A comment from a reader: You will know them by their fruit

Matthew 7:15-20 is often quoted in defense of TB Joshua:

“Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are savage wolves. You will know them by their fruit. Grapes aren’t gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles, are they? In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, but a rotten tree produces bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a rotten tree cannot produce good fruit. Every tree that doesn’t produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into a fire. So by their fruit you will know them.”

The argument goes, look at all the healings, deliverances, prophecies, changed lives… how could this fruit be coming from a false prophet? This argument fails to deal with two issues: 1) Everything you witness of this “fruit” comes from SCOAN’s meticulously controlled TV station. In other words, you see just what they want you to see, and 2) At what point can you validate the “fruit” of an apparent miracle? If a warring husband and wife are reconciled live on Emmanuel TV, can you immediately count that as good fruit? What state is their marriage in when they get home? Or in a months time? Even if you trust the Emmanuel TV portrayal of the miracles, is it not premature to immediately count it as good fruit?

A new reader of the site recently left a lengthy comment on the issue of TB Joshua’s fruit. We present it below in its entirety for your thoughts and discussion (emphasis ours).

Hi there everyone who comments on TBJoshua Watch! Since the Mutharika ‘prophecy’ which I read about on the internet, I was interested to know more about TB Joshua as years ago I watched some Emmanuel TV, and remembered him. I have to admit, when I was watching the deliverances and healings, I felt uneasy. Being white and British, but married to an African man, I assumed my feelings of unease were simply the fact that the cultural elements of TB Joshua’s TV ministry are so very far removed from my own, he is after all a Nigerian man and naturally his cultural way of speaking and acting are Nigerian.

I have read through almost all the articles and comments on this site, and I just have something to say as a complete outsider who knows nothing of the people running this site, nor SCOAN in Nigeria, London, nor any place else.

What I have seen is that by and large, the ‘anti-TB Joshua/SCOAN’ commenters are polite, Bible-based, non-antagonistic, well-reasoned and non-offensive whereas those who come on here to support a man they believe to be a ‘man of God’ (whatever that means, I never saw anyone explain what they mean when they apply it to TB Joshua) have frequently been rude, unbiblical, antagonistic, with no clear reasoning and often downright offensive to those they believe to be against their beloved TB Joshua.

I wanted to say this because, as I was searching for more about SCOAN and TB Joshua and having read this site, if nothing else, the attitude of the pro-SCOAN contributors, some of whom don’t even sound like Christians with their cursing and threats as to what God will do to anyone who opposes a ‘man of God’, would convince me that he is a false prophet.

So many times both ‘sides’ have commented that ‘by their fruit you shall know them’ (false prophets). Well, might I suggest that one of the fruits of a Christian is those whom he or she disciples. We are all free to behave however we choose, so of course some disciples of my husband, for example, may not live up to Christ’s standards, but every single pro-SCOAN/TB Joshua commenter/disciple (you are a disciple if you follow a man, even if it is at a distance over the internet or on Emmanuel TV – he is teaching you and you are learning from him) is showing very poor fruit.

Thank you @soe and @doi and all the others – you have convinced me beyond doubt that he is a charlatan and a false prophet. Before I read your comments, I was unsure, but his ‘divine nature’ and the water being a medium for the salvation of someone’s soul, and all the other nonsense you all wrote, convinced me.

Keep up the good work, TB Joshua Watch.

ps For your information, TB Joshua-ites, I have seen and been involved in genuine deliverances, I have seen people my husband was praying for healed, including of barrenness, so I fully believe God can, does, and indeed delights in healing us.

Thanks Haile for your comment!

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  1. Thank you, Haile, and thank you TBJoshuawatch for publishing this comment in its entirety. People can read this blog and make informed decisions for themselves and that’s what we’re trying to do on this site. And thank you, Doe, Soe, Visser, Nweze and all the T B Joshua fans out there for making this site exciting ! I want you guys to tell Haile something !

  2. Its only Holy Spirit who can open your eyes to see who is a genuine servant of God and who is not and not tbjoshua watch blog!

