Eddie’s story: A former SCOAN insider speaks, part 1

This is the story of Eddie, who was involved in SCOAN in the 1990s. This is a personal account and the views expressed are those of the writer.

My name is Eddie Amartey, a Ghanaian who was resident in Nigeria, and attended the Synagogue Church of All Nations. I’m going to tell my story of how I came to be involved with TB Joshua and my experiences of his ministry. But first, I wanted to address a couple of points that are often brought up by TB Joshua supporters.

We are required to judge
Let me begin by addressing those folks out there that think we’re here on this site to witch-hunt or to judge their idols whom they worship. They don’t even know that the Word of God commands us to judge, and to judge with righteous judgement. John 7:24. Many of them only know about Matt 7:1, which they quote casually in their ignorance, but they don’t know the next verse, which tells us, ” in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”. Yes, we’re required to make righteous judgement by the Word of God, and this is what this site is doing.

The bible warns us about false prophets
Some people don’t know their Bible and are not willing to learn, and are destroyed by their lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. But if they want to know, let them begin to read and study their Bibles like the Bereans did in Acts 17:10-11. O Lord, it is time You fulfill Your word to give Your people pastors who would feed them. Jeremiah 23:4. From Old Testament to New Testament, the Bible talks greatly about false prophets. Jesus warned us about them and so did all the New Testament writers. The Old Testament tells us not to have any fear or regard for any false prophet, but to treat them as criminals, to kill them, but today they have so much freedom and could prophesy falsely and with impunity, “…and My people love to have it so.” Jeremiah 5:31; Deut 13:1-5; Deut 18:20-22.

In the New Testament, we have a mandate to judge and EXPOSE false prophets, by their fruit, by their spirit and by their doctrines, in the light of the Word of God. Matthew 7:15; 1 John 4:1; 2 John 9-10. Indeed, for three years, Paul warned the believers concerning false prophets with crying and tears, ending by exhorting them to stick to the Word of God to check every false prophet and teaching. Acts 20:29-32. Lastly, Jude exhorts all believers to earnestly contend for the faith that was given to the saints. Jude 3. Other Scriptures concerning false prophets are, Matt 24:24; Mark 13:22; 2 Peter 2:1-3; 2 Tess 2:9. So those of you who don’t understand what we’re doing on this site, check out the Scriptures for yourselves, and understand that God has given us the power to judge and expose false prophets. Ask yourself whether you’re true to the Word of God or whether you’re foolishly and blindly following a false prophet. Ask yourself: are you loyal to Jesus Christ who died for you, or to someone who is a sinner like you and needs salvation?

There’s a great deal of ignorance of the Word of God  in the church today and that is why false prophets and teachers are riding high, because the people can’t discern between truth and error, and are blown away by every wind of doctrine. Eph 4:14. And ignorance of the Word is no respecter of persons, whether they’re in high or low positions, rich or poor, black or white. I have seen many intellectuals whose knowledge of Scriptures is very pathetic, to say the least. Like many people in the church today, I was once deceived because of my lack of knowledge of Scriptures, but I thank God that today the Bible has revealed so much to me, through my diligence study of the Scriptures and ” I have more understanding than all my teachers for Your testimonies are my meditation.” Psalm 119:99. And now I’m here to share with you what I saw at SCOAN, what I experienced and why I left.

In part two of his testimony, Edmund tells of how he got involved with TB Joshua’s church.

68 thoughts on “Eddie’s story: A former SCOAN insider speaks, part 1

  1. well put and said .I hope some people will get it and start to study scriptures instead of blindly following a man

    • please,never again send anything about the prophet to my mail.i hate your comments

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  2. You called him a false prophet…how? Has he prophesied and hasn’t come to pass? All these quotations of the scripture you dropped, do you read and understand them by the direction of the holy spirit or by your own knowledge{human ideology?}. Are you judging righteously by your own sight or by the revelation of God? All these questions are for you to answer. For your notice, all these attack won’t bring Prophet TB JOSHUA and his good works down. If you feel you’re the best or saint, open your own church and do it your own way. Then at the last day, God will judge every one and not you.

    • @ Liberal,
      These are plain and simple Scriptures for easy understanding. If you have a better explanation by the Holy Spirit, please let us know !

  3. So Eddie is the true prophet and never sins!!!? and so we have to believe just like that because he claims to have involvement with SCOAN?!!!, Oh Lord Have mercy on us for you only know your people.

