REPOST: ‘Healing’ at SCOAN: Are people encouraged to stop taking medication?

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Medicine: Does SCOAN allow it?

TB Joshua was in the news recently when the BBC named the London branch of SCOAN in connection with the deaths of three women who were told by their pastor to stop taking their medication after being declared ‘healed’ of their HIV/AIDS (Note from the editor: since this article was originally published Sky News also exposed this practice, and the London branch of SCOAN has practically shut down).

It is clear that the claim of healing, including that of HIV/AIDS and cancer, is a key selling point of TB Joshua’s churches. However, SCOAN London firmly denied that they had ever instructed people to stop taking their medication.

So is there any truth behind the suggestion that SCOAN has  encouraged people to stop taking life-saving medication? We have talked to several former SCOAN insiders and visitors who say that this is the case. We will present the story of a women who went into a coma after being directly told by a SCOAN disciple to stop taking insulin for her diabetes. We will also tell the story of a woman who died after turning down chemotherapy for her breast cancer because she had been declared ‘healed’ by TB Joshua.

While some report being told to stop taking medication, others say that there was a strong implication that stopping medication was an important part of the healing process, even if they didn’t receive explicit instruction. All speak of the same teaching that SCOAN visitor Hattie describes in her account, which can be summarized as follows:

  • God wants to heal you, but this can only happen if you have complete faith that he can and will.
  • Any reliance on medication or medical treatment constitutes a ‘lack of faith’ in the ability of God to heal, and this show of ‘doubt’ may stop the healing from taking place.

The testimonies we are publishing will show how damaging this teaching can be, often to the most vulnerable and desperate people. What follows is the story of one woman who nearly died because of this teaching.

Judith’s story

Judith went out to SCOAN Lagos several years ago, hoping to be healed of her diabetes.“I had suffered from Type 2 diabetes since I was about 12.” said Judith. “I heard about SCOAN because an old friend of ours was a disciple. My husband and I decided to go and visit.”

Her husband Patrick describes their arrival at SCOAN. “When you get to SCOAN, everything is built up to the healing services. We must have watched five videos a day- all these dramatic healings, deliverances. You see all this incredible sights, and it makes you think that amazing things must happen there.”

The prayerline

As a foreigner and contact of a disciple, Judith was given a place in the prayerline. “Everyone is asked to write their illnesses and problems on a board,” said Patrick. “Judith did this and waited in the prayerline. She wrote the two things she wanted healing for- diabetes and depression. TB Joshua came down the prayer line, laid his hands on her, and proclaimed her healed. Afterwards she asked a female disciple if she had been healed of her diabetes. The disciple said ‘if it’s on the card, it’s covered.’”

Judith was excited but needed reassurance. “I found the disciple again and I explained to her my situation. I came for healing, I said, and you say I’ve been healed. So should I continue taking my insulin?”. Judith says that the disciple was very clear in her response. “She told me to stop taking it. She said that the process of healing was taking place but it would only happen if I had faith. If I was taking medication, it would mean I didn’t have faith for healing,” said Judith. “She gave an analogy, saying “When a farmer plants a seed, he doesn’t dig it up each day to see how much it is growing. Faith is unseen.” I could see what she was saying, but it still made me nervous.’

Talking to TB Joshua

She had one more chance to clarify if this was the right thing to do. “When we were about to leave the church, we had the chance to see TB Joshua in his office. I asked him the same question. He just laughed, and said “Do I have to tell you again? Where’s your faith?””. “I was surprised at his response.” said Judith. “To be honest it made me feel inadequate. I felt that by even asking the question, I didn’t have enough faith. But also, it hurt that he had just laughed at me. This was incredibly important for me but he acted as if it was a stupid question.”

Judith decided to take the leap of faith and stopped taking her medication. When she left Lagos on Friday morning, she was already in bad shape. “On the plane back, I was very ill. I started vomiting and got really dehydrated,” she said. “But I kept praying and kept believing that I’d be healed.”

From bad to worse

Judith says that after Friday night, she doesn’t remember anything that happened. Her husband takes up the story. “I’ve seen Judith through lots of difficult times with her diabetes, but this time was worse than any of the others.” he said. With Judith’s symptoms getting worse, Patrick began to have doubts that the healing was taking place. “I had doubts, of course. For a while I tried to banish them, because I felt we needed to stay faithful for healing. But I started to realise that it was getting serious.” said Patrick.

By Saturday she was critically ill. “I took her blood sugar levels and it was over 30. It was actually off the scale. I gave her insulin then. But it didn’t have any effect, it was too little too late.” said Patrick. “By this stage she was barely conscious and she couldn’t walk or do anything for herself. That evening I called an ambulance, and she was taken to hospital.”

The medical miracle

By Saturday evening, Judith, who just two days ago had been told by TB Joshua that she had been healed of diabetes, was in a coma. When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor was shocked that she hadn’t been given medical attention sooner. “The consultant asked me why I had left it so long,” said Patrick. “She said that  she should have been dead.” I told her about the ‘healing’ at SCOAN. She was a Christian herself, and she said the real miracle was that Judith was still alive; she could have easily died 24 to 36 hours before.” Judith was in a coma for the whole of Sunday, regained consciousness on Monday and remained in hospital for a further week. “She would have definitely died if I had waited any longer.” said Patrick.

Questioning TB Joshua

Judith and Patrick continued to visit Scoan London after that, but they began to question aspects of the ministry. “I started to think, where’s TB Joshua’s accountability?’ It seemed like people there spoke more highly of TB Joshua than of Jesus.” said Patrick. “Disciples that we knew had ‘prayer areas’ in their house with pictures of TB Joshua. I thought ‘I don’t want a picture of TBJ when I’m praying to Jesus- I can pray anywhere I like.”’

“I began to ask questions about things that I was uncomfortable with at SCOAN UK, but I found I was sidelined by people in the church that had been really friendly to me before.” he said. “When I’d question them about TB Joshua, they would always get defensive and reply with other questions, like “don’t you believe he’s a man of God?’ After a while these people stopped talking to us at all.” This was the point that they realised something was seriously wrong with SCOAN, and they decided to stop attending.

Judith and Patrick now believe that they were the victims of brainwashing at SCOAN. Judith is very fortunate to have lived to tell the tale. In a further post, we will tell the story of someone who TB Joshua proclaimed healed of cancer, and who later died after refusing to have chemotherapy.

Judith and Patrick’s real names have been changed at their request to protect their identity.

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    • So, can you continue indefinently to live here on earth, without any problem, as long as you have faith in God? Are you saying that everyone who has a problem doesn’t have faith in God, and every person who has ever died did not have faith in God?

  1. why do the two decided to be anonymous,if they are sure with their story? there is something not wright here , i think this is just a setup

    • Probably because everyone who has used their real name on our site has had slanderous and untrue articles written about them on TB Joshua’s fan sites.

      • TB Joshua always says that God is the Healer; His name is Jesus Christ. He also never tells people to stop taking their medicine. Watch this video:

    • There is such a thing called persecution. Trust if I had to testify about that cult-ish church I used to attend I would also do it anonymously. People can be extremely ugly and slander your name in a way that can affect you forever. People from that church are still “watching” me to this day. Im pretty sure some people from SCOAN know who those people are even if they are anonymous but they cannot slander their names.

  2. Yes we will all die but what we are after is while we wait we have to be ok anyway it doesn’t
    mean that when u are helped u will not die death is there it is a matter of time.please have faith in God through Jesus Christ.Faith is a spiritual force

  3. My husband, under the direct influence of TBJ, demanded that I leave the hospital in the middle of an induction due to preecclampsia. I refused. I did not want to put my baby’s life at risk. To this day he is angry about that.

    • @ M.,

      I was not sure what preecclamsia was, but looked it up. I am glad you decided to concur with the doctors prescriptions and stayed put in the hospital. Of what I read it can even cause yourself serious damage to your organs. You have faith but some people just have foolishness. There was a couple in America that refused to have their son checked out by the doctors and said they would rely on prayer only and not medication, they were recently prosecuted for their negligence even when a judge commanded them to check the child in the hospital.

      You were a wise and understanding woman regarding your dangerous predicament you could have been into by the misjudgment of your husband. Thanks for sharing.

      Proverbs 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

    • Good thing you refused ! You don’t put your trust in any false prophet but in the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is the Healer. Your husband really needs a rude wake-up call, but continue to pray for him !

    • i can not say is the good thing, i may say that you were practicing Ur rights. the husband has a right to be angry because he believes on his own religion no one is doing a favor for anyone. Mr Terrific I will start fasting for U maybe one day you will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.Your comments are terrific and Satanic.

      • I agree with you there Aden.. I don’t like the fact that people will make accusations based on rumors.

  4. @ All,

    I would like to mention two men that are experts in cults and religion who were recently on TV in a documentary about cults.

    Dr. Stephen Kent, Socioligist of Religion, University of Alabama
    Dr. Steve Eichel, President, International Cultic Studies Association

    Maybe feel free to write to them about your problems and bring forward your experiences with TB Joshua and Wisemen and his heinous dictatorship in SCOAN and that he is holding and indoctrinating people from families of yourself. Perhaps also write about the stampede that took place in Accra, Spintex Road, Ghana.

    The more we bring this out, the more they will look into this with the authorities.

  5. @ Lucy,
    ” T B Joshua always says that God is the Healer, His name is Jesus Christ.” Then he turns round to tell people to say that he is the “expected messiah”. T B Joshua is a fraud, and it is time you people wake up and see this false prophet for who he really is !

  6. Ya, the false prophet TB Joshua, oeps- no it should be TB Yeshua………. no, no, no it should actually be TB Jesus. That’s it. That’s what his name really means………

    Apostle prophet TB Jesus de nigerian messiah!

  7. TO ME THIS IS A FABRICATION AS TO WHY THE HIDDEN IDENTITY SHOULDNT LET BE KNOWN? DATES HE/SHE VIDITED SCOAN? MYSELF I WAS OPPOTUNE TO VISIT SCOAN in 2007 i was arrained on the prayer line and NOTHING LIKE WHAT THE SAID Judith explained happened to me I ALWAYS PRAY FOR THE TBJOSHUA AND HIS MINISTRY since God’s power is always manifested in his services much as i am not a member of his church I STRONGLY URGE THE WRITER OF THE COOKED STORY TO VISIT SCOAN FOR DRLIVARANCE OF HIS SALVSTION!! PLease publish my email and name as i am lead by the spirit of the living God and normal five senses!

  8. @mist and mnazareti,
    Ask your people on the other blog why they don’t use their real names but hide under Soe, Doe, Candleholder and other pseudonyms ? They are the ones who have a lot to hide, but some of us are very well-known to the false prophet who claims to be messiah.

  9. @ Mr. T.,

    Have you been able to contact this Gary McGoff. I am trying all the time, but now he does not come to the phone anymore or even put his answering machine on. All he does is sitting in Lonesome Lake, reading out loud his bible and film it.

    I have no problem with that, but I am falling over the fact that he uses the notoriety of TB Joshua to make a living out by posting video clips on Youtube.

      • @ Mr. T.,

        The same thing I have. He just does not want to come on the phone to be exposed the cheater he is.

        Or it is that he constantly sits in Lonesome lake, Franconia, New Hampshire reading his bible out loud and filming it thinking he is somebody special.

        What is clear to me he makes money off TB Joshua’s clips he makes, knowingly that he has an steady audience because of the notoriety of TB Joshua on a YouTube account named Revel2123.

  10. @ All,

    Description of a con man or con woman. Does anyone see familiarities ?

    In Confessions of a Confidence Man, Edward H. Smith lists the “six definite steps or stages of growth in every finely balanced and well-conceived confidence game.”

    “One follows the other with absolute precision. In some games one or more of these acts, to use a theatrical comparison, may be dropped out, but where that happens the game is not a model one. The reference to the stage is apt, for the fine con game has its introduction, development, climax, dénouement and close, just like any good play. And this is not the only analogy to the drama, for the scenes are often as carefully set; the background is always a vital factor. In the colorful and mirthful language of the bunko man, all these parts of the game have their special names. I give them with their definitions:

    Foundation Work

    The preparations which are made before the scheme is put in motion, including the elaboration of the plan, the employment of assistants and so forth.


    The manner of getting in touch with the victim—often most elaborately and carefully prepared.


    Rousing and sustaining the interest of the victim, introducing the scheme to him, rousing his greed, showing him the chance of profit and filling him so full of anticipation and cupidity that his judgment is warped and his caution thrown away.

    Pay-off or Convincer

    An actual or apparent paying of money by the conspirators to convince the victim and settle doubts by a cash demonstration. In the old banco game the initial small bets which the victim was allowed to win were the pay-off. In stock swindles the fake dividends sent to stockholders to encourage larger investments are the pay-off.

    The Hurrah

    This is like the dénouement in a play and no con scheme is complete without it. It is a sudden crisis or unexpected development by which the sucker is pushed over the last doubt or obstacle and forced to act. Once the hurrah is sprung the victim is clay in the schemer’s hands or there is no game.

    The In-and-In

    This is the point in a con game where the conspirator puts some of his money into the deal with that of the victim; first, to remove the last doubt that may tarry in the gull’s mind, and, second, to put the con man in control of the situation after the deal is completed, thus forestalling a squeal. Often the whole game is built up around this feature and just as often it does not figure at all.

    In addition, some games require what is called “corroboration,” which means what it says. This is important in games where a banker or other shrewd customer is to be the victim.”

  11. prophetTB Joshua id really man of GOD but what i need to tell people is this. TB Joshua is not Jesus Christ but his a God sender. Please, faith is the medicine of healing and if you don’t faith in prayers, you will not heal, when a doctor is given you a treatment and if you don’t have faith in that treatment the doctor is given you, remember that you will not be well.
    Ask yourself this question, do i have faith in that prayer line. Why you did not heal is this, madam, you have two spirit when going back to your country. One of the spirit ask you, are you show am healed and another spirit tell you, no, you did not healed. Madam, try to Work in the life of your testimony. Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of GOD and i’v never see him before, only Emmanuel TV i watched, made me to understand whom that man is. His a lovely, cheerful, peaceful, prayerful, helpful prophet in the world.

    • Please, faith is the medicine of healing and if you don’t faith in prayers, you will not heal, when a doctor is given you a treatment and if you don’t have faith in that treatment the doctor is given you, remember that you will not be well.

      What a strange and dangerous theology….

    • Where is the biblical basis for that? And how do you account for the number of spirit-filled Christians in the medical profession?

    • I totally agree with you Mr Emmanuel. Satan also has agent to discourage the children of God their healing and blessing. The bible says dont judge so that you will not be charge. Again the bible says the one that are with us are more than the one against us. Whether you believe or not you will surely die, but the truth will come out where your soul end up. If you spread rumours about men of God and call yourself a believer mmmmmmmh, capital questions there.

  12. jesse i think you are missing something in your brain,are you sure you are fine?all your posts are useless and nosense,just talking too much only.Do you have something else to do in your life because it seems you are not a mature person.

    • @ Kiki,

      Tell me, which part of my brain is missing ? How do you assess that I am not a mature person ?

      Show me one post from you that has contributed to anything that has been brought forward. I don’t see any biblical or spiritual exegesis from you, nor do I see anything from where disagree of what I say and elaborate on that.

      All what I see and others can see is there is no content in what you are saying. Explain and expand to me what you are disagreeing with. I don’t think you have gone through all my posts on which I have at least contributed for 1,5 years. Have you read them all ? I am sure you did not.

      Things that I have written here are about a lifetime of experience first hand with ministers, prophets, pastors all over the world. Not only here but years upon years elsewhere too.

      Then you come along with a reverse psychology statement in the hope I will write more here is it not ?

      I understand that you have difficulty to follow what I am saying that is not my problem is it ? You don’t have any questions and I have proven that I was inside SCOAN and I know what I am talking about. The problem lies that you don’t accept what I have been declaring and that I am a liar and what I say is not true.

      The difference is that I personally have seen staff and leaders inside SCOAN of lying deliberately.

      A question to you, do you think it is acceptable that people must lie deliberately and consciously to progress into life, job, ministry especially when they are preaching on a pulpit and telling others what to do ?

  13. Are you for Christ or anti-Christ?

    Constructive criticism by way of direct advice to the church on what you feel is best for the Kingdom of God will pay well. But if your intention is to bring disgrace to the body of Christ then your destruction is imminent!

    Repent while grace last! Blasphemy against the spirit of God shall be difficultly and reluctantly forgiven.

    • @ Ubong,

      We are for Jesus Christ, we are His mouthpiece and we reject con men, con women, liars, deceivers, wolves in sheep clothing, false doctrine, deception, 419 scams, …..

      I thought that was clear. So start reading from here and pray that God reveals to you what His purpose is for your life.

      Actions of men or women has nothing to do with blasphemy or against the Holy Spirit. The bible teaches you and me that we will be judged by our actions and that we have to judge false doctrine, the occult, deception, lies and abuse of people to advance and create notoriety of men and or women, children.

      The Lord is adding people read Acts 4, not by posting videos and advertisements by a machinery of the world system and abusing it for gain and money. And yes, I speak to you about this Gary McGoff, because you live as a parasite off these videos and make thousands of dollars from that.

  14. hahaha jesse,how we assess you are not fine,you dont have anything else to do than talking too much and nosense.,you are everywhere talking foolish can we read your immature posts?keep wasting time,sitting on computer and making research and post your nosense things.Us mature persons we have other things to do in our life than wasting our time to show people we know everything in the earth then we dont know anything.that is you.You think you know everything but you know nothing.Everyone told you Grow up !

  15. hahaha are you not tired of sitting on computer all day long fighting with nosense ideas?Grow up!grow up!grow up!every answer of yours is ”tell me how i am this and that,show me how i am this and that ” thinking you will win the battle by having the last words.They dont reply you because they see in you a kid mind.Talking with you is wasting time little kid.

    • @ Kiki,

      Who is everyone ? Are you referring to Matthew 12:36 ? Or are you wondering if that Scripture is applicable to you ?

      Maybe you are not sure how you interpret James 4:9 and onwards. You feel you have difficulty with that ? What do you think it means ?

      Maybe you are looking only to that, but other verses tell you also about 1 Corinthians 2:15-16.

      But when you do discern it, it is proven it is coming from the occult, then these scriptures are not applicable as All. Their source and powers are chaining people to a mortal man and so their mind is deceived about that one that is put in the place of Jesus. You think that is how it is, Kiki ? When they go out in a limb to create fake deliverances, lies, deception, because true sick people will just go home same way as they came and the ones that are delivered are sitting behind the desk of the office. When you arrive there and you ask them a question such as, were you not in that meeting delivered from millions of demons ? Then they look at you as they see water burning and try to put you on the wrong foot in saying, I don’t know what you are talking about and go all berserker. Even when I know you were working there before and that you are just lying through your teeth. As they usually do in SCOAN.

      This is the order of the day in SCOAN, so foolish people are lead astray down in a pit of deception and false doctrine and then you say I have a mind as a child and you start laughing at me because you think that James 4:9 is applicable in your confused and deceived brain because you never had a true encounter with the Holy Spirit in your life. So you start to laugh like a lunatic asylum inhabitant in the hope that you can talk down condescending on people here, thinking that your warped way of thinking is the summa cum laude of spirituality and sound doctrine. (That is only in YOUR head) That is what I call a superiority complex that is in such need of compensation of the moment in time that you come here and write your empty messages and believe they are more superior than mine. So how is that going to help anyone ?

      Those exhibiting the superiority complex have a self-image of supremacy. Those with superiority complexes may garner a negative image in those around them, as they are not concerned with the opinions of others about themselves. This is responsible for the paradox in which those with an inferiority complex are the ones who present themselves in the best light possible; while those with a superiority complex may not attempt to make themselves look good. This may give off an image that others may consider inferior. This is responsible for the misconception that those with an inferiority complex are meek and mild, but the complex is not defined by the behavior of the individual but by the self-image of the individual. Not that a person with a superiority complex will not express their superiority to others, only that they do not feel the need to do so. They may speak as if they are all-knowing and better than others. But ultimately they do not care if others think so or not, and will not care if others tell them so. They simply won’t listen to, and don’t care about, those who disagree. In this regard, it is much alike the cognitive bias known as illusory superiority. This is juxtaposed to an inferiority complex where if their knowledge, accuracy, superiority or etc. is challenged, the individual will not stop in their attempts to prove such things until the dissenting party accepts their opinion (or whatever issue it may be). Again this is another reason that those with inferiority complexes are often mistaken for having superiority complexes when they must express and maintain their superiority in the eyes of others. Many fail to recognize that this is a trait of low self-opinion who care deeply about the opinion of others, not of those who feel superior and have high self-esteem and do not care at all about the opinion of others.

      And yes, you are THE ONLY ONE that will see God, us silly ones will not. (Always agree with people with such complexes).

  16. Jesse
    i have written to this man and call him to stop him gaining money from tb joshua clip,mr this man to stop him posting tb joshua clip on you tube,mr T write to the president of south africa to stop tb joshua,mr this and that.Are you really fine in your head?who do you think you are?you have written to many people to stop tb joshua ,ins’t it?why dont you tell us what came out of your writting?Foolish and childish mind grow up!
    mr T. is tiired of childish mind,hahaha your posts make me laugh.

  17. have the last words Jesse!we leave all the posts for you if it brings happiness into your childish mind.hahaha

  18. @kiki and others. Do you believe that “annoining water”can save or hill you? The stickers and those others things can protect you? Jesse is warning you. Stop following men ideologie. Choose christ and his word.for yours information jesus christ is still doing wonders came to him ,trust him, obey his word. you will see that he is close to you. Heven at last.

  19. kali can you explain us john 9:6-7 why Jesus made some mud with saliva and put it on the man’s eyes and told him togo and wash in the pool of siloam?is the mud and pool of siloam that healed the man or is Jesus that healed him?why did Jesus have to use all those things?This shows God can use any foolish think to show his power.What about Moses and staff Exodus 14:16,is it the staff that divided the sea to save the israelites from egyptian? or its God himself that used Moses staff to save his people?there are many examples which shows that God can use any medium to express himself.
    Namaan and dirty river 2 kings 5:14,when namaan dipped himself in the jordan seven times as the man of God had told him ,he got healed but it is not the dirty river that healed him but God himself,acts 5:15-16 peter’s shadow also was used by God to heal people,there are many examples to show you God’ s way and wisdom is not of human understanding.
    1 corinthians 1:27 :Instead God chose things the world consider foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise;And He chose things that are powerless to shame those that think are powerful.
    You will never understand God’s way by your human understanding!if the blind man,Moses or Namaan did have not follow God instruction ,they could have not received the miracle

    • @ Kiki,

      All the things you sum up here, were an act of obedience by those who were sent. A staff of Moses was already part of his authority, Naaman was told to listen to God’s prophet and do his instruction, Peters shadow was only that the Presence of God was upon him and he was close to the people to let it flow from him to the ones that were close standing to him, the hand kerchiefs were because Gods anointing was upon Paul at that moment in time. Now they are used indirectly to make money, big difference. Also there is NO COMMAND to do these things in that format. JESUS HIMSELF SAYS, HAVE FAITH IN GOD ! And it tells us also that in Hebrews 11:1 and verse 6.

      But none of those applications you see continuing in that form of ministerial application. Why is it that people need to do this while the Holy Spirit is right inside of them who are Baptized in them, or even right next to those who call on the name of Jesus in sincerity and believe in faith.

      In the Old Testament the Spirit of God comes UPON people, Samson, David, etc. etc. In the New Testament the Spirit of God is deposited INSIDE the people. Do we need a mediator now in the form of mortal men ? Not particularly. The Holy Spirit is now available for ALL the people.

