TB Joshua and his Champions League prediction

We weren’t going to bother posting on TB Joshua’s much hyped Champions League prediction, but seeing as there is a huge buzz online about it, and much misreporting going on – we thought a quick post would be in order to set some matters straight.

At the beginning of May, a rumour popped up online that TB Joshua had prophecied that Chelsea would win the Champions League. Several news sites picked up on this rumour and posted it as fact, leading to one popular Ghanaian blogger receiving an email from SCOAN (apparently circulated to many news sites) denying in no uncertain terms that TB Joshua had ever predicted the outcome of the game.

Other TB Joshua supporter blogs also put up posts strongly denying that he had predicted the outcome.

Then, according to a site setup in response to this site (Watch TB Joshua), TB Joshua addressed the issue on a live Sunday service. These were his words:

“Please, you people should stop embarrassing me on the internet. Why are people lying against me ? I did not say anything about the game. I even heard an analyst on Super sport say that i prophesied about the game. Please, i am here to tell you that i never prophesied about the game.

Now we have it straight from his own mouth – he did not predict the outcome of the game!

However, it now gets a bit weird. He goes on to say “i asked God to show me the game. He then showed me”. So God has shown him this game in advance. Quite a bold claim! What did he see? “I’m seeing a brother with bald hair break into the net , with the help of a tall man. I will not say more than that”.

It’s very easy to discount this claim, because no goal was scored in the first half of the game. What match did TB Joshua see? Did God get the tapes muddled up?

“Watch TB Joshua”, who originally posted this story have told us on twitter that the point of the word was to pray for Chelsea, and that it was people’s prayers that gave them the game. The fact people prayed changed the outcome of the game. Hmmm… considering the one snippet he told us about the game said nothing about the outcome, I don’t think you can wriggle out of it this easily! TB Joshua does not see football matches before they have happened, nobody does. If he wants to claim that he does, then he’d better have better proof than this!

So if we take our SCOAN friendly sources at their word, these are the conclusions we can come to:

  • Did TB Joshua predict a Chelsea victory? No! Did they win? Yes!
  • Did he predict a goal in the first half? Yes! Was there one? No!

Why do we bother posting this? Are we just picking faults? No – he is a man with a huge ministry, who makes such grand claims like he’s watched whole football matches in advance. He needs to be held to account for these claims. People takes his prophecies seriously, so we have a responsibility to show them up for the nonsense they are.

Meanwhile, we’re off to worship at Paul the Octopus‘ church.

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  1. Come of it TB Joshua watch, even the prophecies of TB Joshua that were blatantly ignored and thus were fufilled, you never believed, so I think anyone requesting you to believe the one changed by prayer is kinda asking for too much of you. But for Chelsea fans who’re still commenting on watchtbjoshua, chelsea’s victory is even further affirmation of TB Joshua’s Apostleship, as one tweet message says; Prayer can rewrite your destiny. Make impossible possible. Even play for you. Unless you do not believe in the power of prayer. Do You know how many fans fell on their knees in fervent prayer for Chelsea just because of the prophecy of an impending goal against their club? I’ll have you know that 90% of unfavorable prophecies today happen not because they are unchangeable event but because of negligence, but this particular one wasn’t neglected, the fans believed and they prayed in faithful fervent. If many unfavourable prophecies were followed in this way perhaps they would never have occured. those who believe in TB Joshua as a prophet have settled this in their hearts, that TB Joshua isn’t trying to build a prophetic reputation, he has the simply has the prophet’s character. The match clearly showed chelsea’s victory as unprecedented and miraculous, denying that would only be typical of your disbelief in TB Joshua as a prophet.

    • @ Soe
      Let me get this straight, TB Joshua is an Apostle? Please take time to explain this.

      Honestly Soe, have you EVER read in the Bible that Prophets were predicting games? What is our view of God? Do we believe that games are so important that God has to predict them through a Prophet like ‘John the Baptist’ to what end? Save souls?

