Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Beth’s story (part 2 of 3)

We recently received the testimony of Beth, a young lady who spent 18 months as a disciple of TB Joshua at SCOAN. This is the second part of her account, in which she tells of the physical, spiritual and psychological damage that SCOAN left her with. See  Beth’s story (part 1) for the first instalment and Beth’s story part 3 for the final installment.

Remember, this story is not unique. There are many other ex-disciples who have been through similar experiences. Many have told their stories on this site: Giles, Emma, Gareth, Graham, and Eddie, as well us other people who were closely involved such as Dr Hardaker, “Cautious” and Hattie.

  1. Beth’s story part 1
  2. Beth’s story part 3

Beth’s story – broken

After the relentless reporting, coupled with my second bout of malaria (I had been sent home with malaria once before about 2 months after arriving) and all the blame and humiliation that came with it, I was so weak I could not contribute to the work of the church. TB Joshua had prayed for me, and I was not healed. I was treated as an embarrassment to the church, and made to feel guilty for getting ill. I was prayed for and sent home.

I had been told to rest by SCOAN and to trust in God, not medicine, to make me well. But I was very ill, and spent most of the time unconscious. My parents were incredibly worried and, thankfully, ignored my protests that I didn’t want to be treated. They took me to hospital when I was too weak to object. Later, the doctor warned me I was close to having a stroke and could have died, but with treatment I recovered within a couple of weeks.

Looking back I feel lucky I was able to return for treatment, as I understand in more recent times at least one disciple has died from malaria whilst under orders from the Synagogue not to receive treatment. Being ill at SCOAN was considered having a lack of faith. It felt like failure. (Editors note: Although SCOAN officially deny telling people to quit their medication, we have of heard multiple cases where, like Beth this has been the case, for example: Anna, Judith and those reported by the BBC and Sky News)


Beth was ordered to avoid medication when she contracted Malaria. If it wasn’t for her parents, this advice would have killed her.

I was not granted a letter of invitation (necessary for a Nigerian visa)  from SCOAN to return. This caused me extreme distress. TB Joshua was giving up on me, therefore it felt like God was giving up on me. During my time at SCOAN I had been cut off from my world, my country, my family.  I had been taught to believe they were out to negatively influence me. Then I was suddenly abandoned back into the world with no hope of getting out. The hold SCOAN had over me was powerful and frightening.

6 weeks later I was finally able to contact the church and was granted permission to return. When I returned to SCOAN, I was made to “confess” to having had treatment and was told I had not had enough faith. I was reprimanded, reported and was told that I was likely to have been infected by another person’s sin as I had had a blood transfusion. I went to the prayer line to be healed from this “sin”.

My return visit did not last long.  I was too weak to be useful and was accused of being lazy. I was desperate to stay but TB Joshua did not permit it and was once again I was sent home. (Note: I had no control over my comings and goings from Lagos. The administration held my passport, and bought the tickets for me. I had to beg to ring my parents to tell them I was coming).

Once home, I spent a long time paralysed by the conclusion of my fight. I did not leave the house and was deeply traumatised by the abandonment. I was fearful of the “sinful” world around me and was convinced I could never be saved. Anyone who has held a strong belief and lost it will understand how devastating it can be.

I gave up hope at times and considered taking my own life. I drove out in my parents’ car several times with the intention of crashing it, hoping to make it look like an accident. But I could not bring myself to do it. What stopped me was not  thoughts of my family or friends being upset (despite how loving and accepting they had been), nor even for myself. I couldn’t do it because I knew I would be connected with TB Joshua and SCOAN and that my death could damage their reputation. My fear of them simultaneously kept me alive and made me want to die. That is the terrifying hold they had over me.

After a while I gave up completely. I couldn’t end my life, so I lived hopelessly. I got close to no-one and let no-one get close to me.  I was convinced that if I did then my sins would come back on them as well as me.

