TB Joshua’s sermon on the late John Atta Mills- 6 things we have learned

Last Sunday, TB Joshua addressed the issue of John Atta Mills’ death. TB Joshua prophesies a lot about the death of politicians. He claimed to prophecy the death of Mutharika, the late Malawian president, and Saitoti, the Kenyan minister who died in a plane crash, to name two recent ones. TB Joshua had a long relationship with late Ghanaian president. But he gave no such prophecies concerning his demise.

What did we learn from the sermon?

1) Atta Mills was good, but TB Joshua is great
The sermon was not really about John Atta Mills. It was about TB Joshua. We learned that Atta Mills was a good man, and modest in his leadership, but that was about it. ‘A good man cannot succeed alone,’ TB Joshua said. And then the rest of the sermon was about how he had helped Atta Mills, he had healed him in the past, and he knew what was going to happen all along. Despite failing to heal Atta Mills of his illness or even prophecy his death (both gifts he claims to have), there was not a lot of humility on display.

2) TB Joshua had a revelation about Atta Mill’s ‘whole journey’, he just didn’t tell us about it.
He challenged those who said he had failed to predict Atta Mill’s death by saying that when Atta Mills became president, he prayed for him to have ‘the spirit of a finisher’ (around 34.17 on the video). ‘At that moment of celebration, there was nothing to call for that kind of prayer point,” he said. He claimed that God had given him a revelation about Atta Mills’ journey ‘from beginning to end’, and this prayer point was a sign of this.

“The prophecy I received from God was the same prophecy I used that day as a prayer point.” he says, looking very pleased with himself. “But you would never know.”

Too right, Temitope. We would never guess that a vague meaningless statement like ‘spirit of a finisher’ was actually a prophecy concerning the president’s death.

“But now, when you go back to that prayer point that I raised, you will understand what I was talking about.”

Umm, actually, no. We still have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

3) Atta Mills did not die of his illness, according to TBJ.
“It was not a disease or sickness that killed him,” said TB Joshua, “but God’s time.’
Actually, Atta Mills died after a long struggle with throat cancer. In the last year he had made three trips to the US for treatment. Atta Mills would have probably died long ago without medical treatment. Of course, TB Joshua does not mention his cancer or the efforts of medical professionals to prolong his life. This is significant; it reflects his attitudes towards medical treatment, as does the next point.

4) TB Joshua urged Atta Mills not to have an operation
TB Joshua told the story of when Atta Mills told him he was going to have an operation on his eye (around 27.00 on the video). TB Joshua told him he should not have the operation, based on some revelation he’d had, but Atta Mills went ahead with it against his advice. The operation left Atta Mills blind in one eye and deaf in one ear, which appeared to prove TB Joshua right. After the operation, he went to SCOAN and after three days his sight and hearing was restored.

It would be interesting to hear Atta Mills’ doctor’s side of the story. Many operations result in temporary after-effects which heal over time. But the significant thing is this: TB Joshua told Atta Mills not to have an operation, without any medical knowledge of his situation.

This is typical of TB Joshua and SCOAN. We have written about SCOAN’s suspicion of medical interventions and the twisted theology of healing that is preached there. In SCOAN, continuing medical treatment after receiving prayer for healing is often seen as a sign of doubt. Sky News recorded disciples telling AIDS victims to stop taking their medication. We have published several testimonies of people who have been encouraged to stop medical treatment, with disastrous consequences. In this post, we explored how unbiblical this teaching is, not to mention dangerous and irresponsible.

5) There will be ‘unexplainable political unity’ in Ghana following Atta Mills’ death

That would be nice, certainly. Only time will tell if this prophecy is correct.

6) John Atta Mills nearly cost TB Joshua his ministry

“The journey nearly took my ministry away from me,” he says at 35:35. What he says here does not make a lot of sense. Even the guy doing the subtitles appears to have given up on him.

But here’s my attempt at a translation. He said that God had told him that Atta Mills’ death was an ‘unchangeable’ event, but he pleaded and pleaded with God to ‘push it forward’, or postpone it. He appeared to be saying that he had spent so much energy praying for the healing of Atta Mills, that he had little prayer power left for anything else. That might explain his poor track record of prophecies over the last year.

But it leaves the question: if God had told him that Atta Mill’s death was ‘unchangeable’, why did he keep this to himself, only to boast after the event that he knew all along?

John Atta Mills was not just a good man and a modest leader. He was an intelligent and highly respected statesman, a former law professor and academic. It is hard to believe he took TB Joshua’s rambling nonsense very seriously. He was certainly smart enough not to rely on his healing. But as a savvy politician, he would certainly see the value of courting a pastor who was so popular among the Ghanaian electorate.

147 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s sermon on the late John Atta Mills- 6 things we have learned

  1. TB Joshua watch, you guys make me laugh, seriously. when you say ” if God had told him
    that Atta Mill’s death was ‘unchangeable’, why
    did he keep this to himself? He could have saved
    himself a lot of embarrassment.

    Where did you people get this from?

    TB Joshua himself addressed the issue today,

    1. He did not keep it to himself, he called the president through his aide and told him the vision he had of a cloud from heaven enveloping the presidents apartment and taking the president into the celestial realm, interpreting it to the president as a hero’s welcome to heaven.
    And if you’re asking why he didn’t announce it publicly, that would be pointless judging he could easily reach the person concerned.
    So I guess you guys are gaping in awe now huh?, TB Joshua keeps astonishing you guys beyond your reason, that’s why the only thing you really have to write on are your conspiracy theories.

    • He told Atta Mills that? Too bad TB waited til Atta Mills was dead, before claiming he said this to him.
      Its not rocket science 😉

  2. tb joshua is powerful. satan & his agents are loosing sleep because of your spirit filled activities. tbj is a true prophet of God. Emmanuel

    • thank you brother nweze, TB Joshua is indeed powerful, so powerful that the only way satan can think of attacking him is this satanic blog. they’ve tried gun, acid, charm, juju, hired assasin, indian ring, 7book of moses, native doctor, seducers, money none of which could destroy TB Joshua and His ministry. they never believed he would rise to such a level, what he does every live service days defies the logic of their imagination, TB Joshua watch, even you guys should admit the truth for once in your life that even if you say tb joshua is fake, we have not seen this type of fake on earth, and one thing we know about fakes is they’re always in the majority not the reverse, that would make any level headed human being wonder what type of fake would be so rare and almost impossible to find, that’s why you people are highly resisting him trying to fight him to a standstill , but he marches on, tell me which other false prophet have dedicated blogs like tbjoshuawatch, watchtbjoshua and the others? and never run out of topics? all these goes to show us that TB Joshua is the greatest prophet alive, none can compare to him whether true or false, people no longer attend the churches of these fake prophets again, i’m sure many of mr terrific’s members have stopped coming to his church because they now watch emmanuel tv at home, that would explain his deep seated bitterness towards tbjoshua, no more offering for you mr terrific to squander being the false prophet that you are,
      Gods people have begun to see the light and trouble is looming for all the fake pastors and prophets, people are begining to see the standard of a true prophet, what it takes to call oneself a man of God and people like mr terrific have found themselves wanting, they would rather have tbj out of the picture so that they can continue to deceive the world, but your days of deception are oveeeeeeeeeeeeer haaaaaleeelujah!

    • Watch! if you don’t have anything to publish change your job and do some cleaning work. Go and listen to the video very well and you wont ask those silly questions about TB Joshua. The devil and its agents will continue to loose its sleep for TB Joshua and all the children of God and light. This is not an issue to talk about and am not gonna loose my precious time thinking of what to respond. I got attracted to this because i saw my PAPA TB Joshua name, anyways i will say to the Watch! there are jobs u do and make rich and there are Jobs u do and make poor, this is one of those u do and make poor because you are blaspheming against the spirit of God. Whomever specifically wrote this, REPENT! for the kingdom of God is at hand. God bless u. EMMANUEL!!!

  3. i think you guys have no evidence to prove that TBJ is not a man of God. its either u guys want to profit from these senseless arguments by having people on your website or u could be threatened by TBJ’S ministry or u could actually be disciples of a contrary spirit. the above sentiments are clearly from somebody who is speaking from his experience of how the world operate.

    maybe its because i am still new to this forum? i guess it matters less. I would appreciate somebody who is in the prophetic to tell us that TBJ is fake.

    TBJ is not God, but his spokesman. So if the principal didn’t speak on Mills death, then what exactly was TBJ supposed to say? he could be as God fearing as ever whilst we expect him to listen to us or do and say what we want to hear. Even in the time of Jesus, Lazorous died and Jesus never knew about it until he was told. he even said “i am glad I was not there.” because pple like you could have built a lot of stories about it.

    I am not a follower or a member of TBJ ministry but I see no proof in these baseless accusations. obviously spectators will find fault in every good thing that other pple do.


