TB Joshua’s stolen ‘quotable quotes’

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“Quotable Quotes” are the name given to the supposedly sacred writings of TB Joshua (Photo credit: Marc Wathieu)

In this article we provide damning evidence that many of TB Joshua’s supposedly sacred writings are actually stolen from American evangelists and other sources. We publish a  collection of his fraudulent writings or ‘Quotable Quotes’ that have never been made public outside of SCOAN, and highlight some of the parts that have been copied to show exactly where TB Joshua has copied them from.

The sayings of TB Joshua,  known at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) as ‘Quotable Quotes’, are held in great esteem by his disciples. Within SCOAN, there are many volumes of Quotable Quotes, and disciples spend much time and energy memorising them as ex-disciple Giles described in his testimony.

“Disciples believe that the quotes are all divinely inspired,” said a former disciple who asked not to be named. “They definitely regard them as equal to the bible. The quotes have to be memorised and quoted word for word. To preach a good message for TB Joshua you have to stuff it with as many of the quotes as possible.”

What most TB Joshua followers don’t know is that many of these quotable quotes are not even TB Joshua’s words, but have been copied from books in TB Joshua’s library.

The evidence

For a while TB Joshua Watch had been suspicious of the sources of TB Joshua’s quotes. A few of them we immediately knew were not original, such as St Augustine’s “Work as if it all depends on you, pray as if it all depends on God” and Winston Churchill’s ”we make a living from what we get, we make a life from what we give”. Others seemed to be incomplete, as if they had been taken out of their wider context.

Thanks to numerous helpful ex-disciples we managed to obtain several collections of TB Joshua’s Quotable Quotes, many of which have been kept secret within SCOAN until now. We passed these on to a supporter of TB Joshua Watch who was able to use software to analyse the quotes for similarity with web accessible sources.

What we found out was incredible. 1 in 5 of them were copied directly from online sources. And this was only the tip of the iceberg because it only looked at online accessible sources. Any book not accessible for free on the internet was excluded from the analysis.

The late Billy Joe Daughtery- one of TB Joshua’s favourite sources of stolen quotes.

One of TB Joshua’s favourite sources of ‘Quotable Quotes’ is the late American evangelist Billy Joe Daughtery. TB Joshua has copied 102 quotes from just one of his books, called This New Life, first published in 1992 (well before TB Joshua was known outside of his region). You read the whole book here.  If you are familiar with TBJ’s Quotable Quotes, have a read through the book and see how much you recognise. Here’s a few quotes TB Joshua stole:

  • As a Christian, thank God, you do not have to be under circumstance
  • Be a good giver — First to God, then to your fellow man
  • Faith requires you to speak out before you feel or see them
  • For faith to be consistent, it must be based on something with more stability than your feelings
  • God has given you all the armor needed. He has given you weapons that no power of Satan can withstand
  • God says that what you say will become a visible reality in the natural world if you steadfastly hold on to your confession of faith.
  • If you are not seeking God’s righteousness, your prayers will not be very effective
  • It is God’s power working through His Word and Spirit that brings about the new birth.
  • True humility means total dependence upon God for everything.
  • Everyone is exposed to things that are not consistent with God’s Word. If these things control your feelings and your feelings control your faith, you can be a Christian yet controlled by Satan’s devices.

Another book he has shamelessly plagiarised is The Power of the Holy Spirit by Don DeWelt (first published in the year of TB Joshua’s birth, 1963) You can access the full book here; here are just a few examples:

  • A Christian is to be under the control of the Holy Spirit in the same manner that a drunkard is under the control of wine
  • He was not only an embodiment of Heavenly Father but also of Heavenly Spirit.
  • A man has the ability to testify or witness; the Holy Spirit testifies or witnesses as he wills.
  • The Holy spirit enters into our personalities and we become a new person with a renewed mind, affection, desire and will
  • We receive at our obedience a gift from God – this gift is the Holy Spirit.
  • We have the Holy Spirit not because we have some emotional sensation, but because God’s word plainly so indicates.
  • Believe was inclusive of all the apostles did to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and saviour
  • At the time of your acceptance of Jesus Christ, you should have received the Holy spirit as your reward

These were the two books we found with the most content copied, but many other sources provide one or two of his Quotable Quotes. Some were even lifted from the statement of faith page of a German evangelist!

Remember – this analysis found that 1 in 5 were copied, but that was looking only at freely available web sources. Many books of the genre and age of This New Life and The Power of the Holy Spirit will not be available for free online. Having seen what we have seen, we can assume that the vast majority of the writings of TB Joshua are not in fact from the pen of TB Joshua at all.

What’s the big deal?

If you’re only a casual observer of TB Joshua and his ministry, you may wonder what all the fuss is. The quotes are generally good and faith building, why does it matter where they originated? If you have ever been a disciple, or otherwise closely linked to his ministry – you will know this is a massive deal – nobody studying these quotes at SCOAN believes they are reading a compendium of faith building quotes from multiple authors, they believe they are reading the divinely inspired wisdom of the Prophet/Messiah TB Joshua.

We sent the links to these books to several ex-disciples of TB Joshua, and we will end on a quote from an email from one of them, who after reading “The New Life” by Billy Joe Daugherty said:

“It’s amazing…  I can’t believe that so many quotes are just copied word for word.

