Eddie’s story: a former SCOAN insider speaks, part 2

This is part 2 of Eddie’s story of his involvement with SCOAN. Eddie is a Ghanaian who was resident in Nigeria in the 1990s. This is a personal account and the opinions expressed solely represent the views of the author.

I first went to SCOAN because I had heard about the miracles happening there and I wanted to see things for myself. When I started attending, I saw healing, deliverance and miracles but concerning the teachings, there was so much to be desired, and if anyone wants to grow in true biblical doctrine and teaching, SCOAN is certainly not the place to go! Nevertheless, I went along with the crowd, trumpeting the name of T B Joshua everywhere, like the fanatics are doing today, basking in euphoria and ignorance. But the scales began falling in 1997, when I went from being an ordinary member of SCOAN to an “insider” of sorts. What I mean is, I wasn’t a disciple, and thank God, I wasn’t a lackey! I wasn’t a paid employee, and like Joshua said, ” Did I write any application for employment ?” No, I did not!

Until my involvement with the so called disciples, I was just an ordinary member of SCOAN and one of the few who was personally selected by Joshua to be part of the ” Kingdom Business,” which were kind of lectures or  training sessions that TB Joshua gave in the evenings to those who were not full-time disciples.

When I got to know the SCOAN disciples, I discovered that I really did not want to be part of this people. And as I learnt later, it began at the top, from T B Joshua himself, right down to the very bottom ! These people are heartless, without love and without conscience, just doing the bidding of their master ! There was so much acrimony, bitterness, fighting, competition and desire for recognition and favor from Joshua, and Joshua loved it.

Divide and rule

TB Joshua reasoned that if there was no love among his lackeys, they wouldn’t be able to cooperate and so couldn’t work together against him. His specialty was ” divide and rule,” pitting one person against the other, while making each one feel “special.” He would call two people together to give an assignment, then call each one separately to give counter instruction, so the two would be working at loggerheads with each other, while Joshua enjoys the acrimony. This spirit of dissension and strife is of Satan himself and not of God! It was ugly!

‘Reporting for God’ by informing against other disciples
There was what is called, “Reporting for God,” which is nothing but everyone telling on everyone else. It was a breeding ground for gossip, lies, deceit and treachery, with everyone backstabbing each other. The more ” reports” one made, the more attention and promotion one received from Joshua. This was one area where Kayode of Awakeners excelled. He was the Chief Reporter, undermining everyone else, and no wonder he got promotion to become the leader of the Synagogue in Ghana. One can see different things at SCOAN, depending on which angle one is looking from, but in reality there’s nothing like love at SCOAN. It’s all a facade, because Joshua has no love in him, nor does he know what love is about. He is pure evil, exhibiting the attributes of Satan and not of Christ. And no wonder all his lackeys have the same attributes, it flows from top to bottom! It is a demonic spirit that operates at SCOAN! The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, etc., but there is no love, joy or peace at SCOAN, but strife, division and hatred. This is particularly true with the disciples and not with the general members of SCOAN. So because of all these factors, I didn’t really want to be part of them. However, the crusade in Ghana in 1997, brought me in close contact with T B Joshua and his lackeys.

Lying for TB Joshua
During the preparations for the crusade, I remember T B Joshua asking me to tell the congregation that Jerry John Rawlings who was the leader of Ghana at the time, had invited him to visit. This was a lie and I refused to oblige him. From that moment, it occurred to me that this is the way the game was played. T B Joshua tells his disciples what to do and they do it without question. I realized if I wanted to be a disciple then I had to be a ” bootlicker,” and I was not prepared for that. On the surface, T B Joshua appears to be kind, benign but is a wicked taskmaster who denies his workers any comfort but appears to be generous and kind to outsiders. This is a double standard. He preaches morality but is himself perverse.

What about the many people who came to the Synagogue with their millions but are now penniless ? TB Joshua teaches a false doctrine that it is because of the sin in their lives, but who is without sin? And why should they be poor while T B Joshua gets richer and richer, in spite of all his adultery, manipulation and deceit ?

I remember one of the earliest doctrines at SCOAN, that T B Joshua is the carrier of the Holy Spirit ! Ha, ha, ha, ha! This is just plain balderdash and a doctrine of demons !

Editors note: Eddie’s testimony is consistent with many others. Paul Agomoh talks of TB Joshua’s ‘divide and rule’ tactics, while ex-disciple Giles describes the rivalry and culture of ‘informing’ among disciples. We can observe this poisonous atmosphere for ourselves on this clip from the SCOAN film ‘Beware of Blasphemers’, where disciples take it in turns to tell tales on returning disciple Paul Agomoh. 

