A former SCOAN insider speaks

A year ago, we received an email from someone who had been closely involved with TB Joshua’s church in the 1990s.

“You’re doing a good work in exposing this charlatan called TB Joshua,” he said. “ I’d like to offer my support in every way possible.”

He confirmed that many of the testimonies that we have featured on the site reflected his own experiences with TB Joshua, and was keen to help us spread the word . However, he was reluctant  to tell his own story because he felt it would put him at risk. ‘TB Joshua would do anything and everything to protect his name, including murder,’ he told us.

This week he decided to break his silence. “It’s time I tell my story and sooner than later,” he wrote in an email. “I’m going to write to you for publication for the benefit of all those who are seeking for truth.” We now have his testimony and will be publishing it in instalments over the next week.

We expect our contributor to be attacked by SCOAN. Every ex-disciple or SCOAN insider who has spoken out against TB Joshua (on this blog or elsewhere) has been met with a campaign of hateful articles and/or videos that attempt to smear their characters. They have been called racists, prostitutes, liars and blasphemers. There have been attempts to blackmail ex-disciples with the release of old confession videos that they were encouraged to make in SCOAN. All of this appears to be standard SCOAN practice, and we see no reason for them to treat our new contributor any differently. When this happens, ask yourself: does SCOAN’s response demonstrate that they’re loving their enemies like the bible commands us?

We believe that this consistently vicious response to dissent shows us how desperate TB Joshua is to keep the truth from being told. It also tells us a lot about the nature of TB Joshua’s church. Attacking and smearing critics and ex-disciples is one of the key indicators of a religious cult, according to the ICSA (an international authority on cults), and is something that SCOAN shares with other cults such as the Scientologists and the Unification Church.

Watch this space for the first instalment.

71 thoughts on “A former SCOAN insider speaks

  1. Why U guys against the man of God TB Joshua?.Let any one who have
    anything against the man of God come out and speak.You have to be very carefull the way to talk to men of God.We were not there when God anointing his servants.Plz dont take it so personal.If all christians have same faith I think we will have only 1 church in the world.Bcos we have different believe that is why we have different churches.If u dont believe in worshiping in SCOAN is not crime.Find one church that u believe and worship there.Plz stop condeming men of God,U will end up being Saul who were killing christians but he thought he was fighting for God. God will fight for Himself

    • Joe, who told you T B Joshua is ” a man of God ” ? And nobody is condemning any man of God here ! We just want to know the truth.

      • Mr Terrific,And who told U he is not man of God?We were not there when God appointing HIS ministers.If U beleieve he is man of God follow him and if u dont believe find ur way.Plz dont say nothing more

      • Mr terrific who told you TB Joshua is not a man of God?Who are you to know what truth?People like you should stop misinforming.As joe said if you dont believe him find your way .

    • @ Joe
      When was TB Joshua appointed to be ‘a man of God’ Do you know? Do you know when he became a Christian?

      • The question put to you is do you even know when or how he become a Christian? Unless you have a clear answer to that question, surely that should give you some concern?

    • Honestly, I may not call any man ‘man of God’ unless I listen to his or her salvation message of his redemption, when he met Christ and got saved. Roman 3:23, we ALL sinned and felt short of the kingdom of God. When did TB Joshua gave his life to Jesus Christ. I cannot call him man of God as i have no record of his giving his life to God…

      • If U dont have record God have them.TB Joshua is not serving man but God.Read Exodus chapter 3.who was there when God called moses?

      • @ Joe
        You are reading Exodus 3 because Moses wrote down his encounter with God for all of us to read. Obviously Moses CAN NEVER BE compared with TB Joshua.

        I have read the testimony of TB Joshua on SCOAN. He says the reason he started believing in Jesus was because he was irritated with poverty and then he “became content with my situation, knowing that my situation is redeemable through Christ” & he goes on to say “Whatever I am today is a product of that conviction that victory through Christ is victory indeed” http://www.scoan.org/about/prophet-tb-joshua/biography-of-tb-joshua/everything-big-starts-little/ Let me explain this, TB Joshua was poor, it made him irritated(opposite to being content in whatever circumstances), then he became content because he believed that in Christ he would no longer be poor. Now because of believing in Jesus his situation has been reedemed, he has riches!!! This is a different gospel!

