An open letter to TB Joshua

If you follow Emmanuel TV closely, you could be forgiven for believing that thousands are healed every week, hundreds of laser accurate prophecies are given and demons are sent packing from every corner of the church. The reality, as we have found is much different. We have shown that there is zero credible evidence that a single person has ever been healed of HIV, disciples have had their lives torn apart by their involvement with SCOAN, demonstrating far more of what you might call “demonised” behaviour during/after their involvement than before. Finally, we have shown beyond any doubt that SCOAN deceptively edit their video output to make things look more favourable on them.

In this post, we publish in full an open letter by someone who has desperately sought healing through SCOAN. As you will see, he is not a supporter of our site, but asked us to publish his letter because he wants answers to his questions. We know he is far from alone in having sought healing and come away dissapointed, in fact in our experience he’s lucky to have even come away alive. His story provides an alternative to the “miracle warehouse” narative offered by Emmanuel TV.

My name is Ryan. I am from South Africa and am 38 years old. I am scared to write this post but as I drove to church this morning I realized it is better I find out the truth as I don’t know what to do anymore and.

I am scared because I am exposing myself on the internet but I have tried all other means available to get my story across. Let me make it very clear, I DO NOT support TBJoshuaWatch or WatchTBJoshua blogs as they are not endorsed or supported by SCOAN. I have been an Emmanuel TV Partner for almost 7 years and an avid supporter of TB Joshua‘s ministry for over 14 years.

My story is a sad one as I shot myself in the neck 14 years ago after going through months of depression. I never knew that I was suffering from depression until a year before my injury. I started taking anti-depressants and after tapering down I experienced tremendous stress at work. I started taking the normal dosage again plus an anti anxiety medication but I was spiralling into a hole and did not sleep for 6 weeks. I was sweating profusely at night because of panic attacks, went for prayer and counselling but to no avail.  I was so tired the morning I broke open my moms cupboard to take her gun that I did not even think of my spinal cord when I contemplated shooting myself to escape out of a mental prison because of fear in my work situation. My mind was totally clouded.

As you can imagine the results were disastrous after I pulled the trigger. I shot myself at point blank range with a .32 calibre revolver and was immediately paralyzed.

I could not remember anything for a month after that. I was in ICU for 6 weeks and in rehab for another 8 months as an in and out patient.

Life was hell as I was quadriplegic injured at C6 level paralyzed from the chest down with limited use of my arms. Since then I have made a study about healing and forgiveness and realized just as God heals and forgives people with aids He can and wants to heal and forgive me.

For 14 years I have written to the Synagogue Church of All Nations to visit the prayer line but have been declined. Approximately 7 years ago I joined as an Emmanuel TV partner and wrote to the man of God Prophet TB Joshua. In June 2007 he phoned me and said he would like to see me when he comes to South Africa again. In December 2007 there was an Emmanuel TV partner dinner at the St. Georges hotel in Pretoria, South Africa and I was treated like an outcast and not a partner as I was in a wheelchair.

I wrote to the man of God and a few days later he phoned me and said not to worry as he would personally invite me to his place of stay the next week through the junior prophets as he was coming to South Africa again.

It did not transpire and I don’t know why and my parents were very upset as they answered my mobile phone each time in the early hours of the morning and were witness to the conversation.

I received anointed water a long time after this but after countless emails no direct response as to why the commitment was not honoured. Only a few automated prayer request responses. I believe TB Joshua is a true man of God but there is a true lack of transparency with the junior disciples as the message or my message is not getting through. I understand it is a massive Church and I am a nobody, so my message might disappear as there are lots of desperate people.

It is another 6 years later and I am disillusioned as 3 years ago I sent a personal letter with another Pastor to the man of God which he received but for which I am still awaiting a reply.

I have been contemplating writing this letter for many years and I have been scared, but I realized as long as I am telling the truth there is nothing to be scared of as my parents are my witness and God heard the conversation.

What do I want? I want answers from SCOAN why I am being ignored? Why was the commitment not honoured? Why do I not qualify for the prayer line if murderers and rapists do?

I feel terrible in writing this but I realized I might end up dying without ever knowing just because I was too scared too ask.

I am open to correction and will publicly apologize where I have made wrong assumptions or statements but I feel I have a right to be heard and answered. My story, history and medical records can be verified by doctors, specialists, family and friends.

Please comment.

God bless

South Africa

For those doubting the authenticity of this story, you can read more about Ryan in this unrelated story on an Australian news site, and you can visit his blog here.

74 thoughts on “An open letter to TB Joshua

  1. You always criticise TBJ for the sake of it. We see the truth on Manuel tv

    ———- Sent from my Nokia phone

  2. May God forgive u all who attack His annointed man, better repent before its too late, u are darkness thats why u cant receive the light from His annointed one, Iam sorry 4 u, better run to the light before u are quenched by the fire of the holy ghost!
    I don’t believe in any of this noscense!

    • Dear Ryan, God bless you for your courage! It is a crime, to let you wait this long, in your situation. I know more serious sick people, who had to wait for years for coming to scoan, until they finally gave up. Dont give up! Never give up your faith in God. God wants you well, and dont count on TB Joshua, count on your relationship with God. TB Joshua is not the only man-of God who is able to lay hands on you. Your family can pray for you, or the pastor of a church. I readed more cases of paralized people, who became healed in one instant, by the visit of Jezus Him-self, on their sick-bed. They stayed in their strong believe, that Jezus would do as He said in His word. And He will. You know by now the rules of the healing-prayers, so pray each day again! I came to scoan for healing and did not get healed. I learned to pray for myself.. I am healed in fases. Not immidiatly, but step by step. My Spirit became stronger and stronger, by prayer and by reading the Word and by searching on internet for solutions. Dont give up! Dont ever let bad treatment of scoan, become between you and God. Ignore tb Joshua and learn to focus exclusive on God. Tb Joshua is not the healer. Jezus is the healer. Believe me, you will grow each day in faith, when you only count on the promise of God for your healing, God wants you well, and He will hear you, on His time. Pray against TB Joshua, because he is a stumbling-block for your healing. Dont focus on him, focus on Jezus.

      • Ryan, fight against the spirit of paralyzing, each day. Cast him out! Your healing is already given in Spirit, it is already done! The healing needs to become manifested in the body, this is only possible by making your faith strong, by repeating; “by His stripes , i am healed”. , and other skriptual teksts as ; “i shall life and not die and declare the works of the Lord”. It builds a fire in your heart, this is the substance of faith, and one day suddenly “you got it “. Learn to accept that the healing is already done, in spite of all the symptoms. Learn to surrender your-self in your love for God. Turn your heart in love to God, and cry your pain out. God hears the prayer of loving faith. Praise Him! Thank Him! Even when nothing seems to change; praise Him daily! He WILL hear you!

      • Hi Jamie, are there any moments in scripture where someone is “healed spiritually, but it’s not manifested in the body”? I’ve heard this kind of statement before and to be honest it always feels like making excuses for extravagant yet unfulfilled promises. It’s this kind of mindset which leads to the false hope that Ryan has had, and leads to those who are suffering believing they are suffering due to their lack of faith.

        I think you (and Ryan) might find this article helpful, I include the most relevant quote here:

        That the Lord is able to heal, and does heal, no serious Bible-believer can deny. But that he must heal, provided we press the right proof-text buttons and steer clear of ‘negative confessions’ is nonsense. In this present age we have merely ‘tasted the powers of the coming age’; the full banquet, where healing is permanent and death is no more, awaits the age to come, after Christ’s return. We err if we hold that none of the powers of the coming age are available today. And we err just as much if we hold that all of them are ours now.

  3. I am heartbroken for this man. 😦

    I pray that he will find peace and God’s healing, which is far and away better than TBJ’s healing.

    Ryan, if you are reading the comments, please consider reading some of the writings by Joni Earikson Tada on God’s love and on healing. She speaks from a place that will be very familiar to you, and wrestled with the same things. I am confident that her writings will impact you in a positive way.

    • tb joshua, take it easy with your conclusions. I know what I am saying. I have seen many chronical sick people, received their healing, and later on they had to fight for a long time to keep it. They where healed, and the symptoms returned, also the spirit causing the sickness. I had to go this proces myself too. If a person is not firmly established in their identity of Who they are in Christ, then their believe in sickness can be stronger then their faith in God., this is un-consious. Some people just have to go throught the proces of maintaining the healing by faith. , for a long time. They have to fight the returning symptoms It is no false hope-statement, it is the reality. It is their proces in Christ.

