TB Joshua’s US Election dilemma

How the polls looked around the time of TB Joshua’s first prediction

Back in May, TB Joshua faced a huge dilemma.  The US elections were fast approaching, but polls were showing it to be a very close race. This was going to be the biggest news story of the year though, so he HAD to predict something. He couldn’t possibly miss this opportunity to show off his prophetic prowess to the world.

What is he to do? If he guesses one outcome over the other he might get it wrong, then he will have no video to release. It will be too high profile an event to do a video editing hatchet job like he’s often done before. In this case, whatever he says – people will remember and hold him to it.

It’s just too close a call. How can he possibly get out of this one?

Unless…. Yes. That might work. It may be too close an election to guess the outcome, but one thing is certain – it will be a very close election! The polls have made that quite clear.

So that’s what he did. He predicted the “battle would be very, very close” *.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, for your own amazement amusement – here is Mr Joshua’s incredible prediction:

* He may have waffled on about a few other issues as well, but the only prediction related to the outcome of the election was that it will be a close battle.

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49 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s US Election dilemma

  1. And ultimately, in terms of the electoral college it wasn’t that close – Obama’s 303 to Romney’s 206. Shame God hadn’t revealed that bit to him in his vision.

    But I agree with his prayer for peace – it is what we need now and I must be one of many Europeans somewhat relieved that it was Obama wot won it!

  2. My friend at tbjoshuawatch what do you have to say about the prophesy of Tb Joshua about the mass shooting at Apple Valley Farms Plant in Central California that occurred on Tuesday morning on election day…. Shame unto you satan and your agent Tb Joshua is great a true prophet of God…hahahaha… One of the most foolish post i have read ever read in this blog…,hahaha

    • We decided not to draw any attention to the shameless exploitation a tragic shooting. If you watch the video, you’ll see he didn’t predict a mass shooting, but an “evil man threatening people with a gun during the election”. No mention of people dying, let alone multiple deaths. This prediction is about as certain as you get given how polarised this election has been and how many gun crimes happen in America on a daily basis anyway.

      What makes this whole situation even worse is the delight TB Joshua’s supporters seem to take in this tragedy. One comment on the youtube video is:

      Wow its so awesome what God does through TB Joshua and people still don’t believe in God.. May God bless TB Joshua and every follower of Jesus Christ!! Have a Blessed Day!!

      Wait a minute… this story is about people being killed in cold blood! What’s awesome about that??

    • remember that tb Joshua predicted that Obama was going to lose the election and he repeated this several times during the last many months- i had the opportunity of recording most of the predictions about Obama’s electoral defeat which were projected from Emmanuel Television.

  3. This is just hilarious, laughable! It wasn’t even close in the end … SCOAN will probably not confirm the prophesy now but will just go silent.

  4. Thanks to Sandy, Obama shot out in the lead (85% approval rating for how he handled the storm). Not exactly neck and neck, was it?
    (everyone in the room here was lauging when we watched that video, when he said “hmmm….the US presidential election…..it will be very very close.” )

    Duh. lol

  5. @ T B Joshua,
    Na lie oooooooooo, T B Joshua ! The election was not close at all, but rather Obama won decisively and overwhelmingly, even with the votes from Florida not yet released. We here in the USA have been watching the polls but some of us knew it wasn’t a true reflection of the electorate. I don’t even claim to be a prophet, but I said Obama will win decisively and that’s what happened. Check out my comments on Yahoo here:

    Obama, Romney campaign with eye on storm forecast You said, “They keep deceiving Romney that he’s close to winning, when he’s already lost !” 3

    3 replies
    MaxCodyPepper | Report Abuse Why is Obama so desparate???
    steve | Report Abuse Must be those rigged voting machines like in Vegas, huh?
    Romney Hits the 50 Percent Mark in New Natl. Poll You said, “I can’t wait to see Obama sworn in four more years ! I will surely break the hearts of Romney supporters and I’d love to see them cry !” 3

    3 replies
    Jean | Report Abuse That was mean, Mr. Terrific.
    Les | Report Abuse Considering his poll numbers a sliding down daily, prepare to be disappointed.
    Romney, Obama teams plan for who takes White House You said, “Even old Billy Graham, the unrepentant apostate, with all his evangelical collaborators cannot help Romney into the White House !” 4

    2 replies
    Walt | Report Abuse Welfare bums? How do they have internet? My internet ain’t cheap. R/R 2012
    ATFMAN | Report Abuse I love all the Romney bashers on here…you just know they’re all welfare bums afraid they’ll have to get a job when Romneys elected…: P
    Obama up 4 percentage points over Romney in Ohio You said, “Ohio for Obama ! After that we shall send Romney packing from the race !” 6