        TB Joshua serves a god who is different from the one who says give up everything to follow me.Christ did not promise riches in this life for everyone.This man is lost!

  2. After those x desciples has made enough m0ney from T. B. J0shua,the c0me 0ut here t0 talk rubbish,why d0n’t they als0 talk ab0ut the m0ney they made there. Y0ur n0t G0D t0 judge,s0 d0 y0ur bussines and g0 0n with y0ur life,because y0u t00 will be judge. +2348093129082

    • where’s all this money? Who paid me? think about what your’e saying.

      • You did testify severally on this site to enjoying monetary benefits from the prophet. Why deny now? At least be sincere even if its just this once

    • T B Joshua doesn’t pay any money ! His lackeys live like slaves, and work like horses and sleep very little. He makes them to be even more wretched than he was when he came to Lagos from his poor village of Arigidi in Ondo State of Nigeria. On the contrary, he likes to show off to the world outside like he is someone generous, but he is not. Nobody ever made any money from T B Joshua. Chidi, you don’t even know the man you’re talking about !

  3. Chidi, haba ! Are you more interested in defending a fake prophet or in knowing the truth ? Are you for Jesus or are you for a mortal man who desperately wants to take the place of Jesus, an anti-Christ ?

  4. @ T B Joshuawatch,
    After they thought this blog was dead, now you’re coming out even stronger to EXPOSE this false prophet. May the Lord continue to bless and enlarge this powerful ministry in exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing who are devouring the flock. And I can’t wait to hear another scintillating story about the Deception of this Age, called T B Joshua. And, lastly, every weapon that they fashion against any contributor of the truth shall be returned to them one hundred fold, and it shall not prosper. They will speak the word, but it will not stand; they will take counsel together, but it shall come to nought, because the Lord is with us !

  5. Judging by the comments, the fear factor is rising already and the show hasn’t even begun.

    • @ Joe,
      Why don’t you want me to talk ? Do you not know that God will judge us by what we speak and even by what we don’t speak ? This is what the Bible calls sin by omission or sin by commission. And, to your question, the Word of God gives us the guidelines to determine whether one is of God or of Satan. And if you don’t know your Bible, are you willing to learn ?

      • @ Mr Terrific.I dont have faith in the Pope.that dont make the pope being fake or real.what am trying to say is we are not in that position to give them marks.That is why we have many churches. follow what U believe and leave those u dont believe in them the way they are.God is in control to judge them not me and U.

      • @ Joe
        When Jesus said, “beware of false prophets” He said it because He wanted us to be alert! He/Jesus knew we would be able to distinguish between false & true prophets otherwise He wouldnt have warned us. There is no way one can tell their child not to play on the road unless it has been made clear to the child, what the road is, & the consequences of playing on the road. Similarly, God warned, laid down tests for false prophets & the consequences of following them.

        The question Mr Terrific has posed is crucial 4 you. Do you want to know what the Bible says or would you rather wallow in ignorance?

