TB Joshua, Joyce Banda and President Bingu wa Mutharika – the facts

Joyce Banda is one of TB Joshua's most high profile supporters

In our last article, we alluded to some conspiracy theories floating around the internet about the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika and TB Joshua’s involvement. Since then, some more information has come out and some high profile names are also suggesting a sinister connection between Joyce Banda’s relationship with TB Joshua and the president of Malawi’s death.

There may or may not be anything behind this, but there are big enough “coincidences” that it certainly worth looking at the facts.

What are the facts?

Joyce Banda is a big supporter of TB Joshua, and visited SCOAN in December 2011.

As Vice President of Malawi, Joyce Banda had a public falling out with President Mutharika resulting in her being expelled from their party. This meant that the only chance of her ever being president (a desire she had publicly expressed) would require President Bingu to die during his current term in office.

During July 2011 there were widespread protests in Malawi against President Mutharika’s government. Joyce Banda not only publicly endorsed the protests, she was accused by Mutharika as being the one inciting the unrest.

In October 2011 it was reported that President Mutharika’s government had plans to arrest Joyce Banda and charge her with treason. Apparently the governing party had been putting together documents showing there had been communication between the Vice President and others from the military and foreign nations (Nigeria?) strategising on how to wrestle power from Mutharika before his tenure of office ends in 2014

On the 5th February 2012 TB Joshua predicted the death of an unnamed African president in April of the same year. SCOAN quickly denied that he ever put a date on the death, then after the death fell in the correct time-frame released a video showing otherwise. Before this video was released, it looked like just another one of TB Joshua’s vague “one size fits all” prophecies (hence the “reality check” in our last post), however the release of this video put it in a whole different league. He had seemingly predicted the day of week and the month of this old president’s death.

On Thursday the 5th of April (the day of the week predicted by TB Joshua) President Mutharika suffered a cardiac arrest. Some say he died the same day, although most news reports say he died on Friday the 6th, however all sources agree the heart attack was on the Thursday.

On the 7th April Joyce Banda becomes the president of Malawi. The next day she fires the chief of police and chose a new one. The outgoing chief of police had been appointed by President Mutharika 2 years previously.

What does this all add up to?

At the very least, both TB Joshua and Joyce Banda have benefited from Mutharika’s demise. Banda achieved her ambition to become president (the only way possible), while TB Joshua has boosted his “Man of God” credentials by finally having a fairly impressive prophecy to his name.

Some commentators are going further by suggesting that Mutharika’s death was a plot. Zano PF minister Jonathan Moyo has suggested that President Mutharika was killed by his enemies and the TB Joshua prophecy was used to divert attention from them. Malawian political writer Cedrick Ngalande wonders if TB Joshua himself might have had a hand in the death. We’re not in a position to know if there is any truth to these outrageous suggestions. Without a doubt there are a lot of uncertainties, but what is certain is that the nature of TB Joshua and Joyce Banda’s relationship deserves close scrutiny and investigation.

49 thoughts on “TB Joshua, Joyce Banda and President Bingu wa Mutharika – the facts

  1. Bingu died within minutes of the cardiac arrest. Impeccable sources here in Malawi confirmed that he was dead on arrival at the local hospital. Governemnt simply wanted to buy time with his death hence the false story of him dying in South Africa.

    I don’t find your insinuations of foul play by Joyce and/or TB Joshua credible.

    I do however want you to note that Bingu’s personal secretary and office of the president have rigorously denied that Bingu ever corresponded with TB Joshua concerning the prophesy. The letter TB joshua ‘claims’ to have received from Bingu was in fact just an acknowledgement for a book TB Joshua sent. (It’s all in today’s papers here in Malawi).

    Let’s see the false prophet to refute this.

    • Hi Malawian
      I don’t think that Tb Joshua would go on international tv and claim that Tb Joshua sent him a letter.The dude has a reputation to protect.
      The Gov would not admit to anything like that.As they say there is no smoke without fire.You should not belive everything you read in the paper.Our Gov is very good and refuteing the thruth.They even denied that Bingu had died even though he did though within minutes.My brother got a call at his office from State house minutes after Bingu collapsed to say go home Bingu is dead.
      To tell the thruth the Malawian gov is ashamed of the whole matter.
      A whole president’s dirty linen out in the open.
      Malawains are very guliable people.