59 thoughts on “Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Beth’s story (part 2 of 3)

  1. Beth, you are wunderfull to come out with your experiences. You are a great help too us all, to be reminded again on the consequenses of being involved in Scoan. / Dont believe you failed because of your lack of faith, while being sick. Be very alert in this , because it is the sin- and evil-doctrine of TB Joshua, who proclaims this painfull nonsence, and not of The Bibly principles. The Bible says; “If you have faith as a mustard-seed, you can remove mountains”. Faith is the strongest force on earth, and one little tiny mustard-seed-faith is enough, to become healed, or deliverd. It was in the lack of faith of Tb Joshua and his team, that you did not become healed in scoan. Dont be intimidated by TB Joshuas turning-arounds, he is expert in it, to cover his in-abbilities. Where he makes the misstake, he tries to direct the fault to the other. Never believe his accusements, its a waepon he uses against almost every-one. The real doctrine is about the facts, that Jezus said ALL would be healed, and that He was willing to do so., He died for ALL our sins and ALL our diseases. The moment you accept Jezus as your Lord, the sin and disease-cycly is broken. We dont build on sin-confessions, we build on The Truth of Jezus -message of forgiveness and freedom. Praying in Faith, with others, gives always results, if not so, then their judging attitude is hindring the healing of the sick. Tb Joshuas concept is a violent vision of a pityfull man, who plays for God. Beth; Our God is a good God, and He loves you deeply. turn to this God of Abraham.

    • Not wanting to get into a debate about this here, but just for balance it should be noted that the views stated above “faith heals EVERY disease” is not one shared by the majority of Christians (at least in this life).

      • Faith is Faith, and I believe the Bibly Word and promises, in spite of the un-believes of the majority of Christians.

    • Jamie,
      Truly, God is our healer and it is His will to heal our sicknesses, however, He does not heal every time, just like He does not grant us our every wish and desire every time ! It’s a dangerous thing to say that faith always brings healing, no, it does not. Paul had faith but was not healed. 2 Cor 12:7, and so is Trophimus. 2 Tim 4:20. Stephen had faith but he died.

    • Jamie, I’m concerned about your spelling of Jesus, granted it’s pronounced with the ‘Z’ sound but is it so hard to spell it correctly? Do we really have to spell the name in such a funky way? Or is there something else making you write it differently?

  2. Beth,
    I just sat sobbing and sobbing and crying my eyes out because of what I read on your testimony. It is still very alive in my family’s life. Thank you for sharing it with the world. This is so 100% correct. I am a parent and am in the middle of the process of praying for my children to wake up and come out. I hope and pray that they will read this and wake up before they also come out half dead or dead. It is so disturbing, but it is exactly how TB Joshua operates. It is shocking that he can deceive so many people so long. He is evil and from his father the devil, but he will get his day. God is the same yesterday today and forever and is alive and the curses of God will go on his children to the third and fourth generation. I hope the whole world will read this and wake up to what a liar and deceiver TB Joshua really is!
    I just pray that ALL the disciples will wake up and come out of that Babylonian ministry quickly.
    Thank you again for your courage. I hope it will save, heal and deliver lives out of that Nigerian cult and any other cult and we will also pray for you.

    • Sorry about your troubles maam. But if you could share your childrens predicament please or perhaps yours if you were a member.

  3. @Storytellers, Sadeness, Notbornagainyet, BittenbyBibleBitters, Countmeout, Markiz de Sade, Scream from Hell, Sadeness, WhiteSnow, Lord Vader and Santa Claus etc etc…

    Please stop constantly adding pointless comments on our posts under different pseudonyms. They will not get approved. Keep to a single name and engage in the discussion and you’re welcome to stay.

    • Yes, he/she comes here under different names, pretending to be different people, but is one and the same person or perhaps two. TBJ does not have anyone to defend his atrocities except one or two deluded devotees who would obey his every whim and caprice. As a matter of fact, we’re doing a good job here, exposing the nefarious activities at SCOAN, and TBJ does not want his devotees reading this blog, so he has to recycle one or two devotees to do his dirty laundry for him. But whether he likes it or not, illumination will come upon these captives, in a moment, and all the mask on his face will be removed, and people will see him for the common criminal that he is.

