God speaks through Emmanuel TV!

We’ve heard SCOAN fanatics say that TB Joshua is writing the next book of the bible, but now it appears TB Joshua is rewriting the Old Testament as well.

Have you noticed how every glossy prophecy video that is released by SCOAN begins with a verse, apparently taken from scripture? (Here are just a few examples)

“When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen”

Deutoronomy 18:22

The interesting thing about this bible verse is that it’s not a bible verse at all.

It’s not just a slight misquote, or a verse taken out of context in order to mislead (something that TB Joshua is also good at). It is completely invented, presumably by TB Joshua.

Don’t take our word for it. If you look up this exact line, all you find is SCOAN and TB Joshua sites (or fans) quoting this ‘verse’. Allow us to google it for you.

So what what does Deutoronomy 18:22 actually say? Let’s have a look:

“If the prophet speaks in the LORD’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the LORD did not give that message. That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared.”

What a beautifully appropriate verse to introduce prophecies from a man who said that a bald man would score in the first half of the Champions League Final (completely wrong), who predicted that the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram would be ‘forgotten about’ by March 2012 (tragically wrong). The shameless self-publicist who constantly makes ‘win-win’ prophecies where he can either claim credit for averting a disaster or accurately predicting it.

All together now: “That prophet has spoken without authority and need not be feared.”

So for once we agree with SCOAN. Before you watch TB Joshua’s heavily edited ‘prophecy videos’, have a good read of Deutoronomy 18:22. But read your own bibles. Don’t take Emmanuel TV at their word. This amazing misquote shows that they are either deliberately deceiving people, or are just ignorant and extremely careless. Or perhaps it’s a hidden message from God to those few discerning watchers of Emmanuel TV who actually know their bibles…

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  1. Indeed God speaks through Emmanuel tv, whether you believe it or not, Emmanuel tv is the voice of God to our hurting world just as the millions of people who watch it daily also believe, perhaps you need to read your bibles thoroughly and then you would learn what you should know that there are conditional prophecies and unconditional ones, why pick out two conditional ones and Leave out the thousand others which you yourselves know received shocking fufillment?, how is that being objective in your report? If you were not bias you would have also provided links to the hundreds of prophecies that have been fufilled exactly as was prophesied, you know I think you guys are just being upset that the more you do the more his ministry grows and expands, I’ll have you know that the most ardent critics of this ministry are those who did the prophet the most Good, because we serve a God who brings good out of evil, you may think you’re hurting TB Joshua with your posts but truth is, its stuffs like yours that actually balances him out, go and learn what this means, if it be not attacked; then it is not from Him.

    • Soe, this blog points things out. That’s it. It is not a campaign to damage TB Joshua. We don’t sit scheming about new ways to attack him. If he stopped saying outrageously stupid things, or manipulating people for his own ends, we would happily stop writing about him. In this case we noticed that Em TV consistently misquote scripture in their videos, so we pointed it out. Do you deny that there is a shocking and bizarre misquote of scripture in these videos?

      Regarding objectivity, do you think that Em TV is objective?

      • Tbjoshuawatch, would you Just listen to yourselves…you say

        “It is not a campaign to damage TB

        Well That’s not what all your posts have portrayed thus far, your write ups speak volumes of your evil intent, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that much”

        You say; “We don’t sit scheming about new ways to attack him”.

        “Which is exactly what you do unless you scheme and write your posts while standing…”

        You also say; “If he stopped saying outrageously stupid things, or manipulating people for his own ends, we would happily stop writing about him”.

        You’ve sure got a lot of nerve saying such about TB Joshua…one things for sure, you won’t stop writing about him because yours is the opposite of his good spirit. I only feel sorry for those who would listen to your schemes against this amiable man of God.

        And regarding em tv, Emmanuel TV’s objective, why else would anyone transmit live throughout service days? You yourselves know how flat the argument of manipulation falls when I talk about this.

      • Ok, nevermind Soe.. For a moment I had forgotten your old habit of perpetually dodging questions and attacking rather than addressing the subject. I went for the bait. Note to self: don’t feed the trolls.

        (btw you might be interested to know that if it wasn’t for the rabid opposition to TB Joshua Watch, all the hateful blogs and forum posts set up in response to our site, all the clumsy threats and smearing of innocent people, then we would have probably got bored with the subject many months ago. But you guys make it interesting.)

    • i would pay.more attention if you were to actually comment on the topic at hand.
      deut 18.22? the post has a point, it does not say what the tb joshua show says it does.

      is there an explanation, soe?

      • That’s correct, my brother. If those deluded folks at SCOAN-pity is that they don’t think they’re deluded, but does the mad man knows he is mad ?- would now look at the lying prophesies of Temitope, they would recognize him for the false prophet that he is, but would they ?

  2. @the authors of this blog. What on Earth can T.b Joshua do to please you guys? Just name it? When the people who the prophecies concern refuse to acknowledge the power of God and it happens, you say nothing is ever changable. But when he is being acknowledged as a prophet and people come together to pray and change the situation you call it false prophecy. What can ever convince you? Wether it happens or not you will always criticise. You guys will never change. I persnonally visited another blog where Most chealsea fans agreed with the the prophet, they prayed and made different promises. Even the team believed they needed prayers and hence prayed in the field. What else do you want? I should have known nothing ever please people like you. Even when Jesus peformed miracle on the sabath which the pharesees could not do, they quickly attributed it to disobeying the law and calling him false. So anything that is of God will always face such. Thats why T.b. Joshua has no time for people like you.

    • Doi, how about you address the issue of the post? What does Deut 18:22 say in YOUR bible? Any theory on why SCOAN seem to have rewritten scripture?

      • What is wrong with the quote?The wise dont need to explain everything from A-z b4 they understand.Only fools need to explain everything till the end b4 they understand

  3. “When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen” is a very loose paraphrase of Deut. 18:19. Its context is that it is itself part of a prophecy by Moses which finds its immediate in Joshua and is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus – obviously both genuine prophets of God. The context also includes the subsequent warning in Deut.18:20-22 which is quite clear and unambiguous; in summary, a person prophesying anything in the name of God which does not come to pass is a false prophet and shall die (presumably either be put to death or cannot, barring repentance of his false prophecies, receive eternal life).