      • At least on the letter, Joshua lied because the contents of the letter were to thank Joshua for the book gift that he sent to the Malawi nation and the head of state, & nothing to do with death prophecy. No wonder he could not show the body of the letter. And any prophet of integrity who claims that the letter was personal should not even be discussing, let alone display the letter to the public. That is breach of confidentiality. He was showing us the letter for self grandeur.

      • Dear Tb Joshua watch
        You are not going to find any online source or any source about this letter.
        As already said,our gov is very good at refuteing.So you won’t get any where here.

  2. This is pure nonsense,iam even suprised that you can put such rubbish on your website.for your information the president has been I’ll for a very long time,the dude had prostate cancer and some other complications.As a malawian living in Malawi,I should know what went down,Joyce Banda spoke for the malawian people when she approve of the protests.You can’t imangins what we have been through.in the first place it was not Joyce Banda who came up with the demostrations which took place it was civil soceity.Th reason why Joyce Banda went to Nigeria in the first place was because she was going through alot.At one point they even wanted to kill her and they did a lot to frustrate her.Now to say that Tb Joshua had a hand in the death of Bingu is nonsense.What she gave him some poison or something.I am disappointed that you would even take the time to write such nonsense.The man was old and sickly and he died,he was even known to drink alot of alcholol.it was his time to die and there is nothing more to it.
    Don’t you think that If Tb Joshua made the wrong prophecy as in the date then he would lose credibility,that’s why Scaon chose to refute that they gave a time line,meaning that he him self was not sure if this prophecy would come to pass.
    Please don’t give Tb joshua too much credit!
    So I suppose he also had a hand in the death of Wacko Jacko(Micheal Jackson).
    Off course she has alot to gain from his death from Bingus death was she not the vice president.Malawains have lot to gain also from his death,he stole money from Gov,insulted helper of Malawi and left us in very difficult situation.No drugs in hospitals,even hospital gloves are scare.Long lines for fuel,at times waiting in line up to
    midnight .Please can we discuss sensible topics!

  3. i’m a malawian, and i’ve been watching emmanuel tv for 5 yrs, TB Joshua has made countless prophecies that have come to pass, the death of the Poland president for instance, nobody claimed any foul play because TB Joshua is only a man but of God, he predicted the weather that caused the plane crush, why did you not accuse him of murder? We all know there’s a super power at play here and your refusal to acknowledge it won’t make any difference. Bingu as all Malawians know was i’ll, one of his buddies described him as a dead man walking, he was a powerhungry autocrat who was hated by the Malawin people (who by the way are celebrating his death), he had problems with both his vice presidents, the 1st one Cassim Chilumpha still has a treason case going on but proof of the murder plot has never surfaced, the same trick could not be used on Joyce Banda so he humiliated her and stripped her of all the duties and honours of her position, there was an attempt at her life a few months after she went to TB Joshua (Malawi rejoiced at this) to seek spiritual guidance. Bingu’s death if it had been a murder the doctors would not have kept it a secret and it did not come as a suprise to Malawians, the man been having health problems and several social, political, national and problems to deal with and his age made it all easier (Bingu did not need anybody to kill him, he was a man waiting for death to happen) so TB Joshua watch, i undestand you’re a Christian organisation, are you sure accusing 2 God-fearing people of murder( that is obviously an act of nature) and writing things you have little knowledge about with fabricated lies is your Christian duty? Be very careful in your dealings…and may God have mercy on your soul

    • Let’s be absolutely clear. There is no accusation coming from TB Joshua Watch. We are reporting something that is being widely discussed online, and discussing the reasons people may have come to certain extreme conclusions. If you think we have misreported some of the facts, or not included all of the facts, please feel free to correct us.

  4. One thing I know, T B Joshua is so desperate for recognition and approval from men and he would stoop at nothing to achieve this ambition. May the Lord have mercy on gullible and deluded folks are worshiping men instead of the Lord Jesus who bought them with His own blood.

    • Mr Terrific!
      I love your comment!
      Alot of people seem to worship this man instead of God,trust me they do worship him.Which I think is very sad.
      I once visited some one who had been to Scaon and for like 5 hours that’s all he could talk about was The Man of God! not as a man but as God.Thi dude does not watch anything on Sunday but Emmanuel tv.
      You would be suprised how many Malawians are glued to their Tvs watching Emmanuel tv.
      I am not saying they should not but they take him as God,if they take him as God then how do they take God!
      It’s just really makes me sad and iam. 100 percent sure God feels the same way.
      I personally would not go all the way to Nigeria just to be prayed for by him,my God is a good and loving God who has and does great wonders in my life.God is every where just belive in him.
      What people don’t understand is that God is mighty and he hears us when we call him.All you need is faith!faith is the key people!

