Proof that TB Joshua DID NOT predict the Colorado shooting

Yesterday we posted about TB Joshua’s supposed prediction of the Colorado shootings. We also pointed to a news article which suggested the prophecy originally said the shooting would take place on a military base and the shooter would be a soldier. These details were edited out of the Colorado prophecy video, presumably because they did not fit with the actual event (in a cinema, by a student).

Today, someone unconnected with TB Joshua Watch uploaded a video to youtube showing the original prophecy and the edited one. Not surprisingly, it clearly shows that the prophecy did contain details that failed to come true so were edited out. This leaves us with an exceptionally underwhelming prophecy: A gunman in America will kill several people before being arrested. No date, no location, no description of the perpetrator. Absolutely nothing that could serve any purpose other than inflating his ego and increasing his fame. Unfortunately for him, after the Indonesia prophecy and now this one, the truth is well and truly out. You cannot trust anything released by Emmanuel TV, they heavily edit what they produce to suit their purposes. In our mind this is clear evidence that TB Joshua is no prophet, he’s a simple fraudster with a big TV audience – but watch the video evidence below and discern for yourself.

193 thoughts on “Proof that TB Joshua DID NOT predict the Colorado shooting

    • Agree! Some false prophets are blind to their state but this one has eyes wide open. He knows what he is doing! That is criminal!

    • what is wrong with the video?He said what s about to happen and it happen.Did he said is military man or police or what ever?IS HE IS MILITARY OR POLICE OR NAVY I DONT KNOW,WHAT I SEE IS HE CARRY GUN SHOOTING B4 HE ARRESTED.Is this difficult for ur brain to understand this?where the fault come from?U have to watch ur language.He is prophesing to his followers .what is ur businss here?

      • The problem may be that you are under a curse! You are dead in sin & you need to repent, we would love to be your brother in Christ.

        Of course if you are a Christian & are temporarily deceived you will see TB J for who he is, & we will rejoice together in that day! You & this idiot rejoicing! Lord have Mercy & may that day come!

    • People you are just wasting your time. Touch not Anointed!!! All was revealed in the bible and its happening. Devil is fighting on the other side but god is demonstrating his power. People are very good at commenting earthly things but when it comes Lord things they are negative. These are the best signs of coming of our lord Jesus Christ. If you did not know god is going to usher other 11 great prophets to the world to make them 12 including TB Joshua. Blessed are those who believe in him and they will see signs and miracles happening and its happening. Gog Bless all.

      • Blessing that is a lie, and another doctrine of demons from T B Joshua ! God has promised to raise only two witnesses or prophets for these last days. They are special and will have the spirit of Moses and Elijah upon them. Two witnesses, not 12 prophets. Rev 11:1-4.

      • @mr terrific

        Even the demon can quote the bible better that you Mr Terrific. You are possessed with spirit of anti christ just like Bajesus

  1. yeah……this is pretty indefensible stuff. (though im sure the same ol’ people will deny it and call down Jesus’ curses on us all for standing against this man of God)

  2. @tindo… and you’re now what? The agent of God? Do you mind also telling us other agents of the devil out there? Or is TBJ the sole devil? People like you seriously make me nauseous, you always see the bad in people even when you’re no better.

    @tbjoshuawatch So editing a video is now a crime?, he even said he was not sure by asking is it a navy, police or what? But I guess you couldn’t see that could you, or perhaps you only see what you wish to see. Now even if you can prove he got that little bit wrong, I believe its more foolish to dismiss all the others he got right as mere coincidences than it is to accept this as an “almost accurate” prediction. But if you still have a problem with the video though I suggest you go to the police or law court and when they ask you what the problem is, tell them TB Joshua is editing His you tube video.

      • Curse
        I am thrilled that you call me idiot! Personally that is a word that I would NOT use for Soe or his master. They are both fools like you really!

        Soe has people? Is Soe TB J? Do tell!

    • @ Soe
      Some of us find it offensive when you say GOD gives unclear prophecies such that TB J has to ask the synagogue their ideas. This is GOD he claims gives him visions! How silly can you be to suggest GOD is vague, incoherent & unclear in HIS Visions? Really Soe!!!

      • Its clear that you people do not understand things of the spirit, when the prophet isaiah prophesied the birth of the coming messiah and predicted that he would be called “Immanuel”, what was the messiah finally called? “Jesus” does that make Isaiah’s prophecy any less correct? Did that little bit of detail cancel out the virgin birth which fit the event. Stop judging by mere appearances and Make the right judgement. Forget all your earthly understanding so that your spiritual enlightenment can begin then you can really begin to know, It takes the spirit of a prophet to understand the prophecies of a prophet which is clear you here all lack. That’s why its really pointless trying to make you see.

      • @ Soe
        Really? You still dont get this one?

        In Matthew 1:21 GOD says “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins” and in Matthew 22 – 23 God further explains what He/GOD said through Isaiah, “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet: “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel”(which means, God with us). Through Isaiah we we see GOD in The Flesh, through the Angel we see GOD the Saviour! Now since GOD HIMSELF is the one explaining here, there is NO ISSUE SOE! GOD EXPLAINS HIMSELF IN MATTHEW 1:21-23 AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO defend the false prophet because of your ignorance! BTW HIS NAME IS WHO HE IS!!!

        Is Jesus Immanuel Soe?

      • @ Soe
        IN THE SECOND PARAGRAPH IT READS “and in Matthew 22 – 23…” IT SHOULD BE “and in Matthew chapter 1:22-23″I realized I did not put the Chapter there just the verses. Do take note!

  3. Did I not tell you people that T B Joshua is a Nigerian 419 prophet and a criminal ? He is just deceiving ignorant people who love to be deceived and refuse to read and understand the Word of God. He wants to make himself popular by whatever means and has stupid people at his command, running along like horses that have broken loose. It will really take a special grace of God to deliver all these deluded folks, but let us continue exposing him more and more so that those contemplating going to the Synagogue of Satan would think twice !

    • This TB Guy should really be likened to the terrible disease TB! For those who want to play around with him, he is contagious & will prove deadly to many.

      Those of you who can see even dimly GET OUT! You are in the midst of a fiery inferno! Get out!!!

  4. tbjoshuawatch guys you’re doing a great job. people like tb joshua should really be exposed. he is leading many souls to hell. how can he use the name of God to trick people like this. im so disgusted, extremely annoyed by this man

  5. I hope that now, understanding the truth, everyone will start to fast and pray for his deceived followers to be set free by the truth from that Nigerian cult. It is unbearably painful to have your family in his flock and to have them defending him and turning their backs on you.
    Isaiah 5:13
    : 13 —therefore my people are gone into captivity, because of a lack of knowledge—
    Hosea 4:6
    : 6 —my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge —because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no priest to me!
    Jeremiah 17:5
    : 5 Cursed is the one who TRUSTS in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord.
    Rev 21:8
    : 8 But as for the cowards and ———- COWARDLY SUBMISSIVE ———— and all LIARS –——all of these shall have their part in the lake that blazes with fire and brimstone.
    To the disciples:
    Do not be part of this. Do not edit the videos. Do not do the wrong things that tbj expects of you. Come out of that place quickly. So that God’s judgment will not fall on you as well.
    Please listen, we are doing all this because we love you and care about you…………..

  6. I just want to go back to what Dore said, “What TB Joshua is doing to white woman”.
    Remember the following video:
    Deception of the Age – (part 4of8):

    What spirit is this? Does it belong to “a man of God?”
    I have seen with my own eyes, how this is true and I have had contact with white girls coming out of that place, hurt to the point of death.
    Pray……….and for the other nations as well.

