President Bingu wa Mutharika is dead. Did TB Joshua predict this?

Mutharika  Since the recent death of Malawi’s President Bingu wa Mutharika, the internet has been alive with claims that TB Joshua predicted it. The claims referred to a prophecy which TB Joshua gave during a live service on Sunday 5th February 2012. Numerous rumours were circulated about the time period of the prophecy; many believed he said this head of state would die within 60 days. SCOAN denied that there was any timescale given with the prophecy, which I expect they are regretting now since Mutharika died precisely 60 days later.

In this article, we aim to cut through the hysteria surrounding this prophecy to look more closely at the facts and the context.

First of all, we need a reality check:

  1. Mutharika has had ill health for a long time, so much so that he was even rumoured to be dead a year ago.
  2. Despite popular rumours, TB Joshua did not predict the time frame. Any time up to a year of the prophecy could have fitted.
  3. Mutharika was 78 years old. If we were mathematicians we’d be able to calculate the probability of an ill, 78 year old, Malawian male dying within the next year (if anyone is clever enough to do this, please let us know!). If you were to calculate this probability for all heads of state potentially fitting TB Joshua’s prediction, the probability of one of them dying is almost certain.
  4. SCOAN clearly stated that TB Joshua “did not say that the prophecy was unchangeable”. Again making this is a win/win prophecy – if it happens he’s a true prophet, if it doesn’t he saved the presidents life.
  5. TB Joshua never named the country or the president to allow for specific prayer or support to be given. Why didn’t he name names even when he said he would? Did the death come sooner than God told him? Did he not even know the name at all?

Secondly, the questions should be asked about how much TB Joshua already knew about Mutharika’s state of health. His Vice President Joyce Banda has very publicly expressed her support for TB Joshua in the past and regularly worships at SCOAN in Lagos. She said she visits the church “just the way some Christians visit Israel, or Muslims visit Mecca”, a comment which tells us a lot about how she views TB Joshua. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that TB Joshua had some insider information that Mutharika was already on his death bed. Despite being constitutionally placed to succeed him, Banda was not on the best of terms with Mutharika after falling out with him in 2011 and being expelled from the party, leading some to speculate an even more sinister connection than this, but we’ll leave the conspiracy theories to others.

Finally, the bible makes clear that even if a prophecy seems accurate,  this does not mean it was necessarily from God. The accuracy of a prophetic word is only one factor to consider when weighing the legitimacy of a prophet (which lest we forget, all Christians have a responsibility to do).

So again we must ask the question: What purpose did this prophecy have?

  • Was his death prevented? No.
  • Did he name the country or president, so specific prayer and support could be given? No (although he said he would).
  • Did this bring glory to God? No.
  • Did this bring glory and fame to TB Joshua? Yes.

We’ll close the article with a comment from Noah Bishop of Life and Liberty Churches International (source)

“(This prophecy) is unbiblical. There is no biblical precedence to that prophecy. God’s character is not given to inciting or causing confusion, despondency, apprehension or fear in individuals or nations.

In the Bible, when a prophet is given a message regarding an individual’s ill health, death or demise of a leader, whether it is a good leader or bad leader, the prophet is given specific instructions to approach the particular leader and speak directly in the presence of some witnesses.

TB Joshua has caused despondency, fear and apprehension. The prophecy is so general and open to anyone’s interpretation, it is not of God. He is very clever to make vague prophecies and has never been caught to be a false prophet. This guy is just a trouble causer.”

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81 thoughts on “President Bingu wa Mutharika is dead. Did TB Joshua predict this?

  1. Hello,..I agree fully with your clear research, and right observations,..I have spend a lot of time, to see through the profhesies of Profhet Joshua, and his wisemen, who are disciples impartated by Joshua him-self,..Profhets will bring Gods profhesied will into actual effect……many profhets are warning of future distractions, in wordly events and personal events,…But a very vew are explaining what God is doing, what Gods plan is and how He will work through this events to bring change,……Seeing from within the dark clouds of events, seems to prevent this first profhets, from seeing what Jezus is seeing,…What i try to say is; profhets are ment to be the spoken mouth of God,,,,and they are called and choosen for it, by God Him-self,…To profhesy future events in wordly and personal matters, is on the level of fore-telling and has very little too do with Gods will,….the anoiting can sure change events and problems in a personal live,..but seeing the cause of a trouble is no profhesy,…A real profhesy is guided by The holy Spirit and always, realy always related to the coming revelating plan of the bible,..Every true profhesy is already written down in the bible,…There is closed information in the bible, only to be opened by Gods will and time,…Real profhets will achieve this kind of information,…They know where the christian proces is going,.. A profhesy of the death of a nation-leader can be important, if its related to the plan of God in this,…ut to use a profhesy of a great event, for personal gain, and to proove the realness of the own profhetic call, is just foolischness,…and creating a lot of un-nessecary comotion,…the attention should not be on the Profhet, but on the message and the dept and meaning of the messsage by God,….

