Boko Haram prophecy: How did TB Joshua get it so wrong?

TB Joshua boasts of his gift of predicting football results and the death of politicians and popstars. But when he made a prediction about one of the most pressing and crucial issues facing Nigeria today, he got it completely wrong.

At the end of 2011, TB Joshua confidently proclaimed that bombing and terrorism would no longer be a problem for Nigeria in 2012. This was in reference to the terror campaign of Boko Haram, the northern Nigerian terrorist group.

“The burning and bombing that is happening, by January, February, March, everybody will forget about this.” -TB Joshua, Dec 2011.

This is one prophecy that we wish TB Joshua had got right. But unfortunately he couldn’t have been more mistaken. Since then, Boko Haram have only escalated their campaign of terror, and the death toll has been devastating.

-Boko Haram carry out what was one of their worst actions yet, killing 256 in a string of attacks.

-Boko Haram attack a prison in Kogi, freeing 119 prisoners, including seven of its own members.

-Boko Haram kill seven in a North Eastern Market
-Boko Haram launch an attack on the border with cameroon, killing Cameroonian soldiers.

-Boko Haram carry out an easter bomb attack on churches.
-Boko Haram attack the offices of a newspaper.

-Boko Haram attack university students.
-Boko Haram release statement promising they will escalate their campaign and ’devour’ president Goodluck Jonathan.

When TB Joshua’s prophecies coincide with reality, his followers claim that this is proof of his divine gift. SCOAN release cleverly edited videos bragging about their accuracy. However, they keep very quiet when his prophecies turn out to be completely wrong. This is just one example of this.

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  1. My, my, my, my,oh my ! Why haven’t we heard this earlier ? That would have put a stop to all their foolish and worthless claims, but this is just one example, out of hundreds of T B Joshua’s prophesies that have failed, and like I’ve said before, that makes him a false prophet many times over. In reality, the man is only a diviner who prophesies through demons, and sometimes they get it right and other times they fail. God does not speak lies and anyone who prophesies by the Spirit of God, is 100% correct in his prophesies. Thank you once again for exposing this false prophet !
    Where is Nweze ?

    • @ mr terrific, you see my brother terrific, tb joshua said “what u dont understand you critisize, what u understand you destroy.” pls go & listen to that prophecy clearly. anyway from ur reactions its obvious u didnt hear the prophecy. my bros the prophecy didnt say boko haram activities will STOP but says that in the first quater of the year that their activities will reduce. yes, when compared to their activities that brought them to international limelight their activities reduced. nobody is expecting them to fizzle out just like that. we know that pple like u would like it to continue (so that lives will be lost)in order to prove tb joshua wrong. anyway the prophecies you assume were true, you didnt believe, how could you believe the one you assume not fulfilled? anyway like i said, go & listen to the prophecy before commenting. to be more objective, investigate the activities of boko haram last year & compare it to this first quater. cheers.

      • “Whatever bombing will fade away by the beginning of this year. It’s not something to bother about. To overcome this situation, everyone should come together, both security and every citizen. It is not the issue of security alone. Everything that is happening now, I don’t see it anymore on the board. It is just the beginning of this year and everything is over.” Temitope Balogun said this.

        Nweze, this is from the link that has been shared in the article. What is wrong with you? The dude is clearly saying everything will be over @ the beginning of this year! The word is over! Come on!The other word(s): “Whatever bombing will fade away by the beginning of this year”

        Nweze dude, are you thoroughly blind?

      • @Nweze,
        Haba, Nweze ! You’re truly a lackey of a false prophet and not of Jesus Christ !

      • mr, nweze,..such a nonsence-discrimination,.to compare the activities of boko haram to the last year and this year,…its a misleading observation,which leads away from the misstake prophet tb Joshua made,..The profhet wanted to please the people, by presenting himself as if he knew what Gods plan was,…He tried to make from serious and scaring events ,a futille matter,….And he was wrong,..just very wrong,…Because he acted from his own will and idleness, and not from the will of God,…..Just a huge blunder!,…A huge blunder towards the trust and goodwill of people who have reason to fear the muslim-battles,….thats the arroganty of the haughtyness of the Prophet,…

    • MJ,
      We’ve caught him red-handed too many times without number and now we don’t even regard his predictions anymore. In the Old Testament, false prophets who made false claims were stoned to death, but today they say anything they like and ignorant people are so stupid, they don’t even notice when a prophesy fails. It takes only one false prophesy to make one a false prophet, and T B Joshua has scored more than enough !

