The self serving motive behind TB Joshua’s “prophecies”

SCOAN are currently circulating a video on youtube claiming that TB Joshua predicted the recent attacks on US embassies in Libya, Egypt and Yemen. This shouldn’t really surprise us given that TB Joshua claims to have predicted every high profile tragedy that happens. However, this particular “prophecy” does help clarify the motives behind releasing these videos.

What did he prophecy?

In “a recent” Sunday service (note that “recent” in SCOAN videos usually means “quite a long time ago”, when it really is recent they give the actual date because that adds credibility to the claim) TB Joshua made the following claim:

“I am seeing an attack in an embassy, this attack will come… which embassy? It will be a kind of explosion and the embassy will burn they will begin to bring people out of this. Which Country? Which Embassy? I think these are the questions we need to ask.”

As we have previously revealed, most of his prophecy videos are heavily cut so that the inaccurate details are removed leaving the prophecy seeming more accurate than it actually was. In this case, the video doesn’t seem so heavily edited but does clearly utilise his other favourite prophecy trick: probability. Why does he predict airplane crashes in Indonesia? Because they have a notoriously bad air safety record. Mass shootings in the US? There’s about 20 of them a year. Football results? Well that’s 50/50 and if he gets it wrong he claims it was because he instructed people to pray.

So back to the prophecy. An attack on an embassy. A fire. People being brought out (seems logical you would evacuate people from an attack). A little research will show that attacks on embassies happen multiple times a year. Last year there were 9 attacks on embassies, the year before there were 13. If you read some of the news stories you see many involve fires, and yes – people will be evacuated (brought out). Is that all you’ve got TB Joshua? You could have named the country, specified that an ambassador will be killed (a very rare event), given a hint on what the motivation behind the attack would be, but no – you stick to the blindingly obvious.

This, ladies and gentlemen is not a prophecy. It’s a probability.

So what about the motive? The video is undated, so it seems highly unlikely that it really was a “recent” service because they would have been sure to give the date (feel free to give us evidence to the contrary in the comments). Therefore we can assume that this was not the first event matching the prediction, so why wait until this event? Because it was the biggest news story of the moment. Multiple attacks, an ambassador killed, a mysterious and controversial video. SCOAN weren’t waiting for any event to claim TB Joshua predicted it, they were waiting for a super high profile event so they could ride on the wave of news stories, shamelessly self-promoting off the back of a terrible tragedy.

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  1. You People are Joking!! Ahahahaaa, this post is very Funny, Preach the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ instead of fighting Flesh and Blood.

  2. yeah, predicting an attack on some embassy, somewhere, sometime is like prophecying that there is going to be fighting in the Middle East.

    Like you said, if TB had prophesied any further detail, I’d have at least listened. He left out the most significant detail, the death of an ambassador. Thats been the most important event in these attacks (the last time that happened was 1979). He made absolutely no mention of it.

    I’m guessing he’s going to predict something else which is a probability –
    a major war starting in the middleast, probably syria or iran
    a total economic collapse in Europe or/and America
    a military confrontation involving NATO or China or Russia
    rising food prices
    more celebrity nude pictures

    You dont need to be a prophet to make these predictions. Celebrity nude pics is a common occurance, just like mass shootings in America and plane crashes. The others (and i’m personally convinced they’re going to happen) are just a matter of watching developments on the news and learning a little geo-politics.

    • tb joshua has predicted accurately many events dear, which world are you living in? ‘we are not fighting flesh and blood’, if that phrase gets into your head then you will understand whats happening in this world

    • You forget the death in “April” on a “Thursday” of an African nation “President”, not in West Africa, bozo? Wtfu

  3. There they go again, fake prophet T B Joshua and his SCOAN ! I call these mere CONJECTURES, and nothing more ! The man knows he is a deceiver and is deceiving the people, but regrettably the people are so stupid they’d believe anything ! Is it any wonder Jesus said the many false prophets shall deceive many people ? What can you do to help deceived people, except they’re willing to hear the truth ? Lord Jesus, I’m begging you, please remove this satanic and stupid blindness from your people !!!

      • Mrs Ebere,
        We should be more careful about what the Word of God says, not what any false prophet says ! Fear God rather than mortal man, okay ?