      Again I have to refer that the Holy Spirit is not a dispense mechanism, but a SOVEREIGN, look up sovereign Spirit. He does the will of God alone and the wind listeth where it wants to go, not when someone lifts up an arm and directs spiritual powers at will. This the contracting of inner workings of projecting powers from the inside of the body. This originates from the back of the spinal area, rises up inside the column of the spine, connects with other powers and demonic forces to the top of their head and to the hand palms and as well feet. This causes this power to impart in others on their “energy portals” chakras on their head, chest, belly, back, sexual organs to be “transmitted”. It is like plus and minus of electricity that flows a certain direction. Similar to AC and DC. Depending on the experience of the person who “triggers” this of, is the intensity of the flow if that power.

      This is what they call in SCOAN Holy Spirit, but it is not, because it is generated by self will and interaction of the demonic and NOT GOD !

      Two things that could be happening here. They know they can do it and wrap it in a Christian shroud of deception or they do not understand this themselves that it is by self will and carry on because it makes them a living and notoriety by promoting this relentlessly in the format they do as we see it.

      Did any of Gods prophets operate like that for example ? No, they only could see partially and some prophets could not even see what other prophets could see. The reason why this is because God speaks when He wants to speak, not when someone willingly enters into the spiritual realm and speaks at their own accord. We have posted so many scriptures and evidence about that on this website. You just want to promote this self willed powers and compare them they are authentic Holy Spirit movements of God, while they are clearly not and that is now the part of your deception and lies that you are drawn into.

      • oh God,jesse i dont know what is happening in your brain but what i can tell you,you need to seek medical advise,hahaha your research will make you fool one day.oh God what is this?all your explanations are foolish,be careful not to run mad jesse.

      • Kiki, your attempts to insult Jesse’s intelligence only backfire on yourself. To a casual observer they see Jesse calmly and coherently making his points, backing them up with scripture and experience – then you totally ignoring everything he says and claiming he has some kind of mental illness. The only impression this gives off is that you either don’t understand Jesse’s points, you haven’t actually read them or you simply have no response. If all you want to do is insult people, your comments are not welcome. If you want to actually engage in the debate then feel free.

  20. Yes, Kiki, that is true. Jesus and the prophets of the Bible did use all kinds of mediums to heal, BUT only as the Holy Spirit led them.

    It was always unique and only once.

    Today it is produced in mass and are send out to the world, without any control over it. Anyone of any believe system can and did use it with the same results? I am talking out of what I have witnessed myself.

    Beware – the deceptions of our days are very deep and very subtle.

    …”while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived “….2 Timothy 3:13

  21. TB Joshua doesnt stop people from taking medications. He advises them to go and get tested first at the hospital to prove that they have been healed. This story was inspired by the devil himself.

  22. Justwonder do you mean the Holy spirit is no longer working in the earth,the holy spirit worked only in old testament and new testament and went back in heaven?that is why you people cant not see God’s power,you are like pharisees who refused to believe and recognize God’s power on the time of our Lord Jesus on the earth.
    The holy spirit still working wonders miracle as Jesus said:those who will beleive in me ,they will do the works i have been doing and they will do even greater things than i m doing.

    • @ Kiki,

      You say we don’t believe the Holy Spirit is working today. Nobody does such an assertion, but you constantly do not want to understand nor comprehend that it does not come in the format of self will and conjure it up in any meeting or on any person whenever they want. I am very aware they all deny this openly, but that is what the do.

      Just look at then how they twist, punch, jerk people around. Especially on the area of their forehead, top of head, chest, belly. All those areas what I was pointing out. Some of them are even twisted and pushed down, just to coerce these powers and demons inside of them.

      The body if a human is just a “shell”. It harbours your spirit that comes from God.

      Ecclesiastes 12:7
      Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was:and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

      Gods breath. But your spirit is unregenerated at brith, you need to be born again when Gods Holy Spirit comes to live in you.

      When your spirit is “deposited” in your body you become a living soul. You are then only a soulish person, not a spiritual person. Soulish persons can be very powerful and have very powerful expressions and ways of doing by using knowledge that actually came by breakthroughs from the spiritual realm. These breakthroughs can be directly from God and His Host from Heaven and His angels. Also Satan can do this with his demons. The persons in question the soulish person he or she can only do and mimic what a true spiritual person can do. Yet very powerful, but not as God intents to interact with us when we become born again.

      God intend to work through us as soon the Holy Spirit is deposited in us. The same this works with Satan. This is the spirit of the Anti Christ. This is the spirit that you see working in a lot of celebrities, Hollywood, Nollywood and Bollywood. Through their antics is this world shaped when you have an unregenerated spirit and are not born again.

      I have seen TB Joshua claim that we need all those who are in the world to entertain us. Lets look at that in the light of the Scripture.

      1 John 2:15-16
      Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

      From there alone we can see he is not of God, but from a spirit that appeals to our senses and even promotes them. I will stop here for now and let that sink into you and question yourself, why would he say what he said. This only could have come from a satanic spirit or Satan himself and not a revelation of God personally. Believe me when I say, we don’t need anyone from Hollywood, Nollywood or Bollywood to direct us to find God, but only by the word of God it selves. What more can I say ? When will your eyes go open ?

  23. hahaha jesse what have i told u? there is nothing u said that has any sense only to talk too much and have the last words.You know everything jesse ins’it?hollywood,Nollywood!oh my God,what is in your head jesse?hahahaha whatever,say what ever you want to say and believe what ever you want to believe and have the last words.but let me tell you before to go the problem you have is ” pride”you think you know everything about God:me jesse:” I was baptized twice,when i was litlle and when i grew up,i went to many theological school,i talk to many ministers,prophets,pastors whatever all over the world,i can explain the all bible and bring it to the table,see me jesse i fast,and i pray ,i am filled with the holy spirit,i can explain everything about God,hahaha if you were filled with the Holy spirit you would’nt be here fighting behind your computer,read the book of acts the disciples after being filled with holy spirit what they were doing.I know these people they are,con man,con women419 scam,oh look the researches i do,have a look at this.hahaha If you knew to do research you could have known that 61% frauds were located in USA 16% in UK and 6% in nigeria,so when you are pointing one finger to africa your other finger are pointing on your country UK,PRIDE PRIDE,PRIDE ,i know these africans are using holly nolly wood power whatever,me i went there i didnt fall because i m filled with holy spirit,if you were filled with holy spirit what were you going to look for?i suppose if you are filled with holy spirit you were the one to help people not you seeking help,hahaha,were you going to test God as the pharisees did when they ask for miracle from Jesus and did’nt get none.You think God will be impressed of your theological school,of your nosense knowlegde,Neither God will be impressed of your fasting and prayers nor He will be impressed of your talking with pastors prophets whatever bishops and so on.That is why you will seek God by your human understanding and you never find him,if you dont surrender everything to God and be humble before God and stop thinking i know everything,these people are scamers whatever,me i m filled with holy spirit,i can do everything by my knowlegde,you will never see God.Your knowlegde and understanding are nothing before God,that is why God chose foolish and powerless thing to do his work.And you who are pharisees and think are wise you will stay in your fighting against God power because you dont understand it.

    • You know KiKI? because of ‘çhristians’ as you, i once left christianity. Its because God called me back , I have to deal with the simple fact, that christianity is full of madness, ignorance and pityfull noisy people as you. Its better kiki, to have some life-expereinces and to have some deep understanding of the bibly facts and use them for the best of all, then to mis-use knowledge against others, as you do. You use to much of your time to repeat the same, as your master tb joshua does. I gues you guys just love to move around the same mountains for decates. Tell TB Joshua to praech the Truth, and learn to listen to it. If you are not able to grow up, then just shut your mouth for a while. Maybe you will find peace by it.

      • jamie were you saved because of others or you are saved because you accepted Jesus as your saviour?You shut your mouth yourself coz you dont know why you got saved.TB Joshua will always preach the same gospel coz he believes in the same bible ,and you pharisees who want to change the bible you can change your preaching as you always do .

      • So you once left Christianity bcoz of people? You were never a true Christian, Are you sure your doings now display you as one in the eyes of God? Whom did you go to serve while on Jesus break? Another master who sent you back to Christianity to diss on true men of God? I dont believe God called you back to put you on a seat of an earthly judge.

    • @ Kiki,

      You read too much Time magazine. Did you notice that TB Joshua can’t keep his mouth shut either. He keeps talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. He never stops. As long as he can deceive and mislead people he will go on as a motormouth. Same for those Wuzzmen.

      • jesse tb joshua will always talk and talk,you will never stop him,and after him God will raise another one like him ,but you who has big Mouth and no acts,you will end up in “oubliette”hahaha do you know french jesse

    • @ Kiki,

      Where did you get these statistics from ? Are you aware there are more coloured people in prison than white ? How does that come about ?

      Just on another note, please read so you get educated.

      I am not a persistent serial liar like you are and I don’t pretend either. What I say I back up with facts and true statistics, not with Wulu Wulu stories that are fabricated in SCOAN.

      When I say something it is not because of bragging “I know it all”, it is because I have been through it all personally and produce it as evidence not theories or heresies.

      I never forgot what God said:

      Hosea 4:6
      My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

      Habakkuk 2:2-4
      And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,
      that he may run that readeth it. 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time,
      but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it;
      because it will surely come, it will not tarry. 4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

      That is what I do and you whine about it that it does not suffice in your eyes and you just laugh about it as if you are an inhabitant of the local lunatic asylum. At least I speak to you. Have you not noticed that everyone has stopped talking to you.

  24. @kiki and others.powers for healing,deliverance,miracle,salvation…are deposite in the powerful name of our lord jesus christ. Not in water or other name.. Did moses start produising staffs to share to the people? No.i fill so much pain for the followers of tb joshua.,each of them want to hold on this water. where is your faith? Jesus christ is alive he is just close to you. Heaven at last.

    • The whole system and vision of TB Joshua is wrong and not of God. There has never been a Jezus in the Bible who; humiliates people who come for help. Never a Jezus who uses His powers in a violent way, never a Jezus who looks at the heart of people, discovers their fibrods and low sperm account, and calls this discoveries; profhesy. There has never been a Jezus who tells theoretic stories, uses twisted statements,manipulates, abuses, accuses, . Never a Jezus who mis-uses and torture his disciples. Never a Jezus who promise a lot and never does it or never gives it. Only TB Joshua acts like this. And only foolisch people will believe a fool. Only people who are not awakened to the Truth of Christ, will eat of every tree they find. TB Joshua is a real tree of good and evil. amen.

      • Can you pls post a video of yourself using the system that is right and of God?, until then dont mind the foolish people who believe. There was only and still one Jesus, tbj isnt Jesus and doesnt claim to be. The post is in english but you spell jezus, does spelling the name correctly does any harm to you?

  25. kali is tb joshua use staff to do miracle?every man of God does work of God as he instructed by God,every man of God had and has his own calling,they dont use or do what people want or think.If you choose not to believe stay in your clans of pharisees and leave alone those who chose to believe.We are feeling sorry also for the pharisees who cant believe God is able to do everything.He chose foolish things to confound you pharisees who think are wise than others.Jesus is alive that is true but we are suprised why cant you believe what he said ,those who believe in me will do what i have been doing even greater than i have done,and of course in his name.So let those who chose to believe,believe him,and you who dont want to believe stay in your belief

  26. @ Kiki,

    Another thing Is, it is not about me, but all about the followers of TB Joshua, Wuzzmen, Oral Roberts, A. A. Alan, Benson Idahosa, Michael Reid, Benny Toufik Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Adeboye, Oyedepo, Matthew Ashimolowo, Kenneth Copeland, Jim Jones, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price, Stephen Chaote, and many many more.

    They are not interested in Jesus Christ at all. All they are interested in is their greed, selfishness, money, self promotions, being put up on pedestals, writing books, gimmicks, pacifiers and their ministry in golden shiny letters upon their buildings and TV shows.

    You don’t see any of them in Mongolia, North Korea, the bush in Africa, the jungles of South America, the out lands of Russia, the Sahel, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, with all their billions of dollars they have. Only in convenient places where they can extract monies from ignorant people lacking knowledge about God and Jesus as well His Holy Spirit.

    • Too many false prophets everywhere, and we can now understand why the Lord said there shall be many false prophets in the last days. Please Lord God, remember Your promise to give us pastors after your heart who would feed us with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15.Your people are being destroyed by these rogues who call themselves, ” men of God,” and it is time You deliver Your people out of the mouths of these wolves.

    • Why would anyone come to a bush in africa? do animals understand the word of God?, bcoz that is what you get in the bush.
      Well I guess your own ministry has gone to all those places including the bush.

  27. @ Kiki,

    Just another thing. Few Christmasses down the line. TB Joshua had a Inflatable Santa crawling out of a Chimney every 15 seconds on the singers podium.

    You don’t call this hypocritical ?

    About Who is it at Christmas ? Not that I advocate CHRIST MASS because it is a institution that has Pagan origins or is called Solstice in its origin. It was the Pope that instituted it, because he was jealous of the Pagan festivities.

    But a Santa crawling out of a chimney was to me ridiculous in SCOAN, for the world to see. What a bigotry and hypocritical way of saying it is all about Jesus. Yes of course.

    Jeremiah 10:1-5
    Chapter 10
    1 Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:
    2 Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. 3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
    4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. 5 They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them; for they cannot do evil,neither also is it in them to do good.

  28. jesse you think you are white and you have power over black people?i told you PRIDE PRIDE,that is why you will never see God because of your pride,how many black people have count in prison eh eh,foolish childish us with your superior messages how many people you saved from tb joshua ministry,i see thousands anda thousands people keeping going there including whites people who are not proud like you,why dont you stop them going there,you said you have been talking here about 1,5 year but your white people dont listen to you,they keep going hahaha foolish jesse,keep talking nosense coz you dont have aything else to do in your are filled with holy spirit but why dont you tell us what you were going to look for in scoan then..Yeah God will chose powerless people to save the world and confound those who think are powerful,He chose humble people to confound proud people,God chose black people like Tb joushua to confound proud white people like jesse,that is why you are going mad coz u cant believe how God did not chose you who think i m educated than those black people.Why dont you leave alone those black people and concentrate on your white holy church,eh eh,foolish and pride,the devil was thrown out of heaven because of pride.

    • @ Kiki,

      Let me quote one of the local Nigerians. Do you disagree ?

      “Speaking in the name of the Supreme Council of the Revolution, on the 15th of January 1966, late Major Nzeogwu stated among other things that, ( Our enemies are the poitical profiteers, the swindlers, the men in ihigh and low places that seek bribe and demand 10%. Those that seek to keep the country permanetly divided, so that they can remain in office s ministers and VIPs of WASTE, tribalist, the nepotist, those that make the country look big for nothing before international circles, those that have corrupted our society and put Nigerian politcal calender back by their works and deeds!) Almost 5 decades later, we are still marking time on d very spot where Nzeogwu left us! After stealing the SS blind-we blame GEJ 4 our 60yrs old woes-less the 55 trillion naira oil revenue-stolen from the SS by d tripod!animals”

      And it does not stop there, now it also continues inside the so called ministries of Makandiwa, Uebert Angel, TB Joshua, David Oyedepo, Ayo Oritsejafor, Chris Okotie, Matthew Ashimolowo, Nicholas Duncan Williams, and many more.

      And yes I am very aware of other ministries in Europe, USA it is the same. TBN, Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, Marilyn Hickey, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Peter Popoff etc etc. As soon they get a TV ministry they will get corrupt and money is their god as well high visibility profile.

      • hahaha jesse another nosense research,do you think the one who wrote this because he is a nigerian,it means what is saying is true?i m not defending people who enriche themselves by stealing but you should bring the investigations showing how and who these ministries you mention stole the money from.Talking and no proof ,there is no truth here.everyone can accuse anyone he wants.Do you think if these ministries steal money from people as heclaims they could have not brought to court if the government knows it?jesse what do you call stealing?Do you mean thighs and offerings or supporting financially a ministry is stealing money?if so,why dont you ask God why he told people to bring thighs and offerings in his house?does your church not give thighs and offerings or support the work of God finincially?.If a ministry is richer than the other,it does not mean the richer ministry steal money from people,all ministries have not to have the same finance. In the bible,the king salomon was richer than all other kings that came before and after him?what about Job?God blessed Job richly so God is not against beeing rich as soon as you got rich by honestly manner.This claim ,anyone can understand is from someone who did not believe in the work of God through churches.So stop bringing out your nosense research thinking you know the truth than others.

      • @ Kiki,

        I am not against being rich. Being rich comes with more temptations and problems. But if they are rich, then let then everyone be or become rich. Not only the pastors, the immediate staff, but All. That is namely not the case in many ministries. But our (not sure about yours) bible teaches that we should be rather rich in faith.

        I see you don’t want me to do research. Research brings facts, facts that you willing don’t want to face, but rather want to stay hidden.

        And yes I am against Tithing, because Tithing is part of the Law and anyone who does one thing of the Law, must do them all. Since mankind is incapable of doing perpetually all of the Law, that is why we are now living under grace (We thank God) and we give as our hearts love God and not compulsory but out of our love for God.

        And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children FREE.
        (Matthew 17:24-26)

        We are servants of God and not slaves or under bondage. Secondly, nobody is from the tribe of Levi today. You tell me where the Levites are today and where is the storehouse of the Temple ? The store house is not the modern day church. Thirdly Tithes is food, not money. Fourthly, But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.
        (1 Peter 2:9-10) Get your facts right.

        If all truth is parallel or Absolute Truth that is, then this is true concerning the Word of God, Revelation, Presence of God, Fruit of the Spirit, Gifts of the Spirit, Prophecy, Miracles, Healing, which consists in and of Breakthroughs and the second coming of Jesus Christ and would express in advances of Technology, Education, Medicine, Science, Transportation, Communication, Space Exploration, Nutrition and Agriculture.

        You would be a person that would like to hide this for everyone and only keep it for yourself and want everyone to live still in the dark ages and twist it and make your own followers impressed with your self inflatable quotes in photo frames and sermons to be followed to the letter, day in and day out. But I am sorry, I won’t be lead by you and your deceiving abilities to keep things under your convenient bushel and work vehemently to keep me in the dark or persistently trying to elude me. For you I would say: 1 John 2:20 and verse 27. Thank God for such impartation through Jesus Christ.

  29. you can have the last words you foolish jesse ,keep your foolish research by your self,i have other things to do than sitting all day long on computer like you reading your nosense childish comments

    • jesse i cant read all your follishness axplaination,it is wasting time with you,how come can you say you are against thighs and offering in churches?this is a childish mind,can you tell me how churches will keep their work then,are your prophets,pastors or ministers you talk with all over the world having other business beside their ministries?are you not giving thighs and offering in your ministry jesse?what a strange discovering?i m not suprised you have too much energy in fighting verbally than in works,if you cant give out thighs or offerings you dont even help the needy,that is why you are busy watching and fighting others ministries because your ministries are dead,you dont have any work in your churches,you open your churches just to preach your pharisees ideology and close them after when people are dying with deseases,other need delivrance or help financially, from these challenges ,you are just come out to fight against it.If you dont understand something its better to stay in your dead churches than fighting a battle you never win you stupid people.
      Jesse you can continue in your research,i know there is nothing else you can do in your life than sitting and make researches that can never change your childish thoughts.are your theological school teached not to give thighs and offerings?oh my God,and you are filled with holy spirit then you cant give out anything in your fininces?i told you you are missing something in your head.All your fellow stupid here if they have the same mind like you,dont ever and ever call yourself christians ,there is nothing in christianity you do have,only you have BIG MOUTH to critisize others ministries when yours are dead.Go you stupid people i dont want to talk to you again,you are a disgrace to christianity!

      • jesse,go on and explain this since you know everything and you live by grace what Matthew 5:17-19,what Jesus was talking about?you you are just like these proud pharisees who were filled with pride thinking they see,then they were blind and did not recognize the Son of God.You think i know the whole bible by heart but you dont know the meaning,you interprete everything by your human understanding like pharisees.

      • @ Kiki,

        I take no money from anyone. If I was offered money I gave it back immediately to the church and assigned it to the needs of those who have not.

        Here a Scripture for you how Paul did that the same way.

        Acts 18:1-4
        Chapter 18
        1 After these things Paul departed from Athens, and came to Corinth; 2 And found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come from Italy, with his wife Priscilla; (because that Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome:) and came unto them. 3 And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought:for by their occupation they were TENTMAKERS. 4 And he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks.

        Other people just keep thinking that that worker is worth his/her money in ministry, while it only IS FOOD. So the money can be spend on missions to proclaim the Gospel in UNKNOWN places to the ends of the Earth, not within beautified and glorified churches with all the facilities possible available.

      • @ Kiki,

        I tell you what, go and give everything to the poor, including your computer, your house, your car, your clothes, your money, then come back and tell me what has happened to you. Before you start to me about why don’t you do that yourself. My answer is, Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt, several times. Still working full time for God and my family.

        Matthew 19:16-21
        And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? 17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God:but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. 18 He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, 19 Honour thy father and thy mother:and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 20 The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up:what lack I yet? 21 Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven:and come and follow me.

      • @ Kiki,

        You say my ministry is dead. I am alive and kicking. The Kingdom of God is inside me.

        James 2:1-10
        Chapter 2
        1 My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. 2 For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; 3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool:4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?
        5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him? 6 But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats? 7 Do not they blaspheme that worthy name by the which ye are called?
        8 If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well:9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors. 10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

        You luvvvvv to tithe, which is a commandment of the Law towards the Levites.
        What about the rest of The Law, have Ye done them all ? Guilty !!!!

        When are you going to learn accordingly as it is designed now ?

        2 Corinthians 9:7-9
        Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity:for God loveth a cheerful giver. 8 And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:9 (As it is written, He hath dispersed abroad; he hath given to the poor:his righteousness remaineth for ever.

  30. jesse you said you are filled with holy spirit then why dont you go to those place you mentioned mongoria ,north korea,the bush in africa jungle of south america whatever and help them and tell them the gospel if you think tb joshua in not right?why dont you do there and help them instead of pointing your finger on others?people who are filled with holy spirit they are busy on acts and not on talking too much nosense and doing nothing.

    • jesse,i asked you to explain matthew 5:17-19 since you know everything but you are just escaping like you usually do by bringing whole bible on table just to find something you can rely on to give you right to be against thighs and offerings.But its okay i am used by your tricks.One just thing i wish to know and learn may be from you is ,you said you work for God full time may be you are a pastor,then you said the thighs and offerings God is commanding people to give is “FOOD”then you mean your church members cook everyday food for you and your family and bring it to your home because you can not take money from people since God command you only to take food?Jesse can you just explain what is happening to you?jesse i m sory i dont hate you,whatever happened i was angry with you i thought you are just proud but it is not you ,there is something going on in your life i can not understand.
      Jesse do you work full time for God like others ministers of God we see?are you sure?then explain to me how come you got a house,a car ,you wore clothes,you provide everything for your family since you dont accept thighs and offerings in your ministry?are you living like other people live or may be you are sitting physically in high places in heaven like you like to say in your comments,you know jesse i have read many comments of yours here and on other blog,when i say something you post,it is not a lie i m fabricating may be you forgot you have written it.But what matter here you can teach others ministers to leave thighs and offerings that consist of money but to take only physically food.

