TB Joshua’s Worst Biblical Error

The second of two posts where a new contributor to TB Joshua Watch explores some of TB Joshua’s more bizarre and unbiblical teachings (first part here). As always, we welcome any civil debate in the comments section.

TB Joshua’s ministry is rife with error. He is, from the viewpoint of orthodox Christian theology, a Freaking Heretic.

But I think this is the worst. Because it deals with salvation. TB Joshua has made salvation contingent not on Jesus Christ, but on “deliverance” as defined by…(wait for it)…TB Joshua!

Please recall that TB Joshua styles himself as the lone untouchable prophet of God. He frequently “delivers” pastors and prophets and “men of God” from supposed demons. If they are ministering and delivering people in Jesus’ name while themselves demon possessed, clearly the only logical way to be sure one is properly “delivered” is to do it under the auspices of TB Joshua.

Sadly, this leaves an awful lot of people unable to be born again, because they cannot be delivered by TB Joshua. The vast majority of the world’s 7 billion people, and the Christian Church, don’t have a clue who TB Joshua is. According to this video, it is blasphemy for any of those people to say they are born again believers.

At about 2:40 in this video, TB Joshua says this:

[his victim is explaining that he is born again, but experiencing many troubles in life, possibly due to his family’s historical involvement in idol worship]

“No. It’s a blasphemy to say “Born Again.”  Without deliverance, no-one can be born again. Tell your neighbor…”

[at this point the poor dupe he’s castigating tries to say something and TB Joshua says “Please, remove the mic.”

“It is, it is blasphemy [audience repeats] to say I’m born again [audience repeats] without deliverance [audience repeats].   You know what I mean. You are taking from dark. Darkness. To light. And this cannot just happen by mere talk. Mere hope. Mere prayer.”

Oh no he didn’t! Did he?  He did.

What does Scripture tell us about salvation?

When the jailer asked Paul and Silas what he must do to be saved, they responded with this simple prescription: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.”

Jesus said it even more simply: “Follow me.”

Occasionally, we find reference to repentance and baptism, one preceding, the other following. What we do not find is “fasting and prayer to drive demons out” as a required precedent for being born again. We also do not find “falling out,” vomiting, interviews with demons, screaming, and “manifesting” as requirements of being born again, and we know that these things are what TBJ calls “deliverance.”

What TB Joshua has given us in this little gem is a gospel of works righteousness. We cannot be born again without first following his formula. I don’t think “blasphemy” means what he thinks it means. He’s certainly not using it correctly.

Scripturally, not a one of us can work our way to salvation. We cannot deliver ourselves. We cannot make ourselves “light” so that we can be saved once we’ve gotten all tidy and clean. No one can do it for us, either.

JESUS SAVES US OUT OF DARKNESS. He IS the Light. We do not pull ourselves out of the pit. To say that we must “get delivered” first is to negate the work of the cross. There is unbelief, and there is belief. There is darkness, and there is light. There is no ridiculous murky in-between of “I want to be saved but demons are preventing it, I need a prophet to get rid of them so that Jesus can save me and I can be called born again.” No. That, my friends, is the real blasphemy.

Back to the video, it appears that TB Joshua does offer the option of “Self deliverance.” You can be delivered in your house. If you fast and pray just right, you may “just find yourself delivered,” after which, you are in the right situation to be born again. That’s not particularly comforting. You “might” get delivered at home, if you do it just right. How can one be sure though? He does not explain.

We are left to assume that self-deliverance is iffy, while deliverance at SCOAN is a sure thing.

And then of course there is the problem of this being a blasphemous false gospel, creating salvation by works and self-righteousness, rather than complete and utter reliance on Jesus for salvation.

You know what I love about the real Gospel? It tells me that I CANNOT save myself, and it tells me that I have a Savior who has the power to save me from my wretched, awful, sinful state. The true Gospel tells me I can trust in Jesus because he is MIGHTY TO SAVE. No demon can prevent my salvation, if I indeed “have a demon.”  No. Jesus is no wimp. He does not need me to create the right environment (demon-free) in order to save me. I serve a God who is far mightier than TB Joshua seems to think He is.

114 thoughts on “TB Joshua’s Worst Biblical Error

  1. Well, well, well, here we go again with more doctrines of demons from TBJoshua, the biggest false prophet of Nigeria. But it is a great pity that many so-called Christians are so biblically illiterate and ignorant that they would believe anything from any “man of God.” They may be intellectuals, lawyers, doctors and even presidents, but they don’t know the Bible and that is why an illiterate like T B Joshua who claims to “prophet” can deceive them. Yes, T B Joshua deceived me before, but thank God, today it’s a different story.

  2. I have always said that Emmanuel TV is very dangerous. What Bible is TBJ reading? Because that teaching is definitely NOT from the Christian Bible!

    “…it is blasphemy to say I’m born again without deliverance…”

    This is NOT sound Biblical doctrine!
    This is NOT the Gospel of Christ!
    This is certainly NOT Christianity!

  3. I was once a member/follower of these deceit in the name of healing and deliverance i even push many friends to scoan..until i hear d message abt hell from chosen sons and daughters of GOD. My ears started to hear d wrong teaching of tbj.may GOD deliever myopic masses who troop to scoan

    • Hi tbjoshuawatch,what TB Joshua is referring to about deliverance here is,we cant say we are born gain and keep living ungodly life we were living in before we accept Jesus in our lives.To be born again is to live the holy life in Jesus Christ because Jesus came to save us from sinning.
      Many people say to be born again but they keep their idols at home,others keep going to spiritualists,others still adulterers,liars,enviers, doing all sorts of ungodly acts or having ungodly thoughts,this is not to be born when we have not yet changed our lives.
      Even if we say to have accepted Jesus in our lives but we have kept living and committing our sinful deeds and thoughts, we are not born again yet.Jesus said too” Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter”.
      Cross References
      Matthew 15:19
      For out of the heart come evil thoughts–murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.
      Romans 8:5
      Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.
      1 Corinthians 6:9
      Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived

      That is what TB Joshua is referring to by “deliverance” and telling the man according to the idol that they were worshipping in the family.
      All people who say to be born again are not all truly born again because they refuse to change their lives by keeping their sinful nature.
      But those who are willing truly to follow Jesus they are delivered of all sorts of sins by self deliverance in prayers or some people who are possessed with demons may need deliverance prayers from others.

      Stay blessed.

      • TRUE, your explanation about “deliverance” in a way, is understandable, Stacey.

        On the other hand, in the Charismatic and Pentecostal movement where we recognize the Gift of the Holy Spirit and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that usually comes with healings, casting out demons, speaking with other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives us utterance, the word, “Deliverance” is not viewed in the context you mean above.

        Therefore, you must ask yourself, is the above explanation you gave what T.B. Joshua actually means by “deliverance”, or is that what you are convincing yourself that he means?

        If you follow SCOAN and TBJ closely you will understand that when they say, “deliverance”, they mean a totally different ball game and not a mere change of heart and character as you explained above.

        In other words, if TBJ interprets “deliverance” as “a change of heart” like you interpreted it above, he will NOT be encouraging people afflicted with the Incubus spirit (spirit husband) to go get their partners down to SCOAN for a “full deliverance” so as not to be re-afflicted, comparing the demonic affliction with the likes of gorhnorea as we read in the previous article.

      • Thank you Angelica for the contribution to my comment.I presume he meant what i explained before because at the end TB Joshua gave some explanation and said:”there are self deliverance without this deliverance we are doing.”

        What i understand by the explanation about gonorrhoea in the previous article,let me refer to this video.

        Imagine if this husband is saved but the wife is not delivered from this demon tormenting the mariage,will this marriage stand for how long?If the husband could have gone alone to seek prayers for the affliction he was facing in his marriage but the root of the problem was not fully settled, this husband could have kept afflicted by the demon tormenting his wife.That is what i understand in the previous article..But note that i believe there are also many churches which conduct deliverance of this kind of affliction.

      • I truly thank you Stacey because you have great points for your case, you don’t just throw silly comments around, you think. Thank you again, I appreciate that.

        On the other hand, addressing your point, yes there are many churches which conduct deliverance of this kind and I am in no way agaisnt it.

        However we have to understand that if this husband in the video clip on your comment above is a true Christian that stands on the WORD of God and knows his inheritance in Christ. Let’s say he was afflicted and ran to a church such as SCOAN to be delivered, on getting there he realizes the cause of his troubles. My point is, he should not be told to go get his wife and even the rest of his family to come down also for deliverance or he will be re-afflicted as Mr. T.B. Joshua pointed out in the previous video (in fact, he should not be teaching this, this is blasphemy, against the authority of the WORD of God).

        This husband in your comment, knowing what his problem now is after his deliverance, if he was unaware of the source of his affliction in the first place, for the case of his wife, he does not need to take a second “pilgrimage” to SCOAN bringing along his wife to be delivered. (another case bad deliverance practice, because after his deliverance, he should not be made to leave the premises until he is fully tutored on how to maintain his deliverance, in which praying for his family should have been emphasized). In other words, he could have prayed for his wife on his own and his wife will be “delivered” without travelling back to SCOAN as adviced by T.B. Joshua in the previous article, because The WORD of God alone through prayer is able to deliver them completely, if he knows his authority in it, Psalm 107:20: ” He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

        The problem these days is that these ministers, pastors, prophets, etc. are giving the devil, demons and fallen angels undue power that they are not entitled to, making it seem like you have to move mountains and travel the proverbial seven seas before a demon can be told to go. What? Does it mean the name of Jesus Christ and prayer has no power over evil spirits any more, that you must run to a prophet with “special” powers to deliver you from them and cast them out? Is the word of God in Philippians 2:9-11 of not effect any longer?