    • “Countme out” “Notbornagainyet”?! Are you kidding me? about the only funny thing about this post 😉

      • No, not joking. All the comments were from the same IP address, but several were purporting to be non Christians put off Christianity by this site. “Scream from hell” was an amusing one too – warning us that if we don’t stop this, we’ll be joining them!

    • Hmmm, it only shows how desperate they have become when the truth and reality is penned down for all to see.

      Let us make sure we stay cool, calm, collective and professional. And above all stay in the Spirit of God and His Word. He will be with us if we allow Him to work through us while we slowly peeling off the layers of what actually is happening over there.

      God bless,


  4. Beth, you story is distressingly familiar. I am so glad you had family on the outside who did the right thing for you, even with your protests. Glad you are alive. 🙂

  5. @ Beth,
    We thank God for your life. I’m particularly happy that you did not take your own life over a worthless and demonic cult as SCOAN. Now, you’re on the road to recovery and you’d get better and stronger and be able to look at TBJ in the eye and call him a criminal and a false prophet. As you commit your life to Jesus Christ and dwell upon His word, you’d find understanding and courage and be able to help others who have been to this pit of hell called SCOAN. Does anybody now understand why MrT does not mince words when it comes to exposing this GREAT DECEPTION OF OUR TIME, called T.B.Joshua ? He is a criminal who must be ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY AND PUT BEHIND BARS !

  6. @ Beth,
    I suggest you pray read Psalms 23 and 91, each day as you go through your recovery. And if I can pray with you, don’t hesitate to call my number. Ask the administrator of this blog to give you my number or email address.

  7. Thanks once again Beth for your courage and your honesty. Members of my family are trapped in SCOAN and I have had no contact for many years. I have read all of the other accounts of the way in which people are treated at SCOAN and the power that TBJ has. You have courageously added to that body of evidence. Bless you.

  8. When I came out, I felt the same. Not suicidal, but absolutely crushed when I realised they didnt want me. I also kept my distance from people, and talking about SCOAN with Christians in other churches was a no-go, so it was difficult to even make conversation with anyone who wanted to find out anything about you. I eventually joined the Army because I didnt know what to do with my life. I was just listless.

    • I have approuched a Theological authority in my country for support. I have invited him to share his opinion and vision on The Joshua Watch., to help and counsel the victums. He is in deliberation. He told me he has counseled several women who have been sexual mis-used by TB Joshua. He told me that the stories on TB Joshua Watch are simular. A tekst he gave me is; 1 Kor.5:9-13. Paules says to break radical the relating with a fornicater who is not willing to repent.

      • I have said again and again that TBJ is not only a false prophet, but also a fornicator, adulterer, a liar, a deceiver, a manipulator and a fabricator. And, Jamie, it would be a good thing for those women to share their testimonies with us on this blog, so people may know the diabolical things going on at SCOAN, and save themselves from destruction by this maniac called TBJ.

  9. TB Joshua is a Prophet from God stop telling us lies. God will punsh you. Stop that nonsense.

    • Hi Lillian. I believe that Beth and all the others who have shared their accounts of life within SCOAN and afterwards are telling the truth and TBJoshua is the one who is telling lies.

    • Lilian, Jesus says many would be deceived and you’re deceived, and you need to pray for discernment.

