Life as a disciple of TB Joshua – Beth’s story (part 3 of 3)

Life as a disciple of TB Joshua

Life as a disciple of TB Joshua

In the final part of Beth’s story she tells how she has gradually got her life back together after her time at SCOAN nearly destroyed it.

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  2. Beth’s story part 2


Gradually, my life began to resemble a fairly normal existence. I began to realise there was a lot more to life than what I had been living. I thought back to the wonderful experiences I had had in my life pre-SCOAN and began to focus on trying to experience those again. It was a superficial recovery at first, but it was an important step as I started to let go a little. I chose to go to university and travel, even living abroad and eventually began a profession.

Throughout this period, SCOAN beliefs continued to affect me. I was convinced my “sins” would one day come back and haunt me. I always expected something terrible to happen to me or my family. But I would try and suppress these thoughts and be normal.

However, I could not hide my feelings for long and started being reckless with my life.  I started taking risks I wouldn’t normally take, because I felt my wasted life didn’t matter anymore. SCOAN had robbed me of all my self esteem, self respect and of any purpose I had had.

The cracks started to show. I was drinking heavily and could never face my emotions, but could only let them out in drunken rants. I became extremely jealous of how stable my friends and colleagues appeared to be while I was falling apart on the inside.

After a small breakdown, I took a course of counselling at my University. An hour a week of solid crying and no progress made, I resigned myself to having to live with this fear and rejection.

A few years later, out of the blue, I heard of some SCOAN disciples were living nearby. I was convinced they were coming to find me and I would be forced back into SCOAN. I sobbed several times a day, at work, on public transport, at home, and I was scared to go out of my house in case they found me. I began fearing for my life and my mental stability.

At around the same time I heard leaks about how TBJ had sexually abused disciples. This time the breakdown was total. I was living with a psychologist at the time, and she encouraged me to get help. I started seeing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.  Over the course of some months, she helped me to realise I still had many unhealthy beliefs, and I realised the fears I was living with were making me depressed and anxious. I had been repressing my fears and guilt for being involved for so long. CBT was the hardest thing I have ever done, as to relive my experiences was tough. However, with this help, I have finally faced up to my experiences. I no longer feel afraid.

Since coming to terms with my experiences I’ve spoken with other ex-disciples. In some ways their stories are harsher than mine. They experienced bullying and also physical and/or sexual abuse. One thing I had to realise was just because my abuse wasn’t physical (and I’ll never know why it wasn’t), it hasn’t meant that its effect has not been equally devastating.

It’s easy to excuse things that are wrong as being due to cultural or religious differences or a personality. But deep down there is a truth. I never questioned it when girls were going to TBJ’s room in the middle of the night and not coming back for hours. In fact (and I’m so ashamed of my blindness) I felt jealous of the extra guidance they were receiving. I hope that those still involved will come to see the truth.

Also the guilt has been hard to deal with. I think of people I encouraged to visit SCOAN. Those who went with faith that God would heal them who died as a result of the dangerous advice given at the church. And countless people, unknown to me, who spent their last savings coming from all over Africa and the world to be lied to and taken advantage of. SCOAN continues to cause so much needless suffering. Its victims include the poorest and most vulnerable.

SCOAN is not an innocent or well meaning organisation. In my experience it is one that will use all manner of cunning, corrupt and sacrilegious methods in order to bring people under their influence. I think often of those girls who continue to be abused and have no voice as they are fearful to speak out against what they believe is God. I think of them often and know I was lucky to escape.

And for those of you thinking of visiting, attracted by what seems impossible anywhere else in the world- I urge rationality and caution. Some things are too good to be true. No church is perfect. No one is perfect. Do not abandon your right to question as I did and be influenced to believe anything other than what you know in your heart to be true.

I left SCOAN and felt like I lost my moral compass. I had been told what was right and wrong for so long I lost all perspective. Since then I have not rediscovered my faith in God, but I have found my moral bearings. There is no religion that I know of in which  bullying is acceptable. In no moral code is sexual abuse acceptable. Think rationally.

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  1. If you know that TB Joshua is a wicked man come out publicly say it. Don’t hide your face

    • Matthew, nobody is hiding, because we’re not afraid of TBJ, but regard him as a common criminal and would treat him as such. He is destroying souls and families and faith in God and he must be exposed. Those who want to hear will hear, and those who want to be deceived, will be deceived.

      • @Mr Terrific really want know why you use insults words against TB Joshua on your blog? Thanks Stella Wood

      • @Stella Wood,
        Do you want me to give honour to a false prophet who is deceiving people and destroying lives and families and destroying faith in God ?

      • @ Stella Wood,
        The Word of God tells us not to have any fear or regard for any false prophet, but to treat them as criminals. Deut 13:5; 18:22. Fortunately for these false prophets, we cannot kill them as in the days of old, but we can expose them and put them to shame. Eph 5:11. And Stella, I understand that you have not got to that level where you can recognize a false prophet, and I suggest you study your Bible more.

      • Mr Terrific and the rest,
        All you people who keeps attacking this Man of God, what has he ever done to you? if you care so much for us, (those who believe he’s truly God-sent), why don’t you leave us to worry about that huh? because it doesn’t bother us as much as it bothers you people. It’s not you he is destroying/deceiving, but us!leave the man alone, let us listen to his teachings and experience the works of the almighty God through him and the wise men. you don’t hear us criticizing and blaspheming your pastors or who you chose as your mentors.. Let us be. it is our choice just as you had yours. thank you very much!

      • Dear CAROLENEH, Have you, or anyone dear to you, ever been deceived or hurt in any way by anyone? If so, what if you found out that the person who deceived or hurt you, or someone dear to you, had deceived or hurt others earlier, and these deceived or hurt others could have warned you or someone dear to you. Wouldn’t you wish the warning had been made? What would you feel towards someone not warning you, when they had opportunity to? You would say, “Why didn’t you tell me?” What if this person was still today continuing to deceive or hurt more and more people. Having suffered deception or hurt yourself, or someone dear to you, would you take the opportunity to warn others, or would you be just fine allowing this person to merrily go on continuing to deceive or hurt others? Please, get a sense of what motivates our warnings.

    • @ Mr. Matthew,

      I know exactly how it goes then. There will gather a group of people from the leadership who will do a few things.

      1. Stand in front of you and push you around.
      2. Some of them will shout at you. Calling all kinds things like “how dare you, this and that and more, don’t touch me, I am warning you, this is the church of God”.
      3. They will call the police, security or their bouncers.
      4. They will chuck you out of the church or place where they are gathering.
      5. They will twist your story and go in denial their own personality.
      6. They will not care one zip and continue where they left off.
      7. They will make up stories to distract you and corner you.
      8. They will take you apart in a room and group together on you and use bible scripture to cut you down.
      9. Bang on the tables and walk around to intimidate you.
      10. They will pretend to walk away and come back to you and stand in your face. Square you off.
      11. Go square in denial about anything and that they are innocent and chosen by God.
      12. Telling you that you are from the devil.
      13. Telling you, you need deliverance.
      14. Telling you, you are insubordinate.
      15. Telling you, that you have authority problems and don’t want to subject to the leadership.
      16. Calling curses and mishap on you and using scripture to make you cave in groups.
      17. They are always right and you are wrong, dumb and stupid. Always.
      18. They are closer to God than you. Who do you think you are.
      19. Now they know who you are, they will harass you in the day and at night at your house, your family, your possessions, your garden, they will watch your moving around and what you do, call you on the phone using other people you don’t know and ask you questions.
      20. Quite a few work for Governmental offices, Banks, and other hierarchal organizations in society. When they come around your name, they will hinder and harass you when they can.
      Etc. Etc.

      You really think they will give you a chance fairly ? Mr. Matthew ? Just look around here on the blog, it’s exactly the same. Is there a point ?

      Try to imagine that you were one of us or just by yourself ? How would you go about it ?

      PS. I know about church people for many years. Some are very nice and kind. But some are so vile and wicked when you touch their heightened altar and elevated pedestal. It’s called high visibility ministry. They will destroy you and tear you apart by any means available.

      I am telling you, many a times it is a better experience to talk to an Atheist or an Agnostic than with church people who have their special hat on.

      • Stella wood, why does the profhet insults his disciples and harm them? And why is he so upset when others are able to question his manners and treatments? Dont you think its a strange thing to believe in his servere system? Are you blind? Do you have any sense of compassion for the expereinces of the people who have become deeply harmed by tb Joshua? How much proove do you need, before your dust is out of your eyes? Why does a man of God, who makes so much misstakes, lifes in such great sins, expects to become respected and honoured? Do you believe the disciples deserved the hard treatments? Well if you believe this, then tbt joshua can handle some hard responses too, dont you think?