Just blatant. It actually makes everything make even more sense. Sometimes his teaching just didn’t make sense – like it was just fragments or excerpts of something – which was actually the case! As disciples we had to learn these quotes word for word. We were all “amazed” at TB’s wisdom……. I’m lost for words”

Download longer list of plagiarised quotable quotes:

Here are just a few of the hundreds of quotes that we can prove TB Joshua has plagiarised.

Shortly, we hope to release the original .pdf file with all TB Joshua’s quotable quotes on, with the plagiarised parts highlighted. But for now this gives you some idea of the scale of the deception.

NOTE: If you look carefully, you will notice that quite a few of the quotes have been copied incorrectly, so that the only thing TB Joshua has added is grammatical errors. There are several other ‘quotable quotes’ that make no sense on their own, but in the context of the original text they are perfectly logical. (e.g. “Faith requires you to speak them before you feel or see them” What does ‘them’ refer to? Billie Joe Daugherty gives us the answer.)

91 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s stolen ‘quotable quotes’

  1. Go copy ur own and leave our prophet alone. Jealousy people goooooooooo
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    • Michael, this is not jealousy, but stealing and it is called plagiarism, stealing from other people’s work ! T B Joshua is not only a false prophet and a liar, but also a thief ! Worse of all, he deceives the people, making them believe these “quotes” are inspired from heaven. No matter how good anyone’s writing is, we’re supposed to learn the Word of God and memorize them and not other men’s works. Joshua 1:8.

      • are those quotes against true christianity?is it fraud to help a MR A, simply because someone else has helped MR B?do you truly understand the words of God?why is your username terrific?by your seed(regarding to your USERNAME) i’m knowing you.

      • i believe when God want to use somobody, will equip him with all he can. Prophet TB Joshua is one of them. The bible says: Touch not my annoitted one do my prophet no harm. Becareful of the almighty God.

    • this explains why he sometimes uses old english words in some of his messages – the one about having to thank God for the grace of God in our lives, this world, and “all the fullness therein”…i always wondered why he used old english words like that when he cant even speak english well.

      Good job!

    • *sighs* You really went through all this trouble for absolutely nothing if I may say, your attempt to make TB Joshua look bad in the eyes of people might really succeed in the eyes of fools, but not before wise hearts who know the scriptures and how Jesus himself quoted “so many” sayings of the prophets who came before Him in his teachings, and today Christian faithfuls worldwide hold those words in highest regard, not because they were spoken by those prophets but because Jesus also authenticated them as being the inspired words of God being greater than them all.

      This is also similar to TB Joshua’s “quotes” you’ve mentioned above, further proving the interesting similarities between Jesus and TB Joshua as God’s Messiah’s.

      An example to make it clearer, in many instances TB Joshua prophesies to people of an instruction to fast giving to them by another minister of God in the past which they disregarded, until TB Joshua further emphasizes and authenticates that ministers instruction as Heaven’s command, they then observe the fasting faithfully, not really because they were told by that minister, but because the minister’s instruction has been authenticated by one whom they regarded wiser, smarter and stronger than him spiritually. As regards to the quotes, this should be enough for the wise heart to understand.

      Talking about giving anyone credit – There’s absolutely no reason for anyone giving or taking credit, because words spoken by the Holy Ghost don’t take the credit. God is the source and we are but instruments. If at all TB Joshua’s name comes under the quotes you’ve mentioned above or is attributed to him, it does not portray him taking the credit, but is done in the sense of him authenticating that word as authored by the Holy Ghost giving the legitimacy of God’s messiah. Just as Jesus Christ Himself did.

      • So the fact that TB Joshua steals from little known American evangelists without giving credit is PROOF that he is the messiah? Really?

        You obviously have knowledge of SCOAN- could you answer a couple of questions?
        1) Is it or is it not true that disciples spend hours and hours memorizing TB Joshua’s quotable quotes and try and incorporate it into their day to day speech?
        2) Is it true that the disciples believe they are divinely inspired?
        3) Do the disciples know that TB Joshua has just collected these quotes from American books and websites that he liked? Certainly the disciples we have spoken to had no idea. If not, do you think that TB Joshua would be happy for them to learn that?

        You certainly seem quite laid back about the fact that we’ve exposed TB Joshua here. Presumably you’d agree with us that everyone has the right to know where the quotes were first published?

      • @WatchTBJoshua,
        First of all, point of correction: Yes, Jesus quoted so many Scriptures written by the prophets, but TBJ is not quoting Scriptures, but ordinary writings of other authors which are not Scriptures. He stole other men’s words and presented them as his own, and as if the words were divinely inspired. This makes him a liar and a thief and a false prophet. Secondly, TBJ has no divine authority to validate anyone’s word or his own word as scripture. The canon of Scripture is closed and no one has the power to add or subtract from Scriptures. Revelations 22:18-19. Only a false prophet can claim that his word is equal to Scriptures and T B Joshua is a false prophet ! Last but not the least, TBJ is claiming other men’s word and his own word as scripture and this is a doctrine of demons ! TBJ is not only a false prophet but also a dangerous criminal who is bent on misleading and destroying souls for his own selfish interest, and I commend him to Satan to deal with him. 1 Cor 5:5

      • Mr. Terrific and TBjoshuawatch, there’s no big deal going through other people’s work or using other people’s work as long as it serves the right and positive purpose. Why don’t you just leave this Man of God and watch your own life and future? Are you jobless? Tell me if the Miracles, Healing, Prophesies and Testimonies are copied too? Do not judge and let’s leave God, Himself to judge Men of God. Do you have something personal against Prophet T.B. Joshua? I am not a member of his church……sometimes, I watch his cable channel.