  5. @bigc,
    Jesus wasn’t there when Lazarus died, but that doesn’t mean he did not know ! Jesus said , ” This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God……..” John 11:4,11. Further Jesus knew Lazarus was dead. John 11:14. Please go back to your Bible and learn and don’t you dare compare this fake prophet to my Lord, you hear ? And who told you TBJ is God’s spokesman ? Don’t you get it, that Temitope is a false prophet, a liar and a deceiver and a false Christ ? Matt 24:24. He could not heal our president nor did he have any idea about his death, period. When Temitope says,” he knew all along,” he’s just lying and throwing dust into your eyes. The man is a shameless liar and a disgrace to the church of Jesus Christ.

  6. ” I morti non si contano.” Dead men don’t count ! Whatever T B Joshua says he told our president is a lie, blatant lies. The man had no clue about this, or he would have trumpeted it all over the world to make more deluded customers for himself. T B Joshua is FAKE, FAKE,FAKE !

  7. As a few people have pointed out, nobody can ever truly know what TB Joshua said to Atta Mills. But we do know that dead heads of state are a favourite of TB Joshua’s for getting a bit of free publicity, and we also know he doesn’t have the best track record for honesty. There have been two high profile prophecies recently where it’s been revealed they were faked, he lied about receiving a letter from Mutharika before his death, and he lied when he said he’d never given a timescale for Mutharika’s death – then went back on that later when it conveniently fell in the predicted time span. Given all that we know, this just looks like another cheap attempt for publicity. Ghanaians, your late president deserves better than this.

  8. Just as we read in the book of Acts, of Simon the sorcerer who the deluded Samaritans thought was ” The Great Power of God,” even so today some people think TBJ is a ” great man of God.” Acts 8:10. The problem has to do with lack of discernment and ignorance of the Word of God. One could be a professor, a lawyer or president but still be ignorant of the Word of God, and it is a pity that with all T B Joshua’s ignorance, he has a little better knowledge of scriptures than those who believe him and that’s why he is able to deceive them. But T B Joshua cannot stand anyone who is well versed in Scriptures and has the Spirit of God. No, he cannot !

    • Mr Terrific, as your name imply, you are terrible indeed. And you think you know the word of God better. The best answer to a fool like you is silence. If you think u know better go and encounter TB Joshuas’ God If your stupid and foolish ass would not be whooped!

  9. Mr terrific,its a shame that u could go to any lenght to discredit a man of God. Without any iota of doubt u have become a willing tool in d devils hand and u have failed already. Your mails easily betray u. No spirit filled christian will pay attention to u. I ve bn going thru mails of pple who share ur views on this blog and i saw their spiritual depravity is glaring. No man should fight 4 God & no man can stop God. U ve destroyed ur destiny with this blog. Yes no man can stop u but God can. Repent and devote ur time,life,talent & intellect to preaching salvation to d sinners. Ben

    • Deception comes through a medium of some resemblances to that truth. familiarise yourself with the scripture

    • @ Ben,
      You got it all wrong ! If you people have accepted a false prophet as ” man of God,” in spite of the revelation of Scriptures and hard evidence, then I’m sorry for you. Yes, I used to regard Temitope as ” The great power of God,” during the days when I was so ignorant about the Word of God. I even spoke favorably about him to the Ghana Pentecostal Council in 1997, all out of my stupid ignorance then. It’s been many years since then and I have learnt my lessons, and it’s my duty to warn those who have ears to hear….
      If there’s anyone who likes to discredit people, it is T B Joshua, who keeps records of people’s confessions in order to blackmail them. In my case, he has nothing in me, nor does he have anything on me. So what did he do ? He sets up a blog to discredit Mr Terrific, with shameless fabrications. That is what TB Joshua does to ” project his name.” He would even destroy or kill anyone who tries to expose him, but I’m more than a conqueror through Him who loves me and have overcome T B Joshua with the blood of the Lamb and with the word of my testimony and he cannot refute the evidence of Scriptures against him. Rev 12:11.
      In my enlightenment, I cannot and would never support any false prophet to deceive the Lord’s people, and if you think I’m trying to discredit your idol, then you’re very wrong ! I believe God put me there to see the inside workings of SCOAN to expose this false prophet, and it’s up to you to take it or leave it. And let me assure you, my destiny is very much intact. You haven’t seen anything yet and you haven’t heard anything yet !

  10. Mr Terrific, If all God created u 4 is to fight tbj then too bad. If all christ did 4 u on the cross by sheding his precious blood is to limit yourself to what u are doing on this blog then am sorry. U dont write like one who has met christ. I cant find love,peace,patience & grace in your mails. I see hate,vendetta & insults. I wil NEVER fight 4 any man of God nether wil i fight against any. God does not need your help. He can stop,expose & humiliate all shades of darkness. Even satan the master deciever has not & can not escape God’s light. Ben

    • Ben, if you’re going to go that route, then you would have to say exactly the same about the pro-scoan supporters. Look at Vasillis’ statment about Dore in the last post, about how she’s apparently now blind and paralysed. Look at the one guy’s comment calling us “stupid ba*****d.
      I’ve been told by a SCOAN member to go and hang myself, how the wrath of God is someday going to smite me for what I say about His “servant of God”, whether I worship His Son or not does not seem to matter.

      Come to think of it, whether I get smitten or not all rests on my decision about TB Joshua, and not on my decision about Jesus.

    • Terrific became evil and worse the moment he left T.b Joshua. To him he claims he is now grounded with the word of God. But he uses the word only for evil pronouncement and desires. This isn’t God’s way neither is it the Teachings of T.b. Joshua. It’s simply the teaching he got after leaving Scoan.

      • Doi,
        You put the cart before the horse and this shows you’ve lost your sense of perspective ! How can anyone become evil after leaving SCOAN ? SCOAN is a hell-hole where people are trained to become hardened, loveless and insensitive like criminals, where people lose their dignity, direction and sense of purpose, but where TBJ is exalted and magnified, and it is only after leaving SCOAN that they become free and are cleaned by the Word of God.
        Do you not know that the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit, that I use it to cut TBJ to pieces ? Do you not know that it is like a hammer, that I use it to hammer TBJ’s head ? ” The Word of God is both for offence and defense !

  11. @Ben,
    The Lord is saying, ” Who will rise up for Me against the evil doers ? And who will stand up for Me against the workers of iniquity ?” Psalm 94:16. God is looking for people who will stand up for truth and for righteousness, without fear or favor, and if you’re not called to this ministry then keep quiet and allow those called to do their work, even if it means focusing on T B Joshua alone, because we have an experience of his ministry and are in a good position to make right judgement. Do you fear the Lord, or do you fear man ? Do you love the workers of iniquity or would you rather expose them ?

    • Mr terrific,tanx 4 ur reply. However, “who will rise up 4 me against the evildoers?or who will stand up 4 me against the workers of iniquity”kjv,should be put in conext. God has not given this to us as a ministry. It is d corresponding verse in d muslim quran that is in use worldwide to fight & kill christians. U know they call us infidels & evildoers. Dont 4get that an evildoer refers to a person who does very bad things. Evil doers are essentially sinners that are in need of the gospel. The only ministry christ has given to us is the ministry of love. Salvation,healing,deliverance,preaching,prophecy,prayers, etc are from God’s treasure of LOVE. Anything void of love is void of christ. Yes if u want to stand up 4 christ against evildoers simply enlist yourself into this great commission of salvation. Remember d weapons of our warfare are not canal. Tbj shouldnt be ur enemy. Its the devil thats ur enemy. U dont fight satan this way. U fight him on ur knees wit d spiritual weapons at our disposal. Ben

      • @ Ben,
        If you say TBJ is our enemy because we point out his lies, deceit, false prophesies, manipulations and hypocrisy, then you’re wrong again. You seem to be more interested in projecting his image than in the evil that he is perpetrating against the Lord’s people, and in contending for the truth. The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is to hate evil. Prov 8:13. Yes, we’re to love righteousness but hate evil and expose it, and that’s what we’re doing here. If you want more information about false prophets go here:

  12. any one trying to prove tb prophesies / miracle false has an uphill task to do . the crux ot the matter is that are they of God ? personally , i do not agree with the spirit behind this particular prophesy .it smell too much of. pride . God not man must always be lifted up not the men He send .
    there is a thin line betw testing spirit and blasphemn . the bible command us to test ALL spirits but we are warned seriously not to blaspm.