    • Just wonder, Thank you so much!,..I nearly died in their so-called; TESTS, i had to under-go,..The wise-men play this un-humanly games as well, by direction of The Profhet,…Because of my religious back-ground I could survive the tests, and because they could not breack me, they said my anoiting must be; “realy from God”,…The serious hurts they create in the body, in the mind, in the heart,; they create them by; using the word of God in a distracting and confusing way, by; using the energy of the anoiting to raise you up, or to create destruction (in the body),..They are masters in turning-around your reaction and emotions against you,..When i cried of pain, they said, I had an depression-spirit,.When I became furious out of being pained and tortured by them; they said i had an un-forgiving spirit, or an anger spirit,..So the deliverances go on and on, because there is no end to the evil they do,..They use the best qualities of the disciples, and then dump them as garbidge,..The promises, expectations and reward for under-going this test-periods, will never come, will never been given….Its just about molesting and slaving the best out of the soul of good-willing intentions,….Its more then criminal, its realy killing the soul…

      • hi;..The energy of the anoiting, is a sort of dynamo in the body, given by God,..This energy is at first a gift of God, and is given to bless others with it,…..This energy can be used in a beautifull healing and purifing way,..But; this energy can do something els;…when the person who has the anoiting still have some sins (as we all have), then this sin becomes energeized,…So; if some-one has bad fantazies, this fantazies become stronger by the energy,.. Imagine what happens to some-one with a lust-spirit,..or; with a tendensy to greedyness,…or; with a tendensy to win,…or a tendensy to might,…or a tendensy to; self-righteousness,…or a tendensy to; fame,….; all this sin-tendensies become energiezed and stronger,..and un-controleble,……………..What happens to a profhet-gift, when their is sin in the profhet?…..And what does a called man do, who failed in his mission?…………The profhet is in a very dangerous trip, as a trapped bird,…; he becomes very dangerous for others.

      • @Dore, who are you and what are you yanking on about here, I understand you used to support TB Joshua here before, but were lured away by the seducing spirit that pervades this site.
        No wonder Jesus said so much about the rewards of faithfulness going only to the finishers not starters. Retrace your steps while you still can, I’ll keep praying for you.

    • Hi, The drama-testemony-stories, presented in scoan, about occult powers, are stories the profhet uses, to transforms his own dark tendensies,……………He is cleaning him-self from error, by showing this evil by the experiences of others,…mostly all of the recent testemonies, are set-up, and ment to change deep patterns of cultural believes and behaviors,..

      • hi,…About the shooting-profhesy,..The profhet says very cleary in the original profhesy; “ï see a militairy barack”,…and; “this is home-land-secerity”,….this means; he wanted to make a good shot about a militairy event,…This cinema-event came by the way,…..So; if there will be a millitairy-shooting-drama the common weeks in America, then the profhet will have to explain some little facts about profhesy,and timing and date,…and Gods grace when He reveals events….and the task of a profhet, to chancel this revealed events,…

  7. I don’t care about the editing and I don’t see anything wrong about it…..All I know is that they was a shooting in American from a single man and I can remember vividly when he said it last month. TB Joshua is not a God to tell you word to word. Have it at back of your mind that it was a vision revealed not a movie watched. And he said yesterday that he was everything very clearly on Wednesday.

    • mister kinns; an authentic profhesy is : WORD BY WORD GIVEN BY GOD, and absolute!,… There is NO WAY to make misstakes about the messages,…..Profhesies that are 90 % real and 10 % self-made, are NO profhesies of God,…

  8. Soe,
    Thanks for the advice. We just want to let you know that we have already opened a court case against TB Joshua. We have presented all the evidence to Jesus Christ our Advocate. He is busy interceding for all in the Heavenly Court Room, before our Father God (Elohim), the Judge of Judges. We are anxiously awaiting Gods verdict in favor of his people. We have also asked for mercy and deliverance for you and your people who repent. Hope the truth will set you free.

  9. Listen carefully he said is it an air force or a navy man or military man or police I don’t know.
    His last word was I DON’T KNOW

    before the man got arrested a lot of people will die

  10. Thank you Dore, for opening up a little bit. I know that you are doing this being in great danger from that cult. I know there is much more to come. More than just editing of videos. We are praying that our loving Lord Jesus will bring everything done in SCOAN, in the darkness, to the light for the world to see and for the salvation, deliverance and healing of everyone involved.
    Thank you, we will continue to pray for you.

    • hi Just Wonder, yes, i know about the danger, and I know about my trust in Jezus Christ,..and you are right; there is a lot of commotion to come,.its brewing,…..

  11. Come on TB Joshua, you are either going to have to repent and leave your offering at the altar and go and make right with all the people you have offended and destroyed or give your disciples better ammunition to shoot with. Don’t give them wind balls to fight against the Word of God and the Truth…… is embarrassing to say the least.

  12. Hi Dore.
    To comment on:

    …mostly all of the recent testemonies, are set-up, and ment to change deep patterns of cultural believes and behaviors,..

    Ya, it is very clear that the resent deliverances etc. are set up. We have taken note that “everyone being delivered now cannot, for the life of them, remember what they said afterwards”. One even forgot to play his role properly. How embarrassing. I even felt ashamed for his sake. Really, I mean, how stupid do they think the world is?

    It is very hurtful to see how they are using and abusing the Lord’s things and catching people in their evil nets!

    • Hi, Just Wonder,..Its a complex way too see through,and to understand what is realy going on,….The african culture is still very ignorant about a lot of occult and idoltery,.. they are involved in it as their second breath,…There was a testemony in the sunday-service about a man who had commited cannibalism; and offering human–beings in satanic-rituals,..He became deliverd, and its a mystery to me, how he can get away with the crimes he commited against people,…..deliverance in african becomes an way-out out of jail,…..Yes, in some way they believe the world is stupid and that they have superior waepons to go along with the world,and her evil,……Not agreeing with their vision, is for them a evil-attac,…The profhet has no other frame then the african cultural tradition, its the only world he knows,….As far as I can see, when the Holy spirit should be genuin, then he would receive the right revelations and knowledge and wisdom,…But what is happening is far from divine wisdom…

  13. i just wonder why they still haven’t fixed that Deut 18:22 reference……’s not even a rush paraphrase of the real thing…..

    SCOAN version: When a prophet speaks, the wise listen

    The Bible’s truth:If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.

    it’s actually kinda ironic……

    • As soon as we drew attention to the misquote they seemed to stop using it. I expect they rushed this one together and used the wrong title sequence. And yes, it’s beautifully ironic!

  14. Let’s get the facts straight. TB Joshua said “is he in the air force, navy man, military man? I don’t know.”, which was 100% correct.

    The shooter stockpiled ammunition and ballistic gear for months before the shooting. He was dressed in full ballistic gear like someone in the military and even had 3 different guns. He’s whole apartment was booby trapped with explosives.

    TB Joshua then said “it is an issue of homeland security”, which is 100% correct, look at the definition of homeland security
    The definitions discussed in this paper draw attention to:
    1.Terrorism. Homeland security is a concerted national effort by federal, state and local governments, by the private sector, and by individuals to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce America’s vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur.
    2.All Hazards. Homeland security is a concerted national effort to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks, protect against man-made and natural hazards, and respond to and recover from incidents that do occur.
    3.Terrorism and Catastrophes. Homeland security is what the Department of Homeland Security — supported by other federal agencies — does to prevent, respond to, and recover from terrorist and catastrophic events that affect the security of the United States.
    4.Jurisdictional Hazards. Homeland security means something different in each jurisdiction. It is a locally-directed effort to prevent and prepare for incidents most likely to threaten the safety and security of its citizens.
    5.Meta Hazards. Homeland security is a national effort to prevent or mitigate any social trend or threat that can disrupt the long-term stability of the American way of life.
    6.National Security. Homeland security is an element of national security that works with the other instruments of national power to protect the sovereignty, territory, domestic population, and critical infrastructure of the United States against threats and aggression.
    7.Security Über Alles. Homeland security is a symbol used to justify government efforts to curtail civil liberties.

    An issue of homeland security is a threat to society like a terror attack.
    So, if you take the unedited version of the prophecy it is even more correct. This blog is playing with fire, the fire of God.