  2. I just want to ask u a very simple question,is Prophet TB Joshua also coping the healings,delivarance and prophesy.Pls tell me.What is wrong in going through people book and using their words.Pls dont put urself in God’s place

    • Nelson peter; When using words from other books and sources, in a teaching-program; its a good respectfull custom to mention the autor of the information;as;”this citate is from the book of late Billy Daughtery”, . If this exposing of the source is not happening, it is stealing and plagiate. We are not talking about a scholl-examination, we are talking about the way the Holy, message of God should be handled, by his profeth -servants. His healings are discutable too; this anoiting-ressurection-power is not healing always and total. Jezus His healings are always and total. The delivarances are worthy a good discussion too, ; is it silly drama of human trouble, or do we have to call this cultural gospel habbit; deliverance of evil spirits? Jezus does the deliverane, he does it at home if you wisch and ask for. About the profhesys, yes, the profhet is coping profhesies too, he takes them from anoited disciples and helpers, and uses the information they get from God, for his own services, without ever mention the person who did this work for him.

      • when a person who servce in the Spirit, and ministeries to the Profhet, complains about the treatment, he/she is accused from almost everything this world is habour about evil; we should comparing with the profhet, we should be magnifiing our-self beyound him, we should be jalouze, we should be in competition (while he is the one supporting strifes), we become his enenemy the moment we complain, critizm his behavior and try to correct his selffischness and bad attitude against the people who help him to victory scoan. Profhet Jozhua is a man without background education, and insteat of filling this gap with usefull manners, he gloriefies his poor status and makes better informed people ridiculous. He takes even your bed, if the grace is on it, and he can have benefit of it. Its purely buzzines-mentality and the love of Christ is used for his self-glorifieing too. The profhet is a smart sneaky guy, who will do everything to keep his position, by mis-using others for it.

    • It is called stealing and lying in the name of the Lord ! T B Joshua steals other people’s works and claims them as divine inspiration and deceives people. Lord have mercy upon your people and deliver them from this false prophet.

  3. @TBjoshuawatch,
    Thank you for another expose on the false prophet TBJoshua. I’m delighted at your painstaking research in exposing T B Joshua, and now I want to ask him why he should steal other people’s work without giving them credit ? T B Joshua, why should you force people to quote these words instead of the Bible ? Do you think you can become more famous by stealing from other people’s work ? Please stop stealing and stop plagiarising, and the best thing to do is to tell people to read and memorize the Word of God. Give them quotable quotes from the Word of God, and not from uninspired sources. Why would you allow Satan to use you to corrupt the Lord’s people ? Repent, for your judgment is at hand.

  4. Our profhet has a remarkeble absorbtion-capacity. He receives his insights and understandings out of more sources then books. His servants and disciples are good sources too for his grow and performances or profhesies. The profhet takes what-ever comes out of the mouth from his anoited disciples for his own benefit and honour. A story I tell him today, is released in a profhesy tomorrow. Ofcaurse this is coverd by the flag of minstering the gifts of the spirit to him. Its the bad habbit of the self-made-man, who has not trust in his own system of teaching. Its intriging to acknowledge his contrary message in this manner of absorbing sources from out-site the bible, because he is the one who teaches and preaches that everything is in the Word and nothing should be added to it. (except what comes out of his holy mouth and spirit ofcaurse). I discoverd a great lack of originality in the profhet. He is a sort of repeating parrot, in statements and in the way emm-tv is organized. While the Spirit always reveals in remembrings and new revelations. A remembring is no repeating, its a fresch insite. spirit-awareness is always fresch and never repeats itself. Everything we have to know and understand about the way of Christ, is in the bible, and no other sources are needed to understand the deeper meaning of the bible. The spirit will reveal the truth of the mystery of the bible. The core-message of the bible is his simpleness. And absolute adequate compleet messages. So here we have a profhet, who ought to be in full connection with Gods voice and plan, and happens to be a lover of popular writings about some interpretations of the bible. Truth is no interpretation, nor a quote. Its the living reality of God. And as far as I know; profhets always have acces to this source of Gods spirit. The gospel has become a modern mind-trip, in steat of understanding the deep proces the bible is revealing each day. The spirit rveals in the own heart, and does not need quotes and support from books or quotes to be understood. The disciples in scoan are young and vulnerable, and so its easy to be impressed by a profhet with an important vision, going no-where. Michealoby; jalouzy is a quote from the profhet too, people who are in the own heart, dont talk about it., they dont no what it is. The profhet seems to know very well what jalouzy looks like. Ask him about his fear to be over-coverd by some-one else. And his tendensy to absorb qualities of others. Thats what jalouzy looks like.