    • @omojesu.
      I’m glad to hear you say we should test the spirits like the bible commands, but let me explain a bit about blaspheming.
      It is not possible to blaspheme man. They are just men.
      I never encountered this concept of “blaspheming the Holy Spirit by doubting a minister”, until I came to live at SCOAN. There they taught me that Christians CAN blaspheme by speaking against a man – but this was always in the context of TBJ’s critics. They showed me the obvious scripture where Jesus said the Pharisees blasphemed the Holy Spirit by speaking against Him, adding that we today can make the same mistake by saying likewise with TB Joshua.
      The faulty logic here is that Jesus is God, and therefore it was possible that those poor Pharisees really were blaspheming. TB Joshua is not god.
      Put it like this – all Christians have the Holy Spirit, right? So does that mean that anyone who corrects me or speaks ill of me is blaspheming?

      • These people at SCOAN can only say what their master teaches them to say. They don’t know any better and they don’t have the courage to stand up against their master’s false teachings ! What a pity !

  13. Oh my God, t.b joshua watch u guys are so pathetic, so u even have time 2 watch all the prophecies, healing, and deliverance of a false prophet as u cal him? God is working 2ru t.b joshua & the devil is not hapy bcos each time he take one step to down-grade t.b joshua, God take hundred steps 2 upgrade t.b joshua, i think u guys need more than these blog 2 convince people that t.b joshua is a false prophet considering the millions of people comin all over the world just 2 attend the sunday & monday live service & listen 2 t.b joshua (a false prophet as u cal him) shows that diz blog is nt achieving anytin at all.

  14. By the way mr terrific & giles u guys talked of how a scoan supporter tld u guys 2 go & hang urslf? Did u guys nt say more than that 2 t.b joshua? 2 bad t.b joshua dnt even kno u guys exist, i think u guys have some explainations 2 do concerning a post i saw on u guys on watching t.b joshua, so pls kindly clarrified things so that u can be able 2 convince people that t.b joshua is wat u claim he is. Am waiting!

      • Hey T.b. Joshua watch. Remeber you are not a single person. Except you are waiting for me to prove that! I think you have actually said more than violence against T.b.Joshua.

    • yeah, could you please show me where I said anything to the effect that harm should come to TB Joshua. I’d appreciate it if you would post the link here, so we can take a look, thanks 😉

  15. Hey everybody! I am new to this blog. I do not pretend to know the motivation of both parties, the pro and the anti- tb j. however, i wish to say something basing on what i understand about the christian faith. what i am about to say pivots on a statement made by a brother BIG C : I WOULD APPRICIATE A PROPHET TO TELL ME THAT TB J IS FAKE : i find the same statement to be absolutely naive. bro, there we have the scripture, the word of God telling us that when someone tells us something and they say the message or doctrine they are presenting to us is from God, our first duty is according to the word is to test what they say God has said with what we know God has said in the scripture. for verification, read 1 john 4 vs 1 down, acts 17 vs 11. if you realy know the word, you will be able to distinguish between truth and error, and that is a noble exercise.

  16. I still have some more to say. this time i will be much realistic. The scriture makes it crystal clear : 1 john 4. DO NOT JUST BILIEVE EVERY SPIRIT. Why write this to christians if the chances of encountering false prophets or spirits was low? someone has to ask themself. Why are you judging that man or woman contrary to the word? No, we are not judging, we are only doing what the scripture has commanded us to do. out of doing which, are able to tell that this one is a liar and that one is a liar. One must undestand that believing that joshua is a true prophet has absolutely no effect on one s salvation in the same way not believing can not cause one to perish in hell. because it is through Jesus, and jesus alone, that we someone can have their sins forgiven and be saved eternally. but look, believing in the error that a man is promoting has severe results on one s destiny. take care

    • YES! Its only through Jesus that we have ANY KIND OF STANDING WITH GOD. Your relation with TBJoshua has ZERO IMPACT on your relationship with God.
      And the BIBLE is the standard where we judge people like TB Joshua.
      Mroma, that was like a breath of fresh air 😉

      • whats with you and spying?
        a church with nothing to hide is not concerned about spies. Your obsession with spies is just….bizarre.

  17. tb joshua carry go. the kingdom of darkness is in trouble. they watch you pathetically everyday & cry. the Glory of God is upon you. you’re a true prophet of God & we are praying for you. may God continue to bless you. Emmanuel.

  18. Mr terrific, your mails drew me 2 emmanuel tv to confirm your very terrible remarks on tbj. I have known d Lord 4 over 2 decades & d word of God is explanatory enough to any child of God who takes time to study it from genesis 2 revelation. I am also filled wit d spirit of God. I can by God’s grace differentiate light from darkness. U dont really need 2 tutor true believers on this. I found out that tbj is a man sent from God. I cant see any of your allegations in tbj ministry. I hear d word of God preached,d sick healed & i see d demon possessed delivered. That is exactly what christ & d apostles did. Thats what i expect to see in all living churches. Mr terrific, u are d problem and not tbj. Your goal is 2 bring tbj down by all means. U really have a very tough job on ur hands which u can never accomplish because God is with him. Your wild & subjectve allegations are not strange. No man of God including our saviour that hasnt suffered same. I advise u to examine ur life. U are far from God. U are doing exactly what d pharisees & scribes did to christ. Judas Iscariot exposed & betrayed our Lord to d Jews. Some believed judas but it didnt make christ fake. In d end christ noted that it would ve bn beta if Judas had not been born. Be very careful lest d fate of Judas befall u. Ben

    • Brother Ben, you got it wrong again ! First of all Judas did not “expose” Jesus, but betrayed him, for some money. There is a world of difference here. To expose is to bring out the corrupt and evil things behind a person or ministry, but the Son of God was without any sin and no one could convict Him of sin. But here we have a false prophet, who claims to speak in the name of the Lord but deceives the Lord’s people. He manipulates miracles and makes false prophesies,etc and TBJ is just the kind of false prophet the Lord warned us about in Matt 24:24. I’m not here to make wild and subjective allegations against your idol, but to tell the world what I know. Others have shared their experiences here, which align with my experiences, and we’re still waiting for another bombshell from our beloved sister, Dore, who is still under bondage at SCOAN. Your TBJ has kept this woman in captivity and none of you people have spoken a word for her release and freedom, but God will deliver her from TBJ. It’s a shame that you people are more interested in defending a petty criminal than the Word of God. Do you not read that false prophets shall try to deceive even the elect of God ? Yes, Jesus said many believers shall be deceived, and we’re here to warn and not to make some wild and baseless allegations, but what we have seen and heard. You can take it or leave it, it’s not by force.

  19. @Ben,
    Lastly, brother Ben, you cannot confirm anything on Emmanuel TV ! It is the most subjective TV station in the world, with everything carefully manipulated and choreographed to suit TBJ’s fancy. If you need any confirmation about anything, search the Word of God, like the Bereans did in Acts 17:10-11. The Bible says they were more noble than the Thessalonicans because they searched the Word to make sure that what the apostle told them was true, but they did not have to watch Emmanuel TV for confirmation !

  20. My terrific brother. Since u know sister Dore well enough,simply go 2 d law enforcement agencies and make an entry on her behalf. Or beta still help her contact her embassy. Thats d best way in this circumstance to expose & nail tbj once & 4 all. Thats why i insist u make wild allegations. Since u also insist he is a criminal, we have our legal system in place to do just that ie trying criminals but its glaring u are just out to rubbish his reputation & i think thats d real purpose of this blog. Well u say tbj is a false prophet. Thats ur opinion. Its not strange. Religious leaders of christ’s time did same to christ. Many Great men of God are suffering same persecution from sinners,former members & disciples alike who have grudges against them. Their grudges could range frome the bizzare to the ridiculous. If we all pay attention to them the work of God would probably grind to a halt. Some of their accusations could be quite expository, looking like d truth but are actually false when taken beyond face value. U wont agree less that judas did same to christ. Judas was one of d disciples like u were to tbj. Whats d difference between u and judas? I cant see any difference. When judas started wit christ he believed just like u. Judas even did exploits in christ’s name. Judas spent less than 4yrs wit christ b4 he betrayed the blessed one. Tho he betrayed christ d other disciples continued until they were empowered after christ’s resurrection. Why did judas betray christ? He misunderstood & misrepresented christs ministry & overtime he became carnal,selfwilled and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Even when christ revealed his evil intentions he didnt ask 4 pardon. He went ahead never the less. Yes judas exposed christ to his killers. Jesus did no wrong but judas wouldnt take that “shit”. What judas did to christ is what u are doing to tbj. What u sow is what u will reap. If indeed u know anything about discipleship u wil close this blog & weep for your soul. It is not in d grammar. It is even not in ur ability 2 quote scripture(4 satan can do even much better than u. After death there is judgment. Let ur message centre on d crucified christ. Your blog is outside this. U are definitly not of God. U are an agent of dthe devil. God have mercy on your soul. Ben

    • @Ben
      Let me give you an example of what Mr Terrific is saying. Matthew 23:9 says that we should not call anyone on earth our Father…yet TBJ’s disciples call him their “Father in the Lord”, or more commonly, “Daddy” (Baba)
      How do you get around what Jesus says on this topic? I’m interested, thanks

      • My brother Giles, in my church, am among d pastoral team & i address my overseer in several ways. 1. As man of God. 2. As daddy 3. As pastor and 4. As G.O. He does not instruct us on the way and manner we address him. However nigerians have a special place for our elders and seniors and thats why we sufficiently give honour and respect 2 whomever it is due. In most churches in nigeria u will find out that the general overseers are addressed as daddy or father in d Lord. It is our culture. I ve not bn 2 d scoan but i wont be supprised if they address tbj that way. More over i do not beleive its a sin if one elects 2 pay such respects to his G.O. Ben

      • hi Ben
        I understand the cultural practise of referring to spiritual leaders as Baba, like you said…so yes i know its not specific to just TB Joshua, but all over. But I come back to what Jesus said on the topic – we shouldnt be doing this.
        Just because its culture does not make somethign acceptable before the Lord.
        Would you think that this is something that should change, given what Jesus said?

