Did TB Joshua predict the Washington shooting?

Has TB Joshua claimed to have predicted the recent Washington shooting?


But that is what is interesting, because a little over a year ago he predicted something very closely matching what happened in Washington on September the 16th. On the 10th of June 2012, TB Joshua predicted a shooting on a military base, by a (possibly mentally ill) military man. Lots of people would be killed before he would get arrested. On July the 20th 2012, SCOAN hastily edited out a few details from this prophecy so that it would (almost) fit a mass shooting in a cinema carried out by a student, the first widely reported shooting in the US since his prophecy.

The shooting on September the 16th was carried out by a military man, it took place on a military base (a US Navy yard), lots of people were killed and there are reports of the man being mentally ill.

In days gone by, SCOAN would have used the same prophecy to claim both events were predicted by TB Joshua, but perhaps due to our scrutiny they realise they can no longer get away with that.

The reason we bother to write about this non-prophecy is that it goes to show just how TB Joshua’s world prophecies work. He regularly predicts vague events (nearly always tragic events), and his video editing team sit around waiting to edit one of these prophecies together to fit something that happens. That’s exactly what happened with the Colorado shooting, and if they’d waited until the Washington shooting they’d have had less editing to do. Have you ever wondered how many of his prophecies quietly get forgotten about because they never come true? The Boko Haram one is an obvious example, but how many more are there lurking in SCOAN’s closets? Probably far more misses than (dubious) “hits”.

TB Joshua didn’t predict the Colorado shooting and he didn’t predict the Washington shooting. He predicted a few things would happen in a country where sadly those things happen regularly anyway.

We hope this helps dispel the myth that TB Joshua is a serious prophet.

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  1. @TBJW

    You are raising a good point.

    This is a very sticky situation indeed for SCOAN. They certainly can’t use that video for this incident. But we’ll just have to wait & see.

  2. I want to know, “What are the purposes of those porphecies anyway?”
    Are they prophecies or divinations?

    • There is nothing wrong with a profhesy about an earthly disaster or event. I believe Tb joshua realy receives future-predictments, but he has a very complicated way to express them, and this makes his profhesies sometimes un-realistic. Not all his profhesies are real, some are just made-up stories, to deliver him-self from difficulties by it. He is so hungry for a new proove of his profhetic abilities, that he just makes misstakes,. When his own mind is not on the sound-level, he will never have sound profhesies. Tb Joshua loves calamities, excitements, troubles, trials, he is not wiser and not matured in Spirit.

  3. We’re doing a very good job on this site and will continue to monitor TBJ and expose his fraudulent practices till he repents from deceiving the Lord’s people.
    TBJ was never a prophet in the first place, nor would he ever be, but a diviner and a false Christ who claims to be the “expected messiah.”
    I remember in the early days of SCOAN, TBJ printed a pamphlet containing dozens of prophecies, none of which came to pass and I tore the pamphlet into shreds. TBJ has been a false prophet right from the beginning, and now I understand clearly.

  4. If you say TB Joshua is not a really prophet? where is the really one in our time? I believe he is the one who speaks under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Remember even in the old time the really prophet were hated because of what they say. Leave prophet TB Joshua alone. Go read your bible and ask from the almighty God to reveal who is Mr. TB Joshua and prophet TB Joshua. Many of those who criticize him they criticize more Mr. TB Joshua than prophet TB Joshua. I pray that all of you who criticize him for God to open your eyes spiritually to see and know the really man of God.
    God bless you all

    • @ Annatolia,

      What difference has he made in this world as your so called unique “prophet” with any of his claimed predictions ? How many people have repented and are saved now ? I want to see the statistics. Not an endless repeat of claims he can so to speak “prophesy”.

      Further I want to refer you to my former post about discerning false prophets in the “anointed water” one. Where I have written extensively about how the Holy Spirit does work and not by our own will or at will. TB Joshua manufactures them at will, by entering in the spiritual realm at will because he has that ability and operates like that. Every single day he is in a self induced trance (which he admits doing) he enters and extracts information of things to come. He speaks when God has not spoken. Just think about it, while it is for biblical prophets to speak very occasionally in the bible, he does it as if it is coming to him every single minute. Don’t you realise something is wrong there ? And really of a fact, do really think that anyone on this earth has a hotline to God at will by coming forth with such huge claims. And who is it that confirms it is the Holy Spirit ? Right, his disciples, his workers.

