Why do I comment on TB Joshua Watch? A personal testimony

This is a guest post by Claire, a regular commenter who has been personally affected by SCOAN. She tells us the things that led her to question the ministry of TB Joshua.

I have been interested in SCOAN since 2002 when friends of mine became involved and as has been mentioned already on this site, one of those friends is now dead. But my concerns about SCOAN pre-date her death and I am taking this opportunity to put forward the concerns I have. I do not expect people who are involved with SCOAN to change their minds but I do hope to warn those people who are unsure.

In 2003 my friend Anna (not her real name) told me that she had been healed by TB Joshua and was therefore not going to accept further treatment for her cancer. This immediately raised concerns for me because there was no medical confirmation of this healing and I had never before (or since) come across a church which does not encourage people to continue medical treatment until healing is confirmed.

Another friend of mine had family in SCOAN in Nigeria. Her family cut her off – it became difficult for her to contact them and they did not contact her. It just seemed odd to me – their relationship may never have been particularly close but they were always together for the big family occasions and met up several times a year and then suddenly – nothing.

In 2004 I saw the documentary ‘God is Black’ by the theologian and journalist Robert Beckford, on Channel 4 in the UK. Within this documentary there was an incident with a young disciple I knew (I had babysat her when she was a small child). She was sent by TB Joshua to Mr Beckford’s room late at night to escort him to ‘Prayer Mountain’. On the way the cars they were travelling in came under gunfire. They finally returned to the Synagogue in the early hours of the morning. When he spoke to her later that day he found that she had been up for a prayer meeting at 6am.

This raised all sorts of questions in my mind. What sort of church is this that sends young people in its care into dangerous situations and then deprives them of sleep? If they wanted to take Mr Beckford to Prayer Mountain they didn’t have to do it in the middle of the night, nor did they have to have a young person involved – so why did they? And why did this girl then need to be up so early? I have heard of other disciples that are summoned to prayer meetings at all hours, this was not a one off. I cannot think of another church that would unnecessarily put its workers at risk or deprive them of sleep.

It struck me as deeply concerning that a church should apparently encourage people to believe that they were healed when there was no evidence of healing, that people involved with it should limit their contact with other family and friends, that encourages its workers into dangerous situations, that deprives its workers of sleep. The latter point in particular is one that rings alarm bells, because this is an activity that I associate with ‘brain washing’, with people being made more vulnerable to wrong ways of thinking through sleep deprivation.

I then heard of a former disciple who had alleged that she had been sexually abused by TB Joshua. These allegations were very similar in nature to allegations that we would hear a few years later from another former disciple. But at the time, these allegations were like a bolt out of the blue. While at the time I thought TB Joshua was not what he claimed to be, that he was not able to heal everyone as he claimed and that his behaviour in exposing young people in his care to risk was not what I would expect from a church leader, it had not crossed my mind that he may have been guilty of sexual abuse. But there it stood as an allegation that at the time I did not know whether to believe or not.

Over time I became more convinced that SCOAN was not a Christian church. My friend died and her son gave a sermon at her funeral. In this he referred to her not as his mother, but instead as his ‘sister’. He referred to TB Joshua as his father. This is clearly unbiblical – we have an earthly father (our birth or adoptive parent) and a heavenly father (God). How did Anna’s son come to refer to TB Joshua as his ‘father’? We are told to honour our mother and father, but here was this young man denying them both – his mother passed off as his sister and his father replaced by someone else.

Since then I have become more and more concerned about what exactly is happening at SCOAN. My friend Anna died, Giles on this site reported that his mother had died and the BBC and Sky News have reported that other people have died. A young woman was sent unnecessarily into a dangerous situation. Young people have been deprived of sleep. Many of those involved in SCOAN cut themselves off from family and friends (or are isolated from them). There are similar allegations of sexual abuse from different people and no evidence of any form of independent investigation nor any evidence to suggest that TB Joshua does not meet with women in private.

People I know who are involved find it very difficult to accept that the allegations that have been made may be true. In some cases to acknowledge deception will open a can of worms.

If Anna’s husband and son are to accept that she was never healed, that TB Joshua got it wrong when he told her his prayers were enough, then there are some very difficult issues to confront about her decision (and their support for that decision) not to have the treatment that could have saved her life.