        What about the power that Jesus gave us in Luke 10:19 and Mark 16:17?

        Luke 10:19:
        Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

        Mark 16:17:
        And these signs shall follow THEM THAT BELIEVE; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

        These WORDS are true today as they were yesterday, as we are told, “Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever”.

      • Also in Romans 10:13 we are told,”For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.”

        Again, when we depend on man, such as a pastor or a prophet or so called “wise men” or such as is called by any other name, to mediate for us, we make Jesus’ already finished work for us on the cross of non-effect. This is charismatic witchcraft in its all its ramification.

        We are told in 1 Timothy 2:5: “For there is one God, and ONE MEDIATOR between God and men, the man Jesus Christ” Not your pastor, not your prophet or prophetess, not your “apostle” (the fashionable title they prefer these days), not your evangelist, but ONLY Jesus Christ.

        Therefore, running to pastors and prophets to guide you or mediate for you and tell you what God wants you to do is Charismatic/Pentecostal spiritism and voodoo, or better put shamanism, and any prophet or pastor that encourages you to come to them for spiritual guidance and direction is a shaman and a charlatan.

        By running to these “men/women of God”, you are in fact handing over to them a great deal of control and power over your life; the control which should belong to Jesus Christ, the lover of your soul, alone. This immense control brings about elitism in the body of Christ and arrogance.

        As a result, you the people that run to them for prayers and guidance actually are causing them to stumble (which is also a sin, see Matt 18:16) as they will begin to think themselves to be more spiritual, more holy, highly favored and preferred by God above others. It brings a heightened sense of spiritual pride in them over other believers, and this should not be so as THERE ARE NO CELEBRITIES IN THE BODY OF CHRIST.

  4. If you say TBJoshua is teaching false doctrine, which false doctrine are you talking about? Did you ever sit down and listen to the sermon of Prophet TB Joshua? or just refer to what was not for ears to hear? When Jesus was on earth, He set people free from demon possess, which Prophet TB Joshua is doing to today. Get really and do what you can do if you are really serving the living God.

  5. Pls! As for me, the teaching was very clear, all the conclusion of the sermon is, if you say you are born again, and you noticed that you still find yourself in something against your sonship and you had tried all your effort to overcome this by youself, but all is abortive, it means there is demon behind it, you need deliverance, and is not mean only Prophet TB Joshua can deliver you, even on sunday service he still repeat this, that he is not the only prophet, but he only receive mercy from God. Deliverance mean to protect our salvation and more power to stand in our salvaion to the end, I’m not his member, but I’m watching emmanuel tv very well, thank you.

    • Nope, Matthew. You are not even listening to your own guru’s teaching. He said very clearly that it is blasphemy to say you’re born again without deliverance. You’re preaching your own sermon, which itself is unBiblical, but even that is not what TB Joshua said.

      Maybe that is how it works? TBJoshua says one thing, and his followers decide that it means whatever they personally want it to mean, and therefore he can say the most ridiculous stuff without losing any followers, because they just interpret it to whatever feels good to them at the time.

      • @ M.

        Exactly. Their own interpretation is their justification to themselves and their deliberate or perhaps deception and ignorance to self and others. And even being used by Satan as his own deceptive mouthpiece. Anything goes in SCOAN, as long it has some sort of a “manifestation” it is (claimed) God that “does” it. They will use Scripture to say, see, see, it’s there, that is why it is God.

        Ask yourself why people who are sincere and genuine have to go and go again to SCOAN to get deliverance all over again. Do we see this in the Bible too ? I know several people in SCOAN who have gone numerous times and every time they have a so called “demon”. Really ? Not even to mention their own leaders. Why keep believing their lies, their deception and false doctrines. Get away from them and seek Gods face alone. In a matter of time they will be full of demons again. Just guess where they come from, if they claim they go to the church where “deliverance” is their stick horse they ride upon for years.

  6. Acts 6:30-31 KJV:
    And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thine house.

    Romans 10:9-10 KJV:
    That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth, the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.


    Mr. T.B. Joshua, I will advice should take the time to go into studying his bible. He is too busy entertaining foreign guests in his fortress from week to week, keeping financial accounts and reproducing more anointing water for sale – making merchandise of God’s children, to really take time to study the WORD of God.

    He does not even go to his prayer line anymore to assist his “Wisemen” pray for people, I guess he is “too good” for that now, and that type of work is now beneath him (what insolence). He just sits back and relaxes while his menservants the “Wisemen” do the work for him. A humble servant of God and a true leader would join his trainees and work with them, as a good kind leader leads by example.

    All he does, as observed by a careful observer, is: watch the path of the money and make sure the right amount is coming in every week, then come out each Sunday – usually unprepared and sleepy, and just dishes out whatever he feels like it to ignorant people, who also do not study their bible. The blind leading the blind (Matthew 15:14).

    He then picks up about 10 to 20 people to prophesy to in the midst of the crowd i.e. if he feels like it, as some Sundays he doesn’t prophesy to anyone or even pray, he then shouts at the workers flocking around him to – “stop having meeting while I am prophesying”, “are you having your own meeting there?”, “hey, take the mic from him/her (telling one worker to take the microphone from another worker holding the microphone right to the face of the congregant he is ministering to he feels is not holding it to his specifications)”- he then runs back to relax, while his “Wisemen” again take up the work.

    An idle mind is the devils workshop. This is the same idleness that led King David to commit adultery with Bathsheba in 2 Samuel 11. When kings where out fighting battles, King David was home chilling. An unprepared Pastor is a blasphemer against the Holy Spirit because instead of preaching from the WORD of God, he will be preaching from his carnal mind what God did not send him to say.

    I say, if this man, T.B. Joshua, will not take the time to at least really study the WORD of God of which God has allowed him to build an empire for himself from, even though his miracles and prophecies are questionable; then, I politely call that he step down from the Christian ministry and go find himself a regular 9 – 5 job along with every other person out there and drop this bible teaching and preaching masquerade.

    And by the way, he should graduate the “Wisemen” and let them go and live their lives, a couple of those guys are better pastors than he can ever be (i.e. if they could only stop the irritating habit of quoting TBJ’s clueless “words of wisdom” in their sermons).

    • @Angelica
      Are you sure you are saved yourself?You talk like a worldly unkind woman with no self control.Check your salvation too.
      Galatians 5:19-23 The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

      • @childofGod:

        Wordly?? Unkind?? Me??? Hahaha, whatever. I figure you are just trying to throw jibes and insults out of desperation and frustration because your false teacher is being exposed; however, as much as your comment deserves to be ignored, I will respond to you anyway…it is crying for attention.

        Yes, Jesus sounded worldly and unkind when he called the Pharisees, the hypocritical teachers of the law of his time “white washed tombs filled with dead men’s bones”. This is indeed what T.B. Joshua is indeed today. He looks good on the outside, but when you follow him closely, he is nothing but a “white washed tomb” on the outside but filled with filthy lucre, wickedness, cruelty, vindictiveness, pride and ego – “dead men’s bones”- on the inside.

        Besides, what is worldly and unkind about pointing out the raw truth about this man’s shenanigans? Yes, indeed, the truth pill is sure hard to swallow, especially if you are an ardent follower and addict of the “anointing water”, but you still need it anyway, because as the saying goes, “the truth shall set you free”.

        The point above is to the blind followers that this man is blatantly deceiving you and is not a good steward of the Cross of Jesus Christ, in other words, he is a false shepherd and racketeer? My commentary and points above, is to let you know that this man has serious issues that needs to be addressed, and if you are a serious Christian and not one that is running after “breakthrough” and “signs and wonders” you will jump out of the sinking boat of SCOAN with immediate effect.

        Points you should note from my comment above about your (false) “prophet”:

        1. He is an arrogant man and full of self-importance (makes his menservants do most of the work of his ministry for him). In the kingdom of God you are suppose to be the servant if you are to lead not the served.
        2. He is lazy, he comes out to his Sunday service majority of the time unprepared. Never shows up for his so called Thursday service.
        3. He has no self-control you see this from the way he shouts at his workers and yells at them in public and in front of his Emmanuel TV camera. Is self-control not one of the fruit of the spirit you are trying to point out to me above in Galatian 5:19-23 “childofGod”? Look in the mirror.

      • Great comments, my beloved sister, Angelica ! Keep up the good work and shine the light into the darkness of ignorance ans stupidity so that those who have ears to hear may hear!

      • Thank you Mr. Terrific, but please let all the glory and thanks go the Holy Spirit of God for His revelation about this false “Man of God” and “Prophet”; it is not by me, I have nothing to do with it, we are just His instrument to use as He wills to warn others here. To God be all the praise, my brother.

        Thank God for TBJoshuaWatch.