      • To the brethrens who are on this site trying to defend SCOAN and TB Joshua,I dont think is good idea to defend scoan or TB Joshua in anyway.There is no where in the bible that Jesus Christ was defending himself or any diciple who was trying to defend themself.There is no amount of preaching that will repent Lucifer. Satan will always remain satan and
        his agent are at work.DONT LET ANY ONE DECEIVE U ON THIS SITE.They are here saying all sort of things but when they have problems they go there secretly for deliverance and help.Plz dont waste ur time on this site for defending the MAN OF GOD.WE ALREADY KNOW WHO IS TB JOSHUA

    • We know who is TB Joshua and we dont need any one to tell us.We have seen and hear people who are more powerful in cults and all kind of demonic activities than what U have, come forward to confess and askng for forgiveness.All what U are doing here we know it from manifestations of demons during deliverance.There is no one from SCOAN who will try to defend TB Joshua here and he dont need to defend himself as well.WE KNOW WHAT GOD IS USING HIM FOR AND NOTHING WILL CHANGE OUR MIND FROM SCOAN BCOS WE HAVE SEEN GOD HIMSELF WORKING THERE,All this ur fabricated stories dont change anything

      • Welcome back, Vasilis ! The recycling has begun, but where have you been ? After the disappearance of Candleholder, Doe came on the scene after he also disappeared from combat, and now here comes Vasilis ! Watch him, he won’t stay long on the battlefield, because he would be battered with the Sword of the Spirit, and then the recycling begins all over again !

  10. @ Beth,

    I offer you another song that you can play whenever feel like.

    May God help you in your pain, rejection and grief. Jesus is the One to be with. He never fails.

    With kindness,


    • Is it an option to inform the Police of lagos about this web-site, and to urge them to do an inspection at Scoan? I am willing to approuch them.

      • The Nigerian police cannot investigate TBJ, because even their president himself is deceived. It is the foreigners trapped in this cult who could cry out to the world and raise awareness to the atrocities going on at SCOAN. An international outcry will cause people to wake up and then SCOAN could be investigated, with the cooperation of the Nigerian authorities.

      • Doi; I have to laugh about this story of Soe. Its far from the reality of Scoan,. Nice try. First; the 5 wise-men are extensions of TB Joshua, copies, imparted men, and this had very little to do with the Holy Spirit who teaches us by Himself. There is no dependance on God in them, they depend and are under the controle of TB Joshua, for his own benefit and honour. second; the militairy system to discipline the disciples is a dis-grace towards the disciplined way the Holy Spirit guides and teaches. There is no controle, forcings, exhausted practizings and punishements in the way of The Holy Spirit. it operates in total freedom. The proces of bringing-up the students of TB Joshua, is a authoric and tirannic system, a flesch-system. it has not a single thing to do with The Holy Spirit. Nor with Bibly instructions. By the way; we life in the New testament-covenant, not in the old, and what TB Joshua is offering is; the old religious-covenant with a controled Spirit-force. Its in the man T B Joshua to believe he can act beyound Gods will. He does not honours the free inspiring flow of the Spirit, he tries to force this Holy flow in his mind-sets. / He never honoured any of my birthdays. And i never received any care, nor money for the hard work. I received; insults, accusements, suffering, and he caused pain on me. Thats the truth about our little dirty pig.

  11. but to my knowledge, he worked with T.b. joshua even a longer period than beth. how come he didn’t get the impression beth has? and even now that they both aren’t with Joshua at the present but different mind set. i guess this was exactly what happened to Jesus. even amongs His disciples some had evil intentions about Him. and even suceeded with their evil plans b’cos Jesus wanted it that way. i also guess you guys would happily crucify T.b. Joshua if given the authority and power. but I don’t think it’s going to happen a second time.

    • Doi; T B Joshua is a mens-man, no women-man. He treads the women as temptations. Its in the man TB Joshua to project his own weaknesses on others. Women are objects to be used, to serve him, and of no more worth. Even his own wife lifes in his shadow. TB Joshua does not seem to understand how The Bible and Jezus treated women. There is not much reality in the way T B Joshua understands the bible. / Why should we want to cruzify T B Joshua? I dont believe he has the status of Christ. Let one thing be very clear Doi; it is T B Joshua who cruzifies his students. He him-self has never surrendered fully to God. He never passed the Jordan. He guides others to the point of death, without ever have been in the same proces. He is scared to death for the death of his ego.