For parents that have entrusted their daughters into the care of SCOAN, there is the possibility that they may have exposed them to sexual abuse.

And when families have cut themselves off from their loved ones under the impression that this is the will of God, how do they accept that they have cut themselves off from parents, children, grandchildren, siblings, nephews and nieces for no purpose?

This site has been a blessing to me. It has introduced me to people who have come through the experience of SCOAN and emerged with a sense of humour and a zest for life.

However it has also shown what I believe to be real fear amongst some of those who are involved. When people have reported negative experiences of SCOAN on this site, they are often cursed by those who believe in TB Joshua and believe in SCOAN. Some of the commentators on this site have shown real hatred towards those who would expose the deceit that I believe lies at the heart of SCOAN. I believe this hatred is caused by fear.

So for those who are considering a trip to Lagos in order to find healing, I say go to your local church and become part of the community there. Receive prayer from your local church family – and also the love and support of fellow believers. There’s no charge. If God wants to heal you, he will.

For those who have become involved in SCOAN and have doubts, talk to people outside. You will find only love and acceptance.

And for those that will no doubt seek to curse me for raising concerns, I would ask why the need to curse? What does it say about you that you have only hatred for those like me that question TB Joshua and SCOAN?

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  1. What I feel is that the only personality we are to fear is God and God can judge people accordingly not based on human understanding. God is God who can not like HIs people to be misled by someone who is occultic. God detests occults and if SCOAN is such let him judge accordingly. My concern is that you are using your wisdom as a concerned party I know but do you think you can fight evil using a media like internet without using the weapons as stated in the bible? Why not calling for prayer instead of spending so much time just writing. My opinon is that if SCOAN is an occult let God Reveal it Jeremiah 33:3.

    • oh thank u frank for teaching claire what she should know. satan is still living, so we dont expect sites like this to die. you see, we are not fighting against flesh & blood. God made available the tools for this battle (spiritual) in the scriptures. but some pple lack descernment. the truth is that nobody is fighting for tb joshua. what we are saying is that if he is not of God, let him be exposed. but what we are saying is that the God we know does’nt need anybody to fight for him. HE is capable of dealing with His issues like this one. He does’nt need claire & tb joshua watch blog to fight for Him. it is making mockery of the Supreme Almighty. rem what Jesus taught in the Bible, that we must not responed to any act of provocation, that vengeance is of the Lord. so claire, if tb joshua has provoced you, why not leave him to the Lord & concentrate ur energies on preaching the word of God if you think you have any than wasting your time on a fruitless venture. cheers.

      • Hi Nweze. The reason is as MJ has said below. I can’t see a danger and not warn others. At the end of the day I’m not saying to people you mustn’t follow TBJ, I’m saying go into it with your eyes open, don’t accept things always on face value. You say God doesn’t need people like me or those behind TBJoshua Watch to fight for him, but then again he does call us into action for him, he does work through people and works as much through me as he does through you.

      • Hmm nweze, what a pity. I can see that you are greatly enslaved and deeply bound by whatever water you must have been given to drink there. I pray you will come out from alive. goodluck.

    • they do hold regular prayer meetings for those involved in SCOAN. You’re right about the prayer – I found out after I came out that my mother and sister had been concerned about my involvment because of the changes in my life and had been praying for me for a while.
      So yes, a site like this is not really going to do anything for people who have already made their minds up about TB Joshua.

      However, before I became committed to SCOAN, I did do a little research and didnt really find anything helpful. There were plenty of strange things that I noticed about scoan, but without any alternate explanations, all I had to go on was the disciple’s explanations.

      For example, I once asked where two female disciples were, who had been junior prophets when I first visited. All I was told was “we believe they are doing the work of God somewhere”. That was all, and the subject was deliberately changed.
      Those two females had both accused TBJ of sexually abusing them. Had I known this at the time, I would have at the very least been a little more challenging in my probing questions during those early disciple days, instead of shrugging everything off all the time.

