A message to TB Joshua’s disciples

The following is a message addressed to all of TB Joshua’s disciples. It was submitted as a comment by a reader of the blog, but we felt it needed to be published as an post in its own right.

Come out of that hell-hole SCOAN and discover the destiny God has mapped out for you, and stop slaving for TB Joshua, his relations, wife and children. You are working for him to send his children to the best schools, preserve his personal legacy and maintain his spot on the list of “Forbes richest pastors in the world”, while you yourselves hardly have little education if any education at all, neither are you improving your skills, if you are at all trained for any skill except “church work”. Do not be lured by the free shelter, clothing and free food, the enemy never gives anything free, you will repay it back to him a hundredfold with your sweat and pain.

Also, know that the power of God Almighty is present any and everywhere provided we live holy lives. A good example is Noah who lived in the midst of filth but was unpolluted by the sin that was all around him. Anyone who chooses can be holy anywhere they find themselves, you do not have to be at a particular location to be holy.

Do not be deceived by TB Joshua’s popular phrase of entrapment, “God wants to use you” and abandon the Almighty God’s divine purpose for your life. You do not discover this divine purpose by just being prophesied to through a soothsayer; you work it out daily as you abide in God and the Holy Spirit reveals this to you. The bible tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). My friends, God wants to use everybody, and uses us anywhere we are for his glory provided we abide in Him, you do not have to be hidden inside SCOAN doing “church work” for God to use you.

The “church” SCOAN and the evil “brainpower” behind it, makes these “disciples” and “followers” believe that outside of the fortress SCOAN there is no deliverance and no salvation (Note from editor: ex disciple Gareth also reported this teaching), and that the Holy Spirit ONLY moves in the vicinity of SCOAN. The man TB Joshua, brain washes his followers especially his “disciples” to believe that in SCOAN, there is an OPEN HEAVEN which you cannot experience anywhere in the world; therefore, anyone that dares to leave the group is condemning his/her life to constant demonic attacks, eternal damnation and separation from the Power and Holy Spirit of God. We know of course that this is a lie from the pit of hell; salvation is NOT only found in SCOAN if at all, this hypnotic teaching LIMITS the awesome power of our GOD JEHOVAH that we know operates any and everywhere he chooses.

As a result, when these ex-disciples break free due to their inability to continue living under the everyday duress, mental torture and physical degradation of the place, they psychologically feel that God has left them – this is all as a result of the hypnosis, mind control and brainwashing teachings and drillings of the man TB Joshua (Note from editor: See Beth’s story for an example of this).

Jesus Christ himself tells us in John 4: 23-24,”But the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” Therefore, God is not limited to any particular geographical area, He is Omnipresent and all the earth is His.

A word is enough for the wise.

99 thoughts on “A message to TB Joshua’s disciples

  1. This is total propaganda,slanderous remarks,blasphemy, Tb joshua does not say all these things above,he is one of the few individuals in the wÓrld who has done good to humanity,look around the pastors of our time and him,if your sincere u will see that Tb joshua is a vessel of God,all you people r possesed of demons if not why can’t you talk about the pastors who r real so that people will follow,God forgive u all

    • “one of the few individuals in the world who has done good to humanity” ????

      You truly are blind.

      TB Joshua’s contribution to humanity is minimal, if you can even call it a contribution. You who serve him inflate his importance in your own minds, but the truth is, what he gives comes from the hands of those who tithe their money to him. It is not his own money. And he uses social media to give the impression that he is more well known than he is. There are 7 billion and more people in this world. And billions who came before them. TBJ has a few thousand followers. Which, if you know some basic math, is a negligible following.

      He is in no way, shape or form in the class of “those who have done good for humanity.” He thinks, and his few followers think that he is a “big man” in Christianity and the world. That is what every cult believes ,and SCOAN is no different.

      • You’re right, M, TBJ is just an ordinary false prophet but those who put their trust in him think he is some ” great power of God.” TBJ is just like Simon the sorcerer in the Book of Acts who was an unbeliever but was thought by deluded people to be a great man of God. Acts 8:9-13.
        Besides all his “goodness” is just a diversion and a way to get more money from gullible and deluded people. Wake up, brothers and sisters !

      • M you are entitled to your opinion and so are we(Tb joshua followers), may the Lord bless you my brother/sister. read Matthew 7 vs 5.

  2. I agree with this writer 100% ! You see, TBJ is not even a man of God, but a man of Satan who actually envies and tries to destroy people who are called and have the Spirit of God on and in them. His mission is to get these people off their God-given purpose, to depend on him and to destroy them. Why should I say this ? Because it happened to me !

    Before I left SCOAN, God had already revealed things to me about TBJ, but I couldn’t believe them. Indeed I thought they were just dreams, but years after I left, things began to make sense and I knew it was not just a dream but a message from the Lord. It was a confirmation of other things which were spoken into my life some years previously.

    Like the brothers of Joseph, TBJ tried to destroy the vision, but God used him to bring His purposes to pass. The vision is for an appointed time, and it shall speak when the time is ripe. Habakkuk 2:3.

  3. Never seen anything more ridicilous. Just as anyone out of free will choose to do what he wants to do with his life, some people choose to stay in one church or the other. If you are feeling jealous or angry because others are doing what they want in life, please stop posting it on the internet and go and get an ice cream so you can feel a bit happier. No one is forced to come to God, no one is forced to stay. Just as you choose to do what you want to do with your life, also allow others to do what they choose to do. I don’t know what this pursuit of yours is actually thought to establish…

    Let people choose what they want to do in their lives for themselves dude & secondly; get a life….

  4. When some thing is absolute reality, its does not has any other identity unless you decided to add a title to it but” it will still remain that symbol of absolute reality. practically, scientifically, physiologically, morally , informationally and indeed biblically i do not 100% agreed with the writer of the above hallucination, fiction and incredible expression.
    As a matter of fact Senior Prophet Tb Joshua is a true man of GOD” indeed who has practically revealing the true love of God to the obedient and the disobedient one’ and miraculously persuade them to Christ Jesus; not those whom have spiritually blind. but those whom carefully listen and understood when God talk . And seen the specific appearance of the living God in A man who submissively himself to God and his peoples in love and generosity.