  2. Beth, thank you for sharing your story. It’s a further proof that TBJ is no man of God at all but an agent of Satan, a man without any moral scruples, corrupt in mind, body and soul, bent on destroying souls for their ignorance and lack of discernment.But how long would the world look on for this petty Nigerian criminal to get away with his crime of sexually abusing girls and women, while using the name of the Lord in vain ? SCOAN is by every means a cult, a harem for the maniacal TBJ’s sexual desires and NEVER a place of learning about God, but of every kind of evil. Like you pointed out, false prophets destroy faith in God, but I encourage you to go back to your Bible and begin to study for yourself. pray for the Lord to teach and guide you and give you understanding. It’s a tough journey, but you’d come out strong and victorious.

    • Revelation 2;15 ; ” And outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and every-one who loves and practizes falsehood”..

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  5. Famous last words Doi. I have heard this over and over again and then “BAM” the wakeup call from God.
    It is going to happen to you too and when it does remember then that Jesus is waiting for you outside scoan, as He is NOT in there. Neither is tbj Jesus the Messiah, who will not be crucified a second time. No Jesus Christ will sort that false prophet out one of these days.
    Remember too that TB Joshua Watch will help you one day when you wake up and come out, wounded to death.
    So will your family.

  6. TB Joshua Watch,
    I again want to thank you for the work that you do in exposing tbj and I want to encourage you to keep on until everyone is set free from TB Joshua and his false teachings and abusive behavior toward God’s people. Satan through him, want to break everyone’s faith in Jesus of the Bible.

    I want to give you permission to give my telephone number and email address to Beth should she want to speak to others with the same experience, coming out of scoan.

    I have been helping people, coming out of scoan, now for years and I myself went through that same prosess and treatment and hurts.

    Jesus will never give up on you Beth and we pray that He will do something for you that will proof to you that He loves you. Something important to you, that only He and you know about to strengthen your faith in Him again!

  7. Even Jesus christ was denied regardless he was known that he was and he is the son of God.So no wonder other people can cook stories let them talk what i know is God of TB Joshua is the living AlMIGHTY GOD

  8. Cooking Stories against man of God is evil. let those people talking against the man of God know that there is God in heaven who sees everything.I know is the being in them that tell them to talk against the man of God.You need to receive Jesus, then u will always be saying the trueth.Let God SEE U AND OPEN UR EYES BECAUSE U DON”T SEE yet u have eyes

    • MacPrecious , yes; cooked stories is a expertise of Tb Joshua too. And Truth is not realy in his vision. I am glad you see this clear. I am happy you honour Jezus and not mix TB Joshua with The Almighty. I never saw as clear as since I discoverd the dirty ways of T B Joshua.

      • @Jamie, if you know he is not of God, then deliver him from darkness, you that claim you are in the light. Spreading propaganda and lies is not the way Jesus taught his children. I wonder if you are a christian. It is clear that all your tactics/wiles is to deny people seeking genuine salvation that, it is clear that you are working for satan and an anti-christ and the gates of hell can never and will never prevail againsgt the KINGDOM OF GOD.

  9. Why can’t you find something else to talk about,you are @ a more risk fighting a man sent by God,repent & don’t go to hell for nothing.Jesus is lord.I am a living witness of his mighty works,stop d scandal,pls
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

    • felicia, This Man of God, tb Joshua needs to repent, he is causing all the scandals., and all the harm. We talk until he is naked. Why should I respect such a glamour-sexist? The bible says; we have to remove such a fornicater out of our midst. See? You dont know your bible, and so you honour the wrong man. I dont go to hell, TB Joshua is a better candidate., he knows everything about it.

    • Felicia, you’re one of the people who called a sorcerer, ” The Great Power of God,” and you’re deceived. Read Acts 8:9-11.

  10. pls i beg u whoever ur, stop this.i have be waiting for some man of God in nigeria that u and i know very well,but all u can give is TBJOSHUA is wrong,and u never see d good part that i have been seeing, well ur only lifting up my faith inchrist,.all what u said of him[tbjoshua]was also said of him[JESUS CHRIST].may God forgive u all. ..

    • @ Patience E.

      I see good, only one thing. That is the charity for poor people and some others.

      But who’s money is it ? Is it TB Joshua’s ? No, it is ours because we gave as God gave to us and worked hard for it. So we gave it and not him.

      Everyone will lie at my feet and worship me when I distribute money to people and help them.

      The rest of it is shambolic fake deliverances, lies, false doctrine and deception.

      I know Mr P. K. personally from Australia. I met him years ago in SCOAN. He said nothing was wrong with him and he was so impressed with it all.

      Now all of sudden he has a “cork in the bottle” that can’t come out. But it only comes out in SCOAN through Racine.

      Do you know how many years that is ago ? More than 5 years. He has been loads of times back to SCOAN and being in the prayer line. Why did that so called “cork” not come out then ? Give me one reason why not ? Why would God leave a demon “cork” in him for over 5 years while being prayed over by TB Joshua and other Wisemen ? Does this add up ? No. It’s a sham, scam and a lie. And he has no shame about it to tell it in front of the camera.

      I am telling you Mr. P. K. from Australia and the leadership of SCOAN. Since I know you of who you are, I declare you to be a liar, a cheat and a false mouthpiece for SCOAN. Shame on you and I pray that God will reveal your lies and falsehood in the open of what you did !

  11. @ Beth,
    We all have a price to pay for being part of this grand conspiracy and deception of our time, for encouraging others to go to SCOAN, albeit, out of our ignorance. The best we can do is to share our experiences and warn others about SCOAN and ask the Lord to forgive us for our part. I don’t know about others, but for me, looking back now, it has been a great blessing. I have come out of my ignorance and now have the Sword of the Spirit, with which to refute every lie of Satan, to cut down false teachers, pastors and prophets, and to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.

    Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Eph 6:10.

    • doi; God showed me too who Tb Joshua is in Spirit. This does not means he lives as it by his person. He is no matured man at all! The behaviour and manners of sexism, militairy regiem,the hard and qrual and humiliating treadments, have realy nothing to do with a spritual proces, its all about might, wrong authority and controle. And a deluded vision about transformation of people. Dont believe God agrees with the presentations of T B Joshua,. What has all the fuzz in scoan to do with God any-how? How can a preacher preach love, when he is not able to bring-up his students in love, nor to care for them in a responsible way? fornication makes the heart indifferent. And might makes the heart qrual and perverse. I can not understand how love and rude insensitive behaviour go together. It is only possible in a pretending mind-set. Pretending love, but inside a professional egoist.

      • is there any possible way a preacher would preach and exercise love outside if He does not have it amongs His students? its actually out of the abundance of love in Him that brought about the manifestation outside.luke6:45.
        if T.b. Joshua didn’t love his disciples or teach them love i see no reason why wisemen who could do virtually every thing He does would be raised by Him. He actually teaches us to love,and am a living witness but not everyone would follow the teachings to the letters. Jesus certainly thought His disciples to love but many do not walk in that light expecially with the harsh treatment they give those who tried coming close to Jesus. so can we stop bringing out something out of nothing and lets let sleeping dogs lie?

      • Doi, yes, there is a way a man can “preach love” and be a vile sociopath.

        Please do some research on a man called Jim Jones and The People’s Church. It started out being all about love. They were active in the civil right’s movement in America and big on integration, social justice, and brotherly love. He himself adopted several children and raised an interracial family at a time when blacks and white were socially and legally separated in many ways. They used all the right words. Drew in big crowds of people, Christians included. There were even “miraculous healings”!!!

        A few years later, hundreds of people were dead in Guyana. Because Jim Jones knew how to play people. He knew how to hook people. Trap them. Use them. And then when he finally cracked and the true spirit behind his work showed up, they were snared and lost their lives.

        TBJ knows how to play people. He knows how to hook them. Having seen some demonstrations of hypnotism in other circumstances, I strongly suspect he is an expert at that as well. He is not just irksome. He is a scary, scary guy. And the more of his followers I see claiming that salvation comes through him, and that he is something above human in some way, the scarier he gets. Let him start proving his Godliness by publically and repeatedly repudiating such things, rather than continuing with his shameless self-promotion.

  12. and point of correction to whom it may concern; am not in anyway equating T.b. Joshua to Jesus, but am only trying to put the cards down so we see clearly. if Jesus could go through all these, why should T.b. Joshua be excluded? this shows the authenticity of His ministry. matthew 5:11. “Blessed are you when people insult you,
    persecute you, lie, and say all kinds of evil
    things about you because of me”.