    • @ Ben,
      Let me make a correction, first of all, I was NEVER a disciple of T B Joshua’s, and I’m glad I wasn’t. That would have put a bad dent on the proflific ministry which the Lord has entrusted to me. Secondly, why do you people like to compare My Lord’s ministry with this false prophet’s ? You people must stop making these comparisons, okay ? TBJ does not even qualify to stand in the ranks of the true prophets and apostles, let alone the Lord Himself. Thirdly, I have no grudge against TBJ. If he had slept with my wife, like he did to Kayode’s, that would have been different. I left SCOAN voluntarily, without any incident, but when I read about this wonderful blog, I knew the Lord wanted me to share my experiences at Scoan with the world, so others may learn. And I’m here to EXPOSE TBJ as a false prophet, according to the Word of God, and not according to any ill-feelings or grudges. This is a commandment of the Lord, which I must obey. Do you not read that the Church at Ephesus tested those who claimed to be apostles but were not and found them liars ? Rev 2:2.
      For a very long time, TBJ has been hiding under the cloak of persecution when his evil deeds are exposed, but no one is persecuting him here. TBJ is under EXAMINATION by the Word of God, as did the Bereans and the Ephesians, and we have found that he is a real false prophet and he’s leading the Lord’s people astray
      The Bible does not tell us that Jesus was exposed, because there was nothing to expose about the Lord, rather He was betrayed. Regrettably, you people would rather say Jesus was ” exposed” to try to find a common ground between your false prophet and my Lord Jesus. This is sacrilege of the highest order and you must repent. Ben, you have been parrotting TBJ for too long and it is now time to tell Ghanaians that T B Joshua is a false prophet !

      • Mr terrific,pls provide answers 2 these questions. 1. When did u join scoan & when did u leave? 2. What exactly was ur schedule of responsibilities when u were there. 3. At what point did u realise u had 2 leave? 4. How did u leave? Who were d closest pple 2 u when u were there? Are they stil there? 5. If yes why? 6. If no why? Finally dont dwell on d allegation that tbj slept wit kayode’s wife. Thats too cheap. U are also fond of quoting scripture out of context all in d effort 2 achieve ur goal. U simply draw up ur rules and then attach scripture to them. I ve told u this ur PROLIFIC job is not a ministry. God doesnt give this to anyone as a ministry. Thats 2 show how blind u really are. Preach d word of God. Heal d sick in christ name. Deliver d possesed/oppressed in christ name. That is our ministry. U continue 2 dwell on my usage of d phrase “jesus was exposed ” as if i dont understand grammar. Check that word up in ur dictionary. Jesus did no wrong but judas exposed him 2 harm & eventual execution by siding wit d jews. Thats how many undecerning ministers of God suffer exposure to great danger from d judas in their congregation who are still operating unnoticed. Ben

      • Ben came in pretending to be someone with an independent mind, but as you can see, he was sent here to come and assist with T B Joshua’s defense team but he has already failed woefully like all the others because they cannot refute the Word of God. And as to TBJ’s liason with Kayode’s wife, Ben dare not speak anything against his master, or TBJ would just kick him out like a used rag. Ben is actually one of the co-pastors of SCOAN in Ghana and he has an uphill task defending the doctrines of SCOAN, trying desperately to twist words for his master.
        Ben is a Ghanaian and now TBJ thinks it is time to send a Ghanaian to come and defend him as all the others have failed. But we still have the enduring Word of God, and the Word, which is the sword of the Spirit, will cut Ben to pieces, just like it did his master. The Word which is also like a hammer, will hammer his head like it did his master, and the name of my Lord Jesus will be exalted and glorified

      • @ Ben,

        ” I’ve told u this ur PROLIFIC job is not a ministry. God doesnt give this to anyone as a ministry.” Well, brother Ben, you’re wrong again, have you never read about the ministry of the watchman ? Take a look at Isaiah 62:6-7. God Himself established this ministry, and it is very important to Him, to save His flock from deceitful wolves who are fleecing His flock like your master is doing, and you’re also a part of this charade. No wonder, false prophets hate this kind of ministry which exposes their wickedness, deceit, lies, manipulations, false prophesies and doctrines of demons. My brother, I beg you to repent and don’t allow the wrath of the Lord to come upon both TBJ and you.
        Like I said before, I do consider my comments here as just comments, just like everyone is commenting here. It’s more like a pastime for me and I delight in doing it so those who have ears to hear would hear. I just want to correct your misconceptions about this kind of ministry. Yes, we comment, but we also inform, teach, correct, counsel and guide, but it’s more like a hobby, a pastime !

      • Eh! what is this you people are doing? who is right to judge one another ? why cant we leave this to JESUS THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGE to do this himself? what has become of us in AFRICA? THIS IS HOW WE KILLED ALL OUR HEROES, leave TB JOSHUA for the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE to deal with him. No one can force or direct any one to where to worship or fellowship. GOD can never lead HIS true child to where to perish. Leave the man alone.

      • Nessie, we should just as well allow Jesus to come and preach the gospel to lost sinners, because He is the Savior !

  21. I can smell Nigerian supporters of TBJ a mile off. Nweze for example. Wetin him know?(wHAT DOES HE KNOW?).
    Keep up the good work. As we say here in Nigeria, a dog that is determined to stray will refuse to heed its master’s whistle. TBJ na serious wolf whether Soe, Nweze and their ilk like it or not.
    Hey, didn’t TBJ say he knew MJ was going to die in 2009? Why does he spew these lies after the people involved have passed on? *sighs* *wink-wink*- The answer is clear(They aren’t here to confirm his claims).

    • @ Kate,
      You’re very smart, my sister, you see these Scoan people cannot hide their spots. They like to appear like independent people but they’re not. They all come here to defend their master and to save him from the bombardment, but they have an uphill task because we stand upon the Word of God and they can’t refute it. I knew of one Ben when I was at Scoan, and I’m sure he’s the one trying to disguise himself here, but, like you said, we can smell them even if they’re millions of miles away.
      Even if T B Joshua hires Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the USA., he won’t be able to defend him here, because the Word of God is powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword !

  22. @ Giles. No no no. The ministry has nothing to do with this. Its an observation and must be proven. Do not dodge the fact that you were actually a spy at Scoan. Now tell me how i would believe all you say here when i know they aren’t pure(from a true and genuine observation) but negative mind set. Hence you became a spy there Right?

    • Feel free to keep this “Giles is a spy” schtick up as long as possible, it does us a great favour. It makes SCOAN seem even more ridiculous, as well as paranoid and secretive. Nobody cares about spies unless they have something to hide, which begs the question “what are SCOAN hiding?”.

  23. This was on ‘Word for Today’ from UCB – United Christian Broadcasters (www.ucb.co.uk) yesterday. Sums it up for me:

    What Kind of Example Are You? (6)
    …Be an example…in faith… 1 Timothy 4:12

    Having the faith required to get answers to your prayers is an important truth. But that’s not what Paul is speaking about here. He begins the chapter saying, ‘…some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits…’ (1Timothy 4:1 NKJV). He warns, stay anchored to the truth, or you’ll be caught in the undertow of error. Here’s a fact that should alarm us: 90 percent of all those who end up in cults started out in mainline churches. How come? Because they weren’t grounded in the truth of Scripture! They are like the guy who was asked, ‘What do you believe?’ He replied, ‘The same thing my church believes.’ When asked, ‘What does your church believe?’ he replied, ‘The same thing I believe.’ When asked, ‘What do you both believe? He replied, ‘We both believe the same thing.’ Bottom line: he didn’t know what he believed! You say, ‘But doesn’t God have more truth to reveal to us?’ Yes. ‘The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day’ (Proverbs 4:18). But God doesn’t destroy the foundations of truth, He builds on them. Sometimes Bible teachers with fresh revelation act like ‘the party started when I arrived!’ That’s ego, not anointing! We are not called to be tasters of experience, but testers of truth. We must honour the ministry, but understand that just because a preacher says it, doesn’t make it so. The Bereans ‘…received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so’ (Acts 17:11 NKJV). You must do that!

