8 marks of an abusive church

First, abusive churches have a control-oriented style of leadership. Second, the leaders of such churches often use manipulation to gain complete submission from their members. Third, there is a rigid, legalistic lifestyle involving numerous requirements and minute details for daily life. Fourth, these churches tend to change their names often, especially once they are exposed by the media. Fifth, denouncing other churches is common because they see themselves as superior to all other churches. Sixth, these churches have a persecution complex and view themselves as being persecuted by the world, the media, and other Christian churches. Seventh, abusive churches specifically target young adults between eighteen and twenty-five years of age. The eighth and final mark of abusive churches is the great difficulty members have in getting out of or leaving these churches, a process often marked by social, psychological, or emotional pain.– Pat Zukeran

Sound familiar?

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  1. T B Joshua is a manipulator, a fabricator, a fornicator and a false prophet who has destroyed many homes and families but the day of reckoning is coming and has come! Lord Jesus, deliver Your people from this synagogue of Satan and let Your people go!

      • Mist, you’re blaspheming by calling the false prophet, TBJ, a “man of God.” You’re doing the same thing like the Samaritans did when they called a sorcerer and an unbeliever, ” the great power of God.” Acts 8:9-10.

  2. I have all ways wondered!! Why so many churchs,so,so.many but we are every day in suffering, as for Africa bad,but we have people who say god has said this,god has said that, when I ask,why their will tell me to go and Read a verse so,n so.can sambody help me,tell me why.i don’t want to hear verses,but Reply me,truthly,dip down yr heart, kindly.

    • g moyo. God is a God of grace and freedom and of love. No men is permitted to dominate with words and to enslave you to their rules. Protect your-self with the Word of God, believe that they are for you. And fight your-self out of domination and suffering, by the Word. Say; Ï am whole in Christ, who is the head of all principalities and powers”, and believe it, and no-one will be able to cause suffering on you again. You have the powers in you.

  3. The most abusive one is the “TB Joshua watch” lodge blog with Terrific leading, they all think that they will have wide open gate to Heaven by spitting on TB Joshua and others face his abusive slanders, they think it will give them ticket to Heaven (LOL), it is their way of righteousness and self salvation.

    • Nope. You are quite incorrect. It is sad that you aren’t willing to consider the facts presented, but that is your choice.

      • What facts ? When I presented your group with unassailable facts in your last post “”TB Joshua named messiah of our time by Emmanuel Tv”, instead of responding directly to the issues raised , u kept on referring to other bloggers (as u have already started doing here ) who hold extreme views of TB joshua to distract from the issues (Subsequently , my responses in the same post were blocked – it had become obvious that I was becoming too difficult a nut to crack ).
        The truth of TB Joshua lies between those who see him as God incarnate and others like you who see him as the Devil incarnate !! Suffice it to say he is just a man whose ANOINTING is UNDENIABLE and what is also UNDOUBTABLE is TB J Watch has no OBJECTIVE evidence to show he is not !!!. As usual , u will only post my comment after several hours of thinking thru an appropriate response to match(ie if u will post it at all )

      • Hi Serendipity

        I’ve just searched for all your comments, and can’t find any that weren’t published, nor any containing unassailable facts, so that leaves us a little confused. If there is ever a delay in publishing responses, this is because every single comment is moderated, there are more than 10,000 in total in this site and we have day jobs, families and other things we like to do with our time. The only comments not moderated are those coming from this account “tbjoshuawatch”.

    • Smelter; there is no sign of abusive on the TB Joshua Watch. Your problem is, that you dont seem to respect the right of freedom, in action, speech and vision. Jezus Christ came to set us free from all dominations and religious bondage. If you believe you can justify; violence, controle, abuse, in a church, what causes fear and slavery and surpressions, then you are not in Truth of Christ. Christ,s message is about love, freedom and discernement. Christ could as no other discern the corruptions of the farizees and the death systems and rules in the churches. The systems that was more for the might and position of the leaders, then that it served a true place for people to meet God and to apply His wisdom. Scoan preaches a lot of words about love, they have a huge programming to repeat their compulsive and brain-washing message of Christ., and the reality of this kind of wisdom is; people who become robbed of their freedom to expereince Christ in their own free way. They become robots who quote some statements, and believe more tb Joshua who initiate the quotes, then the communication with God in their own heart. , Christ is His love in our heart and supreemly free to life by. The doctrine of scoan is abusive to the rights of people and abusive to God. Scoan even fights people who speak this Truth, they hunt true servants of God, that scared they are for thier mis-stakes.

  4. This sums up again of what I experienced. But I left. When you are with them, they make you sort of comfortable. When you start to ask questions….then you will be in for a treatment you won’t forget. They clearly don’t like when you ask questions about their ways of doing. Many of them are trained to have a diverting way of answering you and even ignore what you have to say and just carry on with their own agenda which they try to convince you, this is God speaking through their self appointed prophet as well using language to convinces weak willed people who have nothing to look up to than what happens at SCOAN. Not relaxing many of the things they do are fabricated to fit in their agenda for promoting the ministry.