      • Jamie, what you are saying here sounds dangerously close to TB Joshua’s manipulative and abusive “maintaining your miracle” teaching. We’ve covered this and looked at it from a scriptural point of view here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

        You need to very carefully consider these teachings in the light of scripture. There is a lot of bad teaching out there on healing, from both ends of the spectrum (God no longer heals today to God always heals), the article I linked to previously addresses these extremes biblically. Don’t be influenced by what you’ve seen, or what people have told you – examine things by the Word of God.

      • TB Joshuawatch. I understand your concerns. Still, I talk about chronical sickness. Most chronical sick people, identify with their sickness. Example; a scizefrenian diagnosed young man, for 12 years, learned that he was “mad”. When we prayed for him and casted the demon out, he did not had the strong foundation of Christ developed in him, and so the demon returned, and he stayed in identification with his sickness. It took a year to establish in him the doctrine of Christ, before he was able himself to discern good from evil. When his identiy in Christ grow stronger, he was able to resist the devil. He was healed all the time, God was with him, but he needed to recognize it, by his grow in the Spirit of God. He was a baby in spirit. His 12 years sickness was realy in the dark. He is know on his way to maturing in spirit.

      • At the same time , I saw a man became healed from a heart-disease. He received a brand new heart, but he did not knew the bible. He just believed he would be healed, and God granted it. Still; this man was advized to read the bible and become dedicated, to not looze his healing./ I saw a woman healed out of the wheel-chair, she ridiculed the advize to read her bible to maintain her healing, after 3 months she was in wheel-chair again. / The faith in the healing has to become established by accepting Christ as healer and His Word. It is a divine healing, no natural, so it needs nurthering.

      • Anecdotes don’t trump scripture, they can always be interpreted in different ways. What scriptures can you give to support the idea that someone can lose their miracle/healing after clearly receiving it? What scriptures can you give to support there being a “spiritual healing” that is quite separate from the physical manifestation of that healing?

    • Tb joshua watch. John 5:14: “Behold, thou art made whole, sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee”. (maintaining healing:, “sin no more”).

  4. I was a junior prophet and met Ryan when we were in South Africa. The truth is Ryan that TB Joshua won’t pray for you Ryan because he only prays for people in wheel chairs who already show signs of recovering before coming to the prayer line. For example, people who had suffered a stroke and have started regaining some use of their legs would be arranged. They are asked questions regarding what they can feel and what they can do, and are then asked to come back when the public have left, where the disciples ask them to demonstrate that they can help themselves out of a car onto their feet, or out of a wheel chair onto their feet. They are then interviewed and will then be told to say they cannot walk. Why do you think all the people interviewed and filmed and their family always say the same thing on the interviews? They are coached.

    We made contact briefly on Facebook, you know who I am. You know that I met you in Joburg. If you want the truth, examine the evidence. TB Joshua is a man who has great influence over his disciples, just watch Emmanual TV and you’ll see how afraid they are of him. He uses his disciples to make it appear as if they stand between him seeing people. You’re a partner, he could have seen you at the dinner, at his South African house, not to mention give you an invitation to visit him in Lagos. You asked this many times when I was still imvolved.

    From someone who was involved with his ministry for 10 years – he is not what you think. How did Jesus behave? He drew people in and didn’t use his disciples to keep people at bay. You have been forgiven, the Bible says all we need to do is ask. Know that you are loved by God – how do you think God feels about the way you have been treated by TB Joshua? He would not accept that for His child and neither do I – as a fellow believer. You are worth more.

    • I remember very early on seeing a video that was striking and confirms this manipulative behavior. The man was “healed” of “not being able to walk”.

      For anyone with a working brain, what actually occured was so obvious I’m surprised they aired the tape. There was a “cripple” who “could not walk”. So TBJ stepped on his legs, “healed” him, and then he stands up. He stumble-walks. He continues to stumble-walk. Even after time has passed (hours? days?) and he’s been scrubbed and dressed for presentation, he stumble-walks. The man is *clearly* not walking functionally after healing, clearly under strain. And in the “before” video, his legs and knees are functional in a way that is clearly comparable to his “after” walking gait. IE: in the post-healing parade for “proof”, he was not doing anything he’d been unable to before. His legs were not fully functional after healing, just as they weren’t before. He was simply a tool used to manipulate people’s emotions.

      It is hilarious that the videos compare him to “the man at the Gate Beautiful.” That man was healed. He walked. And LEAPED. He didn’t stumble around awkwardly on obviously still-disordered legs.

  5. Dear Ryan, I do really sympatize with you. It’s really sad and heartbreaking to read how someone suffers, seeks for solutions, answers but still can get it. However, Ryan I want you to know something. The devil your (our) enemy has nothing else but to destroy. That’s what he best knows and will always do. We as the seeds and children of God have one real Healer, who at the same time is our Father, Lord, Saviour and Guide. He alone can heal and help us. Remember Ephesians 6:12. Romans 3:23, 1 John 1:9. God has not forgetten you. I AM DEFINATELY sure. Your ARE NOT IN DARKNESS.. YOU ARE NOT LOST and GOD Still loves you. Remember Jeremiah 9:28 (God knows the plans he has for you). His ways are not ours and you will never understand why he sometimes permit some disastrous things to happen (don’t forget Job). I want you to remain strong in Faith, Never backdown because that’s exactly what the devils wants. When you do, then you are open for total distruction. We the choosen people of God don’t live with a chimera mind. We are real, we know th Truth, we know that we are no more slaves of this world but slaves for the God alone. We were bought by the shedding of the blood of His son on the cross of Calvary. Dear Ryan God is still on your side. I want and wish you go down on your knees and ask Him to heal you and render you whole. With all your heart, Soul believe He will listen to you. He is not deft, He is merciful, though full of wrath, He is still a loving Father. You need the real Gospel and the real Gospel can only be gotten from a real source. The Fountain from where the water of Life flows come only from Him.The Word (Bible) your Prayers(communication) is your key to gain God’s Help. What I don’t understand is why people just pounced on insult and finger pointing. Well I won’t argue much on such point. If really the Truth was there (SCOAN) Ryan, you would have been called and healed. You don’t need millions of people to make you think well. I know in the mist of confusion, you hardly know where to go and what to think. Ryan a doctor who says he is a doctor and heals never refuses to attain to a patient, except he is not a doctor or has been lying to you. We don’t need to defend God Ryan, God is mighty enough to defend himself. You are a person, you can heal yourself if you go to the Lord in sincerity. By Healing I don’t necessary mean physical. Remember your Salvation is the most important thing. However, I will follow up this conversation for more chip ins..Meanwhile God will continue to bless you and will definately show you what you want. Remain bless and strong in the Lord, Never GIVE UP. Endure till the end for the crown of Eternal Life awaits all those who endure. All shall be well. Shalom . Charles

  6. Emma,you are a prophet and you cant help him yourself?you are a prophet of what?Its just rubbish.
    what are you doing if God can talk to you then?Are you a prophet of slandering with keep entertaining people with more fabricated lies,we are enjoying.

  7. I advice u look to Jesus as scoan is not heavens open doors and nigeria is not Gods foot stool. Seek God n his righteousness. I myself have been ther thts y iam tellin u ths. Stop waisting ur time with emails and letters which wil not be read. Christ is near the kingdom of God is at hand

  8. My heart bleeds for you Ryan. The recommendation to read the books by Joni Eareckson Tada is a good one. I don’t know how life is for you, but even if you are not physically healed in this life a new body awaits you in heaven. But I know God loves you so much, so much that he sent his son to die for you. When you shot yourself, he did not allow you to die. I don’t know the plans he has for you, but I know he has plans for you or otherwise you would be dead now. So I add you to my prayers but I will not pray for physical healing, sorry. I will pray that you will find and fulfill Gods plan for your life and that you will find peace and joy. Then you will know his healing. Shalom my brother.

  9. Apologies, I will respond in detail later. I am just worried that people think my story is fabricated. Please visit for greater insight into my life. I did not tell the reporter that I shot myself as I felt vulnerable so I said it was a shooting accident. My open letter is published at

    Thank you for the messages of support. I am here to find out the truth so that I can move on

    • Hi Ryan

      Brother, unfortunately this is the real situation, when damaging information regarding TBJ comes to light his supporters quickly dismiss it as “fabrication” or “devil’s attempt to assassinate the character of the man of God”. This is the common response you will receive from TBJ supporters and this is how propaganda is sustained. My own father has been unsuccessful in trying to visit SCOAN.