    I do not think that TBJ can add to the ultimate fulfilment of Jesus’ prophetic words and it is Jesus’ words that we should use as our plumbline in weighing any future prophetic utterances.

    For the record, Jesus never gave the result of sporting fixtures in advance.

    • Deut.18:19 was clearly misquoted and im being kind in saying so,it appears that the verse was delibertly changed to reinforce the authority of TB a little leaven,leavens the whole lump 1 Corinthians 5:6, I think says it all ive seen the evidence in the videos provided by this blog as relates to hes so called prophetic words specifically the shooting in Aurora Co and there is a obvious and deliberate deception taking place if TB continues on this path of deception he will and I quote him directly( will go on a journey of no return )and a eternal destiny that he will find to be very unpleasent.

  4. it was joe who observed that this blog is out of facts to post while commenting on your last laughable post by haile. i’m beggining to believe him because this post is even worse (more laughable) than the previous one. anyway, let me come to the issue at stake: what is wrong with the Emmanuel tv position on Deut 18:22. from what the Bible says it is very clear. first let me ask you a question: do you recognise PREACHING & TEACHING of the word of God in your church? if YES, pls that is what Emmanuel tv is implying there. if a pastor is preaching or teaching the word of God, he doesnt just read the Biblical passage literaly & then goes to sit down; he reads it & explains its meaning to the congregation: thats exactly what Emmanuel tv has done on Deut 18:22. this actually explains your poor level of understanding the things of God & making a mockery of yourselves. even a non xtian understands this very well (sorry). then comming to the prophecies: what a friend told me was that the prophet said that A BROTHER WITH A “BALL HEADED” INTO THE NET THROUGH THE HELP OF A TALL GUY for bayern munich & to that extent chelsea should pray hard to carry the day. anyway, i didnt hear the prophecy first hand but it will be good you show us from the archives your source? if not mark the word; maybe you are mistaken “ball headed man” to “bald head man”. funny, pls do your reseach well. on boko haram; cant you see that hunger is catching up with them, “that their activities have drastically reduced” & if you are observant you will see that tbj & Emmanuel tv is sending food & relief materials to the north to check food scarcity (to God be the Glory). pls brethren, these recent posts are too dry. if you dont have any meaningful thing to post pls go & find something meaningful to do. anyway i’m not saying you should close down the blog because in as far as Jesus has not come satan is still loose & will continue to use your blog for the kingdom of darkness. hahaha. cheers. EMMANUEL.

    • Yeah, I believe in preaching and teaching – I’d have no problem with the quote just being a loose paraphrase of the actual translation (as you seem to be implying it is), but there is no possible way you can link the reference with the quote. Look at them side by side:

      “When God’s servant speaks, the wise listen”

      “If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.”

      What on earth does one have to do with the other? You guys really do yourself no favours by trying to defend this. The best you could do was concede that it was an error, but not a serious one – but to try and shoehorn these two quotes together is crazy! I think what you really need to do is open your ears to the message that God has for you through this bible verse. I believe what the author said in the last line – this is a clear message from God to those who are discerning enough to check what they are taught alongside scripture (like the Bereans in Acts 17, who checked everything Paul said against scripture, and were commended by him for doing so).

      • I agree completly the Lord,s hand is obvious in SCOAN’s choice of this specific verse.

  5. I am tired of hearing how great and big TB Joshua is and how impressive his ministry is and his prophecies, miracles and deliverances from demons etc. and how you should not touch his anointed in the light of him missing the mark of the Word of God so badly. And his wonderful birthday.
    I am missing Jesus Christ and the emphasis on His death and resurrection in SCOAN and His wonderful birthday.
    I am missing them putting the emphases on Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    His death on the cross, his resurrection and His ever living blood crying for mercy in Heaven. I am missing tbj preaching repentance and after that the baptism in water for every repented soul. Which points back to the death of Jesus on the cross and then the baptism in the Holy Spirit that is for everyone. I am missing taking communion in his church for everyone in the congregation with the right elements. These things are not just for a selected few, who could keep out to the end as his slaves and who he made sure won’t leave him? I miss Acts 2: 38-39 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off-for all whom the Lord our God will call”. And v 41 – ALL those who accepted his message were baptized and about 3 000 were added to their number. And I miss Rom 6:3- 4 “or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.”
    I miss communion, where the emphases is also on Jesus and His death and shed blood for the forgiveness of our sins.
    I am tired of walking on eggs when you are in tbj and his disciple’s presence!

  6. @All,
    God does not speak through Emmanuel TV, but through His Word, the Bible. Please don’t allow TBJ and his SCOAN to deceive you.

  7. You so called critics of Tb Joshua, i just want you to know that you and your supporters are just wasten your time, money and reasources. can’t you see clearly the kind of man you are dealing with, did you thinck this your little blog can destrol its ministry, your blog story is not up to that of bisola yet it did not do any thing to him. “I want you to known that one day you will stand live on emmanuel tv an happen to Tb Joshua for forgiveness”. Mark this word!!. Do you thinck SCOAN can not call wordpress to block this site? . You have already make yourself a scape goal. Remember the day will tell who is right and who is wrong. Good luck.

    • im going to be on the tb joshua show, begging tb joshua for forgiveness?
      did tb joshua dream this?

      • I’d feel quite flattered that Albert thinks you’re worthy of a slot on Emmanuel TV’s live service!

    • @Albert,
      Who do you people think T B Joshua is ? The man is just a petty criminal who is deceiving the Lord’s people with football and false prophesies but you imagine he is some ” great power of God.” Acts 8:9-11. Wake up people !

  8. @JB Joshua watch.If you know you are right and he is false,why cant you organise true prophets to go and deliver him?

    • @ Albert, only Jesus is the true deliverer, and when T B Joshua repents and stops deceiving people and manipulating miracles, he would find deliverance through Jesus.

