Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Beth’s story (part 1)

We recently received the testimony of Beth, a young lady who spent 18 months as a disciple of TB Joshua at SCOAN. Her story is a disturbing and upsetting one, but it’s important that it is heard. We will be publishing it in several installments. Her story shows how TB Joshua takes gifted people who are passionate for God and breaks them down, leaving them with psychological and spiritual wounds that take many years to heal.

Remember, this story is not unique. There are many other ex-disciples who have been through similar experiences. Many have told their stories on this site: Giles, Emma, Gareth, Graham, and Eddie, as well us other people who were closely involved such as Dr Hardaker, “Cautious” and Hattie.

Contributors to this site have been subject to vicious attacks on their character and even blackmail from TB Joshua fanatics, and Beth is aware that she is likely to experience the same treatment. We have had contact with Beth for some time now, but until now she’s not been ready to tell her story. As many ex-disciples are not ready to tell their stories, or prefer to forget the whole experience, this has taken her great courage.

  1. Beth’s story part 2
  2. Beth’s story part 3

Beth’s story – beginnings

SCOAN in Lagos


I spent almost 18 months at SCOAN over a period of 2 years. In that time I was diagnosed with malaria on two separate occasions with severe anaemia, that left me hospitalised both times. I became very thin, dropping four dress sizes since the day I arrived. Each time I became ill I was prayed for, sent home and never contacted again.

I’ve never truly recovered my physical strength from this period in my life, but worse than the physical damage has been the long-lasting psychological effect. It’s only now, after a number of years, I feel able to speak about my experiences. I want to share my story in the hope that others will be able to avoid the worst experiences of my life. I also write in the hope that my old friends, who I think about often, that have not yet been able to leave may read this and know there is a life after SCOAN.

I first heard about SCOAN as a teenager. I had become increasingly involved in a “radical” evangelistic Christian community at home, and fasting, all night prayer vigils and a fervent belief in the healing and miraculous power of God were normal for me. Therefore, it did not take much to convince me SCOAN was a work of God.

I visited the church in the first instance to find out about it. I had seen the videos, was impressed and wanted to experience it. TB Joshua was kind to me, called me his daughter and gave me privileges beyond what any other visitor would receive. In short, he wooed me into his church. His attentions mixed with the “miracles” I witnessed on this visit convinced me to return. I accepted the significant amount of cash he gave me at the end of my stay for return flights, believing this was God’s will for me. I returned a year later for good. (Editors note: Hattie describes a very similar experience here)

When I arrived I noticed some strange things. At first I blamed these things on cultural differences and later I was made to believe they were for the greater good. In hindsight I realize they were acts of cruelty and bullying.

The life of a “disciple” was full of fierce competition, often sleepless nights and hard work. We were expected to work all hours of the day running the church, practicing music/editing videos/writing materials/having meetings. Service days involved even longer hours: starting at 6am to process all the sick people who came for healing and often going on into the night. We often fell asleep on the choir stage in full view of the church due to the exhaustion. (Editors note: see Giles’ post for corroboration of this)

Disciple meetings were frequently called in the middle of the night and we were expected to attend. Meetings were used for instruction, but primarily “correction”. With 200+ people in attendance, disciples would have criticisms brought them. Some may have been accurate, but they were often exaggerated, simply untrue or unfair. The purpose of these sessions was alleged to be in order to correct sinful behaviour, but in essence was a form of control. Stories were often unverified, personal or embarrassing, and the accused would often be marginalised afterwards.

There was a process that each disciple went through during their stay. At first the person would be welcomed and most contributions they made would be praised. As the person adjusted to life at SCOAN, they would begin to ask questions. The right to question anything was not granted to disciples, and if you questioned anything to do with the running of the church, or anything that TBJ did, you would be reported.

Following this the most painful stage was breaking a person down. The person would be reported for alleged “sins” repeatedly and publicly over a sustained period of time. Every part of a person’s character was picked apart and criticised. Then, once a person was broken, that person would be built up again to be the type of person SCOAN wanted.

There were many people who disappeared during this process. Some never made it through the character assassination, myself included. I was reported for a period of 6 months, for a number of absurd and false “sins”. I was reported for what I was thinking, feeling, my actions and for being ill. It was public bullying. I was made to feel like a failure over and over again.

