Responses to our prophecy tricks video

After over 55,000 views, the video we released recently has created quite a stir. The video presented clear evidence that TB Joshua’s infamous world event prophecies are “doctored” in the video editing suite to make them appear to be more accurate than they actually were. This revelation casts massive doubt on any of the videos released by Emmanuel TV. If they would engage in this kind of deception with prophecy videos, what’s to say they wouldn’t with the healing videos, for example?

Although nothing could dissuade TB Joshua’s more fanatical supporters, some have sensibly decided to look into the issue further. One wrote to SCOAN asking for an official statement on the matter (note: this man reposted his email in the comments section of the blog ‘Watch TB Joshua’, we do not have access to SCOAN emails):

My family as well as I am a fan of TB Joshua and usually watch Emmanuel TV in fact my Aunt will be visiting the SCOAN this December for reasons of Spiritual Breakthrough.

For a long time I have defended your ministry against critics, you can see some of my defenses on YouTube especially on the video, I’m the poster called _____, the name of the YouTube video is “So you don’t believe in miracles… – watch this!! Clip with T.B. Joshua”.

Recently however I have come across a disturbing thing, your videos of fulfilled prophecies seem to “reuse” the same prophecy footage for two different unrelated prophecies i.e your prophecies of the Indonesian plane crashes that happened in 2011 and 2012, here are the relevant YouTube links of each prophecy;
2011 prophecy:
and 2012 prophecy:

I would love to understand what is going on in these videos please. The videos also seem heavily edited, will you please if possible mail me the full length unedited versions of each respective prophecy at I usually just ignore criticisms against the ministry but this one is hard for me to overlook. Please respond to this issue either via email or release an official article putting this issue to rest.

Thank you very much for your attention and may you continue the work of God and changing people’s lives. God bless and I hope for a response please.

Some of the other responses, however, have been a little more disturbing. Comments on a popular Nigerian discussion board naijapals were particularly telling. We’ve had people muttering about curses we’ve called upon ourselves for criticising a “man of God” before, blogs have been put up to try and discredit us, SCOAN have even attempted to blackmail us, but until now we’ve not had threats of physical violence or people wishing death upon us. Here’s a sample:

Yes, you read that correctly, Banky502 prayed that Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram would kill us.

Now we wouldn’t suggest these are SCOAN members (although they certainly seem to be supporters), nor are we claiming that this is a response SCOAN would endorse – but it does seem peculiar that several people should consider threats of violence as an appropriate response to critics of a so-called man of God.

TB Joshua, your fruit is showing again (Matthew 7:16).

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  1. T B Joshua cannot stand the light ! He cannot bear scrutiny in the light of God’s Word at all, because his deeds are evil. For years, he’s been able to deceive people that he’s a ” man of God,” but by the Word of God, we have demonstrated that he is not. I used to think he was a great man of God until I began to study the Bible diligently and found that he is a false prophet, a liar, a deceiver and a manipulator. Regrettably, many of those who are deceived by him do not know their Bible and would defend him in their blindness and ignorance, but thank God, some are beginning to see the light, and many more will begin to see until his mask is removed completely for the whole world to see…..
    As for those who are cursing, let them curse all they want but, ” the curse causeless shall not come.” Proverbs 26:2. Rather it shall be upon their own heads and upon their lying and deceitful prophet, T B Joshua. Let us not be weary but to continue to expose TB Joshua, Emmanuel TV, WatchingTBJoshua blog, SCOAN and all the evil things being perpetrated by this great deception of this age, called T B Joshua.

  2. Terrific, just read yourself! Now tell me the difference between the scoan supporter and you the admin of this blog? Imagine the filthy words you emanate. At least we know, that was a fan of the ministry and not an Admin or a disciple. But you are part of the head and you utter such? Then Tell me what will become of your fruit?