      • @ MJ,
        I think a comment on watch TB Joshua answers your question thought I’d save myself the stress:

        Jeff Adejo
        May 11, 2012 at 19:29

        Whenever Senior Prophet TB Joshua speaks, we hear the opinion of God on a wide variety of issues which includes footall because of the passion for the game. He shares in this passion which explains why he owns a football club that is producing some of the world’s finest right now. So, I wonder why people should feel he has no basis to predict the outcome of a crucial game like the CL final. My prophet, kindly support us in seeking the face of God in favour of my beloved club Chelsea so we could break the jinx and lift the title come May 19th in Munich, sir.

      • So, I wonder why people should feel he has no basis to predict the outcome of a crucial game like the CL final

        Wait… I thought you said he denied predicting the outcome of the CL final!

      • @ Soe
        Since you have reposted this you definately agree with the commenter! But you see, you & the commenter are in error: this commenter says because people have a passion for football then TB Joshua as a prophet of God has a basis for making football predictions. Who is God here? TB Joshua or Jehovah? He further says because he/TB Joshua shares in the passion it is alright for a Prophet of God to make such prediction. A prophet who predicts from his passion which happens to be football, do you not see that TB is being viewed as the source of the prediction.

        The Bible says clearly that no man can see God & live. Never in the Bible did Prophets approach God as one approaches a friend to ask about football games or trivial matters. All who came before the Holy God were shaken to the core. TB Joshua talks about talking to God as if it is a simple matter. This is not just foolish but a lack of reverence for God.

        Prophecy/Prediction is God’s Word to the People, so we would have to look long & hard in the Bible for prophecy that emanated from the prophet/man. You cannot induce prophecy, TB Joshua wants to know an outcome of a game & he goes to God who happily obliges, do you see his view of God here? No Fear whatsoever! None!

      • MJ..U lack sense.In the days of Jesus was there anything like football game or vehicle{car}.Jesus drove on donkey.So if he predicts on football he is very right.he is a man of God and i will die with him and remain with him forever.I will never regret be a follower of SCOAN.there is no place like SCOAN.

      • M.J IF T.B JOSUHUA was a white man you won’t condemn him.We blacks dt value our own.Benny HINN does miracle i mean terrible miracle nobody calls him fake because he is a white man.But u have the power to call my prophet fake may God forgive you.

    • lol.. TB Joshua is quite one helluva conman, ain’t he? I like his method and would employ it only if I were unscrupulous too. His M.O. is simple: Joshua makes a vague prediction. He then asks the congregation to PRAY about it. If it somehow appears to come to pass, then he is hailed as a true prophet. But when it fails to happen, it is attributed to the “prayers”. Either way, it is a win-win situation for the self-styled prophet. Smart, isn’t it?

      • Segun, I’ll suggest you start spewing your own very descriptive win/win world prophecies from now (including months and days of the week as tbJ does and let’s record an alarming consistency of the occurence of your predictions, at least by 50 percent and I’ll pass you off as a prophet!

      • Soe. If we could demonstrate that he edits out details such as the day of the week it will occur when they don’t fit the event, would that change your mind about his prophecies at all?

      • Soe, by 12:34pm Wednesday 23rd May 2012, Facebook shares will FALL beyond its current price of $34.07, unless all shareholders pray about it. Check this space by the specified time tomorrow.

      • Soe, right now as I type, a Facebook share currently costs $31.98. I am a Man of God. You should respect and venerate me. Praise the lord!

  2. If a prophet prophesises about sthg and it does not come to pass, know for sure that he is a false prophet

    • Thank you ! It’s easy to understand that God does not lie and anyone speaking by the Spirit of God does not lie. We have too many false prophets, but the people are so stupid to even think and see through these lying prophets. Lord, please have mercy upon Your people and give us wisdom and understanding.

  3. @kaka
    The same people who say this are the ones who would still complain that prayer never changes any of his prophecies. It all boils down to whether you believe He’s a prophet or not. Which as far as i’m concerned you never believed even before now.

