A John Chi update

Here’s a quick taster of the messages we’ve received in the last 24 hours:

I have but this to say to TBJOSHUAWATCH and all you clowns that jumped the gun in an attempt to discredit the Prophet of God…………BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Shame on you Initiator or Moderator. John Chi is back. The God of mercy has seen him through. You can go to hell to serve Satan your Master

Now, you have been truly discredited, please close your false accusatory website! Turn to God, seek forgiveness of your many sins and leave TBJ alone!

These brood of viper pharesees Authors at T.b. Joshua watch have now gone beyound their boundaries. And this will bring plague upon them and their families.

Can you feel the love for us?

Let’s backtrack a little. Last week, TB Joshua announced that John Chi, one of the wisemen had been dropped. He didn’t go into much detail as to why but after doing our best to decipher his 25 minute meandering waffle, we gathered that:

  1. He had been tempted
  2. His voice had changed/gone(?)
  3. His anointing exceeded his character

TB Joshua was also very complimentary about John Chi, saying he was everyone’s favourite wiseman and the most gifted. Apparently John Chi had said he would not let go of God until God restored him back. He finished this segment by saying that if there any more unanswered questions, he would shed more light on them next week.

We interpreted from all this that John Chi had left SCOAN (as did many others). Some had different interpretations (we updated our post to acknowledge this) – all were perfectly valid considering the vagueness of the information given.

Fast forward 1 week…. and John Chi makes a triumphant return. No explanation, except to confirm that he had not left the ministry and was not sick. Queue lots of charming messages in our inbox!

Were we wrong? On the face of it yes. Sadly he does appear to still be part of the ministry. Perhaps he left and TB Joshua convinced him to come back? Perhaps he was sick and away for medical treatment? Perhaps he was there all along? Whatever the case, it seems very strange that they would go to the extreme lengths of announcing he’d been dropped only to seemingly reinstate him a week later.

If we have spread false information, then for that we apologise. Keeping up with the circus of SCOAN is a fulltime job, but it’s not our fulltime job.

However – if you think one tiny bit of (potentially) false information discredits this whole site, then there’s probably no helping you. Most people would agree that the false prophecies, the alleged sexual abuse, the cult characteristics and the deaths caused by false claims of healing are more than enough to validate this sites existence.

As for John Chi – keep praying for him. Pray that one day he, the other wisemen and disciples really will be fully and permanently set free from their bondage at SCOAN and restored to their friends, family and the grace of God.

180 thoughts on “A John Chi update

  1. Um, not your fault. If anyone spread false information, it was SCOAN. That should teach you to believe anything that comes out of their mouths, huh?

    TBJ said that John Chi was dropped. He and his flunkies implied that it was because of bad character/bad behavior, and possible demon possession (the voice thing).

    We all made the mistake of believing the lying, manipulative, self-serving TBJ and his sycophants.

    • And what differentiates you from the liars at SCOAN is this: You transmitted information on good faith. You were careful about your presentation. And when it came to light that you had been given bad information, you publically admit it and apologize. That is why people should trust this site. You aren’t self-serving, you do your best, and you admit your limitations.

      • Quote from M
        ” And when it came
        to light that you had been given
        bad information, you publically
        admit it and apologize. That is
        why people should trust this site”.

        peharps you should permit me quote the so called apology. “If we have spread false information,
        then for that we apologise. Keeping up
        with the circus of SCOAN is a fulltime job,
        but it’s not our fulltime job.”

        is this an apology to the letter? an apology from a child of God? this is what i call the devilish apology. an apology that comes with “IF” That isn’t a sincere apology but a cunny one only the devil gives such cunny apologies. and after being discredited they tried to recredit themselves by saying ” However – if you think one tiny bit of
        (potentially) false information discredits
        this whole site, then there’s probably no
        helping you. Most people would agree
        that the false prophecies, the alleged
        sexual abuse, the cult characteristics and
        the deaths caused by false claims of
        healing are more than enough to validate
        this sites existence”. @M. you call this apology? you all seriously need to repent.
        here you are talking about love for you. I never knew you were
        looking for Love. if you wanted love you should have chosen another business rather than accuse T.b. Joshua. you are very lucky people don’t know you by your faces, it would have been A different story. so you had better be very careful.

      • We said IF because we are none the wiser as to what actually happened. All we know is that he is back at SCOAN, what happened before that has not been made clear. Don’t you think it’s strange that TB Joshua said all he did last week, and said he’d elaborate on it more this week, but this week things are seemingly back to normal.

      • @ Doi,

        What is a Christian apology ? Why don’t you ask God what apology is. Apology to SCOANITES is for people to lie down on the floor with a microphone in front of their mouth left and right and 3 camera angles in full 3D and screaming howling crying on the floor. Ooohhh I am sorry, so sorry prophet TB Joshua, Wiseman Chi, forgive me, forgive, while standing over them with a smirk and laughing teeth bare and gloating about the humiliation, while they themselves have blood on their hands by commanding “Go get it ” to Ghanians in Accra, Spintex road and 4 people died, one broke their leg and many hurt in needless stampede. No investigation went in there concerning police that was paid off with bribes and other corruption. Why is mr Bushman not send out there to do his grassroots investigation if all the allegation brought up are true ! You hypocrite Doi, why are you worse than Pharisees and Sadducees that clean the out side of your cup but inside you are filthy like everyone else is. You white plastered tombstones, when will you confess your lies, your deception that sells out the rest of the world with a fake circus that uses videos to attract people all over the world and siphon off their money and display how to humiliate them in front of the camera with powers that are not out of God. When will you read II Thessalonians 2 and figure out your own errors ?

        You all have gone out on a limb to silence me and if it was not 2013, you would do the same to me as was done to John the Baptist and bring my head on a silver platter. You brood of vipers, you 419 conmen and women, the axe is at the root of your tree. You white washed tomb, you are no better than any sinner yourself. Confess your own sin and apology to ward anyone here of your insistent support of heresy that flows out of SCOAN.

    • Yes Moderators. My love for you is growing really cold. Its unlike me to make such statement against you guys but you have actually pierced the sword in the wrong side of the heart and you leave me no Choice. This isn’t the first time you uncontrollably jump into conclusions like dogs jumping on bone before realising it was poisoned. This should teach you all a little lesson.

      The singular truth about this T.b Joshua haters who once stayed with him is, they had wicked and evil intentions to take over, there is usually pride and arrogance in seeking a position in Scoan which they are not qualified to attain. These made them leave Scoan to open a ministry of their own. Believing God will make it florish like that of Scoan. But God’s back was turned against them and the only way out is open a blog against their ex-menthor and they believe God will also make it florish? Oh! How spiritually blind they all are. Now these pharesses have been proved wrong once again as shame came before their very eyes to see John chi boldly telling them to their faces that he’ll never leave God’s presence. Of all they’ve seen T.b.Joshua do in the life of people, can they picture him as someone who will affect the life of others negatively? The T.b.Joshua i know wants the best for God’s people. Therefore this little experience has proved your every post wrong cos you had thesame motives and desire in writing them all.

      • Doi, what TB Joshua are you talking about? I never met a tb Joshua who wants the good for Gods people. I only met a mad man who wants the best for him-self. What do you mean; scoan is florisching? What do you mean tb Joshua has been a mentor to us? The fact is, all the ideas, profhesies and revelations are received by his disciples and not by him. I know this, because I was one of them, . Ofcaurse we start ministeries of our own, we have all the gifts to do so. Whats your problem? TB Joshua had realy dropped John Chi, and he took him back, for again some calculated reasons. We are not confused, TB Joshua is confused for a very long time. You too.

      • Doi spot on tell this people the truth. How can they even ask for Love when they hate so much. Phew! They want to talk for everyone, “Most people will agree that false healing and so on and so forth…They should stop saying most people because its not true. 1125 compared to over 4,000 is not most. So a lot of healing that have taken place at SCOAN are not fake because some of us are beneficiaries of it. So these people should stop these nonsense!

  2. Kwi kwi kwi kwi kwi kwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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    Am glad John Chi is back at SCOAN.I came to lean one thing,MOST OF,IF NOT 100% OF INFORMATION FROM TB.JOSHUA WATCH BLOG ARE WRONG.

    • A JOHN CHI,,there is nothing in this world that 100 percent,which is made by man even words we speak.we set those limits but that which is made by GOD is natural and is more than 10000000000etc percent,examples,air,water,sky,soil,stars,sun,moon,etc.you know about all these.The language TB JOSHUA is using might not sound the way you will really want denpending on his educational baggage,still is not the point.He is there just for a message and the message is about GOD and it corncern those who love and believe in GOD with faith.Any one who goes there and decide to have his or her private business does not concern TB JOSHUA.In the days of JESUS CHRIST,many were with him and many were against him,disciple denny,disciple was a betrayer and all this people where with him for a very long time,i mean they knew him more than me and you.How more of TB JOSHUA that many people don’t know of him and has become man of God,doing things people never imagine resembling to those of Christ work in the Bible,….
      You can complain the way you want but don’t intoxicate people with your ways.And again people need to know you,who you are and what you are doing and with who you are working when people need TB JOSHUA…may the Lord God convert you in the name of CHRIST JESUS amen.

  3. Anything not of God shall fall and anything that God put His hands on shall rise. Whether TBJ is a false prophet or not. when the time comes we will see who is who. But my problem is , should a true man of God play pranks in order to see how his enemies will feel? Did TBJ expect his followers to believe his prophecies again for that fear that people will wondering if he is playing prank again? Please lets be wise at least. these are big signs showing something that we must act on it. May God have mercy on us all.

  4. TBJOSHUAWATCH, “Do you feel the love for us?” Dude, you reap what you sow. You’ve sown nothing but hatred and lies against people of God. Shame on you. And then you cry foul when you get punched in the mouth back? Dude, get a clue.

  5. In my view and my understanding of wolves in sheep skin, i think SCOAN and Chi were playing a ‘we are ahead of you’ game. To look triumphant in the end with their fans. People should know God. Religion is not football. This honestly does not change the unbiblical nature of SCOAN

      • @tbjoshuawatch
        Did TB Joshua said John chi has left Scoan?please prove it.
        He said John chi has dropped as wiseman ,that is he has been for the past 7 weeks not able to perform his duties as a wiseman until now he is not unless God restores him.Is this difficult to understand?
        You are the one who came out with the conclusion that he has left Scoan and that is your fault not TB Joshua’s.

      • No he didn’t, he never gives a straight answer to anything – it helps him cover his back because then he has nothing firm he has to hold to. We based our assumption on a few things:
        1) He had not been seen for 7 weeks
        2) TB Joshua said he had been dropped as a wiseman
        3) If he had not left, we would expect SCOAN to put an end to the speculation by letting him preach (er, kind of like they did the following week!), the fact he wasn’t seen at all led us to believe they couldn’t do that because he was gone.

      • @ TBJW,

        Masi is Kiki. Kiki is Masi.

        So it is of little use to answer Masi or Kiki, but maybe because of politeness and loving care for ignorant Kiki aka Masi you can ;-). Not that it makes any difference. I see Kiki as the little chi hua hua dog that is wagging his little tail vigorously of being so happy that he belongs under the table of the masters of online chat. So, Give Kiki or Masi a small crumb from the chat table….otherwise Kiki aka Masi might feel neglected. Or you can give Kiki aka Masi the smallest violin in the world so Kiki aka Masi can fiddle the same trite, boring and barmy stories over and over Kiki aka Masi twists and gleans from the big boys and girls like us. Just to challenge his room temperature intelligence and emotional quotient. ;-). Hahahaha.

  6. All the people here have no fruit of the Holy Spirit. Divine137 “Dude, get a clue”, jbm, Doi, et al.
    This article is a good reason why I trust this site. When they are wrong about something, they admit it.

    By the way, all the scoan uk people – no I am not the one doing this site 😉 (heard from people who left that you’re all convinced its me)

  7. I wish to find out if one can visit a fetish shrine for healing and start singing praises to JESUS soon after receiving their healings everyday and the fetish powers are still at peace with their masters; since the inception of this wonderful programme? P/s be careful what you say about this MAN (who has saved millions of souls including me), my dear organizers of this site. The healing powers are VERY REAL.