      • If He Is A Prophet Of Doom Or Whatever, Leave Him For God Judgement. The True Shall Tell On The Judgement Day. We Should Stop Condemin This Man Of God, He Did Not Call Any Body To His Church Neither Collecting Money From Any Body, So Why All This?. I Love U TB J.

  4. When we do have fire of God? instead of attacking man of God why we aren’t Nell Perrie ! Auer battle is not with flesh & blood with principals & power of darkness this man is freely Gavin from God for Auer generation too waren too deliver too hill working with Jesus . let’s street Auer woke too be like him in Jesus name amen b b

  5. wheather it is prophecy or probability, it came from the man of God, period. that was the message God gave him to give us (people who believe in the word of God) not for satan & his agents. Jesus was not preaching his message to unbelievers but to His followers. unbelievers who were following him were those who were trying to find fault in His ministry. same is applicable to you. tbj is not prophesying to unbelievers like you but to believers who believe in his ministry. pls leave us to be edified by God’s prophecy through tbj. find somethingh meaningful to do for yourselves, though it may be difficult because you are agents of darkness carrying out your master’s assignment, shame. the church is martching on, the gates of hell cannot prevail. Emmanuel.

    • No man on earth deserves to be able to “prophecy” with impunity and not have his words scrutinised. Even the Apostle Paul commended the Bereans because they did not blindly accept what he preached, but tested it against scripture. In the case of these so called prophecies, they served no purpose in avoiding the tragedies and were so vague that the probability of their fulfillment was certain. If you believe these are words from God, then you have a very low standard.

      • Indeed, the Word of God commands us to judge prophesies and to prove all things, holding fast to true prophesies while rejecting lying and deceitful ones. 1 Cor 14:29; 1 Tess 5:20-21.

  6. I’m laughing when someone says that Jesus was preaching to believers. That is false, Jesus was preaching to unbelievers for them to be saved. I don’t know if TB Joshua is a real man of God or a false one, however he is a powerful man, someone with a supernatural force but miracles are not the element we could use to determine if a ministry come from God or not but the teachings, the word of God. Miracles come to confirm the message, the word of God.Hebrews 2:4> God confirm their testimonies by miracles and wonder, so we must more be focus on the word of God than miracles. Jesus once asked people to believe in Him because of signs and wonders but He clearly said if you won’t believe in me because of my words, believe because of what I’m doing among you. So, firstly, He was waiting for people to believe in his teachings not only in his works. He even told Thomas that blessed are those who believes without having see.
    What is the message of TB Joshua for this generation? Each prophet in the bible has a message that God gave them to bring for the generation and God was doing great signs and wonders to make people believe on their messages. What is his message as a prophet? Even WM Branham had a message, he did a lot of miracles but he was focusing his ministry on the teaching of the word of God rather than miracles.
    TB Joshua is all about signs, miracles and everything turn around his person. I’m not judging him, at all but let us judge his ministry according to God’s word and do not forget that Jesus told us the many false prophets will come and their principal sign are miracles. Church don’t be deiceved!

  7. hey ,you people of God, just leave the man of God alone. It always is very difficult for the onlookers from outside, because they use a different lens and ear to hear what is being prophesied. If you do not understand please dont criticise, ask for clarity and to be guided into understanding these issues.

    I pray to God that you be guided.

  8. M not a fan of TB Joshua, I dont know whether he is a true prophet or not only God knows or better still will know if someone tells us that it has been revealed to him. His prophecy seems fake but I dont know, I say lets pray and stop Criticizism so that God can reveal the truth. Many souls are being lost and its only through prayers that all can be revealed

  9. If He is a true man of God, we don’t need to criticize him because we will be fighting a servant of God. If He is not a true servant of God, the prophecy has being fulfilled and nothing could stop that as it is written ” Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” Matthew 24:11. Are you part of that MANY? “For false prophets will rise and show GREAT signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you beforehand” Matthew 24:24-25. So, if the elect could be deceive, what about others? Are you deceived? Please, let be focus on preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ instead of discussing about a man. Let God bless us.