  7. @Angelica
    Obviously regarding the way angrily you talk,it is easy to know who is desperate and frustrate because there is nothing you can do against TB Joshua when God is with him.
    No wonder you do not watch emmanuel.tv,that is why it is easy for the worldly people to formulate false statement and fabricated lies.
    TB Joshua is the one praying for people on the Thursday prayer line and the Sunday emergences prayers for the past many weeks.
    “white washed tombs filled with dead men’s bones”.If this statement you are putting on the mouth of TB Joshua was true,you could have brought evidence but we are not surprised because the devil since is fighting the light by any means but to no avail.

    John 15:18-20 “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. 19″If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you. 20″Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you”

    You are the ones exposing yourself because true christians do not persecute people like you do and anyone can see the kingdom you belong too.You need truly to look at your mirror.

    • Error correction : ….statement you are putting on the “person” of TB Joshua ….(not on the “mouth”of TB Joshua).

    • @ childofgod,

      Look in your own mirror and see your deception that has chained you deep in your own pupils of your eyes. I have see several leaders in SCOAN with such eyes and yet lead the church and justifying every thing they do, knowingly and deliberately. You are a sinner like everyone else is and Satan has taken you for a everlasting merry go round of lies and deceit and you will not rest unless you have deceived the rest of us. Repent of being better than everyone else is. Stop being deceived and laid back you have arrived, because you are not. Jesus is Lord and only His Blood covers all our sins. Your self righteousness does not wash with me, only Jesus’ Blood will do that.

      PS. I am back, coming in no other Name than of the Most High God and the Name above every Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so that every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

      • @jesse
        You are deceived yourself and chained by your own false doctrine.You dont even listen anything and just talk irrelevant.
        Where are you coming from?You want to make yourself smarter too?Nope,you are not as much as Angelica was and i m not going to pay too much attention at you.

      • @ childofgod,

        Show where or about my insinuated by you false doctrine. Ignorance is bliss, so ignore as you see fit. Should I care ? Did I touch a raw nerve ? You don’t like to be shown your real true nature and personality ? How much sinner you are yourself, while boasting and huffing and puffing as usual of those that put you in your rightful pitiful place. Who do you think you are ? Remember your own mirror and stare in your own reflection of your pupils and call out to the Name above every Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth in sincerity and truth. See if not demonic spirits shifting in your pupils to hide. You forgot what I have seen, you forgot I looked in your eyes, the reflection of your darkened soul and corruption you continue to adjure to. How long will thou not see that those who are being lead by you are being destroyed of lack of knowledge of the true Word of God that flows from His Spirit as well His absolute Word of Truth. How long willest thou continue to adjure to thou deception of thine abominable teaching from the pit of hell and the following of mortal man ? When willest thou wake up from thy spiritual slumber and eyes that see not of thou dereliction and disaster ? Disaster, says The Lord of Host. Shall I be a man says the Lord and should I lie ? How long willest thou be lead by thy own made up convenient spiritual deception and convenience that are no Words from the Most High God and His Host of Heaven, Who is The LORD God Almighty. Repent before thou are consumed by thou own greed and deception and corruptest thouselves forever in Eternity. Thou art not my Apostle of time past. Repent ! As the Spirit speaks to thee why thou still have time.

      • @jesse
        blah blah blah which real true nature did you show?all nosense.Are you trying to seek praises too like Angelica?Noone cares about what you have seen.Keep it by yourself and leave Scoan alone.Slanders will always have something bad to say.
        Why dont you show up so as people may judge you too and know you are not working for satan by trying to drag people into your kingdom of darkness.Even satan disguises himself as an angel of light too,to sing Lord Lord does not make you real.Who do you think you are too?.Mind your business and Scoan will mind their own.Ignorance Ignorance,always ignorance,who say you know much than others?if there are people who boast themselves and dont have mirrors to watch themselves and mind their own life,is you and all slanders and Scoan does not care,does it?Keep slandering until you are tired,who cares.

      • @ childofgod,

        All nonsense right ? I understand you rather enquire from familiar spirits and lying spirits instead of what God says to you through His Spirit. Your thought of me slandering, is as saying when Paul rebuked Peter for his ignorance of speaking and teaching wrong doctrine of the Gospel. How long will you confuse truth with made up stories of carnal mortal man you so desperately follow as well represent. How long you will keep up Satan’s words as he said to Eve, “Did God really say” and then twist the Holy Words of God to deceive Eve. You, you are in this same position, willingly, conscience seared with a hot iron and promote your false and evil agenda to deceive many. It take people like me to show your falsehood and insincerity of being greedy and promote your own will and agenda of your flesh and carnal mind. When was the last time TB Joshua prophesied or wiseman and with the claimed gift he has to sweep thousands of people into the Kingdom of God on the world scene. Where the people saved by the disaster of the Cyclone in the Philippines for example. Those who claim to have prophetic gift why was it not used to warn people they would die unless they repent ? Your false prophet did do nothing. Nor send out helpers, nor save the lost, if he claims to hear from God as a prophet. Or do we have to wait again for a lame after the event fabricated video again ? No slander has taken place here, then show you what a pathetic false Christian you are that follows mortal men and women for guidance and the promotion of deception.

        Ps before you go on your stick horse of do it yourself. I don’t claim I have the gift of prophecy, because it is not a slot machine as TB Joshua does and his wiseman. Hence proof of familiar spirits dwelling in them and around SCOAN. For the last time again. I am with Jesus, King of kings and Lord of Lords, not with any man or devil as you purport.

      • @jesse
        Yes,you are the only one to have Jesus and to know the truth.Lucky are you.Your so called “truth” that we are following men is only in your head.The church started with the new testament not with TB Joshua.
        I asked you why dont you close all churches so as everyone will be the mouthpiece of God by his own if you think that is how God works.
        And do you know what happened when God told Noah to build an ark for him and his family in preparation for a catastrophic flood that would destroy every living thing on earth,no one listened to him.Your falsehood and evil thought to paint the man of God with black will never work.
        If you are a true christian yourself which help by now have you given to the victims than talking too much and pointing fingers on others?
        Why dont you mind your business and leave TB Joshua then and stay with your truth?What is your problem ,TB Joshua is not after you why should be after him?Stay with your imaginable truth and deceive yourself .Who after who?why dont you answer?you want just to waste my time with your boasting ” blah blah blah it takes someone like me to show blah blah blah “whatever.Who do you think you are?I have read enough of your boasting,what else.

      • @ childofgod,

        TB Joshua does do damage. He does do damage many and his family. The are users and abusers and take for granted where they can extract your money from you. So are the leaders, who ride upon the thousands of dollars that are given by the ignorant and the foolish. On the Philippines, what do you know what I do for the Philippines ? Now you are also looking in my bank accounts as well in my personal input to many ? What about Syria, have I not kept my promise and dealt with it and see that a change took place as I told the “Hand of God” was on Syria. Where were you ? With your big mouth. You were nowhere to be seen, besides digging deep in your nostrils for bogeys. This is my business, to uncover your cheating and lying and the promotion of mortal men and women that are in for the gain and recognition of self, aggrandisement as well fame and notoriety and the smearing of Gods Holy Name with tricks and deception. Don’t even start with me, don’t point anything about me doing wrong because you have none, never have, never will. I am a nice person and I don’t abuse people like they do in SCOAN and suck people dry and make excuses when it suits them and when it is convenient.

      • @jesse
        Oh because you bank accounts of TB Joshua that is why you have a right to jugde.And because you know what i do my self you have a right to judge me?whatever.Are you just warning me with your big mouth or what?yeah i m going to start with you,do you have something for me?yeah go on,do i fear slanderers?oh No,what you can do is to talk nonsense only.And I have told the truth that is why you are getting mad.Have self control with your big mouth.

      • And TB Joshua do domage,TB Joshua ruin lies,TB Joshua did this, did that.Really?Out of thousands and thousands people whom got blessed through his ministry,you are the only ones he chose to domage.Yes?Just tell stories for fun.

      • @childofgod,

        I tell stories for fun ? Why would I do that for ? Nor am I angry, or even mad, what were you thinking ? Lets get the facts right, I don’t have a big mouth like you the defender of TB Joshua and his crew and family. Tell me what have I done ? Your thinking has changed, your ways of behaviour has changed, why you think this is ? Am I not clear, are we not clear, what is your thought when you think speaking and telling as it is, is slander ? Slander is telling things that are not true. Do you disagree with this article what points out the errors of teaching that are contrary what the Word of God teaches. Then you call that slander. Let me correct you, it is correction and opposing the teaching of mortal man that are in error. That has nothing to do with slander. You should try and sit down and listen what has been said and find out if it is true what has been said in the preaching and not twist the findings of this article. So far as I have seen in your replies, you have not done this. So sit down and think before you write, don’t be deceived by any man, woman, or child. Again for you II Thessalonians 2. Read it and ask God what it means. Ok. Perhaps you have just the character of Goat, Camel maybe Donkey. When you are supposed to turn right and the road clearly spelled out in front of you, you go left. Yes ? If you were character of Sheep, you would do what is shown to you by TB Joshua watch and the writers here.