    Up to 40 percent may vote early in U.S. election; Obama ahead You said, “Romney has suffered a T K O early in the first round. The great hope of the Mormons is down and OUT ! We gonna have a pity party !” 3

    Does Mitt Romney Have a Softer Side When It Comes to Immigration? You said, “When it comes to immigration, Romney is a big loser and he will dearly pay for it. The people are ready to punish him for ” self-deportation,” and he’d find himself in Mexico, not the White House !” 2

    Does Mitt Romney Have a Softer Side When It Comes to Immigration? You said, “Romney’s plan is very simple. He will not deport 11 million “illegals” because he doesn’t have to. He will punish them so hard that they themselves will ” self-deport.” I believe the Latinos have got the message and will d…”More 1

    NY nanny attempted suicide in front of dead children’s mom – police You said, “Is it mental derangement or is it demons at work through human ?” 1

    RNC Chairman Dismisses Third Party Candidate Gary Johnson You said, “We need a third force to stifle both Republicans and Democrats and for a real change from politics as usual to positive change !” 1

    Obama epithet raises ire of Romney campaign You said, “I bet Obama wins this election decisively ! Any challenger ?” 1

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  6. if one followed TBJ’s prophecies one will identify the following points:
    1. several months ago he predicted that Obama will lose the elections because God was not happy with him(Obama).
    2. This prophecy of Obama losing the elections was repeated over and over.
    3. Now in this latest confirmation only what TBJ said on the 4th of November was televised

    So where are the other prophecies about Obama which he pronounced many months ago? Why are they not televised now ….?????

    • Thank you, Karman, for pointing out T B Joshua’s lies and deception. T B Joshua, please we demand that you release those tapes where you made your fake prophesies that Obama would lose. You’re a real liar and a false prophet. Shame on you !

  7. @terrific what u re saying is contrary 2 what ur blog admitted,maybe u shud read the article well again,u will see where tbjoshua watch theirself admitted that the only thing tbjoshua said that was related 2 the outcome of the election was that it will be a close battle and tbjoshua watch even gave a percentage of 46%-45% which 4 the 1st time i think they said exactly what they think happened without mixing words,which was true given that the outcome of the election was like a divided america with obama who narrowly escaped defeat unlike the 2007 election where he seemed favourite so which do we consider the main article urz or that of ur blog.

    • The 46/45% was from the polls around the time of TB Joshua’s first prophecy. In the end, as several have pointed out, the result wasn’t all that close – but it was a very close election right up until the end. For that reason, describing it as a very very close battle is accurate, but just stating the obvious.

  8. @j karman,there was never a time tbjoshua said anything relating obama loosing the election,the only thing and time he spoke on obama administration was on May 6th where he said that obama shud be careful 4 they will use health against him which was very true cos among the 2factors romney used during his campaign 2 condemn obamas’ admin. Health was 1.if u had watched the prophecy very well u will see 4 ursef that b4 the Nov 4th prophecy tbj asked that may 6th prophecy he gave out shud be played,or was that actually what u saying that he prophesied obama loosing,i advice that whenever u coming out 2 lay false,baseless and empty claims do ur findings well.

    • penjohn, there is no need to argue- we have been waiting for the so called prophesy to be fulfilled. The statement on the 6th of May was different, however if you still disagree, one day you will watch it if you have not done so.

  9. Obviously results were very close indeed. Obama got 60 447 060 votes and Rommey got 57 644 747 votes. This is a 2% difference. This whole denial to the prophecy is senseless.

    • But the US presidential election is a first past the post system, not a popular vote. So what matters is not the number of votes cast but the number of electoral college votes won. And on that basis it was not close – the votes for Florida are irrelevant.

      • It was close when even compared to the 2008 results. The statement is in the degrees of comparison. Really l don’t understand your denial or should l say you are clueless on what T.B joshua meant!!!!

      • Even that electoral collage vote can’t be calculated in the absence of popular vote, so the argument to reject the gap margin of porpular votes is baseless. I therefore still believe the prophecy was aunthetic.

      • Y’srael, what prophecy?! he didnt say anything we didnt already know! What new information did he give?

      • Y’srael – I had no trouble understanding whatTBJ meant – he had no clue about who was going to win. He said the result was going to be close, but it wasn’t. He didn’t say the popular vote would be close and the electoral college wouldn’t be. The result is the electoral college vote, not the popular vote. Essentially it would be possible to become president without winning the popular vote (which is what happened when George W Bush beat Al Gore in 2004 (I think, or was it 2000?).To my mind, God hadn’t revealed anything to TBJ. We will have to disagree.