  2. @Frank I think Claire has stated her reasons for writing and commenting on this site which is to warn people that might be considering going to scoan.i found this sight very enlightning concerning scoan because i am one of those oeople who did not doubt what i was watching on emmanueltv but knowing whats behind the scenes has rally been useful tome.My sister and uncle would have gone to scoan but when i came actoss this site i stopped.Yes we pray to God to reveal to pople but nothing wrong with writing observations like Claire has done.I do not think she is fighting anyone

    • @ pam, pls dont be afraid of the obvious. you see, in xtianity there are two major forces just like we have in everything about life. these include the forces of life & forces of darkness. true xtianity doesnt beg followership. rem what Jesus told His disciples when He sent them out to evangelise. He told them that anybody or pple who rejects them, that they should leave them by shakin off the sands of such community from their feet. you see xtianity doesnt beg followership because it is a personal conviction-a personal race. i am most surprise seeing u writing that this blog convinced you not to believe in tb joshua or go to SCOAN. my brother, is this blog ur Bible? is this blog ur standard for life? why not go & read ur Bible & know the truth to set u free. i am also not encouraging you to go to SCOAN, but i’m encouraging u to read ur Bible & know the truth. SCOAN is not begging for pple to visit it. i personally i’ve not being to SCOAN & i’m not in a hurry to go bc distance is not a barrier. but i’m in a hurry to know the truth. how can u find truth on assumptions. somebody who has not been to SCOAN making unfounded allegations. if claire wants us to believe her, let her visit SCOAN in nigeria & make her investigations & report accordingly not on hear say as she has been posting around. then we could take her seriously. its unfurtunate that she is saying “i heard, i heard” its actuallu funny & very miopic. mr. pam pls find out the truth yourself by reading ur Bible & doing the will of God. forget SCOAN bc the Bible says ” the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few.” so start the work or God from ur own side while tb joshua will be doing his own from his own side bc the harvest is plenty & the time is short. God bless u as u work in His vine yard.

      • Nweze

        I would also like to encourage you to read the Bible. The Bible does say this, Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade others.
        (2 Corinthians 5:11 ESV). You will do well to remember that there is a day of judgement and knowing this, we persuade men to come to Christ and follow truth. This is Paul clearly saying they were persuading men. Why would you like to make it seem like we are not commanded to do this, “And have mercy on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh.” Jude 1:22-23.

        Nweze, you need to read your Bible as well. Read the book of Jude and see clearly what we are to do with brothers, sisters and friends who are caught up in falsehood. Does the word snatch not imply forcefulness? Could it be we do not know the scriptures? Could it be we do not love others?

      • So Nweze, my views are unfounded as I have not been to SCOAN. Your views however ARE valid even though you have also not been to SCOAN. Sounds like hypocrisy to me. Either we both have valid views or neither of us do. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander my friend.

  3. Thanks Claire for sharing this and keep up the good work!

    It would be sad, selfish and definately unloving for anyone to know what TB Joshua is, that is a false prophet, & not warn others. The Gospel preaching is not minus the warnings about false teachers/falsehood.

    Whilst walking on the road you notice a huge crevice & are by Gods grace blessed not to have fallen in. You know they are people bound to use the same road and you decide not to do anything but you say to yourself”God will alert them”! Yet this could mean physical death to the people who fall in. Surely you would put up a sign if you can and call the authorities. Now false prophets are worse than that crevice! They lead people to hell. Should we standby and watch family, neighbors, countrymen, others being deceived?

    • @ MJ,
      Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you for your beautiful comment. We’re not on this site to play and to have fun, but we have a divine obligation to sound the trumpets to all who have ears to hear !

  4. You see, Frank and people like him are afraid of the work on this site in exposing the lies, deceptions, manipulations, adulteries, fornications and demonic teachings and practices at SCOAN. And Claire, don’t be afraid of any curses for doing your work, for these curses are worthless and of no effect whatsoever. We trample on this false prophet, T B Joshua, in the name of Jesus, and we pray O Lord, that you make haste to expose this false prophet for all the world to see, and to set all his captives free and let Your name be glorified.