      Your case reminds me of Wium Basson (the South African rugby player – Springbok Lock). He, however, did go to Lagos but did not receive any attention from TBJ as well. After a long wait he was put on the prayer line but TBJ did not attend to him. For more details on this (and other concerns) you may want to get hold of pastor Bill Randles DVD titled “TB Joshua – Prophet or Deceiver?” see this link:

      Remember brother, ONLY Jesus is the way to God and there is no other mediator, especially not even modern day prophets. Keep Christ first place…

      1Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

  10. hahaha whot will d man expect nothing.he can’t get healed and d so called man of god knews friend got healed of stroke at d scoan last 3yrs only to returne home worst his still receives his medication to survive.

  11. Ryan,

    My explanation may be difficult and upsetting for you. TBJ has not made it happen simply because he does not care about you. He has complete control over what happens in SCOAN. Your explanation about it being the disciple’s fault used to be my explanation.

    When I was a disciple, when I left to get a chipped tooth fixed, I was not given a letter of invitation to get back in the country even though I specifically asked him for one. Instead he said the disciples will email me one later. When it was time for me to return to Nigeria, I got no response. I called many times, emailed, even spoke with junior prophets who I knew (they were excited to hear from me on the phone and had a little chat), and they assured me they’d “tell Daddy right away”. Still nothing. I waited for two months, before giving up.
    Years later, “Emma” and I were chatting about me not being allowed back. That morning I was leaving and saying goodbye, her and another told me to cancel the trip and stay. I thought this was ludicrous since I was packed and on the way to the airport. Don’t worry I said, i’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Years later she spoke about that morning, she said that she knew I was never going to be allowed back. The decision came from TBJ, not the disciples.
    I believe this, because also when I was there, another disciple who had left wanted to come back. The email dept ppl came into the office with a printed email, telling him so-and-so wished to return. He said no. They agreed, saying how bad he was.
    Also, a friend of mine in Pretoria contacted me when I was there. Her father in law had a brain tumour and was living out his last days. They were desperate to go. I personally told TBJ about it, asking him to arrange a visit. nothing was ever done. He died.

    My mother’s case, you can read about in my posts I put on here. She was also denied when it becamse clear that she was terminal. She had been a ‘supporter’ since her first visit in 2002, and had visited many times, regularly.

    The reason why you, my Pretoria friend and my mother were all denied is because all are severe, obvious cases, and you cant fake those ‘healings’. Its one thing to say that someone with AIDS is healed to a crowd. No one will know the differenc, and few would even bother to follow up. But its another to have someone like yourself fail to be able to get up after his ‘healing prayers’. There is zero chance he would ever put himself in such a position.

    I used to blame ‘denials’ on the disciples, bad communication, its a big church, etc. I no longer believe this. When I was a visitor in 2006, I was with another man who was a rich businessman. He said he had been personally summoned by ‘Dee Man of God’ to discuss a proposal. I asked what this proposition was. He was goingt o give TBJ $100,000. He was very excited about this.

    If TBJ can summon some guy all the way from the USA to give him large sums of money, he can make it happen for you if he wanted to. This man had a lot to offer. He got personally invited. You and my mother and me and mr Pretoria had nothing to offer. We all got dead ends.

    I know this might hurt. It did for me when I added up all these facts, but I set myself up for it. TBJ is not Jesus, and I should never never have placed so much hope in some rich guy I had never met, and for all I know about him, has never done a proper hard day’s work in the last 30 years.

  12. TB Joshua Watch obviously wrote this bogus story. You can tell by the wording that it’s not written from a South African. How delusional can you get? It doesn’t even make sense. They titled it “An open letter to TB Joshua” and the letter is not even directed toward him. He also talks about how scared he is. What is he scared of? Is he afraid that the church will put a hit out on him or something? LOL what a joke. Regardless of how hard these people at TBJ Watch try to tarnish his image they can never change the fact that there are thousands of people visit the scoan every month, who can testify that TB Joshua and his ministry are of God.

    • Yawnin, I am not here to judge. I want to know the truth. That is why I posted a link to my Australian visa application here and the open letter blog I created here so that you can see I am real. I can’t manipulate the Australian press to fabricate a story. Read it please. I am scared because I am exposing myself on the web. It is not nice for me but I am desperate.

      I am tired I have written to the church for 14 years and have been a partner for almost 7. If you think I don’t exist you can facebook me search for Ryan Dekker. (I am the Ryan with the dark glasses and baseball cap) Send me a message with your email and I will reply and if you want I will try and take a photo of myself with my cell phone and mail it to you. I don’t have fine motor control in my fingers but can use my arms.

      This year has been particularly hard due to pain. You can break me down, call me names, whatever but please don’t call me a liar

  13. I found this letter too painful to read; painful enough to force me to break my usual fly-on-the-wall status on this blog.

    Ryan, O Ryan! Why do you really “want answers from SCOAN” on why you do “not qualify for the prayer line?”

    I think it’s irresponsible to think that anyone cares about your life/health more than yourself.

    It’s easy to keep on talking about “deceivers” and “false prophets”; however I think it takes a certain mindset to abdicate one’s natural instincts for self-preservation to wait helplessly for “answers” from your fellow human beings.

    (And, yes, there are people who get their daily bread from milking the vast majority of perennial answer-seekers.)

    Ryan, do get off the guilt-trip and find a reason to live. Discover your purpose and seek medication to help you. Easier said than done, I grant, but a lot more productive than sitting around waiting for “answers”…

  14. I dont belive in that ryna story couse why he hav to be depeding on tb joshua so much tb joshua he also hear from god couse he always tell us that he is not the healer but he is jst a servant the healer is jesus christ if tb joshua didnt hear from god that he must go to scoan he will go ther on tb joshua apointment and came back the same and it wll be another story again. Me i wanted to go to scoan sience 2006 but coudnt i jst got a chance to go ther this year january and eventhow i ddnt had enough of the medical paper i wont give up i wll try again couse sometime god got a purpose for us why it have to take so long couse he see our faith how strong it is to mantain the healing wht wll help to get the healing and came loose it again we must lean to wait upon the lord couse our life is in his hand not in tb josua he is jst a savant for god sake lets appretiate what he hav in our generation that god realy love us so much couse tb joshua is realy opening our spelitual eyes amen

    • Justine,Justine,that’s the problem with us humanbeings,who said tbj shouldn’t be asked or tell him were went happy?remember Jesus was asked question,why because he was gods servant and he answered them all,so why are U covering for tbj?why? Let him tell us why U from 2006 U wouldn’t go to scoan,I know of people who there just after 2wks booking.l have been waitting since 2012 why should I?thatsnt now,I’m nt going I said to self,god doesn’t want to go,that all.the way their do things in scoan its a fair,sam people have died still Tring to go itsnt fair, can U kindly answer me this question, how can I have faith,on myself,to pray for myself,when the dump is with me, and i can’t think for myself,answer me,how?how?

  15. my name is Oliver, to get anything from God you have to have 100% faith, a man of God cannot help you if you do not have faith in yourself and in God. TB JOSHUA is a man of God, he just a human, that work he do is from God, it depends upon how much faith you have in god. if you don’t have faith, you will not get delivered from any kind of problem you are facing.

    • Which bible are you reading? In my bible it says “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there…” (Matt 17:20). This isn’t an issue of people not having enough faith, it’s an issue of a powerful man making irresponsible and false claims and promises to vulnerable people.