  5. To tbj watch,
    Thank you for your time you take to warn the world and the disciples in scoan about the rubbish they are sitting under and forced to learn daily! Surely the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you for this.

    I want to leave you with this verse:

    As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus (on this blog) so that you may command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer – 1 Timothy 1:3

  6. And to all the disciples of scoan and else were:

    I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel (TB Joshua’s stolen ‘quotable quotes’ etc.) – Galatians 1:6

    For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted , why do you put up with it so easily – 2 Cor 11:4

    For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ – 1 Corinthians 3:11

    Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Matthew 28:18-20

    Then Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized in water every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost – Acts 2:38.

    Where is tbj’s testimony of repentance, baptism in water and receiving the Holy Spirit?

    Apostle Paul and Peter have……….

    Disciples, please think. Think! Compare tbj’s teachings to the Bible and if it does not fit 100%, come out of that place. Time is short. Do not miss heaven, because of his different gospel that he is teaching.

    Then I heard another voice calling from heaven, “Come out of Babylon my people. Do not take part in her sins or you will be punished with her – Rev 18:4

  7. and to Jamie,
    Thank you. Your summary of tbj is hundred persent correct. Yes, let us repent to and pray for those young people in scoan, who do not know the Word of God and are kept so busy that they do not have time to study there Bibles. There are very strong evil spirits there, having a magnetic hold on his followers!!!!!! It is no joke to see your family caught in his trap and being under tbj mind control. Let us pray.

  8. Jelousy and servants of darkness live the anointed prophet of God alone and mind the works of your father satan.

  9. This is so liberating! I was a disciple and had to memorise these quotes! He usually waits until midnight before teaching his new revelation from God. At least I know that it wasn’t from him, but from other books. There’s no need for me to unlearn much of his false “anointed” teaching. It wasn’t his in the first place. He is just a typical liar, he probably thought nobody would find out. Gotcha TBFake!

  10. @ tbjoshuawatch have u and your follower take time to look at your lives, is this destiny or curse, what is wrong for a man of God to use the quotes from another great man of God.. U people are does that cause division among churchs and men of God…. May God forgive u people

  11. @justwonder.thanks so much you have been a good teacher for me .such wisdom. Please as you pray ; pray for me to, i have marital problem but i believe our lord is working out the answer. Thanks again

  12. @ Teriffic can’t you see how naive you are, u called ur self a pastor but focus on Tbj instead of God and your relationship with him… What kind of message will you even preach to your member…. Just pity for your deluded followers.

    • Why are you so mad that your “prophet” is being exposed ? Please tell T B Joshua to give the people the Word of God, and not some stolen words from other people. Nobody would question him even if he copies the whole Bible and gives it to people, because the Word of God is food for our souls !

  13. Do you people thick you are more wiser than does alther disciple in scoan are u people wiser than the wise men, u people have failed the scoan test just accept it and live tbj alone no coming back..

    • albert, tell me about this scoan-test! Are people tested for their honesty and true dedication to Christ? Or are they tested if they can bear the idolation to the Profhet? Yes, I am much wiser then the wise-man to tell you the truth. Wise-men who accept the careless goings in scoan, can not be called wise, they have no own voice, they dictate the voice of the profhet. Parrots, who only can grow as much as the profhet allows. Apostleship is of other high quality.

      • WARNING ABOUT THE SO-CALLED SCOAN-DISCIPLE-TESTS.! I want to warn all disciples in scoan, and all young people intending to become disciple at scoan, that there will be testing. This testing is not dictated and directed by The Holy spirit, but by the discriminations and preference of the Profhet. After a implantation (anoiting), done by the profhet, the aspirant-disciple is in the miraculous drive of the Holy spirit. The profhet will declare this baby-disciples; “minor profhets”, and pulls, pusch and sucks the best out of them. At first the test are only too watch if the implantation is at work, and if the aspirant is willing to obey the directions of the profhet, ; the aspirant will receive a task and then the game starts. The horror and qrual game of a profhet, who will use his powers to get revelations and profhesies from this innocent and un-expereinced “profhets”, The profhet will promis heaven on earth and will continuously feed the expectation of; a reward, a higher position, preperation for a calling in God, and the honour to be one of his students. The profhet will use in his test; distractions in words; opposites; which will create confusions and emotional pain in the disciple. The profhet is an expert in creating quilt, and emotional suffering, and will point all this misery to the disciples own sin. The profhet will mis-use his powers to inflikt pain on the disciple, and will say; its satans doeing. He will use bibly-stragedies to under-mine the development of the disciple; as; rooting out the root-problem by violence, using the sword of the word to create pain, using tricks to hindre and frustrate the disciple, using punischments, abusements, violence, using repentancy for nonsence faults, using controle of every step and uttering, using stradegies to breack the connection-with-God and the flow , using rejection, using isolation, using other disciples set-up against you, using your testemonies against you, using under-mining patterns to “humble”you., . etc etc etc. This loveble tests are purely dirty. And can lead to death. There is no love in it, and the test causes; pain, anger, hatred, anxeity,dissapointments, and sorrow, deeply heart-and soul trouble. All this symptoms will be reason for the profhet to; Cast the evil out of you. / On long terms the heart will close, and there will be a problem to expereince The spirit in the heart. When the profhet has taken all your energy, good qualitities and time, he will dump you as a piece of garbidge. Or he will take you for his duties, . When you are taken, you are under the spell of the profhet, and lost. When you have a own discrimination, he will send you away, or better; he organize it , by creating so much troubles for you, that you want to leave. No promise will be forfilled, no expectation will be realized and no reward will be offerd. All your energy and time will be lost in the very refind games and tricks of the profhet. There is no God behind this trials.