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  1. I don’t get this guy, First you say there is no LOVE at Scoan, then you say you’re NOT referring to the members of SCOAN but disciples, are the disciples not also part of the ministry as the members are part? how can a part of the body have love and the other part hatred? – the same body? I don’t even know what you are talking about because I was once a disciple there myself and I enjoyed LOVE there, from the prophet and everyone else, the brothers and sister disciples were very supportive of me, even at the time I fell seriously ill, I even still miss my time there more than you could imagine, I would still be there now if it were not for my studies, You weren’t even a disciple, you never wore a shoe and here you are telling us where it pinches, how sordid! So what now we should flee from TB Joshua because of what you’ve written here? Even Jesus was called prince of demons, even when the soldiers reported how the resurrection happened, the chief priests bribed them to lie that his body was stolen, even Jesus rising from dead never convinced them.

    • Soe, have you experienced these ‘reporting’ sessions that so many people talk about? What can you tell us about disciples staying up late and memorizing TB Joshua’s ‘quotable quotes’, calling TBJ ‘daddy’ and having to get his permission to use the internet, cut their hair, etc?

      The members and disciples might be part of the same ‘body’. But whatever your interpretation of TB Joshua’s disciple regime, you would surely agree that there is a difference between SCOAN for disciples and the SCOAN that the wider congregation and watchers of ETV experience? This is presumably what Eddie is referring to.

  2. @TB Joshua watch – could you please remove the word INSIDER from your title because this guy was never a disciple, not even for a day.

    • Hi Soe, this is why we say insider rather than disciple. In the next post you will learn that he gets more closely involved with SCOAN, but as he makes clear he was never a disciple. He got close enough to observe first hand the behaviour of TBJ and his disciples, which is why his testimony is of interest.

    • @Soe,
      You talk about someone who wasn’t a disciple for even a day whose testimony should be thrown out, but what about the disciples who served for years but whose testimonies you brand as ” blasphemies” ? You people need to fear God rather than mortal man.

      • “I saw healing, deliverance and miracles but concerning the teachings, there was so much to be desired” by a confused EDDIE.Thank God you saw healing, deliverance and miracles. Deliverance from what? holy spirit or the devil? the deliverance you saw was it satan delivering satan ,the holy spirit delivering holy spirit? holy shit lol Apart from this site i have never heard tb joshua being equalled to jesus christ ,tb joshua and all the wisemen always give thanks to jesus for the extraordinary miracles happening in scoan.if we dont have ears we have eyes and very discerning.Renowned men of God like Benny Hinn and CS upthegrove have attested to the genuineness of this noble man of God.Mr terrific and others you have not proven to discerning minds your association with scoan.Only write ups and for all you know you have never been with scoan only paid to do this job.You cant just stand up and write anything.Prove it.You tell me something without proving it and you want me to take you serious?holy shit .Only confused minds will believe this rubbish without proof.We see live proofs on emmanuel tv so please do yourselves some good with some proofs as all articles here are good for the dustbin

    • you weren’t a disciple either, yet I remember you boasted to me about how you knew more than I did.

      • Yes, those so called disciples know more than anyone, but are not willing to expose this wolf in sheep’s clothing, called T B Joshua. They are all conspirators, colluding and conniving with a criminal to mislead the children of God, and judgement is upon all of them, unless they repent !

      • I would slightly disagree with you here Mr Terrific. I don’t think they’re all conspirators, or at least not intentionally. I think they are deceived. As I remember someone once saying, they’re sincere – but sincerely deceived. All those who I know who have become involved have done so through a sincere desire to get closer to God, to see more of his power at work etc… All good desires, but when not coupled with a keen sense of discernment, these desires can easily be manipulated and taken advantage of, just as we see at SCOAN.

  3. @Soe,
    If you experienced love at SCOAN, good for you, but I did not. For me, it was all a facade. And I’m here on this site to share MY experience, and not yours. And I’m not even interested in all the stories you have to tell about SCOAN, because they don’t mean anything to me. And if you’re wondering who I am, my name is MR TERRIFIC !

    • mr terrific my brother, you sound so agitated here. remember my observation to the reply i made to you in the first post (part one) of eddie’s unfounded allegations. i observed your OLD TESTAMENT ASCERTIONS OF KILLING FALSE PROPHETS. i said that any critical mind would see that my observation speaks volume. hahaha!! & here you let yourself out. why are you so agitated about soe’s testimony as against yours? “does it have anything to do with this post?” why are you re-confirming your name as mr terific? who asked you as your name is already reflecting on the posting icon. MY NAME IS MR TERRIFIC, YES YOUR NAME IS EDMOND AMARTEY aka eddie. cheers. EMMANUEL.

  4. thank you eddy,….I fully agree with your statement about the divide and rule-buzzines in scoan,…I was involved in a different way then the disciples and members,…I am not ready to tell my story,…I am still very hurt by the “treatment”……I approuched scoan for healing and the truth,…Open and innocent, because I never had heared of tb. Joshua,….I found out later-on about his dobble-nature,….I am very glad about your story,…My compliments for your courage,….I worked very near to tb Joshua ..,because he asked me for a special task…..There is perversion and insanity in him….He loves to let people suffer,….He calls it; tests to draw nearer to God,..