      • @jesse
        You are the one with the big mouth because you are here judging and talking too much against TB Joshua but hiding and never show anything you are doing yourself and let people judge you too.
        You are not giving any answer whatsoever.What you do is to “I KNOW THE TRUTH” I M THE ONE RIGHT”I m a sheep,you are a camel.Listen to this site and me,we know the truth.Right?Who say so?

        As i said before the bible never said :you shall judge others by hiding yourselves.If claiming its your business to judge others,you should show yourselves and let people judge you too .
        How people will know if you are working for God or working for the kingdom of darkness when nobody knows your own work also.
        The apostles or anybody who claim to work for God never hide themselves when preaching or telling the truth to warn people.

        John 3:21″Anybody who does wrong hates the light and keeps away from it, for fear his deeds may be exposed. But anybody who is living by the truth will come to the light to make it plain that all he has done has been done through God.”

        These critics claiming to warn others they know why they cant come to the light for fear they might be the ones to be exposed.But if they truly work for God they must come to the light and let people judge their deeds too and know if they truly are of God to warn others.
        First answer this and show your truth by your deeds not by talking too much and judging others by hiding.

      • @jesse
        And if you think that the only truth about TB Joshua is found in this site,,i think you may have answers from this site because it has answered most of your articles much better i can not do myself.
        https://tbjoshuawatch.wordpress.com/ So why should we believe you are the one right not them.

      • @ childofgod,

        If God can speak through stones as it is written, why you doubt me not to speak the Truth ?

        Is my road for you spelled out to you, “Follow Jesus Christ” not the Truth for you ? What you want me to say then ?

        1. That I am infallible because the Holy Spirit lives in me and I speak accordingly ?
        2. That people have venereal diseases ?
        3. You gotta have a prayer stool otherwise you can’t pray ?
        4. That every Christian needs deliverance ?
        5. To demonstrate that the devil constantly visits SCOAN to be made a spectacle of ?
        6. To listen to “demons” lie through people ?
        7. To send out people as leaders full with purportedly infested demons on a deliverance spree ?
        8. To promise to be indefinitely being in Haiti with missions and help the Haitians ?
        9. To make edited videos that fit world events with vague content and are applicable for all kinds of world disasters ?
        10. To follow mortal men and women ?
        11. Get the Muslims in and and wear a weirdo robe of “authority”.
        12. Followers of him that are inept to make a conversation and friendship as well are riddled with demons time after time even though for many years there and have been delivered at least 10 times.
        13. Being ostracised when they start to suspect you are not entirely with their quest of deceiving you ?
        14. Vile answers from his followers and representatives of that WatchTBJoshua site ?
        15. ….what else ?

        You are not serious are you ? Really ? What were you thinking ? You really must think I am, stupid, dumb, born yesterday and just a fool, is it not ? Gimme a break ! I left because people like you. Thank you very much.

      • @jesse
        Will you ever answer any question that is asked than repeating the same thing that is all very known by every believer.How many times you will say follow Jesus.So you are the only one to how to follow Jesus?Who told you is not following Jesus?Why dont you tell people who created this site to give it another name like jesusfollowers.So that your debate would be based on how to follow Jesus only.
        “If God can speak through stones as it is written, why you doubt me not to speak the Truth ?”And it is written in the bible that jesse is the only one to know the truth?right?Do you just to waste my time or.
        Have i said you must be stupid, dumb, born yesterday and a fool?what are you talking about?Or have i asked you to tell me what TB Joshua says or done as an answer to my comments?what do you want to achieve by jumping there and there to give irrelevant response.
        Why cant you just read my questions and answer it as simple it is than turning around and reading other people’s mind far away what they never meant in their post.
        You left because of people like me?really?and how are people like you?i know people like you are the onlyone to know the truth because they shout Jesus Jesus all the time that is how they show they know truth.Really?You should ask Jesus why He said this Matthew 7:21
        To shout Jesus is not guarantee you are of truth.

      • @jesse
        Will you ever answer any question that is asked than repeating the same thing which is all very known by every believer?How many times you will say “follow Jesus”?So you are the only one to know how to follow Jesus?Who told you he/she is not following Jesus?Why dont you tell people who created this site to give it another name like jesusfollowers.So that your debate would be based on how to follow Jesus only?
        “If God can speak through stones as it is written, why you doubt me not to speak the Truth ?”And it is written in the bible that jesse is the only one to know the truth?right?Do you just want to waste my time or?
        Have i said you must be stupid, dumb, born yesterday and a fool?what are you talking about?Or have i asked you to tell me what TB Joshua says or done as an answer to my comments?what do you want to achieve by jumping there and there to give irrelevant response?
        Why cant you just read my questions and answer it as simple they are than turning around and reading other people’s mind far away from what they never meant in their post.

        You left because of people like me?really?and how are people like you?i know, people like you are the only one to know the truth because they shout Jesus Jesus all the time, that is how they show they know truth.Is it not?You should ask Jesus why He said this in Matthew 7:21
        So to shout Jesus is not guarantee you are of truth.

      • @ childofgod,

        I have answered you and yes I am following Jesus, who are you following. A man full of contradictions you don’t want to admit. Don’t wash me with Matthew 7. What have you found on me that is contradictory of the Scripture ? Do I stage fake deliverances ? Do I stage the devil incarnate imaginary on my stage ? Do I behave with my own stories I speak as if my words are infallible ? And so forth. Are you scared to stand on your own and if you are not, why do you need a chaperone in the form TBJ to do what you have to do in life ? It looks to me you can’t be independent and walk with God alone. Why you need TBJ to hold your hand and “lead” you, huh ? Why you need his input for ? Why you need a teacher, while the Teacher lives within you and is with you forever ? Why you need to be told by him what to do ? How to eat, how to procreate, how to name your kids, how to go to toilet, how to wash, how to buy things, use your mobile, brush your teeth, how to scratch your back, why ? Why are you so obnoxious and self righteous ? Why are you involved in it ? Why ? For gain ? For notoriety, self aggrandisement, ego feeling stroked, feeling “speshul”, better than me the only super Christian because you are attached to SCOAN ? You ask me one question, I answered, I asked numerous ones and you never answer them than dancing around it only to keep the convo going….with useless arguments and nihilism and dependency on TBJ and Wisemen and the relentless promotion of SCOAN……and no spine either. Yes ?

      • @jesse
        Before even thinking to start judging TB Joshua,you should have started to judge yourself because there is allot to judge that comes out your mouth.

  8. Dude, cool, no one is drinking your juice. Raining jibes at me does not make the truth go away…okay. Is that what they teach you in that SCOAN church of yours to be insulting people anyhow? Grow up.

    Indeed, T.B. Joshua is who he is, FALSE and an impostor!

    Oh! My bad, does Mr. T.B. Joshua now join his “wisemen” to pray for people at his “Thursday prayerline” service for the sick? If so, I apologize for my point #2 above, I do not glue myself on his Emmanuel TV station 24 hours a day /7 days a week, as some of you do, I have a life.

    If he is now joining his “wisemen” to pray on Thursdays, that is an improvement and is commendable, because the last few times I happened to glance at that channel on Thursdays, he was missing in action. Regardless, it does not mean he is less false, because he is now praying with the wisemen on Thursdays, as I pointed out, for one that is trying his best to impress and look humble, this is one area he should not neglect to show off – but unfortunately he does, I guess someone has alerted him to it, and he is now brushing up.

    In addition, you guys should please advise him to at least come out prepared and ready to speak to people on Sundays. He should understand that most people that come to visit his church are not fools (even though majority are “in name only born-again Christian” bible illiterates), he should respect their “other” intelligence and their time.

    A pastor should always be prepared, not come out sleepy with pretentions of holiness and high spirituality, making comments and giving excuses like, “I only come out when the Holy Spirit tells me to” blah, blah blah…instead of telling them he overslept, he then rambles on for hours with no specific point. It is an insult to his congregation. Anyway, I don’t blame him when there are people like “childofGod” available to excuse him and swallow whatever he dishes out “hook, line and sinker” whether it makes sense or not, without consulting the scriptures.

  9. Anyway “childofGod”, pointing out the tell tale signs of the falsity in T.B. Joshua is not persecution my dear, I did not go to his fortress to arrest him. I am just pointing out the fact and signs of a false prophet to my brothers and sisters for them to be aware, and to “look before they leap”. You simply cannot deny that something is seriously NOT right with that “prophet”, if you are true to yourself, you will acknowledge it, even if you are his disciple – the Holy Spirit never lies, period.

    By the way “childofGod”, quoting John 15:18-20, “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you…etc.” for him is not a sure sign that your man T.B. Joshua, is a true prophet of God, just because people are now privy to his falsehood and are making it known, does not mean he is “persecuted”, therefore he is now qualified to be called “holy”, or a “true follower of Jesus Christ”, or more so, a “true prophet”. Persecution is NOT a license of authencity.

    When all is said and done, there is still repentence for TBJ in Jesus Christ, because Jesus died for sinners and TBJ is also a sinner that needs salvation, but first, he has to seriously humble himself, ask God for forgiviness for leading so many souls astray all this while due to selfishness, greed and ego, go back to the basics and start studying his bible for sound doctrine – if possible enroll in bible school as it looks like he will need tutoring, close up SCOAN, stop selling anointing water and stickers, close up the SCOAN HOTEL money making engine, release the souls and destinies of the disciples that he is holding hostage -especially the females – in the pretense of training…there is a lot more, but I will develop this at a suitable time…(in the meantime, until SCOAN is closed, I don’t think anyone can convince me that TBJ has repented because SCOAN is his LEVIANTHAN).