  2. Am also worried about this so called mark..the bible says the prophet was told to tell hezekiel to get ready bcouse he was going to die. when the prophet went there king hezekiel cried and God his cry and added more years to his life if this man of God knew why did he not go and aproche him and help him to repent he just kept saying someone is going to die.. this is not good if he had prophesy he shud have gone to BINGU and tell him kuti akane yekha… so who is holding bingus blood in his hand its the prophet he could have saved him/…. joice banda went there aswell to meet him well we dont really kno why she want there…was she told about this..some juju is going on here…i have never been in support of bingu but when it comes to dearth this is another case… never wish someone dies bcouse even God is not happy with such things…soon or later the truth shall come out..why joice banda went to visit the prophet…..


  3. This is nothing strange to those of us who have been watching this man and his desire to draw attention to himself. The prophesy was actually vague and Temitope could not even name who was involved or the time. It does not glorify God, but rather, gives rise to more deceived and deluded people who think, ” This man is the great power of God.” Acts 8:10. People should understand that even a true prophesy does not always mean it is of God.

  4. Keep up the noble work of exposing false prophets. I honestly believe that people no longer can tell the difference between a Witchdoctor and a Pastor/preacher/Bible teacher…there is need to understand that even witchdoctors/con artists can name the name of Christ.


  5. As a Malawian am heartbroken over the large following tb Joshua has in our country. Most of What is known as Christianity amidst us is a brand of tb Joshua, Oyakhilome, Benny Hinn, etc teachings. A mixture of sorcery and distorted Christian teachings. It’s revolting!!!

  6. I need you to tell me how to unsubscribe, I don’t want to get this mail anymore, because it really makes me mad, No matter what anybody says you guys will still critisice the person, Our Lord Jesus Christ was criticised, persecuted and later killed despite all the glearing good thinks he did when he was alive, so nobody nobody can ever satisfy you guys. I expect you to really focus your time to go after the so call pastors that deceive and enrich their pockets and the real false prophets, all you do is just want to go after TB Joshua that does not enrich his pocket like others, all you say is about his predictions. I don’t have time to answer you, to tell you a lot of good deeds that have come out and still coming out of TB Joshua’s ministry. I guarranty you one thing, that satan that you represent, because I know you represent darkness will deal with you then, your eyes will open to see that TB Joshua is a real man of God. Your case is a matter of time that you will tell the world who you are. I will continue to pray for you that the Lord almighty forgives you ’cause you know not what you’re doing. One more thing, demons don’t cast out demons, agents of satan does not expose satan, what TB Johua does best with his annoiting is, he exposes satan, he frees inocent people from the shackle of satan and people in bondage. TB Joshua’s ministry is been on for almost 20 years, God almighty that sees everybody clearly has continue to bless this man makes his ministry bigger better and people like you try to bring it down, we shall see laugh!!!!, Like I said, I will continue to pray for you and your family. I still want to unsubscibe, so let me know how I can do that. I wish you a happy easter

      • Dear T.B Joshua, I am Kenyan to say the least of my identity. I am puzzled that in the beginning watching the video you could be able to predict the month of the death. I am bound to think that perhaps you had something to do with the death perhaps. If I try to falsify the certainty of the ability to predict someone’s death so precisely I find it miraculous. I render it a miracle perhaps but I do not in any way believe it. My thoughts are trying to be impartial here and I strongly think that you had a medical note detailing the death of the late leader Bingu. I am not going to attack what you said because it is going to be your word against mine. If you are spreading evil it will be you to be held accountable for all the ears you have infected. If this is the work of God then, I doubt His will is to murder someone in His sickness so publicly. I know of a healer perhaps. If it is the work of God then there should be a reason. I hate to look at my God as a murderer. Please be honest I am just 20years old. Thank you.

    • Abbey
      I am Malawian. I have family believing that this man is a man of God. I have neighbors and countrymen doing the same. By the grace of God I tested tb Joshua in the areas of theology first before checking his life. I have scoured through most of his interviews and without a doubt the man is a charlatan. You must understand that knowing this leaves us with a responsibility towards our families, friends, neighbors and countrymen.

      As I write this you can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to imagine you in the clutches of anti Christ(not the antiChrist) but an anti Christ. May God have mercy on you.

      I think you should know that I came across this blog today as in was surfing the net regarding our dead leader. I was happy that I am not alone in this work of our Lord.

      • if what TB JOSHUA and his ministries do,helping the needy,the disabled,the sick can be said to be devilish in nature then i wd follow the devil but whether u like it or not TB JOSHUA is god working thru him.Bingu was my president also and the bible says “if u r shy with me,so wil i be with u.Bingu secretly went to Nigeria cos he knew the prophesy was talking about him,but the problem is that he dint want kudzichepetsa in the face of god,he arrived in nigeria ,went to a hotel room and sent for JOSHUA.god can not and wilw ,

    • There you go brother tell them, everything this blog does is not for the glory of God but persecution and Hatred is all they know, may the Lord be with you.