    • The only thing 100% correct about that quote is that he didn’t know. The shooter was not a military man. He was a PhD student.
      You’ve got a thankless task defending this nonsense. I don’t envy you.

    • Its sad what pride, shame & blindness does to us! It’s clear the tb joshuaers want to cling to their pride & avoid shame & repentance. It’s sad that some are so blind they cannot see what is right there before their eyes!

      TB J admitted to NOT knowing who the terrorist dude would be. Obviously he didn’t know the cinema would be the venue, neither did he know where the supposed terrorist attack would take place(he never said Colorado or Aurora), he never said the day or time, the guy said nothing concrete. He knew nothing indeed. The sadness that is TB J!

    • @concerned. tb joshua said ‘im seeing a man in one of their barracks, a military or airforce….”. this is 100% WRONG. there were explosives in the shooter’s apartment, yes, but does that mean it is a military barrack? he also said this can be averted by prayer implying he prayed but the killing stil happened. now they are celebrating his evil prophecies following the deaths of innocent people. have you ever wondered why whenever he prophecies killings and deaths, his prayers to avoid the situations are never answered

    • Concerned…..what about the mention of it happening on a military barracks? Why not say it would happen in a movie theatre?

      So, not really 100% correct, hey? (of course, you left this detail out)

  15. Yes Dore, you are one hundred persent correct about the fact that it is a Bantu Prophet Afrcan Religion.
    Tbj is a text book case for them. He also mixes Christ-lam in. That is Christianity and Islam, with Jewishness, hence the Synagogue Church of all Nations.
    The fruitcake church.
    The Word of God says in;
    Rev 17:1 “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute, who sits on many waters…
    : 15 … the waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.
    So to top it all, the false church will be a Mega Prostutute Synagogue Church, having control over all nations!

    • @Just Wonder – You know the above link and picture is old and a lot of hogwash. I know a disciple that worked at the church many years ago and a man of God that has visited the church the last 13 years every year and still visits the Prophet and that picture is not there. Send me a picture of yourself then I will photoshop that picture behind you

    • @Just wonder
      to be fair, thats one of the false accusations thrown at TB Joshua. I can confirm I never saw that anywhere on the church premises, or prayer mountain – and I was on the lookout for it because I saw it before I went there for discipleship. I’m no fan of his, but I’m out to keep things as true as possible.

  16. tb joshua i hail you because people are lossing sleep because of your Spirit filled activities. the kingdom of darkness is in trouble. carry go: you are one man riot. you are true man of God.


    • Tjay,..A profhesy of God IS 100% stethoscopisch correct!,…The Holy spirit reveals in absolute clearity,…..EVERY word, and EVERY detail is correct,….If not so, he is a fore-teller, a magical trance-dreamer,…No Gods-messanger………Basta!

    • @ Tjay
      Since you have sense can you explain why he edited the video? Can you further explain why the god of TB J allows such editing? Can you explain why the creator of the UNIVERSE was handicapped in communicating the incident to TB J?( I mean really he is OMNISCIENT afterall & HE should have known EVERYTHING Right?) Can you explain why TB J would be clueless after being in the PRESENCE of GOD for the very purpose of being given a vision for the world?



      • Hi Tjay,..Good said,…I dont no why ‘the God of tb-Joshua”, ask him to reveal this event,….It looks meaningless,…it serves no single divine plan or deeper understanding of Gods way,…I dont serve; “ä God of tb Joshua”,…I serve the God of the bible,…

    • once again, Tjay, TBJ said it would be on an army barracks. Not in a Batman cinema.

      You’re also diverting attention from the fact that the military-theme was cut from the original video

  18. Hi.nweze. have you ever try to ask to scoan why there is no mariages, no baptism, no holly communion? Please tell us. dont be deceived .and please tell tbjoshua to release the female disciples and let them go home to prepare their future

    • @Kali
      If I can recall Dave and Angie were married there
      How do you dish out communion to 30 000 people at a time, baptize people and get through that huge prayer line. At the moment the Prophet & the wise men combined struggle to get through the prayer line.

      • @Concerned.
        lol, the same way they have thought of a system to collect tithes from “30,000” people.

        YOu know as well as I do that the disciples dont do communion either. Its simply not a part of life there.

        PS, you ignored my pointing out that TBJ got the Barracks detail wrong.

      • Really! So TB J can disobey God just like that & it’s ok? Synagogue has its own rules eh!

        In the true Church Peter chose men to help when things got outta hand. But that was the true Church anyhow…

  19. Am surprised at what u guys are doing here. Settling down comfortably to raise finger against God’s annoitted servant. If i were never there to see the wonders of God, i would have blindly been derailed by u satanic agents

  20. I seriously do not see any arguement here. T.b. Joshua spoke on internal security and that a man would kill many people before he will be arrested. Did this happen or not? Of cause it did. Instead of arguing about the accuracy and editing why not look the other way? By using this medium to advice the authorities in America not to always neglet prophecies of such for the good of the country.

    If they had asked for the way out of this, i believe it would have been completely averted. Then, if after then it wasn’t averted the you guys can conclude.

    Forget about the accuracy or editings, even the videos and films we watch are all full of editing. How sure are you that the prophecies of olds you read in the bible weren’t edited before being written? If it was written the veryway it was said do you think we’ll be able to comprehend the bible? ‘A virgin will bear a son and His name will be called Emmanuel’ was that the name they called Jesus? Bt the prophecy was indeed accurate. So please i’ll advice you guys to erase the topic (proof that T.b. Joshua didnot predict the colorado shooting). Cos it was actually prophecied. Stop this evil mind set! And for your info. Emmanuel Tv. Didn’t regreat the posting of the saying about det 18:22. Cos it is being rebroadcast on

    • Doi & Soe

      Read Isaiah 9:6, And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. How is it possible that you people do not get the fact that JESUS had TITLES???IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE YOU ARE SITTING UNDER TB J TEACHING, HE IS CLUELESS! READ YOUR BIBLES YOURSELVES!

    • You are kidding aren’t you Doe? As it has already been said, predicting a mass shooting in America is sadly no prediction, it’s a statement of inevitability. Any mass shooting is arguably a homeland security issue, so you can write off that detail too. So far we have nothing. What matters is the details. Let’s imagine the authorities did take this prophecy seriously, what they have done? They would have stepped up security on military bases. Nothing would have changed in cinemas and a disturbed PHD student would have still been able to go on a murderous rampage. The fact that you think this prophecy had ANY potential to stop this tragedy just goes to show how blinded you’ve become by TB Joshua.

  21. any time the prophesy of God come to men,those who believ in God always take it serious and they work on it but those unbelievers will sit and gossip and argue untill it happen.When God send mesage to Noah,those who believe, followed the instruction and they were saved.But those fools and arrogant and unbelivers did as U are doing now untill they were perish.Is not by force to believe is ur personal choice.And is not this will make us turn aways from SCOAN.

    • TB J edited the videos! He is a deceiver @ the moment & until he repents he would have perished too during Noahs time!

  22. Hi,…The profhet recruted the American church-branch, who where present in scoan, during the Colorado-profhesy,…(coincidence?), and all this American church-members confirm the profhesy as true,…Strange, because they have the same ears as I have, and i heard a different profhesy then is sended out,….Watch the second speaker,: he is afraid,..

  23. @Ian. You do not interpret all prophecies by the letters. When Jesus spoke about the temple being destroyed and rebuilt in 3 days, no one understood not even the disciples until it happened. John 2:19. So steping up security in military bases wouldn’t have been the solution to the disaster but sourcing the solution from the source. Please don’t make it seem like a crime!

    And i don’t know if you are having problem with my name or it’s your mocking technic.

    • Doi
      Sourcing the solution from the source? Eh!? The source did not give a solution? What was the purpose of the vision then?