    • Yep, that’s what he said wasn’t it – and how dare he? I mean the very gall of a mere man claiming to be the sinless, true prophet (i.e. Jesus). It’s absolute blasphemy. Wait. Eddie said that? He did? Where did you get that from?!

    • leonard, where did eddie say this? what are you on about?

      honestly, you ppl need to start switching on with these comments.

    • @ Ian
      Ha ha ha, good one!

      @ Leonard
      Wow! That blind? Come on dude, @ least take note that Eddie is quoting scripture & state where he has erred! Are the verses that have been quoted true? Had he divided the Word rightly? Think along those lines & comment. Eish

      • Even Satan Can Quote the bible very well just like His Children!!! Listen Child of the world GOD Fights for his Servants and No matter what you people say or do you are just wasting your time coz Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and Forever and his servants will never stand and be condemned coz they have authority in their mouths.

      • Leonard. Yes, satan knows the bible, but you can’t just state that fact at people because they’re using scripture to say something you disagree with. If you disagree with how Eddie was using the scriptures, try to work out why, and let him know in the comments. Otherwise it gives the impression that you don’t have any real reason to disagree, you’re just not prepared to accept the implications of what he said.

      • Yes Satan can quote scripture and yes God fights for His servants.

        But God also told His servants to defend the Faith when Satan and His children are bringing in falsehood.Jude 1:3. Where is your defense? Where has God & the Faith been misrepresented in what has been written by Eddie?Gods servants know their faith and can easily know when scripture has been misused, mis applied or misinterpreted by Satan. Given an article Gods servants say here you have made a mistake & there you have blasphemed for example! You have done neither! Do you not feel a little silly for not knowing your Bible that much.

        Further, look at the temptation of the Lord Jesus by Satan. As Satan was quoting scripture what was God doing? Jesus was clearly answering with Scripture to expose the deception of Satan. He knew the Word, He is the Word after all. The Lords children though they do not know the Word perfectly read it, meditate on it & understand it enough to expose the lies of Satan & his children. You have done no such thing & that does not worry you!!Friend, think a little@ least.

  4. This is typical SCOAN tactics. They don’t have the ability to address the issues in question, and that’s why they’re more interested in the commenters’ identities than in the issues under consideration. It’s like they can’t think at all, and even when they do think, T B Joshua must tell them what to think ! Wake up, my people ! Jesus did not die for you so you can be a slave to someone else but to Himself.

    • Ahahahaaaaaa, You people are soooo Funny Keep on Dreaming!! After all Jesus Christ Loves Me and that’s what i care the most and not what you people think or Pride yourselves to know the scripture more than others Do, Keep on proud yourself but in the end many surprises will be seen,Even Jesus Christ was Mocked and accused to use evil powers “Beelzebub” But he is and will remain to be the messiah and his servants will remain to be so no matter what Nonsense is utter against them. God Bless you people.

      • Hi Leonard
        I have lost the thread here – What is the point that you are trying to make?
        TBJoshua is not Jesus, he is not the son of God, he does not lead a sinless life.

        Yes – Jesus was mocked and, Jesus is, and remains to be the Messiah. Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus lived his life on this earth without sin but was put to death. Jesus then rose from death – that is why I can come to Jesus and find that my sins can be forgiven – my response is Amen for that.

  5. @ Leonard
    Indeed God loves everyone. I would like to believe that when you said God/Jesus loves you, you said that in light of the concept that you are a believer. One of the truths about believers is that they love God even as God loves them and that is shown in their obedience to His Word. God/Jesus/HolySpirit wrote down His Word and the believer from the love that he/she has for God obeys that Word. How? Joshua was a believer and God told him this, “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. We cannot subtract obedience in reading God’s Word from the love the believer has for God. Love = obedience. Further, the believer can read and understand that Word because he/she is not an orphan but he/she has the Holy Spirit/God as their helper.I wonder from you comment, do you love God?

    Every believer must do this, “but grow in the grace and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18. Why? You are loved so that you should “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. How? These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart.Deuteronomy 6:6

    We cannot love what we do not know! Do you know the God who loves you?

  6. @Nweze,
    I thought you were waiting for this post ? Your ” premonition” was very wrong, but, anyway, what do you have to say now ? Or perhaps, you’re now studying your Bible ? That would do you a lot of good and help you to see the light !