    • hi leonard…yes i know, its the Holy Spirit who reveals to us these things. i have said a few times on this site how i was so much involved with scoan, until suddenly, inside one week i came to completely different conclusions and everything suddenly seemed so obviously wrong. what is blinding disciples im sure is spiritual. the blog is for those who want to find a bit more about tbj without going through the tb joshua propaganda you get on the tb joshua show.
      only prayer can help those who are already deeply involved. my mother, who eventually died, was greatly concerned about my involvement in scoan and had been praying for me for a long time

    • @ Leonard, yes, the Holy Spirit is speaking through people by the Word of God on this blog and like the Bereans, you need to check the Scriptures to see whether what they say is true !

      • Only Holy Spirit can reveal that to me and not you my brother. i will pray for holy spirit to reveal to me the intentions of this blog and not for you to merely telling me that Holy Spirit is using you coz i don’t buy to just any proud!

  3. PS

    With regards to the bit about people who stay delivered or healed, or reconciled after the cameras have shown the dramatic images, I have this to add.
    If you look at the Australia for Christ DVD, you will see a deliverance of a woman wearing a red sweater. Its the really dramatic one, where she gets up and walks around apparently speaking in tongues. It all ends with TB Joshua declaring her free.

    I saw her months later, in Lagos. She had come for more deliverance, and she was behaving the same way. Obviously she was not delievered in Australia.
    (By the way, she told my mother, who was a fellow visitor, all about how she got her powers – she said the aboriginals perform a lot of withcraft at Ayres Rock, and that the rock was some sort of hotspot for that kind of stuff) (so…next time you visit Oz, be advised!)

  4. To be honest and true, it’s not an easy thing to identify a false prophet. First of all, ever since the beginning of time, NO ONE has ever claimed to be a false prophet. They all claim to be true prophets, all appear to be genuine, they act religious, appear to be humble, nice, kind, gentle, loving, sincere, true, etc. They speak in the name of Jesus, they pray, they fast, they read Bible and quote Scriptures, they perform signs and wonders and miracles. Remember, when Moses went to Pharaoh, his prophets also performed wonders. They do all that a genuine prophet could do, and sometimes, even more. Worse of all, they have other false prophets backing them up and testifying to their corrupt ministry as true. I remember the late ” prophet” Adewole, of the Celestial Church of Nigeria, who even testified in a book that Jesus had returned as a black man in the person of T B Joshua.
    The problem is exacerbated when you realize that many of us don’t even know the Scriptures and so cannot determine between true and false doctrines. I was once a firm believer in T B Joshua, not out of knowledge, but out of ignorance. Even though many things did not seem right to me then, I did not have sufficient knowledge of Scriptures upon which to make a decision, even though now I know the word of God has everything we need to know about false prophets. It is both a problem of ignorance, spiritual blindness and demonic activity at SCOAN but I can assure everyone that God is above every power and would deliver his people in due season.
    Why do we think Jesus warns us that there shall be many false prophets who will deceive MANY ? It’s because many people are ignorant of the Word of God and are blown away by every wind of doctrine. It takes knowledge of the word, discernment and revelation from the Lord to identify a false prophet, and those caught in the trap of cults certainly need prayers.
    Lord please make haste to send us those shepherds who will feed your sheep with truth, so they shall not be afraid nor be dismayed. Jer 23:1-4.

  5. thanks haile for your very beautiful comments. one lovely thing i observed is that your husband is a man of God & he does deliverance & healings; to God be the Glory. the word of God says the harvest is plenty but the labourers are few. madam haile, a lot of pple have been asking on this site to be shown the true prophets as tbj is “a false prophet.” having heard you & known that your husband is a man of God, you were ashamed to tell us who your husband is? you did not tell us the name of his ministry/church? i’m afraid if you have been busy with your husband in the work of the Kingdom where the harvest is plenty & labourers few, you will not have time to be commenting on this site; you will not have time to be poking nose in another man of God’s life. can’t you see the inferiority complex problem there. this site was duly dedicated to tb joshua (because of his great exploits in the work of God), have you ever seen tbj’s wife comment here? it seems you are a rummor monger. your husband should be ashamed of you. my BIG question is this; is your husband’s ministry free of negative criticism? if NO, does it mean he is false because some pple dont believe in him? madam, just as this site made you not to believe in tbj & SCOAN’s ministries, we the pro tbj have every cause to believe more in tbj’s ministry because of this site. WHY? because tbj is the only man of God that has a private site/blog (tb joshua watch) dedicated to him for negative criticisms. while the owners of the blog enjoys sleepless nights chasing shadows, a good lot of us are active “for or against” like the days of our Lord & Saviour Jesus between the disciples & pharisees (quite interesting). this is the sign of a great man of God. mrs haile, in your own opinion tbj is a false prophet, thanks. in our own opinion, he is a true prophet, PERIOD. pls pastor’s wife mind your own business/ministry. God bless you. cheers. EMMANUEL.