  10. @j karman am nt arguing with u rather just pointing out d ignorance in ur claim,no need 2 ‘however’ it cos i intotolly DISAGREE,since what u saying is diffrent 4rm dat of May6th own,why not direct us 2 ur video evidencing ur claim,so ur claim can though look a little bit convincing since itz seems obviously here dat u re d only person who have watched own self proclaimed video,well we all re looking 4ward 2 seeing ur self proclaimed video where u alone allegedly watched tbj predicting obamas loose.

  11. If a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD but the thing does not take place or prove true, it is a word that the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; do not be frightened by it – Deuteronomy 18:22.

    Folowing is what the Bible says, “What the purpose is of a Prophet of God”:

    The LORD sent prophets to bring people back to Him. The prophets warned them, but still the people would not listen – 2 Chronicles 24:19

    Do not be like your forefathers to whom the earlier prophets proclaimed: “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘Turn from your evil ways and your evil practices.’” But they would not listen or pay attention to me declares the LORD – Zechariah 1:4

    But everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, their encouragement and their comfort – 1 Corinthians 14:3

    What on earth has tbj’s prophecies to do with God’s Kingdom and how is it turning people back to the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?

    How does tbj’s prophecies or is it divinations fit the criteria of the Bible?

    And then it is still ‘cut and paste’ prophesies or even false?!

  12. @Ysreal and Penjohn

    Lets try put this as simply as possible.

    Anyone who follows US politics knew that it would be close. People on radio, or talkshows, magazines, et al….have ALL been sayingfor MONTHS it would be a fiercely contested election, like they normally are.

    Along comes your “prophet” with special revelation from God. And what does he (sorry, i mean “He”) say?
    “The American election will be close”.

    Well great insight, TB. Please, keep us posted on that 😉

    My question is this. What did TB reveal that was not common knowlegde to the world already?

  13. If you notice, it was posted in April.

    Now THIS is what I am talking about. For those who actually listened to the video, this is an e.g. of someone who dared to prophecy that Obama would be re-elected.

    Dreams and visions, given to ordinary Christians. They were correct about Obama’s re-election. I would have expected someone with TB’s following to have also said the same.

    By the way, if you know anyone in the US, i guess you might wanna fwd this to them 😦

    • Hi Giles, I never saw this video before, and I dont watch television, nor am I involved in wordly events, But about 3 weeks ago, during praying, I received a clear vieuw; about the White House burning, the residence of Obama. It was attacted and burned compleetly in the flames. There was fire in the surroundings every-where. It was a living hell. Its going to happen very soon. Thats why the profhesy of Obama loozing his position, very true. It happens after the election.

  14. All,
    This wasn’t a close election at all as the pundits claimed, and which T B Joshua just copied as a “prophesy.” As someone who claims to have direct revelation from a god who even shows him the results of football matches, T B J should have told the world that this was not going to be a close election, but that Obama would win decisively. With the Republicans just conceding Florida to Obama the result is 332-206 in Obama’s favour. This is not close at all, and for your information the US election is based on the electoral college and not the popular ballot. Go here now to read the whole story:


  15. @terrific,9ice speech, seems 2 me dat every post here comes with its own diffrent ideal of tbj prophesies,if u guyz dnt call it fake,u call it mere probability if nt it u call it ‘cut’ and ‘paste’ prophecy but 2day behold a new word COPIED Prophecy,lol.u guyz re really ridiculous.

  16. Just Wonder if we are seeing the “Great Falling Away?”

    Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient – Ephesians 5:6

    Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of destruction – 2 Thess 2:3

    The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons – 1 Timothy 4:1

  17. TB Joshua has prophesied presumptuously.

    1a. His vague prophecy on the outcome of the US election was
    b. false, wrong and missed.
    c. and it has nothing to do with calling people to repentance to God!

    2a. and what does Deuteronomy 18:22 – “if a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD but the thing does not take place or prove true, it is a word that the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; do not be frightened by him” have to do with
    b. “when God’s servants speak forth the wise listen” – tbj’s different gospel Deuteronomy 28:22 or is it TB Joshua 1:1 or TB Joshua 18:22?

    What legacy are you leaving behind tbj?

    You are embarrasing yourself.

    What about the rest of the proofs on this blog, spelling out his errors, errors upon errors?

    But. if you want to believe in deceptions, go ahead, your blood will not be upon my hands at the Judgment seat of God one day.