One correctional meeting was so personal I could not take it any longer and attempted to leave during the reporting. I left the meeting room and was chased and caught by a large group of disciples. I was dragged back to the meeting. I was forced to explain myself and apologise. I was then chastised for leaving the meeting whilst the “man of God” was trying to correct me and told I was a hopeless case in front of all the other disciples. After this I was left alienated by my other disciples, deeply humiliated by the personal reports and desperate to redeem myself. But the cycle continued.

Disciples came and went during my time, and I don’t know what happened to the majority of those who left. Occasionally a leaver was discussed in the meetings. One I remember was accused of speaking against SCOAN and spreading rumours about TB Joshua. They said he was surely going to end up a criminal. The group took turns in making fun of him and turned on him in such a way it was shocking. (Editors note: Giles and Emma both tell similar stories of these disciple meetings, and you can see one in this video)

It was drilled into us there was no salvation beyond SCOAN. TB Joshua had been baptised in the holy spirit and as such he was speaking on behalf of God. We were made to believe that he was infallible. This instilled in us a fear of ever disobeying him. (Editors note: this teaching has also been reported by ex-disciple Gareth here and here and even current TB Joshua supporter Soe)

Aside from the control through humiliation (this was key to how SCOAN functioned) TB Joshua’s word was final. His permission was needed to buy anything, contact anyone or go anywhere. Contact with my family and friends was totally forbidden without written permission from him. Any desire to make contact was taken to be an indication that you wanted to return to your old life. If he was disobeyed, meals or access to the dormitory were restricted and TBJ had to grant permission for these to be returned. I was once forbidden to return to the ladies dorm one night because I had not stopped a door from slamming, which meant I spent the night on wooden benches in the church at the mercy of the mosquitoes (as I mentioned, during my time at SCOAN, I was hospitalised having contracted malaria on two occasions) (Editors note: In this post Gareth speaks of ‘Addaba’, the state of ostracism and punishment imposed on disciples who ‘misbehave’)

The mental prison I was held in meant that I could not leave or even break the rules if I wanted to be saved.

64 thoughts on “Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Beth’s story (part 1)

  1. Here we go again, another true testimony about what happens at SCOAN. I have said again and again, that Temitope Balogun Joshua is an agent of Satan, who delights in running the Lord’s people down. He begins by showing fake love, but like his father Satan, TBJ has no love in his heart, nor does he know what love is about. He tries to reduce people to a level lower than himself when he was a poor wretched nonentity from his village. And he has succeeded in his nefarious and obnoxious activities through the connivance and collaboration of his devotees who are also agents of Satan. It is time the world know that TBJ is not a man of God, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a criminal, and should be treated as such.

      • I agree with you, but they are part of the problem. They are willing accomplices to a criminal and a fraudster. Why, I was with these people and even with the little I saw, I could not go along with the sham and deceit. It was difficult but I realize things were just not right, and they knew it, so they actually kept me away from the inner circle. As a matter of fact, if I had known of TBJ’s manipulations back then, I’d have exposed him to the Ghana police and he would have been locked up !

    • i guess we have another story here. isn’t this person also a disciple? why the different story?

      • Because this one is a fabrication by TBJ. It is his own blog and he dictates what should be written to prop up his tattered image. It is not an independent source, and cannot be trusted because TBJ is a liar and a false prophet. As a devotee, Soe is one of TBJ’s puppets who must sing his master’s voice or be kicked out like a used rag.

    • We are not surprise about bad things other people said about TB Joshua these things happened to Jesus and His desciples.I don’t care what people say about TB joshua what I know is that I was sick now I am healed I was blind now I can see.THANK YOU GOD OF TB JOSHUA FOR HEALING ME AAMEEEENN

  2. i want to believe berth never wanted to tell you her story cos she saw every thing that happened to her as predestined. there is certainly no congregation of people where similar things don’ t happen. reportings/ teachings/corrections and the likes are for the benefit of all. or else the life of those in church will be no different from the life of the world. this was what Jesus himself saw, that was why He brought His disciples closer to Himself in other to check their wrongs and some eventually came out great just as T.b
    Joshua has great men and women of God today. we shouldn’t expect our journey to the throne as a bed of roses. if T.b. Joshua is nice to you that shouldn’ t make you believe you wouldn’t encounter difficult times. you just have to come out victorious. lets not make little things shake our faith in God. thank God she made it clear you could call your family members. but everything done in excess calls for concern. i would wait for the complete detail of her experience cos for now i haven’ t seen any convincing issue here.