    • @Angelica
      True,the word you used above is perfectly describe and stick with your character,you are very SILLY,and blind that is why you cant see your spiritually nakedness. You say insults but you are the one insulting TB Joshua.Of course you belong in the worldly kingdom that is why you can not see the true light of God operating through his prophet.The world cant accept the light so they have to destroy it but the the god of this world has no power over the great mission of Tb Joshua on earth, all anti-Scoan campaigners will never succeed because the mandate in Scoan is divinely assign.Whether you insults TB Joshua or you can not destroy him!That is it.

  10. Just watched the video posted by stacey earlier http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8cSiypOkNzs
    It gets even more bizarre. In the video at 6:30 the wife is declared free. Then at 14:29 the wife says the next day she was struggling with this spirit in her sleep and then TB Joshua showed up and then the spirit left. So TBJ shows up in this lady’s dream as she is struggling with the spirit, the spirit sees TBJ (all in the dream) & then it leaves & runs away?

    Sandy Simpson quotes TB Joshua as saying: “The divine person in me can do a million things simultaneously. I can appear to thousands people in their dreams in any part of the world to set them free of their sicknesses, problems and afflictions.”

    This is NOT christianity!

    It is ONLY Christ/God who can appear to many in different parts of the world simultaneously.

    • Thank you General, you are getting it. The man is a Shaman and works with “spirit guides” and operates in spirit channeling. I strongly believes he operates with the very high second heaven transcendent spirit that goes by the name “Emmanuel” (anyone interested should search this spirit guide on the internet, it is as basic as googling spirit guide “Emmanuel”, you might also see it under “Immanuel”, be careful though, pray and make sure you are in the right spirit before you venture…).

      T.B.Joshua is so full of himself and highly conceited, imagine such comments as:

      “The divine person in me can do a million things simultaneously. I can appear to thousands people in their dreams in any part of the world to set them free of their sicknesses, problems and afflictions.”

      Which apostle did we read that projected himself into anyone’s dream to heal or to afflict? This power to intercept people’s dreams belongs to God alone, and is sometimes mimicked by the impostor himself, Satan and his agents in their quest to grab the worship, reverence and adoration that belong to God alone from unsuspecting humans.

      Definition of the word “divine”:
      Anything relating to, related to or coming from God or a “god”.
      Note: Spirit guides, also see themselves as “gods” and “light bearers”. And guess what? The main “light bearer” we know is the main one himself, “Satan” or “the papa of all Lucifers”, “the son of the morning” (Isaiah 4:12) and “the king of terrors/cruelty” (Job 18:13).

  11. I’m still worried abt John chii where is he did u do Sam follow up after,he showed up at scoan,from there u are all quite,whatsaap.please find him

    • @ Gay Moyo:

      Where is John Chi? That is a good question. If I know and understand TB Joshua correctly, he has worked to bring John Chi back to his fortress SCOAN, now to reduce and make him a walking zombie.

      His destiny is under wraps now because the poor guy was too naïve in his youth to trust T.B. Joshua as a true servant of God as a result of all his fancy “miracles”.

      Is miracle a new thing to magicians? Even Pharaoh’s magicians and sorcerers performed “miracles” too to challenge God’s true servant Moses.

      John Chi in his innocent quest and hunger for more of God, fell into the hand of the Shaman, and believed all his empty promises. “God wants to use you”, “I will make you a great one”, “You will be going and travelling around the world”, blah, blah, blah… promises as empty as they come that cannot pass the tip TB Joshua’s nose; poor John Chi and the other so called “Wisemen” fell into it all whole heartedly.

      May the Almighty God that rescued the Children of Israel from the iron grip of Pharaoh King of Egypt, rescue John Chi from his “Pharaoh” T.B. Joshua in Name of Jesus Christ.

      • Whatever.Still looking for praises?I did not say you are smart in a good way but you are in talking too much nonsense and fabricating too many lies only.

  12. lord jesus have mercy on them.forgive their sin and convert them to make the word of God standard for there life.my father in the lord senior prophet t b joshua your preaching teaching has collect me with jesus christ.by our fruit you shall know us,emmanuel God is with us.

  13. @Angelica why do you write too long without making any sense whatsoever? you seem to know it all, just a few questions? 1. How well do know tb joshua and how well do you watch emmanuel tv? 2. what is your work in Lord’s vineyard? please show us evidence that will motivate unbelivers faith to follow Christ. critising someone cant win the heart of any unbeliver to the kingdom of God. why are you critising people that are already in the church, did any of them complain to you that since they started going to scoan their relationship with God has been affected and their bible reading has dropped? what message are you really preaching? what are your advice based on? you call tb joshua fake all the time but through his ministry many have give their life to christ, reading their bible, their relationship with God has grown execpt if you want to tell us that the whole congregation doesn’t have relationship with God.

    • @God’property,Angelica may have never even seen TB Joshua face to face,or she may have never gone to Scoan but she is talking foolishly about TB Joshua as if she knows everything about him.She only wants attention to make herself smarter than others,that is a worldly behaviour,there is nothing about christianity she has in her character,only talking too much nosense.

  14. @ Godsproperty,

    Many believe this and rightfully so in error as proven over and over again here and by myself, but you obviously run with the masses and cosiness of false, lying and fickle friends inside SCOAN as well demon possessed leaders and prophets and the spiritual blinding deception that comes with it. Instead of having a relationship with God Himself, by yourself. You follow man that pretends he/she is the mouthpiece of God, I follow God and His Spirit in me. 1 John 2:27. Why don’t you read that and apply.

    • @jesse
      Jesse who told you we are following men?The church is for Christ not for men,then if you think you are very wise then close all churches so as each one will be the moutpiece of God by his own.
      I guess when you were there on the time of new testament,you could have told all people there, not to listen to the apostles or not to seek prayers from them because all were able to do what the aposles were doing through God power..
      You say TB Joshua is a false teacher but you and Angelica are true false teachers ..And if you have mirrors yourselves,why not use them and look at yourselves , TB Joshua and Scoan will look at their own?Who is after who then?
      Because your own spiritual mirrors are blind,you want others to be blind like you by teaching false doctrine.
      Reading your comments is just to waste time and i have wasted enough by now.

    • @Jesse, what is this guy talking about? where are you from? where in my post did i say they follow man, i clearly stated relationship with God. if you say the whole scoan congregations do not have relationship with God and you are the only one that do Bro that is your business with God. everyone of us will have our case to answer b4 God at the last day, you cant answer for me, i cant answer for you,and neither will you answer for any scoan members, don’t you think you should mind your own business.

      • @ Godsproperty,

        I mind my own business, which is exposing cheaters and liars that are out there to deceive the masses and become millionaires on the back of poor people and sent out leaders who are possessed to deliver people, only to transfer more of them in them, so in the future they will turn up again and have to go to SCOAN again and again to be delivered, a unbiblical practice and lie. Being in SCOAN caused more problems than alleviation is my personal experience, simple because of false and fickle friendship and lies witnessed by me and the altering of personalities in the leadership for the worse. When you observe that you will know this is not Gods Spirit at work, but a controlling Jezebel spirit that wants to destroy you because when you stand up like a Jehu and the trample of the horse, you see their true nature manifesting. They separate themselves as a family and thinking processes they are the only one in the world that count, while their slithery and slimed nature gloats through their eyes how they can pounce and destroy you. When you scratch off their veneer of the leaders you will find a spiritual scaley surface what proves their real nature they have led themselves into because of gain and freebies, doing nothing than just lifting up a bottle with “anointed water”. When you break their true nature you will find their true personality. So it is my business to warn and teach what our Bible says and not mime what any mortal man with tricks says. Do you understand, mr Property of Deception. Or do you want me to gloss it all over ? Yes ?

  15. Only God can save this world, many will lost their salvation, only because of judging their felllow brothers, well! Heaven is await for every soul.

    • Matthew–Please back with Scripture your assertion that questioning the doctrine of a public figure is a sin that leads to hell. Thanks in advance.

  16. TB Joshua once said he does not eat fish for the mere reason that some fishes are transformed humans and mermaids/mermans. I don’t mind people deciding not to eat fish for whatever reason, but for that reason???? 

    What utter nonsense :(! So he is more “holy” than Jesus Christ and his apostles that fished (John 21:5-6) and ate fish e.g. Apostle Peter was a fisherman that ate and sold fish.

    What TB Joshua practices is African traditional voodoo religion mixed with Islam, Christianity and Satanism (do as thou wilt – religion of self – do not mortify the flesh but walk in liberty of “spirit”).

    High occult and spiritism powers are in operation here, that is why he commands fear in his disciples and “wise men”. In this type of occult world, the spiritist with the greater power wins over other spiritists with lesser power, I must say the “guide” that is backing T.B. Joshua has some gumption (not for long in Jesus Name, it is a matter of time. Everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house).

    A word is enough for the wise.

