TB Joshua and deliverance. Is it biblical?

A response on twitter to one of TB Joshua’s deliverance videos (not recommended viewing)

Britain has Jeremy Kyle, America has Jerry Springer, Nigeria has TB Joshua. What do these three have in common? They are widely broadcast men who have many troubled people come to them for “deliverance” of some sort which is broadcast to an international audience. These troubled people inevitably embarrass themselves on TV, much to the delight of the audience who are not sure whether to be amused or disgusted, but like the proverbial car wreck can’t keep their eyes off the undignified way the people on screen are behaving. Finally, all these shows have a “saviour”. A man who is there to solve the problems these troubled people have, and the only person who comes out the other side looking good. In short, these men come out the only real winners.

Deliverance is biblical, Jesus is recorded delivering many people from demons. However, the way Jesus delivered people restored their dignity, it didn’t rob them of any shreds of it they had left. For example, a well known exorcism is the naked man whose demons are cast out and enter the pigs. In this incident (Mark 5:1-20) a crowd gathers and are amazed (in fact, so amazed the bible says they were afraid), but they’re not amazed at the spectacle of the deliverance, they’re amazed that this man is now sitting fully clothed and in his right mind – the crowd witnessed the change in the man, but were not permitted to see the deliverance itself.

Another spectacular deliverance recorded in scripture is the demon possessed boy in Mark 9:14-29. It says that “When the spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth.” Sounds rather like an episode of Emmanuel TV so far, until Jesus notices a crowd running to the scene, so quickly and instantly rebukes the demon and sets the boy free. Again, Jesus is careful not to make a spectacle of this poor boy’s condition.

Jesus’ deliverances are shown in scripture to be quick, direct (“He [Jesus] drove out the spirits with a word” Matthew 8:16) and they restore soundness of mind and dignity to the individual. TB Joshua’s make a mockery of the person, and in at least one high profile case, they make no difference at all (as reported by Giles here, and here). In another case, ex disciple Graham reported that another highly publicised healing/deliverance that happened privately was reenacted on camera so it could be broadcast (the boy with the blocked throat). Can anyone imagine Jesus engaging in this kind of deception? (Note from the editor: We now have indisputable indisputable proof that Emmanuel TV engages in deceptive video editing)

If someone has a gift of deliverance, then of course he should be using it, but use it in the way modelled by Jesus, not in a way that is self serving and turns sick individuals into mini internet sensations after being delivered in an undignified way, or having a youtube video put out about their addiction to sniffing faeces, eating foam matresses, bedwetting or drinking kerosene (all genuine Emmanuel TV deliverances, easily confirmed via google, but we won’t dignify them with links).

A common reaction to this kind of argument is the pragmatic one: “His deliverance’s work don’t they?”. If you go only by what you see on Emmanuel TV, then of course you’ll believe that. The true fruit won’t be evident for days, weeks, months or even years after the supposed deliverance – and it won’t be seen on camera.

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  1. Unfortunately, TB Joshua is not the only one who does this, I’ve seen this kind of thing on other churches privately-owned TV network.

    Every single other ministries I have been involved with who are engaged in deliverances do it privately, in another room, or behind closed doors. Testimonies are given by the individual afterwards.

    SCOAN, and the other ones that do this publically treat people like cattle. And of course, the followup is never followed up.

  2. SO what can i make out of these. he(tb joshua) shows these (deliverances) to serve to serve as a livin testimony for people to know that Jesus is the same ystrday 2day and 4ever.

    • As we said in the article, Jesus never used deliverance as a means to drawing a crowd – in fact he did the exact opposite. If Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and TB Joshua represents him, shouldn’t he be following the same methodology?

      • why do you bother so much to destroy the relife of people from the bondage of satan? i think every one should bother who you people really are. gemalyal says if they are from God you cant destroy them, and i belive joshua is the same, you litterally cant destroy him.

  3. Why don’t you guys get this simple logic? Mark 9:14-15;” when they came to the other disciples, they saw a large crowd around them and the teachers of the law arguing with them. 15. As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder AND RAN TO GREET HIM”. Means the crowd was actually present, but Jesus often run from more crowd because amongs them are those who wanted to kill Him when it was not yet time for Him to die. Definately, the crowd who witnessed the failure of the disciples also withnessed the deliverance. So what point are you putting forward?

    Jesus knew the mind of the people and knew those who never had good intentions about Him so he had to do everything quickly and find a way out before he gets untimely death. John 10:38. Says ” but if i do it, even though you do not believe me,believe the miracles, that you may know and understand that the father is in me and I in the father. Again they tried to seize him, but he escaped their grasp”.

    Upon listening to Jesus’ message people wanted to kill Him let alone healings and deliverances. Why shouldn’t He run after conducting deliverance? When even those healed are being persecuted. (John 9:32-34.)
    John 8:58 says ” i tell you the trtth, Jesus answered, before Abraham was born, I am. At this they picked up stones to stone Him bt Jesus hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds”.

    But things like these isn’t always possible in this generation. Therefore let T.b. Joshua show the world what God is capable of doing perhaps this will make others believe more in God, and those with similar situations seek the deliverer (JESUS CHRIST). Even Jesus himself wanted this that was why He encouraged us to do more and greater things than He did without fear. Not to peform miracles and hide. Glory to God!

  4. I really do not know what grounds you make your posting. Is it due to the comment of a commenter who never had such problem or addiction? Who had never been in that condition and witness the pain and humilation that comes of it?

    If the delivered were the ones complaining then that would be a different situation but you have never been in such condition where you are able to do anything for your deliverance. This is why you post this.
    And all to know this was for the Glory of God. Hallelujah!

    Even the Jesus you claim loves to heal and deliver people in private told the 10 leper to go show themselves to the priests. Why not tell them to go home as he sometimes does? The priests were the head, And Jesus wanted to let them know He is able and wanted them to praise His Father in Heaven.Luke 17:12-15. ” as He was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy met Him. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice, Jesus, Master, have pity on us! When He say them, He said, Go show yourselves to the priests. And as the went they were cleansed”.

    Which concludes that Jesus loves and want people to be aware of the healings and deliverances and give praise and Glory to God. Of what use is the healing and deliverances when a large number of people do not praise and worship God? Then why is it called a miracle?
    These people who received their deliverances at SCOAN actually got their dignity restored. Ask them and they’ll tell you they had no dignity until after their deliverances.

    Imagine a man who goes to work and begins to eat his faeces and drink his urine? Oh my God! What dignity is there to write about? When he goes about his business activities his customers know there is something fundermentally wrong with him. his coleague are on the run, looking for a solution to His problems. and you call that DIGNITY? Please search yourselves!

    With the broadcast of this deliverances many people in the same condition came to believe that there is hope for them. And Jesus is the hope!

    • Glory be to God ! Wow ! It brings great joy to my heart to see someone stand up for the Gospel soundly with no partiality . Doi , the word lives in you and you in Him , i know it , Glory be to God !

  5. Owners of this site. Do not you think that you want to establish your own righteousness in comparison with SCOAN ? Do not you think that you are wasting your time, that your agenda becomes your obsession ? So be carrefull doing this you might have not submitted yourself to righteousness of God. Interesting is not what you are writting but your hidden motive.

    • Amen to that, I think the owner of this site must atleast use their time profitable and stop this unproffitingly thing. GOD BE WITH WITH YOU ALL AND MAY THE GOD OF TB JOSHUA OPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL EYES AND WIDE OPEN, TO UNDERSTAND THE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD. Be blessed!

  6. @Doi,

    And besides all that one needs a whole heap of Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood acting, to let it look like real. Eating rolls of peanut butter. Nobody was with the man in the toilet doing his business was it now ?

    Consuming feces carries the risk of contracting diseases and bacteria spread through fecal matter, such as E. coli, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, pneumonia, polio, and influenza. Coprophagia also carries a risk of contracting intestinal parasites.

    Are you telling me that someone who has been eating this for decades would be still alive ? And one visit to Nigeria makes him completely restored from this all. The stories become more bizarre by the day as this is progressing. How is this dignity and restoration ?

    The more things shock people the more they follow the deception. Alice Cooper, Kiss Marilyn Manson and other hardcore Metallica bands comes to mind. The fascination with absurd things is as old as the devil himself. No wonder people flock to see the bizarre as in a circus. The only thing that is missing is putting a tent over it. The real problematic diseases, mental issues and other incurable diseases just have to go home in disappointment. I know about a man from Zimbabwe who had a serious testicular swelling and was about to die from it. He went there to get healed. After he was not healed, they send him home, he could not stay there for another 7 days, because that is the time one can stay. He was complaining to me about it how staff had forced him to do so. I used to Email him some weeks after that, but after a while he did not respond anymore only to know he had died afterwards. What a dignity in all that was it now, Doi. You know you sometimes disgust me in how you are defending these charlatans and snake oilmen with the beautiful Scriptures of God written in the Bible to justify such awful matters happening there. You have no shame nor do you repent either that you could be so wrong in what you are defending what is lurking under the surface.