    • Doi, The manifestations is out of the abundant love insite of T B Joshua? Dear Doi; you dont get it yet, the manifestations are made possible by the selflisch service and obeyance of the students, the inspirations of their Spirits. This is what T B Joshua uses for his own promotion. He teaches love? And what about the story of Beth? And what about all the stories on this web-site? I never expereinced his love, I received; false accusements, false judgements, insults, hard treatment when I needed help and care, isolation, and he caused harm and pain in the Spirit,. If not by strong practizes and holding on to Jezus, I would have died. T B Joshua and love? You must be total brain-washed to believe that.

    • @ Doi,

      Do you quote that Scripture to justify your and TB Joshua’s and wiseman actions ?

      Why can’t you accept the fact that we don’t reject Jesus and His actions, but yours and TB Joshua’s and Wisemen’s ? Let me spell it out once again. Sigh. It is The way SCOAN works, behaves, misleads people, make false testimonies, lies, fake deliverances, men worship, use prophecies and videos to attract more people to the church and ride them with the spirits that are there passed off as Holy Spirit.

      What is it that you don’t understand Doi ?

      Why don’t you go and study how the Holy Spirit really works ? Then come back and tell me ?

    • There you go again ! TBJ is not under persecution but under EXAMINATION by the word of God, get that straight !

    • Hi Doi. People are making statements, that you are calling “lies and evil things” about the behaviour and actions of TB Joshua not because of Jesus but because of TB Joshua. It is his own actions that have resulted in these accounts. They are not lies. Therefore it does not show that his ministry is authentic.

  13. thirdly, due to the article i read about soe’s experience,

    i would love to ask beth what she did that led to her return home. cos you just can’t be told to go home. people based in Nigeria aren’t sent home without reason let alone those outside the country. why don’t we have her here so we hear from her personally. if truely she is now against T.b. Joshua. cos i strongly believe you all forced her to giving you this piece of information. and this is the singular problem of these authors. pasting peoples experiences after compelling them against T.b. Joshua. let these people speak for themselves.

    • @ Doi,
      You don’t get it, and I don’t blame you, because you’re very much bewitched by TBJ and you dare not say anything against him, but don’t come here to speak lies, okay ? Your master TBJ does not have love and does not even know what love is about. TBJ is a man of strife and discord and that’s what he has sown in the hearts of his devotees. I remember one night before we left for Ghana, TBJ called five of us together, namely, Kayode, Obanla, Sammy, Ben and I, and said we’re to work together. Immediately after the meeting, he called Sammy and I, putting us together, out of the rest. I’m sure he did the same with others in the group, so you see, he delights in pitting people against each other, causing strife, bitterness and envy, so where’s the love you’re talking about ?

    • Beth did nothing wrong, but TBJ and SCOAN did everything wrong ! They were trapped in their own false theology of healing and in order to save their face, they sent Beth home, simple ! TBJ could not heal Beth of ordinary malaria, which even Africans in our villages could treat by themselves. It’s a simple matter to give medication to Beth, to ask her to take malaquine or nivaquine, but that would be going against their own false doctrines, so they’d rather send Beth away. TBJ always sends people away to save his face, rather than face the truth, because he is a liar and a deceiver !

    • Hi Doi. As before it makes me sad to see that you believe that Beth was forced to give information. Is it part of your own experience that you have been forced into writing things? Are you familiar with being forced to do things?

  14. If he caused you to lose your faith in Jesus, it would be better if TB J tied a boulder around his neck and throw himself overboard into the sea. Jesus said that would be a better fate than whats waiting him (sorry, I mean Him) on judgement day.

  15. Jesse,i dont need to say this, but let me tell u twothing that happend to me for 11years of my life in not a member of scoan but just one sunday service,what has been trouble me come to an end just in one man is perfect,.ru telling me u have no sin,well,stop fighting a lose battle and why do create tbjoshua watch and not living faith chruch with some other chruch u know is fake.

    • @ Pat,

      It is written,

      James 2:8-9
      If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.

      1 John 3:8-9
      He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him:and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

      We thank God for Jesus, not any man.

      John 3:30-31
      He must increase, but I must decrease. 31 He that cometh from above is above all:he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth:he that cometh from heaven is above all.

      Why look at fallible men and women ? When you can KNOW Jesus from His Word and from His Spirit.

      1 John 2:27
      But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you:but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

      Jeremiah 31:33-34
      But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel;
      After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. 34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord:for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the Lord:
      for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

      How about you, Pat ?

      • jesse,.pls john9;6-7.if tbjoshua use mud with saliva///i think iT will be worse for u so call [watch].verse16 say,how can a sinner do such miraculous signs.verse30 SAY GOD DOES NOT LISTEN TO SINNERS,.BUT TO D GODLY MAN WHO DOES HIS john12;47-48,if ur a follower of Jesus u will never judge any man.john13;20-21.ask for d power of d holy spirit for full understanding of dis bible verse.

  16. I say again:

    A. “Can you now see how rotten tbj’s fruits are.”
    Beth is NOT the only one that received the boot from tbj in this rotten way and went through his rotten treatment. This is his ‘modes operandi’. His custom.
    He is a worker of iniquity and is lawless (does not keep God’s Laws)
    So this is exactly what Jesus warned us about in Math 7.
    Jesus will say to these false prophets, whose fruits of their lives are rotten, to go away because they are workers of iniquity or lawless and did not do the will of His Father in heaven.
    But down here they will be able to:

    1. Work miracles in the Name of Jesus,
    2. Drive out demons in the Name of Jesus,
    3. And prophecy in the Name of Jesus.

    And through these miracles even try to deceive God’s elect.
    “For false messiahs/anointed ones and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” – Mathew 24:24

    B. Then we are not even getting to all his false and concocted prophecies etc. etc.
    20 “But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.”
    21 You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?” 22 If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed – Deut 18:20-22.

    Then I heard another voice from heaven saying: “‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues or judgments – Rev 18:4

    Separate yourselves from this agent of satan.

  17. Ya Mr Terrific,
    It looks as if the ones that Jesus wants out of scoan, must experience all this for themselves. To warn them is fruitless. Seeing they don’t see and hearing they don’t hear! They must go through the wake up shock of who tbj really is and come out wounded to death? Just like all the others. Hopefully still alive!

    Well their blood will not be on our hands. They have been repeatedly warned and warned, but only listens to that python snake’s lies and are lying for him.

    We agree with you and have all also repented before God for taking people to scoan or even encouraged them to go there.

    I like what you say. You decerns clearly.


    • hey authors! why was my link edited? this is certainly unfair as you don’t edit others. i ask that it be edited to it’s original form and my question about you be answered.

    • to All; what-ever wounds are caused, whatever traumas are still operating, whatever hurt, harm and pain is still alive; bring it day by day to God and he will heal it. He will never let you down. Dont ever believe you should be useless as an instrument, He will wash you too freedom.

    • No, their blood would not be on our hands, we have warned them and that’s all we can do, and leave the rest to God. But one thing is sure, God will deliver His people from SCOAN, just like He delivered us, and judgment is upon TBJ and the Synagogue of Satan, called SCOAN.

  18. Quote from Beth 2:

    …”During my time at SCOAN I had been cut off from my world, my country, my family. I had been taught to believe they were out to negatively influence me”….
    (Note: I had no control over my comings and goings from Lagos. The administration held my passport, and bought the tickets for me.
    I had to beg to ring my parents to tell them I was coming)”.

    The life of a “disciple” was full of fierce competition, often sleepless nights and hard work. We were expected to work all hours of the day running the church, practicing music/editing videos/writing materials/having meetings. Service days involved even longer hours: starting at 6am to process all the sick people who came for healing and often going on into the night.

    As a “widow” parent with “fatherless” children in scoan, I confirm that this is 100% true.
    TB Joshua is breaking up families, where there were NO relationship problems and alienate them from their parents and God and breakdown his disciples in body, soul and spirit! Planting evil, unbiblical seeds in their minds. Just like his father the devil would do it.

    Something for you TB Joshua:

    21 “Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner for you were foreigners in Egypt.
    22 “Do not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless. 23 If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry. 24 My anger will be arouse, and I will KILL YOU with the sword; your wives will become widows and your children fatherless – Exodus 22:21-24

  19. @ALL,
    Come on, let us face it, Beth made some point which seemed to have been ignored, but let me say it loud and clear: TBJ sleeps with the girls ! It happens any time of the day, but it is usually around midnight, like Beth observed. I know TBJ so well, and I can vouch that this is the time for grooming the girls for his sexual debaucheries. This is the time the sex sessions go on, when most people are asleep. TBJ is a real maniac, and judgment is upon his head.” Woe to TBJ, and woe to the pastors who scatter and destroy the sheep of my pasture”. Jer 23:1.

  20. @ Temitope Balogun Joshua,

    You must stop forcing people to make confessions at SCOAN, until you have come before the Lord’s people to confess your own sins of adultery, fornications, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulations, fabrications, false doctrines, breaking up families, destroying faith in God, etc, etc. Again, thus says the Lord, ” Woe to TBJ, and pastors who scatter and destroy the sheep of My pasture. Jer 23:1.