  14. @ giles the army sply, is it a crime as a christian to quote and teach teaches of other great men of God, can’t u see that u people are being use by satan to bring confusion and division among God’s servant.. If tbj can read books of alther men of God that shows that he believed in… Iron sharped iron.. Not like althers who are so proud to read book and use quotes, quoted by another man of God.

  15. So far no one has even attempted an explanation. Its just been insults. I’d like at least one person to attempt an explanation for the stolen literature.

  16. you all of you stop, Tb jeshua is a real man of God, God can give the same messege to his poeple if you say Tb jeshua copied qouets,still the words are right, as long as the words are right when Tb jeshua repeated the words, the words are new and fresh for our heat,

    • embaye, As I said earlier, ; you are not on second-school, we are talking about the way the Holy bible has to be handled. I guess you are still in the milk-stadium, so you have no discrimination, about the different sources of informations. Quoting others writings is not fresch for the head, its just citating the others interpretation. The bible is no interpretation and needs no addings. If you realy are in the spirit there at scoan, then you should be full of spirit-revealtions,new ans fresch and remembring the word AND the explenation of the word. The Holy spirit teaches and educates. A Man of God only reveals this knowledge. A man of God is a spokes-man of the bibly contents, to open the spirit of others too it. A man of God is not the Holy spirit , he is guided by Him, and quotes of others are totally un-nessecary to let the spirit have His way. This is the failor of the profhet; he needs so much outer sources, that he forgets his own. IS the profhet still in touch with the Holy spirit in him? Thats the real question here. If it was so, there would be not so much drama around him.

  17. The fact that T.b. Joshua gives authentication to the words of these God Generals doesn’t mean he neglets them or is claiming ownership of the words. so the word theft or plagiarism is not to be used here. You should take your time to visit Scoan and see how the pictures of these Generals like william branaham, cathrine khumnan etc. are desplayed on frames in different section of the Church. Generals of God know themselves. You are not in position to fight their battles.
    Had T.b. Joshua not legitimize/ re-echoed and give authentication to these words, we may not have idea of such words today. So asking wether the disciples are aware of this or not doesn’t actually make sence coz there’s no way they would have encountered such words and even if they stumble over it, they’ll certainly lack the affirmation of it. Thank God they are with One who authenticates the words as spirit filled.

    • Yes, we’ve heard about those pictures – and who also features there? TB Joshua of course! That doesn’t sound like honouring spiritual heroes of the past, it’s about presumptuously elevating him to the same status. Here’s a question Doi – before reading this article, did you assume that all the Quotable Quotes were TB Joshua’s?

    • Doi, I am in the position to have comments. God does not live in scoan alone. I know the goings and doeings of the Profhet very well, out of first hand. His actions, his teachings, his profhesies are a danger to the truth of Christ. A dis-honour to the life of thoose people who had the power of the Spirit on them. If you watch Catherine Kuhlman, you will see that the spirit works gentle, without her involvements, and no violent deliverances. Just discern the way of the spirit in scoan, and have deep insight why the deliverances and healings are humiliating people, and a selden total healing takes place. The presence of Jezus is mixed with the arrogance and ego of the profhet. In a way that is not of God, its the profhets idleness and self-glorifing. He creates his enemies because he is full of him-self, not of God. His so-called enemies, who confront the profhet with his selffisch behaviors, have more purety in their sights, then the profhet can handle. Ego and spirituality, they dont go together. Its a dangerous couple, ready to claim whatever that can strenghten their position. A called profhet does not need any-one to support his task. He is in tune with God. Mozes did not needed other profhets to proove his position, nor did any-body of the apostles or other profhets. Scoan is a drama of failor in revealing the Holy spirit. Theprofhet should examine his motives and the reason why he is in this mess.

  18. As Jesus is God, when he quoted prophets speaking the word of God, he was quoting words he had himself spoken. So not plagiarism. Also he would make reference to the propjets and to scripture.

    Sounds to me that you are saying, yes TBJoshua did plagiarise, but it doesn’t matter. Not a man of principle and integrity then.

    And generally you find in the UK at least that even Christian books are copyright.

  19. all these explanations are weak, very weak.

    If TB Joshua wants to teach other people’s quotes, thats perfectly fine. But not one single disciple is aware that they come from other people. We were all led to believe that TB Joshua is the man (er, i mean Man) to have come up with such “wisdom”.

      • Yes.

        If I were to use someone else’s literature in my essays without citing references in the bibliography, I would be fined for plagerism and kicked out of college. Its a big offence.

        Welcome to a real country.