    • applauze for Jesse! Thank you so much for your clear respons to Doi. Its very easy for espessialy the youth, to believe that all the nonsence tb Joshua is performing, should be an act of The Holy Spirit, and even the wise-men (who believe they are apostles), are infected with the bad dream of our Profhet. Its for young idealistic people, very hard to discern , what is going on behind the scene of power-miracles and great dramatical deliverance-spectacles. In the ministery of tb Joshua is even a all to day-frustration called a demon. The trick behind it, as a doktor who has given the patient a placebo, and says; this is the perfect solution for your sickness”, Its all in the believe. Tb joshua has created a compleet mythe around the demon-worlds, and he enjoys his expertise in it very much. The shocking deliverances, its part of perversion and rude, un-humanly exploration of human suffering. Tb Joshua loves to put people in public to shame, because shame and guilt is no part of his own psychologic any-more. Shameless, arrogant and conceited as he is, he is not able to see through his own motives, and the way he claims to do the right thing. They say; the greater Spirit, the greater beast, and I guess after 20 years ministery in the way profhet tb Joshua has suceeded, the discernment for right and wrong, for good and bad, and for justice and un-justice, has lost his value compleetly. Most of all, the Truth of Jezus Christ has become a painfull theatre of fools. This one man; profhet tb Joshua, is able to decieve thousands of people, in a qrual, degradating and cheap belowering of the message of the Bible and Jezus Christ. Dont believe there is any heart, any care and any love in this self-interpretated gospel. Its the shameless dream and vision of a disturbed mind, and an blow-up ego , searching for some excitement in the wrong events. The profhet can entertain for hours the deliverance -nonsence, and has 10 min. for a simple sermon of the word of God. The priorities of scoan, are not on God, they are for the glory of tb Joshua,s rudeless claim, to proove he is right in his doings. The scoan-ministery is a foolisch and cheap deformation of the bibly truth. Painfully foolisch and harming.

      • The Lord Jesus said that many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many and that is what is happening. T B Joshua is deceiving a lot of souls and may we continue to pray for the deliverance of those under his lies, deceit and manipulation.

      • Jamie… This is wrong.. (a all to day-frustration called a demon).. If a christian is having one these…then you need to re-examine you walk with God..I am not saying you cant have a bad day/frustration and when you have one of those days it dont mean you are possessed NO.. BUT everything in this life stems from the spiritual world..everything.. there is nothing like ‘all to day-frustration’ that is not linked to the spiritual world(that is a demon or in the case of a great day the joy of the Lord coming from the Holy spirit).. Jesus said I am the vine ye are the branches meaning life in us stems from him… Having the life of Jesus in no guarantee that the devil wont come after you on the contrary the bibles promises he will come after you.. To steal your joy and so you have a day full of frustration.. But who caused it.. A demon… But you are not demon possessed just because you were attacked today by a devil and had a bad day/frustration..

        So dont try n make frustration a common thing like is a human thing.. Noo frustration is of the devil, its root is of the devil..if you are having a bad day find a place to pray n get rid of the devil behind your frustration… But you are not demon possessed its the devil trying to steal your joy by giving you a frustrated day and in the end you are sad and cant enjoy life and Gods blessing of peace.. I cannot agree with a saint that tells others that your frustrations is a normal thing ones life.. such a notion will make a christian contended with having a bad day..if it happens he say its okay and what you dont know is that..in your frustration you have lost your joy, a chance to love someone because you having a bad day…a chance to make progress because you had a bad day.. As a husband if i have a frustrated day i will not be able to love my wife when i return home..see now from my frustrated day I will loose a chance for joy in marriage… something has been stolen from me..my joy in marriage.. this sounds more like what the bible says about the devil..kill steal and destroy agenda.. He just stole my joy in marriage.. If you look closely at what you call your all (to day-frustration ) in those moments you miss out on something.. check yourself out next time you have one of those … something will be stolen from you…you might notice it.. you will be withdrawn, sad, snappy maybe.. and you call this all (to day-frustration ) NOO this is of the devil and you must get rid of it once you see it happening to you..

        I live a life full of joy because i dont allow frustration to get to me, i never have (all to day-frustration ) because i dont allow it, its of the devil….i spend time in prayer.. and in Joy..it doesnt mean i dont get bad news.. but the bad news doesnt result in frustration on the contrary it make me seek God more so that I know where i stand about this issue going on… Paul rejoiced in his pain and suffering but he never had (all to day-frustration)…. No.. cause he knew what was of the devil meant to destroy him.. Everything evil in this world is of the devil…. God is good and does no evil.. if you are frustrated.. put the devil in his right place and have joy..it dont mean you will have a miracle of that thing you want happening but you will go through that tough time in joy and peace..

    • Doi is just doing the bidding of his master T B Joshua. Like all of T B Joshua’s disciples, they have sold their souls over to Satan for “post” and for “power” at SCOAN. That’s the way they play the game there. You have to be a real bootlicker to TBJ before you can be “promoted.”

  7. The problems in christianity today is that we don’t read or know the bible. In the bible Jesus christ my master was being accuse of casting demons with the power of satan. So there is nothing strange to me what ever name or said about prophet TBJoshua. What i saw in the life of the prophet are: humility, love, forgiveness etc. These alone shew the life of christ, early church and God. I love him.

    • Sunday, maybe you should approuch the profhet and his humbleness, and see whats happening? Do a request to become his disciple, and see and expereince what “love”will happen to you.

    • Sunday, you judge from the outside, from the big mask which T B Joshua is wearing, but God judges from the heart and those of us who have known the man for his lies, hypocrisy and deceit would never be deceived again ! Lai,lai !

  8. It really took me some time to get all the nonsense I digested at SCOAN out of my system, by the grace of God. I don’t even believe anything, as long as it comes from SCOAN ! Like all other things happening at SCOAN, deliverances are designed to promote and to project TBJ. TBJ is full of egotism and wants his name projected. He asked us explicitly to project his name as far back as 1997 during the preparations for the Ghana Crusade. Five of us were present then:

    Kayode- a former devotee and Chief Reporter of lies to TBJ, who broke away to start Awakeners Chapel in Ghana, and whose wife TBJ slept with, committing adultery;
    Obanla- devotee and ex bank executive, who was used and dumped by TBJ;
    Sammy- devotee who was discarded for having the boldness to say TBJ uses and dumps people;
    Michael- devotee who conspired with TBJ to perform fake miracles involving twenty Ghanaians who are now dead;

    I used to believe in the deliverances, but now I don’t. I personally sent my own niece to be delivered, but she was as demon-possessed as ever she was. She and another friend who went through deliverance at SCOAN said they were told what to say in their “testimonies,” and nothing was true. TBJ would do anything to project his name and there are many gullible people who are so deceived they would believe anything. In any case, TBJ employs many unbiblical methods in his deliverance sessions and he himself needs deliverance !

    • Prejudice in the cleanest form, so do not be deceive by Mr Terrific with his well-crafted arguments.

  9. No matter what people say about Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, I guarantee that no one in the whole wide world can change the fact that he is a really Man of GOD, And that you cannot dispute. The Almighty God of Israel has chosen Him. Critisizing the Prophet of God how he does things and His Ministry will not destroy him but will make his Ministry to grow much more. People have to live with that whether they like it or not The Prophet has a gift from God and by the Grace given to Him by God He is performing those Miracles on daily basis,healing. prophesizing,delivering people, helping people -to bring them much more closer to God,In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Son of The Living God, And the Devil does not like that. The Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua is genuine and real and whatever He does he has to ask God, what is the way to do it or which way to follow. He does not do it by his intelligence or his power or strength. He always says that whatever he does it is by the Grace of God. I fully accept that Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua is Man Of God and a really prophet of The Living God of Israel. He is not Fake and will never be. Why don’t we learn from the man instead of criticising him, all of us who are craving for a pure spiritual milk of God, we can benefit a lot from him. JUST TUNE IN EMMANUEL.TV DISTANCE IS NOT BARRIER AND WATCH THE MAN OF GOD DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST AND ENJOYING HIS ASSIGNED DUTIES OR MISSION OF JESSUS CHRIST IN HIS LIFE. Thank you God,Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus Christ, Thank you Lord.
    Thank you Holy Spirit of The Living God, The Spirit that came upon Our Lord Jesus Christ,The Spirit Of Truth, Knowlegde, Wisdom and Insight. Thank you Holy Trinity For the Life of Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua and His Ministry. I also thank God for the Life of the Wiseman,ushers,evangelists,pastors and prayer warriors of the Synagogue Church of All Nations not forgetting the Emmanuel. TV Partners. Strengthen them Lord Jesus Christ and bless them,Always keep them safe under the Shadow of your Wings and always cover them by your Precious blood Lord Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross for our sake. May the Seal of Jesus Christ be always shining in their foreheads as the devil,satan,lucifer is out there destroying the children of God. Please Jesus Christ do not pass me by Let the Seal Of Jesus Christ also be always shining in my forehead, Today, tomorrow and forever Amen.