      • Mr Terrific

        I thank God for you guys! Honestly, I had not bothered to test his prophecies. I had just checked false teaching, etc & had concluded from what I saw that the man is a fraud. But this eh, this is music to my ears…no I am not rejoicing that people are dying but prophecies that are completely off are 100% not from God!

        Keep up the good work dudes!Keep up the good work!!!The Lord be with you! ha ha ha tbj ha!!!

  2. A person that has commited himself to be a critise and propaganda,everything the man of God will do,will only find him wrong.I think even if Jesus christ will stand b4 U,you will still dout him.Man, If u have nothing to post to help ur readers,stop this,Even our Lord and savior Jesus christ not everyone believe in Him.But those who know him,nothing will turn them back

    • Joe
      Listen, we believe in Jesus Christ, the Saviour. We were by the grace of God saved by Him. We do not believe in false prophets ok! Now sit down & think if your comment makes sense!

      To help you a bit, those who did not believe in Jesus were those who believed the False Prophets, the Pharisees etc. We most certainly agree with our God that He indeed is God, the Pharisees were False Prophets to which group TB Joshua belongs. After all TB J prays in his synagogue!

      Friend, think!

      • MJ
        do U know that if they did know that Jesus is the messiah,they will not kill him.They kill Jesus bcos they believe HE is false prophet.What am trying to say is let us not jump to conclution of judging any man of God being false prophet.Take ur time and examine everything.I have done that and i have found TB Joshua is REAL MAN OF GOD.NO DOUT!

      • @Joe,
        Yes, we have both authority and responsibility to determine false and true prophets and that is why we have the Word of God to guide us. The problem with most people is how to correctly divide the word of truth, and this blog has been trying to do just that, to help such people, so if you study even the latest postings on this blog you will understand why TBJ is a false prophet. No prophet speaking by the Spirit of God, makes a false prediction because the Spirit of God does not lie ! And when TBJ makes a false prediction, it means he speaks by Satan who is the father of lies and false predictions. John 8:44. TBJ has made so many false predictions that make him the champion of false prophets.Matt 13:30 is not what you mean, and you can choose to be deceived or enlightened. Lastly, Jesus was not killed because He was a false prophet, but because of hatred, envy and jealousy by the religious leaders, and because the Scriptures must be fulfilled !

      • Joe
        May you please tell me how you have examined TB Joshua! I fear you used the wrong tests. Assuming we both use the Protestant Bible,the tests for false prophets are the same 4 everyone. & if we use them we will all come to the same conclusion!

      • Hi Joe. They killed Jesus because God ordained that Jesus, who was sinless needed to die, so that we can have access to the love of God the father, Jesus the son and the holy spirit.

    • @ Joe,
      Jesus commands us to beware of false prophets. Do you obey the commands of my Lord Jesus ?

      • To Mr Terrific
        I do obey the command of our lord and Saviour Jesus christ.We have not given any authority to seperate true prophets from false prophet(mat. 13:30)Dont take it so personal.Who are we to fight for God.Paul,then Saul was killing christian bcos thought he was fighting for God.Stephen was stone to death,why?and what reason?Are U ready to stone TB joshua to death bcos he is false prophet?Dont make mistake.Pray and ask God about that.If Ur God answer prayer HE will show U

  3. “whatever bombing will fade away by the beggining of this year. its not something to bother about. TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION, EVERYBODY SHOULD COME TOGETHER, BOTH SECURITY & EVERY CITIZEN. it is not the issue of SECURITY ALONE. Everything that is happening now, i dont see it anymore on the board. it is just the beggining of this year and everything is over”. Temitope Balogun said this. @ mj, the Word of God says ” obey your parents so that your days will be long. does this mean that all those who disobeyed their parents have experienced shortened lives. its simply a figurative speach telling us that we must experience a shortened or if we live long a miserable life if we disobey our parents. it does not imply that anybody who disobeys his parents lives a shortened life but if the person should live long, it must be miserable . the Bible also says “there will be no barren in the house” this is also another figurative speech of prophecy. it doesnt mean there wont be barreness in the house, but to she who is barren in the house, it is the Lord’s doing & marvellous in our sight bc such a person is fruitful in other things of the Lord. so brethren we are talking about figurative statements of prophecy. to many pple they’ll not be able to understand. given the above statement of tb joshua, there was a condition attached to the bombings stopping or reducing in the first quarter of the year. he says that (everybody must come together both security & every citizen, that it is not for the security alone). he is simply advicing that nigerians should come on a round table to dialogue (ie a confrence) to discourse the issue of SECURITY ie food & human security. but unfurtunately this advice was not adhered to. NOTE he suggested a solution to the problem which nigerians did not adhere to. the prophecy came with an injunction on what to do, just as the commandment on obeying ones parents was also an injunction for living a long & meaningful life. so the question is “if you want this, you do this”. i hope the Spirit of God will help you to understand. REM what you dont understand, you critisize, what you understand, you destroy. cheers.