      • I said sourcing the solution from the source. Wether or not the solution was given, sourcing from the source is the best option. Cos even when the solution is given we may not understand it. And people like you will always find ways around it. How sure are u that a solution wasn’t given? Or you want me to proove again?

      • Doi
        You are old enough to see how lame this sounds! You are hitting home ONLY one thing: this was a useless vision ( so called)! No purpose @ all! Dude get real!!!

        The next time TB J says I am seeing a barrack a military man or whatever I don’t know remember a crystal gazer or Witchdoctor looking through a mirror & know that he is closer to those hooligans/(he is 1 of them really) than ANY of the Biblical prophets.

  24. @concerned@concernedone 1. If you are a born again,you need to obey the word of our lord jesus christ; this includ the holly communion ,baptism, marriage. No excuse . You cannot live in christ the way you like. Please when did tbjoshua stop perfoming these ceremonis? I suppose at the bigining of his ministrie he didnt have 30.000 pleple

  25. Please concerned@. Take your time to visit or wacht other mega church you wil see that they observe these command.i hope you read your bible.

  26. @ALL,
    Our president of Ghana, John Atta Mills died suddenly yesterday, just like Sanni Abacha of Nigeria, yet both of them were very close to the false prophet T B Joshua. In both cases, T B Joshua did not see anything coming, yet he claims God shows him the result of football matches, but not the deaths of African leaders whom he has deceived with his lies and manipulations. Let’s wait to see whether he claims to have prophesied the death of Atta Mills.

    • @Mr Terrific TB Joshua is a man he does not know everything. He reveals what he has seen. Read this
      I have never met a Prophet that has given me a 100% accurate word. So now they must all be satanists as well. Tell us of your great and perfect exploits for God? We are human and there is room for error, that is why you test a prophecy with the Word of God. Prophecy can encorage but it can warn as well.

      • T B Joshua makes false claims and manipulates things and deceives people and that’s what we’re concerned about. I’m a watchman on the wall, blowing the trumpets and calling people to repentance and warning them about the wolves in sheep’s clothing like T B Joshua, so they would not be devoured, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

      • Thank you for the link, and in any case, there was no way for T B Joshua to manipulate this one, just no way ! He would have loved to pounce on this one to “project his name” and to make even more customers for himself. Now he knows we’re watching his every move, and perhaps this will stop him from making more false claims ! Thanks be to God, for our terrific work on this blog !

      • @ Concerned
        Where in the Bible do you find a prophet who sees a vision from GOD & makes an error in interpreting or communicating it? Why belittle GOD in that matter, have you forgotten HOW prophets in the Bible were USED by GOD? A vision from GOD is different from TB Joshuas opinion!!!! Can you not see that! There is absolutely no way it can be so dim as to result in a so called prophet editing it to perfect it. Why don’t you people fear GOD?

  27. Back to the edited version if the Colorado shooting prophecy:

    Look at it again:

    In the UNEDITED version tbj says: “He sees it happens … in a barrack, military…etc” and it is taken with the white aircon behide him?
    In the EDITED version tbj says; “He sees it happens … in a gathering of people…etc” and it is taken with the congregation behind?

    Why is it necessary to edit it like that, if it were a correct prophecy from God?

  28. Please tell me; “Why do you defend wrongs things so much in scoan? I do not understand? You must know of the wrong things being done in scoan! Would Jesus do it? Do you have peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, by living for years under abuse? Not being able to trust the next one beside you, because of the backbiting and monitoring. Are you happy reporting every small offence to tbj, like kindergarten kids? But you are above 20 yrs old? Not being able to communicate with the other disciple or your loved ones? The Bible says; “Love covers everything?” Are you happy to be cut of from your loved ones? Are you happy to live in dormitories out of a suitcase, with sleep deprivation for years? Are you happy to be promised much and receiving little? The “anointing” etc. that is kept in front of your noses, like that donkey with the carrots story. To keep the donkey going they hanged a carrot in front of his nose, to keep the hungry donkey going? Remember Jesus is the baptizer in the Holy Spirit. And to the wise men; “Have you got peace by jumping at tbj’s every abusive wimp etc?” Please tell me?

    • Just Wonder,…are you talking to me in the message beyound?….I dont defend the Profhet,..Far from that,…I confront him as much as possible,…But I dont want to become only hard,…I have to live with the commandment; love your neighbor as your-self, and; correct the wrong-doings,…..I have compassion and i dont accept his wrong vision,…

      • @Dore,
        If you’re able to confront him, then the best you can do is tell him to come out to make his confessions before the Lord’s people whom he’s been deceiving and manipulating. Maybe that way, he would find mercy !

  29. Hi, There were roamers about the death of John Atta Mills,….He must have been under treadment for a longer time,….He answerd reporters about this roamers with; faith, he just acted the word, by saying he was not going to die,…..We dont no why he did not consulted TB Joshua for healing,…If it were great frends, then Tb Joshua should have known about the ill-ment, and offering his healing-anoiting,…Maybe tb Joshua has guided him, and it did not lead to immidat healing, as so many other cases,…President John Atta Mills was a very sympatic and important progressive leader, a great soul,..Maybe God wants us to learn a lesson about His will and not ours,….May there be peace and Gods lovely care,for the soul of John Atta Mills,…..amen.

    • Atta Mills put his trust in TB Joshua and consulted him for healing but was never healed, and that’s why he came to the USA last month for medical treatment. As a matter of fact, he was due to visit TB Joshua again that fateful day when he died. T B Joshua cannot heal anyone, Jesus is the healer, so let’s look up to Jesus !

      • Hi, The profhet has fired me,..I am out of the system,…He does not realy likes to become confronted,…Some-how he has the silly idea that I want to destroy him and ministery,……..Man, how deluded can some-one be?…

      • Your deliverance has now come ! You couldn’t make up your mind, but now the Lord has delivered you and it’s time to go. Are you still at Scoan, and if so, why ? Please take the next flight and come out of the Synagogue of Satan to regain your sanity, dignity and your proper place in the kingdom of God. Your family is waiting for you and perhaps you can now share your story with the world. Did TBJ make any sexual advances or harassments or did you fall for his lies and deceit ? Please share your story, the world will love to hear, the wolves shall be exposed and the name of the Lord would be glorified !

        Note from the moderator: Our advice to you dore is that your current priority should be to readjust to life outside of SCOAN, find someone to talk through the experience with, connect with a local church who can help you sort through issues of faith and reestablish relationships with friends and family you left behind. In the fullness of time, your story may serve as a good warning to others, but be sure to get yourself up on your feet again first.

      • There is ONLY one reason they would edit the video, if it WASNT from GOD. ONLY a fool would play around with a vision from GOD( not just once but the other TBJ watch video exposed him as well). This is GOD we are talking about, WHO WOULD DARE EDIT HIM/HIS MESSAGE?

        This is NOT the GOD of the Bible tb j is talking about, this is the god of this world.

      • well its pretty obvious to anyone who watches the original why it was edited down….i just thought i should ask your opinion, in case there was some explanation. thanks for the honest answer – i agree

  30. @ All,
    I said somewhere on this blog that those African leaders who put their trust in T B Joshua would perish unexpectedly like Sanni Abacha of Nigeria who regarded the false prophet as a “spiritual father.” I did not prophesy, but just spoke my mind and now Atta Mills has gone, unexpectedly like Abacha did ! Which African leader associated with T B Joshua is next to go, and T B Joshua does not even have any clue ?

  31. It makes me feel slightly sick….it might be a cultural thing, but the way he talks about it “a lot of people will be killed….boom boom boom boom boom” – it’s the kind of thing I’d expect from my 3 year-old. No feeling that these are real human lives he’s talking about, just flippant play acting. And it’s a running theme – these prophecies are NEVER delivered with compassion, just showing off and a “we should pray” as an afterthought. If I was seeing the horrific things he was seeing, my heart would be broken as I was talking about them. Just me?! Even Emmanuel TV only refers to it as a “tragic event” right at the end of the clip – there are five minutes of glorifying the Prophet first. Just sickening.