    This’s propaganda its high time to put an end to this habit of atrocity this is too sacrilegiously, and too fictitious. Why do we blindly hidden our self from the truth? Then tell me among the pastors of this generation who is doing what Prophet TB Joshua is doing today? He is a only man of God known to all over the world”’ is not by his power neither by his strength but by the power of the living God through his commitment, long suffering, steadfastness, generous , love , spiritual empowerment to people and as well financial empowerment . Imagine instead of him to come down God is keep lifting him higher and higher………………… listen, without telling you all this You should have understand that if any foundation was build by the living God No one under this planet could ever destroy it. not a man neither a woman created by God.

    Moreover, let us not deceive our self this man has touching many life, and many nation; he has made the homeless ,, abandon child, the poor, even the rich to knows the true love in JESUS. he is a man who does not count on religious identity or segregate but is still bringing people together in unity and harmony with the love in Christ Jesus he does care perhaps you are a christian,Muslims, Religionsly unfiliated ,Hindus , Buddhists, Chinese religion , Theravada Buddhism ,Mahayana Buddhism , Vajrayana Buddhism whatsoever ,all what he’s preaching is love. God have made him a symbol of solution to this generation let us work with him.

    Finally, i cannot just stop here without advice the above writer please and please let us not act in this way, we should know and understand what the spirit of God tells us to do ,not the spirit of man or mind perhaps perception or your sensation let us ask God question; he is always there for us and answer to all our request” any time any moment not only today never a tomorrow but every time in our days on earth. Judge not”’ or is better for you now” is not yet over to GO for deliverance in synagogue church of all nation Nigeria instead of all this jabbering thanks you.

  5. I don’t see the point in these articles. First, TBJ did not invite anyone to become a disciple. The choice is before each and every individual to decide if they want to be educated or if they choose to become a disciple at the SCOAN. TBJ is human, sending his kids to the best school is as human as anyone can ever think but I don’t see how he can force anyone else to school against their will. Regarding the issues of the security or body guards using excessive force in their duty, that is so traditionally Nigerian. When I used to live in Nigeria, the Nigerian police beat me up three times for not bribing them… not more than that. So, you cannot separate police brutality from Nigerian police neither can you blame the violence on TBJ. Personally, I don’t know TBJ, and I cannot vouch for him or dispute that any of the said acts occurred. The point simply is, you guys are wasting your good times here. Quit and go do yourself!

    • TBJ did not invite anyone to become a disciple

      Nobody becomes a disciple of TB Joshua without being invited by him.

      TBJ is human, sending his kids to the best school is as human as anyone can ever think

      If it is your own hard earned cash paying for it, but when it’s the hard earned cash of thousands of people who can hardly afford to eat, but have tithed to you thinking their deliverance from poverty lies in that act – then it’s a very different case.

      Regarding the issues of the security or body guards using excessive force in their duty, that is so traditionally Nigerian.

      Does that make it excusable for one of Nigerias largest churches to use these tactics?

      • @ TBJW,

        Precisely !

        @ Arcave,

        How would disciples start if they left ? Most of them who are there since they are young….and yes no education or skills for to operate anywhere outside SCOAN. Fear would be enough to not go out there to have a normal job and make money and a independent life for themselves.

        @ Prince,

        Why look at pastors ? Look to Jesus says the bible:

        Hebrews 12:1-3
        Chapter 12
        1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, 2 LOOKING unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
        3 For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

        @ Bushman,

        Yes, there are children of TB Joshua who are forced to do what he has demanded from them. I know this first hand. They rather would have done something different. They told me. So your argument falls to the ground.

    • Bushman, what is said in the tekst is, that being involved in scoan as a disciple ,does not garantee any grow in the biblical prinicples and teachings., or in maturing in Christ. TB Joshua gives others a role in his dream, and uses and mis-uses the potenties and qualities of disciples and workers, for his own gain and honour and glory. He manipulates and manouvres the own desires and purposes that long, until you are belittled and dis-qualiied to the role he wants you to take and develop, for his own glory. In fact, all that is happening in scoan, for the good and bad, is only about TB Joshuas hunger for honour. If times are toff and troubled, he presents him-self as a pityfull persequted man, and when times are good, he presents him-self as a saiviour of the world. Its all about him. And disciples are just tools in his play. “Cursed is the man who trust in man and blessed is the man who trusts in The Lord.”.

    • If a “man of God” cannot set himself apart from cultural norms, he is no man of God.

      That’s like saying “unfaithfulness is the norm in America so how do you expect senior pastor so and so to be faithful to his wife? Its the culture!”
      You also further very negative stereotypes about Nigerians and Africans when you claim that bad behavior is culture and the perpetrator cannot help himself.

      Any African reading such nonsense ought to be very angry at such claims. Africans are just as capable as any other group of humans to practice self control, grace, and peacefulness. Anyone who is empowered by the Holy Spirit can do so. And must do so.slap-happy Nigerian pastors have no excuse.


    Heresy is an opinion, especially a self-willed opinion, which is substituted for submission to the power of truth, and leads to division and formation of sects. Christian heresy is opinion contrary to the Scriptures. Christian heresy is opinion in opposition to the doctrines of God.

    One mans heretic is another mans truth teller.

    There are men who believe there are many ways to heaven. Was Jesus being a heretic when He said (John 14:6 …”I am the way, and the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Me.)

    There are believers in Christs as well as others who believe that that it took God millions or billions of years to create the heavens and the earth. Was Moses being a heretic when he wrote in Genesis of a six day, twenty four hour day creation? (Genesis 1:1-31……31 God saw all that He made, and behold, it was very good. And that was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.)

