TB Joshua, the messiah of our time – responses

Sometimes on TB Joshua Watch, the comments are more illuminating than the actual post. Never more so than in our last one where we exposed a video of a lady claiming 3 times on Emmanuel TV that TB Joshua is the “messiah of our time” without rebuke. If you had asked us to predict the kind of comments this post would receive, we might have guessed people would claim it was just a misguided comment made in the heat of the moment, or perhaps question whether it was Emmanuel TV’s responsibility to vet every statement made in a testimony. What we weren’t prepared for was the majority of TB Joshua followers actually supporting the lady. Here are some samples:

I love my jesus and his choosen one tb joshua

[it] was the holy spirit in that lady who cofessed that tb joshua is the messiah of our time.

tb joshua confess with his own mouth that he is the messiah and acknowledge that the same spirit rose jesus from the dead dwells in him


T.B Joshua is the comforter christ was talking about read your bible very well (Note from the Editor: If you read your bible very well, you’d know that this comforter is named as the Holy Spirit (John 14:26))


TB Joshua is the Messiah have u forgotten the 2000 years occurrence, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and T.B Joshua are Messiah…

In 2 Peter it says “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies” (2 Peter 2a). This is precisely what we appear to be witnessing here. TB Joshua isn’t publicly claiming to be the messiah of our time (as far as we know), but the way his ministry presents him evidently leads many to this conclusion, even the majority of his supporters if the sample set of our commenters is taken seriously. This lady was not the first person to call TB Joshua a messiah, and by leaving these claims unchallenged, it would appear SCOAN are secretly bringing in destructive heresies.

In the passage below we see what a real man of God does in similar circumstances:

When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have come down to us in human form!” Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes because he was the chief speaker. The priest of Zeus, whose temple was just outside the city, brought bulls and wreaths to the city gates because he and the crowd wanted to offer sacrifices to them.

But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of this, they tore their clothes and rushed out into the crowd, shouting: “Friends, why are you doing this? We too are only human, like you. We are bringing you good news, telling you to turn from these worthless things to the living God, who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and everything in them. (Acts 14:11-15)

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  1. This “fake testimony” has been vetted and approved by TBJ long before the poor lady gave her “testimony.” As I said before, unlike other fake messiahs who boldly make their pronouncements, TBJ is a COWARD who likes to hide behind people to make the claim for him, with his tacit approval. TBJ himself is under severe delusion and so are all his followers and when the blind lead the blind, they both shall fall into the pit.

    • Mr Terrific, you are much a COWARD in fact you are not a man enough to take care of your kids and wife you abandoned.

      • First the deluded TBJ supporters claimed MrT was still married, then they said he was divorced, then they said he abandoned family, ad hominem upon ad hominem!

      • Oh that ! Thanks for reminding me! Yes, they said they did not know any Amartey, and that the only one they knew was a woman. You see, one of TBJ’s modus operandum is to DENY FIRST, then THINK LATER. Shame on you, Temitope Balogun Joshua, sakawa prophet of Nigeria!

      • So you mean you still live with your wife and kids???or you mean you never had any kid with any woman???what are you denying exactly???
        How much you must be deluded to deny paternity!!!!

      • Lol,Mr Terrific surely might be a transgender .He seems to not believe in him having a wife and kids.
        May be he is not a man fully! Lol.

  2. Hi,I praise God for this web you are doing a very nice job,I read in my bible that if you have problem with you bro call and talk to he if this so you sold not public than meet this man responses tb joshua,plz talk to he before to later
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  3. I wish that instead of watching someone to get his/her faults you propagate the good news that is available.

  4. …….”TBJ is a COWARD who likes to hide behind people to make the claim for him, with his tacit approval”……Spot on! Full marks for this statement! His un – anointed disciples must face the public and fight this ‘messiah’s’ battles for him. He cannot face anything or anyone. Ha, ha…….He is a coward for sure, who hides behind people and other people’s children and family members.

  5. At least we know where to find TBJ but u people who are here are cowards too!!! Put your real names and addresses so that people can know that u are real or where to find u.

    • hahaha! We should give you crazies our home addresses so you can harass us more personally? I think not.

      I’m always a little bit amazed when I get a facebook request from someone who has responded to something I wrote at TBJW on facebook. After saying I’m demon posessed or cursing me and my children, now they think I’m going to lay my whole life open to them and give them complete access? Um. That would be a NO.