    • @ Vasilis or is it Visser ?
      As long as I can remember, TBJ has been saying that if people claim he is a false prophet, why can’t they organize genuine prophets to come and deliver him ? Well, I have an answer for him. Has he confessed his sins of lying, deceit, treachery, adulteries, fornications, manipulations, false prophesies, etc. ? Does he really want to be delivered ? And let me tell you what, you don’t need to organize any group of people or prophets to deliver T B Joshua, because there is only one deliverer and His name is Jesus.
      If T B Joshua truly wants deliverance, let him get in touch with me through this blog, and I propose to do deliverance for him in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And we can go to the National Theatre at Iganmu, Lagos, or the National Theatre at Accra, Ghana, for the whole world to see this deliverance. I want a neutral ground because I don’t trust anyone at SCOAN !

  9. Dat is the point @vasilis, since they identify t.b joshua as the false prophet, they should also identify the true prophet that has done atleast 1/3rd of what t.b joshua has done and he is still, until they have done that i consider both their stories and comment vague, pointless and meaningless.

    • The bible has identified the true prophet, priest and king, his name is Jesus – and he’s done a lot more than TB Joshua has. He is the only deliverer. If TB Joshua needs deliverance, there is no “man of God” who can provide that for him, only Jesus. This “man of God” culture that seems to pervade certain parts of the world is absolute poison to the true gospel of Christ.

      • @Ian,
        You’re right, T B Joshua, has been proclaiming himself a ” man of God” from the very beginning to make himself look good, but we know better.

      • U guys seems dont have anything to say but just to say something.Are U expecting Jesus christ to come and deliver U?U know nothing about the bible U just makes noise here.When Jesus strike saul down,he was directed to go to Damascus where he will meet Ananias the man of God.I pray God to open ur eyes to see the light,as he open saul eyes to see the light

    • @Halita,
      What has T B Joshua done, but to lie, deceive and manipulate miracles and distort the Word of God ?

      • @Mr Terrific.U can say anything U want that doent change anything.Mark3:30 Jesus Himself they called him evil what about his servant?We have been with the powers of darkness for years and now we have seen the light.U are not the one to tell anyone.Many people have been worshiping different idols and different marine spirits.They know the different.To all so called TB joshua watch or what ever.Those who really know nothing will change them.Dont tired urself.TB JOSHUA IS A MAN OF GOD NO DOUT.IF U DOUT THAT IS UR CROSS.

  10. Ian. Yes Jesus has identified the true prophet Jesus. But Is Jesus going to come down now in flesh to peform miracles? You guys shouldn’t deceive yourselves or the readers, if you say T.b. Joshua is fake then tell us the true ones. Except you are saying it’s only Jesus and Jesus alone will come down to provide for the needy, deliver the oppressed and possed, give prophecies. Show us they way!

    • Aside from the fact that you are not addressing the point of the post, this has to be the weakest argument yet. “If TB Joshua is fake, show us the true ones”? How is there a logical connection between those two clauses? If a cowboy builder ripped me off and ran away with the money and I advised you, my neighbour, to avoid the guy, would you refuse to accept my warning unless I also provided you with a list of trusted builders?

      We know TB Joshua is dodgy, and we’re giving people a heads up. This last post, which you are unable to refute or respond to in any way, is one more example of his dodgy ways. There are many pastors who provide for the needy, give biblical teaching, spiritual guidance, deliver the oppressed etc. TB Joshua Watch is not the place to give a comprehensive review of the Godliness of various pastors around the world, and you know that. And even if we didn’t know of ANY honest pastors, would that make TBJ any less of a crook?

      • @tbjoshuawatch – exactly, it’s an argument of someone who has no real argument left. This is one of the clearest posts you’ve ever written, the evidence is there for all to see, yet nobody has attempted to address it. The least they could do was claim it was an innocent mistake. It will be interesting to see if SCOAN stop using this title sequence now.

        @doi and @Vasilis. As well as your argument being pointless as tbjoshuawatch pointed out, it also undermines the essential christian doctrine of the priesthood of all believers. If anyone is a man (or woman) of God, all Christians are men (and women) of God. The man of God culture seen in certain parts of the world is more like a culture of traditional witchdoctors or eastern guru’s than anything recongisable from the new testament. You don’t need these men – they may put on an impressive show, but there is no substance. Find Jesus for yourself, find a community of people who have also found Jesus. If you need deliverance, ask one of them to pray with you.

      • oh my God, tbj watch how can you say that this post has not been refuted or responded to. anyway, if i had not known you, i would have been shocked at your response. but for the benefit of doubt, pls my first response refuted this laughable post except you pretended you didnt see it. i’m equally very sure other godly responders like soe, doi, joe, albert, vasilis, halita, etc have equally responded positively to your post. anyway, if you feel you have not learnt well, let me teach you again. the statement by Emmanuel tv “when the prophet speaks, the wise listen” is according to you not reflective with the literal provision of Deut 18:22 which says “if the prophet speaks in the Lord’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the Lord did not give that message….” how can you hypocrites be so blind to the word of God. it is very clear. in every word of God, there is opposite meaning to it. for eg “you shall be born again” the opposite meaning is “you shall not be born again.” here, the choice is ours to choose which of them to take. while some of us are chosing the first statement to be born again, some of you are chosing the latter not to be born again. boy, it is a matter of choice. same is applicable to Deut 18:22. the opposite meaning of that Biblical passage is “if the prophet speaks in the Lord’s name & his predictions come true, you will know that the Lord gave that message….” SIMPLE. what is difficult to understand here. its a matter of choice & that explains the Emmanuel tv statement. so why shouldnt the wise listen to a prophet who recieves message from God? you see the reason why i’ve always said you guys are funny because you post gabbage. AGAIN, on one of your para, you called tbj “a shameless self publicist who constantly makes win win prophecies.” i answer you by saying “you shameless frustrated critics pls post in your next article by explaining to the world if the AFCON prophecy is win win in your understanding.” of course Jesus & all born again xtians are win win people, while satan & his agents like you are loose loose pple, hahaha. AGAIN, in one of your para, you said that Emmanuel tv heavily eddits their prophecy video, hahaha, this is another laughable statement. pls let me inform you that by my observation, 95% of programmes on Emmanuel tv had been broadcast life on sunday & monday life services. my question to you is “is it on those live broadcasts that they were edditing it?” funny. what you are watching other days have already been broadcast life on services. so pls dont insinuate wht you dont know. thats why we advice you to watch Emmanuel tv for your deliverance & know the truth. hahaha. it couldnt have been heavily eddited what millions worldwide watched. tb joshua watch, have i answered you now by teaching you? hahaha, i told you, you are laughable. cheers. EMMANUEL.