    • Miracles, whether real or fake, don’t validate any ministry. Read Revelation 13:13-14, and you’d understand why. And by the way, what does it matter whether John Chi goes away or comes back ?

    • @ Don-Richmond,

      “P/s be careful what you say about this MAN (who has saved millions of souls including me),”

      How did TB Joshua save you and by what means ? I hope you will think deep and long before you answer.

      • who does not know you that you are agents of devil? you make tired of yourself because no matter what you try to convice people to be against TB Joshua, Jesus Christ will continue to lift him higher. you are the dackness, so you cannot stand on light, thats why you are trying to hold here and their for your survive, better open up your eyes and turn to the only and only saviour Jesus Christ.

    • Don-richmond. TB Joshua is a profhet. His powers are not only healing, they can destroy too, as he likes it to direct them. Thats questionable. Jezus His ressurection-power is only live-giving. It is not enough to be saved, you need the revelation of the ressurection to enter the power, whitch is there for all of us. The power is real, because Jezus is alive! In all of us! Not only in profhets! amen.

    • Millions of souls, eh? Do you have any evidence of that? At most, his following, mostly internet based, consists of a few hundred thousand. Most of those apoear to already have been believers but convinced that trusting Jesus isnt enough, and so go to him for so called deliverance.

      The vast majority of the world has not a clue who tbj is. Anyone who has basic math and critical thinking skills would be aware of this. The fact that he and his followers need to puff up the numbers tells us very clearly about y’alls character.

      Not to mention, who is it that saves? If you say anyone but Jesus saves us, you are a blasphemer and a heretic.

      JESUS SAVES SOULS. not tbj.

  8. it is better this way.
    because is not wise for a reasonable person to talk bad on orders, especially people that are more than you in spirit & in physical.
    because every body has an enemy that wants our down fall.
    as for this, be wise for you not to be a persons enemy, rather than the DEVILS enemy.
    because we are trying to be sons & daughters of GOD.
    but the devil don’t want us to unite, that is why the devil is using some people among us to stop us.
    with CHRIST on your side you can conquered devils plan.

  9. I don’t see any need for an apology. TB Joshua Watch reported only on what T B Joshua himself had said and had even claimed that he had seen in advance before the ‘dropping’ of John Chi happened. Something is just not in place at SCOAN regarding the disappearance and re-appearance of John Chi and the information given by T B Joshua about it.

  10. “the false prophecies, the alleged sexual abuse, the cult characteristics and the deaths caused by false claims of healing are more than enough to validate this sites existence,” as well as the very many erroneous and unbiblical teachings at SCOAN, I may add. We need this site in these times of great apostasy.

    • Who seen TB Joshua molesting anyone? which cult is He? and all those you mentioned against the man of God. Get really and repent from your evil, or perhaps you have already signed your agreement with your father of lies and have no other option but to continue tarnishing the name of Prophet TBJoshua. Leave my mentor and my spiritual father alone. Go back to hell were you belong.

  11. it is better this way.
    because is not wise for a reasonable
    person to talk bad on orders,
    especially people that are more than
    you in spirit & in physical.
    because every body has an enemy
    that wants our down fall.
    as for this, be wise for you not to be
    a persons enemy, rather than the
    DEVILS enemy.
    because we are trying to be sons &
    daughters of GOD.
    but the devil don’t want us to unite,
    that is why the devil is using some
    people among us to stop us.
    with CHRIST on your side you can
    conquered devils plan.

  12. Look, all I can tell you is this. Do a really very good investigation before you publish, don’t take things at face values, don’t insinuate anything that you have not confirmed and don’t rush to beat time before you publish. If you cannot be very meticulous and what you are doing because every infomation you publish impacts someone’s credibility and ministry please quit. If I can read your story and find out the truth about John Chi in less than 4 days, I think you can do better in 5 weeks. You seem to take tarnishing someone’s image with levity, now you are at it again insinuating that “maybe he left and TBJ convince him to return”. The nitty grity of how TBJ runs his ministry and deals with his associates is not yours to judge! Honestly, I think you can do better, and use your brain to help humanity. I believe in exposing evil and dishonesty particular when it comes to those that proclaims themselves as servants of God but I don’t support baseless false accusation from untrustworthy people and people without any sorts of credibility. I have reviewed your website, I have conducted a ton of investigations and almost all of your allegations that I have investigated duly turn out to be nothing but smokescreen falsehood. I had a long email exchange with one of you folks through another of my email account back in May of 2013. After that email exchange, I took it upon my self to do my own private investigation and even getting as far as up to the wisemen, ushers, and some so called deserted members. I tried hard and found success in speaking directly to one lady that is probably was one of your sources but she could not look me in the eyes and tell that she ever had any sexual encounter with TBJ. I also investigated Paul Agomo’s rant of stage managed miracles and could not replicate any of his stories. I know lots of people at SCOAN, foundation members, inner cycle folks and I know a lot of people who had left also. Please retract your errorneous publications, conduct your investigation and only publish what you can verify and provide direct evidence.

    • Oh whatever, just shut it up, please close it up, okay :(!.

      Which investigation did you do in SCOAN? Was this an independent investigation or the “private” investigation sponsored by TB Joshua with a plate of rice and desert, and an air conditioned “church hotel” room?

      Those people are so tight and closed up with information that even their wicked ushers don’t as much as open a word of mouth to say “hello” or greet anyone, not to talk of you going there and talking to a wiseman and some deserted member.

      Wow, who are you TB Joshua’s little brother? Or are you one of those titled South African Bushmen chiefs that come to SCOAN with fake costumes that TBJ glorifies?

      Puuleezz, get off your high high horse and let that food TB Joshua fed you at his “church restaurant with a N10, 000 plates of food that he uses in making merchandise of God’s people” digest.

      • You are simply a fool, I live and work in the United States and I make more than $200,000 a year, I cannot be bought by any price. I I can see that you detest TBJoshua and that has totally overtaken your ability to reason properly. I have never eaten at the SCOAN, I visited Nigeria purposely to to investigate the allegations on this website, I left with my wife and my friend who are not Nigerians and we did not attend the SCOAN services but we found a way to conduct our own investigation free and fair, all I can say is to stop spreading falsehood!

      • @ KP Bushman,

        You earn 200,000 dollars a year ? Fair enough that amount, how much have you lied about the real amount ? Lets say take one zero off and we have 20,000 dollars.

        Me Bushman you can say anything here as so many people do. They are this, they are that. But how can we possible verify what you are claiming is the reality ?

        Whether you earn 2 dollars or 2 billion it does not make any difference concerning my own personal experiences. My own experiences are unique and special and are not compared in any way your experiences. I am baffled by the fact that you have found this girl who could not look into your eyes. Is it not so the girl has Strabismus or a Squint and CANNOT LOOK STRAIGHT into your eyes !!!! So what is your insinuation built upon then ? Tell us in detail what she said so zi can verify this by myself, because I do not trust you as far as I can see you. This a common thing when you speak to followers of SCOAN, they LIE and right through their teeth. I have been witness of quite few and have written them here. So why don’t you some extra investigation on order and on my behalf and ask them how come their leaders were full of demons even after been laid hands on by TB Joshua dozens of times and even in front of the altar !!! And even after 10-12 years !!! How could you possibly overlook such problems or are your eyes conveniently shut and your intelligence was not challenged there and you did not question “How coud this possibly be ? ” no such investigation you don’t do mr Bushman do you. No red flags would flare up there does it ? Just like this last saga of John Chi. Why don’t YOU stop pretending and stop displaying your last death seizures of the fickle ministry you represent by your gobbledygook of your imaginary investigation. When you have lived, spent time with them 24 hours a day and week in week out then come back with your pathetic investigation.

    • Hi KP. Bushman

      Glad you are doing your own investigation – that’s the only thing we ask, that people do not blindly accept everything that happens, but puts them to the test (1 Thes 5:21). However, it seems like your investigation was rather limiting, because it omitted any of the things that there is already hard evidence for.

      For example:
      1) Did you ask any SCOAN members what they think of the edited prophecy videos?
      2) Did you speak to any bereaved relatives of people who died trusting TB Joshua’s word that they were healed and no longer needed medication?
      3) Did you ask why TB Joshua uses massive tragedies as a publicity tool for his ministry by spurious claims of predicting them?
      4) Did you ask about how the ministry is accountable for the millions of dollars it takes in in donations? (For example, what happened to all the money collected for the promised but non-existent mission in Haiti?)

      1, 2 and 3 above are absolute facts. 4 is an important and unanswered concern.

      You show us an erroneous article we’ve published and we will retract it.

      • Here we go again, TBJoshua’s ministry is a not a public entity. I conducted my investigations on things that can be considered criminal miscounduct, things that are punishable by law. Remember the reasons for spending so munch money is to be able to pursue legal redress for the alleged abuses.

        1. I do not see any need to investigate edited prophecy videos, I watched life as he prophesied about the missing plane (Balu) and he was very clear that he did not know what really hapened to it. (Is it hijacker, crash or what but this is Balu they are looking for and the Balu carried a lot of people). Know it is a different thing if you contest that his words were wrongly appropriated to an incident involving a Pakistani Airline incident. I did not investigate because you guys spinned his words too much that I felft there was no point wasting my time chasing your misrepresentation around.

        2. Bereaved relatives, again. remember, advicing someone or asking someone to stop taking medication is not illegal as long as the advice was not provided with force or coercion. Even if I was interested in investigating this aspect, I did not know any such relatives.. all I can ask for is provide me contacts and we’ll be sure to get in touch with them. They must have an evidence of truly visiting SCOAN so that we can be sure we are not just chasing shadows and wasting resource on falsehood.

        3. I am a Christian and I ask you to go read the book of Ezekiel from chapter 1 to the end. TBJ will not be the first Prophet to predict doom. His predictions are not different from what you will find in Ezekiel. You cannot conduct an effective investigation by attacking the top, subtility is required in penetrating a well linked society as the SCOAN. I did what is required for the sake of seeking justice not the sake of discreding TBJ, on this one we have different goals. You are interested in discrediting TBJ, I am interested in fair and equitable justice.

        4. How a ministry spents its money is beyond the Court’s jurisdiction. Majority of non profit organization and churches worldwide collects money for charity and only diliver about 5% of those money to the intended purposes. How TBJj manages the proceeds of his ministry is between him and God, on that one I have not interests.

      • I conducted my investigations on things that can be considered criminal miscounduct, things that are punishable by law. Remember the reasons for spending so munch money is to be able to pursue legal redress for the alleged abuses.

        That’s commendable, but not everything that is evil would be considered criminal misconduct. Additionally, as we explained in our email exchange, legal redress is practically impossible with TB Joshua. A “nobody” taking a man to court who is considered by many in his country as a “man of God” or “messiah” is not going to get a fair trial. All the more in one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

        On to your other points:

        1. You’re missing the point about the edited videos. The Indonesia plane crash issue was not the Balu/Plane it was that significant facts were deleted from the video package, like the plane crashing into the sea (it crashed into the mountain), or it happening on a Wednesday (it happened on a Saturday). Read this article for more details. Also there was the Colorado shooting prophecy where the original prophecy predicted a soldier shooting people on a military base, and this was edited to fit a student shooting people in a cinema (see here). There are more examples I could go into, but the point is, this is clear deception, and worse – it’s using human tragedy to promote himself as a prophet.

        2. I’m not going to pass the contact details of bereaved relatives onto someone I only know through the internet, but I personally know 4 families who lost loved ones that were proclaimed healed at SCOAN and encouraged to quit their life preserving medication as a proof of their faith. I know of many more cases through running this site. They may not have been physically forced to give up their medication, but phychological coercion can be just as powerful as physical coercion. It may not be provable in court, but these people really are dead. What would you do if you knew 4 people like this? Would you not want to warn others? As it happens, I only personally know of 4 people who have gone for healing at SCOAN, these 4 who died as a result. Not a good track record.

        3. No problem with a prophet prophecying doom, but see answer 1. His predicts such predictable things that sometime in the next couple of years, something is bound to happen which kind of fits. Then rather than doing anything practical to help the victims of the tragedy he just rolls out a smug video effectively saying “hey everyone, look at me – I knew this would happen”. Big deal. What practical use did this vague prophecy have? How many lives did it save? How many people did it lead to repentance?

