The tricks behind TB Joshua’s prophecies: revealed!

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It seems that barely a week goes by without TB Joshua releasing a video claiming that he predicted some tragic or dramatic event. The horrific Dana Air crash in Nigeria and the death of Kenyan minister George Saitoti were two of the most recent tragedies that SCOAN have exploited.

Certain details about these videos have always seemed suspicious to us. Firstly, despite having a talented video production team at his disposal, there are many awkward cuts and sudden changes in camera angle. TB Joshua speaks in short, clipped sentences, with pauses in between. Finally, we are sometimes told the date of a certain clip, but more often we are just told that a clip comes from ‘a Sunday service’, with no indication whether it was a week or a year ago. Something was up, but we didn’t have a smoking gun that proved what was going on.

Now we’ve found the smoking gun. We recently received an email from a reader pointing out two different prophecy videos, one released in 2011, and another released a year later. The first video claimed that TB Joshua had predicted the crash of a small passenger plane into the sea of the coast of Indonesia in 2011. The second video claimed that TB Joshua had predicted another plane crash; a Russian passenger plane that crashed into the side of an Indonesia mountain in 2012.

We present, embedded above, a video which explains what these two videos tell us about TB Joshua’s techniques of manipulation and deceit. To summarize the video, they show two interesting things:

1) They show how prophecies are recycled

SCOAN re-used exactly the same footage of TB Joshua’s prophetic words to predict both the 2011 and the 2012 crash in Indonesia. Compare these side by side screengrabs:

2) They show how SCOAN  can create ‘cut and paste’ prophecies for every occasion.
Although some parts of these prophecy videos are identical, each video contains details that the other one doesn’t. This shows how TB Joshua’s prophetic words are cut up into chunks and rearranged to suit the details of events after they happen.

As the below table shows, if you took all the prophetic words that TB Joshua gave on that Sunday, his prophecy would not fit with either the 2011 or the 2012 crash.

What TB Joshua prophecied when he was wearing black and white shirt What happened in 2011 Indonesia crash What happened in 2012 Indonesia crash
1) A plane in Indonesia would crash Correct! Correct!
2) A big plane Wrong– it was a small passenger plane. Correct!
3) A blue plane Wrong! Correct! (or at least, it had some blue on it)
4) The plane was arriving into Indonesia Correct! Correct!
5) The accident will happen on a Wednesday Wrong! Crash happened on a Saturday. Correct!
6) The plane will sink into the sea Correct! Wrong! Plane crashed into a mountain!

This makes it very clear. When TB Joshua’s prophetic words are inaccurate, this is no obstacle for SCOAN’s video editing team. They just cut out the bits that don’t fit. Why let such inconvenient details get in the way of his successful ‘prophecy’ industry?

NB: Before people point out that only one “fact” didn’t match the 2012 accident, remember TB Joshua said “the picture was so clear, it was like watching Emmanuel TV”, yet he “saw” it sinking into the sea, when in reality the plane crashed into a mountain. It may only be one “fact”, but it’s quite a major one, especially considering the confidence with which the prophecy was delivered.

What did Deutoronomy 18:22 say again?

193 thoughts on “The tricks behind TB Joshua’s prophecies: revealed!

  1. We know that when a prophet speaks by the Spirit of the Lord he does not lie, because God is not a man that He should lie. Numbers 23:19. And when a real man of God gives a prophesy, it comes true in every aspect, because God knows it all and does not make mistakes. There’s nothing like 99.9% accuracy, and every little bit is fulfilled. Consider Samuel’s prophesy to Saul in 1 Samuel 10:1-9. This is a prophesy with so many details that it’s almost complicated, yet it was fulfilled in every detail, because God was speaking through Samuel. T B Joshua is not a man of God and never was but a lying and deceitful false prophet who manipulates prophesies and miracles through his Emmanuel TV. A word is enough for the wise.

    • All i know he is a man of God.whether you like or not or abuse him.he is a man of God.wither the prophecy was fake or not he is a man of God.wither the prophecy came to reality or not he is a man God.i love him i die with him and wake up with him.period

      • I mean no disrespect but there is no other way to say this, this is so silly & twisted. It almost seems like you have been reading too many Mills & Boon, what type of romance is this?

        Eh!? You love him & you will die with him even though he is fake?

      • He is a man of God!whether you like or not.Most of you that condemn are satanic and posses with evil spirit.Jesus was on earth he work on water he commanded wind to stand still and they obey him and same Jesus said greater works we shall do..Open your eyes.He is my mentor and i will remain with him still death do us part.If you call him fake show me the real man of God that demons obey..mention one name !

      • @ Miracle
        If there is anyone who is satanic and possessed by demons then it is your mentor, TB Joshua. He is indeed a man of god, his god being Satan.

        Our Lord Jesus indeed said we shall do greater works, however you overlook the fact that the sharing of the GOSPEL is that greater work! It is the gospel that frees people from demons & not a so called man of god. So I ask you, how many men of God do we have out there? Christians who share the Gospel in fertile ‘soil’ are men of God being used by GOD to free people from the grips of Satan and his demons. You asked me to mention ONLY one man of God but clearly there are many. Christians are men and women of God, sharing the Word that frees from demons, the GOSPEL. Btw, even a Satanist like TBJ, when he gets the Gospel right, God can and does work in those whom He has appointed to hear that Word/Gospel. As we share the Gospel (for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes Rom.1:16) we warn others about impostors like TB J for they/the impostors work for their master Satan who comes to steal, kill & destroy.

        I gladly say my eyes are opened but not by myself for I couldnt do so had GOD not done so. Because of God’s Mercy and Grace, I grow in love with the Lord Jesus.You on the other hand are ‘in love’ with TBJ NOT JESUS.Ask GOD to open your eyes.

    • God will punish the false prophets who are lying in His name and deceiving the people. Please read the whole chapter of Jeremiah 23.

  2. Is this a topic to discuss?A prophesy is given bcos something is going to happen.Is a warning sign given to us to pray about it.If we takes the prophecy serious and pray,it may not happen at all.The prophecy say Indonisia and plane crash and it happen Indonisia and plane crash.Does it make sense giving marks here corect wrong corect??Let me take u to THE GOSPEL OF THE BIBLE MATHEW,MARK lUKE AND JOHN.They were eye witnes but U can see the report they gave are not the same.Do we have to call them false or wrong bcos what they said were not the same?Plz dont U have any work to do than wasting ur time on anointing man of God looking for fault?He is working for God not man so he will take his reward from God not man,anything he do wrong or right,he will receive reward.Dont worry urself

    • Whether T.BJoshua is a false prophet or not,it is up to GOD alone to judge him.All what benefiaries of his miracles and prophencies are aware is that the man healed them through the name of JESUS CHRIST and only that name that is to be praise.

      • healing in the name of Jesus doesnt automatically qualify tb joshua to be God’s prophet. Christ himself warned us of false christs. noone is judging tb joshua here but the truth should be told to avoid the loss of many souls to the devil. in Revelations 2 v21, God comments the church in Ephesus for not tolerating false prophets.

    • @ Joe
      Mind you the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are post testimonials, not prophecies. They are records of what they witnessed. TBJ claims prophecies and prophecies are supposed to be God’s testimonials through man. They can NEVER be wrong, not to a slight detail. Stop and think for a second, don’t follow the man TBJ, follow God’s works in him (which are not many).

  3. @tbjoshuawatch, I can imagine you all rejoicing over a glass of champagne right now as this does seem like a goal scored for you, but let me first ask you something. First you said a reader (nameless) pointed out TWO prophecy videos to you, yet you only posted ONE VIDEO and nothing more than a screen shot of the acclaimed other, what are you trying to cover up by not posting the other video? Why withhold the second evidence? Post it so that people can make the comparison and see themselves if this isn’t one of your sly schemes, secondly I want to ask you how “just this” de bunks the authenticity hundreds of fufilled prophecies on the Scoan official website even those referring to clearly stated events-. To assume the worst in your favour now, even if this was a point on the graph off the line of best fit, it doesent repudiate the others that fell plainly into the line, using just one video to back up an unfounded generalisation, by saying TB Joshua’s prophetic tricks are now exposed is just plain wrong and very unprofessional journalism. For the record, You still have an inexhaustible archive(still counting) to contend with. And just so you know some of the wise men would soon venture into this area of World prophecies so you should prepare to include their names as well as TB Joshua’s in your future posts, your free publicity would really come in handy.

    • And Soe, regarding your second point, this only shows that you fail to understand (or refuse to engage with) the point of the post. We are not saying ‘this is one example of a dodgy prophecy’. We are saying: This example of a dodgy prophecy allows us to see how SCOAN uses editing to manipulate TB Joshua’s words generally.

      If you can show us that there was no manipulation in the examples we offer, then you might reasonably claim that you have refuted the point we are making. Until then, citing hundreds of other ‘prophecies’ that we don’t mention is just a distraction, and a pretty futile and desperate one at that.

    • I’d just like to clear up another thing for you Soe, I’m the ”nameless” reader who brought this to TB Joshua Watch’s attention.
      I’m a British citizen who lives in Indonesia and live within an hour of the crash site. From here I’ve witnessed the countless rescue helicopters which fly over my house to the crash site to give support and carry the victims back to Jakarta. I’ve seen how distraught the family members were at the news that their husbands, fathers, brothers and friends were killed in this accident … and then, I saw a self-proclaimed ”prophet” of God and his troops using this accident as a way to recruit new followers to his ”church”.
      I will admit this on here, I am an atheist … and contrary to popular belief, I do not hate all religious people and do not think they’re stupid, but I do hate it when I see people using religion to fulfil an ulterior motive (whether it be money, power or fame). I respect all religions and the followers of those religions, therefore I will always help them protect what they believe in from fraudsters and con artists.

      Side note:
      If a man came up to you and said ”I have the power to win the lottery jackpot every week”, would you believe him?
      Probably not, right?
      If he then showed you 20 videos of him winning the jackpot, would you believe him?
      Probably not still, right? Even if you did, you might be dubious.
      But then if someone came along and showed you proof that ONE of those videos was fake, would you still believe the other 19 are completely true?
      So… why defend this so much, just because TB Joshua says it’s a message from God?

      • @ Carlos,
        Thank you for your contribution ! False and lying and deceitful “prophets” like Temitope Balogun Joshua would do anything to protect and “project” their name but the deluded folks like it so. Regrettably, things like these do not persuade people like you to turn to the only Savior of the world, but rather turn them away. My prayer is that the truth of the gospel would shine upon your heart, regardless of charlatans like T B Joshua.

  4. Please lets get the video proof first before you guys come to your conclusions.but why even considering your post? Call it red herring or whatever. But If an administrator of this blog can come boldly to advice dear readers to forget and neglet any other prophet of God. Means you guys don’t believe in God’s prophet. don’t try to prove you love our readers. You are doing this for selfish interest. I believe ian would have love to also adviced christians of old to neglet other men of God like Peter, paul, john the baptist etc., and concentrate on God alone. Now how will people who do not have that absolute faith get their Faith increased? Will Jesus come down to deliver and heal them? This is the height of it all. This clearly shows that you guys don’t attend churches. Maybe you attend the other kind of church. What help are you trying to render? Please readers be careful of this blog. this guys are leading you astray by telling you to forget about God’s prophet without knowing the level of your faith. May God have mercy on us all.

  5. @ so called Tb Joshua watch.If u dont have any positive story to publihing here better shut up than publishing allegations without proof.Just bcos u have to say something.God is still talking to his people,how does it concern u as u dont believe????

  6. Wow… I’d had similar suspicions, so not surprised to see this, but at the same time it is disappointing that someone would manipulate God’s people in such a shameless way.

    @Soe, You can’t say this is just a one off and that there are hundreds of accurate ones, every single prophecy video I’ve seen has these weird editing cuts, this one proves that they do edit out inaccuracies, which explains the weird editing cuts in all the other ones.