  5. Thank U,very much,smelter,nt forgetting Jesse, U have really said,samthing,Jesse, which I always wondered,when U ask their don’t like it,and U never get an answer.but why? Really.once more thank U god bless U two,

  6. Sorry I meant Jamie nt smelter.I’m. Thanking Jesse,and Jamie thank U,U are blessed,keep up the good advise,

  7. How to recognize a cult: https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/250-how-to-identify-a-cult
    SCOAN meets EVERY qualification for cult status. And those of you who think TBJ is your messiah, you demonstrate on a regular basis several of these qualifications. Your posts are not helping your cause, but rather validating the purpose of this blog: To call TBJ to account for his cultic, toxic tactics.

    The antagonism, ad hominem attacks, inability to directly answer reasonable questions, even questions from Scripture, inability to see *any* flaws in your leader, belief that he is a messiah, etc. All of that is classic cult behavior. It means you have been brainwashed.


  8. @TBJoshuaWatch:

    Hmmm, this is a very interesting article by Pat Zukeran . If you have enough space, I will suggest you re-publish the entire article on this blog, I nearly missed the link directing us to the original expose.

    The article is boiling over with excellent expository issues, especially as connected to the issues arising from SCOAN and other such cults.

  9. Yes, indeed, some of the older disciples you see now at SCOAN have been there since they were teenagers and in their early and mid-twenties, including the wise men.

    Today, TB Joshua is still keen on recruiting “youths” as he calls them, he called a “youth” meeting/service in his church in Nigeria this past summer – of which I am sure he wants to use as a channel of hunting out flesh blood like the cunning “wolf” he is.

    I can just imagine it acting out vividly now as follows:
    TBJ to Youth: “Young man/lady God wants to use you?”

    Wild-eyed-self-righteous Youth: “Really?” (Youth can’t believe himself that God actually “knows” about him)

    TBJ: “By the time I am finished with you, you will be a great prophet, like the wise men you see here, they are getting there; in fact, all your heart’s desire will be given to you in a platter of gold when you are done.”

    Youth: “Oh! Jesus is Lord, thank you Jesus”

    TBJ: “I want to see you. Usher, I want to see him, make sure he sees me specially in my private suite and take care of him very well”

    Youth: “Thank you, sir!”

    (Youth blushing and gushing all over, starts feeling “holier than thou”, thinking he/she is so special and spiritually better than every other person around, that God Himself, through his “prophet”, takes a special delight in him. The next month if not days youth leaves home without telling anyone or just ignores parents’ and loved ones warning, carries his bag and bagage, and moves into the SCOAN dormitories, to be rarely heard from, if ever again, where he is given free shelter, free food, free stipend for clothing. Youth is so happy and carefree, goodness, he will never have to work a day in his life again, everything is now FREE, no hustle and bustle of everyday “Adamic” life, totally unaware that this is all in exchange for his soul and perpetual servitude to TBJ and his religious machine called SCOAN).

    • A,your observation is how it happens in reality as fase 1. Fase 2. is the time of testing your faith. After “the nurthering-period” of being called-out to a new-born profhet or servant, Tb Joshua starts to test your loyality, endurance and character. This is the period from being in heaven going to hell. In this 2e fase,TB Joshua opposes everything the aspirant says or does. This is the fase where TB Joshua starts to fight you in Spirit. This attacs are causing terrible pain in the heart and soul. He is even able to cripple your whole fysically system. In this fase they start to fight you,rejection, insult, humiliation, abusing,dis-qualifing, making you ashamed and ridiculous, blmings and accusings for evil-doeings, twisting your arguments and dis-agreements, punishing you for critizm and healthy solutions, isolatation, sexual involvements, and mis-using your natural talents and gifts., and deliverance from problems you did not had at the first place. They use The Word of God in a legalistic and authoric way; causing quild, shame and feeling the worsed sinner ever. They try to mold you in “a new form”. A form they can use for their benefit. This 2e fase can take years, to “breack”the person. Every complain is seen as failor. This fase is a real fase of hell and sufferings. This is the period where they lead you to the edge of death, to be able to die with Christ. Total surrender, by great suffering and forced tactics. If you “make it’, you are one of them, if you dont make it, you have to leave, scorned as a worthless, damned and losst evil-doer and sinner. This all is guided by TB Joshua with a cleving love-attitude, he kills you with a smile., and still talks about love and giving.

  10. By the way, thanks TBJoshuaWatch for your consistent exposure to this hidden and subtle hoax in the body of Christ called SCOAN, and the brave actions you take to research and publish new information as they cross your desk.