      • Nweze, thanks for addressing the point of the post. You say that it’s fine to take a bible verse and invert the meaning, paraphrase it in your own words, and present it to millions of viewers as the very same bible verse. We say that to do this is misquoting scripture. We can agree to disagree on this, I suppose.

        Btw one of my favourite verses is Luke 6:20. “Cursed are those who have full bellies now, for you will be hungry. Cursed are those who laugh now, for you will weep”. Not a misquote, right?

      • You say that it’s fine to take a bible verse and invert the meaning, paraphrase it in your own words, and present it to millions of viewers as the very same bible verse.

        No, that’s not fine… but if it’s TB Joshua who does it then it must be fine, because everything about him is good, so if he did it, it must be ok. Right?

      • @nweze U dont have to worry urself about this critise and gossip people.They seem to themself too inteligent and and know everything in the bible.But mat.11:25 says it is hidden to the wise and intelligents and reveal to babes.They spend their time 24hrs watching emmanuel tv.If U dont believe the prophet is man of God then why u spend ur precious time on something that u dont believe.Lucifer fell from grace many many years ago.He could had ask 4 4giveness from God and repent but bcos of pride and arogant he still remain satan.Now they are busy telling people to go out from SCOAN but they have never mention any Man of God that is from God.Even the demons always confess TBJ is man of God, and ordinary person they cant even pray and they are here telling people what to do.As I said b4 they dont have to tell anyone what to do.Members of SCOAN are intelligent and wiser to make decisions

    • JOHN14:12 Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.Jesus working through his people.If Jesus is not working through JB Joshua then show us who are the truth men of God?Matt 11:25
      At that time Jesus said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants.May God forgive you all for your ignorancy and blindness

  11. Hi Nweze
    This specific post is that SCOAN and Immanuel TV are presenting words as if they were from the Bible (i.e as if they were the word of God) when they are really presenting a very particular spin on those words with little connection to the biblical statement.

    You say “tbj watch how can you say that this post has not been refuted”

    You say
    “i’m equally very sure other godly responders like soe, doi, joe, albert, vasilis, halita, etc have equally responded positively to your post.”

    Soe responded without making reference to the bible verse mentioned
    Doe responded without making reference to the bible verse mentioned
    Albert responded without making reference to the bible verse mentioned
    Vasilis responded without making reference to the bible verse mentioned
    Joe responded without making reference to the bible verse mentioned
    Halita responded without making reference to the bible verse mentioned

    You are alone in refuting the specific issue from this post.

    I would also like to comment on the way that you have phrased part of your argument. You have said
    “while some of us are chosing the first statement to be born again, some of you are chosing the latter not to be born again”

    Who are “us” and “you” dear Nweze?
    Please can you let me know how you can claim that “you” are chosing not to be born again? Seems a little bit like another of those judgement things again.

    • @ all.I still wonder what is ur problems here??Is any one forcing any one here to believe that TB JOSHUA is a man of GOD?We all have choice and freedom to choose which church to worship.Any church U belive holy spirit is working there join and worship.many people have search and found that SCOAN is the place to worship God and they busy there.what is ur problem here?how long u going to pump this ur aleged stories without prove on air?Listen so called TB joshua watch and ur followers,we know where we are and is not U and ur follower to tell us what to do.We need little peace of mind

      • Hi Joe. No one is forcing anyone to believe that TB Joshua is a man of God, and I agree that we all have the choice and freedom to choose in which church to worship.

        However, the purpose of this site as far as I am concerned is to warn the unwary of the concerns that many people have about this particular organisation and it’s leader. If someone reads the posts on this site and decides to go ahead, that’s fine. But if someone were to go to SCOAN unaware of the allegations and without the opportunity to consider them first, then I think we would be at fault.

        We have concerns and the mis-quotation of scripture is a very serious one (as it can lead to false teaching) – it is good to make people aware. If they want to go ahead then, that is fine – but to let people go in ignorance? Not so fine as far as I’m concerened.

  12. @tb joshua watch and ian.
    I’ll like to let you know that your post has been addressed and nulified. Nweze who told you there’s a difference between preaching and teaching said it all. There’s a difference between quoting a bible verse and giving more explanation about the verse, besides i didn’t see any quotation mark on in the sentence before the bible verse on the screen. Why did you put one when writing it on your blog? Neither did they say ‘det 18:22 says when God servant speeks forth the wise listen.’ So please and please don’t misquote Emmanuel Tv. Your blog is too minute to start finding faults in E.tv. Hope thats clear enough.

    Secondly as much as you consider my point useless, i think it’s the question every reader and comenter should ask. To your point.
    When you tell me not to go to a cowboy who i know is a reputable builder and one of the best in the country b’cos he duped you of your money. shocked and downcast i’ll ask ‘then who else can i go to thats as good as this guy?’ when you refuse to give me good information, and try to dodge the question by saying ‘i have advice you’. Then i consider you a conspirator, or one who wants my downfall. When you were duped did you remain without completing the building? No some other people must continue the job. If the worse comes to the worse i’ll use force men to make sure he does the job and doesn’t rip me of my money. So it’s very nonsential to advice some one without telling them what to do or where to go. Then whats the essence of the advice? Why do we call it advice? Please don’t behave like hypocrites. You know whats right. Tell the people who they can run to when they have ulcer, Hiv, broken homes, evil spirit, marine spirit, when they are hungry, when they lose a partner and cannot cope with the expenses. Yes i know they should definitely look to God. But God uses men. Or God told you to advice his people without giving them solutions to their problem?

    • You should read my comment again, I did give an alternative. I also in a previous comment refuted the idea that this was anything like preaching.