    • Did Sandy Simpson ate with TB Joshua to know what TB Joshua eat or not?All slanders are jealous because their own ministries are rubbish.They only talk too much by quoting the whole bible just in their mouth but they deny it in their heart.They proclame God is the same yesterday, today and forever but they deny the power of God.If they cant believe that God can heal HIV AIDS,what are they preaching then?Nothing is impossible to God.The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.Who do you want to deceive?Sandy Simpson spends most of his time slandering about churches because himself he does not have anything to show ,he can quote the whole bible but he denies the power of God in action.We are fed up with these false teachers pharisees.

      • childofGod. What you call; false teachers and pharisees, ., mostly they dont have the compleet knowledge of Truth. No-one is jalous of profhet TB joshua. In fact TB Joshua misses the facts of Truth more then once. He is not compleeted in the Truth either, in spite of his powers. He has a LOT to learn, about humility and his ego-problems. What to say about the fact, that he could not heal Ryan? Not even after 13 years? He is able to heal aids and not a paralized man? What is wrong with his understandings? The truth is; he does not preaches the right knowledge of the Gospel of grace, he teaches his own version of it. African version and a disgusting superior one. I know a lot of ministeries who use the indwelling power of God very well, and they teach it their members., so every-one is able to deal with the finished works of Christ by their own faith. Tb Joshua has a sickness too,called paranoia. Maybe you can help him with your indwelling powe of God?

    • @jamie
      So Ryan can find healing through those ministries you know who use the indwelling power of God very well if you are not a liar,is’n it?
      And for TB Joshua,he is not the one who heals but its God who heals through his him as he always say so.
      God does as He wills,if God did not use him to heal Ryan, may be through your ministries which know to use the indwelling power of God very well you can show how they are the ones to have the complete knowledge of truth than TB Joshua by healing Ryan.
      Talking too much by criticizing other ministries and doing nothing yourself,is it wise?Show your own potential then if you think TB Joshua misses the truth by teaching African version and a disgusting superior one.We are tired of your too much criticism on others but doing nothing yourself.
      And why dont you leave Africa alone and watch your European version?I asked you who is after who then?Are you not satisfied in your European good version?It seems you are not that is why you have to watch something from the “disgusting”African version.
      Actually things you accuse others you are the ones to have it.You have a chronic sickness of paranoia,you are insecure in your european version that is why you have to fight the African version to make yourself secure.

      • @childofgod,

        Quote “God does as He wills”

        You are quoting that wrong. Let me translate it for you. SCOAN and TB Joshua do as they will, when it suits them, when it comes out for them, when it is convenient and to be used for self aggrandisement and create a imaginary deceiving high visibility ministry in fabricated construction. With fake deliverances and false doctrines, worship of men and self righteous as their stick horse and holding up lies and practicing demon possessed leaders who are sent all over the world with their demons inside of them. Ummm did I leave anything out ? Please add as it has been coming to you by your own self experience with them. Let me remind you, the next time someone dies or is not healed after ministry over there don’t be surprised they will blame it all on you as usual.

      • @jesse
        No,when it comes to human kind,Slanderers do as they will,whatever that is not suitable with them, they make sure to destroy it as they will.that’s their job.

  17. And I am sick and tired of your insults, accusings and blamings. I am for ever healed from the african-gospel-version. If you knew how much work I did for TB Joshua, you would not talk like this. Pearls for the pigs. Thank you so much. I am quite healthy since I made the descion to leave scoan. If I had stayed , I would have died. I dont need your permission to have my opinion about tb Joshua. Thank you so much. I know him very well. Help that man with the right doctrine, thats the best you can do, in steat of empty fighting on this site. Thank you so much.

    • @jamie
      Which insults?What are you talking about?Who do you think is fighting,accusing and blaming who?the things you do yourselfs you always put them on others.You are the one insulting Africa and TB Joshua and now you are the one crying?You people are very blind and never want to look at your own mirrors.
      You worked for TB Joshua ?Are you serious?You went there to work for TB Joshua or for God?And How many disciples have you counted that died inside of Scoan?I think you are living in your own world, you really need help yourself,you are not making any sense whatsoever you are saying.You seem to be depressed even if you claimed you were healed because you left Scoan,you should really have your eyes fixed on God only and leave TB Joshua,it seems your fight against him does not make you any good.I rest my case here so as you will not
      blame me for what you choose to do in your life as you have started so.

    • You will not die, my lady. Instead you will continue to live and bring joy and succour to all those who are blessed thru you. One piece of advice, never join issues with people when it comes to matter of religion. Simply state the evidence to back up your arguments and leave them to go back to their quiet places and weigh the facts for themsele. The people you are engagt are not imbeciles. They can read and write. I don’t want anyone stressing you up. All the best.

  18. And if there be anybody else out there who I have offended, plz forgive me. I love everyone the same. Happy holidays!

    • daemondada, why then do they act as imbeciles? What God do they serve? Why is there no end on the offences and defences of the scoanites? Why do all reasonable discussions about what the Truth is, seem to become a hellisch and hatring kicking, beating and abusing insult in scoan? I did missionairy works for you africans, with my whole heart, soul and spirit, . I did Gods work. You love every-one the same? And why did i not notice that when I needed it? Scoan first creates needless sufferings, pain, hardships, and then they love you to heal the wounds they cause? Have a happy holiday too, just use it to examine your mad doings.

      • The imbeciles people are those who keep slandering after others when those persecuted are not even caring about their insults.

      • @ Jamie,

        Don’t let them get the blood under nails away. That is what they excel in. Remember, you can do a thousand day good, but if you do one thing wrong in one day they SCOAN will haunt you:

        1. With videos from the past
        2. With reminding where you come from
        3. Go in groups and attack you how self righteous they are.
        4. That you need deliverance
        5. That you need rebuke and put in solitaire confinement.
        6. That you are certainly wrong and they are always right.
        7. They will show you their true fickle friendship and stab you in the back and betray you.
        8. They will report you to TB Joshua so their egos can stroked,
        9. They will tell you lies.
        10. They don’t know that they were possessed in the first place.

        Then on top telling you, they do Gods work as if God has send an SMS or Email from heaven that they are the only ones chosen and the rest are just nincompoops and devil worshippers, which on its elves is a thorough lie.
        Etc. etc.

        Who wants to be with such ??? Your choice was right and show them their true nature of who they really are since you now better.

      • Correction:In Christ there is no Africans,Europeans,Asians,Americans as it says In Christ there is no gentiles or jews,all people are the same before God.We work for the church of Christ not for a particular continent.

      • And your true natures are slanders and no one wish to be with such liars people.Thanks to have left Scoan,even TB Joshua never asked you to come to his church,why should you be so angry at him now that you have left.Are you not happy where you are?it seems you are not that why you have kept an eye watch at Scoan to feel much better.

  19. The truth about the satanic thinking of TBJ continues to be revealed in reality without room for denial. They now do not accept children to attend some of their services- yet in the bible it is written that Jesus Christ does not turn anyone away. He is calling children, adults and anybody else read this : http://scoanlondon.wordpress.com/

    • childofgod; Oh no, the Gospel of tb Joshua is exclusive for the africans! He confirmed it today! He has no single eye for the problems of other countries. His words: “africa has a lack of management”! Yes, they have, for ages and ages, and even his Gospel can not change it. Teach him the real Gospel of the Truth, and they WILL change! It is not the gospel of being depending on tb Joshuas fanaticy, but it is the Gospel of freedom! Wigle your pathetic profhet, he is all yours. I choose freedom! amen.

      • childofgod; if you only knew how much this profhet of you has ruiind in the lives of others! But I gues you are without any reason, . Glory to Lord Jezus Christ!

      • If you knew how much the devil is ruining your lives by making you his instrument to fight ministers of God,you wouldnt allow him.
        Your so called “prophet ruining your lives is your own perception but even millions can testify different than you do about this prophet.
        No one is drinking your cup either.

      • @jamie
        You have just picked one sentence of what he was saying about Africa and you just put that in your own slander work to give it another meaning as you seem to fit on slandering.

  20. childofgod; I am not fighting this profhet. In fact, he fighted me in a sickening way. He is a master in turning-arounds, just as you. There are no milljons testifing glory about tb Joshua. There are sure hundred thousands holding captive by him. Await his”revelution”, he is prepared for it, for years, he even brought some youth-leaders-up to manage the whole circus at that time, he spended fortunes on them.. Watch this despoot in christian-clothes. Watch! amen.

    • Where do we see him fighting you?but here is the evidence you fighting him.And there people he holds captive,run to the police and report that if you have evidence of what you say.But if you know you are liars you cant do that because it will put you to shame.
      Yes,slanderers have nothing else to do with their life than turning arounds to watch other people’s lives so as they may have what to slander after them.

      • childofgod; I am talking about Spirit-live, not about carnal sights. Why should you understand? But you better learn what is possible by Spirit, and you will see how your master TB Joshua is at work by it, for the good and the bad.

      • @jamie
        If you knew yourself what is in spirit,you will not fight in flesh and blood.You are the one to know anything about spirit.Do you see TB Joshua critisizing anybody of his critics?You better learn yourself how to fight spiritually.

