In Which TB Joshua Rewrites the Bible

In the next couple of posts, a new contributor to TB Joshua Watch will engage with and expose some of TB Joshua’s more bizarre and unbiblical teachings. As always, we welcome any civil debate in the comments section.

In the video linked below, TB Joshua describes what happens when a wife has a “spiritual husband” (an unbiblical concept in and of itself)

“Because of what is happening, spiritually, it will reflect in this man. This man will find himself fornicating. And he will not know how it come about.  And if it is a man who is doing this thing in the spirit, the woman will go out! Something will just happen like that.”

Yep. Fornicators and adulterers around the world now have the perfect excuse. “My wife was having hot sex with a demon and suddenly I found myself in the arms of another woman. I have no idea how that could possibly have happened!”  “It’s true I slept with a man besides my husband, but that is my husband’s fault. His spiritual wife made it happen. I am not responsible. In fact, I have no clue even how I ended up in another bed!”

But does he quit there? Oh no. The intrepid “man of God” continues explaining his own gospel.

“When one is not delivered, the other, too, his Christian life is in danger.  Let me tell you. I’m a Christian. I’m a pastor, OK? If my wife is not upright, our kids will look like gonorrhea.”



Dear people, if you are married and as a couple you do not follow TB Joshua and get his deliverance, your children are a venereal disease. Yep.

Shall we continue?

“If one have gonorrhea, and sleep with another one, he will have gonorrhea. [unintelligible] uprightness.”

At this point the applause seems somewhat hesitant. Could it be that the audience is dimly remembering their Scripture and struggling to understand why he is speaking something contrary to it?

“If two of them have gonorrhea, and one of them come to God for prayer, and the other one is not…if the one that is here meet the other one at home, he will take the gonorrhea back. And he will now begin to complain that the miracle is not happening.  No! The source needs to be dealt with.”

One brave person claps their hands, once.

“So, this is just, we have to be very careful, when issues like this happen, you need to ask yourself question. What has happened to you?  So. God bless this word.”

We have heard TB Joshua’s gospel, as it relates to marriage and family.  Shall we now refer to the Scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit?

What TB Joshua just preached is the exact opposite of what Scripture states about the situation where there is a believing spouse and an unbelieving spouse.

“12 To the rest I say this (I, not the Lord): If any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her. 13 And if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him. 14 For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.” 1 Corinthians 7:12-14

1 Peter 3:3 specifically advises wives on what to do about an unbelieving husband. Notably, it does not say “Drag him to get delivered because if you don’t his disease of unbelief will cause you to fornicate!” Again Scripture places the power on the side of the believer.

For a great example of the power of the work of God not just in our own lives but in the lives of our loved ones, we have only to look to Paul’s “son in the Lord,” young Timothy. In marriages, and in a whole culture, surrounded by unbelievers, Lois, and then Eunice, understood the power of the work of God in their lives and it affected Timothy. Timothy most certainly did not catch the “gonorrhea” of unbelieving family members. He “caught” the holiness of God, through the faithful life and work of his mother and grandmother. I’d bet dollars to donuts that neither of those women “accidentally” fornicated because their unbelieving husbands’ demons made them do so.

Contrary to what TB Joshua just preached, it is NOT the unbelieving spouse who has the spiritual upper hand here. However one may interpret this passage, it is clear that the believer is the one who sets the spiritual tone of the household, not the unbeliever. Teaching that an unbelieving spouse is like gonorrhea and passes that diseased state onto the believing spouse is in direct opposition to the Word of God. Likewise, the unbelieving parent does not make the children “gonorrhea.” Rather, the believing parent covers them, as it were, with the holiness of God. The transfer goes exactly opposite the way TB Joshua just described.

The believing spouse represents Christ to their unbelieving spouse and to their children. And apparently, according to the Scripture above, in some mysterious way the believing spouse brings the holiness of God into and over their whole household, regardless of the spiritual status of their spouse and children.

What TB Joshua has done is turn this on its head, in order to support his unbiblical theories. You will notice that nowhere in that “word” does he reference the Word of God. That is because he cannot. There is no Biblical support for such a teaching.