    • Look, Doi, don’t try to compare this criminal to Jesus, you hear ? Jesus taught the disciples to love and demonstrated love because He is love. But this Temitope Balogun Joshua does not even know what love is, has no love and would never know love, unless he confesses his atrocities to the Lord Jesus and be forgiven. Yes, the Lord will forgive him, but he has to make a public confession of his atrocities. TBJ breeds strife, encourages strife and sets his devotees against each other so there is always strife and bitterness and confusion among them and no love, TBJ hates unity, because he knows once his devotees become united, they could overthrow his kingdom of darkness, so he thrives on these strifes. He encourages backbiting and backstabbing and all his devotees are experts at these. You need to excel in backbiting and back stabbing to get his attention and promotion. SCOAN is a pit of hell !

    • >i would wait for the complete detail of her experience cos for now i haven’ t seen any convincing issue here.

      I’m sorry but what I’ve read from this post alone is plenty worrying enough. Publicly humiliating fellow believers, ostracising them and denying them basic freedoms is utterly wrong and utterly unlike the Jesus I know. Have SCOAN never heard of the Jesus who responded to the cynical Nathanael with grace and humour, who responded to the woman caught in adultery with “..then neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more” and who responded to those who crucified him with “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”?

      Yes the church should be different from the world. An outpost of heaven should be recognisable by love, grace and fruit being in evidence. A place of fear, bullying, manipulation and forced conformity is more like an outpost of the other place…

      • @ goodpeopledied. i never read
        in the post that T.B. Joshua
        ostracised or humilated her. if
        there’s anybody who show love
        i think he should rank among
        the first. but the fact is, T.b.
        Joshua isn’t going to run all
        dept. at the same time. didn’t
        you read how Jesus’s disciples
        humilated people who tried
        coming to Him? the truth is,
        there must be challanges

      • In your last post you justified this behaviour “reportings/ teachings/corrections and the likes are for the benefit of all. or else the life of those in church will be no different from the life of the world”. Now you seem to concede it’s wrong, but claim that it’s not TB Joshua’s fault.

      • Poor Doi, he dare not say anything against his master, or he’d be kicked out like a used rag.

    • Thank you Beth. I have expereinced the same treatment. Jezus guided and teached His disciples to follow His example. We all know what this example is all about. Tb Johsua has his own egoistic ideas about what discipleship means. Thats the great discernement between him as an example and Jezus . I dont believe tb Joshua knows who Jezus is.

    • Doi, what convincing issues do you mean? Is her story and expereince no evidence enough? You want more harship, qrual details, immoral stories and dirty evidence? How come you have lost your sense of discernement? Is the real story of a scoan-experiencer of less value then your adorations for a God-man? The harm this tb Joshua causes, is beyound all human-rights and dignity. It realy has nothing to do with any good or bad bed of rozes. It has all to do with a bad and insane vision. Jezus loved others as Him-self. He never mentioned about bed, nor rozes. Tb Joshua knows a lot about beds and rozes.

    • Doi – you say “there is certainly no congregation of people where similar things don’ t happen” It actually makes me sad to hear that you consider the behaviour that Beth has described as normal. I have been privileged over the years to be part of congregations of people who aim to treat each other with respect, who permit questions, who work through conflicts with love. I am not claiming that these congregations have had no problems but the underlying principle has been one of trying to demonstrate grace as Jesus does. It seems that you are saying that this is not your experience. All that I can say Doi – is don’t settle for being part of something that causes hurt to people but go and find the grace and love that Jesus offers.

      • I agree. It is terribly sad that Doi cannot concieve of a church were such abuses–yes they are abuses–do not happen.