        4. “How TBJ manages the proceeds of his ministry is between him and God, on that one I have not interests.” Ultimately, yes – but that doesn’t mean a ministry should have no financial accountability. Or that serious questions shouldn’t be asked.

        Finally, I’m intruiged by your insistence on taking TB Joshua to court. This seems rather unbiblical (1 Cor 6). What we do here (expose a false teacher through evidence and scripture) seems far more biblical. We see this happening numerous times throughout scripture, and Jesus had harsh words for the church of Thyatira who tolerated false prophets, yet he commended the church of Ephesus for testing and exposing the false apostles (Rev 2).

    • @ Private Bushman, you ain’t a corporal,

      Quote ” I believe in exposing evil and dishonesty particular when it comes to those that proclaims themselves as servants of God but I don’t support baseless false accusation from untrustworthy people and people without any sorts of credibility.”

      How can you investigate, while you are part of the team that gets gain out of what you are doing ? Free travel, free accommodation, free food, free access to several other amenities. I am right on the nail there is it not ?

      What do you know about me, who left because of your lame excuses and lies you produced in front of me. How can you look in my eyes ? What would you see if I looked at you. If it is about a staring contest, I am sure I would win, if I would start questions you. In case you are a leader in SCOAN, GO and enquire your inner demons or do I say imaginary demons you contracted somewhere, with the name darkness, death, fear, Indian man, spiritual husband, spiritual wife, queen, queen of heaven, big man, mami wata, confusion, lies, deception, bragging, fiddling with usury, debt and you name them. I wonder how Satan told them what to be. Imagine this telling his demons, you are debt, and you are big man, you are incubi and succubi, you are death, you are this and that. Then not to speak about the erratic stories of demons that have chambers full of money, a base camp on planet mercury, can manifest anything except when they are in a deliverance session and much more.

      If you are a man of investigation why did you not do such things ? You are not telling me those crazy stories are real are you or is your intelligence on the level of room temperature ?

      What about my allegations ? Years in SCOAN, no testimony !!!! No healing, no healing for neighbours, no healing for friends, no healing for my spouse, no healing for the rest of my family, no financial breakthroughs, no other miracles, no personal prophecies, no answer on anything that your insistent deliberate avoidance of answering and laying the blame at all these people that I mentioned. Are you now insinuating that we are too stupid , dumb and are willing to listen to your fickle pacifier answers you do every time when you don’t have an answer and hide yourself behind the bible and TB Joshua in Lagos ready answers and the lame excuse “I am not God, so ask Him why ?”

      And why are you here in the first place, where were you when I asked you all these questions or are you now all of a sudden overconfident that with the prank that TB Joshua did with John Chi, which I told TBJW in a secret post that something like that would happen.

      If you think you can deceive me, think again, I was not born yesterday and I am also not wet behind my ears either.

      • You are not an objective person, I am not a journalist, I was never a TBJoshua guest, I did took your website seriously at first but your lack of objectivity and your boldface lies really has discredited you beyond reasonable doubt. If you were so honest, why didn’t you let the whole world read my post on Sunday Morning at about 4:14am when I reported about my findings on the John Chi situation and again at about 11:30am when I reported that I can see John Chi on the Emmanuel TV, why did you only copy and post one line of my message? Your dishonesty and evil manipulations will eventually shut you down.

      • I did not go to Nigeria to investigate your story but the general allegations contained in this website. I want you to know that although I am from Nigeria I had not visited Nigeria in 12 years but when I read about all the stories and all the alleged abuse and the supposed rapes and inhuman treatments listed in this website, I was so furious that I asked my wife and a friend who are seasoned and active law enforcement detectives in the United States with at least 7 years experience of working cold cases with me to help me with the investigation. While my wife worked for free, I paid the friend about $3,500 of his missed income just that you know I took this site very seriouslyat first, if you add the flights and hotel, local transportation and police escort you will agree with me that I spent a lot of money becuase I was interested in seeing justice done one way or the other. Regarding the case of edited prophecies, I did not investigate that because I was watching Sunday Service life when TBJ prophesied about the Balu, although the trascription called it baloon, Balu is the Yoruba word for aircraft and he did said Balu is aircraft. He said he did not know if it was hijacked, crashed, or landed safely, he said they were looking for it. (“was it hijacker, crash or what, but they were looking for it”) Later in the service he asked members to pray to help avert the occurrence. One thing you have to know is that TBJ like many Nigerians have language barrier when it comes to expressing things effectively in English Language simply because they often translate from their native langauages which is a very different platform from English. I did not investigate edited prophecies simply because your write up on this issue was not true. If you really want to be very objective, call me +1(909)2619377 just to let you know that you are not talking to any of those cronies or beneficiaries of SCOAN treats. The way you react to my posts suggest that you have issues with life generally, and that you are a very proud person. I am just someone trying to help but you are so distrustful that I feel it is only good to leave you to your disillusionment.

      • @ Private Bushman,

        Reading your exciting stories did remind me of CSI a fictional series for cold cases. I applaud you incessant blatancy of standing on your high 7 inch heels to put weight in your inflated stories. I have called several people on phonenumbers they have given and posted. Only to hear from them ranting in the other side of their high visibility position, but when you arrive at their houses they are nobodies and sometimes half drug addicts and mental cases that have no employment in society. I am not falling for your hot inflated balloonery stories you try to impress with Yoruba, ebo, Ashanti dialects. Me I don’t care who you are, I have seen courts inside out and spoken to many barristers as well lawyers to know that your puffed up stories mean nothing online, not even in person. Your lame trick of telling your audience that others have personal issues with their life. So then Mr Balloonery you don’t have issues in life do you ? For every issue is a tissue, make no mistake, there will be solution when you just press hard enough. Mr hard blowing from the imaginary tower that does not exist. Why don’t you publish your investigations in the web and give us the link so we can “admire” your handy work of your Sherlock Holmes petty investigations. Yes ? Next time tell TB Joshua and Wiseman to hire Bozo the Clown and Homer Simpson for more entertainment and put a tent over that circus over there.

    • Bushman kwa kwa kwa thumbs up to u. You don’t really know what u have done. The investigation u did is for all off us who respect God and want thruth and justice. See how these small brains here are insulting you for just telling it as it is kwa! You have finally put a nail in this shame of a website thanks a million times. I see u are an open book and have put a number will definately be intouch. That says a lot about you. God’blessings to u and peace!

  13. you ,all of u are mad.you deserve to be in a mental hospital for life.wicked cursed good for nothing demons.leave my prophet alone!yeye human beings!

    • @jane:

      I must say your words and curses back to you according to the Words of God in Psalm 109:17, and I bind it around you with a threefold cord until you repent of it in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

    • @ Jane,

      Me Tarzan, you Jane ! You want a banana ?

      Proverbs 26:2
      As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

      Romans 12:14
      Bless them which persecute you:bless, and curse not.

      Proverbs 15:4
      A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.

  14. Hahaha u got it wrong again this time i wonder what will be u fake story this time . God of tb joshua is with him and all the wise men pls repent for god to forgive you all you sins. You ex follower i think you lean something out of this that god is with tb joshua and those that will indure up to the end not failure and looses like you

    • @ Ndins,

      I wonder what the next prank will be in SCOAN ?

      Let me guess, fake deliverances ? Another lie ? An edited prophecy ? Super demons ? Another heretic story of bible twisting exegesis, err, false doctrine ? Announcement they go to North Korea, Syria, Egypt, Haiti, Mexico, Spain, but never arrive….

  15. TB JOSHUA is a true prophet of God. Those that are speaking evil against him will soon repent and preach the gospel of Christ in SCOAN.

    • @ Yakubu,

      If you want to preach the Gospel in SCOAN you are not allowed.

      How many guest speakers have you heard preaching in SCOAN ? 2-3 in its entire existence ?

      Another baseless and useless post from a SCOAN follower who is duped to believe everything they see there.

  16. Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand. But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough.

    • @ Smelter,

      Usually One should judge by content, I judge by character. Character ? What character ? I found none ! What character do you have ? They have ? Fake deliverances, lies, demon possessed, stories of demons that have base camp on planet Mercury, demons that can manifest money but not when they are in a fake “interrogatory 40 minutes session” but they all can walk like a big man, queen or have cross eyes. Yes ? The circus with the Ringmaster Bozo the Clown is more entertaining than watching those fake stories. What do you think I am ? Jules Verne ? Charles Dickens ? Or am I watching Klingons from Star Trek or Alien snap shifters with incubi and succubi as their sidekicks ? You are not expecting me to take you serious with all this high horse drivel that is frothing from your mouth.

  17. We will keep on praying that the disciples and wise men of that smooth double mouthed cultist tbj, will see the light of the truth and come out of that concentration camp and the hold on their minds that tbj has on them in scoan. We thank God that JC was saved out of his detention in the darkness, wherever that was. Tbj must have been offended by something JC did and disciplined JC, as is his custom, but thank God the whole world was on top of him demanding an answer. He was not one of the unknown disciples. The whole world is now seeing how tbj is going about things. It is laughable. This is NOT the end of the story. Watch how God will work to expose tbj’s dark side even further.

    Keep watching Emman TV and see how tbj plays the two sides of the coin, perfectly. He is truly a master of deception and double talk. Just like the snake with the split tongue. He is a monster of a snake!
    “The fear of the Lord hate evil: ‘I hate arrogance and pride and every wicked way and a mouth with a double tongue’”, says the Lord – Proverbs 8:13
    Deacons likewise must be dignified, not double-tongued, not addicted to too much wine, not greedy for dishonest gain – 1Timothy 3:8.

  18. Examples of tbj’s double tongue:
    Compare DVD one with DVD two.
    1. “God has dropped John Chi”? When the 5 wise men were raised – suddenly God said, that very day, that one will be dropped. The paper is in their pockets, every one of them. It is not tbj, remember, it is God. Pray for the four left, cut JC out.
    2. JC’s voice has ceased/gone, because he tempted the devil to tempt him. He was overpowered by the demon. They have been battling with this gentleman? As if he has a character flaw? Remember it is not tbj, it is your fault that you cannot hear from God, why this is happening, you with the black hearts.
    3. Why did John Chi now “failed”, for a good 7 weeks? If he should be infallible after receiving the Holy Spirit baptism?, according to tbj. But remember it is not tbj’s teaching. Who will take the blame this time, for his different gospel who failed? Maybe God again.

    1. Why John Chi is Not Ministering for Now as a Wiseman – SCOAN

    1. Suddenly, one week later JC is NOT dropped anymore. God must have made a mistake? Remember it is not tbj?
    2. Suddenly, one week later JC’s is NOT voice ceased/gone anymore. God made a mistake again, by letting his “prophet” announce it. They have been struggling with this gentleman for the past 7 weeks. His voice did not cease because of illness. He has been dropped, as God said, but suddenly 1 week later he is back. Bright eyed and bushy tailed? No voice problems? He was not sick? And how did John Chi got delivered, so suddenly, from the devil who over powered him, after weeks of struggling?
    3. Suddenly, one week later JC is NOT fallible anymore. How come JC is restored, if he is infallible? The baptism in the Holy Spirit should have made him infallible, according to tbj’s false teaching?

    2. TB Joshua and John Chi Sunday Live Message Don’t Tempt Devil

    • I listened to this clip, and could not honestly glean anything spiritually nourishing from it. NOTHING. If this is what people are getting from their spiritual food, it is very sad.

      • When you’re biblically illiterate, you can believe anything from anyone who claims to be “man of God,” or “prophet,” or “apostle,” or whatever, and that’s exactly what’s happening at SCOAN and many other places. Many Christians today are just ignorant and illiterate when it comes to the Bible, and we need pastors who would feed His people with knowledge and understanding so they should no longer be dismayed. Jeremiah 3:15; 23:4.

  19. just wonder, yes this is right, John Chi is a choosen Man of God, and guided by God, this means that he is not an extension for the goals and honour of TB Joshua, in spite of his mentorship. John Chi is much more populair then TB joshua. Sons will Always over-grow their father-mentor. The “dropping”-story was just another made-up story, and it failed! The people wanted John Chi back! He will manage, he has won this charge.