    • All you’re doing here Soe is confirming what this site has always said, which is that TB Joshua’s prophecies are win/win. If it works out, his prophecy was correct, if it doesn’t he prayed it away. Do you realise how absurd this is? Anyone, literally anyone could do this. Look, I’ll do it now: We should all pray, for tomorrow Soe will have his wallet stolen.

      Let’s come back tomorrow and see if I’m A) a true prophet, or B) a true prophet.

      • If you say the prophecies are win win, what of the one he told Nigerians to “take Heart”. Was that also win win, he was clear nothing could be done. But him saying they needed more prayer shows There’s opportunity for destiny to be rewritten, can win win situations record such alarming consistency in fufillment? What of the personal prophecies? Are they also win win? Men get serious. He who would not believe does not believe.

      • This tactic is typical of you Soe. As soon as you’ve seen your point is defeated, you change tact onto something else – keep to the subject in question – his ridiculous football predictions. You know that these are just win/win. You must know they’re ludicrous. It doesn’t matter if he gives other prophecies that are slightly less ludicrous, the fact he gives these one is simply embarrassing. Surely you can see that?! BTW, have you still got your wallet?

      • @ Soe
        Do you have an idea as to what you are implying by saying there is opportunity for destiny to be re written?

        As for myself I am serious & I believe so are the others who say TB is a false prophet. I used to visit witchdoctors myself before God called me, they can get it right. That didnt make them of God!

        The witch @ Endor got it right, did that automatically make her a prophet of God?

        Soe, you be serious…

      • One thing you’ll notice tbJ himself admits to praying more to get further details about what was revealed to him, or the meaning of the vision he was shown in parables, at other times He is shown the entire event at the instant clearly, but still he still goes to pray to see what can be done to avert it or if nothing can be done, surely you must know that this is more than someone just trying to get attention, why so much emphasis on prophecies if he’s a false one? False prophets would not stand to tell the world to note their prophecies time and date, its unreasonable. Sometime recently TBJ mentioned that an Argentina leader would fall into coma that would require an operation by laws of medical practice, but that no operation should be done on him as it would result in death, but if he’s treated without the operation he’ll be revived. Do you really see this as just vague and self fulfilling? Or for the benefit of the life in question?

      • @ Soe
        So what you are saying is this; God starts a vision & shows it halfway! Then TBJ has to pray to get the rest of it?God somehow withholds the very reason He gave the vision?

        Does that sound Biblical to you?

  4. Soe

    according to your thinking, anyone can be a prophet. I can say that Italy will win the Euro 2012 if it is playing in a final with Spain. I can also ask the supporters of Spain to pray for there team so that Italy should not win the trophy but their team. If it happens that Italy wins the Euro, people can say that am a true prophet. so if it looses people would say that God listened to the prayers of Spain’s supporters and changed the result that would have normally happened. Questions for you Soe: What happened to clear and exact Biblical prophecies ? or is it that your Prophet is incapable of giving exact and objective prophecies which can not be subject to different interpretations ? By the way, are Chelsea supporters God favored than Bayern Munich supporters ? Why should God take the side of Chelsea ? is it because Bayern Munich supporters are sinners ?

  5. Christchurch, in New Zealand has a self proclaimed “wizard”. He dresses like Gandalf the Grey, has a long flowing beard and attracts a bit of a following. He also makes predictions about the fortunes of the All Blacks…as well as babble on a whole lot of nonsense.

    TB Joshua is not so different to the Wizard of Christchurch. Making “prophecies” about sports results? Pray for this team, pray for that team? It doesnt matter if he gets it right or not. He’s no different to that flippin’ octopus, or that silly kiwi wizard.

    Whats the purpose of God revealing the results of a football match?! What on earth does football have to do with sin, repentance, commandments, reconciliation, salvation?

    • As regards the latter you mentioned, repentance,deliverance commandments, reconciliation, salvation?

      You know as much as I do that those are major occurrences in SCOAN, even right now we’ve just witnessed the reconciliation of two couples who’ve already filed for a divorce
      To be effected by the court on Monday. Is that also a form of wizardry to you?

