleged news reports are true, we should hear of police investigations and pending lawsuits.

    • Maybe these investigations are taking place. We didn’t know the Sky investigation was taking place until the report was broadcast. I’m not saying that these allegations would not amount to a criminal offense, I’m saying it would be hard, maybe even impossible to get enough evidence to prosecute. The victim in these cases is dead, so you’ve got the second hand word of friends and family against the first hand word of SCOAN. The only way I think this could build up to a criminal matter would be the number of cases becoming large enough that it was very difficult for SCOAN to deny, but that would take time.

      • Both – we would need also to be sure about what the law of England says. It is almost useless speculating what crimes may have been committed (if any)until we know what the law in England says – Ironclad is talking about what the law is in his state in the USA. Anyone know a criminal lawyer in England?

        However I think that as SCOAN is disputing that it advises/encourages people to come off medication, its members would be well advised to give people clear instructions NOT to come off medication until they have seen their doctor and to only stop medication or other treatment under medical supervision. If they do that, I would have thought that would mitigate any risk to SCOAN or its members of criminal action.

  8. Yes I have seen this video. I have one question to you people from TB J watch. Answer for yourself frankly. If you are not able to live without thinking or writing about TBJ on this blog for about one week it means that you suffer from obsession and this is serious psychological and spiritual propblem.

    • Hi Visser – just a quick response before I get on with my life. Daily connection with the internet has indeed become part of my life as it gives the ability to communicate with friends and to keep up to date with things that I am interested in. I do not think that I am alone in that. But seriously – the reason that I read and regularly respond on this blog is (as I have mentioned before) because people who I care about are involved with SCOAN and I have no contact with them and no means of having a conversation with them. Checking on the content and comments in the blog gives me information to pray about and to pass on to the others who are praying, it gives hope as I read the accounts of people who have been part of SCOAN and have found a real faith in Jesus after they have left. I don’t mind if you say that my concern for these people is an obsession. I do indeed think of them every day and I would not call that a spiritual problem – would you?.

    • Thanks for your concern, Visser. There are several people that work on the blog so I personally have had weeks go by with barely a thought for TB Joshua. I have lots of other interests. I think this blog is worth spending time on, especially now as things appear to be moving. But you’re right, it can certain be unhealthy if it takes up too much of our lives. I am planning to have a TB Joshua holiday soon for a couple of weeks.

    • Visser, if it was my family that was involved in a cult, I would be obsessed with freeing them too. Why is obsession of itself a bad thing? All christians to an extent are obsessive about God and if they aren’t obsessed, something’s wrong. So why is it bad to be obsessed with overturning a cult that is ruining people’s lives??

    • Haven’t commented on this site since July I think. Checked it every now and then. Whenever I have checked this site I’ve seen comments posted by you. Interesting that you should make such an accusation if you were not obsessed at excusing TBJ whenever possible. I say – let him be a man – a real man – and face up to the allegations. If he is innocent he has nothing to fear…

  9. When relationship towards someone is your obsession there is something wrong with it. It is unhealthy.. There is a large difference in “I have a concern in someone” and being obsessed. You need to draw a line to go to a certain extent. Obsession is when you are trying to control someone that you think you are in relationship. You get them or try to get them, to do what you want them to do. If you break up with them you get all angry and want to destroy their lives and hurt them and this blog is all about it.

    • @ Visser. Thing is – you have been dedicating a lot of time defending TBJ. You could be accused of being obsessed at defending TBJ.

      I think very healthy questions are being asked of a person/organisation who has a lot to answer for. He is not a minor personality and the crimes he is accused of is not small in any measure. This site is therefore fit for purpose and very relevant to discussions surrounding TBJ. It forms a very good alternative source of information for the uninformed and stands in contrast to the fan club sites.

      People on here are trying to come to terms with some very serious alledged emotional and physical abuses. Sometimes it takes weeks, other times months or years to work through these issues. You are in no position to judge. Last thing they need is for someone like you to come and tell them they are obsessing over things. Or maybe you don’t think that what they have been through is worth discussing. That would be insulting and rude.

