TB Joshua Watch is not dead.

It’s just been sleeping. We’ve been busy with work, families, and life generally. We’ve also grown a bit tired of disputing every single absurd prophecy he comes out with. We remain committed to exposing TB Joshua’s fraudulent and abusive ministry, but we will be doing it at a slightly gentler pace.

Incidentally, our recent silence has nothing to do with SCOAN’s clumsy attempts to threaten us. One of the many threatening (and anonymous) blog posts that have popped up in recent months urged the public to ‘expose the true identities of TB Joshua Watch’, saying ” it has become imperative to unmask them and let the world know who they really are” . In the comments below, helpful UK-based TB Joshua supporters named many ‘traitors’ and ‘conspirators’ who had left SCOAN under a cloud. It was a good try, but we’re sorry to say they didn’t come close. Most of them we had never even heard of, and only one or two had been involved with this blog at all. This shows that there are many more people who have ended their involvement with SCOAN, quite possibly after privately speaking out against abuse and cult-like conditions, but have understandably chosen to remain silent and continue with their lives.

60 thoughts on “TB Joshua Watch is not dead.

  1. You do well to come back again i realing mise your company. A ministry with out chanllages and opposition can not succed, when every one praise and love you, you may not know when you are making mistake but with opposition you will be careful not to make mistake and the at come is that you will become stronger since you now know that you have enemies. Thank you tbjoshuawatch for what you her doing in the life of the world most gifted prophet senior prophet tb Joshua. Wisely for u to be added in the history of this great prophet just like we know of the phareses today.

  2. It’s a New Year and greater and better things are happening than to be concerned with a false prophet like T B Joshua and his deluded followers. I think we have said enough on this site for anyone who cares to listen and a word to the wise is enough, but I don’t think anyone has the time to waste on TBJ. The last time I heard about him, he predicted the winner of the African Cup of Nations and the deluded fools were so excited. They forget God has nothing to do with football. They forget that even Paul the German Octopus could predict better than TBJ. Where was TBJ when the Octopus was calling out winners and was 100% accurate ? Even so, the Octopus was only a diviner and divined through demons. We should not forget Simon the Sorcerer who was thought to be the ” great power of God,” just like some think Joshua is. Acts 8:10.
    TBJoshua Watch is not dead and will not die and we will continue to expose Joshua when the occasion demands. Temitope can’t threaten anyone here and nobody is afraid of him. Even in Nigeria where there’s so much corruption, Joshua cannot have his way with everybody. Joshua has not silenced us and he cannot. He doesn’t have the power and certainly his demonic power can’t work against us for we stand in the light and Joshua stands in the darkness, and the light will always shine to dispel the darkness. And again, Joshua does not even have the guts to try to threaten anyone of us. Who is T B Joshua, by the way ?
    Only those who are ignorant think he is a “great power of God,” but to us who are enlightened, we know he is a false prophet and a deceitful worker of Satan.
    Long live T B Joshua Watch !! We’re the watchmen on the wall !

    • TB Joshua critics, welcome back to your own world of delusion and confusion. You have taken a deep sleep and slumber to revamp your weapons of criticism and ‘investigating’ the ‘deeds’ of TB Joshua. Remember, some others too are watching your own deeds. Like a proverbial saying….’When you point a finger towards anyone, the rest 4 of your fingers are all pointing backwards….towards YOU!’ It is highly ironical that these ‘Wathers’ of TB Joshua were once people who benefitted from this Ministry.
      One thing is clear, no one is perfect, none at all. For some cronies and cohorts to gather together and start to puncture the image of others is highly unfortunate. If you took the decision to leave the Ministry as you said ‘move on with your lives’, what else again? From where we come from, it is often said, the exit of some people from a market will not make the market empty. You should all be aware that whatever you do or say, ‘No one is indispensable and no condition is permanent’ Despite the people who were discontent with SCOAN administration, leaving the ministry, several thousands have replaced them. Anyway, it is up to them….salvation is personal. ‘DO NOT JUDGE, else YOU SHALL BE JUDGED’. So to TB Joshua critics, as you have constituted yourselves as the ‘Watch Dog’, you too are under scrutiny and constant watch.
      It is just appalling to have people gather and start pointing accusing fingers at others, shamefully, even with their own despicable pasts……we all have pasts, and why can you just move on with your lives and let SCOAN and TB Joshua be? Why are you so embittered? What are your grouses? I am very sure that some of you still have families and friends or close ones still with the Ministry, or do we take it that you are the only ‘wise ones’? Please enough is enough!!! As the Bible says….’LEAVE THESE MEN ALONE……………..ELSE YOU FIND YOURSELVES FIGHTING GOD’……….Which or whose course are you fighting. Whose interests????????????