    • well, it started out nice, but didn’t last long did it, lol.

      Again with the “name-finding”!

    • Hello nweze anaocha
      This site exists to give a voice to people who have been harmed by the exploits of TB Joshua. It is actually dedicated ensuring that people can read for themselves and see that these exploits do not show the fruit of the work of God. Over the time this site has been in existence there is ample evidence from many contributors that the exploits of this man are to glorify his own name rather than to Glorify the name of Jesus.

      You also say that this site is dedicated to negative criticisms – but in your response to Haile you yourself are making negative criticisms and unfounded judgements. Fruit.

      • @Madelaine Did I hear u saying judgement???U are the one doing judgement here.1cor4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time,untill the lord comes who both to bring to light the hidden things of darkness and will make manifest the councils of the hearts;

      • Hold on Joe. Didn’t you just call the allegations against TB Joshua fabricated? So you’re accusing numerous young women who you don’t even know of lying in the most evil way about an innocent man? Then you have the cheek to tell someone else off for “judging”!

      • Yes Joe I said Judgement.
        nweze anaocha posted a comment in response to the topic from Haile. In that comment there were certain statements concerning Haile
        by the way Haile – if you are still reading this – I do not agree with any of the these statements. I thank you for publishing your views.

        The statements were:- that she is a rumour monger, that her husband should be ashamed of her, that she was “poking nose in” and something to do with inferiority.
        Those are in my opinion, judgemental, negative and unfounded.

        Regarding TBJoshua; the bible says that the hidden things of darkness will be revealed and the motive of mens hearts will be exposed. I cannot know the motive of any man’s heart, that is only for God, but I can see the fruit of his actions. I can observe that his followers make negative and judgemental statements about people.

    • @Nweze There is no one own that name Haile.Is from the blog owner.he is praising his colleages.Cant U see they are out of topics?Is Mr terrific and his 3 other colleage that are shareholders of this blog.Cant u see the sign of blog colapsing?Very soon there will be no more this blog,bcos is not from God.IS FAKE

      • @ Joe,
        I know that you people hate what we’re doing here on this site and while you’re praying that this blog will collapse, let me assure you that it would never happen. As long as there is T B Joshua and SCOAN, this blog will remain ! Do you not know that thousands are yet to tell their stories ? ” Prophet” Taiye is yet to tell his story. There’s also Ore, a former police officer. And there’re those who left out of shock when they saw unimaginable things at SCOAN. More stories are coming and this time you’ll hear from disciples and not just an insider who was ” not even a disciple for a second.” I’m going to urge Kayode of Awakeners’ to come clean with the story of how miracles were manipulated in Ghana with the connivance of Mike Lathbridge, the first Ghanaian disciple of T B Joshua. So watch out this blog for more terrific true stories that will open your eyes to the dastardly things happening at SCOAN. And remember this is just an ordinary blog and not a business and there are no shareholders. We just write to inform the unwary about SCOAN and we do it out of love for those who are perishing and not for money.

  6. Lets not go too far to take over God’s duty/task. ‘JUDGING’. Instead of asking who is T.B Joshua, we MUST ask for the revelation from Jesus Christ. T.B Joshua is a man like you and l and the question is, Who is using him? Stay in Christ Jesus!

    • Now that is a good comment, we need revelation from Jesus Christ himself through Holy Spirit thats it!

      • @Leanard and Tangisai. One thing you should know is most of the people who comment on this blog (and the authors too I believe) have been aware of TB Joshua for many years, in my case over 10. How long has this blog existed? About 1 year. Nobody here has quickly and rashly come to a conclusion that TB Joshua is a false prophet, those of us who do believe that have come to that conclusion based on many years of seeing the fruit of his ministry and seeking God’s revelation on the matter. One may say God has revealed to them TB Joshua is a man of God, another might say God has revealed to them he is a false prophet. Is God saying contradictory things to different people? Or is it that one party is mishearing God or deceived? When it comes to these kind of matters, it’s important to not just spiritualise it, but also look at the evidence, compare what you see with what you read in scripture, and ask questions. As people have said many times on this blog, the truth can stand up to scrutiny, it has nothing to hide.