    • @Dore,
      First of all, these are not tests but temptations. God tests us to make us stronger and mature, but Satan tempts us to sin and to destroy us. And, Dore, if you’re not ready to tell your story now, I can understand, but I hope you don’t keep it to yourself but share it with the world, sooner than later. We have a responsibility to our Lord and our God to tell our stories.. God put us in certain positions at SCOAN so we can see things and expose the unfruitful works of darkness to light. Ephesians 5:11. And I know you’re still very hurt, but healing comes from sharing your story. The Lord will heal your wounds and you’ll rejoice again, but He’s waiting for your story, your confession. No matter how sordid it is, you gotta speak up and you can get through to me via TBJoshuawatch for any counsel in this regard. We’re here for each other and must work together to EXPOSE the wolves in sheep’s clothing. And, yes, there’s perversion and insanity in Temitope ! He is a son of BELIAL !

  5. Tb joshua is not my friend or am i his fan but lets get things right , in any organisation all are not treated equally , why complain after leaving why not when you were in ,how come all these are happening all kept quite from sexual assualt to other things , are the ladies involved dumb if so can they write ? was there a sworn oath to be a member and not to react when things are seen wrong ? are you the only one who noticed it , what was your role or duties there in scoan , what are your duties now as an outsider? lots of question will be asked as to your information , .

    • hi omabu, i realise your’e asking Eddy and not myself, but I can answer one of your questions – about not reacting when you see something as wrong.

      The only time I quietly kicked up a fuss was when I saw TB Joshua hitting a female in the face. I didn’t do anything at the time, and I wished I had, but instead I had a one on one with Chris, who explained at great lengths how it was okay to do what he did. I cant remember exactly what he said, but I just remember being “okay” with it. Thats what they do, they have a way of explaining his actions in such a way that they’ll convince you. Thats why I am sure its a spiritual thing over there, that can make such obviously wrong things seem acceptable.

      There were many other strange things that I was always questioning, and they noticed how I wasn’t making the transition into accepting everything as smoothly as they hoped. This is the reason why I was kept from taking part in any department for 6 months. You get excluded and literally have nothing to do each day except read the TB Joshua book. Someone secretly gave me some advice – stop asking so many questions. He said thats where I was going wrong, and why I was not allowed to be involved with anything.

      So as a disciple, if you see anything wrong, and ask about it, you’re in for a very boring time. Its like being in prison. You cant leave the church premesis, but on the other hand, you have nothing to fill your days at the church compound.

      • @Giles,
        Thanks for your observation which is 100% correct ! This is why I said earlier that the way the game is played at SCOAN is that you just do what you’re told to do without question, even if you have to lie. Those who’re willing to do anything without question like zombies are the ones who get the promotion. The sad thing is that TBJ has so many willing tools who’ll do anything for anything !

      • How dare this Nigerian criminal hit a beloved sister in the face ? He has no right to hit anyone, and this man must be locked up in jail ! He has become even more arrogant over the years, but his days are numbered. TBJ needs a real man to knock him out with punches to his face !

  6. omabu,…good questions,…You should understand on wich deep level tb Joshua is able to deceive,…….No, I am not involved dumb,..the fact is; i became involved without a clue what was going on,….At fore-hand i was accused for wrong intentions; as; I should approuched tb Joshua for taking his power,…..I did not even knew at that time what anoiting was,….futher-on I was accused for almost every sexual mis-behavior,….as which to say; its in the mind of the poor man him-self……He has paranoia…..He sees the evil in others, he does not sees his own…

  7. oh my God, this is the greatest insanity i have ever experienced. how can one write/allege so stupidly. anyway i dont blame the confused eddie, i just blame this site for publishing a mentally retarded man’s story. so you can go to the dustbin & pick anything to publish. oh its a pity. there are too many contradictions in this story. anyway, i’ll not waste my time pointing them out because you just confirmed you were not a disciple. so you are just a road side demon who went to SCOAN for deliverance. at least you confirmed it on the first paragraph when you said you went to SCOAN because of the miracles,healings & deliverances. i thank God you confirmed they were real, (to God be the Glory). you said you were told to lie about jerry rawlings invitation of tbj to ghana. pls tell us who was told to lie about atta mills testimony at SCOAN. maybe tbj asked atta mills to come & tell the lies just as he asked you to come & lie about jerry rawlings. anyway to you, the millions of pple worlwide benefitting from SCOAN are fools. if not how can you open your mouth & say that tbj’s Biblical messages are not edifying. wonders shall never end. pls go & watch emmanuel tv. is it the messages God uses tbj & the wise men to give us that you said are not edifying? (i cant believe my ears). messages the whole world are praising God for. infact this is where you stabed yourself. may God help you. i thank God brother soe who was a full disciple of SCOAN has answered you. anyway just like i noted initially, there is no much blame for you because you confirmed yourself that you are sick & that was what took you to SCOAN but unfurtunately, while you saw others saved (as you confirmed) you decided not to repent & fell from Grace. my full blame goes to this blog which published this gabbage. pls “tb joshua watch” if you dont have anything to publish, close down your blog & go & repent. but before then you can help yourself by removing this gabbage or at least you edit it with some of your lies to make it juicer as you are master of lies & deciet. thank God this post has exposed you, hahahaha!!! EMMANUEL.