      • @tjoshuawatch,if you believe in this verse,why you seem not believe in miracles then?Can you tell us at least which men of God you believe can have that faith to move mountain then.
        You seem not to give any hope for bryan by not providing any solution for him if you believe in what the bible then in (Matt 17:20)Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there…”

  16. This group of radicals that call themselves “tb j watch” are never tired with their un imaginable lies and fabrication. You said scoan edits some part of the video coverage, can you specifically mention what was edited? You said no single person is ever healed of HIV. You don’t watch emmanuel tv, where do you get your facts from? We have watched people that were being delivered as far back as 14 yrs coming to give their testimonies with their medical reports before and now. Those desciples you mentioned that their lives are torn apart we all know are those, including you the writer that were sent away from SCOAN because of their dubious activities. Involvement I frauds. Ryan you on the other hand seems not to be trusted. You and this dubious “tb j watch are birds of the same feathers that fluck together. Ryan, no one will take you seriously with this cock and bull story of yours. In your ppredicament, where are you supposed to run to? Yes, you are supposed to run to God, but instead you took your matter to rugs and fraudsters “tb j watch” you said you were scared, why should you be scared if you don’t have something to hide. You said for 14 yrs you have written and there was no answer, you should have taken a desperate move, just like the woman with the issue of blood in the bible and come to SCOAN. 14 yrs ago scoan was not too crowded as it is now. People have found honey and there’s a great rush for this honey from heaven. You would have gotten the attention of man of God with ease at that time. And by the way, if God wants to heal you, He can without seeing the man of God. Profet tb joshua is not God. He has always emphasised on it. With faith, you can be healed. You talked about being a partner, it is not a garantee to see man of God. I am also a partner. It is betwen you and you God.. When I visit scoan, I don’t seek attention from any body. I worship and return to my station. You said you were contemplating writing this letter, but you were scared, and you are convinced is by going through the enemies of the ministry that you can get the attention of the man of God? That is a wrong step you have taken. Those fraudsters say nothing positive about the ministry. They are a group of never do well and mislead you. Well, the mistake has been done. The profet will not look at the bad side of you. If he sees you, he will have compassion for you and pray for you at the direction of the Holy spirit. He has always said that he does nothing without the Holy spirit suggestion. I advice to reaply and go through the normal way, then pray and wait. Nothing is impossible with God. Take it easy, God bless you

    • If you’d followed the links you wouldn’t have your questions

      You said scoan edits some part of the video coverage, can you specifically mention what was edited?

      See here and here.

      You said no single person is ever healed of HIV. You don’t watch emmanuel tv, where do you get your facts from? We have watched people that were being delivered as far back as 14 yrs coming to give their testimonies with their medical reports before and now.

      That is actually a misquote of what we said. We said there is “zero credible evidence that a single person has ever been healed of HIV” at SCOAN. Please note that providing a before and after medical note on camera does not count as credible evidence – that is very easily faked, and we’ve heard reports from doctors who have been requested fake medical certificates to take to SCOAN. Please see our articles here and here for more details.

      • Tb j watch, I feel sorry for your group. You are dying in silence. You are all out looking out where you can find faults. And if you don’t see any, you contort a story that doesn’t make sense. All lies. Many people don’t like reading your write up. They say you are jobless people. I have said so too. You said there’s zero credibility evidence, in the case of HIV/AIDS in SCOAN. That means there’s no evidence. How about anthony the ghanaian that used the name of profet tb joshua to defraud the weathy ghananian of millions. Was his healing fake too? You said click “here” when I clicked, it was the same “tb jwatch” write up. Cock and bull story. You are in the same camp with anthony. You sit on your computers and defraud the ministry of SCOAN. You can’t boast of any job your group does. We have read of why you are against the ministry, because of your fraudulent activities, amatey alias terific, jessy and the rest of you. One day your cups will be full. The more you write negative things about the ministry, the more it grows and gets very popular all over the world. Anthony the fraudster used profet tb joshua to defraud the rich man in ghana. Why didn’t he use any other profets like fake pastor owusu who is a ghanain? He knew he won’t get kobo. He use the name of a man that every one loves because of his popularity in virtue of what is happening in his ministry. The wealthy man didn’t question the fraudster, because he believes in the profet. Indeed profet tb joshua is not only the man of the people, but a true man of God. So I encourage you ” tb jwatch to keep on digging for falsehood, couse it is on it the ministry strives. The way to heaven is not smooth.

      • Yes.. no single person who traveled from United Kingdom to SCOAN to be healed of HIV has ever been healed -there is enough evidence for this

  17. I’m so saddened abt Ryan story very sad story.i know samtimes.we come to the edge of our lifes,but I samtimes fell that’s nt the end,with or without scoan,Ryan can leave in peace in himself,okey we may nt pray for him to be the sam,but I think he needs the airport,talking to him. I don’t think tv Joshua can help him,3yrs waiting for invitetion.thats to long,give him my e mail address,I need to talk to him, thank for scoan god knows!!! Why they did these,let us know when their reply U,if ever.

  18. @florence, @yawnin, @justina
    Hi Florence, you really hurt me with your comments but it is ok. When people call me a liar I feel I need to respond because you are attacking my integrity
    Please read and visit the below links and text carefully before you respond as it seems that you did not read my post thoroughly.

    Firstly I received a comment above from Yawnin that my letter is fake and could not be written by a South African. By the Grace of God and being in the fortunate position that my parents could pay for my studies I completed my Bachelors degree so my English is not perfect as it is my second language but it is of a high standard.

    I will try and answer your comment Florence by quoting text from your comment and then responding

    “”Ryan you on the other hand seems not to be trusted. You and this dubious “tb j watch are birds of the same feathers that fluck together. Ryan, no one will take you seriously with this cock and bull story of yours.””

    Florence please read
    Then read carefully.
    Then read the comments. There is a lady from Angola that responded that is experiencing the same frustration as me. Then comment to her and tell her that she is a liar as well.
    If you read my post carefully you will see I state I believe TB Joshua is a true man of God but I want answers. If you still don’t believe my story facebook me then I will send you the verified medical record of my condition from the Neurosurgeon that operated on me 14 and a half years ago. If you still don’t believe me I will ask someone at home to take a picture of me with any item of your choice that I must put on my lap. You can facebook me.

    “’ In your ppredicament, where are you supposed to run to? Yes, you are supposed to run to God, but instead you took your matter to rugs and fraudsters “tb j watch” you said you were scared, why should you be scared if you don’t have something to hide. You said for 14 yrs you have written and there was no answer, you should have taken a desperate move, just like the woman with the issue of blood in the bible and come to SCOAN”

    If you phone SCOAN, they tell you to email If you email SCOAN they rarely respond. The responses in the early years were “You cannot come for now, we will notify you when to come”
    Some times I got automated prayer request responses. If you fill in the online questionnaire I got no response for many years. I have phoned the church, mailed the church. Then I posted my online letter, mailed the church and Watch TB Joshua and asked them to respond to my blog. No response. Over the past 3 weeks I spend R4000 on Google Adwords advertising my blog in the hope that someone will see it and respond. If you don’t believe me I will forward you the Google Adwords invoice. My last option was to ask TB Joshua Watch to post my story as their blog gets traffic, which will make my post visible as I was getting no response. You say I should have made a desperate move and gone to SCOAN. If you are paralyzed and try and fly to Lagos without an invitation you will be sent home by the airport on the next flight back. There are too many sick people trying to visit the church without an invitation. I am scared because I am exposing my personal intimate feelings and information about myself on the internet. It is not nice for me, I feel exposed, it is not a nice feeling.

    I have gone through the normal channels for 14 years and it has brought me nowhere. I have tithed into this ministry for many years. Do you think I am crazy that I will sow hundreds of thousands of rands over the past few years into something I don’t believe in? If you don’t believe me I will send you my partner number then you can go and verify it yourself.

    Do you know what it is to be desperate Florence? I can’t tell a person that has cancer I know what they are going through? I only understand my pain. You don’t understand my pain so please respect it. I am a man of God, definately not perfect, broken yes and not always understanding. We only know in part. I spend a lot of time with God about my situation. I know satan destined the grave for me 14 and a half years ago. I have a few prophetic words that I have clung to over the years. Do you know why Florence? “Without hope the human heart will break”

    Lastly Florence, there is a saying “You do what is right because it is right and because it is right you do what is right” I don’t want money, I support myself financially. I don’t want sympathy.

    What I do want is that the man of God honors the commitment he made to me in December 2007. I sent him a personal letter in October 2010 with a friend of our family who has known us for almost 40 years. He gave my letter to the man of God personally as he is a close friend of the man of God.
    Lastly Florence, I forgive you for insulting me. I am desperate. I could have kept quiet and left the ministry but I wanted answers. If my questions are answered by silence then I have my answers.

    • Florence, do you need this command, to kick in the back of a sick person, only to protect tb Joshua? You are sure a scoan-partner, because you are already brain-washed with their wrong attitude. At first, when you are a scoan-partner, then where is YOUR compassion for Ryan? And how dare you to conclude that we should be the fraudsters, and not tb joshua? Please, remove th beam from your own eyes, before you Judge the splinter of another. Ryans storie is not the only one about the un-humanly treatments of scoan and tb Joshua. And the never-ending blamings and accusings of the scoan-fans are famous too. Keep your big mouth from this sick man, and may God grant you a sickness for 14 years, and begging on the door of tb Joshua for healing,. We will see at that time what your command will be. Bless you.