    From: Miss Eusebia Nontobeko Thabisile hlengwa. South Africa Durban UMLAZI T/SHIP(Phase 3)

    • Whatever I said or wriiten about in this blog about the Man of God,Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. Is real, How can you respond to facts. The Truth is the truth. You will know the Truth and The Truth shall set you Free. HE IS A TRUE MAN OF GOD, A PHROPHET SENT BY GOD TO THE WORLD NOT FOR AFRICA ONLY. But the whole world. IS IT JUST BECAUSE HE COMES FROM NIGERIA THAT HE HAS TO BE UNDERMINED/ from Africa a poor continent? Nevertheless He is from God, I am talking about the Living God, The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Miss Eusebia Nontobeko Thabisile Hlengwa, South Africa-Durban. 2012.

  10. its hard but god know.the world has it all.its yr choice.so! what are u choosing. god have mercy. believe in yrself.and Read yr bible. hez 4 to end

  11. Terrific.
    Why are you the only one here? Criticizing and condeming the prophet when you were actually five?
    Are you tring to tell us you are the only one who saw the true light? And the other four didn’t see the light? I think your light is questionable. One against four. Hmmm. Check yourself. I wonder what you teach your children.

    • @ Doi,
      I’m not the only one here and you know it. If others have not seen the light, that is their problem. My job is to share my testimony with others so they may learn, and whether people believe or not is their own business. And I tell you, it takes the mighty grace of God to come out of the satanic brainwashing and delusion at SCOAN.

  12. @ Miss Eusebia,

    You have not got a clue when you say, distance is not a barrier concerning SCOAN, show us about any major disaster that are happening in this world have been stopped because TB Joshua did a “prophecy” over it. And tell us how many people did a confession after that that they were saved, because after all that is all that counts. Not all that spiritual chaos that he and the wiseman are displaying in his church. Especially those 40 minute I terrogation demon edited videos that are put out there to attract more propects to shuffle demons, marine spirits, river spirits, incubi, succubi, ogbanjies, lion, alligator and snake spirits around in them. Why are there no elephant spirits, whale spirits, hippo spirits, bird spirits, ice bear spirits ever cast out ! Why is this not happening in all churches, where people have great family lives, good jobs, great kids, plenty money, good education. Why is it you have to watch all this craziness on TV what does not edify you in the word of God. 1 Corinthians 14. Why all that stampede and puking and passing by TB Joshua is the only way there is according to the African Church to live a godly life ? This one man worship, this spiritual chaos we have to face every single day, while Jesus did so many other things than that. Your guarantees about TB Joshua or his wise men means nothing and are useless to me, Eusebia, only what God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and His Word does and is, is warranted.

    • Jesse, the african culture is ful of spirit-believes,; occult and religious ones. Its a primitive way to deal with all to day difficulties. Somehow they feel important by their spirit-believes about them-selves, the good and the bad stories. They see the demons and evil every-where, even in the cling of the door, or in an innocent bird. Some-how they have no psychological frame, to expereince them-selves and the world. There is a condemning simple attitude to see the world as dark or light. Sickness is seen as darkness, complaining is seen as darkness, an encounter with a woman can lead to total buzziness-collaps, etc. Its a primitive and un-matured way to deal with life and fears. They all seem to have bizar powers and strange potenties to kill each-other. Satan has a paradize in such culture-believes. And the profhet is just part of this culture-believes. He is the un-educated hero, who seems to see more then the people, by the spirit-of-God. He believes he is offering some modern free-style gospel, while the contents of the church are about 40 years back in time. His chaotic presentation is because he is not able to see what is of importanty and what is dross. He wants to proove his powers, he is less concerned about right education and teaching for the people. He is focussed on his part of the gospel; profhetical gifts. and the rest of the 80 % bible-wisdom is subject to his need to be seen . If it was all for the Glory of God, there would be a different vision and performance.

  13. Giles, u are bent on spoiling the Prophets name, in summaryif he is of the Living God, ull be delivered in that same Church

  14. Waitse,u guyz are just hilarious-and SAD.The saddest of it all is becos u actually believe all the nonsense u say….He that hath an ear,let him hear…

  15. he that hath an ear,let him hear!
    Thus saith the Lord…But whereunto shall I liken this generation?It is like unto children inthe markets,and calling unto their fellows,
    And saying,We have piped unto you,and ye have not danced;we have mourrned unto you,and ye have not lamented.
    19.The Son of man came and drinking,and they say,Behold a man glottonous,and a wineibber,a friend of publicans and sinners.But wisdom is justified of her children.
    Again,in Mat.12,22-31 it says,
    22.Then they brought unto him one possesed with a devil,blind, and dumb:and he healed him,insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.
    23.And all the people we AMAZED,and said,Is not this the son of David?
    30.He that is Not with me is Against me ;and he that gathers not with me scattereth abroad.

    Be careful Giles though I dont blame u(Remember ignorance is no excuse…).The saddest thing about our generation is we know not the difference between God’s power and that of the devil.Neither do we rily have faith in our Lord.Wed rather believe Satan and believ he has power and deny God(as he has any power.as if he is not the thieff that comes to steal,to kill and destroy,roaming about like a lion seeking whom to destroy).Therefore,u know wat the bible says,
    The Lord knows those that are His..And I thank Him for his wisdom becos if Joshua didnt have it,,hed be like a reed shaken by the wind.But becos his house is founded on the Rock,he doest have to answer people like u.No, sir he doesnt.Behold,The Lord shall answer you.God says,Vegence is mine and mine alone.I

    I hope now u understand why the man of God wont reply u.one day he will deliver you too.

    • nei,

      Wife – “Are you having an affair?”
      Husband – **No answer**
      Wife – “Are you not going to even answer?”
      Husband – **Still no answer**
      Wife – “If you dont answer these serious doubts I have about you, I’m inclined to believe you are.”
      Huaband – “My life, my house is built on the ROCK! I dont have to answer to people like you! No sir! Behold, the Lord shall answer you.”


      • Wife – “I’m sorry husband, forgive me for ever thinking this. Of course you have cast out demons in Jesus’ name, performed many miracles in Jesus’ name. Obviously this means that Jesus knows you.”


  16. Im sure that if the poster was around at the time of Christ,he will also open a jesuswatch blog and continue to critisize christ’s actions,comparing Him with Moses,Elija etc.Why cant u go and deliver T.B.Joshua so as to free the people u claim he is decieving.Are u righteous in the sight of God?Ar u fighting for God or do u have sponsors?Why not write what God told u about T.B.Joshua if u ar with God instead of using carnal tactics?.which other blog do u use to watch other men of God all over the world or is Joshua the only one u know?Do u know God’s opinion about ur own life?.I think u should stop drinking medicine on another person’s headache.Get a real life and be truthful to urself bc many have done and are still doing like u against Joshua but they have been failing while the Prophet continues to increase in all ramifications.I charge u to go with the power of whom u represent and stop T.B.Joshua or otherwise keep quiet and strenghten ur own personal relationship with God for the race is difficult otherwise u end up in hell with that same ‘devil’ u claim to be watching.This is an advice which can also serve as a warning.

    • Hello Takposmanlar – you are saying that there would have been a blog about Jesus similar to this blog about TB Joshua.

      However there is one very important difference between Jesus and TB Joshua

      Jesus is the centre of the Christian faith. The son of God who came to earth taking a human form and though he was totally without sin he was crucified as a sacrifice for the sins of the human race so that mankind would be able to stand before God and have a relationship with their loving creator.

      in contrast TB Joshua is a man. He has no divinity, he is not the son of God and though he may have a large following at the moment I do not believe he will be known in 2000 years time.

      • Madelaine. What for are all your words here about Jesus when you are not doing what the Lord said in your writtings ?

