US Cinema Shooting: another tragedy, another fake ‘prophecy’ from TB Joshua

On the very same day that a gunman opened fire on a cinema crowd in the US, killing 12 people, SCOAN released a video that claimed that TB Joshua prophesied the shooting.

Such ‘prophecies’ are nothing new, but what amazed us was the sheer speed with which SCOAN grabbed the opportunity to exploit this awful tragedy. Did the SCOAN media team stop for one second to think about those who lost their lives, their grieving families, the dozens of people injured and the hundreds of people left traumatized?

This video illustrates two cheap tricks that TB Joshua relies on for many of his so called prophecies.

1) It’s another fake ‘cut and paste’ prophecy

Notice how, in the video above, TB Joshua’s words come in short chunks, accompanied by sudden changes in camera angle? This is because like the Indonesia crash video, it was edited to remove the parts that didn’t fit.

The original prophecy, which TB Joshua gave on June 10th, mentioned several details that were later deleted. He prophecied that the gunman would be from the military and the shooting would happen near a barracks. Compare the uncut video below with the edited one above:

I see near or in a barrack a member of the military whether it’s navy or what but he will shoot many people before he gets arrested,” TB Joshua saidIn actual fact, the gunman was NOT a soldier, he was a university student. The shooting happened nowhere near a barracks. So as usual, these parts were cut out of the video as if they never existed.  (If you want to go back to check out the full video of the Sun 10th June service, you will find that SCOAN has removed it from the official archive on Youtube- luckily someone else uploaded the relevant clip)

2) It’s a predictable prophecy

I’m seeing a man carrying a gun, in a gathering of people. And begin to shoot people, and a lot of people will be killed before the man is arrested.

In the video released after the shooting, we hear TB Joshua predict a mass shooting in the US. How often do mass shootings happen in the US? Unfortunately, pretty often. In fact, a quick google search can tell you that on average 20 mass shootings take place in the US every year.

This means that there was a very high probability that within a few months, TB Joshua’s ‘prophecy’ would be fulfilled. This is no more impressive than predicting snowfall in Norway some time in January. If he had mentioned a cinema, that would have been slightly more impressive (though still pointless, unless he could pinpoint exactly where and when in order to avert the tragedy). But he didn’t. He said a gathering of people. That could be anywhere. (of course, we now know he did specify but it was wrong)

Another example of this is his recent prophecies regarding a plane crash in Indonesia. Like this time, as we demonstrated in our video, TB Joshua needed a little bit of help from his editing team with some of the details. However, a quick internet search for airline safety records can reveal that Indonesian airlines are notoriously accident prone and there have been dozens of crashes in recent years. So again, a prophecy like ‘a plane will crash in Indonesia’ is sure to be fulfilled sooner or later.

Anyone with  an internet connection and some basic googling skills could compete with TB Joshua in many of his prophecies of world events. But only TB Joshua has the shamelessness (and the international TV channel with accompanying editing team) to pull it off.

38 thoughts on “US Cinema Shooting: another tragedy, another fake ‘prophecy’ from TB Joshua

  1. How long can his flock close their eyes and ears to this man’s deceit? What subduing of the intellect does it take to continue to believe this man’s “prophesies”?

  2. @ Graham,

    They’re under great delusion ! They think that this petty Nigerian criminal is a ” great power of God.” I was also deceived but thank God for his mercy, He delivered from T B Joshua. My brother, our problem is really ignorance of the Word of God and stupid idolization of mortal men and women, who are taking the name of the Lord in vain.

  3. I watched d prophecy live. Its different frm d one involving d military. Since scoan air these prophecies live do well to maintain ur own copies instead of embarking on a wild goose chase. Just to let u know obama calls it the worst in us history wit 70 gunned down & 12 confirmed dead. D warning frm tbj was timely. Pls look 4 something else 2 do.

    • well he did a pretty poor job of “warning” anyone. no location. no timing. no description. just that someday, somewhere, somebody in america would begin shooting innocent ppl.
      well done my man. focus is on you again. next time try to prophesy a tragedy that the authorities can actually AVERT instead of using their deaths to assert your own “prophet status.”

    • by the way obama clearly doesnt know his own history. the top three worst massacres in american history were all committed by American soldiers on native Indians. The casualties were all around 150

      interesting! ok…back to tb joshua

      • Whatever happened God can reveal the truth if you abide in him, through emptiness you can not find any matter from God’s chosen people at work. Always believe the message from God’s man, don’t use your knowledge.

  4. That was the worst edited one ever! I happened to listen to it on headphones and you can clearly hear the background sound between the cuts changing making it 100% sure that there are bits cut out.