      • Ryan, a neighbor-young-man, 25 years, became diagnosted scizofrenia, 12 years ago. Given-up by the psychiatry and churches. He had been to the most famous God-men for prayer. God brought him to me. And I had the faith, he did not had any-more. He was suicidal at the time he came., and extreem angry and frustrated about all the people who let him down. His mother prayed almost the whole day for him. He came 3x a day to me for prayer, sometimes in the midst of the night. For 10 months, and God guided the proces, each day we took a step to healing in faith. He is compleetly healed by now, by just counting on God and the vew people around him. You are the Christ-image of Jezus in your heart and here you are whole. Know your identity in Christ. “I am whole in Christ, who is the head of all principalities and powers”. amen

    • Ryan, what if you get the invitation and be prayed for and nothing happen?have think about it?Do you think if God wants to heal you He would have not make it happen to get you an invitation?
      First of all understand that it is not TB Joshua that heals but God
      Exodus 33:19 And the Lord said, “I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.”

      It is not about the money you give because God is not a respecter of men but God will have mercy on whom He choose to have mercy and He does not give any account to anybody,so take it easy and stop bringing about partnership whatever.
      Do you know all around the world how many people have worse condition than yours?and are more desperate than you are.
      Ryan give thanks to God in every circumstances Because what you have already there are millions of people who are desperate to have it.God has already given the greatest miracle by forgiven your sins and ours and grant us eternal life in heaven if we keep our faith in him.
      So rejoice for your life and thank God for everything,and wait for the response of God in peace,for desperation to meet man of God will not help you in anything if it is not God who wants to heal you.God time is the best and even you are not healed you still have something to thank God for.If you take your time to listen to the news of what is happening to the lives of people all around the world you will know that God has granted much more than millions of people do not have.

      • Hi Ryan,
        My heart bleeds for you. I know the proses of waking up to the truth of tb joshua. I confirm what you say is the truth. TB Joshua is a false prophet – promising much and producing little. He will only allow people in scoan that will bring glory to himself.
        Please wake up and turn totally to Jesus. He is after all the healer and He can work through anyone.
        Try and forget tbj, you will keep on being disappointed, as he cares about no one.
        Tbj’s modus opera di, is to ignore everyone that he does not want.

  19. Dina, apologies but your comments anger me. It is usually people who are in a position of comfort that tell other people to accept their situation, but as soon as something goes wrong in their lives they cant handle it and are the ones who make the biggest noises.

    Have you ever had your body riddled with cancer? Go and tell those people just to be content. You are quoting old testament scripture. Do you know in the New testament God made a new covenant? He heals the unbeliever because of His mercy and the believer because of His covenant.

    I had to mention tithing because Florence said my story is cock and bull and is a lie. Why would a liar sow into a ministry for years? Please wake up.

    Also comment on my blog to the lady from Angola who’s father has been shot and has written to SCOAN without response just to accept it.

    Then read James 5:13-15 and justify your nonsense comment.

    • Ok if your anger will heal you go on,if the new covenant says all people will be healed the way they want,you don’t have to wait for TBJ.
      How do you know I am fine with anything in my life?but what I know, if I cant accept what comes into my life and deal with it in prayers and thank God for at least I m a child of God,there is nothing else I can do about it if God has yet not responded to me.
      And if we cant accept our condition and wait God’s response, what else shall we do against it?Are you going to fight God?TBJ?or people?

      So TBJ is He the only man of God to have faith in this world? are there no other churches in the world who can pray for you and anoint you?
      Jamie here has said having that faith to pray for people, why not try take that chance instead of being angry which will not help you in anything.

  20. Dina, please don’t twist my words. I said your comments anger me . I am not a man of anger.
    For the whole of today not one person from SCOAN has encouraged me all have hit out at me branding me as a liar.

    I am not fighting God. I am desperate.

    Is it ok for a man of God to make a commitment to a partner and not honour it in 6 years? And if you read my post thoroughly you will see what I am asking for. I want them to answer my questions and I want the man of God to honour his commitment to me.

    Why in the1st place did he phone me in the early hours of the morning to make a commitment to me and then not honour it? He created a huge expectation and it broke me because when I ask why the church wont answer. He should not have then created that expectation in the 1st place.

    I bought boxes of the early healing videos through Dove ministries that sold SCOAN videos and gave it to the lady that works for me to distribute in the townships in Mpumalanga, South Africa to give people hope. Those videos gave me hope as it was one of 2 ministries that time showing people healed of paralysis.

    Most people in wheelchairs I know have given up hope of walking again. Some don’t even believe in miracles. Most men of God in South Africa are too scared to pray for paralyzed people. I know I have been too many.

    The JHB Emmanuel TV Branch don’t even care about me. They haven’t phoned me in years just to ask how I am and they don’t respond to my emails, nothing.

    Please also comment to the lady on my blog from Angola and tell her the same and please if you can’t even support our plight don’t say anything at all.

  21. @ Ryan,

    By their fruit you would know them! And Ryan, don’t get the wrong impression that TBJ doesn’t know what is going on and blame it all on his devotees for not getting your message across. I tell you the truth, TBJ is very much aware of your situation and is the one behind all the behavior of his devotees. He tells them what to do and they do accordingly. You’re their partner, but they won’t touch you with a 100 ft pole, because you have a genuine case which SCOAN cannot handle.
    Put your trust in the Lord Jesus for healing and forget about TBJ and SCOAN. And one more thing, don’t be afraid of TBJ, or anyone, for that matter. Fear God, let God be true, but let every man be a liar. Expose lies and deceit wherever you find them, and don’t be afraid to speak the truth.

  22. Dear Ryan
    Please ask your parents to apply for you to visit SCOAN through the normal channel, and let them take you. As long as you have life, you have hope. indeed Prophet TB Joshua is a man of God, no doubt, and I pray that you receive your healing through his annointing. You must have witnessed many cases such as yours, being healed at the SCOAN, and as you know he is NOT the healer, but Jesus heals through him. The frusration you have been going through are just attacks from the enemy to frustrate you, make you one of TB Joshua’s persecuters and make you to give up.Meanwhile, while waiting to be invited to the SCOAN find out if you can get the annointing water through any visitors of the church from South Africa, and start applying it to pray. This will spiritually increase your chances of open-doors for your healing and visit to the SCOAN, also please keep watching Emmanueltv. and pray with the Prophet. You can even download his prayers on your phone and repeatedly pray with them.Try not to listen to those who speak negatively of the man of God, careful they don’t make you hate him; that would be distracting you from where you believe your healing will come from
    Pray that God will give you the grace to wait on Him through His Holy Spirit.
    When you apply for a visit through their website and get no response, continue applying.
    I know what I am talking about because I have experience delays in hearing from them, but with persistence, I eventually do. Do not bank too much on hearing personally from him, but go through his admin. Remember the man of God has a lot on his plate and it is possible that those he has entrusted the duties to deal with administration may also be overburdened. But you know what, these frustrations, as I have come to realise, is not always the fault of those we are dealing with physically, but spiritually the enemy is trying to frustrate us into giving up and finding ourselves wrestling with flesh and blood, which the bible teaches us against.

    Please don’t give up, calm down. You will testify of your healing.
    God bless you.


    • Please, what a tappit answer! I suppose you also sit on the inside of scoan and were told by you dictator what to write, to save his lying face. So now he,tbj can catch a shine again, after Ryan has waited for 14 years and repeatedly tried.

  23. Beulah, thank you for at least a positive response I really appreciate it.
    I feel emotionally and spiritually drained from replying to the negative comments.
    Please also read my original post carefully, please I ask you to do this.
    I am not attacking the man of God. I said there I believe he is a true man of God.
    I then stated the facts of the commitment made to me by him. What I want is to know

    1. Why I don’t qualify for the prayer line? (I have applied through the normal channels for 14 years)
    2. Why did the man of God make a commitment to me in June and December 2007 and then did not make it good?
    3. What is he going to do about it?
    4. How must I carry on if my questions are treated by silence?