      • Sorry Candle Holder I don’t quite understand your reply.
        The words that I have written about Jesus are to declare that I believe

        that Jesus is the Son of God,
        that Jesus was crucifed,
        that Jesus defeated death and was resurrected.

        and that TB Joshua cannot be compared with Jesus.

      • Madelaine,read what I said and understand it properly b4 taking it out of context,u have either failed to understand what I said or u deliberately refused to understand it inorder to make ur own point.

      • he may not be known in 2000 years is this your prophesy? he is creating enough legasy like his master and who r u to say he will not be known in 200 years? anyway what is important is what he is doing now and not to be known after 2000 years

    • About 2 weeks ago,I went to a freinds place and found her Mum glued to Emmanuel Tv.
      I was there for like 3 hours, it was the same thing I went the next day the same thing.
      So I asked is this all you watch.
      Then I was answered yes,then I was like, it’s sad how people spend their whole day watching this and giving this man praise, the mother looked at me as if I blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.
      They were so amazed how I have access to go to SCaon and why I have not been and if I have anointing water.
      This lady wants to look for over usd 2000.00 to go to Nigeria and yet she is seriously struggling to make end meet, I am wondering to my self, she is going to borrow the money from people then what.
      Also her bedroom is filed with stickers and posters of him. Very sad.
      I said you know what don’t weaste your money and time, kneel down to your God.
      People are so so guliable they will
      do anything.
      The other problem is that people want to see mircales,it’s what they are expecting so that what they get.
      I personaly know someone who had joined a Pente church.now he was so amazed by the miracles that to him his Pastor was the man.
      After sometime as he was a strong memeber he was let into the inner circel.
      They would visit remote parts of Malawi and he would pose as someone who was on a wheel church and healed by the power of this man.
      He later left the church.
      A witch doctor can turn a rope into a snake, does that make his work holy no.
      The Bible says, blaspheming against Jesus (which he does, healing people in the name of jesus) is forgivable but not blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.Food for thought!

  17. TB Joshua is a Professor in persecution field. He received a doctorate in persecution. Owners of this blog do not you think that you are wasting your time?

  18. I folow Jesus but I am not obsess to disregard TB Joshua as owners of this blog. That is the difference between me and them. It is the same as difference between stupid and wise man.

  19. Candleholder, after reading Jackie’s story of the woman sturggling to raise $2000 to fly to Nigeria to see TB Joshua, no. I do not believe any of us are wasting our time.

    The last time I went to Lagos was in 2009. It cost me £1200 in airfare and emergency visa, plus the church charged me $300 for 2 nights stay. I saw TB Joshua for less than 3 minutes, at the very end, right before being herded onto the bus to the airport.

    And that was just one visit, and to me it wasnt a life changing amount. But when I was in Cameroon, I met a woman who was curious about TB Joshua (I put her right). She said one of her colleagues who was deaf saved all her money for months to travel to Lagos to see TBJ. She ended up in the prayer line and came back not only still deaf, but worse – impossible to live with. They said she came back with an attitude that no one else was good enough, no one else was spiritual enough, and how she refused to listen to any other pastor or go to any other church – instead she became addicted to watching Emmanuel TV on Sundays instead of going to church. Eventually, she left the organisation.

    Different country, different people, same story.

    Jesus unites Christians. TB JOSHUA DIVIDES CHRISTIANS

    • So you are blaiming TB Joshua for no healing of this woman and it leads you to speak against TB Joshua with big letters, Giles do not be childlike. Who told you that everyone who comes to SCOAN must be instantly healed ?

      • Who told you that everyone who comes to SCOAN must be instantly healed ?

        Wrong question. The question you should be asking is “who told people they were healed when they went on and died of the same condition?”. Nobody is saying that everyone prayed for by a particular person must be instantly healed, we’re saying that if you tell someone that they’re healed and they’re not – you have a lot to answer for.

      • No, I put right qestion. Why not all peaople are instantly healed despite prophet Isaiah said ” by his wounds we are healed “. Apostle Peter said the same words in his letter. Are they wrong ? No of course. You are wrong owners of this blog !!! Why are you behave like angry kids ?

    • Yesterday, the profhet came out with the announcement, that the women-disciples had “abandoned” the flesch. I gues not much watchers will understand what this little intermezzo in reality means for this young women. 1. the bible does not have skriptual evidence to abandon the flesch, to approuch a spritual goal. 2. Under the conduct of the Holy Spirit, the flesch-problems will be transformed and controlled. 3. Flesch-needs, desires are natural, and even in super-natural powers, this has to be honoured. Only addictions and wrong behaviors have to be abandoned. The typicall thing in this announcement is, that only the women have make the commitment. As if they are the reasons for temptations. Besides this, its a criminal way to submit dependant young women to commit themselves to a vow, that they can not realy understand, nor the consequenties of it. This perverted way to force a disciple to sacrifized behavior, and call it obeyance, is a sure sign of cult-rules. It had been better, when Tb Joshua him-self had announched , that he him-self had “abandoned”his fleschly problems, so other innocent members will not become victum of his bizar solutions and ideas. This women are used for a spiritual goal that is in the mind of the profhet, he dont care for their future and soul. Its a captive way to create mediums and instruments, . And its a wicket way to project his own flesch-problems on others. Its a captive way to blame the woman for temptating him, in steat of admire that he is the one who creates all the troubles and attractions. He protects his own passions by chasting the women. Only in a monestery women will submit to a vow. This profhetical scoan-ministery, has no single legal right to force deceived manners on others, And even a profhet has no right to create rules and standards, as it benefits his own goals the best.

  20. Giles,

    As far I am concern SOAN has teaching why people are not instantly healed. Giles aswer me this qestion, please. Why beacause of Bible knowledge lack according healing you are hunting for “people no instantly healing SCOAN stories” including your mother story to speak against TB Joshua? Do not you think that you are angry with God for not healing your mother and not instantly healing others ? Giles who are you to speak against God ? Who are you Giles ? Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

    • you have completely missed the point of what I was saying. It matters not whether you are healed or not. Thats another issue.

      The main point I was making is that people who are exposed to SCOAN change for the worse. Even people in rural Cameroon noticed this.

      Jesus unites the church. TB Joshua divides the church.

      • mister candle holder. I want to say something about your attitude towards Giles story. A son has lost his mother, and if you read his story very clearly and attentively, you will be amazed about the failing manners and attitude of the profhet in this case. The profhet was even too arrogant, too handle the death of this mother with care and dignity, as a good pastor ought to do. Did you noticed how the profhet treated the dead of president Mills in the same cold way, by saying that dead had no meaning for him? He hardly was able to create a decend good-by service for the president , who was his frend for years. See? The show must go on in scoan-land, in spite of the failors, not-healed people, and people who die, in spite of the great faith-spectacle of the profhet. You should one thing very clear about healing; the responsibility is in the faith of the healer, not in the faith of the person. I know more then one persons who became healed without believeing, but by the faith of the one who prayed,. The healing-word is in the mouth of the profhet. He is also responsible for the souls who dont get healed by approuching him for it.

    • accordig to mark 16 if joshua is not making effort to obey this sho us who is then. your pastors? show us men we need the true ones. at least he is trying what are you showing? historical theories?

  21. To All,



    “………..the African culture is full of spirit-believes; occult and religious ones. It’s a primitive way to deal with all day to day difficulties. Somehow they feel important by their spirit-believes about them-selves…………
    Satan has a paradise in such culture-believes. And the prophet is just part of this culture-believes. He is the un-educated hero, who seems to see more then the people, by the spirit-of-God………………….He wants to prove his powers, he is less concerned about right education and teaching for the people. He is focused on his part of the gospel; prophetical gifts and the rest of the 80 % bible-wisdom are subject to his need to be seen. If it was all for the Glory of God, there would be a different vision and performance”.

    I am just quoting some of your writings.

    What you are saying is 100% correct about the culture of – the AFRICAN PROPHET CULTURE IN AFRICA.

    B.G.M. Sundler’s book – the second edition was printed in 1961. Way before tbj. If you can get hold of it, it will explain beautifully and correctly how they function. They have tried to keep it a secret from the west for many years, but now the Lord Jesus Christ is exposing them to the world.

    The book is about the Bantu churches in South Africa, but they are all the same right through Africa.

    To buy the book, click on:


    • According Jamie comment Jesus was responsible for no healing in Nazareth ? That is Jamie funny healing teaching.