      • @WatchingTBJoshua,
        You see, you got it all wrong ! Nobody has any grouse against TBJ per se. Our contention is for the truth and nothing else, and if TBJ is peddling false doctrines and misleading people and making himself as some ” great power of God,” like Simon the Sorcerer, we have a responsibility to let people know. You realize that since the beginning of the year, we have been involved with other things, but since you people thought we’re dead and have been defeated by your idol, we have to come out again to correct these errors. Now, concerning what Gamaliel said, you should realize that he was an unsaved Pharisee, who offered a word of caution towards the disciples who were under persecution. However, TBJ is not under any persecution, but we’re taking him on in contending for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints. Jude 3. We’re fighting for the truth and for the cause of Jesus Christ who bought the church with His own blood. Acts 20:28. We’re not fighting for idols like you’ve been hired to do.

      • One grouse that I have with the ministry of SCOAN lead by TB Joshua is that I have family who are still with the Ministry and they have abandoned family relationships and responsibilities. They act with indifference and coldness towards close members of their family and that is COMPLETELY out of character from who they were before they became involved with this ministry.
        Would you agree that for some members of a family to break contact with others is not a good way of demonstrating the love of Christ to the watching world?

      • Watching TB Joshua

        God said we should judge with righteousness not according to appearance John 7:24. You clearly are judging according to appearance. Also you seem to forget that you are judging Mr Terrific yourself, incase you didn’t know that is what we use to decide on just about anything.

        God certainly wants us to judge false prophets from the true ones using His Word the Bible. & tb Joshua when tested to see if he is a false prophet passes with flying colors as you can see on this blog. Oops you cannot see, may God help you to see.

      • Hi Watching TB Joshua – my cause is truth. I want to know why there has been no independent investigation of the claims of sexual abuse or why sick people are told they are healed when they are not. When your daughter, sister or friend comes to you and says she has been abused by TB Joshua, will you then believe or will you condemn her as mad, bad and dangerous to know? that seems to be what has happened to others, one of whom you have named on your own blog – no one has asked ‘could this be true?’.

        And TB Joshua himself has not protected himself from such allegations – he does not refuse to see women he is not related to alone, he does not say to people ‘I believe that God has healed you but do not stop treatment until the healing has been confirmed by a doctor’. Both are simple steps that would lay those two allegations to rest.

  3. I don’t really have time for all the nonsense you’re saying about TB Joshua and his ministry, all you trying to tell us is the ministry is a cult but what you really do not tell your readers is about the good things like the scholarships being given to under privileged students, care they give to the widows, help they render to people all over the world, you are totally blind to all these good things.
    I know whoever you are that is behind all this blaspheme, you all represent a satanic body and I tell you it is just a matter of time for you, you’ll soon be arrested and disgraced ’cause you represent darkness and TB Johua represent light.

  4. Just had a look at the Watching TB Joshua blog for the first time – goodness me! I thought it was meant to be a Christian site, but filled with such hatred – is it a hoax? The site mentions David Churchill as an ex-disciple, is that true? I used to babysit him! Is the Tina mentioned there his sister (Christina)? Does anyone know?

    • There is nothing “Christian” about TBJoshua and anything and everything he represents and the people who represent him. I read from that site that they wanted the identities of those behind T B Joshua Watch. Instead of verifying things according to Scriptures, they’re more interested in the personalities of those exposing their idol, and what can they do ? Just what can they do ? Yet the man is supposed to be a prophet who can prophesy football, but can’t prophesy about identities ? They’re all doing the bidding of their master, and nothing about Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith. May the Lord have mercy on those poor souls who have been deceived and are being deceived.

      • mr. terrific, you sound here like the thief who was crucified at the left side of Christ. who was asking Christ to save Himself & they the criminals if He says He is the saviuor.

    • I know the Tina mentioned, yes she used to go to scoan with us, but no, she’s had nothing to do with any of this (they’re stabbing the dark)

      there is a lot of hatred on that site. Thats the fruits again

      • Giles, you see, the man T B Joshua has no love nor does he know what love is about. Now we can see through all his lies, deceit, deceptions, manipulations and orchestrations, which is made possible through his willing and deluded accomplices. That hatred in him is of the Devil and flows throughout SCOAN from top to bottom and everywhere Joshua has any influence at all. It’s all hate, bitterness and no love. May the Lord have mercy on those caught in this trap, so they could see the light and come out and be saved.

      • Hi Katese11 David Churchill is Wendy Churchill’s son and while I know that Pete and Wendy and Christina are involved with SCOAN I didn’t realise that David had been too (or that he’s apparently not now). I just wondered whether as Watching TB Joshua mentioned David Churchill and then Tina as ex-SCOAN people whether the Tina was Christina – a friend told me that she was with SCOAN in South Africa these days but I just wondered.

  5. please go on with the search for this truth about Profhet tb joshua ,…and about what has gone wrong in this ministery,…Its important to see it through,…Dont fight as dark and englithenment, its extreme and besite the truth of what is going on,..There is as much as light and faults on both sides of your battle,…Profhet tb joshua has made faults in a very great mission,….The discussion should have another goal and purpose,…To ease the harm done to a lot people by the profhet, and to reduce the harm to the mission of the profhet,…There is a great God behind this all….