      • T.B joshua is not God. We in Nigeria are pround and happy to have him as a Prophet! U should b grateful for him prophesing abt ur bingo. He T.b. Joshua saved nig from a civil/religious war. We dnt nid endorsement from poor Maliwans like u. U could hug the transformer if u dnt like him

  5. I think even if you take a purely spiritual perspective on the situation it’s not much better, TB Joshua is claiming to have correctly prophecied the death of his supporters political opponent, what is a prediction of death if it’s not a curse?

    • What makes me wonder is how he never predicts good news.Prophet of doom I guess.
      I guess we all know who to go to if we want to hear bad news about those we don’t get along with.

      • His nt a prophet of doom. Even if he is allow God 2 judge him nt u who r u 2 tlk abt a man of God lyk dat? We luv him d way he is cos see’s evrytin datz abt happened n say it d way God wnt him 2. D death of ur (bingo president)is nt d 1st nor last his only a msger of God he dliver wat God ask him 2 do watch!!!

    • Mexy
      I think your comment is out of line and very very childish.a man is not measured by his wealth,we may be poor Malawians but we are at least civil.

  6. I would be wary of attaching too much credence to these comments. Yes, I guess it’s possible that some how TBJ may have been involved in Bingu’s death, but to be honest this smacks of the typical conspiracy theories that abound when someone in a position of prominence dies unexpectedly. Of course someone benefitted (Joyce Banda) and this may benefit TBJ. But often when someone dies, there is someone who benefits.

    • Why wld he b involve in such an evil act? Wat profit will it b 2 him 2 b involve in d death of anoda country’s president death? Malawians or wateva u call ursefs bkiaful abt wat u pple sayn b4 d rod of God descend on u guyz watch out pple…

  7. Don’t listen to some of the malawians that are commenting on here.Malawians hate Bingu and now they have been bitten with Joyce Banda Bug.I am a malawian….and I know for a fact that Bingu was killed whether malawians want to believe it or not.Only time will tell.May Prof.Bingu Wa Mutharika’s soul rest in peace.

  8. @ ALL,
    The Bible gives us all the clues to identify a false prophet, and Temitope Balogun Joshua has passed all these tests in flying colors, scoring excellently above 100%. My fellow deluded Malawians, please turn your attention and love to Jesus Christ, who bought you with His own blood and stop making TBJ your idol. God will not share His glory with anyone, be it a true or false prophet. Beware of making idols out of mortal men.

  9. even when pilate found & declared Jesus Christ innocent, his enemies still chanted, crucify Him! crucify Him! so “tb joshua watch” go ahead with ur master’s bid. satan & demons still prowl seeking for whom to devour.

  10. dont celebrate your satanic blog. you’re acting out of ignorance, envy & hatred. pls read Acts 3:22-23 very well. who do you think Peter was refering to? do you think Moses was refering to Jesus? if yes, then Moses is equating himself to Jesus. so tb joshua’s case as another prophet will not be different. but it is clear to us that Moses is not refering to Jesus; then who is he refering to?

    • Nweze dude!
      I think you need serious excorsim from the delution that TB Joshua is divine.
      You would probaly need more than 10 preists as you have a very Big problem!
      No one is divine apart from God and Jesus the Son of God!
      Not even Mary who carried him for 9 months is divine.She is certainly holy as she
      Was choosen for this great task,visited by an angel.
      So not even Tb Joshua is divine he is meley a man!What blasphemy this is!come on dude.
      If I did not know better I would say you are planted by Scaon on this site.
      Intact you knid of remind me of Bingu him self who thought he was so smart and everyone daft!
      I am sure God him self is disappointed.
      How can we mere humans be equal to God the creator and his Son!not possible then there would have been no point in him dying for us to be saved.
      I find most of your comments baseless really.

  11. Hi Nweze, my understanding of what you are saying is that Moses equated himself with Jesus and therefore it is OK for TBJ to do the same. If that is the case then sorry, I’m going to disagree with you again.

    In Acts, Peter refers back to Deuteronomy where Moses predicts the rise of a prophet like him (interestingly this is at the beginning of the section about distinguishing false prophets!). Moses goes onto say that this prophet has been asked for by the Jews because they cannot bear dealing with God direct for fear that they will die.

    My understanding of what Peter is saying is that Jesus has fulfilled the prophecies of the (old testament) prophets, restoring the relationship between man and God.