  5. Amazingly shocking!

    Yes, I have picked up in the past how quick they are with this tipe of thing?

    But then they cannot stop, as these tipes of things are the foundation of that ministry.

    I see they used Deut 22:18 again.

    When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen Deut 22:18?

    Well, the next passage of Scripture comes to mind:

    “’How can you say, “We are wise, for we have the law of the Lord”, when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?’
    The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped.
    Since they have rejected the Word of God, what kind of wisdom do they have?
    …. From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit…
    Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct?
    No, they have no shame at all; they do not even know how to blush.
    So they will fall amongst the fallen; they will be brought down when they are punished,
    says the Lord. (Jeremiah 8:8-12).

    They are playing with fire, all taken together………

  6. Even jesus was not beleived in his home town, nazareth. People like u and ur foolish group sit down to watch a prophet of God preach only to pick out what to do ur cheap blackmail about, to deceive ur blind followers. I have seen dermon poccessed like u come to confess and ask for forgivness and deliverance. The next time u sit to watch prophet tb joshua only to get wrong facks to publish, I command the fire from above to blind u and ur group in jesus name. Holy ghost fire u

    • Mikki – the best you can do is insult people? This seems to be all SCOAN people do. How Christian! Why not deal with the issues being raised – or does that mean you have to contemplate that there might be other explanations for what you believe?

  7. What this man of God will do that you will not have something to say about it???Guys what I can see is U guys already made ur mind that he is fake so what ever he will do,U will still find fault?this can prove that even that previous video,U edit it urself to fit ur topic and ur blogg.If U guys dont believe TB Joshua is man of God,we do believe he is man of God.We cant take all this insults anymore.TB Joshua never force anyone to follow him.Those who believe he is man of God,they follow his prophesy and his instruction and it work for them

  8. How long u are going to sit here argue about TB Joshua?he gave the prophesy live and we have seen it happen.what rubbish is this again?Now everyone can understand that you are all liers on this blog.U are nothing but jealous of what he is doing.God will punish all of U for what you are doing on this blog.paul bcom blind b4 he believe in shall U all bcom in Jesus name

  9. No human being should fight 4 God. God is so awesome that u dont need 2 fight tbj on his behalf. In anycase if God is wit tbj, all of u put together cant pull him down. Ur accusations of editing is baseless. D attacker was puting on a body armour more like a military man & there is a military base in aroura in colorado. So whats ur problem? Its very easy 2 criticize. But its hard to do good & be a blessing to d world.

  10. y dont you do the googling skills and tell us what will happen on this thursday or net thursday as the man of God is saying guys should give us a break.Are you fighting for God of for your paymasters?Am watching the church service live to be well informed since you guys rather do the editing of the authentic videos

    • I see that there are a greater number of silly people in the world than those who arnt.
      Look at the facts how many people in the US own guns,I was watching CNN yesterday and the report said that the guns he had were legal and he had 600 rounds of ammo and that alot of people in Colorado own guns.
      The probability that there will be a shooting is like 9 out of 10,and there are shootings in the US everyday,but they don’t get reported.
      Some of this is common sense really,common sense is
      not so common.if someone says something against your church,the christain way is not to insult them and wish that the fire of God blinds them!!!! How shameful!!!!this is not what God is teaching us in his Bible.
      A true Christain does not hurl back insults.
      How much are you getting paid anyway to insult people,remember no one goes to the grave with money.

  11. Is there no way to arrest this guy?The Nigerian government needs to do us all a favor & ban this false prophet. If some Witchdoctors are banned from Practising after it has been established that they are frauds (@ least in some instances), what is the Nigerian govt doing about this.

    This guy is the silliest con man in Africa today & judging by the number that follows him, the majority of us are sillier! Really!! We have faithfully abandoned our brains.

    • There are no any wise people to comment here?The blog is doom so as it followers.AGENTS OF DARKNESS IDIOTS

      • Define idiot! You may find that in the Synagogue Church of all nations there is a very big one. Where as I would not use that word per say I would confidently say the man in the synagogue is a fool with even more fools following him.

        Don’t worry I was a fool too but for the Grace of God. Minus God I can be foolish see. Don’t you get yourself in a tizzy!

        Listen, the man who doesn’t know the difference between a Church & a Synagogue is obviously silly. On top of ignorance the false prophet is a crook & everything else in between. Wise!?!?Certainly NOT TB J or all you his followers.

    • ” My people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge: Because you have rejected knowledge I will also reject you………” Hosea 4:6. And, MJ, I agree with you that TB Joshua must be locked up, but the pity is that even the Nigerian president is deceived. His predecessor, Sanni Abacha, was also deceived, but he did not live to tell his story !