    • Hi Dore, I find your response really interesting, most people tend to come down on one side or another with TB Joshua, you seem to be saying he’s a prophet sent from God, but he has made great faults that have damaged lots of people. It would be helpful if you could expand on this view a bit, from what I have read following the comments here, it’s quite a unique view!

  6. hi Dore
    I’ve said everything I know. I’ve tried to warn them what goes on. Its their money, they can give to whom they choose.
    As long as they stay true to the Lord Jesus, at least the damage is limited.

    My verdict is, TB Joshua started out sincere and seemed to once have been a genuine minister….but as has been the case with so many ministers – money, fame, lights, cameras, the temptation of women he surrounds himself with – none of them are very wise.

    Dude, if i had THAT many women around me night and day, sleeping in another location from my wife is the LAST thing I would do.

  7. ian/giles,..hi,..you should understand in a profhetic mission, the 2 natures of the man in question;..his human-nature and his divine nature as an anoited profhet,..profhet Joshua has dobble anoiting,..as Elijah had,..pr. Joshua has the spirit of Elijah,..this means; he is the highest anoited human-being this earth knows by the bible,…Pr. joshua is a choosen one, and a promised profhet, this means; he is profhesiesed in the bible, also his lokation,../..the fact of his great Godly mission, does not protect him against faults and a learning-proces,…his human-man has to learn to ecome in accoriance with the divine inner man,…profhet joshua is a true profhet,..A consequense of a dobble anoiting is; increased ego ,..this means; when the ego has pride, it becomes dobble pride,..when the ego has greed, it becomes dobble, when the ego has passions, it becomes dobble, anger becomes dobble etc..It means a very hard and difficult learning-proces, to transform this blow-up ego,..which is the cause of all the grandiosity-troubles of the profhet,…profhet joshua, the divine man is very very pure and real,…this divine man is the man who heals in a split second,…this divine man is in connection with God,…this divine man has profhesies,..this divine man is infallible,…His natural man causes the troubles,..this man has to become matured in christ,…In a ministery of the format of Profhet Joshua; great miracles and great faults are made,…but he is on track at the moment,…this does not excuses his misstakes and blame in the past,…he is in defense,..until the ego has surrendered,…he is a very great man,…And he has made very great misstakes,….

    • Hi Dore. I don’t necessarily agree with you about TB Joshua having the spirit of Elijah and being the highest annointed human-being, but I do find your assessment of the depth of his fall being connected to what you see as the extent of his annointing really interesting. You’ve certainly given me food for thought. Thanks

    • I wonder who it is that says that this man has a double anointing etc etc etc- is it TB Joshua himself?

    • @ Dore,
      Point of correction, Dore ! Whoever told you that T B Joshua has a divine nature ? This is the third time I’m reading this and it seems to be one of the false doctrines and doctrines of demons been propagated by this man, and it has gone unnoticed because of the ignorance of the people. T B Joshua has no divine nature, and is making a false claim. Only Jesus Christ had both the human and divine natures.

      • Hello mr Terrific…I think I understand where you feel provocated,….Yes, you are right about Christ human and divine nature,….But we christians receive the Holy spirit in the heart, and this is the development of our divine journey in Christ,….I received the anoiting from Profhet Joshua, and for a while the Holy spirit was revealing, and my spiritual eyes where opened,..the profhet is very special,….but i have as much questions and doubts as you have about the way he is presenting him-self and the roomers about him,….I experienced serious abusing and insulting, and confusing approuchements,…and a lot of kind and humble love,…

  8. @ Dore,

    Would you please discuss your questions and doubts, so others could learn ? The way T B Joshua presents himself is the way every false prophet does, they pretend to be what they’re not, and even to be equal to Jesus. T B Joshua’s claim to have a divine nature is the BIGGEST LIE FROM THE PITS OF HELL ! Everyone one of us has Adam’s sinful and corrupt nature and only Jesus had the divine nature. The Holy Spirit helps us ” to be conformed to the image of His Son.” Romans 8:29. Having the Holy Spirit does not mean we have a divine nature, that is a lie of Satan and of T B Joshua. Rather, we’re being transformed from the corruption of Adam’s nature, and being sanctified each day, through the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. T B Joshua is a false prophet and he teaches doctrines of demons.
    Please let us hear about your serious abusing and insulting and confusing approuchements ….., but as for the ” kind and humble love,” it’s just a mere delusion; there’s nothing like love at SCOAN !!!!!!!