    Many believers in Christ believe and teach that water baptism is not essential to have sins forgiven. Was the apostle Peter being heretical when he said (Acts 2:38 ….and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins..)

    Some believe that Jesus is God the Father. Was the apostle Paul guilty of heresy when he said (1 Corinthians 15:20-28…..24 then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to God the Father, when He has abolished all rule authority and power……28 When all things are subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also will be subjected to the One who subjected all things to Him, so that God may be all in all.)

    Some men believe that you do not have to believe in Jesus to be saved. Other men assert that water baptism is not a requirement for salvation. Was Jesus demonstrating an act of heresy when He said (Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved…)

    There are those who proclaim that Christians cannot fall from grace. Was the apostle Paul deemed a heretic when he said (Galatians 5:4 You have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law; you have fallen from grace.)

    There are a few who believe that God only offers salvation, by His grace, to a select chosen few. Was the apostle Paul showing his heretical side when he said (Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared bring salvation to all men) Gods grace is available to all who accept His terms for pardon.

    Are Jesus, Moses, the apostles, and the writers of the Bible, all heretics?

    Is it heretical to be opposed to denominational doctrines that are contrary to the facts found in the Bible?

    Are Jesus and the apostles heretics because they disagree with denominational doctrines?


    YOU ARE INVITED TO FOLLOW MY CHRISTIAN BLOG. Google search>>>steve finnell a christian view

    • For God sake, were are we heading to? in this world, if TB Joshua is a….prophet or pastor that mean we should not believe that there is not man of God in this earth.

  7. Who do you think you’re fooling? Anyone who watches Emmanuel TV knows that T.B. Joshua’s discipleship has raised not just one, but five Wise Men, a professional footballer, and a PHD student (and you have the nerve to say they “hardly have little education if any education at all” Where’s your PHD at?). Not to mention the evangelist who do charity around the globe. You sound like someone that wasn’t able to cut the mustard. Why don’t you go do something with your life instead of writing about T.B. Joshua.

  8. Prophet TB Joshua, May the almighty Father continue Bless for revers & ever in Jesus mighty Name.Amen

  9. hibiscus, what do you mean by; tb joshua raised-up 5 wise-men? You mean this copies of him-self who are not able to have one independent sermon or activity? This slaved grown-up men, who are only extensions for TB,s glory? TB never raises any-body-up, he only uses and mis-uses humanly potenties., with his mark on it. Discipleship for dummies.

    • Thank you. For some reason that particular bit is not shareable but I was able to do a screen shot of it.

      What hellush blasphemy that site vomits out!

    • @Just Wonder,

      I know you mean well my brother, but please stop posting links to that filth of a blog in this place; it’s a nauseating excuse for a damage control tool.

  10. In fact, these so-called wisemen are not wise at all but stupid dummies, without any spine of their own. I watched the so-called revival conducted by Harry and I wanted to puke. I was very sorry for all those attendees who wasted their time to go watch that pitiful show called “revival in America.” What does TBJ know about revivals ?

    • ‘Mr Terrific’, If you go to WATCH, you will surely PUKE and miss an opportunity for your own deliverance and salvation.We do not go to worship centers to watch….we go to experience God’s transforming power.Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”(1 Peter5:8)

  11. Thank you tbj watch for this placement of “A message to TB Joshua’s disciples”.
    It is 100% correct and true. Very well said by the blogger. Keep on going and let us step up our prayers for the disciples and deceived wise men to wake up to the truth and leave tb joshua and scoan! What would you have done if they were your friends and family members?

    The Bible says to the disciples in scoan:

    4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,

    “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE (BABYLON), that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”.

    5 For her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities – Rev 18:4-5

  12. Go, go, go TB Joshua Watch. You and the truth on this blog are a important thorn in tbj’s flesh. Ha, ha, ha……………..the day after you put “A message to TB Joshua’s disciples”, there he was defending it again. It looks as if he has nothing else to do, but defend himself?You, tbj watch, are getting that snake, tbj, out of his hole. He is now spewing all his rubbish and unbiblical believes out on the net for the whole world to see and discern.
    They do not have any Biblical teachings, what so ever. All they can do is attack this blog. You are provoking him to come out of his secret occultic hole and believes.
    Go on………..
    Tbj’s end is in sight.

  13. I have never heard any body calling his followers disciples except in the Bible, Jesus has disciples who followed him
    Wisemen I have only heard of them in the Bible, the wise men who visted Jesus when he was born and , I had only heard of prophets in the Bible , and but nower days well theh have sprang up every where.
    And yes Man of God.
    Its seems to me that these titles that are user in Scoan are being used some how to equate the people who hold these titles to the people we read about in the Bible, disciples followed Jesus, wisemen did him homage.
    Does it not make one think in a way that ,TB sees him self on the same level as Jesus?
    Those of you who were part of SCOAN would you know how these titles came about?

    • TBJ has been a false prophet and antichrist right from the very beginning, when he started using “disciples” for his devotees. At the time, he could not even speak English properly and had to depend on Taiye, his associate, to interpre Yoruba into English.

      Taiye left TBJ suddenly without warning and up till now people still wonder why he left ?

  14. Be very carefull of every ward you speak about men of God or even anybody.
    because the bible said in jude that even the angel of the lord was careful on the ward he spoke when repuking the devil over the body of moses.

    • That is too funny coming from a follower of tbj. He has no caution when rebuking satan. And his followers dont care what kind of garbage passes their lips when they address someone who presents biblical rebuttals to his heresy.

      Follow your own advice. :/

      • Good and intelligent answer right there ! Besides, who needs to have any regard for an ordinary false prophet who is not even saved, let alone a man of God ? TBJ claims to be messiah instead of humbling himself and repenting of his sins and asking the REAL MESSIAH to save him.