      Annatolia, do you really think and believe that rest of the world is stupid, dumb and incapable to discern anything spiritual or passed off as spiritual. This endless arrogance does have no boundaries. There are prophets who can prophesy just like TB Joshua but just don’t because they know God has not spoken to them to say these things. I am not going to mention them here, because there is no point in doing that.

      • Well said Jesse.indeed smthng aint right.u know there was this one guy who testified tht he was a satanist and 1 of the ways they initiated people was mixing their blood into the wine taken at communion.this to me was complete crap,cn u see the games this guy plays so shld pple stop taking communion coz they might b initiated into satanism.then there was this ‘pastor’ who says he fasted and asked God to tell him the truth abt TB Joshua and SCOAN.He says then he got a vision of Jesus sitting at a table with white men and on Jesus ryt hand was one black man.and as he moved closer he saw it was none other than prophet Tb J.then the pastor asked Jesus who are these that sit with u.and Jesus answered these are my servants and the pastor asked where all the other notable men of God of Africaa where.then the lord answered n said they r in the overflow they do not qualify to sit with me.This guy was given the mic to speak this nonsense and the proph stood there enjoying it all.at that point I began to realise that I had been duped

    • Yes, thats the greatest lie, about Tb joshua, to say he is the one day a Profhet of God, and the next day, just tb Joshua. Where in the Bible do we Profhets, who split them-selves in 2 persons? One in the flesch and one in the Spirit? Did Elisiah talked about; “his humanly nature and his spirit-nature?”. Did Jeremia talked about “being in Spirit the one day, and the next day he was a mere natural human-being?”. Did they ever talked about; “when they are in Spirit, they are Holy and infallible, but when they return to their flesch-nature, they are sinfull as every one? So in Spirit they lifed Holy Lives, and in the flesch a sinful live? Its ridiculous. A ordained Profhet, is it all the time, and in the Spirit the flesch is quonqerd. Tb Joshuas “profetical ” spirit, is a fore-telling spirit, uttering a lot of nonsence. Gods Profhets, talk about Gods will, Gods plan and Gods mind. And dont lamentate about their 2 natures. Tb Joshua has thousands excuses for his failors in the flesch.

    • Why do you need a Big Man Prophet “in our time” anyway? The idea that there is on big prophet for every era is bunkum and not Biblical at all. Why are you so attached to having some magic man to follow? Is Jesus not enough? Is the Word of God not enough?

      It’s clever to try to separate “Mr.” from “Prophet.” But that too is bunkum. It is how you decieve yourself and blind yourself so that you can continue to hang onto his coattails.

  5. plz give him,tb j ,a chance.let him do wht he was sent to do,or belief was sent to do,there is no harm in tht,or is it ther?pple r flockin thre at their own accord,he does nt force any1 anyway.BANYANA, IN BOTSWANA.

  6. My question is this: why are you so interested on tbj only? Or did God call you to watch and judge tbj? Is high time you concentrate on your own calling. Tbj is a man of God and if he does a mistake it is between him and God

    • @ Boi,

      Because this website is about TB Joshua. I have looked in the past to several acclaimed “prophets” and addressed them by private emails and phone calls. Just as in this case the self proclaimed “apustle” Gary McGoff, TB Joshua promoter by snippets of videos, who does not want to PICK UP HIS PHONE, when I call him 3-4 times in the day !!! Nor does he reply to my posts directly sent to him on his account. Also he removes my other posts. It’s a pity I am too far away from him, but I would confront him at lake Franconia if I was living in the vicinity. He uses videos of TB Joshua to collect money for the frequent visits people do to his account. He makes a couple of videos of himself in between to cover up his devious way of making money of doing nothing. Get a real job Gary McGoff and stop luring ignorant people to your video account. And if you are a man, pick up the phone, because you are in it over your head !

      • @ Mr. T.,

        Yeah and what happened with his remote deliverance ? He does that all the time and what is the evidence that anything happened ? I did some investigation about murders and rapes in the vicinity where he claims he binds and tears up demon strongholds. There are plenty, even recently. And what is with the “apustle” title all of a sudden ? If you are an apostle you plant churches, where are they in his case ? There is no evidence on the Internet that he pastors any churches or plant churches. I believe he is a freeloader on the videos he promotes from TB Joshua and so attracts people to come to his video account and every time people watch them, google pays per view if you reach a certain level of people watching a channel often.