    • @jamie and co. Please correct me if Am wrong, so if what we see on Emmanuel tv and our physical witness at the course of Sunday services are all fake like you guys claimed, why on earth are we suppose to believe a piece of write ups from you guys not minding that we dont even know who u guys are, never see anything you have done and no evidence of your claims, u just expect people to buy a story put up on internet. When you discovered he was fake during ur time there how come you did not start documenting evidence of all this stories? please explain why? Bcuz you claim u spent years there. Tb joshua always document everything about his work to his follwers how come yours is not documented?

      • @daemondada
        Dont waste your time with these people,they never want any help from anybody,even the Jesus they claim to have ,they cant allow Him to help them.
        What is in their head is to fight TB Joshua only,and this will never ever allow them to have peace,they are just deceiving themselves.
        You have come as friend to support her but she is turning her back against you.Whats wrong with them.
        Please dont take anything she is saying personal,its just the rage she has to fight TB Joshua that it is causing her to fight everyone.
        Take care and keep her as friend.

      • @Godsproprety
        Very good point.Not saying that the bible never said :you shall judge others by hiding yourselves.If its their business to judge others,they should show themselves and let people judge them too .How people will know if they are working for God or working for the kingdom of darkness when nobody knows their own work also.The apoltles or anybody who claim to work for God never hide themselves when preaching or telling the truth to warn people.
        John 3:21″Anybody who does wrong hates the light and keeps away from it, for fear his deeds may be exposed. But anybody who is living by the truth will come to the light to make it plain that all he has done has been done through God.”
        These people claiming to warn others they know why they cant come to the light for fear they might be to be to ones to be exposed but they truly work for God they must come to the light and let people judge their deeds too and know if they truly are of God to warn others.

  21. @godsproperty

    Quote “TBj always document everything…..”

    So you admit those are used to remind you of your past, present and future ? So you tell me they are storing thousands of petabytes, yottabytes, which is a multiple of multiple of terabytes of video footage. So tell Oh thou great IT manager of SCOAN, how do you access your allegated millions of video footage without a massive SQL databases connected to it as well the maintenance of such huge servers, computers, networks, hard disks, USB sticks, blue rays, DVDs, CDs, ETC. ETC.

    And if that is true, show me anywhere where this is done, so I can investigate myself if this is true. Or are those videos mostly with people with another wig, weave on , different clothes, shoes, bu bu,s, agbada’s, which are paid to throw up a frothing scene and confirm the inside information gathered by disciples passed off as prophecy and revelation from God as well His Holy Spirit, what now is common practice in most African churches to extract and syphon off monies to progress their fickle and false agenda and enrich themselves with 4-5 private airplanes and 22 bedroom/bathroom mansions ?

    I tell you what Jesus said, Go into the world and preach the Gospel. Sitting from your ivory tower and send out deceptive videos is not preaching but scamming people. Do you understand ? Now off you go to the Phillipines, will you now ? Since SCOAN drowns in the money and is spend on useless things instead of missions.

  22. @ Godsproperty,

    How many times will you keep up your insinuations we fight anything of TB Joshua. Our word says, fight the good fight of Faith don’t be deceived, let no man deceive you.

    Your conviction and misconception of your confessed “light” is your darkness, how great is your darkness then ? Make no mistake, but repent and come to the Shepherd of your soul Jesus Christ He is the Light an Who is One with God the Almighty the Ultimate Light of All Lights Psalm 139 and stop following mortal deceived men and women who have no light in them.

  23. If you were not fighting TB Joshua,this site would not be tjoshuawatch,Dont try to deceive people.Your insinuation to fight the good fight of faith has nothing to do with what you are doing here.
    The good fight of faith is the cross of every believer he must carry in faith everyday on his way to Heaven.It has nothing to do with judging others.
    So for you,anyone who does not judge others,does not fight a good fight of faith?that how you think?Wake up from your false teachings yourself.

  24. @Jesse
    Can you ever have answers of main question that is asked for you than turning around and repeating the same thing that we are following men or repent come to Jesus and never answer what it really asked.I told you to close all churches then.Please answer the real question if you can.

    • @childofGod i guess we should leave this guys, they are waste of time, they have no good reasons, i have asked so many questions and i have seen the questions you asked but none was answered, they kept repeating themselves. they are group of people that see themselves as mr and miss perfect. you will hear things like after many years i have spent in scoan, after what i have done for tb joshua. you just ask if this guys went there with the purpose of serving God or serving Tb joshua. and to be honest with you the man of God we see and know doesn’t want people to serve him but God. and if you are not ready for God i dont think you will get along well with him that is the case with this guys. they must have thought the ministry is like one of those, they just walk in and behave anyhow, eat church money, pregnant workers in the church. hahahahaha!

  25. If you look at your-self;, in-side; you will be depressed and self-occupied.. If you look out-side and around you: you will be dis-stressed and defending or offending. If you look unto Jezus; you will be at rest. Now, where does TB Joshua is looking at?

  26. @ChildofGod i have a friend who said her spirit doesn’t accept tb joshua miracle but when her mother’s leg swallow up guest where she took her mother to? native doctor hahahaha! can you imagine? that is the case of most of this guys, we dont even know what they do. hiding their names under internet

    • @ Godsproperty,

      Native doctor, shaman Joshua and co, tell me the difference ? Chanting the Name of Jesus Christ ?

      Are you against doctors ? Why is Joshua not trailing off the hospitals and empty them in Lagos with his crew and the market places if you claim he has a gift of healing. Or is that travelling to far for him ? What did he do in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. etc. then ? Why does he never turn up somewhere in Europe or the USA in the Mormon church or where the Mennonites are. The Amish, the Anglican Church, the Scottish rite ? The Free Masons. Lots of demons to cast out. Are you saying the god of TB Joshua cannot go with him there ? Or how about Turkey, or Iraq, Iran, lots of Djins and Genies to be dealt with. Or was this only for Paul, John and Peter laid away. Surely the Austrian branch of TB Joshua is flourishing there. Or does it take the sad and foolish John Zavlaris that lost his wife at prayer mountain in Lagos ? Tell me, Oh thou great sage of following TB Joshua and co, what is your latest feat in quest and conquer your own problems and issues ? You must be on top of the world, why don’t you reveal yourself and show us you awesome record of being super conqueror of all things that stare you in the face. Or did you just ride on the money tails of TB Joshua and co, who siphoned that all off from ignorant, misled and deceived poor people and taken for a fancy ride with trickery some millionaires and gazillionaires who were doing Oooohhh and Aaaaahhh and did not test what was said there by any means or investigation and sat in the front seat with their polished suits and crocodile shoes and man bags as well the ladies with their designer bags ? Polished on the outside, filthy like every other sinner on the inside, desperately in need of Jesus Christ. Yes ?

      • @Godsproperty

        Truly, they never answered any question that it is asked wisely,instead when they find guilty,they will turn the question back to you to find a way to clean their guilty in a malicious way by keeping talking foolishly and insulting people only.Yes we shall know them by their fruit

        These critics are the ones who said to have a business of God to warn people.They should be the ones to show their deeds and let people also judge if they are really of God or if they are doing this for revenge hence they must have to hide in fear they will be the ones to be exposed.
        Anyone who works for God and have a message of truth to warn people,does not hide but come to the light since there is nothing to hide if he is truly working for God.But whoever speaks against others pretending to work for God but does it for selfish purpose,he must hide because his deeds are not of light but of darkness for revenge to destroy others.

        They never say anything wise in their comments.Why should they even care where TB Joshua is looking at when they do not support him?Why should they even think such unwise thing that TB Joshua should go empty all hospitals whatever or go there and there?
        For the spirit of God is a matter of faith and belief.Its not of forcing people.And Why Jesus did not make all people to believe in him and save them including those who crucified him if that is how it works?What about Judas Iscariot who ate and drank with Jesus but end up committing suicide,why Jesus never empty his illness to love money more than Jesus?Or make him repent by force and prevent him to kill himself.Do you think in Australia, Singapore, Europe , USA,Turkey, or Iraq, Iran or hospitals people never heard about Jesus?How many people do you think who saw Jesus face to face when He was on earth but never accepted him?

        TB Joshua is doing what he can do and he has changed many lives,but what about his critics?why should you not show up and let people judge your deeds too, instead of every time pointing your fingers on TB Joshua.He did this,he did that,he should do this,he should do that.Really?Ok .And while TB Joshua should do this and that,his critics should keep a watch on him to say badly about him only by hiding and never show up and let the world to say something about you too if you pretend to work for God.Is this, what you call “TRUTH”?
        And where do we see Paul,John and Peter pretending to know the “Truth” of warning people by hiding themselves whatever.They never hide because they were of light.But whoever has something to hide will never come to the light.

        Godsproperty,i truly agree with you ,we should leave these people,it is just a waste of time to argue with them because they will never have anything wise in their responses than keeping saying things of little interest and when they find guilty,it will turn into insults or threats.
        Be blessed and keep advising your friend to leave spiritualists and seek God.Its really sad how people do not trust God,keep praying for your friend.

      • @Jesse my time is too expensive to waste on your pointless post, you never answer any question. but take this point; only perfect person can judge others and i believe you must call youeself Mr or Miss Perfect whatever your tittle is. you are a sinless person. goodluck to that mr perfect.