    • Hi Terrific,..you are contradicting your own statements;.What do you believe is gone happen with your sinfull nature when it is transformed and sancified?…Its called Ressurection or Divine nature,…Do you experience the guidiance of The Holy Spirit?…Because the conformation what you are talking about, and actually be guided and instructed by The Holy spirit, gives realy a totally different approuchement towards live and others,…When the spirit is open, the anoiting will flow, and this is the healing power Profhet Joshua is using to heal and to deliver,…This is bibly,../….My confusions and questions are about the way the profhet acts and reveals when he is in the anoiting, and when he is not in the anoiting,…The last part is the troubled part; its his ego-behavior,…During the anoiting there is no ego,…Its very pure and in truth,…/…In the anoiting the profhet expresses the connection with the Holy Spirit,….Without the anoiting he expresses his personality,…the Holy spirit is a person and has to be approuched in great dedication,…If the Holy spirit is teached as a sourche, a measure of powers, and the personal interlating is denied, then great troubles occure,…The person who receives the anoiting without the worshipping dedication to the spirit, will become un-personal,..this means; hard, arrogant, might,pride,…Then the Holy Spirit is used for own benefit and made servant,…In staet of serving the Holy spirit and glorify God,…This is the turning around,….this is the lack of love that is experienced in the deliverances, and the entertainment with human sufferings,…./..there is an element right and there is an element wrong in it,…That makes the confusion,….right is; its truely from God, and wrong is; the Godly involvement is mis-used and serves the egos of the anoited ones,…

      • @All,
        Let’s get this “divine nature” subject straightened out once and for all. All mankind are born of Adam’s sinful nature and not divine nature. Jesus is the only one begotten of God, by the Holy Spirit, and not of the flesh. He was God made flesh and had both divine and human natures. Apart from Jesus Christ, there’s nobody else begotten by God with a divine nature, and anyone who claims to have a divine nature is misguided and a liar, pure and simple. T B Joshua is a liar and all who believe in his false doctrine as having a divine nature are deceived.

  9. oh you see d problem with u guys, you ar even a faceless generation. note, a faceless generation dont have identity. look at the case of JESUS AND satan. God showed His Face through Jesus but nobody knows how satan looks like (a coward). we all know the face of tb joshua: where is your face? (a coward). Jesus said in d Bible that a light is not hiden but kept where it can shine for all to see. if you are masked then you are darkness because its only masqurades that mask themselves. a through xtian is not afraid of persecution, so if you are sure of yourself unmask & let us see your face. the face of darkness. the earlier u repent & focus your business with things of God and stop distracting yourself with pains, hatred & trivalities the better for you. cheers.

    • Hi Nweze, I’m not masked, my name is Claire. I’ve never been involved with SCOAN myself but have lost friends to it and am concerned about other people I know (or used to know) who are involved. Others like Ian and Giles also have said they use their real names.

      But some do use masks as you say, including some of the people who comment in defence of SCOAN and TBJ – there’s one called Radicalised for instance which I’m guessing is a pseudonymn. I can understand why people who have been involved with SCOAN might not want to use their real names if they are concerned about how this might impact on loved ones who are still involved.

      But my understanding is that the people behind this site have never been directly involved with SCOAN, but like me have lost friends or acquaintances to it.

    • @ Nweze,

      There they go again ! Instead of checking the word of God, they want to check people’s faces. They don’t face issues, nor do they want to know the truth. TBJ himself is hiding behind your deluded faces to speak for him, but we stand firm on the word of God. We don’t hate anyone, but we want to make sure people know the truth and nothing but the truth. What you need to do is to prove to us that we’re wrong, but if not, tell your master to stop misguiding people with doctrines of demons.

  10. @ dore. i really enjoyed your analysis, its highly theological. but let me correct & explain some of your confusion & doubt. i’m sorry you got the whole thing wrong in explanation. yes, man has two personalities ie the physical & spiritual personalities. The spiritual you may call divine or anything. in christianity these two personalities work in consonance, at the same pace in speed & growth. none works in discordant from the other. if you are a new convert & receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you are still a baby in the Lord & Holy Spirit cannot do much but to help you grow gradually in the Lord. as you grow God will channel you towards a mission he has for you called the Divine Mission. this explains the reason why the second personality of man (spirit)is divine bc divine personality will be communing with God while the manifestation will be in the physical realm. these two activities go together so that while you grow spiritually your physical manifestation becomes bigger in consonance with the spiritual height. there is no way your spiritual anointing will be big and your physical manifestation small. in the case of divine Holy Spirit, the spirit of God defines whatever you do and cannot allow you to act contrary. so there is nothing like the divine anointing is big and you act holy in it while in the physical you are abusive, egocentric & confusionist. these are not manifestations of the Holy Spirit as stated in the Bible. xtians must always manifest in the Holy Spirit bc the Spirit of God is in them. Remember tb joshua is a human being. if you had seen him act contrary to your expectations, excuse him & rebuke him with love where need be. Remember again he (joshua)must scold pple, shout or even beat where need be to instill dicipline in his org. rem the Bible says “spare the rod & spoil the child”. to be a good disciple you must not be pampered. he who wears the shoes know where it pinches. so my dear your theology is occultic. it is only in the occultic position that the two personalities of man act differently. when the evil spirit starts manifesting the person begins to behave differently, when it leaves the person becomes normal & often times regret such actions. such is not the case with The Holy Spirit. so according to you if tb joshua is greatly annointed by God he cannot manifest evil spirit, except the Spirit of God has departed from him like ichabud. NOTE i wonder how you pple would hav explained the action of Jesus with the traders who were trading in His father’s house if it had happened in contemporary times. you would have said that Jesus Christ is evil & not the Son of God. or if you had witnessed in contemporary times Jesus rebuking His disciples who were not able to cast out demons and deliver the small boy. you would have fill the whole internet with the news accusing Him of high handedness & abusing His disciples just like the pharisees& saducees of old did. Be carefull lest you be pharisees & saducees of today.