  13. Are you saying people should believe in themselves and forget about anyother prophet? Make it glaring. Yes or no?. And why? And about the sentence. Call it whatever you want but don’t say it’s wrong. of cause the words on Emmanuel tv. Calls for deeper understanding that even the authors can’t comprehend.

    • Are you intentionally trying to misrepresent my comments? How on earth was I suggesting people should believe in themselves? I said believe in Jesus, not another prophet, and I stand by that! Am I saying forget about another prophet? Yes! Is that glaring enough for you?

  14. I think people should read their Bibles,really!
    We are suppose to worship God not man!
    Some of you comment as though,if the good lord was to come and take you away now,Tb Joshua would escort you to your grave or he will plead your case.

    • Yes Jacky. We worship God. But we honour His prophet. B’cos we worship God should we criticise His prophets? God loves us and wants the best for us He does these through His prophets. As He was so He is.

      • Doi
        Most tv emmanuel followers,have forgotten about God! I have seen it with my own eyes and heard with my ears.
        It’s utterly pathetic!one lady says she feel over when she saw Tb joshua on tv and got a healing ( she even went to the extent of wanting to fight with some one who called him
        a false prophet.
        Now is that not nonsense.My problem with him is that he puts himself higher than God.
        I feel sorry for some of you follwers, when he passes on,I wonder what you will do.
        The man is worshipped.Some people are not happy when they are not touched by him when they go to Scoan.
        I am talking from experince here.Most people belive that if only they can just be touched by Tb then they will be healed.Does not that seem familar, those of us who read the Bible. I know of a lady who threw a tantrum cause she was not prayed over by him,she would not even talk to the rest of the group members she had gone with.Now what do you call that? I call that obsession with the man.
        I hope you catch the drift.

  15. @ my dear christians that has seen the light of God @ SCOAN.PSALM1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not the counsel of ungodly,nor stand in the way of sinners,nor sit in the seat of scornful.What I have learnt from here is we will comment here till thy kingdom come nothing will change here,I think we dont have to waste our time here comenting anything here.I have notice this blog is ungodly,and i read through all the comments what I realise is all the article here have no prove,that is just alegations.There is no need to spend time on something that will not help.Plz abandon this blog

    • Surely Valilis if the Bible is being misquoted it is the responsibility of Christians who have seen the light of God to comment on that till kingdom come.

  16. Back to the quote: “When God’s servant speaks, the wise listen”

    When God’s servant speaks the Word of God, the wise will listen, but if it is not the Word of God the wise will expose it.

    The Word of God says: “1 Cor 4:6 (NIV translation) Now, brothers, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying,
    “Do not go beyond what is written.” Then you will not take pride in one man over against another


    Rev 22: 18-19 I warn everyone who hears the Word of prophecy of this book: “If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes Words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city which are described in this book”.

    2 Cor 11:3-4 But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunningness, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Jesus Christ.
    To change the Word of God may lead to the next verse
    : 4 For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or A DIFFERENT GOSPEL from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough
    : 5 But I do not think I am in the least inferior to those “super apostles”.

    As I see it, this site is not there to criticize TB Joshua and his disciples and followers, but for their benefit. For their salvation and deliverance.To warn about errors in his ministry. It is very dangerous to tamper with or paraphrase the Word of God, because it can lead you astray

    Just for the thinking;
    Where are the elders and deacons in his church, like the Word of God says?
    And the tongues and interpretations?
    And the water baptism?
    And the baptism in the Holy Spirit for everyone?
    And Jesus had no female disciples living with Him in a commune?
    And the space to test everything that is said and done?
    Etc, etc, etc.

    • @TV Joshua watch.The Pharasee always goes to Jesus to ask him why cant u perform the sabath,why u eat with the tax collector and sinners etc.They thought they were right but none of the question was right.Ephesian 2:8 For by grace we have been saved through faith.And this is not our own doing,it is the gift of God.Dont U know that the language of the bible transform the meaning of our bible.The original language of the bible was from the greek language has been translated in millions of languages.The original bible was called “VIVIAROS” in greek meaning the book with 73 books.Only 66 of them aproved by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1885 which is now know as king james version.Is only Orthodos church are still using the original with the 73 books.The protestant editd the book and naming it NIV, King james etc.What am trying to explain is if God is going to use verses to judge us, none of us will qualify.Bcos the bible we have in our age is not the origianal one.Is edited.By grace we are saved nothing more.(2)Let us see the gospel matt,mark,luke and john.they were eyes witness but cant we see they have different report,but to God be the glory they are all acepted.If we now say luke is fake bcos he didnt report like matthew or mark is fake bcos he didnt report like mark then what are we doing to ourself?If they fail to report the right message God is to judge them not me and U.For by grace we have been saved through faith.

      • @Joe, Where did you get this information ? Is it from T B Joshua ? It is plain balderdash, please go to a real Bible school for training, not SCOAN, where they teach doctrines of demons !

  17. People of flesh, most of troubles are tongue troubles. Anything to praise T.B Joshua then? God will judge.

    • We praise and glorify Jesus who died for us, not mortal men and women who seek to glorify and exalt themselves. Did T B Joshua die for you, Tangisai ?

      • Mr Terrfic
        it is true that the origanal
        Bible has not 73 and not the one with 66 books.
        The protestant Bible is missing 7 books all in the old Testament.
        Books such as Wisdom,Sirach.Machabes just to mention a few.
        This is the Bible that the catholic church uses.

      • Correction,the Origanal Bible has 7 extra books,which are omited in Bibles used by Protestants.
        Some of the book are the ones I have mentioned.Alot of people dong know this info.
        The book if Sirach is very very wise.
        Talks about all lifes situations.

  18. @Mr Terrific unless u are not ready to learn the history of christianity.U will really know we are save by grace not by any works.Are U telling me the bible we are using now as protestants was send to us from heaven???That will be a childish thinking.I want U to do more research about this,to know were we got this our bible.See the book of Philipine was send to Philipinos in Asia.The book of romans was send to the raman in Italy.The book of Thesalonika was send to the Thesalonian in greece and many more.Me and U are saved by grace.All this books were collected together and is aprove as holy bible and we acept it as holy.Until now they keep editing it and translating from language to language.Take the original version and compare with the king james and the NIV etc,are they same meaning?NO.We the modern christian has just join the train but forget to search where the train is coming from.Are we still carry the same message our lord Jesus christ thought us?or we have edited to suit our self?Are U saying jesus was born 25 dec?We are saved by grace not by our works

    • Mr Terrific
      I am not attacking you,but that’s the truth about the Bible.
      Christianity has a long history.
      The protestant churches we have were born out of the Catholic church,due to disagreements over this and that.