  7. I still cant see what fault u trying to prove from here.A prophet is a mesenger and he carry a mesage to deliver to the people.The mesage is short.PLANE CRASH INDONESIA.Is up to the prophet and how he will explain to his people to understand,the meaning is the same.This crash can be very big disaster but dont forget prayer can change things.If it didnt happen u same people will say he said it and didnt happen.Sometimes God want to show HIS people about what he said is true,even upon all the prayers HE can still show sign of it for u to believe the prophesy.(2)there is nothing in the video show this is 2011 and 2012.dont forget is more than 1 camera man there and he keep repeating the prophesy again and again.and ever since i know TB joshua he never wearing same clothes here and there.I will prove u lie also here.If something is about to happen,he dont say it once.he keep will always heep repeating it,that doent means he have to explain all to the end.The headline is the most important about the prophesy,how U have to explain to the people will be ur own choice.Plz come out with more intelligent topics if u have.There is nothing positive in this one too topic.

    • @Joe

      Let’s just consider a few things he stated:
      1. It will be on a Wednesday
      2. It will crash into the sea
      3. He saw it so clearly, it was like watching TV

      When neither 1 or 2 was correct for both events this prophecy was applied to, then 3. must be a lie. If it’s not a problem that these “facts” didn’t quite match, why do you think they edited them out?

      • @ian.There is nothing mistake or editing on TB Joshua videos.Ur problems is u have made ur mind that u are against him so everything he say,U may still have fault.The main mesage is PLANE CRASH AND where INDONESIA.It happened.The remainings are just adjective to describe the situation.Showing video of TB Joshua wearing same clothes 2011 and 2012 is big lies He dont do that.And check ur calender and see also MAY 9 2012 is wednesday NOT saturday as she said in the video another lies too.Plz take ur time to fabricate it well b4 u publish it

      • I think you’ve totally misunderstood the video. They never implied that he wore the same clothes in 2011 and 2012, but that the footage was from the same prophecy (the day he wore that black and white shirt). Yes, May 9 2012 was a Wednesday, his day prediction fitted that event, but they used the same prophecy to suggest he predicted a crash that happened in 2011 on a Saturday, so they edited out the bit where he said Wednesday.

        Watch the video again, it’s very clear.

  8. Well done, keep going, We keep on praying for you. Interesting that all SCOAN watchers are so nervous about your blog!
    Forget TB Joshua.
    He is just an outgoing African “prophet”. A dying old bull. Hence the proof of the younger men being “anointed”. Put your focus on Jesus Christ. TBJ is just a man that must still make heaven. He is not there yet. And at this rate of deceptions, I would advise him and his followers to rethink.
    Just want to reply on the older email about the communion service. I still did not hear TB Joshua ever preach on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Back to him believing in taking communion? What he says is not what he does. He is full of clever, deceitful tricks. He promises a lot and produces nothing. Well the elements used for “communion” are both some unbiblical chocolate drink and leaven bread, for a selected few or when once used in the church, with the right elements, it was only himself that used it. No church member received any? It is off; it misses the mark of the Bible. Like most of his teachings? it is for all who repented and turned back to God.

    • @ So called TB Joshua watch.May 9 2012 was not saturday as u publish it,plz check ur calendaer and edit it.SUKHOI SUPERJET is not small plane as U said and U can google to see the exact plane that crush and colour of the planes of the company Blue with red line on sides.Plz do more research b4 publishing anything.

      • Joe. Please try and understand the video and article (especially the table of his predictions) before commenting any further. Our video showed that he used one prophecy to claim he predicted two events. These two events weren’t identical, so naturally the prophecy didn’t fit each one. His video editing team cut them down so they did fit. So yes, May 9 2012 was a Wednesday, but the 2011 event was a Saturday, so they removed the bit where he said Wednesday. Yes, a Sukhoi Superjet is a large plane, but the 2011 prophecy involved a Xian MA60 (at best a medium plane) so they cut the bit where he described it as “large”. Watch the two original SCOAN videos linked in the article and it might make a bit more sense.

  9. Y spotting this man always , If you show us alternative prophet we can say lets watch but for now leave TB joshua alone , or do us a favor open your own ministry people will come . for his prophescy i have seen one and it worked perfectly well , i can give you the persons no and address to verify . so what is your proof

  10. @ALL,
    I know your works and your labor on this blog and how you cannot tolerate those who are evil, and you have tried those who say they are apostles and prophets like T B Joshua but are not, but have found them liars…….and for My name’s sake have not fainted….. but that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans ( SCOAN) which I also hate…..
    Whoever has an ear, let them hear what the Spirit is saying so they are not deceived by false prophets, pastors and apostles. Revelation 2: 1-7.

  11. You have your videos mixed up. There are distinct differences in what he said last year and this year.

    This is last years video and correct.

    This is this years video and correct

    In the one he says a passenger plane and in the other a big passenger plane. Get your facts straight

    • In the one he says a passenger plane and in the other a big passenger plane. Get your facts straight

      Er, yeah that was precisely our point. Watch the video at the top of the page.

      • hi,. there is a difference between; receiving a profhetic vision and receiving a profhetic revelation, it,s depending on the spiritual gifts of the profhet, in which way the messages of God will be given. A profhetic vision is a revealed in a stream of pictures, a profhetic reveleation in short and direct words, The vison is coming-in in the mind, The word- revelation is coming-in in the heart, Its extreem difficult to explain and transport the visions, in a way that will be understood and believed by the other, Still, it does not makes the presence and working of The Holy spirit discutable, Profhets are in training for a life-time, In the eyes of others, they make blunders, in their own eyes only progress towards the revealed plan of God. Gods way to express Himself is not our way, and all the calamities and obstructions by the profhet, are just a steadily envolding of The Truth of His plan, Watch the time we are in, Watch the coming envoldings in scoan,by profhet tb Joshua. Watch the immensity of his offerings, for those who are in faith and able to receive.

      • @ Dore,
        God calls prophets and speaks through them by His Spirit, and it’s as simple as that.Learn from how Samuel was called and equipped to prophesy flawlessly in the name of the Lord.Consider also Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc. Don’t make excuses for false prophets.

    • Hi Concerned. I watched these two videos and to be honest they look complete rubbish to me.
      In the first video there are clips from two prophecies – the first, where he is wearing red, talks about a plane crashing on take off, but as the plane crashed on landing presumablythis was a different plane crash. It then shows parts of a prophecy where is wearing a black and white shirt.
      The second video starts firstly with misquoting scripture (but I won’t go into that again, that’s already been covered in great detail on this site). It then has a prophecy where he says he had seen breaking news of something that carried people going missing (so not that clear a vision then) and then he goes on to say it’s ‘a balloon’ (it was a plane) – but then it uses clips from the same prophecy about a plane crash as the previous video, which related the same prophecy to quite a different plane crash.

      My problem with this is that there are certain countries with say bad rates of train crashes, plane crashes, natural disasters etc where you could prophecy that there would be a major incident and then when one happens you simply dig out the video of the prophecy you gave earlier and say ‘look, I prophesied this’! This is what SCOAN appears to be doing, particularly as it has applied clips from the same prophecy (where he’s wearing a black and white shirt) to two separate accidents. (If i prophesy major floods in a country beginning with PA and remind you next time Pakistan is under water, will you think I’m a prophet?)

      To be honest this looks less like prophecy and more like making use of tragic accidents and incidents for marketing purposes. I’m sure SCOAN would say that they advertise these prophecies to encourage people, but to be honest I think it’s just cynical exploitation of people’s loss for personal gain – all it’s missing is a phone number on which to make a donation.

  12. @TB Joshuawatch I have watch the video several times but still cant get what u trying to prove.let me put it this way,being one prophesy or 2,he said it and it came to pass.If we have to take everything one by one then we have to say the bible is not talking to our generation bcos we were not mention in the bible.Christian live by faith.Every prophesy in the bible was for particular people but we still believe in that too in our lives.We dont have to be like Thomas,to see everything b4 we believe.CHRISTIANITY IS VERY CONTROVERSIAL but we still believe

    • Joe
      It is pretty simple really:
      1. God according to TB Joshua in 2011 gave him a clear vision!
      2. TB Joshua decided to cut out some of the vision because TB believed God had gotten the facts wrong. TB J was helping God make sense you see! So TB J decided NOT to tell the WHOLE WORLD the vision in its entirerity. He/TBJ cut out the bits that God had mistakenly given to him/TBJ in the clear vision. Yes, it is okay to get a clear vision and choose which parts to tell the world after all it is ONLY GOD Who made it clear! Seriously Joe, a clear vision should be told exactly unless God has asked you to seal it right? But in this case God showed all the vision, TB J told it all in a sunday service but for the whole world TB J twicked it to fit the first plane that went down. Now, TBJ’s god is NOT a Fearful god otherwise TBJ would not play around with his/TBJ god’s vision.
      3. Then in 2012, TBJ decided to use the ‘fuller’ vision to say GOD meant another plane going down as well. See God meant all of them really just that TB J had to help God make sense in 2011, we wouldnt want God to seem confused right!
      4. Is this the God of the Bible?
      5. Refuse this all you want TB Joshua mocks the HOLY GOD @ the highest level.

      • @Mj people who have made their mind to critise U what ever u do they will still create something to use as evidence.TBJ church service is always live bcos he have nothing to hide from anyone.I still dont believe in this ur clip.We are in 21st century,we can use photo shop to edit videos and photo.All this ur critise dont change anything.The devil thought to kill Jesus to end up HIS ministry,but through his death we got our salvaton.The mission of this blog is destroy TBJ ministry,lol but dont U know U are promoting him more?Bring more editing videos and allegation,TBJ will still remain anointing man of God,bcos no one can destroy the anointing man of God,ONLY GOD

      • Joe, MJ explained the video clearly to you. I’ve watched the TB Joshua Watch video plus the two original SCOAN videos, and what TB Joshua Watch claim in their video seems exactly right. If you don’t like it, point out their innacuracies!

      • Joe
        You are not that illogical! You are acting thick in the head to confuse issues & others who visit the comment section.

        Joe Fear God! What have the TB Joshua Watch people done wrong. Analyse the video & say @ this point you have cut or added something to make TB look bad. Does it make sense to you to say GOD can destroy a Man of God(whatever that means)? God destroy His servant/so called man of God by you? Deep down you know God will destroy TB Joshua because TB is a false prophet!

      • @MJ and half @Joe … Let’s wait for the next plain crash in Indonesia because there will be one soon. yes, they are more common than other places in this area.
        Aeroflot (the Russian company who owned the plane which crashed) has a 1805% above average accident rate for the past 20 years (the highest from any airline worldwide). Close rivals are China, Iran and Pakistan. All which fly to and from Indonesia. A little bit of research and some common sense/mild guess work could easily come up with “oh, a plane will crash in Indonesia”. Thanks for letting us know before it happened TB, we could have prevented it. Oh… wait … of course, if it didn’t happen you would look stupid.

      • @ Carlos
        This is a very lucrative business for TB J. He says clearly on his website that he hated being poor & knew ‘selling god’ would enrich him.

        I pray that you do not believe that we Christians are like TB J. These con men bring disrepute to the name of God.They cause the name of God to be blasphemed among those of you who don’t believe.

        Thanks for forwarding the discovery within the videos to TBJ Watch.

      • @MJ Oh, absolutely not. I understand a lot about religion and I do not consider TB as anything among the Christian religion. As I said, I live in Jakarta, my girlfriend is Muslim and many of my friends are either Muslim, Christian or Catholic. It would be naive of me to think; Catholics all follow the rules of the pope, Christians all follow people like TB and Muslims are all Extremists. Just as much as I hope any religious people don’t think I’m some messenger from the devil.
        Oh, by the way, side note. Remember on 20th June I said there would be another plane crash soon … well, on Thursday 21st there was another plane crash killing 10-11 (depending on the source). and if you check with the prophecy, it could have matched 3: A plane will crash in Indonesia, A big plane, arriving in Indonesia.
        See, told you so. Does this mean I’m a prophet now? 😀

    • If this is all true, then i would expect that he would be able to let us know of every plane crash, train crash, natural disaster on the planet! I dont see it. Plus i believe many here should read more about Prophets and Prophesy!! The New Testament clearly states what prophesy is after the Christ. Read and understand the literal truth!!

