Manipulation around the Mutharika prophecy: Three suspicious things

Pointing out what is dodgy about TB Joshua can be tiresome. There are only so many ways that you can say that the emperor has no clothes, that all that glitters is not gold, or that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But here we go again, one more time, to point out three very suspicious details about TB Joshua’s prophecy of Mutharika’s death.

1) The letter from Bingu

‘Mutharika knew I was talking about him,’ proclaimed TB Joshua in a service in April. He held up a letter, showing the signature of the late Malawian president and an official letterhead. In the letter, TB Joshua boasted, Mutharika had acknowledged that he was the subject of the prophecy and his days were numbered.

However, Malawian officials say that this is completely untrue. Mutharika’s aide for religious matters, Billy Gama, as well as the typist who wrote the letter, confirmed that the letter sent from Mutharika to TB Joshua was simply a routine letter thanking him for a book that he sent as a gift. Furthermore, TB Joshua’s claims are certainly not consistent with Mutharika’s words before his death, when he dismissed the prophecy by saying that no-one but God knew the time he would die.

Of course, we couldn’t be sure either way since TB Joshua did not show us the whole letter. The reason? “The contents are personal,” he said. So hang on, he was happy to tell us all about the letter’s contents, which funnily enough were very favourable towards him and his prophetic gifts, but was too shy to show us the letter itself, which would (so he says) verify his story? There is something extremely fishy about that.

2) SCOAN’s denial, followed by a stunning U-turn

The prophecy video released after Mutharika’s death was very specific. The video claimed that:

-On Feb 5th, TB Joshua said the death would be in April.
-On March the 18th, he said it would be on a Thursday.
-On April 1st, he said it would outside of West Africa.

However, none of this information was publicised by SCOAN until it ‘came true’. On the contrary, before Bingu’s death, SCOAN attacked media outlets for ‘misrepresenting’ TB Joshua’s prophecy. How did the media misrepresent TB Joshua? By claiming that he had mentioned a specific timeframe for the prophecy!

This case was made on several blogs written by representatives of SCOAN. Watching TB Joshua were furious, demanding a formal apology from those who reported that TB Joshua had said the death would happen within two months. The TB Joshua Fans blog also insisted that ‘he DID NOT mention any specific date or time-frame”. SCOAN disciples wrote letters to newspapers arguing the same point.

Now the same SCOAN supporters boast of how specific the prophecy was. Why did SCOAN contradict themselves like this? Is it typical SCOAN policy to deny the details of a prophecy until (or unless) it coincides with the facts? Hmm.. Not a bad strategy. So how many other  prophecies that didn’t come true have been neatly suppressed and/or forgotten? (actually, we know of a couple that we’re keeping track of now, watch this space)

3) The mysterious missing videos

TB Joshua’s prophecy video was so specific, and so slickly manufactured and edited, that it made us curious. What else did he say?

It was also interesting that all the parts where he mentioned the month of April, the camera was very tightly on TB Joshua. The audience in front of him is never visible. Was this part of the live service or was it recorded at another time? There was no way of knowing.

Of course, we could clear all of this up if we could see the raw footage of the service. But when we went to the archives of SCOAN full services on youtube, we found that the videos of the services on both February 5th and March 18th (the two crucial services in which he is said to have specified a timeframe) were mysteriously missing from the archive. See for yourselves: TB Joshua Rebroadcast Archive

This may be an oversight. We’d be satisfied if SCOAN would upload these missing services so we could see for ourselves. But until that happens, suspicion will remain that SCOAN has something to hide.

49 thoughts on “Manipulation around the Mutharika prophecy: Three suspicious things

  1. i watched all the live services about this prophecy therefore am guys should be watching live services and not archive stuff and you will be in a better position to criticize.Secondly what does the medical report of the late president say?
    Remember last sunday live service a prophecy was given about Argentine leader and one Nigerian minister .So keep these prophecies in mind and update us at the appropriate time accordingly.Watch live services and keep us well informed

      • Good post. It seems however they spin it there is clearly some deception going on here. Either they did give a date, then deceived people by saying they didn’t, or they didn’t give a date and later said they did. Which was it Oliver? Why do you think they chose to deceive in that way? It only takes a small bending of the truth to make a “prophecy” seems significantly more credible.