  19. Now let’s see.

    Math 22:29 Jesus replied, “You are in error because you do not know the scriptures.”
    Prov 30:5, 6 “Every Word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.
    : 6 Do not add to His Words or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.”

    Like satan quoted the Word of God in the original language for his own gain and advantage in Math 4:5,6 and was found out a liar!

    Rev 17: 1 Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute- the Mother of Prostitutes- (the false church of the last days), who sits on many waters.
    Rev 17: 15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits on are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.
    : 2 With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries”

    Babylon the Great
    The Mother of Prostitutes
    And of the Abominations of the Earth. (Rev 17:5)

    Rev 18: 6 Give back to her as she has given, pay her back double for what she has done. Mix her a double portion from her own cup.
    : 7 Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. I her heart she boasts; I am not a widow and I will never mourn.”
    : 8 Therefore in one day her plagues or judgments will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.”
    The false churches of the last days will be mega big churches or synagogues with all nations in it, full of the abominations of the earth and of clever, deceitful tricks, adulteries (spiritually and physically) and she will be drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.
    So sorry the The Synagohue of all Nations fits this discription. We will keep on praying for TB Joshua and team, because we loved them and still loves them.

    • T B Joshua needs to come out to make his confessions before the Lord’s people, and tell them how hypocritical he is, and how he has been deceiving them all along, and perhaps he would find grace and mercy with the Lord. I’m really tired of all the deceit, deception and manipulations.

      • @Mr terrific If U have nothing to share just shut up,cant u see U make the site too boring?The wise speaks bcos they have something to say,but the fool just drop something braaaaa!!! bcos the have to say something.All ur propaganda is allegations,have no prove.Is ur personal hatred.

  20. Amen and Amen. There is no other way! Like all of us who had to repent openly in his church, so he is also going to do openly before the world. We pray that the deceived disciples will see and come out, before it is toooo……….. late!
    Come Lord Jesus, come save and deliver your people!
    Come and help Lord Jesus!

  21. What i dont’ understand is that many people are against TBJ. If you think that he is a false prophet, is he the only false prophet in the world? Why are you not attacking others? There many false prophets and pastors in Nigeria, in Africa and in the World, but nobody talk about them, Why? There are many satan churches, juju men, new ages orgnisations etc… Why don’t you write about them? Why are you hating TBJ? God is love and those that abide in love abide in God. Those who hate others are from satan. If you love TBJ, fast and pray for him. If you cannot do it, stop wrting bad things against him because saying bad things against others is also a sin.
    If you Love someone and you see something wrong in that person, you will go to him and talk with him but not create a blog to attack him.

    Are all people around you doing good or are happy with what is taught in all churches, Why don’t you create a blog to warn people?
    Please, you attitude is no biblical. We don’t fight for God but it is God who fight for us. God didn’t send anyone with the mission to fight others but to preach the gospel of the kingdom. It is better to create a blog to preach the gospel than to attack other men of God.
    We should be careful not to sin by what we are doing but thinking that we are on the right side.

  22. I am so glad to hear that TB Joshua said in today’s service (10 June 2012); “That he is going to take time out to humble himself and pray.” Hope it is not another trick?

    Please tell him that ; “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

    Prayer without turning from your wicked ways will not help you to find God’s face.
    For your birthday present you asked for prayer.
    Believe me we will pray for you, fast and pray for you.

    And remember:

    Even Jesus won’t forgive without repentance or saying you are sorry to Him and to the people that you wronged and that you will restore their families that you split up with your teachings and spirit !

    You cannot expect people to forgive you, without saying you are sorry to them and make amends!

    • That’s a good point, Remember ! If he is really sincere, I think that’s a good thing for him and for all of us. I hope he has gotten our message and would turn to the Lord with true repentance, and surely he would find forgiveness, but he has to do it right. Sins known publicly should be confessed publicly and he needs to come out publicly. Then there has to be restoration to the families and those wronged. After that we can close down this blog and everybody will be happy and God will be glorifed.

      • Go and watch the video again b4 u come to give ur coments.What he said about his birthday,is it what u wrote it there?U just hear something,U cant even verify to know exactly what he said,you translate in ur own ways and twisted it to post.Is it force that U have to comemt everyday?The wise speaks bcos they have something to say,but the fools,bcos they have to say something

      • Intrigued as to why you keep quoting Plato’s “The wise speak because they have something to say…”?

  23. Amen.


    In the last days, God will pour out His judgments, decrees and plagues on an unrepented world.

    Not TB Joshua nor his wise men or woman will stop God’s judgments.

    Think. Think. Think.

    Rev 9:20-21 The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not REPENT of the works of their hands; they did not stop worshipping demons and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood- idols that cannot see or hear or walk.

    Nor did they REPENT of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.

    Isaiah 17:7-8 In that day men will look to their Maker and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.

    They will not look to their altars, the work of their hands….

    Repent before it is to late!

    Have mercy upon us o Elohim Father God of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

  24. He is just covering up your eyes with his, so called, worries about the aviation problems and for more wise men and woman, to go and pray etc. the real reason you will never know, because he is a master of deceit. Maybe it is even to go and watch soccer somewhere or who know what??????? Pray for him. He must understand that he will not be able to fight God’s judgments (aviation problems etc.) without repentance and turning from his wicked ways and stop doing what he is doing and for the people they are praying for.