    • I can imagine how frustrating the politicians found this statement. Yeah, of course it would be better if ALL citizens and factions came together for dialogue, do you not think that’s what politicians are aiming at?! Easier said than done though. It’s almost like saying “The fighting will stop if everyone stops fighting!”. So given what you’ve said, TB Joshua put an impossible condition on the unlikely prophecy, so as usual he wins either way (prophecy fulfilled, or prophecy not fulfilled because they didn’t do as I said). I don’t think a fragile democracy such as Nigeria really needs foolhardy self proclaimed prophets telling them what to do with no idea about the practicalities of their suggestions.

    • Please let’s not insult the blessed name of the Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit!

  4. As you say this is one we all wish he’d got right. Let’s just pray that the acts of terrorism will cease, pray for those that have been injured, pray for the friends and families that have been killed and pray that God will bring peace to Nigeria.

  5. The man T B Joshua is FAKE, FAKE,FAKE !!!! To the ignorant, he is ” The great power of God.” Acts 8:9-11. But to us who read our Bibles, he is THE BEST OF THE FALSE PROPHETS !

    • Mr Terrific
      I am yet to meet a man/woman who read the Bible and say that TB Joshua is a true prophet. You cannot read and understand the Bible and not see TB J for who he is.

      • You see, T B Joshua has been riding high on the ignorance of so many people who don’t know the Word of God, and this is a tragedy for the church of Jesus Christ as a whole. The need for pure biblical teaching is more urgent now than ever before, and besides, people need to read the Bible to search for the truth, like the Bereans did. Acts 17:11. For those caught in the trap at SCOAN, we need to continue to pray for them for deliverance. And those who have escaped from the Synagogue of Satan, should continue to sound the alarm bells to prevent others from falling into the pit. God bless and enlarge this blog for His glory ! Amen and Amen !

  6. Not that I bother commenting here anymore, since you’ve so hardened your hearts that even Jesus Himself would have a hard-time convincing you. I once said here that my comment here has never been for TB Joshua’s sake but for yours, to see if your condemnation could be averted, but you ensure it with your own hands and seal it to make it irrevocable. So like I once said, I repeat again; I’m innocent of your blood before the LORD. TB Joshua’s defence and your punishments would timely come from the author of his calling, so just you wait, all you who have raised so much as a stroke of pen against Him. In the meantime He will keep soaring beyond the verbal war of you scribes and pharisees, even if the 7 billion people on the planet say there is no sun, the sun will just keep on shining and smiling at their delusion.

    @mweze, I commented here mainly to say i would really love to get in touch with you, here’s my email: Cheers!

  7. Nweze
    So what TB Joshua said can be compared to the 5th Commandment? Ha ha ha…Do you even know that in the Law, disrespect of parents really meant an early death? Read this: And they shall say to the elders of his city, ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious; he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton and a drunkard.’ Then all the men of his city shall stone him to death with stones; so you shall put away the evil from among you, and all Israel shall hear and fear.Deut. 21:20-21. That commandment was not figurative in the Old Testament!!!Learn to rightly divide the Word of God. Dont generalise where generalizations do not hold.

    the Bible also says “there will be no barren in the house” this is also another figurative speech of prophecy. Nweze, you should have clearly said which verse you are referring to. And then we would have looked at the verse in context.

    NOTE he suggested a solution to the problem which nigerians did not adhere to. TB Joshua suggested a solution & people did not adhere to it. Dude, this nonsense has to stop, TB is NOT God. Obviously you do not mean God made this suggestion, you mean TB Joshua suggested it. You are not so blind as to suggest God was making suggestions to the Nigerians.

    Nweze, you are thoroughly and utterly basking in ignorance.This is heartbreaking! TB Joshua is a False Prophet, what he said was not figurative @ all. He was hoping it would happen as he said it. He guessed & missed. Its as simple as that. Grow up dude!

    • You see, these people are so blind and so deluded and so ignorant of the Word of God and we need to pray for them so that they would be enlightened to discern between truth and error !