    • @T.B. Joshua watch.
      Of course such question came to my mind and must have gone through the mind of all disciples. But i never wanted to know because i have one who didnot only quote it, but also prooved them and live by them. I have someone who gives more legitimacy and authentication to it, Who operates deepest level in the spirit. If that was the method of getting the whole quote (which it’s not) i think i’m satisfied as well as all other disciples. As long as it has been affirmed both in physical and spiritual terms. Also, these quotes you talk about are given at the inception of Scoan, non are recent. I think you have much more work to do. you should also visit the watchtbjoshua blog to get more on that. You’ll meet me there.

      Secondly, placing T.b. Joshua’s pictures in line with theirs, shows men and women with one aim and purpose. They are all God Generals with different levels. Am just making you aware that it’s no secret.

      @Claire. Now you say Jesus quoting of other prophets isn’t plagiarism because you now know He’s the saviour and was the word. But While He was on earth everyone did certainly believe it was plagiarized coz they were far from the truth of which you are now. Don’t be suprised when you find out opposite of what you claim now in the latter days. http://Www.watchtbjoshua.wordpress.com

      • Doi,

        You do not believe that Jesus is God.

        Im afraid I have to remind you again, you have far bigger issues than this matter of plagerism.

      • Sorry Doi, are you saying that TBJoshua is God?

        It does seem that you agree he has passed off other people’s writings as his own, but you don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with this. That worries me, that you do not recognise theft when you see it. And I would be intrigued to know which sayings you believe Jesus plagiarised.

        In the meantime some words from the Lord:
        On judgement day many will tell me, ‘Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Go away; the things you did were unathorised.’ Matt 7 v21-23.

  20. Remember this Bible verse:

    But many who are the greatest now will be the least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then – Math 19:30

    Be careful not to follow any human or that you are not following someone who is maybe going to be the least important one day, because he is pushing to be the greatest now.

    Take heart everyone who is serving Jesus Christ somewhere somehow, where no one can see you or are not appreciated or who are being persecuted – who are the least.

    Follow Jesus and His teachings in the Bible and you might just be the first someday………..

  21. To the disciples in and out of scoan,

    BABYLON is according to the Bible:

    1. A place where a name will be forfully made for yourself through any means –

    Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth” – Gen 11:4.

    2. It will be a place where all the scattered peoples, multitudes, nations and languages will be brought together again.

    One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the punishment of the great prostitute (false church), who sits by many waters. 2 With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.
    3 Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. 5 The name written on her forehead was a mystery:
    6 I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.
    15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages – Rev 17

  22. The Bible says,

    “COME OUT OF HER (Babylon) MY PEOPLE. Do not take part in her sins or you will be punished with her! – Rev 18:4.

    “‘We would have healed Babylon, but she cannot be healed; let us leave her and each go to his own land, for her judgment reaches to the skies, it rises (tower of Babel) as high as the clouds’ – Jeremiah 51:9.

    “Flee from Babylon! Run for your lives! Do not be destroyed because of her sins. It is time for the LORD’s vengeance; He will pay her what she deserves – Jeremiah 51:6.

    “But as for the COWARDS and the ignoble and the contemptible and the cravenly lacking in courage and the COWARDLY SUBMISSIVE and as for the unbelieving and faithless and as for the depraved and defiled with abominations and as for murderers and the lewd and adulterous and the practitioners of magic arts and the idolaters (those who give supreme devotion to anyone or anything other than God) and all liars (those who knowingly convey untruth by word or deed)-all of these shall have their part in the lake that blazes with fire and brimstone. This is the second death – Rev 21:8.

  23. To all,

    Do not be COWARDLY submissive to anyone. Come out of a Babylonian place.

    Repent and turn away from defending wrong!

    Do not be like the following verses say,

    ……..the rest of mankind who were not killed by these plagues (God’s judgments) still did not repent of the works of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demon, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk.

    After God poured out His judgments on the earth they still did not repent of their murders or their witchcraft or their sexual immorality or their thefts – Rev 9:20-21


    they cursed the God of heaven for their pains and sores and still they did not repent of their evil deeds and turn to God…….. Rev 16:11.

    To understand more of how God works, buys the book The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

    Click on:


  24. Dear Kali,
    My dear child, I am writing this to you so that you will not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an Advocate who pleads our case before our Father. He is Jesus Christ, the one who is truly righteous – 1 John 2:1
    I will surely pray for you. In fact I will ask other people to also pray for you. Remember that Jesus Christ is our lawyer and advocate at the throne of our Father God. We will ask Him to intercede for you in the Heavenly Court Room, before the Judge of Judges. Take heart Jesus is aware of your troubles and loves you. He loves you so much that He died on the cross of Calvary, to save you from your own sins and the rottenness around you! He will come through for you. Remember to say that you are sorry for hurting Him through your sins.
    Thank you for your kind words towards me.

  25. @Giles.
    Please stop prolonging this issue.Yes! Jesus and the father are one, He is the word, and He’s our God, mediator, saviour, intercessor etc. Coz there are actually some hidden truth you’ll never understand but will only blaspheme. I think you should take a look at the opposite blog.