      There is a scene from the movie ‘Day after tomorrow’ when the main character is pleading with people not to leave a building as they will be exposed to the elements and certainly die. Personally that is how I feel with regards to SCOAN and TBJ. I comment on here because I want to plead with people not to expose themselves to this organisation or man. Maybe I should be more ‘obsessive’ about this as the danger is so great!

  10. It is clear that people behind TBJ watch blog fight against TBJ with obsession to get him. You want to control him by this blog. In order to do, it is necessary to take superior position over TBJ by the words. The sad thing is that some of you are his ex-desciples. Your minds are obsessed occupied to get TBJ. You are not walking in light. Some of you may have mental problems. I am concern about you, where you finish.

    • I think the problem is that TBJ and his followers sees him as some sort of demigod. To imply anything else would be to ‘take a superior position’.

      ‘The sad thing is that some of you are his ex-disciples’. I would be very surprised if this is true. Can TBJ watch please confirm?

      ‘Your minds are obsessed occupied to get TBJ’. It seems like you are the obsessed one. This line of reasoning is not working. Come up with a sound theological argument and we can discuss it from there. Calling people things like obsessed and mental belongs to the kindergarten.

      ‘Some of you may have mental problems’. Show me the certificates and degrees that qualifies you to make such assertions. Something tells me I shouldn’t take your diagnosis (or comments) too seriously.

      ‘I am concern about you, where you finish.’ Thanks. Look at my comment above. The feeling is mutual.

  11. Ian so you do know there are no evidence/proof.strong enough to charge to court. But how do you come to your conclusions when there’re no basic proof? That seems to me that even your claims aren’t proofs.so why wasting your time. Or have you been sexually abused by Tb Joshua? How then do yo get your proofs?

    And at Mr.Terrific if you aren’t going to tell me the names of the false prophets and genuine once then you’re just taking this too personal. What have Tb Joshua done to you that you have so much hatred for him? We can all see with your coments that you have personal hatred for this man. Please don’t let this rule your thinking. People have brains. And would normally not take your words the way they are.if we were to be in court, no one would listen you. What they want are pure evidence. So minimise the way you use the words demonic, false prophet,satan etc. Without proofs.

    • @ Doi,
      I have no hatred for T B Joshua. What I hate is LIES, DECEIT, MANIPULATIONS AND FALSE DOCTRINES, and these things God also hates. Rev 2:14-15. As a servant of God, I love everybody and my desire is the Lord’s desire, and that is, the Lord does not want anyone to perish but that all should come to the knowledge of the truth and repentance and be saved. 2 Peter 3:9. T B Joshua needs to confess his sins and repent, like everybody else, to be a good example to the flock of God. TBJ is guilty of the sin of presumption for telling people they’re healed, when they’re not, and causing the deaths of people. He needs also to offer apologies to the bereaved families, and come before the Lord in humility, sorrow and repentance. TBJ also need to repent for teaching false doctrines and leading the Lord’s people astray. Fatai Balogun, aka T B Joshua is destroying many lives but judgment is already upon him !

    • Haha Doi, you are starting to worry me now. The moderator of this blog just mentioned that he would be taking a break for a couple of weeks from coming to this site. That’s what he means going on a TB Joshua holiday? Meaning not going to think about this blog or any matters to do with this blog or TB Joshua for at least two weeks. That’s all it means.

    • A holiday FROM TB Joshua.. Meaning, no blogging for a couple of weeks, that’s all. For our mental health, as Visser suggested. Not a holiday with TB Joshua, or a TB Joshua themed holiday. That would be weird.

  12. @Doi – I have some questions for you on the previous post on Anna’s story. You don’t have to be long – just want to confirm whether I understood you, which I think I have.

  13. @Ironclad – Replied to your comments on article “Why does accusers of TB Joshua take so long to respond”.