  20. The word of God said, judge not so that you will not be judged. People of God please do not judge the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and his ministry. The wise man are product of SCOAN and no one has the Power to talk to Prophet as they wish. If you are really are children of God as you claim to be, show your love because God is love. Let Love leads in Jesus name. Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel!. God is with SCOAN and Prophet TB Joshua forever. AMEN

  21. Annatolia Shaanika
    “People of God please do not judge the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and his ministry”.
    If TB Joshua was -a Man of God – we would truly give him the honor due him, but he is NOT. He is a false prophet and we, as children of God, are trying to warn you to wake up.

  22. I wonder if u do personally follow the SCOAN services before u write. Here you are even putting it tht he has been reinstated! Who said tht? Can u stand up and confidently say tht u have the backing of God the father in yo works against Prophet TB Joshua?
    I can rather confidently tell u that satan is the one using u.U can turn away from satan and ask for forgiveness while there is time. Satan is to blame for all u do and say against the servant of Jesus,but if u dont ask for forgiveness in time, u too will be to blamed with bitter consequences …..

    • @ Benson Mbewe,

      No Benson we just sit here and pick our noses and pick our brains. Are you for real ?

      To be honest I have stopped watching EMmanuel TV simple I can predict what is coming next, Lies, Conmen, Conwomen, 419 scams, deception, fake deliverances and projecting powers to knock people down as they do in any charismatic church with a twist. I really have how better things to do nowadays in stead of wasting my time.

  23. tessa banda

    “One day you will suffer for calling this great Prophet of God a false prophet”.

    The truth is, that we have already suffered under the lies …of this …”great prophet of god”… that is why we are trying to warn you. You will not know the oppression you are under through tbj, if you do not come out of that place.


      • @ Tessa,

        Atheists have good jobs, are not sick and heal, I never got healed of anything, nor get any financial breakthrough, nor did my wife, nor did my neighbours, nor did my friends, nor did anyone who were exposed to the “anointed water” or the hands of TB Joshua. When you ask them why they blame you and keep lying to you and telling blind girls to watch TB Joshua TV and Emmanuel TV, plus they harass you at home with petty things. Or put a nail in your car tire or scratch it. Or even go through your window, take your laptop extract information from it and then start grinning at you when you ask them why or even let farts come out of their sphincter and stand next to you face look on infinity trying to be hypocritically innocent. None what they say you can take face value unless they can gain out of it. If you are millionaire of can prophesy your bank account number they are your man, as well making videos to attract people to the church and siphon off your money.

  24. What criteria do u use to arrive at yo conclusion tht he is a FALSE prophet?
    What I know is tht the devil knows the truth about TB Joshua and particularly even the inherent spirits in most ppo.Out of fear of the kind of anointing in his life,they(the demons living in most of us) have to manipulate us to believe him as fake because if we recognize him as a TRUE servant of Jesus, we will go to him to ask for deliverance from the very demons.U need to know tht they enjoy living in human beings and whn they are cast out,they go to be punished severely ……u can see this even in cases of ppo who finally resolve to go to SCOAN tht the spirits try hard to prevent it…..the first line of satan preventing yo deliverance is to tell u the lie about TB Joshua being fake…..second line will be to denie u access to money for transportation to Ikotun Egbe at Scoan……third line of preventing u from seeing TB Joshua the prophet will be to cause accidents or any other mishap,on yo way to Scoan…….

    • @ Benson,

      Quote “..the first line of satan preventing yo deliverance is to tell u the lie about TB Joshua being fake”

      It is no lie of Satan, that is only in your head, because you have set yourself to it to believe it. Satan only has power over you if you give it to him.

      If you know your place in Christ, Satan has nothing on you.

      1 John 4:4
      Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them:because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

      So your imaginary belief is now falling to the ground, because the people on this site believe in this Scripture not in your:

      1 John 4:5
      They are of the world:therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

      So mr Benson we don’t see your allegations credible in the light of our Bible that is our life compass and the Voice of the Holy Spirit Who only Testifies about Jesus Christ and not your imaginary unchristian ramblings you believe in that the Devil is deceiving us. Your story has humongous holes in it, because it does not glorify God, but is used to lay credibility in your nasty piece of work ability of twisting words to create heaviness of your heretic allegation.

      Find some other old Jew to tell your baseless and heretic stories or milk toed spineless name Christians who are wholesale deceived in SCOAN with their deception carried on their sleeves for all to see, including you. Next ! If you want to present something credible of true loftiness then come with a T- Bone steak that hangs over both sides of a extra large plate. Not a watered down milky story for 3 week old babies who live at SCOAN for over 10-12 years possessed with imaginary demons.

      • @tbjoshuawatch really you want to take me on. if they allow me i will sue your ass and teach you a better lesson. if you provide me 10 witnesses, i provide you with 200 witnesses and video clips of tb joshua ministry and the tv air programs. what evidence do you have to back up all this nonsense. you spent time on sunday watching tb joshua to twist his words instead of attending your own church.

      • lol Steve. The video clips themselves are ample evidence of TBJ’s manipulation and heresy.

        If you took your “case” to a civil court, you would be laughed out of the room.

        If you took your “case” to a consortium of Christian leaders who hold to Biblical orthodoxy, they would tell you that you follow a heretic and need to repent.

        Either way, “I will sue you!” is a ridiculous thing to say.

    • but you seem to know the bible so much,so so much,what does the bible say about your site and what you are doing and publishing, and also , u seem to be always on the site, is this the best job for u, do you really think you are helping people arent they better things to do than follow the Great Prophet and ridicule him and call him false????

      • @ Tessa,

        If you paid attention which you obviously don’t you would see a lot of bible is being discussed here as well about Jesus Christ. On the other website there is only spoken about man worship and a lot of unreasonable, irrational, heretic drivel from the pit of hell. So which website is doing the right things ? Go on be honest ? Which you prefer ? A site that talks about the bible all the time and Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or site with outrageous claims of TB Joshua’s position and life ? Are you see God or are you seeing men ? I know what I rather see. I want to see God, I don’t want to see a blurred picture of Him because followers of TB Joshua and he himself are standing me in the way to get closer to Jesus as well the Holy Spirit.

      • ooooooooh I feel sorry for you I really do, oooooooh I feel the shivers oh I am scared for you and what you are saying , are you a christian?, dont you think you are judging? the pit of hell??? , since you know the bilble so much, is this what it says we must do , even if we know or see that something is bad , its called judging isnt it? who are we to judge , shouldnt we allow God to Judge , as he is GOD, anyway he does forgive , and I am quite sure that WHEN!!!!! you do REPENT!!!! he will FORGIVE ! you, and his Great Prophet TB Joshua will forgive you too…

      • @ Tessa,

        I am glad you shiver from your excitement, but it is not about me here. It’s about Jesus Christ, shiver ye timbers for Him. Naturally I agree He is the surpreme Judge. But however if you go many posts back and many moon ago you will find posts of TBJW and me explaining BIBLICALLY how to judge as an individual and as a follower of Jesus Christ. However the lazy laid back character as you are, you come here to challenge us again to sing the song for a dime again. No go do your research here concerning posts that are related to how to judge biblically and correct as a true Christian. You might learn something. Personally I hate to repeat myself over and over again, but it does happen, but I can’t help it when it falls on blind eyes and deaf ears when it does so. No do some effort will you and stop chewing on the same chewtoy that has now been replaced with one that is relevant now. Will you promise that you will read those posts ? Thank you.

      • @Jesse i dont intend going deeply into communication with you, but let me leave you with this, is not how long you spent there but what you believe and set your mind on. like you said, you left the place because it doesn’t suit you, fine. nobody is doubting that because your desire is not another person desire.and because things did not work for you does not mean it wont work for another remember, is not everybody who did the same course in the university will come out with first class. and to correct your normal language is not everyone that oppose your view is tb joshua follower. you keep saying tb joshua is not a man of God. do you think if the man is like me he wont sue your ass and the owner of this website for trying to mess with his name. where have you see this sought of things happen in the world, you just set up a website to destroy someone reputation. in business we call it BRAND. do know what it takes to build a brand. my dear you can’t do this to businessman because he will sue your ass and make a whole lot money out of you. what evidence do you have to present to judge. if you present 10 witness you will see 10000 witness behind the person you are accusing. is only true man of God can ignore things like this, even a spiritualist cant even ignore you messing about with their name. and in cases like this God will leave you to your strength because he did not send you such message. take my advise, engage in inspiring people, saving life with Gods word and leave the battle to who the battle belong to. when is time for God to expose tb joshua if your assumptions are correct i believe God knows the best way to go about it.

    • @Jesse so all this is because you did not receive miracle and breakthrough from scoan or receive what you expected why u were there. my friend if you cant find salvation in scoan there are other living churches where you can receive your salvation is not enough to take to internet website. don’t forget there are many people through this ministry have given there lifes to Christ even when they have not met the man in scoan. jst a reference to your response to tassa banda earlier post regards to breakthrough she/he received praying with the man in scoan. lets be wise the way we post comments to public domain.

      • @ Steve,

        I was there when I still believed then. Why would I spend the rest of my life in a ministry that does not help in me the breakthrough that I was looking for ? You of course would not be tired of every days, weeks, months lame excuses would you ? And if there is any “fanatic” believer in the miraculous it would spell me.

        I have been to many ministries and churches, met some well known and unknown preachers and pastors in my lifetime. Got some awesome breakthroughs in those times.

        Thought I check out this SCOAN ministry after long soul searching and research. Onwards from 2001 till now. Watched a lot of videos then online and read the pro and negative stories from hundreds of writers. Then decided to go visit first time and other times. Joined with the branches, had long interaction with many of them, not all. Some are just hypocrites when you try interaction with them. They just ignore you or don’t even want to talk to you. Those who do are always talking fabricated SCOAN language as if they are brainwashed, programmed and can’t say anything else and they do what they want. They might listen to you, but do nothing with your suggestions. Whatever the topic may be. Believe you me I had very close interaction with many of them. They are weird. Everything what is SCOAN is in their mind godlike but are not open about themselves, they never tell you anything of their fears, failures, pain, grief, doubts,…. It’s unnatural with them to have normal friendships. Nor are you allowed to talk to their church fellow people without being lurked at from a distance. It’s also only certain family orientated privileges. Such they can do all the nice things and responsibilities, the rest must slave for them. Nobody is allowed to preach there either. You won’t see guest speakers that 2-3 over the entire course when I was there. I found that weird. They are more closed up than a clamshell in a vice. It’s just NOT nice to be around them. Always have walk in eggs because if you say one thing wrong, the whole of SCOAN together is too small when it breaks out and then the icy stares starts, the avoidance, you can be in an elevator with them and they won’t inter act or give you false fickle put up smile. I can’t even start about how weird it all is. Is all about them and attracting people for to run church. I have seen several people cry because of their behaviour and attitudes. Whether right or wrong, they are stuck up nasty pieces of work when comes to true friendship. And they always, always have demons. Always. Even their leaders. Leaders who tell you how great it all is for them and how they all go over the world to “deliver” people from the imaginary onslaught of Satan. They will trail the entire world, but you won’t see them on the VMA, MTV, and in Hollywood to deliver celebrities that grace the Internet and TV Screen.

        So for me after spending years there with no results I was fed up about their pacifier stories and left, realising that I had wasted my time, energy and money on this adventure that I thought was it at that time.

        When scales came from my eyes I realised that I was been duped and had replaced Jesus Christ by thinking TB Joshua was the answer to all my problems. I became miserable and more depressed spending time with them and was tired of their fickle company. Long story short it was destroying my faith in Jesus Christ especially when they had every lame excuse possible or explanation, including their favourite saying ” I am not God, go ask Him”.