      • Hahaha i m jst loughing at pipo who got nothing to do with thy life tb joshua is realy intetaining you neh. I m so happy that the demon now got some one to challege them viva tb joshua viva. We wll praice god of tb joshua forever amenooooooooooooooo

      • Hi Ndina – I would rather just Praise God. Because God sent Jesus to die and he was then raised from the dead I am free to praise God. I will praise God and I will praise Jesus. Why do you need to mention the name of this man when you talk about giving praise?

      • Hi Madelaine,do you know anything about God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob?
        These people were men too but people do mention their name when they are praising their God as well as in the bible.

      • Jesse go to SCOAN and publish your findings even a video footage from u will do, what are u waiting for? If he is not picking up your call them go to SCOAN than make yourself look foolish we do not have proof that u call him but a video will be un disputable. So don’t use the site to say nonsense. For us who have been to SCOAN and have received our miracles are not deceived. U can even send undercover agents. There was a man who did his own investigation about the allegations this website talks about and he was an independent person. He came up to say all you guys are just lairs so prove that guy wrong I can just check his name if his posts where not deleted. So go and do what he did!!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah, his name was “Bushman” and his posts are still there. I find it very entertaining that you criticise us for remaining anonymous, yet you accept this anonymous man’s vague assertion just because it agrees with what you believe. He provided an unlikely sounding anecdote about spending thousands on a private investigator to investigate SCOAN, but you lap it up despite it just being based on an anonymous man’s word. We’ve provided hundreds of posts documenting false teaching and deception, and you ignore it all. It all just proves how deceived you are.

    • @ Engr,

      The Spirit of God is with everyone who calls upon Him direct and sincerely and especially those who are born again. Anybody can receive or speak by prophetic means, which could be by dreams, visions, words of knowledge, but that does not mean God has spoken and wants you to speak.

      Acts 2:17-18 ‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; 18 even on my male servants and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy.

      These days are now. Read well, upon all flesh !

      No need to follow any mortal man.

      1 John 2:26-27
      I write these things to you about those who are trying to deceive you. 27 But the anointing that you received from him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about everything, and is true, and is no lie—just as it has taught you, abide in him.

      So enjoy and keep your “prufit” me and my house will follow The Lord Jesus. Nobody can walk my walk with God and it has been well. Stop looking at somebody else to do your walk with Jesus.

  7. Still waiting for the video “predicting” the horrific massacre in Kenya. Has that popped up yet? Is his editing team getting slow?

    You would think that if the purpose of his prophecies was to warn people of dangers to come, and/or prevent tragedies, as he claimed at one point, then there would have long ago been a video out telling Kenyans and visitors to Kenya that the mall was a potential terrorist target. Secular analysts have long said as much. Why did not TBJ?

    Of course we know the answer, as it was already given in the OP. His prophecies are for his own self-promotion, not to prevent tragedies. They are vague and lack detail, so that they can be shaped to fit almost any situation.

    • Simon the Sorcerer versus tb joshua the false prophet,

      9 Now for some time a man named Simon (tb joshua) had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10 and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” 11 They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery. 12 But when they believed Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. 13 Simon himself believed and was baptized and he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw.

      but Simon the sorcerer’s heart was not right before God – just like tbj, so

      20 Peter answered him : “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

  8. Hi I have discovered a few discrepancies with the video from your “hastily edited out a few details from this prophecy” link. Before I address those discrepancies will you point out the so called military base shooting prophecy TB Joshua made, (the only one I am aware is the fort hood shooting).

    The video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUUdnTzOJUM#t=75) in your link doesn’t seem legit. For example TB Joshua does specify that the batman shooter will be in a gathering of people, however in the first clip of your video which you claim is the unedited version of the prophecy there is no mention of a gathering of people. Why is that so? Seems to me like someone is withholding something. Another interesting example is, in the first clip TB Joshua says at 0:30 “and a lot of people will be killed before the man will GOT GET arrested” but in the second clip he states simply at 2:44 “and a lot of people will be killed before the man will BE arrested”. How can this videos be the same and differ in such a clear way?

    I am not sure what exactly is going on here, but I am not going to just ignore this discrepancies.

