Did TB Joshua predict the worldwide protests?

SCOAN have recently released and widely publicised a video claiming that TB Joshua predicted the worldwide protests we are currently witnessing. This is how SCOAN summarised the content of the video:

On October 16th, 2011 during a Sunday live service at the SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophetic message concerning an impending economic crisis where in every country, people would come out on the streets and protest. He advised people to cut their coat according to their size, live modestly and to come to God in humility. Full Video

First, we should say we complete endorse his advice to live modestly and come to God in humility. This economic crisis would probably have been averted if more people had been living in that way (though it does seem strange coming from a man worth $10 – 15 million).

SCOAN are presenting this as clear proof of TB Joshua’s prophetic power. Supporters are chastising Nigeria for not heeding his prophecies more than they do. The trouble with this prophecy is not that it doesn’t quite closely resemble the truth, the problem is when it was delivered.

The prophecy was delivered on the 16th of October.

On the 15th of October, Reuters reported that tens of thousands of demonstrators staged rallies in hundreds of cities around the world, including Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, São Paulo, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, and many other cities.

Sorry TB Joshua, while your advice is good, the prediction of worldwide protests doesn’t count as prophecy, it’s just news reading.

At this point, his supporters will be quick to point out that he also mentioned protests in his home land of Nigeria, and those have only recently started. However, when taken in the wider context of worldwide protests spreading country to country, and the economic and political climate Nigeria was already in, it would be more remarkable if street protests didn’t happen!

If he had mentioned the fuel crisis (the issue that ignited the Nigerian protests) – that would have been remarkable.

If he had mentioned the worldwide protests months before they started, that would be remarkable.

If he had mentioned precisely when the protests would start in Nigeria, that would be remarkable.

As it is though, when taken in the cold light of day, there really is nothing remarkable about this word at all.

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  1. It does seem odd to apply the term ‘prophetic’ to what is a combination of sound common sense and acknowledgement of the prevailing tensions in many countries. My understanding of prophecy is that it is a message from God designed to provoke change in order to prevent something happening. It might have been more useful if he had given this ‘prophecy’ in 2001 rather than 2011. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  2. Well, we all know that T B Joshua is a false prophet, anytime, any day ! It’s only his deluded supporters who imagine he is some “great prophet from God”. Even the supporters of Simon the sorcerer called him, ” the great power of God.” Acts 8:9-13, so don’t be surprised if supporters of TBJ think he is somebody great. They’re all deluded folks, no exception !

    • It seems like there are two ways to become well known as a prophet. One is to consistently bring outstandingly accurate prophecies, the other is to have thousands of enthralled followers who never question or weigh the words you bring.

  3. Let us never have our focus shifted off of Jesus (Colossians) to any person, no matter how “remarkable” they may seem to be. Just as Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8) was not of God, any demonstrations of the super natural throughout history and today may not be of God. Don’t be distracted! We must focus only on Jesus. Hebrews 12 Our faith is to be completely and only in Jesus. Not Jesus plus someone, or something. Jesus only. Only Jesus. John 14:6 Jesus is God the Son. Philippians 2 He humbled Himself to became one of us, His created beings, to provide “salvation for your soul”, and for my soul. Nothing else can do it. Jesus did it completely. Nothing else is needed. How insulting to God to suggest otherwise! John 11:25 Throughout all of the Bible we read how it grieves and angers God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit when those He made in His image are not satisfied with Him and instead are more enthralled with one of His created beings. Editor, please, if you can, improve this to make it stronger and plainer

  4. People of this generation! We’ll never change. We’re just too blindfolded. when pharoah heard there was a ‘boy’ who could interprete dreams he immediately sent for him cos he wanted whatever problem to be averted negleting the caliber of person he was. And Claire you made mention that if he had given this prophecy in 2001 it would have been useful. But are you aware these prophecies were also given in 2008?.about economic crises?. Now is this the month of October 2011? These leaders are just like you guys who never believe until it happens.When are you guys ever going to believe this prophet? Even this same moderators analysed his prophecies and told us it was more accurate/true than false.but why wouldn’t you guys accept the truth? Maybe you never watched that video. Cos he made mention of the scarcity of oil.and said even there wouldn’t be enough money to purchase oil. And before the prophecy Tb Joshua kept advicing Nigerians about the exchange of oil for dollars. So he did mentioned the cause.and gave the way out. How can we call all these mere coincedence? As much as God would love to communicate His words to us,HE does it through His prophets.or would u prefer Him to use stones? He did not speak to His people with Stones in the past. So He’ll not now.