    • @Nweze,
      I did not go to SCOAN for deliverance, healing or anything, but in search for the truth but I did not find it. Tell your master Joshua that I challenge him to bring out from his archives any record of confessions, deliverance or healing he has on me. Do you remember ” screening or searching” ? TBJ searched me, but he had nothing in me. John 14:30.
      While it’s true Atta Mills went to SCOAN on his own, J.J. Rawlings never invited your master, even though he was so hungry for that recognition. The point is, why did he want me to lie for him ? Satan is the father of lies and whoever encourages lying is of their father, the Devil. John 8:44.

    • Hi Nweze. Eddie was not a disciple; plenty of disciples with years of experience in SCOAN have spoken out too.
      For example, there’s Gareth, Emma, Giles, Dr Hardaker and Graham on this site (follow the links for the full posts), not to mention others like Paul Agomoh, Bisola Johnson and Pastor Kayode.

      Of course everyone who has spoken out has been smeared by SCOAN as unreliable, traitorous blasphemers. But we personally know plenty of people that (like commenter Dore) have had similar experiences and not gone public. Strangely enough, the ones that have stayed quiet have not had their reputations questioned by SCOAN. Can you see a pattern there?

      • @All,
        People need to be encouraged to come out to expose this villain. For women, I know it may be hard to speak if there’s sex involved, but be assured that if we confess our sins, the blood of Jesus cleanses us and we’re made whole. We do the right thing when we come clean before our God and obtain his forgiveness, cleansing and restoration instead of keeping the filthy works of darkness from exposure. Eph 5:11.

    • Everything is clear Eddie is nothing but lyer.The mesage of TB Jushua Is what every person want to hear.All over the globe people spend much time watching.People travel from continents and countries to to vist.Even In Pakistan and Afghanistan people watch emmanuel tv to listen to Prophet TB JoSHUA. TO GOD BE THE GLORY

      • to JOE. Read your last comment.

        The whole paragraph is basically about TB Joshua, and in the last sentance, you quickly say Glory to God.

      • Joe
        If the message of TB J appeals to everyone, what everyone wants to hear then you should know that it can’t be from God!

    • @Madelaine,
      Yes, it’s my pleasure to share my testimony so others may learn. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear !

      • Mr TERRIFIC, So it was you all along, I should have known with the way you spew the most appalling of insults to TB Joshua from your mouth, I haven’t much to say to you, any sane person whose gone through most of your comments on this site would have a hard time believing you’re a Christian, even if you take TB Joshua as your enemy, did Jesus not command that you Love Him? how have all your insulting comments here shown love towards him? I really pity you, there’s no evil name you haven’t called TB Joshua on this site, none of which you can prove beyond reasonable doubt. I pray God forgives you and saves your soul from the corruption of hate which has gripped you.

  8. @ mr terrific, my brother i just went to the first post & saw that you have already identified yourself there (on your reply to me) as the author of this story. anyway i didnt see it before commenting on this second (part 2) version. well you made some request there, you said “now you know i am mr terrific what is your next move?” well my bros, my next move is that i think i used some strong words on my post here because i’ve not actually confirmed it was you as the author. anyway i’m sorry about that but you see i’m so disapointed with the post, its so shallow & contradictory. ah! you would have consulted me to help you panel beat it a little to look truthful. hahahaha!!! my brother, do you know how i’ll do it? I’LL TAKE YOU TO A SECOND MISSIONARY JOURNEY TO SCOAN FOR DELIVERANCE. this time around you will have a different story to share in this site, (better is not good enough, the best is yet to come). @ dore, i was so noisy because i was eagerly waiting for a juicey story to get this gabbage. anyway i am not a disciple (so to say). i’ve never been to SCOAN & just as i stated earlier, i’m not in a hurry to go as distance is not a barrier. i hope that one day God will give me the enablement & Grace to visit the ARENA OF LIBERTY “SCOAN” LAGOS. according to CS upthegrove “a holy ground”. cheers. EMMANUEL.