      • If the bible said something like “Jesus proclaimed many to be healed, but because of their lack of faith they weren’t” then yes, Jesus would be responsible because he was declaring something which was false (they weren’t healed). But it doesn’t say that, it says “And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” (Matt 13:59). Big difference.

      • candle holder: The profhet is responsible for the soul of the people who approuch him., in spite of their level of faith. Jezus could not heal in Nazareth, because they did not approuched Him for it because of their un-believe. The secret is in the approuching, in the reaching-out. When a person is reaching-out for help to a profhet, and he is not able to heal them,then a faith-building-program can be helpfull, but the mean thing is, in the attitude of faith of the healer. .Jezus never failed in His healings, for the ones wo approuched Him.. He still will not fail., the profhet is the mediator, his words and guidiance make or breack the receiving of the healing. He is not the only healer who failed in healing, by the own lack of compassion and routine-statements. Divine healing is what it is; divine, and not bound on anything we believe about it. Its in guiding people to the openess of expectation to receive their miracle. . Thats called believe.

  22. A family member of ours is involved with tbj as a disciple for the last +/- 9 years. The person went to scoan on 3 separate occasions from +/- 2001-2004 and was proclaimed by the “prophet” as free, after standing in the prayer line. Three separate times. Three separate years. Then the person decided to go there and become a disciple. After about 9 years and bottles and bottles of anointed water and anointed stickers and anointed posters and being close to the prophet in “God’s presence” etc. etc. etc. this family member was again delivered this year 2012, together with the other disciples, with all the manifestations connected to a deliverance in the prayer line ??????????????

    So what does this say about all the deliverances etc. in the last 9 years????????????

    We feel that it says that: “There is a big “poof” in the “prophet’s” declaration of freedom,

    the anointing water and all the anointed whatevers………!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????



    How is it possible to still be so demon possessed after all the deliverances?

    • Just wonder, its all about the game to become spotless and without wrickles, a high bibly aim. The trouble with the profhet is, he sees the wrongs in others very clear, without acknowleding his personal wrongs. This charater-type can go on with purefieing, until they have reached an imagened goal of Holyness. The profhet does not understand that Holyness and purety is in the Spirit. Its already part of us. Deliverances for all sort of problems, is only nessecary when there are realy demon-troubles, and this occurs very selden. The profhet confuses ego-troubles with demon-troubles. Because he does not understand his own ego. Nor the Spirit. Jezus beared all our sins, iniquities and sicknesses. Its very important to understand the dept of this sacrifize, and how to claim and receive His gift for us. A lot of what scoan is doing is just a entertainment of powers and skriptual just waisting time. Ego-trips. The profhet would do better when he should use the 5 wise-men for apostolic works. So they can life and express the grandeur they deserve. Teaching, preaching the gospel, and by the way performing miracles, healings and deliverances. 90 % teaching and 10 % healings, will be the right balans. Teaching for the thousands of poor people who need the word and practical principles of the gospel. The focus in scoan is on healings and deliverances, and so the context with the bible and plan of God is lost. When people read the bible, they become deliverd by itself, the word will do it.

  23. :Women had abandonned the flesch? Lord have mercy .this church has become more scary. People are becomig idols worchiper in that church(water stickers ruber) please the lord is coming soon

  24. Lord Jesus, please make haste to deliver your people from this false prophet T B Joshua ! Yes, you already gave us the warning in Matthew 24:24 but Your people are so dumb and so deluded to come out of this satanic delusion. Please let your light shine upon their beclouded minds so they could have understanding and come out of this bondage. Please let not Your blood which You shed for Your people be in vain ! And thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayers !

  25. This has been heavy on my mind as my husband obsesses over TB Joshua. I cannot see Jesus in any of this. It is a circus. I was particularly distressed by the man they “searched for” in the jungle, and brought him back to SCOAN to “deliver” him. The first thing he asked for upon his “deliverance” was a shower. But no, no. He had to sleep in his filthy state so they could parade him into the church, and then shower and dress him *on camera* for the world to see.


    And on a side note, in the interest of family peace I helped my husband navigate the SCOAN website and was intrigued to see the extensive questionaire that prospective visitors must fill out. The only other church I have ever known to restrict visitors in that way was….a cult. hmmm.

      • hi Candle Holder. If you read back in this Blog you will find that there is plenty of evidence available about the characterisitics of SCOAN matching the characteristics of a cult.

      • Oh, hey, I will go farther.

        In one of the rebuttal videos SCOAN made with the purpose of denigrating an ex-member who was questioning some of their practices, they proudly, blatantly displayed a classic cult tactic. “Church discipline” which equates to public humiliation and denunciation. Same thing you see in other cults, either religious or political. Emotional flogging of the “sinner” in a public, humiliating manner. That is directly contrary to the Scriptural description of church discipline.

        Not to mention the ridiculous, obvious, manipulative editing in that video. I saw the “rebuttal” first and was quite happily surprised to find that in the original video the man was not at all a screaming lunatic.

        Even if I could ignore the spiritual toxicity, the manipulative tactics are by themselves enough to put me off TB Joshua and SCOAN entirely.

    • Candle holder .This man in the jungle was a high developed engineer. He had to show his capacity to drive a new car, offerd by Tb Joshua, and he felt uttermost embarressed about the way he was treated as an idiot. The profhet loves it to insult and belittle people of high rang, to proove that God is beyound all, and so the profhet is beyound all. A vew weeks ago there was a king in scoan, and the profhet just shut him up, when he wanted to talk. He just shut him-up as if it was a child. The respectless, senseless and insulting ways of the profhet , are great reasons to judge on him with discernment. He ones said; great man, great manners. What he means is that he as a great man, has the authority to do, say and act as he wants. The fact is, that a real great man is restiricted and has a worthyness in him-self. He does not need to grow over the back of others. And in the case of the profhet; over the back of suffering and helpless people. The profhet is a slaughterer. The refinder we judge, the better.

    • its for the “Words of Wisdom.”
      First time I went, there were three of us. Myself and M flled out all the forms, as well as ramble on with the “Visitor Co-ordinators” for the week during our stay there…chatting about our testimonies, hopes, prayers, experiences, etc . Just how a bunch of Christians do when they get together for a few days.
      The third guy, D, he answered vaguely on the forms, and he kept his cards close to his chest during the week of TB Joshua videos. He didnt say too much about himself to the visitor co-ordinators.
      On the prayerline, TBJ prophecied to both myself and M – getting it spot on. We were both amazed (i ended up staying two more weeks).

      He walked right by D. Not a single word.

      How could I have been so stupid.

      • Absolutely. You even have to give out relative’s contact information. IOW–information gathering session right there.

    • only visitors from outside nigeria and only those to be accomodated at scoan. does everybody who comes to church every sunday have to fill a form and be recognised? all those thousands? then it would be amiracle on its own

  26. Did it take Jesus – the Messiah – years and years to deliver people from demon oppression and possession?

    Why all of a sudden the deliverances of all the disciples in scoan now after so many years being there?

    TB Joshua Watch-keep on warning.

    Thank you Jamie for your clear and in-depth explanations.

    Thank you Mr Terrific for your prayers and

    Kali we are still praying for you too.

    We learned that the AFRICAN PROPHETS usually anoint their son’s as their predecessors.

    (Also in the book-Bantu prophets in South Africa).


    Thus tbj anointed the 5 wise men to succeed him.

    No different to the African religious cultures.

    It is now only other people’s sons.

    And daughters? Promises, promises…………..

    Keep on praying!

  27. “Your Lordship, Your Honor Giles”, TB Joshua cares very little if he is judged by you or by any human court; indeed, He dos not even judge himself. It is the Lord who judges.and I think you do not understand this. Therefore “Your Lordship, Your Honor Giles” judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men’s hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God. I think you gradually getting lost in your judgements, getting bogged down and down.

    • you say that “TBJoshua does not even judge himself” – well maybe he really should make a scripturally based judgement of his own actions. Maybe the people who speak so highly of him should encourage such an approach. What does he have to hide, that he does not even address for himself.

      • Jesus himself will judge finally TB Joshua in the last day not Medelaine, so do not be so quick to judge anyone. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you who are you to judge your neighbor?

  28. Candleholder is behaving the same way Jackie described her friend’s mother when Jacky said something negative against TB Joshua. Whoever you are, please dont take any of this personally. Jesus Christ died so all my sins are forgiven, as with you. We are both one in Christ.
    Regardless of my view of TB Joshua, I have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit. This is discernment. TbJ is another ball game altogether. He has set you – a believer – against me – also a believer.

    • we have as christians the FULL right, to; rebuke, advize, correct and discern the actvities, manners and foundation of any ministery. Scoan attracts so much comments and opposite, because thats what God wants us to do, to keep the place in ethical balance. Before the whole circus become a worser jungle.