  6. T.B. Joshua make it very clear that he is not the Healer, he knows the Healer. This is well known by anyone who watches Emmanuel TV and it is stated plainly on their website. T.B. Joshua does not allow anyone to worship him like you are implying. Even when people simply knell down in front of him he will quickly tell them to stand up. Your waisting your time trying to put the man of God in a bad light because if God is with him then there can be nothing you can do to stop him.

    • @ Gigarange,

      We all know Who the Healer is and we always tell everyone Who He is. If you did know by now, we tell you it is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who prays and intercedes for all of us. Sitting at the Right Hand of His Father we acknowledge Him as the One and Only King of kings and Lord of lords.

      Everybody else is just a mortal man, woman or child and God uses anybody at His Will. Have ever read that the gifts of God are irrevocable, which means God does give gifts to humans, but does not take it away. It is corrupt men, women and sometimes children who use these gifts for their own gain and use it not for what God truly intended and go of the path that God told them to do. Because of fame and glory they build their own empire and acquire “yes men” people that swear allegiance to them and in return “looks” after them and when not suitable drops you whenever you fall as well them that work for them as a used pen. Or fight you tooth and nail as unreasonable people against all evidence displayed to them with all kinds of diversions, smugness, quotable quotes not of themselves and excuses. Especially when you are not healed or delivered. It’s all your fault, not them, noooooo, how dare you to say something like that. Their thinking is they are “infallible” of whatever is being said or done. And they have a personal “Jesus” that no other person on earth has. Puhhhh !

    • Yes, that video is sickening.

      So are the many times when he allows people to fall to their knees before him. And pray in *his* name (“the God of TB Joshua”) rather than Jesus’ name.

  7. Reasonable (having sound judgment; fair and sensible) people adapt themselves to the world situations and their environment as well accept the truth that is told to them.

    Unreasonable (not guided by or based on good sense) people attempt their world and environment to themselves alone.

    All progress, especially in SCOAN and their lackeys, therefore, depends on unreasonable people who are frenzied fanatics in defending mortal men and women who use tricks and deception to progress themselves from the gain they can extract from their ignorant victims who attend their meetings.

    • Why these rumors? Where there is smoke there is a fire. This was anounced earlier this year.

      but the photos later says something different?

      Is the ‘SCOAN ‘messiah’ not well?

      • We’ve heard several rumours and speculation over his health, but o far no more than that. This video was bizarre, it certainly didn’t seem like they were telling the truth.

      • Hahaha, ROLF “Prophet” TB. Joshua! My goodness! This man is a rocker!
        He goes off the prayer mountain and carries a camera along with him to tape himself – this is so ridiculously funny 🙂 🙂 :)! Somebody help, this is wild!

      • Mr. “Messiah” videotaping himself on Mount Sinai 🙂 :). This is a remake of the Cecile B. DeMille movie, the Ten Commandment starring Charlton Heston, oops sorry I mean, Temitope Balogun Joshua.

        You’ve got to give it to him guys :). This is kicking…you just can’t blame his followers, drama is all over him, there is no dull moment.

      • Please someone check how many of TB Joshua’s 2013 prophecies came to pass, after this dramatic “Ten Commandment” video choreographed prayer mountain experience.

        By the way, brother TB Joshua you do not need to climb up a mountain to talk to God after the FINISHED work of the LORD Jesus Christ on the cross. What part of the “It is finished” Jesus Christ said on the cross of Calvary didn’t you understand?

        As it is written in the book of John 4:23-24 (Account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well):
        “Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, an hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father. “You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. “But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.…But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers. “God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth…”


  8. I must say that I am stunned by the blind followers of Prophet TB. They have chosen to be so blatant and actually even defend that he is the Messiah of our time! May God forbid such blatant defense of something that is totally wrong. I normally follow this site and read comments without participating but this one takes the cream. May God open people’s eyes and become alert for this is the fulfillment of Matt 24:24.

    • Diversion, diversion, ad hominem, ad hominem. The man TBJ is a false messiah, one of the many false messiahs the Lord Jesus warned us about. Shame on Temitope Balogun Joshua, sakawa prophet of Nigeria!

      • Prophet TB Joshua is a humble man who never responds to his ditractors. He knows what God has sent him to do, and he does just that please leave the Prophet from these games you are playing lest God punishes you.