  6. if SCOAN is a cult, it is one that has prophesed truth & millions world over have come to the salvation of Christ through this cult. to those of you (saints) who’ve found truth outside SCOAN, we equally wish you the best. there were numerous cults both in the jewish & gentile worlds during the ministry of Christ on earth, He never spoke of any of them. the Bible tells us that he was busy preaching the gospel & doing good. i expect you “saints” to preach the gospel of salvation than waste your time looking for the cult in SCOAN & championing hatred & discrimination. even if i had doubts in SCOAN, your approach to the whole thing will make me suspect you are foul. most of us are beggining to confirm that you were once disciples who fell out of grace, (its a pity). whether it is a cult or not we have found truth in the ministry & have embraced it. we are concentrating (millions world over) who are not in SCOAN right away, watching emmanuel tv from the comfort of our homes, receiving our own blessings as distance is not a barrier. how can some pple who have complex problems start rejoicing over an assumed ex disciple’s allegations which they have not heard to confirm its authenticity? if you feel you are grieved as a disciple, why not go to the authorities to investigate your claims just as judas iscariot went to the authorities to betray Jesus? if you are afraid that tb joshua is very powerful, why not use the penticostal fellowship of nigeria (pfn) who are strongly opposed to tbj to get the authorities investigate your claims. do you think you pple are talking/writing to kids/fools? you are just making a mockery of yourselves & making tbj more popular. anyway to the disciple who fell out of grace, ” in every twelve there must be a judas”. waiting to hear from you.

    • I think you should be a bit more concerned than you are about it being a cult. Of course you will see what appears to be good fruit coming out of SCOAN, as CS Lewis wrote in the last battle “By mixing a little truth with it they had made their lie far stronger”. You will find truth within SCOAN, that is exactly what makes the deception so powerful.

      You assume that it is this disciple who has fallen from grace, but can’t consider the possibility that TB Joshua might have done, but be very good at hiding it.

      Anyway, I don’t know why we are arguing about all this when they haven’t even published the testimony yet!

    • @ Nweze,
      Do you know that some people left SCOAN out of their own volition ? The first major casualty Joshua suffered was “prophet” Taiye, who abandoned TBJ suddenly and unexpectedly, at a time when TBJ was preaching in Yoruba. Where were you then ? Up till now, nobody knows why he left, and he is not the only one who left on their own volition, but there were many others, both men and women. So far, I’m yet to come across any ” Judas” from SCOAN. Judas betrayed Jesus for money, but those exposing TBJ are doing it for pleasure and not for money,because they’ve been deceived and now want the truth to be known, and that is all.

    • Nweze
      You really lack understanding! Nweze, Jesus would talk about the Pharisees, Scribes etc with the strongest words than He did with others! He warned about them over & over again, you do not see that in the Bible…Nweze, what is wrong with you?

      Seriously, do you read the Bible?

  7. @ Joe, my brother, you see, our Lord has put us in that very position which you’re now denying, because you don’t even know it ! We need to know what is true or false and cults from those who have the doctrine of Christ. As for the pope and the Catholic church, we’d not talk about them here, because this blog is specially dedicated to T B Joshua and all seekers of truth about Scoan.

    • @ MR Terrific,Have U ever visited SCOAN b4 or have to taken ur time watching Emmanuel tv?why am asking U this is I used to be argue as what u are doing now,until I brought emmanuel in my house.I sat down watching and reading my bible comparing the word of God to what is happening,I can see what happen @ the time of Jesus Christ and am not surprise bcos Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever.Mr terrific!plz dont be Thomas of dout.Take more extra time and do more research,U will find the truth

      • Joe
        Are you saying you read in the Bible that men & women, children were exposing their private parts to get healing? Do you read in the Bible about women giving birth in full view of everyone, placenta & everything exposed? Urine, vomit, underwear in full view of everyone & broadcasted & you compare that to Biblical healings! No Churches are recorded to have had such in the New Testament. God/ Jesus never did such.

        Do you not see how dignified & moral those healings were. There is no other way to describe those healings apart from saying they were Godly!

        What is wrong with your morality?