  27. childofgod’;It was a very wise statement I gave, but I gues to deep for you. I advize you, to just work a while for TB Joshua, and then we gladly hear your opinion about it. You will be surprised what is “hidden”in this mans behaviours and “character”. I never hide anything for no-one. Why should I bring myself in deeper troubles , then tb Joshua already caused on me? I am glad he has you and your wisdom, he needs it, a trust-worthy frend to lean on. Just give it a try. You will be surprised how he will treat you. He is realy jezus-like.

    • @jamie
      How do you know i never give it a try?And among the whole Scoan members that are there,its just these few ex disciples who were able to see the hidden bad behaviour in TB Joshua?Sure,this implies that the ex disciples were the ones to have hidden behaviour which was not welcomed in Scoan then you chose to leave after that.
      Yes our statement are too deep for you that is why you never answered anything than twisting everything.

      • @ childofgod,

        And where are these disciples going if they want to come out ? A decent job in the government, jails, charities like the UN, DEC, Mary’s meals, the Salvation Army, WFP, MissionFish, ActionAid, Food Allergy Iniative, Operation OEI, Youth with a Mission, Christ for All Nations, Red Cross, Doctors without borders, etc. etc. No, you won’t see them going there because they find it easier to hide behind their fickle and false friendships and tell you they don’t have any family and rather walk around like Zombies and can’t even do a decent conversation with you than alone TB Joshua this and TB Joshua that and ostracise you when they see fit and are different persons private than when inside SCOAN, inflated because of self importance and the imaginary missions they go onto as being commander by God as if He has send an Email or Text message to them. Do they stand on their own, by themselves as we are ? No, they just ride on the gravy train of false prophesies and fake deliverances of Satan only turning every time up in SCOAN alone to be defeated as if. Only foolish people believe this humbug and are deceived being deceived as the Bible says and is written. II Thessalonians 2. Blaming everything on Satan just like Eve and are never ever responsible themselves for their ignorant and foolish choices they did what caused them to be in that predicament in the first place. These shenanigan deliverances are fake and made up as they see fit because that platform is given there for the entire world to see, only for one purpose to draw people inside the church. I was ignorant too, but now I know better and now I am here to say you are fake. One of the worst things they do is to blame you if you are not healed or delivered. Things like that is enough to leave SCOAN because of such atrocious nasty remarks. They will say that because you are not “with” them in their lies and deception.

  28. Deliverance simply means removal of darkness for the light to come in. TB Joshua is correct, sometimes he is not articulate but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he is talking about. When he says without deliverance you can’t be born again, he is simply broadly saying that darkness must be removed before being born again. Now, when the scripture says, believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved – it means for you to believe, the darkness that you have could be anything stopping you from accepting Jesus – pride, igorance, apathy, disbelief, demons etc. For a person to say yes to Jesus, the old impediment has to be removed (deliverance) in order for the light of truth to enter a person’s heart, and for a person to be saved. To break things down, for a person to sincerely say I accept Jesus, it means the old belief of not accepting Jesus is renounced, and the new confession is made – this is deliverance in the simple way. As stated, anything can be standing in the way of deliverance, and at the same time a person can be born again even if they have demon. TB Joshua is simply stating demons are a real cause of people not truly being born again because of their struggle with them, and let’s not forget that people can lose their salvation because demons make people sin, and if one is unfortunate to be in unconfessed sin when they die, then they are not saved according to the scriptures. Remember, it is a issue of the heart that salvation occurs, and sin from demons can be a barrier to a person. Thus, TB Joshua is simply stating that if you sin or the demon, pride etc, whatever is making you sin occurs, and there is no confession and askig for forgiveness on your part, then it is impossible to be saved – this is scripture, because God cannot allow a person who sins (an unholy person) into His kingdom. One cannot take a chance and say, I was saved a few years back, hence I am still saved – this is deception. 1 Corinthians 6/9 – no unrighteousness can allow entry into the Kingdom of God – if I sin a few mins ago and I confess I am saved, but if I sin a few mins from now and I do not confess and I die immediately after, i am not saved – this is doom. To round up, the removal of the wrong thought, act, speech (sin) replaced by a heart that is sincere attracts God’s forgiveness. Thus, the person is showig God that he or she has faith and thus will be forgiven. Deliverance is about removing a faithless thing (the barrier), and hence God seeing the person’s faith, and hence He forgives them. Moses obeyed God and the waters parted, deliverance for Israel thus came (salvation). The man whose friends removed the roof tiles for his healing was forgiven because of his faith (delivered). Also, the sinner on the cross next to Jesus displayed faith for him to enter heaven at the “split second” before the sinners death. In all these cases, deliverance occured because the thing that causes sin (unfaithfulness) was replaced by a person’s faithfulness, and that change of heart to in emplying faith destroys the barrier to being born again. Sin has to go from a person’s heart.

  29. ‘Ge here: I read as far as the beginning of 10th of November. How UGLY. Both sides backbiting – Both know the doctrine but by the portrayal have reduced The TRUTH to a mere philosophy for if it is not fired and inspired by The Holy Spirit that is all that it is. Galatians 5:22-23 has NOT been lived out and the clear direction in James 3:17 has been totally ignored.

    satan is more cunning and devious than man credits him. his only aim is to take our eyes off the finished work of Christ in us. We would do well to remember the vast array of evil he is prepared to use against us from nephilim to the lowest demon, who probably do the most damage with their continued attention to justifying the slightest, “It’s not fair” narking, etc. The Word, is The Person of Jesus and He oversaw all that is written. So ALL does mean ALL – Whatsoever does mean EVERYTHING – and Whosoever does mean YOU and ME. satan and his minions are only too delighted to keep us I orientated, instead of moving in the victory Christ has bought for us in living the life we couldn’t live, walking the walk we couldn’t walk and talking the talk we could never do in perfect balance between flaming the Pharisees for their counterfeit life and the grace offered to the woman caught in the act of adultery. In His stillness He heard and knew His Father as we are able to do. It is an absolute, “BE still”.

    We are to move out and beyond the soulish emotional stance by being moved by our circumstances, the “It’s not fair” and all the loutish, unseemly rhetoric above. We have a right to our opinion, we have a right to voice our opinions, we do not have the right to lord our opinion ever as we are told in James 3:17. It is ugly in the extreme and unseemly and does not represent The Christ we claim to follow, serve and love. Each has points they believe to be valid. What is the point of being right if you are not in God’s blessing? I like to think I have been soundly taught. I am not a fundamentalist, a universalist, and am filled with The Spirit, though like everyone else I leak!

    We would do well to give no attention to satan at all beginning the day in praising God he is defeated by the Blood of The Lamb. Revelation 12:11 and continue with the praise, Jesus You are The Way, You are The Truth, You are Life and You have bought and given us Abundant Life. Thank you, You are our salvation throughout the day, as well as from hell to Heaven. We are fully equipped to live the day as You would have lived it, if only we would take heed. Always a bonus, thank you Holy Spirit for protecting our head in the day of battle. Thank you for the inspired word of God Holy Spirit and for going before me and preparing the way. You have given me feet well shod with the preparation of the gospel. Jesus You and The Holy Spirit are my Hedge of thorns of protection, You are above, beneath and all around me keeping the enemy out. Jesus a big thank you for taking every dart aimed at me because I am that precious to You. I begin each day in this way, and I believe if we truly knew the immensity of the grief this causes the principality of evil, we would spend more time in praising God for every eventuality. Of course doctrine is important. We correct graciously and leave it for The Holy Spirit to address or not. It is not our business. We cannot teach as He can and how righteous are our attitudes? T B Joshua is fallible as we all are with strengths and weaknesses. I will not be drawn into judging him. Should we not be praying all the more for him that God will be glorified in his ministry, that he should not succumb to pride or his particular weaknesses? Do we know what he is doing those Thursdays he is not available? Could God have taken him aside for whatever reason? It is not our business – But humble prayer IS.

    Remember: Where is the best place for demons to hide? In the church. Whatever agreement we make the spirit world takes note. Would it not be wise to BIND our minds to THE MIND OF CHRIST, our hearts to HIS HEART, our responses, reactions, choices, will and actions to those Christ would make? And LOOSE ourselves from all that is not of HIM. Matthew 16:19 and 18:18. It wouldn’t then matter whether we or another were right or wrong. We would have the gentle, strong, meek, spirit Christ has and be in the position to get on with the commission He has set for us. If it is suggested we may have a demon, but in actual fact we do not, but agree it would be right for it to be ousted – who is waiting to pounce?! a demon is in right away through our own carelessness and their devious enacted cunning. We must be very careful in what we agree to.

    None of us can have every detail right. Surely being in the place where AGAPE can be expressed through us and BEING the people that God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit are unencumbered throughout each day is the place to be.

    ‘Ge of North Wales.

    • You’re right ‘Ge, the Devil sure loves to hide in the church. Clearly, he has been given a comfortable throne to sit on in SCOAN.

      Also, answer this please, how does the Holy Spirit address false doctrine except through other believers??? And was Paul wrong to call out false doctrine? Were the other apostles wrong to do so? In their instructions to the Church, commanding such calling out, were they in error?

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