  2. The bottomline this guy is a fraud….i noticed that too the other day when i was trying to show my co-worker the videos, i would only find the one they uploaded after the demise of the president of malawi.

  3. oh my God’ it is clearer how pathetic your position is. you are actually in satanic bondage of hatred, envy & jealousy. oh, you actually need deliverance. do you think you’ll be more intelligent or smarter than thousands of peoople in the church those days or millions of people watching live services? this actually confirms that those of you running this blog are sick. you’re actually making a mockery of yourselves. do you want to say that pple didnt hear those words. pls just like somebody adviced you, pls try to watch live services. i personally heard the prophesies on live services. so why are you so concerened only on the prophetic ministry? what about others like the teaching, reconciliatory, deliverance, healing & alms giving ministries. so iof you succed in pulling down tb joshua, have you considered the millions of pple who are benefiting from these ministries? what happens to thousands of students on scholarship programes? oh my God you have actually proven yourselves to be heartless & conscienceless as the satan your master. anyway you are championing your master’s bid but its too late bc Jesus has finished it on the cross. the gates of hell cannot prevail. there is no amount of persecution that will stop what God is doing through tb joshua. cheers.

    • Nweze

      Seriously for some of us, it is becoming increasingly revolting to hear of TB Joshua’s “good works”. The thing is, we realize that there are people out there who do not worship God who are doing “good works” beyond what the con man is doing. They even have foundations! So what if TB Joshua is giving to people? Does that make him a Christian? Judging from what we see on Emmanuel TV, how he SHOWS EVERYONE HOW GIVING HE IS, ONE IS LEFT REMEMBERING THE PHARISEES! “So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.” Matthew 6:2. TB Joshua gives to show everyone he gives in his own “synagogue.” He is a pharisee alright!

    • It is only a man with clear eyes will understand the real colour of water. Don’t you know that devil himself do give Alms. Maybe you don’t know that as we xtian ministries, that is also how devil has. Devil will give you with right hand and take it with left hand either directly or indirectly. You have been manipulated. I will advise you to read your Bible with understanding and not to listen and hearken to the voice of an impostor. Who is he to call himself soo many high level names. May God have mercy on the blind followers

  4. Thank you for your very revealing and relevant decernments. I pray for you and keep going, do not stop.Pray for the disciple that is still bound up there. That the light of God’s truth will shine into there minds to set them free and that the Lord will bring them out.

  5. Temitope Balogun Joshua is the biggest fraud in the church today, a false prophet who is riding high on the ignorance of people and aided by his buffoons who are helping to prop up his lies, deceptions and manipulations, but the time is coming when he won’t be able to hide or to escape. Once again, this case exposes Joshua’s lies, deceit and manipulations.
    I found an article on, in which a former ‘disciple’ of T B Joshua,, Kayode, of Awakeners, exposed 20 fake miracles conducted in Ghana, with the connivance of Michael Lathbridge, a Ghanaian ‘disciple’. God will expose this false prophet and he will not be able to hide even under darkness !

  6. Yip, he is building his ministry on the foundations of Babilon. A tower of Babel from God’s point of view. So sad that he will go to such lengths to just make a name for himself and leave a posterity behind. We’ll pray for him as well. Maybe one day he will be repentive and turn from his wicked ways.

  7. You guys are soo funny, did Jesus Christ Instruct us to go and preach the gospel or investigating pastors and prophets?

    • Since you asked…
      Mark 7:15

      “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

      Mark 13:21-23

      For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect – if that were possible.
      So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.

      2 Peter 2: v 1-3

      “But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.

      1 John 4:1

      Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone into the world.

      2 Corinthians: v 13 – 15

      “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workman, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve. “

      2 Timothy 4: v 3 – 4

      “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

      • Ha ha, it’s hard to argue with that answer!
        @nweze, when you asked whether anyone considers themselves more intelligent than the people in the church – no. I personally know of some very intelligent people who have been conned by TBJ – the point is that if you want to believe hard enough, your brain will filter out the warning signs.That’s how faith works, to an extent. The tragedy here is that people put their faith in the wrong thing.