  10. The prophecie from god is correct and perfect. When you are given a message from our lord ; you need to release it as it was given to you. No need for cut and past or long as it is from god it will hapen

    • True, so what do you make of the fact that TB Joshua has clearly been shown to cut and edit the visions he claims to have received from God. If they weren’t perfect in the first place, where they really from God?

      • Exact. that is what i am saying.people in scoan should know that is dangerous and sin to say:god says when he did not say.please fear this powerful god

  11. scoans tricks are now being discovered: They hack various peoples emails and with this information they will use it for the so called prophecy. Now they have statrted charging peoplle for prayer meeting / church attendance/stickers at university of West London Brentford campus

  12. T.b. Joshua is a prophet with a difference. Thats why you guys will never stop talking about him. Is He the only prophet???. You certainly have no right to call the prophecies vague. That conclusion can only be made when the both parties agree to avert any disaster and it wasn’t.
    2.Wether there have been different attacks or not, the prophet knows what he’s talking about. Aproach him and see if the full details wouldn’t be given. So please keep ur obnoxious Observations to yourself and leave T.b. Joshua alone!

    • It’s a bit late for him to give details now, the event has happened! And we all know now that when he does give more specific details before the event (colour of a plane, place a shooting will take place etc…) they often need to be edited out because they don’t fit reality.

  13. T.b. Joshua watch. You say it’s abit late now, but did you make attempt to aproach him before the event happened? Peharps he would have given you more details and You wouldn’t be saying all these trash! But since you don’t care about the prophecies but are only of the opinion to Criticize when it happens keep your points to your self. If you really care about people you wouldn’t be doing this.
    You only watch Emmanuel T.v. To find fault. Who are you then? Who sent you then? You don’t even see any of the good God is doing through Him but always looking for faults in the midst of it. Is that what your bible tells you? Now answer this question if you’re really doing what the Bible instructs; Is there any of your post that talks about the good deeds of T.b. Joshua? Meaning you are expected to Judge only the wrong? Now, Is this really of God? Certainly not. Check your selves!

    • Right Doi. So if in 2011 the authorities in Indonesia had taken his plane crash prophecy seriously they would have been looking out for large, blue planes crashing on a Wednesday, not small, white planes crashing on Saturdays (as happened). Or if the American authorities took seriously his prophecy about a shooting at an army barracks, they would have totally missed the shooting in the cinema! Why don’t we ask him for details? Because the joker doesn’t have a clue.

  14. Welcome back tbj disciples and spokespersons. You have been quiet lately. On an assignment hey? Well we would like to talk to tbj about all the discrepancies in his ministry, together with everyone he abused with a TV team of our choice on neutral ground in public, but since he is hiding away in scoan, behind his fully armed army and disciples and goes bê serk should you confront or disagree with him. We will keep on confronting him on this web-site about all of his sins. Since he does not want to talk to us, we need to expose everything on this web-site according to God’s Word.
    Tell him: “He needs to be delivered from a spirit of anger and sex”.
    We are awaiting his responce……………..

  15. Tb joshu watch,you call that probability,there are over one thousand and one true prophets and pastors out there if none of them can come out to warn and tell us of the dangers that lie ahead then leave tb joshua and his probabilities,no one is complaining solong he is right in his probability perhaps you guys can start telling us of more probable things to come as long as it happens anyway,then we will know you guys are really doing a great job to humanity,so you all(tbj watch)knew the possibility of there being a shooting in an embassy in a year and yet not even one of you bothered to let the ignorant masses know,and hear you are telling the whole world itz just a probability,tbj please ride on sir with more probabilities solong they all come to pass the masses will believe you.

  16. @T.B Joshua watch. Have you ever given it a try and He tells you there’s no clue? Plzzz stop these insinuations, they are baseless. It’s only the devil that talks about peoples wrong negleting their good. And there’s non of your post that talks about the Good of T.b.Joshua. Who are u then?

    Oh! Less i forget, we are approaching the end of another year. Aren’t you going on another T.b.Joshua holiday?
    You’re only wasting your precious time fighting this man on the net. Coz no one can fight a Prophet of God and be Victorious.