      • @MJ No one is coming to SCOAN to watch people private parts.At deliverance anything can happen.That is why they have people with big towells to cover any one that is about to expose his/herself.For children born @ the church premises,most of them have been declare by doctors that they cant give birth without operation.For people like U to believe they have to show U placenta not to say they brought baby from somewhere.Our Lord jesus was born @ puplic and dirty place.I dont see anything wrong here.Vomiting and other stuff,I dont think is anyone intention to go in public to vomit.God uses nasty things to heal his people.Even Jesus spit on the floor and mix with sand and pick it with hand to spread on blind man eyes.The results matters and dont forget God is not living in the temple made by men but in our body.Broadcasting everything ov tv is the best way for u to know there is nothing to hide there.Everything is open.May God increase ur faith to believe

      • @ Joe
        I asked you a question, of all the Churches in the New Testament, which one had these types of ‘deliverances’? Which one? Can you quote one verse @ least. @ which deliverance in the New Testament do we have such things.When Jesus spit on the mud, take note that what He/God did Cannot be compared to naked people,the indignities that are seen on Emmanuel Tv. Joe, Gods eye salve most certainly left the blind man with dignity.

        To say that God uses nasty things to heal people is an assertion that can only be made by a depraved man! Where do you get such a generalization? Joe, that is base!

        What nasty things does TB J use to heal people if I may ask. Do the nasty things include parading naked people. Who in the Bible paraded naked people? Think!

        Jesus was born in public…Jesus was born in a dirty place…Which Bible are you reading? Try looking 4 a verse that says God was born in a dirty place and in public. Fear God!

        Personally, I am tired of mix & match type of arguments. You cannot mishmash Biblical things. You take the birth of God & the healings He did & you draw your base conclusions. Do you not Fear God enough to interpret His Word rightly!

        Lord have Mercy on us!

      • @MJ.There is nothing call nake parade @SCOAN.I dont know where u got all this from.Take ur time and watch Emmanuel tv.Jesus is the king of kings and lord of lords but was born in the menger,that was a place where animal live(luke1:11-12).Dont tell me it was nice place.That is a symbol of humbleness As U can see that in prophet TB Joshua.about deliverance read mark1:21-28.I think everything is clear for u now.I pray God increase ur faith to believe in him

      • @ Joe
        I have watched Emmanuel Tv! I used to watch it until by the grace of God I became a Christian. Listen, I have seen women with breasts exposed, men with buttocks exposed & more indecent things. Nothing like that is recorded in the Bible. Listen, think about this seriously.

        Friend, the man with unclean spirits is recorded to have convulsed & there is no explicit talk there of urination or vomiting unless you are reading into the text things that were left out. Understand? That text is not stating indecent actions & we cannot read more into it. The man had convulsions period! It doesn’t say the man was peeing or vomiting away evil spirits, okay?This is something I used to hear on Emmanuel TV, as a justification for showing vomit & urine. Where in that verse is the urine & vomit shown on Emmanuel TV! Did the Holy Spirit forget to mention it? God is the standard of morality, you will do well to remember that.

        Jesus was born in a manger but where does it say it was dirty? Where does it say it was in public? Listen, you read the Verses to support your ‘theories’ not to learn the Truth from them. Just like assuming the man who convulsed urinated or vomited here you are assuming the menger was dirty. The Bible doesn’t say it was dirty or public, don’t add to it.

        TB Joshua is not humble. I have seen him give donations, (school fees, food etc) on Emmanuel TV making sure everyone in the world knows he is giving to the needy! He is base, seeking praise from men & you are too blind to see exactly what he is doing. He shows off his ‘giving’ escapades. No one needs to know he gives, understand. He makes sure everyone knows. You are blind my friend, that there in the synagogue is not a humble man @ all.

  8. People don’t need to watch Emmanuel TV. What people need to do is to read and learn their Bibles and judge everything they see or hear by the Word of God. God gave us His word; He did not give us Emmanuel TV or any other TV. And, for your information, I’ve seen so many things “live” at SCOAN,and watched many videos long before SCOAN was featured on Nigerian Television Authority or had their own studios. Now, I don’t watch them anymore but read my Bible. There’s more wisdom and understanding in the Bible than you can get anywhere else.