        While it seemed that “everyone” who came got healed or delivered I realised something is wrong here so I started to watch more closely what was going on. Then I realised there was always one that so to speak manifested in the crowd and start to trigger off all kinds of “manifestations” and a lot if screaming and yelling. Me I just stood there, nothing happened, nothing manifested, absolutely nothing. So I went soul searching day in day out, asked God about it day and night. Still nothing happened. Things only got worse and worse and more troublesome. I spoke about several times only to be fobbed off by, oh Go to Lagos everything will be fine TB Joshua will help you. So I did, only to come away with the problems I went with. I was also held back in about to ask him why am I still in this position and still have to go home with the same issues. No-one said, oh stay for another week, maybe then it will be alright. Then I started to notice they did that with some others as well who were not healed, or had trouble. Now of coming out of this I know of several that can confess the same about the treatment of SCOAN and TB Joshua. I can go on and on about this, but I have things to do. Hopefully it will clarify this a bit for you.

    • @ Jesse thanks for your response, but what i can gather from your post is like you go to churches to investigate rather than sick the face of he that created you, you see bro, people go to church for different reasons. the reason you went, is to investigate and not to seek the heavenly Father, maybe that is why you are so troubled. because what you sick is what you get. you said you ask this person and that person. are they God? please ask God not man and certainly not usher or workers. is your true worshipping that you gain a relationship with father in heaven and that should be your concern and if you want to help others to connect with God, i think you should do so by posting messages that will change life and spent less time calling names. but let me ask you, are you a Christian? as in a true believer, the reason i asked is because if you think tb Joshua is not real, do you think tb Joshua as a person is fake or the divine nature inside him? because if you are fighting a physical body of tb Joshua i think that is a wrong fight. i think you should fight the divine nature inside of him if you believe is fake and let the name tb Joshua be.no power under the earth is above the power of God which you say you believe. you can set tb Joshua free from that power you think he is using. and internet posting can not set him free or can it? Just my thought! and can i say that this website is creating more awareness to tb Joshua ministry because there are many people that have never heard the name tb Joshua but through this website they have know him and have gone to watch Emmanuel tv and become addicted to it. so thank you guys for that. changing life, changing nation and changing the world!

      • @ Steve,

        This is now what I mean. Steve whenever I explain something to anyone of SCOAN, including you, they and you now fill in the negative about me instead of what there answer is.

        Why would seek things that are the obvious when everybody can see without seeking. Why have you misrepresented me and twisted my post of sincerity. This is now what I despise of you all. You take something and twist it so you can look good in all your efforts you do.

        I have no problem challenging any powers that be, whether TB Joshua or anyone else’s.

        Let me make it clear so you understand. You are telling me that if you stand in front of TB Joshua and he sort of ministers to you and this lets say 15 minutes, why did he bother 15 minutes ? Why not 1 minute. Is his power not enough ? Or better said the alleged power of God ?

        Do you see Jesus minister 15 minutes ? Or His disciples or His Apostles ?

        Really man, if there is anyone exposed to such “powers” it is me. Then you are saying oh it is me who is seeking for something in a haystack.

        Why do you challenge me with your agenda and then tell again nothing that does not help in any way or form and just put the blame at my feet again as all these nasty pieces of work do in SCOAN and followers. Why can’t accept for once that it can be too that they are wrong and not using the power of God and do not have hold on me with their Kundalini and Chi projecting powers. Why can’t you believe what II Thessalonians 2 says, why are you all not willing to read this !!!!

    • @Jesse am not twisting ur words neither am mine a scoan but ur website has made know this man, but let me come in to ur post, it appear to me like you are making tb joshua the healer and not God, is your faith that will heal and give you breakthrough that you desire, you went to scoan with the hope that tb joshua will heal you and not God, did you put your faith in God almighty, well you don’t sound like you did when you visited. People have been healed in scoan through their faith in God not in tb joshua. do you know why people are still going there bcuz of other peoples testimony. like i said b4 this website is creating more awareness about tb joshua ministry. IS NOT PULLING IT DOWN. in a way you people are doing a good job well done.

      • @ Steve,

        It is clear that you don’t know me. Again you are saying that I am looking for somebody to heal, which is not true.

        Do you really think I am believing as you think I believe in TB Joshua and not God ?

        This IS what I call twisting my words to let it look I rely upon anyone for my miracle, or healing.

        If you want to read your words true, then everyone who goes there is actually doing what you said. Because they can all (TB Joshua followers ) stay at home and get there miracle at home or anywhere ? I wished that is what they did and not run after the man made messiah they made out if him.

        Again this is NOT my website.

        How about the millions who will not go because of what I write ? Because you are biased and are for TB Joshua that is why you want to discourage me from writing what really happened as well the truth behind SCOAN. Obviously my revealing the truth is irking many and many come online with a different name to or:

        1. Curse me
        2. Be in denial
        3. Say the opposite of what I say until we are all blue in the face
        4. Tell us we are from the Devil
        5. Twist my posts and words
        6. Don’t read what I have written in the past
        7. Place false heretic stories here and on the other WTBJ website.
        8. Let the others fill in what they have experienced

      • @ Steve,

        Also they are claiming that God is with them. (Only).

        Well if He was all my problems would have been gone there and then. Stop telling yourself and me I go there because I looking for somebody to sort out my problems.

        Why you think I came out of it all and left it all behind because of the reasons I wrote. The only thing I can admit is that I have wasted my time, effort, energy and money on it.

        I left by my own accord, I have said it dozens of times. Nobody kicked me out. But it is likely that am talking to a wall concerning that, because all SCOAN supporters just do that, thinking I made it up all along. Why would I lie ? And that for over 1.5 years now, being here and on the other website ? You have got got to be kidding me, if anyone would spend so much dedication on this. So perhaps I have to spend some more time here to convince you that I never made up anything concerning SCOAN.

        But don’t ask me to repeat things over and over again, which you can read in both websites where I wrote extensively about all kinds of things concerning me and me being in SCOAN and how nasty they are in implementing their own lies and pranks.

    • @Jesse am not trying to discourage you, you and i know that when you continuously talking about someone negatively or positively you are promoting the person and people will like to check him out and their experience will not be like yours. i was only trying to encourage you to promote Gods words and continue building your relationship with God and put your past behind you instead of the opposite. please do a little maths on the comments on this website and the other website you could see the number of people who think opposite of your view and the number that support your view them get back to me. there is no doubt that you might have your opinions about the man but leave it for he that is bigger than you (God). the reason i responded to your post is because Tassa said she/he has never being to scoan but she/he received miracle through praying with the man on screen and you attacked her saying you have been there nothing happened to you. and now you said why cant people stay at home and receive there healing. hmmmm. the reason you went to scoan is because you thought the man in scoan is the healer, you were not ready for your healing that is why you came back the way you went. when you are going to the present of God you have to prepare by having faith in God, possibly fasting and prayer. stop fighting a fight you can’t win rather engage in something that will improve your spiritual life, preach the word, inpsire people with your words and save life. God bless and do what the bible say in 2 corinthians 5:17

    • @ Jesse you also said million of people that have stop going bcuz of comments. hmmmm! am yet to read that testimony here. but i have read testimony of people saying that they use to believe this website and the comments but after their investigation they found out that everything here are make up stories. except if you want to show me any post here that suggest that your comments are right from their investigations. apart from couple of you here repeating yourself over and over again.

      • i have read testimony of people saying that they use to believe this website and the comments but after their investigation they found out that everything here are make up stories.

        @Steve If you believe that one claim (which offered no associated evidence) against the 100+ posts on this site with evidence and the testimony of multiple witnesses, then it seems that you are not as open minded as you claim. It would suggest that you actually are a supporter of TB Joshua who is pretending to be objective, not a neutral observer. It’s easy to call something a lie, people often say that about our website – but not one time has anyone stepped up to the challenge of proving it. We never publish anything that we haven’t been able to verify beyond all reasonable doubt. There have been juicy and damaging stories we’ve not published in the past because we’ve not had enough evidence.

        Take the edited prophecy videos as a starting point, because these have video evidence. How do you justify a “prophet of God” who has to edit what are supposedly God’s words to make them vaguely fit a major world event? How is this not just blatant deception?

  25. To me u seem to be a person who does not sit for himself to listen to the broadcasts at Scoan.U depend on hearsay from ppo who either create stories of fake prophesies or have defective hearing ability! Here u say his anointing exceeded….or his voice has gone……If u had listened for yourself u should have written Truth ….

    • Here u say his anointing exceeded….or his voice has gone……If u had listened for yourself u should have written Truth ….

      We did listen ourselves, he said both those things. Perhaps you need to watch it again.

  26. Yes, very true, the Word of God says we are not to judge, but remember, the Word of God also instructs us test the spirit and see if it is of God…

    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world (1 John 4:1).

    People, I have tested, tried to love and understand TB Joshua, even to some extent, excused his nasty shortcomings as a result of his ignorance and lack of adequate education. I even used to sympathize with him as a result of some of the rejections he faced among his pastor peers. However, after continual monitoring, I have come to the conclusion that TB Joshua’s ministry is very shady and creepy, a disaster waiting to happen.

    He is surrounded with spiritual filth, his character is dirty and very very wicked and mean; he loves to see human beings suffer, unlike the character of Our Jesus Christ and a true Christian that want to alleviate human suffering as much as possible. TB Joshua cherishes human suffering and degradation, it gives him a kind of “high”, he is only kind to people if and when it suites his personal agenda and promotes his ministry.

    His ways are dirty, those that work with him and around him (such as regular disciples, ushers, church workers, etc.) have caught the habit, and are very wicked and very vindictive except of course the Wise men that I know some are nice and good people when you get close to them.

    The amazing thing is that with all this filth, greed, psychological mind games and wickedness, you find prophecy, healings, signs and wonders, deliverances. The deliverances at SCOAN are real no doubt, but something is wrong, very wrong, not only some of the doctrines that are twisted and straight from the pit of hell, but something is very wrong and creepy in there. The appearing and disappearing case of Wiseman John Chi is just a drop in an Ocean of “mess”, falsehoods and deceits. The deliverances and prophesies there is like finding diamond in the midst of excreta infested with flies and maggots.

    I do not blame anyone that swears by this man TB Joshua, even his inside “disciples” and “wise men” that believe in him, I do not blame them at all. The deception is very deep for a mere naked eye to just grasp, it is very sinister.

    I ask myself what could this be LORD? Is it that this man is anointed but just ignorant? How come that even with this character and wickedness, You have equipped him with prophecies, healing, signs and wonders that he is using to lure people to himself like flies?

    When I asked the LORD this in prayer, He pointed me to his Word here:

    Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. – Matt 7:22-23 KJV.

    • @ Angelica! Angelica!! tb Joshua like to see human being suffer? eh! we have see tb Joshua give scholarship, give help to less privileges, provide employment to graduates. please post your massages with facts. dont forget the ministry is on air now and the whole world see what goes on there. if you have served under the man you are expect to be train just the way your parents trained you. most of us have be beaten by our parents, punished and starve for few hours, refused our pocket money can we now say our parents are evil or fake for all that. so you don’t expect to get preferential treatment from somebody you are under. or are you above him. is tb joshua under you? but how do you call God in your prayer and answer you with all that anger in your heart are you sure there is a space in your heart for Holy Spirit. Hmmmmmm!

      • @ steve,

        Hmmm, are you a human emotion reader and psychologist to know I wrote the comment above in anger?

        I did not it in anger; however, if you choose to label it as anger, I give you the permission to call it “Holy Anger” such as the anger the Lord Jesus Christ exercised when he chased the temple merchandise sellers and profit makers out of the temple (how much cash profit does your TBJ make every weekend selling “anointing water”, “wrist bands” “mandatory mistyped church programs”, etc.?), such as the “anger” of God against Israel that made Him give them into the hands of raiders who plundered them and sent them all off in exile to Assyria and Babylon.

        Anyway, understand that “Anger” per se is not bad in itself, it is how you direct your anger that is bad, even our Father in Heaven, God Almighty, gets angry too, so since I am made in my darling Father God’s image and He gets angry at wickedness, why won’t I follow in his footstep and be angry at evil too?