  14. Someone Somewere. Read my past posts, I wrote here enough teological arguments but you were “Somewere”. Going around and around in the same circle too get TBJ is not good mental sign. Aaa? No cerificates is needed. I am serious and I am not going to waste myself here.

  15. It is spelt Somewhere. But that is neither here nor there. Haven’t been going around in circles with anyone. The rest of your post does not make sense.

  16. @ Doe and all,
    First of all, let me point out that I’m not a servant of any “man of God,” but of the Lord Jesus Christ and my loyalty is to Him alone and not to any man or woman, and to the flock of Jesus Christ which He bought with His own blood. Acts 20:28. I realized many of us have been deceived by TBJ because of our lack of knowledge of scripture, and now it is my duty to show others the light, in accordance with the word of God. Many are being deceived everyday and lives are being destroyed because of false teaching and doctrines by false prophets such as TBJ. Now he claims to have both divine and human natures, and this is blasphemy of the highest order, and it gets worse day after day, so we have a responsibility to God to tell people the truth.The Bible commands us to test the spirits whether they’re of God because many false prophets have come into the world, and not to believe every miracle or sign as coming from God.1John 4:1. This is what we’re doing on this site, to help people know the truth, and to EXPOSE false prophets. This is not a vendetta against TBJ, but a service to God and to deluded believers, so they could make informed decisions for themselves, in the light of scripture. Acts 20:28.
    False teachers are to be tried by the word of God, and EXPOSED and we’re not here to witch hunt. The church at Ephesus was commended because they ” tried them which say they’re apostles but are not, and have found them liars.” Rev 2:2. The church at Pergamos was rebuked because they tolerated those who held the doctrines of Balaam and Nicolaitans,which thing I hate.” Rev 2:14,15. Now, for TBJ to claim he has both divine and human natures, that’s another doctrine of demons, which must be exposed, though you people at SCOAN can tolerate it, but the Lord rebukes you !

  17. Someone Somewhere. The rest of my post only for you does not makes sense you should add and this make sense finally. Lets keep this way. I like when you to put the cart before the horse.

  18. Terrific have you forgotten we are made to be like Jesus? For every person thats born again possess the gift of the holy spirit.this is the divine part. How would you call this blasphemy? when Jesus himself wants us to be like He is. John 7:38, john 14:12. And i am aware blasphemy is against God. How does this speak against God? Having our rights and priviledes as children of God becomes blasphemy.hmm. To the canally minded we have a body/flesh and also have a spirit. The divine part. I think blasphemy is completely ruled out of this. You still haven’t given us the list of your false prophets and genuine ones. Until this is given it will always mean to me that you just have hatred for TbJ. Nothing more. PROVIDE THEIR NAMES!

    • @ Doi,
      Being made to be like Jesus doesn’t make us divine ! T B Joshua is making false claims of having both divine and human natures, making himself equal to Jesus, who alone had both human and divine natures. This is blasphemy, claiming divinity when he is just a pitiful criminal deceiving deluded people. And what are you going to do about a list of false prophets when you’re tolerating one ? How can you deal with millions of false prophets when you cannot deal with Fatai Balogun ?

      • MR TERRIFIC & SOMEONESOME SHAME TOG!!!!!!!!I hope this time you are suffering from chokphycy virus,probebly the level of the pain is uncurerable & unbearable.Why don’t you sitback & relax for a while and seek GOD INTERVENTION, maybe you will start to think like humanbeings

      • How nice – calling people sub human and hoping that they suffer from an incurable disease causing them unbearable pain. These kind of reactions tell us volumes about SCOAN.

  19. It amaizes me why a site like this should go for a break for some mental health.i actually thought their entire life was bent on attacking Tb Joshua. Now i see they are humans indeed and will surely get tired. You haven’t done anything enough to go on holiday? The ministry is still matching on and waxing stronger. I’ll personally be watching the Live services today. What a means blessing!. I encourage you all to keep watching Emmanuel Tv.