    • Nweze

      You are unbelievable!!!! What?? Where do you get this nonsense??? From tb Joshua’s head??? Immediately quote the verses that are the basis of your interprations. What is this garbage? It sounds as if something inhuman is cooking it up.

    • hi nweze,…thank you for your bright response!,…You cleared some questions and confusions i had,…Yes, you are right; ocultic theology accoording to the anoiting of the Holy spirit is about;..when the 2 personalities of man act different,…And that is exactly what confused me so much about Profhet t Joshua!,..Thank you for your sharp observation and explaination,..its presiesly what i oserved in Tb Joshua,..One moment he is the anoited God-man, and the other time he is a self-glorifieng , self-promoting teenager,…Yes, disciples should not be pamperd,…And God-mens should be corrected when they they are hardly able to express and expand there vision in a way for every-body educative and feeding,…Yes, i know about the refind way the profhet tries to force his Godly teachings to innocent and ignorant disciples,…He enjoys his loveble and humanly bringing-up of the new generation in Christ very much!,..Its a good and wise attitude, too press the best out of this young peopkle , before Jezus returns,…At last one man will have a deserved place, next to our messiah;…Profhet Tb Joshua….Glory to our Profhet,…Oh wretched deluded sinful souls we are, we un-worthy un-pamperd babies,…We deserve a fair, righteous and straight and honest grown-up Profhet, a father,..to guide us to his kingdom,….Oh, how blessed we are, to know the Godman profhet tb Joshua!,…I was onces found, now I am lost…

      • @ Dore,

        There’s only one Godman and his name is Jesus Christ. At best, we can refer to T B Joshua as a counterfeit Godman, a false Christ !

      • I can’t work out if you are joking with this comment, but if not it is tragic that you believe this! TB Joshua sat next to the messiah? Glory to our prophet? The Godman TB Joshua? TB Joshua guiding you into his kingdom? If you are serious about these statements, then your closing quote is quite apt “I was once found, now I am lost…”, as is your prior quote “Oh wretched deluded sinful souls we are”. Jesus is our mediator, we don’t need a mediator for our mediator, we relate to him directly!

        If any SCOANers are reading this, are you not going to put dore right? Or is this what you are taught?

  11. @ claire, i feel for u dear. you really sound genuine. yes u actually didnt loose dm. rem there is freedom of religion & association. everybody is entitled to his belief. lets look at it this way, dont u think they could be feelin for you for not knowin wat dey ar enjoing. its vice versa. or dont u think u hav other relations who ar of other religions like islam. why is SCOAN so peculiar. its good to inform u dat i’m not a member of SCOAN & hv never attended the church. i was once suspicious of tb joshua by pples opinion until sometime in 2009 i decided to watch emmanuel tv & ascertain truth by myself. i then discovered to my greatest shock dat tb joshua is genuine. every true xtian can easily knw a false prophet & a true prophet unless u ar not a true xtian. bc God says we should test the spirit. dats a commision to only true xtians,Bc dey ar d only pple who can know. pls dont worry about ur relatives worry about urself. rem wat Jesus told the women on His way to calvary, He told dm nt to worry about Him but should worry about demselves. dis is bc xtianity is a personal race & experience. so run ur own race & leave others to thiers. If wat they ar doin is not of God it’ll fail but if its of God u cant stop dem, lest u are fighting God. wat u should do is pray for them. cheers.

    • Oh Nweze, I do pray for them. And I pray for you. All I have seen and heard, the death of my friend who had been ‘healed’, the disregard for friends and family, the grandparents who will not see their own grandchildren – who have never seen their grandson, the allegations of abuse that have not been investigated – leads me to believe on the basis of ‘by their fruits, ye shall know them’ that this is a peversion of God’s truth, not the outworking of it.

      I am really worried that all of you who seek so earnestly after God are being led astray. I know from what you write that you love God, you love Jesus, you want to be in a loving relationship with them, you want to see the power of the Holy Spirit working in your life and that is my prayer for you.