        There is a Scriptural procedure for dealing with sin within the church. First step being to deal with actual sin, not made up stories about someone. What is described in Beth’s story is not in any way close to the Biblical method of dealing with sin. It is flat out spiritual and emotional abuse, and in the case of the chasing down and restraining, physical abuse. Unacceptable. Healthy congregations do not do this. Godly leadership does not allow this.

        I am blessed to have been in several congregations who were able to deal with some pretty severe issues without mental, spiritual, or physical abuse of anyone.

  3. Thank you for sharing Beth. That took courage. What you describe is such a classic ult dynamic. So sad. 😦

  4. @ Doi,

    You call this correction, discipline, reporting, teachings ?

    Hitler would be proud on such ways. What father treats their spiritual daughters like this ?

    Wait a minute let me translate this:

    – Correction = Reprogramming to a SCOAN soulless zombie.
    – Discipline = Twisting mentally and psychologically, humiliating and browbeating.
    – Reporting = Sliming with TB Joshua to advance self to a better position.
    – Teachings = Indoctrinating and instilling fear and confusion by using deception.

    Can’t find anything like that in the bible such ways of behaviour. It was rarely that one was opposed by other disciples.

    Jesus always reinstated the one that had sinned, failed or fallen raised them up and made them greater in stature than before. Except Judas wasn’t.

    Was Beth a Judas ? Can’t find that in her ordeal.

  5. @ Beth,

    Please accept this video Beth for comfort and healing. Stay close to Jesus, never let Him Go.

  6. Shocking I have of heard of such fellow pastor who visited Scoan regreted visiting the church

  7. Hi

    We are Jannes and Jambres and we had some issues with Moses as you with TB Joshua. We would like to shake hands with you brothers running this blog. We share the same experience as you did. Moses was false and we will tell the world about it as you do..

    My name is Gehazi and I was servant of Elisha. He was false prophet like TB Joshua. I am now leprous and I am white as snow. How could I served such false prophet ? Brothers I would like to shake your hands you are doing really good job.

    I was one of Jesus desciples. When he said that I am going to eat his flesh and drink his blood I was freak out. It was really from devil, so brothers you are doing really good job !!!
    Keep going. I hate what he said so I will write abou it to the everyone and nobody will change my mind. Keep doing what you are doing here.

    • Hi Storytellers, we award this comment 8/10 for creativity, and 10/10 for inadvertently helping our cause by putting TB Joshua in the same category as Moses, Elisha and Jesus.

      • These people make me mad by comparing a common criminal to my Lord Jesus and true prophets of God. They still don’t get it and that’s a shame. They are just like the Samaritans who called a common sorcerer, ” The great power of God.” They come here to show their utter ignorance of Scriptures and to threaten those who are exposing their idol, TBJ, instead of contending for the truth of God’s word. But we’re ready for them and will continue to expose their master till ” Thy kingdom come,” unless he confesses and repents.

    • @ Storyteller,

      How can you say you are doing communion ? They don’t do that at SCOAN or the branches. ??????

      This means you are lying now ? Oh well, the Devil has always been a liar. Case closed.

      PS I was happy to have communion on 1st Easter Day with my family in church with everyone and there was water and Holy Spirit baptism too. It was awesome and beyond explanation.

  8. Storytellers is the kind of people who elevated a false prophet to ” The Great Power of God.” Acts 8:10. They have no discernment at all, and they imagine every miracle, healing or deliverance comes from God, and would call a false prophet a ” powerful man of God.” Is it any wonder Jesus said many shall be deceived ?

  9. “TB Joshua watch” tell me, “TB Joshua watch” give me,
    What is it what you seek ? The rightness or wrong ?
    The virtue or vice ?
    “TB Joshua watch”, why the gospel of evil ?
    What is your religion? Where are you faithfull?
    If you are against God, you are against man.
    “TB Joshua watch” are you diabolical or divine ?

    • sadeness, TB Joshua Watch is Divine of-caurse, and the diabolic issues are the expertise of TB Joshua, so dont let us mix the truth of scoan again, with all sorts of useless questions. Everything dark will be brought unto the light, thats this web-site is all about. Christians should be more warriors for justice, in steat of mindless followers of self-ordained profhets.