        Well, going back to the point. You all are jumping up and down because you see TB Joshua giving scholarships, bags of rice, torchlight, jobs, and all worth-nots to the less privileged on his personal TV station Emmanuel.TV. Have you asked your TB Joshua why he wants to humiliate people and parade them on camera to show the whole world that he is giving them gifts, jobs, scholarships, etc and that he is the one that is supporting their family or sending their children to school. What happened to respecting simple human decency and dignity. Do you think those people receiving the handout do not have dignity? Do you think they want to be reduced any further than they are hurting to say they cannot help themselves therefore they have to rely on church handouts.

        This is nothing but either a humiliation tactics of a psychopath/sadist wanting to humiliate and reduce those he is giving the arms to, or a show off and arrogance strategy of a typical proud self-promoting man that want to be adored by the people – such have already received their reward. Even Jesus Christ himself told us to give our arms in secret and not to let our right hand know what our left arm is doing, do you think Jesus Christ was stupid by telling us to give our arms this way? My bible tells me:

        So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. Matt 6:2

        But when you give to the poor, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. Matt 6:3-4

        Yes, SCOAN gives the excuse that he is displaying it on Emmanuel.TV to show people examples of what they should be doing to help the less privileged, or he is showing it to be an example for other churches and pastors to follow. Well, in human reasoning this is understandable, but who cares about human reasoning? Jesus Christ has told us how he wants us to give our arms, so WHY NOT DO IT HIS WAY?

        If you are a true servant of God, you humble yourself and obey Jesus Christ’s words and commandments, not go about “your own” way of doing things, and try to justify it to the ignoramuses around you by saying the “Holy Spirit” told me to do so.

        TBJ is always saying: I am a “spiritual” man, only “spiritual” people will understand, “spiritual” this and “spiritual” that. Bullcrap, ask TBJ to define what is “spiritual”? This is another tactics of his to get people looking up to him in adulation and awe, ooh ahh he is sooo “spiritual”. He is just sitting next to Jesus, he is a god. The abomination that causes desolation has entered the temple.

    • @Angelica i don’t know what you have against tb joshua but is obvious that you are not happy about something. whatever it is, take it to your God in prayer. tb joshua doesn’t take pride in doing what he does, is a man who just like to extend the blessing of God in his life looking back where he came from. and beside there is no humiliation about the charity work bcuz is not his money, there are many partners that contributed to that charity work and they need to see where their money are going into. if is not doing that people like you will still say he is keeping the money to himself he should show you the evidence of where the money goes into. charity work are not a hidden thing. where are you from Angelica? don’t you see what white people are doing in Africa, charity works. you just keep writing a full page of notes without making much sense. stop picking a fight with someone that is bigger than you physically and spiritually bcuz you can never win. just let it go and follow the path that will help your spiritual life and if you fancy winning soul for the kingdom of God i suggest you do so by living massage that will inspire people and save life. God Bless

      • @ steve:

        You are a sneaky SOG Mr. steve, “where are you from Angelica”? What? Does it matter where I am from :(. Do you want to come and pay me a visit?

        Besides, I see you do not even read my comments. My friend TBJ makes enough money from anointing water and all the money exchanges in SCOAN to afford the charity works he shows off on his TV station and more. Read my comments, we do not need to see his “charity works” fanfare, Jesus Christ is not impressed.

        Dude, please! Whom am I picking fight with that is bigger than me physically and spiritually if I may ask because you did not specify (1 John 4:4)?

        Talking about winning soul for the kingdom, do you know a part of what we do here and what this website stands for is also winning souls for the kingdom? If you don’t know, think about it.

        Besides, what is “don’t you see what white people are doing in Africa, charity works”? How long will you Africans continue to live on charity? When will you rise up and help yourselves, starting with you? Yourself what charity work do you do? Or are you one of those that stand by the sidelines waiting for the “white people” to fly down to Africa and get their hands dirty for you while you sit with mouths open wide waiting for handouts?

        People like you love “quick fixes” instead of putting your hands to work, that is why you run about to places like SCOAN seeking for quick “blessings” and “breakthrough” and you think if you drink the N5,000 “holy or is it anointing water” it will make you instant millionaires and start lucrative employments and businesses.

        If success is your goal for attending SCOAN, as I can perceive and not holiness and living by the Word of God; how many great millionaires and successful people of present day achieved their successes from getting deliverance or anointing water in SCOAN? Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Helu, Li Ka-shing, etc…how many attended SCOAN or even know who TB Joshua is? My friend anointing water will not make you rich or successful, if that is the reason you are running here and there after signs and wonders, just get up from your lazy bed and work hard with your mind and hands.

        My life is inspiring people as it is, I suggest you gear yours to do so too because I can see it is far from that.

        steve, please, make sure you get enough rest before you read this comment, it might by too much for you at this time.

    • @Angelica i read your message and i can tell you there is nothing inpsiring there. am too busy to pick a fight with you. you always sound very aggressive. i have read all your comments. if you are not insulting someone, you will be insulting another ministry. and for your information am not tb joshua follower. because it appear to be your common language am only just advising you as Gods child that is not normal to be talking about people like that. tb joshua as a person is an image of God. even if you feel the miracles are fake there are better ways you can go about it and not crucifying tb joshua name on the internet. if God has said that the battle belong to him who are you to fight for God. you said you are saving life where you are but you are here on the other hand destroy another. if tb joshua track you down through your email address and sue your ass for talking nonsense about him what evidence will you present to judge. if you present 10 people as your witness the man will present 20000 witnesses. am not saying that is the case but in business that is what will happen when you mess about with someone Brand image. Angelica focus on your work with God if you are into ministry, you don’t know bible or spiritually stronger than the people you think you are trying talk to on this website.

  27. Like Jesse said;
    +1 Angelica, this is exactly how it is. Very well explained.
    How it works, I also do not understand. That you can work miracles, prophecy and drive demons out in the Name of Jesus and it works? But your life is so rotten that Jesus will say; “Go away from me, I do not know you, because you did not do the will of my Father who is in heaven” – Matt 7:22-23.

    It truly is a mystery!

  28. Angelica, your comment is very clear and I share the same observations. The “high”profhet tb Joshua expereince in hurting and humiliating others, is called; sadism. There is truely a form of insanity in his behaviours.

  29. @ TBJoshuawatch, if you guys are so paranoid that you cannot even believe that someone will step out to help I think it is not worth it wasting precious time reading your postings or even communicating with you guys again. Remember that I communicated with you through my hotmail account starting at about June 15, 2013 through June 20, 2013. Although I did not tell you I was going to investigate, I actually did, now that you cannot even accept that any reasonable investigation was conducted, I wish you luck and I leave you to your madness and anger. You asked why didn’t I post my findings, I posted that I have spoken to people who have seen and been in direct contact with John Chi up to 8/22/2013 but you guys deleted that post, what is the point supporting someone who cannot even accept the word of truth? What is the point having a website that does not allow objective feedback? I gave you my phone number and you called me a drug head, review my yourself again and see that you and your cohorts are the reasons you got kicked out of the SCOAN.

    • First of all, the only comments speaking for the TB Joshua Watch site are the ones under the name “tbjoshuawatch”. It was Jesse who made the comment about drug addicts, he has nothing to do with the site apart from being a regular commenter, we’ve never met him, we don’t know his real name, we’ve never communicated with him apart from through the comments section of this site. We share some opinions with him, but not all – and we certainly wouldn’t have implied you were a drug dealer, or lying about your income (although I’m not sure what difference your earning power makes to the debate!).

      Secondly regarding your so called deleted comment – that was on the first John Chi post and we made it clear both in the post itself and twice within the comments that we were only approving comments that were nothing more than messages of support for John Chi. There were many other comments that we didn’t approve, both pro and anti TB Joshua, because they were trying to start a debate about what had/hadn’t happened. On all other posts, it is very rare that we won’t approve a comment. After your comment pointing to the longer version of the video, we did update the post to account for that.

      As for your previous post – if you care to come back I will post a response later today when I have the chance.

      • @Mr Bushman don’t waste your time with these filthy commenters,it will go nowhere.
        Remember the devil never give up to use any means to fight the kingdom of God.
        Don’t be offended by some rubbish words and insults, they have thrown at your face to dishonour you,these are characteristics of some people who fear to know the truth and accept it. They do this to chase you out of this site like they are doing to many people.

        Those who are willing to find out the truth about Scoan ,no wonder they will believe your statements.
        May God bless you more and more for all your efforts and finances you have invested to find out the truth about the false allegations laid out to the person of TB Joshua and his Church.

        Stay blessed.

    • @ Bushman,

      Yes, the experience learns that this usually the case especially with people who blow real hard from their so to speak convincing stories about what they defend and express their opninions. Of course this could be said about anyone.

      But I have extended their invitations many times to go call them and visit them at their houses. The truth and my personal experience learns that this is most of the time the case.

      When I arrive at their places you will see a whole different scenery and where the operate from.

      I have been for years on chat sites and got that experience from there. And you will be surprised of how much you will be lied to by these crack heads or psychos that are online.,

      Unless you are coming out with yourself and pictures as well and website including your credentials I will take your story with a pinch of salt.

      Secondly when you call people like you, you will find they are biased and even start to curse you with all kinds of filth. Do you want me to expose my ears to that Mr. bushman ? As I said I am not born yesterday and I am not wet behind my ears either.

      If you are a credible person, open your WordPress website or go to the CIA, FBI or whatever and do your story there. Until then I will take your story with a grain of sand.

      When you meet daily people like you, like I do, you will find it is easy to distinguish who is who.

      Good luck with your investigation, I don’t believe a word from it. And STOP being a prankster for TB Joshua, it will not change my mind of what I know from experience peers ally in dealing with these crooks.

    • @ Bushman,

      Your lie about being kicked out of SCOAN is a big fat lie concerning me, I LEFT ! By my own accord.

      And you are not here to help. You are here with your own agenda and cannot be trusted. I can read very well between your lines of your expressions. I have been trained for years for that. All you want is to close up this site who made a mistake in believing the pranks TB Joshua does. I didn’t. I told TBJW in secret. Just ask them. Just give it some weeks will you, because I know this will backfire on them as that Ghanian stampede “anointed water” affair.

    • @ Bushman:

      If you want to do an investigation do it independently and if possible secretly like a true investigator. You are fake. You do not go about announcing it to your target, every and anybody that will listen, or blow trumpets that you are an “investigator, journalist or whatever” and that you have come to do an investigation.

      The secret investigators that went as regular church attendants did not even get as much as a Christian smile from a single church worker on the side street not to talk of you sitting down with thenotorious wicked SCOAN ushers and the Wise men to interview them on an investigation, haaa! I salute. What type of African rice were you served in there? Was it the white one with meat on top or the red/yellow one? Did you stay your full one week air conditioned “church hotel” accommodation with preferential treatment? I am sure you received special “prophecy” too about your future from TBJ.

      My friend your investigation is false, and your findings as far I am concerned is crap and should be dumped into the trash.

      Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the innocent. Deuteronomy 16:19

      The wicked accept bribes in secret to pervert the course of justice. Proverb 17:23

      … and a gift destroyeth the heart. Ecclesiastes 7:7

    • Yes Bushman these people and this website are a sham. Once again I give you thumbs up for what you did, u did not only do the investigation for yourself but for all of us who love God and what to know the truth. I posted something early but they deleted it because these people are proving day by day that they have no good intentions towards SCOAN or TBJ regardless of whether he is fake or real. All they want is to cut his head off. They expect God to be very impressed with them I suppose, they do this all for God wow! How nice!

  30. ha ha ha ha,people are not getting tired of following and accusing Emmanuel tv,but never win i think is high time somebody confess to God ,what rubbish he/she has been talking about man of GOD

    • @mist;

      No, you confess to God about abandoning his true teachings to pursue after signs and wonders and “breakthroughs and blessings”. The rubbish is on you since you refuse and stubbornly reject going into your bible to study and find out about God yourself, but prefer to be deceived.

      • @Angelica you that is not being decisive, why don’t carry your bible and start teaching the Gods word or open a website where people can visit to learn more about God words. instead of all this. any time someone is not in support of ur comment u become angry, abusive and the common word you normally use tb joshua followers, my friend stop writing full page with the same point all over. write short notes with verified points. i have said earlier that this website is creating more awareness about tb joshua ministry. there are lots of people who got to know the ministry through this website and their life have change since they started watching emmanuel tv. so guys keep the good work of writing about the ministry.