    • Live @SCOAN and do this or that.Being so called ex diciple what is special here?Dont forget Judas was also with our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.He was the one sitting next to him and not surprise he was the one who betrayed him.Dont forget Lucifer was once the choir master in heaven,He is now on earth doing all sort of bad things again God.Do we have to listen to him bcos he was once choir master in heaven and was together with God in heaven
      To all so called ex diciple repent and go back.there still forgiveness and salvation awaiting for U.Dont join the company of lucifer and fight against God,bcos no one can fight God.
      Ur main intension is to colapse TB Joshua church but what God have planted no one can uproot it.He is growing bigger and bigger everyday.
      Stop distroying urself

      • So in one comment you have equated TB Joshua to both God and Jesus, and those who criticise him are to Satan and Judas. Wow.

      • Joe
        Friend you are deluded! TB Joshua is not God that we should repent to him. Lord have mercy, our salvation is not depended on the false prophet! He is a mere crook, a man who serves his master Satan.

      • I told u to watch emmanuel tv,just bco I want U to see people like U who were all over saying very bad things against the man of God Prophet TB Joshua who have return to stand b4 thousands of people to confess.A person who is asleep when u wake him he will wake.But the one pretend to be asleep what ever u do he will never hear.U have already make ur mind calling anointing man of God a false prophet.May God forgive U.Where were U when God anointing his people?

      • i should go back to scoan to get salvation?!
        see, we dont need to say much. you are saying it all for us.

    • @ Joe
      I trust God who commends those who are diligent in testing they who call themselves Prophets. Revelation 2:2, “I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, you have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and found them to be false.” Read the rest of this & you will find that was a commendation from the Lord Jesus.

      I pray for those people who come to repent because obviously they are lost. There is no reason to apologize or come back to a False Prophet.

      TB Joshua is really antiChrist, not the Antichrist but he is an AntiChrist!

  9. Joe, l thank GOD for your life, you see when a Man is feel with the Spirit from above, He do’nt go about criticizing other fellow Christians rather He will keep interceding on behave of others. All l know is that Mr. TERRIFIC and his coo staff are not doing the right thing at all and it will be good if they can give there life for another ministry in CHRIST JESUS.Also pls Mr Terrific,JOE has given you the best example in the Bible think over it.

    • @ Kelvin
      Paul the apostle was a man devoted to God & His Gospel. In the Book of Timothy Paul mentions two false teachers by name, Alexander & Hyemaneus . Paul was clearly filled with the Holy Spirit! He criticized those too for being purveyors of false Teaching.

      Your generalization is thus not Biblical! When a false teacher like TB Joshua is discovered we are to issue warnings to fellow Christians & others like Paul did.

      The example given is from a mind that is uniformed, Joe seems to be someone who doesn’t read his Bible with understanding. You cannot lose your salvation if you sound out false prophets like temitope.He is a mere man who serves the devil.

      • You see, these people don’t know anything apart from Emmanuel TV and the little that they could garner from Temitope. Here’s a man who lacks any training in sound Biblical doctrine, and what else do you expect from his minions ?

      • @ Mr Terrific
        I agree with you! TB J is ignorant but these his minions are thoroughly ignorant.Happy to be worse off than the false teacher himself! Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves. Matthew 23:15

        I pray that they understand that we all were ignorant of false prophets like TB J until we started reading the Bible. We are still growing but we certainly are not where we were!

    • kevin, you are wrong in thinking TB Joshua doesnt go about criticising other ministries. I have heard him. The disciples do too, I even confronted everyone once, in a rare occasion where no one could say anything back. It was in my first two months as a disciple, and I pointed out how I had not heard a single posative thing they had said about anyone else.

      You’ve got this idea of what this TB joshua guy is like – what he is REALLY like. You are convinced you know. I was the same. I broke up with a girlfriend because she was against TB joshua. I’ve fallen out with other Christians because of this man, I’ve asked people to leave because I would not listen to their criticism of TB Joshua.

      But let me tell you something else….I now have absolutely no resepect for him whatsoever.
      What do you think made me change my opinion so much?

      • It’s just the same way I regard Temitope now. He’s not a man of God but a criminal, 419, an antiChrist, a liar, adulterer, fornicator, false prophet, evil, and what other thing you can think of that is base and Satanic !