  8. Salut. i m happy because in my country we dont know much about emmanuel tv or tb joshua. we are french speaker. i think some people in country like zambia,malawi,zimbabwe there christians life is in danger because of this tb joshuamania. you dont need some water or band or to go to lagos to get your blessing from our lord jesus christ he is there with you get closer to him he will give you yous heart desire

  9. Hi, you people of:tbjoshua fan club, wacthtbjoshua, distance is not a barrier : you post comment where they call tb joshua:savour messaih, sent of is like you want the world to worship tbjoshua. May be tbj is doing his work as a servant of god . why worship or praise him? I hope you read this comment and tell us the reasons

  10. I listened to this prophesy, and believed it. I still believe it.I will not judge now, rather I will wait until the end of the year. He may yet receive a prophet’s reward. To put that prophesy in context, he mentioned hunger, and mentioned the level of bombings compared to the level of hunger in the land. He said the bombings will be about 10 percent. As at today, it would look as if the prophesy is failing. I think it is too early to conclude. Besides this, TB Joshua is human, not God. Only God doesn’t make mistakes. Take note of that. He has given many prophesies in the past that came to pass precisely, notably the football match between ivory coast and zambia, when he mentioned the precise second Drogba would miss a penalty. Such prophesies only serve as notice to you, that you should take the man seriously. It does not make him God, that is infallible.

    • Hi Steveiruedo. As you say TB joshua is human and therefore fallible, God is infallible. The problem is that if a man gives a prophesy and presents it as a message from God, if it doesn’t come true then clearly it wasn’t from God. Essentially then the man has given a ‘false prophesy’ and he is a ‘false prophet’. If I say something to you as true and it is – you may come to trust me and believe what I say. But if I then say something untrue and you still believe me (even if I believe what i say to be true) then you start believing things that are not true. Therefore if people are seen as prophets, if they have a reputation for bringing the word of God, they have to be sure that the only statements that they proclaim as prophesies, as messages from God, are indeed from God. Otherwise people can be led astray.

      You say that at the moment you believe the prophesy TB Joshua gave is true, but as it hasn’t happened yet you are waiting to see what happens. All very reasonable. But if it doesn’t come true – what then? Will you say ‘but he predicted the time a goal would be scored so what he says must be true’ or will you say ‘ he said something was from God, he was wrong so I can’t trust him when he says something is from God’?

    • This people will never learn anything, they’re so deluded and ignorant ! They don’t even know what makes one a false prophet. All it takes is just one false prophesy, and even when the prophesy is 100% correct, there are other factors that also need to be considered to be sure one is a true prophet of God. The world is full of so many diviners who are parading as prophets.

      • @ Mr T
        Indeed, the sad reality is that there is a dearth of knowledge & understanding of the other factors that are considered to ascertain whether one is a true prophet. A terrible terrible tragedy!

  11. Nweze
    Did you know that a crazy person never knows that they are’s the people around who know that they are insane so they make sure that person gets help.
    This is exactly how you are behaving about the whole prophecy.
    If say to you that you are a black man and tommorrow you will be White by 10 pm and it does not happen.Then would you then say that I did not mean that you would become green instead.
    It’s exactly what you are trying to justify here.
    Come on dude! You don’t need to make excuse for anyone.
    The prohecy has not happend as it should have been period!

  12. Oh my GOD! Mr Terrific< well to me l would have suggest you start your own Church and start predicting right instead of wasting time ova TBJ case. By the way are we call to JUDGE one anoda? Pls tell me wat can you say ova the case of our SAVIOUR dat open the eye a blind Man by spliting on the grand and rob it on the Man's eyes?

    • There goes another deluded fanatic ! Instead of addressing the issue of false prophesy, which shows their idol is a real false prophet, they want to divert attention to other things. They never learn and would forever remain blind and deceived.

  13. mweze & mj i love you guys,some people are having demons and they are burning, that is why they dont want to believe in what Jesus Christ prophesies that who ever is going to BE annointed by the power of the holy spirit is going to do more miracles than the ones he did. so mr terrific & others like him are not fighting the principalities they are fighting TBJ. THAT JUST PURE JEOULOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lindiwe

      I believe that TB Joshua is a false prophet & also a false messiah!Clearly the Bible has made known to us the false & true & TB is in the false or anti Christ category.

      No one who knows who he is can be jealous of him! He is someone who will experience a terrible part of the Lake of Fire unless he repents!

    • Who is jealous of a false prophet like T B Joshua ? When you know my story, you’d realize that I used to adore T B Joshua like you guys are doing now, until I began studying my Bible diligently.

  14. U are bothering yrselves with what you are ignorant of. Wait and witness and see the Man of God’s prophecy come to pass as the year progresses! It is too early for u to ” judge” .The Word of God instructs us to be slow to speak(James 1vs19). If we are fast to speak , then , we may be embarrased in the future when what we said in the past is proved to be wrong.As Christians, we should remember to say sweet words about other people because one day we will be forced to swallow them! Will u be able to swallow yr bitter words u are saying about the Man of God if u are forced to do so in the future when u are proved to be wrong???????