    • Jesse, what is the best professional action in all this shocking informations about TB Joshua? What can we do more then just sharing expereinces?

      • @ Jamie,

        Write an open letter, state what you and others have encountered and demand a reply how this must resolved.

      • More than sharing these experiences about the atrocities going on at SCOAN, we also need to pray for those caught in this web of deception, to do warfare on their behalf, so that the bewitchment of TBJ would be broken; we need to continue to warn others and never give up. In the end, some might heed the warnings and be delivered, but those who refuse instruction and wisdom would be destroyed together with this monster and false prophet, called T B Joshua.

  21. Amen Jamie,
    I feel the same?

    “what is the best professional action in all this shocking informations about TB Joshua? What can we do more then just sharing expereinces?”

    He will NOT stop, because he is sick in his head (pschycopath) and he has found a way that works for him. A way to get money and make a name for himself by fooling the world. He had enough years to go and make right with the people he harmed.

    Maybe we must just leave him to God?

    But he is breaking hundreds of peoples faith in the Lord, as well as in body and soul!

    Just like satan did to Peter in the Bible:

    “Simon, Simon, satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat –
    but I, Jesus, have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”- Luke 22:31+ 32

  22. The prophets of the Old Testament kept on calling the people to repent and get closer to God.
    Jesus, THE MESSIAH, died and rose again, to reconcile us to God after repentance.
    TB Joshua, breaks everyone faith in God and destroys them in the process?!?!
    What a wonderful modern “man of God” is he?
    So by the way; The Holy Spirit convinces of sin not tbj through his cruel and harsh treatment of the disciples of Jesus.
    What a fake is he – in the place of God he tries to be – yes – that is Anti Christ.

  23. And Doi,
    What have you achieved since you have been in scoan.
    Accept being a little slave to tbj and his wife.
    Maybe you have only reached TB Joshua’s bed?
    Think and come out of that house of horrors so that you can start living the live that Jesus has for you. In God’s light.

    Stop lying for him and playing scoan trick’s on this blog.


    Do you remember?

  24. And Doi,
    To comment on your statement-
    “if Jesus could go through all these, why should T.b. Joshua be excluded? this shows the authenticity of His ministry. matthew 5:11.”

    Jesus was sinless, so the accusations against Him were false……………..


    TB Joshua is NOT sinless, so the accusations are true………………..

    That is the difference!


    • Jesse, i already have written Tb joshua, more them once. And confronted him. He reacted by the old story;” that he is a mystery, and what people dont understand they destroy, and what they do understand, they call names. “. I advized and correcting him where-ever i was able. He changed some outer-problems, for the better presentation, but he is hardly open to correction on his own personal behaviour and character-problems. What i know about Spiritual processes with strong forces, is, that the person who has to handle this great powers, can become totaly self-deceicing and spiritul insane. It is called; megalomania . based on self-conceit. Its a form of spiritual blindness on high level, without any self-correction, because the mind and soul is filled with self-adoratin and pride, because of the high level they believe they are operating at. They are too convident, mostly harsch to others in teachings, they have reklesness anger and dirty passions, wierd fantazies, the own I becomes the idol, they create confusions, wierd visions, and a total lack of self-critizm and correction. They selden repent , nor become real humble. They flatter, temptate to the wrong needs, and they fall in all passionated sins possible, while they teach and punisch others for the litllest tres-passing and faults. They can stand the deep pain of real repentance, and submission. The pain about their sins can lead to death. Repentance will scatter their devilisch self-imago. They fall sooner or later, because their lack of vision and understandings of the spiritual hight they are on, will one day just breack them. God will do it Himself.

    • There has been written a lot of sensational news about Tb Joshua in the News-papers, it leads to nothing constructive or changes in the situation . TV is hardly allowed in Scoan and stricktly controled. Nigerian Police seems to be corrupt. FBI, CIA can be an option, and approuching the Governement. All nigerian churches have dissociated from scoan. And christian authorities I approuched are very resisting, they dont want to become involved. Its a mystery to me, why christian church-leaders, dont use their authority and admonisch TB Joshua . The London police has examined the scoan-branche in London. , but no real charges as far as i know. How can a religious leader go on this way, without any consequense?

      • Nigerian churches cannot do anything to TBJ, because many of them are just as corrupt and have no proper standing before God. The battle should be taken up by those with families trapped at SCOAN. Get your investigative journalists, private detectives, human rights institutions, social media and everything at your disposal involved. Open a Facebook page, SET THE CAPTIVES FROM FROM SCOAN ! Raise up international awareness about the sexual abuse and inhuman treatment at SCOAN, pointing out that it is a cult and not a church, etc.,TBJ must be EXPOSED !

    • I think this is a great idea, especially for the foreigners at SCOAN. Mobilize your people, families and friends and let’s wage war on SCOAN. We have to do battle on both the physical and spiritual levels, until the maniac and false prophet, TBJ, is arrested and put in jail for crimes against humanity.

      • terrific, pray against the demonic assault in scoan. And against the severeness of TB Joshua. We have to be very carefull with interrupting his climat. Very carefull..

  25. My experience with:

    “The disciples are kicked outof scoan; Sometimes they do not even know what they did wrong themselves. They come out physically, because of prayer, but because their minds are lame and controlled through fear form that #$%&^*&^,!@, they just go back to him at the first opportunity they get. Just like Beth. So if you, who have family there, get them out physically, they are just the angrier with you, because you influence them negatively against this “angel of light” and block their future with the Lord. Remember they have been brainwashed to not even think something is wrong with tbj. They live under the total control of fear.

    I have also repeatedly written to him and gave it into his hands myself, so I know that he got it. No changes, except to white wash his church more and for the rest there is just all kinds of excuses.

    The ones, who actually discovered the truth about tbj in their minds, come out and stay out, but he is forever pursuing them again and again with all kinds of lovely promises.
    Then he becomes the ‘daddy’ again.

    So he moves – to and fro – between evil and good the whole time and confuses them.

    If you do show people this web-site they are so shocked and cannot believe that he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO…………………… evil, because they find little fault with Emman TV!

    No he is a brilliantly, clever, deceitful, slimy, 419, trickster. Inspired out of hell.

    The Lord Jesus Christ must sort him out and I feel sorry for him, because if he does not repent and make right with everyone whose lives he destroyed and stop this he will go straight to hell and the curses of God, not a witchdoctor, will fall on his children to the third and forth generations.

    I personally wish we could get him locked up forever and close his consecration, hellhole camp to protect these young people in the Lord.

    Believe me.

  26. So he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty – Zechariah 4:6

    • remember Just Wonder, that the system tb Joshua is using, is NOT accoording to Gods will! In spite of the healing-powers and profhesies.The stragedy is build-up by tb Joshua, its not a direction of God. But God is still involved, so we can do A LOT by praying against the evil tendensies. Pray in the Spirit with faith, so God will change the mind, soul and heart of tb Joshua. Pray for his real character and who he is in Christ. Use the best weapon; prayer, and ask God to restore all hurts in you, because He did it for me too! I am stronger then ever. Fight against the darkness, in your-self and others.

  27. Another case out of scoan:
    I remembered what happened to a girl in scoan about 12 years ago. I should have woken up then already, but shamefully I did not.
    I was visiting scoan in a group from my country. Tbj had disciples interpreting his sermons for us at that time, as we struggled to understand his heavy Nigerian accent and the poor sound quality in his church.
    This particular girl was assigned to me for the week.
    On the plane back to my home country, after the visit, I saw her also on the plane and wondered why she was with us?
    I waited for my bags to appear on the conveyer belt at our home airport. My bags came last. I waited there until everyone left to collect my bags.
    As I took my bags off the belt and turned around, there were no one left, but standing there alone on one side, was this girl. I went to her to ask her; “Where are your people that must come and pick you up”, as it was very late at night already (about 12h00) and we were alone. She said to me that her parents are +/- 1000 km away and that she must book and take a connecting flight to them. I asked her; “Whether she has a plane ticket and if her parent knows that she is coming home.” She said; “No”, as she was not aware herself that she is going home”. Her plane tickets and passport were just dropped on her in scoan, when our group left. She kept on saying to us; “That she thinks they kicked her out, because she could not get by with less than 5 hours sleep per night”. That was her sin and she was not even sure of that. We were stunned!
    So we went to the domestic side of the airport and find everything closed. I said to her to come with me and my family to our home, which was about 45 minutes drive from the airport. I could not leave her there all by herself, without money and food.
    To make a long story short. She did not know that she was going home. She was just booted out of scoan, without money and without being able to contact her parents, before she left. She arrived at the home airport, alone without any money and parents that was 1000 km away. We helped her and her parent and after three days she could only get money and book a flight back home. Tbj could not give a damn if she stayed on that airport with nothing! And her sin was that she needed at least 5 hours sleep a night. Talk about his cruel abuse.
    Just another casualty from scoan, that came over my path!