  13. I just wondered and pondered on Rev?
    Rev 2 from verse 14 it says “You have people there (scoan), who are enticing the children of God into committing sexual immorality… and… you tolerate that woman/man there… who calls herself/himself a prophetess/prophet. By her/his teaching she/he misleads my servants into sexual immorality… now I say to the rest of you…to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned satan’s so-called deep secrets….”
    If the sexual immorality in the bible by prophets is the deep secrets of satan, according to the Word of God, then there must be deeper and deepest levels of sin and deception as well?
    All the deceptions you expose on this web-site are really deeper than deep.
    Amazing how (scoan) are masters in manipulating things for their own advantage.Truely amazing!
    But Rev 9:20-21 says; “And the rest of them who were not killed by these plagues or judgments of God, did not repent of the worship and works of their own hands, so as to cease paying homage to demons and …: 21 and they did not repent of their murders or practices of magic (sorceries) or sexual vice or their thefts.
    Rev 16:11 And they blasphemed the God of heaven, because of their anguish and their ulcers (sores) and they did not deplore their wicked deeds or repent for what they had done.
    God is pouring out His judgments on the earth today, on an unrepented world. That is why it is getting worse, it is not satan, it is God. God’s judgments/plagues. You do not have to listen to prophets who are not calling for repentance and are trying to solve the world’s problems by trying to expose satan?
    Deut 18:22 “If what a prophet proclaims in the Name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.”
    Rev 2: 12 “These are the Words of Him, who has the sharp, double-edged sword.”
    Jer 50:33-35 Yet their redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name. He will vigorously defend his people’s causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon. A Sword of God against the Babylonians! Declares the Lord… against those who live in Babylon and against her officials and wise men. A sword against her false prophets…
    Rev 2:16 REPENT therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against you with the sword of my mouth.

    • hi just wonder, There is no excuse for sexual immorality and deceiving manipulations in the house of God. And history proved, that it has always been mis-used,. There is no excuse for any mis-treating in a house led by the Holy Spirit, Jezus and God, righteousness starts in the own temple. There have been huge misstakes made at scoan and by the Profhet. And until now, God did not witdraw His presence from scoan and the Profhet. It seem to be a learning-situation for every-one who is involved. To understand more deeply where the skriptures are leading too. The women involved in the sexual matters, should understand one important thing, ; when some-one is able to controle you, your mind, your body and your desires, then it means; you are not in controle of your-self. its a hard statement, nevertheless a fact. We are manipulated all day, by propaganda, television, papers, teachers, parents, partners,work-situations, And yes, by churches and religions too. When women want to serve God, let them be aware of what this serving means, in spite of what a handsome profhet is doing and acting,. They will be on track very soon. If the profhet has invited women to sexual immorality, then this women know by now their own confused stand-point, Be in controle of your-self, even in the face of war and deceiving manipulators, life is no big father or mother to save you, And the church is no promised paradize. Just face the own journey with God, And forgiveness will have its way for healing.

      • Sorry Dore – I have a major problem with my understanding here – are you saying that women who have been sexually abused have only themselves to blame? Because if you are saying that I think you need to go and spend time with people who provide services to abused women, children and men – the sin lies 100% with the abuser.

      • I was wondering the same Clare. At the very least dore seems to be saying they are partially to blame. It’s quite remarkably though to hear a TB joshua follower admit he’s made many mistakes, and even not rule out the sexual abuse allegations.

  14. It’s amazing how people love to be lied to,here is evidence that the clips are dodgy yet,still they refuse to belive.
    Tell them lies then they belive.
    There are alot of sad people commenting here!

    • hi, what do you want me to say about the profhet and his misstakes?. That he is a narsictic self-centred ego with special needs? That he has a world-saving-vison in a brilliant mind and knows how to recruite thousands of people who dont understand super-natural powers, and desperatly seek for the guidiance of God, presented in the self-glorifiing presence of T.B.Joshua?….that 200.000 people a day are watching his drama-of-God and can not discern what is going on? The sexual charges are just a part of the troubles he is creating,. yes, in this case of Profhet Joshua i say, the women are partial in the play. I did not say; in every abusement the victum has blame, I say; in this case the women have a responsibility for their own. Why?…Because they can turn around with each step they take in the scoan-trap. They are free to leave the place at any moment. what I try to say is, dont let the hunger for love and acceptance of men, be confused with the love Christ wants to give. The women are in Christ, and able to say NO, at any given moment, The profhet did not cut-of their tongue…scoan is deceiving in so many matters, the way out is; self-responsibility and learning the life-lesson that is in it,…It will open the way to the Truth.

      • Sorry dore, I said you were a TB Joshua follower, but looking at your previous comments it’s clear you’re not (any more). I do disagree that these women were in any way to blame for any sexual abuse they received. I’ve read plenty on this site to give me a clear picture that SCOAN is an extremely controlling place and that TB Joshua is considered an infallible leader. Being subjected to this would play havoc with your mind and sense of right and wrong, even if you did know what was happening was wrong, how could you do anything about it when surrounded by hundreds of people who would do anything their master told them to do?

  15. It seems the writer is spending his/her time watching Emmanuel tv, fault finding mission. Huh! God will talk to him/her soon. Remember Saul to Paul in Damascus. “Thank You Jesus Christ for You love of our lives. You choose to die instead of us true sinners. Your mercy and favour is still speaking to us”. Emmanuel!

    • Indeed the writers cannot stand those who taint the name of their Master Jesus! Jesus will surely reward them!

      May we all/those of us who belong to Jesus be faithful to test those who are like whitewashed tombs & warn others about them. This TB Joshua is a man without a conscience, happy to fool both tares & wheat.

    • ian, I understand why you believe that a controling situation is able to take away the self-perception and independant response. And thats what all the scoan-followers have to see through in them-selves. Hitler was a man of the word too, in world-war II The world is full of controling systems. And this does not mean, there should not be room for the own vison and experienced truth in a situation. I guess we have to find out, why T.B Joshuas vision seems to be so attractive to so much people. , that they even are willing to forfill his special needs. Its important to blame the right person for mis-leading, its as much as important to understand why you where vulnerable to mis-leading. blaming each-other is a never-ending play. Its more healthy to grow in the given lessons. It is possible to function in deceiving situation with full consious and awareness. The truth will set free.

    • tangisai, this writer is doing a great job to save many people like you from deception. i’ve seen you’re from my country where many people are blindly following tb joshua. pray that God gives you the spirit of discernment for you to be able to distinguish God’s Spirit from evil spirits

  16. To Dore:
    I wonder just how many times one must walk around the same bush to show that it is sick.
    Sick to the core and what you should do.
    But if the god of this world is blinding your eyes, it is understandable.
    Please go and study your Bible and do what it says and stop talking balderdash, as if it is the Word of God. You will not make heaven by defending corruption. Stop promoting TBJ’s different gospel and spirit and jesus!!!!! Just wonder what spirit keeps those disciples so scared of TBJ and coming out with the truth of what is really going on at the back?
    The Bible says, very clearly in many places to separate yourself from people like that. Not stay there and stuck it out and try to be holy?
    Eph 5: 3-14 Let there be no sexual sin, impurity or greed etc. among you (and did the apostles know of Nigeria, they would have added their clever, deceitful tricks). Let no one be able to accuse you of any such things. You can be sure of this: the Kingdom of Christ and of God will never belong to anyone who is impure or greedy etc, for a greedy person is really an idol worshipper. Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins, for the terrible wrath of God is upon those who do them.
    Do not even associate with such people.
    Rev 18:4 etc. separate yourselves from Babylon….. come out my people!!!!!!
    Eph 5: 10-13 Learn as you go along what pleases the Lord. Take no part in the worthless pleasures of evil and darkness, but instead rebuke and expose them. It would be shameful even to mention here those pleasures of darkness which the ungodly do. But when you expose them, the light shines in upon their sin and shows it up and when they see how wrong they really are, some of them may even become children of the light. Ya, the ones whose names have been written in the Lambs book of life, since before the foundation of the world.
    Gal 4: 17 Those false teachers who are so anxious to win your favor are not doing it for your own good! Wake up! Eph 5:14 That is why God says in the Scriptures, “Awake, O sleeper and rise up from the dead and Christ shall give you light because Col 2: 15 still works “and when Jesus Christ disarmed the powers and authorities, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” Jesus will bring his people, trapped there and hijacked in mind, out into the light of the truth, because He died for them on the cross.
    Wake up and separate yourselves from them.

    • hi just wonderfull,..I am on my way awakening about scoan, so could you be supporting, in steat of blaming?..When its not the profhet, it is one of the followers that is attacted by Joshua-watch,..I am not blind towards what is happening,..But I dont no if proving the false profhesies is the way to un-mask the profhet,…You want to proove he is cheating by some video-re-constructions,and thats just a part of the trouble in scoan,..There is so much doing and going wrong, and there has to be larger picture to see it through…..The false vison and spirit behind it, has to be brought in-to the light….There is a very clever system behind it,….when Tb Joshua should be deliverd from one of his wrong spirits tomorrow, he will say;” it was the spirt in me doing all this bad things”, and so he has not to take any responsibility for his wrong-doings again,…So , he is always on the winning pole,…The more critizm, the better he is going,; he calls it; “his tonicum”,..So, what do you want to do against it?….You should know about this kind of leaders, that they florisch and grow on the opposite, as parasites do,….Profhet Joshua is a smiling tiran,.He is caught -up in his cultural background and primitive solutions,…I can quote what the bible has to say about the activities of scoan, but it does not changes tb joshua…until now….

  17. I pray for you TBJ followers .if you cannot see this plain evidence that the clips are dodgy and still continue to defend it you really need your eyes open or are u just defending for the sake of it.Just rfusing to see plain things,And as for Joe i do not know if you take time to reflect on what you say because i am left with no doubt that you do not read your bible.You are a blind follower of your master.You go off topic and you do not talk sense and this is very danderous as tbj likes to prawl on pple like you.

    • This prophesy and videos have been shown live on tv many times.Is easy anyone can edit what he want and replace what he want.How do U want me to believe that u didnt do this for ur selfish interest.The original version is quiet different from what u hve edited and place on ur blog.I will like to advise anyone who want to see the truth to watch the full version.THIS IS FAKE VIDEO

      • I will like to advise anyone who want to see the truth to watch the full version.

        We too would strongly encourage everyone to watch the original SCOAN versions, that is the best way for them to see that we have not altered the segments we’ve presented in any way. Why would we link to the original videos in our post and video description if we had misrepresented them?

  18. tb joshua watch has a fake video here edited for their selfish think we are benighted.The original live video is different from what you have edited and placed here .Emmanuel 4 life .God of prophet tb joshua,prophet elijah,Benny hinn is alive

    • You, Soe and Joe keep saying that TB Joshua Watch have created a fake video, but none of you have pointed out a single discrepancy. The fact that you feel the need to discredit TB Joshua Watch’s video makes it clear you believe that the video (if true) would be a damaging blow on TB Joshua’s credibility, in which case I suggest you clearly point out to everyone exactly how TB Joshua Watch have deceived us with this video. Personally, having watched the 2 original SCOAN videos I’m convinced that TB Joshua Watch have represented them correctly, the 2 sections with the black and white shirt were played in their entirety. If you can show me clear evidence that they’ve misrepresented the video, I will be happy to hear it.

      • @ain if U can try to get the video on the dvd is quiet different from what is loaded on net.Try to to watch that and see the different.This one on net was loaded by tbjoshuawatch for selfish interest.Cant U see all the stories they have been publishing here so far?THEY ALL FABRICATED LIE WITHOUT PROOF AND EDITED FAKE VIDEOS.