      • “Your Lordship, Your Honor Jamie” you fergot to write that Lord Jesus, the only Lawgiver and Judge, who is able to save and destroy has this full right to do it.

  29. Giles, are you preaching Gospel in a right way? Preaching by spitting on sombody is not preaching at all. Disconnect TB Joshua from your words and preach only the words of God, than your words will be a discernment. Don’t grumble against each other, brother, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!

    • Candle holder; read your bible and discover that Jezus said; You shall do what I did, and even greater things. so; we have the full right to use His discernment to say no to evil and darkness. Jezus will judge over our deeds, and to use His Truth, to discriminate right from wrong, is one of the deeds we have to do. What else should be the Truth all about? hen Tb Joshua acts and teaches besite this Truth, then we have the right to correct and to show him his wrong ideas. TB Joshua admits that he makes faults, so what is your point to protect him as if he is God himself? A grown-up man can take some rebukes, and at last; Jezus beared more suffering and insults, then Tb Joshua can handle. The Profhets faults is; he promise as if he knows what God wants for us. The end-time-revelations are not revealed yet, and this secrets are hidden for the profhet too. Its great to have the Holy Spirit, and it still does not make him equal to God. The fact is; he is Gods servant, and it would be a good thing when he should listen and understand this futile difference between him and God.

      • I do not protect TB Joshua as if he is God himself. TB Joshua does not think and belive that he is God himself. Where did you take this from Jamie?

  30. Avoiding the question.

    Candleholder, let me put it this way.

    In Latin America, there is a man by the name of José Luis de Jesús Miranda. He claims he is Jesus Christ. He allegedly has 100,000 followers and is growing rapidly.

    if yuo care to read more about him,


    In the meantime, I ask you again – how is the Church to react to his movement without “judging”? Without “discerning”?

    You have effectively rendered the church toothless.

    Anyone can come, deceive Christians into leaving their own churches and follow them instead – and, according to you, those local pastors are not allowed to say anything to warn these people. That would of course be “judging” Miranda, wouldnt it?

    So, Candleholder, how is a South American pastor supposed to warn his congregation? I’m genuinely curious.

    • assuming their own churches which they are leaving are the correct churches. what are the charecteristics of these correct churches being left?

  31. If a prophet appears somewhere and announces a miraculous wonder and if the wonder of which he has spoken takes place, and he says, “I am Jesus Christ, worship me” you must not listen to the words of that prophet.

  32. For a Neutral like me id ask you post some proof.. How TB Joshua lied to you.. I see no wrong in TB joshua showing how someone was transformed from jungle life to sanity again.. That said…. I need proof.. coz some of the things you accuse Tb Joshua of I could easily level the same accusations against my pastor that I personally know as a man who seeks God. I have seen him pray for people and they didnt get healed but got worse, I close friend to US died too while my pastor being a prophet.. didnt see nothing about his death prior.. In short bad things have happened even with him be there… Marriages have broken even after he prayed for the couples.. BUT also great miracles have happened, deliverance healing,restoration and we rejoiced when we saw this… This a man i personally know… we grew up together and i know his passion for God but what I have just said is what happens in his ministry but it still grows and he seeks God.. so you see this accusation against TB joshua can be leveled against my pastor but if someone did that ill defend my pastor with that is within me because I know the man.. Unless you give me proof that he is doing something wrong….

    Give me more than what you talking about here..post proof not videos you think are edited and someone else can dispute it.. i have seen the kind of deliverance TB joshua does and at time I was young like 13 yrs not am in my early 30.. so even before TB joshua started doing this kind of deliverance I knew about them.. and they were done in Open field crusade where non believers watched too… and this were done by good men of God no of strange ungodly behavior like is alleged about TB Joshua.. sooo give me more proof.. If you mother or someone close to you went to TB joshua and wasnt healed.. I have seen that before in life happening in lives of genuine men of God.. So I cant buy into that….. Give me more proof…. If i were you Id pray for God to bring to and end what i believe is evil.. the bible says he answers prayer.. so pray that he answers you about TB joshua and an end comes to his misleading ministry OR are you gonna tell me that its better you do this than pray..or is it that you dont believe God would answer you..if its the later then maybe you have the same problem as the person who traveled millions of miles to see Tb Joshua and wasnt healed.. both of you never receive answer to prayer..

    Help us out more than what you doing..

    • Joel; read this site. What proove do you want, when the facts are already there? How much hurt do people have to discribe and express, before some-one will admit that there is something wrong? How loud do people have to cry, before they are believed? What proove do you need? More painfull stories? Even in a all-to-day-house-hold. a father will be corrected when he is harsch,abusing,violent,dis-honest,dominating and manipulating and hurting others. When a leader does not uses his authority in the right way, then we just teach him how to use it. Thats called respect, and its a duty of the body of Christ . We dont have to proove you, you have to open your eyes.,and awake to a another level of understanding. This world is full of blind followers of pastors.

      • Jamie ..I am gonna ignore that you have just tried to remotely insinuate that I follow my pastor blindly and therefore an attack on my character and judgment ….(This world is full of blind followers of pastors.) this is a very bad comment it also has connotations of my pastor being a kind of fraud like you allege TB Joshua is.. and as I had earlier pointed out an attack to my pastor whom I have grown up with..spent days together seeking God, fasting, night prayer watch e.t.c would result in me fiercely defending him.. With this answer you should know why fellow Christians that go to TB joshua church defend him.. As i said on the TB joshua matter am a nuetral..

        I have gone through this post and frankly speaking sometime you guys sound bitter sometimes you mount a good defense of what you believe in… that Tb joshua is a fraud.. but all you give cant sway a man that has been under Tb joshua teaching and atmosphere of miracles as shown on Emmanuel TV.. you need more than this.. stories of hardship, missing miracles because I have the same stories with men I can vouch for as honestly seeking God and have devotee and proselyte under them..

        As i told you i saw a friend Die.. a close friend…. he died while he was under the teaching and ministry of a close pastor.. I know this pastor by heart..i have seen his struggles to grow and know God better.. and I have seen great heights in his walk with God… I could easily question his authenticity through the death of a friend.. by the way a friend to me and this pastor..

        So your missed miracle after visiting TB Joshua church is not excuse… so i say give me more… even the bible says jesus couldnt do miracles in some area… it was the same jesus who did miracles in other area and in some he couldnt..so did jesus change..noo… it can only be inferred that the people in those areas in some way limited jesus from performing miracles…OR else the other alternative is Jesus was a fake and could only manipulate people in some areas and do miracle there and couldnt do the same in others because people in those other area knew his tricks.. which me and you know its not true… So I think claiming someone went to TB Joshua and returned worse is not a valid argument for someone who has read his bible a little.. for a proselyte it might work….

        About prophecy..you have read of how Samuel thought that he was being called by his teacher while it was the Lord calling him.. he also wanted to anoint someone else based on his judgement of whom he thought God had chosen to be King over israel.. In both cases God spoke no doubt about it… but human influence distorted what God had said.. this is the thing about Gods voice..even a seasoned prophet can still make mistakes about Gods voice.. it can only be attributed to human judgement…. By the time Samuel was anointing David he was a seasoned prophet but he still made mistake based on what he thought..his judgement… though in both cases there was the voice of GOD.. Am not here to debate about how good i know scripture to back up TB Joshua.. Nope … what am saying is you are not giving me enough to sway someone about the truth of you accusations.. I dont deny you might had a bad experience with TB Joshua… and for a man who has a congregation of thousands there might be several people who are not treated right because of the huge number of people…

        You said TB joshua gave you 3 minutes after you had traveled long to see him..( forgive me if it wasnt you that said this) but from my own pastor with a crowd of several 100..i hardly have time with him… and he is a close friend..his phone rings all the time… he is a man on demand (for lack of better words….)… for TB joshua with a congregation of thousands and he gave you 3 minutes… id say kudos to him.. See..this is why i say give me more evidence.. or much better.. go into your prayer place and ask God to give you a better way to expose this alleged false prophet because if you are right there are thousand falling to his tricks and am sure for such multitude of souls..your prayer for them to be rescued from this bondage will be answered by God because of his rich mercy for souls of me

    • Also Joel, don’t just watch the fake prophecy video we produced – also watch the original SCOAN videos we link to as our sources (in the youtube page description). As someone who is neutral towards TB Joshua you will then see that the fact he edited the prohecies to “correct” them really is beyond dispute – their own videos prove it! If he uses this kind of deception in prophecy videos, what about deliverance videos? Or healing videos?