    • @ Leons,
      I hope the Scriptures given by Ian will help answer your questions. As you can see, we have a duty to watch out for the wolves in sheep clothing and to protect the flock from lies, deception, false doctrines and such as emanate from T B Joshua. The verse in Corinthians is 2 Cor 11:13-15. It is part of preaching the gospel, and exposing the false prophets.

  8. @ mj & others, as i said initially pls watch live services. dont depend on pple’s assumption of bias. whatever this blog writes, you jump up in excitement bc thats what u want to hear. its obvious that a handful of you guys reacting in this blog are actually the pple running it. thats the reason why the blog is unpopular. we wish to tell you not to bother about praying or trying to help us. if that is bondage, we wish to be there. most of us have got practical testimonies that’s why your actions & accusations are ridiclous. pls go & pray for yourselves to make heaven bc Jesus has not come. all of us still have the opportunity to make heaven. if you dont like our own way, leave us to it & follow your own. besides there are many xtian denominations & we cannot agree on biblical explanations. if you think your own understanding is the best, keep it to yourself (goodluck) & allow us to ours. once again, if you wish to know what is happening in tb joshua ministries, i advice once again, start watching live services & testify for yourself rather than being cynics & backbiters. NOTE emmanuel tv broadcasts the activities of the ministry not to show off but to the Glory of God. a lot of pple are receiving God’s blessings today bc they are emmenuel tv partners. others like us who are not partners have learnt to give or increased our capacity of giving. all these were learnt through the ministration of The Holy Spirit via emmanuel tv’s alms giving telecast to the Glory of God. once again, keep on watching emmanuel tv. cheers.

    • Nweze

      “so iof you succed in pulling down tb joshua, have you considered the millions of pple who are benefiting from these ministries? what happens to thousands of students on scholarship programes? ” HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?

      Please avoid saying we do this for the Glory of God when in the same breath you are glorifying tb joshua by saying people are going to BE DESOLATE without tb joshua.

  9. the man is not a simple fraudster. he killed bingu wa mutharika. some of the prophecies were specific and pointed to the thursday. we saw them before the death. however, there seems to have been exchange of gifts between the two, through which i think he poisoned him. its possible he told him to take some medicine or some holly spirit water contaminated with a fatal drug. its possible he advised him to take it on thursda. reason being, tbjoshu saw mutharika as a non believer, but his deputy jb who had gone to his church twice as a strong believer and predicatble. this is why he chose to kill him at the resquest of his deputy who was to become president

  10. This is very stupid guys. How can you argue with Godly things. The author of this article must be very, very, very stupid. we know you.

  11. I can see a lot of judging here contrary to Biblical teachings. Exactly what the Pharisees were doing to initiate Christ’s crucification. Tapangani, tizawonana kumwamba tonse.

    • @ Muhara

      “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” John 7:24 Is this in the Bible? Are we not being asked to judge here with righteous judgement?

      By saying you can see a lot of judging contrary to Biblical teaching you have exercised judgement but not righteous judgement since obviously your judgement was minus John 7:24 (and the verses Ian gave as well, those verses are to help us judge false prophets from true ones)

      A Malawi enanu (some Malawians), you have no idea that without exercising judgement in your day to day life you would do nothing @ all. You exercised judgement to open this blog and comment okay! The question is, did you use the Word of God to do so. Clearly no since you said the Bible says no to all judging.

    • We hear this again and again, Muhara. Whatever unsound or deceitful things we point out, people say we shouldn’t judge. Is there any limit to this? What are the limits of what you would blindly defend? See the bible verses that Ian posted. This is EXACTLY what the bible tells us to do. Not stick our fingers in our ears and say “we must not judge!”

  12. why are you making attacks to men of God? Let me tell you something even Jesus was called king of demons so its not knew if there are some people who seat down and write something negatively against men of God nowadays it was there before even during the ministry of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. You are quoting scriptures thats very good and even the devil your master knews the scriptures, we see devil tempting Jesus in the wilderness using the scriptures but he was defeated and you are defeated too like your master. Stop watching emmanuel Tv if you have negetive and bad motives and there is no way your writtings can stop what God has deposited in the life and ministry of T.B Joshua.