    • leonard, quick question. How do you discern if someone is from God or not without judging them?

      • Only almighty God is the judge and everyone will be judged according to his or her works here on earth and that will be determined on how you have followed, obeyed and preached the Good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and the word of God and not a show off on how good you are in discening false prophets or preaching persecution instead of the word of God.

      • @giles let me answer that for U.The only way to know is to read ur bible not as story book but as message sent to u from God.Then U will examine everything with the word of God.If U believe what they are preaching to U follow it.If u dont leave it.Why wasting ur precious time on good and fake prophets?Are U the one going to preach for the satan to repent???

  7. @ian if you know that one party must have mistaken the voice of God, why is that not possible for that party to be you?!

    • No, I’m not the Holy Spirit, nor are you. If I thought I was mistaken, I would not bother having anything to do with this site – but can I prove to you that I’m right? No. Neither can you. My point is, if the only way we can justify our position on TB Joshua is “the Holy Spirit revealed it to me”, that may be enough to convince us personally, but we can’t expect it to convince anyone else. For me, I do believe the Holy Spirit has revealed to me my position on TBJ, but I can’t use that to browbeat anyone else into believing the same. If I were trying to justify my position, I would instead point to the repeated, and strikingly similar allegations of sexual abuse, the heretical teachings (anointing water for the salvation of your soul as one example), the idolatry amongst his followers, the huge amount of money collected without any independent scrutiny, the people (who I know personally) who have died soon after being “healed” by him. I could go on, but that gives a flavour of the very practical reasons why I have come to the conclusion I have done.

      • @ian Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever and he will reveal and show me the way and not fabricated accusations or confessions that have no strong proof both physically and spiritualy.

      • Hi Leonard – where do you get the idea from that a confession could possibly be fabricated? – is it because within SCOAN there is fabrication of evidence?

      • at joe, yhanks for the answer- lenard didnt really say anything. but to answer your question, im afraid im not going to repeat my reasons for contributing on this site yet again., if you dont mind. but if you readthrough this site you will find out, its just a bit repetitive

  8. @madelaine Satan is a liar and so are the people whom could be used by satan to cause hatred among our selves as christians? and by doing so we will be in danger of commiting sin by going contrary to what the word of God instructs us to Love even our enemies for the war is not against flesh and blood but of spirit beings.

    • Yes Satan is a Liar – but that does not mean that the experiences that people have written about on this site are fabrications.

  9. If a man find of killing some one or stealing or commiting any offences.They call it ALLEGED or SUSPECT bcos is not yet confirm.The law of the land will still need to investigate and trial the suspect untill the law or the court prove him/her guilty b4 he/she can be called criminal.HAVE U TRIAL TB JOSHUA AND FIND HIM GUILTY OF ANY OFFENCES U ABOUT TO CHARGE HIM???Then why U so in haste and jumping to conclution calling him all this names?Is it from personal hatred or opinion or just bcos some people are saying and U also join to gossip?Let see about our own best friend or wife or husband we have been together for years.Let something happen to friends to seperate or divorce and hear what stories come out of that relationship.Are they all true or just bcos we are no more friends so have to let people see am good and u are bad.Wise man speak bcos he have something to say but fool speak bcos he have to say something.Plz let us be very careful in everything we say.

    • No, he hasn’t been found guilty, nor has he been found innocent. Calling for him to be tried in a court is not going to happen because A) Most of those who have accused him no longer live in Nigeria, and B) Nigeria is kind of well known for corruption, so even if they did want to go back and take him to court, they’d have little hope of a fair trial. I agree that without a trial he can’t be said to be guilty, that’s why I never have said that he is – but on the same token, we can’t call the accusers liars, because TB Joshua has not been found innocent. The only things that are undeniable is that these allegations A) exist, B) are strikingly similar to each other and C) if true, are very serious. If you want to disregard them and call them lies, that’s up to you, but don’t accuse those who suspect they might be true of being judgmental, when you do exactly the same but come to the opposite conclusion.