      • Jamie I so much wanted to believe u then u started talking about rewards, pay, money, honouring birthdays and little dirty pig? Common girl, seriously? U put that here as part of ur grievances against the man and/or church?

  12. Beth,
    I believe that your courage will inspire more disillusioned disciple to give their testimonies on this blog as well. You are not alone, but one of many hurt disciples that has been kicked under their backsides by this false prophet in the name of Jesus.
    Not even knowing what they did wrong.
    Remember tbj is not an example of how Jesus Christ is. Jesus is NOT like tbj, He is love, patient, longsuffering etc., He died for you while you were still a sinner full of errors and sins and accepted you just as you were. tbj does not even know how to spell the word love! He is cruel taskmaster and is very abusive, just like his father the devil.

  13. Lilian Muzondo
    Make sure that you repent and accept the truths in the Bible, not tbj’s words, and do them so that your name may be found in the book of life of the Lamb of God – Jesus Christ.
    Separate yourselves from TB Joshua, the false prophet or you will receive the same punishment that is coming upon him.
    Jesus is the mediator between you and God the Father and NOT tbj.
    All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast-all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world – Rev 13:8
    10 and the devil who has deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet are and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever – Revelation 20:10
    9 The coming of the lawless one, false prophet will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness – 2 Thess 2:9-13

  14. It is clear that those who visit scoan or become involved in discipleship of TBJ start experiencing assaults in the form of incubus and succubus . and this is attested by several people. However they are coerced to believe that the source of this is not SCOAN but their own family members. SCOAn does not want to be questioned regarding these strange occurrences. Soem disciples in SCOAN london are attempting to break free from this , so TBJ has taken emergency action by ordering the closure of the London branch and recalling all his workers from London to go and operate from Lagos only

    • Mr. Karman,

      Where did you get your information from that the SCOAN London had to be closed because TB Joshua ordered it. I have checked, it is not closed. As matter of fact they will have a prayerline on 5th of May 2013. This is contradictory your claims.

      Please explain.

  15. Amen to Mr Terrific permalink
    April 2, 2013 5:44 am

    I could not have said it better.

    A lie again out of scoan.

    “Because this one is a fabrication by TBJ. It is his own blog and he dictates what should be written to prop up his tattered image. It is not an independent source, and cannot be trusted because TBJ is a liar and a false prophet. As a devotee, Soe is one of TBJ’s puppets who must sing his master’s voice or be kicked out like a used rag.”

  16. Come on Doi,
    I say again to you; “Think.” Stop defending a liar. You know very well what the truth is. Very well! You know that Beth is talking the truth. How long are you still going to side with tbj and waste your time?

    You are going no where fast. How long did he promise that there will be “wise woman”. Still nothing. Just like his reputation have it; “He promises much, but produce nothing.”

    We are praying that the god of tbj, the god of this world, will stop blinding your mind.

    Those whose intellects the God of this world has blinded, because they do not believe the truth, lest the light of The Gospel of the glory of The Messiah, who is the image of God, should dawn upon them – 2 Corinthians 4:4.

    Don’t force blindness on yourself, for tbj’s reputation.

    Remember 2 Thess 2:9-12.

    We have your best interest at heart and try to spare you the same experience as Beth.

    • The theologic Authority i approuched, has written a book about the working of the Holy Spirit. He told me, that he could not trace the powers T B Joshua uses. He examined T B Joshua and visited him. He advized me to stay away from scoan.

    • Yes; T B Joshua promises a lot and produces nothing. The productions is done by his students, and by the ones who inspire him by The Spirit. Without any reward or honour for it. In fact he dis-qualifies, dis-graces and belowers the students in Spirit. Chastening, to press and suck the best out of them and then to dump them. The 5 wisemen are no more then good-drilled slaves for the glory of T B Joshuas “vision”. A real apostle will operate independant in Spirit. The wise-men are only allowed to quote the teksts designed by T B Joshua. If they are wise as they say to be, they would never let it happen that people are treated as garbidge.