    • @ Sadeness,

      We seek that Jesus Christ Is Lord, been crucified, resurrected, is alive and has conquered all. And all power is given unto Him and that every knee shall bow and every tongue that shall confess that Jesus Christ is The King of Kings and the LORD of Lords. Amen.

  10. @ goodpeopledied. i never read in the post that T.B. Joshua ostracised or humilated her. if there’s anybody who show love i think he should rank among the first. but the fact is, T.b. Joshua isn’t going to run all dept. at the same time. didn’t you read how Jesus’s disciples humilated people who tried coming to Him? the truth is, there must be challanges.

    • @Doi,

      Challenges is not humiliation, browbeating, indoctrinating, twisting mentally and psychologically and brainwashing.

      Since when is TB Joshua equal to Jesus Christ the King and the One and Only Anointed One and the Only Giver of the Anointing.

      The fact that you say that Jesus Christ’s disciples humiliated people shows me how twisted you have become. Stopping people or children coming to Jesus is not comparable to any pastor who refuses to see people who ask for them. Far from it. It was clear how Jesus corrected them from Scripture and History. He (Jesus) did the appropriate means of correction that was needed and necessary.

      Further I refer to:

      Galatians 6:1-3

      Chapter 6
      1 Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. 2 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. 3 For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.

  11. Well done Beth.
    You have taken the strength of your courage and conviction to tell the truth.

    It is exactly as you say, the truth is soooooooooooooooo …………… painful and everyone thinks that the people coming out of that place are liars, Judas’ or blasphemers. I have people in there that cannot understand this and everyone can see how they are going backwards day after day. In body, soul and spirit. How they are changing into monster pythons just like the false cult leader TB Joshua wants it.

    I also have family and friend who came out of that hellhole call scoan.
    They are broken down, just like you said Beth: “I’ve never truly recovered my physical strength from this period in my life, but worse than the physical damage has been the long-lasting psychological effect.”
    After nursing them back to life for years, some have even been wooed back by that slime ball called TB Joshua, after 1 or even 2 years. With all kinds of false promises of becoming wise men or women. Just as they recovered from his wounds and poverty he has put on, he appear s on the scene, with nice word and promises etc. just to send them back home again. Trying his level best to destroy them completely and their faith in Jesus. Playing with their lives.
    What boggles my mind is the mind control that he has over his disciples.
    I have come to the conclusion that he must be hypnotizing them or something.
    I say again to his disciples: “Come out of that place quickly”.
    You will never sort out that mixture there while in that consentration camp. The truth and error there is like scrambled eggs and you will not unscramble it while there.

    • just wonder, the controle Tb Joshua has over the disciples, happens in the Spirit. Its a magic-spirit, no Holy Spirit. This magic Spirit keeps the disciple in bondage,. Its another god. The way to get rid of it, is praying to remove it, in Jezus Name., and then Tb Joshua will looze his influenze. And ofcaurse dump the person., because they found out the secret. In Tb Joshua,s Spirit is no Jezus. There is no Jezus in his powers either. They use the Name Jezus as camouflage, but in reality the powers are connected to another source. When removing the magic Spirit by prayer, the person will be free, and the healing for all the misery done to them will be the fastest by praying to Jezus.

  12. Doi,
    I say again to you: “Think”, don’t keep yourself stupid. Don’t you know in you heart that what tbj is doing is wrong. Stop defending him. He feels nothing for you and if your are inside, he will one day just drop you, like everyone else before you and get rid of you like a used up pen. Surely you know it.

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth is NOT like TB Joshua!

    A user and abuser.

    He waits for you outside that place with open arms.

    • Doi may have to suffer the same thing Kayode suffered, when TBJ slept with his wife, before he wakes up from his slumber. Or he may have to go through what Agomoh went through or even worse, because he refuses to repent but to collaborate with this false prophet TBJ.