  9. Cant U guys see this Eddie have nothing positive to say?First of all he has never been diciple for even a second.How can TB joshua apoint him to lie to the Ghana people that the president has invited him TB JOSHUA???That is big lie.Break this low for babies to understand.Even if there is any deal,he will do that with his dicicle not Eddie.The real fact is eddie have nothing positive to say.He just hate man of God prophet TB JOSHUA and his church that all.Why U guys allow evil spirit using U??? (2)Scoan is not a church for apeal for fun.Is not a church that they deceive people to take money from them.There is no one can say TB Joshua send him/her to bring this amount or buy this and that and bring.Even thanks giving is from ur own free will.May God have mercy on U

  10. Thanks for the comment above that has links to earlier posts by people telling their stories. It is very helpful and encouraging to me to read these posts, and some of the comments. My husband has been ensnared for some time, so I am walking through the valley. Psalm 23:4. Thanks to everyone who has shared their experience of being deceived and how God got through to them, and helped them to turn away from the deception. I ask God to continue to help each of you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2

    • @Very,
      I’m very glad you find this testimony and others helpful. This is our goal, to shine the light on the darkness, so people can see and make informed decisions, and even if only one soul is saved from that pit of hell called SCOAN, it would be worthwhile. Your husband is not the only one who’s been ensnared, many of us were, and that’s why we’re sharing our stories with you. Please continue to pray for your husband and encourage him to check out this site. We’ve come out of the ignorance, enslavement and worship of a mortal and treacherous false prophet, simply by the grace of God. I have no hesitation in using all these epithets for Joshua because that’s exactly what he is, a criminal, and should be regarded as such. A word to the wise is enough !

  11. @ Eddie
    May the Lord bless you for sharing ‘your’ experience with us! May the Lord be Glorified in His courageous servants!

    Be blessed…

  12. I have never been to SCOAN but I have watched Emmanuel TV, have listened to TB Joshua’s ‘sermons’, have read TB J interviews etc & do agree that his sermons are not edifying! Those scoaners are starving, of course they don’t know it!

    Seriously, if you read even some of the interviews that are given by TB Joshua, it is clear that there is no Holy Spirit in him for the Holy Spirit gives Wisdom.

    I have said it before & I am saying it again. TB Joshua is one of the most nonsensical teachers I have ever met.

  13. Help us Lord Jesus Christ, the world hates You first. We are in the world but not part of it. I totaly disagree with the author. People undermine Your powers. T.B Joshua is Your servant and l do not need anyone to tell me by My Jesus Christ told me. Please Lord, anoint him more. Forgive the author. Emmanuel.

  14. Nweze ; you notice that the whole world is praising god for the messages in scoan? Not this is not true.there is arab nations , french speaking countrys like mine where people dont know much about emmanuel tv or tbj. Nweze tbjoshua is human like you and me . If he ask one to lie, he can do all those abuse things. please nweze pray for him jesus gave his life so that we may have evelasting life. mean you, me, and tbjoshua

  15. @Mr terrific, please, you never knew the inner workings of the ministry, yet you talk as one who knows the beginning and end in Scoan, how can anyone take you seriously, look at my responses to Giles on this site, I was able to relate to him better and I never tagged his testimonies as blasphemies, only his insultive comments towards TB Joshua, Wich you’ve picked up to an even greater level, if you have a grudge against the prophet why not state it and leave at that for others to discern? Why must you insult, abuse, curse him, label him with evil of all sorts? Is that also part of your experience? Did you see him commit fraud, sexually abuse any one? steal? Yet you’ve given him all such names here without any good amissible evidence, and its really Godless of you, only those who are like you will listen to you, the wise know the voice of Satan when they hear it

    • miss soe,..It must be extreemingly difficult for you, to see clearly where you are and what kind of influenze you are under,…..The turning-around-stragedy of Tb Joshua,….why do you believe the testemony of Eddy should be; fault-finding?…The fact is; the evil you mention; as; insult, abuse, curse, labelling,..:.is exactly what tb Joshua is doing towards almost every-one who does not tread him as God,….The typicall thing about scoan is; they project all there shadow towards others, …just towards innocent people who come for the beauty of Christ and the Holy spirit,…they do not nessecerally come for tb Joshua,…esites this; tb Joshua is no more and no less; the spokes-mouth of God, and purposed to be His humble servant,…serving humanity by it,…..If you listen with discrimination to the sermons and the defensive services of tb Joshua, you will find the endless accusions again in almost every statement that is uttered,….tb Joshua seems to be the; Holy iffalible man, and the rest of the people are;..parable-listeners, ..his most worsed enemies,…Only the agreeing symbiotic followers without any sense of healty independcy and own opinion,…they alone are in truth?……what do you know about the truth of Jezus since you are in scoan?…..Or, do you know almost everything about the truth of tb Joshua?……Meditate on this petit difference,…..Tb Joshua is not what you believe he is,…..its covered blindness, not to see what sort of harsh and harming actions he is performing,…..