    • You are one of those people who mis quotes the Bible simply because you don’t understand it.
      We all have a duty in this world especially as Christians( those who follow Christ)
      Now if some one regardless of who it is, is doing wrong we have to speak out.Speak for the oppressed, look after the poor, visit the sick, feed the hungry, teach the ignorant, point out what is wrong.The Bible certainly does not say turn a blind eye to people who do wrong.Then we are not following Christ.
      The Pharisees, were hipocrites, cause the preached but did not do as they preached.They were too busy with wanting to always look good, wearing the best clothes, having the best seats at banquets.
      They loved to be called all sorts of names.
      I don’t see anything different with what theh did and what JB is doing .
      It’s just a diffrent time but the same behaviour!
      The only place I have heard of disciples is Scoan and the Bible, they were followers of Christ.
      The title wise men, in the Bible and Scoan.They went to pay Jesus homage.
      Prophets in the Bible, and almost every Pentecostal pastor these days has choosen that title. Something to think about.

  15. To Angelica,
    I agree about the filth of a blog – “but please stop posting links to that filth of a blog in this place”.
    I do not even want to answer them back on their own blog, but thought to paste their errors here and answer them back with the Word of God, because they watch this blog with an eagle’s eye.

  16. My hope is that; “Hopefully the Truth of the Word of God, compared to their false doctrine, will open some of their eyes in that hellhole”!

    • Sorry Steve, this blog is for discussing the ministry of TB Joshua, not promoting your own blog. We let the last one though – but from now on we’ll only approve ones that are partaking in the discussion.

    • @Steve,
      Why don’t you comment on the discussion instead of trying to promote your own agenda ?

  17. @ All,

    I just found about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Eq4ZIc0Ijg

    This is about a man that is fanatic about TB Joshua. Watch what happened. I guess the “anointed water” or the laying on of hands did not work on her.

    A few days ago I met a guy wheelchair in a shop by coincidental encounter. I had not planned this, there were some circumstances that brought me there. I hardly go that way and if I do it is for leisure and not for circumstances.

    It has been on my prayer list for a while, that if I was wrong that God would show me. This I discussed also on Watch TB Joshua with one of those unreasonable screamers that thinks I am the Devil and Anti Christ.

    My prayer was that God would guide me to show if I was wrong about all this TB Joshua Circus and Stampede. So what happened ?

    This is what happened. I found this guy at a counter in a shop and he had problem that needed to be sorted. I knew him from one of the branches and he had been for years in his wheelchair and no healing had taken place. The leaders “applied” generations of “anointed water” on him, but he is still in his wheel chair. If you watch Emmanuel TV you see them jumping out of the wheelchairs within minutes. I always said this is not real, it’s staged and nothing like how Jesus did these healings.

    Anyways I could have ignored the guy and just go on my way, but I decide to address him and show him that I was there and had a little bit of a chat with him. Apparently he is still in his wheelchair after all the time being in SCOAN. He asked me where I was, I did not want to tell him because I felt it would discourage him even more about life. He was there with his driver and I helped him with his paperwork and payments that he had standing out concerning a job he had requested. Anyways I walked up with him as well my wife and we guided him back to his car where the driver was waiting. I helped him into the disable vehicle and waved Goodbye.

    For me it was clear that God had shown me that what I thought was right all along and that he used this man to show me to get over any doubts I might have had.

    THere is NO WAY that you could orchestrate this in any form. It just happened as the time as assigned to it and the circumstances unfolded. Yes God says things to us, but it comes through all kinds of mean and in each of our lives this will be the case if we are His children.

    What most put me off was his condition and circumstances not because of being disabled, but of what the leaders of SCOAN had told him that he wanted to desperately wanted to go to Lagos and meet TB Joshua. They discouraged him because there was no room for him available and told him there was no elevator either for him to go there. I nearly exploded of anger inside of me because of such nasty excuses but kept my composure and did not say anything. I wanted to say desperately something, but I felt God did not allow me to do so in order not to make a scene about all this.

    People of God, how clear can it be ? How direct God answers if we are sincerely ask Him to show us the way and what is good and what is bad.

    I am saddened that I could not mean more for him that day and was trying to hear from God strongly if I could have healed him through Jesus Christ, but I did not hear the voice of God command me to do so. So I left sort of deflated and down that what I have decided long ago to leave SCOAN was a good choice after all.

    I hope this will all encourage you all that you did the right choice in case if you are still doubting in doing the right things as you are into now.

    God bless,


    PS. Don’t let anyone tell you, you are from the Devil and speak like him. I know you are children from God and are here for a reason and a time such as this. Just ignore them and get on with your conviction that you did the right thing at the right time. Don’t let anyone lure and deceive you otherwise. Take care.

    • What a tragedy re: John Zavlaris’ wife. I really hope this death wasn’t yet another unnecessary one where they’ve substituted life preserving medication for the anointed water.

    • @ Jesse

      Thank you Jesse for the testimony, we are told in the bible in Revelation 12:11 that, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the words of their testimony.” This man on the wheel chair is an eye opener, also Pat Zavlaris’ case too indeed is another powerful testimony against the genuineness TB Joshua SCOAN ministry, coupled with the 4 deaths in Ghana (there are a host of others). When I saw the YouTube video in her memory, I literally shed tears when the picture of the two birds came up on the video, one dead and the other crying out to the LORD. The video even showed her at the SCOAN prayer mountain. I’m sure she sincerely believed in the power of that place. May her soul rest in peace, in Jesus Christ Name.

      The saddest part of this tragedy is that the family is one of those that are heavily into SCOAN and promote it greatly in the upstate New York area with their monthly TB Joshua anointing water service.