      • Joel, the differance between your pastor, and Profhet t.b joshua is; the Profhet has the dobble mantle. And to speack with his own words; when anoiting increases, the ego, temptations, greed, and other character-faults, will also increase. This means, he has to be able to correct himself ., and controle him-self. In a normal ministery, there are advizors, elders and members, who keep the pastor in good shape, so when the ministery is growing he will not fall apart in great mistakes. Its a fact, that when a ministery has a great amount of miracles, there will be a great amount of faults too. The issue is not about the content of faults, its about how to deal integre and ethical with made faults. The stragedy of the profhet is, to direct mis-management and lack of insights, to outer circumstances and others. There is to much to say about the profhet, to proove that there is something seriously going wrong in scoan. I know by own expereince, that he is able to use his Spirit and insights against others. I am gratefull that I am still alive.

  33. “Your Lordship, Your Honor, blog – TB Joshua watch”

    “Clap for Jesus”. ” Thank you Father”, “Glory to Jesus”, “Worship Him”, “I am not the Healer, Jesus is the Healer”, ” Stand up” these are only few statements from TB Josha mouth showing that he is not Antichrist.

    • Candle holder,these words that he says mean nothing.Don’t you read your Bible, even the devil can mention the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and perform miracles in the name of Jesus.
      There is this mentality in pentecostal circels that for someone to belive that he is a beliver then one needs to constantly mention the name of Jesus.
      Do you know that Jesus is a name given to a lot of male children in Brazil, just like how alot of people are called Mary, or in the catholic church when someone is baptized they are given a Christain name.So your point in him mentioning these phrases does not hold water.
      The bible clearly says that these false Christs, will heal in my name and fool even the elect.
      Let’s not belive every magician because he heals in the name of Jesus.
      We need to be so carefull especilay today as the Bible tells us and here in Africa where poverty is so ripe and disease.these so called Pastors are caplitalizing on these.
      The devil is winning souls for him self and most don’t even know it.
      I have a desecrning spirit which has never failed me.There is something very wrong with scoan.

      • Just to add, Scoan, has recently opened 2 branches in Malawi one in Blantyre and one in Lilongwe and it’s very sad how people are flocking there like flies.
        They are confusing church members of the churches they normaly pray at by coming in with very strange teachings.

      • Jacky better read your Bible. Tb Joshua says also that Jesus is the Lord and Saviour. Tell me please what your bible and your wonderfull gift of descerning spirits says about it? Therefore I tell you that no one who is speaking by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus be cursed,” and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit. “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “No one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me,

  34. At the beginnig of comments Jamie wrote:

    “Watch this video, and see what real deliverance and healing through a Sended servant of God, looks like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNRiseu1oAQ&feature=related

    William Branham for Jamie was “Sended servant of God”.

    While author of this site says that Branham was a false prophet. Please, read:


    You are saying that TB Josha is a false prophet too. My question is: What is the difference Giles between you and author of this website about Branham?

    • I think is pointless getting anything through to you.
      You are one of those people who twists the Bible.
      The Bible is very clear about who will come falsely healing, deceiving people in his name.
      The Bible is so clear about this.
      You really worship this man! Why not worship God instead.
      It’s a bit like how the rich man went to hell and saw Lazaurus on the other side and wanted his brothers to be visited so they would not end up like him.
      We have the Bible in clear writiing yet want to look for answers in the air.
      Dude don’t be deceived.
      God is so loving he does not force us to di what we don’t want to do but gives us a choice, but expects us to choose the rightly.Don’t get left behind by worshipping a mini God.

      • pple go to tb coz they think he is right according to what jesus said about who would believe in him and what they would achieve. now if tb is not doing the right thing show us an example of one who is doing the right thing. you can always prove something wrong by showing the right

  35. for Joel,

    Im really not sure you would accept any evidence. There have been several incriminating articles on this site which have caused many to doubt – this article for example (play the video)


    Also, dont take our word for it – see for yourself.
    The Blasphemer Videos, is this how Jesus said to react to our enemies?
    The practise of calling TB Joshua “our spiritual father” – this contradicts Matthews 23:9. Jesus said not to do this.
    Why dont they baptise anyone?
    Why dont they practise communion?
    Ask them, does TB Joshua sin? (make sure you get a simple yes or no).

    I mean cummon….you really see nothing here that concerns you?

    The issue of people dying is separate. I understand that people can die after prayer. I have experienced this outside of SCOAN circles, like you. God alone decides this.
    The issue with regards to TB Joshua is that they told people they were healed and therefore should not take any medication. Then they go and die anyway. THATS the problem.
    If they had not said anything about medication, there would be no charge against them.

    • “Your Lordship Giles”

      You want to know why TB Joshua does not baptize people in water ?

      So that no one may say including “Your Honor Giles” that they were baptized in TB Joshua name.

  36. The little story of my last visit was less about the couple minutes I got (was in a group), which you did comment on, and more about the $300 accomodation fee for the 2 nights – which you didnt comment on.

    A little expensive for Lagos. (I’ve paid cheaper for hotels in London)

  37. Jeremiah 17:5
    This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD.

    2 Chronicles 32:8
    With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God to help us and to fight our battles.”

    Psalm 118:8
    It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.

    Psalm 146:3
    Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save.

    Isaiah 2:22
    Stop trusting in man, who has but a breath in his nostrils. Of what account is he?

    Isaiah 30:1
    “Woe to the obstinate children, declares the LORD, to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin!”

  38. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about at all. First of all Jerry springer is not religious. He is simply a talk show host that thrives on bringing out the worst of society for display. To compare him to TB Joshua is ridiculous and leaves you with little credibility. Secondly, I lived in Africa and the people there have great respect for elders. For someone to call TB “man of God” is similar to us saying “pastor” even though they also use the word pastor. Also, when I lived in Africa I myself experienced spiritual things not seen in the U.S….I saw a ghost, experienced spirits trying to get into my body and someone else testified that they saw the holy spirit over me when I prayed for protection. Why don’t these things happen in the U.S.? Because in Africa, people regularly call upon witchcraft and demons for blessing. Spiritual warfare is very active in that area. Therefore they need someone to cast out demons. Here in the U.S. We give the devil a foothold through anger, malice, greed, lust, etc. Therefore we fight the devil by giving up those things. Finally, I don’t see the same things you saw in your own story. The bible says the demon made the boy have convulsions. And it says Jesus and his disciples cast out demons and it says different spiritual gifts are given to different people. Are you jealous of someone who has a more prominent spiritual gift than you? I have never seen TB treat anyone disrespectfully. Their deliverance is quick. Makes me wonder if you even watch the show?

    • Sheryl, I have watched the show at the insistance of my husband. In a good faith attemt to see where I was wrong.

      What I saw disturbed me very deeply. Actually many of the videos are on par with the Jerry Springer show. Absolutely. TB Joshua’s circus may be a religious one, but it is the same thing. Shouting, screaming, clawing, fighting, humiliation, nakedness, writhing on the floor, and eager exposure of all kinds of despicable things. I saw the same glee in the eyes of the audience and sadly in my husband’s eyes that I have seen when people watch Jerry Springer. It scratches the itch of pride and self righteousness. Look at *that* person. That is absolutely out of order for a church. TB Joshua does not have the excuse that he is secular. He claims to be a man of God, he should run his church in accordance with the Word of God. The Word of God mandates order, not a circus for the viewing pleasure of others. There is zero propriety in what goes on there. Zero. If women are going to be writhing on the floor or “possessed” by demons of masturbation, they need to be ministered to in private, by other women. Not put on display for the self-righteous but very carnal enjoyment of others.

      Secondly, I absolutley have seen disrespect. I don’t know if these videos have been pulled yet, but two in particular stand out to me. The one was the man who was “rescued” from the jungle and possession. I remember this clearly because my husband insisted I watch it. The very first thing he said after deliverance was to request a shower. And can you blame him? But he was made to wait all night and into the service so that he could be displayed (are we seeing a theme here yet?) in all his filth, showered *on camera* and marched back in wearing his fine and fancy suit. That is a despicable way to treat a confused old man, whether he was possessed or not.
      THe other one was the very proud “rebuttal” to the strange fires video, in which one of the “accusers” apparently wanted to return to SCOAN, and was shouted at to crawl on his knees to beg forgiveness of the man of God. Shouting, screaming, public abuse–again that is totally out of order according to God’s Word.

      These three things alone are enough to make me determined *never* to fall under the influence of this man. I am sure you are right that spiritual battles are raging in Africa. I just don’t think that TB Joshua is on the side you think he is. The behavior within the church, the manipulative editing of videos, the obsessive adoration of his followers–none of this is of God.