    • about the negative responses to the joshua watch;…its true that the white women are;”fucked-up”in scoan, and then “trampled down”.., ; so no-body will notice, that the cause is in the mind of our dear Profhet,…And yes, the Profhet curses,.not only by prayers, but by a very refind mis-using of words, and The word of God,…His mind-games have no relating towards the heart-devotion-in the word,….It means; he uses the Truth of Christ, for his own gain, and own benefit, own glory, and own aim,…there is a difference between; suggestive believe and mind-concepts and fantazy, and; the Living believe and action on the Word and the Truth of Christ,..; in this Divine Truth is no imagenation, its a reality,..a Divine reality,….About the anoited-powers; they suggest that all is in the believe and faith, as if we can cause healing by enough faith, and if not healed, its because of lack of faith,…Jezus is the healer,…and I saw in other ministeries people healed, who did not believed in God and were no christians,…/ ..Jezus is the healer, the profhet is a instrument to intercede, but Jezus act as He will, not as the profhet has in mind,….

      • would you mind watching the language please. just cos we’re divided about TB Joshua doesn’t mean we can forget about what the Bible says about vulgar language.

  3. For the frist time i have seen your faces what can you say about these alegation against you in watchingtbjoshua and watchtbjoshua lattest blog post.

    • @ Albert,

      It’s all balderdash, worthless and unfounded fabrications by T B Joshua himself on his on blog to try to discredit those who expose him. T B Joshua manipulates miracles, prophesies and testimonies and no wonder his blog is doing the same thing. T B Joshua manipulated 20 miracles involving 20 Ghanaians, with the connivance of Michael Lathbridge, his Ghanaian lackey, and those Ghanaians are now dead. All this happened right under my nose and I was not even aware of the manipulation going on. Those criminal disciples knew me better, and believed that if I knew anything about their fake miracles, I would blow the alarm, so they kept it secret from me. Now, years later, Kayode an ex-disciple and pastor of Awakener’s Chapel in Accra, has come out with all the dirty secrets of T B Joshua. Sooner or later, T B Joshua will be exposed to all Ghanaians and he won’t be able to set foot in Ghana ever again !

  4. Giles, i repeated what is said on the Joshua Watch , (in the introduction of this weeks-issue, by the enemie),… is not my language,…….And i would like you to look further then this sort of hair-splitting about a serious content,…..How does a christian call it when a woman is mis-used in her intentions?… I dont accept when a black man calls the white women; “fucking-up-women”….I beg you pardon?…..Can you please inform your-self better before you make a statement?….I am one of those women who is scatterd by scoan in a terrible way,….The use of the word, is exactly what is happening there,….Just open your eyes to it, and dont think you are looking at entertainment,…Does the video of Bisola has any meaning to you?….Do you believe all the attacs on the women on this video, are “vulgair ” coinsidents too?….Does the bible has a better approuchment and discription towards humaliating, insulting and dis-gracing ways of treating people?….Show it me!…..If you can not understand what is been said, then please hold your peace,…..And go on with the discerning of spirits,…Until you see the truth of scoan……………

    • Hi Dore. I was shocked at your last comment and this one re-inforces it. Not at the language (I did get where you were coming from on that score) but because it is so desperately sad. I don’t know what your current position is, but I really pray that God, your loving father, will place people around you to support and love you.

  5. …whether you forgot the Word of God?
    We say again:
    This is what the LORD Almighty says:
    “The people of Israel (Jesus’ born again children) are oppressed and the people of Judah as well. All their captors hold them fast, refusing to let them go. Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon (scoan). Jer 50:34
    A sword against the Babylonians! Declares the Lord-
    1. Against those who live in Babylon and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against their wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet
    They will become fools. Jer 50:35
    “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the great!
    She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit…..” Rev 18:2
    Keep your eyes on Jesus and be encouraged!
    We keep on praying for all in the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

  6. Hi, this is my very first post on your blog. I want to address your previous article. But before I do that I would like to know how you got a hold of the above letter sent to the church by a fan? I presume it was emailed to the SCOAN which raises the question of whether you have access to SCOAN emails.

    Now to the topic for this post; let’s analyze the videos, it does seem as though they are official SCOAN releases, and without a doubt they show the same prophecy being reused to cover two unrelated events. From this it would seem a reasonably fair conclusion that the prophecy videos found on and on the church’s YouTube channels are edited, only this fact has never been a secret since everyone knows the vids are edited from the much longer church service videos. What was yet unclear was whether or not the editing was done so as to give the prophecies greater punch.

    The two videos in your article certainly allow room for questioning the honesty of the ministry, but does that qualify us to conclude that without a doubt the church is involved in deceiving its viewers/followers? That conclusion is certainly justifiable now more than ever but can it be the only feasible conclusion.