      • @ Soe
        Wow, ever heard of the ministry of reconciling man & God?

        As to reconciling marriages, in my village the village headman who is a known wizard does it. I wonder, is he a prophet of God?

  6. Paul the Octopus was a better “prophet” than T B Joshua. Where was T B Joshua when the Octopus was predicting results of the last world cup ? In any case, what has the Lord got to do with football ? This conman is just leading people astray, it’s so sad !

    • It should be right under the last line of the article (“Meanwhile, we’re off to worship at Paul the Octopus‘ church.”). Click on share, then you have a choice of services to share on.

  7. Ha ha – meanwhile, we’re off to worship at Paul the Octopus’ church (well said) or is it apostle Paul the Octopus or – no – prophet Paul the octopus, if he would have been born in Africa. Well I must say this is the first prophet of God who are divining on sports and not the things of the Kingdom of Jesus for salvation, deliverance and healing of souls, but to impress the world about himself and his great babylonian empire he is building. What can I say – keep your watch sharp and pray for his and his followers salvation. Lets be serious!

  8. let me correct the impression all of you have. before then i wish to state clearly that God & satan cannot have a meeting point, so that if we argue here till thy kingdom come we may not agree because we have different masters. nevetheless, we respect each others view because there must be God & there must be satan. anyway with regards to the topic posted above, i wish to ask a pertinent question DOES IT MEAN PROPHESIES OR A PROPHECY CANNOT BE CHANGED BY GOD? “especially through prayers?” now having asked this question, let me clear our confusion by asking this BIG question; DID TB JOSHUA PREDICT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL? “YES HE DID.” tbj predicted the champions league final by not mentioning (directly) the winning team: he only said that chelsea fans should go & pray hard. for mentioning chelsea & directing them on what to do, he has already told chelsea that they would carry the day. his statement is clear to a discerning spirit. it simply means chelsea you will carry the day but you have to pray strongly against obstacles that might deny you this victory. (to every achievement God destines for man, there must be obstacles to pray against) this was just the prophecy & it was very very clear. prophecies are Mind of God & could only be understood by pple who have the spirit of God in them. Jesus says he talks to His disciples in parables. on the issue of whether football is a trivial issue in things of the Lord? i am suprise hearing some of our opinions. God says that He created all things & they are good in His sight so He can give a message about anything He created. God cannot be limited. now on the issue of tbj, you guys see him from the material point of view & that is why you always talk about prophecy, divination & paul the octopus. we see tbj from spiritual perspective which is alluded to you except God opens your eyes like prophet elisha’s servant in 2 kings 6:11-17. cheers. EMMANUEL.

    • Another brainwashed soul here spewing bullcrap. Get it right, mate. Joshua predicted NOTHING about the champions league final outcome. The only documented predicted he allegedly made, he got it WRONG big time. Did he, or did not say that a bald-headed man would score for Bayern in the first half? Did it happen? Oh, let me guess… “Prayers averted it.” If Bayern had won the match, I’m sure you would come here telling us it was because Chelsea fans did not pray hard enough.

    • @ Nweze
      Go to the Bible, give an example of a Prophecy that was changed by God, after prayers.

      Then, give an example of a prophecy concerning the games of the times from the prophets of God.

      Do you sometimes ask yourself where you get your perspectives? Whether they are Biblical or demonic/wordly?

  9. Can U count how many coments on every topic U brought out?U can see it just only 3/4 so called fallen from grace ex diciples repeating and replying to urself.Most of u are frustrated and broke.Stop wasting ur precious time on TB Josua bcos U cant bring him down.Cant U see he is anointed by God himself.Touch not my anoited one less bring curse to urself and ur generation.Those who have ears let them hear

    • @ Joe
      What ignorance is this! Where does it say that if you touch God’s annointed you will get a curse? You don’t know the meaning of that verse, you couldn’t know since your teacher is a waste of your time.