    • jesse i dont know really how you interprete the bible but i wish your filled of holy spirit could help you more to understand the bible, not physically but spiritually.How come you understand that Jesus meant everyone who walks by law ,should sell all his property and give the money to the poor?jesse i am missing a point with you and i dont know if by any chance i will be able to understand what is going on in your life as a christian and particularly as a pastor.If you can interprete the bible like this.I am wondering how you share the word of God to your christians in your church.
      God has never give a command to the people who lived by law before christ or during christ to go and sell their properties and give the money to the poor.
      Jesus told this to this particular young man because God looks dipper in his heart and saw this young puts his richness before God,that is why He told him to sell all his properties and follow him,So it is not a command for everyone.Anything that may prevent you to love God first than anything else,God can tell you to leave it.for example you can be addicted to watch football match to the extend you can forget your time for prayers.So God can tell you to leave watching tv so as it will not hinder your good relationship with your God.It is not about selling properties but it is about anything that can prevent you to love God before anything else.An example from bible,God asked Abraham to give out his son,God did this to test him if he loves his son more than God,from this example ,God did not command that time to the people to give out their son to show their love to Him even if they were living by law.
      Another thing that suprise me with jesse,you have gone everywhere singing i gave money to tb joshua but what i got from him is just t-shirt.Jesse how do you feel when you say that?So you mean, you went there to buy prayers from tb joshua?jesse do you know you love money so much but you dont know it?you are fighting against thighs,when you give out money and you dont get something back,you get depressed,that is love for money even if you will not admit it,
      As a minister of God you are really strange,how come you can say this if you know the power of blessing comes from above not from a man?you give money to a ministry so as to help the ministry to keep their work not for getting blessings from God.And you blamed tb joshua you didn’t fall when your heart were filled with such rubbish thoughts?It is not tb joshua who makes people fall ,or it is not him who heals people ,it is God who use him to heal his people.And i understand with thoughts like this ,you wouldn’t blame tb josua.
      Tb joshua prays only for people and God releases his power to heal,but if God does not release his power even if tb joshua would pray for you all day long,nothing will happen coz the power is from God not tb joshua.
      This is a joke”money and getting a miracle from God should not been put together.”
      It is ashame to see a minister of God singing “i give out my money but i did’nt get a miracle”will you buy then a miracle from God?The money that people give to the ministry are not for buying miracle but to keep the ministry working.
      If it was for buying miracle ,i think God would be unfair to the poor if He blesses only those who have money,and i think you could have been the first to get a miracle if since for you to give money equals to get a miracle.
      The way you talk about your giving money is like you gave millions of pounds,
      And the last thing,i am guilty like you are,but at least me i can recognize my guilty instead of filling my self with pride that i m filled with holy spirit!someone who is filled with holy spirit,he wouldn’t regret that he gave out his money,someone who is filled with holy spirit will be happy to help even if he does not get something back.By the way how come you went to seek help then if you are filled with holy spirit?you keep escaping this.
      Then by the dead church,what i meant is not dying physically by dying spiritually,i haved noticed with you,you always understand things physically than spiritually.And if the kingdom of God is inside you,you are really lucky,hahaha this is so funny,discussion with you has become funny than fighting.I m really sorry jesse i didnt’know you are so funny like this,i coud’nt have been too hard with you.I wish you the best and wish you to have a reel kingdom of GOD inside you.

      • @ Kiki,

        After reading your story I lost track. Do you always talk like that ? Collecting all the information about my posts, twists it, spaghetti it all together and you ask me if there is something wrong in my head. Why don’t you check those brain cells in your own head and the spun lies you have fabricated concerning my posts.

        This is typical behaviour of those who go to SCOAN. And demons that talk among each other who are monitoring demons gathering information and report to Satan. Exactly that. This type of behaviour is written in the beginning posts of TB Joshua Watch accurately and specified out, how disciples betray each other to get closer to TB Joshua. There are even books written about such behaviour by certain guy named Frank E. Peretti.

        Now you don’t have to have to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit, that speaking as you do is definitely a no no as a true follower of Jesus Christ. The likes of you would even try to call fire from heaven just to strike those that are not to their liking.

        Luke 9:54-55
        And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did? 55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

        This is describing you to a T in your twisting debate and it is not even needed to answer such vile and twisted questions that are regurgitated up from your dark slimey hellish pit you operate from. Secondly I would not even reply to such lying twisting questions because as far as I see they are an insult to my intelligence.

  31. jesse how i come out with the statistic of fraud ,go to the encyclopedia wikipedia and verify if i m fabricating lies as you always do against tb joshua.and bring out your statistics of how black people in prison.foolish.Do you think the devil will fear you because you are white?tell me jesse Hitler Adolph was not white?what did he do?defend your self always but dont think black are bad people than white.To bring out 419 scams everyday as if you white are innocent that is a childish mind.

    • jesse you always escape questions because you know ,you cant find another way to escape when you get caught.I told you,you think you are wiser than anyone in this blog but you have find someone wiser than you and your tricks dont work anymore
      You are lucky i m a francophone,if i was an anglophone speaker,i assure you ,you could have run away long time ago.
      Keep your foolish thoughts,we shall see who was wrong.

  32. jesse watch emmanuel tv and see your fellow white playing theatre,how do you feel? tell them to come out!write to them as usually do and see if they can out the scoan.are you not filled with holy spirit?hahaha,they know they chose the right part and you stay in your pharisees mind.

    • @ Kiki,

      Colour is irrelevant concerning SCOAN and leading its inhabitant people astray. You can’t bring a horse to the river if it does not want to drink. Sometimes you could try to bring water to the horse, but with the horse called SCOAN which is just too arrogant to take it from the sincere water carrier TB Joshua Watch and it’s truthful articles written here.

      I believe that this website was born out of a concern for people who were there and experienced first hand something is not right there and decided to leave for a good and sincere reason. You can read this all over here. Kiki, do you really think people behind their keyboards who wrote these experiences are willingly lying ? I really wished that you would try to stand in their shoes and try to understand them that they all have a valid reason to vent their experiences. Since they could not do this inside SCOAN without being made guilty. False guilt and warped application of using the Word as a blunt sword instead of a SCALPEL.

      • jesse why dont you give water to your own horses ?do you have to go to your neighbours’horses to give them water?are your neighbours have not to look after their horses?Are your water clean than your neighbour’s water?who said so?you stay with your water and your neighbour will stay with his own,that is simple.If any horse of your neighbour come to drink your water ,let it drink,if your horse go to drink water to your neighbor let it drink and stop being jealous and fighting.If your horse find your neighbour water is not good,he will leave coz noone knows your water is good than your neighbour water but only God knows.
        About coulour ,isn it you everyday with your nosense comments want to show you are wiser and good than africans?what about those comments you wrote about” these africans come to make funny of themselfs,about 419 scams they are con man con women,in africa there is only poverty,no education ,frauds and so on,all your comments show pride and no love.If you are angry because of your white people who are still there,they are mature enough to choose their dont have to insult africans and,by our knowlegde the God who created europe He is the one who created africa,If you think in africa there is poverty and no education ,go and develope africa if you are so in concern,but stop hiding behind your computer talking nosense and foolishness and showing ,me jesse i know everything in this world i m educated than these africans,im filled with holy spirit and at the end of the day you are doing nothing.

      • @ Kiki,

        I don’t live in Africa. 1. You said “African” neighbours don’t need my water. 2. How do you know that I don’t give to Africa ?

        Matthew 6:1-3
        Chapter 6
        1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them:otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. 2 Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

        Let me keep it at that shall we…..

      • T.B joshua IS NOT THE only pastor on this earth so why talk much about him, I think he does thing you can never do in your life that was the reason fore the name calling. Ok I received miracle right in my house i live in Togo and the capital Lome and my son was feel from through watching emmanuel TV

  33. tbjoshuawacth are on the side of jesse because you have the same ideology,or?Have read all his comments and find no insult towards his opposers?have you not found any racism in his comments?do you think his comments are welcomed in watchtbjoshua site?why dont tell him to stay in his fellow tbjjshua site and stop going everywhere posting his foolish ideas?You can delete my comments but you will never and ever stop TBJOSHUA

    • The only racism evident is yours kiki. It is you who seeks to divide on the basis of skin color. Another hallmark of tbj followers. You certainly fit the bill, full of mockery and bitter insults playing the race card when you have no Biblical or rational defenses

      • You go on you stupid M.have you finish to bring out your life with your husband?there is nothing else you know to do than fabricating lies against your husband,stupid mind like jesse,Go on and shit your lies stupid people

      • Wow Kiki. You really are the model of godliness, eh? Did Jesus teach you to speak that way or TBJ?

        I have made no lies. My marriage will not be over except by my husband choosing that. Reconciliation is my goal, not “winning.” I’m sad you dont seem to understand that concept.

    • jesse really to talk with you ,its hard coz i never understand what earth you are living in.You,you brought something about giving water to horses,you wanted to talk in parabole may be like Jesus since you are filled with holy spirit,when answered you in parabole too to please you ,you cant understand what i said?so i dont know what to do with you.
      All your understandings are based in physical way.whether it is the bible,whether it is your discussions,The neighbours i talked to you about ,its not africa,the meaning of neigbour i said ,are other ministries all over the world ,i know you like to bring africa alot in your comments but i advise you to discuss your issue in spiritual way not in physical way coz the physical problesm we find in africa ,we may find them too in every continent.

      • @ Kiki,

        A parabole or A parabola, the plural is parabolas or parabolae, adjective parabolic, from Greek: παραβολή is a two-dimensional, mirror-symmetrical curve, which is approximately U-shaped when oriented as shown in the diagram, but which can be in any orientation in its plane. It fits any of several superficially different mathematical descriptions which can all be proved to define curves of exactly the same shape.

        You likely mean a Parable, but it is good to know that you certainly know what you are talking about, or do you ? Because many times I get lost in your woven together as spaghetti posts. Or am I the only one ?

  34. @kiki and others.we love you , tb joshua include. I thank the lord jesus christ for the work of calvary. He loves us so much.please if you can, forget “water” stikers and dramatical deliverance. If you are a sincere born again,came back to the lord. Get closer to him by reading his word daily,fasting and praying regulary,ask him the grace to obey his word and to live a holly life for exemple for a women stop puting on wigs weavon earings troussers….do let the enemies deiceve the lord is closer to you. the way wy are not the wise men and others be given the right to mary?

    • kali sorry for the word pharisee its just i used it for people like jesse who in his mind thinks he is white he is educated and wise than others and he is superior to black people and i thought you are on his side.I love you too and i see you are not proud like jesse,keep on being a humble person God bless u,
      So for your information We only believe in Jesus Christ and tb joshua believes in Jesus Christ too and we believe he is a prophet of God,so the use of anointing water is just a medium God uses to express him self like he used to do in the bible.up i explained to you so if you chose to believe every lie they put on man of God that is your choice but let everyone believe what he chose to believe and God will be the Judge not you nor the people against tb joshua.and another thing i dont know where come from this lie that wise men are not allowed to mary,that is a big lie like other they fabricate against tb joshua ministry,even they used to say tb joshua is not married or have one kid,but all these are lies the haters fabricate against tb joshua.Ask very well tb joshua is married he has kids and some wise men are married too,and i think it is not too late for others to marry.ok thank you

    • jesse parabole or parable in our discussion it is not the matter,i told you i am a francophone speaker and you can see it.If i ask you to discuss in french,i know you will escape as you always do.But at least me i have tried to learn your language and the essantiel you understood what i talked you about.But your pride is always there in your heart,no answer of yours comes without pride,you can see it your self.
      Jesse you will always get lost because you have to much pride in your heart which prevent you to understand the truth.

  35. you jesse tell your friend tbjoshuawacth who protects you t stop delete my posts and you will see how i will deal with you who think you are wise than others

    • @ Kiki,

      I don’t have to tell them anything. I am an independent writer here. But it is clear we have at least one thing in common. The deceiving tricks of SCOAN, TB Joshua and his Wulu Wulu men, which brings us together to fight the good fight of Faith and for the cause of opening people’s eyes that it is not as it is portrayed by the followers of TB Joshua. I don’t like in real life to gloss things over, so I won’t stop when it comes to injustice that I have seen and experienced first hand down there.

      • jesse what you experience down there?you said you didnt fall because you were filled with holy spirit,you fool,you think all the people who go there only you who didn’t fall you are the one who was filled with holy spirit?you pride and nosense person,i asked you what were you going to look for if you were filled with holy spirit?why then you did not deliver tb joshua if you were the one filled with holy spirit`?childish mind you think every person that tb joshua touches he has to fall?i know you like to watch emmanuel tv,watch careful and count how many people dont fall when they got touched and ask them if they go back saying i didn’t cause i m filled with holy spirit.

      • @ Kiki,

        Calling me a fool, without cause.

        2 Corinthians 11:16
        I say again, Let no man think me a fool; if otherwise, yet as a fool receive me, that I may boast myself a little.

  36. Kiki,
    Please tell us where did tbj repent of his sins?
    When were he baptised in water or did he receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit?
    He has NO testimony!
    I see everywhere in the Bible testimonies of men of God who repented of their sins. Moses, David, Joshua, Paul, Peter etc etc.
    Tbj has NONE?!?!
    He has got his whole life carefully monitored on camera, but NO evidence of any of these?
    Please explain?

    • just wonder i m suprised how you can ask this question?just wonder when you repent did you call all people to witness or it was about you and your God?if you repent in your church,only your church members and pastors witnessed it ,but its not about all the world must witness my repentance,its about you and your God.And the man of God in the bible also when they repent ,they didnt have to call all the people who were existed to witness it,you knew it because it was written on the bible so as to teach you.Do you want God to put tb joshua i the bible so as you may know how he repent?i dont know how you people really think.if God has to make another bible and put all his servants all over the world in the bible i dont know if we would be able to carry the bible.tb joshua is not the only servant of God after the bible ,they have been thounsands and thounsands of servants of God in the world and they will still to come until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.Thank you for asking me this question but i should leave your site coz some question are not worthy to ask coz everyone can answer.Me i was here to deal with this jesse who has a pride mind over others and childish thought,you should advise him.ok bye bye God bless you

      • And yet you all delight in the humiliation of others with micrphones shoved in their faces, confessing the most dreadful things, being recorded so that if they should stray from their master tbj, they can be sure they will be broadcast on youtube labeled blasphemers as punishment.

        Tbj doesn’t object to public confession. Where is his?

    • jesse have you never call people on your comments they are fool?go on and read again your posts and come back to accuse me!i told you, you think you are wise than others but there is nothing wise in your head,you cant even remember what you write.
      You talk just to talk but you dont realize what you are telling others are not worthy.
      Then when it comes back to you,you realize its not good to hear.I told you people what you dont want others to do for you,dont do it to them.Tb joshua haters are just hypocrite and egoists with their selfish desires to show the world they know the truth for everything.

    • T B joshua never told you that he is withiout sin, he you use to listern to his message he said in one of his message, on this earth the is no perfect humanbeing on this earth those perfect humanbeing does not live on this earth what more do you want to hear.

  37. Kiki,
    The Bible is our standard for living and not anyone or anything else.
    Now, the bible says;

    “Deuteronomy 4:2
    2 Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you.

    Deuteronomy 12:32
    See that you do all I command you; do not add to it or take away from it.

    Proverbs 30:5-6
    5 “Every word of God is flawless;
    he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
    6 Do not add to his words,
    or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

    1 Corinthians 4:6
    6 Now, brothers and sisters, I have applied these things to myself and Apollos for your benefit, so that you may learn from us the meaning of the saying, “Do not go beyond what is written.” Then you will not be puffed up in being a follower of one of us over against the other.

    Revelation 22:18-19
    18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
    19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

    So I am trying to show you, that tbj is adding to the Word of God. Nowhere does the Bible state that any man of God did mass production anointed “water, oil, mud etc etc”, nicely package in Italy. It was a ONCE OFF uniquely Holy Spirit inspired act. That also does not say; “That I do not believe in the actions of the Holy Spirit today?

    • just wonder i dont know how many time i will say it,every man of God does the work of God as God instructed him,Every man of God in the bible did what God instructed them to do and all of them had their own calling.If you dont believe the use of anointing water is from God,then dont use it.Thats all,God will not ask you on the of judgement why you did not use it?but anyone who chose to believe is from God,its his or her own choice and if it works for him or her,it is not you who will stop him or her to use it.

  38. Kiki,
    Jesus warns in many places -very seriously- about false prophets in the last days. Let us be of the mature mind of testing everyone against His Word.

    Jesus said; “That not everyone doing miracles, driving out demons and prophesying, will be of Him.”
    “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” – 1 John 4:1

    Math 7:15-23
    15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I, Jesus, will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

    If we do not stay in the Word of God as our Standard, we will fall into this category;

    Paul said:
    “I marvel that you are so soon removed from Him, Jesus, that called you into the grace of Christ to ANOTHER GOSPEL 7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. 8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed” – Galatians 1:6-8

    “3But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 4For if he that comes preaches
    ANOTHER JESUS, whom we have not preached, or if you receive
    ANOTHER SPIRIT, which you have not received, or
    ANOTHER GOSPEL, which you have not accepted……………………………….. 13For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ”. …– 2 Corinthians 11:3-4, 13.

    Beware that it will not be said about you;

    “Who has bewitched you?”- Galatians 3:1

  39. it is obvious that they doubted the healing power of God and that was the result they got

    • @ Kemo,

      You make it to the power of God and you do everything in your power to make others and followers to convince them it is the power of God. I know it is not the power of God. Plain and simple. How do I know ?

      I know what happened to me afterwards and I am paying for years now the price for it. And it was not the price that one should pay for it in the first place. I know and others know what the result of it was afterwards. Then on top of it blaming me for it of my sincerity not genuine.

      When others wake up (hopefully) and figure it out, they will notice it will turn against them and ruin their lives. I do not see God in the business of ruining lives of believers in Him and who have lived the majority of their lives on His provision, faith and care. And no it has nothing to do with that weird twisted thinking that you need 10 times deliverance. Being exposed to it for many years, I am completely dissatisfied regarding the outcome of it all and have come to the conclusion that I have been lied to, wasted my time and energy on it and I am not going to get this back. None of the leaders do care about this whatsoever, they just carry on without any remorse. So if you all want to stay in that cesspool and keep believing this weird application, go ahead. Don’t say afterwards I have not told you as well TB Joshua Watch here is been doing.

  40. jesse how about the people who came after to testify that they used to fabricate lies against man of God?they are many of them.What about of thousands of the testimonies you hear and still hear of people who testify God healed them or get a miracle?Do we have to believe your people’s testimony are true than others’testimonies?why then?i told you only God knows the Truth,its is not about you created this webside and that will show that everything you bring in is a reel truth about scoan coz they are thousands of people who believe in the good work of my concern is about your pride and you dont have anything to be proud of your education and whatever your skin coz whatever you are rich or not,or educated or not,white or not,God will not treat you different than others.

    • @ Kiki,

      “thousands of people who believe in the good work of scoan.”

      Yes, it is easy to show off with other peoples monies, commitments and talents.

      I told you before. If I can deceive people with smooth savory talk and the theatrics they do on Emmanuel TV and make them believe and tell them come and support my everlasting cause in begging for money (find out about a sermon of TB Joshua that we must give that it hurts us a little) and commitment of people to be my slaves. I too can go around as benevolent Philanthropist and Good doer. Thousands of people will worship me and touch my feet. Most people are bought with money. The bible teaches, that Money answereth all things. Ecclesiastes 10:19 A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

      You always can make a party when you throw around money and facilitate your partygoers front row. You can even mock people when they hurt by openly start to cry and involve your followers into it by doing the same. Not realizing or even thinking where they before came from do they now ? Once they were in the same position, now they mock those that are in those same position because they made it with other peoples monies and being inflated with hot air balloonery, they now talk condescending on those that are weak and still suffer.

      Now I am looking at Jesus. I don’t recall Him making someone look silly or humiliate them in front of a crowd with endless interrogations in deliverance that are not true nor real. Because His’ were real. Jesus deals with it appropriately, swiftly, accurately and shields above all the victims of Satan with integrity and sincerity and above all that with a supernatural love that nobody can give or replicate in a lifetime.

  41. just wonder why dont you come out and show people your churches and let us test you and know you are not false ?tell us who you are so as we may test you and know you are not sent by the devil to deceive people by your lies?the devil also can use bible to decieve people.To hide behind computer and bring all the bible on the table,dois not guarantee yu are coming from God.

    • KIkI-dear, when do you calm down your blind nonsence-responses? when people receive a miracle, the this is because of their own faith, and this faith has less and nothing to do with the Godman tb Joshua. He only takes the credit for almost every good sign, that God does. TB Joshua is a joke, This his testemonie, :”how to make my life to a never-ending disaster, and preach the opposite”. amen

      • dear jamie that is kind of you to call me dear if it is not a mistake in your writting,it is not usually in this web site to show love and thank you coz there is no use to be poud to others.but let me tell you something,in my experience whatever they accuse tb joshua i have never seen in him even one true accusation among all they fabricate against him.whatever you accuse him,for me is a lie.

  42. Kiki,
    It seems you are a troublemaker and a person filled with strife, and as a servant of God we must not strive because you defeat the purpose of your argument; there is nothing Jesse has said here to imply he is a racist as you are working so hard to make us believe. The statistics that Jesse presented here of Nigeria’s crime rate is from a Nigerian website “Saharareporters”, but these does not mean that there are no good and honest Nigerians out there, Nigeria has a lot of good men and women, intellectuals and even inventors but the poverty rate and corruption have made the youth of the country to take to fraud, etc.. Furthermore, if Jesse goes to other websites to post, it does not mean he is discriminating or exercising any kind of superiority, he is simply warning people to be careful – moreover, is the website open to the public to post? If yes, he has every right to post whatever he wants on it. We have been following how you have been insulting this servant of the Lord, Jesse, and calling him a dull head, etc. and it is unfair. You do not fight fair. You cannot help but admit that certain practices of TB Joshua is not right. An example is selling the anointing water, stickers, wrist bands and all “spiritual” worth nots for profit. In addition, the one that is coming to our attention is that before anyone enters his church, you must buy his N200 naira programs or you’ll not be permitted to enter into his church, instead you are forced by the ushers to sit outside in the hot canopy unless of course you are a “white man” or look like a “white man”, then they find a way to let you inside so you can be seen on TV, because he likes to fill his church with white people to show off. His ushers have figured this out and work it accordingly; they hunt out people that look like white people to fill the church first. It’s all a charade.
    Besides, former disciples have testified that TB Joshua does not want his disciples to get married. He has locked down the girls in the choir, the workers, disciples and the Wisemen from getting married and starting their own families, and the few ones that managed to get married were forced to marry fellow disciples so there is no chance of escape with the guise that the Holy Spirit told them to marry. It is called mind control and brain washing and it is a sin against the Holy Spirit. You say that some of the Wisemen are married, which ones if we may ask? There are only five of them, or do you have other Wisemen that we do not know about?

    • Thanks Kimberly for all your comments on this post. Lots of excellent points. Thanks for taking the time and effort.

  43. We also want to know why he does not want to train more of his disciples to be Wisemen since the population of the people that attend his service since the last 5 Wisemen were announced have doubled. Why does he still want to keep these men under tutelage like they are children, when some of them are old enough to run their own churches and ministries, is he scared that they might outshine him when they start their various ministries, therefore want put them perpetually under his control? I can bet that non of the Wisemen are less than 40 years of age, but TB Joshua started his ministry when he was only 29years. Why does he not want to let these ones graduate and be on their own? He said he does not want SCOAN to have branches, that is understandable, but let these able bodied men that he has trained go into the world, start their own ministries and help people around the world and not be locked down in SCOAN, eating the crumbs that fall from his table, calling him “Master”, when Jesus Christ has told us to call no one “Master” because we have only one Master, even Christ (Matthew 23:8, 10).