  5. You know what Claire you should not be bothered of insults as long as you know what you are saying to be true.
    I have noted that there are some people who are very aggressive I could name them,but they know who they are.
    I have often wondered about the aggression ,well they are abviously Scaon members
    if you give advice it’s up to people to take it or leave it really.
    At times after giving advice and they still insist on going well,let them to find out for themselves

  6. @ claire, my dear sister, even though i’ve known you to have reservations for tb joshua & SCOAN, i’ve always taken you to be objective until i read this article. you expressed fear of insult. no sane person will insult you but any critical mind who read your article would immediatly see that you really insulted yourself. anyway to those you want to reach ie (pple who have not made up their mind), i wish to tell those pple that you dont need to go to SCOAN for your salvation or spiritual & physycal healing. the Bible tells us that God is everywhere. God can touch you anywhere you are in this world if you trully have the Gospel of Christ in you. but for those who want to go to SCOAN to uplift their spiritual life, PLEASE GO. just as Jesus Generel CS Upthogrove said SCOAN is a holy ground & tb joshua is a true prophet of God. i’ve been watching emmanuel tv since 2009, i have not seen tb joshua claim to be Jesus or the author of the ammazing things happening in SCOAN. he & the wise men have always giving every glory to God. cheers.

    • nweze, for God’s sake! which spiritual life are you uplifting in SCOAN? wake up please! and deliver yourself and the rest from this enslavement and bondage. does Temitope look like a man of our real GOD in heaven? what are talking about here? can’t you differentiate between a magician and a real man of GOD? please, you and all those still in bondage there should wake!

  7. I can verify what she said about the tiredness is true. Usually disciple meetings are held at night, very late at night and can go on until 3 or 4 am. Even when there is no disciple meeting, disciples would be reading their notes or going about their work in various depts until midnight or 2am. Then we’d get to sleep and wake up anywhere between 6am or 7.30am .Anything past 7.30 is sloppy “lying-in”, and usually someone would shake your leg as they walk by your bed. If you ignore that and try to get back to bed, you’d just get more shakes until you got out of bed. The lights would always be left on at night when people slept – a tinted blue light. The lights were NEVER turned out. (I’d use the aeroplane blinds).

    You were not allowed to get back to bed during the day for a nap. Generally the dormitory would remain empty during the day. I do remember one female disciple was reported for sneaking into an empty visitor’s bedroom because she would get so tired and wanted to sleep, but she got caught. I used to sneak away some place where no one would go to read the Bible and usually around 4pm, each day, I’d fall alseep on the table without even knowing it 😉

  8. l have never been to SCOAN,but from what l have seen on TV l believe TBJoshua is a man of God mightily used by the Almighty.This is not surprising though,if people criticised Jesus and always tried to find fault in Him & all He did-Do you expect TBJoshua to be exempted?If you are genuine,pray & let God reveal the hidden.Dont critise basing on hearsay,tell us what God says about the matter.

    • Thenji
      What more would you like God to say apart from what He has already said in His Word? He gave us the tools for identifying false prophets, is that Not enough?

      Yes we should all pray about all things BUT we do not pray in ignorance about something that God made clear in His Word. We cannot ask God if TB Joshua is a false prophet when God already stipulated how to know false prophets. Listen, God says herewith my Word concerning false prophets and how to know them, & here you are saying no God was not clear enough we have to pray about it.

      We must not be lazy or disobedient concerning the Word of God. It is His Word to us, we should endeavor to HEAR IT! Meditate on it day & night otherwise issues that GOD already dealt with in His Word will be perceived as hidden & requiring ‘special’ revelation.

    • Hi Thenji – what if God is revealing what has been hidden, through the testimonies of those who have been negatively affected by their experiences of SCOAN?


      • Oliver
        You will do well to take your own advise, that of shutting up! Do that & pick up your Bible & read, meditating on the scriptures that talk about false prophets.

        It is clear you are not aware of what the Bible says regarding false prophets like TB J. The truth as stated in the Bible regarding false prophets is enough for you to understand ‘these guys’

      • I know of people praying that God’s truth is revealed regarding this man. The same people praying for the people they know who have broken contact with family and friends since being involved with SCOAN. They are also praying for TB Joshua.

  9. Understanding of things spiritual is very difficult were not Jesus’ desciples sleeping at night when they were in getsemane Luke22v45 did not God send Abram to Mt Moriah to worship Gen22v2 yet God is everywhere does not God say meet me where I choose to be remembered Ex20v24:Deut12v4 did God not say to Moses when you get the Israelites from Egypt you will come back and worship me here Ex3v12 was not king David God’s annointed yet he abuse Bathsheba and uriah 2Sam11v4 did Jesus not clarify John3v8 he is.

  10. C Chonde

    Thank God for the Holy Spirit who enables Christians to understand Spiritual things as laid out in the Bible! Is this not the point that we have to bring across?