      • A humble man would strictly forbid anyone from calling him messiah.
        A humble man would be horrified at a choir of kids worshiping him.
        A humble man would discretely do whatever he could to help people suffering from natural disasters, instead of pretending he predicted it with a heavily edited prophecy video.
        A humble man would not distribute little bottles of water with his picture on the packaging, labeled “for the salvation of your souls”.
        A humble man would not sell people framed pictures of himself.
        A humble man would not encourage his followers to put stickers bearing his image on their cars.

        TB Joshua, humble? I think not.

      • It is such a great pity that these people are so deceived that you’d wonder whether they have any brains at all ? No wonder these false prophets are able to do whatever they want and say whatever they want and get away with it because the the people are so deceived! ” My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. Wake up, people, and remember the Lord who died for you on the cross and not this sakawa prophet called T B Joshua.

  9. @ dear All,

    I rather listen to this guy than listen to TB Joshua and wisemen with their mumblings. At least this makes sense to me and is practically applicable for anyone if you do it. What do you all think ?

    http://youtu.be/UtBsl3j0YRQ. <~~~~~~~

    Brother David Steindl-Rast at TED.

  10. most of the proSCOAN people’s responses are aimed at defrauding Mr T….very few, if not any, have actually attempted to explain the video in question.
    SCOAN strikes again.

    • That’s their stock in trade! They CANNOT address ANY issue at all, they cannot refute the message but would rather attack the messenger. They are all deluded devotees following a deluded sakawa prophet who is so deluded that he imagines he is messiah. Shame to TBJ and his followers!

    • You’re spot on, but they CANNOT intimidate MrT, because he is as bold as a lion and cannot be intimidated. He sees TBJ as an ordinary sakawa prophet who must be exposed and TBJ is actually SCARED of MrT and that’s why he sent all his devotees to concentrate on him but they have failed miserably.

      • Mr T and co, you can NEVER intimidate TB Joshua either.You have failed since.
        Shame on you sakawa Amartey Thief.

      • The REAL thief is your master T B Joshua who has been robbing and stealing from God’s people and is now a millionaire, after rising from the slum of poverty in the village of Arigidi in Ondo State of Nigeria without a penny to his name.

  11. Interesting read and comments, I personally think the people that claim that this man is the “Messiah” are simply ignorant and do not need to be responded to.

    It is obvious that they do not study their bible and do not have any personal relationship with the LORD; in other words, all they know about God is centered around their “prophet” who regurgitates to them whatever comes to his mind as he interprets his bible in his own way to suit his purposes, and cage their lives even further.

    The most ignorant I read so far are the following:

    “TB Joshua is the Messiah have u forgotten the 2000 years occurrence, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and T.B Joshua are Messiah…”

    “T.B Joshua is the comforter Christ was talking about read your bible very well.”

    When people refuse to properly study their bible, and all they care about is “blessings”, “prophecies”, “healings” and “breakthroughs”, what do you expect? They will believe anything provided they get want they want.

    Most likely they also believe that TB. Joshua died for them on the cross and shed his blood to give them eternal life and has risen again and is now living in Lagos Nigeria in a place called the “Synagogue” Church of all Nations.

    Lord Jesus Christ, please forgive these people that are placing you and your “Holy Spirit” on the same pedestal as this deceptive man, TB Joshua, they know not what they do, open their eyes LORD to see the truth. The deception is too subtle LORD for a simple eye, have mercy.

    • Angelica, or whatever your name is, judge not so that you will not be judged. I am afraid of you people that you have no love of Jesus. Stop claiming you are better than others. Who are we to speak evil against anyone on this earth. if this is what we are doing to others instead of praying for them we are all in a trap of Satan and he is very happy contributing to tarnish the name of the people the way we are doing it in the website. My prayer is to be prayerful more and crisis not. May our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us and be able to pray without ceasing.

  12. @ Angelica,


    The answer here is the word “desperation”.

    It is said that : Desperation is truly a stinky cologne. Beware if you want to wear it in order to belong somewhere even if it is false and deceives.

  13. I understand a lengthy posts is difficult for pro TB Joshua fans to decipher.

    Here is a short one for all of them.

    After someone has performed dissonant behavior, they may find external consonant elements.

    Example: A snake oil salesman ( i.e. TB Joshua and Wisemen as well pro TB Joshua promoters/bloggers) may find a cognitive dissonance or inclusive-compliance paradigm justification for promoting delusive crowd pulling falsehoods and deception (e.g. large personal gain, self-glorification and admiration), but may otherwise need to change their views and application about the falsehoods and deception themselves.