    I find myself praying to God asking Him this. Lord, Prophet Joshua is your anointed servant and You are very close to him. If he rejects me, I feel that You are rejecting me.
    The result of the above prayer is that I cannot forgive myself for what I have done (shooting myself) an I find myself repenting of the same things from when I was a small child up to now.

    I say I have forgiven myself but it is only mental ascent as I don’t believe it in my heart. I don’t hear God’s audible voice so if a powerful Prophet rejects me and remains silent I equate it to God rejecting me because H e is not answering me because I am not forgiven.
    It might sound childish but this is the place I am stuck at, and it has been like this for 14 years.

    I need closure so that I can carry on with my life.

    My parents don’t need to apply for me. I have been applying and writing for 14 years. It is not like I have been applying for 1 month and now I am impatient because I get no answers.

    14 Years is a very long time.
    I get the feeling people think that I have been sitting at home for 14 years twiddling my thumbs feeling sorry for myself. You know little about my story.
    The doctors told my parents the 1st night that they were worried I might die as a gunshot injury is very complicated and causes lots of complications, but they prayed and friends and family prayed and I made it.

    Somehow through God’s intervention I got a job as a Software programmer. I can use my arms but not my fingers as my injury is at the C6 vertebrae. I had to type with typing sticks. Against the odds I managed with Gods intervention to drive again and get in and out the car myself and assemble, disassemble the wheelchair.

    I refused to use an electric wheelchair. I bought a manual one even though I could barely push it. Over the years I have thrown away the typing sticks and now I type with my knuckle. The palms of my hands look like leather from all the exercise and I can push up quite a steep hill. I studied further and today I am a Senior Analyst Programmer. The only thing that fuelled me is my hope in God.

    At the moment I am broken inside, my hope is dim and I am tired but I have to carry on. My injury broke my parents as they love me very much so I have to carry on I can’t give up. But after 14 years I have to face a barrage of insults from SCOAN supporters labelling me as a liar and my story cock and bull just because I was not afraid to speak up. They can keep on steam rolling over me with their insults until I am silent. Just remember I am also a member of SCOAN as I have been an Emmanuel TV partner for many years.
    Keep well

  24. Dear Ryan,

    I was alerted to your letter on this website so I came to read, as many people I’m sure have done, some decided to leave a comment as others felt it is better left alone and just pray for you in silence. I wanted to just pray for you in absentia, but your case is too real and typical of the disappointment and shattered hopes and expectations people experience at SCOAN to just neglect or pass by.

    I am concerned for you as a broken and hurting soul, do not be depressed as the joy of the Lord is your strength, allowing yourself to go down into depression is a sin in itself because it shows you do not trust God as the captain of your ship. On the other hand, I will advice that you let this issue of SCOAN go, stop trusting in man especially the man that rules the fortress of SCOAN, but to put your trust in the LORD Jesus Christ. You say that you are scared to write your letter, who are you scared of? Are you scared of Prophet T.B. Joshua? I gues that you are scared that he will not help you if you expose him and the shadiness that goes on with his ministry as you have done? I will encourage you not the be afraid, as it is written in Deuteronomy 18:22, “When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptiously: THOU SHALT NOT BE AFRAID OF HIM.” Do not be afraid of him as he is NOT a true prophet, and this man has had numerous prophecies that he has spoken that has not come to pass. He is just like the psychics and fortune tellers that prophesies, sometimes their forecast comes to pass sometimes it does not. This is how Satan prophesies since he is NOT all knowing (Ominscience), sometimes it comes to pass, sometimes it does not because his power is limited; however, when the true Prophet of the Living GOD (the OMINIPOTENT ONE) prophesies it will ALWAYS COME TO PASS as God is TRUE and never lies, neither is HE A JOKER.

    What is my point? My point is that YOU SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID OF T.B. JOSHUA as you indirectly stated in your letter, he has no power over you, your salvation is of the LORD Jesus Christ not from Mr. T.B. Joshua. I guess you are scared that because of this open letter to him, he will not want to deal with your case anymore, this is probably true, or since our man, Mr. Joshua, likes publicity, he might want to take up your case to further publicize his empire – this is how it happens, these fake ministers love to expand their personal kingdoms instead of the Kingdom of God; however, I know, as I know the sun rises and sets, for sure that Mr. TB Joshua cannot handle your case, if you like wait from now till Jesus comes, T.B. Joshua cannot do it, just as the prophets of Baal on mount Carmel could not call down fire to come consume their sacrifice as Prophet Elijah the true prophet of God did, T.B. Joshua CANNOT call down this kind of FIRE! He simply cannot call down the kind of fire that will heal you Ryan, period, I double dare him.


    He cannot, therefore he will not, hence, I will advice you, Ryan, that there is nothing to be scared about it is good that you wrote the letter so that the world will be aware of your situation and people will go into prayer and stand and believe with you. As you have written this letter to the world to know about your desperate situation, I will like you to do the same when you are healed as your healing is not impossible with our GOD Jehovah Rophe whom we serve, whom I believe you serve too. You have to promise that you will publicise your healing too, as you are doing now because we overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimonies and loved not our lives to the death – Revelation 12:11.

  25. Furthermore, yes, indeed it is a terrible thing and a sin to want to destroy yourself, but I sense that you have long repented of this sin and the Almighty God, the Good and Mighty King of Kings has forgiven you, it is only Satan and his cohorts that will want to do all they can to keep you thinking that you have not been forgiven; thus, they derive joy in keeping you living in self loathing for the rest of your life when the Blood of Jesus Christ has alread wiped out that sin you comitted in your time of ignorance. On the other hand, there is one repentence that you need to make, and that is repenting of your fear of man because God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Stop this talk of being scard. My bible tells me in the book of Jeremiah 17:5, “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.” And in Psalm 146:3 we told “Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.”

    Ryan, you have put your trust in SCOAN and T.B. Joshua for too long, 14 years is too long for this “promise and fail”, “chase me, I chase you” rigmarole. Everybody who is enlightened knows that Mr. TB Joshua hardly keep his word, besides, is T.B. Joshua the only healing servant of God in the world? Get your family and friends to help you seek out God’s Apostles and Generals of the healing ministry around the world that can assist you in your situation and stop wasting time waiting for Mr. T.B. Joshua while life passes you by.

    Do I believe that you can be healed, like Jamie, I have to say a BIG YES! Remember and stand upon the word of God in Luke 1:37 and trust God; I tell you, if God can recreate a shattered kidney (I mean kidneys that was literally burst open with parts flying out) when doctors have given up miraculously after days of prayer by true children of God who do not even claim to be mighty Prophets and Healers, your case is minor with God Jehovah Rophe. However, you have to work to find out where these type of Holy Spirit filled believers are in your area. Sometimes, they are usually not found in popular magazines or have their own TV stations, in most cases, they are just humble folks that believe in the raw power of God through the working of the Holy Spirit.

    Hop on the internet, ask friends and family search around. There are a lot of men and women of God that are accomplishing tremendous feats by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, do NOT LIMIT GOD to ONLY SCOAN and T.B.JOSHUA it is an insult. Do not be cooped up in the room waiting for T.B.Joshua and “watching Emmanuel.TV”, change the channel to other Christian stations, there are tons of other Christian stations that that have good bible reading and Christian programs that can point you to the right direction and right people.

    A starting point might be to contact the Sid Roth’s Network at, to kindly send you information on some of the minister that heal the sick that he has had in his program. Mr. Roth weekly interviews guest from around the world in his program who have been healed supernaturally or are in the healing and recreative miracles ministry. I believe what you need is a recreative miracle and it is not impossible for God, all you need is to find people that will believe with you and be in agreement and IT WILL BE DONE, for with God all things are possible, period. Whether you have the faith or you do not have the faith, find people that will stand in the gap for you as is written in Matthew 18:19-20. Also remember, that it was the faith of the friends of the paralytic that was let down through the roof to Jesus, that healed him, and not the man’s faith (Mark 1:1-12).

    Praying for your miracle, as the God of Miracles is not DEAD. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST the Ancient of Days, the water walker, the one who changed water to wine and made the iron axe to float.