    • The video we put together on youtube (that i’m sure you’ve seen) tells us all we need to know about his so called prophetic gift. How someone could claim he saw a vision as clearly as “watching Emmanuel TV” but get it so wrong is beyond us. All we can conclude is that he was lying. If you have a different explanation for why he got it so wrong (and don’t pretend he didn’t get it wrong, the evidence is there on SCOAN’s youtube channel for all to see), feel free to let us know.

    • @Doi,
      Nobody can fight a prophet of God, but T B Joshua is not a prophet of God, but a false prophet, get that straight, okay ? The man is just under EXAMINATION by the Word of God, and nothing more. You can call it a fight, hatred, envy or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

  17. @ Doi,
    T B Joshua came to Ghana and deceived us with 20 fake miracles involving 20 Ghanaians who are now dead. This happened right under my nose and I thought the man was performing miracles, only to learn years later that it was all arranged with the connivance of Michael Lathbridge, his Ghanaian lackey. T B Joshua is a criminal, using the name of the Lord Jesus in vain, and he must be exposed ! And all those of you who are supporting him will fall alongside him if you don’t confess your sins and expose this false prophet.

  18. Hey watch. You seem to hold strong grip on that single Prophecy. But to my understanding, The editors aren’t T.b. Joshua. And T.b. Joshua is not an editor. Everyone makes mistakes. If we have any perfect people on earth let us know. The most important aspect is that The prophecy couldn’t have been merely guessed. Thats the biggest mistake you’ll ever make to believe it was a probability. I believe you asked for mathematicians who would solve T.b.J’S probabilities. Did you get any? It’s beyound human copmrehension. Are we talking of the personal prophecies? Nations? etc. Why not also try your luck? Get your ministry, organize a Live broadcast, give personal prophecies as well as that of Nations, and lets see how accurate you are. B’cos you don’t understand Him you criticize, if you understand Him, you’ll destroy him. So, it’s better to continue the criticism until you are converted by God Himself.

  19. Why don’t you proove what you’re talking about. T.b. Joshua is more than deceiving just 20 people compared to what happened then.
    T.b.J. Ride on sir! They can only talk…..:-)

  20. What people do not understand they call names,what they understand they destroy.
    No amount of insults,name calling,blasphemies will change what God has planted in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua,because he is led by Holy Spirit and Jesus is the Head of the Church (SCOAN)
    The more you hate him,the MORE God anoint him the more.
    Open the eyes of faith so that you can see.
    Prophet TB Joshua
    is my prophet forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. To elubyk,

    How great is your darkness?



    God help you if tbj is your light. Jesus said: ” …..for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also… for if your eyes are bad, you will be full of darkness. If then when the light within you- tbj- is darkness, how great is your darkness! No one can serve two masters”. Serve Jesus Christ alone. Keep your eyes on Him and His Word -THE BIBLE – and obey only His written Word! Did tbj now come -in the place of Jesus? Remember the antichrist will come – in the place of Jesus – and pretend to be the anointed one.
    Jesus Christ is my Prophet forever and ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @just wonder
    The meaning of ‘Light’means God has planted unique gift in his life.Thus wy many people dont understand his ministries.All is grace and all boasting is excluded.
    God has raised Wise men,are they fake too?The devil is in trouble.
    I hav never seen Prophet T.B. Joshua saying bad things to other men of God.He always preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.Dont waste ur time condeming him.Hav u ever watched Emmanuel Tv?If not do so now,dont hear wat pple say,watch for urself.
    May God bles u.

    • My friend, read your Bible, which is the Word of God, and not Emmanuel TV, which is doctored and manipulated by TBJ to deceive people like you. Yes, TBJ deceived me before, but now I want to show him the Word of God and to expose him. Now, you never saw him say anything about any man of God, but do you know that TBJ takes a hammer to hit the pictures of real and anointed men of God ? Yes, he can’t fight them spiritually, so he takes a hammer to hit their pictures thinking that could destroy them, but he has failed woefully. The man is pure evil like Satan himself, but thank God for Jesus Christ for giving us the power over Satan and all his messengers like TBJ !

      • This one is a lie i was just about to believe what you are writing but i think you are losing it i watch emmannuel tv sometimes i do not think T.B Josua can do that this i call true lies!!!!!!!!