  13. I say again:
    This is what the LORD Almighty says against TB Joshua’s Babylonian cult:
    “The people of God are oppressed by you.
    TB Joshua, their captor, holds them the disciples fast, refusing to let them go. Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in scoan. Jer 50:34
    A sword against the Babylonians living in scoan! Declares the Lord-
    1. Against those who live in the Babylonian scoan and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against her wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet – TB Joshua
    They will all become fools. Jer 50:35

  14. The problem is that TB Joshua caught his disciples when they were still young, while they had very little Bible knowledge and most of them came out of a broken backgrounds etc.
    He pretended to be so loving, gave them a “family” set up, until he got them in his web. Now he holds onto them with false promises and threats of fear, should they even think things about him that he does not allow,
    let alone say anything against him or leave him.
    He is a sickmental man.

  15. @ Beth,
    Your salvation has nothing to do with whether you left SCOAN or broke their rules. Salvation belongs to the Lord Jesus. It is He alone who saves us and salvation is obtained freely by grace through Jesus Christ. It has nothing to do with any church, denomination, apostle, bishop, prophet, let alone any false prophet like TBJ and his SCOAN. TBJ himself needs to confess his sins, repent and call upon my Lord Jesus to save him. TBJ cannot save anyone. Again, TBJ demonstrates another mark of a false prophet when he claims people would lose their salvation when they left SCOAN. He is a shameless liar and a deceiver !

  16. Help us pray earnestly, that the veil over the disciples’ eyes will be lifted before they go through what the others in the past went through, the deadly wounds that tbj and scoan bestows upon them and that the Lord Jesus Christ will bring them out of scoan quickly and safely.

    It surely looks as if they must go through what Kayode, Agomoh, Ladi Thompson, Giles, Emma, Gareth, ‘Addaba’, Graham and Eddie, as well as others who were closely involved such as Dr Hardaker, “Cautious” , Hattie, PC, KVR, A, K, P, E, S, R, etc. etc. etc. What about all the sexually molested girls? Not to mention all the rest, parents, husbands, sisters, brother, families – too many to list and those that do not want to talk about tbj anymore and just wants to move on with their lives.

    If the disciples will only listen to their hearts and the Word of God and leave.

    Matthew 13:15 – “For these people’s hearts have become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn and I would heal,save and deliver them’ – Jesus said.
    John 8:44 – You belong to your father, the devil TB Joshua and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    1 John 4:1 – Dear friends, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

    So sad. So sad!

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  19. You guys amaze me! First of all you prove yourselves wrong by calling yourselves “TB JOSHUA WATCH”. Why don’t u use your proper name? If the people who left TB JOSHUA Discipleship cannot provide u with their full names, something is wrong. You guys always want to convince the world that TB.JOSHUA is from satan. How come satan a destroyer as Jesus discribes him can change and start doing good thing, in JESUS CHRIST’s Name, healing all sorts of diseases, chasing demons of all kind, helping the needy of all backgrounds and nationalities, reconciling broken marriages, and so many good things? You know what I am talking about, even more than I do. (I’ve never been to the SCOAN before.) But where else magicians are doing similar things-I mean all of those things at the same time? Where else devil worshippers are reconciling families using such a powerful name of Jesus? When pharisees accused JESUS of using devil’s powers, He told them that satan cannot destroy himself… I hope you have read that or at least heard that… Many trusted servant of God have denied TB JOSHUA and same men and women are endorsing him, they now admit he is a genuine servant of God. The problemes of people are 1).Fear that develops doubt about someone, that’s not bad. and 2). Pride that develops jealousy, that is very bad. If we fear that someone might not be in the ways of the true GOD, lets check this in the light of His word. Though Emmanuel TV, I watch what TB JOSHUA does and listen to what he teaches, I have never seen any mistake, nothing evil. I understand that many èar and doubt because they thought miracles were supposed to happen in Jesus time only. Jesus is still the same. He promised to use those who truly obey Him to do even greater things. The 2nd problem is pride and jealous. Many servants are not obeying God’s word, they dont believe genuinely with their hear, the never walked with GOD, they gained their servanthood through theological studies, they take the work of God as a secular job, they don’t pray even on holiday,… …

    • @PJ,
      God gave us a Bible to read and learn, not Emmanuel TV to watch. You have already shown that you don’t know anything !

      • @ Mr. Terrific. Funny you should mention WATCH in your comment to PJ, “…bible to read not Emmanuel TV to watch…” You call your site TBJoshuaWATCH, let me guess, u’re watching him from your bible? Or better yet, you WATCH him while reading your bible?