    • Doi, I realy become angry about your brutality and the brutality of the response of scoan about this issue of the stolen quotes. This is written on the site you announched; Tb joshua on trial for “stolen literature”. ; Under the picture of Jezus teaching His disciples, is placed the message; “Jezus also quoted from the profhets who came before Him,I guess we should charge Him too for plagiarism”. It literaly is written this dis-gracing way. If you want to understand what blasphemy means, then read this tekst aloud and again. : ‘Jezus also quoted from the profhets who came before Him, i guess we should charge Him too for plagiarism”. 1. I dont no who wrote this un-examined tekst, but its the reaction of a teenager. 2. Jezus never quoted, Jezus proclaimed and profhesied the Truth of God. 3. Jezus did not preached about profhets who came before Him, Jezus talked in the great contekst of the plan of God, and the profhets came After Jezus, because Jezus says; I am before the begiinning of the earth. 4. The tekst; “we should charge jezus too for plagiarism”, is purely blaspemy, because you claim that Jezus is on the same level as Profhet tb Joshua. …..Do you guys at scoan realize who Jezus Is? Ot do you only understand who profhet tb Joshua sais to be? I will remember you who Jezus is,: Jezus is the son of God, who came to the earth to die for our sin, to forfill ALL the profhesies of the profhets about Him. Jezus died for the sin of Profhet tb Joshua too. This last quote is a better tekst to place under the picture of our Lord Jezus Christ. amen.

      • As I understand it, they’re now saying TB Joshua is a messiah and Jesus is a messiah, but they’re not one and the same (although that view seems to have modified since the image they created showing Jesus saying “I will return to fulfill the third covenant of the trinity with another name, the name Joshua”).

        I imagine Doi’s reluctance to call Jesus God is that he then either has to concede that Jesus is greater than TB Joshua, or call TB Joshua God. Let’s see which he picks.

  26. Doi,
    “Of course such question came to my mind and must have gone through the mind of all disciples. But i never wanted to know”-
    I sence that Doi is another one who is confronted with the truth in Word of God and is becoming confused here –
    We pray that he/she will also wake up and come out. Out to Jesus Christ. Take his/her focus of tbj and put it on Jesus Christ and His Word.
    To not be COWARDLY submissive to tbj and who will come out of that Babylonian place.

    • And why did I say i never wanted to know? What’s the reason why i never wanted to consult the net and begin to condemn T.b. Joshua? I think i stated it there. So stop this half knowledge.

  27. No. T.B. Joshua is not Jesus. And am not reluctant to say anything but because of the manner it was addressed.
    @Giles, am also being slandered here. But i don’t because of that forbid this blog. when i sometimes perceive evil and hatred by this authors i have to make others view the truth. But ourlives are full of Choices.

  28. Doi,
    Right, sorry about that, but it still makes me glad that you are thinking. Then there is hope. As tbj has got such a strong mind control over his followers, it is a good point that you use your own mind. Keep on using your mind, and ‘let the Holy Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes’, with the Word of God and not the quotes of tbj – Eph 4:23.
    Keep thinking!
    About the Word!

  29. As soon as someone says that we need someone else to understand something in the Bible, its very very dodgy.

    So, Doi, how many “Messiahs” are there?

  30. How idle to spend all his time, and day thinking about and attacking another Man. You guys behind this website really need help ie Psychological and Spiritual help. From your activities on the internet it seems to me that you don’t have job or have anything serious to do with your life. What a pity. Please look for something productive to do with your life and get the obsession with TB Joshua out of your mind.

  31. U dont bring literature into Gods word,there are two different people here with basically different functionings,A man of God nd an Author,its called plagiarism on the part of an author or any writer but not 2 a pastor,they are called men of God cos they all have common goals and aim in their field and serve only 1 true God.in a situation whereby a man of God takes the quotes of another man of God 4 the same all 1goal and actualization, with or without giving due honours should not be called plagiarism.for crying out loud you talking about God and his anointed servants and not just a mere author and his writings.why bring division into the church of God, @giles,thanks u said “in a literature if you were writing an essay”,i guess tb joshua was doing no such bt just preaching and teaching Gods word.

  32. If you like kill urself..mr critisizer,have my word,if you dnt stop your criticism today,it wont be a supris if u face the wrath of the lord tomoro…okay,let my word be enuf for the wise,that is truly the wise

    • Interesting ! Where are all those on this blog who have been threatened by T B Joshua and his gang of criminals ? I too want to be threatened. Please let me know if you need my address or phone number here in the United States and I will gladly give it to you. I want you to come and challenge me and I will show you where power lies !

  33. 1 Cor.4.3-5 The ministry of Paul Apostle was judged by some unmature Christians at his time. Nothing has changed. Today around we have plenty judges of different ministers of God. So here is. But think well! Is it really our calling to do so? Is there a calling like this? Is it the right place of our battle? Don’t you think: authors of this blog that you are in the trap of it? For sure you will be judge by the Lord for every word you are writing according TB Joshua. So be careful! May it be that you are preparing whip for yourself in the future of what you are doing?

  34. If something is for free there is no stealing or plagiarism from definition itself. Simple. I do not need to pay for grace because it is for free. Words from God are for free. Mat. 10.8 Freelly you have received , freelly give Jesus said. Billy Joe Daugherty is not the author of those quotes but the Holy Spirit. 1 Cor 12.13. Real Christians it is one body, members that care, one for another in one Spirit. Don’t you think that you go beyond common reason? Look for God’s righteousness and do not try establish your own righteousness because it is pathetic.