  23. I love Prophet TB Joshua weather this creature called Giles is happy or not. The more I read your analysis the more I watch Emmanuel TV and the more my faith grows. If only you could see enough then you would know who TB Joshua really is in the eyes of God.

    • Ruth, may the Lord have mercy on you ! The more you watch Emmanuel TV, the more you’re deceived by this Nigerian 419 prophet T B Joshua. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, not by watching Emmanuel TV or any other TV for that matter. Romans 10:17

  24. @mr terrific,i think the only satan or messenger of satan we all can clearly see here is you,together with your or this so called tb joshua watch of a thing,why would any God fearing person after hearing tbj preach and exalt the name of our lord Jesus christ come out to tell us that tbj is fake,if you say all that emmanuel tv shows are manipulated,are you also implying that the preaching of salvation and the use of the name Jesus christ which is always mentioned were also manipulated,cause all my life i av nevered heard of satan or any of his satan boldly and frequently using the name Jesus to preach and heal and stil return all thanks to him.if you av seen any maybe you can stil let us know.

    • Matt 7: 22 – 23 “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

  25. Less i forget,tb joshua watch,i can recall vividly you guys telling us that tb joshua is no prophet before,now here you are telling us again that this is no prophecy but probability,and you were also advicing tb joshua,saying that if he had mentioned the country or said an ambassador would be attack it would av been better,heres my point,you said he is fake right then,and i think that if am not wrong fake prophets prophesy and it comes to pass what makes them fake is the source of their power,you say this man is a fake prophet and now you are saying his prophecy are nolonger fake or no prophecy at all,but probabilities or are you people also saying tbj is not a fake prophet anymore that now he his just playing on mother luck,secondly you called him fake why are you so consigned if he mentioned the name of the country or not,so what if he had mentioned the name of the country or an ambassador so it really would av change something right,dont forget you called him fake and now you would have prefered if the fake man was specific in his probabilities,this is really geting on interesting,cause i think some people are either confused or dont know what they are saying either way they still think some1 is faking

    • With respect, I think it’s you who’s confused. The reason for pointing out the lack of detail was that this is evidence that he is using guess work, not a prophetic gift from God. Every word from God has purpose, the only purpose of these so called prophecies is to get extra publicity for TB Joshua. They are so vague the chance of them happening is 100% (Like we said in the article, multiple embassies are attacked every year) and as we’ve seen with the edited prophecies – often key details are wrong (the shooting was in a cinema not an army barracks, the plane crashed on a Saturday not a Wednesday etc etc…)

  26. A Christian is known by Love,Let love Lead. Leave Prophet T.B. Joshua alone.You pple cant you see the more you hate him the more God anoint him! Pastors,Bishops, Muslims, Roman catholic sisters and brothers they go to The Church to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and for deliverance.Who are you? Instead of busy praying everymoment to God,u r wasting ur time condeming someone. What is ur reward? Leave it for God worry for urself and ur family.All boasting are excluded.

  27. @T.B. Joshua watch. Lets wait till that last day and see who will quote matt7:22 for each other. Why using physical weapon to fight? Like I said before, if you are jealous go and organise your own ministry, make sure it’s a Live broadcast, then get your probability experts like Giles to give you hints on probabilities you can apply as prophecies. And lets see how true it will be. And don’t forget to also include individual prophecies(i guess you’ll also call that probability), works of charity to the Ophans/widnws/Aged/prostitutes/armed rubbers/deportees/physically challanged/dwarves etc. And also Organise broken home and reconsilation ministry coz it comes with prophecy And of cause heal the sick and deliver the bondaged.

    Can you see the things you are praying to God to remove by condeming T.b. Joshua? Who is now the Devil? Can devil be this committed in the things of God? May God forgive you. Soon your eyes of faith would be opened. Amen.

    • ” Why using physical weapon to fight ? ” Doi, please say that to your fake prophet T B Joshua. Why does he use a hammer to hammer the pictures of real and anointed men of God ? I want an answer from T B Joshua, please !