    • @PJ thank you so much for summing it up beautifully and nicely. These people here are satan’s agents and it time to stand up to the devil. Thank u once again.

  20. … these servants of God who don’t pray even on holidays, they expect to use the Name of God whenever they want to do so. It doesnt work at all. This proves something is wrong with their belief and their walk with God. Yes, mayd myself included. But I can’t have pride or jealousy towards someone or anyone who wholeheartedly walked with God since their childhood. My exemples could be a dozen but I give you 2 cases: REINHARD BONNKE and TB JOSHUA. I read about them daily, I listen to them, always I watch what they do, they change my life every day. If someone thinks TB JOSHUA and others serve the devil and fake gods by doing the great things that we see worldwide. May the bring their powers out to do even greater things. May they expose and defeat even stop what TB JOSHUA and others are doing. My friends, religions of words without actions are useless, and, empty confessions of faith will save none. Let’s repent in truth, let’s drop our pride and listen what GOD is saying and accept what He is doing through His genuine Servants. My name is PJ, if you want to write me, my email is:

  21. I dont want to read anything about the negative stories on the Man of God.  T B Joshwa is a man of God.  Stop dending me this.  Send me the good things he has don to help people disconnected from satan activies.   Thank you

    • @ Sonto,

      I am telling you something. He can’t even disconnect a banana from its peel. What is clear to me is that he made you think and told that you told yourself that you are disconnected from the devil while you were spiritually raped by another spirit than the Holy Spirit.

      You better make sure that you will be sinless for the rest of your life. A feat that 99.9999999% of people will not achieve in their lifetime. All I can say good luck with that disconnection of the devil you think can be done for life.

      And then they say they are not brainwashed and programmed to believe lies.

      Check this out this scripture and get real:

      Philippians 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

      Your salvation will take the rest of your life until you die. Make sure you are not giving in any temptation that comes your way.

      Also ask yourself if you are saved as it is written according the Word of God. Let me remind you that doused in the “anointed water” will not save you, nor slain in the spirit, unless the Holy Spirit baptizes you in Him through Jesus and you start to speak in tongues.

      Let me make clear to you this Sonto. This is NOT done in SCOAN at any moment in time so far. No Water Baptism, No Baptism in the Holy Spirit and in fire. So think again of who you are in Christ Jesus and if you are saved truly.

      • What we don’t get is this being under a sinful leader does not make one condemed too. Ahab & Jezeebel were evil & had prophets of baal etc, but under Ahab were still some hundreds of men who had not bowed down to baal but were under Ahab & Jezeebel…get my point yet? My point is Prophet TB may be false but he is inspiring good & true conversion to Jesus, he is healing lives, not just sicknesses & helping people draw closer to God. I cry & worship God when hear his teachings & read/listen to my audio bible everyday. People, there are facts yes, experienced by disciples & workers here while the congregation & viewers God, and thank Jesus disciples (who are fewer) have issues, & I think some part of it must be real, but the truth can only be revealed by d holy spirit who is to lead us into all truths, many of our comments here do not even depict the presense of the sweet, gentle, loving, holy spirit.

      • @ Faith,

        I was healed of nothing for all the while I was there in SCOAN, branches, rubber wristband, “anointed water”, oil, handkerchief, you name it.

        Nothing, nada, niente, anything.

        I have wasted my life, my time, my energy, my money, my efforts, my family, spending time there. Got absolutely nothing out of it, except grief and more grief.Time I will never get back, because they stole it from me with their deception. They don’t care whatsoever, they don’t listen for one second what you say and mean, they listen but then it is all their stories and their greatness, their advices, their ways, their answers, their buildings, their camera’s, their mics, their songs, their keyboards, their cables, their whatever and it’s all about that ministry of false deliverances, fake healings, fake doctrine, fake stories and lies. And the everlasting obsession TB Joshua, TB Joshua, TB Joshua, Wisemen, Wisemen, Wisemen. they sleep it, they dream it, they eat it, they live with it, they go over and over it again.