      Paul the Apostle killed Christians, God’s annointed. What did God do? He saved Paul & Paul became the 14th Apostle! Does that look like a curse to you?

      It is pride gone amock that makes you dare to speak on behalf of God. Now worst still, the one in question is not annointed but possessed by Demons.

      How do you dare to say God will curse us?

      • Cant U see U and ur site so call TB Joshua watch is under curse?this site is some years now.U can see ur articles and ur followers they as many as 4 people.If this work u have chosen to do is from God untill now u have over thousands of members.If is from God it will stand and if not it will colapse.Repent guys.Jesus loves U

      • Although I don’t agree that numbers automatically equal success in the eyes of God, the number of visits and comments this site receives each day has never been higher.

      • @ Joe
        Where do you get the idea that numbers imply God’s blessing? There are ministries of God that do not have large numbers, their are ministries of God that do have large numbers.

        However, those of Satan are always higher than those of God, why God Himself said few are those that find the narrow way.So on a whole, Satan’s so called ministries(disguised as ministries of God) will have larger following even until the Lord comes.Many people are on the broad path & will visit TB Joshua’s site for example because they are blind!

        Always remember, there are few people on the narrow road.

    • Hi Joe – No I cannot see that he is anointed by God. The evidence of anointing that I have seen in other people is not what I see demonstrated by this man or by the people who defend him.

      • perhaps, just perhaps you did not see because you did not wish to see, some people deliberately close their eyes to an overwhelming evidence of truth, the pharisees did, who says they’re no longer existing. by their fruits we know them

      • @ Soe
        You are the one with eyes closed & it is not deliberate! Those who close their eyes are by miles better off than you. Yours is a hopeless situation unless God moves.

        FYI, SCOAN is where pharisees exist after all that is the Synagogue!

      • Thank you Soe for letting me know your opinion. You say that we know them by their fruits. I am only repeating what I have published before on this site. The fruit, from SCOAN that I have personally experienced is broken families, and a painful absence of love. If I were to deliberately close my eyes to the evidence that I have been made aware of, that would be closing my eyes to dishonour injustice and I do not believe that is the right thing to do.

    • Try to come to SCOAN with ur master U know.TBJ will delever U and U will be urself.For now u are under control of the demons so U dont even know what u are saying.we have seen giants demon making shakara there but less under min.they found themself delivered.I pray to God to open the eyes of u all.REPENT

      • @ Joe
        How will TB J deliver Pam? Who is he to deliver Pam? Joe, God is the Saviour & Deliverer of His people not TB J. This is blasphemy!

        Btw she is right.

  10. When God’s servants speaks, the wise listens. Prayer can change everything because there is nothing impossible with God. Chelsea was at the brisk of losing the match by how the whole match transpired. The penalty, equaliser goal, penalt shoot-out etc. Let’s believe in God, He can never let us down. Indeed, “GOD IS OF WONDERS”. Help me Lord to listen to Your voice. Take it or not, T.B Joshua is a true servant of God.

    • @ Tangisai
      Do take it that TB Joshua is a false prophet. This is NOT a matter of choice on anyone’s part. It is what it is. He is heading for the place reserved for false prophets in Hell. It is heartbreaking! The idea of one spending eternity in the Lake of Fire, no second chances is not something that you should overlook particularly since it means you are sharing in his sins. Unless this man repents this is his end.

      This is a matter of Life & Death. You will be wise to ask yourself if your comment is a reflection of a Holy God! You would be wise to ask yourself if a Holy God would give visions not just one but many of football games. The God who gave Isaiah the vision of His throne, Daniel, the visions of World History, John the visions of Heaven, the list goes on that God is who you are referring to!

      Friend, Fear this GOD!

  11. I’m really tired of all these ignoramuses from SCOAN ! They all need sound biblical teaching, including T B Joshua himself. Lord, have mercy on us !

    • Hi Mr T – now that you have shared some of your story can you tell us how you would have reacted when you were part of SCOAN if someone had made that statement to you? From what you and others have told me, once you are in SCOAN you are constantly told that you ARE getting bible teaching. I just think that we need to pray ferently that the holy spirit reveals the truth to these people so that they can really see what the bible has to say. I hope that you join me in those prayers.