    • This is very shocking and inhumane and shows vividly that TbJ is a criminal, a man without kindness, love, or scruples. But such a brave girl ! She spoke her mind and this is the type TBJ fears and hates; people who have their own minds, speak their minds are a real challenge and threat to him, and he cannot have them around him. He prefers zombies, who don’t ask questions but obey his orders and run around like the deluded fools that they are !

    • Oh that is horrible. 😦 More and more comes to light and everything that does puts SCOAN firmly in the category of CULT. This is also a tactic used by cults. It was used on my family when my parents were kicked out of the cult they had been seduced into joining. Rapid packing up and kicking out, lots of accusations with no foundation. We children had no idea until they put us in the car and we drove away. We were so, so fortunate to fall into the caring hands of believers who took pity on us and helped us back on our feet. Others were not so lucky and many young people were just ditched on a roadside with nothing, and suffered a great deal because of it. 😦

      Meanwhile, my husband is looking for tickets to Lagos, though I don’t know how seriously. Among other things, TBJ is a liar. “Distance is not a barrier!” (But you must spend your family’s money and come to SCOAN if you *really* want deliverance)

  28. Jamie,
    Thank you for encouraging me. That is exactly what we are doing and for all those deceived disciples. We pray and pray and call out to God in Jesus Name.

    That is why I said; ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty – Zechariah 4:6

    Our Father must sort him out, through His Holy Spirit, in Jesus Name and for the extension of His Kingdom and for the sake of the Name of Jesus.

    As long as tbj keeps my wounds open, I do not know how they can be healed?

    He is still playing his games with our family and they cannot see it.

    • Just wonder, TB Joshua is still playing with me too, but I am not vulnerable for it any-more, because I understand his stragedy. When watching scoan, dont go “in”it, keep distance, protect yourself always with the armor and the blood of Jezus. TB Joshua is not brilliant, he is calculative. Its the mind of a hard buzzinessman with religious rules. The most worse combination. For trauma, I advize you to watch the site of Bach-flower-remedies. They are developed by Dr, bach by the Spirit. The Star of Bethlehem is the best pure remedy against shock, trauma, and soul-wounds. Its pure based on flowers, and can cause no harm, and no addiction. Buy the remedies you need by internet, fhone, or health-shop. The remedies work very fast. Bless the botlle. Thank you for the last story. tB Joshua is a failing man of God.

  29. Another insident I witnessed:

    Just a short summary:

    One of tbj’s disciples, which were with him for years, started having poor eye sight. This disciple started to struggle to read the Bible.

    The person saw a nice Bible in scoan’s bookshop/foodshop.

    The person started saving for months, out of the $8 per month pocket money.

    Eventually the person could afford to by the Bible and could see in it and read the Bible again.

    Then “Bam” out of the blues the person was told that he/she is flying home now. Probably no use for tbj anymore. And tbj could not pray for the person’s healing! The person had to pack so fast that the Bible stayed behind. Needless to say, this person’s precious Bible stayed behind and just disappeared in the church. No one even tried to get the Bible back to that person. And on top of it this person went through about everything Beth did afterwards.

    This has hurt me beyond messure.

    What shameful behaviourisme of someone that thinks he is a “man of god?”

    Shame on you tbj and all your accomplishes!

    You are a disgrace and imposter amongst God’s people!

    • @ Just Wonder,

      This is the kind of incident that should have been reported to police and newspapers in your country, but I understand that at the time you did not fully understand that TBJ is a criminal and a false prophet. In any case, it is never too late to report to your local newspapers and police and warn them about the criminal activities going on at SCOAN. TBJ must be arrested and put behind bars. He can influence the Nigerian police, but cannot influence international police.

  30. … and I have personally witnessed parents having repeated nervous breakdowns of what tbj did to their children.

    I had older people cry physical tears of what they witnessed about tbj,

    I had middle aged people getting physically sick, after waking up to tbj’s low down ways,

    I walked with widows that he promised houses and education to their children, but were left devastated because it was just empty words – nothing came of it

    I lived through disciples hurts and disappointments coming from tbj etc. etc.

    Let us step up our cries to God in Jesus Name.

    i heard countless similar testimonies from disciples.

  31. @Jamie,
    Yes, we’re praying and it is only a matter of time that the mask on TBJ’s face would be removed completely. God knows what He is doing and He has passed judgment already but He alone controls the time and the circumstances, but it will surely come to pass. I encourage everyone to be bold and stand firm and not be intimidated by TBJ’s so called powers, but see him as the ordinary criminal and false prophet that he is, for He that is in us is greater that he that is in TBJ.

    • The more stories about the mis-use, abuse, terror and violating of Gods powers, are coming into the light, the better. I am in dis-gust and feel a great burden and pain. I guess what is coming to the survace is just a little part only yet. The old videos of tb joshua, about 15 years ago, already showed only violence and humiliation and mis-use of his position as a man of God. Its a mystery to me, why people still go there, while there is so many negative informations about him. Are people by nature corrupt and seek help by every source for thier needs? Does God forgives man as tb Joshua? I once readed a story of a man, who died in hospital after accident, and came to the trohn of God. The man was a man of God and very sure he would receive a reward for his good deeds. The final judgement came; God judged on him, He said; “you only did everything for selffisch motives, you never cared a bit for the good of the other”. The man had to go back to earth, it was not his time. Back on earth he was broken, because he realy believed he had done good works, but God thought about it otherwise. The man became very humble by this expereince and learned what love your neighbor realy means. This man did not even do criminal things, he was just selffisch, so what will happen to man as tb Joshua in the final judgement? Tb Joshua believes he can makes his wrongs right with charity-works and deliverances. He even believes Jezus will come to His church, to celebrate his good work. How can a mind become this bizar?

      • First of all, you’re mistaken when you call a false prophet like TBJ a ” man of God.” This is the same mistake the Samaritans made when they called a false prophet and a sorcerer, ” The Great Power of God.” Acts 9-11. Simon was not even a believer and was not saved then, but the ignorant Samaritans thought he was a ” great man of God.” The same is the case with TBJ. He is not a believer and he is not saved, because he thinks he is messiah and he also teaches doctrines of demons, things that are contrary to the Scriptures. He has another spirit, he preaches another gospel and another Jesus. 2 Corinthians 11:4.
        And all unbelievers like TB Joshua would come before the Great White Throne judgement , and would be condemned to eternal damnation, unless he repents and receives Jesus as Saviour.

  32. @ All and TB Joshua Watch

    I want to direct you all to this particular video that I just discovered that explains exactly what I have been telling you all for many posts in the past that TB Joshua and his Wisemen are Astral Projecting and interacting with familiar spirits and demons and that I knew from then that the deliverances they do they do with their own spirit and demons they interact with. Plus a lot of deliverees are faking it in their stories. One recent example about a woman that could speak in tongues and the confesses it is not the real thing. Yes this is true that it is not the real thing, because if you observer and discern it spiritually you see she is producing the sounds by herself out of her soulish, mark well, soulish behaviour. There is nothing spiritual about her doing it. Absolutely nothing. It is induced by her soul, not by the Holy Spirit to interact with Him.

    Listen to me once and for all guys….. Every time you see these things happening in front of you on video and on Emmanuel TV you are being deceived by the trickery and deception they do in SCOAN. I want to be clear, not all of it, but since the last 1-2 years it is so. And they are getting more desperate to push this envelope to drag in people who are spiritual novices and don’t know what they are facing.

    What makes it more clear to me is there are definitely spiritual things going on but their source is NOT what they want you to believe.

    You guys need to step up your investigations and start to involve some more authorities into it, if you want this to come to a halt. People’s lives and souls are here at stake and this is what Satan is out and about for. Please, I ask you, look into some means to get some organizations involved in it that can take action and investigate it more thoroughly than we are doing here. Don’t give up, You are more than conquerors and greater is He in you than the one that is in the world. Do not be intimidated by huffing and puffing and trying to create fear about that you are under a curse.

    We are under God the Father, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit and we are not under any curse or whatever they say or try to intimidate. I would say start to rebuke it more and render their speech to nought. Bind it and send it back in Jesus’ hands Who will do with it as He decide. I encourage you all, Fight the good fight and keep contending for the Faith.

    1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before MANY WITNESSES.

    2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

    Here is the video:

  33. T.B. Joshua
    “To Deceive Even The Elect …”
    an expose’ on T.B. Joshua of
    The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations
    by Sandy Simpson, 3/01

    Question: When TB Joshua was asked about his unique divine personality.