    Also, he keeps telling us “Distance is not a barrier”, if distance was not a barrier Peter, John, James, Paul and all the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ would have blessed handkerchief and anointing water and remained forever in Jerusalem and not suffer shipwrecks and persecutions, while people came from all over the world to visit them and purchase their anointing water and blessed handkerchiefs. In addition, if this was the case, Peter or any of the apostles would have remained in Jerusalem or Rome and be writing letters sending them out around the world that the words of their letters would heal the sick and they never would have left Jerusalem; Paul would never have travelled to Corinth, Ephesus, Macedonia, Rome, Antioch, etc. to preach and suffer shipwreck he would have chilled at home writing letters and blessing handkerchiefs to be sold and shipped out to help people around the world get rid of their demons and diseases.

    However, this is not the case, the apostles only used the handkerchiefs once as my brothers have mentioned above. Paul’s handkerchief was only used once in the healing process and you never heard of Paul manufacturing handkerchiefs en masse, blessing them, praying over them and eventually selling them or shipping them off to be sold for gain. I do not know about anyone else, but I will conclude that the process of manufactured anointing water and sticker and praying over them to be sold for gain ranging in the billions of dollars, is a raw act of Simony. It is using the people of God for merchandise as we were told in 2 Peter 2:3.

    The thing happening at the SCOAN is indeed a travesty, it is either the serious work of the devil or the workings of an ignorant mind, and we are told that God is not the author of confusion, 1 Corinthians 14:33; He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    • @ Kimberly,

      Just as many have told this before what you say here, so I have told them similar and many that come after TB Joshua Watch, you and me will tell them, again and again. Do they listen and consider this true explanation ? No, they just carry on.

      It has become an en mass product that is given over the counter (as you rightfully say) and not a genuine move of God and they just can’t admit that.

      • jesse can you count how many have told your shit lies and compare how many people approve the work of God in scoan?the number will not count to give you the right you speak truth than your opposers.We will never admit your foolishness you stupid pharisees

      • @ Kiki,

        So you think that I enjoy to set aside years of my life of what I did in SCOAN and then come up with lies ? What am I gaining with that ? That means that I am just stupid and again wasting my time on such a foul nasty ministry that only has in mind to expand with fake humiliating shows. It must mean in your mind that personal efforts that I tried for years and years to see SCOAN in a positive light, only to come away misled by all the false lying promises and that I had to accept the lies of the leadership that were revealed last year all being infested with demons. Also ignoring a stampede that took place where people died, hurt and broke limbs. There so much more to say what I have discovered, but I hate to repeat myself in this post over and over again what can be all read in my former posts.

        So you really think I find it enjoyable to write here just for fun and make jokes, giggle behind my screen and your conviction about me telling whoppers here. You tell, why would I do this ? Now you don’t even sound more absurd as you did before, you now have lost your marbles in the process.

        If you can’t say anything that is true concerning me then don’t say anything at all.

  44. Furthermore, Paul and Peter went all over Roman Empire of the time and Asia Minor, travelling around healing the sick, casting out devils and spreading the good news of the gospel. Jesus himself let his apostles go into the world and preach the good news, but TB Joshua want these men to remain in his lockdown and be calling him “master”, “master”, as perpetual slaves. While he tells people all over the world to be glued on their television sets, waste electric energy day in and day out – never turn off their televisions even when they go to bed to ward off evil spirits – and be watching Emmanuel TV, and this TV station is all about him and no one else; it is about his birthday, self promotion, etc. maybe one or two sermons, healing and prophecy from a Wiseman or two, all the good work that he and the Emmanuel TV partners have been doing and the songs from the Emmanuel choir that do not seem to show any king of decency in most of the videos from the ways the girls were dancing to the tango Spanish dancers that were seen in one of the videos. It’s like reading Oprah’s magazine where everything in it is about Oprah Winfrey.

    The one that baffled me last month was the hype over his birthday. Why would a serious man of God be interested in such things as birthdays? Did Jesus Christ and any of his apostles celebrate their birthdays? Did the apostle Paul or Peter ever think this was necessary? Even the Christmas we now celebrate was put in place by the Roman Catholic Church, there was no place that the Lord said we should celebrate his birthday. The only thing that the Lord commanded us to commemorate is the Last Supper, the breaking of bread with his apostles, that is it, and not his birthdays or his baptisms or any other man made celebrations out there. Besides, the only person that celebrated birthday in the bible, you’ll know if you are a bible reading Christian, is King Herod and any true believer will agree with me that after that birthday party, John the Baptist head was on a platter. So, why is there such a big issue over Prophet TB Joshua’s birthday?

    If you kind of glimpsed at during the past month of June TB Joshua’s birthday month, you would have seen some people in India or is it Pakistan, with garlands around his pictures and were throwing flowers at TB Joshua’s image like some god, singing and carrying it about!

    • jesse your personal efforts you put here i just wasting time coz i know you will never achieve anything.,i dont sound more absurd coz i have forgiven you coz i noticed you need more help to change your thoughs.
      Your experience in scoan was just to give money and get a touch and fall but you forgot we dont buy God,that is why everything you say here is just jokes and funny to make people laugh.

  45. Jesus Christ himself told us to go into the world and teach in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, why is it that he does not want to let his own people go out into the world, but remain in that fortress of SCOAN and be hiding from the world? The only time you are permitted to come for help is if you complete some online application and beg them to visit them, then you pay your own flight ticket and hotel fees to see their faces (Let us not even talk about those that do not have a computer to complete the application, that do not live in Nigeria; in fact they are doomed). I tell you if the apostles of old were doing this, the gospel will never have left Jerusalem and Christianity would have died. Why is it that TB Joshua does not want to obey the Lord’s commandment and train some of those disciples that have been running after him for decades to be Wisemen? Instead he uses this their desire to cage them and give them false hopes, while they keep wasting their years serving him, and the hopes of ever being a prophet will forever elude them until they are too old to be of use to anyone but TB Joshua.

    Some people are basing TB Joshua’s authenticity because he arrests demons and heals the sick; we have to understand that the gift of God is without repentance Roman 11:29. Even if what he is doing is a gift from God, God might let him use this gift but does not necessarily approve of his actions and self-aggrandizing moves and worst of all does not even recognize him, yes, does not recognize him.

    We watched and saw the self promotion of Emmanuel TV that they ran over and over again about C.S. Upthegrove giving a prophesy that TB Joshua was God’s appointed 12 prophets of these last days. How do we know this, how can we vouch for the prophecy of Upthegrove? How do we know that he actually hears from the Lord? If this is so can Upthegrove tell us who are the other 11 appointed prophets of the Lord? The devil can use anyone old or young it does not matter, we should be careful. Here in the USA, I have never heard of Upthegrove until he came to SCOAN and his name was all over the place like he is some Elijah. Besides, he was under the tutelage of A.A. Allen that we heard died of alcohol overdoes after a heavy drinking binge, in San Francisco, California. As we are told that in the last days many shall ask the Lord, “have I not prophesied in your name, and have I not healed people in your name and cast out devils in your name? And the Lord will say, depart from me, I never knew you, you that work iniquity (Matthew 7:22-23).” This is the evidence to let you know that God might not take away the gift from you, but his support of you will be withdrawn i.e. Ichabod – the glory has departed.

    • You’re right, Kim, here in the United States( I live in Atlanta, Georgia) nobody ever heard of C.S.Upthegrove, but TBJ is so desperate for approval and recognition that he would do anything to “project his name.” Upthegrove is a nonentity, but the ignorant people don’t even have any clue about his credentials or credibility, and would swallow anything, hook, line and sinker. TBJ is a professional manipulator and would manipulate anything and anyone to further his satanic ambitions, but his kingdom of lies and deception which he had tried so hard to build, would come crashing down like a pack of cards in a moment !

      • @ Mr. T.,

        I never had heard about C S Upthegrove, until last year May when he was introduced in SCOAN. There is also only one video on Vimeo about him where he claims that people got new teeth and golden teeth. According to him there, they could not come right now, but only on the second day when he would minister again. Does anyone smell a rat, when you make such claims ? There is also no evidence or video where we could verify such claims.

        So not knowing him at all. I was wondering why I never met him over the years, while I have been in many meetings, volunteered and offices of many TV evangelists, from Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Jesse Duplantis, Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth Copeland, John Avazini, Creflo Dollar, Billy Graham, Eddie Long, David Oyedepo, Matthew Ashimolowo, Joyce Meyer, Hal Lindsey, Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, Lester Sumrall, Colin Dye, Gerald Coates, Rod Parsley, Adeboye, and many more……

        But C. S. Upthegrove, never heard about and what is known about him is nonexistent as you said. He handed TB Joshua the signing stamp of A. A. Alan. We all know what happened to A. A. Alan. The evidence of A. A. Alan who was a well known alcoholic was all removed by Don Stewart who took over the “ministry” from there. So here comes CS Upthegrove claiming he was big friends with A. A. Alan and tells us that he got this stamp from A. A. Alan and that it now should be given to TB Joshua…… As the 100 years ago prophecied prophet for this time and one of the 12 prophets as Kim tells us that are in this world. So yes, who are the other 11 then ??? Anyone ? Kim Clement, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, John Paul Jackson, Stephen Chaote, Kobus van Rensburg, Makandiwa, Angel, etc etc which we all know are first class charlatans and liars and claiming they are Gods prophets and mouthpieces. All with dubious backgrounds and claims that are even more dubious. Weigh in please….

      • Yep. Too true. Not only are the “references” TBJ uses practically unknown in the States, except by a very small group of certain religious people, but they themselves are of dubious character.

        He has some “big name” references but the supposed “interviews” with folks like CeCe Winans are nothing more than those people having a mic shoved in their face and asked to say “Keep watching Emmanuel TV!” This is just more of the manipulative use of media that is the norm for SCOAN/TBJ.

        TBJ currently has a video featuring a pastor I know, as a “recommendation”. I contacted that pastor. He told me that the video was made decades ago, while it was passing through and visiting SCOAN, and he has had nothing to do with TBJ since then. This pastor is a Pentecostal and I can’t say I blame him for being impressed with the brief, surface level view he got of SCOAN. He was quite horrified by the links I sent him of Emmanuel TV testimonies of heresy and assured me that his ‘recommendation’ on that video is certainly not a current one.

  46. There is no doubt, there is some good seen in SCOAN, but you simply cannot deny that the actions and words of this man TB Joshua, is questionable. I cannot say I do not see the good works that he does, like giving to the poor people and stuff, but the witches, wiccans, new agers and people in the occult also give to the poor people, build schools and libraries and serve in the soup kitchens helping the homeless. It is not a special thing to give to the poor or assist the less privileged of our society; it is not a badge of holiness or an authenticity of your anointing.

    I will ask any well meaning discerning Christian if you are thirsty coming out from the deserts, and you’re given a big glass of clean water and speck of small pox or tuberculosis disease is introduced into that water, would you still drink it? Yes, indeed some will because they do not want to die of thirst, but some will rather suffer thirst than risk to catch the disease in the water. That water is SCOAN and the choice is yours.

    Finally, I understand that TB Joshua is a man and is susceptible to sin too, as we are told in Romans 3:23 and Ecclesiastes 7:20; therefore, we should not evaluate his actions harshly, but as a thinking man once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, it is about time people rise up and stop the wickedness going on in the house of God in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Christianity, and I respect this website for taking the mantle to point out some of the dirt in the water.

    Kim. Hess – Battleaxe of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • jamie there is no clear reply in THIS BIG MOUTH kim,what she did ,is just shitting lies like you all do!

    • @Kim,
      Point of correction ! T B Joshua is not susceptible to sin, but as the Bible says, is a wretched sinner like you or I. All have sinned, and that includes everyone born of woman, except the Lord Jesus who was conceived by the Holy Ghost and lived without sin, though He was tempted in every way. T B Joshua is not only a fornicator and an adulterer, but is also a fabricator, manipulator, blasphemer, false prophet and an antiChrist and unsaved. He is just as deluded as his followers, because he thinks he is the ” expected messiah,” and needs to humble himself, confess his sins and ask the Lord Jesus to save his wretched soul !

    • M,this is very funny?you called the pastor to ask him why he recommended people to watch emmanuel tv?so you people think, you have authority on others?this is so stupid,you and jesse ,you should check very well if there is no problem in your brain.
      But it seems you follow his recommandation,you are always watching emmanuel tv ,wether it is current or not it does not change anything,tb joshua is the same,hahaha,your mind is very childish like jesse’s.
      Keep watching emmanuel tv ,you blind pharisees,may be one day you may find your sight.

  47. @kiki. god can use the medium of “annointing water” are tb joshua’s ideologie not the word in the bible. So is up to you to choose who you want to better for you to choose to obey christ. And i m not on any body’s side but on christ’side. Remember, jesse was living in scoan he may have better information about that place. Let the true be told i pray that the lord open your deper understanding of his the way thanks you for information about the wisemen.i did not know that some of them are maried. I used to pray for them. i wish they could preach the true gospel of christ. All they do is repeting the same things

    • dont worry kali,you just keep praying,us we know what we are talking about.jesse never lived there,he went just to get a touch and fall,but because his pride mind,he did’nt get anything so he just fabricating lies like others
      Do you thing i did not go there ?i know what i m talking about?kali keep your faith and i encourage you to continue showing love but forget about me.Me i m here to deal with these proud pharisees

  48. kimberly whatever,i understand you are coming to save you fellow jesse but have you read all his comments he wrote here in this blog and in watchtbjoshua blog and verify if what i said about him is not true?Go and first verify before coming with your BIG MOUTH accusing tb joshua with this and that and not showing what you are doing to change the world.
    BIG MOUTH if Paul and peter went all over the world to preach,tell us where you have gone to preach the gospel before critisizing tb joshua?You BIG MOUTH like jesse all your life,you will keep hiding behing your computer pointing your finger on others and shouting you are christians filled with holy spirit but doing nothing.
    I dont have to tell who is married or not i m not in court,and especially i dont have to say it because THE BIG MOUTH is requesting it by shouting and fabricating lies against the ministry of tb joshua.Whatever you are accusing tb joshua is not new,we have heard it before you BIG MOUTH come out with your fabricate lies.and you think because it is said by BIG MOUTH it will be true.
    All we know it is not how many lies you will fabricate that will stop TB JOSHUA to do work of God,instead your hatred and jealousy motivate God to bless him more and you, you will end up hiding behind computer and doing nothing to change life of the people.Keep watching emmanuel tv you BIG MOUTH,and before to come out and save your fellow jesse first verify before shouting with your BIG MOUTH but i know you could not hold yourself because you have BIG MOUTH.

    • @ Kiki,

      Yes, I do sit behind a screen on a regular basis, but I have been in the shop floor of SCOAN for many years and also in other ministries as well my own.

      I am also mobile and I travel on a regular basis around in my country as well in many other countries close and far away and when I am done with my things that, I do I use various means to be online, that can be in my own office as well on the road, in the dark, by day this can be walking or in a ship, train, car and aeroplane. This happens on a regular basis. So telling me that I sit all day behind a computer screen is just a lie from your side and assumption.

      • congratulations jesse if you have so much things to do in your life but wherever you are and still use internet to post accusations and condemnations and come out with some research to show you are holy than others,still you are not right.

  49. BIG MOUTH kimberly,i have been following this website and watchtbjoshua website and some other magazines where jesse have posted her foolish ideas
    .You dont just come out reading only this article and open your BIG MOUTH that i m lying,this site has many articles if you were not aware,close your BIG MOUTH and read them and go to other site i told you and verify if i m lying.I didn’t just come out like you accusing people without any proof,.and jesse knows too what he has been posting.If you are just coming to save him,first save yourself because you have too A BIG MOUTH and no work like him.
    You are a servant of God?do you think true servant of God has time to talk nosense and accusing others?.True men of God are busy doing work of God and no shouting and hiding behind computers.You are just a BIG MOUTH sitting behind computer and watching others what they are doing”.paul did this,peter did this and tb joshua is this,and you what are you doing BIG MOUTH if you are a servant of God?tb joshua should do this ,tb joshua should let the wise men open their own ministry.”Is tb joshua going to do what BIG MOUTH is saying or he will do what God will told him to do.
    You are a servant of God but you are busy watching tb joshua and opening your BIG MOUTH accusing him he did this and that,he should do this and that but you cant show what you are doing in your work of God.
    You hypocrites,first take the plank out of your own eye,and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  50. kimberly BIG MOUTH,have i told jesse not to post her ideas?what i m not happy with him, he likes to post ideas with pride,im this and that,i m educated,i have gone in theological school i talk with many pastors prophets all over the world,i can not name all his foolish pride he always show here but have seen his other fellows coming out with pride like his and talking everyday 416 scam conmen con women or africans are this and that.poverty and so on.
    Is this web site was opened to talk about frauds or poverty in nigeria?or talking how many black people are in prison to show white are not bad as black people?
    you BIG MOUTH,Is nigeria the only country where we find frauds?you said you come from USA,Have you read that USA is the first country in frauds with 61%.So what is the need of bringing poverty, frauds or africans are this and that where we are discussing some issue about beliefs?You want to take his side BIG MOUTH.
    This website is not about Nigeria,it is about tb joshua ministry.If you and jesse are concerning about frauds and poverty in another site for that but dont come with your pride as if we dont understand what you are posting.
    Foolish jesse and BIG MOUTH kimberly come and save africans from poverty if you are so in concern.

    • Hi KIkI, I believe you are a real kind man or woman, who has zeal for his God-man. Its natural to protect the ones you love, and to stand for the nation you brought-up in. You must be realy hurted by everything that is said about TB Joshua and Nigeria. And I compliment your courage to stand for your vision and believes. We all make the misstakes to believe that judgings and personal conclusions are what is realy going on. You are right to say that there is little love in analyses and rational opinions and pointing fingers. What you read on this web-site, are people who have serious been hurted by the ministery of profhet TB Joshua. Its not about who is right or wrong. Its about people who had their hope and trust on TB Joshuas vision and they became betreated. To find a way to communicate by the heart in painfull issus, is a path to go, because we all lack the right knowledge and solutions. May people of all nations and colours, come together in unity, in one-ness of the heart of Christ, and may we all bow our head for the only one who has the True solutions and revealtion in this end-time-war of the world. God is good for all of us.

      • jamie ,at least there is one good person among tb joshua haters. I can understand too your concern about the people you love and i pray to God to bring back your good relation with them weither they are in scoan or not you can still communicate with them.I dont pray to God to bring them out of scoan coz i dont believe in your accusations against tb joshua but i pray you continue your relationship with your loved one,i support you 100%.And by your information Tb joshua is not my God ,i see him like a servant of God only,what i m against is the way some fellow of yours use pride to talk badly the whole africa as if africa is the most bad continent in whole world,that is what hurt me the most.To be haters of tb joshua is your right but africans and nigerians should not be victimised by your hatred towards tb joshua by bringing facts which are not relevant to your objectives.That is true God is good for all of us that is why some people should not put themselves in better position than others.And by the way i m not a nigerian at all,but i m against proud people

  51. @ Kimberly,

    “I will ask any well meaning discerning Christian if you are thirsty coming out from the deserts, and you’re given a big glass of clean water and speck of small pox or tuberculosis disease is introduced into that water, would you still drink it? Yes, indeed some will because they do not want to die of thirst, but some will rather suffer thirst than risk to catch the disease in the water. That water is SCOAN and the choice is yours.”

    Excellent !!!

    + 1

    That is exactly what I was thinking, but was never able so much to pinpoint it down like that in that form, thanks for writing this out transparently. Very loud and clear to me. I hope and pray others will see it now too. Thanks.

    • jesse you are thanking your savior because you did not have brain to come out with her shit fabricate lies to save you.Do you think her shit BIG MOUTH will change something in this stupid blog?After her shitting ,you wiil show me how many people come out of scoan you stupid pharisees

  52. kim whatever you can call yourself kim kardashian or i will not be afraid of your BIG MOUTH,if you want me to respect your protected jesse ,tell him,this site is not about nigeria,or frausd or poverty nor africans,this site is about tb joshua ministry.if he wants to bring her pride,she can continue her pride about her callings and writtings to people to stop tb joshua,and his talking with all pastors and prophets all over the world and i will respect him,but if he wants everytime to bring down nigeria and africans as if all aspects in uk or europe are all ok,i will not agree with him,so me also i have the right to post my ideas since this site does not respect his objectives

      • BIG MOUTH has hit her nerve you stupid tbjoshuawatch!why dont you watch you own shit instead of watching other people and doing nothing to change the stupid pharisees,are you watching tb joshua because he hit your nerve??

      • @ TBJW,

        Proverbs 15:4
        A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.

        Ephesians 4:29
        Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.


        Your heart is full of unwashed socks and your soul is full of gunk. I pray you will be blessed.

        Romans 3:3-4
        For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? 4 God forbid:yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

  53. jesse i think you have learned your lesson if you start again bringing your foolishness pride ,i will come back and deal with you again,you may call your protectors BIG MOUTH kim kardashian whatever or others and I will deal with you all!If you dont want to respect nigeria and africa ,stay in your country,Noone is calling you to save africa.

    • jesse thank you for praying for me ,i have never and ever stand for my sins and say ,i m right,i know what i say is not approved by God and i know God will forgive me since i recognize my sins but i wish you too,you could recognize yours and not putting those verses for me only but for you too.
      To accuse and condemne others whether using the bible or goods words,it will not make little sinners than me.
      What you do it is just tricks by putting whole bible on table to show you are right.
      To say oh i am filled with holy spirit,these people are bad,me i m sitting in high places in heaven,the kingdom of God lives in me ,and you are here fighting in flesh,that is to deceive your self.
      Someone who is filled with pride and never recognize his sins will never be forgiven.

      • @ Kiki,

        It is a trick to put the whole bible on the table ? Gee……

        I thought it was that we must live to the standard and in the light of Gods word ? Does your objection mean you are exempt from it ?

        So tell me, what else you want me to use to point it out to you ? FOX News, CNN, …. Or hand you a bag of sweets or just gloss it over ?

        What sins are you talking about concerning me ? Wouldn’t not luvvvv to have an archive footage, me confessing my bad personality on a TB Joshua tape, so you can rub my nose it it to your advantage ?

        Pity there is none for you to research so you can inflate you massive ego and your air bubble sitting self to huff and puff against me.

        Romans 8:1-4
        Chapter 8
        1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. 3 For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:4 That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

        Take care Kiki, and God bless you,


  54. Kimberly Hess,
    +1001, thumbs up, thank you for taking the time to fight the good fight and put the words down on paper………. I could not have said it better myself. I agree 1001% with you. Please help us pray for those deceived disciples and wise men in tbj hellhole/concentration camp/cult to wake up and come out. He is waisting their time, by promising them a lot and producing nothing! Some are our loved ones and family members and it pains us to see what tbj is doing with them for his own name!
    Where is the wise woman he promised? Where did wiseman Harry, from Greece, go back and start his own church there, as tbj promised years ago? And by the way, maybe something that you do not know……….many of the promises that tbj gave on Emman TV, were never done. Widows he promised to help, by promising to help their children study further etc, never heard of tbj or scoan ever again! It was only put up for the cameras!
    It is part of his clever, deceitful, 419 nigerian, tricks to promote his Babylonian ministry!

    • just wonder you can ask southands of prayers from this BIG MOUTH but your former fellow who thumb you will never come out of many years they have been there?do you think they will come out because of the prayers of your shit BIG MOUTH kim whatever fellow?You thought “let us open a website to blaspheme and fabricate lies against tb joshua may be our fellow who thumb us could come back to us?Your goal will never achieved ,they know they chose the right part instead of staying in pharisees churches..You can ask assistence from BIG MOUTH to come and shit in your blog but nothing will change ,your former fellow will always thumb you you pharisees!