      • I really don’t think you’re right Joe. Look, here’s the 2011 video they linked to: that’s on the ProphetTBJoshua youtube channel, from the looks of it it is totally legitimate. Here’s the 2012 one which is on the SCOANTV youtube channel. I see absolutely nothing to suggest these are videos TB Joshua Watch have uploaded, everything on these channels are official SCOAN videos. I don’t know what the DVD is you’re talking about, but if that’s different from the other two videos that would only make me more convinced he’s deceiving people!

        That’s all I’m saying on the matter, look into it yourself, establish whether the videos I’ve linked to are legit or not, then compare them to what TB Joshua Watch claim. Make up your own mind. All I’m bothered about is the truth, I wouldn’t want people deceived either by TB Joshua or his critics.

      • @Joe,
        If you really want to know where they fabricate and concoct lies out of their evil imaginations, you know where to find it, on T B Joshua’s blog, where they only write what is dictated to them by the false prophet. They have no independent mind of their own to make informed decisions, but are condemned to write all the crap that their master commands them to write. How pitiful !

    • @ Oliver
      The god of Prophet TB Joshua permits him to trick people that he/the god gives prophecies through TB. He is a deceiver like TB, the video makes it clear! He/the god of TB comes to steal, kill & destroy. This god will spend eternity in the place reserved for him. He is the same god of Benny Hinn.

      Elijah belongs to the God of those behind TB Joshua Watch!

      I agree with Ian, TB J Watch are making it clear they have not manipulated the videos. The logical thing for you scoaners is to expose the manipulations of TB J Watch that you are alleging. It’s silly not to, it’s like saying I know you want to destroy TB & when asked how you know you say I know. No logic no reasoning basi.

    • We need to expose them and we’re starting with Temitope Balogun Joshua, the most notorious of them all, who has graduated to scamming even the very elect. Did not the Lord Jesus warn us ? Matt 24:24

  19. I usually never comment on this site and followed comments made. Just dont know what made me to check the two videos “concerned” posted. It was amazing to see and to confirm that truely one prophesy scene was edited for two occassions. The last year 2011 prophesy was the same used for 2012.
    It was alittle bit of hard work to discover it but after playing the two vids side by side each other catching in boths vids just the scene TBJ was remarking how he saw clearly the picture, i realised the same jesture was used for both with no alteration. It tells its same video just with alittle editing for 2012.
    Dont get me wrong people, i´m not trying to judge anyone here but just posting my observation to what i noticed.
    Thank you “concerned” for sharing the vids and thank you all guys who are authors of this page. You all are helping and serving as eye- openersto some of us who dont know who to believe anymorein this life because of the coldheartedness and atrocities committed by the human race today.
    God bless you all !!

  20. PS. Is it just me or is it really that TBJ doesnt pronounce the name of Jesus Christ? I heard him in the video “Mighty Deliverance”, prononcing Jesus properly but Christ something else during deliverance?
    The first prophesy about the witchdoctor deliverance, he said “all” the man´s children have been killed but later on the journalist said the boy standing by the man is his son?
    This is just getting me annoyed now bcoz i keep discovering instances that does not hold together. It´s a shame!
    “Ask and it shall be given..” Seek wisdom if you ack it. There´s a way that seemeth right but the end leads to destruction.
    Be wise poeple!

    • I went to visit SCOAN many years ago because members of my family were involved. At the time I was a bit carried away by their enthusiasm I wanted to believe that this was really the work of God that they were raving about. I nearly convinced myself (later events have convinced me completely that SCOAN is not a work of God and the TBJoshua does not demonstrate the love and grace that Jesus demonstrated)
      I remember at the time that he did not pronounce the name of Jesus Christ well. It was all said very quickly and merged together. I attributed this to the Nigerian accent and there is no reason to criticise an accent. However as I have heard more about SCOAN I now wonder. They can say “it is all done in the name of Jesus” but do not take the effort to say the name of Jesus clearly. – maybe it is just the accent or maybe it is an indication that TBJoshua does not really respect the Mighty name of JESUS.

      • The truth, according to the Bible,is that there is ” Another Jesus, Another Spirit and Another Gospel,” and this is what T B Joshua has. 2 Corinthians 11:4. T B Joshua does not have the Spirit of Christ, nor does he belong to Christ. Romans 8:9. He is of his father Satan, who is the father of lies and the deceiver, who deceives the whole world. John 8:44; Revelation 12:9.

    • The people are deceived and they love it so ! The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests bear rule by their means, and MY PEOPLE love to have it so ! Jeremiah 5:31

  21. VISION CHANGES THE WORLD. VISION is today’s picture of tomorrow’s REALITY. Vision is FORESIGHT. Vision is INSIGHT. Vision is A DREAM WITH A PLAN. VISIONARIES change the world through the power of IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, AND INDUSTRY. They see highways where others see roadblocks. In these endtimes the Lord is raising Prophet TB.JHOUSA in this Time you belive or not . Rise and step into that anointing. Boldly declare, “He is VISIONARY!” Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? You are the GATEKEEPER of your destiny. You choose what stays in your life. Shut the door to ‘ordinary’ and open your life to, EXTRAORDINARY! Choose inspiration and not expiration. Open the door to JEHOVAH. Allow Him to BRIGTHEN YOUR LIFE. YOU’RE SENSATIONAL!

      • This is criminal nonsense, but My people love to have it so: and what would you do in the end thereof ? Jeremiah 5:31. And this is no “pastor,” but one of Temitope’s hirelings brought in to try to mend his battered credibility which was not even there in the first place !

    • @ Pastor Bene
      VISION CHANGES THE WORLD. Where is God when vision is doing this by itself?

      Vision is A DREAM WITH A PLAN. VISIONARIES change the world through the power of IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, AND INDUSTRY. Where is God? Have you unseated GOD?

      Boldly declare, “He is VISIONARY!” & what happens when we declare? Are we GOD?

      Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? DONT WE FLY LIKE EAGLES WHEN WE WAIT UPON THE LORD? Are we GOD?


      Pastor Bene you believe you are GOD! I pray that you are NOT a Pastor. NO WONDER YOU ARE TB JOSHUA’S ALLY! HE IS TRICKING PEOPLE & ITS CLEAR HIS BUDDIES LIKE YOU ARE NO BETTER!!!

      • pastor bene, yes, this is a sad example of the spiritual management-formula, the profhet Joshua is offering,. This is the mis-forming of the way the words of the truth are mis-used for ages. No humbleness, no respects, no surrender, no God-fearing, Only a lot of noise and grandiosity-promises. You should understand pastor bene,that profhets where sended to warn the people, to repent and to change their wicket way of life…There is no passage in the bible that promises; extraordinairy and sensational live-styles…Its a bizar idea of what spirituality practize should accomplisch, Jezus is Lord, and He only said; follow me And the best way to do this is to bow your blurring head. there is only shouting noise coming out of it, Its a ashame to the greatness of what The Messiah is…Profhet Joshua is not able to walk in His shadow.

  22. @PASTOR BEN -Vision is A DREAM WITH A PLAN. VISIONARIES change the world through the power of IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, AND INDUSTRY-I think this says it all.TBJ has got a vision and plan-His own vision and plan empowered by the devil.The problem is he is calling the name of God and Jesus in his vision and plan to deceive the world and this is what this blog is all about to warn pple about tbj ‘s vision and plan to deceive multitude.You Ben and tbj are deceiving pple into ur visions amd plans that are not of God

  23. I said and i repeat again and again.This ur video is edited and is FAKE.Anyone can watch the original video from the CD not on internet.The owner of this blog is out of topic,so the only way is to fabricate some lies, nothing more.IS BOGUS AND EDITED FAKE VIDEO.I believe TB Joshua is ANOINTED MAN OF GOD.Those who believes he is anointed by God ,none of this lies and allegations without proof will change them.

  24. Thank you Dore,
    You are speaking the right things now. You see well.

    To come back to:
    In these end times the Lord is raising Prophet TB.JHOUSA in this Time you believe or not. Rise and step into that anointing.

    What do you not understand about this tampered with prophecy on the video? Is that what you call visionary? From who and where? The original DVD I suppose has been edited to suit the situation again?

    We pray that not one disciple or anyone else will receive TB Joshua’s “anointing” or, is it his transference of magic powers, from now on any more. But that anyone who wants the anointing, will be baptised by Jesus Christ himself in His Holy Spirit and submit to Jesus, receiving His power to be a witness to Him and for the extension of his Kingdom on earth. As the bible says: “Jesus is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit.” Not for the extension of TB Joshua’s kingdom on earth and his big name and cult.

    Make sure you are talking of a true prophet of God here.


    Rev 13: 13-14 says; “And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth.” Please go back to the drawing board of your own life and make sure of where you stand with Jesus Christ. Are you defending Him or TBJ?

    • just wonder, I understand why you have this question,. I dont have to defend Jezus Christ, I am in relationship with Him, and yes, i have a tendensy to defend Tb Joshua at one hand, and at the other hand i am observing critical what is going on, Its like evevy-body on this site is doing,; to be able to see the truth of Profhet tb Joshua, or his falseness, Until now, I stay with my first experience with him, and say; yes; he is a real man of God, And at the same time i say; and this man of God has difficulties to face that are beyound human comprehension. He has made misstakes, And he has prooved also, that his source is a healing source of the Holy spirit, Still; there are serious reasons to question the way this source is used and mis-used, and in how-fare other spirits are involved, I defend the profhet, for of a good reason; God showed me the true state of the profhet, and this state is a saintly state. This knowing drives me to understand that the problems of the profhet are on the human level, not on the Spirit-level, The profhet is a called promised profhet, this nowing makes me at one hand mercyfull, because I learned to forgive, and at the other hand, I stay with the questions and doubts I have on humanly level. and I am not afraid to confront the profhet with the serious cloudy events that has been happening in his ministery. The profhet is a servant of the Lord Jezus, its not other-wise. And i take the time we are in very serious, and I am on guard. I dont accept foolishness of profhets. they are the spokes-men of God, and there is no room for nonsence in this task, still, the profhet has proven a lot of real healings and miracles too, This makes his presentation something to follow with discrimination, Jezus is my Guide in this.

      • Dore
        1. How did God show you the true state of the Prophet?
        2. Are you saying God called TB Joshua promised prophet? Do you understand how offensive that statement is? The Promised Prophet, really?
        3. How is it possible for a Prophet of God to have problems in the flesh but NOT affect his spiritual life?
        4. How is Jesus guiding you in this?

  25. Dore
    “He has made misstakes, And he has prooved also, that his source is a healing source of the Holy spirit, Still; there are serious reasons to question the way this source is used and mis-used, and in how-fare other spirits are involved”


    Seriously, what is wrong with you?

    • mj. 1. God showed it me in prayer. 2.promised profhet means,; he is announced in the skriptures, it does NOT means he is the Messiah, must be clear by now, that the problems in the flesch, DO affect his spiritual life. 4. Jezus guides in contemplative prayer, ………./The profhet carries the dobble anoiting,and this power can be mis-used for selffisch goals when the ego is involved. As with the words of the profhet self; “a person that does not loves, can not entrusted with this power, he will hurt himself and others with it”.. / objectivity is no blasphemy.

      • God can take away the anoiting in the Spirit, as He did with Samson and with Saul. Samson was careless and Saul dominated others. God has the final authority in the gift of the anoiting. If He does not withdraw the power, it means He is still supporting. Yes, it is possible that another spirit is involved, watch the deliverances of pastors in scoan.

      • Dore
        From this post ONLY, TB J ‘doctored’ prophecies.As per Deut.18:22 we should NOT be afraid of TB J. So in your prayers the same GOD who said this showed you that HIS WORD/SCRIPTURE is not binding in the TB J case? God is NOT man that He should lie so without a doubt you & TB J are the ones in error!

        If promised prophet means someone is announced in Scripture then you are in trouble. Nowhere is TB J announced in the scriptures!!! THE ENTIRE BIBLE DOES NOT MENTION HIM!!!