  7. everything is relative my dear so be careful when it involve things you can not prove e.g can you prove he is fake if yes can you prove that jesus is real if yes prove it

  8. I’ve just watched the video SCOAN have released showing off about this prophecy fulfillment. The tone of TB Joshua is nothing but smug arrogance. It’s as if he keeps teasing the congregation by saying “God showed me the nation…” but not saying what the nation is “Will it be this thursday? Or Next thursday? Or 2 thursdays time?”, but not saying the date. All this is is just showmanship. If this really was a message from God he would have privately gone to President Mutharika and told him the message and we would have never heard anything about it. Instead, he just dangles titbits of the so called prophecy in front of the public in an utterly self serving act. What a disgusting abuse of prophecy.

    Furthermore, it’s interesting that your article points to the posts by SCOAN saying very clearly that TB Joshua never gave a timescale. Now they’ve released the video they make a big thing of the fact he said it would be in April. Why did they lie about it previously?

    Here’s the video in case anyone else wants to feel angry

  9. It takes a critical thinker to see TB for what he is, a deceitful two-timing conman with a bible in his right and a wallet in his left! Job well done to him and his lackeys for brainwashing the people who only see with their eyes! It pointless to pump sense into these dunderheads!

  10. It is unbelievable the levels tb joshua goes to just to glorify himself. Amazingly he remains one of the nonsensical teachers I have ever met. The man certainly does not have the Spirit of God in him. He speaks and you wonder if he even understands what he is saying himself. Come on, God is Wisdom and he who would put himself in the levels of John the Baptist, Elijah and such has little or no wisdom? Ridiculous!!!

    Listen to this, “And they now gathered on the seventh day to name me and celebrate. It was that seventh day they were doing the drilling and the big stone flew like a missile, heading to my direction, but miraculously missed me. Where the stone passed is still there. Where they laid me on the floor is still there. Because I said they should not touch it. The stone that fell is still with them.”

    Dude, you are 7 days old and you tell your mother and family that leave this place the way it is. What is this???? A talking 7 day old????

  11. the problem is dat most of u ar not xtians, & u know it. ur confision is answered in d Bible wen Jesus said He did not come for d healthy but for those who are sick. tb joshua ministry did not come for u, So why are you disturbing yourselves? one of u said “long live tb joshua watch” beautiful! this implies wishing tb joshua long life so that the blog will live long ( a blessing from a persecutor). wen satan was ploting to crucify Christ through d pharisees, saducees & chief priests he did not know he was expediting salvation & the glory of Christ (a blessing from a persecutor). you call yourself tb joshua watch, is tb joshua d only false prophet u know? why didnt u open blogs for all the multitudes of false prophets out there decieving pple? you concentrate only on tb joshua bc he is disturbing ur kingdom of darkness. i have one pity for your burden and the assignment given to you, ie, i wonder how painful your accrymony will be while watching tb joshua every live sunday service. while others are busy receiving the blessings of God u’ll be busy dying of jealousy & envy. ah your case is pathetic. one thing i know is that pple dont give interest to somethig they dont like. why are u giving interest to tb joshua? i only hav an advice to help you, either you close down your blog and loose interest on tb joshua or you go to synagouge for your deliverance. cheers.

    • nweze

      Can you not see that you do not write coherently because you are confused? Honestly you
      are just like the confused man himself.

      Kindly explain to us who or what is a Christian. Try not to be confused so that we can get it….From there lets establish if what you say is in line with the Bible. You may just discover what we have discovered, that tb joshua is not a Christian and you may very likely not be one yourself.

  12. And today TB Joshua is claiming that on february 28th Bingu wrote him a letter and he showed the letter on t.v,just late bingu’s signature and he said he will not show the whole letter because it was personnal…pretty much he is claiming that Bingu knew he was going to die and he wants the people of malawi to know that he is at peace….what kind of nonsence is that??This guy is really taking people for a ride.Who knows maybe he acquired the letter from Joyce Banda and he just changed the date on it….to make it look like a recent one.May God help us.

  13. @ jere, oh my brother you want me to explain to you who a true xtian is and what xtianity is. first of all for asking that question shows ur ignorance. according to the Bible a true christian is he who loves God with all his heart, love his neigbour as he loves himself. quote Jesus Christ. apostle Paul gave credence by writing that we should love our friends and also love our enemies. that unbelievers (non-christians) love their friends & hate their enemies. so if we love our friends & hate our enemies what then is the diffrence between us and unbelievers. so a true xtian loves his friends as well as enemies. tb joshua gave credence by saying if you are baptised by the Holy Spirit you dont stand to condem bc there’s authority in your mouth. thats the authority in the mouth of every chrstian. so bro jere watch yourselve in the light of this exposition as u repent to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Saviour. cheers.

    • mwezi dear one jere is correct and you are deceived. Christ has cautioned every who is of God never to show openly nor proclaim his works of charity,but this is what tbj has defied.He takes all the glory, but not God.Tbj’s work is nothing but Sat

  14. Nweze
    Since Iam ignorant can you explain to me how one is able to love God will all their heart and their neighbor.

    • Now you want to be taught how to be able to love. This should be your first concern before you go judging. If Joshua was after money and fame he can literaly make bilions a day just by putting bets on sports.