And can you imagine what it does to a marriage and family life? A husband whose wife may even be a believer, but opposes TBJ on doctrinal grounds, cannot help but look at her and see a demon, if he believes TB Joshua. And if he believes TB Joshua about that, then he looks at his children and sees venereal disease. He must then frantically try to get his whole family “delivered” according to the formula of TB Joshua, so that he can stop the spread of gonorrhea and avoid being “reinfected”. At the same time, he will appreciate the handy excuse for his own sin, because it can all be blamed on the demon his wife is sleeping with in the spiritual realm. Surely even the most simple minded of people can see what a disaster this is to marriage.

On the other hand, someone who reads the actual Word of God has no need to worry about “contamination” of any kind. This person has the wonderful knowledge that their relationship with God positively affects the lives of their spouse and children, even if those family members are unbelievers. The person who trusts in the Word of God does not see disease and demons when they look at their family members, but people beloved by Christ, to whom they represent Christ in their words and actions. They also have the responsibility for their own sins, knowing they cannot blame anyone else.  Owning full responsibility for your own sin and failure is essential in maintaining loving, healthy relationships with others.

TB Joshua is messing with you, dear ones. He is preaching a different gospel, and a false gospel. Pick up your Bibles. Search the Scriptures. Be Bereans.

25 thoughts on “In Which TB Joshua Rewrites the Bible

  1. Tb joshua is decivin pipo,and I jst wonder why some pipo can’t use ther head and think.brothers and sister let us cling to the bible. On Nov 1, 2013 5:32 PM, “TB Joshua Watch” wrote: > > tbjoshuawatch posted: “In the next couple of posts, a new contributor to TB Joshua Watch will engage with and expose some of TB Joshua’s more bizarre and unbiblical teachings. As always, we welcome any civil debate in the comments section. In the video linked below, TB Joshua ” >

    • People of God
      it is very simple ,it is some one that has gonorrhea that will transmit to someone that is not infectd ,so man of God was just giving an instance as to what happens to two poeple that that has infections and one is cured and the other one is not that. if the one that is cured goes back to the one that is not cured that he or she will recontact the sickness ,this is very true people of God . u need to avoid these senceless ones or decievers who go about making you not to see the truth of the scriptures.
      The bible made it clear ; DO NOT YOKE YOURSELVES WITH UNBELIVERS

      • “Man of God” explained a worldly/physical concept, not a Biblical one. The Scripture explaining why he is wrong is right there in the post above, if you can’t be bothered to open your own Bible to look for it. TB Joshua’s teaching flies in the face of the Biblical teaching about marriage where one spouse is a believer and one is not. Furthermore, TB Joshua did not even bother to attempt to back his teaching with Scripture. He just spouted off his own delusions, knowing that people like you take his word as gospel truth and swallow it whole without a single thought.

        What he said is utter falsehood and in opposition to the very Word of God. Now it is your decision, whether to put God’s Word above the word of a mere man. Who do you choose?

  2. Truly bizarre. If he views sexual indiscretions as the responsibility of your spouse, and presumably other sins also, then this goes completely against Christ’s teachings that forgiveness comes after repentance, as repentance requires acceptance of responsibility for the sin. It also goes against Paul and James teachings about self control. No wonder his audience appeared underwhelmed!

  3. I have said again and again that T B Joshua teaches many doctrines of demons. He preaches another gospel and has another spirit and not the Spirit of Christ. Worst of all, TBJ is not even saved. He is very much like Simon the sorcerer who was not even saved but was regarded by ignorant people as the “great power of God.” Acts 8:9-13. Those who continue to follow this false prophet have themselves to blame if they follow his demonic teachings and practices, instead of verifying the truth from the Bible.

    • Hahaha keep on tolking until u cant tolk anymore as long as we now the truth that demon a always manifesting on immanuel tv we hear wht thy say that tb joshua is a threat to the dark kingdom and u stll want us to belive you if u r against tb joshua then we now whre u pipo belong why tb joshua always couse he is the only threat to you kingdom

  4. Mr Terrific,which doctrine are you teaching yourself when you divorce your wife to sleep with girls of your church????
    Matthew 7:5: You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  5. Without acting the devil’s advocate, when I see truth I will say it, my criticism of T.B. Joshua is not as a result of any personal vendetta per se, or because I hate the man, I actually do not. So when I hear him partly saying what is right, I will acknowledge it.
    There is indeed a spirit referred to the incubus or succubus spirit that attacks people. This is a demonic spirit of lust that can afflict single people as well as married people that strive to manipulate and use their sex organs, through violations in dreams or even make them act out physically with lust and promiscuity.