      • @ian I get ur point.Acusers are not suppose to call liars same as the man of God not suppose to called other names etc.Then from now let put end to all alegation pomping in the air,untill we have enough prove to prove what we are saying is confirm and is true,not to say words bcos evreyone is saying.As i said b4 the wise speak bcos he have something to say but fool speak bcos have to say something

  10. the same Mr terric aka eddie and partners in crime are the same people writing ,rewriting just changing names .you think we cant decipher or are benighted

  11. A song for you tbjoshuawatch. Tb Joshua is going higher every day. Join me singing, higher, higher (2x), higher, every day. enemy must bown every day, but Tb Joshua is going higher, higher(2x) higher every day.

    • @ Albert,
      Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, including prophesying football matches and making false prophesies about Boko Haram and other false predictions ? And in Your name have we not cast out devils and ” Ogbanjes and Mami Water,” and done many miracles ? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from Me, you workers of iniquity, fornicators and idol worshippers, projecting your own name. Matt 7:22-23. Let’s sing a song like this one !

      • @Doi,
        You people are more interested in protecting and projecting the image of a common false prophet who is destroying homes, families,lives and souls than in the truth of God’s word, and you are more followers of T B Joshua than of Jesus Christ. God’s judgement is upon all those who would take His glory for themselves and upon those who give God’s glory, praise and worship to mortal men and women.Repent, lest judgement comes upon you and all those who worship a charlatan !

  12. Tbjoshuawatch group. Thank you for your wounderful blog that you are using to promote the ministry of the prophet of all nation Tb Joshua, you her realy help to advertise this man to the own world that he is really great for you to dedicate a blog, forgoing your own , careea, future, time, destiny, and 99.5% of your life that alone is enough to tell the the world that this man Tb Joshua is very great. Is ministry owns the no. 1 most watch christain channel(emmanuel tv), 90% of is congregation every services day her foreigner, what a greatness. He has prove to the world that God is real. I will like to encourage you people to creat more blog just for this great prophet of our time and promote is name. thank you i love you people. Have a good day.

  13. Why are people,, arquing things they donot know, if they have tried tb joshua and he failed them ,let them open up there own or try other places like, christ embassy , redeem, mountain of fire , guru marahaji , aladura, dominion city , crier in the desert, heros ministry, or witch doctor, herbalist, traditionalist,etc in the church they have fake prophets ,fake herbalist fake traditionalist ,even fake worshippers and human beigns ,his choice depends on what he wants or seek , please my dear focus your attention in building the WORD OF GOD not picking a hole on someone . Do you know you can be a good pastor ? why not open a ministry and lets learn from you .thanks for making the man tb joshua more popular by you proofless criticism,just post your church address and see if people will not come even if its fake .JUDGE NOT ,FOR YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO DO SO ,

    • I find it interesting Omabu that in your long list of people to try as alternatives to tb joshua you do not mention the name of Jesus. It is Jesus who will not fail you.

      • T B Joshua has confused them so much that the name of Jesus doesn’t count. They don’t even know that Jesus is the only Savior of the world and that no mortal can save them. T B Joshua himself needs salvation like any dastardly sinner.

    • judge not, you say…but omabu, didnt you just give a whole list of people you judged?
      come now omabu, you have no opinion of christ embassy?

  14. I wouldn’t come here to start repeating comments. Coz everything thats being said now have already been addressed previously. But i have just a word for Haile.
    It would be very wrong to make your conclusions and judgements because of what you read on this site, without even paying a visit to Scoan Lagos to withness if all you read are true, Or having a revelation from God. Cos we have so many comenters who are here just to condemn b’cos of one or two experiences they had and other who are lovers of the prophet. So you should have your independent mind. thank God you are a christian in fact your husband happens to be a pastor. Ah! A pastor? You should have a more matured mind than everyone here. Only to judge a prophet by the politeness or offensive words of a comenter. Of which i can physically prove to you that you are totally wrong by saying anti-scoan comenters are polite and non-offensive. Though i’ll not stand here to say we are perfect. We all have our pros and cons. But for once i know your judgement are very wrong. Check yourself. I don’t see any point in your post.