    • Surely by your prior logic, they’re part divine 😉

      Really, what point are you making here? Presumably the bloggers/mods are just spending Christmas with their families instead of on the internet?

  20. Doi. You are an expert at clutching at straws. It is actually a bit funny. No one can even make a joke on this site without you SCOANites jumping on it trying to make some big thing out of it. Lighten up. Life is too short to be so serious all the time.

    It actually reminds me of something interesting I experienced in my time at SCOAN and only realised after I left… I lost my sense of humor. Everything became so oppressingly serious. I noticed this with quite a few other I knew… Has anyone else experienced the same? How about those who know people still in SCOAN?

  21. we had never seen or received salvation,deliverance,healing,blessing and breakthrough from what we call a devil,demon or satan .all these posetive things are from GOD through jesus christ.so how can u catagorize SCOAN which is the the sign of all these freedoms.

    • we had never seen or received salvation,deliverance,healing,blessing and breakthrough from what we call a devil,demon or satan

      No, but you could have received counterfeit salvation, deliverance, healing, blessing etc from what you call a devil, demon or satan. Don’t forget, counterfeits look very similar to the original.


    I BELIEVE IN JESUS NAME THAT TBJ IS THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD. We saw testimonies of people healed ,delivered from terrible pains of leg ulcers of which the devil is commonly using there,spiritual husbands & wife that you are witching people about there, people who were accused like you do released from those bondages their family were accusing them about. today families have come together in peace because of TBJ. that is why i say go for help at scoan before your life get worse, remember better is not good enough—-swallow your pride i know he will help you in the name ofJESUS CHRIST.HE IS PEACEFUL AND JUST HE WILL HELP YOU PLEASSSSSSSSSSE


      Scary stuff.

      And I rest my case. Please – any TBJ supporters – do you all agree with what Lindiwe is saying? Now would be the time to make your stand clear.

    • @ Lindiwe,
      Do you understand what you said ? Jesus Christ is the only Son of the living God. TB Joshua likes to portray himself as Jesus, but is only a counterfeit, a false Christ, like the Bible says. Matthew 24:24.

      • Lindewe – I would echo Mr T – do you understand what you have just said when you wrote “I beleive in Jesus name that TBJ is THE son of the living God”

        Is this only your own belief or is it what is taught in SCOAN?

  23. I know this response is rather belated and perhaps willl only be seen by the moderator as you may not publish it (but I implore you, even if you don’t publish it, please show/ email it to the rest of your clique)….

    I read your post with shock and almost disbelief that you can bring yourselves so low to be talking like this.

    At first, my reaction was of shock, but later I was happy that you posted this because it exposes your impure motives and your malicious intent.

    I have said severally on this blog (albeit completely ignored) that if you have a point, make it simply. There is no need to bring mocking, sarcasm, cynicism and blind prejudice into it. It goes without saying that Jesus Christ our Saviour would not approve of this language. If so, please show me where Jesus said that we should mock, look down on, slander and campaign against our fellow brother/ sister. Of course, the Bible says that there will be false prophets, and if you are so convinced and God has truly revealed to you that TB Joshua is one, please check in your Bible where it says they should be slandered and mocked.

    For goodness sake, what has TB Joshua’s accent and way of speaking got to do with anything!?

    It is so clear that you are so set in your minds that anything and everything he does and says is to be criticised. The attitude of this post is proud, arrogant and bigoted (take a step back and look objectively and you will see what I’m talking about). And to suggest that he might be drunk is incredibly disrespectful. Come on, SCOAN and Emmanuel TV are huge international organisations and thousands all over the world support and respect what the ministry is doing, particularly in the area of charity. Would you speak so disrespectfully about a leader of another charitable organisation? I don’t think so, whether they are Christians or not.

    Jesus said, it is what comes out of a man that makes him unclean and that we will be judged for every careless word we speak. Please, don’t let your zeal cause you to sin and say what you should not. We are advised to think and speak about whatever is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, excellent and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8). I don’t think the statements and particular the sentiments expressed in this post (or indeed any other of your posts) reflect this at all.