  24. Before we do anything let us put God first, he is the author and finisher of our life, let us act with His word.

  25. @All,
    It is wrong to call anyone ” Papa,” or “Mama” or “Daddy” or “Father,” for we have only one Father who is in heaven. The Word of God is above any culture or tradition, and the Lord says not to call anyone as such. Would you rather obey the Lord or traditions of men ? As for those at SCOAN, the moment they stop calling TBJ, “papa,” they’re in trouble, because TBJ likes to exalt himself. He does not have the spirit of humility and that’s another sign of a false prophet.

    • at ben
      i think my question has been overlooked. i askedif you think that calling tbjoshua “our father in the Lord”, “baba”,or “daddy”-despite it being nigerian culture- should be stopped, seing that Jesus said not to do this?

      • Ben cannot answer this question, for fear of his lord and master ! But we stand by the Word and they can’t refute it !

  26. @Ben,
    First of all, commenting on this site is like a hobby to me, so don’t get ideas. Everyone can comment here and they don’t call it ministry so stop fuming.

  27. @ Ben,
    Why don’t you want to face the truth ? When Kayode claimed that TBJ slept with his wife, I was the first to discount his claim and to call him a liar, considering his propensity to speak lies. Then some women pointed out to me that Kayode’s wife was pregnant, but it NEVER occurred to me, in my wildest imagination that TBJ had committed adultery with her. She came from Nigeria to Ghana, with pregnancy ! TBJ behaved exactly like King David, so why do you try to hide it when the Bible doesn’t hide David’s sin ? You like to compare TBJ to great prophets and to put him on a pedestal where God had not placed him, but the true men of God had both their good and bad sides and the Bible tells it like it is, and doesn’t hide anything. David confessed his sin and was forgiven, so why don’t you tell TBJ to confess his sin of adultery, instead of trying to deny it ? Remember, if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us ……1 John 1:8-10. And, remember, your sin will find you out. Numbers 32:23.

    • Why did u delete my last comment to u on this blog? I signed off wit that comment but u deleted it 2 fulfil ur evil & selfish desires. I just read all d rubbish u wrote about me. Its surprising d way u eloquently paint falsehood to look like truth. If u can do it to me then u can do it to tbj and anyone. Its a shame you are into such deceitful life. God have mercy on u. U may equally delete this also as is ur manner. I must not fail to correct u that d ministry of a watchman is a pastoral ministry not d deceits u are into on this blog. Ben

      • Welcome back, my brother ! I thought your master has stopped you from commenting on this blog to save himself from further embarrassment, but I was wrong. Now, let us not fight each other, okay ? The issue is not about you, but about this false prophet,TBJ, who deceived me into thinking he is a real man of God. Yes, at one time I thought he was ” The great power of God,” as we read in Acts 8:9-11.
        Now, don’t say you want to correct me, okay ? First you denied that God has given the ministry of watchman to anyone, and now you want to correct me ? The watchman’s ministry is essentially to WARN the Lord’s people about impending dangers and to protect them from evil, to turn people to the Lord through repentance, and from ravenous wolves, from false doctrines and prophets. Ezekiel 33:7-11. As the name implies, they stand on the wall and watch things as they happen, and warn the Lord’s people about them, correcting and guiding them from destruction. The watchman has a bigger vision than a pastor’s, who is limited to a local assembly. Brother Ben, have you ever warned anyone about the false doctrines of T B Joshua’s ? About his lies, deceit, treachery, adulteries and fornications and manipulations of miracles ? Let’s talk about these things and remember we’re brothers. But if not, allow us to continue with our work and hold your peace. Don’t come here to try to defend a false prophet, lest the wrath of God comes upon both of you.

  28. I just had a dream about you TB Joshua. Yes, God speaks to other people as well. Amazingly.
    I saw you fiercely fighting the illumination of God’s light, the revelation knowledge that flows through the Holy Spirit upon your inner self, having the nature of a wolf, a person that sees himself as a prophet (Math 7:15) but is actually a Pharisee. By means of God’s light, your wrong attitudes and teachings are being exposed. Don’t fight God’s revelations, repent and turn from your wicked ways.
    It must be stressed that a vision does not only convey info, but carries with it the power of God to bring the vision to fulfillment.

    • T B Joshua cannot stand the illumination of God’s light, because he is of the darkness but ” transforms himself as an angel of light.” 2 Cor 11:13-15

  29. looks like Ben didnt want to answer my questions after all. They say they make God’s Word the standard for their lives, but they really dont.


    • Ben was already knocked out before he even stepped into the ring ! As an official spokesperson of SCOAN, he was a real embarrassment and I think he has been stopped from making further comments. He could not help the defense team of SCOAN and was of no use. I just pray that TBJ doesn’t kick him out because he’s been singing his master’s voice for such a long time. He’s made a lot of sacrifices, trying to satisfy his mentor and is now past his prime. Brother Ben, you can get in touch with me through the editor of this blog, if you would.

  30. Praise God his time is up he needs to repent of his evil deeds. We will keep on praying
    Thank you tbjwatch for the excellent job you are doing to expose the evil works of satan.

  31. @ All,
    T B Joshua has even graduated from being called ” Papa” to being a ” spiritual father,” and a ” godfather.” Being a ” father,” is not even enough for him ! May the Lord save us from this untoward generation, from mortal men and women who like to claim the glory which belongs only to the Father in heaven. Matthew 23:9

  32. @ terrific i wud like to ask you a question concernin your earlier comment. Now when mills was alive during the time he won the presidency he came to the church to thank God for what he has done and dont forget that he told us how the prophet continually told him of what was going to happen even before he became president. So why would you think or what would make you think that he would not have told him about his death. I really do think that your comments are baseless and meaningless.

    • Do you think TBJ knows everything ? Is he God ? One of the lies we were told at SCOAN was, ” Oh he knows, T B Joshua knows ! ” Let me tell you TBJ doesn’t know anymore than you people imagine. It is all a grand scheme spread by his conniving disciples to make it look like TBJ has superior knowledge, but he has nothing !

  33. May the good Lord forgive us.May our Lord open our spiritual eyes like he opens Gehas[Elijah`s servant]. Remember this statement from our Lord Jesus Christ before he left. “Love one another”. It looks like we are doing the oposite. Is this love that you are showing? Pastors tearing down one another. How are you going to builld the kingdom while you are tearing one another down. Our lord is prince of peace so we must follow his footsteps.”Touch not my anointed one,do my prophets no harm” I would like to encourage my fellow christians to make God’s word the standard for our lives.TB Joshua is a prophet of God like it or not. The more you fight him the more the annointing. That is how it works with God. You have lost the battle with the Devil now you have join him to fight against the annointed ones of God. You won’t win at all. You are defeated. In Jesus’s name I come against you with the mighty force of Holy spirit. I break your power and nulify your mission. Amen!

    • Please can you explain where you get the statement that “the more you fight him the more the annointing” do you find that in the Bible?

  34. Definition of ‘Psychopath’ –
    (/saɪˈkɒpəθi/ from the Ancient Greek ψυχή “psyche”, -soul, mind and πάθος, “pathos” -suffering is a disease or condition, a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, nonplanfulness, impulsivity, and antisocial behaviors such as parasitic lifestyle and criminality.
    A definition which labels individuals who are often intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse or anxiety about any of their actions. Tackful on the use of violence and intimidation to control others and satisfy selfish needs and the label expands.
    Are we sitting with someone with a mental disorder in scoan?

    • Definitely ! And his name is Temitope Balogun Joshua. He fits all these descriptions perfectly ! The man really wants to carve a name for himself among the holy prophets and apostles of God, trying desperately to project his name through lies, deceit, manipulations, conjectures and false prophesies and with the connivance of his disciples who are willing tools in the hands of Satan. Anyone who is a willing tool of Satan could be a disciple of T B Joshua.

  35. Occultists suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder.
    Since they don’t trust a loving, forgiving God, they must follow exact rules in order to please their master, get rewards and avoid punishment and death. That pertains to their followers as well.
    That’s the way lucifer (satan or that old snake) keeps them enslaved.
    The concept of a God who died for their sins is alien for them.
    Our responsibility is to be watchers and warn people of the coming evil and the horrible
    consequences and the need to get right with God right now.

  36. Sunday service 12 August 2012:
    I want to make God’s Word the Standard for our lives, as it states in Hosea 4:6 … “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge of the Bible. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priest because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children”.
    This is a serious matter.