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  18. am never going to have the same experience as beth cos God has truely shown me who T.b. Joshua is. just as Jesus’ followers were seperated from the true disciples in john6:65-70. this is also thesame thing happening today. even of the 12 disciples many still did not truely acknowlege who Jesus was. even after the number who left Jesus, and even after peter’s confession in. matt 16:16. a betrayer emerged.
    so therefore whats happening with T.b. Joshua’s followers today isn’t new. peharps we will get to see more. cos the men will completely be seperated from the boys.

    • @ Doi,

      Why are you not following Jesus ? It shows it is hard for you see Who He is.

      There will come a time you will be disappointed in what TB Joshua and the wisemen do what then ?

      You will come to the conclusion you have been building your house on sinking sand instead of the Rock.

      Luke 6:48 He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock.

      Romans 9:33 As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

      1 Corinthians 10:4 And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ. <~~~ Fyi, Jesus Christ, not TB Joshua. Hellooooo, Doi, can you hear me ????

      1 Peter 2:8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.

      For you a song: Listen carefully and find out there is no TB Joshua in there. Believe me.

    • @ Doi,

      I always point out to Jesus to you, why are you always pointing out to TB Joshua ?

      When are you going to see it ? If you had to choose Doi, between miracles, deliverances and Jesus Himself, what would you choose ?

      TB Joshua ? Or Jesus ?

      TB Joshua is like everyone a nobody, Jesus went on the cross for all, did TB Joshua ? No he did not.

      See it in this video. Nowhere TB Joshua to be seen, but all about Jesus, Jesus, Jesus Awesome. Hellooooo Doi, is there anybody out there ?

  19. God has shown me TBJ is evil, an agent of Satan, a false, lying, deceitful, maniacal, sexually deranged prophet.

    • Mr. Terrific (hmmn, a conceited name choice). Anyway, U and ur crew and devotees live for this course on Tbjoshuawatch, u initiated it & will have to always be here I’m sure. However, many others have things to do and attend to & may come back in once in a while to comment, it doesn’t mean they ran because they could not handle the “battle” as u unwittingly call ur site & efforts. At every moment I start feeling for the likes of Beth, u guys say somethings that make me feel u’re no better than the man u condemn. I have my reservations about the SCOAN, but u guys on this watch are rather trying too hard. And failing miserably. The people who believe all u say readily have been waiting to hear things like this to validate & justify their views all along, & that’s okay. Those whpo don’t believe ur criticsms will never believe u when u all talk like this (slander). As for some of us who are open minded to both arguements, all I’ve read, heard, seen is not yet enough to outrighlty condemn, the man TB JOshua. David commited adultery & murder, it did not take away the title of ‘man after Gods own heart”. Every church or cult has rules and authority to ensure order, guidelines we may not like or accept, u have to be called & available to belong to any of these else u’ll fall or drop out or be rejected. But I’m sorry if anyone of u has experienced these stories for real. Noone should go through all that. But TB Joshua ultimately inspires good around me at least.

      • @ Faith,

        We are not comparing ourselves to anyone in the Bible or anywhere than only Jesus Christ the Son of God and He is One worthy to be followed. John 3:16

        Jesus says follow me and He makes it clear in His Word, don’t follow man.

        Mat_4:19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.
        Mat_8:22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.
        Matthew 9:9 And as Jesus passed forth from thence, he saw a man, named Matthew, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he saith unto him, Follow me. And he arose, and followed him.

        Matthew 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

        Matthew 19:21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

        Mark 2:14 And as he passed by, he saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting at the receipt of custom, and said unto him, Follow me. And he arose and followed him.

        Mark 8:34 And when he had called the people unto him with his disciples also, he said unto them, Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

        Mark 10:21 Then Jesus beholding him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, take up the cross, and follow me.

        Luke 5:27 And after these things he went forth, and saw a publican, named Levi, sitting at the receipt of custom: and he said unto him, Follow me.

        Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

        Luke 9:59 And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.

        Luke 18:22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

        John 1:43 The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and findeth Philip, and saith unto him, Follow me.