  16. I’m going to go out on a limb here and actually make a comment on the post! 😉

    I think the “snitch sessions” are very interesting. As far as I can tell, the reports of them are accurate, even Soe I think has acknowledge that in the past. If they really do happen – let me ask this: Does TB Joshua ever use them as an opportunity to publicly repent in the way the disciples do? If not, this tells me one of two things: either he considers himself sinless (blasphemy), or he thinks others should be treated worse than himself (hypocrisy). I’d be grateful if his supporters on this site would take a short break from insulting Eddie and discuss this issue.

  17. @Ian, why do you desire to know how the prophets and his disciples live,relate and work in the ministry? Or do you also want to be a disciple? You’ve really got some nerve Ian, Very soon you will begin to demand for the proceedings of their meetings and lecture notes so you can judge, perhaps you see yourself in a position exalted enough to tell the Prophet how to behave to his disciples which can’t be separated from your arrogance, Unless you want to be a disciple which so far you haven’t come forward to say, i don’t see what business you have with them. Stop asking stupid questions to make it seem you want to be convinced about TB Joshua, you’re a fault-finder, your hearts been already smeared with hot iron.

    • Soe, it is replies like that which make it seem like you’re hiding something. If your response was “yes, of course he publicly confesses his sins like everyone else”, then your rebuke to me would have been well placed. The fact that you remain silent on that gives the impression that my premonition is correct (one way for TBJ, another for mere mortals), in which case you have a very clear case of a false Christ on your hands.

      • @ Ian
        Are you serious(from the previous post) there do not partake of the last supper & conduct baptism in SCOAN? This is shocking!

      • That wasn’t me who said that, but I believe giles, Cautious and Mr Terrific (probably more) have all said that.

  18. I don’t think this guy is serious, Come on *Tbjoshuawatch* …. i think even some of the ex-disciples will agree with me.

    @Soe – if you think Eddie has nothing positive to say about TBJ… do you have anything positive to say about Eddie?

    Posts like these are kinda waist of time… there are a view posts on this site that’s okay but most doesn’t even make sense,

    Is there a reason my last comment was not posted about other ex-disciples?


    • @ MJ
      they never did holy communion when i was at Lagos, or in london.

      as for baptisms, only two ppl i know of have been baptised in water, precious, now called Jacob; and Ogra, now called Joseph.
      they were both baptised in water at tb joshuas directions and he also changed their names. i dont know of anyone else who have been baptised in water, and tb joshua teaches only he is baptised in the holy spirit.

  19. @Soe,
    Yes, it’s been me all along, and I’ve been enjoying the ride ! And, oh, what a jolly ride ! Now let me address your questions. First of all, let it be known that I DON’T HATE T B JOSHUA, for whoever hates his brother is of the Devil. 1 John 2:9; 3:15; 4:20. I used to worship TBJ, and even at one time I thought he was Jesus Christ. Now do you see how IGNORANCE can befuddle our minds ? Now, by the grace of God, I know the truth and it has set me free ! John 8:32. And now I see TBJ in his true colours, and that’s why I don’t mince words in describing him. I see him clearly as a false prophet, and by now you know what the word of God says about false prophets. It says we should not have any fear or regard for any false prophet but to treat them as criminals…….Deut 13:5; 18:20,22. So this is the way I see your idol, and I don’t expect you to agree with me, but I’d rather be on God’s side than on any man’s side. Telling it like it is does not mean I hate TBJ, and if he would confess his sins and repent, he would find forgiveness,

  20. @ Mr Terrific
    This doctrine of TB Joshua’s, that he is the carrier of the Holy Spirit what exactly was TB J saying? Lord have Mercy! You know, I honestly believe when he speaks sometimes he himself is clueless. Obviously, their is a diabolical individual within his ignorance!

    I still can’t get over the fact that you are Mr Terrific! Amazing, God is gracious indeed! Glory to Him!

    • @MJ
      Yes, you got that right, my brother ! When he speaks sometimes he himself is clueless and does not understand what he says. By claiming to be the carrier of the Holy Spirit, he tries to put himself on an equal footing with the Lord. And, yes, there’s a diabolical individual within his ignorance, as you draw closer to him and get to know him…..
      One thing I know, everything would come to light, sooner or later and the whole world shall see. You may get in touch with me through TBJoshuaWatch.

  21. @ian,
    Someday when people like you become disciples, they would say you went there to serve not knowing you went there as Spies, we are on our guard against your kind who look at TB Joshua thinking he’s got to have something to hide, perhaps where his power sources from, and when you don’t find anything you get all grumpy and begin to utter blasphemies just to take the failure of your mission out on something, why do you think wiseman harrys luggage never arrived in the US? An international prophet about to hold a revival in the US with international visitors travelling down to US to attend his meeting suddenly found his luggage was missing at the US airport, they took it expecting to find with what he wants to perform the peoples expectations but found nothing. These are your kind Ian, and I suggest you repent from such evil thoughts and give your life to Christ

    • Maybe just maybe the luggage that went missing was because the Customs officials were doing the job that they are paid to do, and was nothing whatsoever to do with spies.
      Ian – are you a spy? are you Ian Bond perchance?