    • Hey Doi, I’d love to see the physical evidence you speak of. What I’ve seen here would lead me to the same conclusions as Haile. I wouldn’t say those of us who are sceptical about TB Joshua’s ministry have an impecible record on this site, but there are a few things I have never seen them do: 1) Call down curses on those who don’t agree with them. 2) Say that the pit of hell awaits TB Joshua followers 3) Claim that a mere mortal has been sent by God to save the world. 4) Support claims that some water can be the source of our salvation.. 5) Attempt to blackmail TB Joshua supporters. 6) Support blatant idolatry (see all comments on that page from Soe and Doi).

      God has given us all common sense. Sometimes we don’t need to super-spiritualise everything, because the evidence speaks for itself.

      • hi, During the service sunday sunday 20 of may, The profhet told the congregation tha he; uses the anoited water as morning-tea, he showed the wrist-band, and he showed the anoited sticker in his pocket; as he explained; to protect himself against attacs,and critizim,. This means, that our God-man the profhet, who is under the anoiting of God, and wears the profhetic mantle, still does not seems to have to much convidence in his own statements and faith in God,…Why on earth should a profhet, who is able to call down the fire from heaven, be afraid for some attacs, and why does he needs to protect himself tree-fold against the so-called evil of others?…..The profhets of the old ages were under the perfect covering of Gods protection,…Where this profhets different then the the profhets of today?….as far as I can see, are profhets in the service gods wants them to be,..they do not need the sancified waters of the altar to be protected,….Its such foolisch supersticiousness of the profhet tb joshua..3x. self-protection by his own initiated tools,….

      • @T.B. Joshua watch. Oh yes you are the owners of the blog. You can add or remove whatever you want.but thank God we’ve all been here for long.and we all know polite words when we see them. Tell me how these words appear polite, and what did you say about them? When your prolific supporters were busy calling us deluded and ignorant followers saying we would never learn and will forever remain blind and deceived.(God forbid! we’re not being deceived),called us deluded fanatics. what did you guys say when your comenters called T.b. Joshua a false, chalant, Nigeria religious 419 and a deceiver? Tell me how this looked polite or bible base, how is it non-offensive? Or are we talking of when T.b. Joshua was called a liar from the pit of Hell? Talking about when terrific made a statement like it was proven a fact.saying T.b. Joshua dis-virgined the girls in the synagogue.
        Please try not to defend Halite. if he truely gave you that coment then let him speak for himself.. No one is free here…

    • Hi Doi – what I am about to say in this comment I have said previously on this site. If anyone reading it would like to go back through the comments over the last year you are welcome and you will see that Doi’s statement is very true. However, for me it is so important that I am prepared to say it again for anyone who reads this today.
      Doi talks about comments regarding one or two experiences. These accounts are so very serious that they cannot be dismissed.
      I have spoken to women who have been asked to perform sexual acts by this man.
      I know people who have been declared healed by this man and then died of the very disease that they were supposed to be healed from.
      I know of families broken up where some family members are within SCOAN and some are not.
      These are the type of experience that can cause people to turn away from God.
      I know people who say that God is not real and part of their reasoning for that is because they know about the actions and behaviour of tb joshua
      It is not any man but the name of Jesus that should be lifted higher and the name of Jesus that should be promoted. Worship songs should be sung about Jesus.

  15. I just want to encourage TBJ watch to keep going!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe this watch, with God’s help, will open blind eyes for more people to come out of that place and families to be restored and Jesus to take up His rightful place on the throne of their hearts.

    Let God’s people go! God is not dead, He is a God that sees and revenges.

    We will continue to pray for the deception to lift and for the deliverance and salvation of all in the cult SCOAN.

    • There is no need to worry urself to open blind eyes as U think they are blind.One thing U have to know is most of the members of SCOAN are coming from all over the globe.Most of them have been wondering from one church to another until they landed in SCOAN.And most of then are matured, educated and intelligents more than u do in everything.U dont have to worry urself of telling them what to do.If is wrong place, they will know and they will go.If is right place u dont have to tell them,they will still know by themself.I wonder why u guys take it so personal?U dont have to worry urself.Let us have peace of mind!

  16. @Dore

    During the service sunday 20 of may, The profhet told the congregation tha he; uses the anoited water as morning-tea, he showed the wrist-band, and he showed the anoited sticker in his pocket; as he explained; to protect himself against attacs,and critizim….

    this to me clearly shows that he is not a a prophet from the alamight God but from the Devil.Water spirits are evil spirits and mostly used by African tradtional healers.One does not need this if they are being used by God-the blood of Jesus offrs enough protection for every child of God

    • Pam, you’re right, the blood of Jesus is our absolute protection and T B Joshua is just deceiving the people.