      It is my earnest prayer, in the name of Jesus who is my Salvation, that this charlatan will be exposed, and quickly. He has weaseled his way into my marriage, causing dissention because I will not view the computer screen as “the screen of my salvation”, nor consider him a saint, as my husband does.

    • And, I should add, I am in no way jealous.

      Foolish is the man (or woman) who desires to tangle with demons and thinks it’s a game. God may lay a spiritual gift on some, but it is a fearsome gift, not one to be jealous of. I am very, very content with the giftings he has given me.

      • ” Screen of salvation.” This is yet another one of T B Joshua’s doctrines of demons ! I hope that the Lord opens the understanding of your husband, so that he comes out of his delusion. Please be patient with your husband and pray for him. Take authority in the name of the Lord Jesus and bind those demons of delusion troubling your husband and cast them out !

  39. My goodness…now that i’m reading more posts! Giles and Jackie…you say others are twisting the word of God yet that is what you are doing! When people accused Jesus of being the devil because he cast out demons, he replied, “can a kingdom fight against itself and still stand? ” even Jesus said the devil himself would not chase out demons, yet you accuse TB of doing the same thing. You realize that this makes you a Pharisee, right? I mean if you really want to get into accusing people…. Watch out because the bible speaks against “the accuser of the brethren”. What will come of you accusing TB when you have no power to change anything except put yourself in danger of being a slanderer? The bible says to put aside all slander. Will you follow the word of God?

  40. Hello Sheryl,

    I am sorry but I have to agree to disagree with you about “Therefore we fight the devil by giving up those things.”

    Three things I want you to consider what is biblical here:

    1. We don’t fight the devil, the devil is already defeated on the Cross on Calvary by Jesus when He said: It is finished !

    2. Demons and Satan do not submit to you, it’s God’s Holy Spirit that does the work of d

    3. James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

    The teaching that is given to you is false, whoever it comes from. There is no need to fight demons, you submit and resist.

    Secondly God says Walk in the Spirit.

    – Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

    – Romans 8:4 That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

    – Galatians 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

    – Galatians 5:25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

    No demons will enter you if you walk in the Spirit or are filled in the Spirit. They only enter or try to enter when you sin.

    Isaiah 59:19 So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.

    Sheryl, you are clearly very unskilled with the Word of God, walking with God, writing here accusing others and knowing not much about freedom in the Spirit of God.

    I would advise go back to your bible and follow Jesus and the Word of God and not any man or watching a show.

    God bless you,

    • I wonder why some people take it upon themselves to fight for God when He hasn’t sent them. Apart from ur biblical knowledge, If u’re bein led by d spirit of God u should first all ask God to show u who TBJ is before putting up a fight. Wat if u’re wrong in all ur assumption, it means sinning against d Holy spirit which am sure u know is unpardonable. According to ur text ‘demons only enter u when u sin’, who is witout a sin, even u, & wat makes think u’re not demonized? Becos I xpected u to say dat God showed u whom dis TBJ is, than to use dis blog to influence people to say things dat may bring course upon them. U particularize on dis edited video, how about plenty of his prophecies dat came to pass, how about his generosity, how about his scholarship scheme. I xpected u would advice other pastors to emulate him instead of using church funds to enrich themselves, building schls & hospitals dat even d church can’t afford d fees & bills. Buying private jets, even building hotels in Abuja. & why r u not talkin about d pastors dat slap people dat came for deliverance in their church & tell them to go to hell. Listen, allow God to fight his battle.

      • @ Grand,

        What is done with all those prophecies ? Nothing.

        If you sin and are now demonized too, go get deliverance then. Over and over again.

        Yes, it counts for those other pastors too.

        God fights His battles through people. He always involves His creation in HIs plans. Always have been.

        But you try to get away with your atrocities by being sly and intimidating those that oppose false doctrine and practices. Nowhere in society they allow this, why in the church then ?

      • Evil spirits sometimes possess u from womb. Which sin did u commit there?
        If everyone could heal himself & cast out demons, why dis verse…

        James 5:14
        Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.

        If u can’t do greater works than Jesus did, as said in John 14 12. then u r not among d chosen to do so. In every generation there’s a prophet. I don’t know if TBJ is d one, dats Y u should ask God 1st. Prophets r like ur fone’s speaker. When d speaker is bad u only talk & talk…God may hear u, but u won’t hear Him. “One way communication”

        Human knowledge isn’t enough to judge things of God, cos God only revealed a little of himself to us. And since He said in 1 Chronicles 16:22 Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

        So I suggest u ask God 1st, cos somethins may seem wrong in our eyes, but not same in God’s.

        But wait a sec…U r takin dis too personal when u should engage in more important issues like our pastors turning to homosexuals, women owning churches, pastors fightin over church offering. Pastors living in luxury & duping people. Pastors r now among d richest people in Nigeria. Same sex marriage takin place in d church, to mention but a few.
        If only government should close everything dat has to do wit offering & tithing, u’ll be so amazed to see dat pastors will abandon churches for God. Pastors put up a church programs & hire worldly music artists, some, demon possessed,others, agents of darkness to come & entertain d church, & @ d end of d program devil will take d glory. D question is not ‘what did pastors do’. Question is what didn’t they do. Lord have mercy on us!

      • My friend is married to a Taiwanese & they live in Taiwan. Dis woman did believe God exists, only d idol her family worships. One Sunday her husband was watchin Emmanuel Tv live service when TBJ asked viewers to pray along wit him wit their hand on where they want God to heal. After argument wit her husband cos she didn’t believe in prayers, Faithlessly she placed her hand, & d 2 mins prayer healed her 3years ceased menstruation. As if it wasn’t enuf, breakthrough became her portion & she settled for Christ. Ain’t dat one of God’s mysterious ways of manifestation.
        ‘Til now TBJ doesn’t even know about dis, cos d woman hasn’t called SCOAN talkless of bein to Nigeria. U can’t tell why some people lose their miracle at SCOAN. God doesn’t heal u for u to stay away from Him. I don’t need to tell u dis cos it’ll mean teachin u Thins u already kno. I respect ur intelligence, but if one ain’t at peace wit God & he earns a miracle from God, he needs to patch it up, else d demons ‘ll be back in tens.

        Am worried about d way pastors preach these days. They no longer tell people d truth, church service ‘ll last for hours witout mentioning what is sin. Instead they’ll preach prosperity & bless u & ur household including non living things. At d end our children what sin is. That’s Y my best preacher is Lazarus Muoka of the Lord’s chosen. He leaves no stone unturned, ain’t nothin as good as old time religion.

  41. May you all have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year. May you read and learn your Bibles to know the truth which shall set you free and stop wasting your time and life watching Emmanuel TV.” Look to the Lord Jesus and be saved,” not to anyone or to anything. Isaiah 45:22.

  42. The Grace of God is sufficient for us. Rather than speaking ill of the man of God why don’t you ask for God’s Grace which is Sufficient to better. Now let me come in from an ordinary man point of view, remember back then in the village when native doctor cure people of them problems and claim is their ancestors that have given them the ability and since it was a good purpose they forged ahead, my point now is, allow The Prophet of God to do God’s bidden. If he acquires his powers diabolically, but he uses it to serve mankind positively. Now if his powers are not from God then he will fizzled out but not by u but by God… So stop disturbing and allow God do HIs Thing.

    • @ Obi,
      Who is disturbing who ? Do you want T B Joshua to continue to lie and deceive people ? Do you not know that the man manipulates miracles ? Do you know that he came to Ghana to deceive Ghanaians with 20 fake miracles with the connivance of his Ghanaian conspirator, Mike Lathbridge, and that all 20 Ghanaians are now dead ? Do you know what the Bible says about false prophets ? And who told you it is God doing His thing ?

  43. D problem is, most christains dat claim 2 know d scripture ends up bein stingy with bible quotations. Mr Terrific, u quoted Isaiah 45:22, haven’t u come across Mark 9:38-42 in d bible? By d way, who told u people r lookin onto Tb Joshua as God? If d devil has his agents scattered everywhere in d world u think God won’t have His own disciples everywhere too? If u r a baby 2 know dat everybody in life has his own gift i’d suggest u read Romans 12:6-8. After readin it u can now tell me if a person dat has d grace of prophesy or healin, should go fold his hands instead of using it for d purpose God gave it to him. What’s ur own gift, to condemn people? Now if u wouldn’t mind, name d true man of God dat God is using to touch d lives of people, so dat people will be well informed.

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