    • ok jesse ,you are holy,you are never a sinner!Others are sinners but you,you remain Holy.
      uhhh,good luck in your holliness but be careful you will not find deceiving your self,the devil also knows the bible and can deceive people by it.
      Only the inspiration from the holy ghost make the preaching of bible to be true.only the holliness from the holy spirit makes the bible holy and true.Otherwise you are just speaking words or bringing words to deceive your self and others.
      Good luck.

      • @ Kiki,

        I have never claimed that I was without sin. There are many posts in this blog where I have explained this extensively. Why are you trying to tell others I am holy. Not one time I have said this. But again you have nothing on me. Nothing.

      • if you are a sinner like me like others,what are you doing here then?what are all those sorts of accusations and condemnations you have put on somebody else?is tb joshua merits condemnation than you or me if we are all sinners?
        or are you the one who can be filled with holy spirit and not tb joshua?what makes you then different?
        you use your bible to deceive your self that God told you to accuse and condemne but why dont you stop hiding behind computesr and show up who you are so as we may judge you too and know you are not sent by devil to deceive people?

  55. To All,
    The question has been asked a while back; “What has happened with the Cape Town Branch of scoan?”
    Now this is a nice new example of how tbj goes to work!
    TB Joshua’s modes operandi is to discipline his disciples, wise men and junior Prophets, if they do not do excactly what he wants. In other words, become this cult leaders mindless zombies. So, the first step was – the Cape Town Branch was taken off the scoan web-site as part of his discipline towards them. We wondered what their sin was?

    Click on and see – Cape Town Branch is not mentioned:

    Prior to tbj birthday, I spoke to members of that branch, friends of mine, although I am very far away from them. I asked them; “How it is going with the branch?” I was told; “That it is growing and doing very well. Sybrand and Christina – the junior Prophets – remember of way back when – is driving out demons, people are getting healed and the branch is growing under them.
    Now come tbj’s birthday. There they are in the prayer line, with their little daughter and all. A whole group from Cape Town. So come their time for deliverance, the “demons” spoke through Sybrand first saying; “That he is too ambitious and having a spirit of sexual lust etc. Being pushed further to speak, it said; “That it is the spirit of darkness in him operating?”
    A while later, it was time for his wife to be delivered, after being pastors of tbj’s branch for many years. The “demons” through her said; “She had pride etc and sexual lust”.
    They are still in scoan Lagos as we speak, as floor workers now. More than a month already.

    Now, through all of this tbj humiliated them in front of the world to see. He pulled their pants down, so to speak. Broken their trust worthiness amongst their members and in their own church. Through this clever move, he broke their initiative under God and Jesus Christ. They will now never listen to Jesus Himself, but only through tbj, telling them what to do.
    We pray that they will wake up and leave that Nigerian cult quickly and forever.
    These are the backward, low down ways this sick psychopath uses to keep a tight control over his people .
    Remember the best way to hide something is in the open. Under everyones eyes. This is what happened here and how tbj operates!

    • @ Just Wonder,

      It only shows it was an unclean spiritual power anyways. It is known that the impartation of Kundalini powers causes this. You will have to investigate it, because I already am dominating too much the pages here of TBJW and I am trying to scale back as good as I can. It’s hard and difficult for me not to write small posts.

      • Jesse,
        I know how you feel.
        Do not scale back, if you are not very sure that it is the Holy Spirit leading you. We need to keep our fingers on the pulse here, not to be caught asleep. Tbj is to sly. He will bite you if you do not watch him! The world needs your input and knowledge of the inside workings of scoan.

      • Tbj’s mind is so twisted. To try and explain his low down ways is difficult, because Christians do not think that way.
        Who says it was God’s power delivering the two, junior prophets – pastors now? I feel that tbj was making an open spectacle of the two “ambitious” pastors now. He pulled down their pants, so to speak, in front of their congregation and set a president for the other disciples, not married. To show them what will happen to them if they do not submit totally to tbj’s authority. I also feel that he is sending a message out, to show how demon possesed his married junior prophets are, the once faithful to him. So that people will think how terribly demon possessed his junior prophets are, who accused him of sexual molestation and left him!
        How dare they shame him – the messiah – like that!
        He will get them back, some way or the other.

      • Jesse, keep on writing and don’t feel like you’re dominating or anything. As much as the Lord lays on your heart, spill it out for the world to hear and don’t keep it. We should not be weary but keep on exposing this false prophet until the blindness is removed from our brothers and sisters who are trapped in this satanic cult and TBJ is finally exposed. The work is just beginning and we still have a long way to go.

    • If there’s anyone with pride, arrogance and sexual lust, it is Temitope Balogun Joshua, who is not only a professional fornicator and adulterer, who has a child, AJOKE, with one of his devotees, out of wedlock, but also slept with the wife of Kayode, an ex-devotee, whose name is LOLA, and got her pregnant. Apart from the spirit of sexual lust, adultery, fornication, licentiousness and uncleanness, TBJ also has the spirit of Jezebel, a controlling and murderous spirit and he needs deliverance more than anyone else ! It’s time for TBJ to come out and make his public confessions, repent and be saved, and stop deceiving the Lord’s people !

  56. I wonda y pple are nw worshipin t.b joshua instead of jesus christ. Wel may God hav mercy n continue 2 expose any1 dat blasphemes against him. Amen o.

  57. Thanks for your posts Kimberly! Excellent! And you know you’re speaking truth when the responses from scoan followers consist of endless irrational personal insults. Good work! 🙂

    • M ,are your personal insults against your husband not irrational stupid mind,you are just shitting like your god BIG MOUTH,you can clap for your savior but there is nothing new about what she shit here in your stupid blog,all she shit,you tb joshua haters have shitted since you opened your shit mouth.hahaha,whatever

  58. tbjoshuawatch and M,
    you opened a web just to accuse people for this and this and when the accusations are back to you,it becomes playing card or a lot of vitriol whatever,Who told you your foolish ideas are the ones right than others?Hiding behind computer condemning others using the whole bible to make you feel right and never come out to show up your own good work of God since you are filled with holy spirit and let people judge you too,that is what you call truth?Stupid mind
    watching emmanuel tv,and look for any trap you may use to fabricate lies against tb joshua and come and shit your lies on your blog ,that is what you call truth you stupid pharisees?Go and watch your dead churches,us we want living churches,and if you feel jealous,you dont have to blame tb joshua since you chose to stay pharisees,stupid people.Go on and call your savior BIG MOUTH kim to come and save you and clap for her when she have come to shit her fabricate lies against tb joshua.

    • @ Kiki,

      We don’t have any Saviour besides God and Jesus Christ.

      Isaiah 43:11
      I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour.

      John 14:6
      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

      But I appreciate Kim’s contribution here. Thank you, Kim.

  59. 1. I did not open this site. I am merely a commenter.

    2. Your language is unbelieveable. I have never seen such streams of hatred and filth. I cannot figure out what you could possibly hop to gain by it.

    • language is a result of your pride towards people who has even what to do with tb joshua,and i have tried to show you where i came from,instead of verifying,all tb joshua haters come to close my mouth.Do you think what you answered me was nice to hear?But now that you have got back what you did to me you can feel how streams of hatred feels like.What you dont want people to do for you,dont do it to others.
      Do you thing i hate more than you hate tb joshua?you are decieving yourself.

      • @ Kiki,

        Why you do every effort to misrepresent me and others here. Where did we write we hate TB Joshua, Wisemen, or anyone ? Ask yourself who is now writing through you ?

        On top of it you write and twist by misinterpretation that we write a hate stream here ! You are out there to distort what this website has started to unfold and reveal about the practices of SCOAN. That has absolutely nothing to do with hate and here you are like as in Genesis 3, asking Eve, “Did God really say” and twist what God had said to Eve as an instruction to keep her on the right path.

        Before you start to twist it again with your vitriolic expressions that we are now degraded to excrement. Are you not yourself full of excrement and well full up to your eyeballs.

        Let me explain what this website is born of and you know that this is so. This website is born of people who were once in SCOAN, experienced thing they did believe it was out of God. We have written extensively about this here.

        Then you come along and declare us all liars and are out on a limb to release hate, which is not the case, but whatever is in your head and your head only that we do so.

        You express yourself in a torrent of unwholesome words to let us “feel” how it is to be under a hate stream ? Just let us pause here and look what happened…….

        1. Your love for a person is misconstrued. Fact.
        2. You are being used and have chosen to be a pawn in the representation of TB Joshua.
        3. There is likely you have selfish interests and position of provision from SCOAN.
        4. Your love is clearly not capable of discerning the Truth of deliberate made mistakes and actions where there is no remorse of what is done in SCOAN.
        5. Facts are that those who were in SCOAN have accurately written about their problems and issues with SCOAN and is being denied as not true and passed us off as serial liars. Yes ?

        I stop here for now until a next post will come to my mind concerning you and SCOAN and their fake deliverances, healings, tricks, deception, 419 scams and its vile nasty miserable people inside with their fake love.

      • I’m sorry but thats nonsense. I have never used obscenity towards you, while it shows up in all your posts. Disagreement is one thing. Of course we all dont like to hear we are wrong. But I will have no problem with what you post disagreeing with me or anyone else, if you can do it with reason, rather than filthy language and insults.

      • And as Jesse said, nobodys motivation here is hatred, that I can see. It is concern for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of others.

  60. Kiki,
    I must say; “That your language is shockingly unacceptable and does not belong to a born again Christian” . It sounds very much like the language that tbj’s discoples use?

    By the way – this is not my blog, I am just a commentator as well and do not know anyone else on this blog- just like you- but I can recognize the truth when it is spoken, because the Bible is the Standard of my life and NOT tbj or any other person.

    We are all here to expose error in scoan, for the salvation of the souls of all trapped and deceived by tbj.

    Asking Kimberly Hess to help us pray, does not mean we called him/her in or are worshipping this person, but because the Bible says; “That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my Name, there am I amongst of them” – Mathew 18:19-20.

    And for the record – Many disciples have come out already, once they woke up to the truth.

    I would advise you to go back to the bible and pray Daniel 9 for yourself.

    • hahaha just wonder,this prayer daniel 9 ,is it just for me?do you call your self born again?you think true born again do what you are doing in this blog,looking for tb joshua betrayers to help you fabricate lies ?you are born again?do you think if Jesus could come now to take his church,i will stay and you ,you will go because my language was shocking but yours was sounding good in this tb joshua haters blog?i said at least me i recognize my sins but you how will you be forgiven when you put yourself in holliness and you never accept you are sinning against God by spending all your time looking for something to bring in accusations to the servant of God.You know people my language is not acceptable for God but seeing your pride and never be humble before GOD and recognize your sins,you shall get more chocking reward on the day of judgement.Let me leave me ,lets watch together we shall see who was holy on the days coming.Any one i have sinned against,i ask forgiveness,i dont ask yours back but i pray for you too to recognize you are sinning against man of God.God bless you.

      • Kiki, following TBJ is not a condition of salvation. Anyone who calls on the name of Jesus Christ for salvation will be saved. If you do, you will be. If I do, I will be. TBJ has NOTHING to do with whether we are saved or not. One Judgement Day, your righteousness and mine will be filthy rags before the glory of God. The only hope either of us has is the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

        Your filthy language even has no effect on your salvation, and I do not claim it does. However, it shames you, and it shames TBJ, and it shames the name of Jesus who you claim as your savior, and on that basis you should reconsider how you use your words in discussions and disagreements.

      • M,dont put in mouth your words”following tb joshua is a condition of salvation”i have never said it,but i know you are trying every means to shut my mouth by fabricating lies as you always do to show your holliness and the bad of others.
        And it is not you who chose who is saved or not,only God who look dipper in our heart ,knows who is saved or not.The filthy language is not the only sin that God forbide but judging and condemning others are also sins that God forbide to us.Will you go to heaven because you used good language even if you did others sins ?or you want to show your holliness in your good words by evoquing my filthy language?I am not suprised this is one of the tricks tb joshua haters use to find something to base on to find a right to judge and condemne others but you only God will judge and condemne ,not you or your fellow
        “I know you and jesse you are always holy,you have never sinned since you accepted Jesus”.hahaha this is a joke,this is one of the characteristics of the pharisees in the new testament,they were there to accuse others and to show they are holy, that is why,because of their pride ,they never accept Jesus as true Son o God.
        M.and jesse continue in your holliness,us who are sinners we know we need forgivess everyday,and pray for us sinners hahaha,these are pride people i have never seen in my life.
        A christian may be tempted and if he falls into temptation ,he knows to humble himself before God and ask forgiveness but a pharisees mind will always there to see bad of others and will never see his.This is called “pride”dont deceive your self that you use good language then your are “holy”

    • Jesse and M.
      hatred is not shown by writting it or saying it in words.If you hate someone ,you will not go to his face and shout”:i hate you”,i dont know how you people really reason’
      Its the way you treat somebody that will show you love him or hate him.
      And if this is the way you treat people you love by bringing all sorts of accusations and condemnations to them,we dont know what kind of love is that.
      Is this love come from God or for a deceived mind?that is the question we should ask ourselves.
      You who like to bring alot the bible if you love tb joshua why dont you put in application what you have read in Matthew 18:15 on tb joshua then?I m sure he will listen to you since you said that” tb joshua likes to fill his church with white people or the ones who looks like them” If white people are so special in tb joshua’s eyes, he will surely accept to see you.
      Then go with your whiteness and apply Matthew 18:15,and tell him everything you are against him,and by chance since you are the one filled with “holy spirit,tb joshua can get a chance to be delivered by you.
      If you do this jesse,see how many people will be then saved from this cult!Do your work of God and go save those people jesse
      God will surely be proud of you ,Go jesse dont miss this opportunity to save the people of God from this cult.
      Cant you see that here you are using too much energy and nothing change?Go and show the love you have to tb joshua.
      is tb joshua also not need to be saved as all people?is tb jshua also need God’s mercy?go and preach to him and show him light and right path of God, apply this verse and save tb joshua and all your people you love from this cult.
      And if he refuses to hear you,go with other man of God,if he still refuse,you have the right to renounce him.But first do the right thing and go talk to him first may be God will deliver him through you.
      hahaha jesse and M,try your tricks to defend yourself on what you are doing here but nothing can ever show you love tb joshua by your foolish articles and comments
      Keep deceiving your self by using some verses that suit your blindness but the true love from God will always be the same,it is not the pharisse mind that will change the truth by using bible and tricks to show people you are right in your hatred,jugdements and accusations on others.

      • jesse and M.
        I wish you have answered me why cant you go and apply matthew 18:15 to tb joshua but you just escape everytime you find you guilty.
        This question is the answer of everything you are looking for in this blog.
        If you apply it ,it might bring the answer in peace not in fight argumentally.
        jesse ,M,and your fellow,you always bring scriptures to the table then i am suprised how you fear to bring this verse among the ones you always bring here to give you right to accuse and condemne.
        Do you only have to like some scriptures that suit you or you have to like the whole bible as you always want show to your opposers that everything you do is based on scriptures?How come then there are some scriptures you fear to approach?
        Are some scriptures applicable to others and not you,jesse and M?
        Jesse please tell me also how you got a car ,a house and everything you need for you and your family if God allows you to take only “FOOD” from your church members?if you did not ascape this question you could have teached your fellow pastor not to sin against God by taking money from people,please teach them ,some dont know they have to take only food,they need your help.and tell them where they can find accomodation for everything they will need that is not food coz many as you work full time for God

  61. if this was true I don’t think that they would request for their names to be withheld, they are the agents of Satan or else that woman is faithless, she went there not by faith but by sight that’s why she even say that she was nervous by being asked don’t you believe? faith honors Jesus and Jesus honors faith, all people who were healed by Jesus, Jesus told them your faith has healed you, so if she had faith she would be 100% healed.

    • where does that statement come from “faith honours Jesus and Jesus honours faith” is it a soundbite that you have been taught. I am so glad that the words of Jesus are not sound bites and that the love of Jesus is real.

    • @ Byson George,

      Your quotable quotes is not a practical one and is used in the trend of ” you don’t have enough faith”

      Do you realise the rubbish that you barf out there. Do you even read the bible, or are you just brainwashed to say such matter ?

      Luke 17:5-6
      And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith. 6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.

      When you stop quoting your bull here from TB Joshua, please come back and tell us what Jesus teaches in His Word and not of a wannabe imposter. Thank you.

    • @ Byson George,

      100 % healed right.

      So why they don’t bring in some people with serious leprosy, polio, Creutzfeld Jakob disease, cancer stage 4, incurable tuberculosis 2.3 million at present, people with missing limbs, eyes, etc. which are full of faith and expectation that God will heal them. Oh and I forgot there are hundreds if not thousands in hospitals in Nigeria, time for a visit of TB Joshua. Oh wait, that was not in the bible, so we skip that out. I am sure there are 100reds if not thousands of people in wheelchairs who are bouncing in their wheelchair to come out of it. Why not roll in Nick Vujicic and grow him some limbs. I am sure he has faith, since he is a pastor himself. So send out an invitation real soon and demonstrate your filthy lies you produce on him, if it all is true what you say here. You nasty piece of work, you are all the same with your false promises and TB Joshua quotable quotes, but no show when the real sicknesses roll in.

      • jesse people with serious leprosy,polio,creutzhel jakob disease ,cancer,incurable and all diseases you mention could be too not have faith to get healed as you did not have one when you went there to be prayed and fall.This is simple to understand but it seems it is hard for you understand things spiritually.

      • @ Kiki,

        Really, is this hard for me to understand ? I don’t have problem that Jesus heals. I want proof of those incurable diseases and problems.

        You won’t see those there, they will be not allowed or send home. 7 Days you can stay and that’s it. Reminding you of this guy who was my next bed neighbour with serious testicle issues and was at deaths door, asking me and begging me to stay longer if it did not happen in the prayer line. Which happened so and he was send home by a ruthless nasty staff from SCOAN after he was not healed. I have been emailing with him for some time, but now I know he has died from complications. Another one died and because of what reason ? Of course it is all the fault of those who don’t “have faith” enough. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror and say this out loud so that you can see yourself of your own cruel confessions and lies you barf out. You have no shame whatsoever and are still proud of your misleading pastor you so worship. Criminals look more holier than your confessions and convictions you do here on this blog. Labelling you with the name a Christian is worse than Pol Pot being a saint.

      • You are correct Jesse. It is cruelty. And also a very clever ploy to avoid all responsibility for whatever happens.

  62. In the synagogue there was a man possessed by a demon, an evil spirit.

    He cried out at the top of his voice, “hahaha! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us (and our “prophet”? I know who you are – the Holy One of God!” – Mark 4:33-34.

    You make me think of this man?

    I forgive you, but will watch the fruit of your life.

    Bridal your tongue please.

    We have different opinions about tbj and cannot bridge that gap, but we can at least be civilized with each other.

    • jesse as i told you,its hard for you to understand others.
      Do you think what you are saying about people who you know did not get healed,will be the one truth to believe because it comes from your MOUTH.
      Do you have a clean mouth than others to make people believe you and not believe thousands of people who tastify everyday they got healed?I told you only God knows.
      And another thing you dont want to understand,its not tb joshua who heals but God.
      Him its just an instrument of God and if you were a reel minister of God you could know this and stop blaming tb joshua.
      Also dont think since we know God can heal,that means no people will never die again.Everyone has his day of birth and his day of dying,if God does not heal you,it does not mean He is not able to heal.God does whatever he choses to do and He has not to give an account to anyone nor you.
      If you dont belive in the healing of people,noone is forcing you to believe.The only think we all know God is the same yersterday,today and tomorrow,If the pharisees of today still not believe that God can do miracle ,that is their choice.
      The pharisees did not get miracle from Jesus because their heart was full of pride and doubt. What they asked Jesus to do,was to test God if He able to perform a miracle then they got what they deserve,no miracle at all

    • just wonder,civilized or you are pharisied each other?the pharisees of new testament were too prouding themself that they are civilized.and were laughing at Jesus and his disciples who ate without washing his hands.
      keep your civilisation you pharisees but it is not the identity to enter to the kingdom of God.Blind as you are!

    • Madeleine ,if everyone needs the Grace and forgiveness of God,why you haven’t yet tell your fellow here,to go and preach the truth to tb joshua instead of opening a blog to judge and condemne him?
      Your fellow jesse likes to say”GO INTO THE WORLD”why then you and your fellow haven’t gone into the world and preach tb joshua if you think he is not from God?
      If he also need the grace of God,your work about him, is just to see the bad of him but you cant help him to find solution?is God call you to point out the bad of others and not call you for the solution?
      please stop cover your self as if we dont know who you are in this are just here to support this rubbish site.

    • just wonder,you have forgiven me?thank you but dont jump on the top and bring your pride on me,it will not work with me.Your answer is full of selfish and pride .
      I did not humble my self for you but for God,whether you forgive me or not that is your problem,it will not stop God to forgive me.
      just wonder the man who was possessed with the demons in synagogue,should rather remind about you,not me,because pride people are possessed with a demon of pride,.
      Dont forget also the first character of the devil is “PRIDE”,so i forgive you too BUT will watch you fruit,you blind pharisees.
      You are civilized only in stupid judgements like old should briday your tongue too!

  63. Absolutely stupid website , no faith , no love , also u are fighting with GOD , u must get punish from God

    • Are you familiar with a God of Grace and Love who was prepared to sacrifice his son because of his love for the people of the world? because your statement about God being a punishing God does not indicate that you do know the God of Love.

      • I agree. No-one is excluded from the Grace of God. That is the point of the Crucificion of Jesus and the resurrection from death of Jesus. However there are many examples on this blog where people are defending and supporting this one man and they use words about punishment. It therefore seems that though TB Joshua is not excluded from the Grace of God his followers talk of punishment and do not experience grace and forgiveness from the person who they look to as a “Man of God”

    • @ Shum,

      So what is love then ? Could you demonstrate it here ? Also make it so that it is tangible in your demonstration.

      Might as well do some singing as Kiki is accusing me of,

      We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord
      We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord
      And we pray that all unity may one day be restored
      And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
      They will know we are Christians by our love

      We will work with each other, we will work side by side
      We will work with each other, we will work side by side
      And we’ll guard each one’s dignity and save each one’s pride

      And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
      They will know we are Christians by our love
      By our love, by our love

      And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
      They will know we are Christians by our love
      We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand
      We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand

      And together we’ll spread the news that God is in our land
      And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
      They will know we are Christians by our love
      By our love, by our love

      And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
      They will know we are Christians by our love

      Love is patient, love is kind
      Never boasts, not full of pride
      Always hopes, always trusts
      The evidence of Christ in us

      I am not allowed to sing from Kiki, because later this will be used against me being bad and not doing the Lords work. Only TB Joshua is worthy, me not worthy, me not worthy. Touch feet. Wash feet, oh I need to shovel and grovel, suck up to TB Joshua and Wisemen, because there might be somewhere a stray demon in a dark corner in me that needs to be cast out with high velocity and screaming and make me look like Bananaman with no T-Shirt.

      • yes jesse ,lets applaud for you!you are doing work of God ,and you do it so well,that is why jamie applaud for you!i know you are trying to stop me speaking but i will not stop because you dont want.
        Tb joshua is worthy and he will always be because he is a true man of God with no pride like pharisees like you.
        He has never condemne anyone of you as you are doing to him,that is why he is worthy than you!

      • @ Kiki,

        Don’t applaud for me, I insist you applaud for Jesus Christ and no-one else.

        About condemning me. Hmm, my money was good enough, my efforts were good enough, my transport was good enough, my house was good enough, my food was good enough, my bedrooms were good enough, my support was good enough, my kindness was good enough, my free labour was good enough, my computers were good enough, my technical expertise was good enough, …… Everything for free.