      • The only things I said are what I wrote down. You will continue to ask questions until you find a fault in the reply. There are people in this planet who even say they hate God or God is the real cause of the greatest corruption and murders and many other bad things. And so I’m sure T.B Joshua knows as I know that we can’t expect everyone to love us; our focus should be on loving others. I have watched emmanueltv and done some research like you but didn’t find the faults you seem to have found. If you have found some bad works that he has done then please show it.

  15. thanks jo for that, its actually thought provoking. @ masu, you actually sound sober. i’m happy about dat. i’ll want to believ u ar genuine. if u want to know how to love God with all ur heart & love ur neigbour pls turn your Bible to the book of LUKE 10: 25-37. You’ll learn about the greatest commandment in vs 25-27 & the story of the good samaritan in vs 30-37. it is not my duty to explain this passage properly to u but the duty of the Holy spirit. i pray that as you read honestly with open mind, the Holy Spirit will teach you & you’ll become a better person. cheers.

  16. As far as we appreciate that what he says comes from the living God, i would ask him to be straight forward because he is bringing confusion to the world, there is nothing for him to fear/hide otherwise people might start doubting his credibilty. There is no way how he is supposed to be bitting the bush for the prophecy of any one if what he says relly comes from the living God. In the old tastament Prophets were going/approching/confronting Kings of that time whether they will take the massege or not.

    • I hear what you are saying but imagine him saying: the president of Malawi is going to die in 60 days from now, in the OT maybe but not now. We should relax on always looking for exact comparisen from the good book for example: in the book prophets used to say peace but he is saying hello so that makes him false or disciples healed people by touching them on their shoulders but T.B Joshua is touching them on their chest so he is false. We are not robots and we don’t have to ride on donkeys simply because in the book it is written people used donkeys. And if we think he is inspired by God then maybe his approach is also inspired by God.

  17. profhet Joshua says he has had a invitation of the London Times to tell his profhesy-story about the late Malawi president,….The scenario becomes more bizar each day….

  18. where are the true prophets anyway for one false prophet to be making all these predictions that are coming to pass, it scares me atimes, gives a thought if we aren’t calling the right person the wrong name. lets just all be careful, if in the end this man turns out to be false, well good for you guys running this blog, but then the chances are also high that he’s who he says he is, and if thats the case then i think you guys should start preparing your apologies to tb joshua before your deaths….

    • @ Oniye,
      According to the Word of God, the man is one of the false prophets Jesus warned us about. His latest claim is that he has a divine nature, claiming to be equal to my Lord and savior. He is simply a false Christ like the Bible warned us about. Matt 24:24.

  19. Nweze and Jo

    I asked who a Christian was because I was sure that your understanding of a Christian is different from mine. If you tell someone that you are not a Christian you should be ready to systematically and coherently establish who a Christian is. You seem to suggest that we should not establish that. Nweze and Jo, without clearly stating who a Christian is, you are wasting time calling others non Christians.

    That is the difference between you and real Christians. Real Christians are always ready to explain why someone is a Non Christian. Further, real Christians understand their call to evangelism and when asked about who they are, they are happy to share it. They share the Gospel and explain the Word of God because it is their duty to. Nweze, are you suggesting that people like Pastors/Elders, Paul the Apostle, Peter, Priscilla and Aquila in the Bible did not have to explain the Word of God to Christians and non Christians alike?

    I am sober, very sober that is why I needed to know how you define a Christian but obviously you are afraid of showing your ignorance. I suggest next time dont call others something you are NOT ready to explain and obviously dont FULLY UNDERSTAND. That my friends is childishness!

  20. I’m very concerned that TBJ seems to have another African President in his pocket (i.e. now that Joyce Banda has taken over). Does anyone know anything more about their relationship?

      • Ian I totally agree with you,he should have approached Bingu as he knew that he was going to die.I was Reading some where that he asked God for mercy but God took his life anyway.So in other words he is the only person that would have saved Bingu.It’s in a way making a mockery of God,God have mercy on our souls.I remeber what happend to Jim Jones when he become famous,he started taking advantage of people desparation.And in the end even started to belive that he was God
        and started acting like God.
        I pray that God leads him in the direction and continues to help others for the glory of God and not him self.

  21. @ masu, oh my dear brother you missed the whole show. yea i really explained very well according to the Bible who a true xtian is. go back to my answer/ref to jere on april 8, 2012 at 9:28pm i made it very clear there. i also became more explicit to you on the answer/ref to masu on april 9, 2012 at 1:36pm. there, i made Biblical ref. let me remind u ones again lest u forgot. read LUKE 10:25-37. i didnt write it. it is the word of God. that is Jesus standard & criteria for who a true xtian is. Jesus said it Himself. so dont write again that i didnt show u what Jesus said about who a true xtian is. cheers.