  28. I think mr Terric and the People at TB Joshua watch are agent from the dark kingdom i think you people are jelous according to you God is so powerless he cannot use one of his sevant mightyly the way he is using T.B.J. You are not saying anything about the spot on prophesies he is giving to people during the service or you are going to say he is buying people if so he must be very intelligent to cram so many things during one service and if he buys people it will mean the aim is to make profit how is he going to make profit after giving so many people profesies and asking people to fake deliverence.You people are not making any sense i have been following your block and watching emmanuel TV for sometime hoping to read something concrete but up to so far you peolpe just talk rubbish

    • @doi, elubyk, Matshi, collins omondi et al…
      Not one of you have addressed the point of the post, which was that these prophecies serve no other purpose than being publicity tools for TB Joshua. None of you have suggested a credible alternative purpose, leaving us to assume there isn’t one.

    • Emmanuel TV is not the Word of God. Read your Bible and learn God’s word instead of watching some manipulated programs on tv. Faith comes by hearing the word of God, not by watching television !

      • why did you worry to immanuel tv because is affect you a lot ,some agents of satan,darkes they don t like it,they confess it that its poweful tv light one from God ,thusway you hate it and you deceived people not to watch it,Senior propet tb josua is from God wheather like or not he will be there foreve with his 5 wise man

  29. Doi nobody is jealous.i read a comment the uchers or diciples in your church scoan beat up even old people and use harch words like:you can even go to hell: to people who queue for the is this christlike or sin?. A title like:the segond caming of tbjoshua on :watchtbjoshua: what is it? Sorry i am out of topic

  30. @mr terrific,with all due respect,it pisses me off when you say emmanuel tv are manipulating programs,pataining the issue of the man that ate faeces i was there live to witness it and was surprised to see later on that it was manipulated,this was what i witness and not being told and the one emmanuel tv played later on was an exact of what hapenned,mind you have been to scoan severally not to hear tbj preach or whatever but to confirm what critics says but what am yet to understand is that of all this man is being accused am yet to witness any hapening in the church that was why i asked you guys or any of you to categorically tell me or us rather,the wrong hapening in scoan or some of his fake doing so i will take a couple of friends and this time be on the look for your claims,paraventure i confirm any to be true then here on this blog i will give you guys a 100% support go ahead and vice-versa if the case be otherwise.

    • Hi Penjohn. I don’t think anyone is saying that the live services are manipulated, but the packages put out on youtube definitely are. You can see clear evidence of that here:

      It is also clear that TB Joshua manipulates scripture in his teaching (I think that was what Mr T was referring to). You can see evidence of this in our article here, and also in this video where he explains salvation without a single mention of the cross and then proclaims that the sins of his entire audience are forgiven. By what authority does he do this?

  31. @kali,you read and not you saw,funny enough to know that some people still believe all that they read online,mind you tbj himself his not even aware of 60% hapening in his church,but,if actually some aged were beaten up,was he the very one that ordered them being beaten or told go to hell,should be the question.

  32. This verse was actually referring to those once true servant of God that latered strayed away and not the once that nevered served God,or are you now saying tbj was once a true prophet before?.

  33. @penjohn. Kali expects every worker in the Ministry to kiss the foot of the members. But the truth is, much as there are cool headed people, there’s also gonna be Radicals. All Jesus’ disciple weren’t cool headed.if they were, Jesus wouldn’t have taken extra anointen to put back the ear of the soldier that was cut.

    For goodness sake stop looking for unaproved fault in this man and talk about the good.
    @T.B.Joshua watch. I thought we’ve talked about this prophecy on you-tube? If you would kindly take other proofs.

    • Yes, we have talked about this prophecy video, and since nobody has come up with a justification for the fraud we’ll continue bringing it up whenever it’s relevant. Especially since the more recent colorado shooting video proves that this was not a one off.

  34. Tb Joshuas prophesies are questionable. He propheses that people have been healed of AIDS/ HIV but this is false. I myself was in LAgos because i have HIV- i was arranged on the prayerline then told that after the process i should not go for a 2nd HIV test but wait as long as possible for it to turn negative by itself- taht healing had already taken place- but nothing happened I am still positive adn also many other people are in the same boat. Later when i tried to contact the scoan about this no one wanted to know me.

    • They are a bunch of horrible people, disciples of Satan, who are only interested in projecting the image of Temitope Balogun Joshua, and not Jesus Christ, who bought us with His own blood.