  12. nweze,.you did not readed my reply in the right way,…I observed 2 natures in Profhet tb Joshua,…and this is the confusion,….I know my divine calling and mission,…and I am one,..I dont no what occultism looks like,..Thats why the way of the profhet is a rare opportunity to learn and discearn what is about truth in his mission and what is a self-created image of the truth,….Until this moment, the Profhet and his way did not convinced me to be about the truth of Christ Jezus,…there are too much contradictions in his vision,….And also the treatment of the disciples and the people who come for healing and deliverance, have very little to do with the teachings and the way of lord Jezus Christ,….Jezus did not humiliated, abused,insulted,made a show of his excorsims,…..Jezus was the son of God Almighty,…it takes time for even a profhet too look like God Almighty,..A lot of time,…and humbleness,….. Some profhets should be better aware of their serving positions, ………….And just keep their hands, tongue and ego-shattering in cheque,….it would give much more peace, in staet of the ridiculous time-waisting and time-filling nonsence they are presenting,…How to rebuke a profhet to become a grown-up?

  13. @ mr. terrific, my dear, xtianity is not a theology school where u try to convince pple about truth through arguments. i have not come to convince u on what is true or false. bc i am happy everybody knows wat is right & wrong or true & false. within you, you know wat is true & wat is false. there ar two things about u, either u ar an agent of darkness or u ar ignorant. if u ar an agent of darkness i’ll not boder about you bc u ar part of the program (persecution) to help xtians achiev their goal of heaven. but if u ar ignorant i’ll advice u to repent, read ur Bible through a good follow up process dn u’ll be in a better position to know the truth & the truth shall set u free. cheers.

    • nzweze, hello,…I indeed did not asked you to convince you about what is true or false in christianity,..As far as I can see is christianity about the word in the bible,…and if you believe its theology or arguments, then we have no ground to have any discussion any-more,…I guess you understand by now that I am western,…And for a long time in serious process of finding the truth,..Not the tradition, but the living gospel,…I was tremendous happy when I found this truth in Profhet Joshua and his service,…Until the african culture and believe-patterns came in vieuw,…It seems for africans almost impossible to have healty discriminations between ethical right and wrong,…and their judgements about who is in the light and who is in the dark kingdom are coulored by their endless spirit-involvements and practizes,..and their christian-believe and behaviors is highly connected to their circumstances,…A simple God-man becomes important as God selves,…because they need the support so much,…I am not blasphemies towards Profhet Joshua,…I never will harm his Spirit,..My critizm is towards his human-person,…And the way he treads people,…And as far as i can see; this can be observed by any-body,…Its typicall that realy wrong ego-behavior, is over-looked by the pro-joshua-fans,…they dont recognize his arrogance, his using of might in staet of authority,..his turning around negatives about him, in a change to proove the opposite, without correcting the bad,…His endless fights with people who dare to question him,..his endless hunger for more fame, more importantcy, more demonstrations with the suffering of others,….his ways to let his faithfull helpers suffer and being tested out for his sake,…His glory, his honour, his dream and mission,….We have the right to test our profhets,..and to refuse to take their easy populairity-dream,…I respect the great spirit of profhet Joshua,…and so I dont accept foolisch behavior of his ego,…its as simple as that,…if he wants to be the great world-leader,..let him grow-up, and correct his manners and expressions and humbleness,…….i dont need a teacher to forfill my needs, i need a teacher to forfill the promises of God,….africans beleive that any judgement in christianity should be blasfhemy,…while it is just healty discrimination and good common sense to dont led your-self be mis-leaded by tricky ways of a fallen profhet,…

  14. @ masu, its lovely seein ur reaction. you actually reacted positively. thats the Word of God for you. its like a two edged sword. it pierces deep & exposes darkness. you want to know the Biblical passages that explains my message. brother, they’re all embedded throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. did you see wat happened to the Ethiopian eunoch? he was reading without understanding bc the Holy Spirit is not guiding him. so pray that God should send down His Holy Spirit to you as you read the word of God for more understanding.

    • @Nweze,
      No, they’re not, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. You’re just like your master T B Joshua, who is so ignorant about Scriptures. T B Joshua does not understand Scriptures, though he can quote verses of Scripture like Satan does. And it is very pathetic that those who follow him don’t know any better.Indeed, they know less than the little which T B Joshua knows, and this is a case of the blind leading the blind.

      • @ Mr Terrific
        I totally agree with you. TB Joshua and his children are completely and thoroughly blind to scripture.

    • @ Nweze
      “yes, man has two personalities ie the physical & spiritual personalities. The spiritual you may call divine or anything. in christianity these two personalities work in consonance, at the same pace in speed & growth. none works in discordant from the other.” My friend what you are saying here is UNBIBLICAL!!!

      Listen, the statement the spiritual you may call divine or anything is senseless. Dude, the Bible says this about the flesh and the spirit, “For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am of the flesh, sold under sin. For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, I agree with the law, that it is good. So now it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me. For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh. For I have the desire to do what is right, but not the ability to carry it out. For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me. Romans 7:14-20. This is clearly saying that the physical body/flesh is at war with the spiritual man.