  17. We do not want to get involved with a ‘war of words’, but after everything is said and done, the Truth in the Word of God still stands. We noticed that TB Joshua is peppered with testimonies of people who have got things against him. The Word of God says, no Jesus Christ says, in Math 5:23-24 “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar and first go and be reconciled to your brother, then come and offer your gift”. And do
    not send your disciples to do your dirty work.
    You know that all these people have taken their case files to Jesus, their Advocate and He is busy interceding for them before Elohim Father God, who is the Judge of Judges. You are not going to be judged on the last day but now.
    Repent and turn from your wicked ways and clever deceitful tricks, with tears. We pray that the Holy Spirit will convince and convict you of your sins and God’s righteous Judgment on it now. Remember the time is short.

  18. and to the disciples in SCOAN we want to say, “To them who have an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Come out of her -the house of horrors- my people, so that you will not share in her sins and so that you will not receive any of her plagues or judgments. For her sins have reached heavens-like the tower of Babel-and God has remembered her crimes.
    To him who overcomes God will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God etc.
    With God’s help relax in Jesus and overcome the spirit of fear that manipulates, controls, domineers and intimideer you and keep you there in bondage and your false sense of responsibility to save the world.
    That responsibility belong to Jesus Christ and Him alone.

  19. @Doi,
    Do you expect me to call a false prophet, ” man of God” ? Do you expect me to call T B Joshua all the nice accolades you people give to him ? I’ve told you again and again that I used to give Temitope the honor due to a true man of God until I was enlightened by the Word and by the Spirit, then I realized T B Joshua is a big fraud, a great deception of this age, a Nigerian religious 419 and all the dastardly things you can ever imagine, who is parading as an angel of light but is actually a messenger of darkness, destroying lives, souls and families. and is bent on projecting his own name instead of exalting Jesus Christ, the only Savior.

  20. In every Generation God has kept warning his people against false prophets. False prophets have always attracted large crowds of people and even the favour of both religious and political leaders. When you go in the bible,where do you find a true prophet being popular and free from persecution? Wherever a true Christian has arose to speak people’s hearts have been stirred, either to repenting or ‘stoning him’. The truth has neva bn popular.

    When Christ told us we shal no them by their fruits he neva refered to mirakles or the corretnes of outward character. He meant a total transformation of the heart and having the ful fruit as on gal 5.22.

    Today search for money/wealth has led a thousand + thousand people to nigeria where they meet tbj. Many of them dnt go their for repentance or revival bt for sm miracle which ofcoz many otha witchdoctors and mirakle workes r doin. A true man of God cd have taught hs people of the powa of praya not the powa of flyng to nigeria. How many of tbj’s followas hav leant to pray on their on i dnt knw. All i c is a botle of holy water.

    Christ taught us to pray and also that prayaz of faith wil do. No man shd be a medium bt Christ. In these last days i thnk reliance on ‘men of God’ has incrizd than reliance on our own faithful prayaz.

    Lastly on isaiah chapte 8 vs 20,the bible says to the law and to testimony if they speak nt akoding to these there is no light in them.
    Personally i hav tested tbj and am conveinced there is nt evn a single layer of light in him.

    • @ Misheck, your discernment is 100% correct ! There is no iota of light or truth in T B Joshua but deception !

  21. Watch and pray! Try to carry others along. The only revelation that is conventional and concrete is knowledge of the truth John 8:32, 2Timothy 3:16-17, Psalm 85:8.
    The fact speaks 4 itself. You don’t need to chase. Let the Prophet alone so that u be blameless. Psalm 119:11, 105.
    I also once worked with TB Joshua!Matthew 7:1 Judge not. Vengeance is not power, anyone can take a life. Speak peace, is a proof that u have accepted devine plan.
    God is too big to defend Himself. Why worry when u can pray. Haste is the slowest thing in the world. Haste slows down every aim and opens door to frustration.
    We are called to make men live. That’s the true power, the power we can all activate. Power to give life. What u sown is what u will be. Make your own contribution.
    Greatness is in everyone, discover your own. We are born to make matters. Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, our greatest fear is that we have power beyond imagining.