    I would beg to differ; there is a way out for the SCOAN. First off it can be argued that the prophecy was actually meant for the second (2012) plane crash but was mistakenly attributed to the first plane crash, this solution however leaves a number of things unanswered, to begin it doesn’t get the church off the hook for leaving key details out of its prophecy video, it fails to account for all the details, such as the second plane did not land in the sea but crashed into a mountain and it raises the question if TB Joshua had a clear vision about the plane crash as he said how could he have misattributed his prophecy.
    The other solution is that the prophecy was meant to cover both events, this seems the easiest option for fans to defend. It accounts for everything but one, why didn’t TB Joshua point out that the prophecy was meant for two plane crashes?

    That said this situation has opened the door for more skeptics and has done damage to the credibility of the church I’m afraid. Until the church releases their official position on this issue many unanswered questions will be raised and many could be turned off from the ministry.

    • But before I do that I would like to know how you got a hold of the above letter sent to the church by a fan? I presume it was emailed to the SCOAN which raises the question of whether you have access to SCOAN emails.

      Good question, we should have clarified this in the post. No, we don’t have access to SCOAN emails, but this was left as a comment on a pro SCOAN blog (Watch TB Joshua) and supposedly emailed to SCOAN too.

      The prophecy certainly matched the 2012 event more closely than the 2011 one, but it still needed details cutting out, for example he claimed he saw it sinking into the sea – this didn’t happen in 2012. As you say, there doesn’t appear to be any way to let them off the hook. Let’s see if they respond to it.

  7. Hi Dore and all others going through the same awakening,

    I identify with the fact that; “your soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, “ Phil 3:8-10, because of your waking up to the truth of what is really going on in scoan at the backyard.

    The disillusionment and hurt to discover the deceptions!

    Be encouraged that you are privileged to go through the same sufferings as Jesus did!

    “I pray that you will not think it strange concerning this fiery trial which are trying you … but that you will rejoice to the extent that you are partaking of Christ’s sufferings, that when His Glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy” – 1 Peter 4:12-13.

    “You are getting to know Jesus in the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death”, but remember after this “you will know Him and the power of His resurrection” Phil 3:8-10.

    So will we go the same way as our master, “we will go through the same sufferings”, dying at the hands of others sins and our own sins as well – Luke 24:7.

    Jesus died at the hands of other peoples sins and that His soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death!

    We are praying for you and all the others not to lose your faith in Jesus and that your hearts will not be locked up for Him.

    • hi,Just wonder and Claire,.thank you for the support,..I need it,..I am still in the game of the scoan-treatment,..I am awakened to it, but not free,…Why does the Profhet wants to hurt so consequently?…What is the matter with his person?..Its not only about his profhesies,..I am in doubt the whole time,..And it effects my relationship with Jezus,…As if I can not trust my dedication any-more,..

  8. Am not convinced u shld judge him on d strength of those clips which are yet to be confirmed and authenticated.Hundreds of prophecies are given live & not one of them has bn faulted. Similarly i ve watched international prophecies given & fulfilled b4 my eyes. Your zeal 2 discredit d prophet is so strong that u quickly went 2 press wit ur clips. This is wrong. There are pple who call themselves men of God in this country & yet there livestyles are not christlike but u ve not set up a site 2 xpose them. We ve thousands of satanic agents within & outside d church, what are u doing about them. What is t.b.joshua’s offence? Maybe u ve scores 2 settle wit d prophet. I will advise u 2 stop this in ur interest. If t.b.joshua is not of God, no human being can make him succeed. And if he is of God, a million of u put together wil not stop him. Mike

  9. Hi Dore,
    What you are going through (…your soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, because of what someone you love is doing wrong…and yes, it is not just the tampered with prphecies) is just another fruit of scoan. Math 7:21. The backyard, underground treatment we were talking about. You will not know these rotten fruit, if you were not closely assatiaited with scoan.
    Take heart; be encouraged, you are very special to our loving Lord Jesus Christ. I know it does not feel like it at the moment, but you will see later on. He is busy setting you free. Jesus is your deliverer and He loves you.
    Satan (through tbj) is trying to sift your faith in Jesus Christ, like he tried in Peters life, but our loving Lord is busy interceding for you, just like He did for Peter – Luke 22:31.
    Remember Jesus said; “A little child is the greatest in His Kingdom”. Mark 9:33-36.
    If I could, I would have taken you in my arms and protected you from all the unspeakable, terrible hurts that you are going through and all the others, but I can’t. Remember we are praying for you, that is all we can do.
    Please, if you can, reconsider leaving that place (even if you are not a disciple) and go back to Jesus and your family (or people that loves you).