        Now I can rightfully say, I have been used, abused and been taken for a free ride, them as parasites elbowing themselves forward of my kindness as well hospitality and sincerity, passing this off as a privilege get something for nothing and making false promises and lies, keeping you entertained with pacifier lame excuses. And so they do with others same way. Thinking that they are all kings kids and have the greatest job in the world while leaving a slimey trail of hypocrisy and false friendship and destructive behaviour of family ties, thinking that they work for God at the expense of many friends, family and acquaintances, locked up in SCOAN, by the cult dictator and prison guard TB Joshua, where they are brainwashed, numbed behaving zombies with no sleep and red bloodshot eyes. Passing this off as army duty for God. But you don’t see them having shipwreck, spend time in the deep or having other perilous times, living in the mud, grass huts, living among the indigenous population with nothing to their disposal as true pastors go through. No they stay nicely between four walls and hidden from the outside world or the jungles where people still not know about Jesus Christ. Their excuse is, Oh God has not commanded me so. No ???

        What about GO INTO THE WORLD………….

        I am sure you would tell to Nick Vujicic that he needs deliverance and humiliation in front of the world and that he is possessed with marine demons from the Great Pacific Ocean with a giant man trailing behind it.

        At least Nick admits he receives the money from people, contrary to SCOAN that thinks it is compulsory task to pressurise people to extort them of OT tithes and run their show.

        You don’t hear much about Nick Vujicic, yet he has already reached 500,000 people that made a choice for Jesus to be saved as well an outreach now of over 300 million people in less than 7 years. An arm and leg less person WITHOUT “anointed water” and other trickery. Including covering 44 countries over 6 continents. This year alone he is going to cover 26 countries, without trickery as you see in SCOAN every day.

        Yes that is GOD ! God manifesting through him with a mandate to reach 7 billion people or the entire earth to preach about Jesus. Yes, without fake deliverances and rubbish shows.

      • jesse
        We love Nick Vujicic so much,he is really a good man of God,may God continue to bless him abondantly ,he deserves it,i dont think he is busy fighting other ministries,but he is busy working for the One who called him.
        Unlike some people who call themself servant of God but dont have any calling from God.You may know them by their work.They are busy hiding behind internet,searching for other ministries what are they doing but they never show what they are doing themselves.These people are called “pharisees”.
        pharisee mind is busy pointing out bad of others,errors of others,what others should do ,but themselves they are blind and they cant do anything by themselfs.
        Their church are dead because they are mind is full of pride,and their work now is to look for other ministries,judge them or suggest them what they should do.
        Jesse “TO GO INTO THE WORLD………..”is not the exception for you.
        You can go into the world to and show your own example instead of bringing other people as an example.Nick Vujicic is not doing the work for you,
        you could have brought your own example to show you have gone also to preach to all those places you want tb joshua to go,including the “BUSH” whatever,
        It is easy to point out what others should do than to do it your self,this is a pharisee and childish mind ,show them your “own example”or are you busy searching for others work??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @ Kiki,

        If you love Nick Vujicic so much, why are you with TB Joshua ? At least he believes in water baptism and Souvereign Holy Ghost work. Not in Kundalini barfing from their chakras into other people to make them lost in translation and discernment.

        Oh by the way I visited two friends and I can’t even describe what I found as a result of TB Joshua’s prayers and “anointed water” and “oil”.

        Both of them completely misformed limbs and oedema now and their house is a mess and smells like urine all over the place as well Alzheimers. Well done. Congratulations.

  64. Kiki,
    “ language is a result of your pride towards people who has even what to do with tb joshua”,

    This is called “Paradise Sin”…..

    Eve blamed the snake because she sinned and

    Adam blamed Eve because he sinned and

    Kiki blamed M because he spoke unwholesome language!?!?

    No one takes the blame for his own sins.

    • M,in your comments here ,were you not blame tb joshua is the cause of your unhappiness with your mariage?why then you blame tb joshua for the so called”sins
      of your husband” towards you.?oh i know because you are using good words you ,and jesse you are never sinners,but tbjoshua,your husband and I,we are sinners.
      Why are you then accusing tb joshua if noone takes the blame for his own sins.Why do you blame tb joshua for your problem in your mariage ?why then all your fellow are blaming tb joshua if noone takes the blame for his own sins?then stop blaming tb joshua for your own choice,if your husband and your fellow,follow tb joshua and got deceived,why dont you blame your self for your bad choice?is this claim of yours applicable to me only?you think you are wise but you will always find yourself caught by your own tap.
      Your goods words will always trap you,not me.
      Me i know i am a sinner and i dont proud my self like you all do by condemning others.You can use your goods words but it will not guarantie you ,you are a chid of God

      • No Kiki. My husband is responsible for his sins. I am responsible for my sins. TBJ is responsible for his sins. One of the sins of TBJ is teaching heresy and using his position of power to influence people who are vulnerable.

        He is *part* of the problem in our marriage, due to his incredibly negative influence. He is not responsible for my sins, and he is not responsible for my husband’s sins. He is responsible for his own words and actions, and the way he encourages people to behave. TBJ is not responsible for the troubles in my marriage. He is an active participant, however. And that is why he needs to be called out, not just for my situation but for the suffering of others because of him.

        I know it bothers you when Scripture is referenced, but this is a Biblical concept. Pastors deal with vulnerable people all the time, and carry the weight and power of authority. If they misuse it, they can cause tremendous damage in people’s lives, and that is sin. That is in no way the same as saying “You made me angry, so it’s your fault that I curse!”

        I am not angry. I have not cursed at TBJ, nor at you. I have described facts and events, not thrown around insults in anger. So no, in no way am I blaming you or TBJ for my own actions. I am adding my voice to those who are calling TBJ to repentance and to orthodox teaching of the Word of God, accountable to others in the Body of Christ, and accountable for his use of the power that he has over others. And I am calling you, as your sister in Christ, to reason together in love, rather than using vile cursing and bitter words. We can discuss, debate, and disagree without that kind of stuff.

      • @ Kiki,

        Whether M., is a child of God would not make any difference than you own child of God status.

        Kiki, shall we stay and agree what the Word of God says about our Salvation.

        Philippians 2:12-13
        Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 13 For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

        So let God work in M., me, maybe you, (because same questions can be asked when you spout out your heart here to let us feel the selfrighteous wrath you dish out here to us) to work out our salvation and let’s us stop about speculation who is a child of God and who is not. So do some soul searching to your own heart. Yes ? Otherwise leave this kind of judgment to Jesus Christ when the time is there. You might be surprised who will sit at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb of God.

      • just wonder and M
        “noone takes blame for his own sins”really?I suggest you to read the bible very careful,you always want to show you know the bible very well,but it is no the case,you are likely to jump into the bible when it suits you only.
        Read these verses,it may help you ,pharisees
        1 corinthians 8:13,
        Romans 14:13

    • hahaha jesse you are bringing again money and efforts you give to get a miracle from God?
      When will you pharisees stop deceiving your self?Were you going there to buy God or what?your pride will never allow you to understand the truth of God.Its not about money you gave or efforts you put to get miracle that will push God to do your miracle.Blind pharisees when will you able to open your eyes and humble your self before God
      .Ashame on you!i m feeling sorry for people you minister they will go anywhere with such foolish thoughs.
      Jesse how come you went in scoan to look for help when you were so filled with holy spirit.
      Is your holy spirit in you sleeping or what?you keep escaping this question
      we should doubt you,was your calling to open a church from God or you wake up one morning and said,let me go to theological school and get a degree,after,i will open a church and gain my bread coz it seems your holy spirit in you is sleeping.hahaha

      • jesse
        your understanding is really low.
        M.was the one who was judging me i m not a child of God because of my whatever filth i answered her that she is not the one to choose who is not a christian or not.
        But as you want everyday to take aside to one another,you want just to defend her as she did in your foolish comments but i will not fear even if you will call upon your super genius kim to come and help you.
        Only what i can help you ,is to give you time to breath,i see you are tired and you do not understand comments very well anymore.Let me have a pity for you jesse ,will comeback to you another time when your brain have found enough rest .

      • jesse read very well my answer to many times have i admitted i am a sinner? the one who denied she does not have any sin.I dont know what you are accusing me where you get it from.
        All you are just summerising here ,is what i have been telling you since we started arguments,the difference only is your good english than mine but this what i have been telling you .
        But the way you are talking is like i am the one who is judging people here then you know very well,you are the one judging people.not me .
        At leat we can agree in one thing “Leave the judgement to Jesus Christ”
        And tb joshua is not excluded if we are all sinners.Hope you said it from your heart.

      • M,thank you for accepting you are a sinner as i am.
        And that kind of bitter words you want to make so big,as you have seen,i did not deny that i sinned but i dont think your sins are smaller than mine because you did not use that kind of bitter words so dont make it so big as if your own sins are acceptable and mine not.
        You can advise me and i thank you but the problem you dont want to admit your own sin.
        You are keeping trying to give you right to jugde and condemne people.
        Can you please tell us when and how tb joshua called you husband and tell him,go make trouble in your mariage?a judgement is judgement,if you say i use bitter words,i cant deny it because you have the proof in this blog .
        Dont bring about tb joshua did not call my husband but the teaching whatever.We want the proof,coz anyone can accuse somehow he wants to somebody he choses,and as all we know tb joshua does not hide when is teaching and the proof you always watching his channel.Please bring your clip where you recorded tb joshua teaching husband or wifes to go make trouble in their mariage.If you got that proof,we shall believe he is the one who brought trouble in your mariage.
        Otherwise,even me i can open a blog and can accuse M,has caused trouble in my mariage.Tell me if it would be true because i said so.
        Dont bring they are many people who have the same problem like me coz i can also tell you there are also many people who dont believe your accusations are true.So the number will still not to give you the right you are talking the truth than others.The number of those who believe tb joshua is a good man of God are too far from those who accuse him.
        And the same way Jesus was accused of havind power from demons,it is the same they are accusing tb joshua.And those who accused Jesus were used by the devil to destroy the kingdom of God but noone will ever destroy what God has build.
        Finally,let me tell you,continue your choice and everyone will continue his because God only will show the truth.

      • Kiki, I never said you are not a child of God. I have specifically spoken to you as a fellow believer, to reconsider your cursing and accusations for the sake of Christ.

        I have never denied being a sinner. I implore you to stop lying. We cannot have reasonable discussion like this.

        You English skills are not the issue. You know well enough how to communicate without cursing and making false accusations. If you stop those two things nobody will have a problem with you expressing your opinion here, even if we disagree.

      • M,you didn’t say i m not a child of God?are you sure?you ,just wonder,everyone who critisize whatever my language,questioned about my salvation,or if i am born again.what is does mean?go and read what you post before trying to change the meaning of your testaments.
        But as always when you are caught in your trap you want to put on others,you are likely to change your statements.That is what happened about Jesse whom all his pharisees fellow came to defend in massives to make me fear and run away.
        If you want me to go ,i will go by my self but not by your pride to frighten me.
        If you know to critisize my bad language why dont also critisize your pride mind?You are likely to see the bad of others ,not yours.
        I did not curse anyone ,my bad communication has nothing about cursing.The definition of “curse” is not filthy language as you call it,you should do your reseach very well and stop fabricating lies against me as you are doing on tb joshua.
        You are the one accusing people falsely,not me.

      • Kiki, you’re going to need to quote me if youwant to keep have all my posts at hand. Quote the one where I said your are not born again.

        I have never questioned your salvation. I urged you *as a child of God* to consider how your language reflects on our Master.

        We can quibble about linguistics but it’s useless. Foul language is commonly referred to as cursing in English. I’m aware of the difference between that type of cursing and actively calling a curse down on someone.

    • jesse i told you you are missing something in your head,we dont have to love one servant of God,but all servants of God in the whole world.But your fake calling show everyday ,you are not from God,you called yourself and your childish reasonnement shows it everyday.
      May the “oil” anointing comes from you,fake pastor,i dont know about it,and how come you left them all those days to smell and not praying for them if you are the one “true”pastor filled with holy spirit ?your filled of holy spirit ,what is he doing in your life then?Go and read the disciples after being filled with holy spirit what they were doing you fake pastor.All you do is to expose your self,foolish blind,fake pharisee pastor.

      • M.
        i know you will never accept your wrong,this a common character of all tb joshua judges .To talk about the effect of my language on my savation ,is not bad,but not to see yours too ,is not right.If you and i are both sinners,why then you did not first critisied your sins before mine ?that is what is wrong with you all.Are your sins have no effect on your salvation then?but mine and tb joshua his,are the only which have effect on our salvation.

      • @ Kiki,

        All you do is twisting you satanic breed of a human. I call them all the time and visit them and take them to places and are in contact with them all the time. About the oil that came from inside TB Joshua office handed over by him to me. I even used it in different places in the world and all it brings is grief to the ones that it is applied to, when I still believed that he was out if God. You demonic infused devilish person of who you are accusing me after my friends, where were you with you swollen big mouth that barfs out ever day here online that I do not look after my friends. I am not like TB Joshua where you can meet him 2 seconds and off you go and you are being asked thousands of dollars of you stay that exists of bunk beds and nasty air condition that causes people to have serious lung problems.

        Are you for real Kiki, who are you ? Show me your great endeavours you do. While I sit with murderers, thieves, drunkards, prostitutes, drug abusers, feed homeless people, spent time with the rejected of society and those that are less fortunate, you pass off your nasty filthy judgment over me, while there is nothing that you do from your own expense sitting here to spill your dark heart over me of me being blind.

        I do these things outside of a church building in the wild so to speak and you tell in your former post that we must expect all men of God and you have no respect for me who have lectured you several time of your false hypocritical attitude of no evidence of your own foolishness of supporting fake deliverances, fake healings, false doctrine and supporting a church that use powers that come directly from Satan himself, with prophecies that does not save anyone on this world except they die falling out of a plane, tsunamis, and other doom prophecies and then saying in public to pray and say if God would avert it and it did not happen. Are you for real ? This SATANIC hole in Ikoyun Egbe is there to deceive the entire world what in Revelation is said and prophesied and the proof is that II Thessalonians 2 is the truth applicable there.

        I do not believe you are Born again, unlike M., does, but a liar and a deceiver and and of no use at all, so why don’t you go and play with your Teddy bear and speak your satanic infused and inspired twisted lies over there. People like you, when the facts are staring in your face you go in denial over the fact that you are totally deceived and cannot accept that you actually are. You rather live in this total denial than living in the reality, being a parasite on peoples money and I don’t want your fake love and demonic gushing you keep spilling out here.

  65. for all the people demanding to know the “true identity” of these people-

    1) As far as I am aware, I am the only commenter who uses his real name. On Facebook I have dozens of Nigerian-sounding names try adding me, and after that some how some FB pics were taken and are now on some other website, claiming I was sent to SCOAN by the British government to try discover the source of TBJ’s power (not kidding).

    2) why do you want this information? How is it going to change anything if you learn the real name is Bob and not Jerry?

    • Giles, What can be the reason that TB Joshua seems to be scared of discovering out the source of his powers? Why should a man of God be paranoia about the fact that his powers will become examined? I knew a lot of theologicans who tried to find-out the real identity of the source of TB joshuas powers, and could not define it. This means, they could not confirm that it is from God, either.

    • tbjoshuawatch ask if real too.she said tb joshua teaches his husband to make trouble in their mariage.
      With i m not suprised,you are the one who created the web so you must support your fellow pharisees whether they are wrong or not.

      • kiki, to me you seem to be arguing for the sake of argument, so I’m not sure if my reply will make any difference to you. I understand that it is painful when something or someone you love is questioned and presented in a negative light.

        I did not say “TB Joshua teaches my husband to make trouble in my marriage.” I absolutely did not say that.

        You need to understand the concept of influence and implication. It is what Satan used in the garden of eden. He did not say “Oh, hey! You should definitely disobey God!” He took a round about, persuasive route, using implication and his own form of reasoning.

        Now, before you explode, I am not saying that TBJ is Satan. What i’m trying to point out is that wrong is not always as obvious as we would wish. Heretics and cultists gain a following because they start with a kernel of truth.

        How this applies to my situation is this: TBJ, through his Emmanuel TV, which *HE* is responsible for as the leader and founder of SCOAN and the station, makes implications, and allows implications to be presented in his sermons, in the testimonies that he deems fit for broadcast, and in the deliverance services.

        Implications such as:

        *If a Christian is really faithful and believes enough, they will experience miraculous healing and miraculous profits on demand. If healing and riches do not happen, the problem is a lack of faith.

        *If a Christian is sick, or experiencing difficulties in life, they are demon possessed.

        *If a Christian sins, they are demon possessed (ie: not responsible for their actions because they are controlled by a demon)

        *Any person who questions TBJ in any capacity is in danger of hellfire. Because, as testified by people in SCOAN and broadcast on Emmanuel TV, TBJ is the “son of Jesus”, who sits at his right hand at the throne of God, above all other prophets.

        *Unless one has the power to make people scream, piss themselves, vomit, roll on the ground, and make dreadful faces, one is not an adequate minister of the Gospel.

        *Unless one has publically screamed, pissed themselves, vomited, rolled on the ground, and made dreadful faces, one has not been adequately delivered of demons that supposedly posess people.

        *Demons can overtake a person who is actively working against them in the name of Jesus Christ. As evidenced by all the many pastors who are claiming to have been demon possessed while ministering effectively in the name of Jesus and casting out other demons.

        *Trouble in marriage is almost always because the wife is demon possessed. The large majority of videos broadcast where marital troubles are the main problem involve the wife being “demon possessed” and generally wicked and oppositional.

        *By sending money to TBJ, one can get some of the extra special blessing/anointing that supposedly infuses his ministry.

        Not only are these implications unbiblical, but they combine to create tension between TBJ followers, and believers who are solid in faith but not prone to self-exhibition and who may be more willing to accept God’s working and glory in sickness and trouble as well as in ease and health. Put two such people in a marriage together, and you have a recipe for trouble, especially if it is the wife who takes the orthodox point of view and the husband who follows TBJ.

        There is also the very serious problem of attitude. TBJ may teach “love” in his repetitive sermons, but every TBJ follower I have ever communicated with has felt that cursing, tearing down, threatening, and insulting is an appropriate way to answer any questions about TBJ, even if the questions are asked in the most gentle and respectful way possible. I’m sure you can imagine the effect that has on marriage, can you not?

        Again, I can’t say I expect much understanding from you. But I made myself vulnerable to this extent for the sake of others who may read and perhaps understand.

      • Thank you so much for your comments M. We have heard several times in the past of people who’s mind has been made up about TB Joshua having seen the difference in attitude between his supporters and detractors in the comments on this site. That you remain so gracious and patient in the face of such personal comments is remarkable.

      • @M,
        Why do you waste your time trying to explain your situation ? These TBJ devotees only understand one thing, and that is TBJ, and not the Lord Jesus who bought the whole world with His own blood. They don’t even know or understand the Word of God, nor are they ready to learn, so don’t bother. Continue to pray for your husband until the spell is broken. As the wife and as a believer, you have the power to take authority over the spell on your husband’s mind, break it, and set him free in the name of Jesus. Yes, a wife should submit to the husband, but when the husband is in chains, the wife has responsibility as a believer to set the husband free !

      • @ M.,

        Thank you for that, can’t agree more. But as always you can’t or must not say that, because devotees of SCOAN don’t do anything wrong, everything they do is straight from Jesus Christ. That is what they go out on a limb for and by all means they have to convince you it come straight from God, but leave a trail behind of death, lies, false doctrine, cult behaviour, abuse of false friendships, broken up homes, indoctrination, twisting of scripture, twisting your personal words, manipulating and coercing you in occult powers, telling you that you are a Pharisee if you don’t do when they say, Jump ! and you say “How high ?” Applying charismatic witchcraft on you if you don’t obey right there and then, yell at you, corner you with a group, coercing you to feel guilty, creating depression in you, entering in you with their conjured up demons they pass off as Holy Spirit, not know Who the Holy Spirit is, using the Bible to deceive you and condone their actions and yet they still say I did nothing wrong, everything I have done is right. Then after that they wipe their mouth as in Proverbs 30:20.

      • M.
        you are completely and absolutely wrong in your statement about tb joshua”manipulation”as the cause of your trouble in mariage.
        As the exemple you brought about satan in the garden of eden,you are completely wrong.The devil went straight to the woman and told to eat the fruits of tree that God forbide them to eat,and also the devil told them God lied to them ,if they eat the fruit they will see clearly as God.I dont know which bilbe you read but i suggest you to read very well,unless you are using those catholic bible which they likely have changed many things.
        So bringing your view about scoan and refering to it as the cause of your trouble in your mariage has no facts whatever.
        If tb joshua teaches love in his sermon,and i chose not to follow hi teaching,your husband dont follow his teaching or someone else,this is not the proof that tb joshua is responsible for whatever his followers do in their life.
        So do you mean in your church,noone sins because your pastor teaches very well than others?And if they are some who sin in your church will you put the blame to your pastor his the cause of their sin ,or he manipulate them?
        Your accusations as tb joshua is the cause of your trouble in your home is absolutely fake.
        Your husband has never met tb joshua face to face ,may he has did,you could has brought your wrong facts that he manipulated him privately.But thank God it is not the case.
        If to watch emmanuel tv ,brought your husband to be manipulate,how come you did not also been manipulated when you are watching it?oh i know you will answer the same like jesse did,you are so filled with holy spirit ,that is why you ,and all your fellow are not manipulate as your husband.
        Or may be you have another answer.
        If the all people who support tb joshua all over the world and watch emmanuel tv and are being manipulate but not you and all your fellow because you are the one filled with holy spirit,i dont have what to say.
        Good luck.
        But as jesse likes to say,you have nothing ,absolutely nothing on tb joshua as the cause of your trouble in your mariage,this is your own view,and i think you are the one manipulating the ministry of tb joshua to what you have in your head as the truth but this is not the case.
        What i can suggest you,go to tb joshua and talk to him what you think about him,show him where he is not right and pray for him,this will show you love him and your filled of holy spirit in you and your fellow ,is really working in you.
        Otherwise what you are doing has nothing about righteous of God,this is absolutely your manipulation to bring people believe your own view on scoan but it has no facts,we regard your accusations as air .

  66. Ya giles,

    “How is it going to change anything if you learn the real name is Bob and not Jerry?”

    Can we also please ask Moses, Daniel, David, Jesus Christ, Paul and Peter etc etc to come out of hiding and show their faces. All we have of them is just written letters!

    It is just a worthless request and way of thinking. if you cannot find out the truth through all of these writings and the writings in the Bible, then there is very little hope for you.

    The only one you need to meet personally is Jesus Christ and that will be through His Holy Spirit too.

  67. The only way to eliminate this filthy Christless blog is not to click on it and not readi it.

    • @ Kukiriki,

      Then why are you here, Shoo, go away, go play with your train set. If you have nothing to say constructive it is better to say nothing at all.

      Jesus Christ Is Lord over this website. Now Shooo !

  68. @ Jesse,
    You have such a track record working with all these people, and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of deceit, lies and manipulations ! Please get in touch with me through the administrator of this blog.

    • @ Mr. T.,

      I would like to. But it is very hard for me to do so in the position that I am. You can take my posts on my experiences and go from there. I did not make them up. These are my personal experiences and I kept them for years hidden and did not say anything about SCOAN.It took me a long time to come forward about this. Also it is better for me, my family and friends to stay anonymous. And whatever Kiki says about me looking at you as my “nigger” you have to take that from him with a complete grain of salt and just discard as rubbish and nonsense.

      • No problem, I understand your point. As for those TBJ deluded devotees, I don’t care whatever they say because they have no credibility whatsoever.

  69. Any new on the two uk pastors of scoan on the run and in hiding? I do not see them anywhere on Emman TV . Everyone who is everyone in scoan were on the tv for his birthday or in the prayer line, but they were very absent?