    There is a man in the bible who was born blind and when he met Jesus he recieved his sight and people like you in those days started accusing him that the one who has healed you is operating under the influence of demons but here is the wise response from this man who was born blind,” whether this Man is evil possessed but one thing I know, I was born blind but now I see” on the same ” whether T.B Joshua is a false prophet but one thing I know, he prophecised and his prophecy had come to pass” Follow what you believe and no body will persuade you to be part of us who enjoy the ministry and charity works of T.B Joshua through Emmanual TV. You have the rights to follow what you believe and don’t mislead people because of your evil intentions in undermining God’s work..Who is right prophet then? sons of viper!

  13. yea, you hipocrites you are quick at pointing out on your no 3 point what you called ” mysteriously missing videos”. its quite laghable bc you dnt work with the SCOAN & cannot be in any position to insinuate any assumption to that effect. if you are sane enough you would have observed other ” missing videos” (using your language). to that effect, can you explain to us why videos (of feb 19, march 04, march 11, april 15,) are not in the rebroadcast archives now? where they also part of the prophecy on an old african leader? NOTE according to the prophecy video only three dates are prominent, ie, feb 05, march 18, & april 01. yes you didnt see feb & march videos, what about april 01 video that was there, what did you find in it? why was that one not mysteriously missing too? i can only sugest to you that if you can go or call SCOAN to know why ( feb 19, march 04, march 11 & april15) videos are not in the archives, you will equally know why ( feb 05 & march 18) videos are not there. if not mind your business; anti Christ.

    • I think other missing videos only makes their point stronger. Perhaps they contain other prophecies where SCOAN want to closely control how they are portrayed in the media. You know as well as any of us that TB Joshua has been coming out with some quite bold prophecies recently.

      In any case, the author clearly says “this might be an oversight”, so no need to get too uptight about it. The bigger deal in my opinion was the dates discrepancy. What’s your take on that? Did he give a date then deny it? Or did he never give a date and then say he did?

  14. @ ian, you see eh you guys got the whole thing suspiciously wrong bc the whole thing is very clear. first let me correct an impression ” tb joshua has been making bold prophesies; i dont know how u can explain the princess diana prophecy. pls go & watch it”. you knew tb joshua when you started watchin him or hearing about him from pple. did u think his ministry just came out of the blues & became popular. b4 he goes international he has been prophecying to a local congregation & his prophecies are bold. if they are not bold, he wouldnt hav been bold enough to be pronouncing them on international television. then on date descrpancy, nothing of such actually existed. pls watch the video again. on feb 05 he mentioned april, he didnt give any time frame as some media outlets insinuated. it could hav been any time in april. on april 01, he said it is very close, he still didnt mention any date. so i dont know how come about this date discripancy thing. i have adviced b4 & i’ll advice again, pls watch emmanuel tv live services b4 u begin to champion your campain of calumny. cheers.

    • Nweze is working tirelessly to defend the indefensible. He doesn’t know there have been many like him such as Visser and Doe, and others who have been used and dumped to prop up a tottering kingdom of lies, deceit, manipulations, fornications and adulteries. These people would rather defend a false prophet than speak for Jesus, because they don’t even know what Jesus says, except what this fraudster tells them.

    • Mentioning a month is a time frame just as much as mentioning a day, or a minute. SCOAN’s press release clearly said “he DID NOT mention any specific date or time-frame“. If it just said specific date, your point might hold, but it didn’t. SCOAN even seemed to acknowledge this themselves because they omitted the part where he mentioned April, presumably in recognition of the fact this would contradict their statement.

      As for the Diana prophecy, this is a great example of just how blinkered SCOAN supporters can be. Do you really think this prophecy with no evidence of when it was filmed (except what SCOAN say of course!) will convince any doubters? Of course not. His supporters will cheer, nothing else will change. Additionally, at the supposed climax of the prophecy where he mentions her name, it was barely recongnisable. If it wasn’t for the context of the video I don’t think I would have thought he was saying Diana. I’m not picking on his English here, I mean it’s way better than my Yoruba, but don’t you think if (as he claims) God was giving him a highly specific prophecy, God would also give him the ability to pronounce the name correctly? If I were you I’d keep quiet on the Diana prophecy, he has far more convincing ones than that.