  10. Thank you, Just wonder, thank you,..I can go no-where at this moment,…I am still under the spell,…I still dont believe compleetly what is happening to me,…I can not understand, and I am not well….Yes, Jezus will help me out of this,….

    • @ Dore,
      It seems to me that you’re at SCOAN, if I’m not mistaken ? If you are, then it is time for you to come out and IMMEDIATELY ! It will be a difficult thing for you to obtain deliverance as long as you’re under the satanic spell of T B Joshua. That man would rather people die in their affliction than obtain deliverance and expose him !

    • Dore – thanks for your courage in your input to this Blog. I will be praying that God provides the way for you to come out. I will be praying in the name of Jesus.

  11. I think we all missing the point here.
    We can go on and on with these kind of conversations.
    I wish you were at Church on Sunday with me on Sunday.
    The preaching was spot on!
    The gospel was from Amos 7: v 12- 15.
    The sermon was on people who give them selves all sorts of name from Prohphets,major Prophets etc….
    There were 4 points that were raised to gauge a true from a false messenger of God.
    We are all called to witness for God in our actions and in our words.
    Perdicting that a plan will crush is not a prophecy! It’s something else , certainly not a prophecy. A prophecy is a message of love from God.
    A prophet who is Gods messenger does not glorify him self but God, and is not bothered about drawing huge crowds of people.
    A prophet preaches the gospel of love.and not the gospel which is very common in Africa.The gospel of riches.we all hear this gospel.if you are poor it’s cause you are not blessed!
    Utter nonsense.

    • jacky, the profhet is ONLY preaching an africa-rooted-gospel, with ALL the spirits-nonsence and believes, ONLY rooted in african culture,…He does not have a clue about other cultures, he is too stupid to understand,….He believes his narrow-vision is spiritual greatness,…its not even bibly,.its just T B joshua-fantazy,….a mix of imagenation and grandiosity,…God knows where it came from,..

    • Are you serious? I’m surprised how quick SCOAN are to react to the ‘batman’ shooting. They really have no shame.
      Did you know that every year in America there are on average 20 mass shootings in the US? It would be as impressive if TB Joshua predicted snow in Norway in the winter. Except that wouldn’t be such a sickening exploitation of other people’s suffering.

      • Temitope has no shame whatsoever, but the pity of it all is that he has feeble-minded people who are easily hoodwinked by his deceit.

    • Yea right prediction this time. Just wandering why the incidents God reveals to him are never prevented even after all the prayers done after his prophecies.
      I know that prophets in the bible were given such revelations as a warning sign to the people and the incidents are reverted when they call on God and do whats told by the prophet to reverse the situation. But this is never the case with tb joshua.
      His is just like visiting a voodoo man who tells you that he sees an accident in your future.
      Whatz the difference between tbj and african voodoo (babas) because both tell of the next evil attack in ones life.

  12. Hi Dore,

    I want to salute you for reaching out to this web-site in faith for help. This is a big step forward. You have already won partly over your fears (Phil 4:6), with God’s help. I sense that the Lord will use you and your testimony for many people in a mighty way.

    Yes, you need to surround yourself with caring and loving people, but I understand that the only caring people, that you can reach out to now, is TB Joshua Watch and that is OK. It is NOT easy to come out of a cult, because not everything that happens there is bad.

    It is very confusing, painful and a long process, for the people caught in there, to come out where ever they are. Remember there is always real cheese in a rat trap and then we are not even talking about the spiritual bondages, through mind control etc. that they are under.
    I thank our loving Lord Jesus that he is answering our prayers and that the light of His truth is shining into your mind. May you be one of many waking up and coming out!

    Remember the Bible says; “The Truth will set you free and our loving Lord Jesus is the Truth.”