    Yes, indeed one can have sexual intercourse in the spirit and sometimes it could feel like a dream. There is the incubus spirit (afflicts women) and the same spirit of lust as succubus (afflicts men), it usually comes as a faceless being, a tall or “huge” individual, taller than the average man or woman, it sometimes takes the face of people that are familiar to you in the dream. This demonic phenomenon is not seen or recorded in the regular protestant bible but it is recorded in the biblical apocryphal bible normally used by the Catholics, the apocryphal book of Tobit chapter 3. As the historical students here will know, these apocryphal books where taken away from the main bible by the protestant church fathers.

    In the book of Tobit 3, particularly Tobit 3:8, you see the account of the demon of lust (Asmodeus) attacks on the maiden Sarah. Asmodeus afflicted Sarah for seven years and kept her from getting married by killing every man that comes to marry her, or kills the man that marries her before the marriage consummation until Tobit came along and cast it out to “dry places” through the help of an angel.

    Therefore, this spirit does indeed exist, as the spirit of pride (Leviathan) also exist. So, if anyone having sexual attacks in the “dream” whether married or unmarried, you should seek God’s help in prayer, and if possible seek for other believers to stand in the gap with you to pray against this foul demon.

    In agreement with parts of the video above if you are not a child of God and you are infected with this evil spirit, it will indeed affect your ability to get married or have a fulfilling marriage, period. This is a fact.

    I have been a victim of this dream attacks and violation in the past, (but NO I was not afflicted with promiscuity afterwards, I thank God 🙂 ). So, I am a living witness; therefore, I will testify (Rev 12:11). This spirit does indeed exist and is a very wicked spirit. If you are afflicted, do not ignore it or it will get worse, run to God in prayer. Acknowledge it in prayers and get Jesus Christ to deal with it and you will be delivered as I was, you do not need to run to SCOAN.

    • Yes, these demons do exist, and Christians have the power to cast them out. It is time every Christian know their authority and power in Jesus Christ to cast out demons.

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  7. On the other hand, in the video above, he, T.B. Joshua in fact started with the truth, see video section of (video clip 0:05 – 0:27), when he said, “if the person whose spouse is afflicted is not a Christian or a man of God i.e. a child of God”, the other will also be afflicted “unless he is a man of God”. In other words, if you are NOT spiritually strong as a Christian and you hang out with one or a people tormented with this spirit you will definitely be afflicted. That is why we are instructed to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. This is a psychological truth and a spiritual fact. As it is written, blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful (Psalm 1:1).

    However, he later diverted to his usual brainwashing and fear tactics by going to the gonorrhea part of his speech which is to keep members coming, this is where the mind control and Satanism comes in. This is where he takes the helm of the ship and steers it to his direction, this is Satan directly in all his cheap glory and his act of mixing truth with fables and lies. He brings in the talk of gonorrhea into the equation. If you are delivered and become seriously born again, your anointing will flow to your family and they will be delivered too, even though they do not acknowledge your deliverance and believe like you, it is a scriptural fact as stated by the article above. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO HOME AND FORCE YOUR SPOUSE OR YOUR ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD TO GO FOR DELIVERANCE OR TO ACCEPT YOUR BELIEFS, if you do this, it is witchcraft. And the bible never told us to do this, you are hence trying to do the work of the Holy Spirit, who is the only one that can convict the heart of man to accept God, or want to be delivered.

    There is no doubt that T.B. Joshua interprets the gospel to suit his selfish purposes. He interprets the gospel to enslave his disciples so that they live in fear of him and in fear of venturing outside his slave ship and house of bondage, SCOAN.

    All that later interpretation he gave is to indirectly brainwash the minds of his congregation as well as his followers that his church is doing some mighty work that they cannot get anywhere else; hence, they should keep tuning into his church via Emmanuel TV, buying his anointing water sending in their Dollar, Euro, Pounds, Rand, Cedis, etc. through partnering with him thereby keeping his SCOAN and Emmanuel TV engine well lubricated.

    You have to understand that this is the manipulative tactics of most preachers these days or the so called “Men of God”. They have to find a way to keeping “hunting” or “keep them coming for more” or he is “out of business”.

    In other words, anything T.B. Joshua can do or say to keep them “wanting” and “needing” what he has to offer, like people “addicted” to drugs, they will keep coming. Most people keeping buying his “anointed water” like addicts, they believe without it, the devil will have them in chains, forgetting and discarding the protection they have in the Holy Spirit of God. For T.B. Joshua followers, it is his “image or picture”, his “anointing water”, “stickers” and “Emmanuel TV tuned in 24 hours” that protects them and not the Holy Spirit of God.