    Friend, do get an understanding of worship in the time of Abraham & then Moses in the Bible. It is there. Also, get an understanding of what David did, in terms of a saved man in an unsaved body/flesh. It is there in the Bible.And, get an understanding of what made the disciples sleep when they were in Gethsemane. It is also there in the Bible. Finally, John 3:8 can be understood as far as it has been permitted by God. There really is no reason why you have to mix all the issues you have brought forward under one theme: the difficulty of understanding of spiritual things.

    “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law. Deut. 29:29. Thank God for this because what we do not need to know GOD DID NOT PUT IT DOWN FOR US IN HIS WORD, THE BIBLE!

  11. These are tricky times we live in. I am contributing as a christian who once was abused at a respectable church in the UK and for 7years it was kept under the carpet whilst I continued to attend praying that God would expose the issue and open peoples eyes. Unfortunately respectable men of God do sinful things and do whatever it takes to hide the truth. Children of God one night God told me it was time for me not to go back to that church because they would destroy me. I listened to the word of GOD and knew it was HIm telling me not to go back.Its been 2 years that I pray in my house and talk to my God. Guys seek God in such a way that HE tells you which church is safe for you. Why is it that we are lazy to spend enough time in Gods presence in our homes to get HIS heart concerning our lives. Stengthen your personal relationship with God thruoght the word and prayer, He will let you know what you are seeking from all these Prophets we see. I must say I do get tempted to ask from the Human “Man of God” but because of my past experience I would rather fast and pray till God tells what to do. Dont you all wish you were able to ask God the same question TBJ asks God on your behalf and get answered too. Do it deligently it will reduce all these misterious rumours. Only go to TBJ when you have tested the spirit he believes in so that we dont speculate his work or him. Just ask God he will tell you.

    • People need to turn their attention to Jesus Christ, the Author and Finsher of our faith and the Captain of our salvation, and not to false prophets like T B Joshua, Benny Hinn and all the rest of them. Even the “great” Billy Graham who deluded people respect so much, became an apostate and DENIED that Jesus is the only way to salvation. Acts 4:12. Beloved, there are too many false preachers and prophets out there, and we’ve been warned already, so a word to the wise is enough !

      • Hi Mr T.
        To be completely honest I am not comfortable with adding other names to that of TBJ on this site. I am certain about the things I have either experienced myself or heard as first hand accounts about TBJoshua. His actions that do not glorify Jesus, and his words that do not convey the love of God. I know from your comments that you have first hand experience of life at SCOAN and the behaviour of this one man.
        However I know nothing of the other people who you mention. Maybe God will lead people to publicise their experiences regarding other “men of God” who may or may not live up to the name that they claim, but I am not certain that this site is the place for that. Of course you are free to say what you want but I hope that you don’t mind me saying what I feel about this.

      • I agree with Madeline, and I don’t think her point was to disagree with Mr Terrific’s opinion on those men (she says she has no knowledge of them), but that this site is not the place to “expose” them. I think the strength of this site is that they give in depth analysis of TB Joshua’s actions, and let that speak for itself, rather than just writing him off as a heretic because he does a few weird things.

      • @ Madelaine
        Personally, I believe the comment is spot on! It is after all his assessment of another comment that was stating the times we find ourselves in.

        He is right about Benny Hinn & Billy Graham. There are a false prophet & apostate respectively. & in my country they feature just as much as TB Joshua. Those who idolize TB also idolize Benny Hinn.

        I do not think he diverted from the issue @ hand. Rather he brought to mind the gravity of the times we are in. Times when people like tbj are not seen 4 who they are. Lord have Mercy on us!!!

      • I completely agree MJ and Mr T about the times that we live in. You are completely right in saying that there are “people like TBJ” all over the place and there always have been. Regarding TBJ I can talk about personal experience and first hand testimony but regarding any others I can only make a judgement based on hearsay, reports and history. For me, this site is not about exposing the fact that we live in times where people set themselves up as Idols, but it is about declaring that this is what TBJoshua is doing. My hope is that this information will cause people to think before getting involved with SCOAN and the risk of being caught in this particular trap of delusion.

    • Thanks for sharing your story Ekenis. I think you’re right that it’s so easy to gravitate towards a “man of God” and even make a false christ of them, forgetting that in Jesus we have just as much access to God as anyone else. If anyone else makes us believe that we need them to secure or improve our relationship with God, they’re promoting themselves as a false christ. Sadly, that seems to be how TB Joshua likes to be treated.