        Where is Jesus ? If He was there, I would be healed, if He was there, I would be blessed, if He was there, I would be on top of the mountain, if He was there, I would have felt great, If He was there, I would have been happy, If He was there, I would have felt Him.

        All I felt and experienced is secrecy, walking away, hiding, avoiding, excuses, twisting, demanding, robbing of your sleep, putting people right next to you that snore as a chainsaw, hindering you, sending people who bash your car, your house, your family, being sneaky, smiling at you and think drop dead I don’t care, everywhere posters about TB Joshua, photo frames of him with quotable quotes that are sold for money, and their everlasting “anointed water” that does nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  22. If TBj is of darkness and pastors in CAN is of the light let them expose him as barjesus in the bible was exposed. The apostles that exposed barjesus demostrated a greater power that caused barjesus to be convinced that his power is fake. hw many pastors in the world can demostrate the power tbj is demostrating. And if there is none do u meam satan is more powerful than GOD. when he prophesise events u wil say he is relying on database and when he say things with stunning accuracy u wil say he is usng demon

    • @ Apostolos,
      For too long, TBJ has been bragging that if anyone has greater power than him, then they should come and deliver him, and that’s the same sentiment you’re expressing here. Well, let me tell you something, Jesus Christ is the deliverer, and Mr Terrific has offered to deliver TBJ from his demons, in the name of Jesus Christ, but your master is yet to accept the challenge !
      As for those at CAN, they are just as corrupt as TBJ himself.

      • He probably braggs in the meetings which many of us are not privy to, because he has NEVER bragged to my hearing or knowledge. That mans humility even in his messages is clear.

  23. The fear of God is the begging of wisdom, Berth or whatever her name is is bringing curse upon her life and and whoever is using her to tell lies about the man of God is in more danger. TBJ is a living proof that Jesus christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    • @ Samuel,

      Proverbs 26:2
      As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying,
      so the curse causeless shall not come.

      What cause do you have when the truth is spoken by Beth and you condone the practices to continue as she describes. I can testify of what she says is true. And I call God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Hosts of Heaven witness against you that you refuse to bless people. As it is written as God commands and as it is written. The Lord rebuke thee for your word curses, I pray they fall to the ground and are brought to nought. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  24. Scoan members (not just workers nor disciples) are Gods children who believe in Jesus and God almighty. They can, will or may make heaven because they serve GOD & he sees, d bible says many will say “I preached & healed in ur name” etc & the Lord will say ‘I do not know u’ so let’s leave TB Joshua to God (unlikely though as he’s a hot topic internationally).however, I have never heard the man attempt to draw glory to himself but all to God, he encourages the congregation to worship at other churches too, he does not & has never condemned another church nor servant of God, he acts with humility (at least on Emmanuel TV) he goes out to do good for the poor, I read my bible regularly, on TV he has never thought or preached anything that contradicts the word of GOD, he encourages people to pay debts they owe others, to neglect crime etc, so much I’ve seen. However, it seems only (some) disciples had issues but again, every church beleives in love of one another but we are humans & if we’ll be sincere we’ve all had stories in our churches we are not proud of. WE ALL. Fans please don’t write in anger , God will prove himself for TBJoshua. He has never equated himself to Jesus nor God, but the more I read d bible, the more I see TB Joshua as an old testament kind of prophet who will not move a muscle except God ordains it. It is well.

    • Thumbs up to you Faith well said. Let this people deliver TBJ of his demons and may they leave to do greater things just like PJ put it. If they are from God and TBJ is evil why haven’t they stopped him up to now?? God is greater than all and with prayer all things are possible so if you people on this site are children of God then you will do better to stop TBJ if he is evil as you claim. Instead of just talking act for once!! Take all the girls he abused to line up and send someone inside SCOAN as undercover bring one incident that is criminal and take it to the police so the law can take its course than talk nonsense and no action.

  25. There is knw man of God that don’t have policy guiding his ministry. Even d time of jesus christ he has policy. People should stop judging d prophet wrongly. I strongly believe in d prophet. Haven’t healed my sister and my entire family. T.B Joshua from d debit of my heart I appreciate you. Happy Birthday to you. MayGod forgive those dat of said something bad against d prophet. Remember psalm 105 vs 15.

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