  22. Hi
    I also came accross this website as I was surfing the net for the letter sent to Tb Joshua by Bingu.
    There are few people saying that he should have mentioned the name of the president, don’t you think that would have been irresponsible and would have caused alot
    confusion and a scare.
    Secondly apprently Bingu knew that he was
    the one the prophecy was talking about ,as he did send him a letter.I personally don’t agree the showing of the letter on international TV,even though the dude is dead.It should have been kept private.As preists do during confession.Even though I was never a great fan of Bingu as most Malawains I feel this was wrong and very disrespectful to the dead Bingu and his family.
    I personally know alot of people who have visited Scaon and have either received healing or had their problems solved BUT what I find very SAD is the fact that alot of Malawians see him as God and they tend to forget that he is just a man being used by God to his work.
    I just wondr what will happen when he passes on as we all will do.Will this mean the end of Scaon and people getting healed.Let us focus on God cause he solves all our problems.Pastors, presits etc are there to pray for us but at the end of it all God is the one that heals,solves our problems etc.Alot of churchs have been around even before most of us were born.Reverands,pastors,presits of those churches have long gone to be with the Lord but,people are still witnessing miricales .Why cause of the presence of God not a person.Tb joshua is doing Gos works,but let’s ackwledge God first

    • You’re right Malawian, naming the president would have probably caused a lot of confusion and scare. So why tell the public anything about this at all? If he truly knew who was going to die and when, why didn’t he just go privately to that person and tell them what he had seen? The way he prophecied this publicly was just attention seeking, teasing the public “God’s shown be some president is going to die, but I’m not going to tell you who! I even know when, maybe this thursday, maybe the thursday after that…”. That’s what I have a problem with, regardless of how accurate or not the prophecy actually was.

      • the reason the prophesy is given is for us to know god is real and alive,if he had told BINgU what do you think he wd have said?wd the world god is trying to prove his availability believe BINGU WAS TO DIE BUT JOSHUA WENT THERE AND NOW HE WONT DIE?


  24. @ His Excellency David Cameron,
    I’m choosing this unconventional means to get my message across to the British Prime Minister to intervene in the bondage of British citizens held captive by the charlatan T B Joshua. in Nigeria. We remember what happened in Jonestown, Guyana, when another charlatan, Jim Jones, held people captive and destroyed the lives of hundreds of people. Why has T B Joshua taken the passports of these foreigners from them ? Everyone at SCOAN must be free to keep their own passports and get out of this hell called SCOAN, anytime they choose. T B Joshua has no right to keep anyone’s passport and I’m appealing to the Prime Minister to intervene, and to set British and other citizens free.

    • Hi Mr T. can you confirm for certain that UK disciples do not have access to thier passports while they are at SCOAN in Lagos. There are members of my family there and I have assumed that this is probably the case but I have not had it confirmed to me. Ta.
      Much as I would like Mr Cameron the UK Prime Minister to be interested in this situation I think that at the moment it is unlikely.

      • I think the big problem here is whether or not their passports are in their possession, they would probably all say that they were there by choice. There wouldn’t be much a foreign government could do if their citizens aren’t complaining of being there against their will.

      • i can confirm that disciples passports are taken away for safe keeping. The people who keep them are the people responsible for visa affairs. If you needed your passport, you would have to ask them, and that in turn means them running it by their Daddy.

      • @ Giles,@ T B Joshua,
        Happy New Year, my brother, and thanks for the confirmation. Now we know that these passports are kept against the people’s wills, so they won’t have the freedom to leave when they want to. This is slavery at SCOAN, pure and simple. T B Joshua is such a deceitful and evil person, and it is time people get to know the truth ! In the name of Jesus Christ, I am commanding you, T B Joshua, to return everybody’s passports to them, with immediate effect.


      • Hi
        Now this is a bit scarey,being in charge of the world.very scarey sounds some thing like from the book of revelations.No he does not have the whole world at his feet!I for one and over a billion Catholics are not at his feet.What you are doing is worshiping a man,which is not right!!!! at all.
        You are really sad !!!!!You should watch the Life of Jim Jones,it’s seems this is the route you are going.iam sure if he asked you to drink poison you would.
        Please you need deliverance.
        Tb Joshua is not God!!!!!He is Gods instrument,please hear me he is not God!

      • TB Joshua did not say that he was forgiving those people’s sins. When people repent of their sins after hearing the Word of God shared to them, we tell that your sins have been forgiven because that’s what the Bible says. I watched it twice hoping to see where he says he was the one forgiving the sins but all I saw were people praying to God not to TB Joshua. I think we are wasting time here, we cannot agree. Give me tangible evidence and I will listen.

      • @ Fred Bvalani

        TB Joshua says to the church, I SAY TO YOU YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN YOU and here you are saying the Bible tells us we can do this! My friend, it is one thing to tell people repent and be forgiven and quite another to tell them you are forgiven without knowing whether indeed they have repented. If the people were saying I have been forgiven that is something else but there is no way tb Joshua can tell them that because that is the work of God/Holy Spirit, He/ The Holy Spirit assures them and they/the forgiven declare it. Not tb Joshua! How can anyone declare to an entire assembly that your sins are forgiven you. How does he know? Is he God? That entire assembly is made up of Christians and tb Joshua knows that? Come on, our work as Christians is to call people to repentance WE DO NOT have the power to declare them forgiven unless they themselves testify to forgiveness. Further TB Joshua did not indicate he was speaking to the Christians Only.He didn’t say, I say this to you Christians or if you are a Christian your sins have been forgiven…

        TB Joshua did not know everyone who was in that church that day to claim that they are all forgiven. This man is naive and a false Christ. Only Christ can say I say to you your sins are forgiven you because He is God!