        The profhet carries the dobble anoiting,and this power can be mis-used for selffisch goals when the ego is involved. Friend, you will do well to remember that when you are talking about annointing & power, you are talking still about the Holy Spirit. He is the annointing & He is the power, so you cannot USE or MISUSE HIM! He/The Holy Spirit/God uses you, the servant. He/the Holy Spirit is NOT the servant!!!

        “a person that does not loves, can not entrusted with this power, he will hurt himself and others with it”.. Friend this statement is erronous, A PERSON IS ABLE TO LOVE BECAUSE OF THE POWER/HOLY SPIRIT! The Holy Spirit enables a selfish man to love GOD & others.

      • Dore
        Saul and Samson ended differently. Saul apostised, Samson was still a believer & he is mentioned in Hebrews 11.

        “Yes, it is possible that another spirit is involved, watch the deliverances of pastors in scoan.”
        1. There is ONLY one spirit involved in SCOAN, the evil spirit. Why? This post & many others has/have shown us that TB J is NOT being used by GOD. The scripture is without error!!
        2. If TB J is delivering Pastors then you, the pastors & TBJ are in error. The ONLY situation that would require the deliverance of a Pastor in the true sense of the Word is if the Pastor was NOT saved to begin with. Then the Pastor would need the Gospel to be saved. A saved Pastor repents of whatever sins he is involved in. What we have here are false pastors/like TB J.

        “God has the final authority in the gift of the anoiting.” For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.Romans 11:29

        Dore, you will do well to meditate on the Word of God where TB J is concerned. By all means pray but if your prayers are contradicting GOD IN HIS WORD then GOD is not the one answering those prayers.

  26. @All,
    For a very long time, I wondered why the Lord Jesus rejected so called “prophets” and ” men of God,” who did marvelous things in His name, healing, deliverance, miracles, and charities, and said, ” I don’t know you, get away from My sight, you workers of evil ! ” Matt 7:21-23. I did not really understand this until I came across TBJ and other wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have done and are doing atrocious and adulterous things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, destroying souls and misleading the flock of the Lord, with lies, deceit, manipulations and doctrines of demons. My people, the Lord and His apostles have already given us several warnings about false prophets like TBJ and it is up to you to decide, whether to believe in Jesus the Savior, or in a mortal and deceitful wretch like T B Joshua !

  27. @tindo mf . Hey tindo i guess from the name you are from my country Zim.I see some similarities between TBJ and Eubert Angels and Makandiwa.There is not much that has been said about them but i know Eubert and tbj are friends.It actually was confirmed by his spokesperson concerning the issue of tbj coming to start a church in Zim and some ppe not supporting the idea. Its just something i have been pondering and i pray for prayers to continue so that this devil is not accepted in our country.

    • @ Pam. yes i am. thats real, these “prophets” in Zim are followers of tb joshua. i heard from a reliable source that the one followed by most people in Zim used to pay tithe to tb joshua’s SCOAN just before forming his “ministry”. the reason being to have tb joshua’s annointing imparted in him.

  28. Mr. T. In response to reading your 4:40 pm comment – Prior to being exposed to TBJ, I had not thought much about the verses in the Bible concerning false teaching, false teachers, etc etc Since my husband became ensnared by TBJ, I am constantly amazed in my Bible reading how many times the Bible warns against false teaching etc It is of utmost importance! 1 Timothy 2 : 5

  29. @Very,
    How is your husband doing ? Please continue to pray for him and encourage him to check out this site.

  30. Because TBJ calls himself a “prophet”, can he change and manipulate the Bible and the Visions just like he will? I am just scarred for the disciples who got caught in their editing, will they now land in his disciplinary abuse?! Lets pray for them please.

  31. In which way does the deception fall here?
    Lets summarize: TBJ is being proofed of having done sexual immorality, cruel and abusive behavior, running a house of horrors, changing the Word of God, tampering with “prophecies”, so you cannot go on his words, he promises much and produces nothing, clever deceitful tricks, manipulation, control, intimidation for his own gain, ruling his disciples with a spirit of fear etc. etc.
    So now, yes
    “Neither the sexually immoral nor adulterers nor idolaters nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor greedy nor swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God” 1 Cor 6:9-10
    and yes –
    “if a prophet is enticed to utter a prophecy, I the Lord have enticed that prophet and I will stretch out my hand against him and destroy him from among my people. They will bear their guilt-the prophet as well as the one who consults him.” Ezek 14:9
    “God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Gal 6:7
    “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Cor 15:33
    “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful strong delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth, but have delighted in wickedness.” 2 Thess 2:9-11
    “But evil men and seducers (meaning a wizard muttering spells) will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” 2 Tim 3:13
    “Pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men.” 2 Thess 3:1-2
    “At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. But when the kindness and love of God our Saviour appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us generously through Christ Jesus our Saviour. So that, having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.” Tit 3:2-6

    • Thank you, once again, Dingo. Those trapped at SCOAN and those contemplating going to SCOAN need to read this blog: It details exactly what we’ve been discussing about T B Joshua and SCOAN. @ Doe, You’re more concerned about the battered image of your idol than for the word of God, but we here are more concerned about the truth. Are you contending for the faith or for a false prophet ?

  32. It is really difficult to know the true and false prophesies theses days. It is also difficult to know the true and the false religions. My big question is – How do we know a true Man Of God

  33. How to recognize a true prophet of God.
    The fact that they would prophecy and it came to pass, is alone not a definition of a true prophet of God. Deut 13:1-2. Some soothsayers are even beter in divination than these prophets.
    More discernment is needed:
    So – 1 John 4:1 says; ”Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”
    So how can we test the spirits? Remember it is a command of God to test the spirits.
    Many false prophets will take cover under the verse stating: “Do not touch God’s anointed,” to cover themselves, forgetting that the people they are touching are also “God’s anointed.”
    But lets procede,
    Math 7:23 “The Lord will say to the false prophets; “Go away from me you workers of INIQUITY.” Iniquity in the original language means lawlessness. In other words they will be doing all these wonderful things, but their fruit will be rotten. They will not abide by the 10 Commandments of God (the Law of God). They will not love their neighbor because of abuse etc. And it does not help saying you love your neighbor and then there is no deeds to proof it. No fruit. They will deceive and lie. They will be involved in sexual misconduct. They will bring false witness towards their neighbor. The will be greedy and covetous etc. etc.
    So you must discern them by the fruit of their lives. Math 7:16
    But now these days we cannot get close to some prophets to see how the fruit of their lives are.
    But the Bible gives us more point to discern on:
    This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God
    “Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.” 1 John 4:2.
    1. They must be able to say that; “Jesus is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead”, because there are religions these days that believe Jesus was a prophet and that’s it. So they believe he has come in the flesh, but is not the Son of God, who died and rose again.
    2. Prophecies are given to strengthen, encourage and comfort people. 1 Cor 14:3
    3. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. Prophecy must have a purpose.1 Cor 12:7
    4. The Holy Spirit will warn you of what is coming. Acts 20:23
    5. It must point to Jesus. Acts 12:9 and
    6. It must bring you to repentance Acts 26: 13-18, 19.
    All of these points must be the fruit in a true prophets life.
    Dingo’s web-address has also got very good point to discern on.

  34. @ T.b Joshua watch.
    I knew you guys had evil intentions against T.b Joshua. But i never knew the hatred was this intensed. Why not tell us what you have against this particular man? To my understanding of this blog, you guys have no purpose. If you truely have a concrete aim why you are doing all these lets know. Lets forget the saying that you have seen people whose lives have been affected by scoan. Cos we all know Scoan is not the only ministry you’ve seen affect peoples lives. What are your purpose and Why concentrating on T.b Joshua alone?

    2. I’m sure you believe you mean good for your commenters and readers. Now tell me how all these will help them grow spiritually? Tell me how this will draw them closer to God? You are actually of the intension of defaming The prophet (which i don’t think you can) and advicing your readers to become pagans.(worse of it all). What then should we call you? Because to my knowledge you are advicing them NOT to believe in any prophet of God whatsoever. So they should live their lives and those who have little or no faith who want to come to Jesus shouldn’t. This is what you portray. Explain to me if am wrong.

    • Hi Doi. We’re exposing the fact that a rich and popular prophet is exploiting tragic disasters by cutting and splicing his prophecies to pretend that he predicted them, and according to you we’re the ones with evil intentions?

    • Hi Doi – I struggle to understand how you can ask the question “What are your purpose and Why concentrating on T.b Joshua alone? ” This has been stated many times.
      You say “Lets forget the saying that you have seen people whose lives have been affected by scoan.” Well Doi you may be able to forget your family but I find that I cannot do that.

  35. You are tactically jodging my questions. What are your aim of doing this? Are you God to expose a prophet? And How has your intentions been a good one? By telling us to forget any prophet of God exists? My worries has always been for the fact that you deliberately refuse showing the way out of this but are only bent on condeming T.b Joshua. How can all these help us as christian?

    • We’re not dodging the question any more than you are dodging the clear evidence we presented of prophecies being edited and manipulated, basically proving you can’t trust the video “evidence” SCOAN releases showing TB Joshua to be a healer and a prophet. We don’t need to be God to expose a false prophet, he entrusted that job to his people, and in the case of the video we’ve presented, the evidence is quite clear.

  36. i m sure the person who posted or created this blog has ever done anything this big for God, if he or she was actually doing it for God because i think it hypocrisy, because if he or she wanted to do something for God he or she would create a blog or forum preaching the word of God rather than pointing fingers at others i know TB Joshua is not perfect which means he can make mistakes or even lie but as a true christian we love unconditionally because we donot look for the bad in people before loving or having faith in them thank you all for sharing

  37. @madelaine. I sence you are also one of the admins on this blog. If so you just have to help them out in answering my questions.

    1.If you guys can get to this extent about T.b Joshua. now tell us then, who else can be free? Cos if we use your standard i don’t think any man of God will come out of this in this world. So why seeing the weakness of someone else when you don’t have the solutions?

    2. Do you believe we need at least a prophet in our lives?

    • I have repeatedly given my reasons for commenting here and I am not one of the “admins”

    • @ Doi,
      Let me tell you something, we don’t need any prophet or any so called ” man of God,” in our lives, but we need only Jesus and we need to look up to Jesus Christ alone. Jesus is our intercessor and the only Mediator between God and mankind, and it is time we seek our Lord and only Savior instead of putting our faith and trust in deceitful people, who are fleecing the flock of the Lord instead of feeding them.
      Secondly, we don’t use any other standard on this blog except the word of God, and yes, many so called men of God, pastors, prophets, bishops, archbishops, apostles do not measure up to God’s standards, so why do we run after them instead of seeking the Lord who bought us with His own blood ?

  38. If T B Joshua is really a deceiver, it should be made public of course. But what I don’t understand is that you guys try to imply that everything he does is fake.
    Let’s get some things straight from Christian to Christian:
    * Jesus died for our sins and sicknesses (Isaiah 53)
    * Through faith, complete physical healing is possible (Matt 9:23)
    * Jesus said that not everybody who does that stuff will be saved, because they can do it with a wrong heart (Matt 7:23)
    * Therefore, you do not have to be genuine to perform miracles in His name
    I know of people that are certainly healed by going there and that is no surprise. The law of faith is like the law of gravity. It works.

    But teachers wait a heavier judgement (James 3:1). Their hearts can be wrong, wanting the fame more than Christ glorified and therefore possibly invent miracles to let ppl believe they play at an even higher, global, level instead of only the healing of people.

    What I am trying to say is that not being genuine is not a ground for not really being able to heal people. I feel very very sorry for people that tried hard to believe that they were healed but weren’t. They are with our Lord now. I know of those cases as well.

    If the “big” prophecies are fake (the ones about global events), then that would indeed fit in a personality that wants more and more fame and respect, like an addiction. But the holy spirit is for everyone who believes, meaning other healings are not less true because of it.