    These are all the tactics of the “drug dealer” to keep his victims “hooked” because without telling them that outside of SCOAN there is no deliverance and that “his deliverance drug” is mandatory, and putting up such fear as the one we hear above in the YouTube video clip, they might get weary one day and decide to leave and there will be no more cash for luxury cars, speed boats, send his kids to expensive foreign schools etc., but if he continues to keep them in fear of ever leaving, or coming to him for his “special deliverance” and guidance, he is in continual business and made for life.

    • So it is time the people wise up, and see TBJ as the common false prophet that he is or be hoodwinked for the rest of their lives.

    • If truth must be told, why did the authors of tbjoshuawatch not quote TB Joshua completely?
      “Because of what is happening, spiritually, it will reflect in this man. This man will find himself fornicating. And he will not know how it come about.  And if it is a man who is doing this thing in the spirit, the woman will go out! Something will just happen like that.”
      Before the above quote they have used to analyse his teaching, the man of God said “if a woman is having sexual intercourse in the spirit, that would affect this man UNLESS THAT MAN IS A MAN OF GOD, A CHRISTIAN..” (Emphasis mine)
      So there are exemptions. The question is not what you profess but what you are in spirit and truth. TB Joshua is 100% right here.

  8. T.B. Joshua has used this above mentioned fear tactics to keep his “Wisemen” and other disciples, workers, his followers and partners all over the world under his spell and bondage – Simon the Magician (Acts 8:9-24). They are scared stiff to leave or seek the face of God on their own because they feel they are unworthy it is only T.B. Joshua that God talk to and only him can hear from God. Like Simon the Sorcerer all of them are under his spell and control. This is Satanism in its highest form.

    These people look up to him instead of up to God for guidance and assistance. Those of them that are married, I have been privileged to learn, “never have relations” i.e. perform their conjugal duties to their spouses without T.B. Joshua’s consent and permission. He literally plans their family for them and even names the babies that a born out of such union himself – giving them such names as “Deborah, Joshua and Emmanuel”. If you go to SCOAN and a child is running around with any of these names, go figure :), nuff said.

    Also, most of them especially the ones with careers and business, never engage in any business transaction without getting a “go-ahead” or permission from T.B. Joshua this is WITCHCRAFT. It is also an indirect form of Satanism. Controlling and keeping the lives of men and women in such grabs and control is a serious case of Satanism in the church.

    In contrast, a true Christian is guided by the Holy Spirit alone and not by man, he can be mentored by man another child of God, but will not put his life’s decisions into his hands or guidance of a man because it is Satanism. The bible tells us Romans 8:14,” For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” Not those that are led by man or their Pastor or Prophet.

    Under the New Testament it is unscriptural to go to any prophet for GUIDANCE. Anyone who goes to or follows any “man or woman of God”, be it a pastor, prophet, preacher etc. for guidance is practicing witchcraft and Satanism, it is a form of voodoo, this person is a “spiritual junkie”, because as Christians we are supposed to go to God alone for his leadership and guidance at all times not to man.
    Everyone has the Holy Spirit of God as a guide we are told in John 14:16, 26, “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever” and “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”

    We are also told in John 16:13,” When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”
    The Holy Spirit is a guide that guides us into all truth, and not only does the Holy Spirit guide us into all truth but it also guides us in LIFE.

  9. Anyone who cares to provide a biblical rebuttal to the above article is free to do so.
    I predict that wil not happen, but we will see yet more silly and irrelevant responses relying on insults and cursing.

  10. The devil’s Kingdom has been scattered by the works of God through the Man of God prophet T.B. Joshua. u people writing and criticising him are all agents of the devil…being devoid of the spiritual anointing which Joshua has and acting like what many demons have said on that platform. ..if you don’t believe his teachings show us your works and how u can reconcile a couple who have a disease which is not physical. ..the scriptures say that our battles are not against flesh and blood but against principalities. ..wicked host that have put us under spiritual bondage…such that even when you pray u still have cravings for sin….so before u can be born again u need to be healed spiritually. ..and who among u opposing the man of God has ever healed sumone spiritually???? Non….u should go to him so that you can get your deliverance and light shall come upon your life…

    • Dabwiso, it is unfortunate that you seem to be Biblically illiterate.

      a) TB Joshua directly opposed the Scripture, clearly demonstrated in the post above. Directly. Not only did he not use Scripture to support his teaching, he taught somethign that specifically goes directly against teaching on the matter of unbelieving husbands/wives. It couldn’t be any more clear.

      b) The “condition” for salvation is “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.” NOTHING MORE. There is no formula of deliverance that must be accomplished before one can be saved and born again. Again, this teaching of TB Joshua goes DIRECTLY AGAINST THE VERY WORD OF JESUS CHRIST.