    • Hi Ekenis
      Thanks for telling of your experience. It indicates the sad sad fact that abuse happens and is swept under the carpet in Churches and in different countries. You give me hope as you heard the voice of God speaking to you and were able to not go back into that situation. I know people in SCOAN who maybe in a similar situation and I continue to pray that they can hear the voice of God as you did.

  12. To those who keep saying “this is not the place to direct your comment Claire” ….. where is the right place to do it? Is so disheartening that everything that involves Nigeria gets out of hand. Government, terrorism, Religion etc. It’s Very unfortunate Nigeria is a fertile ground for a false prophets to operate comfortably because ‘we’ the followers see our religious leaders as infallible. Well, is not surprising being that I’ve seen many die for a common (dubious) political leader. Nigeria my father land where you see a pastor hit a child for the sake of deliverance,(indirectly or even directly) classify the amount of money you need to give as offering to get God to listen, proclaim glory that is meant for God alone & yet no single member of the congregation will question the biblical part of the actions.
    Again, I’m not surprised with all these happenings but what I don’t really get is how a Sane person will turn something that is crystal clear into an argument. What again do you need to know in order to be convinced that these are their Modus operandi in Nigeria. Well, may be you have to read Jim Bakker’s book to understand that a man of God actions aught to be questioned and detailed clarifications given when required by anybody.


    • Oliver
      How do you know the higher hand is not Satan? Could you shut up & think please! Bring Thought through arguments not rantings from ignorance. We care that is why we comment, do you care about others?

    • @ Oliver,
      God has already exposed Temitope through His word, but some of you are so ignorant and deluded, you’re yet to understand ! When you begin to learn your Bible, your ignorance would begin to disappear.

  14. I used to believe TB Joshua until the day he stood up and lied to the world that the late Malawi president had written to him to acknowledge the prophecy about him dying soon. I watched in amazement because the letter he showed to the world was typed by someone I personally know and it was to acknowledge a book sent by TB to the Malawi president and the nation. That is why it was typed on govt letterhead. It was typed on the 24th of February and there was nothing in that letter about any prophecy for death. That is why TB could not show the contents saying it was personal. If it was personal, why talk about it in the first place? That was my revelation from God because I had been contemplating to visit SCOAN but was also praying to God to give me a sign if what the romours I had been hearing about TB being a false prophet could be true. That was my answer right there from God. How dare TB stood up there and lied about that letter. Surprisingly, too, when he sent that book to the late Malawi president and to the malawi nation, there were specific instructions that this package should not be opened by anyone else but the president himself. What was contained within that package? Be careful what you believe people. Open your eyes and realise that even those who worship the devil can perform miracles because satan was once an angel and he still has some powers.

    • @Agnes,
      So did the Malawi people follow Joshua’s instruction not to open that letter, except the president himself ? I want to know,please ! This fraudulent Nigerian conman has carried has deceit and treachery too far and must be exposed before he caused any further havoc.

    • This is a glaring example of T B Joshua’s public lies but his supporters don’t see this at all. They’re so blind worshiping their idol.

  15. my person , pls if your friend had cancer and was told she is healed without her comfirming it , then the story is like tom and jerry film cos from what am watching now becuse of you i had to watch tb j tv , there testimony time where you show result of your medical before and after healing so what happened to your friend . secondly God work is not by force if you can not cope leave or pray for more strenght to carry you . again am not tb joshua fan or friend. am a traditonalist but i saw a friend that was healed life and direct ,pls when it did not work for you it worked for others , why not accept your fate and seek another alternative pls my dear pls

    • Omabu – I do however believe that God heals – my own daughter was healed by Him when she was a baby and very sick. God can heal because my church prayed. But I honestly believe that TB Joshua pronounces people healed when on occasion they are not. It’s OK if he prays for healing and then says he believes they will be healed and to see a doctor. The problem is that some people appear to have been discouraged from seeking medical confirmation – there was a case on the news here of people with HIV/AIDS being told they’d been healed who had not. And my friend was discouraged from accepting further treatment which might have saved her life. This is dangerous behaviour and if you know of people who have been told by TB Joshua that they have been healed, make sure that they get this confirmed medically.

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