  35. @tb joshua watch,let me get you right,are you now saying that the live services are real but just that their post in youtube are manipulated and that his scriptural teachings are manipulated too,right.ok then tell me what do you guys av to say about the miracles,individual prophecy and the anointing water are they fake or manipulated too or is their youtube post on miracles manipulated also.

  36. Doi if some of the diciples are radical? Then they need our prayers; nobody is perfet .we should be ready to accept our mistakes and humble ourself .and pray for change

  37. Yes Kali, they all need prayers from the right source. I never mentioned that they were perfect, no one is perfect.not even You and I. We are all striving towards that perfection, thats why you should not expect 100% perfection from them therefore don’t Judge them coz we’re all thesame. If you were in their position, you’ll do thesame.

    @T.B. Joshua watch. You strongly believe in this manipulation stuff. I have just one question for you.
    Could they have possibly manipulated T.b. J’s exert words? I mean can they manipulate what T.b. Joshua did not say? The answer is a pure NO! The event actually went in the footprints of T.b.J’s prophecy. And
    The editors aren’t perfect people for goodness sake! Don’t look at them like they are Jesus who doesn’t make mistakes. The fact still remains ‘T.B. JOSHUA ACTUALLY SAID IT’ it wasn’t forged.

  38. @johnson,you were in scoan lagos because u were HIV positive, prayed for yet you remained thesame,you might be right in your claims but hope you dont expect all to believe your tale,cos any1 or even i can just say i was Hiv too prayed for and was totally healed and many will believe,but it will be adding to a many deceitive claims here(No offence intended watch).but if of a truth you were prayed for then i can only fault out 2things from you. 1.your faith, 2.what you intend doing after healing. My advice when next you going for any healing check the above mentioned in you,before pointing hands.

    • I will scoan for false predictions of HIV cures- if you think that i am lying may God forgive you the same way he is forgiving members of scoan. This revelation will shake the world.

    • Listen among all the groups that went to Lagos this year for HIV healing and all the groups that were sprayed with water in London non were healed of HIV they are still positive and living in various parts of England SCOAN does not want to know them any more yet the prediction is that god has revealed that they will become negative that they should keep waiting because the vision is that they will turn negative

  39. @johnson,i think you re misquoting here,no 1 ever said you lying but that you dnt expect all believe,whats the call for forgivnes here,so not believing your story demands a forgivnes 4rm you when next you spelling God i think a capital letter should be use 4 the ‘g’ except you are saying otherwise.

  40. ALL,
    From what we hear about Johnson’s testimony, we can deduce that TBJ never healed anyone of AIDS. It appears all those claims about HIV healings at SCOAN are manipulated and false. TBJ is able to give bribes to people to do anything, and many poor people are willing to do anything for some money. And, in Nigeria, it is possible to get corrupt doctors to make false claims for TBJ.concerning healings that never happened. Another scenario is that if anyone was ever healed of HIV at SCOAN, it is possible that now the power has left, and that is a clear indication that the power is not from God. Why ? Because the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Romans 11:29. God does not take away His gifts and callings. This explains why there is so much deceit and manipulation by TBJ to project his name. This explains why he needed to buy wheel chairs to make false claims of healing lame people…..TBJ, you’re in big trouble with my Lord Jesus, and now He is going to expose you to all the world for taking His name in vain.

  41. ‘At the insensitivity of tb joshua followers’whats there to sense anyway,that tb joshua is false or that this blog is false.

  42. Deuteronomy 18:9-12
    King James Version (KJV)

    9 When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.

    10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

    11 OR A CHARMER, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer(someone who is consulting the dead or dead ancestral spirits).

    12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

    See below the definition of a Sociopathic Charmers . . .

    Click on:

  43. Hmmmm. Kali so you are so perfect now that you won’t hurt anyone if you were in their shoes? Are you now God that makes no mistake? If you were so perfect you should know you were suppose to Capitalize the G in God except you are talking of other gods you worship other than God Almighty. So my friend you are not perfect!

  44. In all the discussions about whether or not people have been beaked of HIV infection, the thing that really bothers me is the fact that people are dissuaded from being re-tested and instead are encouraged to believe that they have been healed without any evidence this is so. Apart from the risk to them individually if they stop taking medication, there is also the risk that they will infect others. Seriously dangerous advice.