  18. In another development, I was reviewing one of the sermons of TB Joshua on Emmanuel.TV the other day and I heard TB Joshua himself say in a church service, “In this church we do not suppress the flesh but walk in liberty… (of the Holy Spirit, that is),” and today I heard one of his “disciples” repeat the same thing as they started their Thursday prayer line service. I was like, WHAT! No wonder the adultery, the violence, the greed, the show off, the fierce competition among disciples, the self-promotion and arrogance, etc. HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN SUPRESSING THE FLESH AND ITS DESIRES! This is so contrary to what the bible tells us in Colossians 3:5-8, Romans 8:13 and Galatians 5:24 that we should mortify and crucify the flesh and the deeds thereof. It is downright scary; I ask myself again, what really are they learning inside that stronghold?

    Colossians 3:5-8:
    Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

    Romans 8:13:
    For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.

    Galatians 5:24:
    And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

    • T B Joshua does not really understand the Bible, and he distorts and misapplies Scriptures. He is not even saved and that’s the most dangerous thing. He claims to be messiah, and won’t humble himself and repent of his atrocities and seek the REAL MESSIAH for salvation.

    • Jesse,tbjoshuawatch and angelica,

      I hope because you believe in medications,you will never die?You shall live in this earth forever.Go in hospitals and ask if noone has ever died there.

      When your time has come,nothing can stop it.Weither you believe in the blood of Jesus or use medications,does not mean you will never leave this earth.
      Your site promotes ridiculous thoughts only.

    • Did you see the one where he calls unbelieving (or “undelivered”) spouses and their children *gonorrhea*? And says that if you “get delivered” and go back to your spouse, you will catch the gonorrhea, so they must get delivered also?

      Apparently he’s cut 1 Corinthians 7 out of his Bible. :/

      • Pitiful, and yet you have people with better education listening to him with rapt attention. Wake up, lazy and ignorant believers, and start reading and studying your Bible !

      • @ M,

        Yes, I did not miss that too. I was chilled to my bones when I watched that Emmanuel TV episode where he made the family gonorrhea transference and deliverance speech. I laughed so hard, that man is a swindler, I immediately knew he was doing all he can to draw people to his church in other to sell his church’s spiritual products and restaurant dishes (TB Joshua has about four restaurants he operates in the SCOAN church premises at varying price levels), I hear a plate of food in one of his visitors’ restaurants can go as much as $60 -$150 a plate.

        I also heard him, TB Joshua, not too long after this insane assertion above about an undelivered family member transferring “gonorrhea” to the delivered family member, say that, “IF YOU ARE NOT DELIVERED YOU CANNOT BE FORGIVEN.” What!!! There is no place in the Word of God where Jesus Christ or any of His Apostles mentioned that God cannot forgive you your sins neither can you forgive anybody that hurt you until you are delivered.

        This is nothing but heresy and another brain washing scheme to scare and get people who are too lazy to read their bible themselves and discover the truth, flooding down to his church to get his deliverance package, and in the process be stripped off of their cash. Even the prolonged “anointing water” testimonies seen on his television channel are all indirect advertisements to sell SCOAN “anointing water” and make profit.

  19. @ All,

    I am amazed and flabbergasted that TB Joshua takes honours and bribes from people with a side agenda under the cover of fickle love to extend their platform in Nigeria to cheat on us and the rest of the world. Can Muslims be trusted ? No !

    Watch this and be warned before you go Ooooh and Aaahhh !

    One of the most frequently quoted Quranic verses is chapter 9 verse 5. This verse is known as “The Verse of the Sword.” Muslim terrorists cite it to justify their violent jihad. Correspondingly, critics of Islam claim that it commands Muslims to act with offensive aggression towards the non-Muslims of that period, and contributes to Islam’s final theological doctrine of aggression towards all non-Muslims of all times. Apologists for Islam claim that 9:5 is purely defensive. Which side is right?

    As the Islamic source materials are examined it will become evident that verse 9:5 is part of the theology of jihad and is meant to be both offensive and defensive. It is directed against Pagans living both near to and far away from Muhammad.

    Understanding 9:5 in context requires an examination of the passage in which it is found. This passage consists of 29 to 41 verses or so (depending on which scholar’s view you hold). Because of time and space constraints however, I will only review the first 8 or so verses. I believe that they set the passage’s tone and belay its directives.

    Islam’s final theological position regarding the use of violence to further its domain does not rest upon one verse or passage. Rather the entire Quran, other Islamic source materials, and Muhammad’s actions and lifestyle (Sunnah) must be examined and evaluated. We’ll do that with a view toward Sura 9:5.

    I have attempted to keep this article focused on 9:5 within the broad theology of jihad. 9:5 is a foundational stone in the building of jihad and general aspects of jihad must be discussed. There is also the related topic of abrogation, but that has been dealt with elsewhere.

    9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.

    Proof that TB Joshua is a closet Muslim as well the picture with him about, there is no god than Allah, as well his mother was a Muslim.

    • TB Joshua introduced today a prayer-stool, for the development of spirituality, when on travel. I have the strong idea, that it is a copied version of the 5X prayer of the muslims, each day. They have a prayer-mat, and now christians need a prayer-stool? What is wrong with the good christian habbit for ages, to just use our own knees, to fould hands and pray? What is wrong with the good habbit to just close our eyes, and to pray where-ever we are, in every circumstances? Do we need suddenly a prayer-stool, to be a genuine prayer-warrior?

      • People should know that TBJ is not even saved and is not a Christian, but those who claim to be Christian don’t even know their Bible, so it is a case of the blind leading the blind and both shall fall into the pit, unless the Lord intervenes !

      • The Case of the Prayer Bench of SCOAN (ROFLH….):

        TB Joshua yes indeed today introduced the new SCOAN merchandise, THE PRAYER BENCH/STOOL, to his congregation. He said that wherever they go as they travel, they should carry it. He even went further to say that God will hear their prayers more if they develop the habit of carrying their prayer bench/stool around.

        I am sure he is planning to start selling this prayer bench to the people next because he mentioned that each prayer bench will cost approximately N10, 000. To back this up with the Scriptures, he used the case of Daniel in the bible in Daniel 6:10 who prayed 3 times a day to God, and told his congregation particular those that travel a lot, that they should develop the habit of always carrying and praying with their prayer bench.