    Unbelievable! Really! God will come and assist the great Tbj and his? And then you can use that Name as you like?

    Now let us see what the standard of the Word of God (THE TRUE GOSPEL) says;
    Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again…. Jesus answered, I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Holy Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh (your natural birth), but the Spirit (God’s Holy Spirit) gives birth to spirit (your spirit)”- John 3:3-9 only after you obey Him.
    And God will only give His Holy Spirit to people who obey Him – Acts 5:32
    To obey you should,
    Peter replied, “Repent of you lovelessness and sins (see the 10 commandments of love) and be baptized in water, everyone of you, in the Name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”. Acts 2:37-38
    “Everyone who LOVES has been BORN OF GOD and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God because God is love”- 1 John 4:7-8.
    Beware, “Many shepherds will ruin my vineyard…….the Lord says”- Jer 12:10.

  37. Tbj – it is very obvious that you do not know what you are talking/teaching about.
    I want to ask you in front of the whole world; “Where is your testimony of being born again and the other people who can give testimony of it? When did you repent, when were you baptized in water and when were you baptized in the Holy Spirit. Where are the Christians that can confirm your testimony? Or the disciples of God, like Ananias and Apostle Paul”. Also where are your 5 wise men’s testimonies of their encounters with God etc? Who witnessed what happened to them?
    Seeing how the Name of Jesus is working in the spirit means nothing- remember Math 7:22.
    Paul the apostle has a testimony. He persecuted and killed the disciples of Jesus. He had a personal encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Ananias was sent to him by Jesus. There were disciples with Ananias in Damascus that witnessed his repentance, his healing from spiritual blindness, his baptism in water and him being filled with the Holy Spirit – Acts 9:17.
    But you- you fell out of heaven into your Muslim mother and father’s laps?!

    • @ TBJ,
      Why should anyone read your life ? Who are you ? We have all the record of the real men of God in the Bible for us to read about. Your life is full of lies, deceit, hypocrisy, adulteries, fornications, manipulations, treachery and all the rest of them and why should anyone read this abominable life of yours ? Please lead people to my Lord Jesus Christ, who has left for us a perfect example to read and to follow, and not your life. You need real repentance and salvation, my friend !

  38. Tbj another question; “You keep on saying; ‘That others must read your life'”.
    Well if we just listen and read everyone’s experience with you on this blog, who ‘read your life’, being insiders, we are seriously concerned about your life and your teachings and your testimony?.

  39. ….. and Ananias never became this highly charismatic, tackful control freak on the use of violence and intimidation to control Paul to satisfy his selfish needs.
    Having Paul report every little detail of his ministry to Ananias, so that he can control Paul !?!? He caused Paul’s blindness to go, not cause Paul to become blind because he did not agree with him.
    He let Paul go, to function under God’s control……………

  40. TB Joshua Watch (The fact is that TB joshua is a true man of God *even demons says that when they are in God’s presence but when they are not they cant say that ,that’s what ‘TB joshua watch’ is doing* but if you guys were to be taken to scoan many demons wld manifest on you (saying ‘we try to bring this ministry down but we failed’) John 8:44 is talking about you Guys! (all I know is that u have no light(holy spirit) but darkness(demons) in you. IF TB JOSHUA MADE SOME MISTAKES DONT SAY HE IS NOT OF GOD (REMEMBER NOBODY IS PERFECT EXPECT GOD THE FATHER) {TB JOSHUA sees vision and he tries his best to explain it but sumtym he get confused and say what he was not suppose to say! anyway he does prophise 100% exact prophises on a particular person!…. [ If God is with who can be against us(real christians not christians by name)

  41. God forgive ‘TB Joshua Watch’ for they don’t know what they are doing but judging your Servant. One day they will realise that the devil was using them. [TB Joshua’s Church has fire and angels and spoiled muslims also failed to bomb it and you still open your mouth and say he is of the devil—devil has no fire but has fire as his enemy!!!! [TB joshua followers dont get brain washed by this blog. 😀 remember better is not….

  42. Mr Teriffic is a former disciple of the Scoan?I have just gotten a good laugh out of it! Mr Teriffic,u are just lying bro…u are lying! I have never heard TB Joshua asking people to read about his life..when and where did he say that?Mr Terrific,your lies are very treific just like your name.My point is,NO,you are NOT a former disciple of the Scoan,u created a story and posted it on the internet,coz you thought when we read it,we will believe it…LIAR!!! TB Joshua’s ministry is here to stay…it’s not going anywhere in JESUS’S NAME! You can try by all means to lie but NO,God will not allow it.You are just pathetic loosers who don’t have anything to do..imagine you are watching emmanuel tv just to extract some videos to edit and lie about TB Joshua…**shaking my head slowly** i pity you!

    • i dont think it would make any difference to you if mr Terrific was a disciple or not. I was a disciple, and it wont make any difference to you either.

  43. The more u fight tb joshua, d more he climbs higher. Are u so blind that u cannot see. Testimonies comes in thousand. Charity goes in millions. My advice is that u go there 4 deliverance nd confes kus jesus will 4give u

  44. Batsie, note that mr terrific never say he was a former diciple of tbjoshua. Remember salvation is a personnel relationship with our lord jesus christ.if tbjoshua make mistakes or sins he need to repent. Our race to heven is not matter of games and jokes

  45. THE ARK IS HERE AGAIN,!! Rev 18 vs 4 says ” and I heard another voice from heaven saying ,come out of her M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ people lest U̶̲̥̅̊ share in her sins and lest U̶̲̥̅̊ receive of her plagues,the church has suffered a lot from this false preachers n false pastors, even jesus himself called them vipers ,matt 24 vs 24 says’ fo̶̷̩̥̊͡я false christ and false prophets will rise and show great signs amd wonders to deceive,if possible even the elect,!! Now who is the elect? ,they are the children of the kingdom of heaven , M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ people ,it is not by miracle or by sign and wonders u can know a true prophet,even the devil performs miracles to delude many,jesus said in matt 7 vs 16 ye shall know them by their fruits, what are their fruits,
    ? These are their messages of the kingdom of GOD and revelations of the kingdom,and not predictions of who dies and who wins a football match,!! GOD is too high fo̶̷̩̊͡я such profane earthly predictions,these men or false prophets are diviners,in Isa 44 vs 25 GOD frustrateth the tokens of liars and maketh diviners mad and turneth wise men backward and maketh their knowledge foolish,the GOD who made U̶̲̥̅̊,who created U̶̲̥̅̊я brain? Imagine the brain Ώђã† made U̶̲̥̅̊я brain,GOD is muvh higher and more serious than what we think,GOD is in the 10th Heaven ,he made the heavens and earth .Read Job 38, and find out more.

    Look at the name synagogue and compare it with rev 3 vs 9 which says behold I will make them of the synagogue of satan which says they are jews, and it comes up again in rev 2 vs 9 but the synagogue of satan!! ,listen brethren the church of jesus should never βε̲̣̣̣̥ called the synagogue ,even when jesus was on earth ,the pharisees of the synagogue were the ones Ώђã† crucified our LORD,yet it was fo̶̷̩̥̊͡я our own good,jesus called them hypocrites ,better come out of her!!!!!!

  46. if tbj prophecy u guyz (tbj watch)wil say hez liein.guezn or playn on luck,nw he dnt prophecy u same guyz re teln us y didnt he c it comin,lol,if 1 iz 2 investigate tbj teachnz base on ur acusatnz it only goez on 2 show dat u guy re liarz,y on earth wil satan cast out satan if u kal tbj an evildoer,nd truly if hez fake lyke u klaimd y nt let God do d fightn y fight 4 him,nd wif wot i joz notice i fink tbj watch iz made of mr terific,gilez,joz wonda on nd wot av u?observation i said.

  47. The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. THEY PERISH BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO LOVE THE TRUTH AND SO BE SAVED. FOR THIS REASON GOD SENDS THEM A POWERFUL DELUSION SO THAT THEY WILL BELIEVE THE LIES/DECEPTIONS -SO THAT ALL WILL BE CONDEMNED WHO HAVE NOT BELIEVED THE TRUTH, BUT DELIGHTED IN WICKEDNESS. – 2 Thess 2:9-12.
    Let us make sure that we believe the truth, or God will send us a strong delusion (tbj), so that we will be condemned.
    Did we not maybe land under tbj deception/delusion, because of our own sins?
    Let us also stay repentive everyday!
    God is not mocked.

  48. You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified” – Gal 3:1.

    Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and bewitched all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great and all the people, both high and low gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is the great power of God ”. They followed him, because that of a long time he had bewitched them with sorceries and magic” – Acts 8:9-11.