    • @ Katese
      I had not looked @ it in this way! Indeed it’s impossible to see such an incident & not be broken about it.

    • IMPOSSIBLE in capital letters. This man is foolish & doesn’t care about the lives of people.

    • No; He does not mind for the live of others, He is too blunt,..And the heart is too presumptious,..His frend died today, but his machinery just has to go on,…They changed the web-site for some “new changes”,. without a word of memoriam.. It looks as if he does not react on any emotional event,…He only reacts on persequtions and accusements, it improoves his tricky word-games,…And paralyzes any healty movement and constructive plans.

  32. Hi Dore,
    I was so disturbed when I read your emails on this web. Seriously upset. We withdrew and really prayed for you in earnest. I am so glad that he fired you… Did I not say you are in danger……Your testimony lies open on this web-site. The world can see what he does, if you slightly go against him. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for your deliverance. I agree whole heartedly with Mr. Terrific, but in the meantime keep contact with TB Joshua watch, as they are the people who will understand your position. Do you know if there is any other disciple in scoan that feels the same way as you? As we hope more will be delivered through our prayers? You need to get out of that place fast and watch you spiritual back, as this man fights in the spirit!
    2 Cor 4:17… for our light and momentary trouble are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all… and
    Isaiah 66:13… as a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you and you will be comforted….

    • Hi Just wonder, thank you for your prayers, I somehow become in the savety of Jezus again,..And i am very calm,…..,..will you explain what fighting in the spirit means?….Dont be afraid, it will wotk out fine,….and I will tell my story on Joshua Watch freely,….its a long story,..

      • @Dore,
        Don’t let ” fighting in the spirit,” scare you ! Yes, as believers, we all fight in the spirit, ” for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God……” 2 Cor 10:4-5. Do you think T B Joshua is not fighting this blog ? Yes, he is, but he has failed, because he has no power over anyone here, except those under his control, and that’s why he set up his own blog to oppose this blog. And in Nigeria, he uses bribery, intimidation and threats but he can’t do that to everyone. He uses a hammer to hit pictures of people anointed with God’s Spirit, because he can’t fight them spiritually, because they’re of the light and he is of darkness. To be honest, T B Joshua is more physical than spiritual, because he has no spiritual authority, which only comes with submission to the authority of Jesus Christ !

      • Hi Dore – just praying for you. Don’t know what you’re going through but you are the precious child of God and I know that He loves you. I pray that you will find a church where you can bask in His love.

  33. To TBJ Watch,
    Praise the Lord! One more soul saw the light through this web-site and come out of that hell-hole for the salvation of her soul (life). We pray that all the disciples will get out. Thank you for your persistent patience…keep going.

  34. Hi Dore,
    I have asked those questions to the disciple in scoan. How is it possible that they are happy and have the peace and joy of the Lord, being involved with things like that? Surely they must know in their hearts that it is wrong. Surely they must know! I would like for one of them to answer me, because I can not understand it?

    • Just Wonder, has to do with the anoiting, what is un-going spirit and loveble,…While the heart, the mind, the feelings are constantly distracted,confused and keeping buzzy,by activity, demands, controle and words and a mix of kindness and nastyness…Ofcaurse there is the registration of; something is wrong, but the profhet keeps the show alive and in full speed, so there is no moment to breack the pattern of being involved and not being able to get out,…The courage to get out, has to become in spirit from God and reach the heart,….and then the connection is broken,…with the profhet,.

  35. Hi Dore – please remember that there will be people praying for you to find the right place outside SCOAN. Praying that you experience the true healing and love of Jesus.

  36. Hi Khali,
    I agree one hundred persent with you and so we are praying and asking the Lord for ………
    ” have you ever try to ask to scoan why there is no mariages, no baptism, no holly communion? Please tell us. dont be deceived .and please tell tbjoshua to release the female disciples and let them go home to prepare their future”
    ……….amen, because Jesus Christ never had female disciple, neither female disciple living with Him in a commune, or ‘house of horrors’, with some accusing Him of sexual misconduct.

  37. Hi Dore,
    Mr Terrific and Madelaine has answered you well about him fighting in the spirit. We will continue to add our prayers for you together with these other people. Thank you for aswereing me back on my questions. It helps us to know how to pray for the disciples.
    Deut 31:8 “….the Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged…..”

  38. Hi Dore,
    Do you feel free to tell us, if you maybe know of any other disciples that is feeling the same as you or who is also waking up to the truth?

  39. HI Dore,
    I still wanted to give my answer on the following of your statements……”They use the best qualities of the disciples, and then dump them as garbage…” This is exactly true. Tbj has a teaching: “That when God is finished using you, he will discard you like a used up pen or sucked out orange”
    That is a totally unbiblical view.
    Jesus Christ gave His life and died on the cross of Calvary, because He loves His creation, His people, to save, heal and deliver all those discarded people.
    Remember: Ezekiel 16: 4-7
    The Word of our loving God says; “On the day you were born your cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water to make you clean, nor were you rubbed with salt or wrapped in cloths. No one looked on you with pity or had compassion enough to do any of these things for you.
    Rather you were thrown out into the open field, for on the day you were born you were despised.”
    Then I, God, passed by and saw you kicking about in your blood and as you lay there in your blood, I said to you “Live!”
    I made you grow up and developed and became the most beautiful jewel”.
    This is the heart of our God! To save discarded people.

    • You see, this false prophet wants to justify the way he uses and dumps people but now it is time for Satan to dump T B Joshua, after using him to deceive and manipulate the Lord’s people. The Lord our God does not use and dump anyone, and this is another of Joshua’s doctrines of demons ! When Jesus had suffered and finished His work, God exalted Him above all principalities and powers, and gave Him all authority ! Matt 28:18; Phil 2:9-11: Rev 1:17-18. That is not using and dumping, but exaltation ! Even as believers, God has already exalted us to sit in the heavenly places with our Lord Jesus. Eph 2:5-6

  40. @dore
    You mentioned before some commotion is brewing,,,what kind of commotion? Would you be able to give any details now that you’re out?

    • @ Giles,
      Please let’s help Dore ! What nationality is she ? Let’s get in touch with her government fast to get her out. And she should avoid eating any food at SCOAN. TBJ Is evil and criminal and would do anything to stop being exposed, but now his cup is full, and judgement has come !

      • no idea. relax, just pray for her. The Lord Jesus is greater than TB Joshua. No problem 😉

  41. Let’s pray for Dore…..she has been too quiet….the disciples do not have money and usually not their passports to be able to get out. They are kept under tight supervision and control. I am scared for her being subject to brutal discipline in that place…remember she said: “That she nearly died at their hands.” Discipline in body, soul and spirit. From which country might she be? Remember she is trying to get out of a cult alive! This is a dangerous thing.

    • @Dore,
      Dore must be bold to get out of SCOAN and if she won’t get her passport peacefully, she must get it forcefully ! Maybe we can get in contact with her embassy to get her out. We must do everything to set the Lord’s people free from this petty criminal who calls himself, ” man of God.” Shame on you, T B Joshua !

    • If what she is saying is true, let her call the police or run out of the church into the streets waiving and screaming for help. she could get out that way. thnks for dramatizing!

    • @ All,

      What is happening to Dore ? If anything untoward happens to her, her government must take severe action against this Nigerian criminal false prophet.

  42. I am 100% sure you guys who criticise TBJ are working for satan. Satan is a master in all what he does. He has never used outsiders to try to bring a man of God down. We see this even in the life of the Lord Jesus. I therefore caution you to think twice before all these demonic rumbling about TBJ. I am not his diciple and has never been to Lagos, but I know he is a man of God. I can see beyond my nose in the spirit. Many of you cant. You operate only with your five senses. Beware less the curse of God should fall on you up to a third and fourth generation.