  15. people will always demonise anything and everything.Are you guys God at all.Tell us the true prophets.

    • Oliver

      Honestly, everytime I hear this statement, “tell us the true prophets” I cant help but wonder if I am missing something. What do you want with the true prophets?

      • I agree MJ, also it’s a total red herring. Many have said on this site “If TB Joshua is a false prophet, tell us the true ones!”, as if telling them the true ones would validate the claim that TB Joshua is a false prophet! If TB Joshua is a false prophet, TB Joshua is a false prophet, end of story. Look at the evidence, judge according to scripture and come to a conclusion, don’t try and divert the conversation away from an issue that makes you uncomfortable!

    • @ ian & mJ, yes tell us who the true prophets are. you will hear it one million times more so far you have not identified one. show us one & tell us the criteria for discerning that he is truely a prophet of God. if not tb joshua remains one of the true prophets we know & the most renouned in the world today. that explains the reasons for your sleepless nights. A FOOD FOR THOUGHT: do you think God will allow satan to dominate the world by prophesing His mind to the world without at least shaming him by making his bold prophesies not to come true? keep on watching emmanuel tv. cheers.

      • Nweze !
        You really suprise me,you abviousy are a disciple of SCOAN the way you pounch on all commets made on this blog.
        Do you know how the Pope has been critised, been bad mouthed etc.Now do we ever see him insulting people or tirelessly writeing on blogs such as this one.
        He is such a dignified person,i imagine he is a very busy person and those who work around him to be refuteing everything bad said about him.
        Not every one in the world will agree with us,that’s the world my brother.
        So my advice my brother why not use your energy and time on something else that will benifit you.
        I will say this again as I have said before Tb Joshua is not God,okay he may heal etc.He is not God.
        I read some where ,where you mentioned something like if he is not able to give alms to people.then people will suffer.God is not asleep and never is.if he is not able to well God will surely make a way for the needy to get assistance.Tb Joshua is not the only person who is able to assist people.
        He is only a mortal man God uses to help other.

      • Nweze

        Let us look at this: “Significantly, almost a hundred years prior to his birth, it had been prophesied that a young man would emerge from the poor Oosin quarters and that God would use him mightily.”

        In the New Testament times, TB Joshua has put himself in the league of John the Baptist and God Himself/Jesus by stating that his birth was prophecisied 100 years before he was born. None of the Apostles of God, from Peter to Paul and all the other elders/pastors and even prophets like Agabus had their births foretold. So we are left asking ourselves this question, why wasnt the birth of such a prophet of the calibre of John the Baptist and Jesus NOT FORETOLD IN THE BIBLE? Secondly, why are there no such prophets in the New Testament apart from John the Baptist and God?

        The thing is, if you are looking for a prophet like TB Joshua has set himself up as, then you are left with John the Baptist and Jesus Himself. Nweze, the two prophets of the calibre of the one TB Joshua would have us believe he is are John the Baptist and Jesus.

        Herewith the issue we have to deal with. Now either the New Testament forgot to mention him or the man is a fraud.

      • Nweze

        God does whatever pleases Him. He has let false prophets ply their trade and has warned us about them.

        God will judge false prophets in His own time and way. Neither you nor I can second guess God. What we can do is heed the warnings. You’ll do well to read Ian’s verses and more in the Bible to stay alert.

        Whichever way our God is Glorified. He is Sovereign and in control even of Satan and his stooges like TB Joshua. Always remember that Satan can do NOTHING without Gods go ahead!

  16. Initially when there was no emmanuel tv there were lies about him but now we watch everything live and not rebroadcast .If Emmanuel TV had not been around like this blog will sell good but thank God Emmanuel tv is running big time for us to watch things for ourselves and make informed decisions.Miracles beyond human imagination are happening at scoan.The instant deliveries of over aged pregnancies,healing of deadly cancers, .Great men of God and world renowned ministers like Benny Hinn,CS upthegrove are forever thanking God for prophet tb Joshua.Again watch live services and comment immediately thereafter and not rebroadcast.We watch they programmes live and you guys are not wiser than even 10 people who watch emmanuel tv live or even at the front row of scoan let alone millions.You guys are quoting verses the same bible says

    Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven. luke6:37


    • First you call accusations against TB Joshua “lies”, then you quote Luke 6:37 as if to say people shouldn’t judge TB Joshua. If you’ve judged these people and called their accusations lies, how are you any better? Or is it just the “man of God” who shouldn’t be judged?