      • @ Steve,

        You prove to me how many people have gone there because of this website.

        How many Steve ?

        Reading between your lines, you write this because you use reverse psychology to let them stop writing here.

        We are aware of all the psychological tricks people write here. Steve. I guess you just want to add to it, by trying to be clever, but I see right through you.

        Write something sincere that you really mean and not the opposite of the facts that are put in front of you ? We have seen those people come and go here and on the other website.

        Of course you can have your own convoluted opinion that exposing someone make them more notoriety. That is because you believe that, but have no evidence to bring forward about it.

      • @ Jesse:

        Excellent point, Jesse. You saw right through him, that’s what I call smart. Remember, TBJ said he is watching this site everyday, so be on the alert. They will come in different ways, some just to appease him to see if they can get his “favor” and some extra “blessing”.

  31. This is how I feel about tbj and his disciples at the moment;

    He also told them this parable: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit? Luke 6:39

    Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” Mathew 15:14

    Because how do you explain to blind people, how a tree looks like?

  32. @ steve,

    It’s like you have a habit of rushing to conclusion. How do you know that I do not teach God’s word or have a website?

    I write full page because I have points to address unlike you that is empty headed but keep reverberating the same issue.

    Friend, if you are full of information to share and enlighten people, you too will have full pages to write instead of short-boring-empty-dry comments that does not make any sense at all to an intelligent reader.

    And hey, I do not repeat the same points, that shows you do not even read what I write. You just glance at it and quickly become overwhelmed and coil up and conclude that it is too much for you, unlike a diligent person that will take the time to study what I’ve written before reaching a conclusion.

    Besides, even I repeat some points, so? I will keep repeating the same points as I see appropriate all over until it gets into some of the empty heads that keep raising up the same argument of why this website is up and why we have to warn people about the dangers of SCOAN.

    If you happen to find the SCOAN ministry through this website and decide to join it with its signs and wonders frenzy that is fine too, besides there are people who have converted from Christianity to Islam and even to Satanism after attending Christian churches for ages just out of rebellion, man is gifted with free will. You are free to choose, we here are just messengers enlightening you to make the right choice. The funny thing is that after this people you talk about run to SCOAN out of rebellion, within months, they come back here and testify to the truth ;).

    Now steve read this if you dare. I hope it is not too much to read for you, just take it a word at a time, take a break after a full sentence, then come back to continue – that’s the secret to reading Angelica’s comments if you are a little bit slow.

    • @Angelica the bible say by their fruit you shall know them. the way you attack people here shows you don’t need any formal introduction. full page doesn’t make point but brief and straight to the point, you said you have point to prove but that is not what i see, i jst see someone who complains a lot and blames everyone around her for her failure. if not why would you capitalise on ur past. is not your father and he did not give birth to you. just move on and continue your journey with God. tb Joshua has not taken anything from you and certainly did not hold you from moving on. why are you so bittered. count how many people here that are against your words and how many in favour of the ministry even on your own website you are not winning. so what makes you think you will win b4 God. think about it

      • @steve,

        Do you feel like you are attacked? Check you mind, I am not attacking you. Take your paranoia somewhere else.

        To me you are the one that really sound like a really bitter person, your fruit is speaking for itself. I feel you are hurt because you thought TB Joshua was your only gateway to a freeloading life and “a quick fix to all your problems” but we are here telling you the truth from the word of God to pursue “holiness and living by the Word of God” instead of chasing after questionable prophets and pastors that come to you with loads of “signs and wonders” and “doctrines of the devil”, and that truth is a bitter pill for you to swallow hence you are beating about like chicken without a head.

        What website are you talking about? Did I give you my website address? Dude, are you smoking something – whatever it is, it is not doing you good, get off of it. You are now throwing insults like someone wading about in dark that cannot see, that shows I am getting to you and your kind, and that is good.

        Also, for your clear information, unlike you, I do not need people to support my words provided I know I am speaking the truth as is. I am not a crowd pleaser as I sense you are, neither am I like your “Master” or is it your “Your Father in the Lord” TB Joshua that is a self-promoter. I am an eagle, I don’t flock, it is either you like what you hear or you toss it..

        I support this website because I know it is speaking the truth, and because I know this website is for the truth and is speaking the truth, as a lover truth, I will support it with all my energy.

        Mr. “bitter” steve, carrying on like a child that has been parted from his toy, will not turn the tables on the truth in my comments, okay.

        Moreover, shed your guile, we are not buying it, we can see through you.

      • It’s hard for these people to even imagine that their so-called,”Father in the Lord”, TBJ is nothing but an ordinary crook and an ordinary false prophet, who has largely succeeded as a false prophet because of the ignorance of so many people who claim to be Christian, but don’t even know the ABC’s of the Christian faith.
        But we’re moving close to the end-times and all these things must come to pass, according to the Word of the Lord, that there shall be many false prophets who shall deceive many. I myself I was deceived, but now I’m turning the heat on this fake prophet, TBJ without mercy, unless he confesses his atrocities and repents !


      • @ Kalu Eke,

        Hmmm, something tells me that you are you seeking to be recognized and credited with “blessing”? Please seek the approval that comes from God and not man’s approval.

        If someone is propagating false doctrine he should be called out and people should be warned to be careful, like this website is doing, and like Our Lord Jesus Christ himself called out the Pharisees, teachers of the law, that do their charity works to be seen by men and get greetings in the marketplaces and human accolades; who where leading the children of Israel astray with their self-righteousness and self-promotion.

        “Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.” – Luke 11:43

        Like Jesus Christ called out the Pharisees, we are calling out SCOAN too to stop deceiving the children of God with false doctrines, and to stop making merchandise of God’s people with the sale of anointing water and spiritual worth nots that is turning people away from recognizing that it is the Holy Spirit of God that protects them and not “objects”.

  33. TB joshua is a blessing to the world and is the man of God . Please stop saying bad things about TB Joshua. Touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm.

    By Douglas

    • Douglas, would you care to cite the Scripture reference of the words you just posted, along with an explanation of the full context of the reference and proper exegesis?

      Seems to me certain people like to throw that around without a clue as to the origin, context, or proper usage.

  34. @ Steve,

    “if God is the one guarding you, you will do what no man has done. except if you are among those that think Christianity is a religion.”

    How can you be so ignorant.

    Look around you man, people do things outside any belief that you say is only rooted in Christ alone.

    They can grow a brain as big as an pea already in a Petri dish. They make things that fly to Mars and ride around there, they make cameras that go inside people without attachments, make glasses that can make blind people see and time will tell when they make it to perfection, they can look through walls, grow ears on the back of mice, stare at people and they drop down, I am not even starting what is possible, go look around man, don’t be ignorant. Go on tell me, why does God not heal amputees ? Oh you are one of those that believes that God drops jewellery and gold dust from heaven right ? Or even golden fillings in teeth. Yes ?

    By all means God miraculous things, but not everything on command as they do in SCOAN and other ministries.

    Why can’t you see the Scams yourself ? Why can’t you grow up and smell the coffee ?

  35. @ Steve,

    You mention thousands cannot be deceived.

    Why don’t you talk to the late Jim Jones eh and let him tell you how he did it. Or Mohammed ? Or Buddha…. How about Hare Krishna ? Thousands you say, you mean millions, if not billions. You keep on laughing dude, for all I care.

    Mark 10:15
    Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

    Keep laughing, dude.

    Go on you big fat humongous camel, see if you fit through the eye of the needle.

  36. @steve:

    You are the one that sounds like your understanding is skewed and not Jesse my friend. Jesse, sure knows what he is talking about, trying to demean his comments is not getting you anywhere and does not make the fact in his comments any less true than it is.

    Please tell us. What is it that TB Joshua is doing that “no man” has done, that you are so seriously head strung on? Is it the sale of “anointing water and stickers”???

    Who told you that controversy is a sure sign that someone is from God? You just showed off your limited knowledge and intellectualism, no wonder TB Joshua has caged you in his web of deception, brainwashing and psychological mind game since 2007 (7 years.

    Controversy or persecution does not necessarily map out someone as anointed or authentic. what fact made you reach the conclusion that if you claim to be a “man of God” without controversy you have not started?

    If that is the case, then the following controversial religious leaders according to you are also called of God:

    1. Muhammed: who came up with his murderous Islam religion and the believe that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God and that he never resurrected himself neither is he God. They also he also taught his followers that Jesus Christ was born under a palm tree and not in a manager, that men can marry more than one wife and that women are less the human and inferior (TB Joshua also believes this about marriage and women, behind the scenes TB Joshua does not see anything wrong in a man marrying more than one wife)…

    2. Joseph Smith: of the Mormon Church who said Jesus Christ and the Devil are brothers. The self-proclaimed prophet of God sent to restore the church that married 32 wives and claims God has many wives in heaven.

    3. Mary Baker Eddy: the founder of Christian Science that does not believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh and that the world is an illusion – she as TB Joshua used to do (I hear TB Joshua now tells his followers to take medicine), does not believe in taking medicine, she says prayer is the only treatment for all illnesses.

    4. Sun Myung Moon: the self proclaimed messiah that founded the unification church

    5. Jim “James” Jones the founder of People’s Temple caused his followers to commit mass suicide that killed 900 member of his church of which 200 where innocent children in the South American country of Guyana.

    The listing goes on of false controversial religious leaders…

    If you are justifying TB Joshua because of his controversy, think again, just because Jesus Christ faced some controversy does not necessarily mean that anyone that comes with controversy is the real deal. Do your home work and read your bible…don’t be lazy.

    Steve my friend please discard this bitter pill you are swallowing it won’t work here. I am thinking with all the supposed “LOVE” that TB Joshua preaches, some would have rubbed off on you since 2007, but NO… that show that it is not the true “Love” but another kind of “love” and other kind of “Jesus” that you have (2 Corinthians 11:4).

    That SCOAN “Love” is to propagate UN Agenda for “one world government” and “one world religion – dominated by Islam” and not actually to cultivate the lives of Christians or to propagate the true “Love” that Jesus Christ taught us.

    We will continue to expose deceits and fraud as we see it and warn people. If you like, take the warning if not, be stubborn and rebellious and go on your merry way drinking your juice of deception, waiting for a “quick fix” to your problems with “anointing water” “prayer benches” and “stickers” instead of going out to work hard with your hands, while SCOAN dances all the way to the bank.

    • @Angelica lolz. “No wonder tb joshua cage you” really! Maybe you dont read my msg very well, I have said over and over again that because I oppose your views does not make me a follower of tb joshua. You seen to know who is devil and who is real. So are you real? As in a real child of God is that part of what you are trying to prove here by pointing finger at another. You are stainless right.

      • Oooh, look! After Jesse and Angelica provided a rational, extensive answer to a silly claim (“thousands can’t be decieved”) steve’s response was….insults!

        How original. :/

        Steve, what is your answer to the excellent information Jesse and Angelica gave regarding how absolutely possible it is for a person with charisma to decieve thousands, or even millions of people? And how about the fact that TBJ certainly is not unique amongst hucksters and charlatans, both Christian and pagan alike. He is following a long line of circus masters, who claim to be motivated to help others, but who by their actions make it clear that they are driven by a deep desire to control, manipulate, and wield power, a desire of the flesh, if ever there was one.

  37. There was obviously something amiss on all fronts of what was said by TB Joshua and on what Jon Chi stated when he returned.
    Both men seemed to not be 100 percent transparent or truthful in what they did choose to reveal.
    How off it is that just before the 7 week disappearance of John Chi that the young praise and worship leader main woman had returned from being absent for a few mknths prior to his leaving or being dismissed. ow off it HS that

    • T B Joshua is a master of deceit, lies and fabrication, and he trains his disciples in these areas as well, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see any transparency in their accounts. Both of them are serving Satan, the father of lies and deception.