    His Answer: “The divine person in me (tbj) can do a million things simultaneously. I can appear to thousands people in their dreams in any part of the world to set them free of their sicknesses, problems and afflictions.”

    I got sick with bronchitis ones, years ago and could not get well with medication and all. That was the time I still believed that TB Joshua was a man of god. By that time, he appeared to me regularly in my dreams.

    He appeared to me again, in my dream, while I was still sick one night and laid his hand on me, just like in the prayer line and the next day I was healed.

    I told this to some people and they said to me: “It is NOT of God. They were disturbed. You are in trouble.”
    It was like a horrible wakeup call and I thought by myself: “That I will not tell anyone, but will go to Jesus in prayer and ask Him.” Secretly.

    So I prayed a weak little prayer and asked the Lord: “That if that appearing in my dreams of tbj is not from Him, He must stop it.”

    I was so surprised; it stopped immediately and it was the last time I ever dreamed of him again. TBJ disappeared out of my dream life forever.

    Years have passed and he never again appeared in my dream life ever again and that was just between me and God. No one new about my prayer.

    I give all the glory to Jesus Christ, out High Priest.

    I hope this will bring deliverance to someone.

    • Here we see that TBJ claims to have a divine nature and that makes him a liar ! It is only Jesus Christ who had both divine and human natures, All along, TBJ has been trying to compare himself to Jesus, even calling himself a messiah, and oh yes, he is a false messiah ! And Just Wonder, I thank God for your life for getting rid of TBJ out of your dreams. He is really not of God, but of Satan !

    • Just Wonder

      You are the second person I have heard about this dreaming of TB Joshua at night.

      Someone else had been to SCOAN had been prayed for by Tb, actually physically touched.
      After that session he had sleep less nights all he saw was TB Joshua in his dreams, at one point TB made a blood pact with him.
      He told him that he is his sheild, this dude was so freaked out that he went some where for prayers.
      It took forever to free him from this spell.

      Alot of people nower days are of little faith, that they feel they need to visit prophets to get their problems solved.

      I have actually heard some people say when I go to SCOAN I need to bd touched by TB.
      Ummh, this is just like the lady in the BIble who wanted to be healed of an illness.
      People are equating him to Jesus!

      • Oh please Dearest Very,
        shut up! These are all fabricated stories and u know it. If they are not, why don’t the narrators show their faces? It would be more convincing. You say you change their names and keep them annonymous for what reason again? I am a TBJ supporter, and members of my family are as well.. And I’m sorry to have to let you know that we have never, not even once been “abused” in any way.. All we receive from the man is the word of God. Warning my foot.

  34. Just wonder, thank you so much for your confession! Its a great help! I received a word from God, to not interrupt the climat of Scoan, and to pray against the demonic assaults and severeness of the profhet. Interruption opens the way to the demonic attacs. It means that tb Joshua is in the negative spiral of demonic forces.

  35. TB Joshua teaches; “That every man has two natures?”

    A. TB Joshua says:

    on Watch TB Joshua;
    Posted by watchtbjoshua on March 30, 2013 in Who is TB Joshua?
    An Angel (Greek angelos, “messenger”), is a celestial being who functions as a messenger, or intermediary, between God and humankind or

    as TB Joshua commonly puts it,

    a communicator between the material and immaterial world. The uncut truth about this statement is that to adequately function in both physical and spiritual realms, it is requisite that the messenger has two kinds of body or better put,


    a human nature and a celestial body – a celestial body is a special kind of body that is not flesh and does not have any limitations of the fleshly body.

    B. The Quran says;

    “We know that Allah has implanted in every man


    The first of these counsels only good; and incites to what is fair and seemly, so that nothing that is not pleasing to God is conceived therein: this – is reason, which is guided and led by justice. The second is opposite to the first, in that it advises solely the gratification of the lusts, and leads the way to all, that is evil and vicious: this is the soul; whose guide and mentor is carnal passion. God says, “Verily the soul commands to evil” (Koran XII 53).

    From which source is tbj quoting? The Bible or the Quran?

    I say again, he is a mixture of the Bantu Prophet Churches and Islam, dressed in a Christian Dress.

    • TBJ is simply an ignorant false prophet who is deceiving ignorant people like himself. Come out of this pit of darkness called SCOAN, and save yourself from eternal damnation. Turn to Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the world, and read the Bible which is the only inspired Word of God.

  36. Huh ?

    The only info he has on people is if his disciples go out and record with their mobile phone cameras and send it back to him!
    I have witnessed personally how he send them out to churches etc. and then they ring him on their phones and he listens in on the sermons. The same with people in their house and under their noses house. Then he would come out and “prophecy” over you ones you in his church.

    • Saw this the other day – now he’s claiming to be omnipresent?! When you start claiming attributes of God for yourself, you know there’s something seriously wrong!

      • Yes, there’s everything wrong with this false prophet TB Joshua, but the people don’t even seem to notice. As you can see, not only does he claim to have a dual nature of divinity and humanity like Jesus Christ, he also claims to be omnipresent through dreams. The man is a very dangerous false prophet who is misleading and destroying many innocent souls, and the people are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

    • I once expereinced Tb joshua in my bedroom, and more. I told him about it, and he said; “” That our Spirits had become too intimate””. He just tried out how far he could go. Yes Yes.

  37. Hi Jamie,
    Yes he will go ballistic if you do, let us just step up our prayers for our Lord Jesus Christ to fight for us and get the disciple out of that house of horrors.

    Listen to this video, I learned out of experience that this is how the Lord works-

    “It is not by might or power, but by my Holy Spirit”

  38. Isn’t TB Joshua getting worse by the day or is it just me thinking that.
    Or are his evils just coming out and surfacing for the whole world to see.
    He is loosing his pose?
    He is losing it?

    • Sure, he is getting worse by the day, but his atrocities which have been secretly guarded, are now beginning to emerge, and sooner than later, the mask on his face would be removed completely for the world to see ! I thank God for the lives of people who have survived this pit of hell, called the Synagogue of Satan, SCOAN, and are now sharing their testimonies. Please if you’re out there and have been sexually abused by TBJ or suffered any indignities at the hands of this Nigerian maniac, TBJ, come out to share your story, and be assured that TBJ cannot harm you. It is time to speak up, or shut up !

    • Yes, he is loozing his pose and he knows it. everything dark is coming into the light. His system has become more urgent and severe, because he is in fear. He is speeding-up the attacs, and his people. He believes he is in charge, but he is not. He wants others to deliver him and help him, but it is a deluded request, because no-one is able to help him out. His actions are becoming more worse and out of reality.

  39. Hi Jamie,
    Anoint your house with pure Olive oil (buy at any shop) and pray that the Lord will send his waring angels to protect you.
    Ask the Lord to cover you in His blood. We will pray with you for your protection against tbj and his evil that it will not happen again.

    I have also heard that he actually astral projects and then have sex with his female disciples that left him. I cannot confirm this, but in the light of what he does and the source that it came from, I believe it. But Jesus is much stronger than Him.

    Keep up your fight against evil.

  40. Another short testimony;

    I have witnessed two scoan disciples; one came out of scoan and the other one was still in.
    The one that came out said; “I will never go back again to that hellhole”.
    Then the other one came with a gift from tbj. A bottle of anointing water. The next morning, there was this terrible smell of sulfur everywhere.
    Later when we saw the disciple that came out, we could not believe our eyes. He/she was in a total trance and could not hear us. We had to shake the person, before he/she came around and then announced to us that he/she is going back!
    Thanks to the “anointing water” the person was totally hypnotized and actually went back.
    Thank God He has heard our prayer in Jesus Name and delivered the person again and the person is now out and his/her mind is completely open and clear.

    Deception is a demons greatest tool.

    • This trance-situations are sjamanistic, it is not Bibly. The Holy Spirit does not brings us in trance, the falling in the Spirit is a a’resting in God”. There is no violence in it either. Its most gentle and sweet and loveble.

  41. @ All,

    What a SCOANITE will never understand is in this video when they keep looking at TB Joshua and wiseman.

    Nor the followers of SCOAN, because they will never see Jesus where He belongs in their personal life.

    Look at this video and know now once and for all HOW it is and not TB Joshua in your dream or vicinity.

    Forget about TB Joshua or any wiseman, wise woman or whoever. Put Jesus where He belongs and know where He is with you.

    And when you are hurt God will say to you ARE YOU SEEING ME OR ARE YOU SEEING THEM ?

    Never rely on the arm of flesh ever again. NEVER ! God bless you all.

  42. Thank you Jesse, Jamie and Mr Terrific,
    Yes, the Bible says; “Cursed are you if you rely on the arm of flesh”. Unfortunately one only learns through one’s own mistakes. It is also so painful to see others go through the same disillusioned road and you cannot prevent it.