  12. @m.j u ar funny at the same time pathetic, if t.b joshua has his portion in the lake of fire that means u have ur portion in the lake of paradise? So u have taken a proper look at urself & u found out that u ar so righteous(without sin) to the extend that u can see t.b joshua has his place in hell? Since u ar righteous u can also identify true prophet, so can u tel me any? Or wait a minute since u ar without sin dat meanz u ar a true prophet(hahahahahaha) pls can u atleast name 3 people dat can boldly claim u hav posivitly change dia lives bcos i kno millions of people that have been change in both atitude and standard of their 2ru a false prophet t.b joshua as u cal him, so if t.b joshua is a sinner wat does that make u?? Hav a good look at ur reply 2 & tsangai(apology if i didnt spel it corectly) & tel me whether it reflect the true character of the same God u claim u ar worshiping.

    • @ Halita
      Lack of Biblical instruction is deadly! This is why you MUST read your Bible. If you did you would know what the Bible says about false prophets & their end. It is clear in black & white! They are hell bound unless they repent! I would like to ask you to read the Bible regarding this & come back to me & say if I have lied. I have not taken this from my head in pride, the Bible informs me just like it does all the brothers & sisters in Christ.

      Friend, I would rather be pathetic to you than not warn you! I can tell you that before I became a Christian I wasn’t just pathetic I was deserving of hell, no two ways about it.

      You don’t understand what Christ did on that cross & who a Christian is. My friend, know this because it is fundamental to the Christian faith. The sinless Christ died for a sinner like me & all the other Christians out there. Christians have the righteousness of Christ imputed to them(God credits Christ ‘s Righteousness to my account by faith). Christians are not without sin(that would be blasphemy & I would never claim sinlessness. I am a sinful man who God had mercy on). There is nothing that I bring to God, nothing that is how pathetic I am but for Christ & His cross. He took a miserable sinner like me & by His Mercy washed me in His blood. It is not my righteousness that I have but Christs’.

      With this in mind, you must understand the meanings of who a prophet is. Do you know what elders/Shepherds/Pastors are?

      I wish for the sake of TB J & his followers like you all of us who say he is a false prophet were wrong. But alas, this is the truth not as from the head but as per the Bible. This is what God says about TB Joshua. Now go to the Bible & see 4 urself!

      Friend, are you a Christian? Were you saved by Grace through Faith? Please, know what Christianity is. Don’t remain ignorant…Jesus is coming soon!

    • @ Halita
      Kindly help me understand where I erred in my comment!The last thing I intended was to disrespect the Holy God. Show me my errors.& if you can do that with sound Biblical interpretation, I will surely listen. Are you ready to listen if you are found to be the one in error?

  13. @Mr Terrific and MJ.Isaiah7:14.Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel.After many years a vigin conceived and bear a son and his name was Jesus Christ.Does this make Isaiah a false prophet???

    • @ Joe
      Do you realise that Isaiah is in the Bible and clearly stated as a Prophet of God? He is a Major Prophet, commissioned by God! No argument there! None.

      He is just like Jeremiah, Elijah, Daniel…true prophets of God put there in the Bible for us to learn of & from God through them.

      I don’t know about you but in that league in the Bible I do not see TB Joshua! Do you know of a Book of the Bible that talks about TB Joshua in the league of the Major Prophets? Now since he is not there we cannot arbitrarily put him there that would be not just presumptions but adding to the Word of God. We cannot add to the Bible another Major Prophet understand?

      Did you think about your question?

    • And as someone said on the other post, Emmanuel means ‘God with us’ and Jesus was ‘God with Us’

      • @ Claire
        I was re reading this & realised Joe was talking about Emmanuel & the God man being called Jesus Christ, I thought the issue was years later!

        Iam shocked, truly shocked that he does not know what Emmanuel means.Lord truly have mercy on us!

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