    Nevertheless, a prophet should indeed be tested by its fruits. Although great men of God can make great mistakes as well and should be forgiven once they stop doing it, a fake prophecy would be, so to say, a rotten fruit.

    Anyway, I just hope you guys stay genuine, don’t become skeptical about healing or miracles. They do happen, and a lot. The person performing them however should be tested just like we should look at ourselves as well.

    Stay in His Love.

    • Just to add: So even if this is really a wrongdoing of him, I am still happy he preaches Jesus, and points to Jesus for all the miracles. It’s OK to choose your own way of bringing dark stuff to light but keep love in your heart. For example, why don’t you (please download the video from Youtube first and save screenshots and stuff) email this evidence to T B Joshua himself (, who knows it works ;)) and let him reveal himself / give him the chance to defend? So the viewers of this blog can decide based on both stories.

      • @AJ U dont have to worry urself about this people.THEY ARE LIARS.This video have been showing so many times on emmanuel tv.Is 2 seperate prophesy.U can see the original video on the DVD/CD.They did this themself for their personal interest.They have been here making all allegatins but fail to point out even 1 man of God that is from God,that people can follow his teaching.Those who know TB Joshua as a man of God,no amount of allegations can change them.AGENTS OF THE DEVILS

      • Come on Joe, this is getting tiresome. The part with the black and white shirt was exactly the same prophecy, used for two events and edited down to fit. Even other TB Joshua supporters have conceded this. Nobody can reasonably deny this after watching the two official videos. Unless you provide any evidence to back up your claim, no more comments calling us liars will be approved.

  39. Thanks A J and Xurant.I’m happy you see this picture clear.
    The truth is if they keep on with all these they are portraying we cannot believe in any prophet. But who will the sick and afflicted run to? Who will the Ophans/widows/robbers/thieves/physically challanged/aged run to? Yes we know God can use anyone but please lets appreciate the people God is using at present instead of looking for weakness to condemn them.

    • Doi
      Why would you rather be mislead? Is it not enough that the false prophet fool you now you let ANYONE fool you! Look at this, “The law of faith is like the law of gravity. It works.” Is this something to thank someone for? Since when has Faith been GOD? We have Faith in GOD not in faith! And this, “therefore possibly invent miracles to let ppl believe they play at an even higher, global, level instead of only the healing of people.” This guy is saying false prophets can play GOD & its ok we have to understand that they have forgotten to heal people at such points. What is this? Come on, the verse quoted from James is talking about teachers. Teachers teach the Word of God, why mix it up with physical healing? Plus this as well, “What I am trying to say is that not being genuine is not a ground for not really being able to heal people. ” SO?How does that help you Doi? Look Doi, AJ is confused & you are happy to be confused with him as long as he puts in a good word for TB J. This is not for the Glory of God! It is unbiblical.

      Here is love, “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house, and do not give him a greeting” 2 John 1:10. Being a noble berean is loving, warning others is loving & you plus your colleagues would do well to remember this.

      TB J Watch is public enough for those who have been fooled plus those who would be fooled. This includes the con artist himself, he can access it. TB J doesnt care what TB J Watch or anyone have/has to say because the bloggers have NOT tried to hide anything from TB J. If I am reading these posts so can TB J.Are there people who have tried to warn TB J? Obviously yes! Did he listen? Obviously no! You should see what he says in his interviews. He does NOT believe in giving a defense.Also, go back to other posts here, you may learn where TB J is!

      • @MJ, please don’t say I am confused just because I dont talk in black or white.
        I don’t understand why you are nitpicking my comment.
        Of course I mean faith in God. But when I say hold an apple and then release it and it will fall you believe me, but if I say that faith is the ground for miracles because Jesus said that “everything is possible for him who believes” and “ask, believe that you already have it, and it will happen”, then you suddenly start to become skeptical? Please, don’t try to nitpick my comment, we both know there is power in faith. Why make this comment section a battlefield?

        You do it also with “This guy is saying false prophets can play GOD & its ok”. Why do you imply that I say it’s ok? I called it a rotten fruit! Please don’t think this comment section is a nest for either haters or lovers.

        Please don’t go beyond my main point. Jesus clearly said that people who do miracles in His name can still be evil and to turn it around: that people who are evil can still do miracles. That’s all I am saying, trying to add a little to this subject and added some bible quotes for explanatory purposes, not to point out who in this conversation is wrong.

        But apparently you want to keep the conversation hard against hard, so I will withdraw from this whole fight. But please don’t keep on fighting each other with bible quotes. It’s not very nice to see that if you dont scream i hate tb j or i love tbj, that everybody just reads in your comment what they want to read.

        We are all Christians (I hope) and we aught to love each other. So please, love each other!

        And MJ, I do understand you expect my comment to be either completely black or white, but thats probably because you have been at this “forum” too long 😉

        The people that believe strongly in TBJ and defend him with all they have is because if TBJ would turn out to be a deceiver, than their world would fall apart. Everything they believed in could suddenly be questioned. That is not an easy thing. I say to them: TB Joshua doing wrong things / deceiving others AND him healing people and prophesying to people CAN GO TOGETHER. Your world does not have to fall apart, Jesus himself pointed it out in Matt 7:23.

        I love all you guys, and as long as everybody here keeps on trusting Jesus for their eternal life, healing, etc, we’re all heading the right way. Please try to keep peace, text is a very limited way of communicating and your/my words are easily misunderstood.

      • Hi AJ. I somewhat agree, I certainly think it would be easy to get carried away in these comments and become cynical about any work of God, but you’ve got to realise nobody who comments on this site who’s critical of TBJ has quickly come to these opinions. You suggest that despite his failings perhaps God has used him to heal anyway, perhaps he has – but I know 3 people personally who went to him for healing in a desperate situation, he “healed” them, but soon after they were dead. His followers would mercilessly blame this on their lack of faith (in the case of the 2 I knew best, nothing could have been further from the truth). Since I came across this site I’ve read about several more people who have died in very similar situations. Maybe some people have been healed, but from what I’ve seen his track record is 0%, and there is nothing I’d like more than to save others from the heartache I’ve seen others go through. This site, and particularly the video on this post serves as a warning that not all that is shown on Emmanuel TV is as it seems.

      • @AJ

        The fact remains TB J lies regarding his so called prophecies & since he has been caught red handed in this post & many others it is pointless to be neither black nor white.

        Doi & friends need to be loved & that entails being black or white. Is TB J a false prophet? Yes! Does this post prove it? Yes! Is that point black?Yes.Have I loved you, Doi & the rest by saying this? Yes as is possible with the power of the Holy Spirit!

    • “The truth is if they keep on with all these they are portraying we cannot believe in any prophet.”
      This is the truth:
      Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. (John 11:25 NLT)

      “But who will the sick and afflicted run to? Who will the orphans/widows/robbers/thieves/physically challanged/aged run to?”
      Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28 NLT)
      No man can give this kind of comfort / rest apart from Jesus Christ ALONE. He is all sufficient.
      God has made it the work/ duty of ALL believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to look out for the poor and needy:
      Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. (James 1:27 NLT)

      “Yes we know God can use anyone but please lets appreciate the people God is using at present instead of looking for weakness to condemn them.”
      “Suppose there are prophets among you or those who dream dreams about the future, and they promise you signs or miracles, and the predicted signs or miracles occur. If they then say, ‘Come, let us worship other gods’—gods you have not known before— do not listen to them. The LORD your God is testing you to see if you truly love him with all your heart and soul. Serve only the LORD your God and fear him alone. Obey his commands, listen to his voice, and cling to him. (Deuteronomy 13:1-4 NLT)
      False prophets and those who seek their guidance will all be punished for their sins. (Ezekiel 14:10 NLT)
      “Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. (Matthew 7:15 NLT)
      For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. (Matthew 24:24 NLT)
      Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them. It is shameful even to talk about the things that ungodly people do in secret. But their evil intentions will be exposed when the light shines on them, for the light makes everything visible. This is why it is said,
      “Awake, O sleeper,
      rise up from the dead,
      and Christ will give you light.” (Ephesians 5:11-14 NLT)
      God bless you TBJ Watch. Keep exposing works of darkness. Those who love the truth will hear you.

      Reply ↓

  40. To answer: to whom can we run to? The answer is: Jesus, God the Son! Please read: 1 Peter 3:14 and on…. In Matthew 11: 28 – 30 Jesus said: Come unto me…. John 14: 6 Jesus said: I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to God the Father, but through me. Jesus is God the Son, and God has given us Himself !!!! Hebrews 1:1-3 In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. Wow! II Corinthians 2:14 and II Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God.

    • Thanks Very for the verses! They ask the question because they want anyone other than Jesus. They dont understand that we have never met Paul the Apostle for example but have Jesus and He/Jesus is all in all. There were those who met Paul & there will always be those who will not meet Paul until we get to heaven. Does this make us any less Christian absolutely NOT because it is Christ not Apollos or Paul that gets us to heaven. And Paul & Apollos for example were real servants of God. Here there are clinging to a false prophet & wanting another god to follow when they can have Jesus. Its tragic & telling that Jesus is NOT enough for them.

  41. @Mr Terrific. You’re always emphasizing on looking up to Jesus. Agreed! Yes. But neglecting His prophets? NO! Wrong. Then tell me why Jesus had to send His disciples to heal, deliver and bless to even do greater things than He did if He was truely keen to christians looking to Him alone? Expecially when they can’t see Him.(John 14:12). Tell me why christians still looked up to Jesus’ disciples and got their healing. Cos as they look unto Jesus’ disciples they are looking unto Jesus. You all really need to understand that the best saint have the need for the help that will make their faith grow even stronger. This is why Jesus still sends His prophets today. Coz He’s thesame yesterday today and forever. Much as we look up to Jesus we shouldn’t neglect His Prophets and disciples.

    How wicked of you to say people shouldn’t look to any pastor/Bishop or prophet of God. So they should die if they can’t reach Jesus?
    And point of correction your standard isn’t God’s word but CRITICISM AND CONDEMNATION!

    @Very. ‘To whom can we run to? Jesus’ Yes! But tell me why the great legend; Micheal Jackson had to die even after praying to Jesus. Even after praying For God’s intervention upon his life? Prophets are representatives of Jesus just as His disciples were His representatives.
    Now i truely see what Jesus meant when He said A time is coming when anyone who condemns, criticise, kill you, will think He’s Offering service to God.

    Madelaine. I thought you said you are never tired of speaking the truth again and again? Please Keep talking and answer the Question for others to also learn. Do you believe we need God’s representatives here on Earth?

    @pam. I’m sorry but T.b Joshua is not my prior concern now but what the authors and administrator of this blog are inculcating to deceive the very elect of God.
    But i believe Jesus still prays for those He has sent into this world. John 17:14.

    • @ Doi,
      Jesus Himself gave us the five-fold ministries to train and equip the saints for the work of the ministry, and not for ministers to draw people and attention to themselves but to Him alone. Jesus did not save us to make us slaves and puppets of lying and deceitful wolves, like T B Joshua,but to be serve Him alone and not mortal men, and to defend His teachings and doctrines.

  42. And less i for get to the Authors and Admin of this blog. Do not innovate policies that would make situation worse in this world like telling christians to neglet God’s representatives. Do you actually know how many lives had been saved and rescued because of this people? Oh my God Have mercy. If you can’t do greater then be quiet.

  43. Mr Terrific. Did Jesus raise Disciples that represented Him when He wasn’t seen physically? Yes or No?

    • @ Doi,
      Don’t try to compare those satanic, conscienceless and headless disciples of T B Joshua’s with my Lord’s, okay ? TBJ’s disciples connive and collude with their master to lie, to deceive and to manipulate things to project TBJ’s image, like you’re trying so desperately to do here.

      • mr terrific, i am sorry, but no-body who is in relationship with Jezus , can become slave, victum or otherwise (satanic influenzed),.by who -ever….Its just not possible. When your realtionship with jezus is right, you will have a right and discerning judgement about Tb Joshua….You will see, where he stands for, and where he is lacking,…Its not so extreem as you try to express,…You ecame victum, because you did not resist, nor made a own standpoint, except; condemnation .