    As for the September 11 Washington shooting what it only goes to show is that the SCOAN was perhaps to hasty in applying the prophecy to an event. Perhaps the prophecy was really about that event and not the Colorado shooting and if they had waited long enough than Tb Joshua would have been vindicated. On the other hand the prophecy was probably really about the Colorado shooting. Now before you get on my case you need to explain a few things to me, according to what I read regarding the prophecy TB Joshua had apparently said the shooting will occur in or near a military base (barrack) such as the link you provided in your link titled “US Cinema Shooting: another tragedy, another fake ‘prophecy’ from TB Joshua” although in the available video he only seems to say in a Barack. Anyway the cinema is in fact located near a military base – http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/pentagon-4-service-members-shot-in-theater-shooting-1-missing

    So you are clearly lying when you claim the shooting didn’t happen near a military base. SO far I am not exactly convinced yet that there is any foul play regarding this prophecy on TB Joshua’s part, at this point you seem to be simply grasping straws.

    • If you doubt the reliability of the video we linked to, watch this video on the Emmanuel TV youtube channel, it has the same clips that we claim are edited, and the same discrepencies you rightly point out. It’s worth listening on headphones too for extra clarity, you’ll be able to hear clearly that the “gathering of people” part has been edited in, the background sound is different and the screen just cuts to the congregation for that sentence, TB JOshua is not seen saying it. As for the “BE arrested”, note how there is an edit exactly between the “will” and the “be”.

      You’re absolutely right about discrepencies, but the questions should be posed to SCOAN, not us.

      Anyway the cinema is in fact located near a military base

      According to the article you linked to it was 5 miles from a military base. That’s a pretty low standard of accuracy. If you want to accept that low standard it’s up to you – but you might struggle to explain how a “prophecy” like that has any use to anyone? Also why SCOAN themselves thought it necessary to edit that detail out in the final prophecy video if it is so easily justifiable, as you seem to think.

      • I did just what you instructed and I believe you may be onto something, it does seem as though there was some doctoring done to the clips. At this point it does seem as though the gathering of people in deed was an insertion. The background sound suddenly changes at that moment. There is no other explanation to explain the discrepancies between the two videos other than the explanation of sound and video editing. Hmm very interesting indeed. It seems that the SCOAN is overzealous in applying their prophecies to world events. Perhaps they should have waited a little longer.

      • TBJ’s lies, deceit, manipulations and fabrications are being exposed systematically and categorically on this site, but many of his followers are so deceived and are yet to wake up. But a time is coming when TBJ will stew in his own stew, and everyone shall see him for the false prophet and false messiah that he is.

  9. Regarding your claim that the predicting a mass shooting in America is an easy feat because about 20 mass shootings occur each year, can you tell me how many of these 20 mass shootings are carried out a military personnel or someone dressed up as a military personnel and occur near a military base such as the Aurora cinema shooting?

    • Well, let’s see, there have been at least two on military bases very recently. And with the disarming of most personnel on base, the probability for this kind of thing to happen is very high. Add *many* post-combat veterans with PTSD, the stress of getting help for that kind of thing through the military (it is not an easy process), and intensely negative feelings towards the ongoing war even within the military, it really is not a long-shot prediction at all.

  10. Why do you have a tb joshua watch& not a watch for all churches :ketheth copeland ministries,billy graham etc .does it mean the others are doing the right thing.

    • In order to be thorough and informative, every site wanting to call out false prophets cannot be a clearinghouse for all problematic prophets. This site is focused on one particular wolf. The other wolves are certainly being watched as well, no worries.

    • You are all stupid. All born again churches they have their own TV shows. If you do not like TB Joshua do not listen to him go to Billy Graham or Joel Osteen Or Joyce Meyer. Or Joseph Prince. It shows your ignorance of the word of God. You black people you never respect your own . Stop it and let him preach the word of God. TB Joshua he is not God so stop judging him. What you are writing is stupid. You are thinking like uneducated people . He is a preacher. He is not a doctor. But all Christians knows that any believer is like Jesus . What Jesus is like In heaven is what we are like on earth , so Jesus does not have HIV so if I am a believer I am not suppose to have HIV. So people should pry to Jesus saying to remove the aids by the believe of an individual not TB Joshua. You are very wrong. TB Joshua can pray for those who believe. Jesus himself he used to ” Your faith has healed you. ”
      Let’s respect that T B a Joshua is preaching the word of God. Full stop.

    • Mr Terrific wrote in his madness:

      TBJ’s lies, deceit, manipulations and fabrications are being exposed systematically and categorically on this site, but many of his followers are so deceived and are yet to wake up. But a time is coming when TBJ will stew in his own stew, and everyone shall see him for the false prophet and false messiah that he is.