      • @ mr Terrific.When ur opponent cant beat U he bite U.is like u cant beat so U have start biting.Calling man of God 419,crimial etc.I can see u are frustrating now.Jesus is Love.Confess ur sin to him and repent.He is ready to forgive U and save U.I pray to God to repent U

  10. of course i know the so called ex disciple would be “giles”. my premonition was very right. boy you exposed yourself when you replied chidi. you made us to understand that you fell from Grace since 1990 (about 22 years now). my question is this, since then, has there been any changes in SCOAN & in you? YES, very big changes, while THE SCOAN is increasing everyday to the Glory of God, you “giles” sounds frustrated & miserable- the gift of disobedience. maybe if you had been steadfast, maybe you would have been anointed by God as one of the wise men. do you want to tell us that those wise men are frustrated? or does those beautiful & handsome faces we see singing & working to the glory of God frustrated? you guys must be funny. mr terrific also exposed himself here. i can understand, this is a blog for ex disciples who fell from Grace. its a pity. you still have opportunity to repent & accept Christ as your Lord &Saviour. you dont need to go back to SCOAN. just start your ministry in any part of the world & stop wasting your precious time on tbj as no amount of persecution will stop the Gospel from spreading. @mr giles, if you have not repented, we are waiting eagerly to here your miserable story of “Grace to grass.” my ears are itching. cheers.

  11. pls go and read giles reply to chidi. he confirmed it himself. read chidi’s statement before reading giles reply. it is very clear. listen to his first statements (where is all this money? who paid me?) if he had made some accusations before then he fabricated this one. God have mercy on you. REM my ears are still itching. cheers.

  12. @mj, jere & masu, why i mentioned these three names is to inform you that your activities are well known in this site. you post with these 3 names (mj,jere,masu) while you are one & the same person. anybody who is very observant must have noticed this trick of yours.it is the same POSTING ICON that represents these three names on different comments against tbj on this site. you can see how petty…? its unfurtunate the level your frustration over somebody’s success in the things of God can drive you. using three diffrent names to post critisizing comments against somebody, how can we take you serious? its clear sign of deception. these activities have proven to us that you are the one directly behind this dirty blog. REM the earlier you repent the better for you. cheers.

    • Nweze
      This one is a no brainer! One is my surname the other is my first name!! Of course you have heard of initials havent you? Ha ha ha Nweze, you are funny!

      What is wrong with you? Is it a crime to use all your names & initials?


      • @ Nweze & Joe
        I do not run this blog! As a matter of fact for me it doesn’t matter who runs it. What matters is whether Truth is being shared. That is the issue. TB J decided to ‘prophecy’ about our ex president Bingu & lo i came across this beautiful website! I pray more Malawians will visit this site & God enlightens them.

        The more you wonder who is behind the site the more it seems obvious to me that you have evil intentions against them. But why if TB J is a true teacher of the Word of God.

        These are scare tactics. Anyone who has studied the shenanigans of TB J knows that man is capable of anything.

        I Have a duty towards my God & I will continue to comment.

  13. Just a question – why are you SCOAN supporters so obsessed with revealing the people behind these testimonies? There seem to be whole blogs about it. Why don’t you pay more attention to what’s actually being said? And maybe answering some of the direct allegations?

    Having said that, I would be pretty disappointed if this testimony turned out to be from Giles. No offence, Giles!

    • @Katese11,
      The simple reason is that the people behind these testimonies are too hot for T B Joshua to handle. They can’t be bribed and they can’t be silenced and they continue to UNMASK TBJ so people can see him for who he really is. Just like Satan who operates under cover, TBJ doesn’t like his evils to be exposed, because he likes to portray himself as an “angel of light,” to the ignorant people who think he is of God. SCOAN supporters cannot challenge these testimonies, and the best they think they can do is to find out the contributors and perhaps silence them.The way I see it, God is behind this blog and has put a hedge of fire and flaming swords around this work, and one false move from TBJ and all his satanic kingdom will come crashing down !