    • “The Word of God instructs us to be slow to speak(James 1vs19). If we are fast to speak , then , we may be embarrased in the future when what we said in the past is proved to be wrong”

      I agree with this completely. TB Joshua would be wise to follow this advice. TB Joshua said that the bombings and killings would be over by March. We waited until the end of April to point this out.

      • Chritians are turned against each other by the devil and they are busy judging each other instead of teaching and preaching the Word of GOD as we are instructed to do so.I believe that this same prophecy will come to pass becoz lam not of little Faith and becoz l have witness his prophecies come to pass.l believe he is a True prophet of God as lam a True christian too. Why is it now people are busy talking of T.B Joshua more than they are doing about Jesus Christ??????? We are getting lost somewhere as True christians..

  15. Mr. Terrific, l appreciate your reply towards my contribution to your TBJ condemnation,l now know you to be a formal TBJ disciple, NO wonder. Haaa you have to say more than that,l need to ask you sme question only if you will be faithful to yourself and your co-staff in this work you have choosing to do,TERRIFIC if l may ask, what can you say about the miracle of my LORD JESUS CHRIST? And what was writing in the book of Joel 2<Pls answer me,What can the POWER of JESUS CHRIST do? also you never say anything about those Prophesies that came to past. you know l say something the other time that you need to start a Church of your own and give people the alternative to the one you are condemning, Lastly, if you are to be alive when JESUS CHRIST was here on Earth, you would have done was than Judas,Gud day.

    • He never mention they will loose or win.Is people like U guys writing on the net that he say this or that.He came out to tell them he didnt say anything.If U still want to hear then i will say chelsea need more prayer.He said pray for chelsea,prayer can change everything.Their next match with Liver pool they lost 4:1,Supporters did pray to change the results .A virgin will conceive and born a son and his name will call Emmanuel.A virgin conceived gave birth to son and was call Jesus,Does this make the prophet false prophet?

      • Is people like U guys writing on the net that he say this or that.

        Everything we put in our article about what TB Joshua said regarding the match was sourced from Soe’s “Watch TB Joshua” site. If you think it is incorrect, take it up with him.

  16. Hello! To u fellow brethren in christ and my follow Nigerians remember that prophet TB. Joshua is said to be a man of God and not God himself, and so therefore lets be on a neutral ground in dis matter dat most at times pple miss 2 understand hw predictions and prophecies works there are similar but doesn’t work alike, just like prophets of old such like Elijah, Elisha, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and so many others there do prophecy but in this very issue now dnt 4get 2 know dat it was only prediction, try 2 find out d difference b/w d two word of comparisms. Thanks am Emeka.

  17. It is unfortunate someone says T.B Joshua is not a ‘messiah’ . The man himself has never called himself a Messiah becoz he knows that he is not and he will never be the one, but he knows and we know that he preaches about the Messiah,Jesus Christ and does every work of God in Jesus Christ’s name.It is the people of little and unfounded faith ,maybe, who call him the messiah ( if ever there are people who call him so).

  18. Why do u want to shoulder everything on the Man of God i believe there are so many men of god in Nigeria. The fact that he missed on this thorny issue it does not warrant calling him false. Suppose his critics you are holier than thou why dnt you pray to GOD THE FATHER to deliver him instead of demonising TBJ. Just out of interest has GOD HIMSELF spoken to you about TBJ?

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  20. tb joshua rightly predicted the the emergence on president good luck Jonathan many years before he became the president , he said the power will be given to a man from the minority group there people have a custom of wearing a hat, he also sated clearly that the boko haram issue is going to die down in June because there be hunger and lack of logistics for the sect please visits you tube before you start your criticism. i believe that is why the president also stated that he will crush boko haram by June 1212 .tb joshau is real apart from the prophecies please visit the healing and humanitarian project his ministry is into Nigerias hate what they don’t understand and what they cant conquer .

  21. was surprised when I glanced the first those comments, when the prophet gave the prophecy YOU as a Christian how many times did you pray to see the prophecy come through, don’t forget that you need the holy spirit to clear you on somethings before you start commenting blasphemously

  22. When Jesus told his disciples that some of them will not see death till he comes, what can you say about this, Its only through the help of the Holy spirit that you will understand things like this , TB Joshua prophesied bombing will stop or fade away ! How many of us prayed to see it come through?go close to Synagogue then u will know the truth about Prophet TB Joshua, He is a true MAN OF GOD

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