  45. Please note the following about people who went for healing at the SCOAN:
    1. After the prayerline they were immediately coerced into providing testimony without proof of healing. Many of then refused to do so.
    2. The prediction from SCOAN was that the spirit behind HIV had left then and that a vision had already been seen that the virus would disappear from their bodies.
    3. They were advised that if they went back to their respective countries they should not go for retesting immediately, but wait for about 2 years then retest.
    4. SCOAN distinguished between spiritual healing and physical healing but said that once they declared you spiritually healed of HIV it meant that you are physically healed even though you retest positive, continuing to insist that their idea of spiritual negative HIV confers long life and it meant that you are HIV negative in the physical

    • T B Joshua is a criminal, destroying other people’s lives to project his name, but why should people continue to believe his lies and deceit ? How can people be so stupid ?

  46. Regarding controversial predictions , it was said in the SCOAN that the demise of Bill Clinton would take place in March 2012 in hospital but nothing happened !

    • T B Joshua has made thousands of false predictions and that makes him a false prophet 1000 times and over !

  47. Hello, dont u have things to watch out for? Why a single man? Why don’t u watch out for ur own salvation? Is it our Lord Jesus that instruct u to go after a man who he can easily Judge himself? Or are u on a personal vendetta? I cant understand why a whole site is opened for only one man. It would hv been better if this site is used for preaching the gospel of our lord Jesus if u are for him as u said, and allow God to Judge the concience of man. Please no one fights for God. He is a mighty man in battle.

  48. I can only accept with most of the negative comments IF and ONLY if you provide evidence that TB Joshua himself has been doing whatever you are writing negatively about him. As a human being he might have some areas of stumbling, but I do not think he could say himself that his words are infallible…..or Jesus brother (although the bible says we all born again christians are his -Jesus blood brothers and sisters)…unless these accusations are not very grounded in understanding of the bible teachings! I also think, instead of concentrating on him, why dont you write positive about Christ -the Author and Finisher of our faith! That way we know the devil will be on the run, as will be attacked from all angles. May God give me eyes to see the unseen, ears to hear the unheard-of, feelings to feel and sense the unsensable. May He (God the almighty) open the eyes of the people in the world to know the tricks of the devil and cancel all the plans and plots by the devil,…Let all the people say AMEN

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  50. Praise Jesus! The important reason as to why Jesus came to the world is because of love, john 3:16, hey people of God let pursue peace with all people, and holiness, because without it no one will see the lord, let us be lead by the holy spirit in everything that we do or speak. God love this people and so we should be like him. if you see something is not right ask for the holy spirit for his guidance on how to handle it, instead of hurting people. imagine a young believer hearing this and he was just saved through the word of God from Tbj, how will he fill? please people of God stop this! beloved let us love one another, for the love come from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and know God.

    • Loving God also means contending for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Jude 3. It means pointing out errors in false doctrines and doctrines of demons so people are not deceived. It means pointing out false prophets who deceive the Lord’s people and draw people after themselves, instead of to the Lord who bought us with His own blood. When T B Joshua says he wants his name projected, it means he is after his own self and vested interests, and not the Lord our Saviour’s. Nobody is here to hurt anyone. We’re only here to tell people the truth according to the Bible and it is up them to decide for themselves. TB Joshua distorts the Scriptures. His latest claim is that he is the messiah and he also claims Jesus would not come back in the same way as He ascended as the Bible teaches us. These are just a few of the many false claims that TBJ makes and people need to be warned, for the Lord says many false prophets would arise to deceive people. Matt 24:24.

  51. If only we had used all the energy and blogs and our research time into spreading the word of God and keep in prayer continually as we have been commanded to, the world would surely be a better place. Holy Spirit remind us always judgement is a sin, irrespective of who we judge, please help us pray for all those receiving and giving the word of God.

  52. Wether he is a man of God or not, why cant you leave him and concentrate with your lives?? Only God is able to judge us yet everyone has secret sins not known by the public. Better seek the face of God and be served other than concentrating on TB Joshua’s life.

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