  18. @giles,u actualy want me 2 ansa dat huh,now tellme,about d isue of tbj cautioning obama on the health issue dat he shud b careful telme was dat one alsa a common knowledge cos i didnt remb seeing or hear any analyst comeforth b4 d election 2 caution obama on d dangers of his failed health admin.

  19. @just wonder,why dont u categorically state where tb joshu falsely gave it out,whr he wrongly got it,and whr he also missed it,if u call wot tb joshua iz doing deception den i wholeheartedly wants 2 b deceived more,cos av nt seen such a case where GOD backs a deceiptive man despite he evilz ways nd yet stil gives him a go ahead,nt 2 wory no blood will b required of u if datz wot u av been afraid of.

  20. TB Joshua- a messiah like Moses- huh……………….

    You cannot even quote Moses correctly?

    Deut 18:22- Moses’ quotable quote?????????????


  21. now tbjoshuawatch may i ask you a question?…………………….. since the history of the election, has any result been closer than this?.. now check well and you will see that in terms of percentage obama had 50.6 to ronmeys 47.9 which is equivalent to 48…… so now how close did you expect it to be…. once again your points are just baseless see…..

    • @Msi when have we said it wasn’t close? We’ve never claimed that this was a wrong prediction, just that it was a prediction based on what the polls were already saying! Look at the image in the article – 1% between them, with Romney in the lead. That’s what the polls were saying at the time TB Joshua “prophecied” that it would be a close battle. How exactly is that prophecy?!

  22. @Penjohn
    YOu telling me that ObamaCare was not a crucial issue in the election? You need to get with the programme, watch TV more.

    And yes, you do need to answer that question, you really do –

    What did TB Joshua “reveal” that was not already common knowldege?

  23. @giles,u misquotin here.mayb u shud go through what i said again,comon knowledge u say,isnt dat what u guyz av always said dat his prophesies re nothing bt a mere comon knowlege,so stop making diz common knowledge issue seem so evidencing.

  24. @tbjwatch,sum1 shud getme right if i be wrong in diz,4rm ur comentz itz obvious u guyz re saying agreeing that d election was a close battle bt a rada comon knowledge so 2 say,bt itz seems ur partners none agreed with ur post cos giles,mr terific and just wonder all re saying contrary,dat it wasnt a close battle,diz just an observation so any of d above mentioned names shud feel free 2 getme right if i be wrong.

    • There are two issues here, the polls held during the election campaign, and the final result. The media constantly spoke of the polls showing a very close campaign, but some people in the comments have said that the end result was not actually all that close – they seem to be better versed in American politics than I. Whether or not you consider the end result close is irrelevant, because it was being reported as a close battle from before TB Joshua uttered this so called prophecy, so to use your term – it was common knowledge (as was the healthcare issue).

  25. @penjohn

    very well, i”l answer for you. What we all knew: it will be a close election and ObamaCare would be a key issue.

    What we didnt know: who would win.

    What TB “prophecied”: that it would be a close election and Obama should be careful of the issue of health care.

    What he didnt say anything about: who would win.

  26. @giles,yes he didnt say who wud win bt 4rm his prophecy u dont need a seer 2 tell u dat he was actualy saying obama was d man 2 be elected,mayb u shud give d clip a rewatch nd see 4 ursef dat of d 2 contestant obama was actualy d only name he mentioned nd dat seemed favoured in his words.

    • no, it suggests to me that he was supporting Obama, by giving only Obama advice.

      If he meant Obama would win, he should have simply said “Obama will win.”

    • Penjohn, just consider for a minute whether the same prophecy video could have feasibly been used if Romney had won? In some ways you could argue it might have even been stronger, as the healthcare issue would certainly have played a part in Obama losing. As we have it, there is no prediction of an overall winner, only a mention of healthcare being an issue (it had been for years) and the election being tight (common knowledge at the time of the video release). How exactly does this count as prophecy?

  27. Doi,
    Please where are you ? Please I still need your answers. Please tell us about the messianic prophesies which your master fulfilled ? I still maintain that T B Joshua is a false messiah, unless you come out with relevant prophesies. Or is TBJ going to produce his own bible version to prove he is the messiah ?

  28. He had talked about how close the US elections would be long before any body had thought that the election would be anything but a landslide for Obama . this was at the same time he had predicted the close race and election of France’s President ! he had gone on to say the US election would be won by a similar difference in percentage votes by Obama !!!! please check your facts . If he was in anyway afraid of taking on a sensitive and open stage as the USA ; he wouldnt have predicted the election day shooting on USA 2012 election day AND IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED as he predicted !!!!

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