  26. True Christians have to be very careful, many high occult mystics with the face of religion such as Muslim Faquir (or Fakirs) mystics, Catholic Mariolatry Mystics, Jewish Kabbala Mystics and Hindu Pujari mystics have inflitrated christendom especially because of the quick and easy money they can make as healers and so called prophets from Christians especially in the form of tithes and offerings. Being a healing priest, pastor or prophet in Christianity, is the quickest way to be rich and famous, riding high on self-glory; therefore, in these latter days, these agents of Satan are flocking into the Christian scene with their fake powers in droves; yes, they use the name “Jesus Christ” but they only know the “Name” they are invoking. Their “Jesus Christ” might not be the same as your “Jesus Christ” as we have heard stories of “spirit guides” or fallen angels or evil spirits called “Jesus” and even “Emmanuel” (Note: Be careful if you want to research into these, always protect yourself with the Blood of Jesus and prayer before venturing into any such website with information about the spirit guides especially those with the names of “Emmanuel”, “Jesus”, “Lazarus”, etc., because there are sites on the internet that are highly demonic that can get you afflicted).

    These Muslim faquirs, Jewish mystics, Catholic mystics or Hindu Pujaris are people who can heal, prophesy, deliver words of knowledge, as well as have great power to free people from evil spirits; however, they don’t just cast out devils per se, they instead transfer spirits from one person to another, or from one place to another. And in most cases, the victims will be better, or healed for a short time, which can range from a few days to a few years, then afterwards, they become far worse than they originaly were before the healing or the exorcism or the “deliverance”.

    Therefore as we Christians go about in search of help for healing or deliverance for ourselves and our loved ones, always take the time to seriously seek the face of God, and ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Son of God for the Spirit of Discernment to be able to detect a deceiver.

    Here are some things to know about a Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Catholic mystics (it is sad to say, but this is true, there are Roman Catholics that also dabble in these high occult powers as spirit channelling):

    1. They can write in ancient languages of the occult mystics, sometimes you see them reciting it or eating the paper in which these writings have been written on for strenght and power. People say that these writings are ancient Arabic, careful observation have concluded that it is certainly not the same as the regular Arabic writing although similar.
    2. Some of these mystics ignorantly believe they are serving God El-Shaddai especially the Muslim (Islam to Christian converts or pure Moslems), the Jewish and the Catholic mystics, and they believe that their “spirit guides” are the angels of God or the Holy Spirit, while in fact these are demonic spirits masqurading as angels of light to deceive them.
    3. They heal by remote waving and structuring whereby you can feel an energy pulling, pushing or drawing you like an aura usually from the spine. You cannot “feel” the Holy Spirit, especially in such a way, if it is the Holy Spirit, the most you can feel is a form of a breeze or wind, or sometimes a heat sensation within you.
    4. These mystics can heal, you see lots of them in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Nepal, Iraq, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel (Jewish Kabbala occult mystics), etc.
    5. They can cast our devils (or better put, they can transfer them out). Realize the Jews of Jesus days used to cast out devils too, but did not do it the true way as Jesus confronted them with this in Matthew 12:27, when he said, “if I cast out devils by Belzebub whom does your sons cast them out?”. Also note, that the seven sons of Sceva, even though they did not really know “Jesus the Son of God as believers” there were some spirits they were able to cast out too before they eventually met the terrible one that beat them naked in Acts 19:14, ” Some Jews who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed. They would say, ‘In the name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out’. One day the evil spirit answered them,’Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?'” Notice it says “ONE DAY the evil spirit answered them….” In other words, they have been using the Name of Jesus to cast out devils up until that fateful day, they met a stuborn one…
    6. The mystics can astral project into people’s dreams to initiate, direct, or even to heal sometimes. High occult Theosophist do this to their new initiates, they initiates new members through their dreams; likewise, witches and occult dabblers have been known to confess to afflicting their victims through the dream.
    7. In the consulting rooms or altars of these mystics, some of which could be in a so called “church” or religious setting, you’ll usually perceive the smell of incense and see some offerings. These offering is usually a bowl(s) or basket of fruits or some kind of food on their altars or in front of the picture of their guru (their teacher or ascended master in the second heavens or a so called image of their “angel” which is actually their spirit guide). These spirit guides demand this as an offering for the assistance the mystics are getting that day from the “spirit guide”. Some spirit guide demand fresh fruits for every services or sessions, while the very filthy and dangerous ones demand live animals to be let loose in the area such as live chicken/bird-especially pigeons/goat – these animals are not necessarily killed but are dedicated to the spirit guide. Note, God never permits any one to give him any such offering because Jesus Christ has already offered himself to God our Father in the flesh once and for all for all mankind, and there is no more offering or sacriices. Any other offering placed at the altar in the form of fruits or food is a demonic and idolatrous practice, one should not partake of the fruit or food that comes from such altars, be it in a church setting or otherwise.
    8. Most of these mystics believe people should be made to suffer or be tormented first through mental synergy before they can be assisted, healed or taught.
    9. These satanically engineered mystics also can prophesy, forsee the future as well as the tell the past from the assistance of their spirit guides who can also be classified as familiar spirits. These are spirits that are “familiar” to the target’s way of life, who have been monitoring the target for sometime, if not from birth, can be summoned within seconds to come to the mystics aid if needed. However, their prophecy to you is not always accurate as the “spirit guides” that instruct them are not all knowing unlike the prophesy of a true servant of God that is always correct, to the point and well detailed.

    A word is a enough for the wise. Be careful of who you consult in your time of dire need, look up to God first, cast your burden unto him and have patience, and let him direct your steps, or the enemy will use your desperate situation to afflict you further.

    Also, remember, life is like sky diving, the only difference is that in sky diving, while in the sky you stay calm and fearless because you have a parachute to land you to safety, while in life, there is a parachute provided for you by the Creator if you remain calm and refuse to be desperate or act in fear in your time of trial.

    Love, and keep studying to show yourself a true workman/watchman,

  27. Ryan, I blame you because you channel your complaint toward a group known as “tb jwatch” that formed a group to try and bring the ministry of profet tb joshua dawn. We all know what they did that lead to their being expelled from the ministry. you have made the case worse for yourself. One would think you are the same group. You know the address of SCOAN, you should have written them direct instead of going through the enemy of the ministry. They always have nothing good to say about the ministry even when the evidence is very clear, they use their evil minds to turn it round. They look the other way when they see facts. Ryan, I advice you to see other profets in south africa. They can help you in your situation. Tb joshua is not the only profet, that God uses, only that he is popular. Pastor christ ayakilome is in south africa. He is equally popular and God uses him to heal. Ryan if I have said anytin that makes you angry, forgive me. This tbj watch group are not good people. They have unforgiving heart. Ryan, God will see you through in Jesus name

    • Ryan,

      This is exactly your problem. You keep on believing tha tbj is a ‘man of god’ against all the odds and you do not want to see/hear anything else . That is why you cannot hear properly.


      …………”1. Why I don’t qualify for the prayer line? (I have applied through the normal channels for 14 years) – BECAUSE HE IS FALSE AND LIED TO YOU
      2. Why did the man of God make a commitment to me in June and December 2007 and then did not make it good? BECAUSE HE IS FALSE. HE IS NOT A MAN OF GOD
      4. How must I carry on if my questions are treated by silence?” BECAUSE YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR THAT HE IS A FALSE PROPHET…………..

      If you cannot see that tbj’s fruit of his life is rotten, then you will keep on waiting and praying for another 14 years.

      Sorry, my brother, but you are going to have to wake up to the truth and smell the rat.

      It has nothing to do with you , but all about tbj being a clever, deceitful, nigerian 419, lying, trickster and only pray for people that will make him and his ministry look good .

      Go and read in Mathew 7 what Jesus himself said how a false propher of the last day will look like and learn

      Mathew 7:15-21

      True and False Prophets
      15 “Watch out for false prophets; JESUS SAID. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

      21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day,
      A – ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and
      B – in your name drive out demons and
      C – in your name perform many miracles?’ Just like tbj
      23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’
      And this is exactly what is the after maths of that man. It affects your faith in Jesus.

      I really do know what answers you want to hear if you cannot hear or see that Jesus does not want you to be exposed to that false prophet and has been protecting you all these years.

      Start to say thank you to Jesus, that you did not go.

      • Spot on Just Wonder. Ryan – I know this isn’t what you want to hear, and it doesn’t get you what you really desire (your healing), but sadly it’s the truth.