    “The whole world was astonished and wondered after the beast … he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation” – Rev 13:3+8

    “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, we have been warned to use discernment, pray and mostly test everything in the light of the Word of God. Speaking the truth in love” – 1 John 4:1.

    And the Bible says; “That in the last days, evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of.” – 2 Tim 3:13.

  49. WAKE UP!
    And remember Jesus said, “That all 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom to return, were asleep! – Math 25:1-11.
    And the Bible says; “That in the last days, evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of.” – 2 Tim 3:13.
    Are we witnessing mass hypnoses (bewitching) in the churches or is it the Holy Spirit of the Bible?

  50. Just some example of hypnoses..
    Check others out on the Internet for yourself.
    Covert Hypnosis – Street Demo of Conversational Hypnosis

    An amazing video on the famous Derren Brown, an English magician and mentalist.
    Check out how he hypnotizes people in a shopping mall to raise their hands!
    Stage hypnosis is a worldwide phenomenon that often draws a lot of interest!

  51. And remember Jesus said, “That all 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom to return, were asleep! – Math 25:1-11.
    Are we hypnotized???????????

  52. Check out all the hypnotic tricks that is being used in scoan.
    So, how does covert hypnosis work?
    1. Build trust with the Listener
    2. Switch off the Critical Mind
    3. Make Irresistible Hypnotic Commands
    Don’t forget: you can hypnotize anyone without his or her awareness.
    The only thing you should do is to follow the covert hypnosis techniques carefully.
    Watch and pray.

  53. And the Bible says; “That in the last days, evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of.” – 2 Tim 3:13.
    Compare all these hypnotic methods to what happens in scoan:
    1. Handshake introduction.
    2. Hands put on head, chest and stomach.
    3. Hypnotist takes your own hand and put it on your chest or stomach.
    4. Hypnotic language patterns.
    5. Hypnotic eye contact.
    6. Subconscious mind control methods.
    7. Witchdoctor puts his foot on your foot, why do they do the same things, as Christians, in scoan?
    8. When in a hypnotic state you are open to the hypnotist’s suggestions. You will manifest according to his suggestions e.g. fire, fire all over your body etc.
    9. Then he will wake you up out of your hypnotic state and you will not remember anything.
    10. And hypnotherapy helps you surprisingly. It can heal and deliver you from many things.
    11. Etc. etc.
    Check hypnoses via tbj out for yourself on you tube on the internet.
    Check also some other famous Charismatic/Pentecostal preachers using the same hypnotic methods.
    See for yourself how they are even doing the same thing in a Pentecostal church in Ethiopia, in the name of geta?
    And remember Jesus said, “That all 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom to return were asleep! – Math 25:1-11.
    Are we asleep because we have been hypnotized by these “men of god?”
    Watch and pray and get God’s unadulterated Word in you. The time is short.

  54. Before, I am able to watch emmanual t v all sunday but resently, I see mentally-disturbed people talking rubish (‘demonic manisfestation’ is what they call it). I can’t watch that channel for more than 15mins (before I change the channel for too much BS) only to check-bye later.

  55. I know why some people accuse the man of God , It is because of they are the agents of devil .There is no power of God on them . They simple preach the Bible without the sprite of God .They are empty . They have church , but they don’t have members .Some of them are leaders with no members . Even there is no presence of God in there church that is why they oppose the man of God . They don’t have agreement even with God .How can God uses those people ? They are not ready to be used by God . That is why they are working for devil by accusing the man of God .

    • Tb Joshua Watch My dream is to end your deception to pe ople of God, just becoz TB Joshua is black and u guys r white…!?,white people will not alwys be the chosen ones… we know Jesus was white and all the prophets but just bcoz sum nigga came into the game u want to take him down. This BULL SHIT is racism, blacks don’t be deceived.

      • @ Ntsieni Mathule,
        There is no racism here at all. This is a matter of great deception, lies and manipulation that must be exposed. Nobody is taking TBJ down, but he is being examined according to the Word of God, just like the Bereans did in Acts 17:10-11. I am black as you are, and I was also deceived due to my ignorance. Read my story on this blog.

    • Teklu, nobody is accusing your idol. What’s happening here is that your idol is under examination by the Word of God. This is not persecution but examination. How many members did Elijah have ? And Elisha ? Jonah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, etc ?

  56. Where do you fall out, Ntsieni Mathule, with this arguement? It is about TRUTH and LIES. The kingdom of light versus the kingdom of darkness! Jesus versus satan. Not black and white skin color. Who says we are white? We are trying to get everyone to wake up to deception, so that you may be saved from it and make heaven! White people are not the chosen ones, but anyone who repents from error and sins and accept the truth of the Word of God. They are the chosen ones. They are the one that will make heaven. Those who repented of their sins and stopped doing it and who are washed by the ever living and powerful shed blood of Jesus Christ. Judge us on what we say and not who we are. Show us out of the Bible where we are wrong and we will change.

    • keep on judging… but what I know is that Jesus Christ never told you the stuff you are writing in this blog… keep on deceiving the children of God. what you guys are saying is that tb Joshua cast out demons by the ruler of demons( will Satan kingdom ever stand?) ….tb Joshua neva fully prophise what is going to happen but he gives the idea on what will happen… go to church and stop blaspheming our God (the God of tb Joshua is my God), if u dnt understand Him – go to your other god in which u say is the real God.

  57. There is something TB Joshua said also and I am disappointed that you could miss such an important anomaly. He said the death of John Atta Mills was to glory. This effectively makes TB Joshua Judge of men. Co-equal with Jesus Christ!

    • Thanks for pointing it out, Birima, and you can also help by exposing this wolf in sheep’s clothing, called T B Joshua who has deceived and is still deceiving multitudes due to their ignorance. He is by every means a false Christ, just like the Lord warned us about in Matthew 24:24. Regrettably, ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6. They have rejected knowledge and love their ignorance, and what would you do in the end thereof ? ” Jeremiah 5:31.

    • Birma, greetings in Jesus name. When Micaiah the prophet told Ahab that if he comes back from war alive then God has not spoken though him was he speaking of himself? I thought I heard the man of God say that it was in a vision that God showed him all this. Does not the bible say we shall judge the angels?. Well since he has been in need of deliverance for over two decades now and no one has been able to deliver him, I belive there is no righteouness in the world no more according to what you all are saying against him.

  58. Mr. Terrific your speech shows who you are . I am a born again Christian .Jesus is my Savior . So I don’t have Idol as you think ,but what you have to know is , you have to repent for what you speak on the real man of God . He is very busy on the work of God . He doesn’t have time to respond for you because he is working for the Kingdom of God .where as you are also working for the kingdom of devil by doing what devil wants you to do for his kingdom .Devil is always accuser and work with his agent to destroy the work of God ,but with vain .God is always with His people .The kingdom of darkness can’t do anything on the Kingdom of God. You may be a paster with no member that is why you wanted to tell me about Elijah the real man of God .well he didn’t recognized all the 7000 members until God came and told him .He said that He was the only person left .Elijah had members .what I want to tell you is if you are called by God you need to have members of church .If you don’t have members God didn’t call people with out people. If you don’t have members of church you are an ideal that is why you are working for devil by accusing the people God .Devil was doing the same thing on our Savior Jesus if he used you to do his work today that is not new for us .

    • Membership, whether big or small is no indication of divine approval or disapproval, do you understand ? Many false prophets have many following them, but didn’t the Lord say they shall deceive many ?

  59. I really pray for those who still believe in this devil’s child in the name of t.b joshua. T.b you better repent because God doesn’t take it likely with people who turn souls away from him. May God save the souls that are under his hold In Jesus Name.Amen

  60. @Mr Terrific,may God continue to bless you In Jesus Name. I though i was the only one who knew this man was a child of the devil. His end is nearer than he thinks!

  61. @ Mr. Terrific Our Lord Jesus teaches that we people need to identify a tree with its fruits .If we can’t identify it we are spiritually blind ,so we need to ask God to open our spiritual sight before opening our mouth on the anointed man of God . who are you to Judge ? Who gave you a license to insult people ? I am very sure your license is not from God . If you want to build the house of God preach the Gospel of our lord Jesus for people who are in the darkness .That was the mission of Disciples of Jesus and it is also ours .God wants you to build His house not destroying .If you want to work for God ask His anointing because we can’t convert people only with our theology knowledge . It needs the power of God . God bless you .

    • Why did Jesus say that many false prophets shall come and shall deceive many ? Why did Jesus say that, ” many shall say to me, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, and in Your name have cast out demons( ogbanjes, mami water, etc) and done many wonderful works ?” Matt 7:21-23. Yes, we’ve tried TBJ by his fruit and by the Word of God and know that he is one of the false prophets Jesus warned us about, and we have a divine mandate to warn others. Ezekiel 3:17-19. It’s up to you to take it or leave it, and I’m really tired of having to explain things to ignorant and deluded people over and over again….!