      So Benny Hinn endorses TB Joshua? The same Benny Hinn who’s spends ministry donations on a private jet, is having an extramarital affair with another minister, and who’s ministry is tarnished by fraud, drug use and unexplained deaths? (If you don’t believe me, google will easily confirm this to you). As for CS Upthegrove, nobody had every heard of that guy before TB Joshua put him on his platform, nearly every google result is about him endorsing TB Joshua. The only thing he seems to be renowned for is a vague connection to AA Allen, a well known minister who (lest we forget) died of chronic alcoholism. Personally I wouldn’t want this sorry bunch endorsing me.

      Finally, even if we do grant that miracles really do happen at SCOAN, the false prophets we’re warned about in scripture also perform “great signs and wonders” Matt 24:24. Miracles alone provide absolutely no basis for validating his ministry.

      • @ Ian

        Agree with you, so what if miracles are happening at the Synagogue? False Prophets can do that too! We used to visit witchdoctors as a family and they can do some miracles too. They even attended çhurch.

    • We started with TBJ at the Old Site. In those early days, we were so stupid and so ignorant of Scriptures, we thought miracles were everything and that T B Joshua was a ” great man of God,” and we adored him like you people are doing now.Today, we know that TBJ is just one of the many false prophets Jesus warned us about. And who is Benny Hinn ? Do you not know he is another false prophet who has fallen from grace to grass ? And with regards to Upthegrove, who has no name and no ministry, TBJ would just love to paint him as someone special to boost his tattered image.

      • show us ohter false prophets besides joshua and show us also true prophets. if u r able to identify a false prophets surely u r only separating them from true one where r these true ones?

  17. TB is a man of God but people take his accusations further, this is Gospel not politics those of u who been to school think your smart enough to criticise TB,a man of God has rise and falls just like any other man but they stick to God,people who manipulate things come from universities and they think they can handle spiritual things and prophecies,Fake prophets will come from religious backgrounds but real prophets will represent the pentecost and the holly spirit and it takes a persons with faith for a miracle to happen it could be a man who is a week old to know God but that man can perform miracles according to his faith…he could be smoking or drinking but there faith can open a miracle to happen,that’s why we pray everyday cuz we RISE AND FALL!

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  19. TB Joshua is a witchdoctor who uses magic and voodoo to perform “miracles”. He invokes evil spirits to perform what people think are miracles. Remember that the devil has powers, too, because he was once an angel. But you have been warned – TB is nothing but a fraudulent witchdoctor. It is up to you to keep following him or not. No one forces anyone. But those who have eyes, like me, let them see.

  20. i agree with you, the devel is in charge here. These people needs delivarence, i mean for GOD’s sake we are not fools, we can see, our eyes are open, we can see a fraud and a true of god, and prophet t.b joshua is a true annointed man of god, so satan why dont you just give up cause you know you are defeated, glory be to the lord, may our daddy prophet t.b joshua see many years to come because he is a blessing
    to us, EMMANUEL

  21. We correct the wrong by bringing the right. Can somebody show us who is doing the right thing so that we can see that joshua is wrong? We r only talking about the negative prophesies but is there any prophet in the bible who was sent just to pronounce good things.? Any prophet who dd not pronounce doom let alond death? Dd master jesus Himself not pronounce doom about the last days? Can we study the prophets properly and find out thier main role in soceity. The problem I see is that we have been cheated in our chuches for too long and we are used thinking that that is what is correct. most of our church leaders are the actual false prophets full of theories and we continue supporting them. Thank God Joshua is exposing them and surely many will be exposed. The best way is to challenge this Joshua with your powers dont just talk otherwise I think the boy has come to town and he may silence you all

  22. If T.B Joshua is using the devil to heal sick people and give alms to the poor..then the devil has repented and is doing the will of the almighty God.For no man would do these things if he is not of God.I thought the devil was known for his wickedness and plenty misfortunes.If he has repented from doing that then glory be to God.

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