    • yea mr terrific my brother, i didnt intend to reply this post because it is very shallow & contains nothing beyond what i’ve been reading from frustrated ex disciples on this site. but as you requested i should say something, i want to tell you that my premonition is still strong. i have not expected you to write giles name. even if he is not the person, you guys gave away your pettiness with this post because you told us that the so called ex disciple has kept silence since 1990 (22 yrs ago) he fell from Grace. but from this post, everything indicates that this ex disciple is very familiar & has been commenting actively on this site. pls for the benefit of all, i would want us to look at some observable points: i would want every reader to visit the previous post on “boko haram prophecy: how did tb joshua get it so wrong.” let us go to mr terrific’s reply to mj on May 3, 2012 at 7:18pm, it reads thus “IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, FALSE PROPHETS WHO MADE FALSE CLAIMS WERE (STONED TO DEATH), BUT TODAY THEY SAY ANYTHING THEY LIKE…. pls note the emphasis on “stone to death.” now let us come back to this post by so called eddie. let us go to the 4th paragraph, under the sub heading “the bible warns us about false prophets” pls note the last statement of this paragraph, “THE OLD TESTAMENT TELLS US NOT TO HAVE ANY FEAR OR REGARD FOR ANY FALSE PROPHET, BUT TO TREAT THEM AS CRIMINALS, (TO KILL THEM), BUT TODAY THEY HAVE…. pls you can see the emphasis again “to kill them.” @ mr terrific & every critical mind on this site, pls didnt this speak volume? REM i said i didnt want to comment before on this post because its as worthless & lacks substance like other gabbages i’ve been reading on this dirty site. i am still waiting for the so called mr eddie’s story of “Grace to grass.” my ears are still itching.

      • Upon what so called Eddie wrote there,what has that have to do with the man of God.Did man of God commited any offences in his article?Shame of U all.Agents of satan.For 22years what have U achieve till now.How was SCOAN then and now????Cant u see the wise men and the true diciple?They are blessed.Your intention of coming to SCOAN as diciple was with hidden agenda. Read Job chapter 1.when God call his people satan also came with them.So being there doent make u a true diciple but for ur personal interest.U were migrant from ghana to nigeria.U were not there to serve god but ur own interest that is why u couldnt stay.If the man of God offended u say it out let us hear.If not then u have to shut up.U are disgrace to christianity

      • Hey, chill out a bit Joe! Let’s wait for his full story before writing Eddie off as an agent of satan!

      • Nweze,
        You’re right, my brother, I’ve been commenting here, and enjoying the ride. I wanted you guys to ” prophesy” about my identity, but you couldn’t and your ” premonition” was just wrong. Now you know I’m Mr Terrific, so what’s your next move ?

      • @Nweze very well spoken my brother, it is pity to see people who regard others as evil while themselves could be twice as evil,God Bless you.

  7. @madelaine where did you see me say or write that T.b Joshua is Jesus?!! i guess i’ll have to pity for your empty mind. i don’t even have to listen to your references coz i have the Bible and Holy Spirit is my Guard to where are true followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ and who are not! So is only Holy Spirit can open your eyes to see who is genuine servant of God and Who is the imposter reading bible from Genesis to Revelation does not mean one is genuine!

  8. MR. JOE!!! hahaha, my good brother pls reduce fire so that the mischief does’nt run away with his story, hahaha.

  9. Lol ,
    Thanks @Joe and @ nwneze. Its comforting to know that not everyone here is foolish enough to be led astray by such biased pieces of writing. I was just thinking, There was once a time Jesus sent out 70 disciples to witness, but finally we read of just 11 do you guys seriously think the guys who left didn’t have their concocted version of Jesus misbehaviour? They would most probably not tell their families that they failed and were the failures who were unworthy to follow the master, they would have found a fault or two with Jesus to tell as an excuse, its similar to what these Ex-disciples, Giles, gareth and co… Are up to now” why didn’t the wise men suffer the same fate as you? Today heaven is rejoicing over them. Instead of genuinely coming to repentance for your misdeeds at SCOAN you keep justifying the dirty traits of which you find yourselves possessed.

  10. @MJ, you’ve sounded so versed in scripture until now and spoken so much of spiritual things, how then could even such clearly stated scripture escape you? Anyway search the scriptures properly and you would learn what you should know; the bible speaks of the 70 sent out in Luke 10 who went out to witness, preached, healed and all that and returned with Joy, it also speaks in John how “At this, many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. – John 6:66

    Note the word “many”

    So a servant cannot be greater than master

    • @ Soe
      That’s the thing, where are you getting the 11. It just says ‘many’ left. Where are you getting the 11.