  14. @tbjoshuawatch and your cohorts, you really amuse me that’s why, when I’m relaxing I check your site. If anyone takes you and your disciples serious they are wasting their energy. You and your disciples remind me of Ahab and his prophets of Baal. Check 1Kings 18 especially from verse 26 to 40. It seems the more you write about this man, the more you and your disciples sound desperate to explain or convince people of your wishes, not facts. Take this post for instant. TBJ didn’t say a thing but all sorts of things have been labelled against him based on what you concluded from other people’s opinion. @tbjoshuawatch can you please conduct a study for me. Taking yourself out, your disciples and @TBJoshua FansUK and give us in percentage form from all your posts, the people who have commented how many were pro or against TBJ then you will know whether your existence is justified or not. But on the other hand I understand you wouldn’t want to admit defeat because you are no body, you are defined by this site, you have nothing show except the self worth or achievement when people comment as I’m doing now. I’m glad I could help.

    • Mali; you should be amused about scoan and their never-ending calamities and their profhet who needs to be honoured as more then God. What do you know about what is happening behind the scenes? How much sin there is caused against others? How much wounds are caused by a profhet who is able to treath people less then animals, because he believes he has the powers to punisch them or heal them? Your amusement should be changing in deep concerns and consideration with all thoose innocent people, africans and others, who become enslaved, mis-treated and mis-used in their journey to God. TB Joshua may have the power of God, but this does not implies he himself is free of soul-wounds caused by sin to himself and to others and others to him. A man-of-god who is not healed in his own spirit-man does what he not wants to do, as Paul. TB Joshua harms and hurts and justifies himself, by blaming others for their faults, while he is the one who has the wrong self-perception and the wrong doctrine. We life by Grace, we have a grace-consiousness, we dont live by sin-consiousness. Africa as a nation, has a lot of inner wounds to heal. TB Joshua should take responsibility for his own personal troubles and heal his own shit, maybe this world will be saved by it. amen

      • Mandela is dead – South Africa’s former president – so we are waiting for this MOTHER OF A PROPHECY on him from TB Joshua. I can just see how he is shouting and screaming at his disciples, because they cannot copy and paste a prophecy together, quick enough.
        Let us see what he is coming up with?

      • A humble man would also;
        Humble himrself and pray!
        If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

        ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14

  15. Excellent in-depth website. Thank you for your dedication to continue to report on T. B. Joshua. I ran across a youtube video a couple days ago after doing a search on miracle healings and was entranced by the power the guy had simply wielding the name of Jesus. Thankfully you’ve provided a counterpoint to what he and SCOAN are doing – seemingly profiteering in the name of Jesus. As believers let’s remember that we all have the power to cast out demons and heal because the Holy Spirit lives in us! All glory to Jesus!

  16. All, on the Watch tb Joshua they have boycotted my replay and messages. I pointed again to the victums of the scoan-treatments, and they took the messages away. How great is the freedom of speech in scoan-country!

  17. please stop crucifying T.B. Joshua. He is a humble Man of GOD, teaching the true word of GOD, take it or leaave it.

    • We will stop as soon as, this humble man, tb Joshua, with the character of the devil, restores our families that he ripped apart in the name of Jesus for his own use !!!!!!!!!!

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  19. ” Who shall speak and it comes to pass except the LORD had ordained It?” Lam.3v37 Please Leave T.B.J Alone, Afterall, Jesus Himself Said, “From Their Fruits You Shall Know Them” Judge For Yourself. What Are The Fruits Of A True Messiah? Do You See Them At SCOAN? Leave Jealousy Out And Be Truthful And Shame The Enemy Of Our God Unless You Are An Agent Of Lucifer. Good Luck!

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  21. hahahaha
    Only this page is enough prove that TB Joshua is a true man of God. Anything close to God receives attack.
    I love TB Joshua thanks to him i know more about Jesus now. Now i have no doubt the bible is the truth. Whether he is a devil or not i don’t know all i know is i use to doubt the bible now i believe everything it says. Don’t know why but i love to give my testimony on this page

  22. the anointing water was used to resurrecte my dead aunt, the sticker saved my dad from a car accident and my mum was heal just my touching the screen of emmanuel tv. I wish i could doubt his works but jux sam writings on a page is not enough. Try harder cos TB Joshua is becoming too popular for my liking.

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