    On that same Sunday, where he mentioned the news re the medication, TB Joshua preached an inspiring sermon about forgiveness, saying that:
    When you love your enemy and pray for those who hate you, this releases you from the destructive emotions of anger, bitterness, revenge and others. Luke 23:34 – Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Jesus forgave even those who mocked and killed Him.
    We should be more concerned about our offenders and their relationship with God and less about nursing our own grudges and self-pity – that is, ill-will.
    The person most hurt by unforgiveness is you.
    An unforgiving attitude not only destroys your relationships but also poisons your soul.

    Many were also prayed for and set free from bondages they had been under for years.

    While you are busy planning and cracking your brain for the next malicious post against this man, he is just continuing to help people. He said today that the ministry is setting aside millions of naira to purchase bags or rice to give to the needy all over Nigeria this Christmas season.

    That constant sardonic, hard-hearted condescension expressed so much on this blog (by the moderator and the majority of the contributors) is typical of us brits. It has made the nation so proud. But as Christians, we should change our attitude and behaviour. Jesus said, those who will not come to Him as little children will not inherit the kingdom of God – that is simply and humbly.

    Maybe you have not been to Africa or Nigeria or don’t have Nigerian friends, but that is not a reason to heap insults on TB Joshua’s head for the way he speaks. Thousands all over the world watch him every week and have no difficulty understanding what he is saying. Please broaden your horizons.

    • Hi Radicalised,
      First, it is not our intention to be sarcastic or mock or make light of the situation. But the fact is, there are elements of the whole TB Joshua thing that are absurd, and it is hard to ignore this absurdity (though we admit it is overall more tragedy than comedy). According to SCOAN accounts, his birth was prophesied 100 years beforehand by a sage.. huh? He at one point produced three separate kinds of anointed water, each for a different malady? Whah? He appears on Emmanuel TV claiming to have exorcised 999 demons from a man’s body (who’s counting?). Radicalised, you do not have to be a black-hearted cynical Brit to think this stuff is really dodgy. Plenty of Africans see right through it too.

      We’re not saying he doesn’t have any good teaching, we are sure he does. The message you mention seems pretty sound, though far from unique to TBJ. But that does not mean that our concerns are not valid.

      This post was kind of frivolous, not the most important one we’ve done. But we brought attention to this video, not because of his accent, which we are accustomed to, or his difficult with English. But outside of his carefully prepared messages and slogans, it seems to me that TB Joshua is staggeringly incoherent, and he consistently refuses to address very valid and serious concerns. This video is a good example of both points. I stand by that 100%. I’ve heard and read many other interviews by him that give the same impression. I’ve heard many other pastors speak, including many African and other non-Westerners. The vast majority are a lot more eloquent than TB Joshua. Sorry.

      You may have more experience than me with Nigerians. But you only know Nigeria through the warped lens of SCOAN. There are many people in Nigeria claiming to do exactly what TBJ claims to do. He is far from unique; Sign Fireman does a pretty good job, as does Chris Okotie. I really think you should watch this video on the subject, so you can get some perspective:

    • Of course, the Bible says that there will be false prophets, and if you are so convinced and God has truly revealed to you that TB Joshua is one, please check in your Bible where it says they should be slandered and mocked.

      You and your friends keep using the word “slander”, but as I’ve said before, you can’t call something slander unless you can prove it is not true. Slander is not an appropriate accusation to throw at any and all critics!

      I did check the bible to see where it says false prophets can be mocked, and guess what I found? In 1 Kings 18 it explicitly says Elijah was mocking the false prophets of Baal: “at noon Elijah mocked them, saying about their “god” not answering them, “Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened”

    • hi Radicalised
      Im interested in what you think about Lindiwe’s comment about how she believes that TBJ is the Son of God. Its there in black an white, but no pro-scoaner has said anything to correct her.
      Do you have anything to say about it? thanks.