    • Hi eyetbjoshua – if he prophsied in 2008 that was too late seeing as the crash started in 2007 – there was a bank run on Northern Rock here in the UK in the autumn of 2007. As I said, 2001 would have been useful, economic commentators were advising of the risk of crash prior to 2007, the BBC’s economics editor was warning of it once there was a run on Northern Rock – so a statement in 2008 would not have been that prophetic as far as I’m concerned. From what I have seen of TB Joshua’s ‘prophecies’, I do not believe that he is a prophet, sorry but there it is. We will have to agree to disagree.

  5. First of all may God forgive those that comdemn the Man of God. Secondly, tho I have never seen him in person nor attended his services but I have watched many of his prophesies and seen them come to pass which nobody can deny no matter how you hate on him…. I watched the Oct. 11 prophesy and it was as he said, we saw Nigerians in the UK, US and all over protesting. His fruits to me are good enough and like the prophets of old and even Jesus himself carried such a cross of Condemnation but please Least you forget the penalty for condemnation of a Man of God… This also shows the quality of faith some christians have, they fully believe all what is in the bible even as they didn’t witness it, I wonder what they would have said if they witness Jesus performing his miracles, walking on water and the rest. God be with us as we Judge

    • Least you forget the penalty for condemnation of a Man of God

      I’ve not come across there being a “penalty” for condemnation of a Man of God? Not that this site is condemning him, but I’d be interested to know what this penalty is, and where you know about it from. Also, since nobody else has sufficiently answered, perhaps you can explain what a Man of God is, and how they are different from any other christian.

    • Hi bazz. Can I echo Ian – I’ve asked Soe and Doi lots of times what a ‘Man of God’ is but neither of them were able to tell me (perhaps they didn’t know!). What do you understand by that phrase? Do you mean that he is God? Do you mean that he is equal to Jesus? Do you mean that he is somehow ‘better’ than you or me? Does God love him more than He loves you or me? Do you consider it a sin not to believe TB Joshua’s teachings? And like Ian I don’t know what the penalty is for condemning a Man of God. Intrigued!

    • Hi Bazz. As you are asking that God forgives those who, as you say condemn the “Man of God” perhaps it would also be appropriate to ask that God forgives those whose behaviour indicates that they have set this man up as an Idol.

  6. @Ian,please dont wrap yourselves and this site in sheep clothings.i mean you guys have taken side to condem this man tbj.you are no longer trying to find out. I think this is actually a new writer on this site.the writer as well as the cynics here are just too pronounced, too insultive,regardless of anyone.i mean your site sucks.no wonder people are living your site for good or for watchtbjoshua.mind you;all ye pharisees,cynics, anti scoan,critics of tbj and what so ever you have tagged yourself with- i will continue to pray for you so that you will live long to see what becomes of tbj,you all and the world atlarge for the end shall tell!!!.

    • Hi Ene. First of all, this isn’t “my site”, though I do support what it does. I don’t think those who run the site would be bothered by die hard TB Joshua supporters no longer commenting here, if anything it reduces the noise and allows their posts to stand stronger. It’s not those types who’s mind will be changed by this site, it’s those who are still undecided about TB Joshua who need to see the side to his ministry that SCOAN keeps hidden, or given the opportunity to ask honest questions without being answered by a patchwork of quotable quotes.

      Why not respond to the charges in the post instead of calling us names? Do you really think this was a credible prophecy when taken in the context of the current political and economic crisis?

  7. i know this is off the topic, but i was just reading in revelation this verse, which no TBJ has ever quoted….

    I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how canst bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars
    Rev 2:2

    How many times has that phrase “do not judge” been used on this site? Never this verse though.

  8. Claire. Even if that prophecy was given in 1980. You’ll definately find your ways around it to prove its false.so it makes no difference. Cos i know as at 2008, there was nothing like economic crises in Nigeria or the world.
    Ok lets come to your agreement.even if there were signs of it then, it was so little that no body, not even the president believed it would get to this. Here is a prophet telling you whats ahead.isn’t that the best time to embrase Him and ask for God’s opinion?
    My advice to you.You had better not lead a Nation or become a head of state.cos none of you here believe there are genuine prophets. Not you,nor Giles, Ian, Terrific etc. And whats the outcome of a Nation without vision?….. The heads of states are far better than you guys cos they also have pastors around them.but the problem is they consult the wrong ones for some certain situation..

    wether we like it or not the prophecy was accurate. If you doubt it then seek your honorable moderators to prove it.i sure believe they’re good at that.