  25. @ain dont u have any wiser people to comment on ur blog?Is like ur commentators have nothing to say but still have to say something,so they just open their mouth wider and drop out what is in.Non of ur comemts make sense here. Bull- head

  26. @ Joe
    Herewith what you have said recently regarding the History of the Bible & ‘your wisdom’:
    “The original language of the bible was from the greek language has been translated in millions of languages.” Joe, the original language of the OLD TESTAMENT was Hebrew with some portions being Aramaic. Later the OLD TESTAMENT was among some translations, translated into Greek. The original language of the NEW TESTAMENT was Greek. Notice that you indicated that the entire Bible was originally written in Greek! You made a mistake here.

    “The original bible was called “VIVIAROS” in greek meaning the book with 73 books.” Friend, you have made no distinctions in terms of the Bible you are referring to! Shouldn’t the Original Bible be the Old Testament/Hebrew/Judaism Bible?The Old Testament came before the New, right?

    “Only 66 of them aproved by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1885 which is now know as king james version.” Joe, the 66 books of the Bible were NOT approved in 1885 okay! The number of books/66 was fixed as far back as 4th Century. Furthermore, the King James version was issued in 1611 commissioned by KING JAMES!

    “See the book of Philipine was send to Philipinos in Asia.” Unless your Bible is different the Book of Philippians was sent to the saints of Philippi in Greece.

    Now I am not sure if you are not ashamed to make such incredible mistakes about the Bible. If I did not remember that we were all ignorant before God saved us, I would laugh this off. But Joe, this is truly sad. Truly sad. Joe, what you have been putting forward is no sense. You cannot tell the people who are helping you see these mistakes that you are ‘wiser’.

    • This show U know nothing about the bible.Do ur more research and come back again.Not even talking about the LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE.The topic was the bible have been edited from many years in many times.any church that break up will edited the book and selected what will favour them and leave the remaining ones.We still believe in the bible as the word of God but the value of the bibble of we protestants is not the same,unless u are hiding from the truth and u dont want to acept that.By grace we are saved nothing more.Stop bragging bcos u dont know what u are talking about

      • @ Joe

        You are unbelievable! You make mistakes & are not ashamed & humble enough enough to admit them. You must realise that you cannot handle the Word of God that way. This is what the post is about, how your false pastor does the same thing; twist & distort the Word of God.Come on, you were the one ‘educating’ us & I was alerting you to YOUR MISTAKES!!!Where have I erred? You should care that you made mistakes!

        Why should I talk about the lost Books of the Bible/the UNINSPIRED BOOKS? Are you referring to the Gnostic Gospels or the Apocrypha? I am not sure whether you know what you are talking about so I will assume that you mean the Gnostic Gospels. You should know that they were never part of Orthodox Christianity, they are NOT from the Holy Spirit. Iam shocked that something that is not from GOD is worthy your talking about as if not knowing them makes a difference in anyones Christian walk.

        “any church that break up will edited the book and selected what will favour them and leave the remaining ones.” Which Churches did this? & what sort of editing are you talking about. Does removal of Books from the Bible constitute editing? I would appreacite examples of the Churches that have done this. Could this be what TB Joshua has done? Maybe that is why he is truly a false prophet! Friend, all the Churches that have removed parts/books of the Bible are NOT true Churches, they are the false Church, understand!

        “We still believe in the bible as the word of God but the value of the bibble of we protestants is not the same,unless u are hiding from the truth and u dont want to acept that.” Listen, how is this related to the grave mistakes you have made?

        Joe, you made mistakes regarding the Bible. The Bible!!! You have the audacity to ignore and cover up with more mistakes! Truly you are the child of TB Joshua & TB Joshua should know the embarrassment his children are bringing to him! Wait a minute, he is just as ignorant. Lord have Mercy!

      • @MJ i thought u knew much about the bible but I can now see u have no idea.U still have that sunday school bible studies.Is time for U study much more as mature christian not sunday schoolboy.My question is still not answer.Can some of u tell me hw we got the bible?

      • Joe, you might as well stop commenting on this subject, they’re not going to be approved. For your information Philipi is an ancient Greek city, and most Christians believe the bible was written by human beings under the influence of the Holy Spirit, how it came to be the canon we now know is a huge and complex topic, nothing to do with what we discuss on this site.

    • Which place in Greece from history untill now called Philipi???Shame onto U.do ur research and come back

      • @Joe, I strongly advise that you quietly slip away from this argument. You’re making yourself look very silly. Even if you were right in your assertions (which you’re not), it would have no bearing on the topic at hand, nor help your case at all. If anything – undermining the authority and reliability of the scripture we have today undermines the very thing TB Joshua claims to build his ministry on.

      • Indeed Joe, you are embarrasing yourself & TB Joshua because clearly you are learning these mistakes from him! Look at the Post, look at what you are doing, know that is what you and TB know best;distorting Truth!

  27. Why are you wasting your time arguing with Joe ? Don’t you see he is ignorant and does not even know what he is talking about ? I already described his assertions as balderdash and advised him to go to a proper Bible school to learn and not SCOAN.T B Joshua himself has very little knowledge and these people are learning from the little that T B Joshua has. Isn’t that pitiful ?

    • @ Mr Terrific
      This is truly truly pitiful! Its hard not to alert him…the guy sees & believes balderdash is wisdom. Is there a Bible school that can help him? This guy needs the Holy Spirit!!! Lord have Mercy!

      @ Joe
      Examine yourself to see if you are in the Faith!

      • @Mr terrific.which faith u talking about?The faith of calling men of God false prophets or the faith of fabricating lies stories about men of God?There are many things u need to search about the christianity,instead of that u are here doing unnecesary arguments about men of God.God gave us saturday to worship.Have u ever ask urself why we now worship on sunday?

    • When the truth is out some feeling hurts.Most of u even know that Jerusalem is in heaven.Unless u are not ready learn.I want U guys to do more research about the bible and how we got that and come back again.I can now see U know nothing about the bible

    • Can U explain to me how do we got the holy bible if U know.Was it from heaven or was written by the angels?

  28. The only teaching that separates Christianity from all the other big religions is based on the Truth that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross of Calvary, shed his blood for the forgiveness of our repented sins and rose again on the third day from death, sits on the right hand of God the Father (Elohim) and is interceding for us now.
    I have never, not once in all these years, heard TB Joshua preach a sermon on this or his followers?
    As it is the foundation of our Christian faith!
    Makes one wonder?!?!