        This is how he brain washes his followers, now all of them will be carrying around this stupid load, called the prayer bench. He brought it and demonstrated it to his congregation on how to use it, this load is not less than 10kg or 22lbs which he wants these people to carry about everywhere they go so that they will have a strong prayer life and God will hear their prayers more.

        He even said that parents should buy this prayer bench for all their children to use at home and every one should carry theirs along as they travel; in other words, every member of a family should have their own prayer bench. I am sure to see some ignorant and dumb ass followers carrying around this load. It is really sad that this man is propagating this foolishness, especially these days that people pay arm and leg at airline check-in stations for excess luggage. This is an evil burden he is putting on the shoulders of people.

      • Just imagine the LORD Jesus Christ going to Gethsemane to pray and carrying his own prayer bench, or Apostle Paul travelling to Antioch or Ephesus to talk to the people about the Kingdom of God and packing his own prayer bench load among his luggage, a portable altar in the form of the prayer bench??? It is ludicrous.

        Oh my goodness, I am laughing so hard here, TB Joshua is a mad man and those that are trusting in him are even “madder”. Oh this man is smart mennnn! I am trying to hold myself from seriously admiring this man’s brain washing power, he is good… gush :).

        My soul truly weeps for these ignorant people that follow this man, this is really despicable.

  20. tbj disciples have become disgusted with him and many want to leave but they are in bondage. In fact one prominent pastor of tbj who used to run the London branch fled many weeks ago from lagos and is in hiding in London . She tried to go back to TBJ to get her personal belongings but was barred from doing so

    • @J Karman

      You mentioned about this disciple(s) a month or two ago. As a result, several people with family members in SCOAN got in contact with us wondering if it was their relatives and if they were in danger. Contact has been made with “in the know” people both inside and outside of SCOAN and so far there is zero evidence of any truth behind your claims. If it really is true, it is really important that you get in contact with us at thjoshuawatch@hotmail.co.uk as soon as possible. We can guarantee your anonymity 100%, create a new email address under a false name if you have to. Currently these comments are just creating false hope and unnecessary worry for these relatives. Please do the right thing and get in contact with us with full details of what you know.


      • Well said, TBJW ! Karman, please if there’s no truth in what you’re saying then why do you say it ? But if there’s truth in it, then prove us wrong and do the right thing or keep silent !

      • Additionally, everyone who fits your description has been seen at SCOAN on Emmanuel TV since you first reported this. Could be that they’re showing old material, but that seems unlikely. In any case, if you really know something, you can contact us privately to tell us the details.

  21. It is a known fact that TB Joshua mixes his Christian and Islam knowledge. I found out that he went to a Quranic school in his youth, as a result, the reason for the mix up. He is confused and does not know the difference and probably does not see much difference between Christianity and Islam as he is a staunch supporter of Islam.

    We have to understand that the Moslem Allah is not the same as “God the Father” the Father of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth that the Christians worship. The Muslim Allah is different from the Christian God, but TB Joshua from my research mixes these two.

    We are told in the bible book of 1 John 2:22-23,”Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist that denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son, the same hath not the Father: but he that acknowledges the Son hath the Father also.”

  22. Indeed the Muslim Allah is not the same as the Christian God, even though the Muslims believe that Jesus Christ is a prophet and he will come again at the end of the world, they DO NOT believe that JESUS CHRIST is the SON OF GOD as well as GOD, neither do they believe in His virgin birth nor his actual death and crucifixion on the cross, talk less of rising from the dead by Himself on the third day as do true Christians. In addition, they do not believe anything like the HOLY SPIRIT.

    Also, realize that the Muslim Alfas (Marabouts) have strong devilish powers that enable them to foretell the future by soothsaying and fortune telling with knifelike preciseness and accuracy; in other words, do not be carried away by their signs and wonders, remember that Pharaoh’s magicians were also able to also make their rods turn into serpents like Moses’s rod, and copied Moses to change water to blood, bring up frogs from the river and turned the dust of Egypt to the lice up until the fourth plague when they could not imitate Moses any longer and had to back down.

    Remember also that TB Joshua’s real name is “Fatai Balogun” before he changed it to a more Christian sounding “Temitope Balogun Joshua” for church business purposes; note, “Fatai” is an Islamic name. Therefore, if TB Joshua sat under the tutelage of these Muslim Alfas for a time, I will tell anyone to seriously think twice about the prophecies coming from him and its source…

  23. A word for TB Joshua and the wise men.
    Ikabod – “The glory has departed”
    This is what the LORD Almighty says:
    “The people of God are oppressed by TB Joshua and his wise men. All their captors (TB Joshua and his wise men) hold them (the disciples) fast, refusing to let them go. Jer 50:33
    Yet their Redeemer is strong, the Lord Almighty is His Name.
    He will vigorously defend their causes, so that He may bring rest to their land, but unrest to those who live in Babylon (scoan). Jer 50:34
    A sword against the Babylonians, TB Joshua and his wise men!
    Declares the Lord-

    1. Against those who live in Babylon and
    2. Against her officials and
    3. Against their wise men and
    4. A sword against her false prophet

  24. all, i became healed last week, from a bodily problem, by a very humble western God-man, in 2 min. TB Joshua was not able to heal this problem in 2 1/5 years. The cause of the problem was totaly different , then the labelling ,TB Joshua had putting on me. This humble western God-man discerned my problem by the Holy Spirit, while TB Joshua discerns by god-knows-what-kind-of-spirit. His wrong discernement has caused me great harm and more burden. I am free of it. amen.

  25. stop critisizing the man of God,prophecy which comes to pass is from God.its not wrong to give the giver.

  26. Praise God Jamie, praise God in Jesus Name. You see, TB Joshua is NOT king of kings and the only way to God. I think he sees himself as prophet muhammed the second or something like that?