  38. Guyz ium one of the guyz who hav neva set a foot in SCOAN but um planning the trip cz um not residing in Nigeria. .Heelang Prophet TBJ neva said he is God ,Jesus,Holy spirit or the mesaih ,What he said is he is a tool of God.He neva said we should worship him he said he is not the healer but he knows the healer.We are not following him bcaz we worship him but out of the respect we have for him for allowing God to use him to that exetent.IF i decide to worship Prophet TB J its not his fault but it wud be aut of ignorance and lack of reading the word of God.Its the Gift in him that the world wants not his physical being.Even if it was one of you doing that the same thing wud hapen caz you wud be proving that you God is powerfull.As far as I know nd hav heared ….Prophet TB Joshua said we hav to mind our bizenesses with GOD instead of following other people’s biznesses. He went on to say IF u feel that a brother/sister in the lord is going wrong help him or her….That means If at all u guyz serioursly mean what u say I think Its best for u to do the following.
    1) Its either u personaly go to SCOAN and publicly deliver Prophet TB Joshua live in front of all those thousands of people you beliv are lost ,I feel that way you wud hav provd that ur GOD is more powerfull than the God of Prophet TB Joshua….(Rememba the BAAL incident in the Bible). I am telling you after that u wont even need to open a website to convince people. God proves himself by action….
    Dont worry about money to go there cz if this is a mission of GOD he will provide or Prophet TB Joshua can help you pay your expenses becaz by delivaring him you will be helping him and God’s Flock.

    2)It seems that you believe that you are following the most powerfull God in the world so I think you can just stretch you hands jointly or use any praying position of your choise and cast out the demon from Prophet TB J.I belive that if God is with you He will du sumthing because he wudent let his name go to shame.

    3) It seems like you have better paying jobs and menistries,so just change this website into an advertising website and make people aware of what your ministries have for them.

    Truely speaking opening a website and insulting sum one who neva responds to you ,you are not solving any thing but rather you are forcing people to sympathise with him and again you make people to be more curious to want to see what acxatly does this Man (MAN OF GOD PROPHET TBJoshua) hav that makes the whole world shake to such an extent that people can plan meetings to seat down create a page that specializes in tokin about him.Guyz plz i knw u r smart enuf to know that nowadays any 1 even a grade 6 student can create a webpage either FB or any so the credebility of sources such as this is very low.

    Guyz Prophet TB Joshua is proving wat his God can do so we are still waiting for people such as you to challenge him by proving the powers of your God live on TV .Prophet TBJ does his things live on TV for the world to see so if you want to challenge him do it using the same platform .Go there u may make it public that you want to challeng him, you may make it public and set a date so that the whole world can be gloed to their TVs and watch or you may silently go there just like any one and challenge him when you are in side ,either silently or tell him you cam to prove him and stop him from cheating the people of GOD.

    SO guyz my word of advice is for you to stop being cowards and practice what you are saying……Toking toking wont solve caz its cheap any one can tok caz you dont pay any thing to tok but you pay a a price of being devoted to GOD for Jesus to prove him self through you ….WE WILL BE WAITING JUZ SAY THE DATE WE WILL BE WATCHING…….

    • Open Mind. Wow! You have hammered the nail in its proper place thank u. Indeed we are waiting for these people to go and deliver this evil man called TBJ from his demons so that we can see that their God his more powerful that his God. We are waiting. But believe you me as you have said they are cowards because they know that what will happen is the opposite that is why its safe to put a website and say rubbish instead of doing the right thing.

  39. Your efforts are too late guyz cz God is in control now…Prophet TBJoshua is of GOD thats why he is not shaken cz God said if um on your side who can be agaist you……a purpy was meant to bark and a BULL will always boldly strall past the barking purpy cz it wont harm the BULL….. …..Coting scriptures doesnt mean you are of God cz demons know scriptures and can chose which ones you can use…….It matters who influences the scriptures……..

  40. I am wondering how does this site fulfill the great commission?
    How many souls have been won to Christ through this site?
    Jesus said He will not come back until false prophets have been exposed? Or till when the Gospel has been preached to every creature?
    How many people have encountered the saving grace of Jesus through this site?
    This site is intended to make us know somebody is a false prophet?
    And if he is fake does that make u real? Why don’t u put videos of ur messages so we can check if u yourself have a sound doctrine or at least let’s see your face?
    Ok If we know he is a false prophet how does that save us or send us to heaven?

    The word says that darkness does not understand light, so if u are the light why are u trying to make people focus on darkness? Why not just shine and let darkness disappear?
    Jesus gave believers power to cast out devils or to criticize them?

    Elijah killed the prophets of Baal, david killed goliath, jesus confronted the mad man and cast legion out, Paul confronted elymas and he became blind, Peter confronted Simon the sorcerer and said he will perish!

    The kingdom of God is not words and arguments but in power confront this man openly deliver him or disgrace him, that’s if u ur self possess any power.

    • I tell you that the fake prophet, TBJ, will do anything to “humiliate” and discredit John Chi for whatever he did. If it is fornicating, TBJ has no right to do anything to Chi, because TBJ is the chief fornicator and adulterer among the lot, and he needs to come out to make his confessions and repent.

  41. Therefore, in the
    present case I advise you: Leave
    these men alone! Let them go! For
    if their purpose or activity is of
    human origin, it will fail. 39 But if
    it is from God, you will not be able
    to stop these men; you will only
    find yourselves fighting against
    God.”acts 5:38Therefore, in the
    present case I advise you: Leave
    these men alone! Let them go! For
    if their purpose or activity is of
    human origin, it will fail. 39 But if
    it is from God, you will not be able
    to stop these men; you will only
    find yourselves fighting against

  42. You people shame on you John Chi is back at the Scoan whether yoy like it or not TB Joshua is a man of God and we love him

  43. @Jesse and the rest of you who are against tb Joshua…..what exactly do you do? the world is there for all of you… whatever one does shouldn’t be your business if you r into anything serious…imagine if your a president ,minister,senator or top CEO..beleive me you won’t have the time to be talking against a man who is at a village in Lagos doing his thing..please you gurlzs should talk about your dreams and careers and leave the rest to God…

  44. Jesse and co……. please you people should find better job than these you have good futures. unless you people owns these sites and purposely manipulating someone to get more crowd and make money through the web

  45. The Spirit of the Lord is the one which decides who is right and who is wrong. John Chi Meh is still with SCOAN and nothing will set him apart from the Ministry coz that is where his calling God allowed to manifest. We are happy that God is continuing to restore you in every area of your life. Hold on Wiseman John Chi, God is with you.

  46. Why don’t u guys concentrate on your relationship with God instead of trying to prove TB J’s genuineness to the world? I don’t understand this. If he is a fake prophet how does that affect your lives? If u want to win souls for Christ this is a wrong way of doing it. Why you made it your mission to warn people against TBJ ? Is he the only prophet or he is the only one making u shake on your boots? If you want to stop him go to Scoan and confront him maybe after that u will sleep good at night. The devil must be proud of you. U all came to this world alone and u will die alone so help yourselves and build a good relationship with Christ and stop seeing fake prophets that is not your place. If he is fake God will judge him his creator not you.

  47. Clap for your selves, olodo.

    Stop using your web to gossip like slaves. Use it to Help your pertetic lives which is now hanging on balance, pretending to be good people. (You guys are finished) you will soon fade, crumble, grow old and DIE. (Them say, them say)

    Shame on you guys cos if you tempt satan to tempt you, death shall quickly follow.

    Which do you prefer? Life or death? It’s in your mouth so choose one or one day, we go hear your own story. We go hear say, person say, them SHOOT YOU

    Thank God you guys are not God.


    • T B Joshua teaches doctrines of demons! It is Satan who tempts us to sin and not the other way round. Satan is the tempter. Matthew 4:3. Please tell TBJ to stop teaching doctrines of demons!

  48. I would like the Lord Almighty God may restore wiseman John Chi so that all together as a team can fight demon and help the viwers to receive their delivrance, blessings, breakthrough, healing. The john chi still not servant God the right way all over site the ennemi of the viwers is happy, how many viwers should joh Chi should assist if he was on god duty? You see now how much the demon is happy!

  49. Well, WOW! So may un-Christlike posts. Here is where I STAND and will NOT debate:

    1. First time I saw SCOAN on YouTube was about 3 years ago.

    There were a lot of red flags. For example, hearing the term “wisemen”.
    “CULT” jumped up in my spirit. Until reading what Giles wrote about his very real issues with SCOAN I did not have the knowledge behind the word. I read Giles’ mini-expose on this site. Oh, propped up repeated TBJ’s sermon, clearly this man is not free and perhaps needs military to bring him out! I am serious.
    2. Folks were getting delivered BUT I had an issue with the “show” TBJ puts on while doing so. MY bible says not to entertain demons. Jesus didn’t, but TBJ appeared to me as arrogant and prideful in his doing so. It brought media attention and money.
    I asked my Pastor’s opinion:
    People get saved, healed, delivered but with the WRONG FOCUS; operating with demonology as his focus and “playing” with demons, a very dangerous thing to do (pride/fall).
    My pastor casts them out with a whisper! Then again he isn’t operating in the boastful pride of life. No media or world-wide donors paying for the “show”.
    3. Since that time I have watched only from time-to-time as my spirit (v. opinion) is on alert when I see his name. The spirit of DISCERNMENT is strongly present. What do I see?
    -He mocks other preachers, exalts himself above all of them, globally!
    NO ONE else on Earth can do what he does. Seriously now…
    -He abused one by calling him over to cast out a demon he knew the preacher wasn’t trained and strong enough in FAITH to do. He used God-given authority over demons to humiliate this man (whom Jesus thoroughly loves) and his ministry, just to puff himself up! HATE-FULL!
    * Jesus is kind
    * Love does not behave unseemly.
    * Pride goeth before a fall…
    4. Saw cancer coming out of a womans breast. Babies being born on camera. Many miracles and deliverances, but became increasingly uncomfortable.
    5. MANY other saints were praying and believing and bold and NEVER got credit. TBJ clearly owns/demands the spotlight.
    6. Prophecies were so accurate, but wonder why I cannot find a word given on the USA government shutdown, which will soon be affecting the entire world! SURELY this warrants prophecy.
    7. Discernment goes a long way. As a female I would never want to be alone with him.
    – I have a strong sense of protection regarding him with girls/young women.
    – Controlling spirits
    – Corruption.
    ALL through gift of discernment. So I looked at this site (tbjoshuawatch) and http://contraculturemag.com/?s=Joshua%2C+false+prophet,
    BOTH sites are saying the same things and gave me KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING as to the discerned spirits TBJ is fellowshipping with and my increasing uneasiness.

    Seems to me the old saying is very understated: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.
    Blessings to all, including those who will not like my post, and yes, TBJ also as he needs the Saviour perhaps more than the rest of us.

  50. Through his comments i believe he was framed cos of his popularity and was brought back not to revive they atrocities commited by his mentor

  51. @all of you, the website owners have the absolute right to publish their findings and what they think too. but i hate the defense and the war going on here, stop defending your prophet, even when peter did Christ frowned at it, so if this website is evil, don’t bother with time we shall know and if TB Joshua is not from God, don’t also bother time will tell, at the right time no manipulation etc can stop the truth, are they speaking the truth or the prophet speaking the truth? only but time, the bible also said so, that you watch Tb Joshua or you defend Tb Joshua is not pass mark to enter the kingdom of God, many pastors,prophets,Revs,Bishops,Pop name it will have a wonderful apartment in hell because God is not a respecter of names and titles , have you read from the holy Bible ” many will say lord i prophesied in your name, healed in your name, performed signs and wonders in your name but Jesus will also ask them to depart to hell “why? they do all these stuffs yet in the innermost place they do things which they think God will not see,Lol! do you know your bible? these signs shall follow them that believe, not a pastor,prophet etc specified, “‘they that believe” in a Giffy conclusion all i want to say is ” in the astral spiritual parlance there is a high religiuse manipulation going on, do you know that a particular parlance which is not Gods, there you will see saints,Mary, angels bearing the same name of the ones with Jehovah and the most fascinating is you will also see an entity bearing the name Jesus but yet not the Jesus Christ the son of the most high God? when you pray and fast for power or whatever be careful not to be possessed by these entities because they are all angels of light and one can follow their manipulation thinking you are on the right track, praying healing in the name of Jesus, the question is which Jesus empowered you, Christians be warned because the elect might be deceived, he that has ear let him hear.

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