  22. Yr observation is wrong somewhere. l kindly request you to revist and read ALL the comments written by those who dont point accusng and judging fingers at the Man of God, Prphet T.B. Joshua.Mayb, yr definitions of ‘rudeness’ differ form what we read for our dictionaries.

  23. Stupid is as stupid does(TB Joshua ‘s groupies should take that). Am sorry if it’s insulting but it’s the truth. If a MUSLIM could bluntly tell my family NOT to take my dad to Joshua for prayers because the latter has ZERO to offer, what does that say?
    When Joshua wasasked by the late Kola Olawuyi to come and answer the accusations against him twelve/eleven years ago, why did Joshua ‘dodge’ and that chap lost his job at the radio station?
    Let TB Joshua contend instead of his groupies. I pray the HOLY SPIRIT opens their eyes to see and encounter the TRUTH i.e Jesus Christ.

    • @Kate,
      You see, T B Joshua cannot stand scrutiny. This is because he is of darkness, and cannot stand the light.He would rather hide behind his minions to do his dirty laundry for him, and it is such a pity his minions knowledge of scriptures is far less than T B Joshua’s ! Talk of the blind leading the blind, but these people are so blind and deaf and would not listen to wisdom. Let’s not give up, but continue to pray for deliverance for those under this curse, which they imagine is a blessing !

  24. I know sometimes i am lazy to read but can you just answer this question without a lot of words, 1. do you think TBJ is a fake?

    • @Solly,
      It’s not what I think or imagine, but what the Word of God says. And judging by the Word of God, T B Joshua is 100% fake, a false Christ, like Jesus warned us about in Matt 24:24. Now, Solly, if you’re lazy to read and study your Bible, like so many ” Christians” do, then you become an easy target for charlatans like T B Joshua.

    • @Leonard,
      Shame on you and your satanic and false prophet T B Joshua, whose worthless fabrications make no sense whatsoever. No wonder no one worth their salt have made any comments on that trash, except Joe, who has been ranting about ignorantly on this blog. That article seeks to tarnish my image, but has no substance whatsoever. T B Joshua has “searched” me, like he did other people, but he found nothing in me. In other words, I have nothing in common with T B Joshua, just like Satan did not find anything in common with Jesus because he has nothing in Him. John 14:30. Nor does T B Joshua has anything on me, except fabrications. Contrary to the claims of TBJ’s blog, Temitope Balogun Joshua is the one who dictates to them what to write, and they have no independent mind of their own. They’re just zombies in the hands of TBJ, who is desperately trying ” to project his image,” by whatever means, but sooner than later, TBJ’s mask will be removed and the whole world shall see him clearly for the false prophet that he is !

      Watch the Deception of the Age on Youtube. This is just the beginning of the end of Temitope’s deceptions, fornications, adulteries, lies and manipulations !

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  26. Its clear u guys ve scores 2 settle wit tbj but u guys are going about it d wrong way. D things u write against tbj are not just spiritual but outrightly criminal & requiring investigation & penalties if proven. Indeed its obvious thousands of pple who flock scoan frm all over d earth dont seem 2 share ur views & it does seem also u are failing in ur attempts 2 stop them frm going 2 scoan. If ur blog were objective, u would ve gone beyond tbj 2 mention & analyse all men of God in naija that u suspect 2 be fake. U cant really get d attention of very serious persons. It is not possible for d thousands of pple flocking scoan 2 be fooled. Pls find a better things 2 do.

    • @Ben,
      You’re entitled to your opinion but this blog is dedicated to T B Joshua, for reasons we have amplified again and again on this site. And, yes, it’s possible for thousands of people, even millions, to be fooled and it’s happening all around us, with millions caught in false religions and satanic denominations and churches. He who has ears to hear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying……!

  27. Well, u are not a spirit. U are flesh and blood. Even if u were a spirit its no guaranty that u are saying d truth. Its only d Holy Ghost that is d spirit of truth,which u are not. All ur opinion including d reasons for this blog are flawed when weighed on both d spiritual & intellectual scales. U cant pull tbj down this way. These days i get stuck 2 emmanuel tv just to see if u indeed ve a point rather i found no godly reasons for your hatred for tbj except ofcourse if u are under a spell or u are being paid or worse still u are under d influence of a contrary spirit.

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