    • Hahahaheeheehee-ee…”IT IS A PIECE OF HEAVEN ON EARTH!” (1:37 and 1:38)

      TB Joshua!!! (ROTFLH – Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Hard)

      I tell you, TB Joshua can sell ice to a Siberian Eskimo!

      I am sure if you question him closely he will say the Holy Spirit told him to give it to the people, it is what Moses and Elijah use in heaven, and the dumb ass people will be rushing to buy or make their own. Some people will even purchase one for their unborn child and their dead grandmother.

      Dude is a born con artist. I like his style, he’s seriously smooth, you simply have to give it to him.

      • Sure, we just have to give it to him, and confess that despite his lack of education this Nigerian conman of a prophet is just too smart for these dumbasses who claim to be Christian but don’t know what’s in their Bible !

      • More and more products for sale. They’ve turned the house of the ( Lord ?) inot a house of merchandise, making more profits out of gullible and stupid believers.

      • I don’t think that I would buy anything from someone who seemed unable to set up his own product, getting someone else to set it up for him. On a more spiritual note I am very happy that because of the death and resurrection of Jesus I do not need a piece of furniture. I can pray anytime anywhere and have faith that my prayers are heard by a loving and just God.

    • Not only is this utterly stupid and unbiblical, but what a burden it puts on already desperate and burdened people. Not only do tbj followers now have to find means to transport themselves and neccessities, but also this stupid, awkward stool. Because if they don’t take it on all their travels, they will miss their prayer line (huh? What is that, anyway? ) and of course, poor people looking for a breakthrough in finances have to spend money on this ridiculous thing.

      Shame on tbj.

  27. TB Joshua never said to be selling prayer stool,he said they can look how its design and go make the same for themselfs,you stupid haters,you are all blind and deaf like old pharisees.

  28. Ya, you see how subtle and smooth tbj is. He tell the christians to pray 3 times a day like in Daniel on their chair. But just after the muslim ramadan ends this year on the 9th of August, he introduced the prayer chair on the 11th and says that it is also for prayers 5 times a day?

    Here he is targetting his muslim congregation in his church. Ya, I agree………..”Dude is a born con artist. I like his style, he’s seriously smooth, you simply have to give it to him”.

  29. Angelica

    About TBJ’s beliefs – I had doubts about whether he was on the same wave length about Jesus IS God. He once gave my mother’s friend a Watch Tower Magazine, which is a Jehovah’s Witness publication.

    JW’s do not believe Jesus is God, though if you speak with one about other Biblical issues, you might think you were speaking with a Christian because we agree on pretty much everything else. Only that one major issue.

    I am not sure TBJ believes Jesus IS God. The son of God, yes….but JWs will agree with this. Muslims will also deny that Jesus is God. Only Christians believe this.

    Any TBJ supporter reading this, I would appreciate a link showing TBJ confessing Jesus is God

    cheers 😉

      • TBJ imagines that he himself is messiah, indeed, the “expected messiah,” and for this reason he is not even saved. He is an unbeliever, just like Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8 who bewitched the people with his magic so much that they called him,”The great power of God.”

    • When I seat to read these comments I want to throw up. Phew! You people have a mental illness. Bipolar to be specific, because u lie in broad day light like bipolar patients do. Any “TBJ supporter should show a link where TBJ says, Jesus is Lord.” Hahahahaha so TBJ prays or he preaches in the name of allah or judah or mr Terrific or Jamie or what! tell us its seems you know better. U people are really disgusting! May the Lord forgive you and deliver you from you demons that torment you! May be that question should go to the ones that don’t watch Emmanuel Tv. For us who do we just see how stupid and demon possessed you people. The devil is a lair he shall not bring God’s kingdom or people that do his work down he is greater than all of you haters!

      • I don’t think bipolar means what you think it means, Carol. :/

        For the record, it was watching Emmanuel TV via youtube that first introduced me to TBJ and at the same time let me know that there was something very, very wrong with his “ministry.”

  30. Can each one of you tell what has TBJ done to you? May our ALMIGHTY GOD forgives you people. How can you allow yourselves to be used so easily by the evil one? Do you know that because of you & your blaspheming, Tbj is being promoted to the higher position in heaven? thanks to you, this makes me to love you unconditionally, even though I dont even know you. I love you guys. May JESUS CHRIST (GOD of TBJoshua blessess you abundantly.

    • @evodia,

      Thank you evodia, we love you too, that is why TBJoshuaWatch is here for you to open your eyes of understanding as you compare scripture with scripture (Isaiah 28:10). Also, take what you read here and what you hear from TB Joshua and compare it in the light of the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

      We do not have anything “personal” against Prophet TB Joshua. However, since he has decided to take it upon himself to become the second hand of Satan in deceiving the children of God even the elect and lead them to damnation, we are here to fight for deliverance of the elect who have been carried away by false signs, wonders and prophecies, and who are being ignorantly made merchandise of for his personal gain, and bring them back to the true worship of God and true Christianity.

      Not the Christianity practiced in SCOAN where they serve another Jesus that is not the Jesus Christ of the bible, where they slave for TB Joshua, his family and his brainchild “church” from morning to night, week to painful week, where their casting out of demons and their doctrine is not recognized by heaven.

      ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ (Matthew 7:22-23)

  31. We are asking for. A solution our problems in spiritual,maritual,financial,burren and sickness

  32. Well, my comment helps enlighten people to completely come out of religion and denomination to the Kingdom of God where God is God and man is man. Anything outside the Kingdom of God is not of God. All we need is every word of God from His mouth. Religion has done evil, exploited people, perpetrated poverty and the like. People have rejected the Kingdom of God, its principles, the Commandments and laws of God in the kingdom of God and lie to say the law was abolished on the cross and introduce deception. Jesus Christ before telling His followers about the signs of His coming/ end of the world warned them to take that they may not be deceived. Religions and denominations cage people, fill them with fear, takes away logical reasoning from them and makes robots out of them so that they may not come out of deception. Billions of people in religions and denominations are deceived but they do not know that they are deceived not until they come out so that they can reason freely and objectively outside; when they come out they can easily look for the true God and His truth. Religion is evil and is a man-made tool to exploit God’s people. Religion is a symbol of Bondage in Egypt and Babylon.
    Wake up and come out!! Revelation 18:4

    • @Maimbolwa Muliwana,

      Thank you so much my brother. You are just on the money. I keep saying it too.