  29. @Just wonder. You have obviously not watched enough of his sermons, then you will clearly see the Prophet talk about the above. You can even find it in the church’s statement of faith. http://www.scoan.org/about/statement-of-faith/
    Please also read the following article by Bill Subritzky http://www.modernghana.com/news/373528/1/renowned-bible-scholar-and-lawyer-bill-subritzky-e.html
    Do you want to tell me that all these people are delusional? I know a man of God that was prayed for by the Prophet many years ago. This man is still healed today. He is a medical doctor and has a large ministry helping the helpless and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We know him personally and he regularly visits SCOAN.
    TB Joshua himself says Jesus Christ is the answer to all fundamental issues of life, never a problem He cannot solve, never a sickness or disease or sin He did not die for. Watch this short video of the Prophet himself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R_2N6LQq5Q
    The authors of this blog must have a personal vendetta against the man of God
    Mr. Terrific and all the other commenter’s”posts against the man of God are filled with anger and they go to great lengths to write posts and articles that are consuming their time. If the authors of this blog had large ministries we can still hear what they say, but they don’t. I would rather listen to great men of God that supports his ministry. At least the church of SCOAN supports the word in Malachi 3:10 “Bring the whole tenth of your income so that there may be food in My house”

    • @ Concerned,
      You can say whatever you like, it doesn’t matter. This blog is for those who want to make balanced and true judgement and not for those who ignore the word of God to exalt mortal men. Deception is a very serious matter to God and for some of us, we have an obligation to EXPOSE it.Eph 5:11-13, Jude 3, Eze 33:3, 2 Peter 2:1, 1 Cor 11:19.
      I’m not here to argue, or to call wrong right and right wrong, ( Isaiah 5:20 ) If TBJ is good for you, follow him, but we will not be deterred from exposing the evil works of charlatans.
      You see, some of you need training in true biblical doctrines, and let me tell you that tithing is one of the doctrines through which the church is ripping off the Lord’s people. It’s an Old Testament commandment that does not apply to the church today,but that is another big issue which is out of the scope of this blog. T B Joshua and many others, either through ignorance or deceit, are ripping off people in the name of the Lord !

      • @Mr Terrific.God is so great.The begining of anything is nothing but the end matters a lot.U are here calling anointing man of God many names.We have investigated U and we have found the truth about U.U are nothing but imposter.U are not even a man.U are woman and U calling urself Mr terrific.U are JANE AMARTEY,a hair dresser,(will end here for now).What I will say is give ur life to CHRIST and repent bcos U cant fight God and his anointing one.All ur secrets and ur mission is out now

    • @ Concerned
      TB J does not properly divide the Word of God as per this post. It makes perfect sense that of all fundamental doctrines of Christianity you choose to acknowledge tithing as one of the ‘noble things’ SCOAN follows. Like Mr T has said that is a doctrine that is misunderstood by genuine Christians & of course exploited by false prophets like TB J.

      TB J is fooling many, but we must be reasonable @ least, does this post misrepresent him? The answer is no, the guy clearly does not know how to divide the Word!

      There may come a time when you would be thankful to God for the bloggers @ TB J watch, when the Lord opens your eyes! Then you will know they are serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

  30. Most of his miracles are of him casting rapist demons out of women, nothing substantial. Miracles are tools conish pastors use to deceive. If he is Jesus let him turn bread into wine or rather resurrect the dead but not a dead nigerian

    • See another one too.what make sense here?.Did anyone call himself Jesus here.If u have nothing to share shut up.The wise speak bcos they have something so say.the fools just speak bum bcos they have to say something

  31. @Joe why did you have to go and investigate who Terrific is .Whether she is a woman or a man does that matter.Why are you so concerned about finding out about who she/he is instead oj just addressing issues under discussion.

    • @ pattie I am not like people who just hear any story and they jump to conclution and start passing their judgement.I investigate everything said here to know if is right or wrong b4 i say something.If ur agenda of joining any group or instutuition is not genuine any little thing ofends U.She is IMPOSTER

    • @ Pattie,
      You don’t have to worry ! This people have nothing on Mr Terrific ! T B Joshua cannot stand scrutiny and that is why he is always going about looking for ways to blackmail people, so he could silence them. He does it through keeping records of ” confessions,” but unfortunately for him, he has nothing on me. Shame on Satan ! Shame on T B Joshua !

  32. I dont care what he calls himself, are you (joe) working with him in cohorts? How much does he pay you for positive comments?

  33. sister Jane.AKA Mr Terrific.U can change ur id as many as posible,I still know U.U cant fight God and his anointed man of God.Repent Jesus is love to forgive U and save U

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  35. @Joe,
    Go and read that story on that worthless blog. It doesn’t say Mr Terrific is a woman. Joe, you can’t even read, and you’re here trying to prop up T B Joshua ! That worthless blog, the mouthpiece of T B Joshua, writes real nonsense not worthy of any comments. The whole story like others on that blog are fabrications and concoctions from the evil imaginations of Temitope Balogun Joshua and has no merit whatsoever. Shame on you, T B Joshua, you shameless, lying, deceitful, satanic and adulterous false prophet ! Your days are numbered !

  36. My opinion? Mr Terrific, you must be doing a terrific job to get TBJ’s hackles up! If it’s glaring to Muslims and Holy Spirit filled Christians here in Nigeria that TBJ is a baloney sandwich, I wonder why Joe and his ilk keep being blind! Remember what Gideon’s dad told those chaps angry at Gideon for tearing down Baal’s altar? That should be youe response to ’em!
    Keep up the good work. I leave you with Psalm 20 1-6.

  37. i cannot understand why you create this site to rubbish the image of tb joshua, is he the only man of GOD on this earth,what is wrong with you people,or does it mean you people dont have a better things to do rather than critisizing some one else.the creator of this site you all need forgiveness

  38. Emmanuel tv is our connection with our God this is the really man of God I thank God for hlm in Jesus name

    • God has given us His Word, which is the Bible. Please read and learn your Bible, not television ! You people are really deceived, and truly God says His people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge ! Hosea 4:6

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