      Personally, I would be much too nervous to follow someone who thought his words carried more weight than the word of God Almighty, no matter how many “wonders” he performed. Satan and his agents can perform signs and wonders, so they are not the measure of a ministry. If the Word of God is ignored or negated in a ministry, then all the more reason to wonder just where those “signs and wonders” are coming from.

  11. @ Dabwiso,

    Because you know not better and you don’t read the Word of God in His Light of His Spirit. You think that all these manifestations are from God, while it is riding demons they control inside of people who come there and open themselves up to their laying of hands. They enter them in when they knock them on the head, chest and back. There was a guy in SCOAN who used to stand behind me and every time he did that in the coming days I was sick and feeling unwell. I was wondering why it was, but when I left SCOAN this all stopped. I am convinced they do witchcraft and satanic assassinations and the allegation of me that they ride their conjured demons in you when you are near them comes from personal experience and revelation God has given me. Come out of this harlot church who rides on the ignorance of people of knowing nothing about Who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. For reference, find out how Haitians get themselves become possessed by using water or jumping into it. Demons enter and that is what you see happening in SCOAN. Dabwiso, you are deceived to the core of your being and your lies that come from the pit of hell don’t wash with me. May The Lord rebuke you for your deception you spread around.

    PS. I am back, after travelling long and tedious journeys in several continents. The Lord has been good and gracious. Thank you, Jesus.

    • All our opinio in life are great, what matters is what God saying. All unApproved statements about TB Joshua which men of God bodly says God appreared to him said TBJ is not his. Everyone lies to his neighbour in circles and carnal analysis. You have spent time in God’s presence and heard God reject TBJ’s prayer. Do what God has told u, all will be healed, set free according to His command to you. We will see u by your fruits. So we can emulate your works of faith, show us we will shane works of evil.
      As some parts of body are not beautiful to look but their function is vital so is the body of christ. Let all labour the Harvester is One, Jesus Christ who shows no partiality.

  12. I know only God can deliver u guys at tbjoshuawatch. U want to be followed but you have no works to prove yourselves as workmen approved of God other than to live off the man of God like the parasite whose survival is dependent on the organism giving it nourishment (in your case relevance). You ought to have seen by now how your anger directed at TB Joshua have not slowed him. Take this advice from Chris (Nov 8, 2013) and may God do to you and even more as He did to Saul (turned Paul) if your zeal is trully for Him:
    “You have spent time in God’s presence and heard God reject TBJ’s prayer. Do what God has told u, all will be healed, set free according to His command to you. We will see u by your fruits. So we can emulate your works of faith, show us we will shane works of evil.
    As some parts of body are not beautiful to look but their function is vital so is the body of christ. Let all labour, the Harvester is One, Jesus Christ who shows no partiality.”

  13. Take time to read psalm 1. You have successfully portrayed TB Joshua as an imperfect man. He never claimed to be perfect, but, his weaknesses not withstanding, he keeps on sowing good seeds in this generation. Your own efforts can only be likened to the pests’ that raids the farm. There are bees though that does a better job. Certainly, you won’t be criticizing the likes of guru maharaji at Ibadan. Maybe TB Joshua had been wretching your cult. Sorry. Stop being a idle hand. Find 8something positive to do. If you cannot offer scholarship to the poor from the proceed of your criticisms of TB Joshua, you can as well station yourself at a bus stop, helping the aged and small children to enter bus. Your concerns aren’t new; worse than that was said of Jesus Christ Himself, the Lord of TB Joshua. TB Joshua is indeed a blessing to this generation. Satan is better known as “accuser” of the brethren. Are you?

  14. I am not a member of scoan but when i look at the healing done by the man of god i am forced to say:in the absence of a born againg man of god who follows the bible according to the method discribed by you & performs better healing or even similar healing than tb joshua.we the common people will continue believing that he is chosen to help us.

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