    • Doi, I find the accuracy of these prophecies seriously suspect, you may call me sceptical, but the bible tells us to test prophecy, and that’s what I do. Of all the world event prophecies I’ve heard, they seem to fall into one of 2 categories: 1) vague enough that eventually something similar is almost certain to come to pass, or 2) predicting something that is already in progress. Take the economic crisis, you say that there was nothing like an economic crisis in the world in 2008? Wrong. The BBC traces the current crisis back to 2004 and says that the scale of the crisis emerged in 2007. From a US perspective the council on foreign relations gives a similar timeline (meltdown starting in 2007).

      So nothing remarkable about him prophecying an economic crisis in 2008. However, even if these could be shown to be outstandingly accurate (you can probably see this coming!), that in itself would not validate him as a true prophet. As this site has mentioned in the past – a false prophet can bring accurate prophecies. In my mind, the mark of a true prophecy is not just its accuracy, it’s who it brings glory to. What is the typical reaction to a TBJ prophecy amongst his followers? What I see on the blogs is all focused on how amazing he is as a prophet, how governments and presidents should be listening to him, how we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in if people listened to him. God is just relegated to a minor ingredient in the mix. You could reverse the old adage “Don’t shoot the messenger” to say “Don’t praise the messenger”! If you want to defend him, don’t just draw attention to the accuracy of the words, you also need to draw attention away from TBJ and torwards God. When do we hear SCOAN supporters publicly come out saying that TBJ is just a fallible, sinful man who God happens to use as a vessel for his words. When do we see SCOAN supporters chastise other supporters for some of the more blasphemous comments (TB Joshua is sent from God to save the world, TBJ is Jesus of our time… you know the sort). Finally, honestly put every one of his words to the test, like scripture commands you to do. Call him out for any that don’t stack up, be more honest about the fact that some of his predictions are quite frankly not predictions at all! Believe it or not, hearing things like this would actually lend a huge amount of credibility to his ministry, not to mention sharpen his supposed gift.

  9. Ian i thougit we have long passed the arguement that Tbj guesses His prophecies or not.are you insinuating he guess his prophecies by saying the BBC traced the whole crises to have began in 2004? Did the broadcasting networks also trace Nigerians failure to qualify for the nations cup? Did they fortell the death of Micheal jackson? You claims are on baseless grounds.

    2.Talking about making people listen to Him.of cause God is our creator and no one can take His place.no one is saying draw your attention away from God. But we must respect His servants. And listen to Him. What happened to those who failed to respect the prophet. NUM 12. Mariam and Aron began to talk against moses because of his cushite wife.has the lord spoken only through moses? They said. Hasn’t He also spoken through us? (‘what you’ll always say.’)And the lord heard this.9. The anger of the lord burned against them and He left them.when the cloud lifted from above the tent there stood miriam-Leprous like snow. You had better be careful and not let God’s anger pour.

    • The Nigerian football match was one of TB Joshua’s most laughable predictions. First of all there was only a very small number of possible outcomes, so the probability of his prophecy being correct was very high. Secondly, he presented the prophecy along with an exhortation to “pray as if it all depends on God, play football as if it all depends on you” (poor St Augustine would have been turning in his grave!). So this really was a “no lose” prediction for him – in fact if the prophecy had failed to be true, it would have looked even better on him because his prayers saved the match! Can’t you see how ridiculous these so called prophecies look to outsiders?

      As for Michael Jackson, do you realise how many people claim to have predicted his death? This article starts with “When celebrities die, self-proclaimed psychics and mediums tend to come out of the woodwork with claims of predictions and/or messages from beyond the grave” and goes on to tell the story of how a psychic called Joseph Tittel predicted his death months before. If you search google for “Michael Jackson death predicted” you’ll see there were tons of people bringing similar predictions before he died. Let’s not forget, TB Joshua mentioned a “big star”, he didn’t publicly link it to Michael Jackson until after the death, Joseph Tittel did actually name him in his prediction, does that prove he’s one of God’s prophets?

    • Hi Doi. The words spoken by TB Joshua are that people should come to God in humility but he does not use that opportunity to say that people are able come to God because Jesus died on the cross and rose again.
      So he claims to speak the thoughts of God but does not even mention the Love of God as demonstrated by Jesus.

      You say “I thought we had long passed the argument ……” regarding whether this man is a prophet or a fortune teller.
      There were number of times over the last year on this site there were various threats were made saying “you had better be careful…” these were responded to at the time and therefore I would say that we have long passed that argument also.

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