    • Florence, stop! Ryan has not make his situation worser, in fact it is a step of faith OUT of a ashaming connection with TB Joshua. I know by own experience that TB joshua even mis-uses forgiveness to set all his wrongs right. In steat of acting as he should, as a man of God, he blures for for-giveness. Christ ayakilome is a frend of TB Joshua and so it will make the situation more complicated. I was not expelled from scoan, far from it, I went by own decision, because only blind can take it for too long. TB Joshua IS doing great healings, and he DO lets people down, promise a lot and never honour it. It seems hard for you to see that he is equal good and bad in his habbits and attitude. I gues you are young, in the adoring-the-hero-fase, in time you will discover more nuances in the approuchings of TB Joshua. Ryan did a great step! Away from TB Joshuas tiring and torturing vision, towards the healing God has for him. Ryan you are already forgiven, dont let others counsel the journey you had to go, it is between you and God. Dont believe you hould not have the right to feel down and out, God loves the broken-hearted. We live by Grace, not by quilt and sin any-more. Talk with God about your inner pain, share it with Him, for-give tb Joshua as fast as you can, so it will set you free from the bondage and expectation. Be greater then Tb Joshua. Win this journey to healing. You have all the courage and victorie in you, because Christ is with you. Trust Him and His word. amen

  28. Hi Florence,

    This is emotionally draining for me as you are not reading my previous response to you in entirety.

    I will quote a peace of your response and then answer

    ”Ryan, I blame you because you channel your complaint toward a group known as “tb jwatch”

    and then

    “You know the address of SCOAN, you should have written them direct instead of going through the enemy of the ministry.”

    Florence for 14 years I have

    1. Phoned SCOAN(If you phone they tell you to email
    2. Emailed SCOAN 100’s of times (I have backups of my old computers on an external hard drive with many of these emails)
    3. Filled in the online questionnaire
    4. I have sent a personal letter to Nigeria with a close friend of the Prophet and he briefly discussed the contents of the letter with the Prophet and gave my letter to the Prophet in October 2010. (He has accompanied the Prophet in 1 or 2 of his international crusades)
    4. The last couple of months emailed them many times
    5. After 14 years of trying I decided to create a blog with the Open letter 3 weeks ago. I then emailed SCOAN and JHB Emmanuel TV with the blog address and told them I am desperate they must please respond to my letter and blog. (I have proof of these emails, so I gave them an opportunity to respond)
    6. My blog gets very little traffic as it is new so I paid R4500 over the past few weeks for a Google Adwords campaign in the hope that someone will see it and ask the church to respond. (I can’t afford to do this indefinitely). No one responded
    7. If I fly to Lagos now I will be deported at the airport because I am paralyzed and don’t have an invitation. (I know of people who this has happened to)
    8. Over the last 2 months I received 2 or 3 prayer request responses that have exactly the same message not relevant to my requests. They look like automated responses
    9. I have prayed about it for 14 years specifically on what to do, how to move forward

    Please read the above Florence and stop telling me you know the address of SCOAN or you should have followed the normal channels. I have done this for 14 years.

    My last 2 options

    1. Leave the church that I have come to love after 14 years in silence with no answers and being a spiritual casualty like many people are who maybe don’t have the funds or ability to bring their case to the attention of the church
    2. Put my letter on TB Joshua Watch because many people read it in the hope that the church will respond before I leave it

    What would you do Florence, leave the church bitter as a spiritual casualty?

    I took unpaid leave for 2 weeks 8 years ago to attend Pastor Chris’s healing school. I could not see him, there were too many people. I work and have to support myself financially. I could not attend Healing School every day indefinitely. I would lose my job. I went to a couple of crusades of him in South Africa, even the night of bliss this year. Like everyone else I trusted God for my healing.

    You pray with him as a corporate anointing. There are thousands of people, he does not pray for everyone individually on crusades.

    I have gone to other men of God in South Africa. 2 of them tried to get money from me. I bless and forgive them.

    My Dad always says, problems don’t just get sorted out by themselves. You have to come around a table, present your case, talk about it and resolve it. Silence does not sort out any problems. When there is a problem or unhappiness the church must know about it, talk about it and resolve it, otherwise nobody knows about the problem.
    I also think people might think I am this baby Christian running from church to church parasiting of them. Florence, I am a mature Christian, believe it or not. I have been on prophetic courses, teachings etc. I have helped people where I could but at the moment my mind is bombarded by confusion. I am asking God where do I go from here. By just remaining silent my spirit can’t rest. This is my personality. I can work with the truth but not silence.
    I haven through hell and back in terms of physical pain, persevering etc. I have dreams just like you. Dreams of being free of depression, pain and whole. Dreams of the big prophetic Word spoken over my life many years ago to come to pass.
    Florence, I am far from perfect. I have many mistakes. Pride has been broken down in my life and it is easy for me to humble myself and ask people to forgive me. If I am wrong, I stated that I will publicly apologize
    I have been involved with this ministry for many years and part of my guilt, condemnation, healing is locked up in here. By the Prophet remaining silent I cannot get rest for my soul. I feel rejected by God .
    The church can at least answer me, the man of God can at least give me a Word so that I can get out of this condemnation because I believe my healing is locked up in it.
    Florence I have made up my mind. I can’t be double minded. Yes, the Bible says some people died in faith in Hebrews 11:13 They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance
    You either decide Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24, Psalm 103:3 is the truth and if I have to die believing then so be it.
    I know so many people who have given up, it is heart breaking. I have to fight till my last breath, that is why I don’t just keep silent and give up. I forgive you for hurting me. Florence I am tired it takes me ages to type these responses, please don’t ask me the same thing again.

    Tell me what would you have done?

  29. Hi florence

    You just don’t seem to get it do you? Just take a moment & listen to yourself:

    “Ryan, I blame you because…”
    “you have made the case worse for yourself”
    “One would think you are the same group.”
    “You know the address of SCOAN, you should have written them direct…”

    Really florence?
    He said he has been writing to the ministry for 14 years. It has been proven that he is not part of tbjoshuawatch. He is still willing to prove to you that his story is not made up & that he has been an Emm TV partner for 7 years. In fact have you been even listening to anything Ryan has been saying? Just show some compassion instead of beating the man down, he has been through a lot already.

    Let’s suppose he is telling the truth, how else do you want him state this in order to be acceptable to you?

    You said: “They look the other way when they see facts.”

    You are doing the same thing that you accuse others of doing.

    • Ryan, and thats right! Defend your-self with the only power you have! Your mouth! Use it! Declaire the Words of The Lord; “I shall live and not die, and declaire the works of the Lord” amen.

    • Smelter, forgive me I am tired. I am not going to type a long response to you. Do a search on this page and read all my comments.

      You are then welcome to contact me as I have stated above then I will send you the information you want.

      Then you can come and steamroller over me with your insults and call me a liar. Also comment to the lady on my blog from Angola and read her plight.

      I am asking for answers, transparency and the truth.

      Emotionally I have had enough. I think I have answered most of the insults on this page.

      I will try and refrain from commenting unless a new statement has come up that I have not addressed.

      I did not realize how emotionally and spiritually taxing this would be. I will give it a few days and see if I get a response

      Keep well

  30. ” I’ve heard this kind of statement before and to be honest it always feels like making excuses for extravagant yet unfulfilled promises. It’s this kind of mindset which leads to the false hope that Ryan has had, and leads to those who are suffering believing they are suffering due to their lack of faith.”
    NOW PLEASEE LISTEN TO THIS. The bible statement in Isaiah 53:5, “… with His stripes you are healed” is not futuristic. The ‘healed’ there is in past terns. it therefore means that healing for all believers actually came when Jesus was striped and wounded; not just now. BASIC TRUTH
    (1) you need anointing, being the power of the Holy Spirit to call to manifestation in your life or anyone’s life that which has been provided.
    (2) you need faith on the word, being the truth revealed by God to call to manifestation in ur life that which has been provided. Hebrews 11:6 says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” again, “work out your salvation with fear & trembling”.
    I once had eczema which almost took over my whole body for years. one day while alone i heard a voice saying to me, “But by His stripes you were healed”. I replied, yes by His stripes am healed. I then stopped all medications bcos non of them worked. i decided to stand by the truth in Isaiah 53:5 – (by His stripes am healed). initially, it was as if the healing was not manifesting. But then I continued in my faith, for I said, the kingdom of God is watching, satan is watching, if I go back to medications, the enemy will mock my faith in God. Suddenly, the eczema disappeared. I checked, and could not find it till today. its over 10years now. PRAISE GOD!!! So have faith on the word of God, faith is needed. Remember the words of Jesus, “Your faith has made thee whole”. And this faith does not discriminate. the word works for as many that believe.

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