    Jesus himself referred back to Moses and Elijah – these were mighty prophets and leaders, Moses in particular foreshadowed Jesus in a practical sense as he led the Israelites out of capitivity as Jesus has led us all out of captivity. But Moses was not God, nor did he claim to be God or to be divine in any sense. So when Moses refers to ‘a prophet like me’ he is right, Jesus shared many of the same characteristics in what he did.

    But with the coming of Jesus there was not the need for any further prophets of the type of Moses and Elijah, Peter indicates this in Acts 3 v24 by saying that Jesus was the culmination of the prophecies about the Messiah. As Jesus said on the cross ‘it is finished’ – Jesus is the Apha and Omega, the beginning and the end. There is no one to come after him, he did it all on the cross.

    So no, Moses did not claim to be God. No TB Joshua is not God – Jesus did it all.Otherwise what is the point? Unless Jesus fulfilled everything on the cross, christianity has no basis.

    • claire dear, pls that was’nt my explanation. moses never equated himself with Jesus niether did tb joshua do so. i am only saying that tb joshua is a prophet sent to us just as moses was sent to the children of God of old. i am only saying that moses recognises the fact that Jesus will be sending prophets like him(moses) to all generations. cheers.

    • He may be man if God but he is not divine or equal to God.it’s sickening when people put him up on a pedestal as if he is God.

  12. To be honest I’m confused and trust God and only Him for the truth. We are really in the last days. I’m shocked by the comments and views posted. May God have mercy on us

  13. @ jacky & claire as well as all those shouting amen. its seems u guys didnt understand me at all, but then i understand your dilema. its a case of one who has a made up mind against tb joshua. if u had read my last sentence well u would have seen that i never equated moses to Jesus, niether did i equate tb joshua to Jesus. i am only saying that God still sends His prophets who are like moses to His pple of all generations. moses cannot be like Jesus. our Lord Jesus is God & Saviour while moses is just a major prophet of old testament. rem all the apostles of Christ were major prophets of new testament. if prophecy is not a major theme in the new testament, what do you call John’s prophecy of revelations on the island of pathmos? cheers.

    • Nweze
      There are no comparisons to be made between TB Joshua and the prophets who were sent by God. It is unreasonable, illogical AND unBiblical to compare Moses, John, the Apostles for example with TB Joshua. TB Joshua can only be compared to Balaam, the Egyptian magicians, Simon the sorcerer, Hananiah, etc because all these prophets were of their father, Satan. And yes my mind is made up just like the mind of Paul was made up regarding the false teachers Alexander and Hymenaeus. TB Joshua has been tested on this site and by others, he has been found false. HE HAS NOT BEEN SENT BY THE HOLY GOD to this generation! He is here to deceive and fortunately he cannot deceive the Elect.

  14. I think we should all examine the facts presented by both the sides. Only then can one make an informed decision about this situation. Also lets look at the history of TBJ who he is and what he has done versus what critics say about this. Let it be to the discretion of our individual spirits to guide us as to which way to follow….Otherwise, making a decision just based on what people say or dont say for or against TBJ is total naivity at its very best. Period!

    • Joyce Banda has visited TB Joshua on many occassions. In December 2011, she visited him again. The same December 2011, TB Joshua sends a book to late President Bingu as a gift to him and the Malawi nation with specific instructions that the book (which was in a sealed package) should only be opened by Bingu and no one else. There has been some speculation that since he opened the package Bingu was acting somehow strange. In February 2012, Bingu authorized his office to write to TB Joshua to acknowledge and thank him for the gift to the Malawi nation. February 24, 2012, the letter is typed on government of Malawi letterhead (since this was a gift to the Malawi nation), thanking Joshua for the gift. April 5, Bingu collapses and efforts to revive him immediately by his personal doctor fail. He later dies. The following Sunday TB Joshua on his pulpit displays the same letter written from the president’s office, and claims it was an acknowledgment from Bingu that he knew the said death prophecy was for him and that he is prepared to die. However, Joshua only displays the heading and the signature but not the body of the letter claiming it was personal. If it was a personal letter, why did he even have to display it to the world, even having to mention it? The fact is, Bingu never wrote to Joshua about any prophecy concerning him. He only wrote to Joshua to thank him for the gift to the nation. Bingu was a learned man and there is no way he could have used a government letterhead to write to Joshua about a personal matter. It is only because Joshua told him this was a gift to the Malawi nation and to him as head of that nation. Joyce Banda went on record to tell the Malawi nation not to worry about Bingu because she had just spoken to her “spiritual father” Joshua and he told her that Bingu is now in a good place and Malawians should not worry (why she spoke with her spiritual father about this is beyond me). After being sworn in as president, Joyce secretly visited Nigeria and it is speculated she was meeting the spiritual father to thank him. You can draw your own conclusions. I used to believe Joshua until I saw his video displaying the letter, then it suddenly dawned on me that we are dealing with a fraudster because I personally know the facts surrounding the package and the letter.If he can stand before nations and display and lie about that letter, then Joshua can do anything.