  43. It’s possible, they have denied Dore access to computer or something worse ! T B Joshua and his comrades- in- crime would do anything to prevent further exposures, but they cannot hide from the judgement that has already come upon the Synagogue of Satan ! Let’s wait and see what happens…….!

  44. Remember Dore also mentioned a Spanish dancer who wants to get out………..

    1. Joshua watch, please help the spanisch woman, member of scoan,. She received deliverance in the prayer-line just know,…They are gone breack her. She complained about, confusions, poverty, thats she wants to leave and not wanting to serve God any-more (not wanting to serve Profeht joshua any more),…this is the game,; not tb.Joshua is destroying her, no, they make her believe its the spirit in her,..How can a woman, serving the profhet for years, be suddenly possessed?…They breack her, …….The spanisch dancer, she is translator, the sunday-morning-service-prayer-line…you gone recognize her..
    and she also said;
    2.1. hi,Just wonder and Claire,.thank you for the support,..I need it,..I am still in the game of the scoan-treatment,..
    Did you notice that suddenly all the scoan defenders are also silent now?

    I just wonder what is brewing … what commotion is going on there, as Atta Mills death is also upon them now?

    Lets keep on praying for Dore and the Spanish dancer.

  45. Ikabod – “The glory has departed”
    Remember that the disciples of tbj claim that he can see what is going on in your lives from the day that you were born to the day that you die.
    Tbj could not foresee the untimely death of one of his god sons and President of Ghana,
    Dr John Atta Mills who passed on some days ago,
    neither did the five wise men saw anything, who are supposedly also prophets,
    like him,
    neither did A Mills get healed under their ministry,
    Now let us see how he is going to explain this away on Sunday!
    How he is going to get his glory back?

  46. What about the prophets of the Old Testament?

    Have you met them in the Bible?

    They were also just men, humans and got their prophecies 100% correct?

    Concerned (@concernedone1) permalink
    July 26, 2012 12:46 pm
    @Mr Terrific TB Joshua is a man he does not know everything. He reveals what he has seen. Read this
    I have never met a Prophet that has given me a 100% accurate word.

    If you have never met a prophet that has given a 100% accurate prophecy, you have not met a prophet of God of the Bible type like Elijah and Elisha.

  47. The SCOAN is likely in locked down mode right now, where people are not allowed to enter or leave for the 3 days Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I found out about this within correspondence from the SCOAN to my husband (when he was arranging to spend time at the SCOAN). There were many very specific instructions, some in red as being of extreme importance, including that you were to arrange your arrival and departure on the other days of the week. The fact that people can not gain entrance or leave for 3 days in a row every week was another warning indication to me. So, if Dore is inside a SCOAN facility, I do not think she could leave of her own choosing right now. As she commented on being fired, she likely no longer has access to comment here.

    • Try let us read some truth from what U write here.Ur lies on this blog are too much.Scoan is not a prison yard.No one is locking anyone there.U come on ur own and leave anytime u plan to leave.No one holding anyone there.Those who have made their mind to go there none of this lies will stop them.God have mercy on U!!

  48. Hi Very,
    Sjoe, what else…………………thank you for letting us know.

    We keep on praying that everything done in the darkness, will come to the light.

  49. @Very
    i know your husband has gone there, I would like to encourage you – keep praying for him. My mom and sister began praying for me once they had seen the change in my life as a disciple, and it really was amazing how everything seemed to click into place all at once. After years of listening only to his preaching, reading only his notes, mentioning only his name, within just a few days it was all undone.
    When people go there, strange things are done to you, or are given you, which at the time you dont think so odd because of the explanations you’re always given.For e.g. I was given two pieces of paper with his strange writing. I dont know the ins and outs of these things, but I do knowthe result; that I was blinded, and so are people there.

    I mean,some people there say he was sent by God to redeem us from Satan. If you cant see something wrong with that statement, you’re spiritually blind again.
    And you’re in deep trouble.

  50. To Giles,
    Thank you for this email. It is very encouraging to me. It gives me hope to keep on praying for my family members as well as all the other disciples.
    I forgot to answer you back on the allah picture in his church. True I have not seen it anywhere, but I have seen the name of allah written on the ground with stones opposite his first little house, at the entrance of prayer mountain, when I went there in the beginning. About 10 years ago. It has been removed.
    To proof the Islam flavour in his teaching are just as subtle and difficult as the rest. You need a deep knowledge of them to see it. For now; the teaching; “That you have two personalities in you,: comes out of Islam for example. Watch the new year service of 2012 and you will also see how he is speaking to the muslims under the christians noses, without them knowing it.
    Enough for now.

  51. Hi Concerned. I saw your comment of 25th July where you mentioned Dave and Angie. I don’t know them and have never met them, although I have met Dave’s mother a few times as she was friendly with my friend Anna. I have heard of Angie’s experiences at SCOAN and of the reaction there has been from SCOAN since she made these public. I know that Dave has two sisters and a brother and I believe they are also involved in SCOAN and assume that they are still involved as I know that his parents are.

    Having read Dore’s comments on this site I have a real fear for these two women, who I guess must be in their 20s and have passed all their adult lives in SCOAN. Are they suffering as Dore has suffered? Are they considered fair game as Dore implies? The thing is that these two women will have seen what happened to their sister-in-law, to Angie. They will have seen that Dave was not supported by his parents so if they are suffering and speak out, will their parents disown them? They may have seen the terrible defamatory statements that have been made about Angie (and Dave) on other sites, if they have been abused and speak out will they face the same treatment?

  52. Another thought about the reference to Deut 18:22. Could it be a) a Freudian slip or b) subtle sabotage by someone editing the video? Why else put out a video with a reference that says ‘If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.’ (NIV) Obviously if you have to edit it, it didn’t come true!

  53. This is so obvious! People who cannot discern that TB Joshua is clearly lying can themselves not be trusted because they clearly lack sound judgement. The Colorado shooting did not happen in an army barracks nor a navy base. The perpetrator wasn’t a military man. Plus his statement was bound to come to pass in some shape or form because of the vast amount of people who own guns in America. Even recently there was a shooting in a coffee shop in Seattle. He knows this kind of thing is likely to happen and made a very crafty statement and has the nerve to call it prophecy. He is no prophet! People who refuse to even question him are not sincere in wanting to follow God! They will follow TB Joshua, even if causes them to regularly exchange truth for lies.

  54. Inmanuel means, god with us !!! Its not refering an actual name, A prophet of god never, predicts wrong….the noble said That se have to judge the prophecy an watch the prophet, so congrats on your page….lets see tb joshua actions, i think his Been glorify as a god! An people in Nigeria actually sees him the prophet ….we can make miracle as Well cause the Power That his claiming to have, is what jesus said we….all his followers hAve, the ONly think is That we dont have faith!,,,,lets follow jesus….he is the Lord! He is god….he is our deliverer…our savior….and healer! Blessings!

  55. What is happening to our beloved sister, Dore, or what has happened to her ? If this agent of Satan called T B Joshua, tries something stupid against Dore, that would be the end of his game. Yes, some women left SCOAN and died without telling their stories, but this time T B Joshua will have a lot of explaining to do to defend himself. Let My people go !

  56. @moderator U refused to publish my coments.God will punish u and ur followers for this stupid things u doing on this blog.U will becom blind untill u repent Stupid bastard

      • How many coment U refuse to publish it?Any coment that is not favouring U,U refuse to publish.I ask giles question how many times now?have u publish that?U allow anyone to write any nonsense and lies without prove and u publish when i reply u select to publish mine

      • Joe, the problem is everything you say has been said a million times before on this same blog. We publish lots of critical comments. But comments need to be related to the post you are commenting on (ie not insulting Giles or Mr Terrific about their motivation for going to SCOAN in a post about the US shooting) and constructive (ie not your last one: CURSE BE UPON ANYONE WHO LIES AGAINST THE MAN OF GOD ON THIS BLOG DOOMERS!!! AGENTS OF LUCIFER!!!!)