    This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD” – Jeremiah 17:5

    “Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, who rely on horses, who trust in the multitude of their chariots and in the great strength of their horsemen, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel, or seek help from the LORD” – Isaiah 31:1

    “With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God to help us and to fight our battles.” And the people gained confidence from what Hezekiah the king of Judah said – 2 Chronicles 32:8

    Unfortunately, these cults catch people who are down and out – the weak and sick – in the communities and promises them help.

  43. What scares me is;

    “They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved”.

    5 Don’t you remember that when I, Paul, was with you I used to tell you these things? 6 And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. 7 For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness – 2 Thessalonians 2:5-12
    Was it my own sins that got me involved with TB Joshua?
    Did the Lord permit this in my life, because of my own sins?
    Well, all I can say, is that I learned a lot!

    We will keep on praying for all.

    • Don’t be too hard on yourself and blame yourself for sins committed, for we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. When I look back, I realize the reason the Lord allowed some of us to fall to T B Joshua’s deception is to wake us from our slumber and indifference, and answer the call which the Lord has placed on some of us, and to prepare us for such a time as this. Yes, TBJ and his hoodlums wanted to destroy us, but God turned their evil and wickedness for His glory. Today, I’m in a better position and stronger, because I have passed from being a lazy and ignorant believer to a Berean, Many things have now become very clear to me, and I can look at Satan in the eye and tell him to get behind me ! I now see TBJ for the crook that he is, and not as some ” powerful man of God.” Not only that, I recognize every false prophet whoever and whatever they are. And what’s the point of all these ? To help others know the truth, to point others to Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life and the only Saviour of the world. We really need to make an effort to come out of deception, but first we need to know we’re under deception, and that is by examining everything in the light of God’s Word.

    • They have run into hiding ! They have no answers ! They cannot refute the Word of God ! They have been cut to size by the Sword of the Spirit, and we’re winners ! We win, because we contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Jude 3. Any more challengers, T B Joshua ? Yes, you can fool around with people who don’t know the Scriptures, but we here on this blog are searching the Scriptures daily, like the Bereans in Acts 17:10-11, and we would continue to expose your lies, deceit, hypocrisy, fornications, adulteries, false doctrines and all the atrocities you’re perpetrating against the Lord’s people, until you come out to confess your sins and ask the Lord Jesus to save you. No, you are not yet saved, so how can you lead others to salvation ? You claim to be messiah, to be another Jesus, instead of going humbly to the real Jesus for salvation, and you mislead the Lord’s people. Woe to you, T B Joshua, and woe to pastors who scatter and destroy the sheep of My pasture. Jeremiah 23:1.

    • Vasilis has come back to replace Candleholder and Doe. When they cannot answer questions they run into hiding, and then bring on a battered defender from the cooler to come and save TBJ’s image. How pitiful !

  44. “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher Jesus Christ” – Luke 6:40
    “The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again” – Luke 24:7

    Jesus being sinless was delivered over into the hands of sinners, where do we come in with our own sins and the sins of our ancestors?

    “12 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. 13 But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed” – 1 Peter 4:12
    Jesus was hurt to death and killed through the sins of the leaders in the synagogue and we will go through the same as our master.
    “8 What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ 9 and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ—the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith.

    10 I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death” – Philippians 3:8-10

    This is what we went through, when we found out that, TB Joshua in the Synagogue was a deceiver. That he was a false prophet who nearly killed us all off.

    38 Then said he unto them; “My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death, tarry ye here and watch with me.
    39 And Jesus went a little farther and fell on his face and prayed, saying; “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou will.”- Matthew 26:38-41

    This is NOT the version that tbj are promoting. Where TB Joshua himself causes the suffering, to his disciples, as a cult leader through his cruelty, but what Jesus went through by the hands of these cruel men.

    Jesus NEVER caused such suffering to come on His disciples. It was the sins of others – the synagogue leaders.

    Let us keep on praying like Jesus did, because our souls are exceeding sorrowful, even unto death, for those still under tbj influence, that they will know the resurrection power of their Lord after coming out of scoan.

  45. @ Stella Wood,
    Where art thou ? Did you go into hiding or are you beginning to examine the Word of God to see whether TBJ is true or false ? Yes, go ahead and search the Scriptures, and if you need any help please feel free to get in touch. Stella, you see, many people think we hate TBJ, but that’s not the case. We love him and that’s why we’re asking him to confess his sins before the people and before the Lord Jesus so he could be forgiven and be saved. TBJ is not yet saved, because he imagines he is messiah, that he has dual nature like Jesus, that he is omnipresent, that he is sinless and he doesn’t want to humble himself to seek the Lord Jesus for salvation. Those of you who are following him are following a false shepherd, a false prophet, a false Christ, who is deeply involved with sexual abuse and debaucheries and other atrocities. See that you don’t become a victim of his treacheries. He might pretend to love you, but all he wants is just to get into your pants and humiliate you, take it from me !

    • terrific, i dont love tb Joshua. i dont hate him either. I dont mind either if he repents,. I am at the point to leave christianity fore-good. I am totaly fed-up with the drama. Tb Joshua is a very dangerous creepl. I dont believe God has anything to do with this man.

  46. @ Jamie,
    Please try to understand, and don’t allow the false prophet TBJ to destroy your faith in God. I understand how you feel about TBJ, but God has a greater purpose for your life than your involvement with a petty criminal and false prophet. Don’t be discouraged and don’t quit the faith, because there is no salvation anywhere else, apart from Jesus. Yes, our God is merciful and wants everyone to be saved; He wants the wicked to repent so they can be saved, and does not delight in the destruction of the wicked, including TBJ and all of us. 2 Peter 3:9; Ezekiel 33:11. TBJ is sick, but so are we all, and Jesus came to save the sick, not the righteous. Mark 2:17. You could be doing a lot of good, sharing your testimony with others and encouraging them instead of giving up in despair. Let me be honest with you, Jamie, when I came out of that hellhole called SCOAN, I was at the lowest depth of my life, but today I’m flying high and I see TBJ and his hoodlums beneath me, but the game has not even started yet ! Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, and if I could help to pray with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  47. Jamie,
    I feel the same, to just leave this site, because we are just talking and talking and nothing is changing. Tbj just gets sicker and sicker by the day. But his blood and his disciples’ blood will not be on our hands. They have been warned and hopefully some other people will benefit from what we wrote here too and come out or leave him and turn back to Jesus and the Bible.

    Let us just keep on praying for the disciples and remember that we came out of scoan and woke up to the truth because of other peoples prayers for us.

    He makes me feel dirty to just think about him and his sins.

    I want to shake him off.

  48. Hi Jamie,
    Please do not leave Jesus. It feels to me that satan used tbj to try and break our faith in Jesus, to sift us.

    Luke 22:31-33

    31 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. 32 But I, Jesus, have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”

    Try to strengthen your fellow brothers and sisters. The people need you and your testimony.

    • @ just Wonder,

      Something will happen. So don’t give up. In Gods timing and not earlier or later than that.

      Don’t forget

      Mark 14:32-40
      And they came to a place which was named Gethsemane:and he saith to his disciples, Sit ye here, while I shall pray. 33 And he taketh with him Peter and James and John, and began to be sore amazed, and to be very heavy; 34 And saith unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death:tarry ye here, and watch. 35 And he went forward a little, and fell on the ground, and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from him. 36 And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me:nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt. 37 And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? couldest not thou watch one hour? 38 Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into temptation. The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak. 39 And again he went away, and prayed, and spake the same words. 40 And when he returned, he found them asleep again, (for their eyes were heavy,) neither wist they what to answer him.

      Don’t give up, don’t let Satan win. You are more than conquerors. Greater is He in you than the one who is in the world.

      Fight the good fight, keep the faith.

    • Thank you, terrific and Just Wonder. My faith is in crisis at the moment. The more stories come to the light, the more I come in dis-gust and anger. And i can not understand why God allows this creep to go on this way. Today tb joshua said, that Jezus only frees from slavery in the Spirit, not in the fysical body. This is a justification to use others as fysical slaves,.and its a justification for his so-called weakness and passions in the flesch. I become sick by his statements. Jezus promised total freedom, in body, soul, mind and Spirit. ,

      • Jamie, it is okay to be angry and disgusted at TBJ and his gang of criminals, but make sure your anger doesn’t make you sin against the Lord who knows what He is doing. ” Be angry, but sin not.” Eph 4:26. God controls all things, and would put TBJ and his gang of criminals in their proper place at the right time.

      • @ Jamie,

        Although I don’t agree with all your comments here, do not let this loose your faith. See it more as a test and that you are tired. I will pray that God will hold you up. Receive it now.