      • I like your comments, how did you come to this? I may think that the satanic power was behind his death

    • @agnes, if the book was sent to bingu & it is meant for the malawian nation, then tb joshua showing the world the acknowlegement is correct. dont you think what he wrote in that book could be prophecies to the nation of malawi? dont you think he might have prophesied to bingu in that book that his demise is near & should prepare himself? why did he according to you ask bingu to be the only one to read it, if something personal about him was not written there? then agnes, if it is a gift to the nation why not make it public now that bingu is dead to know the contents? i hope you saw the delegation of ivoriean former president gbagbo coming to SCOAN to apologise for their disobedience. the family of bingu would be happy because their father prepared himself before hand. cheers.

      • What I am disputing here is not whether showing the world the ackowledgment is correct, my point is that the contents of the letter were not about Joshua prophesying about Bingu’s death but it was an acknowledgment of the gift. Even the family of Bingu have said the letter was nothing about the prophesy but about the said. And it is only the Lord who knows where we end up after death, no man can tell us that.

      • Point of correction – Joshua did not say that “it should only be Bingu to read the book”, he said “it should only be Bingu to open the package in which the book was”. Maybe there was juju or magic cast specifically for the person opening the package? The book itself is about general christian teachings to benefit all Malawians, nothing personally written for Bingu.

  15. your fucking problem of jelousy pure….jelousy, You cant do nothing to an idea whose time has come. If this Man TB Joshua is not of God, then time will tell. Watch him or not, you can stop the move of God; God chose to use whomsoever he wishes, bestowing power and ability on such. Jesus christ said “If you believe in me, greater things than what i did shall you do ” so why are you worried that the man has ability morethan you ??? instead of you to glorify God for what he has been using the man to accomplish. Joshua has prophesies many prominent events the exactly came and past. Be careful you agent of satan, you can fall what God has erected. You can only be ashame. Afterall judgement is of God. As long has he call on the name of Jesus, he is never against master Jesus, for so said the lord.

    • Hi Ben

      I am not jealous of TB Joshua, and I am doubtful that he is ‘of God’. There are allegations of sexual abuse that remain uninvestigated and the complainants castigated (and cut off by their families), there are the deaths and serious illnesses of those declared ‘healed’ by him and there is a view that many of his ‘prophecies’ are either too vague to be of any use or are mere predictions (combined with the fact that the bible warns of people who ‘prophesy’ but are not from God).

      I do not think swearing at people you do not know is helpful in having a rational discussion about this matter. It is important – on the one side we have people who have been hurt through his ‘ministry’ and on the other we have people who are so convinced by him that some appear to consider him divine.

      As you say judgement is of God. I don’t want to be judged guilty of standing by when people are in trouble and doing nothing to warn people to look carefully before they leap.

    • @ Ben,
      Have you never read Matthew 7:21-23 ? Up till now, some of you are so ignorant you think miracles and prophesies make one a ” man of God.” Even so, many of you don’t realize T B Joshua manipulates miracles and healings with the connivance of his fake disciples.

  16. What does it take an ordinary man to believe God’s power? What you can’t do, never think everyone can not do. I can’t understand this author. Lord, forgive him. T.B Joshua is a true Man of God. To understand spiritual work, one need to submit his/her soul to Jesus Christ. Brethens, lets seek the kingdom of God above everything else and live righteously and He will provide everything you need. Mat 6:33. Help us Lord of Abraham. Long live T.B Joshua, a true servant of God. ‘Pharisees and Seducces rediculed our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’. Watch out! Emmanuel

  17. this website is satanic. If u think Tb is not real y not attack him for all africans know yu malawians are good in juju killings . Kill him then to prove he is not a man of God . Better kp quiet if yu don understand things of the bible. He died coz it was his time.

  18. Howard,
    Birds will always understand each other coz they know their language and so only those people who are mature in spirit can see and understand what is really from God and what is not. Again, Worhiping God and acknowledging good that somebody has done are two different things and they should not be mixed. God shall remain God and so the truth no matter how one manipulates it.

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