      People come out of these places called “churches”, they are draining you! You are safer conducting bible study with your family and friends in your homes than going to these places where Satan rules.

      The HOLY SPIRIT of God has left those institutionalized places and monster buildings you call “church”.

      Church is not a building or a house but the true people of God that gather together to worship Him in spirit and in truth. That is what is defined as “church”, not some building or place you have to walk to or drive to or fly to, to see God.

  33. that ex disciple did not know what he was saying. Am a living witness to prophet tb joshua’s anointing, in 2008, i was booked for an appendix operation, d pain was too much dat i can neither sleep nor eat, so i was praying to God for it to get dawn on time so dat i can go for d operation but when Nepa restore d power i tuned to emmanuel tv and one of prophet tb joshua deliverance prayer was rebrocast and i just place my hand on d screen of my tv after which i place my hand on d side of my stomach where i was feeling d pain of d appendix. Lo and behold i started throwing up and it was as if a drum of water was poured on me and instantly d pain diappeared since yr 2008 till now there is no more appendix. I did not travel to Lagos from Lokoja before i recieved my healing. So a thing of faith.

    • @Joshua samuel.

      Your case could be one of the psychological placebo effect as a result of your strong faith in the Jesus Christ you believed in before turning on your television to Emmanuel.TV.

      Are you sure that the hospital that booked you for an operation made the correct diagnosis? How clear was it that the pain you were having was from appendicitis?

      Besides, if you were healed, so? Do you think Satan and his agents don’t heal too? For your information, Satan heals too, this you’ll see most in African/Haiti/New Orleans voodoo doctors, spiritualists, Arab/Islam marabouts, Chinese acupuncture and yin yang, Indian chakra masters, white witches in herbal healing homes, Catholic Santeria/Palo Mayombe mystics of South America, doing, some can even heal through remote healing as well as remote spell casting.

      Regardless, even if the hospital did diagnose your pain right and the pain was indeed appendicitis, and God indeed did heal you, the Word of God tells us that the LORD God Almighty will have mercy on whom he will have mercy (Romans 9:15-16). GOD must have healed you out of His mercy because of your ignorance of what you were doing in 2008.

      Also, you have to understand that majority of the disciples of TB Joshua’s including some of the wisemen that live in “synagogue” does not really know his personal Christian/Islam believes; therefore, most of them purely believe in the Jesus Christ of the bible and think TB Joshua whom they look up to also believes like they do. It could be (though I am skeptical about this) these disciples’ innocent prayers that assisted in getting God to heal you through Emmanuel.tv.

      As for today, you know better that Mr. Fatai Balogun (aka TB Joshua) is operating under another Jesus there is no more excuse for stubbornly remaining in the dark when you are told to search your scripture and know if what is being said about SCOAN and TB Joshua’s doctrine is true.

    • @giles
      TB Joshua always pray in the name of Jesus as well as the wise men when are prayig for people for their delivrance and healing.
      Could they pray in that name if they dont believe to see miracle in the divine power of that name ?Think twice before asking stupid question.
      Yourself how do you show you believe Jesus is God?is hatred the best way for you to show you believe Jesus is God?

      • Praying in the name of Jesus and believing Jesus is God are two different things. You can do one with out the other. Ask the guys behind Watch TBJ, they’ve clearly said before that while they believe Jesus is the son of God, he’s not actually God.

      • Praying in the name of Jesus does not mean anything if one believes in “another Jesus,” and not the Jesus of the Bible, who is God manifested in the flesh. Yes, there’s another Jesus who is not Jesus, another spirit which is not Holy Spirit and another gospel which is not the true gospel. 2 Corinthians 11:4. T B J is a LIAR and a false prophet, deceiving ignorant people.

  34. @TBJW
    By your knowledge too,WTBJ site is not an official blog of SCOAN as it has been announced many times in their articles..
    Can you pray in the name of Jesus if you dont believe in that name?the One who gave a command to pray in his name,He is the One who said Father and Son are ONE.
    Then If Father is God,his Son is God too,So how will you follow his command and use his name as a power when you actually dont believe in him by his words?Explain please how you can pray in his name and dont believe he is God.

    Also why yourself dont you show a link TBJ confessing Jesus is not actually God?Your statement are just lies and you know it.
    @Mr Terrific
    I will not waste too much time with you because you know the reason yourself why you are so in concern about TBJ and persecute him.

  35. Ndori thanks for hitting the nail on it head. God’s blessings to u. These people are Satanists They twist and lie like they are mentally ill. When he says he is not Jesus and he is just a donkey they twist his words and accuse him to be lair. These people I just wonder how they sleep at night, with all the hate and jealousy. Phew!

  36. Hey there I am really sorry about the comments you made if we don’t seaport (disagree )your weird knocked idea you put as the disciples of tb Joshua I am gladly accept that he is Jennieyoun man of God hem & me disciples of Jesus & doesn’t stand for selfish interest he doesn’t have negative impact on people including you I don’t want categorize you with Satan’s style you have chance to ask for givens I pray god open your eyes and ears the work is done by the name of Jesus god glorified above all name holy Spirit glorified god & Jesus god youth human being honest and Hamble I wish you & me one of those b b love you all

  37. Shame on you tb joshua watch. Wiseman john chi was on emmanuel tv and he is alive and well and still at the scoan. If you are on the devils side, stay that way and let us who are on tb joshuas side continue to love him. Your lies are not working hahahaha

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