      • Jamie, From your comment, you are finding out what tbj is currently saying…. It is necessary for some people to be finding out what tbj is currently saying, so they can expose his lies. However, for you, at least right now when you feel your faith in God is in a crisis, do not listen or watch tbj at all. He is harming you, so stay away from him. Read your Bible, pray to God, be in a Bible teaching church that would oppose tbj, and ask people from that church to be encouraging you in your faith in God.

  49. Jamie,
    If you leave Jesus (christianity), you will allow that sick man to win in your life. That is exacly what tbj and the devil in him wants. Don’t give him that.

    You are one of the blessed ones, by Jesus, whose eyes He has open and saved you from hell.

    We will keep on praying for you.

    Do not give up.

  50. Having read berth storyand many others on this blog. I am very concerned. Perhaps I don’t know if this has been addressed.
    Why don’t all these disciples get together and contact a tv station , bbc,aljezera,cnn etc and tell their stories. Trust me it will help people especially africans(we africans do not have culture to read, even internet only a fraction of africans has access). If you just keep it to the blog society might have the suspicion that your stories are not credible. Come out, you identity can be withheld on tv if possible. In this age we have smart phones why not record all these abuse happening at scoan? Send undercover disciples… Then people will be much more convinced…Let the truth be known

    • worship God. I am going to a Christian youth-conference this weekend, with about 3.000 people. And I have decided to confess and declair openly what TB Joshua has done to me, and has done to other disciples. Its my way for healing, and i am telling the Truth. Its important to warn the yuth, because the older christians and authorities dontwant to burn their hands on scoan.

      • Jamie, I’m glad you are now encouraged and would share your testimony with thousands at this conference. Keep on exposing the unfruitful works of darkness by false prophets like TBJ, and let the name of our Lord Jesus be glorified.

      • Hi Jamie. I pray that at this conference you experience overwhelming love from God and a peace that passes understanding. That is what Jesus can offer.

    • @ WorshipGod,
      Thanks for your suggestions, but it would be just too much hassle to send undercover disciples. Having been an insider of SCOAN, but not an actual devotee, I would not even suggest anyone spend one second of their life in that hellhole in order to find out how it works. It is demeaning, demanding and heartbreaking and not worth the trouble. First of all, you must be a liar and a tale-bearer, someone who ” reports for God” to TBJ. You must behave like a goat, a zombie, to carry out the whims and caprices of the maniac TBJ, and must not ask questions. You must not be seen to be observant or knowledgeable about Scriptures. You must be willing to be a bootlicker and bow down before TBJ, because he loves to be worshipped. It is not a case of culture, but a case of demonic megalomania, because TBJ imagines he is messiah. You must be willing to ” cut down,” other devotees who are close to TBJ, and that means fabricating stories about them, no matter how unfounded, so they can be kicked out, so you can take their place. When you catch TBJ sleeping with any of the girls, make sure he doesn’t see you, or you’re already in trouble. He’d make sure to get you, before you get him. You must be willing to endure sleepless nights, wait for instructions from TBJ before sleeping with your wife, work like a donkey without pay, etc. Who wants to go through all these trouble just to expose a common false prophet ?

      • But Mr Terrific you are here trying to prove that all you are saying is true. For you to go to the trouble of coming up with a site like this its simply means you are serious and if you are serious then you will bring proof and will do anything to do that even sending undercover disciples even for a week if need be so that people can get convinced. We are waiting.

      • However, there are also growing concerns from TB Joshua supporters that the bulk of these slanderous insider stories online are deceitfully fabricated. In any case, considering the hateful and biased criticism of SCOAN detractors we’ve observed, coupled with renamed and faceless accusers that leave nothing to track, we would say their concern is very likely. But as much as SCOAN supporters would love to answer favorably to the allegations with that assumption, only firsthand insider experiences would hold their sway against these distasteful rumors. It is on this note that we publish Sandra’s story; a disciple who recently contacted us to publish her story. She tells her story from a unique perspective which we presume you would find in-depth and enlightening. You need approve this so we can good deep into the subject matter

    • WorshipGodintruthandinspirit spot on! I told these people that they should go and bring proof if someone was sexually abused and got pregnant then the child is proof if all they say here is true they should bring videos and go out in public TV station as you say for all to see. Not everyone has access to internet but most people watch television. I say amen to that! Then at the end they will be no need for this website because the truth will about there for all to see.

  51. ALL,
    Please visit, to watch, ESCAPING EVIL, MY LIFE IN A CULT, to see how some people escaped from cults. And those of you who are former devotees of TBJ, could share your stories with the world through television and millions around the world would see the atrocities going on at SCOAN. We know that God can bring down the satanic synagogue of SCOAN in a moment, but this is a small way to bring awareness to the world and wake up people from their slumber.

  52. Jessie,

    “Something will happen. So don’t give up. In Gods timing and not earlier or later than that.
    Don’t forget”

    Thank you for your reminder and encouragement to me, as I get so frustrated at my family and friends in scoan, who cannot understand the truth. It is also very painful, to the point of death, to see how they are going to walk the same “crucifying” road that Jesus walked and we walked. How they will also come out, wounded to the point of death. I would have spared them the experience, if I could. But I have now accepted that what God has planned for their lives must happen, regardless of all our warnings, prayers and that they will be saved, healed and delivered in His timing.
    Thank you everyone for your prayers.

    • @ Just Wonder,

      Keep holding on to:

      Psalm 17:1 A Prayer of David. Hear the right, O LORD, attend unto my cry, give ear unto my prayer, that goeth not out of feigned lips.

      Psalm 18:6 In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.

      To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


  53. Hi Jamie,
    Remember that you are privileged to suffer with Jesus at the hands of the leaders in the Synagogue, just like your master, Jesus Christ and did not have to die like Jesus at their hands, because Jesus died in your place, so you could be set free and get out.

    “ I want to know Christ — Yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death” – Philippians 3:10

    “Now if we are children of God, then we are heirs-heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings, we will also
    share in his glory Rom 8:17

  54. TB Joshua,
    As the Scriptures say, “No one is righteous-not even one – Romans 3:10.
    So you too are NOT righteous. Actually you are far from it!
    So exposing unrighteousness in you and your ministry, TB Joshua, does not make anyone a Judas or a blasphemer.
    It is the other way around again tbj.
    Jesus was righteous and sinless. So Judas, the unrighteous sinner betrayed, Jesus for a purpose.
    You are quoting the Word of God, just like satan did to Jesus, twisted.
    Always just off.
    “For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, why do you put up with it so easily”? – 2 Cor 11:4
    “You foolish people! Who has bewitched you”? – Gal 3:1

    • T B Joshua has betwitched them, just like Simon the sorcerer bewitched the Samaritans so much that they called him, ” The Great Power of God.” Wake up, people !

  55. There is nothing more that we can do, but pray and wait for the rests to be booted out of scoan and to do damage control once again as they come out. Encouraging and attending to their wounds.

    So I am off to waiting, while doing what the hands find to do.

    • There are; sin, wounds, bondage and hound-dogs. Sin needs to be forgiven and repented, its a consious or un-consious trespassing. Wounds are caused by others too us, and need to be healed, and forgiveness to the other, bondage is a dark force keeping parts of us under controle, this needs to be deliverd, hound-dogs are evil demons and need to be casted out, …..Its important to understand the differency in actions to take. TB Joshua causes wounds, . This leads to greater problems. In steat of less.

  56. @ Doi,

    Can you for once close your eyes and blank out everything that is SCOAN, TB Joshua and wisemen. Drop them. Take your eyes of them.

    And apply literally and spiritually in all your might:

    Hebrew 12:2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

    And let this song drench in your soul and spirit and see only Him, My Master Jesus.

  57. All, I have been to the healing-conference. I received 2 min. to tell my story. I warned for the different sources where-from powers can be released, and to examine every Man-of-God. I warned for the harm a wrong source can bring, and wrong twisted bibly statements. I warned for the consequenses of not having the Word in full knowledge and heart. They prayed for me, and in short time I was totally set right and deliverd. Pain left my body, what could not be cured by tb Joshua; because he accused me for; being bewitched, adultery,fornication,spirits of anger, hatred,seducing pastors and more nonsence. TB joshua caused tremendous pain on me, and then when you become angry about it, they cast out the angry spirit too. The fact is; I had a twisted hip, by a fall, and this caused a lot of troubles. He could not heal it. He just caused more and more misery, projecting problems on me which i have not, and belowering me, humiliating me and insulting me. For ALL the sins HE does. I am healed, and out of this insane church, called scoan.

  58. The Man of God Prophet TB Joshua has always said that the fight is not between him and his brothers and sisters but against the devil, against good and evil. So I am not surprised if the devil is using this medium to try to shore up a little support for himself. If you believe that TB Joshua is false, why should we also not believe that you are also false. Examine yourself properly and make sure you are not being used. may God forgive you.

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