      • @ Dore,
        Do you imagine you’re in a relationship with Jesus Christ or Another Jesus, in this case, false prophet T B Joshua ? Have you ever taken a stand for the word of God or do you take a stand for the false prophet ? Do you know the word of God or the wrong teachings of T B Joshua ? ” A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.Drink deep the Pierian spring or taste not at all.”

  44. Doi, from your question to me, are you suggesting that if Michael Jackson had sought out TBJ that he would not have died?

    • Mr Terrific, i am sorry, but why should you doubt my relationship with Jezus?…i dont pleid for the profhet, i just say; use your heart, because you say you are a christian,….And as far as i can see; christians have to love their neighbors,…My knowledge about the bible is very practical and integrated, I dont need to declair all sorts of tekst and prayers on every corner of the street,….i am just perplexed about so much hatred,…I am not a frend of the Profhet,…I am mis-used as well as you do,….But i will not let my heart be ruiind by a clever, keen and mis-leading abuser,…..It must be enough to observe the facts, to learn from it, and to go on with live with God on my site,….I guess you believe the bible-knowers are better christians?….I stay with my heart, even if i dont understand everything,…its the best truth-warner until now,….I am no christian mr, terrific,….I just learn to know Jezus Christ,…and I dont like the world of the christians at all,….Only battles, fights and blamings,…I searched for the truth,…I am Indian-orientated,……………And i met jezus Christ in this journey.

      • @ Dore,
        All along, I’ve been thinking you’ve put your faith in a mortal and deceitful man, but if that’s not the case, who am I to doubt your relationship with Jesus Christ ? That said, loving our neighbor does not mean we have to tolerate evil, lies, manipulations and deceit and false doctrines but to hate them. God Himself HATES evil and false doctrines and the people who perpetrate them. Revelation 2:6,15. Again, just knowing the Bible does not make one a better Christian. However, it helps with our understanding, growth and maturity in the faith, helping us to discern false doctrines and practices. The heart is deceitful above all things( Jer 17:9) and we’re not to depend on our heart or our head but on the Word of God, which has been given to us for teaching, doctrine and all matters pertaining to our faith as Christians. 2 Tim 3:16.

  45. Gud Ian. He had representatives. Wether you call them disciples,pastor, prophet or whatever. But don’t you think Jesus knows whats best? If He wanted people to forget about any other pastor and pray to Him alone He wouldn’t have raised people. He wanted His ministry to grow physically. As it was so it is. So spare me those doctrins that God’s prophet doesn’t exist. Except you want to prove Jesus renounced His ministry on Earth. Christ ministry wouldn’t have continued today if there were no Disciples. If you tell me there’re God’s representatives but not all are genuine i’ll listen but not saying they don’t exists.

    @very. Not just T.B Joshua but any other prophet of God.just as the blind man wasn’t healed until he encountered Peter.

    • Doi
      This is silly! Are you saying Michael Jackson did not die as per God’s allowance? Do you think about what you say?

      TB J could not have stopped Michael Jacksons death anymore than he can stop his own death.

      Who do you think TB J is?Stop worshipping him, he is nothing but a Witchdoctor!

  46. @All,
    T B Joshua was in the bosom of the late dictator of Nigeria, Sannie Abacha. He was frequenting Abuja everyday, while Abacha was alive, as if Aso Rock( the seat of the Nigerian government) was an extension of SCOAN, giving Abacha directions and counsel. ….Suddenly, like a flash, the Lord wiped out Abacha, and he died in cold blood. What did T B Joshua do to save Abacha ? Nothing ! African leaders should beware of this false prophet ! Those who put their trust in him and not in the Lord Jesus would be wiped out, like Abacha was !

  47. Note from the moderator: Thanks for your contribution, but please try and keep it shorter in the future.

    …If people still know the way back to God?
    That prompted me to write this:
    “Brothers, what shall we do to get saved?”
    Peter replied; “Repent and be baptized (in water) EVERYONE of you, in the Name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit as a gift with all 9 gifts and fruits). The promise is for you and your children and for ALL who are far off-for ALL whom the Lord our God will call and draw towards Himself.” Acts 2:37-39
    You must obey the order of God’s Word, because then you will be born again by the Holy Spirit of love from a loving God through what Jesus did on the cross of Calvary.
    “Everyone who loves has been born of God.” 1 John 4:7-8
    “For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body.” 1 Cor 12:13
    “Now you are (if born again) part of the body of Christ with your specific special gifts.” 1 Cor 12:27.
    We are now part of an organism (the body of Christ) and not part of an organization (church) or religion.
    We should have received gifts from the Holy Spirit like:
    “…and in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration and those speaking in different kinds of tongues.” 1 Cor 12:28.
    “There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit… now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that Spirit, to another miraculous power, to another prophecy, to another discernment of spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues and to still another the interpretation of tongues.” 1 Cor 12: 4-11
    But, yes, you are only a baby Christian at first, and needs the following people to help you grow in your gifting unto maturity.
    “It was Jesus who gave some to be evangelists and some to be pastors and teachers and prophets to prepare (or equip) God’s people for their own work of service for Himself, so that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in faith of the Son of God and the knowledge of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth…” Eph 4:11-14
    To summarize:
    There are three stages in a child of God’s life. Baby, son/daughter and father/mother.
    So after repenting, being baptized in water and receiving the Holy Spirit you need people in your life in the five fold ministry to help you grow into maturity. All of them, not just a prophet.
    And we become part of God’s body not a religion or church.
    But after reaching maturity those people, who helped us, needs to step aside. Like when your children grow up, the parent’s needs to step aside and give them space to go on with teir lives, but they must still be ready to support where needed, but stay in the back ground.
    But in the churches today it is different. It is more a pyramid scheme than a body, with one leader keeping the whole lot under his controls forever. That is wrong! That is a cult.
    Be careful that the people helping you are not parading “as angels of light”, but comes from satan’s kingdom of darkness.
    Beware; the road back to God is a very narrow one.
    Ask Jesus to help you find it.

  48. jesus christ told a parable about rich man who pleaded with God to send someone from dead for his brothers to be totaly conviced,but God reminded him that the prophets are there ,if they could not repent on account of de prophets neiter will they repent even if their late brother resuret and warn view of this my point is this no generation has ever belive the prophets of God exept a few wise ones from the time of naoh till coming to d issue t.b joshua and someone who called him old cargo i leave that to ur opinion but God can use anybody to do his myself God has used me to deliver message wich happend exatly the time i predited it.though am not a pastor. So d issue of prophesy is real ,sometimes d picture is like what u see in dream it happens d way saw wt slight diffrent .if t.b joshua crew is manuplating videos as u claimed i ve not noticed that and i will not jumpe into conclusion b.c de heart is very decieful.main point is that the phrophy happened may be with a slight diffrent.thanks

  49. as long we all admit Jesus wants His ministry to continue on earth, He definitely will work through people like He worked through the disciples and prophets of old. So for the authors and admins of this blog to say such working doesn’t exist then i think we should all beware of this blog. With this i don’t think they’ll be able to convince me again. If they can misquote Jesus then who else can’t they?

    • Doi
      The authors have not said that God has ceased to use people in this last days. This is Not true. Clearly God is using them to warn you and all of us about false teachers such as TB J.

      You need to get this, TB J has set himself up above the norm. He has claimed prophethood at the level of the likes of John the Baptist in the New Testament & of course that is where we have the problem. Such men were set apart & had exemplary behavior as per the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. John the Baptist was not known for ignorance of scripture, sexual abuse, occultic practises

  50. M J. You are the one saying this. But Ian and terrific, who are part of the Admins, Clearly stated that such people who are Christ representatives do not exist.i need no more to convince me unless they renounce their proclamations.

  51. @ MJ,
    Thanks for setting the records straight. You see, T B Joshua and his ilk are experts at misrepresentation, twisting and fabricating stuff, and that’s what Doi is trying to do here. T B Joshua does not come near the calibre of prophets like Elijah or John the Baptist, but loves to interject himself among them, pretending to be whom he is not. Those prophets never uttered any false prophesies like TBJ does, and they never manipulated miracles, or slept with the wives of their disciples….. ..! T B Joshua is a real hypocrite !

  52. Hi Doi – to answer your question from a few days ago “Do you believe we need God’s representatives here on Earth?”
    Yes – We are all God’s representatives here on Earth.
    Unfortunately TBJoshua (and others) do not represent God in a way that draws people to the love and grace and forgiveness of Jesus. TBJoshua utters words that he claims are from God but are publicised in such a way to try and boost the name of TBJoshua and not the name of Jesus.

    I will add another answer –
    Do I believe that there are prophets for our time. – Yes I do. God has given that gift. I know people whose calling in life is to separate themselves off to pray, I know people in local churches who have a prophetic role. God knows their names, they do not need to be high profile to exercise the calling that God has given them.
    Do I believe that the performance of TBJoshua is a fulfilment of that God given prophetic role – No I do not.
    1) he publicises himself more than God, and permits his followers to do that also.
    2) He manufactures utterances that he calls prophetic words (see this post as evidence)
    3) The utterances that are presented as “the prophetic word of God” seem to be mainly about specific events and a particularly dodgy type of foretelling.

    • Doi. I couldn’t say it much better than Madelaine. One thing to add, I (as most Christians) believe in something called the priesthood of all believers. This means that since the death and resurrection of Jesus, there are no longer individual men of huge spiritual stature that others come to as God’s representatives (in the Old Testament these were mainly Prophets, Priests and Kings), we are all Priests, and thanks to Jesus we can all come into God’s holy place and relate with him personally. We no longer need a priest/prophet/man of God or any other mediator. In fact if we do have one, they are a false Christ!

      So yes, of course I believe there are still God’s representatives on earth, I’m one of them!

      • @All,
        ” But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people……” 1 Peter 2:9. ” And has made us kings and priests unto God and His Father…..” Rev 1:6. The Word of God makes it clear that we’ve all been made priests and kings, but many Christians don’t even know this. Further, God has put leaders in the church to train and equip the saints to do the work of ministry, to recognize their position and authority in Christ, but false leaders like TBJ would rather draw attention to themselves and make themselves look special in the eyes of ignorant believers. Yes, we’re all priests, kings and queens and have the privilege to come boldly before the throne of grace, and we don’t need false prophets like T B Joshua to intercede for us. Look up to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith who is continually making intercessions for us.

  53. Ian you’re always saying we, we, we. We are God’s representatives. Why don’t you make it personal here? coz there are people who don’t even believe they have relationship with God let alone become His representative. Don’t you think you are being selfish.knowing your worth and keeping it to yourself?(thats if you even know your worth) Aren’t you suppose to establish a ministry to help and make their faith grow? To do what Jesus would have done if He was physically present? Then whats the use of the tag REPRESENTATIVE? Is it enough to represent Him in your secret chambers?

    Here are people/prophets making such great move in changing lives, changing Nations and the world and you call them all false christ? all you do is seat down using weapon of criticism and propaganda? This is rediculous! Just hope people who feel far from Jesus may learn from all these….

    • Doi, you know nothing about me. You don’t know my full name, my profession, where I live, how long I’ve been a Christian, or anything else. Yet somehow you seem to assume that I don’t live out my faith in any measurable way. If you want to judge me like that, you’re welcome to, but you’re not the person to whom I’m answerable to for how I’ve lived my life. Many of the greatest Christians in this world today are not those on TV, or with books written about them, they’re people out in the world, humbly and consistently bringing the love of Christ to others. They wouldn’t want their good deeds trumpeted about on TV, because it’s not for their own ego they do them.

      • Note from Moderator: Names redacted for the privacy of those mentioned.

        Hi Ian, we know who you are. Let me tell you a little story and see if you publish it.