      To God be the Glory! I once was blind but now I see. The treasure that is the Word of God! Glory to the King!

      • @MJ,

        At this, many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. – John 6:66

        Jesus said therefore to the TWELVE, “You don’t also want to go away, do you? ” – John 6:67

        Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life. – John 6:68

        We all know what happened to Judas who was among the twelve. Which finally brings the number down to 11 among those chosen by the master himself.

      • @ Soe

        This type of Biblical Interpretation is the one that is leading us into the arms of false prophets. How did you conclude that these 70 witnesses (excluding the 12) were the ones who left?

        Read this, “However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:20. The 70 in Luke 10 were believers, their names were written in Heaven? Those in John 6 abandoned Jesus in a final sense. They no longer followed Jesus! The John 6 disciples who left were False Disciples!

        The 70 witnesses were true believers who had their names written in Heaven! Your conclusion that from the 70, 11 remained is erroneous!

    • Many left Jesus simply because they did not understand his doctrine of “cannibalism,” and not because of any awful thing Jesus did. But many have left Temitope for the awful things they saw at SCOAN, some even caught him redhanded, in the very act ! And, remember, Jesus said, ” There shall be MANY false prophets, not few.” Matt 24:11

      • Mr terrific, what do you think the disciples who left Jesus probably told their families and friends when they got back?

      • There’s no speculation here and my opinion doesn’t matter ! The Bible says they simply left, because they didn’t understand ! But people left TBJ, because they UNDERSTOOD that he is a false prophet, a liar and a deceiver !

      • @Mr terrific, My point exactly, they left because they did not understand but THOUGHT they did, these Ex-disciples of TB Joshua today are clearly in the same boat. If those disciples who left Jesus didn’t think of Him as a false prophet they wouldn’t have left. And they presumably must have had biblical justification for their denouncing Jesus, but what became of the other Apostles who remained in his service served to disprove their understanding. in the same way what has become of the Wise men today and the ones coming after them serves to disprove the so called understanding of these Ex-disciples.

      • If those disciples who left Jesus didn’t think of Him as a false prophet they wouldn’t have left. And they presumably must have had biblical justification for their denouncing Jesus

        That, dear Soe, would be an argument from silence! Also, that comment sounds scarily like you consider TB Joshua as the second coming… Welcome back though!

      • In fact, they consider T B Joshua as Jesus, and he is, because he is a FALSE CHRIST ! Matt 24:24

      • @ian, lol, TB Joshua as the second coming! That’s a bigg one even for me to chew, won’t the second coming be the end of the world as we know it?
        With the great white throne judgement and fire and rapture and all that?

      • As it seems that there is a comparison being made between the Disciples of Jesus and the disciples of tbjoshua I will make another comparison. TBJoshua is a human being, he has access to the throne of God because of the death and resurrection of Jesus, as we all do. Jesus is the Son of God. The disciples of tbjoshua are following a man. The disciples of Jesus then and now are following the Son of God.

  11. bro soe thanks, how are you doing? i’ve sent a reply to your message but have not got a reply to that. wishing you God’s grace. cheers.

  12. how was scoan then and now? Eddie had a hidden agenda of going there and even How do we believe he was even there in the first place.What shows eddie was with scoan?We want proof first not just any useless write ups as usual.Prove to us you were there holy eddie if not anything written is baseless.You cant just wake up from your bed and tell us anything without substantiating

  13. @ Oliver,
    I agree with your comment, but I think this is only part one of the story. Let’s wait and see !

  14. @madelaine, if you recall, a very catchy phrase Jesus made while commissioning his disciples with the Great Gospel message was that they “Go and make Disciples of all Nations” Matt 28:19 Even after he said: as The father has sent me so send I you”

    Its the mentors role to teach his disciples to observe everything Christ commanded., why do you want to crucify TB Joshua simply for carrying out God’s instruction?

    TB Joshua’s style of Mentorship is the biblical standard which many have shied away from only to place ads for pastors or go to theology schools to recruit or employ pastors but that is not the discipleship pattern Jesus adopted or the Apostles or even the OT prophets.