      • This blog is a joke… If u believe in Tb Joshua watch blog know that u don’t have Christ in you and the real devil is using u .. u need a deliverance! *sumbody call 911.. Christians are being deceived hoo o o!”* like or not Tb Joshua is real and there is nothing u can do to brainwash me in jesus’s name. This Blog is full of racism,hatred,deception,lies,confusion,demon-possessed commentors etc… people of God don’t listen to sinners and please disconect yourself from this Blog if u know wat is good to you!

      • You have proved that you don’t have the capacity and the ability to discern a false from a true prophet, so why are you here talking ? You have not yet gotten to the level of a Berean who could search the Bible for themselves and make their own decisions, but are still learning so don’t confuse yourself with issues beyond your understanding. You would do well to learn your Bible, Mathule.

      • Mr.Terific or Mr.”Son of the devil”John8:44 ,u r full of lies and u just proven it to me but thanks … two enemies can never agree with each other, Satan and God– But I’m from God and You are from Satan… I’M YOUR TB JOSHUA WATCH WATCH! . we say no to Tb Joshua watch blog!

      • We know Satan and the Illuminati, but what you don’t know are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are misleading and fleecing the flock of God such as TB Joshua and others. You have refused wisdom and understanding and are among the many who have been deceived by false prophets, just like the Lord said.

      • for your information ,where I live they are many false prophets that are being exposed everyday by my pastor of WRS TV (divinetruth.tv) … and Tb Joshua he doesn’t match with them. Better expose true false prophets than real true prophet!

      • Mr terrific the very things that the Lord Jesus said believers will do is being done by the man of God. Heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel, baptise, help the poor and needy, widows, giving and you name it. I would be a hypocrite if i say that the man of God does not make mistakes in his teaching or sometimes in his reactions. But did Paul not rebuke Peter in Galatians 2:1-14 for his cowardly act?. Can we say then that by this action Peter was not a man of God?.

        James 3:1-3

        3 My friends, not many of you should become teachers. As you know, we teachers will be judged with greater strictness than others. 2 All of us often make mistakes. But if a person never makes a mistake in what he says, he is perfect and is also able to control his whole being.

        All men of God have made mstakes in their teachings and I do not think that makes them fake. By the way I think if things were done in secrecy at the SCOAN then their services would not have been live.

        When people get expelled from fellowship or find out that their hidden sins or agenda have been exposed, they step out and begin a campaign of destruction to justify themselves instead of repenting and letting God to forgive them. Thats PRIDE.

      • @SET,
        Where do you come from ? You are so very misinformed about TBJ and SCOAN. Many of us left SCOAN voluntarily and not expelled, and we’ve seen the hypocrisy, lies, deceit and manipulations of this Nigerian 419 prophet, but you can choose to believe him if you want to. Did not Jesus say that many false prophets shall deceive many people ?

  62. What I mean is this:
    One of you says,
    “I follow Paul”, another,
    “I follow Apollos”, another,
    “I follow Cephas (Peter)” – 1 Cor 1: 12

    Are you not acting like mere men?

    For when one says,
    “I follow Paul,” and another,
    “I follow Apollos”,

    Are you not mere men?

    What, after all is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe – as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. So neither he who plants, nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.
    Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly – mere infants in Christ. I, Paul, gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. You are still worldly babies– 1 Cor 3:1-7.

  63. Ntsieni Mathule – I am so sorry to see that the Truth is hurting you so much. Remember the Truth sets free as well. I perceive in you and your pastor, another Dore that is going to wake up and is busy waking up. Your pastor will wake up to the truth of tbj, as she is a godly woman and will hear, the truth, from God. Remember when Jesus’ disciples asked Him; “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age? Jesus answered; “Watch out that no one DECEIVES you. For many will come in my Name, claiming, “I am the anointed one (I have the anointing) and DECEIVE many – Math 24: 3-4.
    I say again, “Watch and pray”.
    We will also pray for you, as the road ahead of you and yours will be a painful and disillusioned one, like everyone that went before you.

    • @Just wonder, on what grounds do you disqualify the man of God and what can all of you his critics say about those who came back several years later to testify that they are still healed?. Here say has prooved to be very dangerous. CS upthegroove i think was not led by the devil too. Pride is killing many a men of God. Remember what Jesus is said ‘a prophet is not respected in his own hometown and especially in his own family’.

      • @justwonder lols.. who said I’m being hurt. TB Joshua is not my family member or someone I depend on ..He is just messenger from Heaven ;u can say whateva u want abt him, I know that 2000+ years ago Jesus was also persecuted….

  64. tb joshua watch,mr terific,giles or just wonder on aside d prophecy dat u guyz said re fake kan any of u categoricaly tell us y u fink tb joshua iz fake wif biblical proof or backup

    • @ Penjohn,
      Why, there are too many biblical proofs and if you check our stories you’d know the truth by verifying from the Bible for yourself. Check out Deut 18:22 for instance, and that will tell you many people who claim to be prophets are just lying and deceitful prophets. Even when a prophesy comes to pass, there are many other tests as well to determine if it’s of God or not, and T B Joshua has failed all the tests. Remember TBJ is not the only one, but there are millions of them, but this site is specially dedicated to TBJ, for reasons explained elsewhere on this site.

      • @mr terrific,that iz my main reason 4 asking u or any1 of u 2 categoricaly tellme or the world rather your other reasons 4 calling tbj fake aside the prophesy,so that on our next visit 2 scoan i and my team will b on the lookout 4 your claims,i dnt think any1 who have gone 2 scoan will come out with the same testimony that tbj is fake,mind u i literaly alwayz condemn tbj on magazines and papers base on hear say and things said and written by most nigeria pastors,so in your next reply kindly brief me on your reasons,and consigning the issue of ex-disciple how would 1 know that they are not just mere frame.

    • off the top of my head,
      he says he has a divine nature
      he says he does not sin
      his followers call him “daddy”, despite what Jesus warning not to call anyone your Father in this manner

      seriously though, you might want to have a look at the articles startingat the beginning 😉

      • Judging is judging and doing it without God it is a total sin… ‘TB Joshua Watch followers’ must respect their tongues … �for your infomation [I’m 18 years old .from South Africa,limpopo and I have being watching TB Joshua for almost 2 years by now and u guys cant tell me nothing]

  65. @Mr Terrific
    Matt 26:59-60

    59 The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin were looking for false evidence against Jesus so that they could put him to death. 60 But they did not find any, though many false witnesses came forward.

    3 John 9-10

    9 I wrote a short letter to the church; but Diotrephes, who likes to be their leader, will not pay any attention to what I say. 10 When I come, then, I will bring up everything he has done: the terrible things he says about us and the lies he tells!

    I do not have to believe anyone bc he says he was a disciple of the man of God and is now writing evil. I have seen all kinds of betrayal in the church to know how cunning and wicked the devil is and how patient he is in executing his plans against the work of God. I think by now all the prayers of you who criticise the man of God on this blog and all the high calibre men of God who call him an agent of the devil should have delivered him unless you are serving another God other than my Jesus.

    • @ SET,
      There are so many things you don’t know and don’t understand, but you can go through this blog and check the Bible for yourself and you will know and understand that TBJ is a REAL FALSE PROPHET. I used to believe he was a man of God, but I was sleeping and now I’m wide awake ! Very wide awake, and concerning TBJ’s deliverance, we’ve already answered it here.

  66. Ntsieni Mathule – As I thought – I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly – a mere infant (18 years old) in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. You are still a worldly baby and many lessons to learn
    – 1 Cor 3:1-7.
    The Lord is not in a hurry and I would advise you to stop your laughing, mocking and name callings, because tears will follow you as you discover the truth. Why do you not go and ask your paster of WRS TV (divinetruth.tv), what she believe is the truth? We will keep on praying for you.

  67. I am forced to comment on this post of urs becouse of the falacies inherent in it. in the first place u should know that one don’t hv to know when he/she will die, so tbj is nt under any obligation to announce to atah mills that u will die tomorrow or next. secondly, mills confessed that he was healed by t.b.j , then what are we blobbing about? my answer is, what we don’t understand we criticize.

  68. T B JOSHUA is a true Prophet of God. Many people know this – even his critics. But they say the opposite because of envy since the man of God has too much mercy and goodness of God following him.

    • you’re right! Chosani, I know false prophets, they are many where I live ,they mix darkness with light , pretty bad that people who live in developed countries or towns dont know them, tb joshua watch is runned by those mindless chickens who thought jesus was talking about TB Joshua when he meant “False prophets who come in sheep’s clothing” .Goodbye TBJ losers ;-), I dont even waste my time reading demons’ thoughts that are written in the blog.

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