        John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

        John 12:26 If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.

        John 13:36 Simon Peter said unto him, Lord, whither goest thou? Jesus answered him, Whither I go, thou canst not follow me now; but thou shalt follow me afterwards.

        Nowhere I see the name of TB Joshua or Wisemen there. Nowhere.

      • @ Faith,
        In the first place, we know David was called and anointed by God, but who called and anointed TBJ ? TBJ is not even a believer and is not saved. He believes in another Jesus and believes that he himself is a messiah, with dual nature, etc. And how can you compare TBJ with David, who was called and anointed by God ? That’s right, David confessed his sin and got right with God and remained a man after God’s own heart, but TBJ would not confess his sins of fornication, adulteries, fabrications, etc., and that’s the difference between a true believer and a fake believer.
        We’re not trying too hard to persuade anyone to quit Scoan and those who choose to follow a false prophet would perish with him. Did not Jesus say that there shall be many false prophets who shall deceive many ?

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  21. Let m say the real truth,you who all who say prophet t.b joshua is a liar have never met him in real life,or the wisemen or even went nearthe SCOAN,because if you do ,i promise you will be delivered.It is said you should test a prophet if he is fake or not!Do not say things you do not know, and have never experienced.Actually many of you are afraid to go near him because of the demons inside you that do not want you to be delivered.If you see that he is evil,then you who is righteous go and deliver him!!!!!A you would have said a million souls right?Actually i have seen one big big pastor who was against t.b joshua ,who led him to b banned from,national television(that was how emmanuel tv came into being)being delivered.I will b only satisfied that he is evil if the owners of this website post a video meeting prophet t.b joshua and delivering him.Judgement day is coming,b blessed

    • Masimba, poor soul ! Well, you’re very wrong ! I was once a member of SCOAN, when I was an ignorant believer like you. Read my testimony and others on this blog and you’d see. I used to think that TBj was a ” great man of God,” but now I realize he is not even a believer in Jesus Christ and is not even saved. When you read your Bible, you’d see a man called Simon who was a sorcerer and a false prophet, yet the ignorant Samaritans thought he was ” the great power of God.” Acts 8:9-11. That is exactly what’s happening today when ignorant people call TBJ a man of God. TBJ claims to be messiah, another Jesus,etc., Tell him to repent and ask Jesus Christ to save him and stop deceiving the Lord’s people who are so ignorant of the Scriptures.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha,Oh Mr Terrific,u a just terrifically funny!!Again you are terribly,terribly need of deliverance ,including all the demon-possessed against the man of God.The demon that is using you does not want you to go and meet t.b joshua like i said before!

        Why are you saying i should be the one who must tell him that he must repent and stop deceiving people in your reply to me.You,Mr Terrific and your supporters must go and tell him yourself.Why are you so afraid of him and avoiding my suggestion?I repeat again,until the day you post yourself-Mr Terrific the holy one delivering prophet t.b joshua and the wise men from the evil forces that they are using to deceive people ,i will tell the whole world that you are the one who needs deliverance.Another thing,we do not fight against flesh and blood(any human being e.g Prophet T.B Joshua) we fight against evil forces of darknesses,that are using humans to do all the bad things on this Earth.If Prophet T.B Joshua is so evil,u Mr Terrific the holy one, please,please go and save his soul for us!!Think of how many millions of souls you would have saved from his deception.Think about all the newspapers,news tv stations showing Mr Terrific delivering prophet t.b joshua and the wise men!!!Wouldn’t that b great?U a the one who is seeing his evil ,so u must have something ,better than that to sho the world!

        I don’t blame you Mr Terrific,u a just terrifically possessed with a demon your self.Prove m wrong by going and delivering Prophet T.B Joshua urself.How can you be defeated when you claim that you follow Jesus?Im waiting very eagerly for the showdown when you and your supporters perform the deliverance and tell me when you are going to perform the deliverance so that i can tune in to emmanuel t.v.B blessed.

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