      • Giles & others i realy do understand what i said, because i know that iam a child of the living GOD SO, iam a daughter of the living GOD TBJ IS THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD

  24. Hi Radicalised
    “please show me where Jesus said that we should mock, look down on, slander and campaign against our fellow brother/ sister.”

    Take a look at some of the things that have been said against people who were brothers and sisters within SCOAN. Shocking indeed. Tell me – if you had a brother or sister who was not part of SCOAN would you keep contact with him and demonstrate love and friendship?
    Before seeing it here I was notified that this clip was on an Athiest facebook site which means that the whole of the Christian Church is ridiculed and Jesus himself is ridiculed. It seems that you at least are aware that in the UK people will react differently to the way in which things are said and done in Nigeria, but in his response to the Sky report TBJoshua did not communicate as if to a UK audience. He had a brilliant chance to explain about the power of the Cross of Christ. He clearly presented a coherent sermon later that day but his response regarding the Sky report did not make sense.
    I am sorry Radicalised that it seems so distressing to you that things are being said against this man but please look at some of the things that have been published that indicate that he is not what he sells himself to be.

  25. I have known TB Joshua for over 10 years. I have attended the SCOAN at Lagos and crusades around the world. I can testify before my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that TB Joshua is one of His servants,and that the work of SCOAN is the work of the Holy Spirit. There have been so many documented salvations and miracles (I have observed some with my own eyes-including a close friend instantaneously healed of 2 large bowel cancer growths), that we should realise that what we are witnessing here is a continuation of the Acts of the Holy Spirit as described in the Book of Acts. The continual giving to the poor and needy is evidence of the Love of God at SCOAN. We should be praising God for His Wonderful Works through SCOAN. That some who have been to SCOAN may not have been healed does not alter that fact. I have seen people in my 39 years as a Christian who appear from a superficial glance to be charlatans, but I obey the Word not to judge others, to be careful not to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, as The Lord Himself warned the Pharisees, and to pray for their redemption.How many of TB Joshua’s detractors went to Haiti immediately following the earthquake and gave life to thousands of sick and starving people (yes, using conventional medicine) in the most appalling conditions imaginable. I was there, but I did not see any of them there.

    • Hi Agasageek. You talk about the continual giving to the poor and needy – but at the same time TB Joshua has somehow amassed a fortune of millions of dollars and is on the Forbes Rich List, I would hope he is giving to the poor and needy (he can certainly afford to).

      You ask about going to somewhere like Haiti after a disaster – but to be honest you need to be skilled to go somewhere like that or you can get in the way of those who know what they are doing. So no, i wasn’t in Haiti and nor were the millions around the world who have supported works in Haiti for years before the earthquake, gave more immediately afterwards and continue to give. Some of us are called to give of our time and skills, others to give money.

      I am glad that your friends were healed, my concern is about what happens for those who are not, who are led to believe that somehow they are personally at fault. And I am concerned that people are allegedly being encouraged, whether explicitly or implicitly not to continue treatment even where there is no evidence of healing. My friend refused treatment because she believed that it would show a lack of faith to continue it and that as a result she wouldn’t be healed – a peverse logic that the treatment designed to bring healing would bring about her death because it would show a lack of faith. There has been testimony on this site from someone with diabetes who rejected insulin and then nearly died. In the light of these concerns SCOAN should be explicitly telling people to continue treatment until healing has been confirmed by a doctor, not telling them that they are healed and can stop treatment.

      I am concerned about the allegations of abuse that are not investigated by an independent authority. All the pastors and ministers I know are accountable to others – either a senior person within their church hierarchy (Area Convenors, Area Deans etc etc) or where the church is independent, to other ministers/pastors within their local area or further afield. Who mentors TB Joshua and what investigations have they carried out into the allegations? Ultimately I don’t know if the allegations are true (who apart from those involved can know whether they are true or false) – but they should be properly investigated and steps put in place both to protect women if the allegations are true and to protect TB Joshua from false allegations – so he shouldn’t see women (apart from his family members) alone in private, this is certainly the norm in UK churches.

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