  35. hey guys, as you are looking for the truth about tb joshua & scoan: CAN YOU POST SOMETHING ON USA ELECTION PROPHESY? Frustrated lots. tb joshua is a true man of God. Emmanuel.

  36. Right, now I’ve heard it all! What about the commandment “Thou shall not steal”? TB Joshua not only uses other men’s words and claims it as his own, he sells it as his own. At least this blog is a good resource for those seeking the truth about TB Joshua. For those in circular thinking – I can only pray that you will come to seek truth at some point. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. How can you even defend the lies, the idolitary in the name of Jesus? What are you becoming? Next you’ll be defending rape, adultery & murder. All in the name of TB Joshua. Can he save you on the last day? Let us know!

    • @ Emma,
      Please tell them that T B Joshua will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ and all his followers will have to defend themselves as well, and what would they do then ?

  37. When Jesus Christ was about to die, he asked Father GOD, “…please forgive them for they know not what they are doing…” May the Almighty God forgive you people fighting the Anointed Prophet of God. Prophet TB Joshua has asked before, “…if you think you are sent by the Almighty God, and i’m not sent by the Almighty God, PLEASE come and deliver me…?. I wonder which kingdom you people are serving. Leave Prophet TB Joshua ALONE, you sons and daughters of darkness hidding behind quoting bible verses.

  38. ua very stupid if u think most of the stuff u have posted heve been plagirised.hDo u ever read the bible or do u skim through it?Have u ever heared of proverbs 16.3 etc.ua sad.mayybe u thiink Joshua has his own bible,not the same as the rest of the world.

  39. Did T.B.joshua copy the works of anyone of u that ar here taking about pliagerism or did those authors appoint any of u to defend their quotes?.Why cant u arrest T.B.Joshua and prosecute him in court if u ar the police of pliagerism?.If u think u can get followers through this childish claims and attitude u put up here,plz think again.It is only a dumb and foolish person that can come here and say that he or she was made to believe this or that without using his or her own senses.End times ar here and u people also sound so fake to me.The worst is that u have no clear objective at least not known to me.And mind u it is not only T.B.Joshua that will stand before God for judgement but everyone including u Mr Terrific,thefore mend ur ways and run ur own race while Joshua runs his.Do not enter into the bad book of God while thinking that u ar own the right track just as the rich man did b4 he met Christ.

  40. Some people are good at Judging and making commons instead of looking at other people used by God. Come on people Go home read your bible and and Pray to God for a new heart and new mind… Leave Tb joshua Alone.. Fix your life and take or carry your quoted scripts to whereever you wana take it and dont put for just public views coz it only allow devil to use us to common with critc……… Go carry the scripts or quotes to Tb Joshua and he will tell you personally and not for people to add and substract. All of you stop and get a life going with God and pray to God and he will tell you more about TB joshua

  41. People who have nothing profiting to do and knows not the word of GOD. Jesus CHRIST Went through the same thing.(my friend call people of such, spiritual failures, who can only despise) You spend that time trying to dishonour Prophet TB Joshua, dont you have something profiting to do? Fyi, christian materials are legaly allowed to be used again and again. Are you that hateful of the MAN OF GOD that you take all the effort to stain him with spineless ‘facts’. Am South african and never been to the scoan for that matter but TB JOSHUA is a real anointed MAN OF GOD and all your ‘facts’ cant take that away from him so brace yourself and turn your time to bettering other people’s lives and not destroy. Touch not my anointed GOD HAVE MERCY AND MAKE YOU SEE THE LIGHT AND MAKE YOUR TIME PROFITABLE. I love you and LET LOVE LEAD.

  42. Copying TB joshua’s quotes : is it discipleship/Admiration OR deception as u want to make us believe !!!Afterall , it is said the best form of flattery is imitation ! Even when TB Joshua makes grammatical errors in his sermons and asks the congregation to repeat such quotes after him : much of the congregation repeat same without grammatical correction !!! and who can blame them ; they are so enamoured with this extremely gifted man that they do not want to miss out on anything by changing his original words !! It is therefore understandable when his disciples prefer to quote him . There are many preaching out there but no matter how sweet or original their quotes are ; it holds little attraction as they are simply NOT producing results !!!

  43. You tray by bringing this sit, as a leader of this sit what are you doing for God, only those doing noting criticiz others, you’er doing your self ham than good.1 john (he that hate his brother is a murderer and no murderer will enter the kingdom of God.)

  44. Be a gud judge to others so that if you are to be a judge to yourself oneday you wil be wel qualified to do so and so you wil do it professionaly and perfectly. Let us rather focus on preaching God’s Word or we wil end up being false prophets ourselves.

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  46. Dont judg3 nyone…let God judge because hes the cReator besides wether hes fake or not its not ur business God has used him to heal me not once not twice so obey Gods word which says touch nt my anointed and do my prophet no harm

  47. I know most of Preachers and those called themselves men of God are jealous.They want to become Tb Joshua,but the can’t.It is very impossible to remove a gift that God has put to someone.Be blessed Tb Joshua,I love you.

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