      Poor Mr Terrific so poor.

  11. Prisca
    God has blessed us with the powerful anointed man of God prophet TB Joshua to save humanity on earth. All those who are against TB Joshua should decease from speaking evil because they may just receive a curse at the end of a day because of their careless talk.why should you criticize him. What has he done to you. Why can’t you mind your own business.Remember, whatever evil word you utter to speak against a man of God TB Joshua,you are planting a wrong seed for your life. Repent and respect men of God.

    • prisca, yeah, that is what they made you believe! Jezus is the saviour for humanity. And what TB Joshua has done to us, you can write on this site.

    • Prisca, please provide a Biblical foundation for your threat of a “curse” for speaking out against the false prophet TBJ, using proper exegesis, appropriate context use for all verses, etc. I’ll give you a hint “Touch not my annointed” doesn’t count because it fails on all counts there. See if you can find some *actual* Biblical evidence that a man should not be held accountable for false prophecies, cultic behavior, spiritual abuse, and conning people out of millions.

      I eagerly await your reply.

  12. What i question is if TB Joshua is realy born-again. A born-again will avoid sin, to live a Holy life-style. Only when the carnal man is not realy changed by being born-again, and powers of God are used by speaking the Word, then the old mans- sin-tendensies will still be in operation. Such a person will endless try to deliver him-self and others from sinfull habbits, because he has no other frame. He has not the new frame of the ressurected life of Jezus.

  13. @ All,

    As I have said on the other website concerning Jim Lyke, here is a story for beginners.


    As I said for many months now. This garbage is constantly sold to us as real. I know it is n not real. It’s rubbish. Attention seeking and used as progressing the agenda of this menace ministry down there in Africa. Glad I left, because it is likely if you were there long enough they would have asked me too to make a scene like these people constantly do.

    The ministry of Jesus Christ was not constantly deliverance and interrogation of demons. Nobody is helped with it than just plain entertainment.

    • Pls! Why are you just worry yourself about the man of God, when God say yes, who are you to say no, let me tell you my life totally changed, when I met this man of God, pls will you stop all this. God bless you.

    • Presently travelling, far and near. In many cities, villages and to other habitations. See you, God bless, keep praying for me. Thanks. Present milage 14000 and more. Take care. So not around for a while. Bye all.

  14. I don’t see any reason why you are so interested in TB Joshua’s life. He is a true man of God. Let him be…it shows how powerful he is as you seem to be his trial…

  15. I was once an avid fan of ‘the Prophet’.but it began to unsettle me why demons were constantly endorsing him as The man.listen to those deliverances guyz.the station perpetuates a fear of demons even if they dont says so they plant tht in peoples heads.

  16. So, list of major things TB Joshua has failed to mention/prophecy/warn against:
    The Westgate Mall attack.

    The shutdown of the government of a world superpower (USA)

    Hmm, what else?

    I actually ran across a news article tryign to claim that TBJ predicted the Westgate Mall attack. Except that they referenced a video in which he was talking about “two West African nations.” Kenya is in the EAST. Oops.

      • Yeah, you think Christianity is a competition. It’s not. I don’t need to put forward competing prophets to prove TBJ is false. His own words and actions condemn him, when the light of the Word of God is shined on them.

      • who says competition?To know who are then true prophets is this competing.
        Your words and actions are condemning you people and its sad you don’t know that.

  17. Tb Joshua watch. Racine preached about; the wrath of God. People who speak against a God-man, tb Joshua, will receive punischments, destruction and death. Protect Ryan by prayer. And me too. The whole preaching is Old Testamnet, legalistic, there is no Grace and mercy in it.

  18. Another lie and another false prophecy by the false and sakawa prophet of Nigeria, T B Joshua. When would people learn that it takes only one false prophecy to qualify as a false prophet? Ghana walloped Egypt, and once again proved that TBJ is a liar and a false prophet.
    And, by the way, i like the new look of TBJwatch

  19. The bible says;
    And if the spirit of him who raised jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his spirit who lives in you.
    Do you mean, that can’t tb joshua, why not ?
    I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, go , throw yourself into the sea and doesn’t doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.
    Remember, anyone including tb joshua, because he believe and accepted jesus christ to dwell peacefully in him. If not why not ?

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