      • When i first saw this blog I thought there were something important to learn from here.Now I understand is just personal hatred u are sharing here.U call me thief and i say am not thief,let the law of the land deal with me.why U take it so personal.U make God look like something that we can lift it to the sun and bring it back when is night.God is ALMIGHT.Why TB Joshua?There are many pastors out there.Bcos the devil have given U guys asignment.NO WEAPONG AGAINST MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA WILL PROSPER.He will be the head not the tail

    • lol i assure you its not me. i dont think i know the person cos im in contact with all my ex disciple friends, and its none of them. also looking fwd to reading

  14. I don’t like T.B Joshua but i am not here to judge anyway. Maybe its high time Christians started reading the Bible. Matthew 24:24 can judge for me and can u pls tel him God z not a soccer fan and has nothing to do with competitions.

  15. thanks giles, all of us are impressive. i only pray that one day we shall all come to a common understanding of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of our soul. cheers.

  16. Let’s investigate traditional healers not phropets or priests. If someone is initiating people to become traditional healers,no one criticise them,if some one is drug addict,selling alcohol or a prostitute,no one criticise that.But if a drug addict can say I am no longer interested in drugs,people will start attacking him or investigating his life. If you are married, people will dicourage you by telling you how your wife or husband is cheating. Usually the same people warning you about you wife or husband,they are not even married an you find that they are in the relation ship with a cheating boyfriend or girlfried and they have been in that relationship for some time. But they want you to leave your husband,why don’t they leave the boyfriend because they are not yet commited. TB Joshua is helping people and if according to you , is not doing God’s will, he will be judged by God not you. If you are doing good things people will always attack you. Leave the man of God Alone and please advice people where to go if you say churches are scams.

    • Martha just relax.This people who always spend their precious time judging men of God,U can easily understand they are the agents of satan.TB Joshua is a real man of God and SCOAN is arena of liberty.Forget about so called ex diciples.they are loosers and frustrated,

      • Mr Terrific and his co are not on their self.A day will come after their deliverance they will come back to their senses and they will call themself FORMER BLASPHEMY.

  17. @Martha am tired of this way of thinking and arguing.Read Eddie’s new post and learn of how the bible tells us to judge

    • @ Pam
      So am I! Tired of this kind of thinking! These people use their heads which are devoid of Biblical knowledge to judge things. Sad, utterly sad. Most say, I think that or I feel that & the operative word being I. They think they are the source of Wisdom not the Bible. in their pride they cannot see the difference between their way of thinking & this way of thinking:God says this in the Bible. They can’t see the difference. They are blind!

  18. I read in this post that ex-disciples were called names and blackmailed. Is that the reason Gareth and the other lady (can’t remember her name but she was apparently a sexual victim too) don’t post anymore?

    I’m actually surprised Giles is still posting. Seems like they don’t have anything against him then? lol

  19. I think ya’ll sipping on full cups of crazy! You “sound” like defenders of “truth” to yourselves only, but the Bible says to “avoid foolish debate” it accomplishes nothing. The truth is powerful enough to defend itself, Jesus is powerful enough to defend himself!
    The Bible also says “no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises against me…God will condemn”. Trust God enough to let his Word and his Spirit defend what is right. Did God make all of you his police?

    I am completely sure that TB Joshua can defend himself and if he works for God then God will defend or condemn for him.

    When it comes to healings and miracles, I am concerned with only the words of Jesus to the John the baptist…..”Tell John that the Lame Walk and the Blind See”. If that was good enough for Jesus as proof of his presence on earth it is good enough for me.

    I do not want to hear about who “didn’t” get healed…..we all hear that in all of our christian churches around the world especially in North America. What I want to hear is “who did”? That is who I want to hear from because that alone is good enough for me…..no matter what CHURCH it is happening in.

    • @Paula,
      God commands us not to believe every spirit but to test the spirits whether they are of God, and you’re just be disobedient or indifferent to the Lord’s commands.

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