        You say the people were praying to God, let us define prayer then we will find that what is sometimes called prayer in synagogue is not. Do you know what a breakthrough key is? Do you know how to begin to take such a key? Have we become so numb to truth that the simplicity of prayer eludes us.

      • @Lindiwe,
        You see, your problem is that I don’t bow down to your idol, but see him as the deceitful and false prophet that he is. One day, you’d know the truth and you’d be free, but as for all your curses and binding and casting out, they go away with the wind.


  25. SCOAN is like a prison, where even personal liberties and freedoms are taken away, the moment you arrive in the commune. If it were possible, they would even take people’s minds away, so they won’t even think at all ! And, yes, Ian, I agree with you, that the problem is whether or not the passports are in their possession. I read somewhere that the passports were taken away from them upon arrival, and the people were warned never to have interaction with anyone, in fact, they’re completely cut off from all communication with anyone, except those in the commune, and everyone and everything is monitored. They can’t watch TV, have access to internet, so they don’t communicate with anyone. The only TV they watch is Emmanuel TV and TB Joshua. And Joshua is able to do this because he has fools working under him who would carry out his every bidding, in the name of service to God. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too late before we have another Jim Jones !

    • hi,.Terrific,…the problem with cult-behaviors is; the more out-site critizm and reasonable warnings, the more they close their iseland-walls,…They are told and teached to be special and choosen,.and the world is of satan,….Its not un-common for monesteries, ashrams and cult-groups to be hidden for the outer world,…The hope for the scoan-people is the open and publical sunday-service, …..this means, there is a door open to the world, and the world can come in here, by responses and testimonies,…They can never go to far, because to much opposition is with them,…Their goal is not to destroy the mind of disciples, but to bring the Gospel and healing to the world,…At any cost and with any medium,…..Its very important to controle them by never-ending responses,….the moment the outer world gives up, they give-in to internal incest-behavior,….cult-behavior is the kinder-garten of christianity and other legacies,…Its un-matured leadership,….so tb Joshua is responsible,…..the disciples are no fools, they are under his spell,…they are tools,….

  26. The TB Joshua Delusion

    I don’t think any reasonable person should take
    these so called prophecies as real prophecies.
    These people- including TB Joshua himself- take
    advantage of situations like these to delude people as if they have special powers.

    First of all, how many elderly african heads of state have been reported seriously ailing since January 2012? I do not want to mention their names here. Given that fact, if I say” another african president is dying before the end of the year” if it really happens that an elderly head of state passes on before the end of the year, would you call me a prophet when I have uttered a prediction with such a high probability of happening?

    Bingu may have received a letter- as well as other ailing Heads Of States- from TB Joshua. He may not have received the letter as well, we don’t know. We can not prove whether its true or not since Bingu is not here for us to ask him.

    I’m a Malawian and I wished change would come sooner like it has happened without celebrating the death of our former president, but involving TB Joshua in government or party functions when delivering her speeches, refering to him as. ‘My God Father’ is unfortunate and shows her lack of professionalism. I wouldn’t be happy to be lead by a president with shortsightedness like this first woman president in Southern Africa.

    I am very disappointed in her as much as many Malawians.

    • can u really prophesy that this match {soccer}is going to end in penalties after a 1 all draw and such a team will win after scoring such penalties and missing such penalties?may god forgive all you satanists.

      • First of all, you have shown that you are not a true christian by not livng exemplary to Jesus Christ as you claiming to be your role model.
        Jesus in his time never induldged himself in name calling and hate speech as you have done, calling everybody oppossing your views as “satanists”
        A bible of course cannot be relied on as a good source of history and whether Jesus in the bible is a character in fiction or a real character in fact, he comes in as an admirable person, who was far ahead of his time. It is his followers who are using him for their own personal benefits, and they call him a son of God, which jesus himself never uttered in his entire life.

        We have repeatedly said that most of you who are claiming prophecies of TB Joshua you are watching edited videos to suit the intended prophecies. If that is what you call prophecy then I can do it as well. I can prophesy using the same method to predict the result of a football match, like ending in a 1 all draw and fate of the game decided by penalties. If this is what in your own definition you call a prophecy then everybody can do it. Film industry is a superficial media that you need to be very carefully with whatever you are watching. Anything that is impossible in real world is very possible in bolywood or holywood.

        On the question that TB Joshua is a donor to the needy, the poor, orphans etc, he could be helpful in that case but that only does not make him a good or a righteous person even in biblical or christian standards. He is like a gambler who goes to church every sunday and using the same money to pay for his offerings and tights. I wonder what kind of God would accept such offerings and he can not qualify to be a good source of good morals.