        We will not publish any more comments from you unless you seriously up your game.

  57. We say again:
    This is what the LORD Almighty says:
    “The people of Israel (Jesus’ born again children) are oppressed and the people of Judah as well. All their captors (scoan) hold them (the disciples) fast, refusing to let them go. Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon (scoan). Jer 50:34

    A sword against the Babylonians! Declares the Lord-
    1. Against those who live in Babylon and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against their wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet

    They will become fools. Jer 50:35

    What happened to A Mills is just a fortaste….
    No “prophecy”?
    Just a prayer point becoming a hint of “prophecy” now?
    Grabing onto straws?
    According to the prayer point “prophecy” – Did A Mills or did he not finish?
    Finish what?
    And what nearly finished you?
    This act of God?

  58. T B Joshua, leave Dore alone and let her go ! LET MY PEOPLE GO, thus says the Lord ! Exodus 9:1. T B Joshua, are you so desperate to ” protect and project ” your name that you would keep people against their will ? Or have you restored Dore to her place because you don’t want her to reveal your secrets ? Or have you tried to silence her ? Whatever you do in secret will come out in the open. Your own “disciples” are going to reveal all your evil doings and God will put you to shame. Repent now, T B Joshua, and save yourself from the calamity to come.

  59. Where are Doi and Vasillis (Visser) and all those commenting for the false prophet ? Is T B Joshua now adding “kidnapping” to his unholy crimes ? Why is he keeping Dore ? Please tell him, thus says the Lord, ” Let My people go, before I pour out my wrath upon the Synagogue of Satan, and destroy T B Joshua and all his accomplices in My indignation ! “

    • Hi Mr T. It is my hope that we have not heard from Dore recently because the God has answered our prayers and she is in a safe place and is surrounded by the love of Jesus. The God that we have prayed to about Dore is bigger and stronger and more powerful than this man.

    • Hi Mr T,
      We are doing what we can to find out more about Dore’s identity in order to check on her welfare. It is concerning but we are praying for the best..

    • I decided not to coment on this blog again because I cant find any truth on the blog.Can dore prof to us what she is saying is true?can she call police in?Yiu cant just write anything here then we start believing what you saying.We need any proof from her.

      • Vasills, have you been to SCOAN? Do you know much about life in Lagos? A foreigner cannot just call 911 and accuse one of the most powerful men in Lagos of being a criminal. We may not have rock solid evidence of abuse but we have many testimonies over the course of ten years that are consistent with each other, often from people who never even knew each other and were not at SCOAN at the same time. we cannot ignore this when vulnerable young people continue to go to SCOAN and churches around the world continue to encourage this.

        Regarding manipulation and deceit at SCOAN, we have rock solid evidence that prophecy videos are manipulated- see the last few posts on the blog.

      • yeah, Lagos isnt like the west. For starters, there ARE police guards on the church premises armed with semi automatic weapons
        (The fact that SCOAN was the only church guarded by assault rifles was also odd, esp when TBJ said that there was a massive angel permanently stationed on the turn off from the main road)

  60. You got to give TB Joshua on this one. Let’s say he had a vision, that a shooter was in USA. The incident happened a block near a Buckley airforce base. The shooter was dressed in a riot gear with a gas mask. It could easily been interpreted that a shooter in the vision appeared as a military or policeman.Bible prophecies are similar. Prophets interpretation of the vision can not be easily understood by a reader. It almost seems that God wanted to seal the prophecies so it will not be understood for the ignorant. But after it transpires, Ah! That’s what the prophecy was talking about. Nostradamus prophecies are also similar. Very cloudy until after it transpires, you finally understand what he saw.

    • objection. If its on a barracks, it means its on a barracks. If its in a cinema a mile away, ITS NOT ON THE BARRACKS. Its in a cinema a mile away.
      Why on earth did he not mention some useful words like CINEMA, or BATMAN MOVIE.

      You, among many others so far, have failed to acknoweldge or explain the editing. Its very deceitful. If you have an explanation, I’m listening

      • I agree with Giles. The ambiguity about the shooter is not really the issue, it can easily be justified in the way you did. If he had got the location right, or correctly predicted a time frame for the tragedy happening, then it would be a fairly credible prediction. Considering he did neither, it was a distinctly unimpressive, not to mention useless “prophecy”.

  61. Terrific. Tell me what else you want me to say? If your moderators can santion others for insulting them but can’t santion you for the insultive ,arrogant,evil, wicked and selfish, words you speak against T.b Joshua and you expect us to rejoice over your condemnation? You had better stop being partial.

  62. And about Dore. please T.b joshua is not keeping dore. Every disciple has the free will to leave whenever they want to. Scoan isn’t a prison. Giles should testify to this. I know of alot of disciples who are not presently in the church because they had to futher their education and they still speak v.well of the prophet. So Dore has to really come out plain about her being a disciple. I don’t even recall her say anything like that. So where did you guys get all these stories?

  63. …..@Ian. The prophet did not say it would happen in the barrack neither did he specifically mention a Cinema. So removing the barrack didnot actually change anything. For him to have mentioned it, meaning he actually saw it would be close to a barrack. And if the force men had secured the barrack like you said maybe they would have been able to get the situation under control cos its only miles away(that’s if they had believed the prophecy).but the truth still remains.virtually every telecast in the world is being edited. and i ask again how positive are you that even prophesies in the bible weren’t edited?.. The solution to all these like i said before is acknowledgement and sourcing the solution from the source and not this baseless criticism.

    • No offence intended, but im not going to teach them to suck eggs. If they cant see the problem with the above video, you’re wasting your time coming on this site.

      @Doi, referencing leaving SCOAN? I was unhindered from leaving, BUT – I needed TB Joshua’s permission. My passport had been confiscated/taken care of, along with my plane ticket, as per normal. I cannot talk for everyone.
      I know of two “escapes” though. One was a clever guy who used to make alot of flights on TB Joshua’s behalf. He used these trips to secretly take more and more of his personal belonging each time, little by little. Then one day, when he was in his country on the churche’s business, he simply threw his phone away and disappeared 😉

      • PS, but there is absolutely no way you are getting your passport and ticket from the guy who keeps them if TB Joshua says no. You need his permission

  64. There is nothing called video editing in the prophesy.Sometimes the prophesy can be said many times in the same day.when it happen,the video is to remind us what the prophet said.There is no need to play all the video about what he said.The prophet know his people and his people know him.Even when he whisper his people knows what he means but unbeliever dont.They sumarizes the video to remember us what he said.Why you so offended?Every word Jesus spoke to his dicple was precious to them but those who dont believe in christ see it as nonsense.When the pope gives any message,the catholic will value his message but unbelievers will see it as nonsense.Why do you have to spend ur precious time discussing what you dont have faith and believe???

  65. I haven’t been actively following the blog for a while but was notified concerning Dore. I want to point out that it is practically impossible for a disciple to leave unless TB Joshua gives them permission. The passports are locked away in the “strong room”. Only a select few who work in the “airport department” have access to them. When you arrive, the airport department collect your passport and return tickef if you have one and it is expected that you hand over your remaining cash to TBJ in his office as a sign of obedience. All travel, whether it is to visit the prayer mountain, or oversees travel is always authorised by TB. That’s the reason for the armed guards by the gate. When I tried to leave without TBs permission, I was held up by AK47s. That’s a whole other story, but to correct the statement that everyone is free to leave, that’s an absolute lie. I was also always told in disciple meetings by TB that “If any of you want to leave, come meet me in the office & I will arrange for you to go.” I believed him, until I was held against my will and literally had to escape on an okada (motorbike taxi) and hide in a hotel until I could go to the airport. Not only that but TBJ sent armed guards to the airport to look for me, so free to leave?? Not if you have information on him. I was lucky, I realised SCOAN was a cult whilst in the UK. I arranged to go and see him to tell him that I didn’t want to have anything to do with him or his ministry. After 10 years of involvement, that seemed like the decent thing to do. I knew that if I dared enter the main entrance at the church that I’d be forcibly held. So I waited outside and passed my message to disciples. When I realised the disciples were getting more & more aggressive, I made my way in the hire taxi to the front gate. It’s at that moment the guards stood in front of the car with their guns. The taxi driver said with fear in his eyes, “I’ve heard many bad things about this place, if I drive they will shoot my tyres. You better escape by okada”. And that’s what I did. The beauty was that the disciples couldn’t chase after me because they needed TBs permission. They later held my taxi driver @ gunpoint & forced him to tell them when my return flight was & drove with him & their weapons to the airport. I know all this because my taxi driver later phoned me after he’d made his escape from them at the airport. They are lawless Nigerians capable of serious acts.