  15. @ claire, oh thanks for ur wonderful prayers. i say a big amen. but there’s somethin you really need to know bc i’m sure u hav not come accros it. pls i would like u to humbly look at these passages of the bible, they’ll help u a lot. Matt 8: 21-22. Matt 12: 46-50. Matt 10: 32-42 (here lay emphasis on vs 34-37. cheers, & may the Spirit of God help you understand these thought provoking passages.

    • Nweze – I am not surprised that you refer to these scriptures, but honestly I do not place the interpretation on them that you do.

      When Jesus tells the disciple to let the dead bury their dead, his concern is that we do not focus on the dead – the things of the flesh, but on life in him. In The Message, the passage is translated as ‘Your business is life not death. Follow me. Pursue life.’ It’s pretty much the same as the parable of the the thorns and the thistles choking the life out of the seed.

      However Jesus did maintain relationships with his family – there may be particular instances in our lives when we have other priorities, but where does it say ‘if your son leaves your church, cut yourself off from him, pretend you have no son?’ This is the peversion in the message of TBJ, a message that encourages people to literally have nothing to do with their families if their families do not follow TBJ.

      We all have responsibilities to our families (including the wider christian family, yes) but I see people cut themselves off from even their christian familiies once they become involved in TBJ. This is really unhealthy – you need checks and balances from outside. One of my closest friends is not a christian – but she makes me think and question what I believe, and this is healthy as it helps me clarifiy what I believe.

      TBJ is saying to people, cut yourself off from all those who love you who do not believe in TBJ. Jesus does not say this of himself. In Matt 46 & 47 Jesus is told that his family are outside wanting to talk to him. He doesn’t actually respond to that message at all. Instead he uses this as an opportnuity to teach (as usual!). He asks those who are with him, ‘who are my family?’ and answers this by saying ‘whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother’ – this does not exclude his human birth family it just includes ALL who believe in his heavenly family. This passage does not at any point say that Jesus repudiated his Mary and his brothers, just that he also included all believers within his family.
      Paraphrased it would run like this:
      ‘Jesus, your family is outside this house.’
      ‘Are you sure? All who believe are my family – that’s all of you lot’

      Jesus’ teaching on the family is one of inclusivity, love and care. He does not say NOT to care for your own family, he asks us to understand instead that ALL who believe are part of his family. This is what really worries me about TBJ, it is the apparently slight diversion from the truth of Jesus’ message that instead of bringing joy, life, love and hope seems to bring heartache, breakdown, fear and hatred.

      Nweze, always remember that you should honour your mother and father – it’s in the commandments.

      • @Claire,
        Thank you for taking the trouble to throw light on this issue and I hope those trapped at SCOAN would learn and come out of this pit of hell which they imagine to be heaven. Lord, please make haste to deliver your people out of the hands of this monster called T B Joshua. He is full of evil,and has no love for anyone, but to build his own kingdom for himself.

  16. @ dore, yea i actualy undestood ur confusion & dats why masu, ian & others find it difficult to understand & place u. your case is really pathetic. you initially said that tb joshua is d most anointed man of God on earth today. and now you are sayin he is contradictin the Bible. thats ridiclous. wat a confusion. how can God heavily annoint someone who is contradictng His Words. this actually tells me you dont even read d Bible. you try to creat an impression that looks as if tb joshua is a monster, laughs… if so hw can u explain d multitude of disciples workin in the synagouge. do u think if his man nature is so brutish as u try to paint it dt anybody would stil be there; i mean pple from diff nations? if dey ar being brutalised, they ar enjoin it to d Glory of God. wat is ur business about it. rem ther is freedom of religion. your second reaction exposed ur dilema. i really feel for u. your dilema is, why must such a great man of God come from africa? (RACISM). Pls dont worry or be afriad, tb joshua is not planning to be a world leader as u insunate. cheers.

    • nweze;….are you all trained to become for-tellers?…and saying the most worse accusements with a cheerfull attitude?…I am reading the bible Nweze,…and your insights in what pathetic should be is questionable,…it must be a scoan-futillity,…Its not so ridiculous that a great anoited man can contradict the bible,…Contra diction means; saying one thing and doing the opposite,….In the case of Profhet Joshua; talking about neighbor-love and being in battle with every-one who is against it,…..I dont no why so much disciples are working in the scoan,..i know the much who dont work there any-more, because of indeed; contrary ehavior of the great master Joshua…Yes nzweze; the Profhet is brutisch,…he tramples deep on the souls of others,…that seems to be his profhetic mission,….you dont have to feel for me, because I dont have much too do with the compassioned feelings of the scoan-disciples,….They love you with one hand and kill you with the other,….Its all about the word,…the word of God, and not the words and keen solutions of the Profhet,….He is a great man,..and he uses his status wrong and hurting,……….If this was not so, this web-site should not exists,…No-body agitate for no reason….Just open up for your neighbor, maye you will understand the charge by this.