  27. if TB Joshua will only prophesy about bad things only,then we will put a question mark on him.let him prophesy about good things as well,does it mean our heavenly father will only tell us of how bad thins will happen to us without telling us the good things he always do to us?president Bingu was our father in malawi so we cannot cerebrate his death as other people are doing.And mind you TB jOSHUA prease tell us something good this time.

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  29. It is obvious that the writer of this article and most people commenting here are letting their hatred of TB Joshua cloud their judgement.

    1. TB Joshua said it would happen in April (that’s a timeframe of 30 days), which mathematician can calculate that an old African head of state would die within a given month and the death would be a sudden death? (i.e. He will not die in hospital). and that the president will not be from West Africa (How many presidents qualified

    2. TB Joshua said because he saw that there is nothing he could do about it that’s why he was disclosing so that people can pray, #unchangeable. You should have watched the video. You should have watched first before writing the article. I will have no problem agreeing with you if you write the truth otherwise just say I don’t like TB Joshua without lying.

    I don’t know TB Joshua personally, I am just judging from the evidence available which is that he did accurately predict this death and many other things not only deaths.

    • @Fredbvalani,
      I agree with you that we should judge righteous judgement, and not allow our judgement to be clouded by anger, hatred or blindness. However, making a prediction or predictions that are accurate does not make one a true prophet. Many so called ” prophets” today are just practicing divination like our native witchdoctors and jujumen.T B Joshua is also on record as having made many false predictions, and since the Spirit of God does not lie, one false prediction makes one a false prophet.There’s also the Chinese art of Quigong (Chigong) for healing, which is no different from the way TBJ manouvers his hands, body and feet, except he garnishes the procedure with the name of Jesus !

      • It looks like you and I agree that TB Joshua accurately predicted something that no human can and that he did it with the power of a higher power which supports my argument that this article is neither balanced nor factual. The point where we may or may not differ is which higher does TB Joshua depend on? I think that’s a topic for somewhere else because I depend on scripture and there could be a long debate quoting scriptures to back our points but I feel that would be outside the scope of this article

      • Mr Terrific, It appears that we agree that TB Joshua did accurately predict this particular event and that there has to be a higher power involved to achieve that level of accuracy as no human can do so.

        Where we may or may not differ is:
        1. What higher power he uses.
        2. False predictions

        To prove point 1 it would take a long discussion as I would want proof from the Bible that would convince that his actions do not agree with scripture

        For point 2, I am yet to see a video of such a prediction that did not come true. I would expect to see videos of such predictions that did not come true.

        Remember we are trying to be reasonable and critical thinkers. However the subject of this article is not these two points. I am sure any critical objective person would see that the arguments by the writer of the article do not hold water at all.

    • @ Fred Bvalani

      Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Matthew 7:21-23

      Since GOD clearly said Satans children will prophesy, drive out demons and perform many miracles, it is pointless to dwell on the fact that TB Joshua can predict things accurately. As a matter of fact, to do so would be TO NOT HEED/BE DISOBEDIENT TO WHAT GOD IS SAYING IN THESE VERSES. So, the accurate predictions fall in the category of Matthew 7:21-23 unless we apply the other Biblical tests.

      Let us look at what he teaches and whether it is in line with the Bible,for starters. From this video it is clear TB Joshua believes he can forgive the sins of his ‘church’ members. This as you know is blasphemy. There is NO WAY A MAN SENT FROM GOD CAN FORGIVE PEOPLES SINS UNLESS IF WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE GOD MAN CHRIST.

      • @FredBValani,
        TB Joshua does not have the doctrine of Christ, as we have proved from Scriptures on this site. Further he teaches doctrines of demons, the latest of which is his claim that he has a divine nature. In short, the man is a false prophet, who is desperately seeking for fame, approval and recognition by whatever means, and he’s destroying many souls who are ignorant of Scriptures.

  30. I do not know whether TB Joshua predicted Bingu’s death but whether or not he did, do I believe this was from God? I don’t and the reason for this goes back to Princess Diana’s death.

    Prior to her death there was a prophecy in the UK that was shared pretty widely – my church received it via the Baptist Union but I think other denominations had it too. This prophecy didn’t name her and the purpose of it was not to predict her death. The prophecy said that our nation would be struck by a tragic event in the summer that would bring people onto the streets in mourning, that there would be flowers laid in the streets etc. All these happened and it was the first time that we had seen anything like it in the UK.

    However, the purpose of the prophecy was not to prevent her death (she wasn’t named in it), the purpose was not to glorify the person who brought the prophecy (I think he or she remained anonymous), no, the purpose was to encourage prayer for our nation both for the event itself, but also that it would serve to open the nation up to God’s love.

    We have seen real change in our nation since her death, with more publicly expressed emotion and openess to God. Most recently we have seen the encouragement even in the press to pray for the footballer Fabrice Muamba after he had a heart attack during a match and stopped breathing. So the prophecy was positive – it encourage positive action and the prayers seem to have been answered.