        @ian Ian, it is easy to know who you are. You love Tintin and you and __________ are on ______ and ______ ________’s friend list. You even commented on twitter how much your son loves Tintin and you have Tintin on your Avatar logo. You are Ian ______, _____ living in _____, working as _____________________. It is funny that you and _______ are listed as friends on _____ ________’s facebook account. I don’t doubt you are Christians but you are being led astray. TB Joshua is the most vilianized Pastor in the world and if I were him I would also televise what I am doing for people so that people who sow into the church knows where their money is going. If I am wrong I will apologize but why do you people find a need to create a blog about one specific Pastor. Your blog is a personal vendetta linked to _______ and ______ __________ against TB Joshua

      • Wow… So I have a cyber stalker now? Reading between the blanks, your message sounds rather threatening. “We (who’s ‘we’?!) know who you are, we know where you live, we know what you do and who your friends are…”. What point are you even trying to make? You come across as a nasty bunch of anonymous goons, trying to scare TB Joshua’s critics into silence. Makes me wonder what he has to hide.

        Oh, and by the way – I don’t know how much of the rest you got right, but this is not my blog.

      • ian, you are missing the point. there is no threat. you were telling DOI they don’t know who you are. You call us anonymous goons but in reality you are the anonomous ones who don’t want their identities made known so that the real reason behind the blog cannot be revealed. You slander a lot without even having gone to Nigeria and confronting the prophet himself. Take your facts and the rest of the site administrators and go and confront the Prophet, otherwise your stories are hearsay. You cant create a whole blog against someone and have never met them as you state only 1 of you were an ex disciple. I know you are not the main site admin but you are supporting them. Your blog only breaks down and does not build up and that is the measure of this site

      • Seriously, scoaners are more than a little senseless. If TB J is such a great prophet he should put you/scoaners out of your misery by prophesying who is behind TB J Watch. Why do research on twitter, FB, etc with a prophet @ hand. I’ll tell you why, because he is not a prophet @ all. Behind closed doors TB J laughs @ his blind followers. Even he/TB J wonders @ his followers folly.

        FYI, the reason they would rather remain anonymous has been shown in the response to Ian. Those are veiled threats right there. Why?Because TBJ & his lot are criminals.


    • There is something very wrong with some Pentecostal churches.
      The goal of some of these churches is totaly wrong.These churches spoil the mission that we as Christians are suppose to do.we are suppose to spread Gods gospel and not enrich our selves,make our selves famous by miracles to the the extent that some of these churches go to the extent of doing fake miracles so that,the churches have a large follwoing of people.
      Not for the sake of Gods kingdom but for monetary gains.These churches try to out do the other by have bigger audototraims.
      I once visited a church in nigeria,Lagos which can sit up to 3000 people at one go and this church has like 6 services on Sunday.
      What goes on there is like you’ve stepped into a cloths shop.The amount of marketing which goes on there is something else.
      In a small area, there were like 20 churches,others turning there houses to churches on Sundays.
      The more people I have the more money I have.
      These churches know what people want, miricales and so they cook some up.
      I know a lady who travelled to Scoan cause she wanted to go and hear a prophecy.sad but true!
      Unless people change their mind set, they will continue to be lied to!

      • Joshua watch, please help the spanisch woman, member of scoan,. She received deliverance in the prayer-line just know,…They are gone breack her. She complained about, confusions, poverty, thats she wants to leave and not wanting to serve God any-more (not wanting to serve Profeht joshua any more),…this is the game,; not tb.Joshua is destroying her, no, they make her believe its the spirit in her,..How can a woman, serving the profhet for years, be suddenly possessed?…They breack her, …….

  55. @TB Josh Watch, again you are misleading the people and doing your own cut and paste editing. It was the SMALL PLANE prophecy that crashed into sea (and it did). The BIG PLANE WITH BLUE ON A WEDNESDAY was the prophecy crashing into mountain (and it did).

  56. @ Dore,
    Who is this Spanish woman you’re talking about ? Please if you could give further details, perhaps that could help.

    • The spanisch dancer, she is translator, the sunday-morning-service-prayer-line…you gone recognize her..

  57. @All,
    Who are those Nigerian idiots and criminals who imagine they can threaten anyone here on this blog ? Let the false prophet T B Joshua defend himself, but if he cannot do it, how can these morons suppose they can do what their master cannot do ? They need to repent, but if they don’t, both they and T B Joshua would be destroyed by the wrath of the living God !

  58. Am Not against Him but i won’t you to know for sure if this man prophecies by the spirit of God the plane wouldn’t have crashed.. because revelation brings restoration
    therefore if I was to judge i will say he his not a prophet, but the bible say don’t judge that you won’t be judged

    • @ The Doctor,
      For your information, the Bible does not say we should not judge ! What the Bible says is that we should not judge hypocritical judgement, but judge righteous judgement. Matt 7:1-5; John 7:24. Again, the Bible tells us to test the spirits and to try the so called ” men of God” by the Word of God.1 John 4:1; Rev 2:2. And this is what we’ve done on this blog and are still doing.

  59. … if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me (children of God) to sin or loose their faith in Me, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea… Jesus said in Math 18:6

  60. … “watch out that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name (using the name of Jesus Christ), claiming; ‘I am the Anointed one (Christ or Messiah means the Anointed one in the original languages) and will deceive many…. Jesus answered Math 24:4

  61. it is good to be aware of false prophets. but most importantly it is time for people to ask God himself to save us from whoever is a false prophet. it is time for us to pray hard and enough to get to the level where every living prophet here on earth is after all Jesus himself told us in John that what ever you ask in my name from my father it will be given. let us not waste time here saying who is and who is not a prophet. no it is time to pray and seek salvation for your selves and pray for other people’s salvation. this is for those of whio are christians. lets pray.

    • It is good & wise to say what the Bible says regarding false prophets. It warns us about them and it says we are to warn others about them.

      It is good to know that giving unBiblical advice is not just a waste of time but deadly as well.

      Quite frankly the tendency to use ones head to give Biblical advice when that head is not filled with the Word of God is irresponsibility to say the least.

    • Nambeye
      I have nothing against praying. We are to pray! However, to say Christians should seek salvation for themselves is crazy since they are already saved. Clearly we are to spend time warning others about false prophets: Jesus warned us about false prophets and he named them,pharisees/saducees etc, Paul warned us about false prophets and named them as well, Peter, Jude, Jeremiah, etc also warned us about false prophets.

      May the Bible be our guide in all we do!

  62. @ALL,
    I want to congratulate all of those who are contributing positively to expose the leading counterfeit prophet in Nigeria today, T B Joshua. Our work is bearing great fruit and I’m very delighted to see that T B Joshua is desperately running for cover to hide his nefarious activities from exposure. Unfortunately, he cannot hide, for the Word of God is powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword and will cut T B Joshua to pieces. It’s also like a hammer that breaks the rock to pieces and will break Temitope Balogun Joshua to pieces and sooner than later the whole world shall see his deception, lies, fabrications, manipulations, treachery, fornications and adulteries.
    Under the revealing power of the word of God, TB Joshua cannot stand any scrutiny at all, but instead delights in trying to discredit the testimonies of those who are exposing him, and he uses his worthless mouthpiece, ” WatchingTBJoshua blog” which he established to counter the revealing exposes of this blog. Tell T B Joshua he can fabricate any story he likes on his blog, but that would not save him ! He cannot counter the powerful witness of the Word of God against him and he is already condemned for deceiving and fleecing the Lord’s people. Tell T B Joshua his days are numbered already, and he cannot silence anyone on this blog with his fabrications. Rather, he shows how he would go to any length to discredit anyone who exposes him, even if has to concoct stories against them. That is indeed the spirit of Satan working through him, because Satan is a liar and the father of it. John 8:44. T B Joshua also has the spirit of Jezebel, who concocted a story against Naboth, so he could be killed, but judgement is already upon him. 1 Kings 21:1-25. Would T B Joshua repent like Ahab did ?

  63. @ Mr Terrific
    I just read the senseless article. Clearly they are too incompetent to get to the crux of the matter, whether your understanding of the Word of God is faulty!!!Look you are saying that the Bible (& of course your experience with TB J) says tb Joshua is a false prophet, if they had any sense they would attack your interpretation not fabricate stories. These people/TB J would go to any length to kill, steal & destroy those whom GOD has opened their eyes.

    Even if Mr Terrific was a con man before GOD called him, so what!!! Even if he is a conman now, so what?? I am not saying he was, Iam not saying he is what Iam saying is if we go to the Bible are we going to find that he is telling us the truth. The answer is a simple yes. Yes Mr T is serving God, & that is the issue.

    • @MJ,
      Don’t worry, let them continue to fabricate their stories but their own stories will expose them even further, I can guarantee that ! His paid lackeys are just doing the bidding of their master but they stand equally condemned already ! They’re children of Belial, like the men Jezebel hired to bring false witness against Naboth, and unless they repent, they would be destroyed along with TB Joshua. Like I said, T B Joshua has the spirit of Jezebel, that likes to control and manipulate people, and he is just manipulating everyone around him to project his image, but that fake image they have tried desperately to build will come crashing down like a pack of cards. Just wait and see, it’s just a matter of time !

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  67. if you have any issue with pro. tbj, tell the world, if i happen to b in tbj’s shoe and a man of GOD (which i am) i will put you to death by callin fire- elijah deed it. if you are a prophet you will know wat it takes to profecy openly, u are not a christian, dont confuse members of d public, i am a prophet, i can state dis clearly dat wat will bcom of u, ur part will be horible. change ur ways, pls b careful, GOD hate fools, d only way for tbj to prove u wrong is to curse you and ur pastor’ ministry and when it come to pass, u will trully know he is a man of GOD.

  68. People who work on TBjoshuaWATCH (this blog) are not Christians but demon-possessed fake christians(antichrists) so I dont see any thing that can make me believe on them. John 8:44 “you are of your father the devil,and the desires of your father you want to do.He was a murder from beginning, and does not abide in the TRUTH in him.When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a LIAR and father of it. so if you dont believe in TB joshua you are not of God but of the father of liars(Satan).

  69. To the Admin of this blog.First of all,u have admitted that YOU ARE AN ATHEIST,(meaning u don’t believe that God exists)so u will never understand the Spiritual gifts.Besides,one has to be Spiritually-filled to be able to tell/expose(as u call it)which prophet is true and which one is fake.Am not gona waste much of my energy here, but b4 before i go,let me say this;TB Joshua prophesies(sp)to the congregation in most of his church services.And people confirm the prophecies to be true.For example,he says ”You had a dream whereby u found yoself sleeping with a man”..Before he even finishes saying it,the person will start saying ”It’s true man of God”.So,are you telling me he will be lying as well????If u are saying he is extorting money from people,my question is;how is he doing it??Why don’t u copy-paste some videos whereby people with leg ulcer,breast cancer,etc are healed?Don’t u see people telling testimonies at the Scoan??Jesus said if one believes,he/she can do even more than Him(JOHN 14:12-14).So,if TB Joshua has faith,what can stop him from doing what he is doing??Jesus Himself was doubted,so what would u expect of a human being like you and me?Even demons know that that TB Joshua wa anointed by God,see this video,as an example; So,save yo energy girl,i know,satan is hepi with what u are doing but it’s not gona work…many have tried,but failed.

  70. look leave the man of God alone you are full of satanic spirits, they are possesing you.Why dont you go to the SCOAN get some help so be saved, or u are fraid u will be caught?.

      • mr terrific, u cant fight God and win :-D…. . If u dnt believe in Tb Joshua u dnt believe in Christ Jesus — u r deceived by da devil, he uses u ,he made u copy bible verses so that u wil deceived the world.. TB Joshua said it last sunday “nobody fight and win” …Many kingdoms of darkness are falling because of TB Joshua presence to da world …if u eva saw a devil dat can do wat tb joshua is doing [plz make me the first person to know] … go ask the woman called pastor tshifhiwa irene(she also has a channel as tb joshua called ‘WRS’ {world restoration service} ..she does all tb joshua can do expect prophesing..also pastor chris or pastor mukhuba visit them all! I still call u john8:44 …

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