    • @Soe,
      Nobody wants to crucify your master because Jesus has been crucified for us already. The point is your master does not even have the doctrine of Christ, so how does he teach you to ” observe everything Christ commanded ?” Temitope is sending you out in his way, not Christ’s way, my friend. Do you people know what Christ teaches at all ? Does your master baptize as Jesus commanded ? Does he even observe the Lord’s supper ? Wake up, people !

    • Do you disagree with my statement? “The disciples of tbjoshua are following a man. The disciples of Jesus then and now are following the Son of God.”

  15. @MJ,
    I never interpreted anything, the Bible is clear on it, I quoted the passages there “THEY TURNED BACK AND NO LONGER FOLLOWED HIM BECAUSE THEY WERE OFFENDED AT HIS TEACHING”
    Seriously now, I feel you’re just trying to close your eyes to such obvious biblical truth, I wonder then how your eyes were open to judge TB Joshua a false prophet.

    • @ Soe
      The Bible in Luke 10 is indeed clear that the 70 were true disciples, all of them! They were written in Heaven!

      The Bible in John 6 is also clear that ONLY 12 remained! The disciples in John 6 who left were not part of the 70. Understand?

      I think you need to ask yourself whether your eyes are open. Soe, TB Joshua is a false prophet no doubt about it.

  16. @ MJ,
    Thank you for explaining things to Soe. In fact, we need a lot of teachers on this blog, people need biblical instruction !

    • So you regard yourselves as instructors of righteousness!!! ahahahaaa, only Holy Spirit is the true instructor and only through him by the grace of our Heavenly Farther and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Can open your eyes to see the genuine servants of God.

      • @ Leonard
        The Holy Spirit does use Christians to spread the Word! He said in the Book of Timothy that we must be ready to preach the Word in season & out of season, the Holy Spirit also said we must defend the Faith in the Book of Jude.

        We are the slaves of our Master the Lord, what the Holy Spirit teaches us in His Word we share with others for we exist for the Glory of God, every one of us Christians!

  17. Your hatred scares me and make me wonder if you can call yourself a Christian. Human being can be tempted, have attitude, feelings. TB is not an angel nor Jesus. Wrong or wright let God be the judge. You are showing the world your weakness. Listen to the Word of God and stop trying to expose TB. He did not drag you to his congregation.

    • @ Leopatra,
      The Bible tells us to expose evil. Eph 5:11. It also tells us to hate evil in all its forms. Psalm 97:10. T B Joshua is evil, misleading people and destroying souls and must be exposed. You can love him all you want but his works of evil must be exposed !

  18. He actually indirectly drags pple to scoan by the way he advertises on emmanueltv.Pple flock there with high expectations only to become victims of his deception

    • Barking is 4 moving vehicles. People with hidden agenda always do this when they do not achieve their goals. Emmanuel TV. is real u don’t have to go to SCOAN in order to understand. I am proud to say I never met TB Joshua I was never in Nigeria but because of Emmanuel TV and spiritual empowerment I gained from the channel I have story to tell that changed my life friends and families. We love TB Joshua and no false allegations will change that.

      • @ Leopatra
        You don’t love TB Joshua for no reason, you love him because you love falsehood. If you loved Truth you would love TB J as a lost soul for that is who he is.

        Your ‘testimony’ about Emmanuel TV is subjective unless measured against the Bible to see if it is in line with the Bible. Otherwise you do not conclude that TB J is a man of God from Tv & what not unless you have measured him against the Word of God. You on the other hand seem to be saying you used your experience to tell that he was a man of God. Well that is some folly right there because experience counts for naught in a fallen human being.

        Have you used the Bible to test him?Share with us?

    • @ Charles,
      What is truth ? Are you talking about truth according to the word of God, or truth according to some false prophet ?

      • Terrific, Hai!

        Its the truth according to the word of God. See the fruits of TB and test them accordingly and you shall proove he is no false prophet. Blessings to you dear.

    • @ Moses,
      Listen to the word of God, and if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them. Isaiah 8:20.

      • Its either you have not read the word of God properly or you have choosen to misinterprete it. Please read between the lines.

    • @ Elvis,
      I don’t blame you. I thought he was a man of God until I realized he is the kind of prophet Jesus warned us about and that’s why I have no regard for him at all, but see him as the false and deceitful prophet that he is. God says we should not be afraid of them or give them any respect. They are criminals, even worse, because they destroy souls.

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