    Yes and you also need to separate yourselves from them. As you cannot now do it, be assured that we will stand with you in prayer and fasting and help you wherever we can. But the moment you can leave them you must separate yourself from them (2 Thess 3:14+Rev 18:4) and do not turn back like Job’s wife.

    What will you do, if Dore was one of your family members caught in a cult?!?!

    Please have mercy!

    • thanks Just Wonder,..Its a great spupport,..If Dore was a family-member of mine, caught-up in a cult, I would never give-up on her, and patiently and with al my love hold on to faith and Gods victory,..I would get her out, listening to Gods guidiance,.amen.

      • I have famliy members caught up in SCOAN. I will NOT give up on any of them. I am praying daily that God provides a way of escape for them. Any of them will be welcomed with open arms and given whatever support and love I am able to give. They will NOT be condemned by their family, they will NOT be rejected by family, they will be loved and supported. If anyone within SCOAN has been told that there is no life for them outside SCOAN – THAT IS A LIE.

  13. I have always wondered how the church of the end time will look like. I understood that there will be a unity of all the religions together. But how can it work?
    Until scoan……….
    It is a mixture of the three big religions, Christianity, Muslim and Jewishness, plus the African religion thrown in for good measure…..the cherry on top of this mixed fruitcake…………..
    We are tired of concocted prophecies; we want the Word of God preached for the salvation of souls!

    • You know what the main problem is,people want to hear perdictons. As I wrote earlier these are not prophecies!
      As long as people want to hear them,this is what they will get.
      It’s a shame really when you step into a pentecostal church the gospel is about salvation or Gods love,but prosperity or the next plane crush etc.
      Some churches have seen that this kind of preaching does not bring in crowds.
      Church goers also play a big part in churches not preaching and practising Gods gospel.A shop closes down if it has no customers!

  14. Hey. U guys shud stop o. God tels prophet joshua wat 2 say. He has 2 say dem because he is a true christian. Everybody did not believe jesus so evryone cant also believe tb joshua. All the evil plans against him will fail and u will be put to shame because God is on his side

    • So you are calling God a lair, cause some of the predictions that Tb comes up with are
      not true. Please becareful and don’t defend everything cause others are doing so.

  15. Anyone of his prophesies that has not come 2 pass is waiting 4 the right time 2 manifest and wil surely do. Jesus pass through this (even more than this) remember he was spat on so therefore those that follow his footpath must go through the same and will overcome just as jesus christ did.

  16. Jacky it is u i pity. Tb joshua is doing all that jesus christ preached about. What jesus want his followers 2 do is what tb joshua is doing (heal the sick, deliverance from demons, render charity 2 the poor, widows, old and young and what have u). What have YOU and other jealous mind done..? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. May God bless and list him higher above his accusers. Like a man of God said, only the LESSER people judge and condemn the GREATER ones.

    • Ola,you are such a sad person.I have no reason what so ever to be envyious of any one who is suppos to be doing God work.What would one gain from that.we were all created by God to glorifiy him while here on earth.But what is wrong is dceiving people in the nam of God.That is what is very wrong.
      I for one I am not a so called prophet or what ever titles people give them selves,but I do Gods work and we are called as God’s followers to point out what is wrong,it’s our duty!
      Anyway your eyes will be opened one day.

  17. Keep siting in the dark and say ur doing God’s work. The bible said judge not so dat u wont be judged. God never asked anyone in the bible 2 be exposing people like u claim u are doing. Leave evrything 4 God bkus vengance is his. Why fighting a war u cannot win and why starting somthing u cannot finish…? Some people have died bkus of the lies they throw at tb joshua. Please we should not incure the wrath of God upon ourselves and our household. (remember the bible said that the punishment of the sin of the father shall go into his fourth generation) let us be wise and leave evrything 4 God

    • I will die at the time that God
      calls me as written in his book and not cause,I speak the truth about deceit
      you are indeed a Scoan follower cause you are curseing me and you surely are not a Christain.what ever you wish for me I send it back to you!

  18. leave tb joshuah alone. u are just waisting your time in judging him. u need delivarance coz de devil is using u.

  19. Satan has succeeded in using people to blasphem the man of God. Instead of those people to use their time for something better they allow the devil to use them. Leave the man of God alone and give your life to God

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