    One key disciple disappeared mysteriously only for me to find out years later that he somehow died? He was a juniour prophet & had been there over 10 years. All I knew was he was in isolation because he was “down”. TBs way of saying someone is sick. Next thing, more than a year later someone mentions to me that he died. No funeral, no announcement in a disciples meeting, no acknowledgement of his family. Just whispers, “He died, didn’t you know?”

    • We will keep praying for Dore and for any others who wish to leave. We will keep praying to the God who arranged for Paul and Silas to be released from prison, we will keep praying to the God who has won the victory.

      • “Amen!” to that, Madelaine.

        The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ is ALMIGHTY, FAITHFUL and full of MERCY and COMPASSION for all those who call out to Him for rescue and put their trust in Him.

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  67. @Emma,
    This is horrifying ! Why should people allow this petty criminal and false prophet to hold people against their will ? SCOAN is really a cult and it is thriving because this can only happen happen in Nigeria, where corrupt people rule and innocent people suffer. But the Lord, who is the mighty deliverer will deliver His people from the hands of this monster and agent of Satan, called T B Joshua. The man is a liar and there’s no truth in his mouth at all. He is of his father the Devil. John 8:44. Emma, have you shared your story yet ? This T B Joshua must go to jail !!!!!!!!

  68. i don’t get you Emma. Y did you try to escape? I think there should be a little discipline and courtsey here.not using force. Tell me why the security won’t go after you when your movement was suspicious. As though that of a thief. Did you meet T.b Joshua and he refuse to let you go? Giles did you also meet the overseer of the ministry who you actually agreed to stay with.(which is the normal thing to do). Did you tell him you want to leave and he said NO? Plzzz!

    • @Doi. Interesting how you’re curious about what Emma did to get held up at gun point. Does the fact a church (supposedly founded to worship the prince of Peace) has armed guards not bother you? What a shame the early church didn’t think of this, there could have been a lot less martyrs.

      • Do not ever compare the happenings these days to that of the old days. And who said there were no security those days? There were. The only difference is that the world is more technologically inclined now. Is it a crime to have security? Don’t be too heavenly conscious and become earth useless.

      • Yes, it is a crime for T B Joshua to have security to terrorize unarmed civilians. If he is afraid for his security, let him put the guards around himself and leave people who want to escape the hell of Scoan alone !

  69. haha. Terrific you make me laugh. You can tell that to the illitrate who do not know what security actually signifies.

    • @ Doi,
      Which of the apostles and the prophets had armed guards ? T B Joshua cannot compare himself to any apostle or prophet, yet he claims to be a ” man of God,” and you people believe his lies. Tell him to remove those guards with immediate effect so the Lord’s people can be free to escape anytime. TBJ doesn’t own anyone, but Jesus owns us all !

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    I’M BLESSED WHEN HE PREACHE LOVE & SHOW LOVE ,THE LOVE OF GOD GIVES HIM STRENGHT THAT WHY N COMMENT CA NPUT HIM DOWN.Isa 51:7 Listen to me, you who know righteousness, the people in whose heart is my law; don’t you fear the reproach of men, neither be you dismayed at their insults.

  72. U.S. troops among victims of Colorado movie shooting
    U.S. troops were among the casualties in the shooting rampage at the Colorado movie theater, including a sailor who was listed as unaccounted for, the Pentagon said Friday.

    The Defense Department released a statement that said one sailor was injured and another one, known to have been at the theater, was unaccounted for. Two airmen were wounded in the incident, it said.

    Buckley AFB in Aurora, Colorado, is the closest military base to the scene of the shootings. Spokesman Master Sgt. Jill Lavoie said some of the wounded were from Buckley.
    July 20, 2012
    About 10,000 troops — including members of the Air Force, Army and Marine Corps — are stationed at Buckley. Soon after the shooting, the base initiated a head count, Lavoie said.

    One of the units on base is the 743rd Military Intelligence Battalion.

    A post Friday on its Facebook page said that the Traumatic Stress Response Team (Mental Health Support) and Emergency Family Assistance Control Center (EFACC) had been activated at the base chapel. “If you or family members need assistance or counseling following the aftermath of the Aurora Movie Theater shooting, you can meet with the teams standing by to help you,” the posting says.

    The DoD statement also said that the suspect, James Holmes, is not a past or current member of any branch or component of the U.S. Armed Forces.

  73. Dear TBJoshua watch guys,

    I have been on this your site before and actually prayed for God almighty to forgive you guys because I can see that this site was hosted for the main purpose of attacking the annointed man of God. Prophet TB Joshua. But as you guys attack him, the more the man of God is growing from glory to glory and receiving more annointing in Jesus Christ Name.

    I advice you guys to keep busy yourself wasting your precious time and I know that the number of souls lost through this website will be asked from you by Almighty God.

    One thing you don’t know is that GOD can not be embarrased because of your crititism of the annointed man of God. You guys are fighting Holy Spirit and I pray that Holy spirit will visit you guys very soon like he visited Saul on the road to Damascus.

    The bible says, do not judge so that you will not be judged. Our God is faithful.

    Emmanuel. God is with us. If God is with us, nobody can be against us lest they perish because they will be against God.

    Our battle is of the Lord.

    Thank You Jesus. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  74. Tbjoshua watch, check your life and check tb joshua’s life and you will see the difference. Check yourself and your life. You people have sinned against the Holy Spirit of God.

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  76. I don’t see the need for all this,but please answer this question,is every one perfect,are all of u throughly christians.
    If u can answer straight from ur heart u will no demons are extremely smart they may be here.don’t forget this we ar not alone here.GOD bless u all.

  77. Before making any comment on this video,if we truly know our bible we are not in the position to judge but God,may God forgive us all.I partially agree with you that the video might have been edited but if really say make your research well there are somethings you did not get well,they are;
    -the man of God had said it times without number that he did not go to school,so if he had made mention of barracks initially might have been bcos of the sporadic shooting.but the event actually came to past,he is human too,we are not made to be perfect, only God.
    -why focus on only the man of God when we have lots of questionable man of God out there who had 4gotten their mission in the vineyard of god,some are cruising in a state of the heart cars,living in manssion,vieing for political position and leaving bhind the true purpose of their calling to win souls for God,if you like @ d simplicity of tb joshua who hardly leave his church/cruise the latest cars.
    Please anybody insupport of man of God tb joshua should nt use vulgar words,the blog owner is just making an opinion/should I say wanted blog attention.
    -u only focus your attention on the prophecy,that means you are searching the man of God for failure,@ least we know where all our thanks giving are going to something he adviced us to emulate.we see pple being healed,it is only When you are in serious pain that you ll understand being healed.
    -i ll end this by saying it was not the man of God that edits the videos himself but humans like me and you that are prone to make mistakes,we lack vision.may be u need to seek for forgiveness from God except if u are not a christian. Leave judgement for God and don’t dabble into spiritual things.

    • What you don’t know is that it is T B Joshua who directs all the lies and manipulations in these videos so he could appear to be some great prophet in the eyes of the gullible public.

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