    Bishop Desmond Tutu used his position of influence to speak up against the injustice of a system in which a minority of wealthy whites exploited and enslaved a majority of mainly poor disenfranchised blacks. Tutu was the right person, raised up at the right time to courageously to speak up for his voiceless compatriots.

    Also, Queen Esther was raised to speak up to the king for her people, the jewish people, to save them from the evil hands of Haman the son of Hamadatha. Likewise, TBJoshuaWatch, you have been raised for this time, and according to Esther 3:14, “If you keep silence (with your amount of knowledge of SCOAN) at such a time as this…”

    Although, you only concentrate on TB Joshua and SCOAN to be more focused, SCOAN actually stands for all the deceptive churches, false prophets and “self-called” playboy pastors milking the “communion of saints” dry around the world. God bless you and this blog, in the Name of our good Lord Jesus Christ.

    Dear Saints in Christ Jesus, we must always be willing to speak up courageously to defend the voiceless, the deceived, the oppressed and the maltreated, at whatever cost to ourselves as true Christians; however, we must be careful NOT to speak with hate so as not to grieve the Holy Spirit that quickens us.

    “For evil to succeed, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

      • 2. g moyo
        I have asked myself that question many times. I came to the conclusion that it is because there are undealt sin in the churches. In the lives of the leaders as well as the members. It is also because our sins make a separation between us and God. Jesus said; “That we should repent and get baptized in water after repentance and then we will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We should also keep his commandments afterwards, because that is God’s standard that we must live up to.” But if we sin, we can repent of it, because Jesus is at the right hand of God, to plead out cases and plead for mercy and grace.
        We can only try to get and keep our own lives right. We also need to study the Bible for ourselves and do it and not just listen to people.

        The Solution.

        Isaiah 59
        Separation from God
        59 Behold, the LORD’S hand is not so short
        That it cannot save;
        Nor is His ear so dull
        That it cannot hear.
        2 But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God,
        And your sins have hidden His [a]face from you so that He does not hear.

        Mathew 28:18-20
        Jesus said:
        18 And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded (10 Commandments) you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
        Peter said:
        Acts 2:38-39
        38 And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.”
        The Commandments we need to try and live up to.
        Deuteronomy 28+29
        Hope this helps you.

  11. but why is tb joshua watch following the man of God?are you trying to get popularity by using his name?if you think he is fake then just stop the rubbish you are telling us.because we believe that he is a man of God,so whats your problem,?you punishment is going to be tough by a accusing the man o f God,pls just mind your business we not gonna follow you fraudsters

    • I’m guessing English is not your first language. When using “watch” at the end of a reference to someone or some organization, it often means “watch” as in to hold accountable and call out bad behavior, which is what this blog does. Given that this blog seeks to warn people about the dangers of the man TB Joshua and SCOAN, it is utterly reasonable to use those names so that the blog shows up in google searches about them.

      If anyone on this blog wanted “popularity” or to take followers away from TBJ to follow themselves, they would be using their real names, have a church with an address for people to attend, and have a youtube channel competing with TBJ with “deliverance” claims.

      I really truly believe that the “jealous” ones are the followers of TBJ. They desperately want the “power” that he displays, and desperately want to believe that they can have complete control over their lives and others. That is why they follow him. They covet his “power”. This blog cannot rationally be accused of being initiated out of jealousy, but it’s amazing how often that accusation is made.

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  13. Once more,just wonder,tell me samthing!! Read act 7vs 38 to 42 when god gave us his Back, is an verse which says he looked at us,if they an can U kindly send me, because I wonder samtimes we may nt know god is still giving us his back!!say Jesus came after that,but did we Recive him,really No,thats why he had to go back just after 3yrs which was very short time,he hadn’t done much, and he sent us holy spirit,which we have even now.2 tell me is Adam the first creation??if yes!!who are these geness 1vs26 to 31 these were blessed, Adam and eve weren’t blessed, kindly an one can comment, we seeing to help each ather,kind in god we believe,thank U,

  14. Hmmm.. I know a disciple of his Church closely and he talks like someone that’s brainwashed not saying this cuz of what I v red but what I know. He has a problem and he runs to the prophet, he meets a girl he loves he runs to the prophet to endorse the relationship. Seems most pple have forgoten that we hav the holy spirit dwellin in us and wen we hear a prophecy u don’t just accept it but put it in prayers no matter ow sweet or soar it sounds. Trust me thrs power in the tongue

  15. People want to do as they want……in any organisation, institute, church we have policies and procedures to follow and i believe a lot of you people who left the SCOAN its because you dont want to follow rules amd regulations. Look we are all children of God including T.B.Joshua and we are bound to make mistakes and learn from them.Moreso its evidient that most of you are giving shady responses…. you mean out of millions that visit the SCOAN we dont have at least someone who will give us tangible evidence of sexual activities within that area.

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