  22. @MJ. Regarding your earlier comment above concerning not partaking in the last supper and conducting baptism… Some months back there was quite a bit of discussion in the comments abouth this. Perhaps someone could provide MJ with some links to earlier posts where this was addressed.

    • @MJ,
      Well, SCOAN doesn’t obey my Lord’s command to observe these ordinances of water baptism and the Lord’s supper, and these deluded disciples don’t even see anything wrong with it. This is what is called DISOBEDIENCE, which is the same sin as WITCHCRAFT ! 1 Samuel 15: 22-23. Simply put, T B Joshua does not have the doctrine of Christ, but rather, doctrines of demons. Like Very said, we’ve dealt with this issue extensively in other posts and the moderators can give you guidance.

  23. @Madelaine, its too much of a coincidence for a renown prophet visiting the US for a revival program to have his luggage missing, especially one sent by the most controversial prophet TB Joshua. it doesn’t take a detective to see that there was foul play there, perhaps they were expecting to find TB Joshua’s secret source of power hidden in the luggage of which he gave WM Harry a share, and I laugh at their foolishness which they feel is wisdom, because all they will find is the Holy Bible and clothes, The spirit indwells every believer and that they can never snatch away from the wiseman Harry. you’re presumably right in saying they were paid to do it. Ian should have a good picture of what i’m talking about as most of his questions to me on this site pass of as those of a typical spy.

    • You sound incredibly paranoid soe. And let me remind you, even TB Jushua isn’t renown in the US, let alone Harry. He’s known within a small segment of an extreme fringe of Pentecostalism.

      But yes, you got me. I took Harry’s luggage. It’s not true that I found nothing though, I found a small package of these strange looking beans. Thinking they might be the source of his magic powers I ate them all, and now I’m sporting a thick, luscious, flowing beard. So I’ve solved the secret behind his beard – but still searching for the secret behind his magic. If you give me an address I’ll return the rest of the items, it’s just a few pieces of underwear and some hair products.

      • It seems U guys dont have nothing to say but gossiping.Are u christians searching for truth or agent pushing people away from their salvation?

      • Considering the fact that nothing on this site is anti-christianity, and our opinions on TB Joshua have no bearing on our salvation, I’m not sure your comment makes any sense.

      • Are u sure what u posting here make any sense?If guys have any question that need answer why cant u meet The man of God one on one than posting what U even dont know and calling the anointing man of God any names here.U acting like cowards

      • @ Joe
        So far I haven’t seen any name that is not true about TB Joshua on this site. (except of course man of God, true prophet, saviour etc names that his blind followers call him) You don’t have to meet a Witchdoctor or a Shaman face to face to get answers. You can tell a Witchdoctor from a far particularly if they advertise themselves! You don’t have to bother to ask a Witchdoctor anything! After all, what would one learn from a Witchdoctor that would be of any worth?

    • @ Soe
      You are not only blind but now you are showing everyone that you are paranoid!
      You speculate a lot, your mind wandering everywhere! You do that with the Bible as well.

      Tell me, do you ever ask yourself why TB J goons are called Wise men?

  24. @All,
    Let me quickly sum up T B Joshua’s teaching on baptism. He teaches that water baptism is not necessary and that it is the baptism of the Holy Spirit that’s most important. That he is the only one who is baptized with the “Holy Ghost”. To be honest, he is baptized with Another spirit, he preaches Another Jesus and Another gospel, just like the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11:4.

      • @MJ,
        I agree with you totally, T B Joshua is really demon possessed and needs deliverance. If he humbles himself, repents and seeks deliverance, he’ll find it. And I offer to do deliverance for him in the name of Jesus Christ, the only true deliverer. But I will not deliver him at SCOAN; I prefer we go to the National Theatre at Iganmu, Lagos, Nigeria, or the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana.

      • @ MJ.Tell me.Is TB Joshua using demons to deliver holy spirit or using demons to deliver demons?

      • @ Joe
        Your first question is blasphemous. How can you even think or suggest that TB J can use demons to deliver God? The Holy Spirit is God, He is creator of the fallen angels/demons.

        The second question is preposterous, how can demons deliver demons?

      • This is a question that has come up quite a few times before. I think the answer is simple – no, demons cannot truly deliver demons, but they are by their very nature deceptive – so of course they can put on a good exorcism show and make it look like a deliverance has happened. The question is, what state is that person in the following week, month, year, decade? If they were truly delivered, the result would be permanent, you can’t just look at the instant affect on TB and assume that is the “fruit”.

  25. Human beings are wonderful, understanding them is difficult & satisfing them is near impossible! Dont seem to know what this fusion is all about. Howeva, remember that ‘he who tears the gament of honour wears the mask of disgrace’.