  12. Wow, thank God for this web-site. The world can now see what the hidden fruit is that comes from that place.
    Except for everything exposed on this web, the abuse inside is much more subtle to proof.
    Believe me, it is a “house of horrors”.
    I believe that the Lord is bringing their evil to the fore ground now, for all to see.
    And for all who think that the people coming out of that place are lying……
    This is some of the things that the “disciples” in scoan are going through for the slightest offence and this is what the friends and family members are subject to, should they differ from tbj.
    The people like the Dore’s, who are confused and hurt by the truth and the cursing that anyone is subject to for the slightest offence and a trial of broken people and families from a “Christian church”?
    These are some of the things that are going on in the back.
    “But we forgive you because you do not know what you are doing”……. Luke 23:34
    Remember the Word of God says in 2 Thess 2:10-12:
    “You perish because you refused to accept the truth to set you free. For this reason God will send you a strong dilution, so that you will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth, but have delighted in wickedness”.
    We will not stop exposing you, until this nonsense in our families’ stops!!!!!!!
    Think, think very well what you are doing?
    Let us pray the more for everyone deceived by tbj and for people to be set free and come out and families to be restored.

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    • Hmm, just checking this as I get home from work. It doesn’t take that much time to run this site, you know? You can comfortably do it on top of a full time job.

      • This site is really doing a good job at exposing T B Joshua and his worshippers don’t like it one bit. They just want us to keep silent so their idol can go on deceiving the Lord’s people but we will not stop ! We will continue to expose T B Joshua as a liar, deceiver, manipulator, false prophet, fornicator and adulterer !

  14. I watchd that live service myself. He said nothing about a barrack. He only said d gunman would open fire in a place where people are gathered. The video was realeasd to confirm that God is real and so are his word, he neva tels lies and so what he said came 2 pass. U guyz are only blaspheming and telling lies bkus of envy and jealosy. The wrath of the almighty God will soon catch up with u as it has been doing 2 others like u. The fact is that he said it, and it happned, that all there is to know. Repent or u will live 2 regret it. Jesus still loves u

  15. Dore i have done that a thousand times. Quit deciveing urself. Even if it is true which i dont believe, u should knw dat 1 wrong cannot undo a million right. Digest that into ur system

  16. Everything becomes possible by prayer in faith, through our own peace and
    Love God reveal thy truth

  17. Graham since you and other people say that TB Joshua is a fake,i would suggest you go to Scoan and deliver him,and tell him the wrongs he is doing faceface. How about that?

    • @Hope,
      That’s not a problem at all ! If you’ve been following our posts on this blog, you’d realize that I have already offered to deliver T B Joshua, through Jesus Christ, the only deliverer. But first, T B Joshua has to confess his sins of adultery and fornication, manipulating miracles, giving false prophesies, etc., and show repentance and then ask for deliverance. You cannot deliver anyone when they don’t see their need to be delivered. And last, but not the least, the deliverance must take place at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, or the National Theatre in Accra, Ghana, because I don’t trust anyone at SCOAN. Tell T B Joshua to humble himself and ask for deliverance, please.


      • Since u are a christian,christ has given us authority over evrything on this world,use it to go to scoan nd stop saying that you trust anyone in scoan,lets seenw whose the fake?corwd? Mmmm Tb joshua or you,?you have to devilver him in scoan becz that whre is doing the profesy nd delivering people!i hv never been to scoan my self,read john 7:24

  18. i watched the prophecy live and he said the man would be a military he wasnt sure which and this is true because the shooter was wearing a body armour, ( i belive that was what he saw but he lacked the right words to express them.

  19. Whether his predictions come true or not, TB Joshua’s prophecies are not biblical but border on divination & falsehood.

  20. Tb joshua God has ordain him to change d world of whc he’s nt even started yet,he’s being ordain tpo change lives nd lives av bn change evn urs will soon be! Nd he has change my nation NIGERIA HALLELUYAH!!! SO u nd ur proffesor in editing can go ahaed wi ur false videoz waitin to c u comin down to SCOAN @ LAGOS NIGERIA OUR ADDRESS #1 EREFIN STREET IKOTUN LAGOS NIGERIA

  21. DOnt worry t b joshua people are jeolous, 1 peter 4vs 12 My dear friends, do not be surprised, at the painful test you are suffering, as though something unusual were happening to you.Rather be glad that you are sharing christ ‘s suffuring, so that you may be full of joy when his glory is revealed. (THIS ARE STEPPING STORMS)

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