    • Yes, we’re curious and would like to know about the U.K.pastors. Have they disappeared ? Or have they been abducted by TBJ and his gang of rogues ? What’s going on ? Please get the Scotland Yard on the trail and let’s see what’s happening. At any moment, TBJ would be caught in his own trap, and his kingdom of darkness would come tumbling down in a moment. Just wait and see…!

      • hahahaha,jokes,keep making people laugh,it is good for health.
        Thank you just wonder and make me laugh with your last comments.
        Bye bye jesse ,i will miss you,hahaha but i have to go and follow kukiriki’s advice and be careful too mr T.for your touch with jesse,he may continue to command you as his nigger.hahaha bye bye

      • @ Kiki,

        There goes Kiki again with a hairy tail between the legs. Kiki, did three long posts and has now ego exploding full of hot air. Don’t think I was not looking how you were taking our words and twist them around as an unskilled reverse psychology failure skidder.

        What came to mind was of that wolf that came and was blowing real hard to the little piggy, from the tale “The wolf and the three little piggies ” that lives in a stone house. Now finally realising that it did not work out as Kiki thought and was rightfully put on the spot by M., Kiki needs to come up for breath and take a break.

        You hissy fit slithery coward, come back here, I was not finished with you, I was just warming up, because I want to comb your hairy stickup back in place again.

      • Yes jesse go on and call David Cameron to help you arrest tb joshua.
        hahaha jokes,Do you think any authority ,even just one,in england, scotland, wales, ireland knows about jesse?hahaha this is so funny.
        Believe him,in the position he is ,he can’t do anything,he is just a small citizen like everyone here,noone knows him.
        Dont be impressionate by his rubbish comments,he likes to make himself big because of his pride.
        But there is nothing big in him,he is just a fake small pastor who tries everyday to search for big pastors and big servants of God and big pastors to see if he may get a help from them..
        If he was a true pastor, he could know ,its not about how many pastors he knows or talk with all over the world that will make him big or true man of God but only the calling from God.
        So whatever he is saying to bring big impression to himself, is just fake as his fake comments.
        .Dont believe him,he does not have any calling from God,he is there just to gain his bread that is why he does not have any other thing to do than searching and running after other ministers..
        Do you think the true pastors,servants and prophets of God have that time to fight on internet?
        They are only busy with their ministries,they cant have that time of foolishness in fighting other ministries because they have too much work to do in their ministries.
        “Track record”hahaha,which track record?you people are so funny hahaha
        If you have a track record working with big pastors,how come you are the only one talking here?why your friends big pastors are not supporting you if you work together?Tell all those known big pastors you mentioned to support you if you have that track of record with them.
        Oh God this is really funny.”Anonymous”hahaha,who told you he/she wants to know your name?noone cares about your name,you are just deceiving people so as they may see you as a big important person,but you are just a small fake pastor.
        Just keep your pride you fake small pastor,noone cares about who you are or you name, and keep too your fake fabricate lies,nothing will stop tb joshua growing glory to glory wether you continue adding more fabricate lies or not.
        You were warming “up” or escaping “up”???
        If you want me to comeback first go and answer my big question you escape to answer because of your guilty.
        Me i am no longer have time to waste on foolish,childish people who escape when they face big challenge.
        I am just here to clarify your status and not deceive people with your pride.
        But when you finish answering my questions,i will come back to you and comb your hairy stick up back on his place too, you small fake pastor.

        Go on and continue your filthy “civilised” insults,there is nothing different with mine you are as bad as i am.if you want you can call for help from your pharisees,but the truth remain truth :you are just a fake small pastor there is nothing big or track record about you!
        You fake small pastor,true pastors do not talk like you and dont have time to fight on internet,this only shows you are fake and deceiving your self!hahaha,bye bye jesse

      • @ Kiki,

        There you go again, trying to find the needle in the haystack in keeping up appearances so you can keep up your lies and deception.

        No-one goes nowhere. It would be easier to go to Obama than go to the United Kingdom leaders because everything is collapsing there.

        Let me quote TB JOSHUA, One Drop of the “anointed water” can change an entire country. Really ? Mawhahahahah. What a crock and what garbage.

        And how is that going to be put in place ? Tell me Kiki, what about Haiti, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Lybia, Turkey, Iraq,………

        Why does TB Joshua not send a horde of disciples and wise men to all those countries and start spraying when they come off the plane, train, ship, car. And make sure that all the news channels are with their camera on it what happens in the wake of their slimey trail the leave behind.

        Do I have to keep my breath for that ? Staying within your four walls and keep lying, deceiving and regurgitating your filth that comes from your trachea and vocal cords that are put on fire from the pit of hell.

        Kiki, you have no shame, you as the promoter of leaders that are possessed with demons of darkness, death and big men from India or giant hulks from the Great Pacific.

        You call it all fantastic, but the stampedes that will take place in the future will bring even more deaths.

        Then again you have nothing on me, nobody has ever died where I ministered, nor do I need trickery to make myself a name and have poor people make a show for me as well using people to elbow myself forward. Stealing from others so I could show off with other people’s monies. But what goes around, comes around and the proof is in the pudding that falsehood is rife in SCOAN. I could never believe I would talk like this when I put aside ten years of my life to observe a ministry that does fake healing, fake deliverances, fake sermons to entertain the world and also believes they are doing God a favour with their Kundalini practices, antics, bull, as well abusing people and families.

        Then on top of it when you talk to them they are always right and never wrong, but how can you not be wrong with hordes of demons speaking through you and just laugh how they have mislead you and have no shame. It is the epitome of a bunch of nasty pieces of work who live as parasites of others goodwill. Who wants to be with them ? I rather sit in the slob of a pig than being associated with any of you.

  70. @M,
    I hope you don’t misunderstand me. I know you love your husband and want to save your home and I’m only trying to encourage you. I know the havoc this TBJ monster who calls himself a ” man of God,” has brought upon your home, but you don’t have to resign yourself to fate. As believers, we’ve been given authority over Satan and his demons and we need to exercise this authority when need be. Luke 10:19. Demons of delusion can have a very strong hold on the mind and we need to exercise our authority in Jesus to cast them out. It may take some time, but you can do it. All the best to you !

    • jesse,

      hahaha obama?does obama even knows you are existing in the world?you fake small pastor jesse,stop your jokes,we have laughed enough you foolish pharisee.
      If united kingdom is collapsing,why dont you rise it up?are you not a “BIG PASTOR” filled with holy spirit and with a track record of working with so many big pastors,prophets all over the world?
      haiiti ,syria,afghanistan,egypt,iraq….,are all awaiting for you fake pastor!Are you then not also a servant of God? why are you always want others servants of God to go” INTO THE WORLD”,and,you, you want to stay in your dead church?why then?wake up “your filled of holy spirit”and go to those places you wish others to go.

      The world needs more servants of God who are filled with holy spirit, are you then not among them ?or have you lied about yourself???????
      i knew you before when i read your foolish comments, that you are nothing than a small fake pastor who has a big head full of pride.

      Since i exposes you,you are ashame and dont have anymore something else to say than repeating yourself over and over again.But i know you want me to help you to keep your fake site running your foolish fabricate lies but i will not be trapped by your tricks,i dont have anymore time to waste with a fake small pastor who does not have work to do than pointing out what others should do.
      Have you first finish answering your big challenge questions i asked you before talking to me again?or your small brain has forgotten everything as you always forget the foolish pride comments you posted before?.

      Another thing,anointing water is not a magic,it works by faith and not by spraying all over the world in airplane,but i am not suprised that this childish question are coming out from you!
      As i exposed you as a fake small pastor,this shows the truth of my statement.A fake pastor does not know anything about “faith”because he is calling ,does not come from God but from foolish mind to gain his bread by faking who he is.
      God is not a magician you fake small pastor,he works through the heart of the one who wants to follow him by faith,
      God does not force people to accept him,if it was like that,all the world could have accepted Jesus by now.You want just to show people you know God but you are just a pharisee who were just there to read the book of Moses but were not understanding it,and were just misinterpreting it the way they want,that is why Jesus called them “BLIND”.

      At last, i know noone is associated with you, you are a small pastor,who wants just to make himself big.
      Noone wishes to associate with a small fake pastor who does nothing than lying to his small dead church that his calling is from God then he spends most of his time searching on internet the works of other ministries instead of doing what he wants others to do.

      I am not interested in you anymore,your comments are just childish and repeating yourself over and over you childish mind,keep lying to fellow pharisees not me!.
      And you too, you dont have anything else on tbjoshua than your demons working in your small brain and show you some tricks to fabricate lies against him,but ashame on you!it has never worked you blind fake small pharisee pastor!bye bye jesse hahaha

      • jesse i have answered your comments up you and M,i dont escape like you.hope you will not call me again.

      • @ Kiki,

        Of course Obama knows me, what is it to you ? Are you jealous he knows me and not you ?

        So I must raise up England. So you can have more benefits ? How do you know if I don’t write to David Cameron on 10 Downing Street. Are you now also reading my mail and correspondence ? I communicate with many and what, is none of your business. I have no accountability to you am I. If it is not applicable to TB Joshua then it is not to me either.

        You yourself hide behind a computer and you complain what others do. The you take posts and when you think you have an advantage in thinking of whom you are dealing with you inflate yourself up big thinking that bring big in doing fake deliverances, fake healings and put camera on it to elbow this ministry forward passing it off as Holy Spirit work. Thousands of churches and institutions exist like this and if we have to believe all your sarcastic lies and fabrications you glean out of posts, you think you can be in a better place as a daily sinner as you are. Do you really think you have this advantage ? You are nothing more then a disturbing transmitter that means nothing at all. Show me your greatness of what you do, by your own and not riding on somebody else’s tails that does nothing than deceiving ignorant people.


        You nasty piece of work and despicable person you are. You will never stop at anything to produce your fickle presentation to the entire world and I know that that python snake that has take hostage your fake leaders and are specialist liars and cheaters and the true scum that deliberate does this with a consciousness seared with hot iron. I know what the future is for such evil nasty people is that willingly sell Jesus for gain. That Judgement will be as Revelation says and Matthew 7.

        Then I rather be a little pastor and bring one by one to Jesus and that they will saved then I lead millions into judgment and be accountable for that with fake shows and conjuring demons and infest them in front of a camera.

        After all what you say means totally nothing, what will mean something what God will say in the end, because that excuse is thrown at you every day at Watch TB Joshua. Every day with their lopsided insane corrupt stories.

        You have nothing on me and your lies will not stick. Are you sure you are delivered, don’t you need another helping ? Why not swagger off to Lagos and take the once over, because you have no clue what you are talking about. Proof me anything that you have in me ?

        Is it rape ? Masturbating on a girl with burns on her chest ? Making babies in women that are not mine ? Killing people with false promises them becoming rich with ” anointed water”. Me setting up cameras to dishonour their dignity ? Me loosing my rag, slapping disciples in their face ? Me telling people quotable quotes that have stolen under plagiarism ? Written books with NIV bible texts, which is the most virulent false bible in the world ? Telling me living to live in the light of the word of God, while they do this in SCOAN. How about lying in several occasions and that in the leaders. How about stealing from Gods people and missions by extorting tithes from them. Selling “anointed water” to ignorant people. Doing fake prophecy editing and so I can go on and on. All proven. And you go in denial with this and carry on with your foul stinking lies that you have something on me ? Pot, Kettle, Black. You brood of vipers you stop at nothing to keep your lies up. The axe is at the root of your own tree. Then you call me hypocrite and Pharisee ??? Please for your own sake, take a hike and when you come back with something useful and truthful, instead of you whoppers you spout now.

    • fake pastor jesse are you sure uk is collapsing or you made a mistake?how come then you jump up your country,and came to criticise “poverty,HIV,corruption,419 scams,rubbish currency”and so on in africa?i thought your country was so perfect and you did’nt have what to say about foolish proud pharisee!
      This is the main character of tb joshua haters,they see the bad of others but they are enable to see theirs.Foolish proud pharisees are you all!

      • fake small pastor jesse,you will say too ,i did not say that,heeh?have you reread your comments in watchtbjoshua site and see how you pride reached the top.and noone has having anymore to say because of your pride!But you are here to make yourself innocent you foolishproud pharisee!

      • @ Kiki,

        I want to respond on some allegations you did and another lie.

        You said that the “anointed water” must be used in faith. Because of that you call me a child.

        Shall I remind you of the fact that in every meeting in the branches, wherever they were, leaders were walking through the aisles and spraying wildly over the area in the building as well people. Every meeting. Then the meeting continued by taking out individual persons for the appointed prayer lines. Then spray again in their face, in their mouth, on their body. Why spray twice if according to TB Joshua on drop is enough to change a country. How do you all keep up these fabrications and lies ?

        What is it now Kiki ? One drop or emptying entire bottles over crowds ? The making the suspense even deeper by saying, deep, deeper, deepest.

        Deep from where, what or who ? Using words of no content to increase the lies spoken. Then saying I am a child, thinking I am stupid and swallow these deceptions. You go with anything this man says and take it as Gospel.

        You can’t even explain or testify one ounce of reason that create all the confusion for yourself of taking your stories with a grain or pinch of salt. There you go with your deliberate serial lying. Like all those leaders who confess that God can cleanse them still and with the Blood of Jesus, yet still they are full of demons. Does that add up ? Clearly not. How can you speak even out the Blood of Jesus out loud and confess your sins and you don’t manifest ?

        Also some of the leaders were wearing big chains with Jesus on the cross pendants. Did it protect them from being possessed with demons ? No ! These crosses were instructed by TB Joshua them to wear it during deliverances. Why ? Does anyone wear crosses with Jesus on it for deliverance ? We’re they all of a sudden Catholic ? What instruction is there to wear crosses in the first place in the bible ? If Jesus was on that cross, why does it say in the bible

        Exodus 20:4-5
        Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them:for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

        That is an graven image of what is in Heaven. Is Jesus in Heaven, Yes or No ?

        Then you call me a child, why not look at yourself how you are carried away with all this unbiblical application. Which proves to me you are a milk drinker and not a biblical meat eater. Then you call me Pharisee, while you yourself telling yourself how great it all is for you, while you are grossly deceived and mislead from head to toe. Even rebuked by quite a few here if your heresies and lies. You keep turning back to your habit of lying. This church should be renamed. The Synagogue of Practicing Lies and Application.

        Why ? Take one example, one woman who says she can’t walk for four years and CAN’T DO ANYTHING. Yet, she can eat, get to the toilet, etc. etc. Only one leg she can’t use. Yet she can’t use crutches to walk around ? These continuous lies are there spoken in streams for all to see in the form of ” Man of God, Please Man of God, Please help me, I have bad leg AND I CAN’T do nothing. Oh how did you get there then ? Was she completely paralysed from the neck down ? No ! And so there are many of those that have the same stories, everyone is a replication of the other, no difference. Lies upon lies. When you stop promoting such sinning, then I will take you serious. But for now, away from me. Be gone.

        PS, in one post I wrote, “ABSOLUTELY HAPPENED, I meant, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED” this came about because Kiki made me angry in the former post and it was 1:30 am in the morning that I wrote it a bit hastily and the automatic spelling option is sometimes changing what I write. By this one I apologise for the mistakes. That is what you get and are a bit in a haste and don’t check your posts and pray long enough over them.

  71. @ALL,
    We see the recycling process over and over again on this site ! The last was Nana who came huffing and puffing, without any substance, and here goes Kiki having huffed and puffed, but unable to offer any substance like the others before him. Watch out for the next agent of TBJ, who comes along to save the battered and tattered image of their false prophet. Could it be Doe, Soe, Candleholder or some other faceless and nameless fellow ?

    T B Joshua, your game is up, and your kingdom of lies, deceit, hypocrisy,fornications and false prophecies would be fully exposed. Did you not make a false prophecy about Boko Haram, apart from many other false prophecies you have made in the past ? Boko Haram has put you to shame, as they get more and more defiant and brutal in their atrocities each passing day. You must come before your deluded congregation and confess your sin of false prophecies, lying, hypocrisy and all your other atrocities. Lastly, humbly go down on your knees and ask the Lord Jesus to forgive your sins and to save you, lest you go to hell !

    • hahaha,talk just to talk but you are nothing else than a nigger in the eyes of these pharisees.
      hahaha have you look at your mirror and see how you look?you ugly frauster!may be that is why they see you as their nigger because of your “UGLY FACE”!
      Even if you can come with 10 ugly face like yours,i will not fear you.
      You are the one fornicating!you ldivorce your wife and went USA to fornicate, you FRAUSTER.,FORNICATOR AND BLASPHEMER.,you think we dont know you?UGLY FACE you are!
      WARNING:USA women ,be aware of these UGLY FORNICATOR FRAUSTER “EDMUND AMARTEY”hahaha noone can beat me unless i feel pity for you.Dont call me again if you dont want me to expose you,ugly frauster!

      • Kiki, I am sorry , you must have lost your common sense. Of what use are these blamings and accusings? There is a difference between blamings and facts. When there are real facts, you have a right to rebuke and if you are able, to correct. If you are only able to ventilate your frustrations and pleasure in saying hurting things, then you are just as your master tb Joshua., he is expert in it. Dont get trapped in a system that is not yours. Just think twice before you react. Love your enemy.

      • jamie the one who lost their common, are you!before rebuking others faults,first rebuke yours.
        You are hiding behind computer,why dont you come out then and show up,and we may judge you too and rebuke yours sins too?
        Are you not taking pleasure to ventilate your frustrations in saying hurting things against tb joshua?Do you think it makes him happy?
        There is nothing here,you are doing about “love”your enemy,this is to decieve your self.If you love tb joshua apply Matthew 18:15 to him,and i will agree with you that you love him.
        Dont try to show people that you are right in what you are doing here,i said before noone here is right before God.
        God does not work like this.
        This is not “rebuking”,this is “judging”.To correct someone is not like this.
        If it was God who told you to rebuke the bad of tb joshua the way you are doing,it could have brought solution.God does not point out sins of people and not save them.God does not detect a problem without giving solution.
        Dont think you are working for God,but the devil is the one who is an expert in judgements and condemnation!you should not too get trapped in his system!think twice before judging others!And dont love your fellow only but love tb joshua too!
        If you want to love your enemy,ask kali to teach you how to love your enemy,she is the only one here who knows the meaning of “LOVE”,others,you ,me,and all tb joshua haters, we are deceiving ourselves.

      • @ Kiki,

        You are no sinner then are you, you never do anything wrong.

        You want everything to be glossed over and that we are going to be pussyfooting around about your false from hell originated lies to you fabricate that nobody is without rebuke. The matters that I brought forward is happening in SCOAN and you have the nerve to call me a liar, while you yourself a liar and a supporting of falsehood, fake, 419 scams that originate from SCOAN who then vehemently denies it does not come from them. Being all over the world promoting this nasty show on camera of lying people who just want to make their church big with complete nonsense and lies the blurt out every single day.

        Proof what is said in Revelation, the Church of Satan that claims they are apostles but are liars.

        The biggest thing they do when they open their mouths is lies.

        No wonder because if their father is the father if lies what else they can speak ?

        Fall after the order of Goliath, In Jesus Name !

  72. @jesse salut.i thank jesus for saving us from sins. He died for each of us including tbjoshua and his is ok to bring your your comment,very important and i hope it is helping people. You dont have to use hard or unuseful or harsh words like :tail betwen your legs,hot hair, bush and so on. Remember each of your word is recorded in will be held account. to receive jesus as your savior is a grace. Pray for your brother who is not saved. Prayer is the answer.

    • kali,you are a real role model of a true christian,and i salute you,others here ,we are all deceiving our selves,you are the only true christian who knows to love his enemy here.
      If christianity could make more christians like you,the world would be a better place to live in and peace would reigns.
      As you say Prayer is the key of everything,please pray for us who does not please God!

    • @ Kali,

      By all means I would agree with you, but sometimes you have to call it as it is. But mind you, it is Ok for Kiki, to call Mr. T a nigger ? That is also racist as they try to pin upon me.

      If we would look inside some people’s heart we would see quite a lot what we would not like to see. I know of people who smile and are nice and put their hands on you amicably, while inside they curse you and think “you just dead will ya ”

      I can sincerely say, I don’t think like that at all, but I am not a person that takes a leaf in front of his mouth. Also I use reasonable force in choosing my words to challenge one to a discussion and does work because nobody of the TB Joshua camp was writing long posts, certainly not Kiki.

      Guess what, I had a dream about mr Harry that I was teaching him from the bible. Now what was that ?????

      • jesse,kali has never defend my sins even in just a single comment.
        She refers to us( tb joshua and his followers) as your brothers and suggest you to pray for us but she didn’t know really who you are.
        If it is hard for you to understand some true comments,it is good for you to close your mouth than exposing yourself as a fake pastor.

        Believing you as a minister of God,she was telling you what is best for you to say and not ,then you should have regard this,as a spirit of God correcting you instead of defending sins by admitting that sometimes it is good to sin.

        A true pastor does not defend sins.If so,then how will you minister the children of God if you can not minister yourself?This is to show your calling is not from God; If it was ,you could have heard the voice of the true spirit as it is said in John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice,I know them,and they follow me.
        If you were a true pastor,you could not harden your heart to the voice of God correcting you.
        And i knew that since i read your comments full of pride,that is why you and mr T.who have a heart of stone,need to be corrected seriously but i will never defend my sins that i am right like you.
        Only if you can go back and read all your comments,you will find, you are the most terrible people among tb joshua haters ,who use filthy terrible accusations and filthy “civilised”insults towards tb joshua and followers and because of your stubborness,you got what you deserve.

        About “long posts”, it seems in every comment of yours,you have to put a funny childish mind,we are not fighting to have long posts but to tell the truth,this is your childish thought as kids fighting over toys to have the most toy.
        Finally about “mr harry”this is the most funny post of yours i have ever read. Is it wise man harry or what?jesse,it makes you happy to make people over laughing?hahahaha,you dreamt teaching harry?harry wise man or harry imagination?oh i m tired of your jokes.hahaha
        jesse do you mean you dreanmt wise man harry leaving scoan church?
        that is what you think it will happen?So you heard a vision from God?hahaha,you people ,how long will you keep your funny story?
        This funny dream is for kids jesse ,go and tell your vision to the kids,not to us.Here we are discussing serious issues,not jokes and tell stories.
        hahaha really jesse ,i dont know what to say,this is what they call “hallucinations”
        If it happens jesse,i will be the first person to go on my knees to ask forgiveness to God ,that i called his pastor,a fake pastor.
        Please,informe us as soon as you got another vision on when it will happen so as we will be awaiting for the total delivrance of God’s people from the scoan”cult”
        Hahaha funny fake pastor,now you want to be a prophet?hahaha God,you haven’t even finished your training to be a true pastor,now you want to jump and to start prophesying?bye bye jesse ,i m laughing enough,let me wait for your next funny story.

      • @ Kiki,

        Believing you as a minister of God,she was telling you what is best for you to say and not ,then you should have regard this,as a spirit of God correcting you instead of defending sins by admitting that sometimes it is good to sin.

        I read the post of Kali. I understand where Kali comes from, but hairy tail, and other words are normal words. So when you want to make it sin, then tell in what context ? What was applicable to you, is not applicable to me in this case. I can write less harsh things is what Kali means. I do agree, but that does not work on you. What works is getting you out of your shell and then you go overboard and think the same thing about the unwholesome words scripture I gave you and your spirit broken according Proverbs, you were not agreeing, but I did not use words as excrement as you did. It says be ANGRY, but sin not. Yes, I was angry because you lie as a habit and that is a sin. Being harsh is tough love and you can’t accept. Then you go all overboard me being a fake pastor. As I said in the other post to you, none of the things that I told you there I do. TB Joshua does as well Some of the Wisemen. They are also rude in the application of ministration and when I watch it I point it out and you disagree. Why don’t you watch it for yourself how Daniel behaves in ministration. Is that how you do it, pushing and motor mouthing someone down ? The Holy Spirit does not need anyone to push one down, yes or no ? I don’t do any if that.