  26. @ MJ If a demon cant deliver holy spirit and demon cant deliver demons then why u take it so personal claiming man Godis false prophet.Read John9:13-34.even Jesus Christ himself was not accepted by all.some called him different name.So every man of God will also face oposition like u do.But those are not from God will colapse but those anointed by God will grow stronger and stronger.

    • @ Joe
      The so called man of God is demon possessed. So if you understood what Ian said you would know exactly what I answered you. Demons are capable of inflicting disease like what Satan did to Job. So if they cause them obviously they can ‘heal’ them. Why to deceive people into worshipping them. Demons are deceivers just as Satan is, so they can come & go in people(who are not saved) & give an appearance of deliverance as if TB J & other Witchdoctors have exorcised them. Why would they do this? To deceive people in worshipping them just like you do through acknowledging TBJ as a man of god. Only his god are demons.

      I would like to make this clear: no where in the New Testament epistles are believers commanded to cast out demons from unbelievers. You must remember that ONLY Christ & the Apostles(& the 70 of course) in the New Testament were able to cast out demons & only in unbelievers. No one else!

      Now, from your question, I couldnt tell what you mean by ‘deliver’. Can you explain your understanding of deliverance. Because friend, true deliverance is offered when one is born again. So unbelievers need to be born again to be saved from demon possession!

  27. @MJ and Mr Terrific and fallen from grace members.This site is ur church and ur supporters and comentators are ur church members.ur site(church)is now some years now.If this is from God it suppose to be growing with thousands of members.As U can see it not from God,is not succesful.The site is struggling.very soon it will colapse.Repent guys.Jesus loves U all.Is not shame

  28. @Mr Terrific and MJ Isaiah 7:14 Behold a virgin shall conceive and born a son.And his name shall be call Emmanuel.After many year yes a virgin conceived and gave birth to a son and his name was Jesus Christ.Does this make Isaiah the false prophet???Answer

    • @ Joe
      Did you not ask this already? Isaiah could NEVER be a false prophet okay! What is wrong with you? You cannot ask the obvious. Isaiah spoke God’s Word, TB Joshua talks football, gigantic difference! To put it in a more modern way, irreconcilable difference.

      Joe, the sister to our president just died! I mean Joyce’s Banda sister, & romours are she is the one who visited TB Joshua. If true, is TB Joshua a fake healer?

  29. Ha, ha, ha ! This is just a simple question and needs a simple answer. Immanuel means, “God with us”, and Jesus was God with us, when He dwelt among us. What is your problem ?

  30. This whole blogg looks like people shadow boxing and hoping to win by knockout? We need to get to to a point and agree or agree to disagree. Where there is smoke, there has to be fire. I want to start by the statement and I quote,”I spoke to God and He told me to remove the Divine Cross from the new sticker and replace it with my picture!” This was uttered by TBJ in the service on the last Sunday of March 2012 whilst I attended the service. This cannot be correct because I do not believe that God would allow a person to exchange God’s Divine symbol of Sacrifice, the cross, for the picture of a man. How vain is he to think that people will believe his statement?

  31. Indeed satan has sons and daughter in this world.My question to all the hypocrites is.ARE YOU CHRIST’FOLLOWERS OR MERE OBSERVORS OUT THERE?If you are Christ followers stop it right there my brother or my sister.Let the world judge according to the world standard of judgement.We christians are not here to pass any judgement but we test the spirit to see if it is of Christ.I hope fellow christians will continue to pray to ask God through Jesus Christ and stop relaying on the media which is run by non belivers.It is very much difficult for the person in the darkness to explain the things of the light,Its like an owl trying to fly in daylight.Big warning! TOUCH NOT MY ANNOINTED ONES.

  32. After reading your coments regarding TB Joshua. I find myself having question of your background.You all sound like you are Christians,but your actions speaks louder like outsiders.Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.Every evil word spoken will give count on the day of Judgement.Anyone who blasphame against the Holy spirit will not be forgiven in this world and the world to come.There is too much hypocritic in this blog and im here to say that this wont build you up but tore you down.What kind of Chistlike people are you?Before you utter nonsense ask yourself who do you represent,Satan or Christ? If you represent Christ you wont speak in this manner.Jesus is the prince of peace not confusion.The big secret of life is narrow is the gate that leads to life and wide is the gate that leads to destruction.What the world embrace as truth only God can reject or denounce.We are not God but human beings who are expoused to evil(lies or wrong judgement)Those who crucify the Lord felt they were doing right,according to their own judgement.Why fight one another while worshipping same God.Is this not the proof that we are not of one house.Indeed there are lions in the sheep skins.Who are they? Ask yourself judging yourself by the scriptures.Are you walking in love? What are the fruits of love? Make your Judgement and ask forgiveness.God will forgive your ignorance.Thank you.

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