  17. @ mr. terrific, oh hallelujah, to God be the Glory. both of us have the same stand. can u turn ur Bible to the book of matt 12: 22-37 (pls lay emphasis on vs 25,26,28,31,32,34,36,37). yes this is d Word of God tb joshua & pple like me hav come to learn. lets take v 25 of that passage. ” but Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand”. very beautiful. cant you see we hv d same stand ie seeing dt the kingdom of satan falls. so either ways if tb joshua is of God the kingdom of satan must fall; if he is not of God, according to v 25 the kingdom of satan will still fall. so mr. terrific why bother yourself over a kingdom that is destined to fall? dont u think you ar making a most miserable life for yourself? watch your life. cheers.

    • nweze; are you hired by tb Joshua?…To clean his long railway of troubles?….Or are you just good in warning others who can discriminate very well?…

      • Nweze is just a new messenger on the block, doing the bidding of his master. He doesn’t know anything at all !!!!

      • oh my God, dore, that will be a great honuor to be hired by the great anointed man of God. but unfurtunately tb joshua does not have enough natural resouces to hire me (nweze anaocha). tb joshua’s long rail of problems is his business as clearly specified in matt 10:38. his long rail of problems is his own CROSS as divinely commissioned for all xtians. i hav my own long rail of problems as i carry my own CROSS. I wouldnt bother myself like you guys do on other pples problems. rem wat Jesus told the women on His way to d calvary while He was carrying His own cross, That they should not worry for Him but worry for themselves. yes xtianity is all about problems. see matt 11:12. the kingdom of God suffereth violence & only the violent takes it by force. yes acc to tb joshua we have problems but our problems are not like others. while other people’s problems can destroy them, ours is meant to uplift us & give Glory to God. rem the problems of Christ led Him to the calvary for our salvation, to the Glory of God. cheers.

  18. Hi. I appreciate reading the posts and some of the comments, so thank you for continuing with this website. My husband has been looking to TBJ for some time now, and although many friends, relatives, church leaders are supporting me, I value the thoughts of the posts and some of the comments from people who are, like me, dealing with the harm TBJ is doing. I missed the connection when there wasn’t any activity on the website. I thank God that He is always with me, and knows and understands what I am going through.

  19. Hi there everyone who comments on TBJoshua Watch! Since the Mutharika ‘prophecy’ which I read about on the internet, I was interested to know more about TB Joshua as years ago I watched some Emmanuel TV, and remembered him. I have to admit, when I was watching the deliverances and healings, I felt uneasy. Being white and British, but married to an African man, I assumed my feelings of unease were simply the fact that the cultural elements of TB Joshua’s TV ministry are so very far removed from my own, he is after all a Nigerian man and naturally his cultural way of speaking and acting are Nigerian.

    I have read through almost all the articles and comments on this site, and I just have something to say as a complete outsider who knows nothing of the people running this site, nor SCOAN in Nigeria, London, nor any place else.

    What I have seen is that by and large, the ‘anti-TB Joshua/SCOAN’ commenters are polite, Bible-based, non-antagonistic, well-reasoned and non-offensive whereas those who come on here to support a man they believe to be a ‘man of God’ (whatever that means, I never saw anyone explain what they mean when they apply it to TB Joshua) have frequently been rude, unbiblical, antagonistic, with no clear reasoning and often downright offensive to those they believe to be against their beloved TB Joshua.

    I wanted to say this because, as I was searching for more about SCOAN and TB Joshua and having read this site, if nothing else, the attitude of the pro-SCOAN contributors, some of whom don’t even sound like Christians with their cursing and threats as to what God will do to anyone who opposes a ‘man of God’, would convince me that he is a false prophet.

    So many times both ‘sides’ have commented that ‘by their fruit you shall know them’ (false prophets). Well, might I suggest that one of the fruits of a Christian is those whom he or she disciples. We are all free to behave however we choose, so of course some disciples of my husband, for example, may not live up to Christ’s standards, but every single pro-SCOAN/TB Joshua commenter/disciple (you are a disciple if you follow a man, even if it is at a distance over the internet or on Emmanuel TV – he is teaching you and you are learning from him) is showing very poor fruit.

    Thank you @soe and @doi and all the others – you have convinced me beyond doubt that he is a charlatan and a false prophet. Before I read your comments, I was unsure, but his ‘divine nature’ and the water being a medium for the salvation of someone’s soul, and all the other nonsense you all wrote, convinced me.

    Keep up the good work, TB Joshua Watch.

    ps For your information, TB Joshua-ites, I have seen and been involved in genuine deliverances, I have seen people my husband was praying for healed, including of barrenness, so I fully believe God can, does, and indeed delights in healing us.

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