        Now who is pastor now eh ? Who is childish there ? If you don’t have the power of God you push people down. Very clear and concise.

        So you pass my dream off as me lying this ? As if I have control over my dreams ? And you laugh about it as a headless lunatic asylum chicken about it. What is there to laugh. Now who is the child there ?

        What I tell here is what truly happened and you just want to be obnoxious and make it look silly. That’s fine with me. I don’t care about more toys, you can keep them.

        You call dreams for kids, but God say otherwise. So stop your lying, have you not read ?

        Joel 2:28-29
        And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh;
        and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams,
        your young men shall see visions: 29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids
        in those days will I pour out my spirit.

        So you disagree as usual with Gods Word, no wonder, let’s see how grown up you are. Tell me what does that Scripture mean and stop with your pathetic laughter after almost every sentence, it is not doing you any good, it only makes you look childish and as if you have missed your medication administration.

  73. Plz dear, if ur pastor cnnot do a miracle, plz try to appreciate sm1z else miracle. Better pray 4 deliverance 4 tryin to fake tinz up. That man is a real man of GOD, like it or leave it. Plz stp d fake story. If ur man of man cnt do it, jst dnt wori, cos they is levels in d spiritual realms. Better stp dat sht

  74. All I can say is that the deliverances at the SCOAN especially by the wisemen are real, but the other things are faked, TBJ sermons are filled with brain washing statements to get people to sympathize with him. The devil mixes his lies with the truth, for he must use a truth to carry his lies, for the devil it is usually 95% truth and 5% lies at first and when he knows he is warming up into the hearts of majority of the people, then he gradually starts diluting the juice. It is a mixture of truth and lies up in the SCOAN arena. And we know that the devil is big time mixer. TBJ used to all truth but these days the counterfeit has mingles with the truth, and showmanship is now the order of the day. Everything these days is made for camera even the deliverance sessions and the re-broadcasts are so over edited that it makes no sense anymore.

    • @ Angelica,

      Sorry Angelica, I can’t agree that the deliverances are real. They use forces and coercing people to do their bidding, including the terrible interrogations. If you want to know more about it, read my former posts. The rest you said I sort of agree with.

  75. @ Those who have courage,

    I would advocate and promote that as soon they lift up the hand, hand pulling or shout at you in SCOAN as they do to pounce them hard in the Solar Plexus, top of the head and Stomach area. This is the place where they push out the Kundalini forces toward you so drop down. Aka slain in the spirit.

    Don’t be afraid to do so because that is how you will find out it was not from God after all. It has happened before where one woman was doing that to TB Joshua and he was physically fighting her to get her down and away from him. Only to walk away quickly to the other side of the prayer line, knowing that he could not fool her with his trickery.

    So if you really want to find out if it is all real, just do that what I said. Just give them a punch right where I said. It does not have to be hard, but just enough to knock the hot inflated air out of them and see them scrambling.

  76. The more the truth about tbj comes out, the more I realize that his modes operandi is muslim. So him being this chameleon “man of god” – I can sum up that he is a

    – Muslim Bantu Prophet under a “Christian” Jesuit suit –

    and teaching his wise men and disciple to become the same.

  77. I want to prove it myself,please send me prophet TBJs contact details,I’m in South Africa

  78. Thats not true, why do people have to lie?anyway there’s nothing new what this people without names are saying is not new they said this even to JESUS Himself they put words on His mouth who is then J.b JOSHUA who is merely an instrument a humble donkey that JESUS used when HE was entering Jerusalem.they must adentify themselves first then they can say whatever they want.

    • @mandla

      Humble donkey? That sounds like a sound bite from TB Joshua himself and Who is a humble donkey? TB Joshua? He does not act it neither does he sound like it, his station is even worse, their promotion and elevation of his “holiness and infallibility” is downright disgusting.

      What is humble about this man? Do not listen to the lying demons that they cast out during the deliverances at the SCOAN, if they are indeed demons, those critters never say the truth, remember their father the devil is a Master of lies, so why do you think that the demons will tell you the truth? They just claim that he is “a danger to their kingdom” and gives them “fire” so as to continue to deceive him in his feeling of self importance. With his bragging the other day of his connection with United Nations, this and that, and his self-important mandate leveled on all SCOAN members, “God told you to pray for this man of God, TB Joshua for my birthday!” This man has an exaggerated sense of his own importance in the body of Christ. I do not see any signs of a humble donkey from his general attitude, I’m sorry.

      Your man TB Joshua, feels he has a lofty position of influence arising out of his “divine commission,” and his abnormal height of spirituality makes him feel he has been placed far above other men. This is demonic possession of the highest order.

      Nowadays, he is using his pulpit and altar as an employment agency, giving people jobs. If he want to do this why can’t he create department in his church to handle this, why use up all the service time to glorify himself of how good he is in creating jobs and how the G-8 and the finance minister is in support. Has the house of God where prayer is to be made and the Word of God read to encourage the people of God become a social arena where such worldly institutions like the MBA tour and United Nations and their green agenda come to make speeches, emails of secular individuals are read, and the things of God put on the back burner? Afterwards, people are lined in front of the church to give testimonies and glorify the “man of God” for giving them jobs with such testimonies like, “I just want to thank the man of God, prophet TB Joshua for giving me a job.” I pity the companies that create these vacancies and send the opening to SCOAN, no one hears about them, the “man of God” Senior Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN indirectly takes the glory and all the adulation for giving the people jobs.

      The new one is that he prophesied that there was going to be a derailment in a French speaking country, my question is, whoever that is giving him this visions and prophecies why didn’t he know and tell him before the fact that four people where going to die in the stampede in Ghana as a result of his “new” anointing water and warn people accordingly?

      Get out of the organized church system people, these pastors and charlatan are running you down with their greed. Form prayer and bible study groups in your homes like the people of the Acts of the Apostles and pray for one another – the Holy Spirit has left the churches and Jesus Sananda Emmanuel has entered and is running the show of miracles, prophecies, signs and wonders!

      • Thank you, beloved sister, for your insight. Hoping others may learn from you. And yes,the time has come for house churches and true godly fellowship as in the Book of Acts.

  79. I believe that God can do anything trough TB Joshua wonderful things is happening, Please my Lord heal me, deliver me , let me have what i ask everyday in my Prayer in Jesus name .

    • It sad instead of seeking a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, Christians these days are seeking after blessings, healings, various carnal heart desires at the churches. As a result, they run after one charlatan man of God to the next, the more the miracles the better, they don’t care how the miracles come all they know is that they want miracles and blessings, blessings, more blessings. That is why the fake “Jesus Christ” the demon “Jesus Sananda Immanuel” has crept into the churches. Read about this fake Jesus Sananda Immanuel and his plans for the church of Christ here:

  80. Narcissistic people are running after the pastor that has the most miracles, the most healing feats, the most prophecies, and these deceitful pastors are all about self-promotion and self-absorption, self-aggrandizement; the pastors fight and will do just about anything to get the most members and the most money from tithes and offering, the sale of prayer books and programs, “special spiritual” one-on-one consultations, church building funds, anointing water, one spiritual item to another, making merchandise of God’s people as pointed out above by Kimberly Hess to pay their debts and the huge financial burdens of maintaining the monstrosity they call church buildings.

    People, leave these institutionalized church systems, and be ye separate, the institutionalized churches are demonic, they will run you down until you are totally depleted then they toss you out and ignore you like a piece of rag doll. Even the little churches with 5 members, if they follow the workings and style of the big churches, are the same and are run by the same fake spirit, come out. Stay in your little groups and study the bible at home and stop paying your hard earned money to fraudster pastors in the form of tithes, money for anointing water, anointed sticker, anointed bangles, anointed sand, etc.. If anyone among your little home prayer group needs help, contribute money and help that person, stop this tithe paying, it is not biblical for the followers of the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Food for thought, why don’t we tell most of these playboy pastors that there will be no more tithe collection in churches and see how many of them will be left; I tell you, 98% of them will abandon the Christian work and throw the bible in the dust bins, they are all in it for the money not for their love of Jesus Christ and his flock that He bought with his precious blood, children of God open your eyes.

    • The so called pastors, prophets, apostles, bishops and archbishops have been ROBBING the Lord’s people for generations through “tithing,” to make themselves rich, while the people keep getting poorer and poorer. Like I said elsewhere on this blog, many preachers are guilty of this evil of STEALING from the Lord’s people, either out of ignorance or pure greed, and it must stop ! People need to wake up, but generations of ignorance have kept many of the Lord’s people stupid and many are destroyed by their lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6. I tell you the truth, sister Angelica, that unless the people wake up from their ignorance and stupidity, these fake pastors would continue to RIP THEM OFF !
      Tithing is an old testament ordinance which has no place under the new covenant and it must stop, and the way to stop it is when the people wake up from their ignorance and stop paying tithes to these ROGUES who call themselves ” men of God, ” but would they listen ? The way to get these rogues out of ” church business” is when the tithes stop coming then we shall see who the true men of God are, and that time is coming, SOONER THAN LATER !

  81. Talking about TB Joshua, what is this man that calls himself a “man of God” doing dealing with the United Nations? The United Nations who is meant on reducing the population of the world with their Agenda 21 and their green energy program? United Nations the cause of majority of all the wars and turbulence going on in the world today, who started the Syrian madness, the trouble in Egypt, Libya, etc.? Answer = United Nations. United Nations = illuminati masters.

    United Nations and TB Joshua ministry? Very suspicious. The bible tells us in 1 John 1:15,”Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world,” and in James 4:4 we told,” You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”

    A word is enough for the wise.

    • @ Angelica,

      This infiltration into the United Nations is for to put strategically demon infested spies so they drag the information they glean in those offices to TB Joshua. So he can prophe lie even more.

      Yes this train derailment happened, but where was anyone in France to say, it is going to happen here and on is day and this minute, because of a broken piece of rail it happened.

      Where were they ? No-one was there in France to avert it. Does God not know day, place and exact time and how it will happen ? Enough time for people to do something about it. For example to persuade people not to board the train? If this is not said, there is no use in prophesying, then deceiving people in saying Ooohhh, Aaaah, God has spoken. Truly TB Joshua is a man of God. It has come to pass. Notice as well it is always calamity, grief and death.

  82. But Peter and the apostles replied,

    “We must obey God rather than men and any human authority” – Acts 5:29

  83. @All,

    Have you noticed how agents of Satan come to SCOAN for fake deliverances, in order to come forth to finally issue false testimonies meant to lift TB Joshua’s ego higher than it is already? The new one is the man from South African that came the previous two Sundays giving off the illuminati triangle hand sign in the middle of prayer session to seek attention. After his deliverance he comes out to testify of whatever foolishness he did in his Luciferian Kingdom and how “T B Joshua is regarded in their stupid kingdom as the ‘angel of God’ in human form that has come to save the churches” and that he and his team put their own blood in the churches’ wine communion in other to initiate members into their occult group.

    The man with the fake testimony also goes on to say that, “The anointing water only works for people with faith,” isn’t this old story? You were not healed because you have no faith, you were not delivered because you have no faith, you are not blessed and so on because you have no faith, etc. “Faith” is used as an excuse for fakeness and forgery and mind control workings in the churches. In other words, he’s saying that the demons will attack you if you have the anointing water, but will not if you carry it with “faith”, this is nothing but bullcrap and lies from the pit of hell to deceive by the great deceiver Satan himself.

    This again is nothing but an agent of Satan coming with their fabricated lies to deceive the minds of men to give this man TB Joshua an elevated position next to Jesus Christ and make men start to give him a sort of worship thereby sinning against God, who said in Isaiah 48:11,” “I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.”

    • T B Joshua would do anything for attention and recognition and acceptance. He is not satisfied with being an ordinary false prophet, but now elevates himself as ” the expected messiah,” and he gets away with this blasphemy because the people are so deluded and would keep on clapping instead of crying for being so deluded. TBJ can say anything to them and get away with it. TBJ knows that these people are so ignorant and deluded that they would believe anything he says, even if he tells them to leave their husbands, wives or families , and it is only the grace of God that can deliver them from this delusion. But judgment is coming and has come !

  84. These agents of darkness come with wicked testimonies to say that “TB Joshua is the next Elijah” or “The only last prophet of God,” “The angel of God,” etc. This is all an engineering of the kingdom of darkness to elevate this man’s mind to a heightened sense of self importance that he is preferred above all men in the sight of God, and to deceive the minds of ignorant men to look up to him as their “messiah” in these last days in place of “Jesus Christ”.

    Also, his new prophecy of a coming youth revolution and riots in the streets has already been prophesied by the American prophet John Paul Jackson and others, so this is a repeat prophecy from someone else, it probably is right.

    Finally, we are told in Deuteronomy 18:22 (the true version not the version of Deuteronomy 18:22), “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hast spoke it presumptuous: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” Remember Boko Haram prophecy.

  85. @ Kiki,

    “If it happens jesse,i will be the first person to go on my knees to ask forgiveness to God ,that i called his pastor,a fake pastor.”

    It’s already happening. If you all claim that TB Joshua can do it. I can do it. Have you not read ?

    Acts 10:34
    Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:

    Acts 10:35
    But in every nation HE ( fill in my name )that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.

    So start grovelling and ask forgiveness of what you promised. It would be very good of you if you did.

    I am a pastor and the world at large is my oyster and laid out at my feet, all I need to do is step forward and The Lord will take me where He wants me to be. Done this, Done that, Got the T- Shirt. I know that God is behind and in front of me and has supported me over 25 years now. He has brought me to places in the world that you only can dream about and this year by God grace He will bring me even more and further. Several doors have been opened for me in the next year. Which will bring me to countries I have never been before, all paid for already to minister and interact with the local inhabitants. Just like that. Now who is laughing now ? And who is the child that keeps laughing behind a computer screen now, hihihihahahahohohoho. If God was not with me He would not have done this. So it is better for you to keep your fluttering mouth shut and go in your corner and suck your thumb. Capice !

    • T B Joshua gave a “profhesy” yesterday, about a revolution coming-up, and his solutions for the political and economical systems. It is old news, others have profhesied about it years ago already. And his solutions are a good example how to mix profane with The Holyness of Gods will. His profhesy are blurry. And the solutions are carnal-orientated. There is no mention about why all this calamities are happening , all around the world; “That God is still God,”, and that we have to return to His ways. there is no danger for the childeren of God, they are under His care., for all their needs. A job-less christian is almost impossible, it means they are not in a-linement with Gods plan for their life. The job of a profhet is only to reveal what is going to happen to the world when they dont return to God. Its sure not the job of a profhet to have a “job-creating-program”for graduates, and to recrute them for the revolution to come. This revolution is a natural effect of the long economical depression., and belongs to the carnal world. A profhet should reveal it, and warn. The re- organisation of worlds problems is non of his buzziness. Tb Joshua is a confused man, no distinquise between wordly and divine issues and meanings.

  86. @jesse It must be literally impossible for you to do your job with the amount of time you spend daily writing and researching all your posts. It must take you several hours a day, so you are either stealing time from your boss or you are working for yourself but not being productive. Advice – get a job

    @MrTerrific Whilst you are delivering TB Joshua at the Ghana branch you can answer to the allegations against you as well? The wonderful thing is we will never see you there. Advice – get a proper job and stop promoting MLM scams on your facebook page. 🙂 You thought nobody noticed before you changed to the new timeline. Advice – get a job

    @tbjoshuawatch You old “scribbler” you, “stay at home mum”. Advice – get a job

    Why don’t you take all your “evidence” and go to the authorities. Any sane authority will after review of concrete evidence arrest someone. But if you don’t have, keep quiet

    Proverbs 21:23
    Those who guard their mouths and their tongues
    keep themselves from calamity.

    • @ Concerned,

      No it does not, because I sleep very little. That is why I have lots of time to do everything that I want to do in a day.

      Mind you this involves travelling as being mobile. It all fits nicely and it is purposed for a time such as this.

      I have noticed I have made quite an impact already. How I know ? Of the sputtering of some of you who come here. It goes like:

      Jesse this, Jesse that, why Jesse, Fake Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, etc etc.

      One thing I want to remind you of, it’s not about me, but all glory and praise go to Jesus Christ. In Him I trust, Worthy is His Name, to Whom every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD !

    • Concerned, maybe you can advize your master TB Joshua, too take a deeper look at his “job”, because he is making a pianfull ridiculous blamage of The Holy Word of God. Its a seldsome example of accute paranoia-virus. Are you infected too by it.? Scoan-fans seems to have a real mind-illness, they confuse the cheap stories of TB Joshua with the Holy Word of Gods way.

  87. @ All, urgent,

    Post of riots in Nigeria so to speak predicted by TB Joshua, claiming this will be averted by prayer.

    Likely scenario, followers of TB Joshua church will start it, the go in “prayer” with church and let it become big. Then give the signal to stop it, to justify self fulfilling prophecy in front of everybody and if not stopped, claiming did I not say so. Win-win.

    Why is he going in the spiritual realm, when God has not spoken and he says He did. Where are the other prophets to confirm this is true as per biblical application. Written in

    1 Corinthians 14:27-32
    If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret. 28 But if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; and let him speak to himself, and to God. 29 Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other JUDGE. 30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace. 31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. 32 And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

    Where are the other prophets ????? In SCOAN ?

    Why are we constantly being cheated of unbiblical practices and try to led us believe God has spoken ?

    The above stand application is how it is done, why are they not applying this ?

    Nobody is allowed to be in his presence how he acquires such “knowledge”. I remember a time we were at Prayer Mountain and we were praying and TB Joshua was in the wooden building that is erected there. I was prayer walking on Prayer Mountain, as soon as I came close to the wooden buildings entrance, I was stopped by one of the female (tall one, long blond hair). STOP ! No further than here, she stood square in front of me and send me away.

    TB JOSHUA What do you have to hide. Is your God different than mine ? Or would I have seen something that world must not know, how you acquire knowledge by Astral Projection or even worse by conjuring familiar spirits, marine spirits, water spirits and demons alike ?

    Why is it TB Joshua that it always draws attention to you, while the Holy Spirit forbids this and never would do such things and that it all about Jesus and certainly NOT YOU!

    Why you refuse to rebuke your followers that you are not the Messiah ? They still do and you love it !

  88. Along with John’s vision of the beast that is the Antichrist, John saw another beast (Revelation 13:11) who is later identified as the False Prophet (Revelation 19:20). In the midst of the world wide chaos, the false prophet will use his authority and power to perform unusual signs, deceiving people into false hope and into worshiping an image of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:12-14). Those who refuse to worship the Antichrist will be killed (Revelation 13:15). After the rapture the world’s economy will crash. The False Prophet along with the Antichrist will stabilize it with strict control over who can buy and sell. Every man, woman, and child will receive a mark, without which one cannot participate. This will lead to great suffering for those who refuse it. The mark will either be “the name of the beast or the number of his name…666” (Revelation 13:17-18)

    The Antichrist’s right hand man, or the third person in the unholy trinity as many scholars refer to him, is known in the Bible as the False Prophet. It is easy to look past this figure in the Scriptures or let the magnitude of the Antichrist over shadow this other beast, but we mustn’t gloss over this figure. Under and with the authority of the Antichrist, he will be the implementer and enforcer of much of the evil that will be brought about by Satan using these two men.

    His arguments will be subtle, convincing, and appealing. His oratory will be hypnotic, for he will be able to move the masses to tears or whip them into a frenzy. He will control the communication media of the world and will skillfully organize mass publicity to promote his ends. He will be the master of every promotional device and public relations gimmick. He will manage the truth with guile beyond words, bending it, twisting it, and distorting it. Public opinion will be his command. He will mold world thought and shape human opinion like so much potter’s clay. His deadly appeal will lie in the fact that what he says will sound so right, so sensible, so exactly what unregenerate man has always wanted to hear.

    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

  89. The worst thing u cn do is to lie against the Man of God……..for the devil is the father of lies,touch nt my anointed one says the Lord……keep watchn Emmanul tv and see the truth for urslvs other than going by here says.

  90. No – the worst thing is, if you do not test the spirits and the prophecies, you might just end up in hell one day. Totally deceived by a false ‘man of god’!

    The Lord commands;

    “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” – 1 John 4:1

    So obey Him, Jesus.

  91. If anyone wonders where Kiki has gone, he/she has not stopped commenting – but we’ve taken the rare step of banning them. This is because the comments (as you will have witnessed) have degenerated into little more than repetitive insults mainly towards Jesse. They added nothing to the discussion except a lot of noise.

    • @tbjoshuawatch
      mum,are you just waking up now?you have come to save your champion jesse because you dont want to loose him for he is the most filthy foolish pharisee to make the most fabricate lies?hahaha i gave him a lesson!tell him,you are lucky that mum came to save you!hahaha bye bye mum!

    • Joy, the Lord has already told us in His Word, the Bible, that these things would happen, so we shouldn’t be surprised or ignorant about what’s going on, but rather be alert and discerning so that we are not deceived by TBJ and other false prophets. Check it out in Matthew 24 and if you don’t have a Bible I can send you one for free !

  92. i have been glued to emmanuel tv for many years,Tbjoshua beating people ah!! these are lies,&pple have faith Jesus Christ is the mighty healer so have faith&trust in God,if u believe u a wel its gud nt 2 take e medication if u doubt Jesus power then continue,stop spreading bad things abt Joshua

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  94. Who is the owner of HIV?
    Who is the author of diseases?
    The only persons that have the cure is God & his son Jesus.
    Believe & you will receive your own healing from any through servant of Gog.
    The healing power is not with tb Joshua alone.
    Besides he is claiming that he is the only through man of God.

    Point of correction true Christian don’t judge, envy etc.
    Besides is impossible for every body to like one thing or person.
    Because if it possible we will not have those that don’t believe in Christ.

  95. Dear brothers and sisters,
    I would like to say something regarding this post above. I did read it and I would like to know the aim of this post against SCOAN and beleivers.
    I am not in the best the position to talk about SCOAN but I want to assure you many people have been healed(on TV, in attending S COAN branches or Headquarters) THROUGH THIS MINISTRY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. Some people have officially testified and I beleive myself and many did not “yet” testify officially. In my case I was addicted to masterbation for about 5years. I started to attend SCOAN branch and watch Emmanuel TV and I pray to God to increase my faith in the name of Jesus Christ because I was one of the unbeleivers decieved by some so called men of God. Today I am delivered and I am doing my best to grow in faith in Jesus Christ name and the grace of God.
    When we criticise we should know the source of those critics God or the devil?
    We are sinners and we dont hear from God. If we beleive in the gospel of Jesus Christ, we should know the truth about the SCOAN and the prophet TB Joshua. And let us have a look at our “doubt” or “unbeleive” and ask yourself these questions.
    Does doubt and unbeleive about men of God in this case
    1) help us to go close to God to look for the truth ? or
    2) take us away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God?
    Are you 1 or 2?
    Please come close and see the wonders of God through men of God in the name of Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15-20).
    Let us pray to God to increase our faith and help us to recognise men of God in Jesus Chist name… Amen!
    May the grace of the mighty God be with us in Jesus Christ name.

    Ludoreille Boumba

    • Does doubt and unbeleive about men of God in this case
      1) help us to go close to God to look for the truth ? or
      2) take us away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God?

      Since we don’t consider him a man of God (based on the extensive evidence documented on this site) doubting him and refusing to believe in him does indeed help us to get closer to the real Christ.

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