    If we look at prophecies in the bible they are designed to encourage positive action. I am not sure that vague predictions of someone’s death are sufficient to count as prophecy.

  31. thanks fredbvalani for your very objective position on this matter. pple live the major issues of the article & deviate. the articles on this blog are full of lies, false accusations & uninvestigated assumptions. we know where it comes from; direct from the pit of hell. we react to check the deciet of those who might run into the site without much info. now look at thier style, dey lay so much emphasis on tb joshua as a person. they are even the pple making tb joshua look so important & like a god. dont you think dat if they & others stop writing about tb joshua that knowbody will know him. unfurtunately they cannot stop the gospel of God through men of God like tb joshua so they live in penury & turture as God uses tb joshua to continually destroy the kingdom of darkness.

  32. ”Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to
    evade the need to think and evaluate evidence.
    Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because
    of, the lack of evidence.” Richard Dawkins.

    If we continued analysing this matter here with a reality check, we wouldn’t be arguing and making reference to the bible as you are doing here. This TB Joshua prophecy is not a prophecy at all, I am agnostic about that fact.

    The fact that he predicted the death of Bingu Wa Mutharikas, and we don’t know how he did it, we can’t say its God who told him because he is using the Bible. He is in fact exploiting the faith that you people have in God, to cover up what actually happened- which dont know yet but one day we will know what happened-

    Therefore you cannot ask any question that would put you in a doubting position because as christians for many generations you have been taught that any descenting views against God, don’t listen, it is the devil talking. Thus how you have been immunised and you are ready to to listen to anything TB Joshua predicts without questioning his ways.

    The very first time I heard of his so called prophecy in february this year, he said that an african president is dying this year. He said without mentioning the the months and the day.
    They said it was repeated in march and then on the first of april. The repeated versions were modified to suit the the what we be called the death of Mutharika. We didn’t see the videos before the death of the president, but the video that is available now after his death is not the same as the ones before. This one is even mentioning the day it will happen. It may have edited to suit the Mutharikas death as if it was his prophecy.

    This man is traitor, he is betraying your faith that you have in God.

    • The good thing about TB Joshua’s prophecies is that he says them Free-to-air live television. There are people who watch every Sunday and remember when the prophecies we made unless of course TB Joshua is so powerful (evil) that he messes with all their memories too. If anybody wants to prove that TB Joshua changes the prophecies, all they need to do is to record the prophecies when 1st announced so that when he changes, they can release the original ones. Otherwise TB Joshua has been at this for many decades and unless someones brings out credible evidence that he lies, he will keep going strong, because the millions of people that have been helped at his church will still speak well of him.

      • I think it would be very interesting if anyone had the time and inclination to record all the live services. I expect it is very likely that discrepancies between what was originally broadcast and what is packaged for the “prophecy fulfilled” videos would be found. Already this site has shown how SCOAN denied any timeframe for the president death, then broadcast him giving a timeframe once they realised it fitted. If they denied it at first, it seems unlikely that the timeframe was originally broadcast, because they wouldn’t get away with denying it so soon after. I think a solid and thorough investigation into things like this would bring up some very interesting and damning evidence, the problem is – anyone who has the inclination to expose TB Joshua almost certainly won’t have the the stomach to watch hundreds of hours of Emmanuel TV.

      • I am watching right now, I just heard some prophecies a few minutes ago concerning Argentina and Nigeria. Don’t you think I will know if the videos are changed?

      • I look forward to hearing from you. By the way, I expect that the vast majority is unchanged, it will be small details that people are unlikely to remember that might be changed.

        What is your thought on the contradiction over the date of the presidents death?

      • If following was a measure for Aunthenticity then TB Joshua would be a true prophet. So would the Antichrist in Revelation. But it isn’t and in usual Malawian style here we are emphasing what he has done for others as if even the Antichrist will not do a lot for people either. It is sad that even magic can pass for Godly miracles among so called Christians.

        The problem we have is a lack of doctrine. In Malawi, there are people who have no idea what the fundamental teachings of the Bible are and so for them anything goes. We even have national prayers involving Muslims, Christians and Catholics. People don’t know their Bibles.

        Fred, take time to go through the articles on this blog. If indeed you are among the few in Malawi with a solid Biblical foundation you will know that there is enough evidence to state what tb Joshua is, a false prophet.

    • @Isaac,
      We’ve said it again and again and again, that the man T B Joshua is false, a charlattan, a deceiver, a Nigerian religious 419, and yes, you’re right, the videos were edited to suit his false prophesy. T B Joshua is a con artist, and a master at manipulation. Phoooooooey !!!!!!!!!!!

      • who are you isaac to come to a comclusion as to who tb joshua is or is not.this site is run by people who have hate and jealousy for tb joshua.where were you when scoan started more than 20 years and it it now that you know he is a con artist?

    • isaac, its clear from your statements you’v not watched emmanuel tv & u dont know anything about tb joshua’s ministry. pls i’ll advice u to start watching emmanuel tv & your life will never be the same again. cheers.

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